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It's been a long work day and you need to blow off some steam. As per the usual habit you hit the local pub. It's not the biggest or the fanciest but the booze is cheap and theres lots of it. The bartender pretty much knows you by now and has your usual ready as soon as you walk in the door. It's like clock work.

What you don't know is that tonight is going to be rather extraordinary. Ignoring the chatty young couple next to you is a bit difficult but you manage.The glorious alcoholic nectar helps quite a bit of course. Little else matters. It's just you and the booze and your own little world right now. The shouts, chatter, and laughter barely even register in your brain.

What is your name?

No. 135875
[x] Melchior
No. 135877
[x] Melchior

Sounds good to me... though honestly, it sounds like a name you'd have during the 18th century.
No. 135879
[X] Ben
No. 135882
Changing my vote. If we're going to play with an alcoholic, I vote for:
[x] John "Ya" Ota
No. 135883
[x] Keine Kamishirasawa
No. 135886
[X] Jackson Pollock.
No. 135887
[x] Thales
No. 135889
>What you don't know is that tonight is going to be rather extraordinary.
Then why is the narration telling me so? Ugh.

Haha, excellent. Previous vote deleted.

[X] John "Ya" Ota.
No. 135896
Very well then. It is decided. I am rather amused by your choice. Now only to write the next segment.
No. 135901
[X] John "Ya" Ota.

Your name is John "Ya" Ota though others usually refer to you by a different name. That is a different place though. Right now you are just 'John'. You are both excited and worried about your latest work. You can only hope they will enjoy it. You take another gulp from the well of wisdom. The mystical elixir your source of boundless inspiration. If you where any other man people would call you a sordid foul drunk. Instead it seems more like an endearing trait.
The main reason for this visit is not to bring inspiration this time. It is to escape. Many of the fans lately have been a bit rabid about old characters you haven't touched upon in years. It is as if every passing day more people are like "Where is whats her name?" or "Why won't you bring back that one character?" Your not sure what to do but drink. It has helped you out of bad situations in the past. Hopefully it can help you now. You take another swig. The drink is gone.

[X] Dead before dawn
[X] Black spot
[X] Sessho-seki
[X] Muramasa
No. 135905
[X] Dead before dawn

I hope this isn't a right off the bat bad end.
No. 135913
[X] Black spot

Spider? That's the first thing coming to my mind.
No. 135917
[X] Dead before dawn

Drink until we drop option?
No. 135920
Sure seems like it to me.
I do like where this is going a bit. The updates are a little short for my tastes though.

[X] Dead before dawn
No. 135936
[X] Dead before dawn

Every vote implies death in some manner. How morbid.
No. 135938
Well death isn't always a bad thing. Sometimes it's a chance for a new begining.

[X] Dead before dawn
No. 135939
[X] Black spot

With the gold comes the curse.
No. 135968
[X] Muramasa
No. 135973
Voteing called. writeing.
No. 135985
[X] Dead before dawn

You pause for a moment gawking at the empty glass before gesturing for another from the bartender. That last one didn't do the trick. Perhaps one more? He obliges and slides you another glass. One turns into two which in turn becomes ten. Everything starts to blur together and you start to feel violently ill. You manage to force down the last few drops before shambling out of the pub like a walking cadaver.

You don't even register the sound of the music or the feel of the cool night air on your skin. You are utterly shit faced. Shambling near a dumpster your world starts spinning like a Ferris wheel. Your stomach finally opts void itself of it's contents.Reaching out to steady yourself you feel something soft and cold. Almost like ice. Looking up for a moment all you see is green hair and a pale face with wise but mischievous green eyes. Your brain doesn't have time to comprehend what you see as it activates emergency shut down mode on your drunk ass and you fall back into your road pizza.

You awake later with a mother of a hangover. a soft bed is under you and it appears you are in a house not your own. It has a bit of an 18th century flair to it. who ever the owner is seems to have quite an interest in the occult judging by the various books and papers scattered about. It seems to still be dark out.

[X] Dorothy
[X] Kneel before Zod
[X] Unforeseen consequences
No. 135987
[X] Unforeseen consequences

And thus the riveting tale of how ZUN was able to come up with a strange setting like Gensokyo shall be told.
No. 135991
[X] Unforeseen consequences

Nice to see a story with a wannabee ZUN as a main character. Even if it's probably not what writefag planned.
No. 135996
[X] Unforeseen consequences


ZUN's power is opening a portal to Gensokyo when he drinks obscene amounts of alcohol.
No. 136010
[X] Unforeseen consequences

Hmmm...asumeing this is ZUN the author is portraying it seems to be just after he has finished making one of the more recent games. Most likely Touhou 13.
No. 136050
I suppose i'll call the vote. Writeing more when I wake up. Im bloody tired.
No. 136238
Sorry for the wait.

[X] Unforeseen consequences

As you go to get up you pause for a moment. These aren't your normal clothes. It seems someone went through the trouble to even wash and bathe your in your nigh comatose state.
Who could this mysterious Samaritan have been?
Easing out of the bed you see a photo of a young woman with long green hair and a child with blond hair on the table next to the bed. They both seem pretty happy. Somehow they seem familiar but you can't put a finger on it. As opposed to wracking your brain trying to figure it out you obey the needs of your body and hunt down the nearest restroom you can find.
It's not quite modern but functionally it should do. You are careful not to accidently ruin any of the notes that seem to be in here as well. Who ever this is sure seems to have a magic obsession. Stepping out into the foyer and feeling reasonably more human you have a look at the grandfather clock there. It reads the time to be 3:14 A.M. You really aren't tired anymore though so perhaps you could look for the owner of the house or possibly head out and try to find your way home.

[X] Peace of mind
[X] More then a feeling
[X] Let Me Take You Home Tonight
No. 136248
[X] Peace of mind

Is it just me or are all the choices songs by Boston?
No. 136250
[X] Peace of mind


Everything is better with Boston.
No. 136278
[X] More then a feeling

I absolutely love it when I have no idea what I'm voting for.