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1429 No. 1429
So, since I was sleeping, did you guys decide this as the place for all the future GM threads?

And is there going to be one today?

No. 1431

>>So, since I was sleeping, did you guys decide this as the place for all the future GM threads?
Unless problems arise.

>>And is there going to be one today?
7 minutes max
No. 1433
she said she will arrive at 5 pm EST
No. 1434
Didn't we agree that we won't fag up those boards and create threads asking about GM? Well didn't we? You have that message board for this
No. 1435

Well I would not know because I was sleeping
No. 1436
File 120715337225.jpg - (26.39KB , 396x286 , 1206371485272.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 1437

On one hand, I do agree with this.
On the other, No, no one ever agreed on that.
No. 1438
read the message board then.
No. 1439
This is why it wasn't tolerated on /jp/. WAHHHH WHERES MY GM threads being posted all the fucking time. Be patient.
No. 1441

The shitty touhouvn one?
I don't believe there was any conesus there aside from "This shit sucks, needs moar image board, oh here's one.".
People will just do as they like in the end anyway.
No. 1442
File 120715390499.jpg - (25.53KB , 350x350 , 1206191076715.jpg ) [iqdb]
What's the harm in asking?
And in here where those threads aren't deleted on sight all we need is one thread with the info, so other people can see it so that the need not to ask it.
No. 1446
We're here only as guests, no one from the common residents agreed that we should and can stay here. The board moves so slow that you can just lurk on the latest GM thread instead of creating a new one just to ask about the next time he'll be on. You're not THAT lazy, are you.

Plus those threads are annoying as hell, read what >>1439 said
No. 1447
good god stop fagging up this place with GM treads

as soon as she starts posting here there will be a tread in /jp/ that will inform you of this

the time will go by quicker if you stop checking your watch every 2 minutes if it is time already
No. 1448

Yeah it's much harder to wait for the next one by thinking about it. Why not do play some Tohou while you wait?
No. 1450

It's good manners yes, and that's why I said I agreed with the idea.
But the point is, it's not like you have any authority over it.


If you're gonna call them out on faggotry, don't forget your own sage, you faggot. This shit moves slow so any age will keep this on page long for even LONGER.
No. 1452
>>This shit moves slow so any age will keep this on page one for even LONGER.

Damn, fuck me.
No. 1467

That's just the thing. /jp/ had MULTIPLE threads asking where GM was at any given time. Even when he was fucking posting. Does it hurt to go browse somewhere else and come back later? The board moves slow enough (no offense to SimStyle there) that it would be impossible for you to miss a new GM post.

Have a little fucking patience, jesus christ.
No. 1468
This is the kind of faggotry we have lovered ourselves to?

We sould our backbone and probably our balls in the process of franticly searching for a place to continue the GM threads?

And in the process we became just like the people BAAWWWing over GM related threads.

Fuck this, see you guys around. I'll just enjoy the bloodyshovel archives. Less drama and faggotry.
No. 1471
forgot your sage
No. 1475

You wont be missed.
No. 1477

One guy tells you you're being an asshole and you run off?

Christ, BAWWWW is right.
Cry more
No. 1483
LOL the fuck is going on here.
Dunhabelfast you fag get back here.
You are a soldier of the holy GM, get your ass back here, we need the people.
Its more fun with more people, if this ever drops lower then half of what it was on /jp/ i am out of here.
I said the fuck lets stay at the forum, people wont get the move. Shit will die out hard
No. 1489
>people wont get the move. Shit will die out hard

Are you trolling or just not paying any fucking attention at all?
No. 1490
i agree, dont let these trolls discourage you dunhabelfast.
No. 1496

Same person.
Also, christ
If faggots don't wanna stay, then they don't.
No. 1499
not same person fag
point is people are stupid and lose interest fast.
No. 1506

Thanks for the info, captain obvious.
If you wanna act like a retard and beg people to join in on GM threads, go plaster shit around /jp/ when GM gets back.

No sense begging retards to stay when they don't want to.

Christ, the fact that we get grouped in with idiots like you pisses me off.
No. 1509
Now why the drama? I was not going to leave forever,I just tought of keeping a day or few vacation from all of it
No. 1510
Also why my tripcode keep changing?

how do I tripcode
No. 1514
>>WHERES MY GM threads being posted all the fucking time. Be patient.
it's shit like this that is why we got booted fromn /jp/. I lurk /jp/ constantly, i have never seen any baaaaw where's gm threads, AT ALL, even if there was one it was probably one, ONCE. also LN2FIREFOX PLUGIN
No. 1515
No. 1516
No. 1517
No. 1518
No. 1520
1 #

2 #

guess you just fail
No. 1521

Why trip when you can barely figure out how?
No. 1522
So, are we still in SDM?
No. 1523


No. 1540

Might I suggest you lurk more then, sir.
No. 1558

no waiting for GM threads. The previous YWUIG thread is still here, lurk inside it.
No. 2423
one hour or so to go.
wonder how it continues
No. 2428
File 120724163753.jpg - (42.10KB , 370x312 , 9be53025535269cc37a10a5c8182e917.jpg ) [iqdb]
Hopefully without us doing or saying anything else that hurts Keine's feelings.

"I wanted to give her some space so I went waltzing straight into certain death for the day!"
Smooth, Anon. Real smooth.

Aside from that, though, I'm hoping we're finally getting off that rock and away from that damn lake for a little while.
No. 2432
Well i am for first vote wins.
It was more fun in the beginning, then people started to play serious.
Whole thing was full of Keine fags.
Now that we are slimmed down to half or a third people we once had, its gonne be easier
No. 2434
File 120724196836.jpg - (73.66KB , 450x651 , 1201021401773.jpg ) [iqdb]
Good that YWUIG moved right after I was banned.
No. 2442
Isn't it horrifically easy to evade 4chan bans anyways? Or has every single proxy been banned from 4chan now?
No. 2445
Technically it's not that hard, but to ask to be unbanned would destroy our honor, and our manhood along with it.
For to be a man, you must have honor.
Honor, and a penis.
No. 2451
Just ask for unbans, they give them out like candies.
Touhou doesnt dominate the front page of /jp/ anymore.
you cant just leave it at that
No. 2455
>Just ask for unbans

And stain your soul and honor forever? I`d rather fuck Ultros than do that.

Just stick with other boards (7chan is fairly good despite it`s bad reputation, especially /zom/ and /cake/) until you`re unbanned.
No. 2467
File 120724338377.jpg - (22.29KB , 233x341 , 1202597833030.jpg ) [iqdb]
The ban expires tomorrow and only prevented from posting, anyway.

random picture added
No. 2468
lol how long are you banned anyway?
Just go appeal to it, nothing against it
/a/ shouldve stayed the way it was, now its full of faggotry.
4chans going mainstream!
No. 2470
what's with this "spam bot detected" even though I don't even spam images.... I had to try 3 times in 10 minutes to get one message through. Is this because of the image name?
No. 2475
Five days for "not worksafe material on a worksafe board" in my case, which is complete bullshit since the image in question was perfectly fine by their "no nips, no vagOO" standard of "worksafe" and I had posted virtually the exact same image many times in the past with no problem.
No. 2478

Was it that titfuck image with public hair?
No. 2483
As for me, I wouldn't know. I got banned hours after posting anything, although one of my images (Sakuya no pads)was deleted the day before.
No. 2485
No, it was the image of Keine and Eirin docking with each other, with Eirin's hair (poorly) recolored red.
No. 2503
2 p.m

And she said she'd be on time :(
No. 2506

At 2PM? Wasn`t it 5PM?
No. 2507
2 PM. She said that she'd be on time this time, also.
No. 2508
Sorry, writing, I figured out I was unbanned from /jp/.
No. 2509
File 120724607454.jpg - (189.03KB , 650x567 , 1206647266124.jpg ) [iqdb]
I love this pic so hard. Whats odd is that we have posted it dozens of times and no one cared. Its was the one insane mod who suddenly decided it was NSFW. I hope the mods here aren't against it.

Just wait a bit and do something else in the mean time. There is no point in crying about it right now.
No. 2510

No. 2511
Did my indirect reminders help?
No. 2512
No. 2515
>>Yeah. It feels like it would take FIVE MINUTES. To get across the entire screen. In my opinion, it's important not to forget that.
>>While, on the other hand it seems like it would only take TWO MINUTES. To get across the world in unfocused. This is especially helpful if you made some kind of PROMISE.

Ahh. Subtlety.
No. 2517
More confusing than ANYTHING.

I didn't get them untill 11:01
No. 2519
I know. I hid it pretty well, I feel.
No. 2521
*Desk meets head. Head meets desk. Repeat until WUIG ideas flow*
No. 2523
I'm thinking...SPIDERS.
No. 2524
Yukari borders Chen on top of us.
No. 2526

No. 2879