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Okay, I've been wanting to write a story here for quite a while, and now that I've finally gotten around to it, I realize that I don't know which of my story ideas to use, so I decided to let you guys choose which one. Anyway, I have narrowed it down to 2 ideas:
-A TF2 crossover thing, which will be told from the point of view of one of the nine classes that you pick. Mostly light hearted, can turn serious depending on situation.
-A slightly more original, zombie apocalypse story, told from the point of view of a survivor. Is much more serious than the TF2 story, but can have moments of less seriousness.
Also, I don't know how long this will go, but in case it goes on for quite a while, I was curious on how to get the needed write-fag accessories, namely a trip code. So about the story...
[]TF2 story
[]Zombie Apocalypse story

Also, I know /th/ is a bit cluttered at the moment, so I plan on moving the story to a different board once a place to stay is decided in-story for either story. Don't worry, I'll remind you before I actually move it.
I flipped a coin for you.
[x] Zombie thing.

You don't need a tripcode to write.
Okay, thanks, I was just wondering, really.
[X]Zombie Apocalypse story

Zombies are always an excellent addition to any story.
[x] Zombie Apocalypse story

Let's get that Reimu story on the road.
[x] Zombies, because less retarded.
[x] Zombies

Because bringing the Team into Gensokyo should take a large amount of consideration and well written plot. We've already done quick and random.
For the record, the TF2 story wouldn't have the whole team, just the one class you picked, but I see what you mean.

Anyway, calling it for zombies. Writing first part now.
And a quick note, I'm always open to criticism, so if there's something I'm doing wrong, feel free to point it out.
File 131501550657.jpg - (12.16KB, 197x255 , zombie_apocalypse.jpg) [iqdb]
3 months.
For 3 months, you have been roaming the hills of Japan, looking for a way to safety, a way to escape this madness.
The zombies don't help much.
You don't know what caused the infection, but at this point, you don't really care. All you know is that it took everyone you knew and loved from you. Made
you kill your own infected family.
Thankfully, you knew how to use a gun, so you weren't part of the thousands that died or got infected, at least not yet.
And you don't plan on turning anytime soon.
After your first 23 kills, you stopped counting. And that was only in the first day.
Some would call you a monster. Others would call you a badass. You simply call yourself a survivor.

You check your watch: 4:56 PM. You've been mindlessly wandering these hills for well over an hour.
You're about to call it a day and set up camp when you find the first sign of civilization in a long time:
A shrine of sorts.
Screw camping, you'll set up shop here. You headshot a lone zombie in the yard, then enter the shrine, rifle at the ready.
You find what looks to be a sort of safe room set up. At least, it was safe at one time. Corpses litter the floor, most missing their heads. The few that
have heads show bullet holes. Thankfully, none of the corpses rise to greet you.
Against the wall, you find a table with some weapons: a few guns with full mags, some ammo, and a knife here or there. You notice that most of the guns seem
to be M14's, same as you're using. You take as much ammo as you can hold, as well as a couple of knives. While searching, you notice a piece of paper on the
floor, slightly obscured by dry blood:
To any survivors: stay put, rescue pick-ups everyday at 5:30 PM. Signed,-
Of course, the signature is obscured. You try to rub the blood off to read it, only to rip the paper.
You check your watch: 5:12. If you're going to stay, it has to be for 18 minutes. An eternity in these conditions.
[ ]Stay put, wait for the supposed rescue.
[ ]Screw it, move on to somewhere else.
1 M14 rifle (15 shots loaded (full), approx. 125 in reserve.)
2 M1911 pistols (both: 8 shots loaded (full), approx. 54 in reserve.)
1 machete (blood-splattered, blade is still sharp, but wearing.)
2 knives (the blades seem a bit worn.)
1 Bowie knife (medium-sized blade, knuckle duster grip, sharp.)
4 days worth of food and water
1 cellphone (the battery is dead, and all of the cell towers are down.)
1 Gameboy (hey, anything that makes time pass faster)
8 AA batteries
And so it begins. I honestly hope this story turns up well, because if it does, then I can write more stories, and this is pretty damn fun, I have to admit.
Also, I suck at titles, so if anyone would be nice enough to make one for me? Please?
Another important note: the zombies here will be the classic Romero zombies. (Slow, only headshot or decapitation can kill, one bite means infected.) Keep that in mind when voting down the road.
Hooray for update!


[X]Screw it, move on to somewhere else

Staying put is madness in this situation. The shrine offers little protection, and the pile of corpses probably thought they were goimg to be rescued too. Let's move on.
[x]Stay put, wait for the supposed rescue.

There's more ammo than we can hold. Might as well use some of it up while waiting.
Alright, I'm off to slack off play some TF2. Keep up the voting, and I'll be right back.
[x] Stay put, wait for the supposed rescue.
-[x] By wait, of course, keep an eye on all approaches to the shrine.
Now see, this is the kind of thinking I was hoping for.
Also, something I forgot to say: write-ins are always welcome, and even encouraged in some cases, unless otherwise stated.

interesting postulate. Allow me a rebuttal;

fact 1: all of the weapons were found on the table.

fact 2: the pile of corpses were not killed by zombies as you are implying, the bullet holes and missing heads indicate that the dead bodies in the room were killed by whoever left the note

conclusion; seeing as there are no weapons/guns found on the floor next to victims, we can conclude that the only reason that people are dying in that room, is because they don't know how to use guns and die from zombies, or they are already zombies and are getting killed by the pick-up crew

therefore the logical course of action, seeing as the protag can use guns is to

[x]Stay put, wait for the supposed rescue.
Alright, calling for []Stay put. Writin'.
File 131502361495.jpg - (4.94KB, 481x105 , m14.jpg) [iqdb]
[x]Stay put.
Seems like a good idea to stay, at least see if someone will really show up to save your ass. Besides, all this ammo, might as well use it all before leaving.
You decide to stay in the shrine, barricading most entrances, making a funnel of sorts through the main entrance. You check each of your weapons, and find that they're all in working order.
Despite the "Stay here for a while for rescue" set-up, only a couple of zombies show up through the door, both of which are easily dealt with. Boredom starts to set in, but you don't dare to turn on your Gameboy; being eaten while trying to beat your high score doesn't seem too appealing.
You check your watch: 5:29. It begins to dawn on you that you don't know how the rescue will show up, whether by chopper, car; or even if they'll show up at all.
Your train of thought is interrupted, however, by a noise that came from outside. Sounds like footsteps, although they seem too regular and even for a zombie. This could be the rescue you've been waiting for. Of course, this could just as easily be some psychopath who managed to survive, and is now beginning to rob the shrine.
[ ]Go outside, see who it is.
[ ]Stay inside, see if they come in.
[ ]Sneak out a side door, try to surprise them.
I can't find a relevant pic, so here's a look at your rifle.
[x]Stay inside, see if they come in.

The blood-covered sign said stay put. I'm not one to disobey blood-covered signs.
I'm already disappointed in the author. You didnt even wait three hours for votes come in. You've just gotta wait for others to vote instead of attending to the few that are currently voting.

Second, You should decide on your story's base/theme, not us. I myself would have loved a TF2 crossover as thats much better then a shitty-overdone zombie story.

Third, for fucks sake, make posts where I actually have to scroll down, even if only a bit, to see the entire post.

However, these are just guidelines you should follow in the future, as its already too late. I'd recommend not getting a trip until you actually prove you can make a story.

[x]Stay inside, see if they come in.
...overdone? I don't ever remember seeing a zombie Touhou story here, or anywhere else, for that matter, unless I just overlooked them, which is likely.
[x] Stay inside, see if they come in.

This is a Touhou story, right? I don't remember Romero zombies being able to fly or dodge magic bullets.

Who the fuck made you arbiter of CYOAs? Don't listen to this douche, OP. Fast updates are exactly what this site needs.
Well, it's still criticism, and I plan to listen to any criticism, regardless of how it's given out.

Also, gonna have voting be first to 3, so []Stay inside wins. Writing.
File 131505444993.jpg - (11.06KB, 251x201 , rescue has arrived.jpg) [iqdb]
[x]Stay inside
You decide to stay put in the shrine; if it's really the rescue, then they'll probably come in to look for survivors. And even if it isn't, you could always set up an ambush.
You hear the footsteps stop for a moment, then you hear a voice from that direction. You can't make out what it's saying, but you can tell that it's a female voice, and that she is agitated with something.
You notice that the footsteps are closer to the door, and you can make out bits and pieces of her grumbling:
"...never anyone...everyday, when I could be...damn Yukari..."
She seems to stop right outside the front door for a second, then she opens it up and walks in, still grumbling.
"...and, like always, no one will be-" She cuts the sentence short when she sees you, and looks quite surprised. You are too: after all, the first thing you notice about her is that she has several tails coming out of her back. She also seems to be wearing some sort of cross between a jacket and a robe, with a pointed hat on top of her head.
You both stare at each other for a while, until you finally break the silence:
"I take it that you're the rescue I've been waiting for?"
Seems as if she wasn't expecting anyone to be here, and she remains silent.
"...Yes, I am," she says, breaking her silence. She looks around the room for something before turning back to you. "You the only one?"
"Yep," you confirm, getting up from the chair you were sitting in. You decide to ignore the giant tails for the moment.
"Okay, we should probably get going then."
Both of you go outside, where you bask in the glory of the sun set. Or at least you would, if this whole apocalypse thing didn't get in the way.
She takes out a cell phone, and begins dialing on it. You're about to tell her that it won't work, but suddenly, she's talking to someone else over it. You can only hear her side of the conversation, obviously.
"Hey, Yukari? It's me. I found someone...What are you talking about? This was your idea in the first place!...Anyway, how much longer until you can get us"...How long!?...You can't be serious, master. There's no way we can stay here that long, and what about Chen"...Fine, but this little "experiment" of yours better pay off."
She hangs up, then looks at you, exasperated. "We're gonna have to stay here for about 45 minutes until our transport gets here."
You shrug. You've been waiting for safety for so long, what's one more hour?
You're reminded of something else while thinking. "Excuse me, miss, but I don't think I ever caught your name."
She pauses a bit, before giving her answer. "It's Ran." She then looks at you. "And you are?"
[ ]Write-in name
Something to keep in mind when naming: the protagonist is an American that ended up in Japan after a long train of events, which I'm not going to explain right now because I haven't thought about that yet it could be used later for plot.
[X]Roland Davies
-[X] "And don't ask about middle names, please."

Also, as a word of advice, double-tapping the Enter key between lines serves the purpose of making your formatting more readable, and also makes your posts feel somewhat longer. Just a word from another writefag.

If you care about a tripcode, put a # followed by a string of letters/numers/whatever that you can remember into the Name field. The trip is generated from the string, but generally doesn't look like the string at all.
[X]Roland Davies
-[X] "And don't ask about middle names, please."

This is better than what I could've come up with.
Quick question, is the "Roland Davies" name a reference to something? Because if it is, then it flew over my head.
[X] Roland Davies

seems fine
[X]Roland Davies
-[X] "And don't ask about middle names, please."

Oh, well excuse me for not saying a story is perfect as criticism.

He knows how to use a gun. Obviously he was training in japan for the American military, however that works.
Calling for []Roland Davies. If this is a sort of reference to something, then I'm sorry in advance, as I will miss every possible chance to make a relevant in-joke.
Anyway, writing now.
Calling for []Roland Davies. If this is a sort of reference to something, then I'm sorry in advance, as I will miss every possible chance to make a relevant in-joke.
Anyway, writing now.
File 131506854783.jpg - (2.45KB, 259x194 , suddenly___.jpg) [iqdb]
[x]Roland Davies
"I'm Roland Davies," you say. You were about to say something about asking Ran to not ask about middle names, but then you realized that she probably wouldn't care right now.

"Well, Roland, you seem to be pretty adept at staying alive, so I trust I won't have to worry too much about keeping you alive?" she says, in a particularly bored tone of voice.

"I've been staying alive for well over 5 months now. I don't plan on stopping anytime soon."

"Good, that means less work for me." She then leans against the shrine, and you would think that she could fall asleep like that. And sure enough, she does just that.
You check your watch again: 6:02. 13 minutes left to wait. You both spend it in silence, with only a single zombie showing up. Rather than shooting it, you instead cleanly cut off its head with your machete, not wanting to wake up Ran.
A few more minutes pass, and another zombie appears. You're about to score another kill with your blade, when you see something.

The zombie is not alone.

Holy shit, is he not alone. It looks as if there are hundreds of zombies lingering around the shrine.
The one zombie that you were about to kill lets out a moan that you've grown to dread and hate. If the zombies weren't going to the shrine, they sure as hell are now.

"Hey, Ran?" you call back, hoping that she's awake. "We have a bit of a problem here."
You look back, and see that she's still asleep. Heavy sleeper, isn't she?
[ ]Wake her up, warn her about the approaching horde.
[ ]Let her sleep, deal with it yourself.
Oh shi-

[x] Open fire. Aim carefully, taking out those closest to you first. If the shots don't wake her up, try to do so during a lull in the battle. If there isn't any pause in the zombie attack, just keep holding the line.

This seems prudent.
[x] Open fire. Aim carefully, taking out those closest to you first.

No one sleeps through gunfire. Either you're not used to it, and are thus startled awake, or you are used to it, and are trained to wake up when you hear it.
[x] Wake her up, warn her about the approaching horde.

I think I remember a Left4Dead-Touhou story on /Others, but it was dropped in short order. Let's hope this one sticks around longer.
I'll be right back, I was distracted by something shiny.
[x] Open fire. Aim carefully, taking out those closest to you first. If the shots don't wake her up, try to do so during a lull in the battle. If there isn't any pause in the zombie attack, just keep holding the line.

Long, but detailed.
File 131509154237.jpg - (3.96KB, 300x168 , You have alerted the horde.jpg) [iqdb]
[x]Open fire, aim carefully.
You decide that you don't have time to wake her yourself, but you need to wake her up someh-

Of course.

You seemed to have forgotten that you have a gun, a very loud instrument of destruction. You bring up your rifle, and shoot the nearest zombie. As you expected, Ran jumps up, startled.

"Who? What?" she stammers, still a bit groggy from sleep, you think.

"We got company," you say, motioning towards the mob. Ran seemingly snaps out of her sleepiness instantly, and looks surprised. You turn your attention back to the zombies, bringing down one after another, not letting a single bullet go to waste.

"Wouldn't that be easier from up here?" you hear Ran yell. You look behind you momentarily, to find that she is now on top of the shrine. When did she do that?
You notice that she's holding her hand out, and you waste no time in grabbing it, after which she pulls you up (surprisingly easily, you would say.). Now that you have the higher ground, you take a quick moment to check your surroundings.

...That is a lot of zombies. They go on for as far as you can see around the shrine. This will more than likely throw a wrench into your plans of rescue.
You glance at Ran, and notice that she looks a bit relieved. She catches your look, and explains.

"We should be safe up here, at least until Yukar- I mean, our ride shows up."

You ignore that slip for now, and pay attention to the horde. After some quick mental calculation, you come up with a rather disappointing conclusion.

"No we won't, at least not completely," you say.

"...I'm sorry, but what exactly do you mean?"

"Look," you say, pointing to the zombies trying futility to scale the sides of the shrine. "There's enough of them that they can quite literally make a ramp out of themselves and climb up here."

Ran says nothing, instead pulling something out of her robe, what looks to be some sort of WW2 era sub-machine gun. You don't ask the obvious question of where she got it; that can wait until you both get to safety.
You take a passing glance at your watch: 6:10. 5 minutes to hold out. 5 minutes to avoid a grisly death involving being eaten.

"Shit, here they come!"

Ran's yelling brings you back into focus, and you begin once again to spend one round after another into the heads of the attacking undead, reloading occasionally. After about a minute, you reach for another spare mag...

Only to grasp air.


"Fuck!" you yell out, slinging the rifle behind you with the strap. You pull out both pistols, and begin again the act of mass zombie killing.

While you were doing that, however, the zombies got a bit closer to you. Not close enough to grab you, thankfully, but close enough to get some of their blood on you when you kill them. You make a strong effort to keep your mouth shut; you really don't want to die by getting too enthusiastic about the undead slaughter.
Your ammo runs dry again pretty soon, and you quickly holster both pistols before pulling out both your machete and your Bowie knife, one in each hand.

You have to get uncomfortably close to the zombies now, but they're easily dispatched by both of your blades. Your shirt is positively saturated in blood now, and you think you feel some in your hair, too.

Your killing spree is interrupted, however, by Ran yelling to you.

"She's here! Let's go!"

You turn around, to look for whatever she could have that would bring you to safety, and waitwhatthehellisthatthing?

You can actually feel your mind bend trying to comprehend what it is that you are looking at. It looks like some...hole in reality.

You're broken out of your trance by a zombie scratching your shirt, just barely missing skin. You blindly stab behind you, then charge into the...thing.

Almost the moment you enter it, your fatigue suddenly catches up to you, and you collapse. Just before blacking out, you see what looks like Ran, and three other figures who are too blurry now to make out features.
[ ]Times that passed.
[ ]People that passed.
[ ]Habits that passed.
Hey, my first cryptic dream vote! I feel so happy inside now. To be honest, this story is moving along a lot faster and a lot better than when I got the idea to put it here. I'm basically saying, thanks, guys, for making a new writefag like me feel welcome.
[X]Times that passed.

No problem; you update fast, and this is entertaining.
[x] People that passed.

Who have come before us?
[x]Times that passed.
[X]Times that passed.
I like zombies.
I like touhou.
I am going to love this story.
On the account of a name to this story, An "of Gensokyo" is way over done and isn't exactly right in this case. So something like "A or The Lone Survivor" or maybe something like "Infection of the East".
Just my 2 cents.
[x]People that passed.

We are defined by our past, and the past of others.
File 131511235588.jpg - (13.56KB, 226x223 , flashback.jpg) [iqdb]
[x]Times that passed
You wake up in an all too familiar room: your own. Then you realize that you have no actual control over yourself; in fact, it's like reliving what you saw that day.
This must be what a flashback is like. Cool.

Soon, you get out of bed, and begin to trace yourself through the daily morning routine that you're quite surprised you still remember. After that, the you of the past glances at the calendar on the wall:

April 12th, 2012.


April 12th, 2012.

You remember this day. You remember it all too well, no matter how hard you tried to forget it. It stayed in your mind, clung to your memory like a tumor.

This is the day that everything went straight to hell.

Suddenly, the idea of re-watching your day goes from pretty cool to downright horrifying.

You were in college at the time, and you shared a room with another guy. To be honest, you never really liked the guy. He always showed up drunk and made a mess of the place while you tried to work.
Just like you remember, you get dressed and hurry to the classrooms, not wanting to be late again. When you arrive, you find no one there. You had no idea why, at least not at the time.

You begin to remember events that happened before they actually happen in front of you: leave the classroom, look around the grounds, then just decide that everyone chose to take a day off and to do so yourself.

You begin to feel a cold terror, knowing what was awaiting you.
You return to your room, yelling out to your room mate about whether or not you were not supposed to show up today. You got no answer. Then you started to hear noises from the kitchen. You went in to find your friend hunched over what looks like a woman, and he is breathing raggedly.
Every ounce of you know what's actually going on, but your past self refuses to listen.

"Hey! What the hell, man? You can't just pick some chick up this early and start banging her in the kitchen, of all places! So get up, and-"

You never finished that sentence, as you saw what you could argue is the single most terrifying moment of your life. He turned around, but the pairs pants weren't open, as you expected. Rather, her neck was open. Blood covered your room mates mouth, and his eyes looked...dead.
He moaned, that god-awful moan that always spells trouble now, and began shuffling towards you. Thankfully, you had the common sense to take a nearby knife and stab him with it. Regretfully, you didn't quite know that he was a zombie, and therefore how to kill him, at the time.
If the moment when your room mate turned hid head to you over a dead chick was the scariest, this moment is a close second.

The knife penetrated his chest all the way to the handle, and he didn't even flinch.

You began to panic, picking up any nearby blunt or sharp objects and either throwing them at the zombie or beating him over the head with them. Eventually, you manage to finally kill him, with a toaster to the skull.

You then begin to throw up. It was only natural, really. At the time, you thought that your room mate was still human, which meant that you just committed murder. You know better now. A zombie is a zombie, a human is a human.
After you regained your composure, you check the body of the woman, only to confirm your suspicion: she's dead, no doubt.

At least, she should've been.

When she rose from the ground, the first thing you did was smash a frying pan into her head, netting another kill.

You started to wonder what the fuck was going on at this point, so you checked the news, only to find that the whole nation, possibly the whole world, was suffering from a mysterious "infection".

The first thing you did was go to your parents' house, to see if they were okay.

They weren't.

It was there that you had to kill your own family, got your first actual weapon (a .22 rifle that your dad had used for hunting.), and began to change from an average college man into a cold zombie killing machine.

Suddenly, the flashback begins to blur out, as if someone was undoing the focus of a camera. You can hear voices, faintly:

"...he okay?"

"...fine, he'll...sometime...the hour..."

"...not infected...?"

"No, of course not...a scratch on him!"

"...long as he's not-Hey, I think...waking up!"

Your view of the dream suddenly blacks out, and you can feel yourself stirring...
Part 2 will be coming soon Valve time.
Also, each of those options specified what the flashback would be about:

Times- The events that led up to you fighting for your life.
People- Same as above, but more focused on family, friends,
and fellow survivors.
Habits- Would focus more on how you went from nearly throwing up when you kill a zombie, to the person who can drop dozens of them within minutes that you are now.
File 13151544479.jpg - (10.98KB, 225x225 , wall.jpg) [iqdb]
Welcome to part 2. After 9 hours in development, hopefully, it will have been worth the wait.
As you regain consciousness, you find that you're in a bed. It's very comfortable, but, then again, everything would seem comfortable to someone who spent a few months roaming around and sleeping on the cold, hard, ground.
You look around the bed, and see two people: you recognize one as Ran, but you don't know who the other is. She seems to be wearing a nurse's uniform, with a crisscross of red and blue on it. The nurse smiles when you wake up; Ran looks relieved.

The nurse speaks first: "I see that you enjoyed your little nap?"

You reply with a chuckle. "Yeah, I guess you could call it that. So, where exactly am I?"

Ran answers before the nurse can. "You are now in Gensokyo, a land of youkai and other 'fantasy' creatures. It is also currently the only completely safe haven on Earth, now."

You...don't know what to say. You figure that the thing you jumped through to get here must've been some hole in reality, alright. That brings something else to your attention.

"So, I take it that you're not human?" you ask Ran.

"Well, no. I'm actually one of those youkai I mentioned. But don't worry, I won't bite," she says with a small giggle.

You get up from the bed, noticing a few more bruises on the way up. Looking at yourself, you notice that you're still wearing your blood saturated shirt.

"I must look like some crazed mass killer right now, don't I?" you inquire.

Both of them laugh a bit before the nurse answers. "A bit yes. Although, technically, isn't that what you were doing, anyway?"

...She's got you there. Suddenly, the nurse looks as if she forgot something. "Oh, how rude of me! I didn't even tell you my name." She clears her throat before continuing. "I'm Eirin. And you are?"

Before you can answer, someone bursts into the room. She has brown hair, and she seems to be wearing some...is that a miko outfit?

"Good, he's okay. Now he can get out of here," she says, harshly.

"Oh, don't be so mean, Reimu, he might as well have gone straight through hell and you want to kick him out? So mean~"

It takes you a second to find that this new voice is coming from behind 'Reimu'. It's a blonde haired woman, who seems to be casually leaning on one of those holes in reality that you jumped through to get here.

'Reimu' seems annoyed by this, as well. "Yukari, it was your idea in the first place to save people from the outside, so, if anywhere, you need to keep him at your house!"

The name 'Yukari' sounds familiar to you. Oh, right, that was apparently who Ran was talking to on the phone.

"Excuse me, Yukari, right?" you ask, hoping to get some answers. "I'm just curious, but how does this experiment involve saving me?"

'Yukari' looks surprised for a second, then she starts giggling. "My, you already know about that? You're smarter than you look. Anyway, saving you wasn't part of the experiment, it was the experiment."

"So, you basically saved me because you were bored?" you retort. You can feel your anger rising, but you keep it in check.

"Not you specifically, but yes, I was simply bored. Either way, you should be glad now; there won't be anymore zombies trying to eat you, here!"

You're about to let it go when something pops in your head. "So, I take it you made that...thing that I jumped through to get here?"

"Why yes, why do you ask?"

"Because I just realized that you could use that and save the world from the infection. Just pull the survivors here, or throw the zombies into space, or something!" It's getting harder and harder to hide your anger.

"Now that you mention it, I could, couldn't I?" she says, with a giggle.

You can tell that you're so angry that your next sentence would be an incoherent mess of yelling, so you try to calm yourself down a bit.

"People are dying out there. The zombies, they never take a break from attacking. People's friends, families are dying! Some even have to kill their own infected family! Like I did..." you trail off a bit, then you get back on track. "And, your treating this like...like it's some kind of game!"

Everyone seems taken aback by your outburst. Yukari recovers first however, and chuckles to herself, before continuing. "I don't interfere for the most part because, as of now, the humans are actually doing quite well, I'd say."

You're about to ask her what she means, when she summons one of those gap-things in front of you. It shows what looks like a large military base mixed with an everyday neighborhood. This must be the Australian base you heard so much about.

You see a few zombies beating at the doors, followed by gunfire, and the zombies drop. They are doing well, aren't they?

"You see, at this point, I don't need to interfere. They'll just wait them out. Seems like a good plan, don't you think?"

This greatly calms your anger. But it still leaves you with questions. "So, what exactly do I do now?"

Eirin interjects. "Normally I'd suggest going to the human village, but they won't let anyone in anymore, since a few zombies slipped through the border. I have a hell of a time trying to get in, and they've known me for years!"

"So, I ask again: what exactly do I do now?" You hope that they don't plan on just tossing you back outside.

Now it's Ran's turn to cut in. "There are a few places around Gensokyo that would probably accept you, although I can't guarantee it."

"I'm fine with wherever he stays, as long as it's not here." Reimu nearly startles you; you almost forgot she was there.

The 4 of them begin to talk amongst themselves about where you could stay. You overhear them mention a mansion supposedly owned by someone named 'Remilia', a shrine that's on top of a nearby mountain, a temple just outside of the human village, and the netherworld (wait, what?). You also overhear Eirin mention something about her place being open, and her need of more test subjects.

"So, which one, Mr. Davies?" Eirin asks. It occurs to you that you never told her your name, but Ran probably told her while you were out.
[ ]The mansion.
[ ]The shrine.
[ ]The temple.
[ ]Netherworld (seriously, what?)
[ ]Eirin's place
-[ ]You're okay with being a test subject.
-[ ]No one makes a lab rat out of you.
[ ]Ask about more information on ______. (choose one of the above to ask about)
Hey, my first wall. This deserves beer and partying.
[x] Eirin's place
-[x] No one makes a lab rat out of you.

He might have good synergy with Reisen.
[x]The shrine.

A zombies weakness? Headshots, more headshots, and when that fails, more headshots. Along with that is, oh, I dont know, a holy ground.

>She has brown hair, and she seems to be wearing some...is that a miko outfit?

Shrine Maiden is more accurate.
>Along with that is, oh, I dont know, a holy ground.
These are zombies. Created by an infectious virus. Holy ground would do absolutely nothing to stop them.
And besides, there are no zombies in Gensokyo.
[x] The underground.
[x] Eirin's place.
-[x] You're okay with being a test subject.
[x]The temple
[x]Netherworld (seriously, what?)
[x]Netherworld (seriously, what?)
>"And, your treating this like...like it's some kind of game!"

Sir. You are looking for "you're" (a contraction of "you are"), not "your" (which describes a thing belonging to "you"). We knew the difference between your and you're, in days of yore.

[X]The temple.
Dammit, I had a feeling I missed one.
[x]The temple
[x]Ask about more information on all of them.
If I was this guy, I'd do this. But I don't want to sit through a bunch of information I already know, so

[x] the shrine (this shrine)
Fuck you, Reimu.
File 131522998067.jpg - (202.11KB, 495x700 , y u do this.jpg) [iqdb]
Okay, votes are currently tied at:
The shrine-2

Normally, I would flip a coin in this situation, but I don't happen to have a 4-sided coin.

Also, I'm surprised that not one person picked the mansion. Pic related.
Count again. Temple's got 3 votes.
never mind, I'm retarded and missed on of the Temple votes. That one won.
File 131523269999.jpg - (8.08KB, 224x225 , rejected.jpg) [iqdb]
[x]The temple.
For some reason, the temple seems interesting to you, despite you not being a very religious person.

"I think the temple sounds good," you say.

Eirin almost looks saddened, but that might just be because she didn't get a new lab rat. At least, you hope that's what it is.

Yukari looks pleased with your answer. "Okay then, we'll go right now." She makes a movement with her hands, and holyshityouarefalling.

After brushing yourself off from a painful entrance, you are then joined by Yukari, Eirin, and Ran. They all float down (what) and land feet first. Yukari is having trouble suppressing her laughter.
All of you are on a road, and not to far from where you're standing, you can see what definitely looks like a temple. The four of you go up to the door, and Ran knocks on it. For a while no one answers, and you're about to suggest that no one is home, but then the door creaks open slightly.
Behind it looks to be a gray-haired girl, with...mouse ears? Does everyone in Gensokyo have some deformity like that?

You keep to yourself, however, while Ran explains the situation to the mouse girl. After she thinks a bit, she answers.

"I don't know if he can stay, I'll have to ask Byakuren, first." She then disappears behind the door, and you all wait some more. Soon, someone else opens the door. She actually looks like a fairly normal, except for the fact that her hair seems to be gradient. At least she doesn't have cat ears, or anything like that.

"Can I help you?" she asks.

"Yes, we were wondering if he," Yukari motions to you, "could stay here."

"Oh, I'm sorry, but we don't have room for another person."

You are slightly put off by this. Although, with the way you look right now, you wouldn't blame her for not letting you in immediatly.

"Okay, I understand." Yukari waves her hand again, and-god dammit, she should warn you before she does that. It looks as if you're back in the room at Reimu's place.

"Well, that didn't work, so now where?" you ask.

"I don't know, where else would you want to go?" Eirin asks.

"Actually, we have an opening at our house, too," Yukari says, playfully.

"Wait, we do?" Ran seems as confused as you are.

[ ]Netherworld
[ ]Mansion
[ ]Take up Yukari's offer
[ ]Eirin's place
[ ]The shrine
Okay, it is done. Remember, just because you choose something, doesn't mean that they won't turn you down.
[x]Take up Yukari's offer

Heh. I can't fault you for speed.
Bah, humbug.

[X]Take up Yukari's offer

Remi and Yuyu are unknowns (and undead), Reimu is known hostile, and Eirin is known to be a mad scientist. Yukari may be a troll, but she has yet to be unreasonable to us and - more importantly - isn't undead.
Actually, the shrine in the vote was the Moriya shrine. See:
>...a shrine that's on top of a nearby mountain...
[x] Eirin's place.

The term scientist is more accurate. Remember, she does extensive self-tests before subjecting anyone else to a new drug.
[x]Take up Yukari's offer

Okay, Let's weigh our shits.

[ ]Netherworld (oh hey look dead peoplOHJESUSFUCK)
[ ]Mansion (well Remi can manipulate fate
[ ]Take up Yukari's offer (gaphax will save us)
[ ]Eirin's place (yes go with the doctor in a zombie apocalypse its like RE has taught us nothing)
[ ]The shrine (already disproven)

I think you can see why Yukari is the safest bet, and if not that, then Remi.
Chen. Escort. Missions.
Alright, Yukari won. Writing.
File 131535392556.jpg - (141.71KB, 850x638 , home sweet home.jpg) [iqdb]
[x]Take up Yukari's offer.

That offer by Yukari seems a bit suspicious, but that's probably because you've grown to think that everything is suspicious.

"I guess I can't turn down your offer, Yukari," you reply. She smiles a bit, while Ran seems to still be confused.

"What do you mean we have room at home, master?"

"Oh, Ran, don't you worry about it. I haven't kicked Chen or you out of the house, if that's what you're wondering."

Ran seems to calm down a bit after that, and Yukari doesn't wait for her to bring up another point.

"Well, we all seem to be in order, so let's go, then!" For the third time, Yukari waves her hand, and you prepare for a fall...only to still fall on your ass. Goddammit Yukari!

She seems oblivious to your troubles, however. "Well, here we are, home sweet home." She then looks at you. "You'll probably want to take a bath and change into less...violent clothes. Baths are in the third door to the left from the entrance."

The three of you enter the rather normal looking house, and find that the inside is like a mix of western, eastern, and just plain strange decorations. Sitting on a couch in the middle of the living room, is a girl...with cat ears and a pair of tails. Really, at this point, you aren't even surprised anymore.

She seems to immediately brighten up when she sees the three of you. "Ran! You're home!" She runs up to Ran and hugs her tightly, and for the first time in a while, you recognize something cute.

"Yes, Chen, I'm home," Ran responds, in a rather relieved voice.

"I don't like it when you go to the outside, I'm afraid that you'll never come back, or worse..." Chen trails off, and you have a pretty good idea what she means.

"Don't worry Chen, you don't have to worry about me anymore," Ran replies in a motherly tone.

You then notice that a new set of clothes have been dropped in your arms. Oh right, your bath. You go to the left hall, and enter the third door you see. Inside you find a rather normal bathroom, with a lot of soaps and shampoo. It dawns on you that you haven't taken a proper bath in quite a long time. You ready the bath, get undressed, and sit in the bath. It has a near instantaneous calming effect on you, and you let your mind wander over the events of the last day. Somehow, you went from a nightmare world of inhuman monsters, to a fantasy world filled with friendly monsters. You're not complaining, but it seems very weird to you. Ran seems pretty nice, and even downright motherly to Chen. Yukari looks to be nice enough, but you have the sneaking suspicion that she has an ulterior motive for this. Eirin strikes you as the friendly scientist type, although that mention about test subjects has you worried. You wonder about what she meant by that...

...and are soon reminded of something else you haven't done in a while. You doubt Yukari would appreciate you making a mess in her bathroom, but what she doesn't know won't hurt her, right?

[ ]Fap
[ ]Don't fap
[X]Don't fap

Control yourself, man! Think about...Zombies, thousands of zombies, about to tear you limb from limb! Think about cold showers, too.
[x] Don't fap

Won't win, voting anyway.
purely because >>145838 said it wont.
[X]Don't fap.

Frustration equals comedy.

There's got to be at least ONE author who can appreciate the nessesity of a quiet fap time, with no unexpected people bursting in.

Think about Ran.
[X]Don't fap.
[x]Don't fap.
[x]Don't fap

Can we get a votespam check?

Also, for fucks sake mods, make it so that there's gotta be a rule where you have to say SOMETHING in a post other then just a simple vote. It makes everyone feel so paranoid about votespammers.

But...that would force people to be smart about vote spamming, which would make it harder to detect it.
[]Don't fap won, will write later today.
Sorry for the wait, here it is.
[x]Don't fap

Then again, it'd probably be best that you wait until later to relieve yourself. Wouldn't want anyone walking in on you when you've only known them for a day. That wouldn't fare too well for you.

You finish bathing and get dressed. The clothes you were given were a simple t-shirt and jeans. Pretty comfortable. You look at the mirror, and are almost surprised by what you see. It's...you. But...you haven't looked this normal in forever. Without the dirt in your face, the blood in your messy hair, you look fairly handsome, you would say.

After admiring yourself for a second, you exit the bathroom while holding your blood-stained clothes, and run into Ran, who seems to be busy collecting laundry.

"Oh, good, you're just in time," she says, then takes your old clothes. Before she leaves, you remember something.

"Excuse me, Ran, but did Yukari say anything about where I was supposed to stay?"

"Oh, yes, she told me to tell you that. Your room will be..." She looks down the hall, thinking to herself. "...the second door on the right, that way." You thank her, then head off to your new room. It's a pretty normal room, with a bed, a closet, a dresser, and a desk near the bed. You place your bag on the bed, and look over the contents.

1 M14 rifle (empty)
2 M1911 pistols (empty)
1 machete (blood covered, wearing)
2 knives (blades are a bit worn)
1 Bowie knife (blood covered, knuckle duster grip, wearing)
3 days worth of food and water (probably useless, now)
1 cell phone (battery is dead, and you don't know if there are any cell towers here)
1 Gameboy (also known as the Boredom-Be-Gone)
8 AA batteries
1 note
2 empty ma-

Wait, that note wasn't there before. You pick it up and read it:

Please see me when you can, preferably alone.

You notice that the handwriting matches the note you found in the run-down shrine, but that isn't very surprising. So, Yukari wants to see you, eh? Maybe you could do something else in the meantime.

[ ]Better not keep the lady waiting. Go find Yukari.
[ ]Look for Ran, see if you can strike up a conversation.
[ ]You never did meet Chen properly, did you? See if you can find her.
[ ]Just stay here, play the Gameboy.
[x]Look for Ran, see if you can strike up a conversation.
[x]You never did meet Chen properly, did you? See if you can find her.

Side quest > main quest
[x]You never did meet Chen properly, did you? See if you can find her.

[x]You never did meet Chen properly, did you? See if you can find her.
[x]If you can't find Chen, go find Yukari. She must have some matters to be discussed.
[x]You never did meet Chen properly, did you? See if you can find her.
[x]If you can't find Chen, go find Yukari. She must have some matters to be discussed.
[x] Better not keep the lady waiting. Go find Yukari.

She did save our ass and all. The least we could do is prioritize a single conversation over the eventual meetings of everyone else.
[x]Better not keep the lady waiting. Go find Yukari.

Pay her back for saving your ass.
Calling for []Chen with []Yukari as a back-up plan. Will write later today.
File 131552372895.png - (401.05KB, 748x546 , first one to say it gets shot.png) [iqdb]
As promised:
[x]Look for Chen
[x]Find Yukari if you can't find Chen
Now that you think about it, you didn't meet that Chen girl properly, did you? Might as well see if you can find her. You're sure Yukari would understand.
You make your way back to the living room, you find her curled up on the couch, asleep. She even sleeps like a cat. You don't want to wake her up right now, so you sit down next to her and decide to play your Gameboy for a bit while you wait.

It doesn't take long for you to get sucked into the game, and you almost forget everything that happened in the past day. At one point, you glance over at where Chen is sleeping, only to find that she's not only awake, but leaning on your arm, watching you. How did you not notice that?
Since she's not hurting anything, you go back to your game, and soon finish it. Looking at Chen, you find that she stopped leaning on your arm, and is now looking at you. You decide to speak first.

"I don't think we met properly, have we?" you ask. Chen seems to think to herself a bit before answering.

"No, I don't think we did." She offers her hand in a handshake. "I'm Chen. What's your name?"

"I'm Roland," you answer, answering her handshake.

"Well, Roland..." she seems troubled by something, and she looks away.

"Is something the matter?" you ask.

"It's just...I didn't like Ran going out on those trips. I was afraid that, one day, she wouldn't come back. I-It was scary, not knowing if I'd ever see her again..." She trails off, looking at the ground.

"...and?" you prod, seeing if you can get her to finish.

"...I started to hate the humans...for surviving, giving Ran a reason to go out there every day..." She seems to be blushing slightly. You think you know what's she's getting at.

"So, you're wanting to apologize to me for that?"

She seems surprised that you knew, and she nods. "I-I hope you don't hat me for that..."

"Of course not." You ruffle her hat, surprising her. "I don't blame you. After all, I went through almost the same thing..."

She pauses, before asking, "Almost?"

"Yeah." It takes quite a bit of self control to not break down while remembering what happened. "When I went to my parents' house, to see if they were okay, I instead found them...infected, turned into those things." You falter slightly, and Chen leans a bit closer to you, eager to hear the rest. "...I had to kill them, kill my own zombified family, just to survive." Again, you come close to breaking, and choose to wrap it up there. "I'm sorry, Chen, it's just that it still hurts a little to remember it. You understand, right?"

"...Yes, of course." She seems both sorry for you, and disappointed that she can't hear more.

"Well, I guess I'll see you later." You get up from the couch, and leave after Chen says bye. Now then, you had to see Yukari, right? Where to start looking...
You go into what looks like a kitchen, where Ran is busy cooking something. She notices you as you come in.

"Oh, Roland. Do you need help with something else?"

"Yeah, I was wondering where I could find Yukari? She left me a note saying to meet her."

"Oh, trust me, you probably couldn't find her if you tried." She laughs to herself a bit before continuing. "If she wants something from you, she'll come to you."

"Okay, thanks anyway." You leave the kitchen and head back to your room. Yukari will come to you, eh? When will that b-

"So I take it you're available now?"

JESUSCHRIST, that scared the hell out of you. Yukari can't stop laughing, and you make a mental note to get her back for that...somehow.

"Sorry, heh, I just can't resist doing that."

"Well, anyway, you wanted to see me?" You are genuinely curious.

"I wanted to ask a favor of you, if that's alright."

"That depends, what do you need?"

Her smile drops, and she suddenly looks very serious. "I was wondering if you would be okay with going back to the outside, see if we can save some more wandering humans."

You hesitate. After all, you just got out of that nightmare, you don't want to go back anytime soon. Then again, you wouldn't hesitate to save some more survivors. Decisions, decisions...

[ ]Agree to help, need to save anyone you can.
-[ ]Go alone.
-[ ]Take (who?) with you.
[ ]Disagree, you've had enough death and misery for one life-time.
[x]Disagree, you've had enough death and misery for one life-time.

Hahaha. No. Absolutely not.
[X]Agree to help, need to save anyone you can.
-[X]Go alone.

The greatest badass is the one who uses his badassery for selfless reasons.
[X]Disagree, you've had enough death and misery for one life-time.

Havent any of you played any zombie games? Either you go in a group and still have a very good chance of dieing, or you go alone and die. We actually have a CHOICE for complete safety. Let's take it.
[x]Agree to help, need to save anyone you can.
[x]But you need weapons, ammo or sth else to defend yourself. (Remember you're out of supply.)
[x]Antidote, anyone?
[x] Agree to help, need to save anyone you can.
-[x] Take Ran with you.

Might as well help out with the recovery program. Don't want to leave behind any other poor sods, right? And remember: teamwork increases everyone's chance of survival.
[x] Agree to help, need to save anyone you can.
-[x] Take Chen with you.
-[x] Go alone.
[X]Disagree, you've had enough death and misery for one life-time.

After having to kill his family and run around stressed as all fuck for a long period of time this guy will be all over not having to deal with zombies like white on rice.
[x] We need to save as many as we can, but what's your plan? How do you find people? Surly you don't just wander around until you see someone whose not a zombie, or check up on remote guideposts advertised with little more then paper signs to inform people of potential salvation! I Don't know how those... things work but surly we could use those to search much better somehow.

A mini-rant would be very in character at this point, having just heard Chen and what we've been though. Also I believe Yukari already has supplies if she intend to send us out there.
Wow, both sides pull up good arguments. However, []Agree and []Go alone won just barely. I'm surprised actually that no one suggested that we bring someone with us, after all, I'm sure there is someone who could be a big help on your journey...
But I've already said too much. Will write later. Again. The Revenge.
>I'm surprised actually that no one suggested that we bring someone with us.
>However, []Agree and []Go alone won just barely.

Someone give me a call when /th/ stops being retarded.
there is one instance of "take ran with us" so... sugested it was, wise /th was not...
Sorry this took so long, I was just in despair over the new Twisted Metal game getting delayed. Anyway:
After thinking it over, you make your decision. "Fine, I guess I'll go, save some lives. When do I leave?"

"Oh, don't worry. I won't send you out right now. Just bringing you here took a lot out of me, so it'll take a few days until I'll be able to send you and Ran out."

You flinch a little upon hearing Ran's name. "Does Ran really have to go with me?"

"Well, you have to have someone out there with you. Why, do you not like her?"

"No, it's just that, Chen said that she worries for Ran every time she leaves..."

"Oh, right." Yukari seems defeated slightly. "But you still have a few days to find someone else to go with you, right?"

"I guess..." You can't argue with that.

"Oh! Before I forget, I need something else of you."

"What else do you need me to do?"

"Since you can't just freeload here, I was hoping that you could run some errands for me while I'm resting." She's smiling brightly, and you get the idea that what she wants you to do isn't very pleasant.

"Like what?"

"Well, you remember Eirin, right? She really could use some test subjects..." She pauses to think for a bit. "Oh, there's a friend of mine who's a goddess on the mountain shrine, she said she needs help with something, although I don't know what."

"Anything else?" you ask.

Yukari thinks some more before suddenly snapping her fingers. "Oh yeah! Another friend of mine, who lives in the Netherworld I mentioned earlier, told me that she wants to meet a real outsider, like yourself."

Test subject? God helper? Dead person's piece of interest? "No offense, but none of those seem very appealing."

"Well, that's all I can have you do. After all, you know what they say, when life gives you lemons...~"

Right, yeah. When life gives you lemons...

[ ]Make lemonade. Agree to help...
-[ ]Eirin
-[ ]The goddess
-[ ]The dead person
[ ]Make apple juice. See if you can do anything else. (Write-in)
[ ]Get mad! I don't want your damn lemons, what am I supposed to do with these!?
[x]Make lemonade. Agree to help...
-[x]The goddess

Helping a literal goddess sounds like a pretty fucking sweet deal to me.
[x]Get mad! I don't want your damn lemons, what am I supposed to do with these!"
I can't help myself.
File 131561742644.jpg - (90.26KB, 493x506 , chicks dig giant robots.jpg) [iqdb]
[x]Make lemonade. Agree to help...
-[x]The goddess

Helper to a literal goddess. That sounds pretty sweet to me.

And I really, really like the idea of Sanae fighting zombies.
File 131561752535.jpg - (1.77MB, 1370x1024 , 11721718.jpg) [iqdb]
Whoops, disregard one.
[X]Make lemonade. Agree to help...
-[X]The goddess

Let's not go to Moriya shrine. It's a slilly place, and I like silly places. Also, adorable frog deities are good therapy for the scarred mind.
[x]Make lemonade. Agree to help...
-[x]The goddess

sanasanasanasana YES
Shrine won. You guys really like your frogs, don't you?
[x] Make lemonade. Agree to help...
-[x] Eirin

Pointless, but only a half hour for votes? Seems pretty twitchy.
I personally disagree with it, though it does get extremely fast updates out.
Writefag could be going with first to three votes.
I am.
Sorry for slow update, been playing Black Ops Zombies for...uhh....research! Yeah, that's it. Writing now.
Hey, do you want to trade guns? Mines full on ammo, I swear!
[x]Help the goddess.

After thinking it over, you choose to help the goddess.

"Okay, then!" Yukari seems happy with the decision. Too happy, even... "You'll go to the shrine tomorrow. For now, I can imagine you are quite tired, after all that has happened to you today."

She isn't wrong. You turn to leave to go to bed, then you remember something. "This is my room."

"Oh, so it is?" Yukari giggles some more. "Okay then, I'll take my leave. Good night~."

"Good night." After Yukari dissapears into one of her gaps, you lay down on your bed and fall asleep almost instantaneously.
[ ]"Overlord, Delta 6. There seems to be a group of Zeds in your sector, please verify, over."
[ ]"So, let me get this straight. We gotta turn on the concert, then kill zombies to it?"
[ ]"Edward! Give them stronger legs! You're terrible at zis!"
Sorry for the short update, I kept trying to write this in a different, longer, way, but then I said "Fuck it," and did this. The next one will be better, I swear!
[X]"Edward! Give them stronger legs! You're terrible at zis!"

Crazy Nazi scientist choice is always the right choice.
[x]"Edward! Give them stronger legs! You're terrible at zis!"

Damn fucking straight.
[x]"So, let me get this straight. We gotta turn on the concert, then kill zombies to it?"

Like the Midnight Riders.
[]Modern Warfare
[x]Left 4 Dead 2
[]CoD Zombies
Good eye.
[]Modern Warfare
[x]Left 4 Dead 2
[]CoD Zombies
And the obvious L4D2 choice won.
Shame, I was hoping to write the Nazi Zombie one...
Anyway, writing.
File 131572396922.jpg - (4.45KB, 204x102 , Midnight Ride.jpg) [iqdb]
[x]Left 4 Dead
You look around. You seem to be in an abandoned stage somewhere. You try to move, only to find that you're a ghost-like entity. This must be like a flashback, only with more freedom. You're taken out of your thoughts, however, by a voice.

"So, let me get this straight. We gotta turn on the concert, then kill zombies to it?" The voice sounds like it belongs to an American Southerner. It's then answered by another southern-sounding voice, this one deeper.

"Hell yeah, Ellis!" You can see who must be the people talking now, but you find that you can't get close enough to make out details for some reason. Strange.

"This is the greatest day of my life!" 'Ellis' sounds pretty damn excited about this. You can't imagine why. You can see that there are four of them, and that they all have weapons. 'Ellis' goes to a nearby control panel and flicks a switch. "This is gonna get fun!"

You then hear a new voice, belonging to the one in the white suit. "Ellis, I hope you'll focus more on shooting than dancing!" The voice is noticeably less southern than the others, probably from the west coast.

Your thoughts are interrupted by the beginnings of a very loud song. You cringe a bit. Don't they know that playing something this loud will only lead to bad things?

*BGM: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iyH_NxJ86vs *

Sure enough, you see a bunch of zombies start shambling forward towards the stage, where the four stand in such a way that they can cover all sides. They then begin to drop zombie after zombie, reloading occasionally, or in one case, just dropping their gun and using a nearby guitar to beat the zombies' skulls in. Suicidal or not, you have to admit that they know what they're doing.

Soon, you notice a noise other than gunshots or undead moaning. It sounds like...a helicopter.

"The chopper saw us, let's go!" They break formation and head to an empty spot on the ground. As the chopper drops in, you realize that they turned on the music in the first place so they could signal the chopper. Clever, you have to say.

The chopper doesn't even fully touch the ground, only hovers just above it. The four pile into the chopper, and then it takes off, leaving behind the large group of zombies. Their little gambit worked.

You then notice that the zombies all turn to you. At first, you don't move, since you're basically a ghost at the moment, until you notice that you're not. You are actually standing on the ground, surrounded by zombies, and completely un-armed. Not only that, but you find that you can't move, either. Terror begins to grip you as the zombies all close in on you. You await the worst, and close your eyes. When you don't feel like you're dying a horrible death, you open your eyes, only to look right in the face of a zombie, moments before it takes yours.
You wake up with a start. The only few details you remember about the dream are the eerily realistic ones at the end. You look around, expecting to see your camp, only to find a room. You're confused, until the events of yesterday hit you like a ton of bricks. Right, you're living with a bunch of monsters that happen to be friendly. Wow, that sounds stupid even to you, and you went through it.

You look at your watch: 7:30 AM. Pretty early. Everyone else must still be asleep, because you don't hear a sound throughout the house. What to do now?

[ ]You're pretty hungry, see if you can fix a simple breakfast for yourself.
[ ]First things first, see if anyone else is up.
[ ]Forget it, go back to sleep.
Congratulations, you survived a day. You know what that means!
Achievement Unlocked: Fresh Meat: Survive your first day in Gensokyo.
Yes, there will be achievements throughout the story. However, they are rather worthless, and serve as only a cosmetic award. You won't be able to cash them in for a free H-scene (with the possible exception of a select few)or anything like that.

We didnt get an achievement for that yet.

[x]First things first, see if anyone else is up.
[X]Forget it, go back to sleep.

Being on the run from zombies offers little chance for sleeping in. We should use this opportunity.
You can't miss what you never experience.

[x]First things first, see if anyone else is up.
[x] First things first, see if anyone else is up.
[x]See if anyone else is up
Maybe someone else is up and about besides you? You leave your room and head to the living room. No one there, so you go to the kitchen. No one here either. You don't really know your way around the house very well yet, so you decide to not go poking around every one of the rooms to look for someone. You look around the kitchen for a simple breakfast. Maybe you could find some cereal, or maybe some bread. Do they have a toaster? They probably would. You look inside a cabinet in your search for food.

"Anything in particular that you're looking for?" You hit your head on the top of the cabinet upon hearing Ran. Does everyone in this house like to scare you? Ran laughs a bit when you almost give yourself a concussion.

"Not really, just some breakfast."

"Well, you should probably leave that to me, since I probably know more about this kitchen than you do."

You agree, and sit down at the table. Pretty soon, you smell something cooking. It fills you with a happiness that you haven't had since before the infection.

It's bacon.

It takes a lot of willpower to not burst into tears of happiness or start drooling. You notice that you are no longer alone at the table. "Morning, Chen."

"Morning..." Chen sleepily returns your greeting. She must've just gotten up. She seems to perk up a bit when she smells the food. "Is Ran making breakfast?"

"Yep, bacon, by the smell of it." You find that, after all you've been through, you're so damn happy that you can have a conversation that isn't about zombies or rushed. You keep to yourself about it, however.

Eventually, Ran returns with three plates piled with eggs and bacon, still sizzling. She sits down, then you begin eating. It's the first normal meal you've had in months. Funny how you missed all of the little things in life, like this.

About halfway through the meal, something is brought to your attention. "Shouldn't Yukari be up and eating, too?"

Ran chuckles a bit. "She is a very heavy sleeper. You could burn the house down, and she wouldn't wake up until she felt like it. Besides, that rescue she did for you yesterday really took a lot out of her."

"Yeah, she mentioned that."

"Oh, right, that reminds me, what did Yukari want to see you about last night?" Chen seems to begin listening in, but you pay her no mind right now.

You pause for a second before answering. "She asked me if I could go to the outside, see if I can find some more survivors."

Chen and Ran both look at each other, worried. Ran speaks up first. "Going alone?"

"She suggested that you could come with me."

Chen stiffens a bit before speaking to Ran. "Ran, your not going to go back out there, are you?"

"I hope not, Chen." She turns to you. "You'd understand if I won't be able to go with you, right?"

"Actually, I suggested to her that you stay here while I go out. She said that I could possibly find someone else to go with me when I go to the shrine later today."

"You're going to the shrine? Which one?"

Oh, right, there are two shrines here, although you forgot the names of both. "The one with the goddess living at it, Yukari said that she needed help with something."

"Oh, then that's the Moriya Shrine, on top of the mountain." Ran takes another bite of eggs. "What I want to know is what they would need."

"Yukari said she didn't even know." You really hope that it isn't painful.

Suddenly, Chen speaks up. "Roland, since you're going to the Moriya Shrine, can I go with you?"

Ran seems surprised. "Why would you want to go to the shrine?"

"Because I've never been there before and I want to see it!" She's pretty excited now. "Please, Roland, can I go with you?"

[ ]Let her go with you. What harm could it do?
[ ]Refuse, tell her that it could be dangerous.
Fun fact- Breakfast was being cooked when I wrote this.
[x]Let her go with you. What harm could it do?

Like we're going to turn down an escort mission.
[x]Let her go with you. What harm could it do?
>MC almost creaming himself over bacon

I like this guy.
[x]Let her go with you. What harm could it do?

Time to tempt fate!
[x]Let her go with you. What harm could it do?

No harm at all. It's just a simple trip. Nothing could go wrong.
File 131577536442.jpg - (131.30KB, 625x875 , Weapon of Mass Destruction.jpg) [iqdb]
Note to self: Chen can make anons do whatever I want.
[x]Take her with you.
You don't see why she can't go with you. "Sure, I don't mind."

"Yay!" She runs off, probably to get ready for the trip.

"You sure that you know what you're doing?" Ran asks. She seems slightly concerned.

"What's the worst that could happen? Sure, there may be monsters and stuff here, but I doubt that she'd need me to protect her. In fact, if anything, she'll need to protect me."

"I guess you have a point. You should probably get ready to leave, then."

"Right." You leave the kitchen and head back to your room. You check all of your gear. After some thinking, you decide to only bring the Bowie knife, the Gameboy, a few bottles of water, and your guns. Even if they are empty, they could still be used as a bluff. Unless no one here recognizes it as a gun. Then you're screwed.
After making sure you have what you need, you look for Yukari, since she's probably the one to send you there. The moment you leave your room, however, she appears out of a gap in front of you. For once, you aren't startled by it.

"Morning, Yukari."

"Morning Roland. I take it that you're ready to go?"

"I am, but I don't know about Chen."

"Oh, you're taking Chen with you?"

"Yeah, she said that she really wanted to see the shrine." You take a drink from a water bottle.

"Really? Or were you thinking of doing bad things to her?~"

You proceed to choke on the water you were drinking, much to Yukari's amusement. "What! Why would I-"

"Oh, don't worry," Yukari cuts you off, "I was only joking."

"Well, next time please wait until I'm not drinking or eating."

"I'll keep that in mind~." She disappears into another gap. You wonder what is wrong with that woman. You check your equipment one more time, mainly to make sure that your weapons aren't visible. That wouldn't send the right first impression.
After that, you head back to the living room, where you find Ran and Chen talking. Ran seems to be finishing some instructions.

"And most of all, Chen, remember that he's human, so don't expect him to fly on his own, alright?"

"Yes, Ran." When Chen sees you, she bounds up and stops right in front of you. "Roland, are you ready to go?"

"Yeah, I'm just waiting for Yukari now." You don't have to wait long, however, as Yukari appears in the middle of the living room.

"Okay, are you two ready?" Both you and Chen say yes. "Alright. Now, do you want me to drop you off right at the shrine, or do want to take the scenic route?"

[ ]Shortcut.
[ ]Scenic route.
[ ]Let Chen decide.
[x] The scenic route

This is his first zombie-free day for months. There's no need to rush.

This is his first zombie-free day in months, and with the previous mentions of zombies having muddled through the border at some point, I'd like to keep it that way.

Less chance of something going terribly, terribly wrong.
[x] Shortcut.
[x]Shortcut won. Will write...eventually.
"I think it would be better if you could bring us right to the shrine."

Chen seems a bit disappointed. "But I want to see the whole mountain!"

"Maybe some other time, Chen." You have to admit, she looks pretty damn adorable when she's pouting.

Yukari claps her hands together and smiles. "Alright then, straight to the shrine it is!" She waves her hand, and you actually manage to land on your feet for once. Chen lands next to you, and you both look around your surroundings. You're on top of a mountain, alright, and it has quite the view. You can see what must be most of Gensokyo. What must be the human village sits off in the distance, sitting between a couple of forests, one of which is made entirely out of bamboo. To the side a bit is a large lake, with an island sitting near the middle of it. On that island is a large, red mansion. This must be the mansion that you heard about.
You turn back to the shrine. It's a fairly basic design, nothing special. You notice someone heading your way, and you look at them. It's a green-haired girl, wearing a outfit similar to the one Reimu wore, except this one is blue and white, as opposed to red and white. She waves at you when she sees you.

"Hello! You must be the help that Yukari sent," she says.

"Yep, that'd be me." You notice that Chen is subtlety hiding behind you.

She sees her anyway. "Oh, Chen, what are you doing here?"

Wait, you thought that Chen hadn't been here before? "I wanted to see the mountain, since I never saw it before."

"Well, maybe we can set up a tour for both of you later. Anyway, do you know what you'll be doing here, Mr...?"

"Davies, Roland Davies. Ad no, I don't have the faintest clue."

"Figures. Well, I'm Sanae. Come on in, it'll be easier to talk once we're inside."

You and Chen follow her into the shrine. Inside, it looks like a fairly normal house, with only a few shrine-esque decorations around. You and Chen both sit down on the couch, while Sanae goes off into another room. Soon, she returns with tea. You never really were a tea person, but you take the drink anyway.

Sanae is the first to speak up. "Say, you're an outsider too, aren't you, Roland?"

"Yes, I am. What do you mean'too'?"

"Oh, we used to live in the outside world a few years ago, before we moved here." Her expression suddenly grows somber. "I...heard about what happened, outside."

"That's the funny thing about an apocalypse, everyone seems to know, except for about half the people who are in it." Both Sanae and Chen chuckle a bit, before you hear a voice coming from behind you.

"Well, I see that you're getting along with Sanae quite well." The three of you turn to the voice. It belongs to a tall, blueish-haired woman. Naturally, the next thing that you notice is that she is stacked. No, maintain eye contact, maintain eye contact...

"Oh, Kanako, nice of you to join us!" Sanae brings you out of your thoughts, and provide a much appreciated distraction from your thoughts.

"Of course, after all, this is my shrine," she replies. She then looks at you (eye contact, eye contact...). "So, what's your name?"

"Roland, nice to meet you, Kanako." The two of you shake hands. "By the way, what exactly did you need done that required me to come here?"

"Oh, that. Don't worry about it, we took care of it not too long ago."

Well, at least you won't be doing any work soon. "So, what do we do, now that we're up here?"

"Since you're probably going to stay in Gensokyo for quite a while, we could probably give you and her," she nods at Chen, "a tour of the mountain."

Chen smiles widely, while you answer. "Sounds good to me."

"Okay then, where would you like to go first then, the tengu village, or that kappa's place?"

[ ]Tengu village.
[ ]The kappa's place.
[ ]You don't mind, leave the choice to Chen.
[x]You don't mind, leave the choice to Chen.

It's her first time here too.
[X]You don't mind, leave the choice to Chen.

She knows the ways of the indigenous peoples. Clearly she will make an informed and rational decision.
[x] The Kappa's place.
[X]You don't mind, leave the choice to Chen.
[X]You don't mind, leave the choice to Chen.
[X]You don't mind, leave the choice to Chen.
Once again, Chen proves to have no competition. I wonder...

Oh, right, I have this to do first. Will write update later. Now, where did I put that death ray...
File 131587137665.jpg - (154.82KB, 850x1133 , Credit to team.jpg) [iqdb]
Here it is. Also, word of advice: don't try to invade Australia with a death ray and Chen. It will only end horribly. For everyone.
[x]Let Chen decide.
After thinking about it, you say, "I don't mind, either way, really."

"Alright, so where do you want to go first, Chen?"

"Umm...The kappa is the one with all the cool machines, right?"

"Yep, that's the one!"

"Then I want to go there."

"Alright, so it's settled. We're going to Nitori's!" All of you walk outside, and Chen, Sanae, and Kanako all float off the ground. Oh, right, flying. You can't really do that.

"Uh, excuse me, but I can't fly."

"Oh, right," Kanako says, "Sorry, I'm used to everyone flying by now." She floats over and grabs you from behind. "Hold on!"

Wait, what does she meaOHCHRISTYOUAREFLYINGHOLYSHIT. You just barely manage to keep your breakfast down during the flight. You must say, it's pretty exciting once you get past the mortal terror.

Eventually, you land somewhere down the mountain, near a river. You don't see anything that looks like a settlement.

"I don't think there's anyone-"

"Shush." Kanako cuts you off. She then walks over to a rock, and hits a hidden button. After some whirring, a large elevator rises out of the middle of the river. Cool.
The four of you enter the elevator, and it descends back into the water. After a short trip, the doors open into a very large lab. You can hear noises coming from the far side of the lab.

Kanako calls out. "Hey Nitori! You in here?"

The noises stop for a second, and someone shouts back. "Yeah, I'll be right with you!"

You hear a few more noise, then footsteps coming towards you. Rounding around a pile of junk, is a girl with blue hair, and wearing a lot of green: green dress, green hat, green boots. She's currently wearing gloves, and looks like she was working on something.

"Oh, hey Kanako, Sanae." She walks forward. "What are doing here?"

"We have a couple of people here," she motions to you and Chen, "who wanted to have a tour of the mountain, and they decided to come here first."

"Oh, well, nice to meet you two. I'm Nitori. And you are?"



"Well, Roland, Chen, feel free to have a look around. Just don't touch anything, even I don't know what half this stuff does."

After that, Sanae, Kanako, and Nitori begin talking, and Chen goes off to somewhere else. You decide to poke around one of the many junk piles, and find what looks like some kind of toy gun. Nitori said not to touch anything, but maybe you could go ahead and see what this does...

[ ]Try it out. What could happen?
[ ]Go ask Nitori about it.
[ ]Put it back, do something else. (Write-in)
File 131587170615.jpg - (55.97KB, 669x440 , Bison.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Go ask Nitori about it.

Hell yes.
[x] Go ask Nitori about it.
[X]Go ask Nitori about it.

[x]Ask Nitori about it.
Yeah, it's probably a better idea to ask her about it. You go back to where she's talking to Sanae and Kanako.

"Hey, Nitori!" you call out. She turns to you.

"Oh, Roland! What do you have there?" she says, pointing to the thing you're carrying.

"Actually, I was hoping that you could tell me."

She seems confused, then her face flickers with recognition, and she snatches it from your hands. "Oh, this!" I remember this thing, found it one day, lost near the border."

"So, what exactly does it do?"

She grins a bit. "Why don't you find out?" She then hands it back to you, confusingly.

Since it looks like a gun, you decide to use it like that. But first, "Hey, Nitori, where exactly am I supposed to shoot this?"

She thinks for a bit, then snaps her fingers. "Oh! I know! Don't go anywhere!" She runs off, while you, Sanae, and Kanako share confused looks.

"She always like this?" you ask.

"Pretty much." Sanae says. "Once you get her a new toy, she won't stop until she knows every single detail about it."

You see Nitori run in and out of the edge of your vision. You turn to her, to see her setting up tables with various junk in front of a bare wall. Once she's done, she runs back to you.

"Alright, give it a whirl!" she says, motioning to the makeshift shooting range. You take aim through the strange reticule on the gun, then pull the trigger. The moment you do, it makes a peculier noise, and shoots out a green, O-shaped beam. When it hits a pile of junk, it sends near all of it flying a bit towards the wall. You notice that it vaporised some of the smaller things from the pile.

"Holy shit..." is all you can manage to say.

"Yep, pretty cool, huh?" Nitori is practically beaming. "It was damaged when I found it, but I managed to fix it up, and even got it working once I found out what it was powered by."

"So, what is it powered by?" Kanako chimes in.

"Funny thing is, I don't really know. All I know is that it's some kind of element. I call it 'Nitoricuim'!"

Quite the original name, there. Something occurs to you, though. "Wait, if you don't know what the element is, how do you know whether or not it's radioactive?"

"Oh, don't worry about that. A friend of mine specializes in radioactive substances, and she said that it's fine."

Well, as long as your hair doesn't fall out.

Nitori looks as if she remembered something. "Hey, you're a weapons person, right?"

"Yeah, why?" you ask.

"Well, I have a few more things that I wouldn't mind having tested." She motions in the general direction of some of the junk piles. "What do you say?"

[ ]Agree. Maybe you could find some nice weapons...
[ ]Disagree. You don't want to blow up the whole mountain.
[X]Agree. Maybe you could find some nice weapons...

Blowing up shit with awesome weapons for free! Hooray!
[ ]Agree. Maybe you could find some nice weapons...

Let's get on Nitori's good side. I want to wrangle the ray gun out of her. It's not every day you get one of those without having to open the random weapon chest at least five times.
[X]Agree. Maybe you could find some nice weapons...

Is that gun the raygun from CoD zombies?
[X]Agree. Maybe you could find some nice weapons...

[x] Agree. Maybe you could find some nice weapons...
-[x] Ask about ammunition or energy charges as well.

Maybe, but I was hoping for the Righteous Bison. I guess a gun that recharges with a little handle on the back of it is too far-fetched for Gensokyo, though the infinite ammo would have been nice.

And what's Chen been getting up to?
File 131591762450.png - (42.81KB, 180x176 , 180px-Huntsman_Sniper.png) [iqdb]
I can get it first try out of the box. Pic related.

Anyway, []New guns won. Will write.
File 131595072699.jpg - (7.68KB, 202x128 , VunderVaffe!.jpg) [iqdb]
Getting the chance to find more weapons like this ray gun? How could you refuse? "I don't see why not."

Nitori seems pleased. "Okay, good. Come this way, please." She leads you further into the lab, where she begins rifling through various piles. "Come on...has to be here somewhere..." you hear her grumbling to herself. Suddenly, she stops for a second. "Got it!"

She pulls out a large device, a bit larger than your rifle. It seems to be a mish-mash between real guns and a toy, with its wooden stock and grip, but with various switches and dials on the side, along with three bulbs, lined up. At the end of the 'barrel', is metal bent in a sort of cone-like shape.
"I found this one in full working condition, unlike the other one you tried. What I find strange, though, is this writing on the side." She shows you, and it reads:

WunderWaffe DG-2

You recognize it as German, but other than that, you know nothing about it. "So, does this one run on 'Nitoricuim', too?" you ask.

"Yep, strangely." That is strange, you have to say. "So, you ready to try it out?"

"I guess so." You head back to the make-shift shooting range, where Kanako and Sanae are both waiting. They seem a bit surprised upon seeing the 'WunderWaffe'. Nitori flicks a switch on it, and it hums to life. The bulbs light up, and there's a little burst of electricity from the 'barrel'.

"Alright, Roland, give it a whirl." She hands it to you, and damn is it heavy. Since it seems like it could be held like a rifle, you do that, finding the position a bit more comfortable. You turn to a pile of cans in between two other piles. You take aim, after figuring out the sights, and pull the trigger. There's a slight delay, then a large ball of electricity leaps from the end of the gun, heading towards the pile of cans. When it hits, it sends electricity sparking around it, even chaining to the other piles. Soon after, the piles pop from the voltage. All this happened in under 2 seconds. You notice that one of the bulbs on the side is now out.

Nitori walks up behind you. "So, Roland, what do you think?"

You smile. You just can't resist the horrible pun. "I'd say it's pretty shocking." The horrible joke earns you a couple of laughs.

You're all interrupted, however, by a loud scream piercing through the lab. You turn to where it came from, finding Chen Sprinting right for you. She just barely misses you, and hides behind you.

"Chen, what's wrong?" you ask, keeping calm.

Chen isn't as calm as you. "I...I...back there...saw..."

"What, Chen, what did you see?" Suddenly, you know what it is.

That's because your least favorite sound just cut through the air.

That moan.

The moan of a zombie.

You turn to where Chen came from, and see three zombies shambling forward. Everyone else seems too shocked to do anything. Thankfully, you aren't. You don't even hesitate, bringing the WunderWaffe up and pulling the trigger at the front zombie. When the lightning ball hits it, the electricity begins coursing through the zombie's body. When it gets to the head, it explodes. Electricity jumps from that zombie to the others, and they have the same fate. That's three down in one shot. Impressive.

Now that the zombies are dead, everyone calms down a bit. You turn your attention to Chen, first. "You alright, Chen? They didn't bite you, did they?"

"No, I got away...before they could..." Well, that's at least one crisis averted.

You then turn to Nitori. "I guess that means that it works just fine in the field."

She pauses to think for a bit. Then she says, "Well, I guess I could still make a few improvements to it, so you won't mind if I keep it, right?"

"Not at all." You hand it over to her, and she flicks it off. Before she leaves, you ask, "Hey, what about the ray gun? Can I keep that?"

"Sure, go ahead!" She dissapears behind a large pile of junk. You turn back to Chen, find that she still seems a bit scared. Kanako and Sanae's faces are unreadable.

[ ]Continue on the tour.
[ ]Call it a day, go back home.
[ ]Stay here, look for more things...
Keep in mind: Chen almost got bitten. Bitten, as in infected. Instant death, basically. She's pretty shook up.
[X]Call it a day, go back home.

One moment of peril a day is enough, I'm sure.
> Keep in mind: Chen almost got bitten. Bitten, as in infected. Instant death, basically. She's pretty shook up.

Wait, so Touhou's can die?

Beter go get the Immortals then.
I didn't say die: I said infected. Immortality can't help against that.
So, if anything, you need to protect the immortals, unless you want an unkillable zombie.
[x] Call it a day, go back home.
-[x] Comfort Chen.
[x] Stay here, look for more things...
-[x] Where the hell did those things come from, and why are they here?
-[x] Leave Chen with Kanako and Sanae while you search.

Yukari? Please don't be fucking with us.
[x]Continue on the tour.

Who will protect the mountain from the zombies without us? Nobody, that's who.
>I didn't say die: I said infected. Immortality can't help against that.

But... how does a being change into a zombie when said being is literally immune to change?

Sorry, I can't resist bringing up the canonical nature of the Hourai Elixir when mentioned.


[x] Stay here, look for more things...
-[x] Where the hell did those things come from, and why are they here?
-[x] Leave Chen with Kanako and Sanae while you search.
-[x]Provide a quick explanation of How to Kill Zombies And Not Get Bit.
The Houri elixir also provides immunity to all illnesses which would include viral zombiefication.

[x] Poke head/gun outside, there is never just 3 zombies.
-[x] Providing all is clear let Chen rest a bit to calm down, maybe give her the first laser gun to hold if that helps.
--[x] Go back to rummaging, this place is a gold mine for new stuff.
[x] Call it a day, go back home

We've got a little girl with us who is panicking because she almost died.
This is no time to be looting for new toys.
Serves her right for straying. She'll stick to us like glue from now on.
Oh, well, I'm proven wrong.
Anyway, []More stuff won. You greedy bastards. Will write later. Once again.
Now that I think about it a good chunk of Touhous might be able to resist or be immune to zombieification. Even if we assume it affects Yokai all ghosts and phantoms are immune due to being spirits, tsukumogami (Kogasa and Medicine) are spirits attached to objects and would also be immune. If a fairy gets zombiefied you could simply kill them and they would probably re-spawn healthy due to being in a new body, as would Yukari (Border of life and death), Komachi and probably Shinkeki(they just go back to their workplace when they die). Goddesses may be immune due to being divinity (not sure on if Shinto gods can be sick or not, though I'm leaning not).
And then there's Yamanae's ability which could allow her to stop a zombie outbreak in it's tracks, control zombies or even undo the damage.
Nah, the only fully immune ones would be the Hourais, Yoshika (already a zombie so BLEEEEAH), and the ones who don't have any parts made of meat (i.e. full ghosts/phantoms, the object halves of tsukumogami, Ruukoto, and Unzan). A lot of the others would be very good at not getting zombied, sure, but too big of a surprise zombie rush can get around all sorts of stuff.

And frankly, it would be humorous to see a zombified Medi just sort of chewing uselessly on a very non-zombified, very annoyed Su-san.
We returned the Wunderwaffe to Nitori, so the laser pistol is all we have at the moment. I think it's prudent to hold on to it; besides, she can use danmaku.

>Yoshika immunity.

Further temporary anti-zombification measure: let her bite you? Sure, it'll turn you into a zombie like her.

Temporarily, if I recall right. Which implies you'll turn back to normal later.

In the meantime, though, it might be sufficient to let you pass through hordes unmolested.
Wow, didn't think I'd start up this huge discussion. Anyway:
[x]Look around more.
There could be even more cool guns here, there's no way you can give that up. First, though...

"Chen, do you want to go back home?"

She doesn't respond for a second, then looks back at you. "...No, I'll...I'll keep going on the tour..."

"Well, I'm going to look for more stuff here, so you won't mind staying here a bit longer, right?"

"...Actually...I still want to see the rest of the mountain..."

"Okay, I understand." You look over to Kanako and Sanae. "You're okay with showing her around alone, right?"

"Sure, I see no problem with it," Kanako says. "If you're staying here, then we'll come back in...a couple of hours, at most. Sound good?"

"Yeah, sounds fine." You all say your good byes, and they leave through the elevator. You turn back to the lab, and head back into it. You keep your new gun at the ready, in case there are more zombies.

You don't find any more walking dead, thankfully. After a few more minutes of wandering, you come across a strange machine. It has a large slot on the middle, with a sign on top. It shows two guns, one with a flaccid barrel, the other with a plain barrel. Upon further inspection, you find that the gun's silhouette matches that of your ray gun. Whoever made this, made the gun. You don't see Nitori anywhere near, so you decide to call out for her.

"Hey, Nitori!"

"What is it, Roland?" she replies from a short distance away.

"I found something that I want to ask you about!"

You wait a few more minutes, and she doesn't appear. Where is she-

"So, what is it you wanted to ask about?"

You jump, because that voice just came out of thin air. Nitori laughs, then fades into view. "Optical camouflage, never gets old."

"Well, anyway, I was wanting to ask about this," you say, pointing to the machine.

"She scratches her chin. "Oh, this. It's one of the few things that I still haven't gotten to work. I've tried everything, but it just doesn't want to turn on, no matter what I power it by."

Curious. You think for a bit, before thinking of something. "Did you check to see if it runs on that 'Nitoricuim' stuff?"

Nitori has a blank expression for a bit, before slapping her forehead. "Of course! Why didn't I try that? Hold on, be right back."

She dissapears behind another pile, and you wait another few minutes. When she returns, she's now holding a large bag. "Okay, I got it here."

She opens the bag near the machine, and you see that there are rocks inside, glowing slightly. You are a bit unsure of this.

"Nitori, I don't know if this will work..."

"Oh, it's not like the thing will explode." She gets to work on the machine, opening things, connecting things, and putting things into things, before she steps back and says, "Finished!"

"Well, how do we turn it on?" you ask. You don't see any nearby switches.

"Simple, we just do THIS!" She pulls a lever on the machine, and it suddenly starts to life, the slot in the middle glowing and spinning.

"Well, it's impressive, but what does it do?"

"Well, um...I don't really know." She looks confusedly at it. Suddenly, it starts blaring music, scaring both of you.

Friends, neighbors, ladies gentlemen,
If you're feelin' underpowered,
I'll help you make amends.
Stick your weapon in the slot,
and let it change your luck,
few things in life are guaranteed,
but I promise this won't suck.
Punch your fists into the air,
and raise a rebel yell!
There's lots of baddies out there,
you need to send to hell!
With pack-a-punch, I have-a-hunch,
your problems will be gone,
but iffin' you end up on the ground,
sing a country western song.
Pack a punch (everybody!)
Pack a punch,
Pack a punch,
Pack a punch.
Pack a punch (everybody!)
Pack a punch,
Pack a punch,
Pack a punch (Whooee!)

Well, you weren't expecting that. Nitori obviously wasn't, either. "What do you think of that?"

"I don't know, but I still don't know what to do with it..."

Suddenly, an idea forms in your head. It could be stupid, though...

[ ]No, it is stupid. Forget it.
[ ]Do what the song says: "Stick your weapon in the slot, and let it change your luck."
-[ ]Your rifle.
-[ ]Your pistols.
--[ ]One?
--[ ]Both?
-[ ]The ray gun.
-[ ]Your "weapon".No.
[x]Do what the song says: "Stick your weapon in the slot, and let it change your luck."
[X]Do what the song says: "Stick your weapon in the slot, and let it change your luck."
-[X]The ray gun.

There is no other option. Well, if we had a Ballistic Knife, maybe I'd reconsider.
[x]Do what the song says: "Stick your weapon in the slot, and let it change your luck."

We should also stick our dick in it. Who knows, maybe our semen will be a registered weapon of mass destruction.
God dammit I cant delete this post. Change my vote to 'try everything'.
[x]Do what the song says: "Stick your weapon in the slot, and let it change your luck."
[x] The ray gun.

It's probably similar to one of those Power to the People machines in Bioshock, and if so, nothing good can come of shoving everything we have in there.
>song has the word Pack-a-punch in it yet you think its from bioshock

Excuse me while I end myself.
[X]Do what the song says: "Stick your weapon in the slot, and let it change your luck."
-[X]Your rifle.
[x]Do what the song says: "Stick your weapon in the slot, and let it change your luck."
[x]Pack A Punch ALL YO GUNS
I think the key words are "similar to," as in, perhaps it only works on one weapon. I'm inclined to believe this, since the singular "weapon" was used instead of "weapons." If this song is a reference to something that you know of, kindly inform the rest of us so we may understand your thoughts.
It's a reference to Call of Duty's Nazi Zombie mode.
What >>146244 said. Even if you didnt know of it, Google does a lot.
[X]Do what the song says: "Stick your weapon in the slot, and let it change your luck."
Alright, []Everything won. Will write soon. But, something else that requires a quick vote:
Do you want to Pack-a-Punch both pistols, or just one?
[ ]Both
[ ]One

This is a trap. I'll not have you wreck all our guns.
[x] Put in one at first, and choose what to do with the other after you see what it does to the first one. (Allow us to "vote into the past" if necessary to avoid shortened update)

A good compromise between cautiousness and upgrades. As for the vote thing our character would have time to decide what to do with the second one after the first one was examined. (Barring a random event, of course) but we don't want a quick vote over one thing to take up time.
Good point.
[x] Put in one at first, and choose what to do with the other after you see what it does to the first one. (Allow us to "vote into the past" if necessary to avoid shortened update)
>vote into the past
What is this bullshit? You made your bed, sleep in it.

Nothing really wrong with that. Would you prefer he post a one paragraph update regarding the fate of the first gun, and stopped there for another vote?

Of course, if it goes against the spirit of the risk being taken, nothing saying that the machine has to have the same effect each time. Or last more uses than the initial input. Or even have any detrimental modifications not become immediately apparent...
File 131621807087.jpg - (5.00KB, 224x225 , Pack-a-Punch.jpg) [iqdb]
-[x]One pistol
Yes, it's crazy. But it's the only thing you can think of doing at the moment.

"I got an idea," you tell Nitori. You then pull out one of your pistols.

"What-Hey! How long have you had that?" Oh, right, she didn't know you were armed.

"Just trust me, alright?" You walk up to the machine, and place the pistol in. It almost pulls it from your hand, and the slot starts glowing while a part of the song replays.

Punch your fists into the air, and raise a rebel yell!
There's lots of baddies out there, you need to send to Hell!

The machine spits your gun out, except it looks a bit different. You hesitate before taking it, not knowing if it's safe. However, you see that the gun is traveling slowly back into the machine. You take the gun, the machine making a 'cha-ching' sound. You inspect the pistol further. It's now covered in zig-zagging red lines, looking like a computer's circuit board. You notice something carved on the side: Mustang. Strange.

"Well, what's it do?" Nitori asks.

"I don't know." You really don't. You then notice that the gun is loaded, even though it was empty before. You decide the best course of action would be to shoot it. You aim at a bare wall, and pull the trigger. However, instead of the plain bullet that you expected, a grenade shoots out, hitting the wall and exploding. Thankfully, it doesn't seem to leave any lasting damage to the wall.

"Holy shit," both you and Nitori say. Well, that was interesting. You holster the new pistol, and pull out your rifle. If your pistols shoot grenades now, then what will your rifle do...

You place the M14 into the machine, where it does the same thing as the pistol. You take the rifle once it's finished, and inspect it. It now has a fore-grip, and the same circuit board pattern as the pistol. You aim at a nearby can, and shoot. Unlike the pistol, however, it doesn't shoot grenades. It makes a strange noise, almost as if it's silenced, rather than a gunshot. The can gets a hole punched in it, like you expected. What you didn't expect, however, was for the bullet to punch cleanly through five more piles behind it.

"Cool," is all you have to say about it. You consider upgrading the ray gun too, but that might not be a good idea: too much Nitoricuim could be bad. You decide not to upgrade your other pistol, since you want to keep a conventional side-arm. "Well, Nitori, I think we found out what this thing does."

"Yeah, I think we did." She goes to inspect the machine some more, when you notice something. You check your bag, and find about six mags for each gun, full, and covered in the same pattern. How did that get there..."

While Nitori is looking at the machine, you think you hear something. It sounds like...some sort of clicking, coming from behind you.

[ ]Go check it out.
[ ]Tell Nitori about it.
[ ]Ignore it, you're probably hearing things.
>It sounds like...some sort of clicking.

Dennis Hopper: "Bob-omb..."

[x]Go check it out
[x]Ignore it, you're probably hearing things.

Hi Aya.
[X]Go check it out.

We're being flanked!
[x]Go check it out.
[x]Destroy anything hostile.
[x]Tell Nitori about it.
[x]Go check it out.

What's keeping us from doing both?
File 131622617531.jpg - (343.43KB, 638x1000 , Ayayayayay-SHADDUP.jpg) [iqdb]
[x]Go check it out
Something about that click you heard tells you that it might not be good. Getting a look at what it was could at least put you at ease.

"Hey, Nitori, I'll be right back." She grunts in response, still focused on the machine. You turn to where you heard the click, and move forward. After a few minutes of fruitless searching, your about to give up, when you hear the click again.

This time much closer.

You keep your hand on your holster, just in case. You turn to where you heard it, catching a glimpse of something moving. You couldn't make out what it was, but it's way too fast to be another zombie.
Another click, and you turn again, with the same result. This is getting you no where. Wait, is that a flash bang, there? This gives you an idea.

You grab the flash bang, trying to look as if you're simply checking it out. You hear the click again, and turn again, still seeing nothing. Eventually, you pick up a timing to the clicks, and plan accordingly. Click, one, two, three, four, click, one, two, three...


You pull the pin on the grenade, and chuck it at the ground. You make sure to look away from it. Suddenly, you hear a small pop, then your hearing cuts out. All you can hear is a loud ringing. You open your eyes, and find that you can still see, thankfully. You look near where you threw the flash bang, and you find a black haired, winged girl laying on the ground, rubbing her eyes. You notice a strap around her neck, to which a camera is attached. Well, that explains the clicking. Once your hearing returns, you try to get her attention; it seems that she's not fully recovered yet.

"Hey, lady, may I ask why you were taking pictures of me without my knowledge?"

She seems surprised when you speak, probably because she still has the ringing in her ears. After a few seconds, she answers. "Well, I have to get a scoop somehow, right?" She gets up, dusts herself off, then holds her hand out to you. "I'm Aya, the fastest person in Gensokyo!"

So, she's egotistical? You can match that. "I'm Roland, the best shooter this side of the border."

"Oh, really? Maybe we should test that sometime~." There's a hint of seductiveness to her voice, and you decide to play off of it.

"I could show you right now, if you give me something to shoot at."

She seems taken aback at that. "What? But, right here, when we just met..."

"Not that, I meant with this," you show off your newly upgraded rifle, "on something like that." You point out some small nearby pieces of junk.

"Oh, well, okay then." She walks over to the cans, grabs an armful of cans. She then throws it all upwards, hurrying to get out of the way. You ready your rifle, and fire at the cans, one by one. Every one of them gets hit before falling to the ground. Aya finishes taking pictures just as you lower your rifle.

"Well, I see you weren't kidding." She then turns to you. "Hey, would you mind if I could have an exclusive interview with you, for my newspaper?"

You stop to think. While you do that, Aya rants to herself about it. "I can see the headline now: 'Outsider Gunslinger Sets out to Eradicate Zombie Menace!' Oh, this will get so many new subscribers!" She seems to be fantasizing to herself about her newspaper.

[ ]Sure, why not.
[ ]Decline.
Question: How many CYOAs here have had the first encounter with Aya become a choice for an interview?
[x] Decline.

I think one might have passed up an interview. Maybe. On that note, we're too impatient to deal with some paparazzi after surviving for months in a zombie invasion.
Eh, maybe later.

Because aloof and awesome badasses don't have time for reporters.
[x]Sure, why not.
[x]Sure, why not.

Every first encounter with Aya was turned down in most of the CYOA's here, except for maybe two or three.
[x]Sure, why not.
Calling vote for [x]Decline. Writing.
Oh, I almost forgot:
Achievement Unlocked: Arms Race: Pack-a-Punch a weapon before round 8 the second thread.
You don't really feel like dealing with reporters so soon after being rescued. "No thanks, I'll pass."

Aya seems disappointed, but she recovers quickly. "Oh, well, that might not be a good idea. After all, people could get the wrong image of you~."

The worst thing you could think of is the newspaper calling you a cold-blooded mass murderer. Meh, you've been called worse. Besides, you're sure everyone knows about the zombies. "I'll take my chances."

"Well, I better get these to print!" She takes one last photo of you, then flies off. Wait, how did she get in if she didn't use the elevator? You then see her fly through an open window near the top of a wall. You knew that. Obviously.

You check your watch. Kanako and Sanae should be here pretty soon. You head back to where Nitori was, to still see her working on the machine. When you get close, she stops and looks at you.

"Was that explosion I heard earlier you?" She must be talking about the flash bang you used.

"Yep, that was me. Don't worry, nothing's broken."

"It wouldn't matter whether it was or not. Most of the stuff here, I either find damaged, or it becomes damaged after something happens to it."

"By the way, you wouldn't happen to know anyone named Aya, would you?"

Nitori raises her head at the mention of the name. "Aya? Yeah, she's a friend of mine, why do you ask?"

"Well, I saw her back there, and she said something about my image becoming ruined."

Nitori starts laughing. "Oh, don't worry about it. That newspaper she runs is so heavily opinionated that no one believes half of what she says. People only read it to get a look at current events."

Your reputation is safe, then. You both hear the elevator come down, and you turn to it. That must be Kanako and Sanae, now. Sure enough, when you get to the entrance, they're standing there, waiting.

Sanae greets you first. "Hello, Roland. Are you ready to go?"

"Sure, I guess. Hey, where's Chen?"

Kanako speaks up. "We already got Yukari to take her home. All we need to do now is do the same for you." She pulls out a cell phone, presses a button, then puts it to her ear. "Hey, Yukari, got Roland right here, he misses your house." She laughs a bit at her own joke, then hangs up. Soon after, one of those gaps appear next to you. You make sure that you have all your gear, then say your goodbyes, walking into it.

You emerge from the gap into the living room of Yukari's house. Waiting for you are Ran, Chen, and Yukari. Chen seems a bit shaken up, still, but otherwise alright.

Yukari is the first to greet you. "So, Roland, I take it that you enjoyed your little tour?"

"Yeah, it was alright, got a few new toys," you say, showing off the ray gun and rifle. You turn to Chen. "Are you alright now, Chen?"

"Yeah, I am. Thanks...for that." She must be referring to the impromptu WunderWaffe test you performed.

"No problem, it was the least I could do."

Yukari speaks again. "Since you're home now, what do you want to do, now?"

You check your watch: 11:36 AM. The day is still young.

[ ]Does Eirin still need some help?
[ ]Why not meet this dead person that Yukari seems to be friends with?
[ ]Just go to your room, enjoy some much needed relaxation.
Dear lord, these names are killing my spell checker.
[x]Just go to your room, enjoy some much needed relaxation.

Add the names to your spellchecker.
God damn it, I forgot to vote again.
[X]Just go to your room, enjoy some much needed relaxation.

It's always nice to unwind after some zombie killing.
[X]Why not meet this dead person that Yukari seems to be friends with?

She just wants to talk. It's not like he'll have to do anything.
[X]Why not meet this dead person that Yukari seems to be friends with?
[x]Why not meet this dead person that Yukari seems to be friends with?

I can see everything going wrong and only one thing going right.

Let's do this.
[x]Why not meet that dead friend of Yukari's?
Wait, didn't Yukari say something about having a friend in the Netherworld? True, you've had enough to do with dead people for a while, but you doubt that it could be that bad.


"Say, Yukari, didn't you say something about having a friend in the Netherworld, yesterday?"

"Oh, yes, I did. Why, are you thinking of going there?"

"Yeah, I don't see why not."

She seems glad with your choice...for some reason. "Well, do you want to go now?"

"Actually, I'd rather stay here for a bit, get my stuff sorted out."

"Well, there's no hurry to go see her, so, could you possibly run a quick errand for me?"

"What do you need?"

"It's quite simple, really. I just need you to go to a store near the Forest of Magic, pick up a few things for me."

Forest of Magic? That must be the large one that you saw while on the mountain. "Sure, I don't mind."

"Okay, then I'll let you get to your things."

You head to your room, and sort out your things. You're wanting to pack light, so you only place your normal pistol and your knife in your immediate possession. Thankfully, the ray gun seems to fit pretty comfortably in your holster. After some thinking, you also place the Gameboy with four batteries in your pocket.
Once that's taken care of, you head back to the living room, where Yukari remains. Ran and Chen seem to have gone somewhere else.

"So, ready to go?" Yukari asks.

"Yep," you reply. She then hands you a piece of paper, listing a variety of items.

"This is what we need. Just tell the man at the shop that you need these, and he'll get it for you."

"Okay, good to know." Yukari gaps you off into the middle of a forest. You look around, and soon find a small building nearby. This must be it.
You open the door, a bell sounding your presence.

"Hold on, I'll be right with you!" you hear someone call out, followed by noises from the back of the store. You look around the interior. It is absolutely loaded with various things, most of which you recognize. You spot, among others, an iPod, a PSP, and a cell phone. Upon looking, you find that the cell phone is the same model as yours. Neat.

Your inspection is interrupted by someone coming to the store counter. He says, "Ah, may I help you, sir?"

"Yes, I was wondering if you had these," you reply, showing him the list Yukari gave you. He adjusts his glasses, then reads it. You remember something, then. "Oh, and do you have a charger, for that phone over there?" you add, pointing to the cell phone.

"I'm afraid not. I haven't found a charger for that phone, yet. Anyway, about these items," he hands you back the list, "I'll get them right away." He goes to the back of the store again, and you take the time to inspect more of the junk. After some searching, you notice a large box near the corner. It seems to be made of old wood, with two question marks on the top. For some reason, the air around it feels strange, like there's something wrong with it.

[ ]Ask the store owner about it when he comes back.
[ ]Just ignore it, it's not your business.
[x] Just ignore it; it's not your business.
[x]Ask the store owner about it when he comes back.

We better not get that fucking teddy bear.
[X]Ask the store owner about it when he comes back.

Goddamn Teddy bear and it's mocking laughter.
[x] Open the box while he's gone.

Do it, faggot!
[X]Ask the store owner about it when he comes back.

The bear's a huge dick.
[x]Ask the store owner about it when he comes back.

Jesus fuck, How many points do we have? We're surely running low.
He's been going at it for over five months. That is a lot of potential points.
File 131637414323.jpg - (341.96KB, 850x637 , sample_ea9406e1b2af5475e7ad7d9fe77a8a0e.jpg) [iqdb]

But one teddy bear is all it takes to ruin the day.
File 131637469068.jpg - (6.56KB, 327x154 , That stripper DID steal my money! Bitch.jpg) [iqdb]
[x]Ask the owner when he gets back
A voice in your mind says to open it right now, but you ignore it. You should probably ask the owner when he comes back.

Not long after you think that, he comes back up to the counter, holding a large bag, filled with stuff. "So, how will you pay for this?"

Shit, you forgot about that. Yukari didn't give you any money, and you didn't have any on you...

You absentmindedly dig into your pockets, and are surprised to find a wad of cash there. You hand them to the owner, and he counts off the money before handing you the bag.

"By the way, what's that box in the corner?"

"Oh, that. One of my regular customers, Marisa, brought it in one day, said she couldn't open it. I tried as well, but it just wouldn't open."

"You wouldn't mind if I tried it, would you?"

"Go ahead, but I'm not betting anything on you. I'm a half-youkai, and you seem to be a normal human."

"Never know until I try." You walk up to the box, set down the bag, and inspect it for a second. You a clamp on the side, and you pull at it. To your surprise, it opens rather easily. Even more surprising, is the fact that the inside is glowing. A weapon rises out of it, but it switches between various guns, accompianed by music box music. When the tune ends and the changing weapons reach the top, it changes into a cymbal monkey toy, with a pack of dynamite of its back.

"What...how?" The owner is quite surprised, probably from the simple fact that you got the box open.

You notice the monkey slowly floating back down into the box.

[ ]Take the monkey.
[ ]Let it go.
Not only that, but every one of his kills were either headshots (100 points each) or melee (130 points each), and not once was something bought. He'd have about 200,000,350 points by now.
[X]Take the monkey.

Damn. Was hoping for a flamethrower.
[X]Let it go.
-[X] I'd like to spin again, Pat.

[X]Take the monkey.
Fuck it. The Cymbal Monkey brings back childhood memories.
[x]Take the monkey.

Cymbal monkey! Oh how you have saved my ass from stupid team mates leaving their posts.
[x]Ask the store owner about it when he comes back.
[x]Take the monkey.
We dont have any tactical nades, far as I know. And its really the only thing we're missing aside from normal grenades.


So basically we can buy every weapon in Zombies twice over and getting all the perks with a lot of points to spar. Gotcha.
File 131638707332.jpg - (3.17KB, 144x144 , A picture of Takeo.jpg) [iqdb]
[x]Take the monkey
You're not sure if it's safe, but you reach out and grab the monkey from the box. When you do, the box slams shut, and stops glowing. You look at your new possession: As you thought, it looks exactly like a plain cymbal monkey toy, with dynamite strapped to the back. It has beady little eyes, and you don't really like it.

"The shopkeeper comes up behind you. "What is that? And how did you open that box?"

"I...don't know." You really don't. You notice that there are two more, identical monkeys in your bag. How did they get there..."

The shopkeeper brings you out of your thoughts. "Do you think you could open the box again?"

[ ]Try to open the box again.
[ ]You probably shouldn't.
Bah, short update.
[X]Try to open the box again.
Come on SPAS.
[x]Try to open the box again.

Once more. It might be a Ballistic Knife to go with our Bowie Knife and upgrade into the Krauss Refibrillator.

Yes, I play Nazi Zombies far too much for my own good.
[x] Try to open the box again.

It looks like this CYOA is shaping up into a round of Nazi zombies, but in Gensokyo. Seems rather bland.
[X]Try to open the box again.

Again! Again!
[x] Try to open the box again.

Do want
[x]Try to open the box again.

Also, What are we going to be trading out for the next weapon we get, assuming its a weapon and not a grenade.
File 131646915060.jpg - (5.56KB, 277x182 , This+Instakill=Good times.jpg) [iqdb]
[x]Try the box again.
Well, what harm could it do? "I think so." You reach out to the box again, and, like before, it springs open. After the jingle plays, this time, there's some sort of knife hanging over the box. You take it, and the box swings shut again. You look at the knife: it does seem rather strange. You notice a Russian Spetznaz logo on the side. Wait, does that mean...

Sure enough, you aim it at the wall and squeeze a lever on it, and the blade shoots out, embedding itself in the wall. You walk over and retrieve the blade, then load it back in the knife. So it is a ballistic knife. Could be useful.

Wait, you just remembered something. "Do I have to pay for these?" you ask the owner, pointing to the knife and the monkeys.

"No, you can have them for free, since you helped me find out what that box does." Well, sweet.

"Thanks, bye." He goes to the back of the store again, and you leave. When you get outside, you end up falling. When you get up, you see that you're back in Yukari's living room. Damn that woman, and her traveling habits!

"So, did you get what we needed?" Yukari, like always, is not very good at hiding her laughter.

"Sure, here." You hand her the bag, making sure that you still have the monkeys and the knife.

"Thanks, you're not so useless after all~." You head off to your room, and place your new things with everything else. Since going to the Netherworld is probably a peaceful trip, you only keep the ray gun and ballistic knife with you, as far as weapons go. You also keep the Gameboy and batteries. Looks like you're ready to go meet dead people. Heh, like you haven't done enough of that already.

You head back to the living room, where Yukari hasn't moved. "Ready to go to the Netherworld?"

"Funny, if anyone said that to me in any other context, I'd take it as a threat," you joke. Yukari chuckles at this.

"I'll take that as a 'yes'." She does her thing, and you're in a completely different place yet again. Except here, the sky is a purpleish instead of blue. In the distance, there's a large building, looking like a very big house. Around the house, are a lot of trees. They have pink leaves, and are quite beautiful, you have to say.

[ ]Go up to the house, see if anyone's there.
[ ]Wander around the garden a bit.
[ ]Just stay here, admire the trees some more.
Merry Early Christmas.
No, the way this works is more realistic: you can carry as many weapons as you think you can get away with carrying.
[X]Just stay here, admire the trees some more.

Mmm. Solitude.
[X]Just stay here, admire the trees some more.
He should enjoy it while he can.
So there's no 'you can only have two weapons' bullshit limitations? Sweet.

[x]Go up to the house, see if anyone's there.
There are limitations to haw much weapons and ammo you can hold, but they're more flexible and realistic.
For example, you can't hold 4 WunderWaffe's on your back, holsters, and your hands.
Or can you?
[x]Just stay here, admire the trees some more
[x]Go up to the house, see if anyone's there.

if anything we can take in the beauty of the place as we walk to the house.
[x]Tree Admirin' won. Will write later.
And it also allows us to have a small stockpile somewhere safe, no more "damm, ran out of ray gun, ran out of mp43, ran out of monkeys, time to die"
New thread goin' up:

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