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138818 No. 138818
“How about fresh air, sunlight, good booze, and all the ass you could want to kick?”

“Ya think those are good reasons for me to tag along with you?”


“So, what, ya think just 'cause I'm an oni, that drinkin' and fightin' are the only things I'd need to be enticed to do somethin'?”


“Ya really think that's a good enough reason for me?”


“...well, damn! Ya got me there!” Yuugi laughs, slapping the table.

“So, you'll come with us?” you ask, as pleased at her agreement as you are at how easy it was to convince her. You didn't even need to use any of the excessively long-winded, rambling arguments you were fully prepared to unleash upon her, should she have shown even the slightest hint of hesitance!

“Ya got it, kiddo! Can't say how some might take it, but whatever! It's not like one more of us up there is really gonna make a difference, anyway!” she says, rising from her chair and sliding into the booth next to you, grabbing you in what you could only describe as something halfway between a one-armed hug and a headlock. “Besides, how could I refuse a cute little fella like you, huh?”

“Mranghpf, Mrngnh!” you manage to say, despite the face full of oni you find yourself being pressed into.

It's tight, hard to breathe, and you're twisted around in a slightly uncomfortable way, and yet it's somehow nice. Relaxing, even.

“I'm guessin' we'll be headin' out tomorrow, right?” you hear her ask.

“Hrmph rrmpth.” you mumble in response, as a sudden wave of fatigue overcomes you. “Rmphmrmrmph.”

You should try to move away. At least enough to give a proper response.
Yet, you don't.
You can't.

Finding yourself once again in the oni woman's hold, you feel strangely calm. At peace.
Be it the unspeakable horrors that might await you on the surface, or even what might happen if Parsee moves her head just a little bit in the wrong direction on your lap, such concerns matter not. Not now. Not there.

“Well, then, I guess you'll be wantin' to get some rest, before we-...hm? Well now...” you hear a voice say at the edge of your consciousness, its tone suddenly turning more soft and gentle than you ever thought possible for it. For her.

A soft laugh.

The feeling of a hand on your head.

A vague sensation of being slowly lowered, ever downward.

It's safe here.
And warm.

It feels...


“Goodnight, kiddo.”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -











- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

[ ] Wet
[ ] Dry

[ ] Hard
[ ] Soft

[ ] Smooth
[ ] Fluffy

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

This day being what it is, I was tempted to do something else. Maybe a joke update here, or maybe a new thread on another board.

But, no.

No joke update. No fake hiatus/retcon/reboot announcement. Nothing of the sort.

Rather, in the spirit of the day, I'd like to do something a little different, and give you guys a little smidgen of honesty.

Just a pinch, though.

So, if you want to ask me anything, ask away, and I will answer it to the best of my ability.

I promise that at least one answer I give will be completely, 100% honest. Maybe even more than just one answer. Maybe two. Maybe three. Maybe even seven.

Of course, the rest of the answers will all be bald-faced lies.

No. 138820
[x] Dry
[x] Soft
[x] Smooth

Questions, huh...

Am I supposed to be voting for all three sets? Where's that fucking bird that took our illfully-gained box? What's with that box? Are we ever going to see that bird again? Will Tenshi throw a rock at that bird? Is Yuuka still lolified and will meeting her be unbelievably cute yet terrifying? Why is Medicine so cute? Where's Cirno? Will Satori let Parsee abandon her post at the bridge? Is Koishi asleep right now?
No. 138823
[x] Dry
[x] Soft
[x] Fluffy

Is the MC's ability the ability to disrupt the status quo and/or doing the impossible (like swimming the lake)
No. 138825
Where'd our screaming clawed fairy friend go?
No. 138826
[x] Dry
[x] Hard
[x] Smooth

What's your hair color?
No. 138830
I think his abilities are without doubt throwing rocks, poison resistance(thanks to our little doll friend) and a perveted version of diplomacy and manipulation.
No. 138836
[x] Wet
[x] Soft
[x] Fluffy

Is it too late to take Yuuka out for dinner?
No. 138838
Can we have threads 2-4 back from whereever you're hiding them?
No. 138839
[x] Wet
[x] Soft
[x] Fluffy

Which is the Touhou you wish would appear more often in your story? Will there ever bloom friendship between dolls and humans? Tell me, is there a way to get more Koishi and is there a way to make her sane again?
No. 138840
Well that was an anti-climax. It's like I'm reading 8 bit theater.

[x] Wet
[x] Soft
[x] Fluffy
Why is this CYOA called 'Do the Ring thing'?
Where did our Witch Go?
Will we ever catch that bird and recover what it's yours? (not really, but meh)
No. 138843
[x] Dry
[x] Soft
[x] Fluffy

I don't give a single shit about anything else, but you will answer me this. How is Snowball? Is he doing okay? Is he being mistreated by his masters? Has he managed to hug someone since the last incident? Is he allowed outside of his room now?
No. 138844
Will we ever take Komachi out for dinner?
No. 138864
[x] Dry
[x] Soft
[x] Fluffy

Cotton candy?
No. 138865
[X] Wet
[X] Soft
[X] Smooth

<Insert joke here>
No. 138870
File 130168296127.jpg - (307.89KB , 800x560 , they their horns.jpg ) [iqdb]
>>Am I supposed to be voting for all three sets?

No, you're supposed to be voting for all four sets. Unfortunately, the fourth set was lost due to a clerical error.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

>>Where's that fucking bird that took our illfully-gained box?

Believing it contained either food or something shiny, the bird in question opened the box, only to vanish in a blinding flash of light. Some say the box unlocked the way to Paradise. Others say it was simply a booby-trap, and the little feathered bastard got vaporized.
And then, there are those who wonder if either of them ever really existed in the first place.

>>What's with that box?

The Box is what you make of it. What you want it to be.
A legendary artifact of unlimited power?
A simple MacGuffin you were expected for completely forget about by the third thread?
A small component of a sinister Moon Rabbit conspiracy, in which you have become ensnared?

Really, it's the Moon Rabbits.
It's always the Moon Rabbits.

>>Are we ever going to see that bird again?

No, but don't worry. Though you can no longer see it, the bird is with you, now and forever.

>>Will Tenshi throw a rock at that bird?

No, but she will throw a peach.
It will be a large peach that has just begun to go bad.

The sound it makes when it hits will be one that haunts you in your sleep for many weeks afterward.

>>Is Yuuka still lolified and will meeting her be unbelievably cute yet terrifying?

Besides, since when is meeting Yuuka not cute yet terrifying.
Such is the power of youkai moe~.

Yes. Youkai moe~.

>>Why is Medicine so cute?

Same reason kids like Apple Jacks even though they don't taste like real apples.
She just is.

>>Where's Cirno?

Oh, she's still around. She's just gone undercover.
Her disguise is a black smudge on the ground.

>>Will Satori let Parsee abandon her post at the bridge?

No. Never. She can never leave the bridge.
Her fate is to be there forever.



>>Is Koishi asleep right now?

Yes, and nestled quite cozily in Rikako's slightly-bruised bosom.

>>Is the MC's ability the ability to disrupt the status quo and/or doing the impossible (like swimming the lake)

Swimming the lake isn't impossible, any more than it is impossible to sleep outside in the Gensokyo wilderness at night.
Stupid, unnecessary, and basically suicidal, but not impossible.

Though, is it really an ability, or simply a talent?

>>Where'd our screaming clawed fairy friend go?
>>Where did our Witch Go?

Taken to bed along with Satori, who has made a special sleeping bag for her with reinforced padding for such occassions.
While Orin might not mind the occasional incident of waking up to find her little friend in the midst of a night terror-induced frenzy, she also does not happen to have a vital organ outside of her body in which the little dear might get entangled.

>>What's your hair color?

Why, it's REDACTED

>>Is it too late to take Yuuka out for dinner?
Have you even asked her, yet?

>>Can we have threads 2-4 back from whereever you're hiding them?

No. I'm not letting any of these threads go until I get my goddamn chopper.

>>Which is the Touhou you wish would appear more often in your story?

Sheep Mokou.

>>Will there ever bloom friendship between dolls and humans?

I don't see why not, but why stop there?

>>Tell me, is there a way to get more Koishi and is there a way to make her sane again?

↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A

>>Why is this CYOA called 'Do the Ring thing'?

Because “Fuck Things Up As Badly As You Can You Crazy Little Bastard” just doesn't have the same ring to it.

Then again, maybe it does.

>>Will we ever catch that bird and recover what it's yours? (not really, but meh)

Not really. But, meh.

>>I don't give a single shit about anything else, but you will answer me this. How is Snowball? Is he doing okay? Is he being mistreated by his masters? Has he managed to hug someone since the last incident? Is he allowed outside of his room now?

Snowball is just fine.
During the time Koishi was not around, she never went to his room, unlocked his cage, and let him out.
She also certainly never grabbed him by the neck, scolded him for his bad behavior, and then dragged him off to the furnaces.
Then, of course, she never made him reenact the ending of Terminator 2, which would be just silly since Snowball doesn't even have hands with which to do a proper thumbs-up.

Naturally, this means his soul isn't current in a state of unrest, and now free to wander the land in search of that which he had been denied in life, nor is it anything that might be good material for a spin-off at some point in the future.

At all.

>>Will we ever take Komachi out for dinner?

Depends, would you like to try dying again?

>>Cotton candy?

Nope. Insulation.
Don't eat it. Fiberglass is bad for you.
No. 138875
Will there be more Koishi time soon?
No. 138882
Will the protagonist ever remember what he was forgetting at the very beginning of the story? With the dried blood and all?
No. 138888
So, was the protagonist the village idiot or something?
No. 138901
File 130171303174.jpg - (213.28KB , 850x850 , 27fcd25fb02ab7f08405b7bd4a0c11da.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Depends, would you like to try dying again?
Is that some sort of trick question? We are so close to Hell, might as well get it going. We need her in our ever growing fun train of insanity, which will soon swallow Gensokyo.
No. 138960
File 13017735263.jpg - (489.62KB , 1024x1024 , a week later he dropped out.jpg ) [iqdb]
>>Will there be more Koishi time soon?

Eventually. How could there not be?

>>Will the protagonist ever remember what he was forgetting at the very beginning of the story? With the dried blood and all?

Hm? You remember that?

>>So, was the protagonist the village idiot or something?

Well, if nothing else he doesn't give the impression that anyone there minds him being away, does he?

>>Is that some sort of trick question? We are so close to Hell, might as well get it going. We need her in our ever growing fun train of insanity, which will soon swallow Gensokyo.

I will say that recruiting Komachi is technically possible, as much as anything else is in this story. However, to do it, there are certain "requirements" that must first be met.

More than that, by the time you get to that point, you'll probably have much bigger problems to worry about than getting the lovely ferrywoman on your team.

Much bigger problems.
No. 138965
Oh dear. I'm scared now.

I hope the protagonist isn't leading all these Touhous down a one-way trip to Despairville.
No. 138966
Problems infinitely bigger than said ferrywoman's bosom?

But it was to my understanding that the side of the River Sanzu was something accessible if out of the way to the living.
No. 138972
>↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A

Why did you forget start?
No. 138989
File 130179720049.jpg - (153.65KB , 1000x1200 , she also has a crazy ex.jpg ) [iqdb]
Bigger in one way, smaller in another.

Getting to the shore is the easy part. It's everything else that comes after that's the tricky bit.


At this moment, I can only hang my head in shame.

Okay, I'm done. Writing will begin soon.
No. 139003
File 130181301496.jpg - (833.58KB , 1000x1000 , NOT INTO THE LIGHT.jpg ) [iqdb]
No! No! Not like this!
I have so much left to do!
So much!
It can't end like this!
Not like-...


Where is this?

Where am I?

No fire?
No heat.
No pain!

Am I...?


Oh no.

No no no no no!
My legs!
My legs!
I can't feel my legs!
I can't feel my arms!
I can't feel my-...

Oh. Right.
I don't have those, do I?

Ha ha ha.


But, then, what happened to me?
Where is this?

The palace?

Hm, no. Different taste to the air.
Not as damp.
Cooler, too.
Don't like that.

Dry is fine, but turn up the heat!


Hm, yes. Up.


No, not like the Palace at all.

Why can't I remember what happened after...?

...after what?

I was...going somewhere.
Somewhere I don't want to go.

No. I wanted to stay.
Stay here.

So much to do.
So very, very much.

But I could not.
She would not allow it..

Why is it so wrong to want as I do?
To be surrounded by lovely women day in and day out, is it not only natural to feel urges as I do?

Am I not a man?!

...well, no. I'm not, but still!

Do they think I do not have a mind?
A heart?

I think!
I feel!
I love!
I hunger!

Such cruelty it is, to be cursed with such urges, and never be allowed to indulge them!
My every scale tingles with the desire for release, and always I am denied!

It's not fair!
It's never fair!

Is it so wrong to want to have someone to love?
To hold and cherish them, feeling their heartbeat against mine as I tightly embrace them?
Sweeping over their every curve, nestling upon their every soft spot, and just squeeeeeezing them?
Oh, and the way they would moan as the air is slowly squeezed out of their bodies, and bone and sinew begins to creak under the pressure! So cute! So lovely!
Their sweet fragrance tickling my senses, as adrenaline begins to surge through their veins.
Pulse quickening, their breaths become increasingly shallow, and then I...


I was so close!
So very close!
Such a cutie, that one was, too.
Squishy in alllll the right places.

Cuter with the glasses on, I would assume, but the frames would have done a real number of my insides.

Why did she have to go and interfere?

Honestly, that girl chooses the worst times to be like the Mistress.

"No eating guests! It's rude!”


You were not a bad Mistress, Miss Satori, but damn if you weren't one hell of cock-block.

Wait a minute...

If I'm not there anymore, then she's not here...

Could it be?
Could it be that I'm finally free from her control?
Her and that damnable eye?





Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!

Maybe now...!


Maybe now I can finally...!

Yes, yes, mustn't let such an opportunity as this go to waste!

But where to start?

Where to go?

I don't even know where I am!

Hmm, there's something in the air...
What is that?
Doesn't taste bad, but...


Tap tap tap.
Tap tap tap tap.


No. Something else.

Not on the floor. Higher.
No movement. Make noise.



Close, too.


Oh, this is too good to be true~!
Can't pass this up!
No no no!
No I cannot~!

[ ] Quick Strike

[ ] Side Winder

[ ] Ball Python
No. 139004
[X] Quick Strike

Hit them before they know it.
No. 139005
[x] Ball Python

Yay, snowball update.
No. 139007
Oh, one more question. Are you going to update "Don't Read This"?
No. 139008
[x] Quick Strike

No time for hugs!
No. 139011
[x] Quick Strike
He hungers, he loves, he just wants someone to hug. His way of showing love is just unique but can we really hold it against him?
No. 139012
[x] Side Winder
No. 139017
[x] Ball Python

Go back to bed, Snowball.
No. 139022
[x] Side Winder
No. 139026
[x] Ball Python
No. 139033
[X] Cobra Commander
No. 139046
[X] Cobra Commander
No. 139051
[x] Ball Python
No. 139066
File 130188646994.jpg - (49.05KB , 400x597 , ij.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Die again, but this time permanently

Jesus fuck, I hate this character.
No. 139074
[x] Side Winder

Oh my god yes. A snowball perspective update. This is everything I have ever wanted and more.

Fuck you.
No. 139075
Don't sage if your post has a vote.
No. 139077
I'll give you the short version of the sage copypasta. Sage isn't some sort of implied insult. It merely means I did not wish to bump the thread with my post. Now fuck off retard.
No. 139079
That's the point. You generally shouldn't sage a post in which you voted, because adding a vote is contributing to the thread, even if just by letting your choice be known.
THP isn't busy enough these days for it to really matter, though.
No. 139080
I'll have to disagree. Most votes, especially ones contained within this story, are zombie votes or faggots making a quick quip, myself included. Now tell me; just how do those worthless contributions add to the thread?
No. 139092
File 130190226227.jpg - (148.59KB , 550x550 , BOING.jpg ) [iqdb]
I don't generally care either way if you use sage or not, but it is nice to not bump up a thread needlessly if you can help it. If there's something you want or need to bring to someone's attention, that's one thing, but if all you're posting is a vote, why not sage?

It's not like I won't find the thread when it comes time to tally the votes, anyway, so it really makes no difference on my end.

>>just how do those worthless contributions add to the thread?

I would like to say that, short of the typical "hooray" or similar single-word comments which don't really do much, most anything else you guys care to add to your votes is anything but worthless to me. I like seeing what people's reactions are, and it can occasionally influence how I do things. Hopefully for the better.

At the risk of exposing just how little planning there often is in this story, I don't mind saying that such comments are the main reason a certain character is even in this story at all, and I cannot stress how grateful I am to whoever brought her up. I honestly don't know exactly how different things would be without her, but I know they wouldn't be the same.

Don't forget, this isn't all me, here. You guys can and do influence a lot of what happens, and not just with your votes. You can see things that I don't, come up with things I had not even considered. Aside from simply enjoying improvisation, sometimes I'm vague because I want to see how you guys perceive and interpret situations, rather than simply have you reacting to them.

So, don't think your comments are without any value, however brief they may be. They're not, and they may very well impact more than you think.

Oh, yes. One more thing:

>>Are you going to update "Don't Read This"?

I certainly intend to. Can't say exactly when, since it's always been something of a "when the mood strikes me" sort of deal, but if I'm not writing for this story, I'm going to try to write something for that, though updates there won't be nearly as frequent.

Damn. I'm getting more chatty lately, aren't I?
I hope I haven't said too much.
No. 139096
File 130191173791.jpg - (216.27KB , 591x797 , 1270171548877.jpg ) [iqdb]
>I hope I haven't said too much.
Not at all. Writing and reading is a two way ticket. If the writer has nothing to say it is as worse as when the readers have nothing to say. Ranting too much on the other hand is not good either but you are far far from that.

Sometimes you are just too quiet, so maybe just a bit more talking with your readers.
No. 139109
[X] Quick Strike

So, the writer is a blue-haired girl, and the voters are a bunch of sin sacks? Everything makes sense, now.

Also, would it be possible to make friends with Snowball without her trying to make a move on us? (And that is to say, crush and/or eat us)
No. 139111
I'm not the author, but I need to inform you that Snowball is a guy. As Snowballs number one fan, I also would positively love it if he joined our party. I don't hold much hope of that happening, though I guess time will tell, what with his new perspective.
No. 139112
>>I don't hold much hope of that happening

Would you go so far as to say there's a Snowball's chance in Hell of that happening?
No. 139114
Get out of here, Ultros/Carlos. God, that was terrible. I feel bad for laughing at it.
No. 139119
File 130193914047.jpg - (75.18KB , 500x500 , 1270843746319.jpg ) [iqdb]
Haha, thanks. I love terrible puns.
>a certain character
Koishi? I've got no idea. Not sure why you're trying to keep it secret either; it's not like we're going to stop reading if you tell us too much.

Has any discussion made you angry? I'm curious now.
No. 139120
I'm fairly certain it was a blanket statement. Meant to satisfy all, while not playing any favorites. Don't read into it too much.
No. 139121
Why would anyone want a character to be unplanned? That's a weird thing to be disappointed over.
No. 139130
>I also would positively love it if he joined our party.
I support this notion. It was our fault he got thrown out, time to let past things be bygone and welcome him with open arms into our little group of lunatics.
>a certain character
I am not sure who is meant too. Can't be Tenshi, Koishi was suddenly there so it leaves only Cirno? Not sure.
No. 139133
I'd rather not have him trying to kill our party.
No. 139135
Snowball has never successfully killed anyone, right? He doesn't know that people stop being warm when they are killed. He'd probably dislike that. Hate it, even. It might even inspire him to never kill again, to instead gently caress and hug lovingly. Perhaps have his head scratched in return. Good snakes deserve such rewards.
No. 139138
... He's not innocent in the slightest. He's a perverted voreaphile. He explicitly says so in Don't Read This.
No. 139153
There's also what Satori tells in Thread 9, 10, or 11 of this story as well.
No. 139155
File 130197968843.png - (307.86KB , 400x800 , care to guess again.png ) [iqdb]
>>a certain character

Huh. Apparently it wasn't as obvious as I thought it was. Go figure.

Perhaps you aren't thinking it through scientifically enough?

>Has any discussion made you angry?

In this story? Not really.
There was a rough patch just as the story was starting out that had me a little worried, and that mess back in thread nine was pretty irritating, but I would hardly call that a discussion, anyway.

Otherwise? Eh, not really.

In other news, updates might be rather sparse this week. I have seven days before my next full day off, very limited free time for a few days, and somewhere in there I need to finally do something about those silly "tax" things I've been putting off.
I'll still be around, but I don't know how productive I'll be. Especially not now that I'm starting to feel the old one-shot gears beginning to turn, again.
No. 139161
Okay, now you have to explain who brought her up. Because i was sure you introduced her.
No. 139166
Author introduces character with glasses, everyone jumped on the "RIKAKOO I LOVE YOUU" wagon immediately without even thinking it was another touhou with glasses on. Even after it was said to be Kaguya lot of people said "I wish she were here."

Good for her!
No. 139167
File 130199168816.jpg - (82.31KB , 600x600 , confession time.jpg ) [iqdb]
Do you remember the return to Eientei, when Kaguya was playing mad scientist in the clinic while Eirin was out on business, going so far as to even dress for the part with some glasses and a lab coat? Well, before her identity was revealed, some people seemed to have assumed she was some other Touhou known for wearing glasses and a lab coat. I can't imagine why. In any case, someone said something to the effect of "looks like Rikako is on the loose" and someone else mentioned a "rare PC-98 character". Being only vaguely familiar with the PC-98 cast from skimming the wiki, I got curious, looked up anything I could on her, liked what I saw, and by the time I had to explain why Kaguya was doing what she was doing and was dressed the way she was, I had an idea of how to incorporate Rikako into the situation and just ran with it from there.

I suppose this means it worked, huh?
No. 139175
>I suppose this means it worked, huh?

You done good. Both characters are now more interesting for it. Off the top of my head Rikako's had good characterization in Shadow over Gensokyo by Desdaxis, and some in Flight of the Lost Soul by EZMode and Border House by Lion.

And I doubt we could be dragging her around if it had remained Kaguya.
No. 139219
File 130209277484.png - (775.46KB , 800x800 , A_ L_ I_ C_ E_ The Artificial Linguistic Internet .png ) [iqdb]
Well said, but I really like this Rikako better.
Regarding 'I don't read this' I have to say that it was (is) one of the most enjoyable stories in the site. A CYOA with the same characters and style was (is) like a wet dream come true.
I still to see more of a few of those tho. Specially, sheep mokou... that story freaked me out.
No. 139221
My point still holds. He's never fulfilled his desires. Who's to say he won't sing a different tune afterwards?

As for his appearance in Don't Read This, seeing as he's dead in that, I'd rather hope it isn't... fanon? And before anyone says anything, fulfilling his desires as a ghost doesn't count.
No. 139242
his desires would result in a girl losing her life.
No. 139258
File 130213212996.jpg - (289.93KB , 800x800 , room with a view.jpg ) [iqdb]

Oh, what to do? What to do?

Lie in wait for my quarry to come my way?

No! Absolutely not!
Now is no time for waiting!
I've done enough of that in my life!

The Bluebird of Love and Happiness does not come to you!
You must go to it yourself!
Rush to it!
Seek it out and capture it in your crushing embrace, and never let it go!
Squeeze it until it cannot possibly escape!

Now is the time for motion!

Slithering and slithering, down the strange hall!
I don't know where I am or how I got here, but such things don't matter at all!
I can feel it! Smell it!
There are womens in them thar halls!
Lovely, bubbly, oh-so-squishy womens!

My manly burning blood burns in my veins like fire!

...no. Not manly.
Not a man.
Not any more!
If I was ever once a man, now I must be so much more!
So much better!
So much faster!
So much stronger!
I must be no mere snake! I must rise up, and become something greater!
The king of all snakes!
Yes! Like the cobra!
I must be like the majestic cobra!
King of my domain!
Commander all that I survey!


Flowing like water!
I turn the corner, and see her standing there!
Stockings! Short skirt! A tray in her hand?

“...sstress, please open the hatch, at least? Your pancakes are going to get cold!”


Quick as the wind!
I rush towards my quarry! A maid? How delicious!

”No, they are most certainly not poisoned!”


Striking like lighting!
She won't see me coming!

No, Young Mistress, I will not eat them for you just to prove it! ...you know I cannot do that!”

Yes! Hell yes!
I'm a goddamn cobra!
Rushing in to inject my poison of love!

'Why not?' You know why not! It's because of the blo-....ah, that is... No! It's not poison!”

Yes! Yes!
Yes yes yes yes yes!
I'm coming! I'm coming!
I'm coming for her!
I'm coming for you~!



Why did I stop?
Why can't I move?
Why does my tail hurt?

Oh. There's a knife in it.
A knife. In my tail.
That would explain it.


There is a KNIFE. In my TAIL.

...it kinda stings.

But, why is...

“Hm? And just what do we have, here?”

That's why.

She threw it.

Ahahahaha. Ah...


“My, what curious intruders we seem to be getting, lately.”

Wow, that sure is a lot of knives she has in her hand.

I'm in trouble, aren't I?

...hey, from this angle I can almost see her-HRK!

“However, an intruder is still an intruder. Now, what to do about you...”

Heels! Heels on my neck!
Oough, it's kinda nice...
How did she move so-AHUUAAAAAH!

...hooyeah~...that's the stuff...

“Sakuya? Sakuya, what's going on? Sakuya?”

“Yes, Young Mistress, I'm still-”


“Yes, Mistress, as I was saying I am still-”


“Mistress! I am right here!”

“...oh. Well. I'm still not eating your poison pancakes.”

Who is that? That voice?
Through the door?
Sounds kinda young.

Not my kinda thing, normally, but mayb-AUWAH!

“I told you, they are not-...look, forget about the pancakes. Would you please just open the door?”

”No! I know why you're down here! She told you to do this! I'm not coming out!

Gah! Neck! Neck!
Lifting rising, up up up!
Grabbing my the neck is not so fun!
Strong grip, though!
Wonder what it would be like if she was grabbing myHRNK!

“I promise you, Young Mistress, this is an entirely unrelated matter. I merely thought you would be interested in something I found, just now.”

I'm not listening to you! Not listening! Keep talking! ...but I'm not listening!

Huh? The knife in my tail isn't...
When did...?
Oh. She's looking right at me.
She's smiling at me.

My heart is pounding!
Such speed!
Such grip!

I think I'm in love.

Yet, why am I filled with such unspeakable dread?

“Oh, I'm certain you will be interested in this, Young Mistress. After all, weren't you always saying how much you wanted a pet?”

Oh, goddamn it.
No. 139262

I knew Snowball was the best character. If you disagree, you are very, very wrong.
No. 139267
And then Sakuya was a mongoose.
No. 139273
Poor Snowball's gonna get kyu~d.

Good night, sweet snake.
No. 139278
A hiss before dying?
No. 139289
Heh Snowball as Flandre's pet. I wonder if Koishi will eventually find Snowball and Flandre?
No. 139299
Lucky Flandre and lucky Snowball. They will make such a nice pair~
No. 139300
>I wonder if Koishi will eventually find Flandre in her blood-smeared chamber?

What happens to Flandre's pets?
Granted, this is fine with me because I didn't like Snowball as a character either.
No. 139301
No. 139302
>Oh, goddamn it.
He went from hell to heaven. Mistress Sakuya will take care of him.
No. 139316
>>What happens to Flandre's pets?

They get loved and hugged and squeezed and petted and patted and named "George"?
No. 139323
Surprisingly, She keeps having to get new "George's"
No. 139512
File 130251078438.jpg - (11.90KB , 540x336 , BEEEEEPBEEEEEEEEEPBEEEEEEEEEP.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Hey. Are you awake?”

Mmmph...” you think you mumble, shifting into a slightly more comfortable position.

Where are you? What time is it? Does it matter?

Not right now, it doesn't.

All that matters is sleeping.

Yes. Sleeping.

Wonderful, lovely, sleeping.

You don't want to get up. Hell, you don't even want to move.

Not now. Not ever.

Especially not with this vague sense of dread you feel creeping up from the pit of your stomach.

You don't know how, you don't know why, but somehow you know that this day will hold nothing but unpleasantness for you.

No good could possibly come from waking up and rising to face the day. Not today.

No, it is far better to just go back to sleep. Back to the restful embrace of slumber, and your carefree times in dreamland.

“Huh? Hey! Don't go back to sleep!”

If only a certain someone did not seem so insistent on interfering with your plans.

They don't understand. They couldn't possibly.

You want this. You need this.

To go back to sleep.

Yes. No good could possibly come from rising this day, so why even bother?

Why not simply go back to sleep and wait to see what the next day will bring?

If a roll of the dice or flip of a coin does not turn out in your favor, is it not common sense to simply try again until the odds tip in your favor?

“Come on! Wake up, already!”

...apparently, not. Not for you.

Not while they are still there.

Of course not. They are the enemy. The obstacle that stands between you and the sleep you so desperately crave.

If only you did not know what a futile gesture it would be to resist them.

Hrrrrrmph!” you grumble your surrender to the voice.

With a final sigh of resentment, you roll over, open your eyes, and gaze up at the ceiling as you resign yourself to your fate.

This is it. you think to yourself, as your mind clears and the stark reality of your situation once again washes over you.

Yes. This was it.

The day you dreaded. The day you feared. The day you hoped would never come.

This is the day you die.

You think you hear the voice say something, but you pay it no mind. It wouldn't understand. It couldn't possibly understand!

It would say you were being a bit over-dramatic, you know it was no exaggeration. You were doomed. As doomed as doomed could be!

After all, it was...

[ ] The first day of school. A new year of pain awaits you...

[ ] The end of vacation. And you didn't do any of your homework.

[ ] The day of the big test. Did you at least remember to study?

[ ] No, no, it was something else... What was it, again?
No. 139515
[x] No, no, it was something else... What was it, again?
No. 139516
[x] The end of vacation. And you didn't do any of your homework.

We're fucked!
No. 139517
[x] The day of the big test. Did you at least remember to study?

Who wakes up at 6:30? Jeez, that's unholy.
No. 139522
Hm, starting off the school year with new underclassmen to crush on, or the mystery option?

[x] No, no, it was something else... What was it, again?
No. 139523
[x] The day of the big test. Did you at least remember to study?

It's this one. It's always this one. I've never had those other dreams, but this fucking dream...

I try to wake up a few minutes before the sun rises. I like watching it.
No. 139524
[x] No, no, it was something else... What was it, again?

First day at the new job that pays shit and gets you no respect.
No. 139525
[9] The first day of school. A new year of pain awaits you...
No. 139527
[x] No, no, it was something else... What was it, again?
I wonder...
No. 139528
[x] The end of vacation. And you didn't do any of your homework.
No. 139530
[x] No, no, it was something else... What was it, again?
No. 139532
[x] The end of vacation. And you didn't do any of your homework
No. 139533
[x] The end of vacation. And you didn't do any of your homework.

Doomed! The embarrassment! The scowl you will face! The bad marks!
No. 139534
[x] The first day of school. A new year of pain awaits you...

Cue preschool interaction.
No. 139535
[X] The day of the big test. Did you at least remember to study?
Uh oh.
No. 139536
[x] The end of vacation. And you didn't do any of your homework.

Story of my life, man.
No. 139545
[X] The day of the big test. Did you at least remember to study?
No. 139546
[X] No, no, it was something else... What was it, again?
No. 139547
File 130258515574.jpg - (375.14KB , 413x1196 , 792146ca0e966fe03580030b27b98183.jpg ) [iqdb]
So, something inside my computer went and died on me. Needless to say, updates won't be happening until I can get it fixed.
No. 139555
donation button where
No. 139559
Try googling for charities.
No. 139562
This is bigger than the tsunamis hitting Japan!
No. 139602
File 130275863299.jpg - (194.38KB , 1000x1600 , wakey wakey.jpg ) [iqdb]
Yes, what was it again?

School? Homework? An exam for which you are horribly unprepared?

No, no. Your problems are nothing of the sort.

If only your problem was something so mundane. So simple.

So entirely non-lethal.

If only.

No, your problem was not the prospect of receiving severe blunt head trauma from a particularly displeased history teacher. It was...

Oh. Right. The crazy youkai lady from the flower field that you tried to hug with a device that was supposed to shrink her or something. The crazy, angry youkai lady, who apparently chased your entire group all the way to these caves. The crazy, angry, ridiculously strong youkai lady who, as far as you know, was still waiting for you at the entrance of the caves. Waiting for the moment you peeked your head outside so she could cut it off.

Or tear it off.

Or smash it.

Crush it.


Whatever it is she will do, you don’t doubt it will be unpleasant.
The thought of it is enough to make you want to go back to slee-

“Hey! Come on! It’s time to get up now!” the voice chimes in again, insistent on depriving you of your sleep.

“Mmm...don’t wanna.” you mutter, clenching your eyes shut and attempting to will yourself back to sleep, vaguely aware of the sensation of something small shifting around atop your chest.

[ ] Surrender.

[ ] Resist.


Okay. My computer is still dead, but I've got a ten year old Mac shut up, a crusty old keyboard, and something vaguely resembling a word processor on here.

Let's do this.
No. 139603
[x] Surrender.
No. 139604
[x] Resist.

>aware of the sensation of something small shifting around atop your chest
This sensation must continue.
No. 139605
[X] Resist.

>aware of the sensation of something small shifting around atop your chest

Hello to you too Sukia.
No. 139607
[X] Surrender.

Let Su-san have her fun.
No. 139610
Actually, if they want us to wake and we want to sleep, wouldn't surrendering mean less fun for Su-San?

[ ] Resist
No. 139614
[x] Surrender.
Stopping at nothing to bring updates.
No. 139615
[x] Surrender.
No. 139618
[x] Resist.

Do not go gentle into that good morning!
No. 139620
[x] Surrender.
No. 139627
[X] Surrender.
No. 139636
[x] Resist.
No. 139647
[X] Resist.
No. 139651
[X] Surrender.
No. 139658
[X] Surrender.

And then the protagonist was French.
No. 139681
No. 139704
[ ] Resist. By hugging.
No. 139705
[X] Resist. By hugging.
No. 139710
[x] Resist.
-[x] Pull this small, wriggling mass on top of you under the sheets.
-[x] Warm~ Sleep~
No. 139711
[X] Surrender.

It sounds urgent so we need to get up.
No. 139729
File 130302464910.jpg - (57.30KB , 564x506 , is thaZZZZZZZ.jpg ) [iqdb]
Probably no update for another day or so. My work schedule is kinda kicking my ass.
No. 139813
[x] Surrender.

>Being only vaguely familiar with the PC-98 cast from skimming the wiki,
You know, I was wondering about this. For all your variety and depth and interesting ideas, I noticed that you had never once done anything with a PC-98 character before (and after) Rikako, which seems like a terrible shame. I could almost fap to the thought of what awesomeness you create for some of them.

>>>Will the protagonist ever remember what he was forgetting at the very beginning of the story? With the dried blood and all?

>Hm? You remember that?
> Good.
Well, shit.

>calls waking up at 6:30 "unholy"
So I see you've never had a real job before.
No. 139850
File 130329555116.png - (111.70KB , 800x600 , everyone needs a break now and then.png ) [iqdb]
As you continue to feel something moving on you, you briefly consider resisting the voice's attempt to disrupt your rest. So what if they want you to get up? So what if the thing you feel on you chest seems to be moving up and towards your face? So what if the thing you're feeling moving towards your face feels something like a pair of fingers walking up your chest? Or tiny feet? Those would also create something like a walking sensation on your chest, wouldn't they?

Yes. A tiny pair of feet, walking on you. Slow, measured footsteps, bringing to mind the image of someone walking threateningly towards something that had somehow displeased them. The thing in this case being your head. Though there is no sound to punctuate each step, your senses still pick up something else. Something that gives you the feeling that going back to sleep might not be in your best interest,

A scent, sweet yet acrid, that causes your nostrils to tingle uncomfortably.

“Okay! Okay! I'm awake!” you declare in surrender, opening your eyes and lifting your head just enough to look down your chest. “Good morning, Su-san!”

Having jumped back in surprise at your sudden greeting, the small doll now stamps one of her little feet and places her hands on her hips

“Su-san says you sleep too much, Human.” the small doll's companion says, peering down at you from her seat on the table. “Everybody else already got up and are doing stuff, you know!”

“Oh?” you say, only now realizing how eerily quiet the bar now was. “Um, sorry about that, Medi. Su-san.”

Folding her little arms across her chest, the small doll simply stares at you for a moment before taking flight and returning to her usual place at Medicine's side. Sitting up, you look around the room and see that the entire bar is indeed empty, much to your surprise. Somehow, you thought a bar would be the one place that would never be completely unoccupied in a city inhabited entirely by hardcore alcoholics.

“Uh, Medi? Where is everybody, anyway?”

“Huh? Well...” Medi says, looking upward in that way people tend to do when they're remembering something, as if everything was written out for them on the ceiling. “First the birdy lady woke up, and she just kinda looked confused for little bit and went away. She went home, I guess. And then all the weird ones with horns went out when the big lady with the horn got up, and-”

“Oni, Medi.” you interrupt to correct her. “They're oni. If they have horns like that, they're oni.”

“Oh. Okay. Well, they all went away when the big oni lady got up and said they had work to do. I guess that lady who was hugging you woke up after that. She didn't really do anything, though. Not until the peach lady woke up. She was kinda cranky. Then they just kinda stared at each other, then the peach lady left, and the other lady left a little after that, and then it was just you and Su-san and me.”

“You stayed with me the whole time, Medi?” you ask her, still processing what she just told you. Yuugi and the other oni went out to do some sort of work, while Utsuho, Tenshi, and Parsee all went off somewhere. “Wasn't that boring for you?”

“Well, kinda, I guess.” Medicine looks back down at you, tilting her head slightly. “You humans don't really do much when you do that thing you do.”


“Yeah, that thing! Su-san says it's a great weakness to exploit!” your little friend replies cheerfully. “You don't move, you don't know what's happening, and just about anyone can do anything they want to you. Oh! Don't worry, though! Me and Su-san won't let that happen to you. That's why we kept watch, like last time!”

“Oh? Uh, thanks, Medi.” you say, somewhat unused to the notion of someone else showing more concern for what happens to you while you sleep than even you do. Granted, you don't show that much concern for such matters to begin with, but you have long since learned the futility of worrying about such things. If you seriously thought about all the things that could happen to you in your sleep, you would probably never sleep again, so why think about it at all?

Still, it was nice to know someone was looking out for you.

[ ] Chat with Medicine some more. You need to get up, but there's no need to rush it.
- ( ) About...?

[ ] Track someone down. Now, where did they all get off to?
- ( ) Who?

[ ] Head back to Satori's. It's not too late for breakfast, is it?


Sorry for taking so long to produce so little.
The good news is, I've got my regular computer back, and my schedule looks fairly consistent for the next couple of weeks. Provided I don't distract myself too much, I should be able to get back into something of a routine.


Well, after seeing how well one character has worked out, I'm much more open to the idea of doing more with them, either in this story or in something else. We'll just have to see how things play out.
No. 139852
[x] Track someone down. Now, where did they all get off to?

Job's not done. We need to make sure she actually feels better when sober. Only after confirmation can we proceed to help the next touhou.
No. 139854
[x] Track someone down. Now, where did they all get off to?

Well put
No. 139855
File 130330123319.jpg - (444.00KB , 800x800 , 593df646fd0582f5aab75ac22413401f.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Chat with Medicine some more. You need to get up, but there's no need to rush it.
- (x) Just chat with her for a while. Ask her how she is doing and feels about the current situation. Make sure to include Su-san in the conversation too. Maybe a bit of hair ruffling for both of them at the end.

Loyal, lovely Medicine. Always there for you, always nearby, trying her best. Better speak with Su-san too or she might feel left out.
No. 139856
[x] Chat with Medicine some more. You need to get up, but there's no need to rush it.
- (x) Just chat with her for a while. Ask her how she is doing and feels about the current situation. Make sure to include Su-san in the conversation too. Maybe a bit of hair ruffling for both of them at the end.

No. 139859
[x] Chat with Medicine some more. You need to get up, but there's no need to rush it.
- (x) Just chat with her for a while. Ask her how she is doing and feels about the current situation. Make sure to include Su-san in the conversation too. Maybe a bit of hair ruffling for both of them at the end.
No. 139860
[x] Chat with Medicine some more. You need to get up, but there's no need to rush it.
- (x) Just chat with her for a while. Ask her how she is doing and feels about the current situation. Make sure to include Su-san in the conversation too. Maybe a bit of hair ruffling for both of them at the end.

I don't want her to think we're taking her for granted.
No. 139863
[x] Chat with Medicine some more. You need to get up, but there's no need to rush it.
- (x) Just chat with her for a while. Ask her how she is doing and feels about the current situation. Make sure to include Su-san in the conversation too. Maybe a bit of hair ruffling for both of them at the end.

I was going to vote for breakfast with Satori, but Medicine is too good to pass up.
No. 139866
[x] Track someone down. Now, where did they all get off to?
No. 139895
[x] Chat with Medicine some more. You need to get up, but there's no need to rush it.
- (x) Just chat with her for a while. Ask her how she is doing and feels about the current situation. Make sure to include Su-san in the conversation too. Maybe a bit of hair ruffling for both of them at the end.
No. 139934
File 130346125487.png - (24.52KB , 514x524 , grave courtesy of Zippo.png ) [iqdb]
Writing is happening, though I now need to take a break for sleep. I'll finish after I wake up, and try to post what I've got before heading off to work tomorrow.
No. 139946
File 130349595412.jpg - (97.09KB , 450x600 , how are you today.jpg ) [iqdb]
“So, Medi, how are you doing?” you ask, figuring you may as well take some time out to chat with your little doll-friend. Quality quiet time seems to be coming less frequently to you lately, so you see no harm in taking advantage of it when you can.

“Huh? Doing what?” Medicine tilts her head to the other side, seemingly not understanding the question.

“I mean, how are you guys holding up? You and Su-san. A lot happened yesterday, and today probably isn't going to be much different. Are you alright?”

“Well, yeah! Me and Su-san are fine!”

“Really, Medi?”

“Yep! I mean, I guess we were kinda scared a little last night when we were looking for you, Human, because all of the horn people-”

“Oni, Medi.”

“Yeah, those guys! They were really weird and scary because our poison wasn't working like it was supposed to, but then we tried the human's idea and it actually worked, and now they aren't scary at all! Well, except for the big one. She's still pretty scary.”

“Wait, whose idea?”

“The human's!”

“You mean Rikako?”


“The lady with the long hair? White coat? Human?”

“Um...yeah! Her! The other human! We told her what we did to the horned, um, the oni!”

“And she gave you an idea?”

“Uh-huh! She said that if we can make poison do what we want, and putting poison in them didn't work, that we should try taking the poison out, instead!”

“So, you took all of the 'poison' out of the oni?”

“Yep! And then all those guys weren't so scary anymore! I guess that other human isn't so useless, after all!”

So, because her poison wasn't effective on a bunch of ultra-strong monsters who regularly drink things so potent they probably deadly for humans, she took all of the 'poison' out of them? No wonder they seemed so terrified of her, you think. You can only imagine that a being that can remove all traces of booze from the body would be to an oni what a vampire or similar creature would be to a human. A horrifying figure capable of removing your most vital of fluids would certainly be something to be feared. Of course, such creatures also tend to be able to turn you into some shambling, dried-out husk of your former self, though you don't suppose that's too terribly different from getting an exceptionally bad hangover.

“Well, be sure you thank Rikako properly when we get back, okay?”

“Huh? Why?”

“Because she helped you, Medi. It's only right to thank someone when they help you. Besides, you were kinda giving her a hard time yesterday.”

“But it was her fault that thingy didn't work!”

“Hey, now, be fair. We don't know if it did or didn't do anything else besides knock me out and get a powerful and dangerous youkai pissed at us.”

“And that was her fault.”

“It was-...ah, nevermind. The point is, you have to thank her for helping you deal with the oni.”

“Do I really have to?”

Yes, Medi, you really have to. Not just because she helped you, but because it's a nice thing to do. With everything that's happened, I think she might like some good news, don't you?”

“Mm...I guess.”

“Plus, if she hadn't helped you, wouldn't the oni still be a problem for you? Do you want that?”

“Ah?! No! No no no!”

“So! All the more reason to show your gratitude and thank her for her help, right?”

“Hrmm...” Medicine grumbles softly, gazing down at her lap as she seems to contemplate your words. After a moment, you see her give a slight nod. “...m'yeah. I guess so. You're right, Human.”

“Atta girl, Medi.” you smile and reach up to give her hair a gentle ruffling. “If it helps any, I'll be right there with you, okay?”

Saying nothing, she simply nods once more and allows you to continue to run your hand through her blonde locks, tiny plumes of purple mist wafting up from where your hand moves. Somehow, you find the tingling sensation of the poison on your hand only serves to enhance the pleasant sensation of soft hair against your fingers. It's almost enough to make you wonder if you wouldn't mind doing this all day.

Sitting there, just the two of you, running your hands through her poison-laced doll hair. Perhaps you would stay like that, or perhaps you would take her into your arms and pull her onto your lap for easier access. Either way, it strikes you as a rather fine way to spend a day. Certainly preferable to having your intestines pulled out through your nostrils by a disgruntled youkai.

Yes, it would be much nicer if you could just stay inside and continue petting your little, toxic friend.

Friends, rather! Much to your embarrassment, you find you had almost forgotten all about the other part of the duo, and finally notice Su-san hovering just off to the side. Arms folded across her chest, and head turned away from the two of you, you can't tell if she's trying to look as if she was ignoring you, or if she was just really interested in the nearby wall. Not that it isn't a nice wall, and all, but you somehow doubt either of your companions are all that interested in oni architecture. If you didn't know any better, you would think she was almost pouting.

“Aw, Su-san, I'm sorry!” you say, pushing aside your fleeting thoughts on how strange it is that there are such things as oni architects in the first place. “I didn't mean to ignore you, or anything.”

With one hand still working away on Medicine's head, you cautiously reach up with your other hand and gingerly place your fingers atop the smaller doll's head. Though she emits a brief spray of purple stuff upon the initial contact, she makes no other attempt to resist you as you begin to carefully work your fingers back and forth and side to side across her little head. Neither acknowledging nor otherwise resisting your petting, you simply assume she doesn't really mind despite her continuing refusal to look at you.

Much like with her larger counterpart, you find her hair to be soft, with a distinctive yet not unpleasant burning sensation. It is a feeling made all the more pronounced by the strange warmth you feel from each of them. Though you had first thought it was simply an effect of the poison on your skin, you gradually realize that you actually do feel some small amount of heat from the two dolls.

...wait, is that normal?
No. 139947
Ah, the eye of the shitstorm... if Medicine stays with us, will things always remain this calm? That'd be nice...
No. 139948
I find this Medecine completely adorable and I love your Su-san. And if the source of that heat is what I'm thinking of, then those two are even more adorable.
No. 139952
No. 139956
D'awww. Medicine is so cute, and Su-san is being Tsundere~
No. 139966
nice case of hhhhnnnnnn..
No. 140059
File 130380526084.jpg - (233.76KB , 800x900 , what's a soon dare ray.jpg ) [iqdb]
With some reluctance, you wrap up your session of patting and ruffling the two dolls. Though Medicine appears to take it in stride, you seem to have a slight amount of difficulty getting your hand away from Su-san's head. Though she never drops her act of completely ignoring you, you find it far less convincing when you notice the way her body somehow manages to follow along with your hand as you try to lift it up and away from her.

Whether you move your hand up, down, or from side to side, the little doll manages to follow along so well, you almost wonder if she was somehow glued to you.

Thinking you'll have a little fun with this, you slowly move your hand close to your head, bringing the small doll attached to it level with your face.

It is a decision you soon find yourself regretting, as the little doll finally realizes your hand has stopped, and turns around to look at you.

Though neither the spray of poison mist that winds up in your eyes nor the tiny shoe that collides with your nose don't cause you anything beyond some mild discomfort, you still feel a bit bad as you watch the little doll angrily flutter away, a visible trail of purple smoke trailing behind her as she flies out the door.

“Huh.”Medicine says, staring at the door in confusion. “I wonder what she meant by that?”

“Meant by what, Medi?”

“Oh, she said you were an idiot!” she replies, looking back at you. “She said some other stuff, but I'm not sure what it was because she wasn't really speaking clearly.”

She didn't seem to be speaking at all, you think to yourself. Not unless the 'speaking' was in the form of acts of violence, that is.

Ah, yes. Violence. The real universal language. Laughter? Music? Sure, they're all well and good, but even a simple smile can be interpreted in so many different ways.
On the other hand, there's absolutely no such ambiguity with a punch to the face.

When you hit something in the head with a rock, you can be pretty damn sure your message is getting across.

“...er, what do you mean she wasn't speaking clearly?” you ask, bringing your mental train back on-track.

“Huh? Well, I could hear her, but she wasn't making a lot of sense. She was all stammer-y and stuff. Except for saying 'idiot', I guess. She said that really well! But everything else was all weird, l-l-like t-t-this.”

“She stuttered?”

“I guess.” Medicine says, with a shrug. “The only other time I've heard someone sound like that was this human Su-san and me caught and tried some new poison on a while ago. Su-san wasn't all twitchy and foamy like they were, though.”


“Ah! Human!” Medicine suddenly clings to you, looking alarmed. “You don't think Su-san got poisoned, too, do you?!”

“Um, poisoned, Medi?”

“Oh! Right. I guess that would be silly, wouldn't it?” Medicine says with some embarrassment. “It's still strange, though...”

“You want to go after her, Medi? Make sure she's alright?” you ask, rising from your seat.

“Well, yeah, but...what about you, Human?”

Stretching your limbs, you brush off a few flecks of something from the front of your oh-so-pink robe, and slowly make you way to the front of the bar with Medicine following close behind. “I think she's a little mad at me, Medi, so she probably wouldn't want to see me until she's had some time to calm down.”

“I guess that makes sense. I don't get why she would be mad at you, though.”

“I'm not sure I get it, either, Medi.” you say, giving your little friend a final pat on the head as you look out at the city from the doorway. “Anyway, I think I'll go track some of the others down, and then head back to Satori's place. Can you and Su-san head back there when you're ready?”

“The really big house, right?”

“That's the one.”

“Okay! That sounds like a good plan!” Medicine says happily, floating up into the air. “See, Human? You're not an idiot! I don't know why Su-san would say something like that!”

“Er, thanks. Thanks, Medi.”

With a smile and a wave, Medicine turns and flies away after her companion, leaving you alone as you venture out into the street.

Glancing around, you can't help but find the general area to be eerily devoid of activity. No horned bodies passed out in the street, no sounds of drunken revelry echoing from open doors and windows. The only sound you do hear is some strange banging and clattering sounds in the distance.

Are they building something?

Realizing you have no idea exactly where you are in the city, let alone how to get back to Satori's place on your own, you figure that following the distant noises is your best chance at finding someone to help you.

Satisfied with this course of action, you begin to head in the general direction you think the sounds are coming from, but suddenly stop when you hear something moving in a nearby alley.

A nearby, dark alley.

Though you realize darkness is not an uncommon characteristic of an alley, the fact that this particular alley is also in a cave only serves to enhance the effect.

Squinting your eyes, you can barely make out anything of the alley itself, let alone what might be moving around within it. Just when you're about to give up and chalk it up to a figment of your imagination, though, something manages to catch your eye.

Though brief, appearing for but an instant, you are sure you see a flash of green and silver.

[ ] Investigate it!

[ ] Ignore it!


Ah, the joys of holidays and family visits.
The family stuff is fine, but everything else just means more work and less play.

I can't deny, things have slowed to a crawl, especially compared to how it was at first. This is largely due to outside factors, especially lately, though some of it has also been internal.

That said, I find myself feeling strangely good, right about now. I actually want to get back to work. It's just that, much like how it was for me whenever I would take a break from a long writing assignment, it takes a long time for me to get back into it.

Of course, the fact that this is actually fun will help that process along. Though I can't see us getting anywhere close to the pace this story had in the first couple threads, make no mistake. We are still very much alive.

On a completely unrelated note, wouldn't it be great if someone wrote zombie-on-zombie love scene with Yoshika?

Just imagine it. Two zombie lovers, together, their stiff and barely-mobile limbs loudly creaking along with their bed-springs as they bounce atop each other, their cold and hardened flesh smacking together like slabs of clay as their eerie groans and moans echo through the halls, scaring the shit out of anyone unfortunate enough to wander by...

That would be great.
No. 140060
[X] Investigate it!
Koishi Koishi Koishi Koishi Koishi Koishi Koishi
No. 140061
[X] Investigate it!

Better pull out our comically over-sized magnifying glass.
No. 140063
[x] Investigate it!

The last time i picked the dark alley Arc got raped. Or death.
Well, goodie, let's get cracking.

Those are some good plans for the future.
No. 140065
[x] Ignore it!
Let's gooo already.
>“Huh? Well, I could hear her, but she wasn't making a lot of sense. She was all stammer-y and stuff. Except for saying 'idiot', I guess. She said that really well! But everything else was all weird, l-l-like t-t-this.”
No. 140066
[x] Investigate it!
No. 140071
[x] Investigate it!


No. 140074
[x] Ignore it!

Fuck off, Youmu.
No. 140075
[ ] Investigate it!
No. 140079
>Whether you move your hand up, down, or from side to side, the little doll manages to follow along so well, you almost wonder if she was somehow glued to you.


[x] Investigate it!

random encounters
No. 140135
File 130389300921.jpg - (193.38KB , 849x1202 , Yaaaaaaaaaay.jpg ) [iqdb]
Figuring it had been a while since you last indulged your sense of curiosity regarding isolated and potentially-dangerous places, you cautiously step into the darkened alleyway, keeping a careful eye out for any further sign of movement ahead of you while pushing aside any and all thoughts about whether or not what you were doing was a bad idea.

Sure, dark alleys aren't generally known for being the friendliest of places. And, sure, venturing into a noticeably dark place in Gensokyo is more often than not tantamount to signing your own death warrant.

Then again, you are in a cave, deep underground. Technically, every place is a dark place.

Following the traditional wisdom that darkness cannot exist without light, you reason that if everything is dark, then nothing is dark. Thus, the supposedly dark alley you're standing in is not truly dark, and the whole 'dark place equals bad' thing no longer applies. Armed with this reasoning, you figure you have absolutely nothing to worry about, and are completely safe.

...unless, of course, you are somehow mistaken. In that case, you are probably screwed.

So very, very screwed.

Silently cursing yourself for letting that little voice of doubt gain a foothold in your mind, you kick it back down into the pit from which it crawled, reminded of exactly why you threw it down there in the first place, and continue your search.

Despite your eyes adjusting to the lack of light, you still fail to see any sign of what may have been moving around as you slowly make your way deeper into the alley. Undaunted, you press onward, unwilling to even consider the possibility of giving up until you find yourself bumping into wall. Realizing that you've reached a dead end, you find yourself still not entirely ready to admit defeat.

You know you saw something! You know you did! Right in this very alley! It just doesn't make sense for you to find nothing! You couldn't have missed something, could you? You don't see how you could have. Could it be whatever it was is hiding? Where? It's not like it could just fly away or-

...well, actually, it flying away is entirely possible, now that you think about it.

Just as you begin to once again curse yourself for your inability to fly when so many others can, you hear the sound of feet shuffling behind you.

Whipping around, you are greeted by the sight of green eyes staring back at you, as Parsee stands between you and your way out.

With a sigh of relief, you wave to the bridge guard, paying little mind to whether or not she can actually see you doing it. Her eyes are glowing, you figure, and if that doesn't mean she can see in the dark, you don't know what else glowing eyes could possibly mean.

Feeling somewhat validated in your decision to ignore the obnoxious little voice in your head that tells you not to do things, you can almost feel the pieces falling together regarding what you saw. From the glow her eyes are giving off, you have no doubt that it was her who you saw moving about in the alley. Though you have to wonder just why you didn't bump into her before running into the wall, you are much more troubled about what the flash of silver was. The green seemed obvious enough, you don't remember seeing anything on her that was silver.

Some new jewelry, perhaps?
No, probably not, you think to yourself. Not only do you not recall seeing her wearing any such things before, you also don't see any sign of her wearing anything like that now.

In fact, just about the only thing you see that might explain the flash of silver you saw is the knife she seems to be holding in her hand. Yes, that knife would account for it pretty nicely, you think.

...wait a minute.

How could it shine like that like that when it's so far from any decent source of light?!

More importantly, what is she even doing with a knife in the first place?

Good morning, darling.

[ ] Be happy! It's Parsee! Yay!

[ ] Be casual. So, nice weather we're having, isn't it?

[ ] Be afraid! Oh crap oh crap oh crap oh crap oh crap oh crap oh crap on a crap cracker...
No. 140136
[x] Be happy! It's Parsee! Yay!
Parsee needs to CHILL, yo.
No. 140137
[x] Be casual. So, nice weather we're having, isn't it?
Play it cool.
No. 140138
[x] Be casual. So, nice weather we're having, isn't it?

Oh, hey. How has your day been going? Pass out on top of anyone recently?
No. 140139
File 130389875863.jpg - (98.45KB , 610x333 , Bear blasting.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Bear-Blast!
No. 140141
[x] Be happy! It's Parsee! Yay!


Hi Komachi!
No. 140142
[x] Be happy! It's Parsee! Yay!
Nothing can go wrong!

I still remember what happened when Nemo tried to Chillax a mob of angry villagers...
No. 140148
[x] Be happy! It's Parsee! Yay!
No. 140150
[x] Be happy! It's Parsee! Yay!

Maybe she saw us cuddling with Medicine? Do not want yandere Parsee.
No. 140155
[x] Be happy! It's Parsee! Yay!
Why hello dear
No. 140156
File 130391840558.jpg - (37.08KB , 640x480 , s217-12.jpg ) [iqdb]
So, the controller of Jealousy is standing in a dark alley with a creepy smile? Deja vu.
No. 140157
[X] Be happy! It's Parsee! Yay!
It is the best of times when the insanely jealous are around.
No. 140158
[X] Be casual. So, nice weather we're having, isn't it?

No. 140161
[x] Be afraid! Oh crap oh crap oh crap oh crap oh crap oh crap oh crap on a crap cracker...

Oh god no, do not want yandere Parsee!
No. 140172
Now that you remind me. Feels kind the same. Let us hope it won't end the same way.
No. 140173
[x] Be happy! It's Parsee! Yay!
No. 140174
[x] Be happy! It's Parsee! Yay!

A perfectly normal response.
No. 140179
[x] Be happy! It's Parsee! Yay!
[x] Feign it enough to get close to her.
[x] Rape.

This is the only way to cure a yandere.
She will resist, but over time her protests will turn into pleasure, and she will become completely dependent of on us.

Think of it as therapy.
Though after this, It still won't mean she won't have episodes.
No. 140183
[x] Be happy! It's Parsee! Yay!

We wouldn't be in this mess with we went to spend time with her as opposed to cuddling with dolls.
No. 140192
[x] Be happy! It's Parsee! Yay!


If all of your votes are going to be like this, please stop voting.
No. 140195

As I have no idea what that is, how did it end?
No. 140196
Isn't it sad sacchin ;_;
No. 140197
She never got a route.

... I hope Parsee never gets a route. Harem route or bust!
No. 140220
>She never got a route.
If only that. If only that.
No. 140254
File 130403246965.jpg - (900.67KB , 723x1024 , you will never take my novelty letter opener.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Good morning, Parsee!” you return the knife-wielding woman's greeting enthusiastically, paying little mind to the fact that she is holding a knife for some reason. You're sure it must be a good one, whatever it is. After all, there are so many things you could use a knife for. Especially in a dark alley.

Yep. Nothing at all to be concerned about, here!

In response to your happy greeting, Parsee visibly winces.

Augh, not so loud, damn it.” she grumbles, rubbing her temples with her free hand. “I've got a bitch of a headache right now.”

“Hangover, huh?” you ask, hardly surprised after what happened last night. “Anything I can do to help?”

“Not. So. Loud.” Parsee hisses, still rubbing her forehead.

“Ah! Sorry! Sorry.” you apologize, lowering your voice to little more than a whisper. “Is that better?

“...it'll do.” the green-eyed woman mutters, her hand dropping back to her side.

“So, how are- oh! Sorry. How are you feeling? Aside from the headache?”

“How am I feeling?” she asks, looking as if she were addressing herself as much as she was you. “I...haven't decided, yet.”


Though slightly disappointed at her answer, you don't let it show and attempt to maintain a positive outlook. After all, a single evening couldn't possibly be enough to help someone get over years of problems, could it? Though seeing her at least smile would be great, you take some small comfort that she seems to be in at least a relatively better mood than she was last night. Especially if you ignore the knife.

Now that you think of it...

So, uh, what's with the knife?”

For a moment, Parsee simply stares at you in silence. Though hard to tell in such poor light, you think you see her hand loosen and tighten its grip on the knife handle a couple times.

“..I haven't decided, yet.”

Fair enough, you think. You know that if you were in her situation, you probably wouldn't know quite what you were doing with a knife, either. You certainly don't see anything in the general vicinity that might require a knife. No ropes. No cakes. Nothing at all that might be in need of a good cutting.

Well, that's sure, uh, someth-

“Why did you come here?” Parsee interrupts.

Huh? Didn't I tell you? Well, it all started when I had to go and-

No. Why did you come here?”

Here? You mean 'here' here? Like, right here? Well...

[ ] I am easily distracted and led astray by sudden movements and shiny objects.

[ ] I was looking for you, actually, and wanted to see if you were alright.

[ ] I don't know. I'm wondering that, myself. In fact, I'm starting to think I shouldn't be here.
No. 140255
[x] I am easily distracted and led astray by sudden movements and shiny objects.

Lying is bad! Don't lie, Anonymous!
No. 140256
[X] I am easily distracted and led astray by sudden movements and shiny objects.
No. 140258
[x] I am easily distracted and led astray by sudden movements and shiny objects.
[x] But that doesn't mean I wasn't hoping to find you, I wanted to see if you were alright.
No. 140259
[x] I am easily distracted and led astray by sudden movements and shiny objects.
But I, i mean he is.
No. 140261
[x] I am easily distracted and led astray by sudden movements and shiny objects.

And right now she is holding a shiny object.
No. 140262
File 130403974826.jpg - (411.38KB , 950x950 , totally innocent-parsee.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] I am easily distracted and led astray by sudden movements and shiny objects.
I am, what you would call, a moron with ADD. But I have a heart of gold!
No. 140263
I wonder if the lack of italics on these votes will be taken into consideration.
No. 140266
[x] I am easily distracted and led astray by sudden movements and shiny objects.

It's the truth.
No. 140268
yeah but who to say worry about Parsee wasn't?
No. 140269

The more I try to understand the worse it looks.

I think you need to take back that sentence and try again.
No. 140270
[X] I am easily distracted and led astray by sudden movements and shiny objects.

Ow, grammar. Did you use Google Translate for that?
No. 140271
She's asking why we're here. If we said we were here, in this alley, because we were looking for her, she'd think we think she's the sort of person who hangs out in dark alleys. That's not good..

Now, she, apparently, is the sort of person that hangs out in dark alleys. At first glance. However, she could, perhaps, be in this alley to keep watch over the protagonist. Preparing to ambush and strike him unawares, to prevent another from having him. Thankfully, we made our Spot check, yes? This could have been quite disastrous.
No. 140272
[x] I am easily distracted and led astray by sudden movements and shiny objects.
That's what he'd say, even if he didn't mean to say it.
No. 140274
[x] I am easily distracted and led astray by sudden movements and shiny objects.


Going by one of the posts in the first thread, I'm pretty sure the author is not going to be pointlessly antagonistic like that.
No. 140280
[x] I am easily distracted and led astray by sudden movements and shiny objects.

Might as well say it.
No. 140281
[Shiny!] I am easily distracted and led astray by sudden movements and shiny objects.
No. 140282
[X] I am easily distracted and led astray by sudden movements and shiny objects.
No. 140285
File 130406082258.png - (513.61KB , 1024x768 , then again it could be fun.png ) [iqdb]
>>Going by one of the posts in the first thread, I'm pretty sure the author is not going to be pointlessly antagonistic like that.

Correct. I am not going to do something to mess with you just because an option that was italicized was not italicized as a vote, just like how I do not insist a vote must have an 'X' inside the brackets in order to be counted.

That said, if I were taking such things into consideration, the non-italicized votes would be currently winning, 10 to 3.

Just pointing that out.
No. 140294
File 130407064184.jpg - (1.02MB , 1000x1411 , is honesty always the best policy.jpg ) [iqdb]
“I'm here because- ah!” you stop yourself, almost forgetting to keep your voice down. “Sorry, again. I'm here because I saw something and decided to follow it to see what it was.


Yeah, I guess I can be like that sometimes. You ever get like that? You know, you just see something and feel like you need to find out what it is? It's like that with me sometimes. Especially if there's something shiny. That usually means it's something good. You ever do stuff like that?

Even in the dark, you have no problem recognizing the furrowed brow of confusion worn by Parsee at that moment, as she once again stares at you.

...no? Just me, then, huh? Oh well.

“You, you seriously-” Parsee stammers, seemingly unable to completely grasp your explanation for why you're currently standing in a darkened alleyway with her. “I mean...that's it? You wandered in here because you saw something shiny? That's it?”

Well, yeah.” you admit with complete honesty. “O-oh! But it's not like I'm not glad I found you! I really did want to see if you were alright, you know.

“But that's not why you're here.” she says, flatly.

Well, not here, exactly, no. In this general area, though, yeah. I mean, I had a feeling you were still in the are-

“Stop. Just, just stop.


Shifting about uncomfortably, Parsee lowers her gaze to the ground. “You, you were...you stayed. You were there. You were still there.”

“Well, yeah. I promised, right?” you shrug, completely giving up on whispering. You get the feeling a headache is the least that's troubling her, now, anyway.

“Y-yeah...yeah, you did.” she nods, eyes shifting from side to side, as if she were looking for something on the ground, but unsure of where to look for it. “You, you promised. But, that's all, isn't it?”

“What's all?”

“You. You're leaving, aren't you? Back to the surface.”

“That's the plan, I guess.”

“Y-yeah. I thought so.” Parsee nods again, the knife in her hand beginning to visibly shake. “There's no, um, way you could...reconsider?”


“Well, it's just, um, instead of going back...you could, you know, not go back.” she says, glancing up at you before looking back at the ground.

“I'm afraid I can't do that, Parsee. I'm sorry.”

“I'm...I'm sorry, too.” Parsee says, sadly, her eyes once again rising to look at you. Rather than look you in the eyes, however, she her gaze seems more focused to the side of your head, as if looking at some invisible point beside you.

Or behind you.

No sooner does the thought enter your mind, than a pair of arms loop around you from behind, pinning your arms to your body, and something warm and soft begins to press into your back.

“You see? I knew it was a waste of time. Wouldn't it be best to just kill him now, and be done with it, already?” a woman's voice calls out from behind you, apparently speaking to Parsee.

A familiar voice, but one that strikes you as impossible under the circumstances.

As the woman in front of you once again lowers her gaze, her body trembling, you feel the woman behind you shift her position slightly, and rest her head upon your shoulder. Turning your head to get a look at her, you find yourself unable to tell if you should be surprised, or not.

Though her voice was unmistakable to your ears, you didn't believe it could really be her. You didn't see how it could even be possible.

And yet, it somehow was, and is

Seemingly amused by your look of surprise and confusion, the woman holding you quietly chuckles and gives you a light squeeze. “Mmmmm, it's such a shame, though, isn't it? We could have had such fun together. Don't you think so, darling?”

Her head nuzzling on your shoulder, her green eyes shining brightly, Parsee smiles warmly at you.

[ ] Scream

[ ] Faint

[ ] Panic
No. 140295
[x] Scream

By screaming like a little girl we could potentially alert little girls!
No. 140296
[x] "Help me, Yuugi!"

Oh shit, where is mother when you need her.
No. 140297
[x] Faint
Anemia option!
No. 140300
[x] Panic

Oh man, that Parsee is just too cute. We need to break a part of her bridge so we can take her with us.
No. 140303
[x] Faint

Oh, sure, she has tits, she must be the evil one. That's just discrimination, that is. It ain't right.
No. 140304
[X] Scream
[X] Panic
[X] Faint
No. 140305
Shuush! Parsee has a headache
[x] Panic
Since this is a separate option I hope this does not include screaming.
You are awesome
No. 140307
[X] Faint


No. 140309
[x] Panic

Fainting wouldn't help much, and yelling would hurt Parsee's head more, and people make rash actions when they're in pain. Babbling on like a madman in front of the charming lady with a knife to your front and the charming lady with a nice chest to your back might convince them to not kill you in their yangire passion.

Though, I wouldn't mind staying in the Underground...
No. 140311
[x] Panic
No. 140314
>Fainting wouldn't help much
There's a big difference between hurting someone unconscious and hurting someone more active.
No. 140323
[X] Faint

Because it's hilarious, that's why.
No. 140324
[X] Scream
Not that big of a difference. You can wake up from sheer pain.
No. 140325

I think what he was implying was that they'll be less inclined to attack an unconcious person, just because they might be surprised that he fainted at all.

[x] Faint
No. 140342
[x] Panic

Dammit, totally misread the yandere.
No. 140343
>>Oh, sure, she has tits, she must be the evil one. That's just discrimination, that is. It ain't right.

But isn't that how the story goes? The small chest has the good stuff, while the large chest will kill you?
No. 140344

But don't they both have the same sized chest in this case?

[X] Excitement
-[X] "Cool! Can you teach me how to clone myself, just like you did?"

We are easily distracted and led astray by sudden movements and shiny objects.
No. 140350
File 130415731123.png - (905.29KB , 910x1046 , that is not how you bungee jump.png ) [iqdb]
You look at the woman in front of you.

There's Parsee.

You look at the woman behind you.

There's Parsee, too.

Here, a Parsee.

There, a Parsee.

Everywhere, a Parsee.

The one in front of you trembles, clutching her knife to her chest.

The one behind you laughs and asks how you would prefer to be killed while playfully nipping at your ear.

All the while, your mind reels with a single though.

You have officially lost your mind.

That is the only explanation you can think of for what is happening at this moment. Through all the hardships and blunt head trauma, your brain has finally broken.

That should alarm you, yet it does not.
What does alarm you is the fact that it does not alarm you.

And so, you stand, your ear being nibbled upon as a woman who may or may not be there and whispering all the ways your insides will be festively decorating the alley in the very near future.

The way you see it, either she's not really there, or she is and you are feeling an alarming lack of concern for what may be your imminent demise.

Either way, it is clear that your grasp of reality has taken a sudden dive.

Left with no other alternative that you could see, you do the only thing that can offer any sort of reprieve from the deranged nightmare that will no doubt define what you know as 'reality' for the rest of your sad, sick-in-the-head existence.

You go to sleep.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

You sit at your table, the only one in the room.
Or, at least, the only one you can see.

Amid the endless sea of black, you sit in the solitary island of light.
A phone rests upon the table, shiny and red.

Your silent companion in the void.

You stare at it, contemplating what you may do with it.

Simply talking to it yields no response.

It is, after all, just a phone. A tool with which you may connect with others, but not something that can connect with you, itself.

The dial seems to beckon to you, all but begging for you to place your finger within the many holes, and flick.

Flick. Number.

Flick. Number.

On and on, flicking the numbers, until your efforts are rewarded.

That is how it goes, or so they say.

But you know of no such numbers.

No one that you may call.

And so, the phone sits before you, untouched.

If only you had a number. A book of numbers.

Or even a single page.

Even a tiny note would suffice.

That's how they do it, isn't it?

Copy down the numbers or little scraps of blue paper, and hand them to you, and then you dial them?

That's what they do for you, isn't it?

It is then that you remember.

You have such a thing.

Though not blue, you most certainly have something that is paper-like in quality.

Rummaging around in your pocket, you find it in short order, and unfold it, eager to see what numerical secrets it may share with you.


Yes, you must agree. You are most certainly you. Which is to say, yourself.
If you were not, you would be someone else.
Which you are not.


What are you doing?
What a silly question to ask.
After all, is it not the duty of paper to know that which is to be known?
How else is it to inform those who do not know?


The paper makes sense.
As it always does.


What? Why, you're not sure, but you think you are unconscious.

Is this what happens when you are unconscious?


Oh, good, that is a relief.
It's always nice to know what you're doing.
Even if what you're doing is nothing.


The paper seems impatient this time.
Such a shame, but you cannot blame it.
Even paper gets busy, after all.
You would not be surprised if it had other things to do.


Ah, right, yes.
What you are doing.
That is, aside from being unconscious.


Well, first and foremost, as far as you can recall, you think you are going crazy.


So the paper says, but you are not sure you can trust that analysis.
It is, after all, your head.
Who knows best about what goes on in your head than you?


Perhaps, you think, but you somehow doubt it.
If nothing else, you would think you would know when you are going crazy, and you are doing it right now.


As if the paper did not already know!
Silly paper, playing dumb at the worst times!


A maid, a witch, and a shrine maiden walk into a bar-


Oh, that.
Well, it's obvious enough.
You're seeing things that aren't possible.


Such as a lady with a knife standing in front of you, while the same lady is standing behind you.
In short, one person in two places at the same time.
Clearly this is impossible.


Also, they were talking about killing you.


Yep, two ladies who are really one lady in two places was talking about killing you.
Also, you are in a dark alley with them.




And now unconscious.
With them.

If they are actually there, that is.


What, the dark alley thing, or the unconscious thing?


Oh, well, that's simple enough!
You walked into the alley because you thought you saw something.


Yes, you saw something.
Possibly shiny.
Turned out that was a knife.


Yep, a knife.
Sharp looking one, too.
As for the passing out...


You couldn't handle the situation, and so you decided to take a little nap.


Yep. Decided.


Yep. Out like a light.


Well, it is easy to fall asleep in dark places, after all.


Well, more like a statement of intent, rather than an outright claim.
You know, like you're going to do something, but you're not actually saying you're going to do it just yet.


A sharp knife, yes.
Very sharp.
Very pointy.
Probably quite deadly.


Yep, wow.
You can't help but be amazed at how far your mind has fallen in just a few days.


So the paper keeps saying, but what other explanation could there be?


...okay, there is that, too.
Though, haven't you been over this already.


Well, it is nice to be reminded of things from time to time, you guess.
Though, that particular point is a bit iffy.


Do? Aside from lament over your failing state of mind?


So you keep being told.
You're not sure you're convinced, though.


Well, you don't really have a plan, so to speak.


Mostly, you were concerned with the fainting and passing out phase, and had not considered how you would follow up on that.
If you had to guess, though, you think you might just stay like this for a bit.


Yeah, see, the way you see it, if you actually aren't crazy, then there really is someone who is possibly going to kill you.


Oh, that's quite simple.
By fainting, you make yourself completely helpless and defenseless


Ah, but that's the beauty of it!
It's so counter-intuitive, she'll be completely surprised by it!
So surprised, in fact, that she will forget all about killing you!


Okay, well, perhaps she will be so overcome by sympathy for your state of completely helplessness, she won't be able to bring herself to kill you?
That could happen.






Okay, so perhaps fainting while a girl with a knife and her twin discuss killing you in an alley is the best of ideas.

Or perhaps it is.


...so the paper says.
But what does it know?
It is paper.

You have ideas.
Ideas of things to do.
Ideas such as...

[ ] Trust Exercise

[ ] Free Consultation

[ ] Wake-up Call
No. 140351
[x] Free Consultation

Oh noes! Someone is in fron of me with a knife! What to do?
Pass out, of course!

I don't know if MC is crazy, or if it's Anon who's crazy in this story.
No. 140352
[x] Free Consultation


Damn inanimate objects trying to tell us what we are. Stupid paper can't even read minds and tries to be a psychologist. What a hack.
No. 140355
[x] Wake-up Call
Get up you lazy git
No. 140356
[x] Trust Exercise

This paper knows its shit.
No. 140357
The Paper is the writer and it is most likely his way of telling his readers that they are stupid.

[x] Wake-up Call
Face reality and bullshit your way out of it.
No. 140360
[X] Trust Exercise
Because blindly trusting people is what could possibly go wrong?

Yes, that isn't sense making.
No. 140362
You don't know how right you are
No. 140364
[x] Trust Exercise

I believe in Parsee.
No. 140365
[x] Trust Exercise
No. 140370
[x] Trust Exercise
No. 140371
[x] Trust Exercise

There is no possible way this could go wrong.

This is simply the best choice.
No. 140372
[x] Free Consultation

I want to see the rest of his unconscious. Maybe we'll meet Koishi and she can resolve the problem. Or make it worse.
No. 140373
[x] Free Consultation

>Okay, well, perhaps she will be so overcome by sympathy for your state of complete helplessness, she won't be able to bring herself to kill you?
I stand by this reasoning. Paper doesn't know Parsee likes us.
No. 140374
[X] Free Consultation
It's Anon that is crazy. Just because Anon tries to justify their crazy choices by using some instances of the MC's behavior, doesn't justify anything. Anon seriously thought that by completely making the MC completely defenseless, it would somehow protect us.

There are times I wonder if Anon believes that the best way to scare an animal like a bear is let it catch you and maul you to death.
No. 140383
[x] Wake-up Call
No. 140386
While I didn't vote last time, passing out had a decent chance of letting Parsee drag us away to carve us up slowly, rather than just shanking us if we shout out immediately or panic.

It actually makes sense if you look at it like that.

Kind of.

No. 140391
Passing out has a decent chance of letting us awaken in some Touhou's arms. Our chances are even better with two Parsees... the evil one doesn't have the knife. Unless they're both evil. Then we're just fucked.

Or we could awaken a few seconds after passing out and be stuck in almost the same situation. Dreams are weird like that.
No. 140401
File 130424124743.jpg - (343.39KB , 2480x1748 , bye bye butterfly.jpg ) [iqdb]
Nothing at all.


You have to do nothing at all.


It's not like it's not hard to understand.
You won't do anything because there is no need to do anything.
You trust her, and feel confident that she will not harm you.


One of her has a knife, yes.


That was the other one that said that.
Not the one with the knife.
So, really, there's nothing to worry about.


Well, unless they're exact copies of each other and they both want to kill you, or something.
Then, you might be kinda screwed.
But you don't think you are.
After all, you trust her.


Oh, silly little paper!
Always asking things it should already know.
Parsee, of course!


Yep, Parsee. Good old Parsee.
She's royalty, sort of.
But, not.
She has her own bridge and everything.


Yep, a bridge princess!
She's the one you're seeing two of!


Suddenly, the phone on the table in front of you rings, the sound making you jump in your seat.


Really? Answer it?
Is that really okay?
What if it's not for you?


Really, you're not sure if you should-


With a shrug and a sigh, you comply with the suddenly bossy paper's demands and pick up the phone, bringing the receiver to your ear.

”...e's quite out of it, isn't he?”

It's Parsee's voice.
Which Parsee, you can't tell, but it's definitely her.

“Hey, Parsee! Hey!”


She can't hear you?
That's a pain.
Is this phone broken, you wonder?


”What a shame, too. It's so much more entertaining when they're awake and aware of what's happening. Right?”

”Huh? ...uh, yeah. Right.”

Another voice can be heard.
It's also Parsee, but different.
Quieter, as if she were slightly further away.

”Hmm? What's wrong? You don't seem to be enjoying this very much."

"What? N-no, it's just-"

"Hey, it's not like I don't understand. I feel the same way, after all"


"But of course! Getting to those other bitches first would have made this so much sweeter, but what can you do? Have to take what you can get, right?"


"Really, how long has it been? How long? This is something we should have been able to savor, to take our sweet little time, and yet here we are having to rush things. How annoying. Oh well, come on over here so we can get this over with. Someone is bound to come looking for him soon, and you want to be nice and far away when the fireworks start, right?"



Well, okay, you have to admit that doesn't sound very good.
It sounds kinda bad, actually.


Oh, come on, you don't know for sure they're going to kill you.
They haven't yet, at least.
So, there's a chance they won't.



Oh? Does the paper agree?
There's a chance that you won't-


...maybe you should wake up now, after all.


But, still, you just don't know.
Somehow, you find you don't want to give up on-

"Well? Come on, we don't have all day!"

The one that sounded so sweet and happy, even while saying such unpleasant things?
Why does her mood sound so different all of a sudden?

"Look, I've got him held down, okay? He's not going anywhere, even if he wakes up. Now get over here and let's do this, already! ...why the hell are you just standing there?!"

"...do I have to do this?"

"What are you talking about? This is what you wanted, isn't it? This is what you do!"

"I-I know! I know, but..."

"Oh, come on. Don't tell me you're losing your nerve, now, of all times."

"No! It's just-"

"Just what?"

"It's just, well, maybe we could let this one go?"

"Let him go?"

"J-just this once!"

"I cannot believe I am hearing this from myself. Let him go?! After all that we've lost, all that we've wanted but could never hope to have, this chance practically falls into your lap and you want to let it GO?! When is the last time anything male even wandered down here, let alone one that would even look at you before continuing on his merry little way?! You should be wringing every drop of misery and suffering out of him and those whores! Every fucking drop!”

"I know that, but-"

"But what, I wonder? This time is different? He's different? Like you didn't notice how quickly he got away from you at the first chance he got? How easily he was drawn in here? He said it himself, he wasn't even looking for you! Easily distracted, easily diverted, and easily decieved. Even if he's not the type to try humping everything that moves, you can't tell me this doesn't sound just a little familiar."

"...yes...it does..."

"So, what did it? What about this little human has gotten to you that you suddenly are feeling bad about this? Him hugging you? Listening to you pour your little heart out last night? Managing the oh-so-impossible task of actually being there when you wake up?! So fucking what? You think any of that matters? That he might actually care about you? You?"

"I-I don't think-...it's just, well..."

"I seriously can't believe this. I honestly never thought I was this pathetic! Some guy shows you a tiny bit of attention, and you think it means something? To him?! You heard him talk about his 'helping people' bullshit! I bet you could hand him a goddamn box of rocks, and he'll care about them as much as he cares about you!"

That's not true!
At least, you don't think so.
Then again, you would need to see the rocks before you really decided on anything...

"...besides, you saw the little 'entourage' he has, already. You already know you're not the first, and you can be damn sure you wouldn't even be the last. You know this type. You've seen it at work. Even if, by some miracle, there's a 'happy ending' to be had, just who do you think it will be for? Here's a hint: it ain't you!


"Really, now, you've only been through this how many times? How many disappointments? How many reminders of just how you came to be like this? Of all the things you've done since then? A little late to start having a conscience now, isn't it? But, no matter..."

As you listen, you hear the out-of-place warmth and cheerfulness slowly creep back into her voice.
Somehow, you think that might not be a good sign.

"This is going to happen, one way or the other, but if you really don't want to go through with it, that's fine. I'll take care of it for you!"


"Well, it's not like I can force you or anything, right? If you don't want to do it, then you don't have to! Would that make it better for you? You won't have to get your hands dirty, because I'll do it. ...of course, since I am you, you are technically still doing it, but let's not muddy things up with semantics, shall we?”

"What are you-?"

"Do I really have to spell it out? For myself? If you won't kill him, I'll kill him. For you. Quite simple, right? All you have to do is hand me the knife."


Huh? Why? What, are you supposed to do something?


What, like wa-


Is name-calling really nec-


Okay! Sheesh!

[ ] Wake up
[ ] Wake up
[ ] Wake up

[ ] ...or not.
No. 140402
[x]Wake up.
Now is perfect hug time!
No. 140405

Poor Parsee, nobody loves her. Even her other self doesn't like her.
No. 140408
It's already way past 12, might as well try to survive this. If no one is nearby to come for the rescue it will be Yuyuko time.
>You heard him talk about his 'helping people' bullshit!
Stay true to this, sweep them off their feet and take them with you. On your trip. That is if he gets the chance.
No. 140409
Best start warming up your write-in muscles.
No. 140411

We should've never had to take this option in the first place.
No. 140415
[x] Wake up
No need to be all panicky. Worst possible mood to be in in such a situation
No. 140416

Then grab the nearest rock and start throwing!
No. 140418
[x] Wake up
The first one just to be precise.
No. 140419
Writer, I really love your Parsee.
No. 140420
[x] ...or not.
Our very first bad end!
No. 140421
[x] ...or not.
No. 140422
Procrastination is never bad!
No. 140424
No. 140425
[x] ...or not.

I am ashamed at all of you people. How can you so quickly betray Parsee like that? I have the utmost faith that she will do the right thing. I believe in Parsee.
No. 140427
File 13042705012.jpg - (23.41KB , 379x214 , 1290337534738.jpg ) [iqdb]
At this rate we will see Komachi really soon again.
No. 140428
[x] ...or not.

I believe.
No. 140430
[x] Wake up

It'd be rude to leave everyone behind while we go visit Komachi.
No. 140432
[x] ...or not.

This is the trust exercise. This right here. Most of you are failing.
No. 140437
[x] ...or not.

Where'd the trust go, you guys?
No. 140439
Now is the time to help her help herself, not to lull around feeling sorry for ourselves!
No. 140440
She needs to learn to deal with her problems by herself. We're not always going to be there for her.
No. 140441
Ahh, but don't you see. We have already helped her! We've laid down the foundation for a healthy mindset for her, and now we just need to let it bloom naturally. Trying to assist her in what is possibly the most important choice in her life will only stunt the work we have down.

Will she make the right choice? Will she decide to trust another man in her life? Will she put down the knife? Who can say for sure, but I trust she will do the right thing. I believe in her.
No. 140442
[x] ...or not.

I, too, trust our new schizophrenic friend to Do the Right Thing.
No. 140443
[x] ...or not.
No. 140444
[x] ...or not.
No. 140446
Stupid anon just can't take a hint
No. 140447
Why don't you marry Paper if you love it so much

Is Paper a guy or a girl Paper? I'm curious.
No. 140448
I wonder how long it'll take Anon to start whining about how they were led on and such by the author?
No. 140450
>I, too, trust our new schizophrenic friend to Do the Right Thing.

Clearly, this choice can not fail. It's invoking the title and everything!
No. 140455
Whose Right Thing? Evil Parsee (who is really just Parsee)'s Right Thing? I don't think I want to see her Right Thing.
No. 140456
I don't know about you, but I'd sure like to see her Thing.
No. 140457
That's the Wrong Thing for a girl to have.
No. 140459
[x] ...or not.
No. 140476
>That was the other one that said that.
>Not the one with the knife.
>So, really, there's nothing to worry about.

ha ha oh wow

[x] Wake up

We just need to remind Parsee that she (and not Parsee) is the one holding the knife!
No. 140478

>Well, after seeing how well one character has worked out, I'm much more open to the idea of doing more with them, either in this story or in something else. We'll just have to see how things play out.
Oh god, I hope so.
...Don't forget Rin Satsuki, either.
No. 140491
I hope to hell it doesn't matter what kind of wake up vote you vote for and they all add up because if not we're in for a bad end. Four out of five of the fucking votes are wake up for christ's sake take a hint will you?
No. 140499
[x] ...or not.
No. 140504
[X] Wake up

No italics.
No bold.

No. 140506
Calm down. Do you really distrust this writer so much that not taking a particular choice distresses you? We're in competent hands here.

And even if we do "bad end," so what? He's not going to stop writing. unless he does. then we'd all be sad
No. 140520
[x] ...or not.
No. 140523
File 130439882919.jpg - (722.77KB , 1000x1000 , touhou bunnygirls are always relevant.jpg ) [iqdb]
I would have updated today, but whatever little bug that's currently making my throat feel like I've been gargling with sandpaper had other ideas, like making my throat feel like I've been gargling with sandpaper.

Also, the votes are currently tied between waking up and not waking up.
I probably won't get any decent writing time until this time tomorrow, though, so that's fine. Either I'll call it before I go to work and begin when I get back, or I'll just flip a coin and go with whatever wins. That's worked fairly well, so far.

In the meantime, here's a Parsee.
No. 140525
>high heels
No. 140549
Parsee is fine too
No. 140568
File 130447939018.jpg - (316.92KB , 566x800 , HUH.jpg ) [iqdb]
Writing. I'm doing it.

Update and new thread coming when it's done.

No offense, but if you're focusing on Parsee's shoes, you are probably doing it wrong.

That might just be me, though.