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I reckon what you want to know is what I'm doing in here. I reckon it's because I killed somebody. But I reckon you want to know how come I killed somebody... so I'll start at the front and tell you.

I lived out'n back of my parents' place most of my life, in a little old garden that my daddy dug for me. They didn't want me in the shrine with the rest of them, so I sat around in the garden looking at the ground. Didn't have no walls, but I had me a hole dug out to lay down in. A quilt or two to put down there. My father, he was a hardworking man most of his life, not that I can say the same for myself. I mostly just sat around in the garden, tinkered around with a potted plant or two, went to school off and on from time to time. But the children out there, they were very cruel to me, and made quite a bit of sport of me, made fun of me quite a bit. So mostly I just sat around out there in the shed.

My daddy worked at the shop, down at the curio shop, for a man named Kirisame. This Kirisame was a very cruel fellow. Drunk all the time. Didn't treat his employees well or pay them well. Didn't pay my daddy too much of a wage. Just barely enough to get by, I reckon. I reckon he got by all right. They used to come out, one or the other of them, usually my mother, feed me pretty regular. So I know he made enough so I could have steamed rice and mountain greens three or four times a week.

But old Kirisame, he had a girl, name of Marisa Kirisame. Marisa was more cruel than her daddy was. She used to make quite a bit of sport of me, when I was down there at the schoolhouse. Used to take advantage of the girls in the village. They used to say... that my mother was a very pretty woman. Very pretty armpits. They said that quite a bit when I'd be there at the schoolhouse.

I reckon you want me to get on with it and tell you what happened. So I reckon I'll tell you.

I was setting out in the garden one evening, not doing much, just staring at the dirt, and waiting on my mother to give me my SSiB lesson. I heard a commotion in the shrine, so I run up on the open air porch to look inside. I looked in and seen my mother laying on the floor without any clothes on. I seen Marisa Kirisame laying on top of her. She was having her way with her. I just seen red. I picked up a Dual Spark that was sitting by the door. Some folks called it a Master Spark. I called it a Dual Spark. It's small, made outta wood, kind of like a drink coaster, but it's thick. Got an opening on one end, shaped like one of them octogons, with lines carved in around it. It's what them folks in Heaven use to burn thieves stealing their peaches and whatnot. Yep.

So I went in the shrine, and I hit Marisa Kirisame upside the head with it, knocked her off my mother. I reckon that didn't satisfy me, so I hit her again in the neck with the open end, and just plumb near obliterated her head. Killed her. My mother jumped up and started hollering, "What'd you kill Marisa for? What'd you kill Marisa for?" Well, come to find out, my mother didn't mind so much what Marisa was doing to her. That made me madder than what Marisa'd made me so I took the Dual Spark - some folks called it a Master Spark, I called it a Dual Spark - and I hit my mother upside the head with it. Killed her.

Some folks asked me: if you had it to do over again, would you do it the same way? I reckon I would. Anyhow, they put me in here, and here I been for a great, long while. I've learned to read some. Took me four years to read Silent Sinner in Blue. I reckon I didn't understand a great deal of it. Wasn't what I expected at all. I've slept in a good flowerbed for a great, long while. Now they've seen fit to put me out of here. They say they're setting me free today. I reckon that's all you was needing to know. You want more details, I reckon I can tell them. I don't know whether that's enough for your newspaper or not.
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Pic related...?

Also, quite glad to see you around these parts once again.
So, Yuuka (?) killed both Mrisa and Reimu (??).

Anyway, glad to see you're still here Tetro.
I cant say I understand, to be honest. So this is Yuuka who's mother was raped by Marisa..."
I'm just a tad bit lost here. By a tad, I mean I'm out at sea holding on by a plank with no land for miles.
I suspect that the person was Reimu/Yuuka's love child but she went and married Rinnosuke, who for whatever reason never left the Kirisame shop.
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"Some folks call it a sling blade. I call it a kaiser blade."
Well whaddaya know, somebody actually got it.
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Did someone said something about Kaiser blade?
That Zealot looks badass, standing up to that thing.

If he had 4 more zealots with him he would be able to defeat it.


Don't ever leave us again
One shots like this are nice from time to time~

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