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13472 No. 13472
Alright guys, for various reasons, I don't belive there's gonna be a MiG update today (Doing research, updating stuff, headache, roomate problems, etc)
So, I'm gonna host a little Q&A session. Feel free to ask me questions about my views on this Gensokyo as well as questions about the current story. I won't answer anything spoilerific, but I may also not answer some questions 'cause I haven't thought of answers to them.
So the lines are open folks, start asking away~

No. 13475
No. 13476
Does the MiG anon have any connections with the YWUIG anon? I keep getting the impression that they are bonded in some way.
No. 13479
As in Ever17?
No. 13480
When we were on the flower field, could've we met Yuka? Also, was there a chance for Sikieiki/Komachi route?
No. 13482
Does the camera actually give us the powers those it captures on film?

Exactly how long will the elixir work if all of it is consumed?

If we loose party members are we forfeiting the good end\great end?

What's with the LHC?

Will we go back to the school days world?

Is Reisen a viable target for our affection? Will she enjoy hair\ear ruffles?
No. 13483
Perfect. Some of us think that the story needs to be momentarily paused to give anon a break. So far the threads have been going to hell because of people complaining about how everyone votes too quickly in life threatening situations so I thought it would be a good idea to lift the threat of imminent death once we reach the shrine. Group bath scene etc.

Just for a while. Then we go back to the three stooges trying to gut us.
No. 13485
Kashira, Kashira, I wonder I wonder.
Shikeiki/Komachi route Yes, but not on the path you're currently on. You'd have to meet them under different circumstances to be able to spend any time around them. Flower field, There was a chance, But you weren't there at the right time. If you had gotten there earlier, or perhaps much later, You might have.
Iunno what's with the LHC, we'll just have to see when they fire it up.
Also, yes, there's a chance for the school days world to show up.
You don't have a full party yet.
No. 13486
What are your views on the Yakumo faction? As in what do you think Ran and Chen are doing while Yukari is doing whatever she's supposed to be doing?
No. 13487
Are we currently on or close to a delicious Wriggle path?
No. 13488

Yeah I support this, we need a lul in the action.

For godsake it's only day 2\3! Or is it 4? How many times have we been asleep?

Reisen, Tell me about Reisen!
No. 13489
Ran is likely doing whatever Yukari is directing her to do, but Chen, who knows. She's probally listening to orders from Ran, but Ran may not want to directly involve her in it. You'd have to ask Chen to know for sure.
No. 13495
By a rough estimate, It's actually about day 7~9, if not 11. There's been times you've been in and out of consciousness, and most of the chapter ends have had at least 12 hours between the next pickup. You've been in Gensokyo longer than you've thought. Reisin's cute. But, given the long lifespan of lunar rabbits, If she really is only in her 30's or 40's, then by human terms she's likely only a teenager, if not younger, despite her advanced physical appearance. Also, CRAAAAAAAAAZY EEEEYEEEEZ. Or something.
No. 13502
Is Suwako a forgiving god in this Gensokyo?
No. 13504
I'd say Suwako is an indifferent god.
No. 13505
Is Reimu upset no so much at us, but at a nasty armpit rash?
No. 13506
Does Yukari remember when anon hit the TAIL FEEL SO GOOD bad end?
No. 13508
So you're saying that Reisen is a teenaged rabbit.


My god.

Her libido must be almost fatal!


The camera, does it steal powers? Any hints as to why Reimu was hunting us in the first place, before we fucked her shit up.
What does Yukari stand to gain from all this? Why do we hallucinate when ever we're even slightly hungry? Is Alice dedicated to Reimu's cause or can she be turned? Or at least discouraged? Where does Marisa stand in all this?
Who else is working for the red white?
No. 13509
Is there any chance we could find some old weapons from the pre-windows era like the Flower Tank?
No. 13510
Does last nights choice mean that we as players need to come up with a plan or will you provide us one?
No. 13512
OH! Was it us that attacked reimu with the miasma or was it medicine? Since there was that noise in the bushes behind us and all.
No. 13514
You've usually gone for longer than you've thought with out eating. Ever thought how Reimu appears to the (9) squad? comes out of nowhere, slaughters you, and doesn't afraid of anything. Same with Marisa. Reimu is hunting you because you disturb the balance of Gensokyo in some way. Yukari's gain is advancing her own ends. (I have no fucking clue. She won't tell me a damn thing) Alice will tend to do whatever she thinks is best. As such, Right now she seems to think that it's for the best to be helping her friends. Not only to mention that you've piqued her curiosity.
Suwako is a bit of a ditz. It's the hat you have to woory about. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT.
Yukari remembers a great deal of things that may or may not have ever happened. She, much like ghosts, exist in a semi-different physical state from the rest of us. They can interact with us, but they aren't always bound by convnetional physics, and may remember things from times that no longer exist.
If you knew where to look, you could find just about anything in Gensokyo. The big problem is knowing where to look.
No. 13518

You're good at this vague hint stuff, do you write video game manuals or something?
No. 13526
does she remember BOOT TO THE HEAD?
No. 13530
Thats it. We need to find the Flower Tank. It's the only way.
No. 13535
Also, probably not going to get answered, but what does the camera do outside of normal everyday photography?
No. 13539
File 12081200011.jpg - (0.96MB , 1280x1024 , 1208118870938.jpg ) [iqdb]
Is this who we'll eventually become?
No. 13541

Ah, the hat.

Can there be a big showdown between Yuyuko and the hat?

No. 13542
Can we steal Reisen's Eyehax and use it to Geass people?
No. 13544

That's reimu. Keeping the order of gensokyo etc.
No. 13546
Yes. She already forgave you, she really expected something like that after fucking around with you so much and telling you nothing.
No, but I'll get right on that though. I hear it's pretty good money.
It has a reusable flash, makes funny noises, is powered by SCIENCE! or magic.
MAGICAL SCIENCE. Iunno. Ask Nitori if you see her.
There aren't individual character paths, perse, but more like a general overaching story which may include close interaction with various charcters of Gensokyo.
No. 13547
Well, I, personally, think that we should have quite a few affection points built up for Wriggle by now!
No. 13548
>>There aren't individual character paths, perse, but more like a general overaching story which may include close interaction with various charcters of Gensokyo.

Careful, some devious minds may take that as an excuse for "a different girl each night".

Also, is there contraception in Gensokyo? Say at Rinnosuke's? And can a human impregnate a Youkai?

No. 13549

Well kourin is a dirty half breed so...
No. 13550

Yukari gaps in some condoms for anon.
No. 13552
Why would we need condoms?
No. 13560
File 12081210233.jpg - (41.27KB , 575x375 , netherlands-giant-condom-01.jpg ) [iqdb]
to fly
No. 13561

So that she doesn't make a nest in someones wall and a few months later hundreds of half-human half-bug things crawl out and eat everyone.
No. 13563
That would be pretty cool.
No. 13564

Y'know what... I think I found out how we can fight Reimu.
No. 13568

No. 13571
File 120812129418.jpg - (95.45KB , 417x305 , Vendilion Clique.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 13574
I'll tell you what that's one way to piss of Reimu, sire a clan of Half breeds with every other girl we meet!
No. 13576
Are we ever going to get clarification from Rumia herself as to what happened that time in Rinnosuke's store? He said it was an hallucination but only Rumia was present for the entirety of our freakout session.
No. 13577
Where did the cord go to in korinwhosits shop? the fridge cord?
No. 13579
can we create our own miko paper tags? write copypasta on paper and use it as weapon
No. 13580

We probably didn't do anything other than the WHY YOU DO THIS? and panic. Hallucinations don't work the way everyone is thinking they work.
No. 13591
I dunno, that particular case seemed to be another example of anon's mystery. Like being able to defeat Reimu in one on one combat while tripping balls and yet getting our ass handed to us by Alice when fully alert.

Actually that might me a point of consideration for later, get Reisen to give us the ol' madness eyes and see if we regain our power.

What does the button and the spell card do BTW?
No. 13602
Basicaly, she ate the sammiches, you were not in your right mind, and you freaked the FUCK out. You scared the ever loving shit out of rumia, then cracked your head on the counter. She thought you died. DIED. The only human to ever show her kindness, and you freak out, scream at her then die. Wouldn't you be a little bit upset at that?
No. 13605
It went to a pile of junk. Or were you asking what was under the junk, or on the other side of it?
You weren't tripping balls the first time you met Reimu, second time? She was weak as fuck from the poison from the first time the two of you met. She thought she'd be over it in a day or so, and when it lasted longer than she expected and was unable to treat it, she went to Eientei for treatment.
No. 13606
was it really letty in the fridge?
No. 13610
Can love bloom on the battlefield?
No. 13611
No. 13615
Are we really in Lunatic Mode right now?
Back then when we first met Reimu, did she want to kill Wriggle?
Most of all, if we choose something else, would we have gone on Reimus good side and would there be a chance for us to be Reimus bitch?
No. 13616
Love can bloom anywhere. especially in spring.
No. 13618
Oh come on. I already feel bad about that, and now you make it worse?
No. 13620
What was that noise that we forgot to investigate in Ghost land?
No. 13621

So wait are we overreacting in the whole running away from Reimu and co?
No. 13624

Anything you two want to tell us?
No. 13626
They are one person with Split Personality
No. 13628

Same as us then.
No. 13629

Be quiet me.
No. 13631
Sanity is for the weak!
No. 13632

Actually, we know each other IRL and have been going steady for close to a year and a half.


Or this.
No. 13633
and the boring.
No. 13634
Is there a chance for us to see EX Rumia. Huge asset to our firepower if we can get her into our ranks.
No. 13635
lol, idunno. You guys didn't want to check again right away. So anything's possible. Also, YOU PEOPLE ARE DISGUSTING. Jeeze. Wash your goddamn plates for chrissake. *smile*
lol, idunno. Can it bloom on the playground? >>13615
Let me put it this way. You were given PLENTY of chances to run away from someone randomly screaming at you in the middle of the night.
The other sisters. They were playing by themselves over there, and then they came over when Merlin was playing.
It's in the job description, right above crushing despair, and just below killing off everything you hold dear. *grin*
Eirin actually did treat her, given that she's not immortal and how Reimu and crew are acting, Reimu would have likely killed Eirin had she not been useful to Reimu at that time. That being said, Reimu's probally back to about 1/3'rd to 1/2 power, and recovering.
No. 13636
Yes. perhaps its even time to start thinking about the next step.
No. 13637
Why does Mokou talk funny? Did Kaguya wire her jaw shut or something?
No. 13639

already explained. Kaguya smashed a rock on her head, took a week to get it off, still hasn't healed fully.
No. 13640
>Reimu's probally back to about 1/3'rd to 1/2 power, and recovering.
oh no, the zombie lord rises again
No. 13641

The playground? Well, can it?


Summer is here?
No. 13642
File 120812382949.jpg - (21.04KB , 335x331 , 120797184740.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 13643
Moku got hit by a rock. Read the plot more carefully.
No. 13644
What should we do next? If you were in our position what would you do?
No. 13647
no, summer is something i'd rather... avoid.

I was actually talking about the Bond villain style scheme to put the world in an endless spring.
No. 13649

To hell with spring, I want my winter back.

I hate it being so light all the time.
No. 13650

Fuck you spring sucks. Nothing but cold and rain.
No. 13653
Jesus christ, listen to these guys whine. its too bright and sunny! now its too rainy and cold. its not like you Hikki's ever go outside anyways!
No. 13654

Winter called and said she wanted you to get back in the gimp suit.
No. 13655
Is it better to run from fights or to actually go to fights? We are weaker then even Rumia, so all we can do is always run?
So being like Shirou would get us killed?
No. 13656

Actually I have to go outside tomorrow. And again and again for 2 weeks. Fuck you spring.
No. 13657
File 120812439053.jpg - (680.33KB , 1680x1050 , 1206589799106.jpg ) [iqdb]


And then Lily was the extra boss.
No. 13658
Hey kira can we violate lily white some time in the story? Or at least have her annoy reimu and get roasted.
No. 13659
Well maybe if you were a little more consistent people like you more!
No. 13660
Planning with Reisen was probally the best option, next to trying to locate Wriggle/Rumia. Charging back in headlong is silly and dangerous. Reisen isn't an idiot, and she may or may not be under orders from the Moon people to keep you safe, but I believe she was honostly speaking from the heart. Barring finding Wriggle, I'd say make some way to find her. Given that most of the insects in the area probally know she's there, talk to any visible insects you may see and ask them to find her for you. Beyond that, don't be so eager to off yourself. Caution is the better part of valor, and while GAR may be awesome, make sure you have the power to back up that GAR.
No. 13661
Ask her what its like being dead.
Ahh... in that case, enjoy your unseasonably warm weather.

But enough about me! Why did Eientei support us? what's their hand in all of this? how did we go from a harem of little (9)balls to the revolutionary war?
No. 13662

Do you have any plans to have Reimu keep any of our imoutouhoes as hostages?
No. 13666
Do we get bombs at any point?

What about a supernatural border of death?
No. 13668
Eientei supported you for thier own reasons. Kaguya aparently sees supporting you as an investment, mostlikely in the future of Gensokyo. My guess is that Yukari or Ran contacted her in some regard. To what ends... well you'd have to ask Yukari that. I don't know that there's a person alive who understands her thinking.
No. Next question.
Ah, I haven't actually played F/SN or watched the anime so uh... I don't know what "Acting like Shriou" is.
No. 13670
So, I'm guessing there won't be any h-scenes in your plot?
No. 13675
but consistancy is soooo booooooring.

Really? I could have sworn there was a Fate Stay/night reference somewhere. Brings me to another question though. What are your favorite anime?
No. 13679
File 120812513825.png - (108.31KB , 478x358 , Snake.png ) [iqdb]
Does Nitori or Aya have a stash of boxes? Is it possible to acquire one to do... boxy things?
No. 13682
Or, if there are, will it involve seafood?
No. 13687

No. 13688
Are Cirno, Twei and Moku in danger?
No. 13690
Can we torture some Touhous somewhere in the coming story?
No. 13692
Will we ever learn to fly?

Do we get a theme song too? Everyone else has one.
No. 13693
File 120812559071.jpg - (94.00KB , 774x962 , 1205780612301.jpg ) [iqdb]

Can I suggest something? When we get a CONFIRM OPTION post, like we did yesterday, rather than just roll back to the previous post can we have a mini event happen? Like Reisen should've pulled us back or shouted after us or some such.
No. 13695
No. Confirm option is silly.
No. 13698
That depends on what Reimu does. She doesn't exactly like talking to me.
I suck at writing them, unless you thought that the lead up to Yuyuko eating you could have gone somewhere nice.
You seem to think you have one allready (Bombs = spellcards ingame)
No. 13701
Would you rather follow the current storyline till the end, or restart from the beginning?
No. 13703
File 120812604744.png - (75.22KB , 348x386 , 1206778427076.png ) [iqdb]

>I suck at writing them, unless you thought that the lead up to Yuyuko eating you could have gone somewhere nice.
You seem to think you have one allready (Bombs = spellcards ingame)
No. 13707
File 120812613483.jpg - (116.77KB , 480x600 , 1153429730786.jpg ) [iqdb]
>>Reisin's cute. But, given the long lifespan of lunar rabbits, If she really is only in her 30's or 40's, then by human terms she's likely only a teenager, if not younger, despite her advanced physical appearance. Also, CRAAAAAAAAAZY EEEEYEEEEZ.

I somehow fail to see any problem, here.
No. 13708
That was the response to h-scenes.
No. 13712
>fail to see any problem

No. 13716
Anime? Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. First anime I ever saw, at age 3. Loved the crap out of that video. (It was my aunt's) She gave it to me for ah.. Birthday or christmas about 5~6 years back. (Yeah yeah, crappy warriors of the wind BS, but still. I loved the crap out of it)
Manga: Steam Detectives. FUCKYEASTEAMPUNK!>>13690
No. Next question.
Nitori might, and if she does, there's nothing to keep Aya from being stickyfingered.
>I suck at writing them, unless you thought that the lead up to Yuyuko eating you could have gone somewhere nice.
Response to >>13670
Sure, just find me a composer and I'll hammer out something for Anon. Also, Flying? Does out of a catapult count?
What do you think?
No. 13718
>Steam Detectives

Hell yes.

+ Respect points for Kira.
No. 13719
Ah, problems last night were due to lack of sleep causing me problems. That and I was getting distracted frequently, so I wasn't exactly thinking straight. Plus, a friend gave me that nifty OP picture, and, well, I thought it'd be funny to fuck with you guys.
No. 13720

No. 13721
If there won't be h-scenes, will there at least be romance?
No. 13722
BRB going to lurk to get steam detectives.
No. 13724

>If there won't be h-scenes, will there at least be romance?

>won't be h-scenes

Aren't they the same thing?
No. 13725

But I want a supernatural border of death, damnit.

We could totally use the extra life without actually using a life thing.
No. 13726
No. 13727
Yeah i know, but i wanted to know what would you prefer. After all you are writing it, so i was just wondered about it. Starting anew or continue where we left.
No. 13728

Fuck yeah, frozen frog stuck! I demand this be used by anonymous in and out of the game.

Fox (9) hell yeah! Actually Wriggle Nightbug works in the code name system already.....
No. 13729
Do you get any of the Warhammer 40,000 references or jokes I make? Will we ever have the chance to arm ourselves with some Daemonhunting equipment?
No. 13730
How close is this story coming to the end? Will Anonymous get a One Winged Angel form in the final battle?
No. 13731
File 120812691228.jpg - (130.04KB , 501x678 , 1179205333603.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 13732
Oh. I'd really like to see this out to the end. It's exciting. I had no idea this is where things were going. Eientei's damage from the attack suprised the crap out of me as well.
No. 13733
Hell yes. Spring, you have the best Significant Other EVER.
No. 13734
>I don't know that there's a person alive who understands her thinking.
>a person alive
Then this means we need to talk to Yuyuko.
Or Shikieiki/Komachi, assuming they're dead.
No. 13735
Anon is likely not Godzilla.
Ah... Warhammer 40k scares me. So many little metal things. All so pointy. So uh.. Probally not?
No. 13736
They're not.
No. 13738
File 120812740842.png - (72.59KB , 587x923 , 1179215949779.png ) [iqdb]

Also, this.
No. 13739
you don't even have to play the game, Kira. Just lurk /tg/ for like a week and you'll understand most everything there is to know about wh40k fluff.
No. 13740
>I don't know what "Acting like Shirou" is.
Shirou wants to be a superhero, his ideal is a world where everyone can be "saved". He tries to help as many people as possible without even considering his own life in the process.

So, in keeping with his character, you usually have to take the most suicidal option when facing insanely powerful enemies (especially when someone else is in immediate danger), and rely on his plot hax (self-healing, unlimited blade works, etc) to constantly save his ass.

That's not to say things always work out okay, it ends up getting pretty complicated. The conflict between his ideal and reality is pretty much the primary theme in the story, so I won't try to explain it all here.

tl;dr: Anon is acting suicidally heroic because FSN conditioned him to do so, apparently it'll take a while to unlearn that.
No. 13742
if someone is in direct and immediate danger that is readily aparent and directly in front of you, then I'd say Yes, acting like Shirou would probally be a good thing. Otherwise, If it's happening somewhere else, and you don't have any good information, well, Information wins wars. Good misinformation has spelled the downfall of many.
No. 13743
Ah, but note, this isn't a hard fast rule, set in stone. It's only a suggestion. In the face of overwhelming odds, it's usually prudent to regroup or play on the element of suprise. Like I said, information is king. Gathering useful intel is almost always the best option, but again, this isn't a hard fast rule.
No. 13744
Nevermind H-scenes. How about getting everyone together at Eientei for one massive orgy of hair-ruffling and/or stroking?

I don't care if Kaguya had something else in mind when she said she expected a "return on her investment". She and everyone else must experience Anon's Magic Ruffling Fingers.
No. 13745

"Ooooh no! There goes Gen-so-kyo! There goes Godzilla! OoooOOOooooh!"
No. 13748
File 12081282743.jpg - (48.68KB , 220x154 , 1198442657369.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Just lurk /tg/ for like a week
No. 13750

Anon gets the Head-strong and Berserk Charge special rules!
No. 13758
So what we basically need now is information. good thing we are heading towards a newspaper.
No. 13759
>So what we basically need now is information. good thing we are heading towards a two bit tabloid.
No. 13761

Hourai Elixer (generic) is our supernatural border
No. 13762
I wonder what tabloids in gensokyo write about? I mean its kind of hard to make articles on bat boy when everybody knows he lives in a cave down by the river.
No. 13763
Hey, its the most accurate and respected publication in Gensokyo! Of course, it's also the most biased and disrespected publication in Gensokyo. Theres not really any competition.
No. 13765
That definitely helps in making decisions. Based on that I probably would have voted to surprise attack Marisa, as long as you could tell she was right on the other side of the canvas. Although the effectiveness of tackling someone who knows magic and can fly is questionable, and the camera is a wild card.
No. 13767
There's definately been something going on for few days now. Has Aya written anything about it yet?
No. 13768
If the contents are, indeed, what the label claims to be. The seal on the bottle has been broken, so it could have just been cracked open in all of anon's running around, or there could be a different substance in there all together, or someone could have already drank some.
No. 13770
File 120812909999.png - (15.68KB , 400x400 , c93c5b6.png ) [iqdb]
No. 13772
>>Theres not really any competition.

The Bunbunmaru News! When there's only one paper, there's only one choice!
No. 13776
My plan was as follows. I don't like it cause its a bit chansey for my tastes with two unknown variables, but here goes...

step 1: Take Reisen's picture, steal her power

Step 2: Geass Marisa to "Become our loyal servant"

Step 3: Get out of there with (9)ball in hand.

Step 4: ???

Step 5: Profit!
No. 13777
I don't know. Have you seen her anywhere?
No. 13780
So, what is that button for, again?
Or at least, any clue as to why it seems so familiar?
No. 13785
I don't know, maybe you've seen it somewhere before or on someone before. Or something like that. It IS slightly warm.
No. 13786

Anonymous hypothesized it was a Reisen ear button and codec
No. 13787
We don't know if the camra does steal powers and if the person it's used on is unharmed. You hurt my Reisen and you'll be getting bad ends at my hand.

I grantee it.
No. 13788
... Is anon a clepto? I mean, things keep appearing in his inventory, and I certainly don't remember pocketing any buttons. the only person I can think of that we've been close enough to yank a button off of was yuyuko maybe.
No. 13789
Kira, can our ⑨s learn dual and triple techs to increase their combat efficacy?

Also, if the ribbon-amulet is removed, do we get EX Rumia?
No. 13791
Like I said, I didn't like the plan much. its too chancey and relies on too many variables.

Also, if anyone is looking for a Demonoid invite, they should email me.
No. 13792
Maybe you should disccus them when you have some quiet time somewhere safer and have some time to train.
I don't know. Try it and find out. Not my fault if you get killed though.
No. 13795
Describe the button in detail.
No. 13796

Spring email GET!


Will we ever get any unique to anon spell cards?
No. 13797
Is it possible to meet PC-98 characters, like Mima-sama or Alice's (possibly dead) Mom?

Is there any possibility of VIVIT involvement?
No. 13799
No. 13801
Oh god. I just pictured it.

I pictured Anon as Gensokyo's #1 danmaku coach.

Anon: C'mon Cirno, you can do it!
No. 13802
Is there anywhere we can train under increased gravity to improve the effects of our training?


I don't condone removing the charm, Rumia is useful as she is. Particularly while we have Wriggle around to act as our eyes in the dark.
No. 13803

It would be more a weapon of last resort.
No. 13804

Eye of the Tiger is now playing in your head. Manually.
No. 13806
Kind of like letting Flandre out of the basement?
No. 13808
Is the SDM still building their moon rocket in this timeline?
No. 13809
Much like detonating a nuke at point blank, eh?
No. 13810
So who gave Alice that bloody nose? Is it beyond our power to get her and her doll armies on our side since we hit a nerve the last time we talked to her?
No. 13811

No. 13813
>Rumia is useful

No. 13814

A final "fuck you" to Reimu, as EX Rumia eats the Sun.
No. 13817
We haven't had a chance yet to use her, but think of it this way: We have a portable gap generator that can also fight to some degree.
No. 13818

Since we have Wriggle to navigate for us.

Wriggle's insects would also be capable of attacking inside the darkness.
No. 13823
Rumia generates gaps? Since when?
No. 13824
What happens next time we die? Higan? Continue? Game over?
No. 13827
Kashira, Kashira.
(Translators note: Kashira means I wonder)
No. 13828
I'm not sure, its been a while since I've played it... but I think that might be a red alert reference.
No. 13831
How powerful is Reimu in this continuity? Is she capable of being killed like a normal human or is she invincible?
No. 13832
No. 13833
It's a nod to Command and Conquer Red Alert.

There was a unit called a mobile gap generator that projected a field of Fog of War around it's self. I was comparing Rumia's darkness to mobile fog of war.
No. 13836

I can't believe I missed that. Damnit.
No. 13839
heeeey thats right. does Reimu and the gang know Rumia was with us? they probably do now, but that might have been a good way to stay under cover. we could have stayed within the darkness and any patrols would just have thought it was Rumia alone...
No. 13840

It's how I've been thinking about Rumia since we first befriended her.
No. 13846
Is Cirno truly the strongest in Gensokyo?

Meaning, does she respawn instantly like stated in PM?
No. 13850
marisa knows she can move about freely now, she saw her at kournidou
No. 13856
But that just means she knows Rumia can travel without the darkness field. Doesn't mean she knows we're traveling with her.

What would be happening now if we had spoken to Marisa earlier? And not fucked things up if we did?
No. 13863
Oh hey, if there's any drawfags here, Wanna do the Cirno/Mokou Thumbs up scene from the dream sequence?
No. 13864
The outside world has a high tech level, since they were able to fight the moon rabbits effectively and built VIVIT.

Is there any possibility of finding any "modern" weapons or armor at Kourindou?
No. 13865
No. 13874
Will we ever meet the herald of spring?
No. 14047
If I eat your liver, can I gain your update speed?
No. 14049
I think you have to eat the pancreas for that.
No. 14050

i don't think there's any chianti in gensokyo
No. 14053
But but... I need my liver. Plus, Mine is more quantity over quality. Yours is very much quality over quantity.

. . . Unless my stuff is good, which would shock the everloving hell out of me.
No. 14106
Are you sitting down?
No. 14114
Yes, why?
No. 14115
Well, you see... it's about your stuff. It is good, actually.
No. 14116
St-stupid anon, it's not like we l-l-like his stuff! It's just that it's pretty fun. Okay?
No. 14117

This is true.
No. 14130
File 120814210714.jpg - (61.85KB , 336x270 , 1205819711712.jpg ) [iqdb]
. . . Well. This is certainly shocking.
No. 14157
I think of MiG as Full Metal Panic, and WUiG as FMP: Fumoffu -- The same basic starting elements, but the focus on the former is in the action and plot, whereas the focus on the latter is in the wacky adventures and mishaps and relationships.

Except WUiG doesn't suck, unlike Fumoffu.
No. 14165

Those seem a little mixed to me.
No. 14167
>Except WUiG doesn't suck, unlike Fumoffu.

No. 14170
One is FMP, the other is Fumoffu, I'll give you that. I'm just not sure which is which.
No. 14171
Wait, I thought MiG was Kagetsu Tohya to YWUiG's Tsukihime?
No. 14190

But the thing with that is Kagetsu Tohya took place after Tsukihime, it wasn't so much an alternate take/ universe/ what have you.
No. 14241
I suppose.
No. 14250
File 120814552777.jpg - (69.10KB , 500x560 , 1199431581629.jpg ) [iqdb]

It's okay, Dark.

Here, lets drink our troubles away together.
No. 14256
I would drink that, 5 awesome bottles of it.
No. 14285
Oh dear lord, if you sent me some rum now, I'd love you for a week.
No. 14313

According to Publication 52 Hazardous, restricted, & perishable mail of the United States Postal Service, “Intoxicating liquors having 0.5 percent or more alcoholic content are nonmailable. This includes taxable liquors with 3.2 percent or less alcohol, as well as those obtained under a prescription or as a collector's item. The prohibition of the mailing of intoxicating liquors is contained in federal law (18 U.S.C. 1716).”

If it makes you feel better, I was considering it.
No. 14315
But everyone knows the combination of whiskey and seven up/sierra mist/other clear soda is far better for late night runs.
No. 14359

What, like a 7&7?
No. 14365

>Xom's attention turns to you

So, GM, tell me on the kind of things you drink.
No. 14381
Heresy. Whiskey is nasty. Vodka is superior.
No. 14390

If you say vanilla vodka, I'll kill you.
No. 14395
Matter of taste, I really don't like vodka at all.
No. 14411

Vanilla vodka + orange juice = bad times.
No. 14417
vanilla vodka is nasty. go with raspberry Vodka.

oh, and never substitute everclear. blech. stupid everclear.
No. 14421

Spring, since GM seems busy, guess who my next test subject gets to be! Ha-Ha!

So, spring, what do YOU drink?
No. 14431
hmm Well, where I come from we don't mix alcohol much, but on occasion we mix trash cans.
No. 14436

Uh-huh. And where do you come from Spring?
No. 14437
Tequila+OJ. No other way.
No. 14439
Oh ho. I see what your doing there.

I come from a small podunk town in washington state.
No. 14446

And how was that? Did you enjoy your childhood?
No. 14454
To be honest? No. I have many gripes, but my main one was that I was the only kid around for miles until I was 17, and the internet wasn't viable then.
No. 14464

Well, what about how? How is your adult life?
No. 14468
hmm? well, I'm not too bad off I guess. work a 9-6 job talking to idiots all day, come home and talk to idiots (in the good way) the rest of the day. wash, rinse, repeat.
No. 14469

Wait. I meant now, but I guess you got that. lol multitasking making sockpuppet accounts for, hopefully, GM's D&D thing.

So what about the future, Spring? Plans? Goals? Dreams?
No. 14470
Fu-Ture? what is this strange thing you speak of? I live for the now! I do have some hopes and dreams, but they are kind of embarassing, or so I think, so I'll keep em to myself.
No. 14471

Aww, com'on, you shouldn't keep things from your very own herald. Plus they can't be that embarrassing if you plan (or hope to) make them happen.
No. 14472
Well, I wanna travel. On a motorcycle around the world. and yes, I'm well aware of things called oceans. thats when you take a ship.
No. 14473

Traveling doesn't sound too bad, there are some places I'd like to visit.

And motorcycles? Do you have one in mind?
No. 14474
Probably a BMW, or something. I wouldn't go with a Harley, because that says something about you. Same thing with a japanese bike.
No. 14476

That so? I have a Ninja 500R, you know.
No. 14477
Really? how's it ride? I really couldn't pull off riding something like that.
No. 14485

Just fine, I really enjoy it.

It's in for some, uh, down time, though.
No. 14487
Heh heh. whatcha do to it?
No. 14489

It's a long story.


Rabbits + rear wheel = bad, bad, bad, times.
No. 14496
Poor rabbit. I hope you didn't get hurt with that misadventure.

So, Enough about me, then. What was your childhood like?
No. 14509

Lily ignores you. It doesn't seem like your relationship level is high enough. That or she's just giving you a hard time.

"So spring, you said you wanted to travel. Any places in mind?"

[]Answer her
[]Persist with your own question
No. 14517
File 120815513822.jpg - (53.91KB , 400x538 , 76964_live_in_russia_vw.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X]Answer her

You note her evasiveness to your question, but disregard it, and decide to answer.

"Oh man. there's no place I don't wanna go. I've always wanted to go to places and see it all. Ever since my aunt gave me a copy of Indiana Jones when I was 10." you answer somewhat boldly. "in particular though, I wanna go through europe and russia. I'd like to go through all of asia too."
No. 14525

So then what was there to be embarrassed about? Or is it just because you decided to do it because of Indiana Jones? Though from the motorcycle part I was expecting Kino or something.
No. 14533
"The embarassing part is the other part. I don't want to do it alone. I wanna find someone to go with me. I just haven't found that person yet." You reply, then you take a sip of your tea. A MANLY sip. Your sipping like the fist of the mother fucking north star. Pinky extended like you were King Arthur taking tea with Guenevere in the gardens of Camelot. A real cool guy, sips tea and doesn't afraid of anything.
No. 14536
File 120815618114.jpg - (115.54KB , 640x480 , 127c3dc1c0ddcd87e82b81a1fc9b0772.jpg ) [iqdb]

So, in other words...

You're never going to go?
No. 14539
Ouch. that wounds me, madam. Deeply, I assure you.

But in answer to your question, it is only a dream after all. Dreams are made to be broken. I'll probably end up getting a motorcycle at one point, but it will be a sad, fruitless attempt to live a childhood dream. I'll probably cry.
No. 14542
File 120815681273.jpg - (121.70KB , 515x501 , justanotherday.jpg ) [iqdb]

I'm sorry, Spring. Here, you can drown your sorrows with alcohol.

Wait. That reminds me. I have your aim now. Ehehe.
No. 14549
Ahhh. to alcohol. The cause of, and solution too, all of life's little problems.

And my trillian client is in abject terror at the monstrosity of the crimes I've committed to it this night. guarenteed.
No. 14553

Well, don't worry. I'll most likely just keep it there to make you feel uncomfortable by knowing someone is always watching. Or most likely end up harassing you when I become bored enough.

Also I feel bad for anyone reading any of this.

On an unrelated note. Were we supposed to email GM if we were interested in that D&D thing?
No. 14555
Naw, feel free to message me, I don't mind talking to people.

Yeah, if anybody is reading this, I'm sorry.

And, I think she is going to come back tomorrow with more details after she works out a battle system.
No. 14558

Ah, I see. As the night grinds on I start to become a little slow. Plus that email drop made me a little confused.
No. 14561
speaking of night grinding on, I got work tomorrow. Night everybody!
No. 14563
Damn! And I was just about to combobreak y'all conversation...
No. 14569

Everything is just as planned.