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(Because, I've had so many Nazi Zombies references already, what's one more?)
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[x]Admire trees
You should probably go up to the house to see if anyone's home, but you just can't bring yourself to leave the trees. You sit down, and just take in the beauty of the trees. After a while, you remember that you have something to do, here. Oh, yeah, you were going to be a dead person's piece of interest. This would only be completely good if she happened to look very sexy. No, wait, stay on track. You get up, and turn to the house...

...and almost run right into someone. Both of you are surprised, and you take a step back. The person you almost ran over is wearing a green dress, with what looks like swords on her back. She also has a white blob floating around her. Because, you know, you were worried that people were starting to look normal.

"Oh, sorry," she says. "I didn't mean to scare you like that. So, you like the trees?" Oh, she must've seen you watch them.

"Yeah," you say, sheepishly. "I must admit, they are beautiful."

"Thanks, I grew them myself." You think you see a blush rising to her face, but it quickly goes away. "I believe you are the outsider that Yukari told us about?"

"That depends, you're not going to eat me or anything, are you?" The girl laughs a bit.

"Oh, no, we wouldn't do that." You may be imagining things, but it sounded like she said "At least I wouldn't" under her breath. It's probably nothing, though.

She suddenly looks as if she forgot something. "Oh, I haven't introduced myself, have I?" She bows to you. "I am Youmu, gardener of the Netherworld."

"I'm Roland. Survivor of the apocalypse." You return the bow. "I was told that someone here wanted to see a real outsider, whatever that means."

"Yes, my mistriss has suddenly taken a liking to outsider culture."

"Does she know about the current situation of the outside?"

"I believe so, and, in fact, I think that's the reason she's taken an interest in it, probably wanting to preserve it, in case..." She trails off, but you know what she means.

"Well, we shouldn't keep her waiting, should we?" You head off to the house, Youmu close behind you. When you get to the door, Youmu opens it, and calls out into the house.

"Yuyuko! The outsider is here!"

"He is?!" Someone comes careening around a corner, who you don't get a good look at before she hugs you tightly, squeezing you into her 'assets'. "Oh, he really is! I didn't think he'd make it! After all he's been through!"

You can feel yourself being swung around a little, but your vision is still filled with breasts. Your perfectly fine with this, however. At least, until you realize that you can't breathe. You try to break out of this marshmallowy hell, but her grip on you is too strong. You're about to contemplate using your knife, but thankfully, Youmu eventually frees you. Now that you aren't near suffocating, you can get a good look at the person: she's wearing a blue kamino, along with a blue hat with a triangular headpiece on it.

"Yuyuko, please apologize to him," Youmu says. 'Yuyuko' looks slightly ashamed and embarrassed.

"I'm sorry, mister," she says.

"It's okay, I've been through much worse." A part of you actually wants that to happen again, but you ignore it. "So, you're the one who wanted to meet an outsider?"

The shame and embarrassment from earlier dissappears instantly. "Yes! I've always wanted to meet a real outsider!" She seems like a kid in a candy store, now.

"Well, anyway, I'm Roland. You must be Yuyuko." She nods excitedly. "Well...I'm here. What did you want to meet an outsider for, anyway?"

"I wanted to know about what you do everyday, silly!" You try to remember what you did before the infection, but then you realize that it was pretty boring.

[ ]Tell about before the infection.
-[ ]Make up a slightly more exciting job for yourself.
-[ ]Tell the truth.
[ ]Tell about after the infection.
-[ ]Tell it how it really was: Horrible, death everywhere, etc.
-[ ]Sugar-coat it a bit, leave out most of the death and despair.
-[ ]Go over the top, make yourself sound competely badass, in every way.
[X] Tell about before the infection.
[X] The truth.
[x]Tell about after the infection.
-[x]Tell it how it really was: Horrible, death everywhere, etc.
-[x]And SOON.
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[x] Tell about before the infection.
-[x] The truth.

>she's wearing a blue kamino
Pic related?
[X]Tell about before the infection.
-[X]Tell the truth.

Let's not go crushing her apparent good mood unless it's asked of us. Then we tell her about the infection.
[X] Tell about before the infection.
[X] The truth.


Two big typos. It should be Mistress and Kimono.
[X] Tell about before the infection.
-[X] The truth.
[X] Tell about after the infection if she asks.
-[X] Tell it how it really was: Horrible, death everywhere, the dead rising back up to attack the living, etc.
brb, firing my spell checker.
Also, [x]Before and [x]Truth won. Will write one I'm done flogging myself.

Excuse me, but shouldn't that be "Once"?
Well, he doesn't have a spellchecker anymore. Unless this is your application for the position, of course.

Nah, I'm content to merely nitpick on the side.
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Got a new spell checker. The old one...well, let's just say he won't be, um, living anymore.
[x]Before the infection
-[x]The truth
[x]Tell about after if she asks.
After some thinking, it'd probably be best to stick with the truth. You remember what you did before the infection...

"Well, before the infection, I must admit that I was just another normal, boring guy." Yuyuko looks at you expectantly, so you continue. "I was going to a university at the time, where I took many classes, most of which I don't remember. After that, I would go back to my room, and pretty much do nothing, just relax." Yuyuko looks bored by your explanation. "Hey, I told you it was boring."

"You had to have done something exciting, right?" You think hard about it, but draw up a blank.

"Not that I can remember, at least not before the infection."

"Well, what about after the infection?" You twitch slightly, but neither of them seem to notice. You think it over, then decide to tell her how it really was.

"After the infection, it was pure chaos. Most cities were being evacuated, except they couldn't get everyone out fast enough. Millions died, and the count is still rising." The ghost looks scared a bit, but she looks as if she still wants you to go on. "I roamed the countryside alone, most of the time. Occasionally, I'd find another survivor, but they'd either get killed, or infected. I never turned down the chance to fight alongside someone, but it never happened that often."

"What about the zombies? How many did you kill?"

You chuckle. "About twenty-three." Yuyuko looks confused. "On the first day." Now she looks amused. "Out of five months." Now she looks amazed.

"That many? Why did you come to Gensokyo, then? You could've single handedly stopped the zombie plague!"

You laugh at her enthusiasm. "Well, I didn't have unlimited bullets. Every time I killed a zombie, I either had to use a bullet, which were hard to come by, or I'd have to get way too close for comfort, and use something like this," you show off the knife briefly, "to stab them in the head, which would lead to another problem. Even if you were never bitten, you could still get infected from ingesting blood from the zombies, either on accident or, for whatever reason, on purpose."

"So, how did you get here, in Gensokyo?" Her earlier enthusiasm is now replaced with pure curiosity.

"It was thanks to that friend of yours, Yukari. She apparently had been trying to save anyone wandering around, and I just happened to be in the right place at the right time."

Yuyuko stares in awe. You now notice that Youmu is nowhere in the room. She must've left earlier. Soon, Yuyuko speaks. "So, how are you liking Gensokyo so far?"

"I guess it's alright. I know it's a helluva lot better than the outside, at the moment." You both chuckle, and Youmu returns.

"Roland's room has been set, Mistress."

Wait, room? "Oh good! Well, Roland, do you want to see your room?"

Seriously, room? "What do you mean room?"

"Well, you have to sleep somewhere tonight, right?" Tonight? You weren't planning on staying over that long...

[ ]...but you don't really mind.
[ ]...so you should politely decline.
[X]...but you don't really mind.

We may be the equivalent of a crazy mountain man, but that's just common courtesy.
[x]...but you don't really mind.

[x]Find if there is something unusual.

[x]Ask how the things are in Gensokyo.
[x]...but you don't really mind.

Don't be rude. Especially toward someone able to kill you just by wishing it.
[x] ...but you don't really mind.
[x] Ask how things are in Gensokyo.

We really should. I mean, the details of the zombie plague on the outside seems to be news to Yuyuko, yet we still have zombies in Gensokyo. There's a disparity between events and current information that must be addressed.
[x] ...but you don't really mind.
[x] Ask how things are in Gensokyo.
[x] Ask her if she's had any experience with zombies.

She is pretty much the queen of the dead, so why havent we asked her this yet. Maybe she knows a way to stop the plague?
[x]...but you don't really mind.
[X]...but you don't really mind.
[X] Ask how things are in Gensokyo.
Sorry for the long wait, Rezurrection was totally worth the money.
[x]You don't mind.
[x]Ask about how Gensokyo is.
Nah, you don't mind. After all, they seem nice enough. There is something else that you need to ask about, though.

"Wait, does Yukari know I'll be staying here?"

"Oh, don't worry about that, she said it'd be fine." Wait, she answered for you before you even knew about it? You'll definitely have to get her back now...somehow...

Youmu interrupts your thoughts. "Well, Roland, do you want to see your room?"

"Yeah, I'll see it." You get up, and Youmu leads you down a hall, and stops at a door. She opens it, and you see a basic room inside, with all the basic commodities you've come to expect.

Something comes to your attention, however. "Thanks for the room. This is kind of unrelated, but, how exactly have things been in Gensokyo since the infection?"

"Well, it's been mostly the same, really. The biggest difference, though, would have to be the human village sealing itself off. It was protected before, on account of the wild youkai roaming around, but it never completely sealed itself off before."

"Because of some of the zombies slipping through the border, right?"

Youmu looks surprised. "Yes, actually. How did you know?"

You shrug. "I've run into a few of them, but not so many that it was a big problem."

"Right." She pauses before continuing. "By the way, I take it that you're good at close combat?" she asks, referring to your mention of getting close to the zombies earlier.

"I've picked up a few things, yeah. Why do you ask?"

"I was wondering if we could have a sparring match later, between you and me."

You eye her swords. "I don't think it'd be exactly even, what with you using your swords, and me with my knives."

"Don't worry, I'll go easy on you." Well, that's a little comforting. You think.

[ ]Agree to a duel.
[ ]Disagree, you want to at least keep your pride.
[X]Agree to a duel, but you'll fight like real men; Only with your fists.
[x] Agree to spar.

Duels are lethal; sparring is for training, to demonstrate one's skill. I'm sure we'd enjoy keeping our intestines inside our bodies, and I don't think Youmu would appreciate any knife wounds. Not that we could hit her, anyways.
[X]Agree to a duel, but you'll fight like real men; Only with your fists.

[X]Agree to a duel, but you'll fight like real men; Only with your fists.

The more practice and experience we have with our knives, the better we can fight zombies. We could even pick up a few moves here and there from Youmu.
[X]Agree to a duel.
[x] Have not checked for a proper translation

It's "Östliches Wunderland der Toten" for 'Eastern Wonderland of the Dead.'

Germans aren't that rare on the web.

Just go to Krautchan.net's /int/ and ask there.

Uh whoops looks like I copypasted the wrong damned vote. I just meant [x] Agree to a duel.
Bah, blame Google Translate.

Also, [x]Agree won. Will write once the voices in my head tell me to.
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Good news: the voices in my head didn't want me to write this, so I told them "FUCK YOU!" and curb stomped them. But now my head hurts.
"I don't see why not." After all, the worst that could happen is that you're horribly humiliated and forced to go into hiding for the rest of your days. But what's the chance of that happening?

"Okay then, we'll spar after dinner." She leaves, and you check your watch: 11:36 AM. Wait, it said that back at Yukari's place...
Well, damn, your watch is broken. You should see about getting a new one soon.

You head back out to where you left Yuyuko when you went to see your room, but she's no longer there. Before you can do anything, however, there is a knocking on the door. You open it, and see a maid standing there, somewhat surprised to see you. She recovers quickly, however.

"Hello, are you the 'zombie killer' mentioned here?" She shows you a newspaper, with the headline 'Outsider Zombie Killer calls Gensokyo his New Home!'. The headline is accompanied by pictures of you in Nitori's lab. Wow, Aya works fast.

After glancing at the pictures, you answer. "Yes, that's me. Why?"

The maid takes an envelope from...somewhere. "My mistress has requested an audience with you. Please read the note, then arrive at the Scarlet Devil Mansion either today or tomorrow." She turns to leave, but rather than flying, as you've come to expect, she just...vanishes. Did you imagine the whole thing? You look at the envelope still in your hand. Nope, it's real. You open it, and read the note inside. It's all written in very fancy cursive writing, and it takes you a bit to read.

Dear famed zombie killer,
If you have received this letter, then you have managed to get the attention of me, Remilia Scarlet. You have likely already been told of my triumphs, so I trust that you know who I am. As my maid must've told you, I expect to see you at the Scarlet Devil Mansion either today or tomorrow. I would recommend that you don't break this deadline; after all, it's usually not a good idea to keep a vampire waiting. The Scarlet Devil Mansion is the large red one, near the lake. I await your arrival.
Remilia Scarlet

Vampire, eh? All you need are Frankensteins and goblins, and Gensokyo would be a perfect Halloween place. You shake your head. Wow, you're starting to sound like your late grandfather. He'd always say that he has yet to meet 'demons, moon men, and ghosts' whenever something surprising happened.

Oh, wait, you don't even know what time it is. After some searching, you find the dining room. From the smell of things, dinner will be ready pretty soon. It dawns on you that you haven't eaten at all today, besides the breakfast this morning. Yuyuko, sitting at the table, notices you when you come in.

"Oh, Roland! I was about to go get you. Dinner is almost ready!" Both of you turn to a nearby door, and see Youmu come out, followed by...Youmu? Both of them are carrying plates full of food, and set them on the table. Once that's done, one of the Youmus begins shrinking, until it reforms into that white blob that's always following her. Huh, that's pretty cool. Youmu sits down at the table, and the three of you begin eating. The food is really good. You turn to see Yuyuko piling away plate after plate. Wow, she can eat.

[ ]But you're sure you can out eat her.
[ ]No, you should just keep eating as normal.
About that note...
[ ]Tell them about it, they should probably know.
[ ]Don't tell them, it's probably not that important, anyway.
[x]No, you should just keep eating as normal.
[x]Tell them about it, they should probably know.

Why the fuck would we attempt to outeat her. I mean, come on, How awesome does 'Famed Zombie killer dies by excessive intake of food' sound as a way to die? Not too awesome.
[x]No, you should just keep eating as normal.
[x]Tell them about it, they should probably know.

Stuffing ourselves to the absolute limits before sparring with Youmu? Nah, that's just asking for a punch or kick to the stomach and us puking over the place or someone.

Although I have a feeling a few /at/ people would like that. You sick cunts.
[X]No, you should just keep eating as normal.
[X]Tell them about it, they should probably know.
[x] No, you should just keep eating as normal.
[x] Inquire about the shape-shifting white blob.
[x] Tell them about it, they should probably know.

Ghosts are fun.
Long wait, sorry, blame Treyarch, etc.
[x]Don't try to out eat her.
[x]Tell them about the letter.
Part of your pride wants you to try to out eat Yuyuko, but there's no way you could keep up with her, so you decide to keep eating at your own pace. You and Youmu only get a couple of plates, as Yuyuko has eaten everything else. She ate more food than was humanly possible...but then again, she is a ghost. She flips off the laws of nature simply by existing.

Oh, right, you have that letter, still. Might as well tell the two about it while they're both here. "Before I forget, I just got this." You take out the note, and both of them eye it curiously. Youmu is the first to respond.

"When did you get that?"

"Not too long ago, actually. Some maid came to the door, and gave it to me when she learned that I was the apparently 'famous' zombie killer." You hand her the note, while Yuyuko seems content with just lounging in her chair.

"Oh, you were invited to Remilia's mansion?" Youmu seems surprised, and you think you detect a hint of concern in her voice.

"I guess so. Why, is that bad?"

"Not necessarily, but it is a bit suspicious. Normally, Remilia doesn't invite anyone to her mansion unless she's throwing a party. It's probably nothing, but I'd be a bit cautious if you go."

After that, Youmu goes off to somewhere, and Yuyuko hovers around you, occasionally asking questions about the outside, some are a bit mundane, and others are just odd.

"Did everyone have the same life as you?"

"Quite a bit did, but not everyone. Most were either in even more boring nine-to-five jobs, or were busy fighting with each other."

"What would they fight over?"

"Pretty much anything: politics, where to go to eat for the night, who ate the last Hot Pocket, stuff like that. Hell, whole wars were fought simply because one leader disagreed with another."

"Wars were that often?"

"World wide, yeah. In fact, there was a war still going on when the infection hit."

"Really? Where?"

"Somewhere in the Middle East, where there's almost nothing but desert and mountains. It was mainly between U.S. forces and terrorists."

"Why would the U.S. be involved in something that was a mile away?"

Huh, she must've been studying some maps. "At first, it was a matter of honor. One day, about eleven years ago, some terrorists thought it'd be a good idea to hijack some planes and crash them into some buildings in New York City. A lot of people died, and everyone who could call themselves an American cried out for retaliation."

"What was it about after that, then?"

"Hell if I know. I didn't follow it too closely, but I think it was because the terrorists were attacking other people there, and we were trying to be the big badasses that come to shoot the bad guys and save the good guys. However that plan was going, a lot of people died, on both sides."

"By the way, is there a Netherworld in the outside?"

"...Not that I've seen, or that anyone else has seen, for that matter. Why?"

"Just wondering." Her curiosity satisfied for the moment, she floats off, and you go back to your room. Oh, right, you promised Youmu that you'd spar with her. But you don't know where to go.

[ ]Try to find her yourself.
[ ]Go find Yuyuko, ask her.
[ ]Forget it, just wait here, she'll probably find you.
[X]Try to find her yourself.
[x]Go find Yuyuko, ask her.
[X] Go find her yourself.

A man? Asking for directions? Ha!
[x]Try to find her yourself.
[X] Go find her yourself.
-[x] Peek into any rooms you find though, if you find Yuyuko maybe she can point you the right way?

No need to go out of our way to find Yuyuko.
[X] Go find her yourself.
-[x] Peek into any rooms you find though, if you find Yuyuko maybe she can point you the right way?

the way i see it, we are screwed no matter what option we pick. for we dont know where either of the went, so i i belive the best corse of action will be what the person above me suggested. thou i have the feeling that we might get kicked somewhere for this at some point.
[x] Go find her yourself.
-[x] Head to the entrance of the mansion and start searching from there.

I guess we don't know whether the dojo is indoors or out, but it's still good to have a method for searching. Considering the number of buildings we've probably had to clear in the past, I bet we can keep a good mental map of where we've been.

Are you a pre-teen, or just that impatient and/or incompetent?
[x] Go find her yourself.
-[x] Head to the entrance of the mansion and start searching from there.

Got to have a good start somewhere!
yuyuko's house has quite a lot of rooms you know. why not quickly check whichever ones we pass in hopes of directions? unless you're telling me when you're driving a car and get lost, with no idea how to get to your objective, you dont EVER pull over for directions. in which case you're retarded
File 131734326731.jpg - (6.69KB, 249x203 , Your challenge- I will accept it.jpg) [iqdb]
I apologize for the long wait, I was busy playing Nazi Zombies. Hey, don't look at me like that!
[x]Look for her yourself.
-[x]Search plannin' games.
You could probably find her yourself if you tried. You head back to the entrance, planning to start your search from there. You head down the halls, peeking into every room you come across. Most of them are empty, and you come across a couple of bathrooms.

Eventually, you find what appears to be a dojo, where Youmu is taking some practice swings. You knock on the wall, getting her attention.

"Oh, I didn't think you were going to show up."

"Just got a bit lost, is all." She sheathes her swords, and goes to a nearby closet. She goes in, and soon re-emerges carrying a pair of wooden swords.

"Feel free to look for something you're comfortable with." She motions to the closet, and you enter. Inside, there is an arsenal of different weapons, most of which you have no training with. After some searching, you eventually find a Bowie knife, almost identical to the one you used. You pick it up, and walk out of the closet. You pull out the balistic knife, and turn to Youmu.

"Is it okay if I use these? I don't want to hurt you, or anything."

"Don't worry, I'm much tougher than humans, so you probably couldn't hurt me too badly." She smirks. "I doubt that you'd be able to hit me at all."

"Challenge accepted." You go to the other side of the room, and ready yourself. Youmu does the same, and she runs towards you. You stay put and anticipate her strike, except it comes much sooner than you thought. You get hit on the side, but Youmu retreats before you can get a hit on her. Well, this will be interesting.
After a few very long minutes, you're almost worn out. Youmu, however, shows no sign of slowing down. This time, you take the offensive, only to be disarmed of your Bowie knife. You turn back to her, who tosses the knife to the side.

"Well, I don't think this will last much longer, will it?"

You don't respond. Maybe she doesn't know what your other knife can do.

[ ]Fire the blade at her, you need every advantage you can get.
[ ]No, don't; it could hurt her. Keep fighting.
[ ]No, don't. Just give up and accept your defeat.
[X] No, don't; it could hurt her. Keep fighting.

Torn between not wanting to risk hurting her & wanting to possibly, somehow, win.
[x]No, don't; it could hurt her. Keep fighting.
[X]No, don't; it could hurt her. Keep fighting.

Must...control...urge to...fight dirty...
I have to ask this: what would happen if Roland were to hit Myon with the pack-a-punched ballistic knife?

A brand new lifeform would be born.
[X]Fire the blade at her, you need every advantage you can get.

Gotta show Youmu what a human can do and show her not to underestimate us. It'll surprise her and may.even give her a better opinion of us. Wouldn't mind humbling her a bit either. Plus I highly doubt the knife would actually hurt her, just a damn good scare and distraction to take advantage of.
[X]Fire the blade at her, you need every advantage you can get.

She said she's tougher then a normal human. So long as we dont hit a vital organ (which is unlikely) then we should fire it at her.
[X]Fire the blade at her, you need every advantage you can get.

She'll be fine, you pansies. She's already half-dead anyways, so our chances of killing her fatally are basically nonexistent.
[X]Fire the blade at her, you need every advantage you can get.

[X]Fire the blade at her, you need every advantage you can get.
Well, this is interesting. [x]Keep fighting was first to 3, but [x]Fire got more consecutive votes after that. Because of that, the latter won. Will write later.
Just a quick question. Can we expect our survivor to have some sort of mental instability? I would guess a zombie apocalypse would turn you into a quivering wreck or cold blooded killing machine.

We're closer to the latter, but we still have our humanity.
There's always good ole PTSD.
[x]Fire your blade.
You're sure that she doesn't know what this knife can do. You aim it at her, and squeeze the trigger. The blade shoots out, and hits Youmu in the shoulder. It was enough to surprise her, and knock her slightly off balance. You expect her to be enraged, but instead, she seems amused.

"Well, I didn't expect that." She pulls the blade out, wincing slightly from pain. "I guess you win."

"I win? I only hit you once."

"Yes, but this was your first time against me; most people don't land a single hit." You notice that her wound already looks a bit better.

"To be fair, though, I only won because of this," you say, while reloading and cleaning the blade of the knife.

"Half of a warrior is their weapons, after all."

Can't argue with that logic. The adrenaline then wears off, and you long to just sleep. "If you don't mind, I'll be going to bed now."

"Okay, good night." You head off to your room, and lie down after removing your gear. You fall asleep pretty quickly.
[ ]9
[ ]50,000
[ ]None
Achievement Unlocked: That's not a knife: Defeat Youmu in your first sparring match with her.
File 131748142529.jpg - (17.58KB, 667x62 , achievement.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] None

Hooray! An achievement!
Myontal Kombat!


Nine is a magical number in gensokyo after all.
[x] 6.
good, she didnt get mad.
You look around, and see that you're in a room. Great, this is gonna be one of those dreams again. Just like the one before, you seem to be some kind of ghost-like spectator. On the wall, you see a calender:

September 14, 1943

Above the calender, is a flag with a swastika on it. Well, looks like you're in Nazi Germany, now. Wonderful.

"Nein! Do you know how much this project could help?!"

You turn to the door, and see three people enter. One of them is wearing a lab coat, and the other two seem to be wearing SS uniforms.

"I'm sorry, doctor, but our superiors believe that this project is going nowhere."

"Going nowhere? Don't you dummkopfs know that this project could turn the war around for Germany? All I need is more of element one-fifteen, you know that!"

"Yes, we know, but we've seen who you get the element from, and, to be honest, neither me or our superiors trust her. I'm sorry, doctor Maxis, but that's final."

The two soldiers leave the room, and the scientist sits down at a desk, looking aggravated. Soon, another scientist enters the room, this one looking slightly younger.

"Doctor Maxis? Is it true that our funding's been cut?"

"Yes, Edward, I'm afraid so. Though I can't imagine why. So far, tests on the DG-2 have been overwhelmingly positive, and we barely just scratched the surface of what one-one-five can do!"

"Well, Maxis, maybe it's because of the side effects the element has..."

"I understand their concern, but it's well within reason. It only turns people into mindless brutes when combined with the right chemical mix. True, we haven't nailed down what that mix is, but the element on its own is harmless."

"I don't know, doctor." Another scientist enters the room.

"Maxis, we're ready to begin our first test on the teleporter."

"This will probably be our only test, so let's make it count. Do you have the subject ready?"

"Yes, doctor Maxis."

"Alright, let's get this over with." The three of them leave the room, and you follow them, still remaining intangible. 'Maxis' mentioned the DG-2. That couldn't be the same one that Nitori found, could it?

The three soon reach a large room, with an equally large contraption against the far wall. It looks like a large, open cylinder, with all manner of electric parts on top of it. Inside the machine, is a dog, tied down and whining.

"We ready to do this?" 'Maxis' asks.

"Yes, doctor," another scientist asks.

"Okay. Initiating test number one, subject is in the test chamber, activate power." A scientist pulls a lever, and at the same time, the door bursts open, a little girl running inside.

"Daddy, what are you doing to Fluffy?" she asks.

"Samantha, what are you doing here? You need to go back to your room!" 'Maxis' says. Meanwhile, the machine is sparking electricity, and soon the entire inside of it is lit up. Soon, there's no remaining trace of the dog. 'Samantha' starts crying upon seeing it.

One of the scientists looking at a screen speaks up. "Doctor Maxis, the subject hasn't appeared at the receiving area." This only makes 'Samantha' cry harder, while 'Maxis' tries to calm her down.

"Now, Samantha, please go to your room. We'll talk about this later." The girl runs back out the room, and the scientists begin packing everything up.

"Well, so much for our one test," 'Edward' says. Suddenly, your vision begins unfocusing, and you feel yourself getting up.
You simply lie in bed a bit longer, not wanting to get up just yet. After a couple of minutes, Yuyuko comes in. However, she doesn't seem to be wanting to wake you up.

[ ]Get up, say hi.
[ ]Stay in bed, see what she does.
Hey, look, plot and back story!
[X]Stay in bed, see what she does.

It's great to sleep in.
[ ]Get up, say hi.
[X]Stay in bed, see what she does.
[X]Stay in bed, see what she does.

Might as well lounge around as much as possible. Gotta be getting back to work soon enough as-is.
[x]Stay in bed, see what she does.

I really hope we don't get a visit from those *puppies*. You know, the flaming beasts from the bonus round?
Depending on the round level, with the ballistic knife + bowie (we got to keep it right?) they should be no problem...
[x] Get up, say hi.
Absolutely. But how much mental stress can our character take? Surely flaming puppies from hell would send him over the edge.
I think killing your own family and thousands more should have been enough to send any sane man over the edge.

[x] Get up, say hi.
[x]Stay in bed won. Will write later.
Also, a quick note: there will be no encounters with Hell Hounds in this story unless you do all the right/wrong things.
If anything, you need to worry about a certain little girl...

Also, Hell Hounds are too easy for me. Just get a shotgun or ray gun.
[x]Stay in bed.
You decide to see what she wanted. You close your eyes, faking sleep, hoping to see what the ghost will do. You hear rustling, and you crack open your eyes to see Yuyuko going through your bag. She looks confusedly at your ray gun, and puts it to the side. She pulls out your ballistic knife, and sets that aside too. When she pulls out the Gameboy, she seems pleased, turns it on, and begins playing. Sounds like she's playing Tetris. After about a minute, Yuyuko looks sucked into the game, and her back is turned to you. You can't resist how ironic this could be. You get out of bed silently, and look over the ghost's shoulder. She seems to be doing well, although the tower's starting to reach the top. Eventually, she loses.

"That was pretty good," you say, right behind her. It has the desired effect, and Yuyuko jumps and spins around, almost hitting you with the Gameboy.

"Don't do that!" she yells at you, breathing heavily. Wait, since when do ghosts breathe?

"Sorry, I couldn't resist." You notice that she's looking at the ray gun again.

"What exactly is that? It's not like any weapon I've seen."

"Your guess is as good as mine. I got it from Nitori, the kappa on the mountain."

"Oh, right, her..." She trails into thought, before returning to you. "Oh, I almost forgot why I came in here. I was going to tell you that breakfast is almost ready!" She floats out of the room, and you go after her. You reach the dining room, where food is being set out. More bacon, more eggs...It's practically a buffet. Youmu is already seated at the table, while her double finishes placing plates.
The three of you begin eating, and the food is as good as it was last night. About halfway through the meal, however, you're about to reach for more bacon when it dissappears from the table, right under your hand. Great, now even physics itself is against you. Or-

Yep, it's Yukari. "Enjoying breakfast, I see?"

You and Youmu are slightly surprised, but Yuyuko is still focused on her food. "Yeah," you answer. "What are you doing here this early, Yukari?"

Her grin drops slightly. "It's time for you to go to the outside." Crap, you forgot about that. "Did you find someone to go with you?" Crap, you forgot about that.

"Not really, no." Before you can continue, however, Youmu stands up.

"I would like to go with you, Roland."

This surprises everyone, and even manages to bring Yuyuko's attention from her food. She's the first to speak. "Youmu? Are you serious?"

"Yes, mistress, I am. I feel that going up against a brand new enemy will let me sharpen my skills even more."

Now it's your turn to speak out. "You sure you want to do this, Youmu? It's quite literally Hell out there."

"I know, but I am still going." Well, looks like there's no stopping her.

You turn to Yukari. "What about my stuff? I'll need time to get-" She cuts you off by waving her hand, followed by a bag holding all of your stuff landing on you.

"Not much time will be necessary. Just let me know when you're ready, but I'd hurry, if I were you. Also, I'll need to know where you want me to drop you off."

That dream you had returns to your memory. Maybe you could see if there was some truth to that...

[ ]Yeah, let's do it. Go to Germany.
[ ]No, it's probably not there. Go somewhere else. (Where?)

Youmu also springs into your mind. Maybe you should give her more weapons than just her swords...
1 Pack-a-Punched M14 rifle (Full ammo)
1 Pack-a-Punched M1911 pistol (Explosive bullets, full ammo, "Mustang")
1 M1911 pistol (Full ammo, somehow)
1 Bowie knife
3 Monkey toys (Possibly explosive)
1 Ballistic knife
1 ray gun (Full ammo, whatever it is)
[ ]She's probably fine with her own swords.
[ ]Give her...(what?) (limit 3 items)
About the location vote: there is no limit to where you can go. However, remember that higher populated areas=more zombies, less possible survivors. Also, going to the only known military hold-out (Australia, for those wondering) is probably a bad idea: Remember, Yukari said that they were doing just fine on their own, and don't need help.
[X]No, it's probably not there. Go somewhere else. (Playboy Mansion)

[X]Yeah, let's do it. Go to Germany.
Plot calls.
[X]She's probably fine with her own swords.
I'd be a lot more willing to give her a gun if we had the time to teach her how to properly handle it.
[X]Yeah, let's do it. Go to Germany.
[X]She's probably fine with her own swords.

She is probably more effective with 'em. Also, we should make sure to warn her about the whole blood-hitting-you-makes-you-a-zombie thing posthaste.
It's not blood hitting you; it's ingesting blood. (i.e., getting it in your mouth.)
[X]Yeah, let's do it. Go to Germany.
Plot calls.
[X]She's probably fine with her own swords.

Having metric buttloads of points, couldnt we PaP our cute gardener's swords? if so:

[X]Stop by Nitori's and PaP Youmu's swords)
Ingestion or infected fluids getting into wounds.
>Pack-a-punch Youmu's swords.
That's either the best or worst idea ever. But then there's the fact she'd never let it happen.
[X]Yeah, let's do it. Go to Germany.
[X]She's probably fine with her own swords.
[X]Yeah, let's do it. Go to Germany.
[X]Give her M1911 (normal).

It's probably a bad idea to give someone inexperienced with guns anything too fancy but I would feel safer if Youmu had a ranged attack. With time she could use a sword and a gun together.
[X] Yeah, let's do it. Go to Germany.
[X] She's probably fine with her own swords.

Germany's a big place. Where in it are we going?
[x]Yeah, let's do it. Go to Germany.
[x] Give Youmu the ballistic knife
Calling vote for [x]Obvious plot vote and [x]No weapon. Will write.
[x]No weapon
Part of you thinks that you can find some answers in Germany, so you listen to it. "I guess I'll go to Germany." After thinking, you add, "Berlin."

Yukari seems slightly surprised at this. "Germany? Why?"

You feel it would be best that you didn't mention that the only reason you're going there is to see if a dream you had was real. "I hear it's wonderful this time of year."

She shrugs. "Oh well, it is your life on the line, so I won't bother you about your choice of destination." She begins to wave her hand to send you somewhere, but is interrupted by a phone ringing. She reaches into...somewhere, and she pulls out a phone. "Hello? Hi, Eirin...No, he's still here...Okay, hold on." She hangs up, then waves her hand. A gap appears, and Eirin drops out, carrying a small bottle.

"Good, Roland, you're still here." She walks over to you. "Since you were going back out there, I decided that now would be a good time for a field test of this." She hands you the bottle, and you look at it confusedly.

"What is it?" you ask.

"It's something I whipped up that should make you shoot better."

"'Should'? What else could it do?"

"Well...At worst, it could leave you slightly drunk." Sure enough, you open the bottle, and a strong scent of alcohol wafts out. "But, after all, that's what test runs are for, right?"

"I guess..." You look at the bottle again. Shooting better, huh? Is it worth possibly being caught out there drunk?

[ ]Hell, why not. Drink it.
[ ]You probably shouldn't.
[X] You probably should be careful. Drink a small amount, see the effects. If it works, drink the rest. If it doesn't wwork, don't dribk the rest.
[x] "Youmu, I get drunk, Cover my back, okay?"
[x]Hell, why not. Drink it.
[x] "Youmu, if I get drunk, cover my back, okay?"
[x] Hell, why not. Drink it.
[x] "Youmu, if I get drunk, cover my back, okay?"
[x] Hell, why not. Drink it.
File 131803690469.jpg - (1.82KB, 90x120 , With the headshot power of Deadshot Daiquiri!.jpg) [iqdb]
[x]"Youmu, if I get drunk, cover my back, okay?"
[x]Drink it.
"Hey, Youmu?" you start.


"If I get drunk, cover me out there, okay?"

Before she can answer, you down the drink. You can't nail down what kind of drink it is, but it definitely is alcoholic. Sure enough, you soon feel the familiar effects of a buzz come over you. But, rather than your vision becoming slightly blurred, it remains the same. In fact, if anything, your vision actually improved. Even things that are in the corner of your eyes are crystal clear.

"So? Does it work?" Eirin brings your attention back to her.

"Yeah, I believe so. Is this gonna be permanent, or...?"

"It should wear off in a few hours." Well, you can't have everything.

Yukari clears her throat. "Well, if everything's settled, then you two should get going." She waves her hand, and you drop onto grass. The first thing you notice is that it seems to be night. Oh, yeah, you forgot about the time-zone difference. Still, this could complicate things.

Almost as in answer to your unspoken plea, a pair of flashlights drop onto your head. Dammit, Yukari...

You notice Youmu next to you, and you hand her one of the flashlights. In order to keep your hands free, you use some convenient duct tape (that didn't fall on your head, thankfully) to tape it to your rifle. With that in order, you look to the horizon and see some lights, probably the city of Berlin. Wait, lights? You just may find someone yet.

You turn to Youmu. "Okay, let's get moving." You take the lead, and she follows you, swords at the ready. Soon, you come across a small group of zombies, and you take aim. Before you can shoot, however, you see a green blur, and the zombies all fall, free of their heads. You turn, and see Youmu cleaning her blades. Holy crap, she was holding back on you yesterday.

You keep traveling. Soon, you see that the lights weren't electronic, they were fires, and that the city is actually a factory of some sort. You both go in, weapons at the ready. After some searching, you find a small radio. Having seen no signs of life since you got here, you decide to play it.

"Hey, Youmu, cover me, I'm going to check that radio." She nods, and you go to the radio. You turn it on, and it emits a loud static noise before a man starts talking.

"Sophia, this message is to go to the Reichstag high command immediately." Wait, this is the voice of the guy from your dream, Maxis! "Gentlemen, it is with the utmost urgency that I draw your attention to the lack of funding being injected into The Giant project. While I believe we are close to realizing the ultimate plan, we still have several years of development before it is ready. It would be folly to cut our expenditure so early in our development. As you know, early tests on the DG-2 have easily outperformed expectations and we fully anticipate mass producing the Wunderwaffe within the next few years." There's mention of the DG-2 again. No doubt that it was made not only by Nazis, but in this very place. "Work on the matter transference has however come to a standstill. We simply do not have enough Element one-fifteen to continue the experiments. The test subjects have survived teleportation but are currently unresponsive to commands and cannot be controlled." Wait, that doesn't
mean... this one-fifteen created the zombies? "If we are to overcome this obstacle we need to increase the frequency and size of the experiment. To this end, I suggest we find not only a regular supply of one-fifteen, but that we also find a larger conduit to channel the energy. Our operatives in America have informed us that the U.S. have a large supply of the element at the Nevada base, so time is of the essence if we are to stay ahead of them." Nevada Base...Area 51? "This cannot be done if you cut the budget, nor can it be done if you insist on pressuring us into action before we are ready. I am of course available for discussion of the matter but in the meantime, I will continue with the work here and try to win this damned war. Signed etcetera etcetera, Doctor Maxis."

"What was that about?" Youmu asks.

You have an idea, but it's just that: an idea. "I don't know. C'mon, let's see if we can find anyone." You both get moving again, and soon you come across what looks like an armory. On the wall, is a label reading [i]WunderWaffe prototype
. The prongs below it, however, are empty. After some looking, you come across a set of rifles like your own, but without the upgrade. You do see a scope on one, so you take it and attach it to your rifle. You don't know if it's properly adjusted yet, however.

[ ]Go find something to shoot, test out and fix the scope.
[ ]Nah, do it later.
Yes, you're in Der Reise. Will that mean you will run into everything on the map?Maybe.
[X]Go find something to shoot, test out and fix the scope.
-[X] Be quick about it. Don't wanna risk Eirin's little boost going to waste.
Are we going to the Moon eventually? Because the latest map is set on the Moon.

The Lunarians are going to be pissed.
I don't think the Lunarians will mind.
After all, they're all most likely dead.

Also, Moon is frickin' awesome.
Shame. I liked the sisters & their Reisen II.
Oh, votes are kinda...slow. So, if I don't get anymore votes soon, I'll just go with what >>147265 said. It seems like the logical course of action that you guys would bandwagon anyway.
[X]Go find something to shoot, test out and fix the scope.
-[X] Be quick about it. Don't wanna risk Eirin's little boost going to waste.
And ask Youmu to keep an eye out, no "here, this is how we zero a scope"....
[x]Find something to shoot.
-[x]Be quick about it.
You should probably get this scope set in, before you actually have to use it. You do a quick adjustment, using the flashlight, but there's only one way to see if it's perfect.

"Hey, Youmu, I hope you don't mind, but I'm gonna go find something to test this scope on, okay?"

"Sure, I'll cover you." You set off, looking for a good target. Funny, you haven't seen a single zombie since you got in the factory. You come across a piece of paper:

So far, 115 has proven to be both highly versatile and deadly. It can be used for weapons, such as the DG-2 and "Ray Gun" projects, but can also turn subjects into an unresponsive, berserk state. These "zombies", for lack of a better term, show no signs of being controlled. Other tests have-

The rest is ripped off. Well, that settles it: this element one-one-five created the zombies. You put the note on your bag, and continue moving. Soon, you come across a small dot on a wall some distance behind a fence. You take aim, hope for the best, and shoot. Sure enough, there's a spark right where you were aiming. Well, the scope's fine. What you didn't expect, however, was for something off to the side to start glowing. Not only that, but a little girl starts giggling from...everywhere? Nowhere?

"I want to play a game," the voice says, with a slight German accent. Wait, is that- "Let's play hide-and-seek!" The objects zoom off, leaving you and Youmu dumbfounded. You think that was Samantha's voice, but you're not sure.

"What was that?" Youmu asks.

"Hell if I know."

"It said something about a game. Should we play it?"

[ ]Fine, play this game of hers.
[ ]You don't have time for this, look for more survivors or information.
[ ]Teleporters? Magic elements? And now ghostly little girls? You've had enough, call-

Wait, Yukari didn't give you a good phone, did she? Shit.

[ ]Fine, play this game of hers.
[ ]You don't have time for this, look for more survivors or information.
[ ]You've had enough, look for a way out of here.
[x]Fine, play this game of hers.
why not
[X]Fine, play this game of hers.

Sound of a little girl giggling coming from an indeterminable location during a zombie apocalypse? Nothing can go wrong.
[X]You don't have time for this, look for more survivors or information.

I would rather live.
[X]Fine, play this game of hers.
[x] You don't have time for this, look for more survivors or information.

Who's Samantha?

Read the bottom of >>146973 again. It's the Nazi Doc's kid.
[x]Play the game.
"Alright, fine, let's play." The only problem is, you don't know where to start looking. Youmu seems to be thinking the same thing.

"Maybe we should split up?"

You're about to say against it, but then you remembered that there seems to be no zombies here, and that she could probably handle herself. "Okay. You go that way, and I'll check over here, sound good?" She nods and runs off, while you go into another room. A nearby sign reads "Animal Testing". You look around, but you don't find anything out of the ordinary. Maybe you need to think like a little kid...

You spot a small cage, and decide to turn it over. Inside, is a teddy bear holding a bottle and a gun. You reach out to touch it, but it vanishes with a strange noise the moment your fingers hit it.

"Yay! You found one," the voice calls out. Youmu probably heard that too, so you go upstairs, where you stand on a ledge, overlooking a portion of the factory. Across a small gap, Youmu runs out.

"Did you find one?" she asks.

"Yeah, apparently we're looking for teddy bears. You find anything yet?"

"No, not yet, but I might now that I know what I'm supposed to look for." She goes back inside, and you turn around and go into a hallway. After some looking, you find an open door. Inside, it looks like a little girl's room. There's even faded and burnt pink wallpaper. On what used to be a bed, you see a photo and a teddy bear. You look at the photo, which is labeled "My family" in childish handwriting. In it, are two people you recognize as Samantha and Maxis, and three others that you don't know. You turn back to the teddy bear, and notice that it's making a faint noise. It sounds like...glowing. That's the only way you can describe it. You touch it, but it makes a different noise than the first bear, and it stays there. It's no longer making the first noise. Well, that's not it.

You leave the room, and begin walking down the hallway. "Wow! You found another one!" Youmu must've found the second one. You return to the ledge where you last spoke with her, and see her running out again.

"You must've found the next one, huh?" you start.

"Yeah, but I may have also found a third, but I'm not sure."

"You want me to go over there and look?" you ask.

"Sure, since I didn't find anything else." The distance doesn't seem like much, so you jump across the gap, just barely grabbing the edge of Youmu's side. You pull yourself up to see a surprised Youmu. "Didn't think you could jump that."

"I didn't think so either, to be honest. Now, where was the other thing?" She turns to leave, and you follow her. She goes down some stairs, stopping in front of a furnace. Inside, you see a monkey toy, almost identical to the ones that you have, minus the explosives. "Is this it?" you ask.

"I believe so. What I find strange is that it doesn't seem to burn..." Youmu gets lost in thought, and you do the same. Suddenly, and idea comes to you. If you can't touch the monkey because of the fire, maybe you could use...

[ ]Another monkey?
[ ]The ray gun?
[ ]Just use you hand, be quick about it?
[x]Another monkey?

Fuck if I've played Black Ops.
[x] One of Youmu's swords?
-[x] Otherwise: Another monkey?

If it's close enough for a hand it's close enough for a sword and I really doubt a bit o' flame's gonna be able do a thing to either of them.
[x] One of Youmu's swords?
-[x] Otherwise: Another monkey?
[x] One of Youmu's swords?
-[x] Otherwise: Another monkey?

attempting to finish cod-waw to get der riese, only played zombies on blackops...
You guys do realize that now, with the Rezurrection map pack for Black Ops, you can play all the WaW maps, right? And they're still fun. [spoiler]But Mule Kick is everywhere.
Also, [x]Sword won. Will write later.
Would you guys believe me if I said that I only gave those choices to test some common sense in my readers rather than me being stupid?
>Would you guys believe me if I said that I only gave those choices to test some common sense in my readers rather than me being stupid?

I can believe it.
[x]Use one of Youmu's swords.
...Of course, why didn't you think of that before? "Hey Youmu, do you think you could touch it with one of your swords?"

She hesitates a bit, before answering. "Oh, of course, why didn't I think of that?" She takes out one of her swords, and reaches it into the furnace. She touches the monkey, and it disappears with the same sound as the first teddy bear you found. Youmu retracts her sword, and nothing else happens. "So, is that it?"

"I don't know, it mi-" You're cut off by the voice giggling.

"You win! Game over!" A siren starts blaring, and you can hear a lot of zombie moaning over it.

"Shit!" You and Youmu run back outside, and see a lot of zombies banging against the fence. You both run forward into a warehouse. When you enter, you recognize it as the one from your dream. Against the wall, is the same teleporter. The distance between you and the zombies is getting smaller, and there's no where else to go. Well, this is just fucking dandy.

A thought springs into your head, a single word: Monkey. What the hell does that mean?

You notice Youmu dispatching a few zombies at the front of the group. "Whatever you're gonna do, Roland, do it fast!"

You look at a monkey toy that you took out. Maybe...

[ ]Trust the monkey.
[ ]Don't trust the monkey.
By the way, for clarification, you're currently at teleporter C (the one that's in the middle of the map.
[X]Trust the monkey.

I trust you, my furry friend. I put our lives in your tiny hands.
[X]Trust the monkey.

Would you all do.anything else?
[x]Trust the monkey.

I have entrusted my life to the monkey many times. It has never let me down. That funky monkey.
[X]Trust the monkey.

As long as it doesn't give us it's paw, I'm fine with it.
[X]Trust the monkey.
-[x] Failing that use the explosive monkeys.
[x]Trust the monkey.
I see you all have made a bond with the monkey bombs. I understand. Will write later.
But honestly, there's something I like better than them:
And if that fails, the QED's. But only when it's good. Like a shiny new pack-a-punched gun.
File 131857259763.jpg - (4.70KB, 259x194 , Terra- Tele- Bah; machine.jpg) [iqdb]
Remember when I said I liked QED's? Well, I changed my mind. Point stealing little...
[x]Trust the monkey.
You're not sure where that voice came from, but you'll listen to it for now. You wind up the monkey, and it actually greets you. "I'm mister Monkey!" it says, in a somewhat robotic voice. Youmu turns around slightly while still fighting.

"Roland? Now is not the time to play with toys!" You ignore her, though. You don't know why, but a part of you says this will work, somehow. Better give it a try.

You chuck the monkey as far as you can past Youmu, and it lands about ten feet away. It starts playing a song and jumping while clapping it's cymbals, and, amazingly, all the zombies begin walking towards it, ignoring both you and Youmu. After a few seconds, it stops playing. "Get ready for a surprise!" it says, right before exploding and killing most of the zombies. Quite the surprise.

After shooting a few stragglers, you turn to the teleporter. It may just be your way out of here.

"Hey, Youmu, come over here, I have an idea."

She comes over in front of the large machine cautiously. "What do you have in mind?"

"That radio earlier said something about 'matter transference.' I'm guessing that this," you gesture to the teleporter, "is what they used for it." A large moan seems to come from all sides. "We'll have to hurry, though, before more of them come."

"Well, how do we turn it on?" You look around and see a nearby switch. You pull it, the machine sparks to life, and a voice comes in over the loudspeaker.

"Warning: Teleporter destination is unknown. Teleporter use not recommended."

Youmu sounds concerned, but says nothing. You can see the zombies closing in, now. "C'mon, Youmu, get in." She steps into the machine nervously, and you follow. After a quick look, you see a large button hanging in the machine; that must power it up. "You ready?"

"...Yes, I suppose." The zombies are closer now. Well, it's all or nothing. You slam a fist into the button, and lightning strikes through the inside, effectively immobilizing both of you. You see a zombie reach for you, but his head explodes when he gets in the field, and more zombies follow it. Then, you're gone.
I can fly like a bird, not in the sky,
Which can always swim and always dry,
I say goodbye at night and morning hi,
I'm part of you, what am I?
I follow and lead, as you pass,
Dress yourself in black, my darkness lasts,
I flee the light, but without the sun,
Your view of me, would be gone.

When the electricity stops flowing, you see that you're in a completely different place. For some reason, strange memories jump into your head: something about birds not flying in the sky, whatever that means.

You look beside you, and see Youmu, who looks woozy. "I think I'm going to be sick," she says, before running off and throwing up. You look around the place you arrived in: high ceiling, occasional skylights, piles of junk scattered around...

Wait...it can't be, can it?

A familiar blue hat rounds a corner; yep, you're at Nitori's. Nitori looks surprised at you, and runs forward. "Roland?! How did you get in here?"

"We, uh...teleported?" you say, pointing at the machine you arrived in. Nitori simply stands there in awe, but you don't know why.

"Really? It works?!" She runs to a nearby console and starts pecking at it, while Youmu rejoins you, looking slightly less sick.

"You feelin' better?" you ask her. She simply nods her head, and turns to Nitori.

"So, we ended up here?"

"I guess so." Suddenly, you remember something important. You take out the note that you found in Germany, and approach Nitori. "Hey, Nitori? You might want to see this."

She turns away from the console to face you, and you hand her the note. She reads it, and seems a bit surprised. "So, the stuff that those guns used, Nitor- err, one-fifteen, created the zombies?"

"I believe so, but I don't think it's the element alone that does it."

"What else could be a part of it?"

"That's what I'd like to know. However, I found this in an old facility in Germany, and there was a radio there that mentioned more of the element in the 'Nevada Base', or Area 51."

"Hmmm..." Nitori walks off and thinks to herself, while you remember that you should check in with Yukari.

As if on cue, Yukari floats in next to you. "So, how did the trip go? Did you find anyone?"

"We didn't find anyone, but I did find some pretty useful information."

She raises a hand to stop you. "I already know; I've been listening in on you since not long after you got back." Well, at least you don't have to explain it again.

"What about Youmu? She doesn't seem to be in the best condition."

"I'll take her back to the Netherworld, she should be fine."

You remember the incident back in Germany, with who you're pretty sure is Samantha. Maybe you should mention it...

[ ]Tell Yukari about it, it could be very important.
-[ ]Mention the dream.
-[ ]Don't mention the dream.
[ ]Don't tell her, she'll probably think you're crazy enough already.
Achievement Unlocked: Play time's Just Getting Started: Survive your first 'encounter' with Samantha.

Achievement Unlocked: The Might of the Monkey: Use your first monkey bomb.
[ ]Tell Yukari about it, it could be very important.
-[ ]Mention the dream.

Odds of her thinking we're crazy if we tell her are slim to none. She lives (partway) in Gensokyo, after all; nothing we say can be weirder than something she's seen already.
[ ]Tell Yukari about it, it could be very important.
-[ ]Mention the dream.
A mere "german" teleporter punched thru Yukari's Border???" Gotta report that...
[x]Tell Yukari about it, it could be very important.
-[x]Mention the dream.

>Someone in Gensokyo thinking someone that isn't Flandre is crazy
Probably not gonna happen unless you run around flapping your arms and screaming that you're the Dragon.
>run around flapping your arms and screaming that you're the Dragon.
I like that idea. strange happened."

"Stranger than the dead rising?"

Ha ha. "Yes, actually." You remember how there were no zombies at all during the 'game', until after you won. "I'm not sure, but...I think that something, or someone, is controlling the zombies."

"Really? Who could be able to do such a thing?"

"That's what I'd like to know." You sigh, and lean against a nearby desk. "Not only that, but part of the reason I went to Germany in the first place was..." You have no idea how to word this without sounding crazy, so you just say it. "...because I saw that same factory...in a dream."

Yukari seems slightly weirded out, but otherwise unsurprised. "So, you had a dream about a place, so you just decided to go there?"

"It seemed like a reasonable idea at the time. Oh, and before I forget," you turn to Nitori, who seems to have completely ignored your conversation with Yukari. "Hey, Nitori?"

"What do you need, Roland?" she asks, still working at the console.

"I was wondering if you could take a look at this," you say, pulling out one of the monkeys. Nitori turns around and eyes it curiously, as does Yukari.

"What does it do?" the kappa asks.

"It seems to not only explode, but it also makes zombies go towards it, completely ignoring everything else."

Nitori looks at it confusedly, before taking it from you. "I'll see what I can find out."

"Thanks." You can't help but feel that you're forgetting something, though...

Oh, right, the vampire's invitation. "Hey, Yukari, I'll also need to go to the...Scarlet Devil Mansion? Is that it?" Yukari nods; Yuyuko probably told her about it while you were out.

"Do you want to go now? You seem slightly roughed up from your little trip." You do look pretty scuffed up.

[ ]Just go as is, it could make you look tougher.
[ ]You're going to a mansion, right? Go to Yukari's house first and clean up.
Completely unrelated note: is anyone else's TF2 item server down? Because it is for me.
[X]You're going to a mansion, right? Go to Yukari's house first and clean up.

You can't meet a lady looking like a tramp.

Yeah, TF2 item server is (or at least was) wonky due to the recent patch. I'm guessing the second, smaller patch was a hotfix for that since I haven't had problems after that came out.
[x]You're going to a mansion, right? Go to Yukari's house first and clean up.

It's polite and another chance for a nice, relaxing scrubbing. The novelty of being able to have a hot shower/bath again can't have worn off for him yet.
[x]You're going to a mansion, right? Go to Yukari's house first and clean up.
I'm getting a bit bored. No, not of writing, don't worry; I'm bored of waiting those long stretches of time when I barely get any votes. Doesn't give me much to do. Just saying, don't feel bad.
[x]Clean up first.
"Nah, I don't see why I should go looking like this." You could also use the extra time to maybe learn about this mansion and who lives there.

"Well, alright, just give me a second." Yukari waves her hand, and her and Youmu disappear into a pair of gaps. After a couple of minutes, Yukari returns alone. Soon, you end up in Yukari's living room. You head to your room, where you find some convenient clean clothes waiting for you. You set all of your gear aside, pick up the clothes, and head to the bathroom. Once inside, you get the bath started, undress, and once again relax and let your mind wander.

Predictably, you think back to what happened in Germany. You're pretty damn sure that was Samantha back there, no doubt about it. But why is she a distant voice that's everywhere and nowhere at once? Is she really controlling the zombies? And why did she 'reveal' herself to you and Youmu? Nothing makes sense. The only possible lead you have to anything is that radio mentioning Area 51. Maybe you'll find more answers there...

Plus, you always wondered what they kept there, even before the infection. Maybe it could be alien relics of some sort? Maybe it's simply a military base? Or maybe it has a teleporter set up to go to a base on the Moon, which has numerous dead people in it for some reason, and large excavators that seem to only fuck everything up, along with a zombie astronaut that somehow takes super-human abilities from you?

...Where the hell did that last one come from? Maybe you really are going crazy. Maybe you're not even in Gensokyo, but you died, and this is like your own personal purgatory?

...Wait, how long have you been in here? You finish washing up, put on your clothes, and leave the bathroom. You head back to the living room, where Yukari is waiting.

"Ready to go, Roland?"

"I guess so." She begins to do her thing, but suddenly stops as if she remembered something.

"Oh, right, before I forget," she gaps in a phone, and hands it to you. "Sorry, I meant to give this to you before you left."

The batteries are full, and there's one contact listed, labeled 'Yukari'. You pocket the phone. "Before I leave, is there anything I should know about whoever lives in the mansion?"

"Well, I could tell you, but that wouldn't be nearly as fun~!" Lot of help she is. "I will tell you, though, that they received a new guest not too long ago, about a few months."

She does her thing, and you land in grass. You look around, and see that you're close to a lake. Ahead of you, is the same mansion that you saw while on top of the mountain, surrounded by a wall. Not far away, is a gate. Beside the gate, there's a red-haired woman in a green outfit leaning against the wall. You walk up to greet her, but then you see that she's asleep.

[ ]Wake her up.
[ ]Just go in, she probably won't mind.
[ ]Wait for her to wake up.
When I said that it "doesn't give me much to do", I mean "one man can only surf YouTube, various sites, and 'play' (read: get dropped from servers) TF2 for so long before wanting to write, only to find that only 2 votes have come in."
I'm not raging, just filling space to make this update look bigger than it really is.
[x]Wake her up.

She can afford to sleep on the job. Must be nice.
[X]Wait for her to wake up.

Please treat gatekeepers politely. It stops them from reflexively whooping your ass when they wake up.
[x]Wake her up.
[x]Wake her up.
[X]Wait for her to wake up

The phone probably has some games on it. we can wait.
File 131878444434.jpg - (5.44KB, 291x173 , dm_SDM_final.jpg) [iqdb]
[x]Wake her up.
You're not sure if she's supposed to be asleep, but there's a good chance that she isn't. You tap her on the shoulder, and get no result. You shake her slightly, still nothing. You talk softly, trying not to startle her; still nothing. Screw it, you'll just go inside.

The moment your hand touches the gate, the woman begins to stir. You back up, not wanting to look like someone trying to break in. When she finally does awaken, she seems to completely ignore you. Eventually, while you were standing there the whole time, she notices you.

"Oh, who are you?" She suddenly has a professional air about her.

"This is the Scarlet Devil Mansion, right?"

She seems surprised at both your question and your lack of answer. "...Yes, why?"

"Because I was invited here yesterday by someone named Remilia." The moment you say 'Remilia', the woman softens a bit.

"Oh, my apologies. I'm the gate-keeper here, so I have to question anyone who comes near."

"Don't worry, I don't blame you." Although, with the occasional zombie slipping through the border, you worry about her, given her job, she can obviously handle herself if she's still here.

"Go ahead, go in. Sakuya will find you." You have no idea who 'Sakuya' is, but you nod anyway. She opens the gate, and you enter. Inside the wall, the mansion seems even bigger, and there's even a fairly large garden around it. You begin to walk to the front door, when someone appears in front of you. It's the maid who gave you the letter, and she literally appeared out of thin air. How does she do that?

"Welcome to the Scarlet Devil Mansion. I must inform you, however, that the mistress is currently asleep, so you will have to wait before speaking with her."

Why would she be asleep? It's the middle of the- oh, right, vampire. The maid continues speaking. "In the mean time, you are free to explore the mansion, although I would strongly advise against going near the basement." With that, she disappears again. Don't go to the basement? Sounds like a cliche 'terrible secret' is being held there. You go in the fron door, and holy balls this place is huge. The entire front room must be almost as big as the mansion was on the outside. You don't see anyone around, so you start walking down a random hallway. Soon, you come across a girl with red hair, wings on both her back and her head, pushing a cart of books, and a lot of them. There must be a library here.

[ ]Follow her, see if she goes to a library.
[ ]Go up to her, say hi.
[ ]Go somewhere else, wander aimlessly.
Fun fact: the picture is of an actual custom TF2 map (see file name). Google it if you want it.
[X]Go up to her, say hi.

She seems like somone who'd enjoy a perfectly innocent and platonic conversation.
[X]Go up to her, say hi.
[X]Go up to her, say hi.
[X]Go up to her, say hi.
File 131880835662.jpg - (179.57KB, 850x1133 , Only demon not deserving buckshot to the face.jpg) [iqdb]
[x]Go up to her, say hi.
She doesn't see you yet, so you decide to go up and greet her. You walk over to her, and she drops a couple of books, still not seeing you. When she reaches down to grab one of the books, you grab another one, and tap her on the shoulder. She jumps, almost smacking you in the face with a book. She then looks slightly embarrassed.

"Oh! I'm so sorry! You just surprised me," she says quickly.

"Don't worry, a book to the face doesn't seem that bad after all I've gone through." She looks confused, before snapping her fingers with realization.

"Oh! You must be the zombie killer that Remilia invited, right?"

"Yeah, that's me. I could've picked a better time to arrive, though, so I'm told."

She nods. "Yes, Remilia's sleeping habits take some getting used to. By the way, I don't think I got your name, Mr...?"

"Davies, Roland Davies. And you are?"

"Koakuma, I'm an assistant in the library."

So there is a library. That's one way to spend time. However, you remember something that Yukari said. "I was told that there was a recent new guest here. Is that true?"

She thinks a bit before answering. "Oh, yes, he showed up a few months ago. If what he says is true, then he was a mercenary for some large company in the outside when the infection hit. He's a bit eccentric, and a bit sweet, but don't tell him I said that, alright?" From the way she talks about this guy, it seems like she has feelings for him. You simply nod.

"So, where is the library, anyway?" Koakuma motions for you to follow her down the hallway, and you do. After some traveling, you both come across a large door. She turns to you before opening it.

"Welcome," she begins with dramatic flair, "to the Voile Library." She opens the door, and you stare in shock at how mind-numbingly huge this place is, easily bigger than the mansion itself. After both admiring the scenery and having an internal argument regarding physics, you notice that Koakuma disappeared somewhere in the library. Without a guide, you simply wander around. Eventually, you come across a section of books regarding weapons, which could always be useful.

Not too far away, is a man wearing a suit, reading while casually leaning against a bookshelf, oblivious to your existence. He must be the guest that Koakuma told you about.

[ ]Approach and greet him.
[ ]Just sit back and read.
[ ]He's making you a bit uncomfortable, go somewhere else and read.
Who is this mysterious gentleman? I will tell you this:
-He is not an anon from another story on here.
-He is not related to COD Zombies (or COD at all).
-Getting blood on his suit isn't recommended.
Now, begin speculation that will inevitably lead to a large argument that will push the thread slightly closer to auto-sage.
[ ]Approach and greet him.
[ ] Dont forget to grab some interesting books (ask for permission later before/if taking out of the library)
[X]Approach and greet him.
[X] Dont forget to grab some interesting books (ask for permission later before/if taking out of the library)
>mysterious gentleman
The only thing that comes to mind is TF 2's Spy.

[x]Approach and greet him.

You don't go rooting through another person's property without permission. It just ain't proper.
[x]Approach and greet him.

If its red spy I will reach through my computer screen and bitchsmack you.
[x]Approach and greet him.

Becuase why the hell not.
[x]Approach and greet him.
You used that image as a clue didn't you?
File 131907938541.jpg - (16.62KB, 200x133 , Obvious reveal is obvious.jpg) [iqdb]
Wow, was I that obvious? Oh well, I have more surprises for you down the road...
No need for violence, man. We're a peaceful voting group. Right..."
[x]Greet him.
You see no reason to be unfriendly, so you approach the man.

"I take it that you're the guest I heard so much about?"

For a while, he says nothing. Then, he speaks with a noticible French accent. "Yes, I believe so. May I ask who you are?" He seems a bit bitter, but you've dealt with worse people.

"Remilia invited me over here for some reason. You wouldn't happen to know what it is, would you?"

He lowers the book from his face. "I'm afraid not. I am genuinely curious as to what that reason is, however; no offense, but I don't see you as the glamourous type."

"None taken, a few months in a zombie apocolypse will do that to you. Speaking of which, you got here after the infection started, right?"

"That is correct. Why, do you expect me to begin telling a deep, tragic story of about I got here?"

"No, just wondering, is all." You're about to say something else, when you hear a lot of glass shattering somewhere, followed by yelling. You're surprised, but the other person barely looks up.

"Oh, is it time for that already?" You look up and see a large flash of light. Was that a laser or something?

The bookcases shake slightly, causing the man to stop leaning on them. You hear more yelling, but you can't make out what's being said. At some point, the man says, "You may want to move a few feet to the side."

You do so, questioning what he meant, when a large laser tears through the bookcase where you just were. You question how he knew that, when something begins flying between the bookcases. You squeeze against one, just barely missing whatever was flying through. When you look to where the man was, you see him get clipped by the object, sending him flying a few feet. When he lands painfully, you're pretty sure it killed him.

You start panicing silently. What do I do? He just died right in front of me, and there's no doubt that I'll be blamed first, what do I do, what do I-

Your internal monolouge is interuppted by a loud electric sound, accompanied by the man fazing into vision while dusting off his suit. He then goes over to the 'body', and kicks it lightly.

What. "What just happened?" you ask.

"Another book stealing, another something 'killing' me, the usual."

He just died, came back to life (or something), and this is usual? "This is usual? And how did you do that...thing, with... not dying?"

"Yes, and this is how I did it." He shows you a gold pocketwatch with a humming bird engraved on it. "This thing has saved my life more times than I bother counting."

"Well, how does it work?"

He smirks. "Why don't I show you?" He tosses the watch to you, and you catch it. You open it, and instead of a clock, you see a blue ring. What is this?

"I still don't see what-" You look up, and you're cut off by a revolver barrel pointing at your face. Before you can do anything, he fires.

But rather than the death you expected, you're still standing. You look at youself, and see that your whole body is invisible. Even the watch is invisible, with the blue ring faintly glowing and emptying. When the meter runs out, you hear the same sound that you heard earlier, and you fade back in. Aside from a dull headache, you're completely unharmed.

"What- How did...What?" The man ignores you and takes the watch from your hand, then walks off and fades from view with a quieter sound. You're still trying to grasp what just happened.

[ ]You came here for some books, right? Keep looking.
[ ]That was an awfully destructive 'book stealing.' Look around.
[ ]Screw this, leave the library, wander the halls.
Sorry this took so long. Among other things, I was:
-Getting to round 29 on Moon. (True story)
-Getting mad at Treyarch for being a bunch of greedy bastards.
-Installing this ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_Wm-55tPoI&feature=related ) into my TF2 without hesitation.
...You can go ahead and ignore that last one. It seemed like a good idea at the time.
[X]You came here for some books, right? Keep looking.

Stick to the objective, lads.
[x]That was an awfully destructive 'book stealing.' Look around.

>Wow, was I that obvious?
It was the comment about not getting blood on his suit that sealed it for me. Couldn't think of any other character that matched the criteria.
[X]You came here for some books, right? Keep looking.

This update has proven something: There is no such thing as a bad spy.
Tell that to the guy trying to facestab a sentry.
He's not a spy, he's a corpse.
It's moments like that where I love the Schadenfreude taunt.
[X]That was an awfully destructive 'book stealing.' Look around.
Pfft. Screw objectives.
Once again, votes seem slow. Except this time, the votes that are in are tied for different things.
So, if no votes come in soon, I'll just flip a coin, or something.

Time to live on the edge.

File 131931390334.jpg - (6.35KB, 259x194 , wat do.jpg) [iqdb]
Alright, heads, you still look for a book. Tails, you check out the destruction. LET'S DO THIS.



We shall do nothing.
Then we shall go with the third potion:
[X]Screw this, leave the library, wander the halls.
Or everything.

That would be the biggest load of bullshit I've seen in at least the past month.
Also, That's not an actual vote for [ ]Screw this, leave the library, wander the halls. And I forgot to sage. Goddammit.


Flip another coin to vote on whether we should do everything or nothing.

File 131932043312.jpg - (7.48KB, 185x272 , nope_avi.jpg) [iqdb]
See pic.

I'll just wait for another genuine vote. After all, it let's me slack off more I am a man of the people.
[X]Whats that mumbling noise?

Real vote - [x]That was an awfully destructive 'book stealing.' Look around.
And the stalemate is broken!
Now will start writing.
You get a complimentary medal*.

*Note: medal not available anywhere.
[x]Take a look around.
okay, calm down. You should probably go check out the rest of the library; that was an awfully destructive heist. You begin walking down a pair of bookshelves, only to find that the damage wasn't as extensive as you thought. Over here, the worst seems to be a few small piles of books on the ground. You spot Koakuma flying around and putting the books back on the shelf. She looks over and floats down to you.

"Hi, Roland. Glad to see you're okay."

"Yeah, I'm fine." The shock from earlier is mostly gone, replaced with a bit of anger. "I met the guy you were talking about."

"Really?" Her attention is now focused on you. "Did he say anything about me?"

She has feelings for him, alright. "No, but he did nearly kill me."

"Let me guess: he gave you that watch of his?"

Wait, she knows? "Yeah, but how did you-"

"Oh, he does that to everyone at least once. It may not seem like it, but he's actually quite the prankster." You're not sure if she's telling the truth, or covering for him. Either way, the guy isn't high on the 'Who do I save in case of zombies' list.

"By the way, what was that earlier?"

"That was just Marisa again. She always breaks in here to steal books, whether or not she actually reads them. Although, lately, she seems to be taking a liking to outside world firearms for some reason."

This Marisa could be a useful ally the next time you go out there. You'll try to remember that name. Koakuma goes back to sorting books. You doubt you could help much, not being able to fly and all, and Koakuma seems to have this handled...

[ ]Offer to help anyway.
[ ]Don't fix what ain't broke. Go do something else, somewhere else.
[ ]Koakuma said she was an assistant, right? Go find who's in charge, help them if needed.
[X] Offer to help anyway.

+++Light Side points gained.
[X]Don't fix what ain't broke. Go do something else, somewhere else.
So hey how 'bout we check dat basement out.
File 13193268996.jpg - (8.52KB, 300x300 , Obligatorily Complimentary.jpg) [iqdb]
>medal not available anywhere

Medal available here. Now.
[x]Offer to help anyway.

Didn't think you'd have it up that fast or I would have refreshed before posting the picture.
You get no medal, but I will give you something better.
Heck, I'll give it to everyone.
[X]Koakuma said she was an assistant, right? Go find who's in charge, help them if needed.

No such thing as enough Patchy.
[x]Koakuma said she was an assistant, right? Go find who's in charge, help them if needed.

We would just get in koa's way.
[x]Koakuma said she was an assistant, right? Go find who's in charge, help them if needed.
[x]Koakuma said she was an assistant, right? Go find who's in charge, help them if needed.

This may or may not end up double posting, internet is being fickle today.
[x]Patchy vote won.

Oh, before I forget, another quick vote, completely separate from the current situation.
What is it about?
The Spy.
Specifically, the Spy's name, because I don't want to refer to him as "The Spy" or "that guy" for the whole story. Just a quick favor to ask of you because I'm as original as carpet.
Jean Valjean. It's a pseudonym, of course.

He appreciates Victor Hugo.
I was going to suggest Jean Reno for the hell of it but this works too.
Trafil Intor. That is totally not a crappy acronym.
File 131959048923.jpg - (172.14KB, 850x882 , No relevant file name joke available.jpg) [iqdb]
Also, I was misleading a bit when I said the name was a vote. It's more a suggestion box, and suggestions are still open.
[x]Find who's in charge, help them if needed.
Wait, you just remembered something. "Hey, Koakuma, didn't you say you were an assistant here?"

"Yes, why?" She barely even looks away from the books.

"I was wondering who was in charge here, to be honest."

She floats downward a bit. "Any specific reason?"

"Not really, I'd just like to meet them, is all."

"Okay, Patchouli is..." She flies upward and looks around over the bookshelves for a bit before floating back down to you, "...over there," she finishes, pointing between some bookshelves. You thank her, and begin walking off.

After a few minutes of searching, you still haven't found anything. Just how big is this library? You're about to give up and go back...

...When you realize that you're lost. Well, that's just perfect. Out of your rage, you accidentally knock down a book. You pick it up and go to put it back, but, on the other side, you see someone in a purplish dress reading a book at a desk. You put the book back, then somehow manage to get around the bookshelf without getting lost again. Before you can say hello to the girl, however, she speaks without even turning around.

"May I ask what you need of me?"

You lost your train of thought when she spoke up. She then turns around and studies you, as if you were a hamster in a cage. You're not sure what she's doing.

"Strange..." she whispers after a minute.

"...What are you-"

"Are you the survivor that Remilia invited?" She asks, cutting you off.

"Um, yes, but what does that-"

"And you are a simple outsider survivor, correct?" This interrupting you is getting annoying.

"Yes, but what are you asking me this for?"

"My apologies. I am Patchouli Knowledge, keeper of this library. You are Roland Davies, I presume?"

"Yes, I am. What was that about being 'strange'?"

"I can detect trace amounts of spiritual energy on you; a sort of residue from an encounter with a ghost, to put it simply."

Encounter with a ghost? But you never met with any ghost other than Yuyuko...Unless...

"So, why is this so strange?"

"It's because I've never dealt with this kind of energy before... If it's not too much trouble, you wouldn't mind if...how do I put it... In Layman's terms, I'll have to look inside your soul to find the energy and see where it came from. It shouldn't take very long."

Looking inside your soul?

[ ]Why not, if there's anything wrong with you, might as well get it fixed.
[ ]How about no; you'd like to keep your soul unmolested.
>Trafil Intor
But that's an anagram.

[x] Why not, if there's anything wrong with you, might as well get it fixed.
I see no real reason to refuse. Who knows? It might tickle.
[x] Why not, if there's anything wrong with you, might as well get it fixed.

It's probably bleed-off from Youmu or Samantha.
I'm down with this.
[x] Why not, if there's anything wrong with you, might as well get it fixed.
[x]Why not, if there's anything wrong with you, might as well get it fixed.
[X]Why not, if there's anything wrong with you, might as well get it fixed.
Time to lose our soul's virginity.
[x]Why not.
"I don't see why not," you reply.

"Okay, then follow me." You do so, and soon end up in a rather large alcove, mostly hidden in the library. Patchouli tells you to lay down on the ground, and you do so. While she does some preparations, you just lay back and rest. You soon find yourself drifting to sleep, but you wake yourself up before you do. Taking a look around the room, you notice that there's a few candles that weren't there before, and some markings on the floor around you. You say nothing: Patchouli knows a hell of a lot more of this magic stuff than you do.

After a few more minutes, Patchouli stands at the front of the room, seemingly finished with preparations. Koakuma then enters the room, and her and Patchouli nod at each other.

"This your first magical treatment?" Koakuma asks.

"Umm...I guess so."

"Well, then this may sting a bit."

Patchouli then begins doing some kind of magic casting thing. Wait, how painful will this-OH GOD THAT IS VERY PAINFUL.

Your vision is filled with rapidly passing images, faster than you can see. Soon, it slows down a bit, and you can recognize them: they're your memories, currently at when you met Ran. The images go by, to when you went to Yukari's house for the first time, to going to Nitori's place, and it keeps going. You notice that the images seems to 'hitch' when they get to the store where you found the box that gave you the ballistic knife and the monkeys. As they fly forward, they begin to reach when you and Youmu went to Germany. Once again, the images hitch when you get to parts where Samantha was talking to you. When you get to the part where you teleported, instead of seeing Nitori's place after that, your vision is filled with blackness. You can hear something in the background, sounds like... piano music?

*song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yd7MFXzOyqU *

Soon, an image seems to be fading in. It's still too vague to tell, but it looks like some kind of room. You can hear whispers along with the song, as if they were singing to it, the words unintelligible. Suddenly, the image cuts to Nitori's lab, when you arrived. Just what happened in that teleporter?

The images fly by again, all the way to when you met Patchouli. For a moment, you're afraid that when they get here, some temporal paradox will happen, but it just cuts out.

When your vision returns to normal, and you're no longer looking at memories, the first thing you notice is that you are very dizzy. You sit up and look to the side, where Patchouli and Koakuma are watching you.

"How are you feeling?" the latter asks.

"Alright, I guess, just dizzy." You notice Patchouli reading and scribbling in a book. "So, what did that mean?"

"I'm not sure," she says. "I may need to study this for a while before I can get an answer, so you could do something else in the meantime."

"Okay then," you say while getting up. Koakuma shows you to the door, and flies off. Before you leave, however, you notice another, smaller door set a distance away. The light seems darker around it, for some reason.

[ ]Go check it out, see where it leads.
[ ]No, don't. Leave the library and go somewhere else.
-[ ]Is Remilia up yet?
-[ ]Maybe you could start a conversation with the gate guard.
-[ ]Just wander the halls, see what you find and who you meet.
[x]No, don't. Leave the library and go somewhere else.
-[x]Maybe you could start a conversation with the gate guard.

Sakuya will be around to collect us when Remilia wakes anyway.
[x]No, don't. Leave the library and go somewhere else.
-[x]Maybe you could start a conversation with the gate guard.
[X]Go check it out, see where it leads.

(Possible Flandres) - (Boring moeblob Flandres) - (Boring murderpsycho Flandres) = ? I'm hoping to see an answer.
[x]No, don't. Leave the library and go somewhere else.
-[x]Maybe you could start a conversation with the gate guard.

Better than risking Flandre time.
[X]Go check it out, see where it leads.
I really hope this guy manages to get the balance between moeblob and psychobitch right. Unless that door doesn't lead to Flandre.
[X]Go check it out, see where it leads.
I really hope this guy manages to get the balance between moeblob and psychobitch right. Unless that door doesn't lead to Flandre.
>Accidentally double posted and can't remember the password
[x]Go check it out, see where it leads.
Happy Halloween weekend, everyone. Sadly, I can't fit a Halloween thing into this story (although it should be Halloween enough already, being about zombies), so I may pay /shorts/ a visit in the next few days, so look forward to that...unless IT DOESN'T EXIST! SURPRISE INTRO ENDING!
...Yes, I've seen Valve's new TF2 Halloween update. Yes, I might model my responses and messages after that, because their updates are damn hilarious.
[x]Go talk with the gate guard.
You probably shouldn't go in that door. In your past experience, dark foreboding doors only lead to bad things. True, you were in an apocalypse when you learned that, but it probably still stands.

Speaking of standing, maybe you could pay the gate guard a visit. You didn't even get her name. You leave the library, and try to figure out which way you came, only to get lost. Dammit, maybe you need to carry bread crumbs everywhere you go.

Or, you could wander right into the front door, almost breaking your nose. That works too. At least no one saw that. But knowing your luck, it probably was witnessed by everyone in the mansion. You go back outside, and see that the sun's just starting to set. Just how long were you in the library? It only felt like an hour, at most.

You look to the gate, and see the gate guard leaning against the wall, sleeping, most likely, and on the other side of the gate, you see...the gate guard? This one is also leaning against the wall, but is smoking a cigarette rather than sleeping. You didn't know they had twin gate guards. Although, something about the smoking (literally, of course) one's slouch seems familiar...

[ ]Go and greet them.
[ ]Go back inside, do something else.
-[ ]Those halls, you must wander them.
-[ ]That door in the library...
[ ]Take a look at the garden out here.
Sorry for the short update, but my hands ARE MISSING FOUR FINGERS EACH! [sound of lightning hitting a chair]
...Okay, I'll stop.
[x]Go and greet them.
-[x]Wake up the sleeping guard, but keep your eye on the twin...

The gate guard is a spy!
[x]Go and greet them.
-[x]Wake up the sleeping guard, but keep your eye on the twin...
[X]Go and greet them.
-- [x]Sup spy?
[x]Go and greet them.
-[x]Wake up the sleeping guard, but keep your eye on the twin...

Zat Meiling is a spy!
[X]Go and greet them.
-- [x]Sup spy?
I wonder if it means anything that, so far, both encounters with the Spy have been painfully obvious. Nah, it probably doesn't mean anything.
[x]Go and greet them.
You see no reason to not talk to them, so you walk to the gate. When the smoking one sees you, she says, "Finally."

"Finally, what?" you ask.

She flicks the cigarette away. "Finally, someone else can watch the gate." Suddenly, she's covered in a reddish cloud of smoke, completely obscuring her from view. When the smoke disappears, standing where the guard was... it's the man from the library!

He straightens his tie, then gives you a short mock salute before walking off and fading from view. Wait, did he just get you to watch the gate for him? That sneaky bastard...

You turn to the other, presumably real, gate guard, and see that she's still asleep. Since you came out here to talk with her, you try to wake her up. However, like before, she doesn't even stir. Makes you wonder how she can guard the gate if she sleeps so heavily. You just settle for leaning against the wall across the gate, just wait for her to wake up.
...Uh, what happened? Oh, you must've nodded off for a bit. Judging from the sun, you weren't asleep long. The gate guard is still asleep. It must be contagious.

You look to the horizon, and see the lake and the edge of a forest. You think you see something moving in the forest, so you try to get closer. After a few steps, you hear your least favorite sound in the world.


Sure enough, that movement you saw was a zombie. You're about to shoot it, when you realize you don't have your guns. Hell, you don't even have your knives.

But if the gate guard is protecting from zombies as well as burglars, she must have something for dealing with them. You try to wake her up again, harder this time, but still get no result. The zombie is getting closer, but still not close enough to be dangerous.

An idea comes to you. You open the gate a bit. Sure enough, she starts waking up. "Huh...what..."

"Not meaning to interrupt your beauty sleep, but you have some guarding to do," you tell her. She snaps to attention, and notices the zombie. She takes an antique-looking gun from...somewhere, and takes aim. She pulls the trigger...

...And nothing happens. "Dammit..." she says, while trying to unjam the gun. In the meantime, the zombie is getting closer. You need to buy her some time. And you know exactly how. You get closer to the zombie, but not close enough to get grabbed. The zombie is now entirely focused on you, so you start leading it in circles a short distance away from the gate guard. Soon, you hear her call out.

"Stand back!" You do so, and she takes aim again, the gun firing this time. It punches cleanly through the zombie's skull, and it falls over dead. You're relieved; you don't like facing zombies completely unarmed.

"Hey, thanks," you hear the gate guard say.

"No problem," you answer. You just remembered something. "By the way, I never did quite get your name."

"Oh, I'm Meiling. You are Roland, correct?"

"Yeah, that's me." Your attention turns to the gun she has. "You seemed to have trouble with that," you say, motioning towards it.

"Yeah, this old thing jams all the time. Sometimes I think I could do better just throwing it at them. I've tried asking for a better weapon, but this is all they'll give me."

You remember the box at the one store. Maybe you could get her something there?

[ ]Tell her about the box.
-[ ](Optional) See if you can go right now.
[ ]Don't mention it; it seemed to have some energy around it...
[x]Tell her about the box.
-[x]See if you can leave after meeting Remilia.

It was sunset before our nap so Remi will be waking soon, but after the meeting we can sort Meling out with a better gun, she may need it at some point.
[x]Tell her about the box.
-[x]See if you can leave after meeting Remilia.
This works.
[x]Tell her about the box.
-[x]See if you can leave after meeting Remilia.
[x]Tell her about the box.
-[x]See if you can leave after meeting Remilia.
[x]Tell her about the box.
-[x]See if you can leave after meeting Remilia.
[x]Tell her about the box.
-[x]See if you can go after meeting Remilia.
"So, you're saying you need a new gun, right?" you ask.

"Yes, that's what I'm saying. Why, do you have one?"

"I don't have it, but I know where to get one." It occurs to you that it's gonna be hard to explain the box and what it does without sounding crazy. You also realize that you never got the name of the store where you found the box. "You know that one store in the forest, has a lot of outside things?"

"You mean Kourindou?"

"Yeah, that one." You actually have no idea if it's the same store, but there's a good chance it is. "There's a box in there that... it pretty much gives you a random weapon." Yep, it sounds crazy, just like you thought it would.

Meiling makes no mention of how weird it is, however. "So, you'll go there and get me a better weapon?"

"Yeah, after I meet with Remilia, which should be pretty soon." You have your phone, so you could always get Yukari to gap you there.

"Thanks, that's very nice of you."

"It's nothing, really." The two of you drift off into silence. Maybe you could talk about something else.

[ ]Stay here, talk about something else. (What?)
[ ]Go back inside, see if Remilia is up.
[ ]Stay here, talk about something else. (What?)
[] How bad is the zombie problem around here?
She WAS sleeping with a zombie nearby...
[Z] Stay here, talk about something else. (What?)
-[Z] How bad is the zombie problem around here?
[X] Stay here, talk about something else. (What?)
-[X] How bad is the zombie problem around here?
[X] Stay here, talk about something else. (What?)
-[X] How bad is the zombie problem around here?
Them zombies.
[X] Stay here, talk about something else.
-[X] How bad is the zombie problem around here?
-[X] Have you considered getting some motion alarms installed?
Happy belated Halloween everyone. What did I dress up as? Let me answer a question with a question.
Did anyone happen to kill a red spy on the way here?
Then we still have an update:
[x]Stay here, talk about the zombie problem.
"Hey, I wanted to ask you something," you start.


"How bad is the zombie problem around here?"

"I'm not entirely sure, myself, but I don't believe it's that bad...At least, not as bad as the outside..."

"Well, since I got here, I've seen about four zombies, which is four more than I expected to see from 'safety'."

"It's true that a few zombies slip through the border, but there's usually not enough to be worried about."

"I don't know, all it takes is one careless person to get bitten, and it will be like the outside all over again."

"Yes, but the smart, sensible people far outweigh the foolhardy, around here. And besides, I'm not sure if youkai like myself can even get infected, but I wouldn't like to find out first-hand."

So, Meiling is a youkai? Could've fooled anyone. "Still, I don't feel entirely safe while I'm here, even when I should. I'm just surprised I haven't come down with PTSD yet."

"That may be because your trauma might not be over."

"At this point, I don't know if that's bad or not."

The two of you drift into silence again, and you notice that the sun is lower now. Wow, time seems to pass by fast for you.

"Shouldn't Remilia be getting up by now?" you ask Meiling.

"As a matter of fact," a new voice says, "she is."

Both you and Meiling jump at the voice, who is the maid from earlier.

"Sakuya!" Meiling starts. "Will you stop scaring me like that?"

"If I don't, then you'll just fall asleep," Sakuya says flatly. She then turns to you. "If you would follow me..." She walks off, and you follow her. Once inside, she leads you down quite a few hallways before stopping in front of a large door. She tells you to wait there, then disappears. You do wait, and soon the door opens from the inside. You enter, and see Sakuya standing behind a blue-haired, bat-winged girl sitting in a rather throne-like chair at a table. Across the table, is another, plain chair.

"So, this is the famed 'zombie killer'," the bat girl says, in a charismatic voice. "Please, have a seat."

You do so. "I take it that you must be the Remilia Scarlet I've heard so much about."

"The same. You're probably wondering why I called you here." You nod. "It regards the current zombie problem." She nods to Sakuya, and the maid disappears. Seconds later, she reappears, carrying some sort of old scuba suit. She puts it on the table, and returns to her place behind Remilia.

You look at the suit. It looks to be about forty, maybe fifty years old, covered in tears and rips. You can see some faded writing on it, too, but it's in another language.

"I'm not sure what this has to do with the zombie problem," you say.

"I assure you that it probably does. Do you know where we found this suit?" You shake your head. "On a zombie. A rather decomposed and frosted zombie, I may add."

"So, what you're saying is that you believe that this suit was worn by someone who got infected before the big infection months ago?"

"Not just anyone. That writing on the suit is in Russian, so I did some research, using the library. I found out that the person belonged to a group of Russian divers stationed in Siberia in 1958. Apparently, he got infected while there, during that time."

"So what do you need me for?"

She smiles. "I figure that if I can figure out what happened there, and figure out how to stop the infection, then I will most likely be regarded as a hero." Quite the selfish goal. "I need you to go to Siberia for me, and retrieve anything that could give some information on the area or the zombies: documents, radios, pictures, anything that could be useful. You will show them to me first when you get back."

"So, let me get this straight. You want me to go to Siberia, find some old Russian documents about zombies, then bring them to you so you can take all the credit?"

"That is correct."

"I just don't see what's in it for me."

Remilia smiles again. "I also read about rumors of weapon testing at that same site. If you happen to find any fancy guns, or even money, you can feel free to keep it. When are you able to go?"

You think for a bit. "I could go in a few days, maybe."

"In that case, I also invite you to stay here in the meantime."

"You do realize that I already have a place to stay?"

"Don't worry; it will only be temporary, unless you really want to stay."

You think it over. Going to Siberia? You could find out more about the zombies, and possibly if they tie into the Nazi experiments you found.

[ ]Agree to go.
-[ ]Accept the invite.
-[ ]Decline.
[ ]Don't go to Siberia.
[X]Agree to go.
-[X]Accept the invite.
There better be some nice guns there.
[x]Agree to go.
[x]Find someone to help out.

Am paranoid when I don't have support.
[X]Agree to go.
-[X]Accept the invite.

Maybe Patchouli can slap together an ever-loaded shotgun or something else equally useful.
[x]Agree to go.
[x]Find someone to help out.
I'd rather have a youmu or sakuya, two man team is the best or man-youkai whatever the case may be
An idea, get a crossbow(the one from the campaign with the explosive bolts) pack-a-punch it to make it repeating + AP + Bigger Bang and give it to Meiling.
Its the perfect infiltrtion weapon, nearly silent, can shoot a line for you to go to another elevated spot and can blow up clusters of enemies and maybe a tank or two.
...the crossbow PAP'd becomes like the Monkey Bomb, but without the priming, and it can stick to zombies.
Are you asking to be knifed man... that maid is everywhere man EVERYWHERE.
The hell are you on about?
I'm itchin' to write, so I'll just assume >>148528 had [x]Accept as part of their vote. So unless they say otherwise, writing now.
This thread is being administered with adrenal vapor and a constant daylight cycle, so you may lose track of what day it is. The point is, yesterday was my birthday. Just thought you should know.
Something occurs to you. "I assume that I won't be going out there alone?"

Remilia shrugs. "If you want to bring someone with you out there, go ahead."

"Then you got yourself a deal. Also, I accept that invitation."

"Well then, since we seem to be in agreement, Sakuya will show you to your room." While you get out of the chair, she speaks again. "Remember: you leave in two days."

"I'll remember that." The maid leaves the room, and you follow her. After a trip through the halls, she stops at a door.

"This will be your room. Would you need anything else tonight?"

"No thanks," you say. Sakuya nods, then disappears. You enter the room, and see that it's basic enough, with a bed and a nightstand. You feel like you're forgetting something, though...

Oh, right, Yukari. You take out the phone, and speed-dial the only number on it.

"Yes~?" Yukari answers.

"Hey, Yukari."

"Roland! So, how did the meeting with Remilia go?"

"Long story short, I'm going to Siberia in two days. Also, I'll be staying over here for those two days, so can you send over my stuff?" There's a pause, followed by the noise of something falling on the bed. You turn around, and see your bag, filled with your weapons and belongings. "Thanks," you say to Yukari.

"No problem~." She hangs up, and you put the phone away. Time to check through your things.
-1 upgraded M14 rifle (X4 scope attached, 25 shots loaded (full), 9 extra mags)
-1 upgraded M1911 pistol (explosive bullets, 6 shots loaded (full), 5 extra mags, "Mustang")
-1 M1911 pistol (8 shots loaded (full), 6 extra mags)
-2 Monkey Bombs
-1 Bowie knife (blade is wearing, grip is slightly bent)
-1 machete (blade is fairly worn)
-1 Ballistic knife (loaded, 2 extra blades)
-1 ray gun (20 shots loaded (full?), 9...things in reserve, unknown effect on zombies)
-1 Gameboy (battery is still good)
-3 changes of clothes (all plain)
-1 heavy coat (guaranteed to both keep the cold out and block the occasional zombie scratch)
With that done, you realize that you're a bit tired, but you could still probably go find something to do.

[ ]There has to be something in the basement.
[ ]Go find out what the night-life is like in Gensokyo.
[ ]See if Patchouli figured out whatever the hell that was back there.
[ ]Just sleep; you have a long couple of days ahead of you.
Achievement Unlocked: Scarlet Horizon: Agree to help Remilia.

Extra Scene Unlocked: "Four"

What are Extra Scenes? Think of them as "Deleted Scenes": scenes that I wanted to put in, but couldn't because a) I couldn't find a context to put it in, or b) it was voted away from. Expect them to be very reference-heavy. You can view them at any time (Just vote "[x]Extra, -[x]'scene name'", for example), and can even use them in place of most dream votes.
[x]Extra four
[x]Extra four
[x]See if Patchouli figured out whatever the hell that was back there.

"For time, and the world, do not stand still. Change, is the law of life. And those who look only to the past, or the present, are certain to miss the future."

Remilia scowls. "I said, 'Are certain to miss the future'!" she exclaims, angered that no one seems to care for her inspiring speech, while the storm continues outside.

You laugh. "Sorry, I missed that."

Sakuya walks up to you. "Mr. Davies, this incident with Flandre was the last straw. She almost blew us all up! Now we invited you here today-"

"In good faith," Remilia interrupts.

"...in good faith," the maid continues, "to sort this thing out."

You turn to the side. Something's been bothering you. "And why is she here?" you ask, motioning to Meiling across the table, who throws her arms up half-heartedly in exasperation. "She's the gate guard!"

"Even so," Remilia says, "she could be useful here."

"Now ladies, Roland," she continues, nodding at you, "as I like to think," she says, slipping back into her speech-giving voice, "in the long history of the world, there are only a few generations-"

She's cut off by a banging on the walls. "Sounds like someone breaking in!" Meiling says, getting up.

"It's just the storm, China," the vampire says, "sit down."

Before she can continue, however, there's the sound of moaning, followed by a couple of zombies breaking through a section of a nearby door.

"Oh my god!" the gate guard exclaims while springing up.

Sakuya appears in front of Remilia, while you slowly get up from your chair. "It appears the mansion has been breached."

"Zombies," Remilia says simply, still trying to shift into her inspirational voice. "Ladies, Roland, at times like these, our capacity to retaliate must be and has to be massive, to deter all forms of aggression!" She turns and hits a nearby wall, which turns around, showing a rather impressive collection of weaponry. "People," she continues, "lock and load."

You all do so, and you decide to recite what little of foreign languages you know. "Viva la Revelucion."

"Any last words, mistress?" Sakuya says bitterly.

"Yes, Remi, any superlative words of inspiration for us humble troops?" Meiling adds, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

"Do not pray for easy lives, my friends." She's trying to give a speech even now? "Pray to be, stronger individuals." Sakuya pumps her shotgun, and you all prepare to face the undead threat.
Well, that was fun. Anyway, choices for people who forgot them:

[ ]There has to be something in the basement.
[ ]Go find out what the night-life is like in Gensokyo.
[ ]See if Patchouli figured out whatever the hell that was back there.
[ ]Just sleep; you have a long couple of days ahead of you.
[x]See if Patchouli figured out whatever the hell that was back there.

[x]There has to be something in the basement.

The basement options tends to be that choice that 9 out of 10 times gets us kill and/or leads to a bad end. Why the hell am I picking it?
A complete and utter parody with the opening to the begining of the White House level, huh?
We've avoided all bad ends to now. Let's keep it that way.
[x]See if Patchouli figured out whatever the hell that was back there.
Because in the event of a story-related mishap, grief counseling and cake will be administered after the test story.

Also, [x]Patchouli won. Writing sooner or later.
I just got Battlefield 3, and I also preordered Modern Warfare 3. Lots of nameless bad guys will die. By my hand. With bullets.
[x]Go see Patchouli.
You should probably see if Patchouli figured out what that was back there. Before you leave, you take the Bowie knife and the normal pistol, just in case. You leave your room, and head to the library. Thankfully, you finally seem to have the layout of this mansion somewhat memorized. You enter the library, and see that it already seems to be in better shape after the intrusion earlier. You look around for a bit before finding Koakuma, who is carrying a large stack of books.

"Hey, Koakuma," you call out to her. She's surprised, and stumbles a bit, dropping a book on your head. It's not like you have enough psychological trauma, so the universe seems to want to give you physical trauma now.

"Oh! Roland, I'm so sorry!" Koakuma says, while picking up the books she dropped.

"Don't worry, it's nothing too bad." The only thing really hurt was a bit of your pride. "Is Patchouli finished with studying that thing from earlier?"

"Not yet, but she did manage to find out a bit about it. For one, she has reason to believe that it may not exactly be a ghost, and that it has some sort of attachment to you, although she couldn't tell what kind of attachment. So, either you pissed off the wrong people, or you're too charming for your own good," she adds with a chuckle.

"Either one of those could be a possibility," you joke. "By the way, it turns out that I'll be staying here for a few days."

"Really? So you decided to help Remilia, I presume?"

"Yeah, she said that she wanted me to go to Siberia, to see if I can find anything about the zombies for her."

"Siberia? I hear it's wonderful this time of year," she says sarcastically. "Well, I have to get these books put up, so I'll see you later, kay?"

"Kay." You go back to the entrance, and look at the foreboding door again. You're not sure, but you think you can hear voices on the other side.

[ ]Listen in on the voices.
[ ]Go to your room and sleep.
[ ]Are you forgetting something..."
[x]Listen in on the voices.
I'm too curious for my own good.

>[ ]Are you forgetting something..."
Uh...is he?
[X]Listen in on the voices.
Sure, Why not.

[X]Listen in on the voices.
[x]That Patchouli is a spy!
there was an update here and now it's gone...

[X]Are you forgetting something
there appears to be a problem with the thread you can't see the most recent update in or anything past post number>>148797 when you view the entire thread
[X]Knock politely before entering.
[X]remember Melings gun

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