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141329 No. 141329
“I just think you should stop hitting her, and hit the one who actually deserves it!” you tell the Celestial in the hopes she will see reason. Really, even if she's hitting two Parsees with one fist, why should the innocent one have to suffer, as well? That hardly seems just or fair.

“I'm sorry.” Tenshi says, cocking an eyebrow and holding her fist over the cowering Parsee's head menacingly. “Would you mind saying that again?

“I said, I think you should st-”

Because, it sounds like you're saying 'Please, Tenshi, bash my stupid head in with your fist instead of the crazy bitch that tried to kill me!' Is that what you're saying?”

“Uh, no, what I mean is-”

“Because that's what it sounds like you're saying!”

“No, no, that's not what I-”

“Because I'd be glad to do that!”

“No, listen! I meant the other one! You should hit the other one! The bad one!” you say, bringing your hands up to your head in some sad attempt at a defensive posture, despite knowing she wasn't close enough to actually hit you.. “...er, no offense, Parsee.”

“None taken, darling.” the head-clutching Parsee smiles strangely at you, before turning her gaze back to Celestial menacing her other half. “Did you hear that, little girl? Your boyfriAUGH.”

“I said SHUT! UP!

Ooh, ow! ...did I just hit a nerve? OWW!

“Gee, I dunno. Did I? Oh wait! That's just your head!”

Argh! Ow. Ha. Hahaha! Is that all you can do?

“What was that? You want another?


“Tenshi, please! Stop it!” you plead, taking a few shaky steps forward. “Even if you are doing something to the bad one, you shouldn't be hurting the good one to do it!”

There is no 'good' one, damn it!” Tenshi shouts, glaring at you. “Get it through your thick skull already! It's just her!”

“But there's two of 'her'!” you point out, as you make full use of your basic counting skills. There's one Parsee with Tenshi, and the other is...

Wait, where is the other one?

Mmm, tell me darling, what do you see in her?” Parsee's voice wafts into your ear as you feel a pair of arms loop around you from behind.

Well, guess that answers the 'where did the other Parsee go' question.

Appearing to let out some curse under her breath, Tenshi prepares to land another blow to the other Parsee's head. “Let him go.”

“Hmm, how about no?” Parsee replies, resting her chin on your shoulder.

For someone who was clutching her head and cursing in pain just moments ago, you can't help but notice how quickly she seems to have recovered.

Let him go.” Tenshi repeats, producing a small, rope-bound rock from somewhere. Slightly bigger than a clenched fist, from what you can tell, and almost certainly bound to hurt a lot more. A truly sensibly-sized rock, well-suited to a myriad of roles. The smaller size allows for easy transport, as well as grip-ability when held in-hand, but still possesses enough heft to have a decent impact when thrown.

“Why don't you make me let go? Hm?” Parsee retorts, giving you a light squeeze before leaning away from you, slightly. “I'm right here~!”

Tch. Bitch.” Tenshi mutters, tightly clutching her rope-rock.

The way she's holding her rock, from the position of her fingers to the angle of her wrist, tell you all you need to know.
Yes, she intends to do 'that'.
She intends to use that rock to do 'that'!

Though some part of you feels pleased, you can't help but worry.
Is it too soon?
Is she even ready?!

[ ] DO IT!

[ ] DON'T DO IT!

No. 141331
[X] DO IT!

I believe in you Tenshi!
No. 141332
[ ] DO IT!
No. 141333
We taught everything we could. She is ready.

[X] DO IT!
No. 141334
[X] DO IT!
Believe in yourself, Tenshi! Trust your instincts!
No. 141335
[x] DO IT!

Please hit the protagonit please hit the protagonit please.
No. 141336
[x] DO IT!
This must be what birds feel when their children fly for the first time.
No. 141337
[X] DO IT!
Let loose the rocks of war!
No. 141338
[x] DO IT!
We have to believe in her.
No. 141340
[x] DO IT!

She has grown so much...
No. 141341
[x] DON'T DO IT!

In a twist, she's just going to bring the rock down on gentle Parsee. I can feel it in my bones!
No. 141342
[x] DO IT!
No. 141343
[X] DO IT!

No. 141344
[x] DO IT!
No. 141345
[x] DON'T DO IT!
No. 141347
[x] DO IT!
No. 141348
[X] DO IT!

Just DO it, motherfucker!
No. 141349
[X] DO IT!

Tenshi...it is time.

Do your teacher proud.
No. 141354

There is no Parsee, only Parsee!
No. 141355

No. 141356
[x] DON'T DO IT!
No. 141358
[x] DO IT!
No. 141365
[x] DO IT!

It can't be helped.
No. 141379
[x] DO IT!
No. 141382
File 130616651121.jpg - (75.53KB , 600x480 , 1293984813543.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] DO IT!
No. 141389
No. 141391
That counts a s a vote.
No. 141393
File 130618956772.jpg - (400.77KB , 800x992 , JUDGEMEEEENT.jpg ) [iqdb]

I'll allow it!

On that note, I suppose I'll call it. Sorry for the delay.
Need to take care of some things, and then I'll get to work.
No. 141396
Take your time bro. It's worth the wait.
No. 141415
File 130622732455.jpg - (620.89KB , 600x600 , she will she will rock you.jpg ) [iqdb]
She is ready.

Though her training is not yet complete, or even begun, you know that this is what she must do!

“TENSHI!” you scream at the top of your lungs, your voice brimming with conviction. “DO IT! DO IT NOW!”

“...what?” the bewildered-looking Celestial asks, looking at you as if some strange thing had just sprouted from your head. An absurd thing, of course, as the only thing coming out of your head are your fiery words of encouragement!

Somehow, you think the two Parsees are also looking at you in a similar matter, but you care not for what they think at this moment. All that mattered was this! The connection between master and pupil! Of teacher and student! It did not even matter if those were the same things!

“Throw the rock, Tenshi!” you elaborate for your disciple's benefit. “Don't worry! I believe in you!”

“You...what?” Tenshi blinks, clearly so overcome with emotion, she looks as if she has no clue what you're saying.

“I know you can do this, Tenshi! Believe in yourself, and don't think about how horrible your rock-throwing really is!”


“I mean, sure, you are pretty bad! But so what?! You've got moxie, and I have no idea what that means, but it's probably a good thing! Unless, of course, it's not! Then, you might want to do something about it! But later!” you continue to speak, taking notice of the shift in your blue-haired pupil's changing expressions as they shift from confusion to irritation to furious anger. “Now, you just need to worry about what you're going to do with that rock in your hand! And what you're going to do with it is throw it! Don't worry about how bad you might be at it! Pay no mind to the high chance of failure! Throw those thoughts away! Cast them aside along with all your other hang-ups over your many, many inadequacies!”

As Tenshi's face becomes increasingly red, you know that your words are hitting the mark, and filling her soul with the righteous fury needed in this most dire of situations. Anger, after all, is a great motivator, and you are glad to see her tap into what you have no doubt she has stored up over her many years of failed rock-throwing.

"Oh, you son of a-"

Appearing to forget all about the Parsee she was beating on, Tenshi turns her body to face the other Parsee, who was still clinging to you. Eyes blazing with anger, she tightly clenches the rock in her hand.

Yes, she is ready.
Ready to prove herself after what has surely been a long line of disappointment and failure.
Ready to strike down the enemy that now stood before her.
Most of all, though, she was ready to throw a rock.

And so, reeling her arm back, she offers her target a final, piercing glare, before snapping her arm forward with whip-like speed, and releases her rocky missile.

As the rope-bound rock hurtles towards the two of you, your mind quickly calculates the speed and trajectory of the oncoming projectile, plotting the most likely point of impact, you briefly wonder if you shouldn't have tried to step out of the way, first.

Instinctively, you screw your eyes shut, and await the inevitable sound of

[ ] WHAM


[ ] clink
No. 141417
[X] clink
Tenshi's rock throwing skills are beyond measure.
Thus it will exceed our expectations so wildly a crass explosion or crunching sound can hardly suffice to describe it!
No. 141419
[x] WHAM
No. 141421
File 130624054889.jpg - (14.03KB , 150x155 , tb.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 141422
[x] WHAM
Its hits him. What else. Time to go to the land of the death. Once again.
No. 141423
[x] WHAM

Wham, bam, thank you ma'am.
No. 141425
[x] WHAM

Well she'll hit one of us. Not sure what Kaboom is though. Assuming clink is missing.
No. 141427
I was assuming clink was Yuugi showing up. Her chains, you know.
No. 141429
Sounds good to me.
[x] clink
No. 141431
File 130624993111.jpg - (90.80KB , 358x262 , meanwhile at the mansion.jpg ) [iqdb]
Holy fuck, shit just got real.
No. 141432
No. 141433
[x] WHAM
No. 141434
No. 141436
[x] clink
No. 141441
[x] clink
No. 141442
[x] clink
No. 141449
[x] clink
No. 141456
No. 141469

Hard, but not as hard as it could be.
No. 141477

I think KABOOM is for Jealousy Parsee's explosion. Tink is out of the question, since the MC himself said Tenko can do it. Theerefore, this is the best possible outcome
No. 141478
Protagonist said she'd be able to throw the rock. He never said he'd be able to do so well.
No. 141484
File 130635271225.png - (145.69KB , 423x585 , 129789786261.png ) [iqdb]
[x] clink

Look at what you have done! You made her cry!
No. 141488
>As the rope-bound rock hurtles towards the two of you, your mind quickly calculates the speed and trajectory of the oncoming projectile, plotting the most likely point of impact, you briefly wonder if you shouldn't have tried to step out of the way, first.

I dunno man, the MC himself implies the rock is gonna hit him.
No. 141489
File 130636545823.png - (59.23KB , 450x374 , tenshirockthrownoob.png ) [iqdb]
You're right, of course. It's not like Tenshi's beyond-abominable throwing skills would cause the rock to suddenly veer off course or even cease to continue existing before it hits the target, will it now? After all, her skills have gotten much better!
No. 141492
>Shit. Forgot my sage

You have no idea what a sage does, do you? Bumping something only to immediately make another worthless post informing us that you forgot to sage isn't really helping matters. You should have just deleted it and tried again, or just given it up as a bad job.

[x] clink
No. 141495
File 13064020515.jpg - (30.32KB , 1024x768 , two girls.jpg ) [iqdb]



It's too quiet.

Considering all that happened yesterday, I would think I should be glad for any peace and quiet I might find, especially when I sincerely doubt that today will be any less eventful.




Yet, here I am, sitting with my little cup and saucer, doing the only thing I can think of to fill this silence that has fallen over the place.


What could they be doing, I wonder?

Satori's pet was not exactly informative about why she and the others were out all night, but from what Satori could tell, something happened to the ice fairy and there was some degree of property damage incurred. Nothing too unusual by oni standards, apparently, but still more than should be expected when all they were trying to do was find someone.

At least they did manage to find him, from the sound of it, but why did they not return after that?


Hinanai wasn't any more informative when she got back
Granted, it is quite difficult to say much of anything when stuffing your mouth with as much food as possible, but I don't think she even finished chewing before she turned around and left again.



Even Koishi seems to have wandered off somewhere, at some point.
No clue when she even left. One minute, she was there. The next? Gone.

“Hm. Yes, that is quite typical of her, unfortunately.”

Ah, Satori is back.
Good thing, too. I'm not sure this little cup could take much more clinking.

“I would not worry, Miss Asakura. Most everything I keep in my home is quite sturdy, and can easily withstand anything most humans could do to them.”

By necessity, I would assume.

“Mm. Quite. Nothing instills an appreciation for durability like finding your entire collection of fine china reduced to dust after an unruly pet.”

Like a bull in a china shop, as they say, huh?

“A bull? Oh, my, no. He was one of the most well-behaved pets I had back then. The rabbit, on the other hand, was quite a little terror.”

It's always the small, quiet ones, eh?

“Oh, you have no idea.”

From the way she's smiling, I would guess she's been reminded of some fond memory of the past, most likely involving a now-departed pet
Yet, even without the ability to read minds, I can tell there's something else.weighing on her mind.
Some matter she wishes to discuss.

“Hm? Yes, there is something.”

Thought so.
Not that it required all that much thought to figure out, of course.

It's just as well, though.
There are plenty of things I would not mind discussing, either.

Though, in Satori's case, I'm fairly certain there is one specific matter she would like to talk about...

[ ]
No. 141496
[x]Why is it that everyone seems to be obsessively drawn to my sister? Is it something I need to be worried about? Or, in particular, should I be worrying about the people that are drawn to her?
No. 141498
[x] Koishi's meltdown.

I'd be concerned as Hell about this if I was Satori.
No. 141499
No. 141500
[x] Whether she should encourage Koishi's interest in that odd man or not.
No. 141501
[x] Whether she should encourage Koishi's interest in that odd man or not.

All for it.
No. 141502

Koishi option is the only option! All the write-ins involve Koishi anyway.
No. 141503
[x] Whether she should encourage Koishi's interest in that odd man or not.
No. 141504
[x] Koishi
No. 141507
No. 141508
[x] Whether she should encourage Koishi's interest in that odd man or not.
No. 141510
No. 141513

Koishi Koishi Koishi Koishi Koishi Koishi Koishi
No. 141519
No. 141521

I was going to go with one of the write-ins, but there really is only one choice here.
No. 141525
[x] Snowball

She is clearly having a change of heart! She's definitely feeling guilty about her decision to exterminate her sisters gentle, loving snake. I'm telling you guys; this is what she wants to talk about. Trust me.
No. 141532
File 130648701289.png - (490.10KB , 541x794 , hrrmmph mmmrrmph hrrrrmph rrrmrmmrng.png ) [iqdb]
Writing has begun, but will not be done until sometime tomorrow.

In the meantime, I would like to take this opportunity to suggest that anyone voting for a "blank" option in the future might want to consider including some indication of what their intent for that option is.

You know, just to be safe.
The last thing I want is to give someone the nasty surprise of discovering the thing they voted for wasn't what they thought they were voting for.
Not to say what you're voting for now isn't what you think it is, but those options might not always mean what you think they mean.

Assuming, of course, that they ever meant what you thought they meant to begin with.

Just throwing that out there.
No. 141534
>Koishi 3rd Eye ball gag


No. 141535
File 130651364175.jpg - (80.17KB , 336x339 , cirno-bsod3.jpg ) [iqdb]

No. 141566
File 130666599854.jpg - (1.15MB , 1488x2088 , Breakfast at Satori's.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Hm? My sister? Yes, I was wondering about-...ah I see.”

Last night?
Yes, well, it was certainly...


To say the least.
If there was ever a line between being simply upset, and having a complete emotional breakdown, I get the feeling I witnessed it first-hand last night.

Poor girl.
I can't even imagine how it must feel to-
Why are you smiling?

“Hm? Because I am glad.”

Come again?

“Please, do not misunderstand, Miss Asakura. It is...painful, knowing my sister was in such a state. That she felt she could not come to her own sister at such a time, even more so. Yet, it is also encouraging, in a way.”

Your sister having a total breakdown in someone's arms is encouraging?

“Strange as it may seem, but yes. You are aware of her 'condition' and what it entailed.”

She shut her third eye, essentially sealing off her ability as a satori...

“And with it, her heart. Her emotions.”

Yet, last night...

Ah, I see.
The very fact that she was feeling such things as fear at how angry her sister might be, or distress at her own behavior means...

“That she can feel, yes. More than that, she allowed herself to feel it. She did not shut it out, as she has done for so long, carrying on as if nothing had happened. Or, worse, unaware that anything had happened”

Well, she seemed rather calm despite everything at first, though that certainly did not last long.
The shift was quite sudden, in fact.
Surprisngly so.

“Hm. Had this occurred just a couple years ago, I'm not sure you would have even known she was there, assuming she was even there at all. With how she was back then, she could have just as easily wandered off to some other place.”

So, that she not only hung around, but even came to my room was significant?

“Very much so, yes. Especially when it was you that she went to. Even now, I cannot know what goes on within her mind, but she is not normally one to dwell on things, or be concerned with consequences.”

Yet, hours after the 'incident', she was still concerned about how angry you were, and my condition. Huh.
And she was carrying that with her all that time?

“Mm, possibly, or you simply reminded her. Either way, it stuck with her. It mattered to her.”

Even so, that was pretty intense.
Excessive, even.
Not that I'm ungrateful to have her worry about me, but for a bit there, she was downright frantic.

“Yes, I am sorry to say that was most likely inevitable for her, under the circumstances. An unfortunate consequence of reopening her heart after keeping it sealed for so long, you see.”

It's a matter of sensitivity, eh?
Somewhat like the pain felt when eyes are exposed to sunlight after spending a long time in relative darkness?

“Yes, exactly. Her heart has been unable to feel for so long that even the most minor of sensations will seem much stronger than they would be under normal circumstances, while more 'normal' levels of feeling are likely to seem almost unbearable.”

And intense emotions, then, would be...


“Mm, indeed. That is why, if possible, I would have preferred if she could have had a more gradual transition, but it seems that is not to be. All that can really be done now is to hope she is strong enough to endure what she must, and move forward. That is why I am glad she came to you last night, and could let out her feelings rather than hold them in or shut them out. Thank you for that.”

Eh, I didn't really do anything special.
I was just there, really.

“Hm. Sometimes that is all that is needed, Miss Asakura.”

I suppose you are right.
Even so, she seems to be doing just fine, now.
Or, was, when I last saw her.

“Hm, yes, I wonder where she could have gone off to. As much of a wanderer as she is, she still tries not to miss breakfast, at the very least.”

Oh, I'm sure we could guess, couldn't we?
Either way, I'm glad she seemed to be feeling better.

“As am I.”

...I could probably have done without that 'wake-up call' she did, though.

“Wake-up call? Ah. Yes. 'The Motorboat'”


“That is the name she gave that particular, shall we say, 'technique'. Okuu does not seem to mind it, herself, but I know it drives Orin absolutely crazy. No, not in the 'good' way.”

Why is it called...

Actually, you know what?
I'm not sure I want to know.

“That is, perhaps, for the best. Is there anything else you would care to know?”

[ ] Nope, I'm good.

[ ] Yeah, actually! What is the deal with...

( ) ...that little gray fairy with the claws?
( ) ...those little blue fairies floating around?
( ) ...airline food?
( ) ...him?
( ) ...her?
( ) ...him and her?
( ) ...insert blatant prompt for possible write-ins here


Okay, that took way longer than it should have. Sorry.
No. 141567
[x] Yeah, actually! What is the deal with...
(x) ...him and her?
No. 141568
[x] Yeah, actually! What is the deal with...
(x) ...him?

enjoying this so much
No. 141569
[x] Yeah, actually! What is the deal with...
-(x) ...him?
-(x) ...him and her?
-(x) ...that little gray fairy with the claws?

>Okay, that took way longer than it should have. Sorry.

Nah we were the ones fucking around with the blank option.
No. 141570
[x] Yeah, actually! What is the deal with...
(x) ...that little gray fairy with the claws?
Yes! Find herr!
No. 141571
[x] Yeah, actually! What is the deal with...
(x) ...him and her?
No. 141572
[x] Yeah, actually! What is the deal with...
(x) ...him and her?
No. 141573
File 130668783948.png - (237.96KB , 600x609 , 5596348abbd849a0592ef1cf10de7c65.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Yeah, actually! What is the deal with...
-(x) ...him and her?
-(x) ...that little gray fairy with the claws?

She really got the place under the sun.
No. 141574
[x] Yeah, actually! What is the deal with...
-(x) ...him?
-(x) ...him and her?
-(x) ...that little gray fairy with the claws?
No. 141578
[x] Yeah, actually! What is the deal with...
(x) ...him and her?
No. 141579
[x] Yeah, actually! What is the deal with...
(x) ...that little gray fairy with the claws?

More worried about that fairy than about MC's whereabouts.
No. 141581
[x] Yeah, actually! What is the deal with...
-(x) ...him?
-(x) ...him and her?
-(x) ...that little gray fairy with the claws?
No. 141582
[x] Yeah, actually! What is the deal with...
(x) ...that little gray fairy with the claws?
(x) ...those little blue fairies floating around?
(x) ...him and her?

I'm helping
No. 141583
>More worried about that fairy than about MC's whereabouts.
In the beginning it started with MCs bizarre adventure but then more characters came to the party and suddenly they got more attention. Snowball part was kind of funny though.

I like it.
No. 141587
[x] Nope, I'm good.

Even after all this time, I am still not the biggest fan of Asakura. Sorry.
No. 141793
File 130700088758.jpg - (389.37KB , 600x566 , zombie jamboree.jpg ) [iqdb]
Anything else I would care to know about?
Why does it feel as if there has been some sort of reversal, here?

“Well, you are something of the inquisitive type, correct?”

Ah. Right.
True enough, I suppose.
If there is information being offered, who am I to refuse it?

Now that she mentions it, there was something I was curious about...

“Hm? Fairy? Ah, yes. I see. You are wondering about her.”

Almost as if on-cue, I see the little creature peeking in through the open doorway, only to hide herself upon realizing she's been spotted.

Shy little thing, isn't she?

“Hm, yes. She is...sensitive, you could say.”

Not used to strangers hanging around?

“Among other things, yes. We have been trying to help her, but it is difficult. Especially when even the others do not get along with her.”


“Hm, yes. The other 'zombie' fairies.”

Zombie fairies.


Zombie fairies.

“Ah, yes. Of course, you would wonder about that.”

Well, yeah.
Reanimated corpses?
For all the differences between the arts of magic and science, the reanimation of dead tissue is one of the few fields of study the two actually have in common, right down to the tediously repetitive ethical debates that inevitably spring up whenever the topic is so much as alluded to.

Of course, the question on my mind right now isn't whether or not such a thing is 'right' or 'wrong', but how such a thing is even possible.

“How is it possible to reanimate a corpse, when there should be no corpse to begin with?”

I'm hardly an expert on the subject, but I know fairies aren't generally known for dying, let alone leaving behind any sort of cadaver when they do.
Some magical residue, perhaps, but nothing you could dissect or put under a microscope.
It's one of the many reasons there is virtually no solid research on their biology.

“Mm. Unfortunately, not even they fully understand how they came to be. Orin has some theories, but otherwise, all we know is that their existence is something of an anomally. That child, in particular, even more so. It may not be an exaggeration to say that she is even a unique case.”

An anomaly among anomalies?
Is that why the rest of them don't get along with her?

Fairies never seemed like the sorts who would have outcasts, but I suppose stranger things have happened.

“No, I am sorry to say. I am afraid that their problems with her are somewhat valid.

What, did she maul a few of them, or something?



Sure, she has those claws and all, but really?

“As I said, she is sensitive. Emotional. She is gentle enough most of the time, but when surprised or upset she can become quite violent. It is not entirely her fault, she simply loses control of herself, and is . As a result, however, there have been more than a few...incidents.”


“Mm. Were it just the other 'zombie' fairies who were attacked, it might not have been such a problem, as they do not feel pain. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the 'live' ones. Though fairies will forget most things when given enough time, even they are capable of holding onto a grudge when their experience is sufficiently traumatic.”

Live ones?
So, there are not only normal fairies down here, but they commingle with the zombies?

“Yes. In fact, of our fairy population, the genuine 'zombie' types are technically in the minority, though that may change in a few more centuries. If you believe you've seen one, there is a good chance it is actually one of the 'live' ones in costume.”

You not only have zombie fairies, but fairies that dress up as zombies?

“Oh, yes. Beyond serving as a sort of uniform while they work, it is also their way of showing solidarity with their 'sisters'. Despite their differences, they do what they can to coexist and live happily with each other.”

But that one is the exception?

“Regrettably, yes. Many of them tried to accept her, but it is difficult to maintain relations when her 'episodes' can come at the slightest provocation, even against her own will. Now, they have settled into a state of mutual avoidance. They give her plenty of space, and she tries to keep away when the others congregate.”

Wow. Poor thing.

“It's not an arrangement we're happy about, but we're doing what we can. Whether it will be enough, however...but I digress. There was something else you were wondering about, wasn't there?”

Hm? Was there?

“Something to do with your companions, I believe?”

Ah, right, of course.
That guy alone raises more questions than I could hope to have answered, to say nothing of the others.
Even after their explanations, I still can't help but wonder what's going on between them.
Not to be nosy, of course, but it is never a bad idea to learn what you can of those who you may have to rely upon.
Sound advice, I believe, and as applicable to travel companions as it is to prospective laboratory assistants.

“Mm, so you wish to know what the nature of their relations with one another?”

Seems reasonable enough, I think.
Nothing I couldn't find out on my own through simple observation, given enough time, I'm sure.

“No harm in taking the quicker path? Mm, fair enough. Just be aware that I cannot tell you more than what they, themselves, are conscious of. Nor would I, even if I could.”

That's quite alright.

“Well then, where do we begin?”

[ ] Guys and Dolls

[ ] Rocks and Trees

[ ] Eyes Wide Shut

[ ] The Full Monty


Too late, I realized how vague the winning option was. Though I was going to just go all-in with it and cover everything I could, along with a little something for the runner-up vote, countless delays and interruptions have gotten the better of the me over the past couple days. As a result, just this much took longer than it should have, and I decided to cut it off with just the runner-up stuff done.

As for the options, know that the next update will probably have at least something for each option regardless of what is chosen, but if you want to see something specific expanded upon, I'll try to do that. If you want to see everything expanded upon, I can try to do that, too.
No. 141796
[x] Guys and Dolls

Wanna know what Satori thinks about Su-san. And everyone else. But particularly her.

Straight-woman Asakura is nice but I'm looking forward to seeing her in her element again. ... Whenever that may be.

your nice-Satori is still the best nice-Satori
No. 141799
[X] Eyes Wide Shut

This I'm interested in because of the fact that we're supposed to be in a relationship with Koishi.
No. 141800
[x] Rocks and Trees
No. 141801
[x] Rocks and Trees
Let's explore the deeper minds of Tenshi.
No. 141802
[x] Rocks and Trees
No. 141803
[x] The Full Monty

The only one I have not managed to divine the answer to. I pray it is Parsee, but if it isn't, whatever, that's cool too.
No. 141804
[x] Rocks and Trees
No. 141805
File 13070206643.jpg - (1.70MB , 1000x1000 , fe24568227124c8e4020d2130e7eeb5c.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Fairies dressing up as solidarity to zombie fairies.
This makes my heart all warm and fuzzy.

It probably means 'All of them' but I can't take the risk.

[x] Eyes Wide Shut
Koishi vote! The real one this time
No. 141807
[x] Rocks and Trees
No. 141809
[x] The Full Monty

Sitting in an outhouse, crying, eating a Mars bar.
No. 141810
[X] Eyes Wide Shut

Koishi Koishi Koishi Koishi
No. 141812
[x] The Full Monty

Sounds like Witch!Fairy has it rough... someone like the MC is good for her as he's himself enough to care even in spite of getting attacked.
No. 141815
[X] Eyes Wide Shut
No. 141817
[x] Eyes Wide Shut
No. 141820
[X] Rocks and Trees

She still baffles me.
No. 141821
[x] The Full Monty
No. 141822
[x] Eyes Wide Shut
No. 141841
[X] Eyes Wide Shut
No. 141880
[X] Guys and Dolls
No. 141885
[ ] Rocks and Trees
No. 141893
[X] Guys and Dolls

Because, Su-san.
No. 141894
[X] Guys and Dolls

For this reason, plus to see if Satori can actually make any sense out of his head. I doubt it, but...
No. 141899
[x] Eyes wide shut
No. 141909
[X] Guys and Dolls
No. 141912
[x] Rocks and Trees
No. 141914
[x] Rocks and Trees

Tenshi is the only one whose reason to follow the MC is not clear. As awesome as this story's Koishi is, I still like tsunderes more than, um, "nothing-dere".
No. 141915

I think she is generally interested in him; e.g. great rock throwing, wackiness, etc.
No. 141917

We still need to wait and see if our rock throwing training paid off. Well, we really didn't train her at all, but just from being around us her rock throwing ability has probably gone up.

It's not like she could be even worse.
No. 141918
Didn't Asakura have a talk with Tenshi about her ~feelings~? She knows more than we do about the matter.
No. 141919
We still didn't hear from his or a neutral perspective.
No. 141920
I think it left some interesting parts out and is not total clear on that subject. It was interrupted.
Tenshi is interesting but the loyal and cute Medi is always forgotten...
No. 141928
> Medi is always forgotten...

Isn't it sad?
No. 141931
I had a dream this night. I was reading a story and I think it was this one. We advanced to a part where Tenshi got angry and screamed at the MC for not talking to her enough like he used to do. They were apparently together because he assured her that he loves her.
I wish to read that someday. Not that that would be a possibility in this story which isn't really a bad thing because I like this story the way it is but I also like this story's Tenshi. It's just that I'd like to see a good Tenshi route.
No. 141933
>/th/ - My Blog

Guys, I had a dream tonight too. In it, nobody acted like a total fag on this site. I cried when I woke up and it wasn't true.
No. 141934
>/th/ - My Blog

Guys, I had a dream tonight too. In it, nobody acted like a total fag on this site. I cried when I woke up and it wasn't true.
No. 141943
> Guys, I had a dream tonight too. In it, nobody acted like a total fag on this site. I cried when I woke up and it wasn't true.

Wow, well you screwed that up.
No. 141944
File 130729992297.jpg - (384.26KB , 909x1001 , 34a94b0ac75cfbd61daeef835fba74a0.jpg ) [iqdb]
Look what you have done!
No. 141946

We created a busty Koishi? I can live with that.
No. 141947
I totally approve of that Koishi.
No. 141959
File 130735224755.png - (1.32MB , 1200x1500 , WHEEEEEEEEEEE.png ) [iqdb]
Hmm, where do we begin?
The most obvious point is usually the best place to begin, isn't it?

“Hm? The doll, then? Very well, though you already have some idea of what their relationship is like, I see.”

From the way she was guarding him until he woke up after we fled underground?
Yes, I felt quite safe in assuming they were on anything less than friendly terms with each other.
I don't quite get what the whole deal with her being so hostile towards me was, though.

“Hm? Oh, that? Do not take it personally, Miss Asakura. She is still young, and so harbors the feelings of anger and resentment that many tsukumogami typically feel towards humans early in their lives.”

You make it sound like it's natural for her to want to spray me with poison gas.

“Mm, I suppose that is because it is natural for her, in a way. Youkai born from tools and objects usually do so after a long period of disuse, often after they had long since been thrown away or forgotten by their owners. When they awaken, they are alone, and uncertain of their purpose in the world. While an animal can continue to rely upon their instincts after they become a youkai, tsukumogami are not so fortunate. Where once they had a purpose and a reason for being, they now feel as if they have nothing. When they become self-aware, they do so with the realization that they had not simply been abandoned, but also denied the very reason for which they were created.”

So, basically, it's like waking up to realize you've been fired from your job, dumped by your boyfriend, and abandoned by your parents all at once?

“Something like that, yes. In such a state, it is only natural that they would harbor feelings of anger and resentment towards the ones that cast them aside. Consequently, many of them adopt behaviors that enable them to act out on those feelings.”

Like trying to kill someone who was just trying to help them and their friend?

“Well, perhaps not with quite so much hostility. Though many are initially quite hurt or angry at their situation, those feelings do fade over time.”

They still attack people, though, right?

“Mm, technically, though for most of them they are less like 'attacks' and more like childish pranks. Rather basic attention-seeking behavior, really.”

But this particular one hasn't moved on from the 'want to kill humans' phase, has she?

“As I said, she is still young.”

What about him?
She hates humans, but he's human.


So, why is it that he is an exception?

“Well, as I said, she is still young. Beyond that, I am afraid it is not my place to say what her reasons may be. If you wish to know more, I would suggest you ask her yourself.”

And risk getting a face full of neurotoxin?
I'll have to decline, on that.

“Fair enough. You wish to move on, then?”

Yes, actually.

“Hm. My sister?”

Yeah, Koishi.
Is there something going on with that guy and her?

“I am honestly impressed that you would pick up on that.”

Heh. I'm impressed that I was actually right.
It's not like I've actually seen the two of them together much, after all.
Not that I was aware of, at least.
Still, after seeing how the two of them act individually, and knowing what she's capable of doing, it's pretty obvious that our arrival here was not by accident.
Koishi led us here, didn't she?

“Yes, it is generally not common for outsiders to navigate the city streets without a single oni taking notice, let alone finding their way into the palace, through the halls, and right into my bathroom. Or bedroom.”

Yeah, sorry about that.
I know it wasn't our fault, but still, sorry.

“There is nothing to apologize for, Miss Asakura. You are correct, though. Not only has my sister been involved in your arrival here, among other things, I am fairly certain she has been following our friend for some time, likely before he even became aware of her.”

When, though?
More than that, why?

“Mm, that is difficult to say. I cannot know Koishi's side of the story unless she were to tell me, and he would not have known she was even following him, let alone when she had begun to do so. Still, some of his memories of the past day or two show the signs of interference I would expect from Koishi's influence.”

Wait, you can actually tell when Koishi may have used her ability when reading memories?

“Somewhat, yet not exactly. The effect she can have on a mind can be subtle, especially when it is intentional, and so many other factors can interfere. Inebriation or insanity, for example, can make it difficult to tell if a memory is even real, let alone accurate. Still, when reading a relatively clear mind, it is possible to notice such things when you know what to look for. Sudden changes in movement or behavior. Things that do not make sense in the context of the situation. It could be any number of things, really.”

And his memory of the last few days had signs of these effects?

“Yes, though I cannot be absolutely certain which are due to her, or the result of something else entirely. But I digress. From what I could read of him, he may have unintentionally stumbled upon her skulking about the vampire's mansion., and she took notice for some reason. I don't know if it began from that exact moment, or sometime later, but at some point she clearly deemed him interesting enough to warrant following him.”

Does she do that often?

“Mm, it fits her general pattern of behavior, yes. Koishi typically wanders about aimlessly until something catches her attention, at which point she will focus on that until she gets bored, or something more interesting to her comes along.”

And he happens to be the lucky guy this time?

“Mmhm. Basically. That said, the fact that she actually made an effort to bring him and the the rest of you down here is quite unusual for her. I cannot tell for certain, but it would seem as if she may actually like him in some capacity.”

Do you suppose he's aware of that?

“Hm. Since you mention it, that young man has actually expressed some interest in dating my sister.”

What, asking to take her out to dinner?

“Oh, I am quite aware of his 'habit'. He appears to believe this is different, though, and truly wants to get to know her better. Yes, that is what they all say, but it looked as if he actually meant it.”

Is that so? Huh.
You okay with it?

“Mm. I cannot say I completely approve, but I have no intention of interfering if this is what Koishi wants.”

Really? No big sister worries about what the hormone-addled fellow taking your little sister out might try to do?

“Honestly, I think I should be more worried about what she might try to do to him.”

Seriously, though, aren't you worried?
If her condition is as you say, then...

“There is potential for what little progress Koishi has already made to be undone, possibly forever. I am painfully aware of that, I assure you. However, I cannot deny that there may be potential for this experience to aid in her recovery, either. And that? I dare not even think about stopping such a thing from happening.”

You think it's worth the risk, then?

“Anything worth having usually is, is it not?"


Here's the first part.
Sorry for the delays, again.
My schedule is going to be kicking my ass for the next day or so, so I'm not sure when I'll get the rest of this update done.

Sooner rather than later, hopefully.
No. 141960
>Sooner rather than later, hopefully.

No. 141961
File 130736163477.jpg - (145.92KB , 700x979 , Koishi IRL.jpg ) [iqdb]
Koishi is awesome and this story is awesome.

Now the question, did writefag planned this since the beginning?
No. 141964
File 130736725219.jpg - (128.13KB , 850x991 , 5fe545e7484fb877bf5caf6021a78cbb.jpg ) [iqdb]
>From what I could read of him, he may have unintentionally stumbled upon her skulking about the vampire's mansion.
Dear god. That part would have been interesting for anyone. Sewers, hitting head against wall, birds and followed by dolls.
>He appears to believe this is different, though, and truly wants to get to know her better. Yes, that is what they all say, but it looked as if he actually meant it.
Koishi route confirmed.
>Honestly, I think I should be more worried about what she might try to do to him.
And it will be wild. I guess she would after he touched her eye like that.
No. 141983
What is this plan you speak of?

I have no idea why Medicine likes the guy. Surely it wasn't that inspiring speech?
No. 142030

Comrades in killing humans, of course.
No. 142097
File 130752389195.png - (689.43KB , 1500x1072 , tomorrow will be okay.png ) [iqdb]
Heh. Well, I can't really argue with that, can I?
Of course, this does raise another question...

“Mm. Why I am sharing this particular information with you?”

Well, your sister's love life is just a little more in-depth than I was looking for.

“I am aware. However, it is something I felt you should be aware of if you are to continue traveling with them. Before you even think it, no, I have no intention of asking you to act as a chaperone or anything else of the sort. Attempting to monitor my sister would be a futile effort, in any case. There is something I would like to ask of you, though.”

After last night? How could I refuse?
Well, unless it involves antagonizing yet another powerful youkai, that is.
I think I've pretty much filled my quota on that, already.

“Hm, no, nothing like that. I merely wish to request that you lend Koishi your support, should she need it.”

What kind of support are you thinking about?
I'm probably not the best one to look to for relationship advice, or pep talks.

“Anything that you could provide would be appreciated, regardless, but that is not quite what I have in mind..”

Ah. Worst-case scenario, then?

“I hope it would not be quite that bad, but something along those lines, yes. If, for any reason, my sister may find herself in need of emotional support, I would like it if you were the one to provide it.”

I don't know, I don't think there is much I would really be able to do.
Nothing that would be of any help, at least.

“You seemed to do well enough with her last night, did you not?”

That? That was, well...
I didn't really do anything, though.
I was just, well, there.

“Mm. Sometimes, that is all that is needed. Do not worry, Miss Asakura, I would not ask this of you if I were not certain you could handle it.”

Providing a shoulder to cry on? Sure, I can do that, I guess.
But, why?

“Merely a precaution, I suppose. I do not know what may occur between those two, but should things take a turn for the worst, I would rather my sister not have to cope with it alone. Not yet. If we are truly fortunate, the situation may even be beneficial to her recovery.”

Um, I think I'm going to need you to elaborate on that.
You think your sister getting her heart broken might be a good thing?

“I would rather it not go quite as far as that, but yes. If she is ever to ever fully open her heart again, she must be able to properly deal with those feelings and emotions she had once shut out, especially the more painful ones. As much as I wish for her to be happy, if my Koishi is to learn how to live with her own emotions, she must first be able to experience them. This is as true for the negative emotions as it is for the positive.”

I see.
It's strengthening her emotional immune system, basically.

“That is, hm...yes. That is an appropriate comparison, I believe.”

And you want me to help with this process?

“No. As I said, simply being there for her may be all that is required of you, should it even come to that. Not that I expect it to, but I would like someone to be prepared for that possibility, just as a precaution. For now, though, let us set this matter aside and get back to where we were, shall we?”


Another little bit, and now I need to go to sleep.
Probably won't be able to do much for another day or two, but we'll see how things go.
No. 142099
File 130752998919.jpg - (191.28KB , 750x650 , 9f5bbcab9d7a47a5c2d7415d07979e2f.jpg ) [iqdb]

>Probably won't be able to do much for another day or two, but we'll see how things go.

Waiting warmly
No. 142100
File 130753091710.png - (595.27KB , 900x712 , d279dded9c2193dd378873af46aa58d8.png ) [iqdb]
I don't think I've said recently how much I love this story.

It's pretty great.
No. 142104
That pic is awesome. Almost as good as having an update. UPDATES!
No. 142105
I love this Rikako so much.
No. 142136
>>142104 I like >>142100 better.

And this story is indeed awesome.
No. 142253
File 130782951181.jpg - (413.04KB , 700x550 , what is this route you speak of.jpg ) [iqdb]
Where we were...

The situation with the doll isn't that much clearer than it was before, but I'm not sure if if even really need to understand any more of it than I already do. For now, at least.

Koishi, on the other hand, is not quite so clear-cut. For every question answered, I feel a new one presenting itself. Of course, that may just be due to her nature.

That just leaves Hinanai.

“You find her relationship with him to be particularly confusing, hm?”

Well, of course.
In just the brief times I've seen them together, she's gone from listening to him tell some bizarre bedtime story, to threatening him and looking as if she would love nothing more than to inflict some form of grievous bodily harm on him.
Then, when they're separated? She complains about him.
How he did this, or did that, and how this whole mess is all his fault, and so on, and so forth. From the time we spent walking around in circles through these halls, up to the 'incident' in the bath, I've seen and heard little else from her but ceaseless complaining about a guy she claims to hate, yet for some reason cannot stop talking about.

“Mm. You believe her words are not accurately reflecting what she feels in her heart.”

Oh, not entirely. I don't doubt she finds him annoying, if not downright infuriating. The question is, why? Is it really due simply to his actions, or is there something else going on? To hear her tell it, their meeting basically entailed him throwing rocks at her head, insulting her, and then walking away.

“Hm, yes. It would seem that is what occurred.”

Then she started following him?

“Indeed. In fact, from what I read of the two of them, much of what she told you is true, barring the occasional misunderstanding and exaggeration on Miss Hinanai's part.”

He didn't really try to 'have his way' with her, as she put it, I'm assuming.

“Hardly, though a kiss may seem as such, depending on the values of the recipient.”

Whoa, really? He actually kissed her?

“So it would seem, though I do not believe it was entirely intentional for either party. Judging from his memory of the incident, that was about the time Koishi decided to get a little more 'hands-on' with with her interactions with him.”

Really? Interesting. Do you suppose she knew something they didn't?

“Hm? Koishi? ...I suppose it is not impossible, though it is just as likely that she was acting on impulse, and Miss Hinanai was pulled into it. Still, unwilling participant or not, I cannot deny that the event made some sort of impression on her.”

So, I'm not incorrect in my thinking, here?

“Regarding whether or not Miss Hinanai feels more for him than what she has expressed? Mm, yes, it is possible that is the case.”

Possible? You don't sound so sure.

“That would be because she, herself, is unsure of what she feels.”

Wait, really?

“Mm, yes. Despite her apparent age, it seems that her life has been one that has not allowed her heart to properly grow and mature as it normally would. An unfortunate consequence of becoming a Celestial through technicality rather than merit, further compounded by it happening to her at such a young age. Deprived of the experiences she would have shared with her peers, her heart is ill-prepared to process some of the thoughts and feelings that are commonplace among even adolescents.”

Hence, why their relationship sounds almost like some bizarre, twisted schoolyard romance. Because, in a way, it is one.

“Mmm, I do not know if I would go quite that far, though I would not say you are entirely inaccurate, either.”

Well, it is just a little similar to the classic pattern, isn't it?
Girl meets boy.
Boy puts bug in girl's hair.
Girl runs home, crying...

“Of course, it is not typically tears of joy that the girl is shedding, Miss Asakura.”

Hey, that beetle was the last one I needed to complete my collection.
You can't blame me for getting emotional over it.

“Hm. Still, you are correct. Although the situation is not quite the same, the spirit of it is similar. She is confused, that frustrates her, and because of that she lashes out at the source of her confusion and frustration. Perhaps it truly is that she detests him, or perhaps it is the opposite. Either way, I suspect she will be inclined to continue as she has until those feelings can be resolved.”

Why, though? And why him?

“You are no doubt aware of how irrational emotions can be, and by extension, how irrational people can be when they allow those emotions to dictate their actions. Miss Hinanai is, to say the least, no exception.”

From your tone, you sound as if you're speaking from personal experience.

“Mm, yes. Let us say that it was illuminating to read her heart when we met. I had been wondering for the longest time what caused that cave-in we had, a while back. The Palace was not damaged, thankfully, though there was some cleanup that was needed afterward.”

What happened?

“Miss Hinanai got bored, apparently, and decided the best way to alleviate that boredom was to cause an 'incident' and instigate fights with a number of the most powerful entities in Gensokyo. This included triggering a small earthquake that leveled a certain someone's shrine”

Ah, I see where this is going.

“Quite. Though safeguards are in place, earthquakes can still pose a problem for us down here. Of course, not long after that, we had our own little 'incident' erupt, and the matter was quickly forgotten. Though I am glad to know why it happened, now, I must confess that I have mixed feelings about having the culprit down here and in my home.”

Worried about a repeat of history? I know Hinanai can be temperamental, but I doubt she would do something so ridiculous as to risk bringing an entire cave down on her head.

“I would hope so, but I am afraid that the mindset that enabled her to trigger that first incident has not been fully corrected. Namely, selfishness and a distinct lack of concern for the consequences of her actions; yet another result of her status and the environment in which she was raised.”

So, she's still selfish and impulsive, but it's not really her fault she's like that?

“Oh, do not misunderstand. Her circumstances do not excuse her actions, they merely serve explain the reason behind them. It is just fortunate that her current actions do not appear to be as destructive as they previously were.”

Hold on, are you saying she's following around a guy she may or may not be crushing on, who threw rocks at her and generally confuses and irritates her, simply because she's bored?

“Perhaps, though I feel it is hardly the only reason. Her willingness to wander around with relative strangers may certainly be enough to alleviate boredom, I believe her fixation on him stems more from what he did to her.”

Kiss her?

“No, before that. When they first met, her hurt her. Wounded her. Not with the rocks her thew, but with his words.”

He insulted her?

“Not quite, though she would not see a difference. He criticized her skill at something. More than that, he criticized her. As would be expected, she took offense to that.”

So she's following around because he, somehow, managed to hurt her pride?

“Apparently so.”

A Celestial. Someone who, for whatever reason, was elevated to a higher form of existence, and who almost certainly possess powers and abilities that an ordinary human would not.


And she is so worked up over the words of a lowly human, why?

“She wonders that herself, I believe. Perhaps it was the sheer audacity of being criticized by someone she viewed as 'beneath' her. Perhaps her pride is just exceptionally fragile. Perhaps it is something else entirely. I am afraid I cannot say.”

Even if you could, would you?

“Hm. Who knows?”



No. 142255
Your Tenshi is awesome. Your Asakura is awesome. Your Satori is awesome. Your Koishi is awesome.

I would pay to see your Yorihime.
No. 142261
File 130783451593.jpg - (682.31KB , 768x1024 , wut.jpg ) [iqdb]

I was going to make a joke about Koishi and Yorihime not being the focus of a drawing together but...

God damn, Japan.
No. 142263
Don't forget that Medicine and Su-san are awesome too.
No. 142264
I would have liked to praise you but
>>142255 pretty much said it. I could probably say much but those words would not be enough, a clear this story is awesome, you are awesome for writing it says everything.

But i wonder: You focus on the other characters far longer now. In the beginning it was only the MC and maybe some crazy dreams. I like and there is nothing wrong with it but do you think there will still be enough time for the MC? At this rate the whole story must be way over 50 threads from what you said.
No. 142307
>Hey, that beetle was the last one I needed to complete my collection.
>You can't blame me for getting emotional over it.

That was awesome.
No. 142324
>>That was awesome.
Yes yes it was..
No. 142376
File 130802978994.jpg - (788.02KB , 777x1103 , 65f53dc48642f8d505069a955e7a95b8.jpg ) [iqdb]
Waiting patiently for Koi- updates.
No. 142377
Please refrain from posting such lewd things. I can't take it easy like this.
No. 142400
File 130808935881.jpg - (165.38KB , 887x866 , fuck you Newton.jpg ) [iqdb]
You hear nothing.
No sound that you would associate with a hard rock slamming into soft flesh, at any rate.
What you do hear is a loud POP, accompanied by a bright flash of light, and a sudden feeling of pressure on your back, causing you to stumble forward and fall.

Opening your eyes just in time to see the ground rushing up to greet you, you begin to ponder the pros and cons of bracing yourself against the imminent impact with the floor. Unfortunately, you fail to take into consideration the fact that gravity waits for no man, especially not when in mid-fall.

Oh, no. Not gravity, the bastard..
Your perpetual, intangible foe.
That which keeps you earthbound, as well as ensuring that any sudden meeting you have with the ground is a painful one.
Were there such a thing as a youkai of gravity, you would love nothing more than to introduce their face to the business-end of a rock for all the trouble it has caused you.

Or, so you would like to think. Most likely, you would do absolutely nothing of the sort, as any such youkai would almost certainly be in the form of a cute little girl, the likes of which you would rather gargle shards of broken glass than even think about harming in any way.
As you stood before her, assessing your options for bullshitting her into compliance, she would use her power to crush you into a fine paste.
And laugh.
And laugh.
And laugh some more.

Truly, gravity is a fearsome opponent.

And a colossal bitch.

As you lay there on your stomach, gasping to reclaim the air that had been knocked out of you, you curse your unseen nemesis, and bring your attentions back to what lies ahead of you.

Or, rather, standing.

There. I made you.” says the Celestial, who was now gripping Parsee by the throat and shoving her against the wall.

Wait, why is she doing that? Isn't that the good one?
Or, at least, the relatively good one?

Realizing you no longer feel anyone holding you, you confirm the lack of Parsee behind you with a quick glance, before turning your attentions back to the front.
Though slightly relieved to no longer be in the grasp of someone who was advocating for your demise, you can't help but feel confused and worried about what just occurred.

You remember Tenshi throwing the rock.
You remember the rock coming towards you and Parsee.
You remember the rock not hitting you.

Logically, you can only assume that if the rock did hit anything, it hit the bridge princess. In the face, most likely.

Somewhat less logically, you assume that the impact of the rock on Parsee somehow caused her to explode, thus resulting in the loud pop, flash of light, and the sudden pressure that sent you falling to the ground.

But, does that even make any sense?
Girls don't just up and explode when struck by rocks!
Well, okay, fairies kinda do that. Sometimes.
You're pretty sure Parsee isn't a fairy, though.

So, then, why?
Why would Parsee just explode like that?


...could it be?

Could it?

Yes! That must be it!
Surely, it is because...!

[ ] The Rock of Purity destroyed the Evil Parsee, thus purging the darkness in her heart once and for all!

[ ] The Evil Parsee, overwhelmed by terror, chose to self-destruct rather than suffer the impact of the mighty rock that would have destroyed her, anyway.

[ ] The Evil Parsee, redeeming herself in a noble act of self-sacrifice, destroyed herself along with the rock that threatened you both so that you, at least, may live.

[ ] Youkai are made of dynamite.

[ ] There is no Evil Parsee, only ZuulParsee.
No. 142401
[x] Youkai are made of dynamite.

Because this is the only logical explanation! Of course, biologist will have trouble explaining this, but that's okay! Because there's no science in Gensokyo, therefore logic can go away!
No. 142402
File 130809063253.jpg - (747.66KB , 1950x650 , d9d948b7b178d01b420be95bf6913765.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] The Rock of Purity destroyed the Evil Parsee, thus purging the darkness in her heart once and for all!
-[x] Thank the celestial for saving your ass.
-[x] Congratulate Parsee on her newfound freedom of her inner demon!

Let's hear what Parsee has to say now
No. 142403
[x] The Rock of Purity destroyed the Evil Parsee, thus purging the darkness in her heart once and for all!

Rock of Purity, fuck yes. If we believe hard enough, it might even be true!
No. 142404
[x] The Rock of Purity destroyed the Evil Parsee, thus purging the darkness in her heart once and for all!
No. 142405
[x] There is no Evil Parsee, only Parsee.

If we are ever to see real progress on helping Parsee through her trauma, we must eventually admit and accept all parts of her. Even the scary negative aspects. Continuing to deny their existence will only lead to further dissociation and ruin.
No. 142407
[x] The Rock of Purity destroyed the Evil Parsee, thus purging the darkness in her heart once and for all!
No. 142408
[x] The Rock of Purity destroyed the Evil Parsee, thus purging the darkness in her heart once and for all!
No. 142409
>Youkai are made of dynamite.
There's a minecraft joke to make here, but I'm only going to imply that there is one.

[X] There is no Evil Parsee, only ZuulParsee.
I think I am morally obligated to vote for this.
No. 142410
[x] There is no Evil Parsee, only Parsee.
No. 142411
[x] The Rock of Purity destroyed the Evil Parsee, thus purging the darkness in her heart once and for all!

forever saving her. happy end and new party member.
No. 142412
[x] The Evil Parsee, redeeming herself in a noble act of self-sacrifice, destroyed herself along with the rock that threatened you both so that you, at least, may live.

I'll never forget you, Parsee.
No. 142413
[ ] There is no Evil Parsee, only ZuulParsee.
No. 142414
[ ] Youkai are made of dynamite.

It's so simple!
No. 142416
>Cheating husband and his wife walk past parsee


No. 142417
[x] The Rock of Purity destroyed the Evil Parsee, thus purging the darkness in her heart once and for all!
No. 142419

I am getting really, really fucking tired of telling you faggots to knock it off. Is it too much to ask that you learn your lessons from others? Is it too much to ask that you lurk for longer then a 1 day basis, so you might learn that greentext is absolutely not cool?
No. 142421
[X] There is no Evil Parsee, only ZuulParsee.
Pissing against the tide since most people here want the protagonist to be a jerkass, pretending it's in character, and don't want any actual progress on Parsee's issues. Of course most of those same people are liars about wanting a relationship with any girl, so it's not OOC for them to want the protagonist to lie and be a jerkass either.

I have a question then: why is it that I've seen other, perhaps more established people, do greentext without any censure or rancor from others, but for others greentext is looked down upon?
No. 142422
A scary thought.

[X] There is no Evil Parsee, only ZuulParsee.
Because common sense is a superpower in this story.
No. 142424
It's just Rageanon sperging out as he's oft to do. Though the usage in question isn't that good.
No. 142425
What a scary thought, that you people would be so indoctrinated to greentext that you could rate it on some sort of scale, as if it were anything other than trash. I weep for the state of the site with people such as you around.
No. 142426
[X] There is no Evil Parsee, only ZuulParsee.
No. 142427
[X] There is no Evil Parsee, only ZuulParsee!
No. 142430
[X] There is no Evil Parsee, only ZuulParsee.
No. 142431
I think you borked your links. If you want to cross link a board you type ">>/Board/Number"
No. 142433
[X] Youkai are made of dynamite.
No. 142434
Again people have done it before without anyone getting angry over it, so this site has had problems far before this story was made.

Look at >>/shrine/33145 or >>/shrine/32890 for examples. Of course unenven enforcement of such "rules" among THP.com is the norm from what I've seen.
No. 142435
[X] There is no Evil Parsee, only ZuulParsee.
No. 142436
I knew it. I absolutely knew it. Based solely on the post number, I knew you were going to specifically single out those posts. I thought to myself, this guy couldn't possibly be this stupid, right? You have proved me wrong.

Here's a protip, child. Next time you want to frequently rant and bitch about how unevenly I call people out for doing a certain action, you might wish to know exactly what the fuck you are talking about. I will show you this one single time, so you won't follow me around anymore with your pathetic shit.

>plus to see if Satori can actually make any sense out of his head.

This bit of text is a quote, which I have taken randomly from this very thread. You may notice it is green in color. This is not greentext, as I am specifically quoting someone, usually in an effort to directly address whatever he has said. This is nothing to worry about, as it is using the quotes in their original form and purpose.

>This, on the other hand, is greentext. Notice how I am not quoting anyone and am being a tremendous faggot at the same time? You might commonly see >implying at the front of it. This style of speech is used almost exclusively by worthless pieces of shit who cannot communicate effectively using actual methods.

The latter is the only thing that should be called out. Please endeavor to learn the difference in the future.

(tl;dr rageshit in story threads is even more unwanted)
No. 142437

And yet you're the only one who seems to be bothered by it.
No. 142438
[x] Youkai are made of dynamite.

It all makes sense now.
No. 142443
[x] Youkai are made of dynamite
Soylent explosives is youkai!
No. 142445
Rageanon seems less like a real poster and more like a bad parody of /blue/.

[x] Youkai are made of dynamite.
No. 142456
[x] The Rock of Purity destroyed the Evil Parsee, thus purging the darkness in her heart once and for all!
No. 142462
[X] There is no Evil Parsee, only ZuulParsee.

Choice making a slight reference to Ghostbusters? What can go wrong.
No. 142465
>Choice making a slight reference to Ghostbusters? What can go wrong.


[X] There is no Evil Parsee, only ZuulParsee.
No. 142466
[X ] There is no Evil Parsee, only ZuulParsee.
No. 142467
[] There is no Evil Parsee, only <strike>Zuul</strike>Parsee
No. 142469
File 130824938196.jpg - (117.75KB , 737x680 , not a two for one deal.jpg ) [iqdb]
Is it because the evil in her heart that had become personified had somehow been destroyed by a mere throw of the rock?

It would be conveneint, but you know that is probably not the case.

Could it be that the impact of the rock itself caused the not-so-nice Parsee to spontaneously explode?
You have heard the stories of how duels often end when one of the combatants 'explodes' but you never really thought it was meant to be literal. Were that the case, how are they still around after their supposed destruction?

No, as much as you hate to admit it, the only explanation for the sudden lack of Parsee behind you is that she wasn't Parsee. Or, rather, not the 'Parsee' you thought she was.
Not an evil twin, or copy, or manifestation of some aspect of her. No, it was just her. Parsee.
Or, at least, a part of her.

You vaguely remember hearing something about that, once...

The ability to split oneself, and create another 'you'.
Or, rather, the ability to split 'you' into two bodies.
Same mind. Same soul. The only difference is that they are divided between two bodies, rather than contained in just one.

...where did you hear that, again?
You suppose it doesn't matter, so long as you feel you have an understanding of the situation.

There is no 'good' Parsee and 'bad' Parsee.
There is just 'Parsee'.
Good, ol' Parsee.
Parsee, who helped lead you down into the depths of the cave.
Parsee, who drunkenly bared her soul and inflicted further head trauma to both you and herself.
Parsee, who expressed at least some desire to brutally murder you.
And, yet, not murder you.
She seemed quite conflicted on that matter.

You're not sure if that's a good or bad thing.

“Cut the crap!”

You are broken from your thoughts by the now familiar sounds of Tenshi smacking Parsee in the head

From the look of things, they were saying something to each other, but you can't quite make it out from where you are.
Which is to say, still laying on the ground.
The cold, hard ground.

Maybe you should do something about that?

[ ] Get up, get over there, and see what's what.

[ ] Nah, I'm fine, here.
No. 142471
[X] Get up, get over there, and see what's what.
No. 142472
[x] Get up, get over there, and see what's what.
Who's on first base?
No. 142473
>It would be conveneint, but you know that is probably not the case.
You mean "convenient", right?

[x] Get up, get over there, and see what's what.
No. 142474
Huh. The spell-check should've caught that.
Oh well. It's what I get for rushing, I guess.
No. 142482
[x] Get up, get over there, and see what's what.
No. 142496
[x] Nah, I'm fine, here.

If we hold out, someone will hold out a hand and help us up. We cannot pass that opportunity up! We simply cannot!
No. 142500
>The only difference is that they are divided between two bodies, rather than contained in just one.
>...where did you hear that, again?

I'm probably reading into this too much, but my curiosity is piqued.

[X] Nah, I'm fine, here.

Just plain curious to see what will happen.
No. 142501
[X] Nah, I'm fine, here.
No. 142502
[X] Nah, I'm fine, here.
No. 142503
I say that's bad logic as things tend to ignore the MC if he's not in the mix of things. Then again it's /th/ so it's too much to ask for good logic more than 40% of the time.
No. 142504
[x] Get up, get over there, and see what's what.
No. 142506
[X] Nah, I'm fine, here.
No. 142507
>Same mind. Same soul. The only difference is that they are divided between two bodies, rather than contained in just one.

I can't help but think that understanding this technique will in some way allow us to overcome Yuka's same ability.

[x] Get up, get over there, and see what's what.
No. 142508

[x] Nah, I'm fine, here.
No. 142515
[x] Get up, get over there, and see what's what.

Come on when our girl friends fight we have to get involved so the get angry at us and elope with each other.
No. 142520
[X] Get up, get over there, and see what's what.

Well we might as well see what new shenanigans Parsee is doing.
No. 142524
I'm more worried about Tenshi's anger myself. I sure hope he remembers to thank her for... who am I kidding, he won't.
No. 142525
[x] Get up, get over there, and see what's what.
No. 142526
[ ] Get up, get over there, and see what's what.
No. 142552
[X] Get up, get over there, and see what's what.
No. 142568
File 130846972157.jpg - (327.57KB , 1000x1000 , come on already damn it.jpg ) [iqdb]
Writing is happening slowly, but it is happening.
Update will probably happen sometime within the next 24 hours, provided I don't pass out upon returning home.
No. 142571

No. 142591
File 130855627913.jpg - (669.43KB , 900x975 , you hit like a girl.jpg ) [iqdb]
Whatever is going on over there, you get the feeling no good is going to come from just laying around and watching from the sidelines.
Picking yourself up off the ground, you manage to stagger over to the two ladies.

“Oh!” Parsee gasps upon spotting you. :”Thank goodness you're alri-OW!

“I said cut the crap!” Tenshi shouts at the pinned bridge princess, bringing her fist back up for yet another blow. “Like you're really fooling anybody with that stupid act!”

“I-I don't know what y-you're talking about!” Parsee whines, looking every bit as pitiful as she did when there were still two of her. “I ju-just wanted to know h-he was alright after that fall!”

“Yeah. Right.” Tenshi says flatly.

“I did!” Parsee protests. “J-just because I'm n-not as heartless as yo-OW!

“Oh yes, compare yourself to me. That'll make me want to stop hitting you.” Tenshi snorts, hitting Parsee once again. “Like your stupid it's not my fault I tried to kill somebody' line wasn't enough.”

“I-it's not! I told you, I c-can't help it!” Parsee pleads, turning her head to face you. “D-darling! You believe me, right?”

Looking at you with the saddest pair of puppy eyes you've ever seen, you can't help but feel as if you would love nothing more than to trust in what Parsee was saying. She couldn't help it. She didn't want to do it.
Well, okay, she did want to do it. But she also didn't want to.
Not like that stopped her from trying to do it, of course.
Still, it's the thought that counts, right?

“Sorry, Parsee.” you shrug, unsure of what else to do. “I mean, I'm glad you weren't entirely sold on the idea, but you did still kinda try to kill me, I guess, and it's important to take responsibility for that sort of thing.”

Oh...” Parsee says softly, looking slightly disappointed for all of a second, before suddenly shrugging and letting out a bored sigh. “Oh well. Fine, you got me.”

'Oh well'?” Tenshi scoffs. “That's all you have to say?”

“What more do you want? An apology, maybe? Fine. 'I'm sorry, little girl.' How is that? 'I'm sorry it wasn't you getting a nail in your pretty little head..' Not enough? I'm sorry I failed to make your little life as miserable as it deserves to be, you whoring little bitch.' How about that?” Parsee sneers, tilting her head to the side as much as she is able while still being held by the throat. “What's wrong? Surely, you can squeeze harder than that can't you, girl?”

Don't tempt me.”

“Oh, but why not? It's not like I can do anything else like this, can I? I'm helpless. Completely at your mercy.”

“And yet, you're still not shutting the hell up.”

“So make me, little girl. It's not like you don't want to, right? You know just smacking me around isn't going to do the trick, right~?”

Feeling somewhat forgotten, you can do little more than watch the bizarre scene you see unfolding before you. In just a matter of seconds, Parsee has gone from playing the part of the victim, to blatantly antagonizing the easily pissed-off girl who still had her pinned to the wall by the neck. Tenshi, on the other hand, seems to have shifted from gladly beating the bridge princess on the head at the slightest provocation to simply restraining and quietly glaring at the green-eyed woman.

'Okay, just what the hell is going on with them?' you find yourself wondering to yourself.
Should you try to stop them before things get out of hand?
Well, more out of hand.
Then again, trying to get between them might get you hurt.
You don't think you would like getting hurt.
...well, hurt again.
Your forehead is still hurting something fierce, after all.

[ ] Intervention

[ ] Observation

[ ] Escalation
No. 142592
[x] Elation
No. 142593
[x] Escalation
No. 142594
[X] Escalation

This needs to happen I think..maybe?
No. 142595
[x] Observation
No. 142598
[X] Intervention
No. 142601
[X] Intervention
No. 142602
[x] Escalation
No. 142603
[x] Escalation

No. 142604
[x] Elevation
No. 142605


Well..jealousy, but that's close enough for government work, right?
No. 142607
Which one of these options means bringing Parsee to a court of law? I want that.
No. 142608
[x] Intervention

I can't believe it. Parsee was practically crying out for our love and acceptance and we rejected her! It's completely natural that she would feel spurned, and angry at our rebuke. Her current unpleasant attitude is merely a facade to hide the hurt inside. Surely. We must make things right again.
No. 142609
[x] Intervention
No. 142611
[X] Intervention
forgive and forget, we aren't that cruel to anyone? I mean she only tried to kill us...well, did kill us. Could be worse.
No. 142617
If you haven't noticed already, she is insane. And not of the good kind.

Let Tenshi deal with her and then just leave her alone.
No. 142618
> If you haven't noticed already, she is insane.

Yeah, So?
No. 142623
[x] Escalation
No. 142625
Leaving her alone won't solve those issues and if anyone has a chance of solving them it'd be the MC.
No. 142626
[x] Intervention
No. 142627
[x] Escalation

They need to work it out themselves. They're both masochists, so fighting is an appropriate way to bond.
No. 142628
[x] Erection Escalation
No. 142629
[X] Intervention

Wait, so is the MC very lucky considering his circumstances or does he simply have Reimu-level plot armour?
No. 142634
Parsee is a lovely girl who has been dealt an extremely shitty hand in life. Every single time she's ever tried to reach out to someone, to even dare hope that maybe, just maybe this time will be right for her, she's been cruelly abandoned by the ones who are supposed to love her most and be there. This entire ploy is just one last desperate gambit to prove to herself that all men are the same, and will abandon her without a second thought.

That you would choose to prove her right is a poor reflection upon your character. Shame on you.
No. 142635
[X] Intervention
Sitting this decision out seems irresponsible, and while taking conflict to the next level is par for the course for our unfortunate protagonist, he doesn't seem to be the kind to involve others in personal quarrels.

You made a pretty good argument until that last line. Elevating the discussion to a personal attack was unnecessary.
No. 142636
[X] Intervention

If we really are serious about helping Parsee, this needs to be done.
No. 142650
[x] Intervention
No. 142651
[X] Intervention
No. 142652

I have to agree with the general tone of these four posts. That said, Parsee may need the sort of help that the MC is unable to provide. Still, she won't get any sort of help if you stay out of it.

[x] Intervention
No. 142660
File 130868671744.jpg - (292.89KB , 800x580 , you sad strange little man.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Okay, okay! That's enough, you two!” you say, trying your very best to sound as assertive as possible. Not an easy task when you're attempting to step between two girls who each are capable of tearing you limb from limb their bare hands, to say nothing of what they could do with their respective choices in weaponry. “Tenshi, would you please stop choking Parsee? Or, you know, whatever it is you're doing to her, now?”

No.” Tenshi answers, not taking her eyes off of Parsee.

“Um. Okay. Parsee?” you continue, undaunted by the Celestial's firm refusal. “Do you think you could please stop trying to make Tenshi want to choke and hit you? Please?”

No~.” the now-smirking Parsee replies, returning Tenshi's stare.

“Right. Well, um, uh...” you begin to stammer, feeling your confidence and assertiveness quickly slipping away along your chances of taking command of the situation. “Crap. Look, just, uh, stop? You know, stop this? All this? That you're doing right now? Please?”

The two girls say nothing, not even offering you a token grunt to make it sound as if they even heard you, let alone acknowledge you.

“Right. Okay, this thing you two are doing right now? You know? Let's try, I dunno, not doing that. That, in this case, being the thing you are both doing right now. Maybe? Please?”

Again, neither Parsee nor Tenshi respond to your pleas.
Not in the slightest.
You're not sure if you should feel depressed at your lack of influence, or frustrated by their obstinacy towards your pleas.

“Oh, come on! I said 'please'!” you half-implore, half-whine. “Alright, look, I didn't want to do this. I really didn't. But, you two are forcing my hand, here. If you won't listen to me and stop, then I am going to make you stop. By force. I am going to force you two to stop this.”

To your amazement, this seems to finally garner a reaction from the two ladies, if only in the form of the them slowly and silently turning their heads towards you. Though neither of the say anything, their expressions of incredulity mixed with annoyance and pity tell you all you need to know.

You can't do a damn thing to either of them, and they both know it.

Nothing directly, anyway.
Or can you?
Probably not.

...unless you can.

Regardless, you feel quite certain that you need a definite strategy. Something more than just vague threats that you know you have no means of carrying out.

But what?

[ ] The Therapist

[ ] The Tattletale

[ ] The Tingler

[ ] The Tickler

[ ] The Twit
No. 142661
[ ] The Twit

Best hope..I think.
No. 142662
[x] The Thwomp
No. 142663
[x] The Tickler

I've never felt compelled to tickle Touhous before.
No. 142664
[x] The Therapist
No. 142665
[X] The Twit
No. 142666
[X] The Tickler

What could possibly go wrong?
No. 142667
[x] The Tickler
Thankfully, this is unrelated to physical strength.
No. 142669
[x] The Tickler

Tickling ALWAYS work when you're in a dangerous situation.
No. 142671
[x] The Tattletale

Yes, run to Satori with your tail between your legs. She'll make everything better.
No. 142675
[X] The Tingler

The only thing I can imagine this means saying those kinds of things that make you cringe when you imagine them. The absurdity of which is too tempting.

Also, we are never leaving the underground.
No. 142677
[ ] The Tingler

Whatever this is.
No. 142679
[X] The Therapist

Lets get into their minds.
No. 142681
[X] The Tingler
No. 142683
[X] The Tingler

I only know one Tingler, and he dresses in green tights.
No. 142685
[X] The Tingler
No. 142689
[X] The Rock

And you're throwing still sucks Tenshi.
No. 142694
[x] The Therapist

All or nothing. While the other options may serve to defuse the tension slowly building up, they'll do nothing for the underlying causes. Therapy option, on the other hand, aims to do both. If we cannot do something as simple as stopping a childish fight with our words, how can we ever hope to do the right thing when needed?
No. 142700
[x] The Tickler
No. 142701
>You're throwing.


No. 142704
[x] The Tingler
Oh yes.
No. 142711
[X] The Tingler

Uh, sure. Let's do this.
No. 142714
Satori or Momma Yuugi.

[x] The Tattletale
No. 142717
[x] The Tingler
No. 142733
[x] The Tingler

Scream! Scream for your lives!
No. 142737
Maybe it has to do with the dried blood bit at the beginning?

...I just went back and reread the first three posts of the story (Thread 1: >>119276 ), and I have to say that I'm just a liiiittle bit more disturbed than before. Go give them a read.

We were bloody, and there was quite possibly something dead nearby.
No. 142742
[x] The Tickler
No. 142829
[x] The Tickler

With Little Miss Sunflower just waiting gank us the moment we pop our heads out, I'm not exactly in a hurry to leave.
No. 142847
[x] The Therapist
Sounds good to me.
No. 142891
[x] The provocative stripper

No. 142900
[x] The Tickler

Laughter is the best medicine~