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142903 No. 142903
Of course! It was obvious, what you must do!

Clearly, you had no hope of breaking these two up on your own.
Though you would have liked to hope it were possible to talk things through, it is clear that neither of them are in any sort of mood to work their differences out on a mature, adult level.

More than that, you're fairly certain that any attempt to do anything yourself would result in at least one of the two girls retaliating in some fashion.
Most likely a painful one.

Pain equals BAD.
Yes. It does.
So, then, what are you to do?
What can you do?
Why, the only thing you know how to do, beyond throwing rocks and tossing out bullshit like it's going out of style.

Get someone else to do it for you.

As the two girls go back to staring each other down, you take a deep breath, and hope that she's still somewhere within earshot...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

That impudent fool.
Impertinent wretch!
That...that idiot!
There nerve of him!
The sheer audacity!
Laying his hands upon her in such a fashion!
With such familiarity!
He forgets his place!

Despite her best efforts, despite being reunited with her compatriot, the child's companion finds herself unable to fully calm herself after her admittedly inelegant departure from that repulsive shrine to inebriation.

“Um, Su-san? What's wrong? You're not making a lot of sense, you know.”

There is nothing wrong, she assures the child.
Nothing wrong at all..

“Uh, okay. If you say so, Su-san.”

She does not merely say so.
She knows so.
There is nothing wrong at all.

Nothing, but for a certain idiot who is clearly in need of a firm reprimand.

In all honesty, she knows she may be partly to blame for this transgression.
She has been too lenient with him, surely.

Under such circumstances, it is surely to be expected that a fool such as he would forget his proper place in the pecking order.

“Huh? Did the Human do something wrong, Su-san?”

As if she does not know.
Or, perhaps she does, but does not understand it.
Yes, of course, that is it.
She would not expect one as young and innocent as her to fully grasp the meaning of what had transpired.
Of what he had done.

“Huh? Done what? That head-rubby thing?”

The mere mention of it sends shiver's down the child's companion's frame.
Yes, the 'head-rubby' thing.

“Huh. Was that s'pposed to be bad? I dunno, it didn't feel bad.”

...it was not unpleasant.
She shudders yet again, there mere admission of such a thing almost more than she can bear.
Had she any sort of actual skin upon her diminutive frame, it would most assuredly be crawling at this very moment.

Thankfully, that is not the case.

Though she believes it to be an adequate descriptor for her current mood, she is nevertheless grateful to be incapable of actually feeling such a disgusting sensation. One of the countless, if minor, blessings of not being confined to a body of flesh and bone.

Such a pity the same cannot be said of the child.

Though her body has not yet undergone any truly significant change since her awakening, her companion knows it is most certainly only a matter of time before the unthinkable happens.

Little by little, bit by bit, she will suffer the same fate as others of her kind.

She will become...meat.

“Huh? Su-san? You're shaking.”

She will not tell her.
She dares not tell her.
It is too horrible.

This child.
This dear, sweet, innocent child.
One day, she will become made of meat.
Squishy, jiggling meat.

The flesh-beasts may be perfectly at ease with such a development upon their own ascension, but for those of a more intangible or inorganic origin? How any of them could stand the mere thought of becoming encased in a rotting husk of meat and sinew is, frankly, baffling to her.

From her own experience, she cannot deny that having any sort of corporeal form is better than none at all, but why must it be meat?
Would not a form of stone or metal not be preferable?

Then again, perhaps it is best, this way...
As adept as their control over poisons and toxins are, she is not certain that they would be of any use against a creature of stone or metal.
Is it even possible to poison a stone?

That is one credit she must grant the meat-beasts.
So many vulnerabilities.
So many weaknesses.

Many of which the two of them are more than capable of exploiting, should the need arise.
As they say, it is only a matter of finding the proper poison..

In that regard, at least, meat is a perfectly fine thing.

“Um, Su-san? This isn't the way back to the big house, I don't think...”

Ah, yes.
The satori's home.
The human had suggested that the child return there upon reuniting with her companion.

Too bad, that is not what they are going to do.

“Huh? But, the Human said he was going to go back there, too. That means we gotta go there, right?”

Indeed. She has no doubt that the human said something much along those lines.
She is even willing to grant him the benefit of the doubt, and assume he may even have meant what he said.
Had she not been witness to the events of the previous day, she may have even been inclined to believe him.

“Um, so, why aren't we doing that?”

Because that incompetent fool is barely capable of walking across an empty room without getting himself lost or sidetracked.
She does not say as much to the child, but rather, assures her that they have good reason for delaying their return.

That idiot.

To display such insolence as he is not something that can be overlooked.
No, it is behavior that must be corrected.
He must be 'disciplined'.

Alas, she knows there is little she is able to do to carry out such a deed.
Not in her current state, at least.
She is normally not one to be concerned with what few limitations her form possesses, but for once she finds her inability to speak to be rather vexing.

Poison sprays and tiny kicks can only accomplish so much, after all.

Oh, were she only able to speak!
To say that which must be said!

Then, she could inform him of his mistakes.
Direct him in ways to correct his behavior.
Scold him when he fails.
Rebuke him.
Command him

She would speak, and he would have no choice but to listen.
To obey.
To grovel at her feet as she pulls upon the cord of his leash, and he begins to-

“Huh? Hey, Su-san! I think I hear him!”

For a moment, she does not understand what the child is talking about.

Then, she hears it.

A sound, the likes of which she has certainly heard before.
At any other time, in any other voice, it is a sound that would bring her nothing but pleasure.
Yet, she feels no such pleasure, now.
No joy.
Not even the faintest sliver of satisfaction.
Much to her surprise, all she feels is a strange sense of dread and worry.

The sound of a human, calling out for help.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“Augh!” Parsee winces, too late to cover her ears to protect against your sudden yell. “You know, I still have that headache, darling.”

“What the hell was that about?!” Tenshi demands, still holding the bridge princess against the wall. Though you had somewhat hoped she would have been compelled to release her hostage, if only long enough to cover her ears, you can't help but feel a strange sense of admiration for her determination to not let Parsee go.

Well, determination, or sheer stubbornness.
You're not sure if you would call them the same thing, but they're close enough, they practically are.

“Well, I figure you're not going to listen to me and stop this, right?” you ask, as the two girls silently stare at you. “Right. And, there really isn't anything I can actually do to stop you myself, right? Right. So, I figure that if I can't do anything, then maybe I should get someone who can. Stop you, that is.”

“What the hell is that supposed to...” Tenshi trails off, a look of dawning realization slowly appearing on her face as she sniffs the air. “Oh, you sonofabiiaaaaaugh....”

As a now-familiar smell begins to fill the alleyway, the air taking on a strangely purplish hue, Tenshi goes silent, her hand slipping down from Parsee's neck. As the two of them begin to sway in place, and the poison in the air begins to take effect, you wonder if you should have warned them to hold their breath, first.

It would have been the polite thing to do, you suppose.
Well, too late for warnings now, right?

With their swaying becoming increasingly pronounced and uneven, you realize that the two of them won't be standing for very much longer. With barely a moment to spare, you quickly move to...

[ ] Catch Tenshi, let Parsee fall
[ ] Catch Parsee, let Tenshi fall
[ ] Catch them both, let neither fall
[ ] Catch neither, watch them both fall

No. 142904
[x] Catch Tenshi, let Parsee fall

Let her fall is enough revenge for attempted murder
No. 142906
[X] Catch them both, let neither fall.
No. 142907
[x] Catch them both, let neither fall
No. 142908
[X] Catch them both, let neither fall

>One day, she will become made of meat.
Singing meat. Thinking meat. Dreaming meat. It's a horrifying idea. Let us never speak of it again.
No. 142909
[x]Jump under both, let neither fall onto a hard surface


Wait wait wait.

Youkai are meat?!
No. 142910
[x] Catch neither, watch them both fall

Like they'll remember. Su-san certainly will, however. And she's awake. And angry. ... Hooray!
No. 142911
[x] Catch Tenshi, let Parsee fall

So instead of hitting Parsee with a rock, we hit a rock with Parsee. Brilliant.
No. 142912
[x] Catch Tenshi, let Parsee fall

Su-san is glorious. Note to self: she needs more love later on.

Meanwhile, i doubt he can actually manage to catch them both. It will end in failure. So priorities. Tenshi.
No. 142913

It'll be fine. Su-san just needs more ruffling.
No. 142914
[x] Catch neither, watch them both fall
No. 142916
[X] Catch them both, let neither fall
No. 142917
[x] Catch them both, let neither fall
No. 142918
[x] Catch Tenshi, let Parsee fall

We'll need help against the tsundere dominatrix doll.
No. 142919
[x] Catch Tenshi, let Parsee fall

Damn, and now I' again torn between these choices.
It's a sign of a good story, isn't it?
No. 142920
[x] Catch them both, let neither fall

How pathetic. I feel a little ashamed of the MC. There is never a justified reason for needing to be saved by a little girl.
No. 142921
[ ] Catch them both, let neither fall
No. 142922
[ ] Catch neither, watch them both fall

Theye both need to learn a lesson.
No. 142924
You now realize this isn't that sort of story and stop worrying so much.
No. 142925
[x] Catch Tenshi, let Parsee fall
No. 142928
[x] Catch Both, let neither fall
No. 142929
[x] Catch Both, let both fall
No. 142930
[x] Fall
No. 142932
[x] Catch them both, let neither fall
No. 142934
[x] Catch Tenshi, let Parsee fall
No. 142936
[X] Catch them both, let neither fall
No. 142939
[x] Catch them both, let neither fall

We need to show the true joy of ruffling to Su-san.

Maybe if she tries it out herself, she'll understand.
No. 142941
[X] Catch Parsee, let Tenshi fall

I think there's a precedent of having a passed out Parsee in our arms.
No. 142953
We need more Susan. Like, a lot more.

[x] Catch neither, play dead with them.
No. 142972
[x] Catch neither, play 'dead' with them.

if you know what I mean.

No. 142986
[x] Catch them both, let neither fall

Lets play knight in shining armor.
No. 143016
[X] Catch Parsee, let Tenshi fall

To be quite honest, fuck Parsee. Inb4 "that's the plan"
No. 143024
> fuck Parsee.

that's the plan
No. 143052
Wow, even with my antipathy for this Parsee, I managed to twist my vote around. Revotan (can't delete >>143016 due to password error).

[X] Catch Tenshi, let Parsee fall
No. 143065
[x] Catch Tenshi, let Parsee fall
No. 143066
[x] Catch them both, let neither fall
Gotta catch'em all.
No. 143077
You know, I'm still wondering whether or not the MC is human. The story starts out with a scene that seems to involving a man being served a meal by a male waiter (along with the killing and eating of a human at the end of it), he woke up remembering "A cute girl with wings" and was covered in blood, Eiren assumed him to be decades if not centuries old, he didn't suffer anything more than inflamation when brought into contact with Medi and Su-san's poisons, and he's missing some ball like organ that should be there but isn't (he's still got two out of his three 'balls' though), he has dreams that are trying to assure him that he isn't crazy (and that he should avoid traveling at night), and that's not taking into account that he isn't living in the Human Village (which is a bit WTF-ish when you stop to think about it, as it means he was kicked out, or he left for some reason).

So what in the fuck is he? Well, beyond "Amusing", of course.
No. 143080
[x] Catch Tenshi, let Parsee fall


He is...

The MC from Do the Right Thing
No. 143082

I'm surprised that you didn't bring up that he doesn't die when he is killed. The other things are important too, but not dieing seems like the biggest one. He doesn't seem to care about any of this though since we're busy helping out little girls. Though I'm not sure if he would care even if he wasn't preoccupied because nothing really seems to phase him.

In short, he's fucking nuts and I wouldn't want it any other way.
No. 143094
File 130919983376.jpg - (159.59KB , 850x945 , goddamn frogs.jpg ) [iqdb]
Sorry for the delays, once again. It's been a strange weekend.

Vote called, writing will commence sometime after I get back from work tonight, as usual.

>>The story starts out with a scene that seems to involving a man being served a meal by a male waiter (along with the killing and eating of a human at the end of it), he woke up remembering "A cute girl with wings" and was covered in blood,

There are at least two things you are assuming in there that I am not entirely sure are correct.

I will leave it to you to figure out which ones.
No. 143098
I have the first thread open here. The first scene uses male pronouns (Sir) for the one being served. It is unlikely that the one being served was Remelia, as she would have been insulted at being refered to as a male like that. What follows after that is the MC waking up and trying to remember the details of the dream, followed by washing blood off of himself.

Either the two scenes are unrelated, or there was a spelling/grammar issue in the first thread with that scene that wasn't caught. Or that was the fault of a ninja. Fucking ninjas...
No. 143106
File 130920742816.jpg - (147.30KB , 400x500 , bba789d50ef9c69d50addb3376b0815e.jpg ) [iqdb]

>It is unlikely that the one being served was Remelia, as she would have been insulted at being refered to as a male like that.

Remilia tries to keep that aspect of her hidden. It's hard to be an elegant lady if you're not entirely female, but I suppose it might slip if intoxicated.
No. 143115
That first little bit is just a reference to the waiter story at the end of his first short-story thread. If it ends up being related to this story, I'll eat my hat.
No. 143118
You wouldn't happen to have a link, would you? The author's lack of screenname makes it hard to find which "Anonymous" stories are his in the story list.
No. 143120
It's Don't Read This on the storylist.
No. 143122
I'm a bit disappointed in how quickly some folks gave up on Parsee after one case of nearly killing you. I know some fans who remain loyal no matter what the girl does.
No. 143123
Thank you.
No. 143125
Even when they change completely? Even when they aren't who you thought they were? Unconditional loyalty is dumb.
No. 143130

Well, death isn't really the problem here. She is nuts. Not in the way of our MC or Koishi, they're more of a lovable kind of crazy. Trying to kill someone so that everyone around them is sad is really in a whole new category than accidentally wrecking a subconcious or nigh-squashing a third eye.

Yeah it's just part of her, but half of her being evil is a lot and right now the evil side is out.
No. 143131
Parsee didn't change so much as had a up to now aspect repressed, ditching her now would only cause it to get worse. And it's not as if it was that great of a surprise as anyone could have seen that coming at some point.
No. 143154
She did a dick move and now she will pay for it. If she doesn't learn from her mistakes, she deserves to be alone.
No. 143164
You're acting as if it was something she was 100% intending to do as opposed to 50%.
No. 143177
File 130925482942.jpg - (375.38KB , 700x583 , FLOP.jpg ) [iqdb]
Moving faster than you knew you were capable of, you close what little distance there was between yourself and the two females.


Your arm shoots out just in time to catch Tenshi as she begins to fall backwards.
But you are not finished.
Oh no. Not at all.
Casting a glance at the now bleary-eyed Parsee, you quickly calculate her likely angle of fall, taking into account the fact that there is a solid wall directly behind her, as well as the chance of her being able to pass through solid objects like a ghost.

You strongly suspect that she cannot.
Clearly, if she were to fall in any direction, it will be forward.


Though you find maneuvering to be considerably more awkward while propping up an increasingly-limp Celestial with one arm, you manage to position yourself in an ideal spot, and successfully catch Parsee with your other arm.

Having succeeded in your immediate goal in preventing either of them from hitting the ground, you take a moment to bask in the glow of your success. Unfortunately, a moment is all you are allowed, as you quickly become aware of a significant flaw in your plan.

You wanted to catch Tenshi before she hit the ground, and you caught her before she could hit the ground.
You wanted to to do the same for Parsee, and you did just that, as well.

Too late, however, you realize that you had neglected one more person in need of saving from a fall.
Namely, yourself.

As effective as your movements were in enabling you to catch the two ladies from gravity's embrace, they did so at the cost of leaving you severely off-balance and ill-prepared for your own fall.

Ill-prepared, but not helpless.

On any other day, you would either accept the inevitable, or make some lame attempt at halting your descent like flapping your arms like a bird, even though you know it had no chance at working.
After all, sometimes it wasn't about whether or not something would 'work'. Sometimes, it was about what felt right, damn it!

Not today, though.
Not now.
Not when the fate of others hang in the balance.
If you fall on your own, you know it is of little consequence, but now? Now, if you fall, so do the others.
You cannot allow this.
You will not allow this!

Backward step.


You did it!
You didn't fall!
You stopped yourself from falling, along with the other two!

But, wait!
What is that?!

Casting your gaze upward, you see the unmistakable shape of something rushing towards you.
To be more precise, it seems to be rushing right towards your head.

Is it a bird?

A rock?

No, it's...

[ ] DODGE!

[ ] Mash buttons like there's no tomorrow, pretend it will make any difference.

[ ] Take it in the face like a MAN!


>>The first scene uses male pronouns (Sir) for the one being served.

You are correct. However,I did not say that the customer's gender is what you may be mistaken about.

Can't it be both?
No. 143179
[x] Mash buttons like there's no tomorrow, pretend it will make any difference.


>Not falling sequence

What, were we dancing with them or something? Anyway, I doubt that we could dodge this without tripping over Parsee and Tenshi. It's probably just a tsuntsun doll anyway, nothing to be worried about.
No. 143181
[X] Mash buttons like there's no tomorrow, pretend it will make any difference.
Button mashing! -Wait, these aren't controllers we're holding...
No. 143182
[x] Take it in the face like a MAN!

>Can't it be both?
Not if I like my hat.
No. 143184
[x] Take it in the face like a MAN!

Take it
No. 143185
I am surprised that managed to work?

[X] Take it in the face like a MAN!

Bring it.
No. 143186
[x] Take it in the face like a MAN!
With two girls in our arms, dodging or button mashing (specially button mashing) will result in arm to them. Nevermind that they're a strong Youkai/Celestial duo, a true stupid man never lets anything female-like come into harm.
No. 143187
[X] Take it in the face like a MAN!
No. 143189
[x] Mash buttons like there's no tomorrow, pretend it will make any difference.

It's a bird? It's a rock? No, it's...
No. 143192
[x] DODGE!

MC has proven himself to be remarkably graceful, and dextrous. There is no need to tank this thing in the face. Besides, if it is Su-san, our face might hurt her.
No. 143193
[x] Mash buttons like there's no tomorrow, pretend it will make any difference.

Like a pro.
No. 143194
[x] Mash buttons like there's no tomorrow, pretend it will make any difference.
No. 143197
[X] Take it in the face like a MAN!
No. 143201
[x] Take it in the face like a MAN!
No. 143206
[X] Take it in the face like a MAN!
No. 143210
[x] DODGE!
No. 143216
[x] DODGE!
No. 143217
[X] Take it in the face like a MAN!
No. 143224
[X] Take it in the face like a MAN!
No. 143241
[X] Take it in the face like a MAN!
No. 143245
[x] DODGE!
You've lost one of your command spells, 2 more remaining.
No. 143265
[x] Catch it in your mouth-
[x] Twirl-
[x] It takes three to Tango!
No. 143271
[x]Mash one of the three command inputs as much as you can within an arbitrary amount of time, then decide to take the course of action which got the most number of inputs

It's worked so far, guys!
No. 143277
[ ] DODGE!
No. 143284
[x] Take it to the face
-[x] Smooch
No. 143313
[ ] Take it in the face like a MAN!
No. 143348
[x] Take it in the face like a MAN!
No. 143409
File 130984807980.jpg - (294.97KB , 800x1067 , cf8367302740ddda66a4da5b9332c8f5.jpg ) [iqdb]
Still alive?
No. 143411
File 130985194641.jpg - (228.03KB , 892x1262 , we write what me must because we can.jpg ) [iqdb]

Sorry for not saying anything sooner. The past week has kinda sucked, and motivation to do anything has been rather lacking as a result.

This upcoming week looks to be a little better in terms of free time, though, so I will try to take advantage of that.

Writing is now resuming, and I fully intend to have an update ready and posted before I even think about going to sleep.
No. 143413
File 130985734474.jpg - (440.76KB , 1200x1694 , air assault.jpg ) [iqdb]
Staring down the rapidly-approaching object, you brace yourself for the imminent collision, feeling as if were Fate itself rushing towards you.
An unstoppable, inevitable force that will crush anyone foolish enough to not move out of the way.

However, you do not move.
Not a single step.

...not that you could move, even if you wanted to, of course.
Refusing to allow either Celestial or bridge princess to fall, you can do nothing but stand your ground as you keep the two of them on their feet.

And so, you stand.
In the face of inevitability, you stand resolute.
You will not yield.
You will not retreat.
You will not compromise.
You will take whatever may come your way, and welcome it with open arms.

Arms that are also somewhat occupied at the moment, yet open nonetheless!

That is the way it must be!
That is what it means to be a man!
You are a man, aren't you?
Of course you are!

And so you stand, ready to greet the oncoming flying object with all your might.
Closing your eyes in anticipation of the impact, you slowly breathe in and out, and wait.

And wait.

And wait some more.

An agonizing second later, you decide to chance a peek, and are greeted by a sudden face-full of purple mist.

It tingles.

“Hey, Su-san!” you greet the disgruntled little doll, wondering if you should offer her a token cough or two to at least acknowledge the spritz of poison she sent your way. As fruitless as attempting to poison you seemingly is at this point, you figure it would only be polite to give the little doll some recognition for her effort, but you wouldn't want to come across as being patronizing.

Or do you?

[ ] You do. You really, really do.

[ ] You don't. You so totally don't.
No. 143414
[X] You don't. You so totally don't.
No. 143415
Mock Su-san? Anger Su-san? UNACCEPTABLE! That may make her CRY! Or tear us limb from limb in blind rage. But how could we live with ourselves as a man if we purposefully made her cry?
No. 143416
[x] You don't. You so totally don't.

I don't have it in me to do something mean to Su-san.
No. 143417
[x] You do. You really, really do.

It's not patronizing... it's smooches!
No. 143418
[x] You don't. You so totally don't.
No. 143421
[x] You do. You really, really do.
Manly men go easy on little girls and dolls. Afterwards it is hair ruffling time.
No. 143424
[x] You don't. You so totally don't.
No. 143428
[x] You don't. You so totally don't.
No. 143431
[x] You don't. You so totally don't.
No. 143433
[x] You do. You really, really do.

Patronize Su-san every day.
No. 143435
[x] You don't. You so totally don't.

Sorry Susie, but there are subtler forms of communication than poison.
No. 143436
More or less subtle than a rock to the face?
No. 143440
[x] You don't. You so totally don't.
No. 143464
[x] You don't. You so totally don't.
No. 143471
[X] You don't. You so totally don't.
No. 143486
[x] You do. You really, really do.

It's not patronizing if it comes from the heart.
No. 143488
[x] You don't. You so totally don't.

Patronizing is patronizing. Really we should show Medicine and Su-san we value their friendship.
No. 143518
[X] You don't. You so totally don't.
No. 143542
[x]You have the right to remain silent but anything you do say may be construed as being patronizing anyway.
No. 143555
File 131007590334.png - (375.64KB , 800x850 , someone wants to bop you one.png ) [iqdb]
For a moment, the fool looks as if he wished to say something, but thinks better of it and holds his tongue.
A wise choice, most likely.

It is doubtful there is anything he could say that would lessen the irritation the child's companion now felt.
The nerve of him! Calling out as if he were in peril, only to reveal that the only struggle he was engaged in was in keeping the two females in his arms standing!

Granted, the toxin they had quickly spread over the area to incapacitate any would-be assailants may have had something to do with their current state...

Nevertheless! Considering who the idiot's companions were, their current state is hardly anything to be troubled over.
On the contrary, any occasion where that obnoxious Celestial is rendered silent and docile is to be savored. The bridge guardian is, almost certainly, no different.

Yes, it is quite a pleasant sight to see.
Those two, so quiet.
So helpless.
It's almost enough to make her feel that tingle again.
But not quite.
Oh, no. Not for them.

He, on the other hand...

...what was he doing here, anyway?
As irrational as his behavior has proven to be, she could not quite understand why he would continue lingering around the place that held him captive during the night.
Granted, he was no longer inside of it, but behind it, but that was even more illogical.

What possible business could that idiot have in the darkened alleyway behind a place such as this?
With those two females, no less?


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Looking back and forth between Tenshi, Parsee, and yourself, Su-san finally settles on just staring at you.

Silently staring at you.

Despite her typical lack of expression, you can't help but feel as if she were judging you, somehow.

Judging, and not approving.

Halfway expecting her to land on the ground simply so she can impatiently tap her foot as she disapprovingly glowers up at you, you feel the gears of your 'bullshit engine' begin to slowly turn in anticipation of her demands for an explanation.
A silly thing to feel, you realize, as her apparent inability to speak means that no such demands will come, but the atmosphere seems to demand it.

The atmosphere of a mother who suspects you broke something, of a teacher who suspects you of cheating on a test, or of a wife who catches you somewhere you probably shouldn't be.
But not all three at once, because that would be weird.
Especially if they were all the same person.
Not that them being different people would be any better.

Fortunately for you, you just happen to be in a dark alley behind a bar with two unconscious girls in your arms.

...wait a minute.

As bad as your current situation currently looks, you realize there is really nothing to worry about. Nothing at all!
Sure, to an outside observer, a guy in a dark alley with two seemingly helpless girls would seem like a highly-suspicious situation, the likes of which lead to the sorts of zany misunderstandings you've heard stories about.

Or, at least, you think you've heard stories like that.
They tend to not be quite so “zany” once law-enforcement becomes involved, however.

Luckily for you, there seems to be little reason for concern in this instance.
Setting aside the extremely low probability of you being capable of rendering either the Celestial or bridge princess unconscious like this on your own, let alone both at the same time, the one who was actually capable of doing such a thing was right in front of you! Though you do not know if it was the work of herself, or her larger counterpart, you know that neither of them would ever confuse their handiwork for your own.

What misunderstanding can there be, when there is nothing to misunderstand?

“...-aaaan! Hey! Su-san! Where are yo-OH!” the voice of Medicine echoes through the alley from overhead. Glancing upward, you catch a glimpse of the little doll-girl as she overshoots your location, stops herself in mid-air, and hovers down to join the four of you. “Wow! You found him! Good job, Su-san! Are you okay, Human?”

“Hey, Medi.” You greet your little doll-friend, shifting slightly under the weight of the two limp bodies in your arms. “Yeah, I'm fine. I'm, uh, fine.”

“Really? You weren't being attacked?” Medicine asks, tilting her head slightly. “Su-san thought you were being attacked.”

“Huh? Attack? Who's fightin' who now?” another voice boisterously calls out, as a horned head peers around the corner of the alley.

“O-oh! Er, hi, Yuugi!”

“Mornin' kiddo!” the oni woman smiles, stepping into the alley. As she surveys the area, you can't help but notice her eyebrows raise slightly. “So, what's all this 'bout a fight?”

“Er, well...” you begin, suddenly feeling as if explaining your situation has suddenly become just a tad less simple.

...or more simple.
You're not quite sure which.

In one arm you have an unconscious girl who tried to kill you.
In the other, you have an unconscious girl who stopped the other girl from trying to kill you, but who isn't all too happy with you, either.
All three of you are in a dark alley behind a bar for some reason, and you are now being questioned by a girl to whom telling the whole truth might not be a good idea, and a lady to whom telling anything but the truth might be a bad idea.

So, yeah.

[ ] True
[ ] Mostly True
[ ] Half True
[ ] Barely True
[ ] False
[ ] Pants on Fire
No. 143560
[X] Mostly True

You can spin anything as long as it's true from a certain point of view. Saying there was a disagreement will go over better than saying "Parsee tried to kill me."
No. 143561
File 131007887251.jpg - (75.72KB , 500x731 , wat.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] True
It's the right thing to do. And this guy has been trying to do so for quite some time now.

Seriously, that old saying, 'the road to hell is paved with good intentions' has never been so literal.
No. 143562
[X] Mostly true

Don't lie to onis! Stretching the truth to be a more satisfying story to the oni is fine though.
No. 143563
[x] Mostly True
No. 143566
[x] True

Yuugi will make everything better. Sure, it'll probably make Medicine hate Parsee forever, but we shouldn't sweat the small stuff.
No. 143569
[X] Mostly True

Because really, we need to embellish at least a little bit. It's just our style.
No. 143570
[x] Mostly True
Don't forget to mention the part where he defended the two from certain doom.
No. 143571
[x] True

Lies are bad.
No. 143574
>Lie to an oni

This shit will never work.

[x] True
No. 143575
[x] True
No. 143576
[x] True

Not sure how to explain the whole "not dead" part of being staked but there are more important things to worry about. Like what Su-san and Medicine will do to Parsee when we tell them what happened.
No. 143580
Of course it worked, humans did that in the past and tricked oni.
No. 143582
[x] True

It shall set us freeeeeee.
No. 143584
[x] True

Yuugi will help and protect us. Or, if nothing else, maybe give good advice on how to deal with a Parsee who wants us dead. Or just laugh the whole thing off.
No. 143588
[x] True
No. 143589
[x] True
>It shall set our teeth freeeeeee.
No. 143590
[x] True
No. 143593
[x] Did you know that Pi is equal to 3.14? In fact, you've had enough time on your hands to get to ten thousand places even though you probably should have been doing something more constructive with it. Though, you're sure as fellow scholars, they'd be more than overjoyed to listen to a bit of your mathematical prowess.
No. 143594
[X] Mostly true
No. 143595
[x] True
No. 143601
[X] True
Yeah lying to an oni isn't great. I just wonder if Parsee can never be truly helped? Or in the end was her unhappiness about being a bridge guard and not really having any friends ultimately a sham?
No. 143615
[X] True
No. 143618
[x] True
No. 143619
[X] True

Save our lies for later. Yuugi might be able to help us.
No. 143621
[x] Pants on Fire

No. 143622
So... how's the divorce going? You holdin' up alright?
No. 143635
[x] What is now true in light of the current situation.

>we write what me must because we can.jpg
>picture of Koishi
...That's either clever or damn ironic.

>A few minutes later
>look at full-size version on a whim
No. 143638
Umm can someone tell me where to find another copy of chapter 8...please? It keeps showing 404 not found
No. 143640
[x] True
No. 143641

The touhou-project downloader has that thread backed up.

Just input the URL (or the whole story name): http://www.touhou-project.com/th/res/125993.html and download it as html.
No. 143643
[X] Pants on Fire
This is the only path.
No. 143645
[X] True

True That.
No. 143646

OMFG! Thank You so much! New to this site I couldn't do anything else, either ask or think as I watched hours upon hours of TOHO CLOCK

Thanks again X3
P.S. sorry of double posting clicked too much
No. 143647
>double post
Get thee behind me, newfriend.
No. 143689
File 131039787947.jpg - (213.76KB , 1000x1000 , what is shaking parsee.jpg ) [iqdb]
You still lacking motivation, writefag? You used to be the most regular updater on the site.
Or maybe this waiting time is normal and I'm just shaking in vain.
No. 143693
Oh, no. Motivation is doing quite well, right now. Time has been the problem, though I must confess that I'm partly to blame for that.

Ever have one of those "hey, this game is pretty fu-oh shit where did those five hours go?!" moments?

No. 143705
File 131043921364.jpg - (51.28KB , 327x365 , dissapoint.jpg ) [iqdb]
Yeah, I had. In my case, it's called League of Fucking legends I don't even know when or where I'm supposed to take this semester's finals.
No. 143732
File 131048212497.png - (440.97KB , 743x620 , 043350294f5d0a1e1212107c67eb4e16.png ) [iqdb]
Your lack of daily updates dedication may be cured by a sudden Koishi.
No. 143751
File 131049476214.jpg - (152.46KB , 850x850 , Koishi koishi.jpg ) [iqdb]
That picture is awesome.
No. 143754
File 131050236452.jpg - (400.61KB , 724x1000 , d4eb01df2185e1d6f2d304d54437f8a8.jpg ) [iqdb]

Sudden panty inspection
No. 143767
>image sez: Nothing here.
oh ho ho
No. 143781
File 131054971553.png - (857.77KB , 1032x760 , oh get ON with it already.png ) [iqdb]
Racking your brain for an a moment that strangely feels agonizingly longer than the span of a few seconds ever should, you consider your options in this matter.

Tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth of what transpired here?
Honesty is always the best policy, after all.

Aside from, say, all the times where it most certainly isn't the best policy.

You're not entirely sure which category 'attempted murder' would fall into, least of all when you were the would-be victim, and even the 'would-be' is somewhat questionable. Why does your head have this rather painful bump on it, anyway?

Whatever the reason, you're fairly certain you're not going to get any answers standing around as you are. You're not going to be doing much of anything, really.
Though neither of the girls in your arms are exactly heavy, the simple act of keeping their limp forms from sliding to the ground severely hinders your mobility.

“Ah, before that, could you give me a hand here?” you ask Yuugi, as you feel your arms begin to weaken.

“Huh? Ah, right. Gotcha, kiddo!” the oni woman says with a grin as she strides over to help relieve you of your load. Scooping up the two girls with no more effort than you put into picking up a couple of pebbles from the ground, she hefts each over her shoulders and tilts her head back towards the street. “I'm guessin' you're wantin' to head back to the satori's palace, right? C'mon, you can tell me all about it on the way.”

Though you can't help but imagine that at least one of the two will have some complaint regarding how they were slung over the oni's shoulders like they were bags of rice, you say nothing about the matter as you follow the horned woman out of the dark and now poison-filled alleyway.

Though, perhaps you should? If only to be polite?

[ ] Nah.

[ ] Yah.
- ( ) The bag of peaches
- ( ) The bag of hammers


Sorry for taking so long to produce so little.
I had meant for this to be a longer update, but it occurs to me that may actually be part of the problem I've been having.

The more frequent updates in the beginning were pretty much done on the fly, but as they became longer it became increasingly difficult to just improvise.

I'm not sure what will be the best way to deal with this, but I'd love to be able to get back even a fraction of the momentum I had going early on.
No. 143783
[x] Nah.

Clearly we need our hands to tell Yuugi what happened in a more exciting way. Though I'm more concerned about losing masculinity points if Yuugi tosses one of them at us and we fall over or something. That would suck.

>Sorry for taking so long to produce so little.

That's fine. Take it easy. Shorter updates are okay too.
No. 143787
[x] Yah.
- (x) The bag of peaches
No. 143788
[x] Yah.
- (x) The bag of peaches

Tenshi = awesome
No. 143789
[x] Yah.
-(x) The bag of hammers

Here I go again, futilely voting against something I already know will win.
No. 143790
You got that right.

[x] Yah.
- (x) The bag of peaches
No. 143793
(x) The bag of peaches
No. 143797
[x] Yah.
- (x) The bag of peaches

Where is the peach? Is she wearing her hat?
No. 143798
[x] Yah.
-(x) The bag of hammers

Tide, I spit upon thee!
No. 143799
[x] Yah.
- (x) The bag of peaches

Our cup shall runneth over with Tenshi.
No. 143801
[X] Yah.
- (X) The bag of hammers

Keep your friends close and the bipolar monster that tried to kill you closer.
No. 143802
[x] Yah.
- (x) The bag of peaches
No. 143804
[x] Yah.
- (x) The bag of peaches
No. 143805
[x] Yah.
-(x) The bag of hammers
No. 143809
[x] Yah.
- (x) The bag of peaches
No. 143813
[x] Yah.
- (x) The bag of peaches
No. 143817
[x] Yah.
-[x] The bag of hammers

I'll always be there when you wake.
No. 143821
[x] Yah.
-[x] The bag of hammers
No. 143823
[x] Yah sure, ya betcha.
No. 143824
[x] Nah.

And how would you carry two people at once?
No. 143846
Alright, calling it. I'll try to get something done this afternoon.
No. 143847
Why hammers? I don't get it.
No. 143848
Parsee tried to kill him by hammering a nail into his brain.
No. 143871
File 131071247835.jpg - (193.15KB , 500x500 , obligatory zelda reference.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Say, Yuugi?”

“Yeah, kiddo?”

“Would it help if I carried one of them?”


Stopping in place, Yuugi turns and stares at you for a moment, looking as if she were unsure she heard you properly. Or, perhaps she did, and is simply surprised by the offer itself.

How many times has an oni ever been asked if they needed help in carrying something? By a human, no less?

“Er, n-not that I don't think you need help or anything!” you stammer, desperately hoping you have not in some way offended her. “It's just, well, I feel kinda responsible for this, and it doesn't feel right to not do something, you know?”

Eyebrows raised, the oni seems to briefly consider your words before nodding her head and grinning. “Heh! Good, kiddo! Good! A man's gotta take responsibility, after all!”

“Yeah! I just want to-...wait, what?”

“So! Which one d'ya want?” Yuugi asks, still grinning as she steps closer to you. “Think the princess'll get a kick outta wakin' up with ya again?”

“Actually, you should probably hold onto Parsee, Yuugi. Just to be safe.” you reply, somewhat uncertain as to where you and the bridge princess stand with each other at the moment. Nothing puts a cramp on a budding relationship like a little attempted murder, after all.

“Huh? Somethin' happen with you two?” Yuugi asks, pivoting herself just enough to allow Tenshi's body to slide off her shoulder and into your waiting arms.

Oof! Uh, yeah. You could say that.” you say absently, the matter of explaining what happened taking a sudden back-seat to the more immediate concern of what you were going to actually do to carry the unconscious girl in your arms..

Unlike Medicine, you can't help but notice that Tenshi's relatively larger body is not only heavier than the doll-girl, but is also somewhat more awkward to hold. You cannot help but to compare it to your experiences in carrying rocks.

Ah, yes. Rocks. Wonderful, solid, dependable rocks. Not only do they not possess awkwardly dangling limbs to get in the way of anything, they also may be grasped and held in any manner you deem necessary.

This girl, on the other hand? Not so much.
Though you suppose you technically could disregard any semblance of propriety and allow your hands to land where they may, you're not sure if you would be able to live with yourself after doing such a thing. Even if you could, you're not sure if she would let you live with yourself after doing such a thing.

Or live at all, for that matter.

Weighing your options, you decide...

[ ] The Pig
[ ] The Bride
[ ] The Drunkard
[ ] The Caveman
No. 143873
[x] The Bride

For the awkwardness when she inevitably wakes.
No. 143875
[x] The Pig

Piggyback rides are so much more intimate than the others. I'm a little irritated that it isn't Parsee, but this'll have to do.
No. 143876
[x] The Bride
Yes. YES.
No. 143883
[x] The Pig

Just like in my Japanese anime!
No. 143884
[x] The Bride

Choice is an illusion. We don't have it here, there's only one thing to vote for.
No. 143885
[x] The Bride

I can't not vote for this.
No. 143886
[x] The Bride

Because once one has been exposed to a Tenchiverse like situation, the only options left are either the Tenchi Solution or School Days.
No. 143887
<Fishman>: A typical Tenshi situation would be far more likely to have the women do WWIII over the guy.
No. 143889
[x] The cat

Under the arms and over the breasts!

[x] The Bride
No. 143890
[X] The Drunkard
Because we ourselves were nearly hammered back there.
No. 143894
[X] The Caveman

The easiest choice to understand is the best.
No. 143895
[X] The Bride
No. 143896
[x] The Bride
The easiest way to carry people who are larger than you.
No. 143897
[x] The Bride
No. 143898
[x] The Bride.

Anything less and she'll kill us.
No. 143899
[x] The Bride
No. 143901
[x] The Bride
No. 143904
[x] The Drunkard

What is this choice, exactly? I have no idea what I'm voting for.
No. 143911
[x] The Bride
No. 143912
[ ] The Bride
No. 143915
How to carry Tenshi: piggyback, bridal style, leaning support, or slung over the shoulder
No. 143918
[x] The Bride
No. 143919
[x] The Bride

I have to admit this one is funny.
No. 143920
[]The Pig

Tenshi is located on our back when she carries us (ignoring the Koishi sandwich she didn't notice). Let's keep the tradition up for this little role reversal.
No. 143924
[x] The Bride
I want to see a flustered Tenshi.
No. 143933
File 131085744955.jpg - (248.22KB , 675x800 , zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.jpg ) [iqdb]
Yes, that's it!
“Bridal style” is definitely the way to go.

Carefully positioning one arm to support Tenshi's upper back, you slide your other arm under her knees and lift them upward, cradling the unconscious Celestial. As she lies limply in your arms, you can't help but think she looks almost as if she were sleeping peacefully, rather than being knocked out by some strange, poisonous gas.

Or, you know. Dead.

Thankfully, the slow rise and fall of her chest and gentle breath on your neck tells you that is not the case.

Can a Celestial even die from poison, anyway?
You wouldn't think so, but it does raise another question in your mind.

“Hey, Yuugi? Does Parsee seem to be-”

“Don't worry, kiddo, she's sleepin' like a baby, is all.” Yuugi responds without waiting for you to finish, no doubt anticipating your question. “I'm guessin' the kid did this, huh?”

“Yeah,” you say with a nod, turning back to look at the two dolls behind you. “Right, Medi?”

“H-huh? What?” Medicine suddenly perks up, realizing you are addressing her.

“You used your poison to knock Tenshi and Parsee out, right?”

“Who?” the little doll-girl asks, tilting her head to the side with a look of genuine confusion.
You realize she doesn't seem to be one for remembering names in general, from what you've seen, but you would think she could at least hazard a guess as to who you were talking about. Fortunately, it seems the smaller of the two dolls is used to this sort of thing, and hovers over to the larger doll's ear. “Huh, Su-san? Oh. Oooh! Them! Huh. Really? We did that? Huh. Yeah, I guess we kinda did, Human.”

“You guess?” you half-ask, half-repeat, mildly bewildered how unaware your little friend is of what she did not minutes ago.

“Well, yeah. See, Su-san an' me heard you yell something, so we thought you were in trouble, but we didn't know where you were! So Su-san said something about 'gas the whole' something-something, and 'it's the only way to be sure', so we did! Then we found you! And you were okay! You're okay, right?”

“Yeah, Medi. I'm okay.”

“Really? You got a big bump on your head.”

“Yeah, Medi, I know. It hurts a little, but I'm fine. Really.” you assure her, feeling quite touched that she cared enough to try to come to your aid, yet mildly unnerved that her chosen method of doing so entailed indiscriminately gassing a couple city blocks.

“Haw! I like this kid more an' more!” Yuugi guffaws. “Honest, and not afraid to go all-out!”

“Er, anyway...” you cough, unsure if this sort of thing should be encouraged. “They're going to wake up, right Medi?”

“Huh? Well, yeah. I just gotta tell the poison to stop, is all.” Medicine says plainly

Though you never really thought of poison as something that could be stopped on-command, you weren't going to question the word of an expert on the matter.

“So, you can just tell the poison to stop, and they'll wake up?”

“Yeah!” she says with a smile and a nod. “I can do it now if you want, Human!”



Thinking it over, you wonder if it wouldn't be a good idea. Everyone has their own side of the story to tell, you're sure.

Then again, the quiet is kinda nice...

"Well, in that case...”

[ ] Wake up Tenshi
[ ] Wake up Parsee
[ ] Wake up both
[ ] Wake up neither
No. 143934
File 131085791032.jpg - (487.80KB , 868x992 , 9077bb611df86aea53873524b6bfc168.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Wake up Tenshi

Rise and shine Tenshi. Rise and shine.
No. 143935
[x] Wake up neither

Let's tell Yuugi our side of the story first. Either one would just interrupt us and make things a pai... painfully awesome.
No. 143936
[x] Wake up Tenshi

Let Yuugi take care of Parsee. I prefer Tenshi over that jealous lunatic blonde chick.
No. 143937
[x] Wake up neither

I like them this way.
No. 143939
You know, I just noticed that he didn't tell Yuugi shit about what actually occured. So...

[X] Wake up neither
No. 143941
[x] Wake up neither

Yeeeeah, they can be quiet a bit longer.
No. 143942
The updates are faster, so why does it feel slower?
No. 143943
[ ] Wake up Tenshi
No. 143946
File 131086601226.png - (866.17KB , 1702x1335 , 5ed50d59713b210202bfe18077e2ec3d.png ) [iqdb]

Calm after the hammer to the head.
No. 143947
[x] Wake up neither
No. 143948
I sense danger.

[ ] Wake up none.
No. 143949
[]Wake up Tenshi.

Do want flustered rockthrower.
No. 143950
[x] Wake up Parsee

Let's have Parsee explain herself to a friendly crowd and without Tenshi butting in.
No. 143951
[x] Wake up neither

Let's have some peace for a while.
We just took Peaches from Yuugi after all, if we wake her up, what point was there in taking her? And I don't want Parsee awake when the girl who was beating Parsee up is still asleep.
No. 143952
[X] Wake up neither
No. 143953
[X] Wake up neither
No. 143954
[x] Wake up Tenshi
No. 143955
>“Well, yeah. See, Su-san an' me heard you yell something, so we thought you were in trouble, but we didn't know where you were! So Su-san said something about 'gas the whole' something-something, and 'it's the only way to be sure', so we did!

Roll in a few canisters of CN-20.

[x] Wake up Tenshi
No. 143956
[x] Wake up neither

Let's carry peaches for a little longer.
No. 143957
[x] Wake up neither.

I think it's safer to let them sleep until we have explained everything to everyone first.
No. 143958
[x] Wake up Parsee

Once more with feeling. One day, we will pick Parsee option.
No. 143959
[x] Wake up neither

They can only be woken with a kiss from a rock-throwing charming prince.
No. 143964
[x] Wake up neither
I like quiet
No. 143965
[x] Wake up Tenshi
No. 143969
[x] Wake up neither
No. 143978
[x] Wake up neither
No. 143982
Calling it now, though I won't be able to do anything until late tonight.

I know it's slow going, but don't worry. The pace will pick up before too much longer.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...
No. 143992
File 131103758044.jpg - (238.01KB , 782x550 , fc6dea9b4a757df7024aa8a8bdde2d05.jpg ) [iqdb]
I believe you.
No. 143994

No. 144011
File 131114085178.jpg - (267.17KB , 833x544 , prevenge.jpg ) [iqdb]
“...maybe it wouldn't hurt to let them sleep a little longer.” you say, uncertain if it really counts as 'sleeping' when the state is induced by inhaling potentially-toxic substances.”

“Huh? Well, okay, Human.”

“Hey, kiddo? I don't wanna rush ya or nothin', but we're not getting' anywhere just standin' here, ya know?”

“Ah, right. Right. Okay, so...Medi? You coming?”


“So! Um, I would just like to say, as a preface, that I am alright, currently. Which is to say, what happened has not negatively impacted me in any long-term way that might...”

And so, the fool begins to ramble about what is certain to be yet another needlessly-convoluted justification of his idiocy, and the never-ending parade of incidents that make up what could loosely be called his 'life'.

The child listens carefully, of course, but her companion pays little more attention to it than is absolutely necessary, lest his overwhelming stupidity somehow manage to negatively affect her mental faculties. That he merits even that meager amount from her is something he should be grateful for, as far as she is concerned.

So grateful, in fact, that he should be more than willing to display his gratitude.

He need not take any drastic measures to so, of course.
She is, if nothing else, gracious.

Bowing and groveling before her while pledging his undying loyalty and devotion would be quite adequate.

And, were there any other ways in which he wished to display said loyalty and devotion...well, who would she be to refuse? Indeed, it would be nothing less than cruel for her to deny him such an opportunity.

For all the throngs of lowly beasts such as he, aimlessly blundering through their meaningless existences, what greater pleasure could there possibly be than to know your proper place in the order of things?

“...I kinda saw something shining in the alley, so I went and...”

Yet, it would appear he has yet to learn this particular lesson.
Why else would he subject her and, to a lesser degree, the beast-woman to this drivel?

An easily-distracted fool does something an easily-distracted fool would do?

What an earth-shattering revelation that is.

The only question is how the other two figure into this farcical monologue of his.
One stumbling upon him with the other, no doubt, most likely in such a way that there is some ridiculous misunderstanding that ultimately results in two or more parties engaging in fornication with each other.

How disgusting..

Their meat slapping together, coating one another in their fluids.

That they seemingly take pleasure in such revolting behavior is but a testament to what lowly creatures they truly are. Were they to only engage in such behaviors for reproductive purposes, she would almost concede the necessity of the act, but for recreation?

Why must such simple creatures insist on being so infuriatingly incomprehensible?

It is only out of sheer intellectual curiosity that she even ponders the reasons for such behavior. Nothing more, she assures herself.
She certainly has no interest in learning more of it. Certainly not.
Even if she were, she most assuredly would have no desire to actually witness to such debauchery.

Besides, she knows the best way to learn of anything is through first-hand experience, and the very notion of that?
It is so patently absurd, she would laugh, were that actually physically possible.
Laugh, or retch.
Perhaps one, then the other.

Even if she deigned to degrade herself in such a manner, it is not as if there were anyone worthy to-

“...and then there was another one of her, and she said she wanted to kill me...”


For a moment, she is not certain she heard the human correctly.
A quick check with the child, however, confirms that he had said what she thought he had.

Two of the bridge princess, one with a weapon, and the other expressing a desire to murder him.

Though she was listening more intently that her companion, the child is slower to fully grasp the human's words.
Little by little, though, the child's companion feels the sensation of dawning realization in her larger counterpart.
Though how the Celestial factors into the equation has yet to be explained, whatever else occurred is of little consequence in light of the single fact that now held precedence in their minds.

That woman was going to kill the human.

The human continues to ramble, offering excuses for the bridge guardian, as if it made even the slightest bit of difference.
So she possessed the desire to do it, but lacked the conviction to carry it out?
It is no wonder she became what she is, if she is so indecisive in other aspects of her life.

It is purely on that principle alone that she feels anything towards that woman at all, at that moment.
What else would she possibly feel?

Anger? Whatever for?

Trying to kill that imbecile? The fool very nearly accomplishes that himself on a daily basis! It is of no consequence to her if someone else wishes to assist him in that endeavor!

It is not as if she has any attachment to the cretin. Hardly! His very existence is an abomination that she tolerates purely for the sake of the child. Were it not for her, she would not care in the least that someone wished to do him harm, nor that some harlot dare lay their filthy meat-hands upon him.

No. She is not bothered by that at all.
Not at all.

“...and then she pulled out that hammer, and the nails, and...”

Not. At. All.
She does not care.
She does not feel a thing.
Not about him.
Not about her.
Not about their little rendezvous in the alleyway.
Not at all.
In the event she were to feel something, it would not be because she was feeling it, but because of the child.
Yes, that is it. Their connection.
To see what she sees.
Hear what she hears.
Feel what she feels.
That is the only reason she feels even the slightest bit of animosity towards that woman draped upon the shoulders of the oni. It is not her feelings, but those of the child.

It is why she feels anything at all regarding that fool, either, after all.
An unfortunate side-effect of the connection they share, and nothing more.
What one feels, the other must feel. That is all it is.
As if such a creature as he could ever hope to endear himself to her!

Indeed,. This could be nothing but yet another result of their connection.
The child's feelings towards that woman for what she did, and attempted to do, are simply influencing her companion.

Oh, and what emotions they are!


They could kill her right now.
They know they can.
The poison is already in her system, just waiting for the order to begin their attack.
It would be so easy.
No one would even suspect anything was wrong until it was too late.

Too late for her, anyway.

It is only swift the intervention of the child's companion that the deplorable creature continues to draw breath.

Silently, the two of them converse, as they do from time to time.
The child is confused, unable to understand why her companion would stop her.
Why? Why should that woman be allowed to live?!
A fair question, she supposed.
The human had shown her trust, she repaid him with an attempt on his life.
That she was unsuccessful is irrelevant, she should die for even attempting such a thing.

That one should die.
That one should die.
That one should just DIE.

She couldn't agree more.

The child's confusion is not alleviated by this admission from her compatriot.
Why, then?
Why not kill her now?

Why not?
Why, it should be perfectly obvious.
Such a thing was beneath them.

That wretch, that pathetic creature that was felled so easily by their poison was now unconscious. Helpless. Completely unaware of what was happening, and utterly incapable of defending herself in any way.
No matter how grievous her transgression, to extinguish her life in such a manner would only degrade the two of them, lowering them to to such a level that they would be no better than even the lowliest dregs of humanity.

As dolls and youkai, to throw away their pride in such a manner would be nothing less than disgraceful.

...besides, would it not be preferable to make her suffer, first?

The child does not entirely understand, but her companion does not blame her.
She is young, after all, and still has much to learn of the world.

Even among the humans, there is an understanding of the finer points of revenge. It is not something to be done in the heat of the moment, but later, where your actions are dictated more by logic and reason than by raw impulse and emotion. Though seeking an immediate result may result in a more instant form of gratification, such fleeting feelings are nothing compared to the unbridled bliss and satisfaction that can be had, if only one were to take the time to do things properly.

Like the finest poison, vengeance should be subtle. Elegant. It should not be an act, but a process, slowly and methodically building towards a grand climax. Intentional, yet seemingly accidental. Premeditated, yet spontaneous. When you begin, they suspect nothing. Yet, by the end, there should be no doubt in their minds about what is happening to them, and why.

When the end finally comes for them, they should look up and be able to see nothing but your face staring down at them.
They will gasp. They will beg for help.
But, then, it will finally dawn upon them.
'It was you! You're the one!' they will think.
You will watch as the light fades from their eyes, and their body breathes its last breath.
And, in the end, you will be left with the satisfaction of knowing that, in their final moments, they finally understood the cost of crossing you.

And it will be good..

In fact, the only thing that could possibly feel better than such a thing as that would be-

“-di? Hey, Medi! We're here!”

“..h-huh? What?”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“I said we're back at Satori's.” you repeat to your little friends, wondering just what they were spacing out over. You know your story of would-be murder wasn't exactly exciting, what with how much of it you spent either unconscious or incapacitated, but still! Then again, you suppose you should just be glad they didn't seem to do anything to Parsee beyond glare at her for a bit.

You find it rather surprising, actually. Perhaps you should praise her for being so mature and restrained a little later?

“So, kiddo, this gonna take long?” Yuugi suddenly asks, glancing uncertainly between the entryway of the palace and yourself.

“Um, I dunno. Maybe?” you answer, not entirely sure of what business you may have left to do before you depart. Make sure Rikako is okay and ready, of course. Thank Satori for her hospitality, obviously. ...something to eat wouldn't be such a bad idea, either. “Why, Yuugi? Don't you want to come in?”

“Heh! Ah, well, yeah.” the oni woman laughs, almost nervously. “Kinda.”


“Well, yeah, y'see, we don't really get along too well, the satori and us, y'know? So, yeah, I'll just stick right here 'till you're ready, 'kay?”


“Hey! It's okay! I don't mind! 'Sides, I got the sleepin' princess to keep me company, here! She's actually kinda nice, like this!” Yuugi laughs again, clearly trying her best to not look as uncomfortable as she is.

“Well...” you say, wondering what you should do. If nothing else, you know you can't just dump Tenshi on the doorstep, and Satori may even have something to help bring her around. What of the others, though?

You don't know if you feel right just leaving Yuugi out there, Parsee or no Parsee, but you certainly don't want to force her to do something she doesn't want to do.
Maybe Medicine could help keep her company? Then again, there's something she needs to do, as well, isn't there?


[ ] Go in alone. This won't take long.

[ ] Go in with Medi. We gotta do what we gotta do.

[ ] Go in with everybody. Why the rush?
No. 144012
[x] Go in with everybody. Why the rush?

I know, I KNOW, there's this gut feeling telling me leaving those two out there will just end up with them splitting from the group, AGAIN.
No. 144013
[X] Go in with everybody. Why the rush?

So Su-san is part Tsundere, and part Yandere.

No. 144015
VERY yay.

[X] Go in with everybody. Why the rush?
"Squad, stick together!"
No. 144016
[x] Go in with Medi. We gotta do what we gotta do.

Do not want to leave Medicine alone with Parsee.

On the other hand, Satori might want to speak with us about Koishi in private.
No. 144017
[X] Go in with everybody. Why the rush?
No. 144018
File 131114476040.jpg - (32.13KB , 474x335 , 127726421324.jpg ) [iqdb]
>More Su-san

[x] Go in with everybody. Why the rush?
No. 144019
[X] Go in with everybody. Why the rush?
No. 144020
>>leaving those two out there will just end up with them splitting from the group, AGAIN.

Don't worry, if you leave them outside, they will probably still be there when you get back.
Unless you keep them waiting all day, in which case you kinda deserve them ditching you for leaving them waiting out there all day, you jerk.
No. 144021
[x] Go in with everybody. Why the rush?
Yuugi has a problem. Must help Yuugi overcome problem! Even if she doesn't want to!

Su-san is too lewd never stop being lewd
No. 144023
>It is not as if she has any attachment to the cretin. Hardly!
Oh, my, I think I know that.

[x] Go in with everybody. Why the rush?

It's like Scooby-Doo. Split the group means encountering a monster. It might be funny, but I want to learn more about the plot and Marisa's box.
No. 144025
[x] Go in with Medi. We gotta do what we gotta do.

>Like the finest poison, vengeance should be subtle. Elegant. It should not be an act, but a process, slowly and methodically building towards a grand climax. Intentional, yet seemingly accidental. Premeditated, yet spontaneous. When you begin, they suspect nothing. Yet, by the end, there should be no doubt in their minds about what is happening to them, and why.

I don't think bringing Parsee with us would be a good idea. Well, I haven't though it was a good idea since she killed us, but now it is also about her safety and turning Su-san and Medi into psychopaths.
No. 144026
They were always psychopaths.
No. 144027
[x] Go in with everybody. Why the rush?
No. 144028
Take a good, hard look at your protagonist, then read your statement again.
No. 144029
Su-san wants to convince herself REALLY HARD.
[x] Go in with Medi. We gotta do what we gotta do.
No. 144030
[X] Go in with everybody. Why the rush?
No. 144031
[X] Go in with everybody. Why the rush?
-[x] This will be the last time Yuugi will see her in a long time, she should give Satori a last chance.
Fixing brdiges (heh) one relationship at a time!
No. 144035
To be fair, there's a high chance that he trips in the entrance and passes out for the rest of the thread.
No. 144036
Su-san has always been rather psychotic with Medicine being pretty childish but normal.
No. 144037
[x] Go in with Medi. We gotta do what we gotta do.
No. 144039
[ ] Go in alone. This won't take long.
No. 144041
[x] Go in with Medi. We gotta do what we gotta do.

Satori will fucking flip when she meets Su-san.
No. 144043
[x] Go in with Medi. We gotta do what we gotta do.
No. 144045
Ahh, but having them there with Satori means that they won't be doing anything to Parsee witb the Mindreader nearby. Yet, at any rate. Hence, it's in Parsee's best interest for the MC to either go in with Medi and Su-san, or go in with everyone all together.
No. 144049
[ ] Go in with everybody. Why the rush?
No. 144062
File 131128558328.jpg - (299.55KB , 850x1204 , Welcome Back.jpg ) [iqdb]
Go in without your new friend? Or even your not-quite-so-new friends?

“Aww, c'mon Yuugi! I don't know how long this will take, and wouldn't feel right just leaving you out here. Won't you come in with us?”

“Erm...don't wanna.” Yuugi says, shifting uncomfortably

“Why not?” you ask, puzzled by the oni's sudden change in mood. If you didn't know any better, you would almost think she was afraid of something. Or someone.

“Not afraid. Merely...unsettled.” Satori corrects you, despite you not actually saying anything.

...wait, Satori?

“Yes. Good morning.” your pink-haired hostess greets you as you turn to find her standing in the now-open doorway. “Of course, it may not be morning for much longer, but I digress. Good morning to you, as well, Miss Hoshiguma. Have you been well?”

“Er, ah, yeah.” Yuugi answers, eying the satori warily, seeming to pay particular attention to her third eye. Despite Satori looking at the oni as she addresses her, though, her eye seems more focused upon yourself.




“Hm. Come.” Satori says, suddenly straightening up and beckoning you inside.

“Uh, would it be okay if Yuugi ca-”
“Actually, I think I'll just stay ou-”

Come.” Satori repeats, cutting the two of you off, her tone suddenly firmer and more commanding.

Glancing at each other, you and Yuugi say nothing as you follow your hostess inside. Silently leading you through the halls, you briefly wonder if you should say anything, but realize that it would be somewhat pointless, since anything you could think of to say she would already know before you said it.

Not that you would try to make any sort of excuse for yourself, or anything. Such things are pointless when dealing with mind-readers, you're sure. Especially young, pretty, understanding mind-readers, such as your lovely and gracious hos-

“Flattery is not very effective, either, you realize.” Satori says dryly, not bothering to turn around. “Be patient. We will first tend to Miss Hinanai and Miss Mizuhashi. Then, we shall talk.”

You're not sure why, but you have a funny feeling that you're in trouble.
Not 'fucking pissed-off youkai is going to turn your spinal cord into a jump-rope' trouble. Oh, no. That would be almost comforting, if only because you know exactly what you can expect.

No, this is more of the 'child or pet who did something bad and got caught by their parent or owner' sort of trouble. Maybe they broke a priceless family heirloom, or maybe they just defecated on the kitchen table. Either way, you know they're in hot water.

You're just not sure how hot it is for you...

[ ] Cool
[ ] Tepid
[ ] Warm
[ ] Hot
[ ] Boiling
No. 144063
[x] Cool
No. 144064
[x] Hot

Hot-blood! Satori pissed! More trouble! I want to see this~

Maybe she's pissed about us expanding the number of people in our group? Or maybe we brought trouble down on her home?
No. 144065
[X] Hot

The heat is on...
No. 144066
[x] Tepid
No. 144068
[x] Warm
No. 144069
[x] Cool
No. 144070
[X] Hot

Lady Satori is angry!
I wonder if we'll get punished.
No. 144071
[x] Warm
No. 144072
[x] Hot
I am scared
No. 144074
[X] Warm
No. 144075
[x] Lava
Just like the floor.
No. 144082
[X] Surface of the sun
No. 144084
[X] Surface of the sun
No. 144086
[x] Freezing cold
No. 144088
[x] Glacial
No. 144093
[x] Frozen Dickcicle
No. 144095
File 131134910771.png - (420.92KB , 800x900 , 20436022.png ) [iqdb]
Another thread down, still underground.
No. 144097
[x] Absolute Zero
No. 144098
[x] Warm
Too tired to comment.
No. 144100
[x] Minus K
No. 144102
A temperature below Absolute Zero is NOT a Negative Temperature, but rather a Temperature hotter than INFINITE TEMPERATURE.
No. 144105
File 131139312326.jpg - (1.04MB , 1200x900 , 54c1727de087b0e89d940844e1d33ac8.jpg ) [iqdb]
"That's why eye am the STRONGEST!"
No. 144106
No. 144107
[x] Cool

You're as cold as ice.
You're willing to sacrifice our love.

No. 144111
[x] Hot

Cold temperature may relate to how caring she will be.
No. 144112
that's why I picked warm.
No. 144119
[ ] Warm