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Big Sis say 'no'

Not comfy.

Bed comfy.

Not floor.
No no no.
Floor not comfy.

But is comfy!
Dark and quiet!
and comfy!

More comfy with Sis though.
Where is Big Sis?
Not here.
Not here.
Should come home.
Yes yes yes!
Come home Sis!
Work to do!
Lots and lots!
Work work work!

Satori Miss said don't worry.
Big Sis come back soon.
Okuu Sis will find her!

Want to find Sis too.
But no no no!
Have to stay home!
Be a good girl!
Want to be good!
But want to find Sis too!
Find Sis is good too!
Very good!
Very very good!

No no no!
Stay stay stay!
Be good!
Good girls stay home.
Stay home.
Stay good.

At least comfy.
Comfy good.

“...e's awake!”

Noisy though.
No sleep when noisy.
Want sleep.
Sleep good.
Satori Miss say be good.
So be good.
So sleep.

“Hello, lady.”

Noisy noisy!
Can't sleep!

“Su-san doesn't like you, lady. I don't like you, either ”

Stop noisy!
So noisy!


“You did something bad, lady, didn't you? You tried to hurt the Human. We don't like that, lady ”

Sniff sniff sniffy
Sniffy sniffy sniff
Smelly smelly!

“We don't like you. We don't like you at all. ”

Not bad smelly, though?
Good smelly then?
Smelly smelly smell like...

“Su-san told me we oughta wait, but then you might try to do something bad to him again.”

Know smell!
Smell like people!
Strange people!
Tried to make dead!
But not make dead!
...strange people.
Big big BIG people.
Scare and startle.
Try to kill but not kill.
Good to not kill?
Not scared.
Not angry.
Hug hug pat pat.
A nice people!
Nice smell!
Pretty smell!
Talk lot though.
Talk talk talk.

“We don't want that. Isn't that right, Su-san?”

Oh but weird fairy came.
Stole nice people.
Make hurt and sleep.
Nice people go away.
Pretty smell go away.
Tell Satori Miss.
Satori Miss get mad.
Mad not good.
Scary scary.
Bad feeling.
Not good.

But...smell back?

“So, I'm just gonna make sure you can't do bad things to him again.”

Smell back!
Smell back!
Smell pretty!
Pretty smell~!

Not person smell though?
Can't sleep now.
Too noisy.
Too smelly.
Nice smelly.
Pretty smelly.
Like smell.

Feel funny smell.
Feel happy funny.
Funny happy.
Must see smell!
Up up up!
Now now now!

Oh? Oh!
Little girl person!
Little little girl person?
No. Not fairy.
But...smell pretty.

Hello smell!
Hello hello hello!

“H-huh?! Su-san, what was tha-WAUGH!


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Finally reaching the door of the guest room, you have to actively resist the urge to knock before placing your hand on the handle. A potential emergency is no time to worry about proper door-opening and room-entering etiquette, after all.

As you begin to turn the knob, you hear a sudden and muffled yelp of alarm from inside the room, followed the sound of something hitting the floor. Swinging the door open, you manage to take but a single step inside before you freeze at the sight before you.

Sprawled on the floor, just beside Parsee's bed, you find Medicine squirming and struggling beneath a smaller, winged girl in a tattered, patchwork dress.

And claws. Really, really long claws.

Despite the occasional spritz of purple mist at her assailant, the little fairy-thing seems completely undeterred in doing whatever it is she was doing to your little doll-friend. If anything, she seemed to enjoy it, audibly sniffing the air and Medicine herself before beginning to nuzzle Medicine's cheeks with her own. Though faint, you think you even hear a soft, gurgling purr coming from the little clawed fairy.

Su-san, for her part, seems at a loss as to how to deal with the situation, floating helplessly over and around her larger companion for a moment, before spotting you standing there.

“H-Human!” Medicine pitifully cries out, apparently also noticing you. “Heeeeelp!”

Somewhere at the back of your mind, you can't help but think about what you wouldn't give to have a camera, right about now.

[ ] Helping

[ ] 'Splaining!

I can't resist. Don't hate me...

Witch-Fairy likes her!
[x] Helping

Let's try to get the show back on the road.
[X] HNNNNNNNNNNGing! then [X] Helping

The best of both worlds.
[x] Helping

This scene is more dangerous for our health than Parsee driving a nail through our head.
[X] 'Splaining!

As HNNNG worthy the scenario happens to be, we did just walk into a possible euthanization. We can be somewhat serious for 5 seconds.

>dat file name
I know that feel.
[X] HNNNNNNNNNNGing! then [X] Helping
Well, I hope that's allowed. We can perhaps not die from HNNNNNNNNing.
[x] Helping

How am I supposed to dislike the fairy when you're making her so unfairly cute?
[X] Helping
in no particular order
Are you supposed to dislike her?
I think the MC used up those 5 serious seconds before he got there. That and I think Witch-fairy interrupted it.

I don't think so as Witch-fairy is quite adorable.
[X] Helping
That picture made me do a double-take.

Also, I stopped reading this around when we reached Satori. Holy shit, you guys are still underground?
File 131403384540.jpg - (484.14KB, 867x969 , 2d6e61b598578d4b181278f5ca4361a8.jpg) [iqdb]

Well, yeah. The underground is pretty awesome.
[x] Helping

She helped us, and we will help her!
-[X] Helping

This seems appropriate.
-[X] Helping
I will be sad if we don't get to take the fairy with us. Seriously sad.

Moebeetus overload.
[x] Helping

its only fair

She's a special little zombie fairy. Give 'er a hug!
File 131408937062.jpg - (39.87KB, 256x256 , HUUUUUUUUUUUUGS.jpg) [iqdb]
You should do something.
You know you should do something.
Despite the strange tugging sensation you feel in your chest, you know that you need to do something.

You feel something behind you.
Hear the sound of voices.
Voices of surprise.
Mild amusement.

“Humaaaaaaaaan!” Medicine whines, powerless against the might of the smaller fairy's snuggle assault.

Right! Right!
You should do something!
Something about this!
About the little fairy cuddling and purring and nuzzling your little friend.
She looks so happy!

Looking considerably less happy, the tiny form of Su-san hovers back into your field of vision, her little doll-hands planted firmly on her little doll-hips. Were she not floating in the air at the moment, you have no doubt she would also be tapping her little doll-foot on the floor.

Clearly, she wants you to do something.

Yes! You must do something!
Something about this sensation in your chest!

Clearly unable to rely upon you to get the job done, Su-san balls her little hands into little fists in exasperation, spins around, and dives towards her companion and purring assailant.

Her assault, however, is short-lived.

Swooping over the two girls while laying down a spray of poison mist upon the pair, Su-san pulls up and away, twists herself around in mid-air, and readies herself for another dive. Unfortunately for her, the fairy is ready.

Despite appearing to be completely focused on the doll beneath her, the little clawed fairy seemed to retain at least some awareness of her surroundings as she cuddled with her toxic captive. The moment the smaller doll was in range, the little fairy launched her counter-attack! With lightning-quick reflexes, the little creature suddenly bolts upright, brings up a clawed hand, and brings her open palm down upon her would-be attacker.

Landing squarely upon Medicine's chest, Su-san barely has time to react as the fairy pounces down on her.

Watching the scene unfold, you can't help but be reminded of a kitten playing with a toy covered in catnip. Or, spraying catnip, as the case may be. Sniffing the air around the two dolls, the fairy lightly pats Su-san with the palm of her hand, and receives another spray in the face for it. Undaunted by the little doll's aggression, the fairy resumes her snuggling and gurgling purring on the two dolls.

Your chest hurts.

But you must do something.
You must help them!

Paying no mind to the burning sensation in your ribs, you step into the room and approach the trio on the floor.

Kneeling down and arms outstretched, the sensation in your chest grows ever-stronger.
Burning like the fire of a thousand suns!\\

Yes, you were uncertain, but now? Now you know!
This is what it means to feel ALIVE!

Or that other thing.
The opposite of that thing.
Was was it again?

Oh yeah. Dying.

These palpitations and such can't be good.
But you cannot stop!
Dare not stop!
Dare not even look away for a split second from the scene that lay before you!

Doll, and doll, and fairy together!
Their tiny forms creating a miniature mountain of snuggles and love!
Also, no small amount of highly-toxic substances.
But mostly love!

Faced with such a sight, you know what it is that you must do.
You want to hug them.

No. You MUST hug them!
You WILL hug them!

There, at that moment, nothing else mattered.

So cute.

So cute.

So cute I'm gonna die!

I'm gonna die!

I'm dying!

...I'm dead.

[ ] Tea Time

[ ] Fruit Cake

[ ] Death Tax
[x] Tea Time

You are dead.
Not big surprise.
[x] Tea Time

I like this update speed.
[x] Death Tax

More Komachi time please, we still have to recruit her and take her out for dinner!
Oh well, I guess this is it. GG everyone.

[x] Tea Time
[x] Death Tax

[x] Fruit Cake

I knew I was right to mistrust that fairy!
[X] Death Tax
We must take her to a seafood diner.
I wonder what Parsee's thoughts on this development are.

On second thought, just give me Satori POV and let her relay everyone else's thoughts.
[x] Fruit Cake

No one ever likes the fruit cake...
[ ] Fruit Cake
[X] Death Tax

I want to see what happens with this choice.
[x] Death Tax
[x] Death Tax
[x] Fruit Cake

Strawberry, yum! Also, I'm afraid MC might die for real this time. Ok, so he has some kind of plot armor against death, but something of this magnitude might be too much, even for him.
[X] Fruit Cake
[x] Fruit Cake
[x] Fruit Cake
I want one.
[ ] Death Tax

If we ask Komachi out to dinner enough times, she might get tired of refusing.
[X] Death Tax

Sucker for Komachi!
in before the choices have different meanings than we think.
I have no doubt that they do.

Probably does but I was thinking you do have pay while crossing the Sanzu River right? Death + Tax = Komachi. If not, ah well whatever choice is fine with me.
I mean we voted for prevention the last update assuming it'd prevent Medi from gassing Parse, instead it results in her doing a preemptive gassing.
You do realize that "Prevention" didn't win that vote, right?

To be precise, the tally was:

Ounce of Prevention - 7 votes
Pound of Cure - 8 votes
I hate knowing exactly what I'm voting for, myself. It's more fun to guess.

Also, I miss Cirno.
For Medicine, a pound of cure is completely removing the problem, aka Parsee. An ounce of prevention would have probably been a smaller amount of gas to paralyze her for a few hours, instead.
File 131422206217.jpg - (1.25MB, 2000x1500 , red room.jpg) [iqdb]
I'm dead?

Nah, that doesn't seem right.
I don't feel dead.
If anything, I think I feel pretty good.

Perhaps I'll go for a walk?
Yeah, that sounds nice.
Nice day for one.
Nice place for it, too.

Just a nice little walk, down by the riverside.

Such a nice day.

Strange, though.
It almost feels as if there's something tugging on my back.

The wind, maybe?

Nah, that would feel like it was pushing.
The wind doesn't pull.

Not unless...

A reverse wind?!

No, no, that would be dumb.
Also, probably something that doesn't exist.

...-nd you are not required to relinquish them upon their arrival?

Hm? A voice?
It feels like I've heard it before, yet...

“Ah, nah. I mean, yeah, they want a count of it. Gotta make sure they paid what they're supposed to, and all that.”

Another voice?
Well, that sorta makes sense, I guess.
Most people don't talk unless there's someone to talk to.
Not unless they're a total weirdo, or something.
Those sorts talk to themselves all the time.

Yet they do not require verification?

“Nah. Mostly, it's good enough for me to just count out what I got, if they had anything to give at all.”

And the ones who do not?

“Different story altogether. Can't really provide proof for what you don't have, right? No pay, no ride, no delivery.”

Hmm. It still strikes me as unusual that they would not require more thorough accounting of any of this.

“Heh! No need to complicate the simple, right? Either they pay, or they can't. Either they make the trip, or they don't. The only difference is in how long it takes, and then the boss handles the rest, anyway.”

Hm. They sound like they're talking about something.
It's not nice to eavesdrop, but it's hard not to overhear.
Especially when they seem to be right where I'm headed.

Or, trying to, anyway.
This tugging isn't making it easy.
What's doing that, anyway?

[ ] Push forward

[ ] Fall back
[X] Push forward

[x] Fall Back

[x] Fall back

The plot is that way, you fool!
[x] Push forward

Really? I thought the plot was whereever we wanted to go. It can't be anywhere else, after all.
[x] Fall back

It wouldn't be nice to ignore the person behind us.
[X] Fall back

We're not retreating! We're advancing in another direction!
[ ] Fall back

My curiosity is piqued, but I won't let it kill the cat.
[x] Push forward

File 131423669469.jpg - (32.60KB, 676x386 , 1300190239586.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Fall Back
[x] Push forward
[X] Push forward

Ah so it WAS the Komachi choice! We need to push forwards and recruit more characters! Well that and since were dead and all we probably need her help.
[ ] Push forward

There is never enuff dakka enough Komachi.
[X] Push forward

Didn't we promise Komachi dinner?
[ ] Push forward
[x] Fall back
[x] Fall back
[x] Fall Back

We've made everyone worry enough. Let's not make them worry even more.

Also, shame on you. Medicine saved the MC and instead of helping her out you guys choose to die? That's hearless.
[x] Fall back
[X] Push forward

Why? What happens if we "Fall Back"? We go back to the rest of the cast and MISS OUT ON AN OPPORTUNITY TO INTERACT WITH KOMACHI! Ask yourselves, do you really want that? Either way we're still likely to go back, but THIS WAY we at least get to interact with Komachi a bit and it may have impact on later events (such as Komachi and/or Shikieiki trying to figure out why this guy just won't die when things keep killing him).
How do we know falling back will lead us back to the cast? That pull could be anyone! It might be Orin using her power over spirits, who we could lead back to our little fairy friend. Imagine the look on her face when she sees her Big Sis.
Not much of a man if we avoid a beautiful woman like Komachi. You know what's right, you know you wanna push forward ( already voted before don't count this.)

Also I'm getting a slight vibe of multiple votes from a person. Should have a mod check it out, I'd go on irc but going to work in a sec.
[x] Push forward

Seems like the best vote to me.
[x] Push forward

Seems like the best vote to me.
Errr please disregard thw last vote. Giving me wrong password error. Only meant to vote once.
What's funny is Komachi is talking about how "Those without money can't cross". I very much doubt the MC has any change on him at the moment.
[X] Push forward

The "money" isn't cash, but a symbolic representation of how much the living care about the deceased. With as many girls under the MC's sway as there are, he's probably got at least a good pocketful.
[X] Fall Back
File 131434318949.jpg - (145.21KB, 1024x768 , ha ha ha ha ha.jpg) [iqdb]
Alright, it's close enough that I'm going to say I'm calling it now.
Kinda surprised at how split it was, this time.

But that's okay.

might happen sometime later on will be just a tad more unexpected

Surprises are fun!
Fuck yes, we can disregard his life as much as we want with vastly reduced consquences!
Us - 1
Satori - 0
Alright am I counting wrong or am I reading a tie of 11 - 11 even after the vote calling? 13 Fall Back hits in this thread with 2 being counted out since it was part of the post and one message. 15 hits for Push Forward, one being the story post, 2 being in a message and 1 was a double vote.
Huh. I could have sworn I counted 12 "Fall Back" votes when I called it.

Okay. I'm un-calling it, I guess.
I've already got something partially written, but I'll hold off on deciding what to do until after I get some sleep.

If things swing one way or another by the time I wake up, I'll try to adjust accordingly. Otherwise, I'll just pretend I flipped a coin and go with what I've got already.
[x] Push Forward

I'm quite liking this bit of a heated voting battle. Our Komachi will win over all though.
[x] Fall back

Or will she?
[x] Push Forward

Never gonna get a 100% completion file if we don't get all the characters.
[x] Push Forward
File 131438163110.jpg - (340.51KB, 700x700 , ROSHAMBO.jpg) [iqdb]
Okay, calling it.

Writing soon.
File 131451776827.jpg - (263.44KB, 611x600 , they also make a neat jingly sound.jpg) [iqdb]
Huh. There's nothing back there.
I can feel something, but I don't see what it could be.

Oh well. Probably nothing important.


What is it that you do with them, then? Surely, they do not allow you to simply keep them.

“Heh! Of course they do!”

They do?

“Yeah, why not? It's not like you can actually do anything else with them. The currency of the living is of no value here, so why would the reverse be any different?”

Hmm. I suppose that is logical...

The voices are closer, now.
Much closer.
Clearly, this means I am getting closer to them.
That, or they are gradually increasing their volume for some reason.

“As for what I do with 'em, they have their uses. Flipping them into a cup or skipping them on the water are great ways to pass a long ride if I run out of stuff to talk about. The passengers get a kick out of it, too. Well, the ones that play for fun, anyway.”

They...I beg your pardon?

“Well, I gotta throw for them, of course. You know, no arms and all that. Good fun, most of the time. Mostly what I use them for, though? Ammo.”


“Yep! It's like skipping them on the river, except with a much smaller target that can shoot back at you.”

Why would you-

“Beats the alternative, doesn't it?”

Ah, there they are!
I suppose the polite thing to do would be to announce myself, but the smart thing to do is to not interrupt the nice lady holding the big, sharp-looking scythe.
If there is one basic rule of etiquette you know, it's that the one holding the biggest rock always has the floor.
This is especially true when the rock in question isn't so much a rock, as it is a large, bladed, instrument of death.

'Literally' says a tiny little voice at the back of your mind.
You don't know why.

You cannot seriously mean to say that you throw that around in battle.

“Well, not now, no. This little baby stays with Momma, but you gotta have something that can hit at a distance, right?”

Why do you use the coins, though?

“Like I said, I got a lot of them, and they're not good for much else. Sure, they're not as flashy as knives or butterflies, but get a good spin on 'em and they'll sting like ya wouldn't believe.”

I see.

“Yeah, see, it's all in the wrist. Ya gotta flick it at just the right moment, juuuuust liiiiiiiiiike...”

I can't help but think I've seen these two before.
I can't quite place where, though.
Come to think of it, this whole place gives me a sense of dej-AHH!

...what was that?

“Oh-ho! Looks like I've got another customer!”

Real smooth.
Got beaned by a tiny little coin, and screamed like a little girl.
Sure, it was a quiet scream, but still!
That didn't even really hurt!
I hardly even felt anything!

“Hey, c'mon already! Get over here! I'm not gonna hurt ya! Neither will she! Will ya, Sarry?”

Please do not call me that.

Well, crap.
Not much else to do but do as the nice, weapon-toting lady says, right?
Nothing else to do but make my little way over there as WOAH how did I get here so fast?

“Hehe! There ya are. C'mon and take a load off. ...not that there's much of a load for you to take off, of course, but take one off anyway. The ride can be tiring if it's a long one, after all.”

Well, if she's inviting, who am I to turn her down?
Then again, I have a vague feeling that there's somewhere I'm supposed to be...
Is it really okay if I take it easy here for a while?

[ ] Take it easy~! Enjoy the view~!

[ ] I'll relax when I'm dead.

[ ] Actually, I think I left the oven on...


You know, I don't care if we can never cure the common cold.
All I ask for is a means to trace it back to whoever was responsible for infecting me, so that I may track them down and properly show them my thanks.

Ideally, this will be in the form of a sudden meeting between their face and a claw hammer.
[ ] I'll relax when I'm dead.

Not picking this vote for any real reason. I'm just amused by the wordplay.
[x] I'll relax when I'm dead.
[x] I'll relax when I'm dead.
[x] Take it easy~! Enjoy the view~!
[x] Ask them both out to dinner.
[X] Ask them both out to dinner.
We have a habit of this occurring, so lets do this now instead of later.

[X] Ask them both out to dinner.
[x] I'll relax when I'm dead.
Fucking colds.
[x] Ask them both out to dinner.
[x] Ask them both out to dinner.
Colds are evil.
[x] Take it easy~! Enjoy the view~!

Worry doesn't suit him.
[x] Ask them both out to dinner.
[x] Actually, I think I left the oven on...
[X] I'll relax when I'm dead.

I wonder if her technique for throwing coins can be applied to rocks. We might be able to learn how to throw rocks like death herself.
[x] Ask them both out to dinner.

We must.
[x] Actually, I think I left the oven on...

Am i the only one who cares about the MC's life and the girls left behind? He needs to go back, Koishi can't date a dead guy.
I don't think we're in any danger of being permanently cut off from them. We'll get back to them sooner or later, or maybe some of them will get to us, either way it's not worth worrying about.
>Currently on Namek
>Next arc: Hakugyokuro
[x] Ask them both out to dinner.

Well we did say we were gonna ask Komachi out to dinner right? Might as well get it over with
[x] Ask them both out to dinner.
[x] Actually, I think I left the oven on...

We have other friends waiting. Going on without them is mean.

Your proxy is working fine.
[x] Ask them both out to dinner.

This is a war worth fighting.
[x] I'll relax when I'm dead.
File 131474379320.jpg - (121.47KB, 900x750 , Leonidas.jpg) [iqdb]

[x] I'll relax when I'm dead.
[x] Ask them both out to dinner.
File 131477328385.jpg - (580.91KB, 1012x1432 , River Taxi Driver.jpg) [iqdb]
I don't have time for such things!

There will be plenty of time for that stuff when I'm dead!



More importantly, there's something I feel I must do.
A compulsion, if you will.

A moment ago, it was not even an inkling in my mind, yet now?
It is as if my train of thought has been hijacked!
Taken over by an unruly thought with an unreasonable list of demands that must be met!
Best to not provoke it. It has guns, and is not afraid to use them.

Everything to gain, nothing to lose.
The most dangerous sort.
The type who knows what they want, and exactly how to get it.

“Uhh, Sarry? You get any of this?”


Yes, I knew what I wanted to do.
What I have to do!
As I stand before these two lovely ladies, there is no doubt in my mind as to what must be done!

“Waaaaait a minute...”

This is...

I must ask them out to dinner!
Both of them!
Yes! I will ask them both out to dinner!

In fact, I will do that right this inst-
...wait, why is the red-head laughing?

“Ahhh, sorry, sorry! It's just, wow. You again?”

What does she mean by that?
Have I been here before?
That would explain why this all seems somehow familiar, yet...

“Sorry about that. I didn't recognize ya! Y'know, since, well...”

You have encountered this one before, Onozuka?

“Huh? Yeah, a couple days ago. Had to send him back, though “


“Yep. Didn't think he'd be back so soon, though. 'Course, I suppose you didn't think so, either, huh? Tough break, that.”

Um. What?
Is she talking to me?
I think she's talking to me.

“Well, I don't see any other souls just hangin' around, here, do you? So, what happened? Even if everyone comes back here eventually, most tend to do it later rather than sooner, you know? Twice in just a couple days has gotta be some kinda record. Well, okay, not really, but it's still pretty weird.”

Actually, I believe this may be his third visit here, and his second today.

“Oh-ho! Really? You're sure this is the one you told me about?”

I believe that is so, yes.

“Huh. Wow. Someone must really have had it in for ya, huh?”

Is this what you refer to as being 'born under a bad sign'?

Wait, wait, wait.
Listening to all of this, I don't really understand what either of them are talking about, but I have a feeling it's something I don't like.
I mean, spirits? What spirits?
I don't see any spirits at all!

“Yep. You're definitely you.”

I'm definitely confused, is what I am.

You are unaware.

'Unaware' of what?

“That you're dead, of course!”

Miss Onozuka...

“Aw, c'mon, Sarry. It's his third time, he can handle it!”


I'm dead?

Wait. 'Again'?!

[] Denial
[ ] Anger
[] Bargaining
[ ] Depression
[x] Anger

Am I dead, again?
Ah, homunculus.
[x] Anger

Give Deaths the double-deuce! Spirits better have hands cause you'll need both of them!
[x] Anger
I am not dead!
[x] Anger

>2 emotions left.

So, we have/had only two lives left?
[x] Anger

When Saṃsāra gives you karma, don't follow karmic rebirth.

Make Saṃsāra take the karma back.

Get mad!

I don't want your damn karma! What am I supposed to do with this?!

Demand to see Saṃsāra's manager! Make Saṃsāra rue the day it thought it could give you karma!

Do you know who I am? I'm the man who's gonna take you out to dinner! With the karma!

I'm gonna get Rikako to invent artificial karma that makes our dinner reservation!
[x] Anger

One of these days we really need to meet Komachi while still alive.
[X] Anger
He's died thrice now, that would be quite infuriating.

This is great.
[x] Complete acceptance. Hey, it happens.
-[x] What's that shiny thing in the river?
Acceptance is the last stage! We'll see the Yama eventually~ I hope she makes Satori's judgment pale in comparison.
[x] Anger

"I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!"
[x] Anger
[x] >>145568 Become Cave Johnson
File 131498221810.png - (243.49KB, 600x600 , SSSSSSSSNNNSSSNGHKT.png) [iqdb]
Just to let you know, the update won't be coming for another day or two. Sorry about that. Work sucks, coughing up gobs of phlegm sucks, and putting the two together makes for a rather unpleasant series of days.
That's been going around various parts of the US as of late
File 131525682326.jpg - (88.78KB, 700x525 , don't drive angry.jpg) [iqdb]
What do they mean I'm dead?!
What do they mean 'again'?!

Like HELL I am!
I can't be dead! I still have my-

...oh. No, I don't have my arms.

Or legs.

Or anything, really.

I seem to have no body.
Why don't I have a body?
I'm pretty sure I had one of those.

...oh. Oh, you have got to be kidding me.

Someone stole it!
Someone stole my body!

Oh! Oh-ho! Oh-ho-ho!
Well, that's just great.

I guess there's nothing to do, huh?
Nothing to do but just accept this with quiet, dignity, and LIKE HELL I WILL!

“Hm, wait a minute...”

When life hands you pebbles, you don't just take them!
You send them back! Forcefully and at high velocity!
You take those pebbles, those mockeries of rocks, and wing those little bastards back at the head of the fools who dared give them to you!
Then you demand to see their boss! Demand accountability!
Then throw rocks at their heads, too!
At their stupid, STUPID heads!
Make them all regret ever thinking that they could give you that trash!
Who the hell do they think you are?!
Do they have any clue who they are messing with?!
Because I sure as hell don't!
Who the hell am I?!
Where am I?!
Who is that?!
Let's get some dinner, damn it!

“Uh, hey...”

And then?
Then we'll make those bastards pay!
We'll make all of them pay!
All of them!

“Hey! You're not dead!”

And then we're going to the mountain!
And we're going to the forest!
And we're going to take back th-...wait, what?

“Uhh, yep. Looks like you've still got some life in ya! So, ya'know, you might wanna get back to it.”


I'm still mad.

I think.

“Yeah, yeah, don't mind that. Spirits always get a little cranky when they're separated from their body. Just get back, and you'll be fine.”

Yes, I would suggest you not linger. An unoccupied vessel seldom remains as such.


“Aw, don't mind that. Just get on back, and you'll have nothin' to worry about!”

Suddenly, I feel that pulling on my back again.

It feels different, somehow...


“Well, there ya go! Just like that!”

Just like what?

Why is everything moving?

Well, I believe that is a long enough break. If you will excuse me...

“Huh? Leavin' already? But ya haven't even had a drink with me!”

My apologies, but I must atte...n..d......t....o.....

Their voices are getting harder to hear.
Are they moving away from me?
Am I moving away from them?

I'm not walking, so how could I be?

At least, I don't feel like I'm walking.

I don't really feel anything.

All I feel is this pulling.











...what is this?!

[ ] Reposition

[ ] Repossession


Okay. On the mend, a promising work schedule for the next week or two, and I'm feeling pretty damn decent.

Let's get back to business, shall we?
[x] Reposition

I am very interested in a change of location while some bastard spirit does god knows what with our body. Very interested indeed.
[X] Repossession

Because we're Cave Johnson the Main Character! And we'll throw rocks at them!
[x] Repossession
[X] Repossession
[x] Reposition

Just the choice I like better.
[x] Reposition
[X] Repossession

Like hell we're gonna let some hobo-spirit take over our body! Bastard is probably gonna make a mess in it, too.
[x] Repossession

Going back in.
[x] Repossession

No chance buddy.
[x] Repossession
[X] Repossession

Komachi was a wash. Screw this, I want my insane yellow-green satori back.
[x] Reposition
[x] Reposition

if this means what i think it means then it's definitely the more interesting choice.
I dunno, talking or fighting or sharing a body with whatever has control of it sounds pretty fun too.
[x] Reposition
[x] Reposition
Either way is going to be crazy, so yeah!
[X] Repossession

Let's not ditch Medicine/Koishi/Tenshi/Yuugi/Satori/Parsee and leave them with some bodyjacking bum.
[X] Repossession
[X] Repossession
[X] Repossession

I think we're going to really like what Koishi has done with the place.
Calling it now, sleeping soon, writing later, updating sometime after that.

This is the closest I get to planning, folks.

File 131543469178.jpg - (720.07KB, 955x1177 , dibs on the sofa.jpg) [iqdb]
Tugging on one side.
For crying out loud, what do you want?
Tugging on another.
Cut it out, I don't want any.

...h? What is...

It's dark.

...emme see! Lemme se...

So dark.

...o. We will wait for he...


...en can we...


...ster will decid...


...en we open th...



“Hey! Human!” Medicine calls out to you, gripping the collar of your robe.

“H-huh? What?” you ask, looking down at the little doll-girl sitting in your lap.

“The lady's talking to you!” she replies, motioning to your hostess in the chair opposite to you.

Blinking, you glance around the room and attempt to get your bearings.
You're on a couch.
What are you doing on a couch?

...well, sitting, obviously.
But, why are you sitting on a couch?
And why is Medicine sitting on you?

Not that you disapprove of that, but something about it seems strange to you.

“Hm. You do not remember?” your hostess asks, seemingly unaware of how you and your short-term memory are not exactly on speaking terms with one another, most of the time.

Wait. Why are you sitting on this couch?

“That is a 'no', then.” she says, with a sigh.

“It looked as if you had spaced out on us for a bit.” Rikako chimes in from her rather comfortable-looking chair to the left of Satori's. “You just scooped up those three, turned around, and started marching down the hall with them in your arms while mumbling incoherently about 'taking home' something..”

“That was kinda weird, Human.”

“Uh, sorry, Medi.” you say, giving your little friend a light squeeze in your arms.

“For a moment, I had wondered if you had somehow been possessed.” your hostess says with a calmness that seems slightly at odds with the subject matter, as absurd as it may actually be.

Sure, spiritual possession sounds serious, but how likely is it that something like that could ever happen to you?
Not very likely at all you think to yourself.
Exactly. you agree.
CoMpLeTeLy AbSuRd you concur.

Yep. Nothing at all to worry about.
In terms of things to worry about, it would rank no higher than getting struck by lightning, and only slightly more likely than drowning at sea.
Either in it, or over it.

“Regardless, your 'episode' did enable us to air the room out, and ensure that Miss Hinanai and Miss Mizuhashi were not adversely affected.” Satori continues, eying you warily but otherwise seeming to ignore whatever her third eye is currently reading from your mind. “The two of them are breathing normally, as far as I could tell, and I expect Miss Hinanai will be fully awake shortly.”

“And Parsee?” you ask, as you feel Medicine suddenly stiffen up in your arms.

“She was already awake.” your hostess says, simply.

You're not sure if you want to ponder the implications of that., too much.
Or do you?
No, you don't think you do.

You do, however, think you should probably go and see her

[ ] Go now. The sooner, the better.

- ( ) You want to see that she's alright
- ( ) You want to hear her side of things.
- ( ) You want to FiNiSh ThE jOb

[ ] Go later. You need to sort some things out, first.
[ooM] Go now. The sooner, the better.

- (ooM) You want to see that she's alright
[x] Go later. You need to sort some things out, first.

Tenshi isnt awake yet. Don't care.
[x] Go now. The sooner, the better.
- (x) You want to see that she's alright
[x] Go later. You need to sort some things out, first.

Tenshi time?
Tenshi time.
[x] Go now. The sooner, the better.
- (x) You want to hear her side of things.

That episode probably isn't playing nice with our memory right now anyways, especially not with An AnGrY vOiCe ThAt MaY oR mAy NoT bE sU-sAn mucking about.
[x] Go now. The sooner, the better.
- (x) You want to see that she's alright

Should we be worried with the new voice? Because that third subvote was rather worrying.
[x] Go now. The sooner, the better.
-[x] You want to FiNiSh ThE jOb

Crazy voice!
[x] Go now. The sooner, the better.

Meh suboptions. Do want to deal with Parsee now, though.
Dibs on Satori.

[x] Go later. You need to sort some things out, first.

He really should. Instead of always rushing.
[x] Go now. The sooner, the better.
- (x) You want to FiNiSh ThE jOb

I for one welcome our CamelCase overlords.
[x] Uh-oh you're hearing voices in your head. Ask Satori if she can help with that.
[x] Uh-oh you're hearing voices in your head. That's probably bad. Ask Satori if you should be worried.
whoops i double posted disregard the first one i thought it didn't go through
[x] Go later. You need to sort some things out, first.

Where is the witchy-fairy?
[x] Go now. The sooner, the better.
- (x) You want to FiNiSh ThE jOb

If anything horrible happens we can just blame the voices in our head. No worries!
[x] Go now. The sooner, the better.
- (x) You want to see that she's alright
[x] Go now. The sooner, the better.
- (x) You want to FiNiSh ThE jOb
[x] Go now. The sooner, the better.
- (x) You want to see that she's alright
[x] Go now. The sooner, the better.
-(x) You want to FiNiSh ThE jOb
File 131556299874.jpg - (371.27KB, 400x600 , killing is badong.jpg) [iqdb]
In fact, you think you'll go and do just that, right now!

“Mm, I do not know for certain how she will respond, but I have a feeling she will appreciate the gesture.” Satori says with a nod, before letting out a weary sigh and rising from her seat. “Meanwhile, as Miss Hoshiguma has suddenly vanished without warning, I can only assume my sister has managed to get a hold of her, and will soon have her completely lost and missing more than a few articles of clothing, unless I find her.”

“As for me, I'll just wait here.” Rikako chimes in, making herself look rather comfortable in her chair. “Don't worry, the little ones there can keep me company.”

Wait, 'little ones'?

Glancing around, you do not immediately see anyone else beyond Satori, Rikako, or Medicine in the room with you. It is only due to a sudden movement at the bottom-most edge of your vision that you realize your need to set your sight a little lower.

Sure enough, looking down at the floor next to you, see the gray fairy and Su-san engaged in what you can only suppose is the most one-sided yet affectionate-looking struggles you have ever witnessed.
Arms wrapped around the doll, the little fairy-thing contentedly nuzzles Su-san's head as her captive makes the occasional futile attempt to shove the larger girl's head away with her little hands.
It seems almost a shame to break them up.

So you don't.

“Well, Medi, let's go do this.” you tell your little friend as you gently lift her up from your lap and set her down on the floor.

“Huh? Where are we going?” Medicine asks, looking up as you stand up.

“We're going to go see Parsee.”

“H-huh?! Why?!”

“To see if she's alright, of course.”

Between her tone and the look of surprise she was giving you at that moment, you would almost think your little friend is genuinely surprised that you would want to pay a visit to the one who tried to kill you earlier that morning, or that she should have to accompany you for such a thing.

“You are aware that she had attempted to poison Miss Mizuhashi prior to our arrival.” Satori says from the doorway in a way that strikes you as more of a statement rather than a question.

'Well, I am, now.' you think to yourself, looking back down to meet Medicine's surprisingly-angry gaze. “Is this true, Medi?”

“She's bad, Human!”

“So, that's a 'yes', then?” you ask, despite knowing that it is. “Well, then, you're definitely coming with me.”

W-what?! How come?!”

[ ] To apologize. No matter what she may have done, two wrongs do not make a right. Except for when they do. But this is probably not one of those times. Unless it is.

[ ] To apologize. It's just the polite thing to do after a failed murder attempt. It's not like you have to mean it, or anything. That's what apologies are all about.

[ ] To apologize. For not getting the job done right the first time. Don't worry, though. YoU wILL fIx tHaT sOoN eNoUGh...

[ ] Just kidding. By all means, stay. That little fairy looks like she could use another cuddle-buddy.
[x] To apologize. For not getting the job done right the first time. Don't worry, though. YoU wILL fIx tHaT sOoN eNoUGh...

Nobody likes a shitty executioner, Medi. Least of all the person being executed.
[x] To apologize. It's just the polite thing to do after a failed murder attempt. It's not like you have to mean it, or anything. That's what apologies are all about.

I like this philosophy on apologies.
[X] To apologize. It's just the polite thing to do after a failed murder attempt. It's not like you have to mean it, or anything. That's what apologies are all about.

It's the principle of the matter. If people don't think you're apologetic they won't trust you to prepare their meals, and that'd be terrible!
[x] To apologize. It's just the polite thing to do after a failed murder attempt. It's not like you have to mean it, or anything. That's what apologies are all about.
[X] To apologize. It's just the polite thing to do after a failed murder attempt. It's not like you have to mean it, or anything. That's what apologies are all about.

It's just the polite thing to do.
[x] To apologize. For not getting the job done right the first time. Don't worry, though. YoU wILL fIx tHaT sOoN eNoUGh...
[x] To apologize. No matter what she may have done, two wrongs do not make a right. Except for when they do. But this is probably not one of those times. Unless it is.
[ ] To apologize. For not getting the job done right the first time. Don't worry, though. YoU wILL fIx tHaT sOoN eNoUGh...
[x] To apologize. For not getting the job done right the first time. Don't worry, though. YoU wILL fIx tHaT sOoN eNoUGh...
[X] To apologize. No matter what she may have done, two wrongs do not make a right. Except for when they do. But this is probably not one of those times. Unless it is.

See also: the title of the story, or as close as our options get.
[X] To apologize. No matter what she may have done, two wrongs do not make a right. Except for when they do. But this is probably not one of those times. Unless it is.
[ ] To apologize. For not getting the job done right the first time. Don't worry, though. YoU wILL fIx tHaT sOoN eNoUGh...
[X] To apologize. No matter what she may have done, two wrongs do not make a right. Except for when they do. But this is probably not one of those times. Unless it is.
[x] To apologize. For not getting the job done right the first time. Don't worry, though. YoU wILL fIx tHaT sOoN eNoUGh...
[x] To apologize. For not getting the job done right the first time. Don't worry, though. YoU wILL fIx tHaT sOoN eNoUGh...
[x] To apologize. It's just the polite thing to do after a failed murder attempt. It's not like you have to mean it, or anything. That's what apologies are all about.
[x] To apologize. No matter what she may have done, two wrongs do not make a right. Except for when they do. But this is probably not one of those times. Unless it is.
You know, the underground is sort of the closest thing Gensokyo has to a prison. And that bridge is the closest thing Gensokyo has to solitary confinement. Sort of.

Satori, you are the worst prison warden ever.
[x] To apologize. For not getting the job done right the first time. Don't worry, though. YoU wILL fIx tHaT sOoN eNoUGh...

Cannot possibly resist.
File 131561334961.jpg - (877.97KB, 1500x1500 , ce0951e1c0e430a5fbbbaea1f618f726.jpg) [iqdb]

Yeah, but it is the best prison ever.
[x]To apologize. No matter what she may have done, two wrongs do not make a right. Except for when they do. But this is probably not one of those times. Unless it is.
File 131564407469.jpg - (103.14KB, 334x500 , jOiN uSSsssSssSSSSss.jpg) [iqdb]
“Why? To apologize, of course!” you say, following your hostess out into the hall.

“What?!” Medicine replies, trailing after you. “Why do I gotta apologize to her?!”

“Because that's what you do when you do something bad to someone, Medi. You apologize to them, and tell them how sorry you are for doing the bad thing.” you explain, glancing behind you to ensure that your little friend really is following behind you.

Briefly surveying the rest of the hallway, you find yourself relieved to see that you had not wandered very far during your little black-out, and know exactly how to reach your destination. The slight nod from Satori confirms your thoughts on the matter, and with an acknowledging wave, you part ways with your hostess, and begin to walk in opposite directions down the hall.

“But she did something bad, first!” Medicine points out, in a classic display of the 'But They Started It defense.

“All the more reason to apologize, then.” you reply, undeterred by such basic tactics at blame displacement. “Just because someone did something first, doesn't make it okay to do something back to them. Especially not when it's violence or attempted murder, Medi. In civilized society, we cannot simply settle disputes with heat-of-the-moment acts of impromptu violence. In a proper and civilized society, we have to deal with our problems in a proper and civilized way. Namely, through strictly-regulated and officially-sanctioned acts of violence.”

“Like the black-white lady and the armpit lady?”

“Exactly!” you say, pleased to see that your little friend understands. “When either of them go around beating people up, it's okay because they follow very specific rules about doing that sort of thing. Except for when they don't, in which case there's really nothing anyone can do to stop them, anyway. That's also a part of civilized society, Medi; letting those who are bigger and stronger than you get away with doing what they want, no matter what, because it hurts a lot less than if you tried to get in their way.”


“But back to the point, which is what you tried to do, because of what Parsee tried to do, and why you should apologize.” you stop, and turn back towards Medicine. “Do you know what you need to apologize for?”

“Huh? N-no! I don't!” she stammers, momentarily taken aback by your sudden question.

“Because! You tried to hurt her, Medi. Tried to kill her, even! And for what? Trying to kill me?”

“Yeah! She tried to-”

“'Tried', Medi. She tried, but she did not succeed. Just like you tried and did not succeed to do the same to her. That is why you need to apologize to her.”

“For...hurting her? But-”

“No, Medi.” you tell your little friend, looking her right in the eye. Her cute little eyes, filled with curiosity and innocence. “Not because of what you did to her, but what you failed to do.”

“Trying to kill her?”

“No, Medi. For failing to kill her.” you tell her, simply.

Wait, what?


“See, Modi, revenge-killing is not something you can just half-ass, you know? You have to commit! To see things through to the end, no matter what! Otherwise, they just might try to come back and do the same thing to you! You don't want that, do you?”

Something doesn't seem right... you think to yourself, though you have no idea why. What could possibly be wrong?

“Huh?! W-well, uh...no...”

'Exactly! That's why it's so important to get the job done right the first time! No muss, no fuss! Quick, clean, and painless is the way to go, Moby! ...or perhaps, not-so-painless! Maybe quite a lot of pain, if you feel like it! It's all the same in the end, anyway!” you proudly declare what you know to be what the hell is this what's going on?!

“Um, Human? Are you okay? You don't look so good...”

“Nonsense, little one! I feel just fine and dandy! I am just tired from that thing that happened earlier, is all! That thing, you know!” you reassure the little girl in front of youMedi Medi her name is Medi who smells strange. “Oh, look! We're already here! What do you say we go on in and do that thing we're going to do?”

“Huh? Uh, a-apologizing?”

“Sure, that! But I was thinking more of the other thing, that will come after that! You know, the killing. Apologies and killing. What a wonderful combination, don't you think? A little apologizin' followed by a little murdering? Or a lot of murdering? Even better!” you can't help but chuckle to yourself as wait what the hell am I doing you put your hand on the doorknob and begin to stop it stop it turn the knob and slowly and quietly open the stop it stop it what the hell am I doing I can't stSuRREnDeR YouRsELF

[ ] Surrender

[ ] just Let go

[ ] embrAce the inevitable

[ ] obey Me

[ ] open the door!
[x] obey Me

Screw you Headgames.
Obey ME, not the other way around. I am the boss of my own mind.
[X]SLAM the door!

I said screw off, Headgames!
[x] SLAM the door!
[X]SLAM the door!
Secret option!
[x] Open the door!
[x] Get on the floor.
[x] Everybody wAlK tHe DiNoSaUr.
[x]SLAM the door!

Back to Mikio with you.
[x] SLAM the door!
[X]SLAM the door!
[X]SLAM the door!
[x] SLAM the door!

Why isn't this an option?
[x]SLAM the door!
[x] Open the door!
[x] Get on the floor.
[x] Everybody wAlK tHe DiNoSaUr.

Best fucking option ever!
[X]SLAM the door!
[X] Surrender

Just pissin' against the tide~
[x] SLAM the door!
Even in /th/ Mindgames!
File 131578106016.jpg - (306.01KB, 800x533 , I want to paint it black.jpg) [iqdb]
You begin to swing the door open oh no you don't Oh YeS I dO but stop yourself mid-way for some reason. Reaching up, you put your other hand on the door and pullPuSh as hard as you can.

“Human? What's wrong?” the littleMedigirl asks, clearly concerned about why you seem to be having so much trouble opening a door like you are going to notdoaS iF yOu hAvE a cHoICe.

“Oh, n-nothing! Nothing's wrong!” you explainLiE. “Just h-h-havingh, ah, a little trouble wuh-with the d-d-d-d ooooooooor!”

Indeed, you were having trouble openingclosing the door. Why is that, you wonder? Why do you have so much trouble doing something you are clearly trying to do, because you want to do it, and would be doing it if you wEren't reSisTinG in a hIgHly futile manner JUsT gIVe uP AlrEadY?

“Uh, Human? I think-”

“Don't worry! I've almost got it, okAY?” you reassure the little one who will probably need to be 'disposed' of once this is all over sHe KnOwS tOO mUch oh like HELL you will jUssT tRy aNd sTOp ME okie-dokie WhAT aRe yOu-


In one quick motion, you adjust your grip on the door and jerk your body backwards, forcibly slamming the door closed.
Or, so you would have done, were not for your hand being jammed between the door and frame.
Pain shoots up your arm from the site of impact; flesh and bone sandwiched between cold, hard wood.


I'm alright, Medi.” you assure you friend, your teeth gritted in WhAt do YoU thiNk yOu aRe DoINg pain. “There just...ugh...something I have to...have to do...

Letting the door open just enough to free your hand, you are pleased to find that your fingers all still seem to be functioning properly. As solid and heavy as the door is, it's amazing that you didn't manage to break something LiKe I wILL BreAK yOu, though it does give you a a wonderful idea WhAt arE yOu tALkiNG aBouT just watch!

Allowing the door to open a little further, you smile to yourself as you gIvInG uP begin to take your first step into the room not really and wHaT pull on the door as hard as you can right into your face.



Reeling back, you manage to maintain your hold on the door, using it to steady yourself yOu LiTtLe bAstbefore slamming it into your face once again...


...and again...


...and again.


Vision hazy, head throbbing, and struggling to remain standing, you allow the door to swing open as you take a single step inside the room, and fall to the floor.

“Human! What-”

“I'm okay, Medi. I'm okay. Just a little dizzy, is all.” you say, trying your best to ignore the jolts of pain that are once again surging through your skull.

Though it is hardly dignified, and you would always prefer walking yOu baStArdshut up, you are more than willing to settle for crawling into the room in your current tHis isN't oVer[/b] state.

“But, Human! I think-”

“In a minute, I'm almost there...”


“Almost! There!”

With a couple grunts, you drag yourself fully into the room, bracing yourself for the questions that will inevitably arise regarding why you announced your presence by knocking on the door with your head, and then entered by crawling along the floor like someone who could not walk because they bashed their head into the door until they could no longer walk.

Which you did.

Steeling yourself, you attempt to stand and turn towards the bed, only to find it empty.
More than that, it doesn't look like anyone has been in it, let alone the one you came to see.

“U-um, Human?” Medicine finally speaks up, pointing at a door on the opposite side of the hall. “I think the room is over there.

“Oh. I see.” you say, trying your best to remain AhHAHAhaHaHAhAhAHAhAHAHAhAHahAHAhahHAHAHA! calm and conscious.

Allowing a moment to collect yourself, you manage to get back to your feet, motion for Medicine to follow, and stagger your way out of the empty room and towards the door across the hall.
Lightly rapping on the door with your uninjured hand, you consider waiting for a response, but decide to just go ahead and open the door anyway. Were this purely a social call, you would not even conceive of such a breach of common courtesy, but right now? You are a man on mission.

Peering inside, you see your objective. Sitting up in bed, Parsee looks your way, her look of confusion no doubt the result of what she heard of your little run-in with the door. Making eye contact, you see her expression shift and change as her mind processes what she is seeing, and realizes who has come to visit just before looking away from you.

“Um, hi.” she says, weakly, her voice hoarse and cracking slightly. “H-how are- ...I mean, I-I didn't think you would...” Trailing off, she hangs her head and stares at her blanket.

Now aware that she is at least well enough to be awake and speaking, you realize you still have to actually deal the bridge princess. The question now, of course, is how.

[ ] Be cool. Getting emotional won't solve anything.

[ ] Be supportive. I think someone needs a huuuuuug!

[ ] Be a prick. Guilt trip time!

[ ] Be ____________ . I reject your options, and substitute my own.
[X] Be supportive. I think someone needs a huuuuuug!

You couldn't have honestly expected a different response, could you?
[X] Be supportive. I think someone needs a huuuuuug!

[X] Be supportive. I think someone needs a huuuuuug!

See if you can't get Medi, and anyone else in the general vicinity, in on it too. Hugs are best when shared. Just hugging yourself is not as fun as hugging someone else. So three people are even better, right? Which means four are even better than that.
In fact, why settle for just the general vicinity? Let's gather up EVERYONE in a giant hug!
[ ] Be a prick. Guilt trip time!

I'm in one right now, so I know it always works.
[x] Be supportive. I think someone needs a huuuuuug!
-[x] Hugfest time. Everyone in this mansion will receive your love. EVERYONE. Whether they like it or not, dammit!
[x] Be a prick. Guilt trip time!
[x] Be a prick. Guilt trip time!
[x] Be supportive. I think someone needs a huuuuuug!
-[x] Hugfest time. Everyone in this mansion will receive your love. EVERYONE. Whether they like it or not, dammit!
[x] Be a prick. Guilt trip time!
[x] Be a prick. Guilt trip time!

No hugs until Evil Parsee is dead! Only Good Parsee deserves hugs.
[x] Be supportive. I think someone needs a huuuuuug!

Can't help it, Im a sucker for this Parsee.
[x] Be apologetic. You feel vaguely responsible for this mess.

At least we were feeling responsible until eggs. Get that feel back!
[X] Be supportive. I think someone needs a huuuuuug!

And then Evil Parsee and Evil Us can get in a love-hate relationship full of belligerent sexual tension.
[x] Be supportive. I think someone needs a huuuuuug!

Seems Evil Us was fucking with us. Bastard probably knew it was the wrong door the entire time.
And Good Us has a bellegerent relationship with Tenshi? Belligerent relationships for everybody!

Medicine x Zombie Fairy OTP
[X] Be supportive. I think someone needs a huuuuuug!
[X] Be supportive. I think someone needs a huuuuuug!
-[X] Hugfest time. Everyone in this mansion will receive your love. EVERYONE. Whether they like it or not, dammit!
[x] Be supportive. I think someone needs a huuuuuug!
-[x] Be sympathetic: she isn't the only one with an evil alter ego now~!
[x] Be supportive. I think someone needs a huuuuuug!
-[x] Hugfest time. Everyone in this mansion will receive your love. EVERYONE. Whether they like it or not, dammit!
Writing has begun, but a somewhat wonky schedule means it might not be finished for, say, 24 hours.

File 131608572597.jpg - (761.78KB, 731x1000 , I just like this picture.jpg) [iqdb]
“Are you alright?” you ask, moving over to her bedside as quietly as possible. From a quick glance at the other bed, you see that Tenshi appears to still be asleep, or at least as close to 'sleeping' as one can get when they've been rendered involuntarily unconscious by a cloud of poison. You suppose she may be owed an apology for that, but until then, you figure it's best to let sleeping Celestials lie.

“'Alright'? Oh, yeah, I'm doing just great.” the bridge princess croaks, still staring down at her blanket. “In just one day, I've set a new record in majorly fucking things up. My all-time best, even! And noAH! W-what are you doing?!”

“Huh? Hugging you, of course.” you say, wondering how it couldn't be completely obvious what you were doing as you sat down on the bed and put your arms around her in a very hug-like manner.

“I know that!” she snaps, looking up at you briefly before looking away again. “W-why, though?”

“I dunno. You just look like you could really use a hug right now, I guess.”

“B-but I almost-...y-you...”

“Hey, I'm still here, right?” you ask, pulling away slightly to try to get a better look at her face. “I'm fine. See?”

“But why are you here?!”

To FiNis-quiet, you.

“Well, something bad almost happened to you, and I wanted to make sure you were okay. Is that so wrong?”

Looking up at you, you finally get a clear look at Parsee's face. Her eyes, red and watery, look pretty much as you would expect of someone who just endured a poisonous gas attack. Or spent the past several minutes crying to herself. Or both.

Either way, it only serves to affirm your stance that Parsee is in desperate need of some serious hugging.

.”I tried to kill you!”

“Well, yeah, I can't say I'm really happy about that, but that was then and this is now. And, right now, you need a hug.”

“...damn it. Why?!

“Because you clearly need one.”

“No, goddamn it! Why?! Why do you have to be like that?!”

“Like what?”

“That! This!” she exclaims, squirming slightly in your arms, but not enough to loosen your hold. “Worrying about how I am? Trying to, what, comfort me?! Me?!”

“Well, what else am I supposed to do?”

“Resent me! Want revenge! Want me dead! Hate me, goddamn it!!” Parsee says, her voice sounding more strained and choked-up than it already did. Her body trembling in your arms, she offers no resistance as you gently guide her head down to rest on your shoulder. “Why, damn it?! Why can't you just hate me?!” Though muffled, you can vaguely make out the sounds of quiet sniffling as Parsee buries her face in fabric of your robe and cautiously brings her arms up behind your back, returning your hug. “Why....why, goddamn it...why...”

Unsure of what to say or do at that moment, you simply hold her as she quietly sobs into your shoulder. After a few minutes like this, you think you feel her finally start to calm down. Though still trembling slightly, her choked sobbing had now been reduced to just the occasional sniffle.
Just as you begin to wonder if you should say something to break the silence, you her hold on you tightens, and you hear her mumble something into your shoulder.


“...'m sorry. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry...”

“It's okay, Parsee. It's okay.” you tell her, your voice little more than a whisper as you gently stroke the back of her head. “I...”

[ ] Forgive Parsee

[ ] Don't forgive Parsee
[x] Don't forgive Parsee

Why would we forgive her? We don't know why she did it. She doesn't know why she did it. I'm all for helping her overcome her problems, but forgiving her isn't going to help.
[x] Don't forgive Parsee
[x] Forgive Parsee

The MC, holding a grudge? Preposterous!

Anyway, she tried to kill us because of voice in her head, just as we were about to because of a voice in ours. It's obvious that around here this is the norm, and not forgiving somebody for something they can't control is just wrong.
>It's obvious that around here this is the norm, and not forgiving somebody for something they can't control is just wrong.
We just controlled our voice. Argument destroyed.
[x] Don't forgive Parsee

SHe needs to learn how life goes on. There things that you just can't get away that easily from.
[X] Forgive Parsee
If it were some other MC i would say do not forgive her.
But as >>146221 said, the guy is just not one to hold grudges. Or get mad, or use reason.

[X] Forgive Parsee
[x] Forgive Parsee
[x] Forgive Parsee

I'm gonna have to agree with >>146221.

I would imagine he would forget within a few hours why he was holding a grudge even if he did.
[x] Forgive Parsee
[x] Forgive Parsee
[x] Don't forgive Parsee

If we can keep ourself under control, then she should be able to do the same.
>We just controlled our voice. Argument destroyed.

Not without some self-inflicted pain, and by then it had already succeeded in parking the MC in front of the wrong door without him realizing it.
So? Parsee isn't a delicate little flower that needs to be protected. Well. She kinda is. She walks all over herself, that's her problem.
[ ] Forgive Parsee

Goddammit, I will force a Parsee route one of these days. Poor little avatar of jealousy.
File 131612328887.jpg - (150.54KB, 850x1275 , 12f4e2294dd805ae24752598db38c98.jpg) [iqdb]
Good luck there buddy.
Shhhhh. Shhhh. There's plenty of time to help everyone. Everyone that wants help, that is.

This is a discussion about helping, right? I can't imagine this MC wanting to do anything else with vulnerable girls.
[x] Forgive Parsee
File 13161283996.jpg - (506.40KB, 717x800 , 55db5a6b94044e0808c554fed1b74abe.jpg) [iqdb]

I think you two are forgetting the one that wants to be near us most.
[X] Forgive Parsee

Am I the only one who sees the MC as Jesus, but completely batshit insane? And not the son of God?

Okay, so not like Jesus at all, but still pretty cool.
Agreed. Her unbridled passion and unrelenting need to be near MC once more makes Yuuka the best girl by far.

Story ends with Yuuka carrying MC's child in her and his head in her hand.
[x] Forgive Parsee
We don't have nearly a nice enough boat for this.



We need to get a boat first.
[x] Forgive Parsee
[x] Don't forget Parsee
[x] Forgive Parsee
File 131621287869.jpg - (120.68KB, 640x480 , 066a994c4c183852d1b1d7bc4a46978d.jpg) [iqdb]
Damn. So much for using that ending.
Just had to go and spoil it, didn't you?

Oh well, back to the drawing board, I guess...

In other news, no ETA on the update and new thread, other than "eventually". This week looks like it will be busy, so I'll do what I can, when I can.
>> We need to get a boat first.

Komachi has a nice boat!
File 131636562790.jpg - (526.79KB, 950x895 , 8051254.jpg) [iqdb]
We're gonna need a bigger boat.
Time to go up to Byakuren's temple and jack it under her. Only the finest of boats for our Yuuka end.

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