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Why? Why would you be in trouble?
It's not as if most of what happened last night was your fault. Mostly.

So you kinda wandered off when you probably shouldn't have on your way to see Rikako last night. Sure, you kinda got knocked out by a brain-damaged fairy whose mental state may or may not have somewhat been your fault. Sure, you kinda indirectly got two people poisoned because you just had to wander down a dark alley and nearly get yourself killed.

It's not as if you planned for any of that to happen, though. It just happened.
If anything, you're the victim in all of this.

No, there is no reason for alarm. None at all.
That's why you're going to be cool.
Cool like a cucumber.
Cool like an early morning breeze.
Cool like-

“Here.” Satori says simply, gesturing to a pair of beds.

Looking around, you realize that you had followed your hostess into a bedroom of some sort without realizing it. Or, at least, what you assume to be a bedroom of some sort. The presence of beds in the room lends support to that theory.


Oh, right. Right. The bed.
As Yuugi half-lays, half-flops Parsee down onto one bed, you carefully lay Tenshi down on the other. Taking a step back, you wonder if you should fluff her pillow a little, or pull over the blankets a bit. You decide against doing so, though, figuring that she should be warm enough in her clothes

It's strange, though...
Where's her hat?
You had not thought about, but you don't remember seeing her wearing it last night, either.
Did you?

Satori quietly coughs, bringing your thoughts back to the matter at hand.
You think you're in trouble, though you're not sure if you really should be.
At the very least, not enough to panic over.

“This way, then.” Satori beckons, holding the door to the hallway open for you..

“Don't worry, kiddo.” Yuugi quietly says, patting you on the back. “I'll keep an eye on the-”

“I would appreciate it if you came, as well, Miss Hoshiguma.” your hostess says to the oni, her tone sounding more like a command than a request.

Strangely, you can't help but notice how her third eye was still not looking directly at Yuugi herself, even though she was addressing her. If anything, it seems to be currently focused on Medicine, who has been strangely quiet since got back. You can't imagine why, since it's not as if she has anything to worry about.

With Satori continuing to motion for you to step out into the hallway, you quietly comply, and file out the door with Yuugi close behind you.

“Actually, child, I would like for you to wait here, if you would.” you hear Satori say from behind you. Turning to look, you are surprised to see your hostess blocking the door, preventing Medicine from following you.

“Huh? How come?” you hear the little doll-girl ask, confused as to why she should be left out of whatever was about to happen.

“Do not worry, there are merely a few things I must discuss with them. It will not take long, I promise you.” Satori assures the little doll-girl, her tone noticeably softer than it was before.

“Uh, o-okay...” you hear Medicine say uncertainly, as Satori steps out into the hallway, closing the door behind her.

“Uh, Satori? What-”

“This way.” your hostess commands, not waiting for you to finish as she begins to stride back down the hall.

Silently following her lead, wondering just what it is she wants to 'discuss' with just you and Yuugi, that she could not just do right there and then, you soon find yourself in a part of the palace you think you actually recognize. Stopping before yet another door, Satori motions for you to enter what you recognize as the dining room.

As you step through the door, you are greeted by the sight of Rikako sitting at the table, casually sipping something from a cup as she reads what appears to be a newspaper. Glancing up at you, the bespectacled woman's eyebrows rise slightly at sight of you and the large, horned woman walking in.

Greeting her with a casual 'good morning,' she responds with a slight smile and nod, looking in rather good spirits for someone who was nearly brutally killed by a large animal last night. Before you can further inquire about how she is doing, though, Satori briskly walks over to her.

“Miss Asakura, may I have the paper for a moment, please?”

Saying nothing, Rikako briefly glances at you, before handing the newspaper over.

“No, Miss Asakura, there should be no need for that.” Satori says as she quickly skims the front page of the paper, before rolling it up. “This will not take long.”

Holding the rolled-up paper in both hands, Satori crosses back over to you, her three eyes practically boring a hole right through you as she raises her arm into the air, almost as if she were about to-


...smack you in the head with her rolled-up newspaper.

“That is for wandering off, when you should have been more than aware of how dangerous it was to do so, last night.” Satori says firmly, her eyes staring into your own. “I did not want you wandering these halls alone for a reason.”

“A-about that, I just-” you manage to get out, just as she raises her arm into the the air once again.


Once again, the paper strikes your head with remarkable force.

“That is for making others worry.” Satori continues, clearly in no mood for excuses or justifications of your actions. “One of your companions had already been attacked. Did you not think, for even an instant, that a sudden disappearance of someone else might be some cause for alarm?”

“Well, y-yeah, I'm really sor-”

“And this morning? Thoughtlessly wandering into some dark alley in an unfamiliar place, completely alone!” Satori says, her voice now mix of barely-restrained anger and incredulity. “If you wish to disregard your personal safety and well-being, that is your prerogative, but for the sake of those who may feel any sort of attachment to you, you would do well to be mindful of the consequences of your actions! If not for your own sake, then for them!”

For what feels like an eternity, Satori simply stares at you as her words sink in, before suddenly turning her attentions to the oni beside you.

“And you, Miss Hoshiguma!” Satori nearly shouts as she points her paper at Yuugi, actually making the much larger woman visibly flinch. “I care not about what you or your associates do in your daily lives, but when they so much as take part in abducting a guest from my own home?! That is not something I can take lightly, and-”

“Whoa, whoa! Whoa!” Yuugi interrupts, holding her hands up in front of her. “We didn't have anything to do with-”

“With the actual abduction, it was the fairy, and so on. Yes, I am aware of that. But was it the fairy that carried him back into the city?”

“Uh, well, probably no-”

“And into whose care did he ultimately fall for the rest of the night?”
“Uh, mine.”

Glowering up at the nervously-chuckling oni, you're not sure if you should be impressed that someone of Satori's size and build could have such an effect on someone so much larger and stronger than she was, or utterly terrified.

If nothing else, you have a strong feeling that your hostess has cemented herself a place on your personal 'Not to Be Fucked With' list.

“Know, Miss Hoshiguma, that I do not take this matter lightly, and expect there will be accountability for this.” Satori says, her tone noticeably less angry than it was a moment ago, but no less firm. “Given your standing among the other oni, their actions and conduct reflect upon you, just as your own do.”

“Hey, now!” Yuugi straightens up, seeming to muster up some degree of confidence. “Sure, those other guys screwed up, okay? I get that. But I took care of him, didn't I? I knew he was your guest, and I made sure to keep an eye on him!”

“Until this morning.”

“Ah, uh, well...y'see, he was asleep, and he had that kid watchin' him like a hawk already, so I figured he'd be safe while I just step out and help with some of the repairs, and...uh...”

“And as a result, he wandered into an encounter with Miss Mizuhashi that, were it not for Miss Hinanai's intervention, he would not have walked away from. You understand this.”

Visibly deflating, Yuugi lowers her head and nods. “Ah...yeah. Yeah, I got it.”

“As long as you understand.” Satori says quietly, her entire demeanor suddenly softening, leaving no trace of the anger you witnessed just moments ago. “Now then, please, have a seat. Both of you. There are still matters to discuss, and it would be preferable if we could relax while we do so. Yes?”

Neither you nor Yuugi say anything, the two of you too stunned from your respective tongue-lashings to work up the nerve to speak, and simply nod in agreement as you both pull out a chair and take a seat at the table.

“Good. Now, if you will excuse me for a moment, I will see about getting some refreshments. I know you have not eaten, yet, and I suspect Miss Hoshiguma would appreciate a drink, yes?”

Staring at the table, you simply nod again and assume it was you that Satori was talking to, and continue to do so even as you hear the sounds of her walking away, and a door opening and closing again.

And so, the three of you sit in silence, as you ponder what just happened, and rub your aching head.
Remarkably, of all the places she could have struck, she managed to hit only the parts that had yet to be hit by anything else over the past few days. Given how many blows to the head you have already taken, it's actually rather impressive, and probably the only reason your head isn't hurting a lot more than it already was.

“Sorry, kiddo.” you hear Yuugi suddenly say. Turning to look at her, she smiles sheepishly and scratches the back of her head. “I guess I really did kinda screw up, huh? Sorry.”

[ ] Full Life Consequences

[ ] Half Life Consequences

[ ] No Life Consequences
[x] Full Life Consequences
So, this options means he will face his stupidity and atone for it?
[X] Full Life Consequences

This. We know he is more than just their for comic relief, and I think it fills out his character in showing that he isn't just their for giggles.
Fuck yes. I am grinning so hard right now.

[x] Half Life Consequences
While some consideration of consequences is fine, we cannot go against our nature. We're always going to be easily distracted and thoughtless. There's no getting around it.
[x] Full Life Consequences

Hopefully with no typos.
[X] Full Life Consequences

>Satori smacking the MC with a rolled-up newspaper
You are now imagining Satori and Su-san fighting over who gets the leash. Manually.
Why do I get the feeling that the "Full-Life, Half-Life, and No-Life" titles in our available choices relate to someone living, someone not-quite living, or someone who is flat-out undead here?
So let's see who would fit the bill here if that is the case.

The somone living could be Rikako, Tenshi, or Koishi?

The someone not-quite living would probably be Su-san?

The person who would fit the undead theme would be, hmm, the zombie fairy the MC hugged silly?
[x] Half Life Consequences
[x] Half 3/4 Life Consequences

She cares so much. It must be nice being Satori's pet.
[ ] No Life Consequences
[x] Half Life Consequences

Being super serious doesn't seem right, but Satori has a point.

Hopefully this isn't a vote regarding Yuugi, because nothing was really her fault. If anything it was Koishi's fault for being so lovable and making me vote to go into a dark alley.

I was hoping the silver flash was her hair, dammit.
[x] Full Life Consequences
>Satori smacking the MC with a rolled-up newspaper
This seems like something Su-san would have enjoyed watching.
[x] Full Life Consequences
[x] Full... Life... Consequences!
[X] Full Life Consequences
[X] Full Life Consequences
[x] Full Life Consequences
>but for the sake of those who may feel any sort of attachment to you

At first this made me HNNNNG, but then I got to wondering if the welfare our fuckwit protagonist really actually meant anything to our comrades. Considering the scale of his shenanigans, his eventual demise seems more like a regrettable inevitability rather than something to be concerned about.

[X] Half Life Consequences

A little bit of this, a little bit of that. I don't reckon an oni would apologize if they didn't recognize a hint of blame.
You just saw Medicine and Su-san fly into a murderous rage when they heard he was almost killed. That's the most obvious. Practically everyone surrounding him has some reason to care about preventing his death (or trying to bring it about).
[x] Full Life Consequences
Satori hitting the protag will a rolled-up newspaper? This is relevant.
[X] Full Life Consequences

It's time we live up to our family name.
We seem to be very good at that, gathering and exasterbating psycopaths.
[ ] Full Life Consequences

About time he got scolded.
[ ] Full Life Consequences

About time he got scolded.

Ignore this post, my internet connection is laggin as hell and can't load the board's page completely, including the delete button.
[x] Full Life Consequences

As if there were any other option.
[x] Full Life Consequences

Ah, I want to be Satori's pet
>>As if there were any other option.

Half-Life: Full Life Consequences.
File 131158704419.jpg - (185.25KB, 600x800 , SATORI FREEMAN WHO IS KOISHI FREEMANS SISTER.jpg) [iqdb]
“Nah, I'm the one who screwed up.” you assure Yuugi, not wanting her to feel responsible for something that wasn't even really her fault.

It really wasn't her fault, after all.

Though one might argue that the crazy lady with the knife may share some of the blame for this most recent incident, you realize that just about every other problem you've encountered has been the result of your own actions, more than anything.

Getting knocked out in the vampire's mansion? Wouldn't have happened if you had not repeatedly smashed your head until you blacked out., would it?

Your current predicament with the flower youkai? Rushing her with an untested device cobbled together from mysterious alien technology in the span of just a few minutes that was intended to be thrown at the target from a distance rather than detonated at point-blank range was definitely not one of your better ideas. At all.

Still, it's not like it's been all bad, has it? Most anyone else would question the wisdom of breaking into a poison-flooded house, yet in doing just that you found yourself a friend! A cute little friend with a cute and even littler friend, no less! Who spray stuff that can kill things!

And what of Tenshi, your would-be pupil? Between throwing rocks at her head and forcing her to drink an assortment of unknown and somewhat shady chemicals with no regard for the possible side-effects, you would think she would have every reason to want absolutely nothing to do with you! Yet, she seems to get along with you, well enough!

Or, at least, is willing to tolerate you.

...she hasn't tried to kill you, at the very least. That's got to count for something, right?

Not wanting to kill someone, despite them doing things that might make them deserve to receive some form of violent retribution, fatal or otherwise?

Huh. Wow.
Now that you really think about it, you're not really a very good person, are you?
Sure, you might try to do good things, and want what's best most of the time, but...wow.

In just these past two days, you have broken into at least two homes, assaulted girls with rocks, gave a fairy brain damage as a result of said rock-based assault, put several lives in danger...

Is this you?
You never really thought of yourself as a bad person.
You don't feel as if you want to do bad things.
You never wanted to.

How, then, did it come to this, you wonder?
Where, exactly, did your life go so horribly wrong?
It wasn't always like this, was it?
You don't remember it being like this.

You don't remember much at all, actually.
All you find you really do remember, at least in terms of things that are actually significant, is...

The box.

Yes, that box. That was the beginning, wasn't it?
If you could blame anything for the sudden turn your life has taken, you would be inclined to pick that particular trinket as a likely culprit, even despite the rather short period of time it was actually in your possession.

Could blame it, but don't.
No, you must take responsibility for your actions, and their consequences.
What you do is of your own free will.
What happens is just a natural result of it.

Just as you cannot allow Yuugi to take the blame for your mistakes, you certainly cannot place blame on ominous-looking yet inanimate objects., no matter how tempting it may be.

It's a ridiculous notion, no matter how you look at it.

To think, that something like a tiny little box could be responsible for the events of the past couple days!
That something so small could have such an influence on your daily life, as if it were in control of your very thoughts and actions!

It was a box! A tiny, little box!
As if anything like that could do such a thing as that!
Little boxes, doing things like controlling people!


[ ] Yep. Totally ridiculous. It almost makes you want to laugh because of how ridiculous it is.

[ ] Though you will not laugh, you do find the notion to be patently absurd.

[ ] You are tempted to believe it, but you realize it is only out of a desire to spread the blame rather than bear the burden of it yourself, like you should.

[ ] You want to believe. You just don't.

[x] You are tempted to believe it, but you realize it is only out of a desire to spread the blame rather than bear the burden of it yourself, like you should.

This is some creepy shit right here. I'm unsettled. oh god we're horrible
[ ] You are tempted to believe it, but you realize it is only out of a desire to spread the blame rather than bear the burden of it yourself, like you should.

Time to give the MC some normal behavior?
[x] You want to believe. You just don't.
Brace for impact!
[x] You are tempted to believe it, but you realize it is only out of a desire to spread the blame rather than bear the burden of it yourself, like you should.
[x] You are tempted to believe it, but you realize it is only out of a desire to spread the blame rather than bear the burden of it yourself, like you should
[x] You are tempted to believe it, but you realize it is only out of a desire to spread the blame rather than bear the burden of it yourself, like you should.

Be honest with yourself.
[x] It's a perfectly rational train of thought and 100% possible. It's the fault of the box that you act this way. Stop and remember where you are. You've experienced much weirder situations, to be sure.
[x] All you can do is try not to make any more bad choices.
-[x] Perhaps ramming your head into a wall a few more times will help with that?
How in the hell did you find that image?

>Now that you really think about it, you're not really a very good person, are you?

First step in solving the problem is admitting that there is one. I'm still quite surprised that for all the terrible and stupid things he's perpetrated, he still has people that worry about him. Then again, it's not like he hasn't accomplished a few good deeds between blunders.

[X] You want to believe. You just don't.

The poor schmuck had his logical mind sealed away in a box and got us instead.
His logical mind got him sleeping outside while covered in blood. Somehow, I think we're not doing that poorly in comparison.
[x] You are tempted to believe it, but you realize it is only out of a desire to spread the blame rather than bear the burden of it yourself, like you should.
Protomen everywhere.
File 131161444294.jpg - (183.17KB, 800x615 , 0a726891d07eab939ce0d450febba5da.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Though you will not laugh, you do find the notion to be patently absurd.

Yeah he's screwed up a bit, but it's been the best intentions and everyone seems to be having a good time anyway.

And he got to meet Koishi.


... Where'd she go anyway?
[X] You are tempted to believe it, but you realize it is only out of a desire to spread the blame rather than bear the burden of it yourself, like you should.

As others have said, the first step to a cure is admitting you have a problem.
[X] Yep. Totally ridiculous. It almost makes you want to laugh because of how ridiculous it is.

don't worry be happy.
[x] You are tempted to believe it, but you realize it is only out of a desire to spread the blame rather than bear the burden of it yourself, like you should.

Allright. Let's start being serious?

Ok, I laughed.

[X] You are tempted to believe it, but you realize it is only out of a desire to spread the blame rather than bear the burden of it yourself, like you should.
[X] First step in solving the problem is admitting that there is one.
[X] The second step to solving a problem is finding it and beating the ever living shit out of it.
[X] Tea is fine and dandy afterwards.
[X] You are tempted to believe it, but you realize it is only out of a desire to spread the blame rather than bear the burden of it yourself, like you should.
[X] The first step in solving the problem is admitting that there is one.
[X] The second step to solving a problem is finding it and beating the ever living shit out of it until it stops being a problem.
[X] Tea is fine and dandy afterwards.

It's the Gensokyo way.
[X] Hold a funeral for evil Parsee.
You want to fill Parsee with more than just your "Holy Light", if you know what I mean.
[x] You are tempted to believe it, but you realize it is only out of a desire to spread the blame rather than bear the burden of it yourself, like you should.

And then I serious'd the fuck up.
[x] You are tempted to believe it, but you realize it is only out of a desire to spread the blame rather than bear the burden of it yourself, like you should.
Its time to finally start figuring out just what the hell is wrong with his head. And maybe, depending on Koishi, start fixing it.
>>And then I serious'd the fuck up.

This is why I'm prefering >>144196 's vote.

[X] You are tempted to believe it, but you realize it is only out of a desire to spread the blame rather than bear the burden of it yourself, like you should.
[X] The first step in solving the problem is admitting that there is one.
[X] The second step to solving a problem is finding it and beating the ever living shit out of it until it stops being a problem.
[X] Tea is fine and dandy afterwards.
[X] You are tempted to believe it, but you realize it is only out of a desire to spread the blame rather than bear the burden of it yourself, like you should.
[X] The first step in solving the problem is admitting that there is one.
[X] The second step to solving a problem is finding it and beating the ever living shit out of it until it stops being a problem.
[X] Tea is fine and dandy afterwards.
File 131181877232.jpg - (438.24KB, 1000x1000 , WORDS WORDS WORDS.jpg) [iqdb]
Yes, you know you want to believe it.
You would love to.
It would be so much simpler to attribute all of your problems to something other than the result of your own decisions.

But to do so would be nothing more than avoidance of responsibility, wouldn't it?
A shifting of blame away oneself, so as to alleviate any feelings of guilt one might have.

Yet, when you get right down to it, the only one to blame for what you do is yourself.

If you do things, the things that happen as a result are your fault.
That is only logical, right?

Of course it is!

Though the outcome may not be what you had intended, it would not have happened at all were it not for your actions. Actions you would not have performed, had you not wanted to do them.
Regardless of what happens, you do what you do because it's what you want to do. If you did not want to do them, then you would not do them at all, right?

Of course~!

That is not an entirely bad thing, though, is it? To know that you are the only one responsible for your actions?
Sure, it means that you are responsible when things don't go so well, but it also means you are responsible for when things do go well.
In that way, you are essentially the master of your own fate!
Succeed or fail! Live or die! You are the one to decide the outcome!


If something is not working, you will figure out how to make it work!
If you have a problem, then you will fix it, damn it!


Just because your decisions may not have always been the best up to now, that doesn't mean you have to keep making decisions like that!
Occasionally tenuous grasp on reality be damned, you are the one in charge of your life! You are the one in control, here! Not some creepy little box! You!

So you've had problems!
Everyone does!
Trials and tribulations one must overcome as they journey upon the road of life!
What matters isn't what they are, but what you do about them!
Do not run from them! Do not deny them!
Recognize them! Identify them!
Then solve those problems!
With a rock!
A big-ass rock!

Big and hard~!

Yes! A big, hard rock, which you will use to beat the ever loving shit out of any problem that comes your way!

Take that hard one! Take it!

Bludgeon that problem until it's not a problem anymore, but a quivering pile of paste and goo that barely even resembles the problem it once was!

Goo aaaaaaall over~!

Yes! The very walls will be splattered with the remnants of the problem that dared stand in your way!

Rub it in! Rub all that goo in~!

Then, after all is said and done, maybe a cup of tea! Perhaps alone, or perhaps with the former problem as a sign of goodwill, to show there are no hard feelings.
Unless, of course, there are still hard feelings. Then, well...

Nothing a little sodomy won't fix~!

Yeah! Nothing like a little-...wait, what?

Setting your fork down upon your plate you look around to see Yuugi staring at you as if you had been rambling incoherently for the past minute or so.. You think Rikako may be staring at you in a similar fashion, but you cannot quite see her, for some strange reason.

Leaning over to the side a bit, you verify that she was, indeed, staring at you.
Or, at least, in your general direction.

Wait, plate and fork?
Where did this plate and foare those eggs?


The sound of a door opening and closing tugs your attention away from the plate before you. Glancing towards the source of the sound, you see Satori walking in, carrying a bottle of some sort. You would wonder what was in it, but eggs you find something else eggs eggs demanding your attention.

“Sorry, but I am afraid this is the strongest we have, Miss Hosh-” your hostess begins, only to suddenly stop in her tracks. Jerking slightly, her third eye looks around, as if scanning the room, before finally settling on you. Letting out an audible sigh, Satori sets the bottle upon the table, retakes her seat, and begins to rub her temples. “Koishi, what have I told you about sitting on the table?”

“I'm not sitting~! I'm laying~!” Koishi cheerfully replies, head propped up in her hands as she lay on her stomach in front of you.

“That is not-...never-mind. How long have you been there, sister?”

“Mmmmmmmmmm, dunno~!” the younger satori says, rolling her eyes upward as if trying to think about the answer, before looking back down at you and your plate. “Heeeeey~! You stopped eating!”

You did?
Oh. You did.

You stare into the depths of the plate of eggs.

...and the eggs stare back.

[ ] “Ah.”
[ ] “Ahh!”
[ ] “Ahhhhhhh~!”


>>How in the hell did you find that image?

By doing a search on Danbooru for "touhou" and "crowbar".

Lovecraftian horror breakfast.

>Succeed or fail! Live or die! You are the one to decide the outcome!
Did anyone besides me start hearing Cave Johnson and GLaDOS?
[x] “Ahhhhhhh~!”

Fuck yeah Koishi. If she's here, who is stopping Medicine from acting on her homicidal urges? She's alone with an unconscious Tenshi and Parsee, right?
[X] “Ah.”

Nothing to worry about. Eggs are permitted to stare as long as they obtain the proper documentation.
The protagonist is never going to get serious, is he?
[x] So those eggs want a staring contest? They clearly picked the wrong opponent. Stare them into submission.

>Did anyone besides me start hearing Cave Johnson and GLaDOS?
You are not the only one. We need to ask around later if someone can make a combustible rock.
That depends on our voting, doesn't it? Personally, I'd rather save the serious face for when things get serious.
[ ] “Ahhhhhhh~!”

Bet you Koishi's hiding her eyeball under the eggs, gunning for another "massage".
[X] “Ahhhhhhh~!”
[x] “Ahhhhhhh~!”

Eggs and trolling from Koishi - part of a balanced breakfast.
File 131183010357.jpg - (197.07KB, 892x1262 , koishi is a lie.jpg) [iqdb]
When life gives you lemons, you stone it to death. With combustible rocks.
Cave Johnson, we're done here.
[X] Ahhhh-CHOOO!
[x] Grab a forkful and feed it to Koishi.
[x] Ahhhhhn~
File 131184703964.png - (252.32KB, 596x609 , 9cebed3c6fd4bcf24ab10509922d5f72.png) [iqdb]
[x] “Ahhhhhhh~!”

>The protagonist is never going to get serious, is he?

I sure hope not. One of my favorite parts of this story is how little the MC gives a shit about things that happen to him. No serious story would swim across the lake, bash our head against a wall or take a stake to the head without a bad end. Yeah, Satori is right that he should care because of all the people he has met so far, but just chilling has gotten him this far anyway.

Koishi would probably find a suddenly serious MC boring, and that would be terrible.
I can understand that fear, but one of the reasons why, I at least, got annoyed about picking sillier options sometimes is because I felt it negated the more caring side of the MC. The sillier side wouldn't have given a damn about Parsee's issues, for example. Granted this is my viewpoint, and it's probably not even correct, but that's one reason why I dislike always picking the silly option.
Whoops forgot to vote.

[x] Grab a forkful and feed it to Koishi.
[x] Ahhhhhn~

It's fun to feed a girlfriend, right?
[x] Grab a forkful and feed it to Koishi.
[x] Ahhhhhn~
[X] “Ahhhhhhh~!”

Nothing must come between the MC and his delicious, nutritious breakfast.
File 131186305642.png - (1.22MB, 1024x768 , Koishi becuz.png) [iqdb]
Replaceing my vote by:
[x] Grab a forkful and feed it to Koishi.
[x] Ahhhhhn~

MC may be crazy, and writefag will never write H, but I still want a sweet feeding moment with Koishi.
[x] Grab a forkful and feed it to Koishi.
[x] Ahhhhhn~

[x] Grab a forkful and feed it to Koishi.
[x] Ahhhhhn~
[x] Grab a forkful and feed it to Koishi.
[x] Ahhhhhn~
[x] Grab a forkful and feed it to Koishi.
[x] Ahhhhhn~
I love how simple write ins rule the day.
[x] Grab a forkful and feed it to Koishi.
[x] Ahhhhhn~
[x] Grab a forkful and feed it to Koishi.
[x] Ahhhhhn~

Perfect. For once, nothing can go wrong.
Besides, the stepsister asked us to be nice with Koishi. So, it'll improve our relation with Satori.

The only way to screw up is if Tenshi watched the whole scene. Or if MC stabs Koishi in the eye with the fork.
[x] Grab a forkful and feed it to Koishi.
[x] Ahhhhhn~
[x] Grab a forkful and feed it to Koishi.
[x] Ahhhhhn~
So much for getting serious.
[x] Grab a forkful and feed it to Koishi.
[x] Ahhhhhn~
File 131201939037.jpg - (1.44MB, 1753x2480 , just a minor setback.jpg) [iqdb]
Update is going to be slightly delayed on account of scrapping my original idea for it, and needing to get some sleep before I start on the new idea.

See, it's kinda funny, but there was already a "feed Koishi" option.

Guess which one that write-in was added to.

Normally, I would just ignore such a redundancy, but this time? I think such enthusiasm should be taken into consideration.
File 13120211185.jpg - (123.67KB, 850x531 , c2c7c485fa9d86b6f416a718c961652a.jpg) [iqdb]
>Normally, I would just ignore such a redundancy, but this time? I think such enthusiasm should be taken into consideration.

File 131203383947.png - (1.72MB, 2480x1748 , Koishi ftw.png) [iqdb]
So, it was:


That said, considering our MC and Koishi's record... you can't blame us for misunderstanding that third option...
File 13121065341.jpg - (323.32KB, 1280x960 , IT IS DELICIOUS EGG.jpg) [iqdb]
Yes, the eggs stare at you.
They stare at you, as much as anything without actual eyes can stare.
Which is to say, not a lot.

You gaze longingly at the plate, and the fluffy clumps of yellow that lay upon it.
Scrambled eggs.

Something about them seems intimately familiar to you.
The shape.
The texture.
The smell.
Even the way they glisten in the light of the room.

It reminds you of...

The mansion.

Yes! This color! This arrangement!
It is as if the plate before you has been conjured from your very memory of that wonderful breakfast from a couple days ago!

Your hostess speaks words, but you do not fully register them.
Something about how you are not entirely wrong, whatever that means.
Such things are irrelevant in the face of the pile of egg-laden bliss that you now see.

Fork firmly in-hand, you eagerly plunge your rigid utensil into the soft, inviting warmth of the eggs, and gently pull up a particularly luscious-looking clump.
Hello, little eggy.
Do not be afraid.
I will be gentle.

Feeling blessed for this eggful bounty, you nevertheless feel a sudden pang of anxiety, and quickly glance around the room.

Good. No birds.
Yes, no birds on branches, watching you.

Your hostess converses with the other two women at the table, no doubt introducing them to one another and explaining the circumstances that brought them all together.

Paying them no mind, you brace yourself to open the gates to Egg Nirvana, only to freeze in place.

You were still being watched.
Not by birds, much to your relief, but by something else.
Someone else.

Meeting her gaze with your own, you simply stare at each other for a moment.
She smiles, and you feel a flutter in your chest.

You avert your eyes, glancing back down at the plate of eggs.
Another flutter.

Seeking relief, you look up and away from the eggs, only to return to gazing into Koishi's eyes.
Once again, BA-dump BA-dump.

Damn heart palpitations.

Look down.
Ba-dump BA-dump.
Look up.
Ba-dump BA-dump.
Ba-dump BA-dump.
Ba-dump BA-dump.


Ba-dump BA-dump BA-dum-bum-bum.

As you look between the two, inspiration strikes.
Tightly gripping your fork, you realize what you must do.

Meeting Koishi's gaze once again, you slowly bring your egg-loaded fork up into her view.
Her eyes flick down to the glistening yellow curdle, then back up to you. She smiles, yet her eyes feel strangely impassive.
Though you know she cannot read your mind, you wonder if she at least has some inkling of what you intend to do. As if to demonstrate, you open your mouth slightly and let out a faint 'ahhhh' while gently moving the fork towards her face.

Though her smile does not change, you feel as if something in her eyes shifts ever so slightly as they follow the movements of the fork in your hand, like a still-glowing ember appearing from beneath the pile of ash of an extinguished fire. Faint, yet unmistakably present.

Making eye-contact with you yet again, her smile widens as she slowly leans forward, her moistened lips parting

She understands.

She is ready.

[ ] Tortuuuuuuuuga

[ ] Choo-choo~


[ ]
[x] Choo-choo~

Koishi has had enough buildup already. It is time to stick it in. STEAMSHOVEL looks like it would be too quick, and putting his utensil in so suddenly might cause her some pain.
[x] Choo-choo~

Seems the more gentle. I don't know what tortuga is, but choo-choo sounds like a train.

Or like a japanese kiss, if you see what I mean.
[x] Choo-choo~

Unconscious option!
[x] Tortuuuuuuuuga

It means turtle.
[x] J-J-JAM IT IN.
[x] Choo-choo~

[X] Tortuuuuuuuuga
Since this does mean turtle, I think the options go
Time, love and care must be taken when feeding the Koishi.
[x ] Choo-choo~

Choo-choo train!
[x] Choo-choo~
In soviet Russia, Koishi feeds you!
A pity we're not in Soviet Russia.

You know what else the word "Turtle" is used for in Japan? Euphemisms regarding the foreskin on the Penis.
[x] Choo-choo~
[ ] Tortuuuuuuuuga

Jack-hammering is always the best option. It might be a little painful for Koishi at first since she wouldn't be used to our quick forceful thrusts, but she'll soon learn to appreciate the amount of passionate, loving care we put behind each gyration.
[x] Choo-choo~

[X] Choo-choo~

She wants her food. Tortuga is too slow, and "steamshovel" sounds like you'd be force-feeding her.
[X] Show me how the piggies eat
Thread nine is missing... Sadness ensues.
It takes time for the archive to pick purged threads up.

In the meantime, use >>/gensokyo/7144
If you want threads 1 through 16, I put up a rar with the saved pages (web page complete). You can download them here.

Hey when a thread has moved to the archive, can you still post stuff in it? For instance a lot of multi-thread stories will reach the post limit and thus a new thread has to be created, but what about threads that did not reach that post limit?
File 131227705962.png - (439.52KB, 800x1118 , all work and no play makes something something.png) [iqdb]
Just a heads up, but updates will probably be slow in coming this week.

...well, slower in coming.
File 131231879698.jpg - (181.44KB, 600x600 , cc35da3ea132bb8ea81c2dabbcddd92d.jpg) [iqdb]

You update more regularly than almost everyone on this site (Owen and Fell are both up there with you). No need to feel bad about having slow updates, because they really aren't slow.

Waiting warmly.
File 131239725959.png - (102.35KB, 300x326 , shocking I know.png) [iqdb]
Wait... what? There's no way I deserve to be called fast anymore; Priceless' update speed has slowed from twice a week to once a week in the last two months. Klaymen's getting like four updates out a week; go call him fast instead.

Unless you're counting Derp Wars too, but that's just another low-quality Homestuck ripoff, and look how fast that guy updates.
File 13124016219.jpg - (164.99KB, 600x480 , meanwhile in AFT.jpg) [iqdb]

But Derp Wars is funny and I do count it. I pretty much named the first two writers I could think of that have been updating a lot recently, but yes Klaymen has probably written the most. Sukima has started updating a ton too, though he had that break for a while. That seems to be what YAF is doing right now which sucks because his speed was pretty good on his two stories. There are a bunch of newer writers that have been writing for a bit, though most seem to be chilling now. Oh, and DEFT anon too of course and...

Wait, why is complimenting/encouraging someone being such a hassle? Just shut up and take it, Owen. Yeah I love your stories and think the update speed on them is fine, what are you going to do about it?
File 131245872859.jpg - (29.74KB, 436x308 , sometimes a train is just a train.jpg) [iqdb]
Koishi silently gazes at you, her parted lips clearly ready for you to deposit your eggy load.

Tightly gripping your utensil with the same confidence you would display with any other sort of long, rigid object, you thrust with a slow-yet-steady motion.


Boldly entering the inviting entryway of her orifice, Koishi's lips quickly close around your utensil, enveloping egg and fork alike in warm, moist darkness.

Slowly pulling out, your partner emits a faint moan to signal her pleasure. Encouraged by this, you thrust once more into the soft mass, and deliver another helping to Koishi's mouth.

Lips part.
Fork in.
Lips close.
Fork out.

First one forkful. Then another. Then another, still again. With each thrust, you slowly yet steadily increase your pace.

In and out.
In and out.
In and out.

Like the pounding pistons of a locomotive, you shovel clump after eggy clump into your partner's mouth with an almost mechanical rhythm. With her occasional moaning as your guide, you adjust your pace as necessary to ensure maximum satisfaction, and muster all of your stamina to ensure you do not falter in your task.

In out in out in out in out in out in out in out in out....

Alas, try as you might, you know that all things must come to an end.
A glance down at the plate confirms what you already knew in the depths of your heart. Rather than avoid or delay the inevitable, however, you instead choose to embrace it.

Scooping up the final clump of egg upon your fork, you raise it up and look your partner square in the eye.
The end has come.
Realizing you have reached the climax, you steel yourself and put everything you can into one final, decisive thrust!

A brief flash of what you almost think is surprise crosses Koishi's face, as if she were caught off-guard by the sheer size and mass of the final load that had been forcefully thrust into her mouth. What shock there may have been quickly passes, though, and she eagerly gulps down your salty mass of protein.

Face flush and gasping slightly, she opens her mouth and extends her tongue, as if to prove that not a single speck remained.

Truly, you think, her swallowing such a great quantity at one time is rather remarkable.
Also, slightly arousing.

You're not sure why.

As you watch her slowly lick the salty, oily residue from her lips, you can't help but notice that her face seems strangely closer to you than it was before.

Now that you think of it, her everything seems closer to you than it was before.
Why is that?
Oh. She's sitting in your lap.
Well, straddling your lap.

That's kinda like sitting, right?

Mmmmmmmmm~, I think I liked tha~t.” she murmurs, looping her arms around your back and bringing her face close to your own. “I think maybe I should return the favor~. Do you think so~? I think so~.”

Return the favor?
What could she mean by that?

Feeding you? You're not really sure how, seeing as all of the eggs are now gone. Finished. Kaput. Finito. Surely, there was no way she could feed you eggs, when all eggs have already been fed to her.

Not unless she were to do something like...that.
But, there's no way she could do that, could she?

Would she?

Okay, yes. She probably would.
From what you've seen of her, you have no doubt that such a thing as that is just the sort of thing she would do.

Would that be so bad, though?
You're not so sure.

Warm, egg-scented air blows across your face, as you ponder over how to respond...

[ ] “I'll have what she's having!”

[ ] “No thanks, I couldn't eat another bite.”

[ ] “Could I get that 'to go' instead?”

[ ] “I'd much rather eat Koishi...

[ ] “Hello, room service?”

[ ] “So, how about that weather we're having?”


Of all the things you could have done, good sir, that is definitely a thing.
[x] “I'll have what she's having!”
The MC is definitely Koishi's best partner available. He's as... "saucy" as her. I can't really say I hate that myself, Koishi is always a huge win.
[X] “I'll have what she's having!”
The possible outcome is...interesting.
[x] “Hello, room service?”
There are other people present. Watching this... display. Another time, Koishi. Another time.

How much of that is him and how much is her fucking with his head? That's the question that should always be on your mind when she's around. The best question.
[x] “I'll have what she's having!”
Oh Koishi, never change~
[X] “I'll have what she's having!”

It doesn't have to be sex, you know.

She might simply be concealing cranberries somewhere.
[x] “I'll have what she's having!”

I came.
[x] “I'll have what she's having!”

>There are other people present.

What? I see only a finished plate of eggs and a Koishi. There is nothing else.
[X] “I'll have what she's having!”

Wait, did the MC just give up all his delicious eggy goodness without confirmation that he would get more?

>[ ] “I'd much rather eat Koishi...
Why do I feel that this option was removed due to the possibility of it being taken at face value?
[x] “I'll have what she's having!”
[x] “I'll have what she's having!”


I like the way you think, sir.
[x] “I'll have what she's having!”
File 131262208841.jpg - (785.94KB, 1280x1024 , IS GOOD FOR YOU.jpg) [iqdb]
If the little lady is offering, who are you to refuse?

Even if, you know, you're not too sure exactly what it is she is offering. If nothing else, you are sure it is probably nothing bad, which means that it is probably something good.
You like good things.
Bad things? Not so much.

Nodding your agreement with her proposition, Koishi giggles and squirms on your lap for a frustratingly brief moment before leaning in closely and touching the tip of her nose to your own.

“Close your eyes~!” she says softly, as you feel a faint hint of egg-breath wafting across your lips.

You do not hesitate to comply.

“Now, open wiiiiiide~!” you somehow feel her whisper into your ear, as you quickly become acutely aware of how much of her body was in contact with your own, touching and pressing and brushing and rubbing and WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR DO IT DO IT DO IT.

Forcing all other thoughts from your mind, you obediently open your mouth, only to suddenly feel something warm and soft pressing tightly against it as something warm and not-so-soft but yet and slick and moving moving moving moving moving slicky slimy whirly twirly swirly moving moving round and round and round and round and in and out and all around round round round roun d r o u n d r o u n d


Mr. Slug rises to find his cave has been invaded!
Invaded by another of his kind, no doubt seeking shelter from the sweltering heat of summer!
Though no less hot, the dark depths of his crevice have long supplied the ample amounts of moisture and humidity that allow him to live in comfort!
Comfort that is his, and his alone!

How dare this interloper dare to take what is his?!
The impudence!
Well, he shall have none of that, no sir! Not today! Not tomorrow! Nor any other day!

Rushing the intruder, they clash with mighty slap of slimy flesh! Their muscles throb and flex as they begin to writhe about against one another, as if performing a special brand of slug sumo!

Such strength!
Such grace!

Did you hear? They say he might actually make yokozuna this year!

The mother weeps at such wondrous news, bragging to all of her friends and rubbing it in the faces of those she despises
Truly, this was the joy that children bring! Not the thrill of living vicariously though their successes, but to make the failures of others to accomplish even that seem all the more pathetic and shameful!

Realizing the importance of raising her offspring properly, she gazes in on the little darlings.
Such cute little children!
Cute cute cute!

With barely-open eyes, they look skyward and cry out.
The mother understands, as all mothers do.
The little ones are hungry, and in need of nourishment.
Proper nutrition is crucial for proper growth and development, after all.

Knowing they cannot yet find food for themselves, the mother dutifully gathers what she can and brings it back to the nest.

Being the wonderful children they are, they silence themselves as soon as they realize what their mother has brought for them. Her mere presence is calming enough, but the promise of food in their little bellies brings them to a new level of joy and happiness.

Knowing what must be done, they open their little beaks as wide as they can, and wait for their mother to deliver unto them the veritable smörgåsbord of delights she has brought for them.

What could it be, this time?




Lolling about in the the dank, dark cave, the two do not tire of their struggle.
Indeed, they almost delight in it!
After so long, finally, a worthy opponent!

The thrill of battle, the exhilaration of clashing flesh with slimy flesh!

Their duel, like a deadly dance, carries them throughout the confines of the cave. Off the floor, to the walls, and even across the ceiling.
Once or twice, Mr. Slug even manages to push back the invader into his own home, and they continue their battle there.

Back and forth and round and round, the two combatants give their all!

However, their battle is quickly interrupted by a sudden rumbling from below!
The home of the invader quakes, as something bubbles and rushes up and out from the dark abyss!

The fool! He had made his home upon a volcano!

A wave of sulfuric gas is but a harbinger of the oncoming storm.

Had he planned this?!
Yes, that must be it!

His goal was not one of invasions and domination!
It was one of destruction!

Entrance quivering.

Walls constricting.

The end draws near.

All those memories lost, like tears in lava.

[ ] Time to die.

[ ] Dime to tie.

[x] Dime to tie.
[x] Dime to tie.

Not sure what's happening, but don't compare tongues and slugs.
What in fuck just happened?

Is Koishi suffocating us with her kiss?
[x] Time to die.

That was pretty interesting. But dropping eggs down my throat is cheating... take it back!
>Surely, there was no way she could feed you eggs, when all eggs have already been fed to her.
>Not unless she were to do something like...that.
>But, there's no way she could do that, could she?
>Would she?
>Okay, yes. She probably would.
>From what you've seen of her, you have no doubt that such a thing as that is just the sort of thing she would do.
She's feeding us eggs, silly. What were you thinking she was going to do?
[x] Dime to tie.

This post made me miss Objectionable Necessitated Inebriation.
Sounds to me like someone is about to vomit. I hope not.

Better stay on the safe side.
>Mama Bird
>Cave against cave
>Rushes out from the dark abyss


Do not want regurgitation. DO NOT WANT IT.
[x] Dime to tie.
[x] Dime to tie.

I have no idea what this option is going to do. Some kind of reversal vomit? I'm sure Satori's floor/table is going to get really messy really soon here anyway. And it will be funny, if not for only Koishi and the MC.


>round round round roun d r o u n d r o u n d

Koishi is the one doing it.
[x] Time to die.

Accept all of it's glory.
[x] Dime to tie.
[x] Time to die.

You can't say you love her until you've eaten her shi-vomit.
[x] Time to die.

I think this is the very first, (and last,) time I will say this. Needs less molluscs, and more actual descriptions. Either way, do want vomiting Koishi. Very much so.

I think it would be weirder for Koishi to not make kissing look like that. If she wasn't in control right now it probably wouldn't have happened; the part where he fed her delicious eggs wasn't fucked up at all.
I've laughed harder at these updates than anything so far, for the love of Koishi don't make them more straightforward. That'd ruin the best parts, like the number of people voting to abort--fuck I'm laughing again.
File 13126786618.jpg - (70.45KB, 800x600 , ttz811xf627xr140.jpg) [iqdb]
Koishi in our mind?

More likely than you think!

[x] Time to die.

I'll probably suffer eternally for this choice.
There will be no reward nor any salvation.
I never wished for any of those things.
But I have no regrets!
This is the only path!
Unlimited Koishi Works!
[x] Dime to tie.

I'm afraid of what "Dime to Tie" might be. Someone interrupting them? MC countering Koishi with his own attack? Or MC simply closing his mouth and letting Koishi's gift go to waste?
Well, the MC is probably making out at the moment, and if he is I bet

>A wave of sulfuric gas

Means that Su-san might have gone full yandere if she saw us doing that. So:


Better safe than sorry.
[x] Time to die.

I just don't know anymore.
[x] Time to die.

Today is a good day to die. Disruption web and we're good.
Cum at the same time, probably. We are talking about cum, right?
[x] Dime to tie

Counter, hm?
[x] Dime to tie

'Diving into his fifth pie, Lardass began to imagine that he wasn't eating pies. He pretended he was eating cow-plops, and rat guts in blueberry sauce.'
File 131281352245.jpg - (435.53KB, 1039x1477 , 1297012203156.jpg) [iqdb]
Updates where?
[x] Time to die

Finally, Koishi's body fluids! We can't let it go to waste!
File 131284019117.jpg - (214.88KB, 1600x800 , green eggs and ham.jpg) [iqdb]
Distant rumbling drawing nearer.
Growing louder.
Bubbling upward.
Obliteration imminent.

Mr. Slug will not stand for this.
He cannot stand at all.
That with no legs shall eternal lie,
And with strange lions even meringue pie.

That will not do at all!
Refusing to lie limply about, the slug chose to strike back!
Rising up, standing erect, he proudly stands tall like a mighty flagpole shaped like a slug!

Swaying, struggling, writhing around, he summons the ancient spirits of the depths!
Mighty rumbling from below, calling forth the winds of Hell.
One begins, and the other stops, pausing at the call of the other.

Rumble rumble.
Blurble blurble.


Blub blub blub...

An impasse!
Mr. Slug pushes back, the winds obeying his will!
The walls of the invading cave stretch and expand.
The billows of the grand engine, feeding the flames with delicious air.
Delicious yet tasteless.



Behold the void.

A yawning chasm filled with emptiness.

The world shifts and tilts.

It does not change, but only turns.

Turning, turning.
Twirling, twirling.
Round and round and round and round.

The promise of treasures, and wondrous gift.
Yet what is returned is not acceptance, but a counter-offer.

Counter the counter. A cross of counters.
Countering the counter that counters the counter of the counter.
On a counter.
On the table.
On the floor.
Welcome home, dear.
Would you like dinner?
A bath?

Bad news, you're getting an audit this year.
Should have carried over that zero.
And the decimal.
Also, used a cover letter.
Always use a cover letter.
Letter the cover.
Cover the letter.
Over cover.
Under cover.
Over and under.
Rolling like thunder.
Thunder and lighting.
Shock and tingle up and down and all around and round and round and down and round down town.
Conflict in the north conceals the rumblings of the south.
Distracting the public from a new uprising.
Rising up.
Up up up.
What to do what to do~"
Don't do what doing don't doesn't done did?


I'd rather go with RELOCATE if it is just going to move the two of them away from Satori/Yuugi/Asakura, but it also might end the wonderful craziness that has been the last few updates. For being able to write insanity so well I'm not sure if I should commend you or recommend you to see a shrink. Either way, this has been great.

FECUNDATE because fertilization and Koishi can only be a good thing.
I really, really like this association thing you got going there. It's awesome. Rapid-fire awesome that I can't stop reading because the lines are so short there's no room to pause fuck yeah


We need to announce Koishi before her big event~
This can't possibly go wrong.

>>144652 says it better than I can.
Well, someone is going to swallow something - chances are it's going to be us. I'd rather not go that path.
>Conflict in the north conceals the rumblings of the south.
>Distracting the public from a new uprising.

Wait. They are fucking? In front of everyone?


Rellocate could also be changing the public's focus towards the south. Or putting Koishi under the table, and, well, you know...

But I'd rather have some Koshi babies~
cant wait to see what we really are voting for

oh boy
File 131305152690.jpg - (215.19KB, 535x779 , 1cd3a49c81027d3f18ba48c4ccfdff2a.jpg) [iqdb]
Continue to have food time with Koishi?
File 131309341240.jpg - (216.20KB, 765x1000 , balanced break fast.jpg) [iqdb]
Phone it in!
Phoning home!
Sorry, honey! Won't be home tonight.
Something came up at work.
It's not a big deal.
But, boy, is it poking.
Ho'kay, okay!
What do we have heeeeeeeeeeeere?
Mr. Slug and friend are busy, now.
Call back later.
They locked themselves in.
Locked in.
Locked down.
Secure all luggage, we're about to land.
Roger, command, we're cleared to dock!
Control rod is prepped and reHEADy to insherrrrt.
Drill bit.
Deep bore.
Slow and easy.
Don't burnngh out.
Metal and wood.
Heat anmmmn friction.
Pull out! You're about to-
No! We got this!
Just a little nnngh more!
There's gold in them thar hills!
We're gonna find it if we gotta dig all tha' way to goddamn China!
Once more into the breach!
Take the plunnngh!
Falling, falling...
Rising, rising....
Yeah, that's mmnh
Hammer and nail
Shovel and pail
Stocking and legs
Sausage and eggs
and eggs and sausage and
eggs and sausage and
sausage and sausage
and sausage
and sauce
age and eggs and
sauce on eggs on
eggs on sauce on
off on off on off
on off on off on
off on off on aaaaaahhaaaff
Haa... not haaa...
Water pump
Plunger plunghnnnng shallow
deep off in out on back forth
up down round round and round
and round aNNND ROUND




You sigh contentedly as you place your fork back upon the plate. Though you don't feel particularly full, you nevertheless feel strangely satisfied. Also, in need of a nap.

Glancing around the table, you feel a slight sense of relief that everyone else is occupied with one thing or another. Nothing is more awkward than being the only one eating at a table, while everyone around you does nothing but watch.

Rikako continues to sip on something while reading the paper, or at least pretending to read when she is not glancing over the top of it to watch the Satori and Yuugi. The satori and oni, for their part, seem to be engaged in some discussion about Satori. Or Yuugi. You're not too sure.

“That's what I'm talkin' about!” Yuugi exclaims, waving about a bottle in her hand. “You're holdin' back!”

“Well, of course.” Satori calmly replies, taking a sip from her tea cup. “It becomes increasingly difficult to maintain a spoken conversation when the thoughts of multiple-”

“Not that! Me! You're holdin' back on me!” Yuugi interrupts, slamming her bottle down. “You're not readin' me on purpose!”

“Only because I am aware it makes you uncomfortable, Miss Hoshiguma.” your hostess says, gently setting her own cup down. “Honestly, why it should bother you has always baffled me. You do not seem the type to have anything to hide.”

“That's 'cause I don't!”

“And yet, the very notion of someone probing your conscious and having your heart laid bare makes you uncomfortable.”

“It doesn't make me, you know, it just...ah...uh...”

Watching the exchange between the two women, you can't help but feel a little sorry for the larger, horned woman as she fidgets in her chair.
Not that you can't at least partially understand where she might be coming from. Even for someone with nothing to hide, the idea that someone could see into the hidden, private corners of your mind could come across as a little unsettling.

Then again, it might not so much be the 'having your mind read' thing that is the unsettling part, so much as the perpetually-staring eyeball-appendage that does it, much like it seems to be doing to you right now.

Not blinking in any way.

Doesn't it dry out like that?
What happens if something like dust gets into it?
You can't imagine that feels very pleasant.

As you reflect upon whether a satori's third eye might benefit from some eye drops, you slowly become aware of the strange sensation of weight pressing on you, as if someone were sitting in your lap. This feeling, you suspect, is probably due to the girl sitting in your lap, her back resting against your chest.

“Heeeeey~!” Koishi quietly says, craning her head around to look at you. “You're not done yet, are you~?”

“Done?” you ask.

With the eggs?
Well, you're never truly done when eggs are concerned, of course. Plus, you are still just a little hungry.
But these eggs? They're gone.
They've already been eaten.
Gobbled up, scarfed down, fed on, and polished off.
They've plunged into the dank abyss on their grand journey of transformation.
Embarked upon a one-way tour through the human digestive system.
You've destroyed those eggs, utterly and completely.
If eggs were youkai, then you're the goddamn Hakurei shrine maiden.

“See~? There's still something leeeeeeeeft~!” she points to the plate in front of you.

Looking down, you see that she is actually right. There is, indeed, something left on your plate besides your fork and delicious eggy-residue.

But what, though?
It's not more eggs, that much you can tell.
Not unless eggs suddenly became made out of crumpled-up fabric instead of, well, egg.
But, if that were the case, would they still even really be 'eggs'?

Filing this thought away as something to meditate upon the next time you get a chance to meditate, or rather, when you decide to actually try meditating, you bring your thoughts back to the present and focus upon the bunched-up fabric-thing on your plate.

Clearly soaked with what you can only assume is egg, your first guess is that it is a cloth napkin or handkerchief. Three seconds later, you wonder if you should reconsider that guess, as you unfold it to find it looks nothing at all like any napkin or handkerchief you have ever seen before in your life.

Granted, you are hardly an expert on the subject, and for all you know this is just what handkerchiefs are like down here, but you are hard-pressed to explain why they would have any need for handkerchiefs with leg holes in them.

More importantly, though, you are fairly certain they are not intended to be edible, whatever they are.

“Uh, Koishi?” you begin, uncertain as to how to broach the subject.


[ ] “I am not going to eat this.”

[ ] “I can't possibly eat this.”

[ ] “I don't think I can eat this...”

[ ] “I'll eat thi-HEY, LOOK OVER THERE!
[ ] “I don't think I can eat this...”

Well, I don't know about you guys, but I definetly got a hard on. Ships docking is my fetish.

Then I got confused as fuck. Damned mindhax, MC doesn't remember anything or was he completely tricked?
[X] “I don't think I can eat this...”
[x] “I don't think I can eat this...”

Not sure whose underwear is on the plate. I guess it is more exciting that way, especially if someone pukes all over them.

Did Koishi just add some protein to her diet?
[x] “I'll eat thi-HEY, LOOK OVER THERE!”

Finally, I've been waiting for some Koishi fucking people without their knowledge porn for ages. Delicious metaphor.
[x] “I'll eat thi-HEY, LOOK OVER THERE!”
you so awesome Koishi.
[x] “I'll eat thi-HEY, LOOK OVER THERE!”

It's a panties platter!

However, I would prefer what they were covering.
[x] “I don't think I can eat this...”
[ ] “I don't think I can eat this...”
[ ] “I don't think I can eat this...”
File 131311839463.png - (144.50KB, 560x840 , 1282616462252.png) [iqdb]
I'm so lost I can't even vote.
File 131314556981.jpg - (35.91KB, 402x501 , moarfortheloveofgod.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] “I'll eat thi-HEY, LOOK OVER THERE!”

[x]These eggs are not to my taste. Let us make Belgium breakfast.

this has a second meaning.
[x] “I don't think I can eat this...”

I cannot help but think this is revenge against Fell, somehow. Or possibly against Lighthouse's writer.

Then again, maybe all the metaphorage was just a smokescreen, and this was simply a peek inside Koishi's incredibly broken mind as she watched a guy eat some eggs.

Also, I much prefer Koishi x Asakura.
Why would it be revenge against anyone?
[x] “I don't think I can eat this...”
[x] “I'll eat thi-HEY, LOOK OVER THERE!”
File 131339859874.jpg - (1.77MB, 1748x2471 , 16040688.jpg) [iqdb]
As curious as I am to know just why I would be seeking revenge against anyone, I'm far more puzzled as to exactly how any of this is meant to get revenge in the first place.

In any case, writing will happen sometime within the next 24 hours, one way or another. I'm finding myself becoming increasingly eager to get to some new places do anything about it, will it?

Damn right, it won't.
Probably something to do with Koishi? Fell did put NiG (probable Koishi route) on hiatus to work on his new story. I'm not sure why that would warrant revenge of any sort, but whatever.

>new places
Wanna see Raymoo and Suika (maybe she can gather Cirno). And maybe visit Tenshi's home. And revisit Alice's home. And so many other things this is going to be great
I'd rather see some plot threads get wrapped up before adding more and I hope to see Parsee's issues on the way to being fixed.
File 131348602126.png - (739.31KB, 1201x673 , that is not egg.png) [iqdb]
“I don't think I can eat this.” you say, gently yet honestly.

“Hmmm~? Why not~?” she asks sweetly, twisting around on your lap to look at you directly. “You're still hungry, riiiiight~?”

“Well, yeah, kinda.” you nod, wondering what you should do with the soggy fabric in your hand. Set it down? Hide it? Keep holding it, as if it were perfectly natural to do so? “But for, you know, food.”

“Food~? There's food right there~!”

“Technically, yes, I suppose you could say there is food on and around, uh, this.”

“It's high in proooooteeeeein~!”

“I'm sure it is.”

“But you're not gonna eat it?”

“Uh, no, Koishi. I probably won't.”

“Awwww~! Okay! You wanna eat something else~?”

“Er, like wha-”

“Hey, Sis~!” Koishi blurts out, not waiting for you to finish. “You should let him eat yo-”

No, Koishi.” the elder satori calmly replies, cutting her sister off. Though she does not appear to be bothered by the outburst, you can't help but think her face seems just a shade or two more pink than it was before.

...or it could just be a trick of the light, you think to yourself, as Satori's eye briefly looks as if it were glaring at you.
Yes, clearly you were just imaging that thing you just saw, that you did not actually see.
Because it did not actually happen for you to see it.

Yep. Clearly.

“Aww!” Koishi huffs, folding her arms across her chest and flopping herself against your chest.

From across the table, Rikako quietly coughs and resumes sipping her drink and reading her paper in what you can only assume is a valiant attempt at politely ignoring what's going on.

You can't say you blame her.
Non-involvement is a perfectly legitimate strategy in times of uncertainty and unrest.
'The only winning move is not to play,' as the saying goes.
Of course, that always seemed odd to you.

How could you win if you never actually played?
Isn't failing to make a move, itself, a move?
If your move is to not make a move, then you would still be making a move, and thus you were technically playing, weren't you?

Not moving by moving, but moving by not moving, which is still moving even when you're not moving.

Your head hurts.

[ ] Indecision

[ ] Introspection

[ ] Incitation

[ ] Intervention
[x] Introspection
[x] Incitation

Sounds good to me.
[x] Introspection

Not sure what we are going to be thinking about, but I like it more than doing nothing and someone butting in. Koishi has taken care of any rises we might be having for the time being.

Unless these are character votes, then we get more time with either satori and that can only be a good thing.

[x] Introspection
-[x] Consider the pros and cons of eating the fabric and what the possible consequences of doing so might hold on you and the environment at large. Furthermore, question your own ability to make decisions based on your dubious mental faculties and debate whether you should seek outsider assistance in making them or not.
[x] Introspection
-[x] Consider the pros and cons of eating the fabric and what the possible consequences of doing so might hold on you and the environment at large. Furthermore, question your own ability to make decisions based on your dubious mental faculties and debate whether you should seek outsider assistance in making them or not.
[y] Introspection
[x] Incitation
It's italic and it's bolded. All the reason I need
[x] Intervention

Koishi, you have a Problem. Let's have a nice talk about it~
[ ] Incitation
>>Unless these are character votes, then we get more time with either satori and that can only be a good thing.

Not to give anything away, but...
They are, you probably will regardless of what choice you pick, and yes.
Indecision - Rikako?

Introspection - Satori?

Incitation - Koishi?

Intervention - Yuugi?

As awesome as Incitation sounds, I'm gonna go with...

[x] Introspection
-[x] Consider the pros and cons of eating the fabric and what the possible consequences of doing so might hold on you and the environment at large. Furthermore, question your own ability to make decisions based on your dubious mental faculties and debate whether you should seek outsider assistance in making them or not.
I'm already incited though.

Good. I am sad that we won't be seeing Satori anymore soon,, but Koishi is awesome so I'll live with it.
File 131357082966.png - (307.56KB, 700x700 , do I look blue to you.png) [iqdb]
One last hint: that thread. Then again, I am also surprised that I only now just realized that my last post in it and my first post of this story were both over a year ago.

Amazing how time flies when you're stuck in a cave, huh?

Anyway, writing and updating prospects look somewhat promising for the next two or three days, but might get a little dodgy after that.
We'll just see how it goes.
No idea.

Keeping track of everything is getting difficult. A table of contents post would be appreciated, if anyone has the time and the motivation.
>Also, I am somewhat surprised anyone would still be looking at that thread
Why? It's a great thread; not like anybody will forget the joy it brought that easily.
Tell me about it, I'm still waiting for... Alice.
File 131366687779.png - (357.10KB, 768x768 , Unfamiliar Ceiling.png) [iqdb]
Amid your migraine-inducing thoughts, a sudden realization bubbles to the surface of your mind.

Once again, you had forgotten something!
Again, even!

“Mm, yes. Those three have probably been left alone long enough.” Satori says with a nod, glancing towards the door. “Though, I am not certain either Miss Hinanai or Miss Mizuhashi would have awakened, yet.”

You suppose that's a reasonable enough assessment. There's no telling how strong that stuff Medicine was spraying really was, after all, but it must have been fairly strong if it knocked out both a youkai and a celestial. Or so you would assume.

Fortunately, you know that the two are in good hands with your little doll-friend watching over them while they remain unconscious.

“Erm, yes, about that...” Satori coughs into her hand. “You do realize that-...hm? Yes, Miss Asakura?”

Glancing at Rikako, you notice the bespectacled woman has set down her cup and paper, and is now looking at your hostess with a strange expression on her face.

“Mm? Yes. Yes, that is correct. Mmhm. She is aware. Mm. Indeed. Hm, no, it would seem he does not. Mmhm. Yes.”

Rikako says nothing as Satori addresses her, her every question no doubt being heard and answered by the mind-reader as soon as she thinks of them. In fact, the only reactions the woman across the table seems to have to the words of your hostess is the occasional incredulous look she shoots your way.

You're not sure why, though.
Granted, bringing back the girl who tried to kill you in an alley might be a little on the unusual side of thi-

“It is not Miss Mizuhashi that she is concerned about.” Satori interjects. “Well, not directly, at least. Miss Asakura?”

Her palms laying flat on the table, Rikako leans forward slightly and stares at you. And stares. And stares.

Words, Miss Asakura.”

Seemingly puzzled by Satori's remark, Rikako furrows her brow for a moment, only to suddenly gasp as if struck by a shocking revelation of some sort.

“Oh! Right! Talking! Ah-haha! Ha. Ah....” Rikako lets out an embarrassed chuckle as she adjusts her glasses. “Sorry about that, I suppose I was becoming a little too used to not having to actually speak to communicate. Convenient, though! ...may need to investigate replicating it for-”

Miss Asakura.

“Ah, right. Right, sorry. As I was saying, or rather, thinking...you!” she says, thrusting a finger in your direction. “Do you understand, at all, the current situation?”

Wondering if you shouldn't feel a little hurt or offended to have your grasp of current events called into question, you nevertheless answer as completely and honestly as you can.

“Uh...Parsee tried to kill me, Tenshi stopped her from trying to kill me, Medi knocked them both out, we came back here, they're sleeping, we're eating, and now we are talking about all of what I just said. I think.”

“And all three of them are currently in the same room, together?”

“Uh, last we saw of them, yeah.”

“...and you don't see any problems with this?”

“Um, not really.” you shrug, not entirely certain what she is getting at. “Not until they wake up, at least.”

“Is the doll asleep?”

“Nah, I don't think she even does that.”

“So, let me see if I understand the situation correctly.” Rikako says evenly, her gaze steady and unblinking. “Your friend, the crazy little poison-spewing doll, is currently the only conscious occupant of the room she is in.”

“Uh, yep. Probably.”

“The doll who repeatedly tried to poison me for indirectly and unintentionally assisting you in nearly killing yourself. Not my fault, I might add.”

“Yep, Medi's kinda protective like that, I guess.”

“And she's with someone who actively and intentionally tried to murder you.”

“Well, she was kinda divided on that matter...”

“Does the doll know about this?”

“Of course she does. I told her.”

Saying nothing more, Rikako simply stares at you, leaving you to wonder just what the problem is.
The way she was talking, it was almost as if she thought there might be some cause for concern in leaving an over-protective poison-controlling youkai-doll with little regard for the lives of anything or anyone she may consider to be an enemy in the same room as the woman that attempted to kill you, one of the few people she regards as a friend and ally.

But that's just silly! As if there were any way such a scenario as that could ever end badly!


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I fucked up.
I know it.
Goddamn, I know it.

Oh, don't be so hard on yourself.
You were only doing what you thought was right.

FUCK YOU! I didn't want that!

You didn't?

I didn't!


Fuck you!

Oh, don't be like that!
Isn't it best to be honest with yourself?

Honest?! What's to be fucking honest about?!
I didn't want to do that!
I didn't need to do that!
I had no reason to do that!
None at all!

And? That's never bothered you before.
It certainly didn't stop you before, either, did it?

Shut up.

A little hard to do that when I'm not actually saying anything, don't you think?

Shut up! You know what I mean!

Of course I do.
Why wouldn't I know what I mean?


You keep on saying that, and yet...I'm just not feeling it.
Your delivery is atrocious.
Totally unconvincing.


I know you are, but what am I?
Hint-hint! Look in a mirror!

Fuck you!
Shut up!
Just go away, goddam-


W-where am I?
Where is this?!

Yes, that is not a familiar ceiling, is it?

Gah, I can't feel anything.
Why can't I feel anything?!

Oh, the problems that would be solved if that were actually true...

Shut it! I'm serious!
I can't feel a damn thing!

Yes, I know that already.
I also can't move for some reason.
Do you think that's related, by any chance?

Not helping.

Because it would be amazing if it were simply a coincidence, don't you think so?


Oh, calm down.
What is the last thing you remember?

That little blue-haired WHORE!

Twice, now.
Twice, that little bitch has fucked with me.

The knife is too good for her.

Hammer and nail?

Hammer and nail.

See? Isn't it nice to actually agree on things?

Don't start.

Fine, fine.
What else, though?
What happened to me?





Fuck! I don't know, alright!
I don't remember anything besides that bitch, him yelling something, and then...
Shit, I don't know!
A smell?

And now, I awaken in a room, unfeeling and immobile.

What the hell happened?

Well, clearly we didn't get here on our own, did we?

But who could-
Did he..."

Who knows?
Really, though, I would be more concerned with why he would do this.

Oh no.
No no no no!
He wants revenge.
That's it, isn't it?

What? For trying to decorate the back of the alley with his entrails?
Oh, my, no. Why would anyone hold a grudge over something like that?

Shit shit shit SHIT!
He hates me now, doesn't he?!
He hates me!
I-I-It tried to-to-

Well, you can't say you don't deserve it, can you?

It's you!
It's your fault!
This is all your fault!

Oh, are we going back to this again?
So soon?

Shut up!
It's you!
It's always you!
If it wasn't for you!

Why do you insist on doing this to yourself?
Why is it so hard for you to just accept yourself for who you are?

It's not like anyone else will, after all.

Sh-shut up!

I mean, why would they?
Why would anyone?


You're petty, vindictive, and probably evil.
You are an all-around horrible person.
That's especially impressive, since you're not even really a person at all.


Come to think of it, you're not even really much of a youkai, either, are you?
As much a failure as a monster as you were as a guardian.
Quite pathetic, really.


You're not particularly pretty.
Or attractive at all, to be honest.
In fact, you are actually quite unpleasant to look at, aren't you?
Ugly, weak, stupid...
Oh, and you're also insane.
Yep, you're a real keeper, alright.

FUCK YOU! I am not insane!

I bet to differ.

I'm NOT!

You are arguing with yourself.


Doing a terrible job at disproving that whole 'crazy' thing.


Oh, calm the fuck down already.
It's not as if it would make any difference to him.
Not after what you did.
What you showed him of yourself.
If anything, you did him the favor of validating any feelings of disgust and hatred he may have already harbored regarding you.
If he really was seeking revenge against you, you can at least find comfort in the knowledge that you gave him every conceivable reason to want to do so.


RELAX. He's not going to seek revenge against you, you over-reactive twat.

B-but what if he-

He's not.
You remember all that bullshit he was giving you.
He's the goody-goody, sunshine-and-rainbows idealist type.
Or just a fucking moron.
Either way, not the sort who would hold a grudge against anything with a cunt and the ability to cry.
Fuck, play it right, and he'll probably apologize to you for your trying to to gut him like a fish!

B-but, then...

Why am I here?
Fuck if I know.
Maybe he saw a golden opportunity, and decided to us somewhere nice and private for a little fun-time?

N-no! He-

What? Wouldn't do something like that?
How can you be so sure?
He is a...well, male, at least.
Same hormones. Same instincts. Same urges.


Ah, you're probably right, though.
He didn't seem to be that much of a creep, I'll give him that.
Wouldn't have the balls to do something like that, even if he was.

So, why...

How the fuck should I know why he did this?
Assuming he even did?
Fact is we're here, we can't move, and we're not....

Wait a minute, what was that?
I think...

...we're not alone in here...

[ ] Ounce of Prevention

[ ] Pound of Cure
[x] Ounce of Prevention

Mean old meanyheads should rot in the dark forever. I'd like to see her try hurting Tenshi with that hammer.
[x] Pound of Cure

MC being a slowpoke is an epic moment.
[x] Pound of Cure

One word: glorious.
[x] Pound of Cure
[ ] Pound of Cure
[x] Ounce of Prevention
[x] Ounce of Prevention
[x] Pound of Cure
He has the intelligence to reach to the right conclusions, but takes no information out of them. Is like a highly specialized information team that doesn't speak english. And you translate their reports with babelfish.
[x] Ounce of Prevention

I'm having just as much trouble as the MC figuring out why having those three together could possibly be a problem. It's inconceivable!
[x] Ounce of Prevention


Yeah! They're not even human, so Parsee and Tenshi have absolutely nothing to worry about. Parsee doesn't even have to worry about Medicine slowly waking her up and then causing horrible pain with all that poison in her, or killing her in her sleep, or disfiguring her... Nope, none of that.
[x] Pound of Cure
[X] Pound of Cure
[x] Ounce of Prevention
[x] Pound of Cure
[x] Ounce of Prevention

Sadly, I can't tell if we are voting for the MC to do something or for Medi to do something.
File 131379030414.jpg - (156.63KB, 1600x1200 , there is no good cop.jpg) [iqdb]
Who's there?

If you would just move your head a little, maybe you would see.

I'm trying, damn it!
Shit! Why is my body so numb?!

Mouth won't even move. The fuck is this?!

And where am I?!

It's too quiet.

None of them around, then.

Hard not to tell when just one of them is, after all.

Not in the city, then?

Only one other place, then...

The palace?!
Oh, great.

Fucking perfect.

Could it be..."

Hey! Fucking say something! Who's there?!
Please! I didn't mean to
What the fuck are you doing? Why aren't you
hurt anyone, please you have to
saying anything goddamn it answer me
believe me I didn't mean for it to go
what the fuck did you do to me you-

“Oh? She's awake!”

That voice...
Not the eye-bitch, then.
I know this voice.
That kid?

“Hello, lady.”

It is her.
That stinking kid that was hanging off him.
And that creepy little doll with her.
What the fuck is that smell, anyway?
What's with that look she's giving me?

“Su-san doesn't like you, lady.”

What the fuck is she talking about?

“I don't like you, either.”

What the fuck is this?
Does she know?
So what if she does?
That look in her eyes...
I know that look...

“You did something bad, lady, didn't you? You tried to hurt the Human.”

Well, she knows.
I'm a little surprised it's coming from her, though, but you knew it was somewhere. Ah, we were so good at spotting that sort of thing...
Now's not the time to be nostalgic.
It's been so long, though.
Don't start this now.
But this is what we wanted! That hidden little ember you knew was just begging to be brought out in one of those bitches, ready to blossom into a blazing inferno of jealousy and rage.

“We don't like, that lady.”

You should be glad that you still have it, after all these years! It's been so long since the last time, after all!
Like that's anything to be proud of.
It should be when you're you, shouldn't it?
Can we focus, please?!
The desire of what you lack. The fear of loss of what you have. The all-consuming rage of having everything taken from you. What have we to look forward to, if not dredging all those wonderfully dreadful emotions to the surface? Ahhhh, so intoxicating~

“We don't like you.”

You didn't want to believe it, did you? But you knew. You could tell.
Stop it.
Sure, you were off about the brainy one. She probably just hasn't been laid in a while.
But you knew there was something there! Somewhere! We were just a little off the mark! Aiming the wrong way!
Damn it, all.

“We don't like you at all.”

In hindsight, the way she was sticking to him on our way down should have been a clue, but oh well. You can't be blamed if you were a little out of practice.
Shut the fuck up, already!
What is your problem? Are you afraid? Of a little girl like that?
Something's wrong...

“Su-san told me we oughta wait, but then you might try to do something bad to him again.”

Oh, come on. What could that little shrimp possibly do that we haven't endured already?
Something's wrong, here!
Like those newlyweds. Well, newlywed, technically. She really went to town with that knife, didn't she?
GAH! What the hell is that smell?!

“We don't want that. Isn't that right, Su-san?”

Hm, it does have a strangely acrid bite to it, doesn't it? Almost like..
Yeah, that's it. Like that time you-
Is it getting stronger?
Where is it coming from?
The smell of that kid was also rather...
Then, that would mean...

“So, I'm just gonna make sure you can't do bad things to him again.”

Well, shit.
It's getting stronger, isn't it?
I think it is.
Well, shit.
It's her, isn't it?
Yeah, probably.
Most likely her.
Definitely her.
Oh, great. Perfect. Nice one, Parsee.
I didn't want to do it! I didn't! But noooo!
I just had to go and indulge, didn't I?
Now where did that get me?
Paralyzed in a bed, with some little girl who can control poison or some shit hanging over me!
Beautiful. Fucking beautiful.

If it helps any, I take back what I said before. You were right. You were absolutely right.

Huh? About what?

You fucked up.

[ ] Sweet!

[ ] Sour!

[ ] Bitter!
[x] Sweet!

Tasty, tasty poison. Gobble it all up, Parsee, it is good for you!
Those last few non-italicized lines kind of prove that Tenshi was right and it is all just Parsee. The double personalities seemed to be merged for a little while there.
[x] Sweet!

Parsee is so bitter. She needs something sweet, like antifreeze~
[ ] Sweet!
[x] Sweet!
Sweets are sweet.
[x] Sweet!
[x] Sweet!
Half of the time i am confused. A good kind of confused.
[x] Salty!



File 131383347654.jpg - (677.43KB, 1000x1000 , 590e763d863d15c8719bff4217f4abe9.jpg) [iqdb]
>Tasty, tasty poison. Gobble it all up, Parsee, it is good for you!
>Parsee is so bitter. She needs something sweet, like antifreeze~

It's okay, Parsee. I'll still love you.
[x] SweeTarts!
[x] Sweet and tasty!
File 131385064245.jpg - (761.61KB, 1000x1000 , 1305738079162.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Bitter!
Good medicine is always bitter! And you wouldn't want Parsee to lose her medicine, now would you?
[X] Bitter!
In all fairness, a little of the blame for this situation sits with Satori as well. Just a smidge in the grand scheme of things, but she definitely made the decision to have Medi stay with Tenshi and Parsee. Then again, I doubt she would have behaved herself when Satori was fwapping us with a newspaper, so whatever.

Was reading back and was reminded that Medicine needs to thank Rikako for her suggestion on how to deal with the oni. That definitely needs to happen.
Satori told Medicine to stay in the room. She bears all the blame for anything that went wrong in that room. All of it!
[x] Bitter!
[X] Salty!

Dunno why, it just seems fitting.
[ ] Sweet!

It's preferable to cyanide or lethal concentrations of citric acid.
File 131391783978.jpg - (258.56KB, 1753x2480 , Komm süßer Tod.jpg) [iqdb]
“Honestly, what were you thinking?” Rikako asks you, with only the faintest hint of irritation in her voice as your group briskly walks down the hall back towards the room you left the others in. “You, of all people, should know what she's like. Didn't it occur to you how your little friend might react if you told her something like that happened?”

“Well, I thought she was just taking the news in stride!”

'Taking it in stride'? How did you say those two were incapacitated, again?”

“Uh, Medi gassed a couple city blocks. A few, at most. Heavily and indiscriminately. Heavily gassed several city blocks.”

“And why, precisely, did she do that?”

“I, uh, called out for help. Yelled it, kinda.”

“And that was when you were not in any direct danger.”

“Not at that exact point, no.”

Shaking her head, the scientist quietly sighs to herself. “...and you thought leaving them all in a room together was a good idea, why...?”

“Uh, actually-”

“Actually, that was my doing.” Satori interrupts from the back of the group. “Yes, yes, I was aware of the risks, Miss Asakura, but I can assure you that none of them should be in any serious danger. Of course, that will depend upon what mood she is in when she awakens...”

'She'? you wonder to yourself, uncertain as to who your hostess could be referring to.
If nothing else, even you find it hard to believe that any of those girls will be in particularly high spirits when you find them.

“Oh, I agree.” Satori says, her voice far more calm and pleasant than you would expect it to be, under the circumstances. “Do not worry about it. We are almost there.”

Somehow, you don't feel reassured.
Amazing how being told to not worry about something has the opposite effect, like that.

“Hm. You will see.”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“Goodbye, lady.”

The smell is stronger.
Much stronger.
Hard to breathe.
Hard to see.
Hard to think
Can't move.
Didn't want this.
Yes I did.
Didn't want this.
Too late to regret it.
Didn't want this.
Too late for apologies.
Didn't want this.
Too late for us.
Didn't want this.
Too late for me.
Much too late.
Too late
Too late to
don't say it
just wanted to say
no I don't
please believe
that's a lie
I didn't want
anything but
this to happen
you deserve this
thank you
I hate you
good riddance


...I'm sorry.

"Komm Suser Tod"? "Come sweet death"? Lovely. So we just killed Parsee it seems. ><
Snowball? Is that you? For this brief moment, I'm going to pretend it's you. Hugging the poison doll the way only you can.
Almost killed Parsee. Oh well, maybe Medicine will get another shot at it.


> ><

might be too late. Well... we screwed up big time.
It's just a matter of who you think she's addressing there at the end; the MC or the nasty bit of her personality. Would be kind of interesting if she got the crazy poisoned out of her. Weirder shit has happened.

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