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You greet Mystia.
“Whaaa. . . No. How cruel you are to one such as me. Oh woe to me, for one so cruel as you to misidentify one such as me. Woe, woe, woe.” A thin wry laugh issues forth from the person behind you as they tighten their grip on you. “I think that, under the current circumstances, there is no other option open to me, at this moment, other than to curse you~. Ufufufufufu.”
Someone else behind you sighs. “Hina-chan~~ Hina-chan~~ Leave my poor brother alone~ Foolish he is~~, and foolish he may be~~, But still my brother doth he be~~.”
“Ufufufu. As you do insist, my dear friend, so shall I do. If only to appease you, not for this fool you call a brother. He is far too cruel to be left as is.”
The exchange behind you leaves you baffled and in despair. Sighing. You turn around to face the two girls.
“Hello Mystia, Hina-chan.” Wriggle greets the pair.
The two greet Wriggle, before sitting down to eat lunch with you. You just wish Hina would stop making those strange little gestures at you.
The warning bell rings again, and the group packs up their lunches. The girls wave good buy and Mokou puts you into another headlock. You seem to be getting used to all of this rather quickly. Goosing Mokou, she releases you in shock. You cheer your success in escaping her headlock, and quickly run off, Mokou in hot pursuit. You dash into the classroom, sit down in your seat and shout “SAFE.” Mokou runs in moments behind you, but late enough that she’s caught by the bell. You silently cheer your minor victory, even though you know you’ll pay for it later.
The rest of the day passes uneventfully. You get some nice views during gym class, but that’s about the only really exciting part of the day. The final bell rings, and the students begin packing up their things. You have some time before you have to go home, where will you go?

[ ] Roof.
[ ] Club rooms.
[ ] Front gate.
[ ] Student Council room.
[ ] Back gate
[ ] Sports Field.
[X] Roof.

It...it calls to me.

Weeeery tricksy.
[X] Roof.

We don't know if we're in any clubs, on a sports team, or a part of the student council. The roof is a nice, relaxing place, and it'll give us a good view if our little sisters come by to try and and find us.
So, Mystia is our other sister, and Hina is her friend.

And judging by the way they're talking, I can't help but wonder if Mokou was the only one who received a head injury.
[X] Front gate.

Let's go home, and spend some "quality time" with our little sisters. If you know what I mean.
[ ] roof
we shall resist the urge to jump off
[x] Back gate.

...I don't really have any reason for this.

But, I'm curious.

Who might we meet there..."
[x] Roof.
Fuck, if only we could do this option over and over again.
We're either going to meet Aeka and make fuck, or meet Pyramid Head and get slammed off by his fuckhuge knife. Either way is a good way to end the dream.
[x] Back gate
[ ] Roof.

It's so damn traditional
[x] Roof.
I'll go with the group, roof it is. Sometimes its where close buddies hang, like with Mokou.
[ ] Back gate
So, we still have no clue who the hat-wearing girl with the poor handwriting that gave us that confession note is, nor do we have any clue what we supposedly did "that" night.

Maybe we should try to find out?
Or we could just have fun with our sisters and occasionally sexually-harrassing Mokou. That'd be fine, too.
[x] The Roof, The Roof, The Roof is on fire. We don't need no water let the motherfucker burn.
I think hat girl was Marisa, just a hunch though.
[X] More detailed description of person with hat in love-letter required.
[x] Front gate.

Shouldn't we be headed home? We're on our own for dinner, and leaving that to the little sisters seems like it could end in a small disaster.
wait, what?
when that happened?

First thing that ever happened when we started dream time.
back gate. no reason why, really. just curious
You decide to head up to the roof. Ascending the stairs to the roof, you push open the door, and walk out onto the roof. The school, being the tallest building in the area, offers an excellent view of the surrounding area.
“Ah! Close the damn door, Wouldja? Jeesus, you stupid or something. Don’t just leave it open, the smoke’ll get inside.”
Looking up you see a girl with black hair and a red ribbon in it. You have no idea who this person is, but you quickly shut the door.
“Yeesh. I get caught because of this, and you’re not gonna like the consequences, understood?”
You nod dumbly at this girl.

[ ] Ask who she is.
[ ] Ask why she’s hiding up here smoking.
[ ] Ignore the girl and look around the roof.
[ ] Look down at the sports fields.
[ ] Look over at the middle school.
>>You reach into your pocket and pull out a note. Thinking hard, you don't remember when you got this note. Opening it up you screw up your face. The handwritting is attrocious. You can barely read it, but it aparently seems to be... a confession? Aparently some girl wrote this note and gave it to you, unable to confess her love to you vocally. You shake your head again, not remembering when any of this happened. In the bottom corner there's a cute little drawing of a girl wearing a hat.
[X] Ask who she is.
[X] Look over at the middle school.

... Reimu?

Ask her who she is, but watch for our sisters while she talks.
[ ] Ignore the girl and look around the roof.

I think it's pretty clear who it is, and suffice to say her personality doesn't seem any more pleasant here.
[x] Ask why she’s hiding up here smoking.
I have a feeling this will give us clues to why Reimu has such strange behavior in non-dream-land. In a metaphorical kind of way.


[x] Ask who she is.
[Z] Ignore the girl and look around the roof.

Oh lord, Reimu's a smoker.

[ ] Ask who she is.
[ ] Ask why she’s hiding up here smoking.
if this is reimu i would seriously laugh
[X] Ask who she is.
[X] Look over at the middle school.
>Ask her who she is, but watch for our sisters while she talks.

[X] Ask who she is.
[X] Look over at the middle school.

I second these choices. I have a feeling that inquiring about her smoking will result in us having a harder time.
[x] Ignore the girl and look around the roof.
[X] Ask who she is.
[X] Look over at the middle school.

I'm with you guys.
[X] Hello Raymoo
[X] Look over at the middle school.
[X] Ignore, no Reimu
[ ] Ask who she is.
[ ] Look down at the sports fields.

I bet she has "troubles" at home.

Wouldn't it be weird if we ended up romancing her in this sub plot?
[x] Ask who she is.
[x] Look over at the middle school.
Or it will just result in her being as much of a bitch to us in dream land as she is outside of it.

Minus the powers and poisoning and all that, of course.
[x] Push her off the roof.
Shouldn't Moku smoke as well?
You continue staring at the girl, hoping you’ll remember who she is, but you’re drawing a complete blank.
“What the fuck you staring at, kid?”
You ask her, point blank, who she is. She cigarette falls from her mouth, and she stares at you like you’re a retard.
“How in the. . . Ugh. Look, I know you know me, but since you feel like being an idiot today, I’m HA-KU-REI. HA-KU-REI REI-MU. CAN YOU UNDERSTAND ME? Jesus, kid, I’m the freaking Student Council President, and you don’t know who the fuck I am. Goddamn you’re a little fucking idiot.” With that she hops down from on top of the stairwell building, and stomps out her cigarette which had fallen down here. Yanking open the door she storms off with out so much as another word. Well. That was certainly bizarre. Looking over at the middle school, you see your sisters heading towards the gate. You figure now would be a prudent time to head down to the gate.

[ ] Head down to the gate.
[ ] Go to the Library
[ ] Go to the Club Rooms
[ ] Go back to the Classroom

Apparently not in our dreamworld.
[ ] Head down to the gate.
[ ] Go back to the Classroom

eh? why not
[ ] Head down to the gate.

[x] Head back to the classroom.

I want to meet Ran again.
Maybe that's what the Back Gate option would've found?

[X] Go to the Club Rooms

So long as Reisen has her hold on us, I wanna wander around a bit.
[ ] Go back to the Classroom

Oh god, nice job Reimu.
[X] Head down to the gate.

Time to meet up with our adorable little sister squad, and spend some time bonding.
[Z] Head down to the gate.
[ ] Head down to the gate.
>>Shouldn't Moku smoke as well?

Of course not! She's a health nut.
[x] Go back to the Classroom
Or you just haven't caught her yet, I don't think she'd be so willing to smoke in the open like Reimu. Maybe she's a closet pyro? palying with fire seems like something she'd do.
Man, it looks like we pissed Reimu off, but I doubt we would have gotten a better result by asking her why she was smoking. It looks like the roof was just a dead end. I don't know if we'll get better results elsewhere, so

[x] Head down to the gate.

Maybe something interesting will happen on our way down there.
[x] Head down to the BACK gate.

I don't understand why you guys were so hell bent on talking to Reimu.
I think this is extra modo, we're not playing the same game as usual MiG.

If we are I'm pissed we're not saving Cirno right now, I'm just saying.
Kira do you just not like Reimu or something?
Anon loves a challange. Or an abusive girlfriend. Maybe it was a chance to get to know the woman behind the bitch. IDK.
[ ] Head down to the gate.
I like a Bitchy Reimu, A Smartass Marisa, and a strong, compitent Alice. Is that so wrong?
Reimu is just spoiled. probably looking for trouble on purpose.

I don't mind, just watch out for the fanboyz and their suicide love.


Not at all. Wisecracking Marisa and cool, collected Alice are lovely.

This also assuages some of my fear that you would turn Alice into Sacchin. The last thing I need is the emotional strain of double-heartbreak.
Usually when people demonize a character it's because they don't like them. Just curious.
Alice is spot-on, though. Fuck that *squeeze* faggotry.
A-anonymous d-don't you l-love me ;_;?
File 120814481458.jpg - (12.02KB, 233x175 , 1208144197977.jpg) [iqdb]

Stop it.

gb2 dolls.
Bad Anonymous.
File 120814501279.jpg - (6.54KB, 251x251 , BOOM.jpg) [iqdb]
You head down through the school to the front gate, picking up a Mokou somewhere along the way. The girls are standing in front of the school chatting away animatedly, while Hina stands there, spinning in place.
“Oh woe. The world turns, and as it turns we spin ever closer to the brink of our demise, spin, spin, spin.” She then giggles a creepy disturbing giggle that sounds like it’s standing on the precipice of madness.
You greet the girls, who in turn greet you back, and your whole little troupe begins moving towards the train. The sun’s starting to set, and you realize that your father’s going to be late tonight. You check your wallet and find that you have quite a bit of money. Huh. It must be from a part time job, or maybe your dad gave it to you to feed everyone tonight. No clue. In any event, You have quite a bit of money and could easily treat everyone here to dinner.

[ ] Offer to treat everyone to dinner.
[ ] Keep the money.
[ ] Offer to take Mokou out to dinner.
File 120814509735.jpg - (91.88KB, 500x643 , 91f6a955caff.jpg) [iqdb]
Guys, guys. Enough fighting! Lets all enjoy SPRING!

[ ] Offer to treat everyone to dinner.

What can we get them though? See if Moku wants in as well, even if it isn't intimate.

Also I'm a little confused. Is Mystia or Hina our sister?
[X] Offer to treat everyone to dinner.

Though I was tempted to ask Mokou out, I must admit. Still, I do so love our little sisters.

[x] Offer to treat everyone to dinner.


Mystia is our sister, and Hina is her friend.
[ ] Offer to treat everyone to dinner.
[ ] Offer to take Mokou out to dinner.
You're surrounded by girls. Keeping the money to yourself is foolhardy. Inviting only Mokou might result in something interesting, but it'd piss everyone else off. By treating everyone, we might get some answers to some of our questions.

[x] Offer to treat everyone to dinner.
[x] Offer to treat everyone to dinner.

I'd just go with Mokou, but it's not nice to let everyone else go hungry.
[Z] Offer to treat everyone to dinner.
[x] Offer to take Mokou out to dinner.
[ ] Offer to take Mokou out to dinner.

Logically, it's the best step. You can't remember much, right? You can talk to your sisters anytime, but a best friend can tell you things about you and your life that no one else can.

It's not "taking her out to dinner", it's "bribing her with food".
So, how long will it be until we look overhead and see bombers flying overhead and dropping nukes onto our beloved imoutos?
[ ] Offer to treat everyone to dinner.

although just offering Mokou is tempting too
[X] Offer to take Mokou out to dinner.
[x] Offer to take Mokou out to dinner.
As much of an ass as we would look to ditch our sisters, I'm inclined to find dining with Mokou alone more appealing, if only to get the fuck away from Hina.

Bitch is fucking creeping me out.

We can give the girls a good chunk of the cash to get something for themselves, right?
It's not that I dislike reimu, But that doujin where Reimu is fighting Remilia for the second time, and Marisa gets stuck fighting Meling, and the whole thing was a ploy by remilia to help reimu, that bitchy reimu. That's the reimu I love. I'm not demonizing her, It's the hostile outer exterior she has to wear as the exterminator, and the person who corrects that which threatens the balance of gensokyo. She had no choice in the matter, wether or not she wanted to protect the balance of gensokyo, it was forcibly thrust uppon her, so I can really understand resentment towards that. Ah... but I digress *flees back to writing*
Spin spin spin~~~~~
I think treat everyone has already won.

What should we get?
Dammit, there's a Mokou path right THERE, you bareboned ditch-diggers.

Grab it. GRAB it, I say!
basically the ultimate impenetrable tsuntsun. the death star of tsundere.

Are you a bad enough dude to bring out the deredere?

Spring rolls.
File 12081457579.jpg - (73.25KB, 750x600 , f0624256683c62f8a85071790e62b9ba.jpg) [iqdb]
I feel your pain, brother. Alas, we shall have to just wait for YWUIG for another chance to get together with the delicious immortal in hot pants.
I like this way better than MIG proper

So Reimu is like Ciel?



Now I feel bad.

You did not just compare Reimue to the death star. In b4 jokes about trenches, the force and striking at her core.


Sorry we aren't just randomly latching onto any girl we see, considering we went on some kind of date last night and that there are delicious Patchy and Aya running about forgive me for not settling just yet.

And of course there's always wincest with wriggle.
>Dammit, there's a Mokou path right THERE, you bareboned ditch-diggers.

If I had my way, I'd treat everyone, then afterwards, tell the sisters to go on ahead home and ask to speak with Mokou alone.

So you'd leave your sisters all alone, in the city, possibly after dark. Defenseless.
Call me slowpoke if you want, but where's thread 1 of this?

We already planted a big one on her. Pressing even harder a this rate will turn her off.

We'll ask her where to go, though.

Smooth Anon is SMOOOOOTH.

Oh, I'm blind. I found it.
There is that '5 votes of your choice gets it' rule that everyone seems to fucking forget.
>So you'd leave your sisters all alone, in the city, possibly after dark. Defenseless.

Of course, I'd have the decency and foresight to walk them most of the way home.
I also love that Reimu, but I think you're reading her wrong. She's extremely arrogant, and she looks down on people who fight her foolishly, but she doesn't act like a surly bitch. She's more likely to ignore people than to curse at them.
File 120814610775.jpg - (130.33KB, 800x837 , 1203315804257.jpg) [iqdb]
Why is she so badass
I dunno, why is she so the game?
Maybe I am, but that's how she came across to me. *shrugs*
You decide to take the girls all out to dinner. You announce your plan to the girls. Their faces all light up in delight.
“OH WOW! REALLY?! WE SHOULD GET CHINESE! IT’S THE BEST!” Cirno pumps her fist in the air, and starts singing “Chinese~” over and over again.
Wriggle smiles, “Nothing less from my big brother. I do believe that sushi sounds quite good right now.”
“Uuuwaaaaaaaaaaa. . . . . . I want Korean Barbeque! All you can eat! Meat, meat, meat! Yum”
“Ufufufu. . . I must call my mother. . . Woe unto her if she does not let one such as me partake of such a happy meal such as this. ufufufu . . . Which curse should I use if she refuses. . . I wonder, I wonder. . .”
. . . You seriously wish Hina would stop that, It’s creeping you the FUCK out. Seriously.
Mystia seems to be lost in thought for a moment, before she answers in her sing song voice, “Yay~~Yay~~ I think I want Chicken today~~”
Mokou grins a lopsided grin. “Yer alright.” slapping you on the back, “Unfortunately, I’ve got work, so I’m gonna have to pass tonight.” Mokou turns to the girls, “Sorry Kiddos”
The group lets out a tandem “Awwwwwwwww” before the go back to discussing what they should get for dinner. Well, you’re paying, so the choice ultimately falls to you.

[ ] Chinese
[ ] Sushi
[ ] Chicken
[ ] Korean Barbeque.
Isn't it 7, now?
sounds like a plan. take care of the family first, then go for the childhood friend route.

I'm sorry. that was completely unintentional and wrong.

Can we go to one of those buffets that has all of the above?

If so, [x] Buffet
[ ] Get takeout from all restaurants, return home, and insert into blender.

[x] Chicken

In our current dream sequence, Mokou seems to be our long-time friend. As has been mentioned, we already planted a kiss on her earlier. It's time to get serious and ask her what's going on.

And why do I get the feeling that in this current dream world, she probably saved our ass from beatings by bullies back during childhood?

Mystia wants chicken? Hahahahaha!
[ ] Sushi

Because it is delicious, and I want Wriggle.
[ ] Chicken

I want to see Yuyuko.

Pretty much what I was thinking.

[x] Buffet
[X] Sushi

Because I adore Wriggle.

Which loli do we favour? Also, looks like the Moku idea was a wash anyway.
File 120814642385.jpg - (108.87KB, 800x600 , ZA WARUDO.jpg) [iqdb]
>>Mystia seems to be lost in thought for a moment, before she answers in her sing song voice, “Yay~~Yay~~ I think I want Chicken today~~”
[ ] Chicken
yeah 7 but Details Details! It's the 'any answer of your choosing' part that's important.
[x] Buffet

I agree wtih this. Attempt to please everyone.
[ ] Chicken
Mystia's lost her shit! Fuck yeah!
[ ] Sushi
[Z] Chinese
Hong Meiling route?

We ask the sisters to escort Hina home, as you have to do so with Mokou. Except you don't really take her home, you take her to karaoke with what money you have left and sing and play drinking games. From there love hotel is the logical conclusion.
[] Chinese.

Everybody loves chinese. Trust me. With Chinese you can improv the other stuff.
[ ] Chicken

Mystia hasn't had rufflings yet, we must rectify this immediately.
[X] Sushi

I loev you, wriggle.
Gettin it on with Mokou seems kinda weird in this timeline though, what with the whole childhood friend thing.
The song bird wants... chicken?

Anyway; [x] Chinese.
Cirno gets what see wants, and the Chinese make chicken, so Mystia gets what she wants too.
You can please some of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time.
[ ] Sushi

Mystia eating chicken? lulz were had.
>"Unfortunately, I’ve got work, so I’m gonna have to pass tonight.”

Why you do this ;_;
>>“Ufufufu. . . I must call my mother. . . Woe unto her if she does not let one such as me partake of such a happy meal such as this. ufufufu . . . Which curse should I use if she refuses. . . I wonder, I wonder. . .”
>>. . . You seriously wish Hina would stop that, It’s creeping you the FUCK out. Seriously.

Hina gives me bad flashbacks of those girls in high school who claimed to be Wiccan and went home every night to cut themselves while listening to Tori Amos.

[x] Buffet
Agreed. I'm pretty sure there's some psychobabble that says that usually, people tend not to be attracted to people they've known since extreme childhood for some reason. Hence, we shouldn't really know Mokou that well.

I suggest that we instead go for Meiling. And get some damn Chinese.
Hina reminds me of the creepy club president from Mahoraba.

Just, you know, apparently without the masochism so powerful that insults give her a sexual thrill.
>>And why do I get the feeling that in this current dream world, she probably saved our ass from beatings by bullies back during childhood?

I don't know, but that makes me want to go for her here even more.

Between this game and YWUIG, I am starting to think I have some sort of "savior fetish".

She's starting to remind me of that one bitch from Fruits Baskets.
No, see, if Hina were more like the Occ-Lab president, I would LIKE her.

She was a GOOD creepy.
Correction: We shouldn't be attracted to her. But hey, Anon is known for wincest, so it's not like it'd be weird to want our childhood friend/sisters. For anon, at least.

You basically have to be raised together to reverse imprint via Westermarck.

Childhood friend characters are often raised that closely, yes.
[x] Buffet

fuck yes secret routes
Alright guys, I've gotta bail, Work shit ass early. Chicken won, Choice saved, MiG resumes tomorrow, and if oppertunity arises, LOL DREAM TIEM summore.

Anonymous is Encyclopedia Brown

Mokou is Sally Kimball

You insult my fucking Hana and I'll kill you.
Night Kira!

Thank you.
Oh thank god. I can get some sleep.

Damn you americans and your evil goddamn timezone.
>Chicken won

This dream sequence, whether it be our own or one of Reisen's making, is probably keeping Anon sane. Hopefully, a dreaming Kira will help him keep his head about him as well.
[X] Chinese


Yeah maybe she's using this dream to calm us down in preparation for operation Arctic storm (i.e. rescuing Cirno)
I know. its a shame, isn't it?

A'ight, night. Sleep tight. Don't let the bed bugs bite. Unless you're into that.

I liked this, by the way, it was a nice break from the norm. Maybe we could do this on the weekends, and have regular MiG the rest of the week?
As a weak human in a world full of superpowered youkai girls who like fighting so much they had to set up a rule system for safe danmaku dueling*, you better fucking hope you like getting saved by them

* http://www.pooshlmer.com/touhouwiki/index.php/Perfect_Memento:_Reimu_Hakurei
I don't know if "like" goes far enough to describe it.

Oh, the things I wanted to do with/to Kaguya when she let us into her pod and opened fire with her turret defense system...

I tingle just thinking about it.
Delicious extra. Bravo, Kira.

Enjoy touhous in school uniform for now:
Reimu's character is very, very open to interpretation. You've got the Chado hyper-bitch bersion, the Rocket Fuel 21 reasonable considering the games version, (my personal favorite) Retelling of Oriental Stories normal person in an abnormal world version, etc.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: good fanon = canon with Touhou. The stories Kira and GM have crafted? Good fanon; it's made me rethink some characterizations.

Totally looking forward to Kira's interpretation of the Moriya shrine (should we ever get there). It's a largely unexplored area in terms of Japanese fan-works, so anything is game as far as I'm concerned.
I like to think SchoolDays-World isn't a dream, but an alternate universe version of Gensokyo.
>>Totally looking forward to Kira's interpretation of the Moriya shrine (should we ever get there).

And assuming anyone there is alive by the time we get there...
You know how some series would just be way the hell more awesome if they were remade as a high school comedy (Claymore and Fate/stay night come to mind)?

This is and example of someone running with that idea.
but it doesn't work with some concepts though, no matter how hard you try.

Berserk for instance.
>remade as a high school comedy
>Fate/stay night

...You mean more than it was already?
The author of Claymore actually did write a highschool comedy, previously. It was pretty good.

I've seen some F/SN doujin with a highschool theme, though I can't remember what series it was parodying.

You best be trollan

Yeah, Angel Densetsu was better than I thought it would be.

That's why I said, SOME series.
File 120815683346.jpg - (495.02KB, 1109x1600 , 1208012325908.jpg) [iqdb]
>You know how some series would just be way the hell more awesome if they were remade as a high school comedy
Fate Gakuen Alternative?
Sauce on OP?

I'd asked the ever-active /jp/, but I'm dodging B& of a B& of a B& of a B&...
Far as I know, it's just a one-shot picture, parodying the class roster from 'Mahou Sensei Negima'.
Yep. This.
Yes, this.
Ah, unfortunately, I can't assist you there. someone else gave it to me when I started this, and they aparently got it from the chans. So, Couldn't tell you.
I think you'll be plesantly surprised.

is it can be continue tiem now ?
It better not be! I've still got to go shopping and I have filming in an hour.
It's wall o' text build up time now!

BRB, morning errands then sleep... ;_;
I'm just on for a quick spot before work. I'll be back in 6~8 hours.
Fuck yes Kira, i was glad yesterday was only a bit MiG, some rest is needed in between.
Tonight, we going again full power ahead?

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