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Today is a dire day-
A dark event-
A foul reckoning!

You fail again to pry your hand from Master Kasen’s iron grasp.

“I’m not going to let you get out of this.”

--She cuts off your next protest.

“You need your hands to multiply! You can’t find your house on a map! You thought platinum was a fruit!

It’s not your fault if it sounds delicious!
And there's a good reason for the map thing!

“No buts! The school invited me to speak, so you’re going to come along!”

Fist raised, you curse the name of “school.”


For the new guys:

You are a particularly adventurous young human dedicated to ditching school by training to become a hermit. You can fly under your own power and have the strength of ten men.

First trial (class):
[ ] History
[ ] Painting
[ ] Arithmetic
[ ] Ethics


Who cares that “back to school” isn’t a holiday! Labor Day is, and that’s enough!

Holidanon rides again!

File 131465781739.jpg - (138.15KB, 450x550 , 1067e4f76ae84ad99679ec3244bf6659.jpg) [iqdb]
Reading these stories may enhance your enjoyment:

>>100131 Trick-or-Treating
>>120628 Summer
>>128746 Feasting
[x] Ethics
[x] Painting

I dangerous topic, Mr Dr Sr Q.
I like it
[ ] Arithmetic

Let's go for something where we can use our hands. But also isn't painting.
[x] Arithmetic

[x] Ethics
[x] Ethics

Becoming a hermit to ditch school isn't very ethical at all.
[X] Ethics
[X] Ethics

I really want to know who will be teaching this.
File 131466080188.jpg - (478.52KB, 861x1050 , Pandora.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Ethics

You fool, you know the kind of horrors this will unleash. There is still time to turn back.
[x] Ethics

Let's go lads!
[x] Ethics
[x] Arithmetic

I warned you about the school-themed touhou stories bro. I told you dog.
[x] Ethics

wins. I wasn't originally expecting to write this so early, but whatever!

I'll get this out before I go to bed tonight, and let that update sit until the afternoon.
File 131467147689.jpg - (941.36KB, 824x1385 , afbf54be709e4625a6597279074cbafa.jpg) [iqdb]

“You listen to my lectures every day! They’ve got another teacher doing a talk, maybe she’ll have more luck than I have.”


You force your way into the packed classroom and squeeze into a seat in the back row.

Keine hasn’t appeared yet, at least! You hope she’s not teaching today. Her last lecture on ethics really hurt your head.

Just then, the green-haired youkai that’s always sweeping up in front of the temple walks in the door. She cups her hands around her mouth.

Gaatee, Gaatee!

The windows rattle, and the other kids stop talking to cover their ears.

Keine’s lecture was still worse.

“Hijiri is giving a lecture personally to the older children, so she had me come here.” She says, twiddling her thumbs. Clearing clears her throat, she begins speaking in a perfect copy of the monk’s voice.


You yawn as she drones on and on about youkai and humans and something.

Hey, isn’t that Rumia? Why is she in the school? Keine threw her out last time she tried. Right through the wall.

She seems really focused on the lecture this time, though. You listen in. “...temple fully endorses interspecies relationships and marriages...”

Interwhatsitses? You tune out again. Oh, now she’s blushing. When the lecture mentions “half-youkai” she jumps a little.

It’s really boring...


What if..."

[ ] Throw an eraser at Rumia
[ ] Keep watching her


This is just a fork between scenes.
[X] Throw an eraser at Rumia

They say bullying is a form of showing affection for school-aged kids, you know~
[x] Keep watching her
Youkai girl is learning; please wait warmly.

This is so incredibly relevant to my interests. It must be a trap. There's no way something this good could be real.
[x] Keep watching her
[X] Keep watching her

Works for me~!
[X] Keep watching her
[x] Rape her

Men, We were born with a penis for a reason.
[x] Keep watching her
[x] Throw an eraser at Rumia

Oh, Rumia. How I love to irk you so.
[x] Throw an eraser at Rumia

Can't wait to see Kasen's face after school.
[x] Keep watching her

Curse you T***a. Curse you!
[Q] Keep watching her

wins! Writing this afternoon, after I finish with classes.
Waiting warmly
File 131473982095.jpg - (147.81KB, 707x1000 , c248c8d83577f20e3e29864cf6f8ce5c.jpg) [iqdb]

You can’t afford to blow your cover. You’ll just have to sit tight!

She fidgets with her hands for the next few minutes. Then, after glancing around the room red-faced, she slips out the door, mumbling something about “bathroom.”

Hey, that’s cheating!

You slip out into the hall, with the same excuse.

What a great idea!

[ ] Off-white
[ ] Walk-ins
[ ] Hall pass


Yes, it’s tiny.
[x] Walk-ins

If tiny means you'll update in a timely manner, I'm all for it.
Isn't it sad, Rumia ;_;
[X] Walk-ins

Couldn't decide so random chance took care of it.
[x] Walk-ins

I'm hoping this is what leads us across a masturbatingcute Rumia.
[x] Walk-ins

I'm hoping we dont get to see her clothedtaking a leak as that'd be dirty.
[x] Walk-ins
[X] Walk-ins

We should thank her for giving us that excuse to leave class! That was so nice of her!
[x] Off-white

Color of her panties.
[X] Hall pass

sure why not
[x] Off-white
[Q] Walk-ins

wins. Maybe an update this evening?

Actually, they're black
I didn't expect that color on her.
She's the Youkai of Darkness. What color would you expect?
Most artists draw them white, so yeah. But that's because they treat her as a child.
This was a line in Holidanon's summer story.

Was this on purpose or were you being honest?

Watch out guys, the plagiarism police are out in force tonight.
It was both a reference and me being honest, see >>145591

I'm glad someone caught it.
I was quoting him in response to >>145590 that it might actually have been a reference and not just a simple statement. Yes, I could have constructed my post so much better than I did to get my intentions across, but when answering the phone my divided attention erased what I had in mind and I ended up submitting a quick, half-assed reply. Being on my laptop at the time didn't help, either.
This, of all things, spawns the largest discussion in a holiday story to date.

Clearly, I have had my priorities all wrong.
Well it's Rumia, naturally people are going to discuss what color panties she wears.

Also please don't end up obsessed with discussion like some writers.
File 131491171911.jpg - (82.29KB, 576x900 , nlcqjc.jpg) [iqdb]
>please don't end up obsessed with discussion
I don't know how to break it to you, man...


One of the doors is open!

They redecorated the carpet pattern in the nurse’s office. Brown spotted is pretty tacky, you say.

Maybe you could stay here and-

“You’re a student here, right? Are you sick or hurt?”

Who is she?

“Oh, I’m sorry. I’m Heather, the school nurse. I just got the job last month, so...”

She’s a lot younger than the last nurse. And a girl. Really a girl, this time. She gives you a shy smile, then--


Oh, ew.

“Oh, I’m--” cough “--I’m so sorry!”

Red shoes are popular now, anyway. You think.

The bell rings for the next class.


So much for that idea.

Second trial:
[ ] History
[ ] Painting
[ ] Arithmetic
[ ] Ethics

[x] Painting

...I'm not entirely sure why I'm subconsciously associating Rumia with this. Probably no relation.
[x] Arithmetic


It's been a long time, my friends. Too long for most of the children to understand, in fact.
[x] Arithmetic

It's me, I'm the children who doesn't get references.
[x] Painting
[x] Painting

Hahaha, I didn't expect that.

Art next! Nude models get!
[x] Arithmetic

Your ego has clouded your vision. Think of someone else who wrote a Rumia, whose name fits T***a.
File 131492381290.jpg - (5.08KB, 200x150 , cut it out.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Painting

You've found the perfect profession, Heather. Nurse outfits would look good on you, and you can get all the psychotherapy drugs you could ever need.

Now bring on Reina doing the nude modeling.
Sometimes, an emoticon is the most efficient way to express a thought. Like this time.

If you really want discussion, making a story that isn't a sequence of unrelated setpieces might be a good idea. I love Holidanon, but it's kinda hard to discuss anything when nothing is predictable.
[X] Painting

So much for catching Rumia.
Spoilers: We will never catch Rumia. Holidanon isn't chasing her, and she won't catch him.
Tell that to all the voters hoping to catch her.
File 131493611632.jpg - (115.20KB, 524x800 , 14509858.jpg) [iqdb]
I just did. But seeing as I am one of those voters, it won't do any good. Hope springs eternal~
I'm hoping they end up together.
Shipping... Shipping never changes.
I lol'd.

[x] Arithmetic
[x] Painting
Longer updates are needed. Or if you want to keep them short, faster updates.

I'll see if I can churn out another update around Thanksgiving, when I have a break, maybe another one later over Christmas break, even!

In more serious news:
'[x] Painting' Wins!

>>145619 Might be on to something.

Update maybe this afternoon?
It shouldn't take more then an hour for you to make one of these very short updates, so get to work you lazy nigger.
Back then it took less than 15 minutes for a writer to make a quick update.
Every time I make a perverse statement, you always respond with a vague 'it could happen', but it never does. How you play with my heart so.

Or instead of models... nude body painting! The feel of those bristles on such sensitive areas. I'm going to paint a blush on you~

Missed the joke~

Yeah that one's definatley not gonna happen. At least not in one of these stories.
File 131546385532.jpg - (556.36KB, 800x800 , 8bebf3e8c8df89d6eeaf1622522500d6.jpg) [iqdb]
New extra raunchy flavor!


“Your lack of refinement the Underground look civilized. You need to learn how to appreciate art!”

What about the wood carvings she was studying last n--

“Not that kind of art!” she shouts, cheeks pink.


The desks are spread out, with paintings on painting-stands in front of them.

It smells like pine trees~


It’s the pajama wizard!

“Your assessment is entirely correct, while at the same time lacking everything a proper greeting should have. Simply amazing.”

“At least stop reading while you criticize them,” the red she-devil says, over her shoulder.

“The blow to their confidence will be at least twice as strong if you give them your undivided attention,” the snappily-dressed devil man quips, from the other side.

“You really shouldn’t be giving that kind of criticism to middle schoolers, miss Knowledge.”
It’s an ordinary, unremarkable highschooler!

“Yes, yes. Please take your seat, Jin.”

“My name’s not-”

“Class is starting!” She-devil chimes!

With a skip, she’s standing on a soapbox in the center of class.

“Today, we’ll be doing model paintings, so look at me closely!”

With a theatrical sweep of her arm, her vest is already off, and her shirt is down two buttons!

Could this be a new record!?

Pajama gives her a sharp glare, and she freezes. She sends an appealing look to her ally, the devil man!

He shrugs helplessly.

“Awwww. Fiiiine.” She redresses. The entire class joins her in a disappointed sigh.

The wizard reads in the corner, the devils both vanish toward the restroom, and the students placidly paint pictures of mundane apples and vazses. Jin keeps glancing at the teacher instead of his subject.

The devil woman comes back with messy hair, followed by the other devil and... a fairy maid?

Aren’t they students?

beep beep beep beep beep

“Class dismissed,” your “teacher” says.

Now that that class is done, which one comes next?

Third class:

Wait! That’s not right! What were you thinking!"


Schools blackest of temptations had nearly caught hold of you! You must remain strong!

[ ] Off-white
[ ] Walk-ins
[ ] Hall pass
[ ] Warning bells
[ ] It’s sparkling!


Took a while. Blame a cold, a response paper, and me being me. That is, mostly liquid.
[X] Hall pass

I'm wondering what it was, now.
[x] It’s sparkling!

Shiny! Cannot resist shiny!
>a fairy maid
You're going to need to be more specific. There are like 20 fairy maid OCs.
[x] Off-white

He can't tell the difference. But I suspect there aren't many fairy maid OCs joined at the hip to Koakuma.

Sometimes literally.
[X] It’s sparkling!

Now's our chance! We can escape! Freedom! Freeeeee-OHLOOKSHINY
[x] Off-white
>“Yes, yes. Please take your seat, Jin.”

You're pretty much just asking for it now.

[x] Off-white
[X] Hall pass

>What about the wood carvings she was studying last n--
>“Not that kind of art!” she shouts, cheeks pink.
The Wild and Horneyd Hermit was looking at The Fisherman's Wife?
>“Yes, yes. Please take your seat, Jin.”
>“My name’s not-”

Wait a second....

Oh you bastard, you are a real bastard for making me remember THAT story. Of course if this story has the same spirit as that one, then don't quit and actually finish this.
>telling him to not quit this

If he did, I would be much happier myself. This story itself was kinda salt-in-the-wound, and the mention of Jin (out of all the names with the exact same meaning) was kinda the straw that will break the camels back.

Besides. Only an update a day at the very least for such short updates? pffft.

You're both retarded and need to shut up. Holiday anon's ventures are a long-standing tradition, and it's always featured various references to other stories. That this particular update, in a school setting, has a single reference to Jin and Taisa's story isn't a cue for the buttdevastated faggot brigade to start whining about it.
[x] Warning bells
So a mention of GH gets more notice than Koakuma having a a (probable) threesome with Sera and Voile in the Supply closet?

Clearly, I have underestimated you. Or overestimated.
People are more willing to get vocal about what they hate than what they appreciate. I thought that was a bit more obvious here.
I'm perfectly fine with references, so long as said references arent pouring salt into the wound. Especially when that story is it-who-shalt-be-named.

Notice the number of people not butthurt over the story? I read it too, you know. Get over it.
GH's fame/infamy has eclipsed anything in post-HY /sdm/. I figured something like that happened in the update.

When most of the site gets interested in a story, the end result would never be pretty.

Despite not even being in /sdm/? Impressive.
[x] Off-white

>GH now also ruining other stories
[x] It’s sparkling!

All that talk about GH reminds me how much i miss it. No Rumia route leaves me in despair. She was such a bro and we finally could talk about her mother and life before this.

File 131566530265.jpg - (142.50KB, 850x1199 , e96b67e0e206a4e6b2d214e068eacaa1.jpg) [iqdb]
Note to self: Never, ever, reference GH in another story.
Note to self: Reference GH more, fuck the haters.

Also lovely Rumia.
>reference GH more

Hey bro, You're only supposed to shoot yourself in the foot once, Not with the whole clip.

Sponge-like feet give better grip.

I had to re-read the update twice to find the line where the threesome is sugested. I don't think it's the hate (of one or two anons), but rather how there isn't much description and details.

Also, just ignore the haters. It may be hard for them, but you shouldn't have prolems doing that.
File 131570601942.jpg - (77.60KB, 791x800 , 21594061.jpg) [iqdb]
I just realized Dr. Q is the only person on this site who has actually completed a story with Rumia as a main character. As far as I know, I haven't read everything.

Good Job
Which one was that?
I don't see why I should mention it. It won't affect the story.

Because that's how writers decide which parts were good. It's a comedy story. It'd be like telling jokes to an audience that never laughs.

That's the short answer.

Also, hopefully today or tomorrow I can update. Homework has been kinda heavy recently.
[x] It's Sparkling! wins.

Saging because while I hope to update today, only God knows when it'll actually happen.
File 13200306501.jpg - (232.38KB, 1200x1877 , 035714fed237aac94988f036e5c7680f.jpg) [iqdb]
After much waiting, it is here! Thank Nobody for getting me pumped up again.



You slide into the hall.


You didn’t hit them, so it’s all fine!


Who put a pillar in the middle of the... hall...

“Oh!” the antlered figure bellows. “You’re that kid who keeps dropping by, aren’t you?” The seams of his uniform creak as he raises lifts a hand. What is he-

No, no, you won’t ask.

“Oh, what’s an Oni doing in school?”

You look past him at the green-haired shrine maiden highschooler.


“For times like these,” he says, looking her over. “See you later, kid!” He walks off, flashing a grin.


Ah! There it goes!

Head tilted, she brushes back her hair.

“If I tell them about this, maybe I can get Hoshuu and Ku-chan to come, too...”

The bell rings!

Third trial:
[ ] History
[ ] Painting
[ ] Arithmetic
[ ] Ethics

[x] History.

I'd be surprised if this updates before next year.

I've got special plans for New Year's, so I'd hope it updates at least a few times.
[x] Existential crisis.
-[x] Cease to exist.

Update Red Gold, faggot.
[x] History.
[x] Arithmetic
[x] History

Turtle speed kinda crippled my care levels, to be honest.
>Update Red Gold
I second this notion.

[x] Arithmetic
[x] History

We must make with the learnings
Mine too, sorry.

I will, eventually. I still have a lot I want to cover with that.
[x] History
[x] History
Hey, at least history has some neat stories sometimes. Holidayanon seems like the type to put math off as long as possible, unlike the kid in Red Gold.
They're like polar opposites, really.
[x] History

wins. Writing now, sorry for missing a day again.

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