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Starting out writing, I had an idea and it stuck for a while so I decided to write and see how it plays out.

Please point out any major issues, also if its something I mentioned but didn't write it clearly enough ask and I will explain.

And so one last thing before the start: Please keep the meta gaming to a minimum, I won't complain if you do it but I think it will be more enjoyable if its kept down.

You are wandering through this forest trying to find your way out, but no matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to stop moving in place.

Eventually you stop out of frustration and take a look around you.

You see a clearing that you have been trying to enter; in this clearing is a split down the center, separating the normal from the ancient looking forest. As you are examining the clearing you feel the air change and become saturated with what feels like pure magical force. As it grows in strength, it changes from a simple vibration in the air to an audible humming. When the force reaches its climax you see a thin black line appear not too far out in front of you; it quickly widens to reveal a void filled with an endless amount of unblinking eyes. The eyes never once meet your gaze, but at the same time never once look away from you. Unnerving as this is, your curiosity demands that you get a closer look. As you approach, you start trying to figure out what this thing is. This anomaly is nothing like anything you have ever seen before; it quite simply baffles you. Whatever it is though, you can at least tell that its tearing reality itself apart.

As you are contemplating this irregularity, your ears register a sound that you almost missed. The noise almost sounded like a woman laughing but you are not quite certain, seeing as you were forcing your mind to contemplate the impossible, and it decided to tell you to go fuck yourself – not very nice, but you don't really blame it in this case. Before you can search for the source, a woman hangs out of the void almost lazily and with an ease that suggests this was a routine for her.

You are absolutely dumb struck; this young blonde woman shows up and hangs out of a tear in reality itself, and acts like it's nothing. This woman is doing something that not even the most powerful mages could do, and doing it casually. And yet despite knowing that she won't answer you, you ask, "How the hell are you doing that?"

She says something in another language, and you feel the power that's vibrating in the air react before settling down again. Upon feeling this you take a few steps back to hopefully give you some reaction time in case she decides to attack. The woman pulls out a fan and spreads it over her mouth before she lets out a laugh that sounds something like 'Ufufufu' and says, "Are you afraid of me, boy?" completely disregarding what you had asked before continuing: "There really isn't much of a reason to be." She accents her sentence with an audible snap of her fan.

"No reason to be afraid of you?" you ask skeptically. "I call bullshit. You are hanging out of a tear in reality itself, with what appears to be an endless void of eyes staring out from behind you, and you expect me to be without a reason to fear you?" scoffing as you finish.
She hides behind her fan as she lets out another laugh before saying, "Oh my, you really do know how to flatter a woman, don't you? But I'm only here for a visit, so no need to fear~"
You give her a look that says you are not fooling anyone. "A visit? Doesn't that usually require knowing each other first? I know for certain that we have never met and I sure as hell don't know you. The reverse of that should also be true, is it not?"

She frowns a bit, "Aw, you're no fun." She pauses to point her fan at you. "It is, however, time for you to wake up. Do try to have a good day tomorrow~"

You wake with a start, and immediately let out a sigh of relief when you realize that it was only a dream. An odd and somewhat unnerving dream, admittedly, but all the same just a dream. You reflexively scan your surroundings to see the clearing you found last night. The clearing itself has very few low lying bushes, is about twenty paces wide, and, on the easternmost side, has a small river flowing through it. As you collect your senses you notice that the birds are beginning to sing to each other along with the soft sound of water flowing. You sit there for a moment and listen to the soothing sounds as your uneasiness from the dream fades away.

As you ponder the meaning of the dream—if there was one—you begin collecting your remaining equipment. Starting with the bedroll, then your combat knife, and last but not least your blade. Despite the fact that it's been an age and then some since you personally forged the blade, it never fails to amaze you. The blade itself catches the sun in such a way that it almost looks to be alive; and as for how it feels in your hands, it may as well be an extension of your arm, extraordinarily light weight, and the balance is divine. The material it’s composed of is nothing but the best blend of metals that you personally called from the depths of the earth, and as if that wasn’t enough, you went above and beyond, and enchanted the metal to be stronger than normal. This enhanced strength allowed the blade to take a lot of punishment without even dulling.

Speaking of dulling—or the lack thereof—the blade's edge is so insanely sharp that you had to create a steel weave to put in the sheath, lest the blade cuts right through it. What makes you admire it most though, is not how beautifully crafted it is, not how insanely sharp it is, but rather the fact that it is your closest companion. One of the few constants that you have; no matter what goes on, you can always count on it to be right there by your side in the thick of it, comforting you and threatening your enemies.

You let out a content sigh as you start carrying it towards the river, not bothering to put it in its usual position, seeing as you are about to strip down and wash yourself. You really need it considering you have been lost in these blasted woods for a little over two weeks now. You reach the edge of the river, set your two blades and bedroll down within reach in case you need the weapons. Standing back up, you stretch as far as you can before stripping down and setting your clothes next to your equipment. Now that you are out of your clothing, you ease slowly into the cool, shimmering water, as to avoid slipping, and begin to wash yourself.

After a bit of scrubbing with nothing but the river water, you decide that you are as clean as you can get without soap, and proceed to leave the cool water and enter the now frigid air. Cursing yourself for forgetting that you have nothing to dry off with, you decide to cheat a little with the careful application of fire magic. A close call and a few singed hairs later, you are dry enough to put your clothing back on. When everything is in its proper place, you give the clearing one last look before turning back towards the stream.

As soon as you finish turning, you stop dead in your tracks. The thing from your dream is back, and this time you know you are not dreaming. Breaking out into a cold sweat you notice something slightly different about it – the eyes. Unlike before, the eyes are trying to make direct contact with you. They are truly looking at you this time around, and every time you meet one of the eyes, you feel your soul being laid before them, nothing hidden from their view. The feeling is so overpowering that you immediately turn away from the void of eyes and start running.

You take about two full running steps before skidding to a halt as a horrid realization hits you.

This break in reality already has you surrounded.

It’s at this point that you realize just how screwed you really are. You are going to die here and there is nothing you can do about it. With that realization, you look upwards in hopes of seeing something other than these affronts to nature itself, but against your hopes to see the blue of the sky, you find the blonde woman from your dream last night sitting on one of the voids with her fan in hand covering her mouth.

You glare at her with all the hatred you can possibly summon. The last thing your mind registers before blacking out is her damned laugh.

You wake up to find that you are, thankfully, not dead after all. Extremely unnerved, yes, but still alive.

Shuddering as you put out of mind what just happened you reach for your companion and savior. Sighing in relief as you find that it is still there, you proceed to check for your bedroll and knife, both of which are still there. Now, with your meager equipment confirmed, you check your surroundings.

The forest you are in now is many times thicker and older than the one you were in. The immediate area appears to be clean of undergrowth, but it picks up quickly as the distance grows. The trees seem ancient, the brush untouched, and finally, for as far as you can see, there is no path that you could follow.

Cursing your forsaken luck, you close your eyes and listen closely to see if you can hear the sound running water.

No water, but you hear something else instead – some rustling in the bush behind and slightly to the left.

You may have just found yourself a meal.

So you…

Choice 1:
[ ] Do nothing
[ ] Stay still, perhaps it will come close to you if this place is as untouched as it looks
-[ ] Draw your knife its smaller and will be easier to draw without alerting it
-[ ] Draw your blade it has never failed you before
-[ ] Use your hands
[ ] Turn around and
-[ ] Chase it with your knife its smaller and will be easier use in the thick underbrush
-[ ] Chase it with your blade it has never failed you before
-[ ] Chase it barehanded, you feel manly today
-[ ] Try to sneak up on it using (insert choice here)
[ ] Run, you don’t care what it is but you really don’t feel like messing with it after that last encounter
-[ ] As fast as you can, no holding back
-[ ] At a reasonable pace that you can hold for a while
-[ ] Why run when you can walk
[ ] A write in is fine too

Choice 2:
[ ] Choose what your blade is, must be something one handed. ( I reserve the right to veto)
-[ ] Choose its name, nothing drawing on too legendary origins. Keep it simple but give it meaning. (Once again I reserve the right to veto)

Choice 3
[ ] What is your name again?
[ ] Stay still, perhaps it will come close to you if this place is as untouched as it looks
-[ ] Draw your knife its smaller and will be easier to draw without alerting it
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[x] Turn around and
-[x] Chase it with your knife, its smaller and will be easier use in the thick underbrush

[x] Falchion

Naming choices can go take a walk.
[x] Turn around and
-[x] Throw your knife at it.
[x] Dirk. Its name is Toothpick
[x] Fuck names.

A blacksmith who personally forged some super duper special blade, and mage? I smell yet another Mary Sue brewing in the works. That we are introduced into Gensokyo via Yukari shenanigans does not inspire confidence either.

Also, condense your votes. Having a myriad of choices to pick from will only sew dysentery. Unless someone comes in with some flawless logic, there will be no consensus.

Also also
No worries, Mary sue is being avoided or attempted to be. I just got excited about the blade, and for the email I couldn't get delete to function so it had to stay...
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>I smell yet another Mary Sue brewing in the works.

What's with the constant influx of competent lead characters these days? A spineless doormat, or a powerless character with a silver tongue that can effortlessly convince ten-thousand year old youkai with alien thought processes not to squash them like fucking bugs is a lot more realistic.
What's with the constant flux of incompetent lead characters these days? A walking god, or an otherwise powerful character with a myriad of fanciful magics that can shit all over the established setting is a lot more realistic.

I'm sorry, but as a person of non-trash status, I do not have a reaction image to attach to my post.
There's been one post, isn't it a little soon to judge? Not to mention that powers alone don't even come close to making a mary sue.
[x] Turn around and
-[x] Throw your knife at it.
[x] Dirk. Its name is Toothpick
as long as they're interesting, I don't care
[x] Turn around and
-[x] Throw your knife at it.
[x] Dirk. Its name is Toothpick
[x] Fuck names.
[x] Turn around and
-[x] Throw your knife at it.
[x] Dirk. Its name is Steve.

File 130163101861.png - (20.33KB, 481x322 , 1275075690571.png) [iqdb]

>an otherwise powerful character with a myriad of fanciful magics

In Gensokyo, that's called "average."

>I do not have a reaction image to attach to my post

No problem, I've got one that's just PERFECT for you! See attached.
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In the six hour interim between our respective posts, I have scoured the internet over for a suitable picture response. After braving much peril, I think I have finally found one that fits perfectly for you.
[x] Turn around and
-[x] Throw your knife at it.
[x] Dirk. Its name is Toothpick

Just to be clear, you are throwing the combat knife correct? or Toothpick?
No throwing precious treasures around.
Actually, I was thinking of throwing Toothpick, but I don't care enough to contest the point.
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Sorry for the wait. I get easily distracted.

So you turn around, pull out your combat knife, and launch it towards the sound. You watch it quickly disappear into the brush, just before a hearing an animalistic cry of pain.

Before you go check on your newly found meal, you pull Toothpick out of its sheath in case the animal is still up and moving around—not that you expect it to be, but you never know.

Prepared to deal the finishing blow, you start weaving through the brush and come into another small clearing. In this clearing is your combat knife, bloodied and sticking out of the ground instead of your target. Now alert, you look around quickly in search of it and see a wolf-like creature slightly to your left, charging at you on two legs with alarming speed.

You take a step back just for a bit of extra leeway and throw your left arm at a diagonal angle to block the overhead swing sent your way—just like you would with any other human opponent. You also completely forget that this thing has claws on its hands. Your block keeps the blow from mauling your face, but your left arm isn’t so lucky—everything below the elbow is a mess.

Teeth clenched from pain, you let a few curses roll from your tongue while stepping to the right side of the still charging beast.

As it charges past you drag the blade across its side, letting the thing’s own momentum, weight, and speed do the work for you.

The creature lets out an enraged howl of pain as your blade greedily bites into its flesh.

As you continue your side-step making it into a full turn you watch the creature’s second attempt to strike at you fail miserably as its own momentum sends it sprawling to the ground. Not wanting to let such an opportunity go you start to rush forward, only to stop when you are blinded by a wall of light.

You quickly close your eyes and listen closely, only to hear absolutely nothing. Well nothing other than your own breathing and blood pumping through your body, not even the birds are singing to each other anymore.

Carefully opening your eyes—in case the wall of light still is there— you see a young blonde haired woman with blue eyes wearing a classic black and white witch’s outfit riding on a broom that is floating a few feet off the ground.

Backing away carefully, you wait to see if she has hostile intentions—even more so wary due to your luck as of late. The witch lets loose a grin unlike any other you have seen to date and says, “You owe me for saving ya’.”

“What!" Bullshit!” You exclaim before you can stop yourself, “I could see you asking for payment if I had asked for help, but you butted in when I didn’t even need help.”

The witch points to your left arm, “Then what about that right there, doesn’t that prove that you needed help?”

You flinch as she reminds you of your pain, “I was a bit careless I will admit that, but the beast was on the ground and victory was mine when you interrupted!”

“Don’t mind the details so much, ~ze!” she states forcefully. “Here, I’ll tell you what; I will even finish the job and get you to Eientei so they can treat your wound.”

Glancing at your arm, you think for a moment on your situation. You have no disinfectant, no clean bandages, and the wound was caused by claws. This practically screams “infection waiting to happen,” and even if you weren’t wounded you still don’t know the way out of this forest! …Not that you knew the way out of the last forest, but at least you had an idea on where you where. Now, you don’t even know what country you’re in.

Sighing, you sheathe Toothpick and look back at the witch. “It isn’t like I have any real choice in the matter. I couldn’t be more lost than I am now.” You gesture to your injury. “And this is just an infection waiting to happen without proper treatment. So you have your favor, but take me to that Eientei place first. This doesn’t exactly feel pleasant.”

Marisa lowers down onto the ground, “Hurry up and get on then I don’t have all day you know? Places to be, things to borrow, ~ze!”

You give Marisa a skeptic look and say, “Can’t we just walk?”

“No,” she responds impatiently, “I already told you I have places to be, and even if I didn’t that open wound would attract too many youkai to walk. Plus, flying is faster!”

You find yourself unable to make a sensible counter-argument. This woman is helping you get out of this forest so you don’t really have room to complain—even if she is only doing it out of greed. At least she used valid points rather than “because I said so.” The icing on the cake is, she’s your only hope for getting out of this forest in a timely fashion.

Sighing, you say, “At least let me get my other knife first.” You move around Marisa to see that the bright wall of light was actually a bright wall of destruction—the area where your knife used to be is in complete shambles. You immediately realize that there’s no way you’ll find your knife in the time frame Marisa will set.

You turn back to Marisa and regretfully inform her, “Never mind. It’s as good as gone in that mess.”

Marisa grins again then pats the space behind her, “Oh, and don’t bleed on me; blood is hard to wash out, ~ze!”

Nodding, you hold your now shaking—or perhaps you just now noticed it shaking—left arm off to the side and grip the woman’s waist tightly with your right. As soon as you settle you feel the ground disappear beneath you, causing a few curses to roll off your tongue. Despite your best efforts, you look down and see the trees rocketing past beneath you, causing your stomach to churn and your grip on Marisa’s waist to tighten.

It doesn’t take long before you enter what looks to be a bamboo forest—seriously what is it with all these damn forests—and even less time before you see a large mansion of a style that you don’t recognize.

You become increasingly nervous as Marisa’s flight towards the mansion doesn’t slow. When the two of you come within a hundred feet with no sign of slowing you plea to her, “Slow down! We’re gonna crash!”

Marisa shouts back at you, “Don’t get your panties in a twist, I know what I’m doing, ~ze!”

Marisa’s approach comes to a sudden halt just a few feet off the ground, and despite your grip on her, you end up being thrown off the broom face first.

Groaning you stand back up. “Couldn’t you have let me off normally!?”

Marisa looks indignant, “It’s not my fault you didn’t have a good enough grip on me. I never have problems with it, so why should you?” She waves her hand, cutting off your reply. “It doesn’t matter. I need to go, don’t forget that you owe me!”

As Marisa’s form disappears into the distance, you realize you have no clue where, exactly, you are supposed to go. Obviously you’re at Eientei, but the mansion looks to be rather large and there’s a path leading off to either side of the door in front of you. Both paths wrap around the sides of the mansion. The only other thing you see—aside from the forest that is—is a path leading away from the mansion. You frown as you realize that there’s no one in sight; surely someone must have heard you with all the sound both Marisa and you made?

So you...
[ ] Go in the front door, Marisa said this was a clinic so it should have an open door policy.
---[ ] Knock first.

[ ] Take the path that goes to the right.
---[ ] Carefully you have had some seriously bad luck lately.

[ ] Take the path that goes to the left.
---[ ] Carefully you have had some seriously bad luck lately.

[ ] Call out for help
[x] Go in the front door, Marisa said this was a clinic so it should have an open door policy.
---[x] Knock first.

Knock it off with the ~ze's.
[x] Go in the front door, Marisa said this was a clinic so it should have an open door policy.
---[x] Knock first.

Sweet, you actually went with the toothpick vote.
[x] Go in the front door, Marisa said this was a clinic so it should have an open door policy.

No knocks. We're an injured party, and have every right to be here. Let's just waltz in here like we own the damn place.
File 13020365256.jpg - (747.96KB, 604x900 , 81caa47324498f312dc71bb60603b851.jpg) [iqdb]
Calling it here at
[x] Go in the front door, Marisa said this was a clinic so it should have an open door policy.
---[x] Knock first.

Also in response to: "Knock it off with the ~ze's."

Tell me which ones you thought were more appropriate if you don't mind, so I can keep the Marisa factor there while toning down the usage of it.
The arguments about ze usage are long and varied. The general consensus is to simply have Marisa speak in a rough, boisterous manner, fitting more for a boy than a girl.

For example, this sentence would fit perfectly without the ze.
>Don’t get your panties in a twist, I know what I’m doing, ~ze!

Sorry, couldn't resist. Carry on.
No worries, I'll drop the ze's all together then. The update should be here in 2-4 days depending on how much I sleep.
I also doubt she would go around saying, "God damn Fucking youkai, go die" either.
Where exactly did the "da ze" tic that most people think Marisa says come from? Is it one those meaningless phrases or something that is like "dattebayo" from Naruto?
>Where exactly did the "da ze" tic that most people think Marisa says come from?

The games.
To clarify: she says it in the games occasionally. If you just read doujin stuff, however, you'd think she says it all the time, since the dumbass contingent of Japanese fans really dig the "constantly repeating stupid speech tics" gag. (Sort of like the dumbass contingent of Anglophone fans and "LOL TOOHOOS WITHOUT HATS DIEEEE".)

More importantly, it has no place in an English language story, because it's a real part of speech in Japanese that can be localized, as >>139179 said, by having her speak in a rough manner.

You know, except thats a really terrible way to localize it, but whatever. I bet you're one of those people that think leaving honorifics as they are when translation foreign works is a bad idea. choice on Marisa's part in canon. Her choosing to say the phrase has a completely different attitude than her just speaking roughly.
Nope. I don't give a shit about whatever anally-anguished argument you care to fall back too. Marisa using da ze in an English context is completely fucking stupid. You can inflect the meaning behind honorifics and shit like this with plain English, while still having a great translation. It is just significantly harder to do.
>Its a verbal choice on Marisa's part in canon.
I don't get your argument here. You make a choice with every word you use. The way that you're talking about this makes me wonder if you think that "da ze" is like "de geso" or something; some affectation unique to Marisa that should be preserved.

>Her choosing to say the phrase has a completely different attitude than her just speaking roughly.
It really doesn't. Let me rephrase: using "ze" at the end of a sentence is a manner of speaking roughly in Japanese, just like using "wa" at the end of a sentence is a manner of sounding feminine and using "sa" at the end of a sentence is a manner of sounding casual and unconcerned. There isn't an English word that's the equivalent of "ze", but there isn't an English word that's the equivalent of "suki", either. We don't treat the latter like a mysterious black box, we translate it into an appropriate phrasing based on context, which is exactly what should be done with the former. Which brings us to...

>I bet you're one of those people that think leaving honorifics as they are when translation foreign works is a bad idea.
Not really, because honorifics can reflect the social structure of Japan, which is fairly unique to Japan and doesn't always carry over to other languages. Sentence-ending particles, on the other hand, reflect the speaker's feelings and the tone of the sentence, and emotions are pretty universal across all cultures and languages.

Just for the record, though, the above is all moot, because this isn't a translation, it's being written in English. If you're going to write in English, then write in English, even if the characters are speaking Japanese; if you feel a desperate need to allude to the fact that the characters are speaking Japanese, go read The Game, which does so without looking dumb.

Can we call a moratorium on variants of "butthurt"? This is just getting silly.
>Can we call a moratorium on variants of "butthurt"? This is just getting silly.

Blame 4chan for banning the original word "Butthurt"

>People supposing the flood of "Da Ze"
Newfags, Newfags everywhere.
File 130259087882.jpg - (916.26KB, 1200x1697 , c8235cda83cc1485b67e623cd8a03ef9.jpg) [iqdb]
So before I post I would like to say I am sorry for the late reply. I wrote the original version within the time frame then realized it was shit so I rewrote it. Now it is late. On that note here is the update.

TL:DR Sorry for the wait. There was reason.

You are injured, so obviously you have a right to be here! That is, if the witch was telling you the truth and there is indeed a clinic here. Yeah, you're at least going to knock, especially considering this place doesn’t look very much like a clinic.

After you close the distance, you give the door three solid knocks and hear a muffled “One moment!” from an obviously female speaker.

To your relief it doesn’t take long for the door to open. It reveals a young girl with light purple hair, red eyes and bunny ears—normally this would shock you, but considering what you have been through this morning it is merely par for the course—who immediately recognizes the situation and says, “The clinic is right this way; do try to hurry up we wouldn’t want your condition worsening.”

She then turns around and begins walking with a brisk pace down a hallway that leads to the right, pausing only long enough to say, “Close the door behind you please.”

You follow her quickly, after doing as you were told, and find that the hallway is seemingly endless. It would be a good idea to refrain from going off on your own in here, considering the ease with which you could get lost. The girl stops at a door on the right side of the hallway long enough for you to catch up to her, and enters.

Following, you see a room clearly intended for medical use, there is a woman with long silver braided hair wearing a blue and red outfit in a large checkered pattern sitting at a desk writing.

The girl that led you here stops next to the woman, “Master Eirin, you have a patient.”

The woman, who apparently is Eirin, looks up from her work and finds you—the patient—closing the door behind you. Eirin then stands up from her desk and walks to your side, “Can you move your arm?”

You nod in response, and proceed to hold it out in such a way that she can examine it with ease.

Eirin looks at it for a bit before saying, “Udongein, gather the supplies required for stitches.” She pauses while she retrieves a gown. “If you would please, change into this, as your own clothing appears to be far too filthy.”

Well, she is right but she didn’t have to say it so bluntly. “Where do you want me to change then?”

“You can change over in that corner,” she makes a small gesture to the mentioned place. “You don’t need to insist on a separate room; I am a doctor after all.”

Ignoring her comment, you head over to the corner and see that there is a curtain you can draw around to assist in your attempt to conserve your modesty. As your begin trying to remove your shirt, you realize that there is no way that you can get it off without seriously hurting yourself.

You sigh as you draw Toothpick to cut the shirt off; you are losing so many things. First all your spare clothes, then your other knife, and now your last shirt. Things have not being going your way. You watch as your cut shirt falls and hits the ground. You have so few things left, to the point that you can count them on one hand.

As you lament your poor state, you hear Eirin call out, “Hurry up. I am ready to start.”

You carefully slide the gown on, making sure not to aggravate the wound, and proceed to remove everything else. Exiting the curtain, you have everything including your knife stacked into a relatively neat pile.

Eirin motions for you to set your belongings on a table and says, “If you would set it there, and then lay down on this table over here.”

You do as you are told, and lay in such a way that your left arm is already facing her. Watching as she lifts your arm over a bowl that Udongein is holding, she begins washing your wound. As she goes about her task you look around the room and note that all of the labels are written in a language you can’t understand. Odd, you expected them to be in English considering that everyone here has spoken in it. You make a mental note to ask about that once she has finished patching you up.

Eirin finishes washing the wound, grabs a pill from the supplies Udongein gathered, and says, “Take this. It will help to alleviate the pain and should start working within five minutes.”

After you take the pill, you watch with mild interest as she begins to apply a substance that numbs your arm. Eirin then picks up the needle and thread and begins stitching up your wounds; you are surprised to find that you don’t even feel the tug and pull of the needle. It makes you kind of nervous but you are not about to interrupt the doctor as she is sewing you back together. Hopefully by the time you can ask you will have regained feeling in the arm.

About ten minutes later she is done and you are beginning to feel the effects of the numbing agent she used start to wear off. Not fully, but at least enough to feel pressure, which alleviates your worries. Now that everything is patched up and you are no longer wearing an open wound on your arm, you decide that it would be nice to get some answers to your questions.

“Eirin, was it, or would you prefer me calling you something else?” you ask out of politeness.

“Eirin is fine,” she says while going back to her desk and sitting down, facing towards you.

Lifting yourself up to sit on the edge of the table you say, “I have some questions if you wouldn’t mind answering them. The first of which is why is everything here labeled in a language other than English? I mean, it's what we're currently speaking, and no one else has used any other languages.”

“We are not technically speaking in any one language, but rather the meaning behind the language,” she pauses to cross her legs. “It has something to do with the boundary between languages themselves. To you we are speaking English, but to someone else it could be any other language. Here, the most common one is Japanese, which is what those labels are written in.”

“That’s very interesting, but how does it work?” you ask out of curiosity.

“A youkai by the name of Yakumo Yukari manipulates said boundary to cause this effect. If you want to know more I suggest going to see her. She is rumored to reside in Mayohiga, the land of the lost,” Eirin states in an informative tone, one that reminds you of a number of teachers you have had.

“Alright, then what about that numbing agent you used? I haven’t ever seen something powerful enough to remove the feeling of pressure as well… It actually made me nervous for a while.”

Eirin’s lips move in an attempt to smile but stop at a small grin that almost isn’t noticeable, “It is my own creation. I am quite proud of it actually; it is highly effective at what it does with no side effects.”

You are honestly surprised, it isn’t often that you find a doctor that creates their own medicine. “I’m honestly impressed, do you order from the pharmaceuticals for your other medication?”

“There actually aren’t any pharmaceuticals here, and even if there were they wouldn’t sell anything that could rival my own creations,” she states with a small amount of pride.

Did you hear that right? “What do you mean there aren’t any here? Surely you could order outside of the country if there aren’t any within this country, or is it that the shipping infrastructure itself is lacking?”

“It isn’t so much the lack of a shipping industry as the lack of a need for one. This is a sealed land by the name of Gensokyo after all, and it only has one major settlement. Considering that you didn’t know this fact, I'm guessing you're an Outsider and haven’t been here long at all.”

Outsider? Why does that word give you a bad feeling? “I suppose I have been here since this morning, but what do you mean by sealed land?”

Eirin lets out a sigh that rings with impatience, “It is precisely what it sounds like, a land that is separated via a barrier. Not unlike an area that is surrounding by a wall, but instead of a physical wall it is sealed with a magical barrier. If you wish to know more I recommend that you go to either Knowledge Patchouli who resides at the Scarlet Devil Mansion or the aforementioned youkai, Yukari. If you want to know more about the history of Gensokyo itself I suggest either Kamishirasawa Keine or Hieda no Akyuu, both of whom reside in the human village.”

Nodding you say, “Thank you for the information. I just realized though, that I haven’t a place to stay and as you said, I know little about this area. So could you recommend a place that would allow me to stay for free? I don’t have any money since I lost just about all of my belongings, including my wallet, before I was sent here. I don’t even have a full set of clothes any more… seeing as how I had to cut my shirt off.” You sigh as you are forced to see the reality of your situation. You are poor, homeless, and without even a full set of clothing. “Also, is there any way I can pay you back for this,” you gesture to your arm.

“You could seek out Keine, I have heard that she usually takes care of the new outsiders until they can live on their own. There is also Hakurei Reimu, though she will likely be unwilling to house you. She lives in a shrine near the village. You also could stay here if you are willing to allow me to test out some new medication; it would assist in the general healing process. If you choose to do so I would also provide you with a clean outfit as well,” she pauses to shift her weight around. “If you insist on paying me back there is a delivery that I need done, it wouldn’t be far nor hard seeing as it is just to the human village. No matter what you decide, I will need to come back once a day until you are told otherwise so that I may check up on the wound and ensure that it is healing properly.”

[x] “I will test the medication for you. A place to stay and a clean set of clothing sounds too nice to pass up.”

[x] “I will deliver that package for you, seeing as I will be headed to the human village to find lodging anyways.”
-[x] Destination?
---[x] Keine’s - she handles this normally according to Eirin.
---[x] Reimu’s - if you are going to impose, you might as well impose as much as possible.
---[?] Outside on your bedroll - you don’t want to gain anymore debts to people.
File 130259257623.jpg - (1.47MB, 1600x1600 , db15a51f3777a86428f0755dd00d69ee.jpg) [iqdb]
Also sorry, forgot to put the vote that won. Not that it matters much seeing as I posted a call vote but this is a habit that I intend to make so:

[x] Go in the front door, Marisa said this was a clinic so it should have an open door policy.
---[x] Knock first.

have an amusing picture to make this post worth something.
[x] “I will deliver that package for you, seeing as I will be headed to the human village to find lodging anyways.”
-[x] Outside on your bedroll - you don’t want to gain anymore debts to people.

That info dump was extremely unnecessary, and unwanted. I'm sure you could have found a less awkward manner of imparting MC with the knowledge of the situation he has found himself in.
Honestly the way I see it, Eirin would know about the location she and Kaguya had settled in if only to know potential threats. Not to mention I feel it fits with her persona. I'm sorry it wasn't to your expectation, but that is how I see her.
A bored braggart that dumps her knowledge on any old random Joe? Well, if that's the way you think of her, whatever.
[x] “I will test the medication for you. A place to stay and a clean set of clothing sounds too nice to pass up.”

Eirin could have been a bit warmer manner.
Not so much as a bored braggart but more of a person with knowledge that doesn't hoard it to themselves. Perhaps I didn't portray that well.
[x] “I will deliver that package for you, seeing as I will be headed to the human village to find lodging anyways.”
-[x] Destination?
---[x] Keine’s - she handles this normally according to Eirin.
[x] “I will test the medication for you. A place to stay and a clean set of clothing sounds too nice to pass up.”

[x] “I will test the medication for you. A place to stay and a clean set of clothing sounds too nice to pass up.”
File 130396379188.jpg - (1.49MB, 1598x1386 , aaee437f03f8a8a298dae34c7c0bdbe6.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] “I will test the medication for you. A place to stay and a clean set of clothing sounds too nice to pass up.”

“Ah… I think I will test the medication for you. A place to stay and a clean set of clothing sounds too nice to pass up.” You pause for a moment to look at your current set, “So what exactly do you want me to do?”

Eirin smiles at you, “I was hoping you would choose that. All you have to do is take a pill and stay here for at least a week so that I may keep an eye on your condition. If you will give me a moment I will get it for you and we can begin,” she then turns back towards her desk to write something before reaching into one of the drawers and drawing out a bottle. “Would you get him a glass of water Udongein?”

She does as asked and brings you a glass of water, “Thank you,” she nods at you then returns to where she was previously.

Eirin turns to face you again with a rather large pill in one hand, “Swallow this, after that Udongein will take you to the room that you will be staying in during the next week. A new set of clothes will be delivered later today.”

You grimace at the size of that pill—it brings new meaning to the phrase ‘horse pill’— before taking it and muttering, “Bottoms up.”

Seeing you swallow the pill as told Eirin then says, “Right, now Udongein if you would take him to one of the inpatient rooms near the clinic so that it will be easy to keep an eye on his condition.” She pauses to look at you again, “When you wake in the morning make your way here immediately. Also, until you are given a new set of clothes you may keep that gown. Bring it back here in the morning though. You are done for now.”

With that you nod. You find yourself grateful that this gown isn’t open back like your typical hospital attire. “Thank you for everything, I will see you in the morning then,” you say as you hop off the examining table. The world spins around you, but you quickly regain your balance. Meh. You probably just stood up to fast. You gather your belongings (or rather what is left of them) before following Udongein out of the clinic.

It doesn’t take long for you to realize what you forgot to ask about when your stomach makes an audible protest. That’s right today’s breakfast got away… You clear your throat in embarrassment hoping that Udongein didn’t hear it and say, “Excuse me, Udongein was it? Not to be rude but when is lunch?” you silently pray that they weren’t intending to keep you here for a week without food.

She glances back shortly before saying, “You may call me Reisen, and it will be at least another hour, do not worry about finding the dining room I will come fetch you when it is ready.”

You nod, grateful that it won't be too much longer. You begin to say something in response only to be interrupted by the world becoming unstable. Causing you to stumble for a moment before regaining your balance, the hell was that? You shouldn’t be that dizzy; you didn’t lose that much blood. You shake your head in an attempt to clear it. Reisen, , who had continued on, stands ahead now holding open a door.

“This will be your room for the duration of your stay, please make sure you follow Master Eirin’s orders exactly as told or you will come to regret it,” she says with a bit of helpfulness.

You almost write off the warning as a joke but you see how deadly serious she is; it makes you wonder about what kind of person Eirin is. “Thank you for the advice,” you say a bit unsure of what you have just gotten yourself into.

Reisen gives you a quick smile, that despite its briefness was heartwarming, before saying, “You’re welcome, now I would suggest resting till lunch.” She pauses to motion in the room towards the futon in the room, “Do not worry about refraining from sleep if it takes you.”

You say your thanks again before entering the room, it is fairly basic with only a futon is the back-right corner of the room but it’s a hell of a lot better than sleeping outside on this bedroll. Surprisingly for once you luck has been good, you have received free medical treatment, room food, and soon to be clothing—well almost free anyways. Testing some medication that is meant to make you heal faster doesn't really count as costing anything in your book.

You move to set your things down next to the futon when you feel the world spin again, the only difference this time is that it is exponentially worse than the previous times. With your sense of balance completely gone you fall backwards and land nearly flat on the ground before feeling your consciousness slip away.

You open your eyes to find a world that is broken, shattered into an endless amount of pieces that are floating freely in the sky. The scene is breathtakingly beautiful but unnerving at the same time. You get the feeling that this world shouldn’t be shattered that it would be even more grand when reconstructed.

Before long a few pieces begin to reconstruct sections of the world, forming a path for you to walk. Seeing no other option as the part you currently are standing on begins to crack as if made of glass, you walk down the path. It is an odd sight to see, the path before you forming just long enough for you to walk on it then returning to its shattered state.

You walk for what feels like hours before you see a mountain, with a large stone wall embedded or dug into it. At this distance you can’t see much about it aside from the fact that it has to be at least half the size of the mountain it is dug into.

It takes a while more but you finally get close enough to see the details; at a distance it only looked to be a stone wall but now you can clearly tell that it is a gate. The sheer size of the thing is mind boggling; it is easily a couple hundred meters high, and about half that in width. There are detailed engravings covering the entire gate, though you can’t really tell if they mean anything or if they are just decoration. The really strange thing about it though is that you have a really strong feeling of déjà vu, to the point of which you reach out and touch the gate.

As soon as your fingers touch the stone the gate shatters inwards in a violent manner and once again you are forced to move forward by the path dissipating underneath you. On the other side of what was once the gate you see nothing but near absolute darkness that you feel not even the light of day could penetrate. The only thing you can see is the immediate area around you, which is thankfully lit enough to watch your step—though the source is undeterminable.

You continue walking through the darkness in the direction you were going in originally. It isn’t before long that you begin to be able to actually see outside of your ‘bubble’ of illumination. In the distance you can make out a mound of red, curiosity speeds your pace and it isn’t before long that you can make out the details about it.

The mound of red turned out to be a massive dragon bound to the floor with countless chains that varied in size from larger than you to barely even larger than your pinky in width. You walk around the Dragon to face its front , off to the side of the mouth and still a good distance away since you don't want to be eaten or torched, when you see one of its eyes open. The eye is a golden color with a slight red tint to it and it is staring right at you. The Dragon opens its mouth, which causes you to scamper farther away and speaks, “What are you doing here?” The sound of its voice is akin to an avalanche.

You are stunned that not only dragons can speak—you had always figured them for noble beasts but nothing more—but that it sounds more like an act of nature itself than anything else.

“Do not ignore me. What are you doing here?” The dragon repeats itself, only much louder this time.

Despite being startled you manage to get out, “I-I don’t know. I had nowhere else to go…”

The Dragon closes its eye before saying, “Do not return until you have a reason to.” With that its eye snaps back open, “Be gone from this place.”

It was with that command that the world shatters into countless pieces once again. The Shattered world begins to fade out to black, or is it that you are simply closing your eyes slowly? You can’t tell, all you know is the world is nearly gone now and you feel close to something… so close that you feel you can reach out and grab it yet it feels so far at the same time.

As soon as the world reaches pitch black what you felt is thrust onto you without choice; You bolt upright in a bed and look around. There are two people in the room (aside from yourself), one is Eirin who treated you before and the other is Reisen and they both were standing next to your bed… wait bed? Didn’t you only have a futon and in a much smaller room than this? You look around again and realize you are in a hospital bed and that it isn’t the only one in the room, the two people in this room are startled by something, perhaps you bolting upright from sleeping. Speaking of which… you don’t remember ever getting in bed, let alone this bed.

You look at Eirin and say, “Why am I here? I don’t really remember much after Reisen left to make lunch…”

Eirin recovers first and replies, “You had passed out in your room, when Udongein went back to fetch you for lunch you were sprawled across the floor with your belongings dropped haphazardly. You have been in a coma like state since.”

“Then how long was I out?” you question while frowning, not quite believing yet.

“You have been in that state for almost exactly three days now. I actually was about to administer this medicine I had made to bring you out of the coma,” you can hear her disappointment, “but there is no need for it now that you are awake.”

You watch as she puts an injection needle back onto a tray that Reisen was carrying and realize just how lucky you were… if her drugs put you under you seriously doubt that they would bring you back. “Thank you for the care but you will have to forgive me if I don’t accept any more medication from you.” You say as carefully as you can. “I take it that the clothes I was promised before this are ready?” Getting what you are owed and getting away from this woman sounds like a good idea before the full implications of what actually happened sink in.

Eirin purses her lips, and something flashes in her eyes; anger perhaps? “I do not know what caused that reaction to the medicine but I can guarantee you that it was not the medication’s fault, even if you were allergic to something in the pill it should not have resulted in a coma. What happened was a fluke and I hope you will in time come to see it as such.” She pauses to let out a sigh, “With that said however I can understand how you would be wary. Take heart in the fact that I have at least told you. You could have easily gone without knowing that ever happened had we chosen to keep silent about it. As for the clothes they are prepared, I even gave you an extra set as well so you could wash one without having to be without clothing while they dried. I keep my word.”

You shrug in response to her lecture, perhaps you will reconsider your statement at a later date when and if you need medical treatment again. “I take it that the clothing is in the room you had prepared for me before then?”

“Actually Reisen has it in just the other room seeing as I was about to forcefully pull you from the coma,” she states in a no longer interested tone.

You look towards Reisen, trying not to think about that last statement, “Would you lead me to them?” before pausing to ask Eirin, “I am free to go correct?”

Reisen waits for Eirin to give the go ahead before leading off to a small room that looks to be used solely for changing, odd considering her previous reaction to you wanting privacy for it. You find your new set of clothing in there, it looks a lot like what you had before… Did they repair the clothing you came here with? At least you know it’s comfortable to wear, and matches your tastes.

While you are getting dressed you notice that the wound on your left arm is nothing but a fading scar now, perhaps it was worth taking that medicine…

Once you have finished dressing you exit the room to see Reisen waiting for you outside of the door, “I hope they were repaired to your satisfaction. There is another set of similar clothing in the room I had previously shown you.” She pauses to reach behind her and pulls out Toothpick, “Here is your knife, I held onto it to make sure that it was not stolen.”

Well that was kind of her, “Thank you for everything. I think I will be headed out for a while, some fresh air and time for myself would be nice.”

She nods before saying, “If you are headed to the Human Village please do not stray from the path, also try to make it back by evening so Master Eirin can run a check up on you.”

“I won’t, thank you for the warning though.” You are telling her the truth, you have had enough with forests and being lost in them… but where to go? Going to the human village—odd name that— won’t give you alone time but you could look up Keine or that Akyuu person. You could just stop on the outskirts of the town and rest, or possibly even scope out the place seeing if there is any interesting places.

What to do?
[x] Go see (Keine or Akyuu pick one), that should provide a good distraction from the coma and the dream.
[x] Go sit in the outskirts of town, no one should bother you and you can think about the last week or so.
[x] Scope out the place, there should be one place in the town that is interesting enough.
[x] Wander around here. Surely the clinic isn’t all there is to see about this mansion.
I meant pick one now, not later sorry if that wasn't clear. I just didn't want two identical choices with only the names different.
[x] Go see Keine, that should provide a good distraction from the coma and the dream.
[x] Scope out the place, there should be one place in the town that is interesting enough.
[x] Go sit in the outskirts of town, no one should bother you and you can think about the last week or so.
Starting my own campaign
[x] Go see Keine, that should provide a good distraction from the coma and the dream.
File 130678624622.jpg - (114.71KB, 1000x796 , 7321a4f919c1bb90d572dd0e717b2cfb.jpg) [iqdb]
TL:DR Sorry, wall incoming within a few days

Just was posting to say my apologies, and that in return I am writing a wall for those of you still interested. Or at least a wall by my standards, it will not meet the size of some of the others I have seen but it should at least double my usual update size.

Have an image to stay your irritation.
File 130895626174.jpg - (446.93KB, 1020x616 , JPEG (21).jpg) [iqdb]
So just as a heads up, since no one voted for a name I have chosen one.

[x] Go see Keine, that should provide a good distraction from the coma and the dream.

“Hey, Reisen, would you mind giving me directions to the village?”

“Hmm? Oh! Sure, follow this hallway down till you see the double doors on your left, go through those and follow the central path that leads away from the mansion. Do not stray from it, it should lead you to the village within an hour or so depending on the pace you walk at.” She pauses to think for a moment, “Please be back before dark, Master will want to check up on you then.”

Following Reisen’s directions leads you back to the path that you had seen when first arriving. You take a moment to look around, it is barely past noon and is a fairly nice day out. You begin walking down the path before you, there isn’t much to see just a bunch of bamboo trees all around you and the winding path beneath your feet. It takes you close to an hour, just as Reisen said it would, but you can finally see the exit of this forest.

With a sigh of relief you walk into the solid light of day, in the distance you can see the village that was mentioned to you. Surrounding the village is farm land that seems to have quite a large space between it and the forest. The village itself is of fair size, nothing compared to the cities from the outside but sizable none the less. From this distance you can make out people patrolling the wooden wall they have erected around the town. As you approach you notice that there is also two guards standing at the gate, apparently the youkai are more of a threat than you realized.

The guards give you a few odd looks but give you no more problems than that, nothing more than you usually get when going out into public. You start wandering around town when you realize that you had forgotten to ask where she would be at, or for that matter what she looks like… time to ask one of the villagers for directions to her. You walk more towards what appears to be the center of the town, looking for someone to ask her whereabouts.

As you are wondering around the town you don’t really find anyone, there is a lot of unmarked buildings that you assume are homes with the occasional shop with a sign that you can’t read. The only place that appears to be open is what obviously is the blacksmith based off of the sounds from inside and the plume of smoke coming from the chimney, considering you have seen literally no one else since the guards back at the gate you figure this is your best chance of finding her.

You walk over to the door of the blacksmith and wait for a lull in the hammering to knock rather loudly, from inside you hear a rough voice call out, “Doors’ Open!” The first thing you see as you enter the building is that there is a couple of different weapons mounted on the walls, mostly Katana’s with a few Axe’s, other than that there is some farm equipment. Once you move farther in you can see a man in the back working over a forge he looks up for a moment and says, “I’ll be right with ya’ once I’m done here,” he mumbles something under his breath that sounded akin to, ‘didn’t expect anyone this time of day…’

You nod in response to the burly man, not that he sees this as he is at work over the forge. The blacksmith has his black and gray hair tied back in a loose pony tail, his beard braided and seemingly singed, and his arm is moving like a well oiled machine trying to subjugate the metal into its desired form. Every time the hammer goes down and strikes the metal and ear splitting ring assaults your ears.

After what feels like an eternity, the smith finally finishes his work and sets the hammer and product aside. He then walks over to a counter and sits down, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in here… So what can I do for you?”

“I was actually hoping you could direct me to a person named Keine? I was told she was a good person to see and it slipped my mind to actually ask for directions…”

“Haha, would explain why I haven’t seen you then. Just follow this road down till you see a fountain. You should see a school to the left of it, she will be in there. You should wait till she lets the kids out though.” The man throughout this is practically speaking with his hands as well, he seems like a rather active fellow.

You frown a bit, “How does that explain it?”

He lets out a deep laugh upon seeing your confusion, “Everyone here knows where Keine is,” the man pauses to stroke his beard. “Not only is she easy to spot in a crowd but she teaches the kids and handles the outsiders.”

“Ah, I can see how that would explain it then… Thank you for the information.”

“You’re welcome kid,” the man says as he stands back up and gets back to work.

You exit the shop and head down the road until you see a rather large fountain in what seems to be the center of the town, and just to your left you see the School the blacksmith mentioned. The building looks similar to an old American schoolhouse, odd since most of the other buildings here have been of Japanese style. There is a rather large yard that is fenced in around the building, probably used for recess or something akin to it.

As you approach the school, you can tell that class still is in session. With that confirmed you look around this town square (?) in hopes of finding something to waste time on. There is a few café’s, some food vendors and what appears to be a tea shop across the way. All of it costs money, you let out a sigh as you resign yourself to sitting down on one of the four benches surrounding the fountain, making sure to choose the one that allows you a view of the school as well.

You notice a few people coming and going from the shops but the streets remain mostly empty. Your stomach groans in protest when the smell from one of the café’s makes its presence known to you… that’s right, you still have yet to eat. It has been almost a full four days since the last time you remember eating, you let out another sigh. You lay you head back, and look up to the sky, soaking in the warmth and wondering how you are going to get a meal without going back to Eientei… or for that matter going to hunt.

You are interrupted in your pondering by someone standing over you, a shame, that, you were actually beginning to enjoy the sun on your face. After a moment or two they are still standing there, you open your eyes to see a silver haired, red eyed woman standing over you.

“You shouldn’t sleep in a place like this, no matter how comfortable it may be,” she says.

“I wasn’t sleeping,” you say while resisting the urge to yawn, “I was thinking about what I wanted to eat.” Technically not a lie, but not the whole truth either. You stand up and stretch before turning around to face her. Now that you have a full view of her you notice that she is wearing a white shirt with red some rather comfy looking red pants, they have pieces of paper plastered all over them.

“If that’s the case I know of a good place, not far from here,” she says with a bit of helpfulness.

You rub the back of your head a bit, “Ah but you see the real problem is that I find myself without money. Hence why I was trying to figure out what I was going to eat.” As if to make a point your stomach protests loudly.

She gives you a look of understanding, “If you wait a while I will treat you. I have some business with Keine first though so you will have to wait a while.”

“Ah, don’t worry about it. I will be fine, it isn’t the first time I have gone without food and won’t be the last. Though I personally am waiting for Keine as well, why not take a seat and keep me company?”

“Even if that is the case it still is pointless to go on suffering,” she pauses to walk around to your side of the bench. “Hell for all you know I may just be offering so that I can have some company later.” She takes a seat next to where you were, while motioning for you to do the same.

Following her lead you sit down again, though now you are angled a bit towards her for easier eye contact. “Eh, I guess if you insist I will, but once I can you will have to let me treat you as well.”

“Heh, sure kid. Sounds like a deal to me. What’s your name anyways?” She says while nodding in your direction.

“My name is Kain, and before you ask I have no middle nor last. What do you go by?”

“The full name is Fujiwara no Mokou, but most call me Mokou.” She pauses to stretch a bit, “Haaa, that felt good. So if you don’t mind me asking, what do you need to meet Keine for?” Her eyes narrow ever so slightly.

“I was told she was the person I need to see,” you shrug, “They said that she handled outsiders usually. What about yourself?”

“Oh? I wouldn’t have put you as an outsider; not many have hair like yours. Though I suppose your clothes are a dead giveaway, but eh, you never know here.” She pauses to shrug, “I am just here for a personal visit, she’s something of a friend of mine.”

You let out a tired laugh, you get that a lot. Your Crimson hair was often commented on, “I hope I’m not going to interrupt any plans you had in the making? If so I will be fine without you treating me.”

Mokou waves her hand dismissingly at you, “I wouldn’t have offered if you were, so don’t sweat it kid. Besides even if I did have plans, the more the merrier,” she says, smiling.

“If you say so, though why do you keep calling me kid? Surely our age difference isn’t that great…” Not that it honestly bothers you but you are curious.

Mokou lets out a short laugh, “Heh, you have no idea. Just remember that not everything is as it seems in Gensokyo.” She reaches out to pat you on the shoulder, “You will always be a kid compared to me.”

“Eh if you say so, though I don’t look as old as I am. I age well,” you finish with a smile. “Not that I am in a hurry or anything but about how much longer do you think the wait will be?” you say while gesturing to the school house across the fountain.

She looks up at the sky for a moment, “It shouldn’t be too much longer, why?” a grin spread across her face, “you eager to get some food?”

“To be honest I would be lying if I said I wasn’t, but that isn’t why I was asking…” you are interrupted by a yawn, “Sorry. It’s just I have been waiting here for a while and I was merely curious.”

“Oh? How long have you been waiting here then?”

“Eh not too long. I would say at most thirty minutes before you showed up, but I was hoping to get some exploring done before I have to return.”

“Return? You sure work fast, where are you staying at?”

“At some clinic, the doctor there said if I tested some medication for her she would give me a new set of clothing, and a room for a week. Seeing no better option, since at that point I only had my pants,” you gesture to your cargo pants, “I took her up on the offer.”

Mokou’s eyes seem to flare, “So you’re staying at Eientei eh? Have you happened to meet this woman with long black hair?”

“No, no I haven’t. I have only met Eirin and her assistant Reisen. Why do you ask?” you ask mildly concerned at her reaction.

“Good, good, you want to watch out for her.” Mokou states in a very serious voice, “Wa—“

She is interrupted by the cheers of children getting out of school for the day.

“Ah, we should go before she gets too involved in anything.” Mokou says while standing up, “Hurry up now, it is a pain to talk to her once she gets focused…” she mutters something under her breath that you didn’t quick catch.

You stand up and follow after her, “I can wait outside while you visit with her if you wish?”

“Nah don’t worry about it, besides you were here first anyways.”

You merely shrug in response as she leads you into the school house, at a desk in the front (?) of the room there is a woman with long silver-blue hair wearing a blue dress and a hat that vaguely reminds you of a temple.

Mokou walks in excitedly and shouts, “Hey Keine! I found a new one for ya!”

Keine who was already beginning to work on paper jumps lightly in surprise, looks up, and says, “Do you have to shout?” She pauses to look around Mokou at you, and starts putting her paperwork up in her desk. “May I ask what your name is?”

“Ah yes, my name is Kain. I heard that you were the one to see if one is new to Gensokyo.”

Keine nods, “Well then Kain, to start with what do you know about Gensokyo?”

“I have heard that it is separated by some sort of barrier from what is referred to as the ‘outside’ world, that there is some sort of manipulation on language that allows me to understand you, and that there are creatures that are referred to as youkai, and finally that said creatures are a lot stronger than they appear.”

Keine nods, “To add to that, there are what we call Spellcard Duels here. It is a sort of magic fight that is used to ‘peacefully’ resolve fights. I say peacefully because for the most part, there is no lasting harm on the participants. There is a set of rules that must be followed. However, seeing as you are new here there is no reason to explain them to you just yet.” She pauses for a moment, “Was it Mokou who informed you of what you already know?”

“No, actually it was Eirin. She informed me that I should probably see you as well, claiming that you usually handle outsiders such as myself.”

“Oh? Why were you there, then? I do not see any injuries on you.”

“Ah, I was there for three days or so. It has had time to heal by now,” you pause to gesture to the already fading scar. “She does her job well. Thankfully enough she has offered me a place to stay in return for testing some medication.”

“Ah, well I am glad that you are well then. If you already have a place to stay, then that should be all we need to do here. Just be sure not to be out and around at night and you should be fine.” Keine says with relief, “So if that is all I would like to get back to work. I have quite a lot to do tonight.”

Mokou sighs, “Ah, I guess that means you won’t be up for drinkin’ then. Do you at least have enough time for a meal with us?”

Keine frowns a bit, “Us? Who else would be there?”

Mokou gestures towards you, “Says he hasn’t eaten in a while and I felt bad for the guy.” She shrugs, “So I offered to treat him.”

Keine thinks about it for a moment, “No actually, I don’t think I will have time for more than a small snack tonight. I am behind in my work… I am sorry Mokou,” she says with a bit of guilt.

Mokou sighs but says, “It’s alright, I understand, good luck on your work tonight. Bye, Keine.” She turns and drags you out by your shoulder. You wave goodbye to Keine who looks mildly distraught. Mokou doesn’t stop dragging you until you are back by the fountain, she is a lot stronger than she looks.

“So you want to go get that meal I offered now?” she sounds a little down.

Pick one:

[x] “Ah, that is if you don’t mind. If you would prefer to do other things then don’t hold out on my account.”

[x] “Actually, I was interested in meeting… Akyu I think it was?”

[x]”Sounds good actually, what did you have in mind?”

[Write in]
[x]”Sounds good actually, what did you have in mind?”

Little less tell, a little more show. Instead of bluntly telling us the blacksmith speaks with his hands after the fact, why don't you work it into the dialogue somehow? Also, most of your characters are way, way boring, with little distinction. All of them speak formally, and will fly into infodumps at the drop of a hat.

>since no one voted for a name I have chosen one.

Uhh, there was a reason for that.
[x]”Sounds good actually, what did you have in mind?”
[x]”Sounds good actually, what did you have in mind?”
>kain meets keine
Why was this so funny to me.

also god dammit the site is glitching out I swear
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TL:DR - Shrinking updates, in hopes of shrinking time between them.

Alright so, Small update is small. However I hope to actually shrink the size of each update in return for more motivation to update. Potentially another update within the week depending on how this plan works.

[x]”Sounds good actually, what did you have in mind?”

“Sounds good actually, what did you have in mind?”

“Was thinking about heading to that man’s place. He is a bit… how should I say it? Odd might be the best way, but he has damn good food.” Mokou shrugs, “Not that it matters.”

“Not that what matters?”

“His oddness, its mostly harmless,” she waves her hand in a dismissing manner.

Your brow furrows, “Mostly harmless?”

“Yes. Mostly harmless, now quit worrying. You’re getting a free meal out of this.”

“Fine, fine.” You say, while shrugging.

As you are being led through the village, you notice that it’s not quite so empty any more. People are going to and fro from a market, that Mokou is now leading you into. The shops are crowding the streets, making it hard to keep up with Mokou easily with the increasing amount of traffic.

After what seems like an eternity you make it out the other side of the market. Mokou is standing off to the side, waiting for you with a bored look on her face. Upon seeing you she smiles, pushes off the building, and continues down the street. “Was worried that I lost you, haha. We’re almost there,” she gestures toward a building a bit further down the street, “See?”

Sure enough, the building she is pointing to is about sixty meters away or so. You nod in response, happy to finally have the chance to eat, and pick up your pace. Now that you are in front of the building you notice that the sign above the door reads, in plain English, “The Kitchen.” An oddly simple name, but Mokou says the place is good, plus it’s not as if you are going to decline free food.

Shrugging, you reach out to open the door, when from inside you hear, “You have made one too many mistakes! Get out of my Kitchen!”

The door is half way open, when a man kicks it the rest of the way open, and rushes out nearly knocking you over. You feel a solid kick hit you in the back of the knee that causes you to start falling backwards, moments later you see a knife sail through the air just where your head was. You hit the ground hard knocking the breath out of you, only to hear the owner call out to Mokou, and you.

“Oh, Hey! I have ze customers! Come in, Come in! Oh, and please bring that knife with you—I need it to cook.”

Mokou crouches next to you, and whispers, “Hence why I added mostly, but honestly you’re alright… mostly anyways.” She holds out her hand.

You take her hand and she pulls you upright, “I don’t think that is mostly harmless. I almost took a knife to my face…”

The man from inside calls out, “Either come in and close ze door, or stay out. Either way Close ze Door.”

[x] Get the knife and go inside. What is a little danger to your life for free food, supposedly good food at that?

[x] Get the knife and go inside, surely this doesn’t happen all the time.

[x] “I think I shall be leaving, I would rather not spend the meal dodging things.”

[H] “Do you think we could eat at another place? I don’t mean to sound ungrateful but….” Gesture towards the knife.
[x] Get the knife and go inside. What is a little danger to your life for free food, supposedly good food at that?
[x] Get the knife and go inside. What is a little danger to your life for free food, supposedly good food at that?
[x] Get the knife and go inside, surely this doesn’t happen all the time.
Let's invoke the Murphy's Law.

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