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13815 No. 13815
Disk fault error, Recovering. . .
Restoring from last choice . . . . . . . . . . Done.
You call out to your little sisters for help. Wriggle sighs. “Mokou, leave our idiot brother alone, would you? He had a rough night.”
Mokou leans back on you and lets out a loud boisterous laugh. “Hoo! I had you goin’ that time, Didn’t I?”
She climbs off you and holds her hand out to you. Taking it, she pulls you up to your feet and slaps you on the back, almost knocking you over again, laughing the whole time. Cirno stands there looking at Mokou, eyes sparkling, hands balled up and near her mouth. “WOW! MOKOU, YOU’RE SO COOL!” Cirno then gives Mokou a thumbs up, which Mokou returns while sporting a huge grin.
“Ain’t it the truth.” She ruffles Cirno’s hair.
Wriggle sighs again. “Really. You do this to him almost every day. You’re gonna break him one day.”
Mokou puts her hands behind her head and looks up to the sky, huge grin on her face, “He’s a man. Somebody’s gotta toughen him up.”
Wriggle sighs, defeated, and hangs her head. She stands up straight and waves off Mokou. Fine, fine. Just don’t break him, alright? He’s our only brother.” Looking at her watch she gasps suddenly. “Oh no! We’re going to be late! Hurry!”
The five of you quickly hurry off in the direction of the schools.
The Middle school and the high school turn out to be right next to each other. At the gate to the high school, Wriggle turns to you. “We’ll be back over for lunch, So wait for us, k?”
Mokou waves her hand at Wriggle putting you into another headlock, “It’s no worry, I’ll make sure he’s there.” You sigh dejectedly. Today seems like it’s going to be a long day.

[ ] Go to class.
[ ] Pump Mokou for information.
[ ] Run away from school.
[ ] Watch for any other straggling students.

No. 13820
[ ] Go to class.
No. 13821
Oh my, this is quite lovely.
[X] Go to class.
[X] Watch for any other straggling students.
We should be able to do these two at the same time.
No. 13822

[x] Watch for any other straggling students.
I don't know why, but it seems like a good choice.
No. 13825
[X] Pump Mokou for information.
If you know what I mean.
No. 13826
You fool! You will destroy us all!

If you know what I mean.
No. 13829
[ ] Pump Mokou for information.
[ ] Watch for any other straggling students
No. 13830
[x] Go to class. Look out for our nightmare doppelganger.
No. 13834
What? We're just asking her to fill us in.

If you know what I mean.
No. 13835
...Are you asking for futa-Mokou action?
No. 13837
So, wait, is this proceeding as if we didn't grope Mokou?
No. 13838
[ ] Pump Mokou for information.
[ ] Watch for any other straggling students.

cool kids are late to class.
No. 13841
[X] Pump Mokou for information.
[X] Watch for any other straggling students.

Ought to be able to do both, right?

How much do you want to bet that it turns out pyscho Reimu is the class rep?
No. 13843
I think it's like she didn't kill us but rather just roughed us up. But I dunno if we groped her.


“HooooooIE!! Aye 'ad yew gaain’ dat' tiome, Didn’t aye?”
No. 13844

God, that'd be so fucking bad.



[x] Pump Mokou for information.
[x] Watch for any other straggling students.
No. 13845
Choice made was improperly loaded as [ ] Call out to your sisters to help.
No. 13851
Please make Moku retarded again. Even just for one post.
No. 13855
>“HooooooIE!! Aye 'ad yew gaain’ dat' tiome, Didn’t aye?”
Heah. Ah had yah ghan dhat tiahm, didn't ah?
No. 13858

e = a

got it!
No. 13859
[x] Pump Mokou for information.
[x] Watch for any other straggling students
No. 13860
[x] Pump Mokou for information.
[x] Watch for any other straggling students.
No. 13861
ees a mahen. Sahmbadys gotstas toophen em oop.
No. 13866
stop. I can't take it anymore.
No. 13867
stoop. Ah canne take it neh more.
No. 13868

Suddenly Moku fights for the WAAAGGGHHHH?
No. 13869
Suddenly it all makes sense.
No. 13872
"Huu! I hed yuoo gueen’ thet teeme-a, Deedn’t I?” “He-a’s a mun. Sumebudy’s gutta tuooghee heem up.” “It’s nu vurry, I’ll meke-a soore-a he-a’s zeere-a.”

I am imagining Mokou sounding like the Swedish Chef.
No. 13873
You pull yourself free from the headlock and step back. Mokou turns around to look at you.
“What’s wrong with you today? You’re acting weird.”
You quickly explain to Mokou what happened, and how you can’t remember anything. You neglect to mention the bit about your sisters having to fill you in.
“EEEEEEEEHHHHH? No way! Seriously? You didn’t even remember me?” Mokou sighs and hangs her head. “ Some friend you are! Jeeze. You’re only a person’s best friend for most of their life, and this is how you repay them. I see how it is. Thanks.”
You start to apologize, only to be cut off by Mokou slapping you on the shoulder.
“AH HAHA! Hadja goin again, didn’t I? Jeeze, I think I like this new you. It’s so easy to prank! Oh man, this sucks though, you can‘t tell me about your night.” Mokou sighs, and puts her hands on her hips, looking at you half annoyed. You sigh and hang your head. Today’s going to be horrible, isn’t it? Standing up straight again, you see someone walking along the sidewalk up to the school slowly. The warning bell for school is ringing, and if this person doesn’t hurry, they’re going to be late.

[ ] Wait for this straggler.
[ ] Go to class.
[ ] Run away from the school.
No. 13875

[x] Wait for the straggler.

It might be a special interaction!
No. 13876
File 120813222375.jpg - (21.66KB , 335x331 , retardmoku.jpg ) [iqdb]
I don't usually say this shit but...

Retarded Moku is now a meme
No. 13877
[X] Wait for this straggler.

I'm curious.
No. 13878
[ ] Wait for this straggler.
[ ] Go to class.

Both at the same time.
No. 13879

[ ] Wait for this straggler.

As I said, cool kids are late to class.
No. 13880
Technically, I don't think it's entirely retardation as it is a speech impedement.

It's not like she's also drooling or anything.
No. 13881
Fuck, now I'm imagining an ork in Mokou's clothing, thanks.

[x] Wait for this straggler.
Who could it be? Kana~? Kana~?
No. 13882
[x] Wait for this straggler.
No. 13883

[ x ] Wait for this straggler.

No. 13884
I wonder if, in Gensokyo Academy, the usual "family" groups are intact.

Will we get to run into schoolgirl Sanae, who lives with her two smokin' hot moms? Does Alice live with Shinki? Is Yukari some hot business woman who hires Ran to take care of Chen?

But, most importantly, is Yuyuko the mother of Youmu?
No. 13885
What'd come out right and ah mehem, then you're spot on.
No. 13886

Ran's a Gym Teacher.
No. 13887
[x] Wait for this straggler.
No. 13890
File 120813255930.jpg - (309.88KB , 640x880 , 1196212242964.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 13894
File 12081327135.jpg - (21.67KB , 335x331 , retardmoku.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 13896

It's caused by brain damage: It's retardation.
No. 13900
>Cirno stands there looking at Mokou, eyes sparkling, hands balled up and near her mouth. “WOW! MOKOU, YOU’RE SO COOL!”

No. 13903
A drawfag SO needs to draw this. srsly.
You decide to wait for the straggler. Mokou jabs you in the side.
“Is this the girl from the other night, eh eh?”
As the girl draws closer you can see that she has long purple hair and is wearing glasses. When she sees you standing at the front of the school, her face reddens. She quickly walks past you breathing slightly hard, and heads towards the school. Mokou continues elbowing you, and it’s getting rather annoying.

[ ] Call out to the girl.
[ ] Slap Mokou
[ ] Grab Mokou and kiss her full on the lips.
[ ] Go to class.
No. 13904
[ ] Go to class.

BTW don't you mean from the train?
No. 13905

I think a slap might be too much for her, though.
Why not get her in a headlock and give her a noogie?
No. 13906

Are you sure you want one of OUR drawfags to make that?

[ ] Grab Mokou and kiss her full on the lips.
No. 13907

[x] Call out to the girl
No. 13908
[X] Go to class.
Why the fuck would you slap Mokou.
No. 13909

[ x ] Go to class.
No. 13910
Moku would kick our ass if we tried that.
No. 13911
[x] Grab Mokou and kiss her full on the lips.

No. 13913
The question isn't "why" would you slap Mokou.
The question is "WHERE" would you slap her?
No. 13914
[x] Call out to the girl.

No. 13915

If Ran is our Nyamo, then Yukari is our lazy, sleepy homeroom teacher
No. 13916
[ ] Grab Mokou and kiss her full on the lips.

What the hell!
No. 13918
[X] Go to class.

Attempting to counter Moku killing us.

No. 13919
[ ] Grab Mokou and kiss her full on the lips.
No. 13920
[x] Grab Mokou and kiss her full on the lips.

Holy shit do it.
No. 13921

Yes. Because it fucking fits so well.

[x] Head to class.
No. 13922
[x] Grab Mokou and kiss her full on the lips.
No. 13923

[x] Grab Mokou and kiss her full on the lips.

No. 13924
[X] Go to class.
If you make Mokou late she'll kick your ass
No. 13925
If she asks why we did it, it was to shut her up.
No. 13926
I dunno, Mokou seems kinda like type to skip classes when she feels like, and generally act against rules.
No. 13927
[X] Grab Mokou and kiss her full on the lips.
No. 13929
I think Moku is a pretty cool guy. eh skips class and doesn't afraid of anything.
No. 13930
I guess Keine would be a middle school teacher.

Siki is our principal? Komachi is her administrative assistant/receptionist?
No. 13935
Kaguya is the school-refuser who is almost always absent.

Alice sits in the corner and doesn't talk to anyone.
No. 13936
File 120813358911.jpg - (145.40KB , 500x500 , 1206241190842.jpg ) [iqdb]

No. 13937
Youmu's head of the school kendo club.
No. 13938

Mandatory vaccination time!
No. 13939
Patchouli = Kotomi?
No. 13940
>>Alice sits in the corner and leaks poop
No. 13943

Yuyuko is the clueless superintendent who Siki can't stand.
No. 13944
In Nitori's class we don't use our textbooks.

She teaches not science, but SCIENCE.
No. 13945
Remilia could be the leader of an inter-school gang.
No. 13946
No she's a home schooled rich kid.
No. 13947
That seems more like Marisa, Remilia's just a spoiled rich kid.
No. 13948

Eiki Siki will be our principal. Onozuka Komachi will be her ludicrously hot secretary who relentlessly flirts with us whenever we're called to the office.

Kaguya will be a full-blown Hikki.

You're right about Alice.
No. 13950
So, we're actually going to kiss Mokou? Please Anon, don't do it like this.
No. 13952
No. 13954

Actually I think we hit go to class before Mokou kiss maxed out.
No. 13955
File 120813431129.png - (205.04KB , 640x480 , 06d32eccf7da70f71b6dd890393680d4.png ) [iqdb]

No. 13956
You turn to Mokou, who’s still elbowing you, grab her head with both hands, then plant a big sloppy kiss right on her lips. You release her head, and run off while she’s still stunned. Brushing past Patchouli, you hear her giggling slightly. You think you hear her mumble something while you go. Rushing up the stairs, you run into class and take your seat. You conceal your grin while you hang your book bag from the hook on your desk.
“WHERE IS HE. I’LL KILL HIM.” Mokou slams the door open, and her eyes sweep the room before locking onto you. “THERE YOU ARE. I’M GOING TO. . .”
The school bell rings and the teacher walks into the room. “Alright everyone, take your seats.”
Mokou looks at you, glaring daggers. You somehow manage to conceal your grin which would have spelled your death, teacher or no. Looking up to the front of the class, you’re greeted by an odd sight. Your teacher is apparently a tall woman, with blonde hair cut short. She’s wearing a hat that has, for all intents and purposes, two ears on it, even though if they were ears, they’d be beneath the hat. She’s also wearing a small pin that looks like a fox.
First period starts, Math class. You can at least remember how to do this much. Most of the day passes in this uneventful manner. After Math was English, after English, Lunch. The bell rings signaling lunch and a sea of students rises from their desks and washes out into the hall. Once the room clears, You stand up from your desk. Where do you want to go eat?

[ ] It’s a beautiful day, go eat outside
[ ] Go buy something to eat in the lunch room
[ ] Go eat on the roof.
[ ] Eat in the Classroom.
No. 13959
Nope. Kiss Mokou won.
No. 13960

I am upset with the storyline of this internet charade as well. let us start an online petition.
No. 13961
She's also an 11 year old MIT graduate.
No. 13962

[x] Go eat on the roof.
No. 13966
I am horribly confused. Why are we dreaming again?
No. 13967
[ ] Eat in the Classroom.

isn't it sad sacchin? ;_;
No. 13968
[ ] Go eat on the roof.

We've had good luck so far up there.
No. 13969
[X] It’s a beautiful day, go eat outside.

I believe our sisters wanted to meet us for lunch?
No. 13970
File 120813453777.jpg - (17.54KB , 178x392 , Aeka.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Go eat on the roof.
No. 13971
[X] Go eat on the roof.
Anti-social forever.
No. 13972
[ ] Eat in the Classroom.
in b4 falling off the roof again
No. 13975


[ ] Go buy something to eat in the lunch room
No. 13976
[x] outside

>>The Middle school and the high school turn out to be right next to each other. At the gate to the high school, Wriggle turns to you. “We’ll be back over for lunch, So wait for us, k?”
No. 13977
[x] It’s a beautiful day, go eat outside

No. 13980
[ x ] Go eat on the roof.

Roof is always rockin'
No. 13981
...Awesome, Ran's our teacher.

It’s a beautiful day, go eat outside - Propably have lunch with your sisters?
Go buy something to eat in the lunch room - ??
Go eat on the roof - Delicious Patchy situation?
Eat in the Classroom - Mokou?

[X] Go eat on the roof.
No. 13983
File 120813469963.jpg - (185.78KB , 1333x1111 , Pyramidhead.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Eat on the roof. Ignore that loud grinding noise behind me that sounds like a large metal object being dragged across concrete.
No. 13984
[ ] It’s a beautiful day, go eat outside

Thanks for reminding me
No. 13985
[x] It’s a beautiful day, go eat outside

The little sisters are waiting. We need to learn more from them.
No. 13986
[x] It’s a beautiful day, go eat outside

As another mentioned:

>The Middle school and the high school turn out to be right next to each other. At the gate to the high school, Wriggle turns to you. “We’ll be back over for lunch, So wait for us, k?”
No. 13987
Oh fuck.
[x] Outside
No. 13988
[x] Go outside and eat.
No. 13989
Picked wrong.
[X] It’s a beautiful day, go eat outside
No. 13990
Probably because Reisen used her eyes on us to stop us from running back into a suicidal situation
No. 13991
File 120813481884.png - (20.34KB , 400x400 , 1206774966043.png ) [iqdb]
No. 13993
x] It’s a beautiful day, go eat outside
No. 13994
Komachi would be a teacher who sets out to become the greatest ever, using her own brand of philosophy and the ability to do nearly anything when under enough pressure.
I don't care how different their names may actually be, I always read 'Onozuka' as 'Onizuka.'

Also; [x] It’s a beautiful day, go eat outside
No. 13997
[X] It’s a beautiful day, go eat outside

No. 13998

Disc read error.
No. 13999
You know, the more I think about it, Mokou really would make for an awesome buddy.

She gets us flustered with violence. We get her flustered with romantic and/or sexual overtures.
No. 14001
[ ] It’s a beautiful day, go eat outside

No. 14002

"Pah, you're so uncool oni-chan. Eating lunch with your little sisters? Gosh you're pathetic."
No. 14003
But it was Wriggle who told us to.
She's the mature, responsible one. She would never say something like that to us.

No. 14004
"Cirno, you don't seem to understand. I'd rather DIE than break a promise I made to lovely young ladies."
No. 14005
Wriggle wants us inside her.
Cirno wants to be proud of us.
Rumia wants a muffin.
No. 14006
"Also, the resident tomboy wants my head on a platter because I kissed her. Maybe she'll spare me if I'm around my little sisters."
No. 14008
You stand up and, taking your lunch box with you, move to leave the room.
“Where do you think you’re going?” Mokou is apparently looming behind you. You freeze in fear from the tone of her voice. Slowly turning, shaking the whole time, you see Mokou’s huge grin. Drawing back from that horrifying grin, you mumble something about going to the roof.
“Denied.” She grabs you in a headlock and drags you from the room. Moments later, you’re sitting on the grass, little sisters and Mokou, sporting a bruised kidney. The five of you chat animatedly about this and that. Apparently, Cirno had gym in the morning, her favorite class, and is blathering on about this.
Wriggle and Rumia are apparently in the same class as them as well. You half listen do what they say, eating your lunch in silence for fear of invoking the Wrath of Mokou once again. Glancing across the grass, you see someone staring at you from behind a tree. They seem to have noticed that you saw them, and duck back behind it. Huh. That’s certainly odd.

[ ] Ask the little sisters about the girl behind the tree.
[ ] Ask about your other sister
[ ] Talk to Mokou
[ ] Ask Mokou about the girl behind the tree.
[ ] Eat in silence, stop pissing people off for chrissake.
No. 14009
[ ] Ask Mokou about the girl behind the tree.
No. 14011
[X] Ask Mokou about the girl behind the tree.
We should do this.
No. 14012
[x] Talk to Mokou
No. 14013
[ ] Ask Mokou about the girl behind the tree.
No. 14014
[X] Ask Mokou about the girl behind the tree.
The best of a couple of meh choices.
No. 14015
[ ] Talk to Mokou
No. 14017
[x] Ask Mokou about the people behind the tree.
No. 14019
Wriggle is Chika, Cirno is Miu and Rumia is Ana.
No. 14020
[X] Ask the little sisters about the girl behind the tree.

>mokou will lie just to fuck with us right now
No. 14021
File 120813602674.gif - (16.77KB , 52x89 , SnaaAAaaAAAAAAaaaaake.gif ) [iqdb]
[x] Ask Mokou about the girl behind the tree.
Snake, you've been spotted! Run, Snake!
No. 14023
[X] Talk to Mokou

I have no reason to select this over the other choices. It just feels right.
No. 14024
[ ] Talk to Mokou
Lets try to make up for the kiss, before Mokou kick us in the balls
No. 14026
She's calmed down. Plus if it's the girl from last night then she'll be more willing to inform you so you can go talk to her.
No. 14027
[x] Ask Mokou about the girl behind the tree.
No. 14029
>>>>mokou will lie just to fuck with us right now

What a coincidence, I'd lie just to fuck with her, too.
No. 14030
That's because you want to make babies with Moku!
No. 14031
[ ] Talk to Mokou
This should be good
No. 14033
[ ] Ask Mokou about the girl behind the tree.
No. 14034
'cept mokou doesn't know who it was, remember she said you had to fill her in about last night.
No. 14035
[ ] Ask the little sisters about the girl behind the tree.
No. 14040
[X] Ask Mokou about the girl behind the tree.

Mokou's calmed down, I'm curious, and if the girl is watching us, she's probably from the high school and Mokou would have more information on her than our adorable sisters.
No. 14042
"Yeah right! More like Moku-chan forced you to meet us! You probably would've spent lunch on the roof by your self again, you're so predictable Oni-chan. It's pretty embarrassing."
No. 14043

If we actually call her that, we will die.
No. 14044

How 'bout Moko-tan?

Better yet, how about Aniki?
No. 14045
How about "mai waifu"?
No. 14046
Cirno is strongest, she can call anyone chan if she wants.
No. 14048
No. 14051
You turn to Mokou and ask her about the girl who just ducked back behind the tree.
“Eh? Oh damn, is that freak watching us again.” Mokou puts her lunch down and stands up. Crossing the grass quickly, she presses her back up against the tree and starts sliding around. Mokou steps out of sight and you hear a slight scream, followed by Mokou’s boisterous laugh.
“You . . . YOU . . .!” The voice screams indignantly.
“That’s what you get for spyin, Aya~”
“The student body will hear of this!”
“Like anyone reads that rag you put out!”
Mokou laughs again. “Is that really the best the school newspaper’s writer can do? Call me a ‘violent little neanderthal’? I think we need a new writer for the paper.”
Aya sputters, not knowing what to say before tearing off from behind the tree, back towards the school.
Mokou comes back laughing heartily the whole time. “Thanks for pointing her out. She’s an annoying little gossip bug. Let her stay in any one place for too long, and suddenly any little thing is becoming the next big story.” She plops back down on the grass, and resumes shoveling her lunch into her mouth. You sit there, confused. You really have no idea what just happened, you just shake your head and go back to eating your lunch. Suddenly you hear someone shout “BIG BROTHER!” moments before you’re tackled. It’s not forceful enough to knock you to the ground, but you are now sporting someone’s arms wrapped around your neck. Not hard enough to choke you, but there none the less.

[ ] Cry out in surprise
[ ] Quickly glance at Wriggle, and hope she understands.
[ ] Quickly glance at Mokou, and pray for a miracle.
[ ] Do nothing, remain silent.
[ ] Turn around and greet the person.
No. 14052

[x] Turn around and greet the person.
No. 14054
[x] Turn around and greet the person.
No. 14055
[ ] Turn around and greet the person.
No. 14056
[X] Quickly glance at Wriggle, and hope she understands.

No reason she shouldn't, I would hope.
No. 14057
[X] Turn around and greet the person.
No. 14058
[ ] Turn around and greet the person.
No. 14059
[x] Spin around. Use your imouto-copter powers to fly away.
No. 14060
[ ] Quickly glance at Wriggle, and hope she understands.
No. 14061
[x] Turn around and greet the person.
No. 14062
[ ] Quickly glance at Wr-damn you fuckers vote fast.
No. 14063
Is it Mystia or something?
No. 14064
[X] Turn around and greet the person.
Later we have to meet Aya. She seems kinda lovely here.
No. 14065
Damn Something Awful for distorting my definition of the word "lovely".
No. 14066
[X] Turn around and greet the person.

Might as well humor her... but who is she?

Other than Rumia, Wriggle, and Cirno, who's imouto fodder?
No. 14067
I'm kinda worried we're still due some comeuppance from kissing Mokou like that. Unless that's what the bruised kidney was for.

If so...eh, it was worth it.
No. 14068

i'll gently caress you, if you know what I mean
No. 14069
four sisters

holy shit
No. 14070
...Likable, then?
Who haven't we met yet? Mystia.
No. 14071
Incorrect response will result in penalty~
Who are you greeting.

[ ] Mystia
[ ] Lily
[ ] Hina
[ ] Suwako
[ ] Chen
[ ] Daiyosei
[ ] Tewi
[ ] Flandre
[ ] Koakuma
No. 14072
Oh god flandre is on our back. I can feel it.
No. 14073
[ ] Mystia
No. 14074


I'm betting Mystia. Thoughts?
No. 14075
[x] Mystia

I just have this feeling.. This feeling that Mystia's supple breasts are pressing against our back.
No. 14076
[x] Mystia
No. 14077
[x] Mystia

Hey, when do we get some "special" time with our little sisters?
No. 14078
[x] Mystia
Well, going with the low-level boss theory.
No. 14079

Who could it be? I can feel the jaws of death clamped around my throat, squeezing my breath away, just waiting for the moment I utter the wrong name so that they may tear into my jugular.
No. 14080
[X] Lily
Probably wrong but what the hell.
No. 14081
I was hoping we'd be all "Heeeyyyyy, sister!" instead of feeling the strange urge to be specific.
No. 14082
Too bad you're the only prophet around here.

[ ] Mystia

I'll throw mine in for all the good it'll do, can't see it being anyone else.
No. 14083
No. 14084
The obvious answer is Mystia, but Daiyousei deserves special mention as well. Too bad by the time I finish typing this about 99% of you will have already picked Mystia.
No. 14085
[X]Generic greeting
No. 14086
[X] Lily

There are enough options that we're basically boned. Lily just seems to me the most exuberant of the choices, and consequently the likeliest to greet us in such a manner. Plus, you know, nice weather.

Why didn't we leave it to Wriggle?
No. 14087
Why couldn't we have looked to Wriggle to clue us in first?

Oh yeah. I forgot. That would mean NOT charging blindly into something that will turn out badly for us somehow. And Anon don't play that.
No. 14088
Fuck. That's evil.

Mystia - Pretty likely, she's usually potrayed with the ⑨ gang.
Lily - Eh, not really.
Hina - She's too mature for that.
Suwako - Hahaha, yeah, I wish.
Chen - More likely associated with Ran in some way.
Daiyosei - I see her more as timid kind.
Tewi - ...No.
Flandre - NO.
Koakuma - Shouldn't she be hanging with Patchouli or something?

...I vote for [X] Suwako. Everybody else will vote Mystia anyways.
No. 14089

Why can't we just use a generic greeting, like:

[X] "Hey, kid!"


[X] "Sis!"
No. 14090
It's Daiyosei, just to fuck with us.
No. 14091
Hey guys, remember when Kira said he'd accept unique options should they reach five before anything else?
No. 14092

Oh god, Kira really is a master of torment.
No. 14093
Lets see low level bosses in window games from those listed are: Mystia, Hina, Chen, and Daiyosei .

Assuming Chen is related to Ran, it couldn't be her because we probably arn't related to Ran. Hina's big enough that if she tackled us we'd probobly fall down. That brings it down to Mystia and Daiyosei. The only thing we know about her is that she left home early for some reason. Daiyosei is Cirno's friend rather than sister in Gensokyo, and we can only hope the same applies here.
No. 14094
Mystia sings a lot and plays in fields of flowers and shit like that. No reason it can't be her.
No. 14095
[x] Lily

It would be fun, at least.
No. 14096
...I hope everyone's ready to change their vote to [X] "Hey, sis!"
No. 14097
You know, this might just be Kira's way of letting us decide who it is.
No. 14098
That choice carries no bonus or loss.
No. 14099
[X] "Hey, sis!"
No. 14100
pointless now but
[ ] hey sis!
No. 14101
[X] "Hey, sis!"
No. 14102
[X] "Hey, si-HOLY SHIT WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT" and flee while everyone is distracted.
No. 14103
I'll throw out another:

[X] "Hey, sis."
No. 14104

too late, niggas
No. 14107
File 120813990663.png - (972.46KB , 800x600 , 1207809348722.png ) [iqdb]
Honestly, do you people even read the and the options before responding? Anyway, here's hoping you twits are right...
No. 14108
[x] Take one last longing look at my sisters, then break out of this dreamworld with the rest of my teammates, shouting a resounding "WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK WE ARE?!"
The Anti-Spiral must be defeated.
No. 14109
File 120814016340.png - (498.23KB , 520x640 , 120736578617.png ) [iqdb]
No. 14112
Pff. Reading is for losers.
No. 14119
So, did everyone go to sleep or something?
No. 14121
Incoming post. Maybe.
No. 14122
Yeah is there a hueg wall of text coming or has Kira timed out due to soup?
No. 14124
File 120814185529.png - (158.07KB , 688x494 , yesyoucan.png ) [iqdb]

Did someone request a drawfag?
No. 14125
Misfire, there, soldier. Reload and try again.
No. 14126
File 120814198484.jpg - (34.03KB , 400x400 , facepalm.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 14127

No. 14128
Not just any soup. Sump pump soup.
No. 14131
Lets see....

I'm gonna say Tewi, on a gut instinct.

doesn't matter cause vote already made.
No. 14132
I wonder if we'll wind up back at the SDM sometime soon.
No. 14133
File 120814214776.jpg - (22.91KB , 448x290 , 120599608557.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 14134
No. 14135
We'll have a part time job working for Remillia's family there.

Or do you mean out side of the school days?
No. 14136
Better than most of the shit on deviantart.
No. 14138
oh wow. That's.... Something alright. The coloring is good, considering how bad I think that picture's supposed to be. heh.
No. 14141
No. 14142

PROTIP: Don't draw when stoned.
No. 14150
I wonder if this means Lily White is a bright, cheerful, happy girl, who does kickoff announcements for various school events in ways that result in the utter destruction of a room

("Wait, from back here, it looks like the scorch marks form a sentence. 'Spring... is... here.' ...What an odd girl.")
No. 14214
My new background
No. 14264
Is it worse than