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Alright, let's try this again.


Having given up on the idea of finding anything resembling a proper parking space for the time being, you pull your car over in front of the building, rolling up the windows before opening the door and stepping outside. A pleasant, warm breeze gently caresses the side of your face, and the crunching sound of fresh grass under your shoe really emphasizes the fact that you're not in the city anymore.

Shielding your eyes from the morning sun with your hand, you gaze around the landscape with a smile on your face - not a cloud in the sky, green and untainted nature as far as the eye can see, scenic mountains in the distance (how you managed to miss those in the distance during the trip here is anyone's guess), and a quaint village where you'll be residing for the next few years, assuming miss Kamishirasawa and her colleagues are satisfied with your work. Feeling a little nervous yet again, you habitually straighten your tie for the umpteenth time today.

That's right. After struggling with unemployment for a good year and a half, you finally managed to land a job as an English teacher. Honestly, you had just about given up hope and were on the verge of accepting a friend's offer to work under him at the local Burger King, but fortune eventually smiled upon you in the form of a woman with a peculiar taste in hats and hair dye. Well, you're not one to judge, especially as long as said woman is interested in employing you. Curiously enough, during the interview she seemed to express a deep interest in your personal hobbies and the like, producing much awkwardness as you detailed to her your interests in asian folklore, cryptozoology and the like. She did seem genuinely delighted to hear about it, at least...

Maybe you got hired because she thinks you're an interesting person.

Well, best not to worry about such trifling matters now. Whatever it is that she saw in you, it must've been quite impressive, to say the least - not only did she offer to help pay for your travel expenses, as the school is located near a village named Gensokyo (or was that the name of the general area?) on the border between Nagano Prefecture and Yamanashi Prefecture on the island of Honshū, Japan; the school you're going to be teaching in just so happens to be an all-girls' school. Not that it's unusual for a male teacher to be teaching in a girls' school, but you'd think they'd run background checks or something to verify that you can be trusted in such a position... Well, guess that means you look trustworthy enough.

Now, how about that parking space...

In hindsight, you probably could've just walked from your new residence - also provided by miss Kamishirasawa, free of charge - to the school in no time at all. That being said, it's not like there's any real place to park it in the village, either. Based on how interested the local children seemed to be in your reasonably priced yet not at all extravagant vehicle, you presume you're likely one of the only people in the village, if not in fact the only one, to actually own a car. Well, you suppose this means you're also unlikely to get a ticket or anything... Giving up for the time being, you simply decide to leave your car a short distance from the school building itself. After removing the car radio and slipping it into the glove compartment - more out of habit than any distrust for the locals, who so far have been nothing but welcoming and hospitable - you exit the car and gaze up the hill at your new place of work.

Gensokyo High.

It's not quite 8AM just yet, so you settle on a casual pace, strolling upwards along the beaten dirt path and taking in the view. Before you're allowed to lose yourself completely, though, you hear the sound of small feet dashing along the road from behind you; turning to look over your shoulder, you catch a brief glimpse of a pair of girls sprinting for the school right as they zoom past you, kicking up clouds of dry dust in their wake. You find yourself idly pondering if those are some of yours. Hm, something about them distracts your attention, but you can't quite put your finger on it...

Oh, yes, of course. Miss Kamishirasawa mentioned this, albeit in a much briefer manner than you'd have been comfortable with. The girls rushing for the building up ahead, while wearing matching school uniforms, also have odd decorations on their backs, resembling bat wings and... a dried-up Christmas tree, you suppose? Not to mention one of them having blue hair... You stop mid-stride for a moment, blinking in mild confusion. Well, your employer told you not to pay any attention to such things, so it's probably some sort of local festivity or tradition you're not quite familiar with just yet. How odd, yet also interesting in its own way. Perhaps you should speak to miss Kamishirasawa about it later, or perhaps even ask your students about it? Shrugging to yourself with a mild smirk and a shake of the head, you continue your stroll.

The school building itself looks quite modern, in stark contrast with the rest of the village - it doesn't take a genius to figure that it was probably the most recent construction in the village by quite a few years, at the very least. Where these people got the funding for such a project from, though, is anyone's guess. Probably some sort of government initiative or whatnot. As you enter the building itself, though, it readily becomes apparent that some finishing touches are still in progress, as far as construction is concerned. Several of the classrooms are barred with colorful tape to keep students from poking their noses inside while the workers are off duty. Through one of the doors of the presumably-finished classrooms, the voices of chattering girls can be heard.

B2... That's your first class today. Well, first of two - first day of the school year combined with your first day at a new workplace, so apparently they decided to go easy on you. Not that you'd have asked for such treatment, but in a way you feel relieved. After all, even the most confident person has to worry about leaving good first impressions in such situations, no? Granted, you think, as you peel off a small green sticky-note on the door, you hadn't expected to go in there all alone today.

"Sorry! Something came up. I'm sure you'll do just fine!

So much for the original plan, then. Guess you'll just have to do the introducing for yourself! Ah well, you're a big boy, you can handle yourself in front of a crowd of young women who will probably be criticizing your every move and gossiping about any mistakes or oddities you pull off today for the rest of their time in this highschool.

Yup, no big deal.

Feeling... reassured, you knock on the door, not interrupting the loud chatter in the slightest, and let yourself in, trying to maintain a professional gait as you approach the teacher's desk in front of the classroom. Glancing across the classroom, you can't help but reflexively cock an eyebrow - it's like some sort of cosplay party. Bat wings, some weird twigs on one girl's back with dangling crystal-things, various outlandish hair colors ranging from pure white to green of all things, even a girl with what appear to be Playboy bunny ears. This is... quite a collection of characters that you've been assigned to, isn't it? Unfortunately, they seem to not have reacted to your entrance in the slightest. You cough, as if clearing your throat.

Nothing. They just keep talking to one another about this and that as if you weren't even there. You cough a second time, louder, and they seem to finally take notice of your existence, thank god. Not that this makes them much quieter right off the bat, but the noise level settles down at least a little bit for the time being - enough to speak over, you think. You cross your arms behind your back, wait for the majority of their eyes to turn to you, and speak to your future pupils for the first time.

"<...Thank you,>" you begin in English, switching over to Japanese for the time being, "I do apologize for interrupting your various ongoing conversations, ladies, but I'm afraid we have some education scheduled for today. I'll let you get right back to things if you're willing to put up with me for forty-five minutes, deal?" Finishing off with a light smile, you settle back to gauge the reaction of the class. Some amused-sounding whispering, but at least you're not being laughed out of the room. That's good. Gotta work on that confidence, though. In any case, not wasting time, you turn to the whiteboard behind you and grab the marker, proceedng to write your name down - in Latin letters at first, with Japanese pronunciation aids written below. You manage to stain your fingertips while corking the marker again, pulling your handkerchief out of your pocket and trying to clean them as you turn back to the classroom.

"I'm very pleased to meet you all, and I hope we can have a pleasant two years together." That's right, these are the second-year group... You still have a lesson today with a first-year group later on.
"Now," you continue, deciding to keep up the pace before the girls can get back to their gossiping, "before we begin... I'm sorry to do this so soon after meeting you, but I'd like for you to write a little something for me."

"Ehhh!?" A resouding cry of great displeasure, your students sinking back into their seats with disgruntled expressions replacing their previous looks of amusement or indifference. At least you got some sort of response out of them, you think to yourself in an attempt to make yourself feel better...

"Now, now, it's not a test or anything, you won't be graded." Picking up a conveniently placed stack of papers, you glance at your students for a brief moment, in thought.
"...Do you have a class representative?"

There's more silence for a brief moment, before everyone in the class turns to face a girl sitting right about in the middle of the room. She's one of the few girls in here that actually looks... normal.

Dark eyes and hair as is usual for a Japanese girl, with a large and frilly red ribbon decorating her head, and an increasingly annoyed expression on her face. With her head resting on her hand, she furrows her eyebrows in the general direction of her classmates - who, surprisingly enough, recoil as if in fright - before turning her attention to you.

"I guess I'm the closest thing we have," she mutters tiredly.

"Good! You can help me pass these out." You hold out a handful of paper to her, which is a bit of a gambit; the girl seems far more interested in just plain getting up and going home, rather than helping anyone out with anything. Still, grudgingly or not, she gets up from her seat and walks over to you. You offer a smile, which is not returned, and she grabs on to the blank sheets of paper in your hand.

"...You have no idea what you've gotten yourself involved in, do you?" The way she's looking at you, it almost seems like her eyes are full of... pity?

"...I'm sorry? What did you-..." You reflexively adjust your tie for a moment.

"Oh, nevermind." Before you're able to ask what she meant with that, she yanks the papers from your hand and proceeds to walk along one side of the classroom, handing them out to others; you proceed to do the same on the other side, moderately perplexed about what just happened. Well, you're a young man - maybe she just doesn't trust a teacher who doesn't look like an old fart of a professor. You'll have to do your best to change her mind, then.

"Thank you, ah... What did you say your name was?"

Sitting back at her desk, a sheet of paper in hand for herself as well as one for her blonde deskmate, the girl responds without even looking back in your direction this time.
"Reimu. Reimu Hakurei."

"Thank you, Reimu. And the rest of you, don't forget to sign your names on your sheets. It'll probably take me a while to learn to associate names with faces, but please, bear with me, alright? Anyway..."

Sitting down at your desk, you tent your fingers and smile at the girls once more.
"...write to me about whatever it is you're thinking of. Whatever you have on your mind right now. There's no required length, just write for about five to ten minutes. <In English, of course.>" Since everyone is looking at one another in what appears to be mild confusion, you feel the need to elaborate on the purpose behind this little exercise.
"This is just to give me an idea of what level we're at right now, for future reference. As I said, you won't be graded, so... take it easy."

While there's still some hesitation lingering in the air, one by one the girls get to writing, the sound of scribbling pens against paper the only noise audible in the otherwise-silent classroom for quite some time. Suddenly, a pale, slender arm is raised, seeking your attention.

"Yes, ah...?"

"Remilia," the blue-haired girl with bat wings from earlier responds with a charming grin, pronouncing her name with a rather noticeable flavor of pride in her voice, "Remilia Scarlet." She continues in English, albeit with a French accent that your ears detect right away. An exchange student, then? "<Well, I was just wondering...>"


"<Well, it's not that I don't know, or that I'm unsure - of course not! - but I just felt like double-checking...>"


"<You see, I figured I might as well make sure what your personal views and expectations are, as you're going to be our teacher, and so-...>"

"<Please, do get on with it already...>" Even your patience has its limits.

"<...How do you spell 'professional'?>"

"<One 'f'.>"

She promptly mumbles a quiet, muffled something that you think might have been a 'thank you' and returns to her writing task, earning a soft chuckle from her deskmate, the blonde girl with the strange jeweled branches on her back. You smirk to yourself as well, sitting back in the chair and observing your students, now all focused on their task. A few minutes later, you spring back onto your feet, clapping your hands to draw their attention once again.

"Alright, time's up! Don't worry about it if you didn't finish, this is just something for me, not for your grade." You make a trip around the classroom, collecting everyone's papers - some handed over willingly, some more grudgingly. Some, like the rabbit-eared girl, simply left it on the corner of her desk while idly gazing out of the window.

"Right," you continue, neatly putting the papers into a single pile and moving them aside for the time being, "I'll read these later today. Well now, you gave me a piece of your mind just now... I guess it's only fair if I give you some of mine in exchange, no? After all, I'd like to get to know you all better, so... feel free to ask anything you want from me, today."

While they seem hesitant at first, the girls gradually begin to ask you this-and-that, one by one, little things ranging from the usual 'Where are you from?' and the like, to random oddities like your shoe size, provoking giggles from all. Well, at least they're entertained for today...

"So, teach," Reimu's blonde deskmate speaks up all of a sudden, "you got anyone waiting on ya back home? Or were ya planning on settling down here?" There's something wily about that smirk of hers...
"Maybe start a family with one of the lady teachers, hmm?"

Before you can embarrass yourself with some manner of awkward response to dodge the question with, the bell rings, the laughing girls nigh-instantly flowing out of the classroom, leaving you alone for the time being. Phew, what a bunch of characters, indeed... In any case, while you're here and there's time until your next lesson, you might as well go through some of these writings. Let's see... Reimu Hakurei.

"<I'm hungry.>"

That's it. Well, she's... blunt. That's about all you can say about this. Unfortunately, it doesn't give you a good idea about her English skills. Next up... Remilia Scarlet. Hers seems to be a long lament about the difficulties of finding good help to work in her mansion these days. A mansion? Does such a thing exist in Gensokyo? In any case, while her ego seems like it may become problematic in the future, her English is at a pretty good level, from what you can tell. And next is... Youmu Konpaku.

A lengthy, extremely formal apology written entirely in somewhat archaic Japanese. So, zero here, huh? How'd she get past her first year without being able to speak a bit of English?

Oh boy. You've certainly got your hands full, here. Deciding to read the rest of these later, when you get back home, you stuff them in your desk drawer for the time being and head for the teachers' lounge, to kill time until the next lesson and perhaps talk to miss Kamishirasawa, if you happen to bump into her. In any case, you figure you handled yourself pretty well, there... You kept your cool, you got them to listen to you, even took the first step towards getting to know one of them on a more personal level - it always pays to be friends with your students, you think. Coming up to the door of the teachers' lounge, you knock out of a mix of politeness and reflex, but to no answer. Figuring nobody else must be in there, you figure you'll pop inside and chill for the time being anyway.

It's quite nice, actually. A nice view behind the windows, comfy looking sofa in the middle of the room, tasteful furniture... Deciding to kick back and relax, you walk up to the sofa, turn yourself around and allow yourself to fall back onto it, with a soft thud.

Followed by a high-pitched yelp from behind the sofa.

Springing up to your feet, you glance around for the source of this unexpected noise, anxiously adjusting your tie yet again. Your eyes stop upon a blue head of hair tied into two pigtails, peeking out from behind the sofa. A few seconds later, a pair of matching blue eyes becomes visible, staring in your direction cautiously.

"...Ah, hello there!" You think to break the awkwardness by introducing yourself by name.
"And you are...?"

"Oh, I'm, ah, Nitori. Nitori Kawashiro, science teacher..." So, a colleague. Looking at her, you'd have guessed her to be a student at first glance, to be honest...

"Is there a problem, miss Kawashiro?"

"I... I have a lesson, coming up." She's avoiding eye contact.

"Yes, and...?"

"Um... That's about it, really."

"Not good with being in front of an audience, I take it?" Hm, so you're not the only new one here...

"Well... No." She shuffles about a bit, pondering her words before speaking further. Her voice is kind of soft and whispery, to the point where you need to divert all of your focus on reading her lips while listening to her speak.
"Actually, I'm not good at talking to people, period."

"Well, you're talking to me just fine, aren't you?" You offer her a reassuring smile, to which she responds with a look of abject horror on her face - a look of realization.

"...A-aah... Oh...!"

...And with that, the springs forth from behind the sofa and dashes out of the room. What a peculiar encounter. Along the way, she passes by another woman presently entering the lounge, clad in what appears to be some manner of light-violet mantle-slash-robe, with long purple hair. Does everyone here look like a cartoon character? In any case, this new person glances after Nitori with only mild interest, before shrugging to herself and closing the door behind herself. Spotting you, lying there on the couch while feeling strangely drained from this day already, she approaches you and sits down on the other side of the half-circle shaped sofa, producing a small paperback book seemingly out of nowhere. You can't read the title, whatever language that's in.

"I see you are already making acquaintances."

"Ah, y-yes, well... Hello, there." Standing up briefly and taking a bow, you sit down once again after giving her your name.

"Patchouli Knowledge," she responds dryly, her voice a strange monotone, lacking in any and all signs of human emotion. A little disturbing, that. Her half-closed eyes, as vibrantly purple as her hair, dart swiftly to and fro along the pages of the book in her hand, even as she speaks to you.
"Miss Kamishirasawa has asked me to inform you that she will be preoccupied for the rest of the day. She wishes you luck, though." Raising her gaze from the book briefly, she gives you a bit of a judgmental stare.
"I trust you have not had difficulties so far?"

"Ah, well... I decided to spend the first lesson getting acquainted with the students, and trying to figure out their average level of ability, so..."

"Indeed? And how, based on your results, do you plan to approach the task of further educating them?"

"...Pardon me?"

She almost seems to grimace for a moment, but her face instantly regains its previous emotionless, almost stone-like appearance, before you even notice it.
"Miss Kamishirasawa has given you a certain degree of freedom in your methods, you see. You are to proceed according to whatever plan you like, as long as your results are satisfactory." She turns her gaze back to her book, as if gradually losing interest in you.
"You will, of course, be judged harshly by your peers during your first few weeks here... Do try not to be a disappointment."

Pressure. Pressure always works. Anyway... Freedom, huh? Well, from what you've gathered so far, there's a wild gap in skill level within your class at the moment - from those who speak almost fluently, to those who barely know a single word in English. How best to approach this situation? On the one hand, you can't just leave the weaker students trailing behind, but on the other hand, making things too easy for the more gifted students will likely result in them losing focus and interest towards your subject.


[] Start off at a medium level, paying extra attention to those less skillful to help them catch up.
[] Start off at an easier level, but give the more skilled students some additional tasks to keep them from getting bored.
File 13016232232.jpg - (582.88KB, 700x1017 , cd4b9922d0c96daeb277495c8f5386dc.jpg) [iqdb]

[] Discuss routelocks and whatnot now.
[] Wait until you've gotten to know everyone better.
[x] Start off at a medium level, paying extra attention to those less skillful to help them catch up.
[x] Discuss routelocks and whatnot now.
-[x] Mainly the matter of having them once far enough in the story.

I'd rather wait until getting to know people better before making a final choice.
[X] Start off at a medium level, paying extra attention to those less skillful to help them catch up.
[X] Wait until you've gotten to know everyone better.
[x] Start off at a medium level, paying extra attention to those less skillful to help them catch up.

Also, do you like to suffer? I'll give you a hand here.
[x]No routes. ever.

In a completely unrelated note
>You will never shower with Patchouli.

[x] Start off at a medium level, paying extra attention to those less skillful to help them catch up.
[x] Wait until you've gotten to know everyone better.

We can't afford to coddle them. It's sink or swim for now. Also, a surprising change from the original in that we are the teacher. I have to say though; if this is your method of preempting cries of pedophilia, this was probably the absolutely worst way you could do it.

Oh god. It's really happening.
The character pool is reduced vastly as well... student-teacher relationships are frowned upon and certain pairings would really seem pedo.
Yeah, unlike the calls of pedo in the last GH, this story would actually lend credence to their claims.


You are an asshole Taisa, I will forever wait in wonder, pondering if this is an elaborate hoax.
Who cares? It's fiction.
Oh INDEED. But I wonder if there'll be more teachers this time around as a good chunk of the student body is off limits.

And I do wonder if this is just a prank or not and it might be why more people haven't voted, that or the fact they just moved on.

[X] Start off at an easier level, but give the more skilled students some additional tasks to keep them from getting bored.

[X] Discuss routelocks and whatnot now.
The plot's gonna be at least as interesting and important to the story as the interpersonal relationships this time around, right? Please say yes.
Also, the title "Miss" is always capitalized, just like "Mr.", "Mrs.", and "Ms.".
Well, we already have more teachers don't we? Instead of one general knowledgeable teacher imparting all subjects, they appear to be broken down into their specialties. I'm sure there will be more new faces other than Nitori. Meiling for gym teacher, calling it here.

Give it time on the votes though. I'm sure within a week we'll have the two update auto-saged monstrosities we all know and love.
[X] Start off at a medium level, paying extra attention to those less skillful to help them catch up.

I want to believe.
Happy April Fools' 2011 Taisa, THP.

Good night.
in the Original story, there were mainly 2-3, but we saw Keine and Patchouli the most. Not sure if this will be as popular as times are different and Demetrious, Karesh and SolusLunes rule /th/ now. As right now I'm not really feeling the story; I'm in "Eh, let's see where this goes" mode.
[X] Start off at a medium level, paying extra attention to those less skillful to help them catch up.

Wow, it's actually happening. Also, will there be a thread in /words/ for the inevitable shitstormsdiscussions?
[x] Start off at an easier level, but give the more skilled students some additional tasks to keep them from getting bored.
[x] Discuss Routelocks
-[x] Make a choice to define the route after a certain number of threads.
Where's the moonbunnies in space, Taisa? You promised moonbunny hijinx in space!
I doubt what happened with the original story will happen here. GH's sudden popularity was basically a freak series of events. Before that, it was a small story, overshadowed by others. It'd be for the best if things were never to repeat.
[x] Start off at a medium level, paying extra attention to those less skillful to help them catch up.
[x] Discuss routelocks and whatnot now.
-[x] Mainly the matter of having them once far enough in the story.
>Gensokyo High - Reboot
My body is ready!
>Happy April Fools' 2011 Taisa, THP.
If this is true i have to kill you Taisa. Seriously, i need to hunt you down and do it painfully slowly.
I waited forever for this, so do not play with my feelings...

[x] Start off at a medium level, paying extra attention to those less skillful to help them catch up.
[x] Wait until you've gotten to know everyone better.
[X] Start off at a medium level, paying extra attention to those less skillful to help them catch up.
[X] Wait until you've gotten to know everyone better.

Taisa, I love you, but I want you to know: I will travel the full globe and hunt you down myself if this is an April Fools prank.

If I hadn't just performed my own prank, I might have been deceived. That said, a hearty first of April to yourself, you cheeky bastard.
[x] Start off at a medium level, paying extra attention to those less skillful to help them catch up.
[x] Wait until you've gotten to know everyone better.

Wait until it's prudent...
Haha, I'll wait till tomorrow to vote.
File 130163933884.jpg - (716.82KB, 643x900 , is_ that_ SOOOOOOOO.jpg) [iqdb]
I love you too Taisa.
ha ha wow
You gotta be kidding me! I'm only on two threads!
They're good threads~

I guess I should vote on the off chance this isn't a joke.

[x] Start off at a medium level, paying extra attention to those less skillful to help them catch up.
[x] Wait until you've gotten to know everyone better.
You shouldn't sell yourself short. I absolutely despise both your stories, but you've got a very nice writing style, and frequent updates certainly help.

No way you're on Demetrious and Karesh's level, though.
[X] Start off at a medium level, paying extra attention to those less skillful to help them catch up.
-[x] Wait until you've gotten to know everyone better.

Works for me~!

Yes even THAT GUY has hopes to see this reboot finish to the end. Even if this is an April Fool's joke it certainly feels good man to see you write once more.
[x] Start off at an easier level, but give the more skilled students some additional tasks to keep them from getting bored.
[x] Wait until you've gotten to know everyone better.

[x] Discuss how any word with pedo in it should be an autoban.
[x] Discuss the pure hate that will come if this story a joke.
[X] Start off at a medium level, paying extra attention to those less skillful to help them catch up.
-[x] Wait until you've gotten to know everyone better.

I must say that I'm rather annoyed by the fact that you gave up on the story, but I do appreciate the fact that you're starting a new story.
[x] Start off at a medium level, paying extra attention to those less skillful to help them catch up.
[x] Wait until you've gotten to know everyone better.
[x] Start off at a medium level, paying extra attention to those less skillful to help them catch up.
[x] Rape-only.
I want to believe...
please..... ;_;
File 130173878460.jpg - (325.07KB, 687x892 , 0104.jpg) [iqdb]
I'm not sure how to tell you this...
File 130174023292.jpg - (513.39KB, 960x960 , 17699184.jpg) [iqdb]
File 130174350043.png - (19.14KB, 381x400 , 1285044426979.png) [iqdb]
hahhaha, you got me.

...I fucking hate you.

But I will never give up hope ;_;

Also, great, Adult Tewi. Now I have to fap this early in the morning.
>Also, great, Adult Tewi. Now I have to fap this early in the morning.
File 130174829357.jpg - (156.79KB, 900x1005 , chi13078871.jpg) [iqdb]
I'm sorry; I can't hear you over the sound of her breasts.
Boobs so massive they actually have a *sound*? Now I can say I've seen quite a lot of things. Because you've never seen everything.
Why are you so mad bro?
I just want to read a story without having to read your butthurt faggotry and your pedomorality.

Is that asking too much?
Pardon? I was commenting on the absurd of the "I can't hear you over the sound of her breasts" thing. Frankly, I don't care to moralize about that here... or maybe I should, if your own comment should be overanalyzed as well?
Well, the "I can't hear you over the sound of her breast" was an answer to >>138927, who seems to be a moralfaggot.
I though you were were the same guy.
The last posts are a perfect showcase why Taisa is not writing.

Good work faggots.
File 130175883525.png - (217.68KB, 600x600 , 14988679.png) [iqdb]
He just wrote something, and already you're complaining that he's not writing more! Typical!

Be thankful!
File 130176038399.jpg - (44.35KB, 450x490 , 1270108682421.jpg) [iqdb]
He wrote something so he can laugh and fap to our despair while we get our hopes up.

In case you haven't noticed.
File 130176583162.jpg - (1.51MB, 2480x1754 , 15872893.jpg) [iqdb]
Yes. Still, he did write something. That's a step up. Progress!
File 130176810972.jpg - (607.81KB, 750x1800 , 52441b8220475d10ccd360767d6a2086.jpg) [iqdb]
File 130176880616.jpg - (22.55KB, 240x427 , 16511573.jpg) [iqdb]
You know, if it weren't for all the other times I was led to believe a writer and their story were starting up (again), only to be disappointed when they inevitably quit shortly afterward (again), I might almost have felt something about this.

I have to give you credit for the work you put into it, at least, but a joke just isn't as funny when you've already heard it told a dozen times before.
You went to far, man.
Eh, not really butthurt about it.

I mean it was April Fools Day. You guys shouldn't be surprised.
So this is what you were working on that you said you shouldn't talk about.

Eh, no hard feelings. It was fun to read, and the moment I saw it posted I knew it was for April Fools because, well...April Fools. Like the guy above me said, you guys should have seen this coming a mile away.
2nd chapter 20012.04.01 ?
Doh I'm an idiot. Sorry
That's no excuse.
Remember when Taisa wrote stories with quality setting, dialogue, pacing, and character depth? Really? Me neither. "Gensokyo High" was, like many reality TV shows, so successful because it pandered to all, satisfied none, and in the end was just vacuous fluff posturing as substance, with an added pretentious twist towards the 'end' as the writer's already bloated ego reached critical mass. A guilty pleasure of wish-fulfillment. I suppose things could have picked up with the oft-referenced (but never observed) increase in quality and plot, but I think it's pretty clear things were never going to make it to that stage. Truly, a veritable trainwreck of clichéd drama waiting to happen. This site is better off without him picking up this story again, or even pretending to. His story in /sdm/ was a good deal better, even if lacking in the aforementioned qualities. At least he had to come up with relatively creative ways of rehashing castlevania content by replacing it with toehoes.

Search your feelings, you know it to be true.

Good show. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Anything that contributes to the battered-housewife/Stockholm Syndrome mentality of this site.

>bloated ego

Pick one.
He was thriving off the shitstorms at one time, but in the end it became too much. Though he was never egotisical like YAF, but he was naive about what would occur when one invokes as many shitstorms as he did.
I like to think he pretended the first couple of shitstorms were positive encouragement and actual discussion. Only when it became clear that is was just endless shit-flinging is when he lost motivation. I would certainly never put him on YAF's faggot pedestal.
>This site is better off without him picking up this story again, or even pretending to.

Agreed on the other points, too. Except maybe the ego part, but I suppose others would know better.

Not sure I agree that the site is better off without it, as a good deal of the stuff on here is nothing but guilty pleasure wish fulfillment from writers with bloated ego's or those with a rather pathetic lack of ego. What's 1 more?

That said, I'd like if we could stop talking about GH. I'd like it being resumed more, but it's clear that there's a better chance of glasnost making weekly updates at this point.
The site however is better off if you pick up Touhouvania again
do it
File 130191199021.jpg - (1.68MB, 1000x1240 , 17532871.jpg) [iqdb]
Hey Taisa, if you ever think of a plot that you believe does Rumia justice, you better write it. No excuses.
File 130192015618.jpg - (162.53KB, 600x600 , baf0e48110fb7458060f145c28793d2f.jpg) [iqdb]
Also, I'm sorry for this thread. Honestly. I should not have done this. I guess I wasn't thinking at the time... Though that's hardly an excuse.

Terribly sorry for betraying peoples' trust (LOL, what little they'd have had left for whatever reason) for the umpteenth time.
File 130192128559.png - (475.98KB, 1200x1308 , 12311589.png) [iqdb]
Hands up, everyone that saw this post coming.

Yep, dumb idea, I'm surprised nobody tried to talk you out of it.
Aww don't worry Taisa we still love you.

You shouldn't be sorry, it was a good and honest joke.
Perfect for making idiots give up too
Grow a spine, never regret!

I liked GH, and will always feed the hope of it coming back one day. I know it won't happen, but I would be happy if it did.
File 130195148199.png - (808.46KB, 972x1073 , 129951816857.png) [iqdb]
Go back to updating Taisa. You can write even about touhous doing nothing but drinking tea withou a word being said. Describe the scrubs or something for all i care.

Just do some writing, screw with our minds, hate us, despair us. Whatever you want. Just write.
Same here. I didn't get the Tewi picture when I saw it, it was an IRC users who explained me.
My despair when I understood the Fool joke was deep.

That's why, if one day Taisa decide to continue GH, I'll be here for him.
>Search your feelings, you know it to be true.
That's a nice opinion you have there. Of course, I disagree with it almost entirely, but that's the thing with opinions: everyone has one.
Just quoting to make sure that you understand that what you said it's true... only to you. 'Quality' 'Good pacing' 'Character depth' those may seem like absolute qualities but they're not. It basically depends on your expectations.
Me? I just focus on the objective. If it was meant to entertain and it did so, then that story was a success. In fact, the only thing I can say with absolute certainty is that the story was a success. It had a lot of fans and they were eagerly expecting the next update every single time. Otherwise, this prank wouldn't have been as successful. And, even now, they still just want the story to continue. Quoting Keanu Reeves, 'Woah'
so... rumor has it taisa killed himself because of >>139055 ? straw that broke the camels back after a lot of bad stuff or something?

probably just an irc troll but would like to have someone clarify just in case
...but seriously though, is the idea up for grabs? I probably won't be the one to take it, but seeing justice done to it would be awesome.
No. Until there is some sort of validation to this claim, nothings happening.
Taisa *is* gone, though. He hasn't been on IRC for about a week now, and he's usually on almost daily.
Oh no! Not a single week of no correspondence. Somebody call the authorities, he is clearly dead and gone.

We would, but we don't know the number for 911 in Estonia.

I hope that's not sarcasm I'm looking at.
011-372-112 when calling from a US land line. Not that it really does any good without a real name, address, probable cause for concern, or anything other than "hay guys my interwebs friend is gone", but hey, have fun crank calling the EU.

Hope he's alright.
The least thing this site needs is another dead writer.

Better be okay Taisa, the first is already over.
did he say anything before disappearing?
Please stop bumping this thread. Looking at it makes me sad. Thank you.
He can't be dead, he keeps updating >>/others/33050 .

No, seriously, I think you're all overreacting.
File 130288550212.png - (1.63MB, 1200x1600 , 6d019cca2717ff716e5bbfd9fcec8954.png) [iqdb]
I'm still alive.

Sorry to disappoint.
File 130288617680.jpg - (503.18KB, 979x985 , 18081976.jpg) [iqdb]
>Sorry to disappoint.
Stop apologizing!
File 130289209990.jpg - (273.63KB, 939x1236 , 443fc45e5b9974853a71870bdf36bd7c.jpg) [iqdb]
What idea? Highschool teacher in Gensokyo? Sure, go ahead, I don't care.
>Sorry to disappoint.
>I don't care.
Fast. Get this man a pony.
File 130301546168.jpg - (398.19KB, 1856x680 , 20186717959360079168.jpg) [iqdb]
File 130302191639.jpg - (23.09KB, 402x300 , 130042082426.jpg) [iqdb]
Additionally, it seems, the troll argument that was lobbed at Taisa in response to his troll wasn't taken as the troll it was by the sycophant trolls, who then proceeded to troll, and to be trolled by trolls rallied by the troll post.

Trolls trolling trolls, as the colloquialism goes.

Basically, probably (I dearly hope), 80% of these posts were either in jest, or finger-in-unusualorificeofyourchoice brick-to-head foolery. Taisa, by the standards here, is a perfectly decent writer-fellow, quite good, even. If a bit skittish.

You served us, yes you did. But, I think, in the end, all the trolls have been trolled, and can, and perhaps should, troll no more for a spell.
What I would like to see is a touhoe being a teacher OUTSIDE of Gensokyo.
These kids where worried about you, just so you know.

Too many OCs. Bleh.
File 130316950128.jpg - (523.23KB, 1200x1200 , what am I chopped liver.jpg) [iqdb]
>>What I would like to see is a touhoe being a teacher OUTSIDE of Gensokyo.

We've already got a Touhou for that, you know.
File 130366238881.jpg - (374.58KB, 665x1099 , cab5e1cb948201a56ad4504e19e176fa.jpg) [iqdb]
Cheer up, Taisa.
Focus the story on the touhoe, and mainly about her feelings about teaching stuff to a bunch of stupid ungrateful kids.
For example, Eirin being a biology teacher and getting pissed everyday.
It might be interesting, in my opinion.

Forgot to sage, don't hate me please.

rage, thousand suns, etc...
File 130374406535.jpg - (540.31KB, 1736x868 , e13ce3f18225d0e8d266495b9b506a01.jpg) [iqdb]
What is this doing on the front page again.
File 130375057112.png - (193.27KB, 1000x918 , a9e15d74e398d5b2df0a2b27d39ca092.png) [iqdb]
Never gonna give you up never gonna let you down
never gonna run around and desert you
never gonna make you cry never gonna say goodbye
File 130375079340.jpg - (410.16KB, 770x1075 , 914f4a0c47fe523ecd2497ff0368f169.jpg) [iqdb]
Next update, same time next year?
I'll be here.
File 130375976035.jpg - (188.39KB, 752x1066 , 7bea5cee7469a1c519013ca411bc15b5.jpg) [iqdb]
Soapy Patchy is nice, but Elegant Rumia is pretty swell, too.
File 130376397655.jpg - (408.63KB, 1024x768 , 271b0ae2df639484913041f3d12761f0.jpg) [iqdb]
Why, of course.
File 130376713751.jpg - (269.50KB, 750x562 , 8107503.jpg) [iqdb]
You're forgetting someone important.

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