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A story of a wealthy businessman separated from his assets. And his first name.


[X] “This satellite should be donated to the villagers. Even if they can’t use it for what it was made for, they can still probably use the metal from it for something.”

Patting the satellite a few times, you give Reimu a wide smile. “Think about it, these villagers could make some interesting stuff out of this satellite. Hell, I doubt anyone here needs a radio anyway. I doubt you even have radio stations and radio towers.”

Reimu only stares at you, looking completely confused at what you’re talking about. Well, at least you’re glad that she’s busy wondering what you’re talking about instead of yelling at you for something stupid.

“Wilson, why not donate the satellite to me?” Reimu asks, “I could make use of a satellite too! I could make use of it better than this village would!”

“Miss Hakurei… why would you need a satellite? The thing is not even in working order, what is a satellite going to do for you?”

“I could use it to attract visitors to the shrine! I’m certain people would love to look at this satellite thing.”

You sigh, wondering how crazy of an idea that is. Satellites in museums are repaired to some degree of pleasing aesthetics and even then the only people who really go to look at them are scientists and what not, and Reimu expects one satellite, especially one in a rather bad condition, to bring visitors to her shrine.

Now that you think about it, Reimu’s shrine is oddly deserted. You think a place of worship like that would attract at least worshippers, even a small trickle. If Reimu is so desperate to use a satellite to attract people to her shrine then maybe…

“A-hem,” Sakuya interrupts, breaking your train of thought. “Mister Wilson, aren’t you forgetting something?”

Scratching your chin, you quickly realize what Sakuya meant. “Right, right, Miss Izayoi. Anyway, since we’re done here, we should head over to Miss Izayou’s place of employment. Or… job, pretty much.”

Reimu groans, slouching a bit, letting her arms dangle in front of her. “Oh, I don’t want to… I already resolved one incident today, I don’t want to resolve another one…”

“Come on, Reimu, is it really that difficult for you? I mean, you must’ve done a lot of work here to stop a fire from raging out of control in a place like this. I mean, come on, nearly everything in this village is made of wood! I’m surprised that such a small area only got burnt up!”

“I know, but I want to do it tomorrow… the sun’s already down, I’ve got soot everywhere…”

“Please, Reimu, I know you’ve been through a lot, but this doesn’t sound like much. Besides, I’m certain you can take a nice warm bath when we get to Miss Scarlet’s mansion, right, Sakuya?”

Sakuya, caught a bit off-guard, quickly nods. You then look back at Reimu, hoping that she’ll be convinced to decide to go to the Scarlet Devil Mansion. At first, Reimu continues to resist the idea of going there, but after a few minutes of waiting, she finally gives up, letting out a long sigh.

“Fine, fine, Wilson, but you better know what you’re getting into by coming with us, alright?” Reimu warns, not even sounding the least bit humorous.

You hold your uninjured arm up and smile. “Yes, I completely understand any dangers and I will not hold you liable if I get myself injured while there. Is that what you want to hear, Reimu?”

“Not exactly, but whatever,” Reimu shrugs before starting to float into the air. “Well, might as well get going now, before I change my mind.”

Sakuya nods as she begins to float into the air. The both of them look back at you, as if expecting you to do the same. You stare at them for a few seconds, thinking if everyone can fly in Gensokyo. Now you’re starting to feel very envious.

“Well? Are you coming with us or not?” Reimu starts to frown, “Or are you actually not coming with us after all?”

You shrug. “Well sure, I’m coming with you, but, what, do you expect me to fly?”

“Uh, yeah?”

You hit your forehead with your palm. “I can’t fly.”

“What?” Reimu lands next to you, completely surprised. “How can you not fly? How did you get here anyway? Walking from the shrine to here usually takes a few hours.”

“No wonder no one visits your shrine…” you mumble under your breath.

“Reimu, I think I recall Suika turning into a cloud of mist to lift Wilson over here,” Sakuya says, floating a little closer. “Other than that, I don’t recall seeing Wilson actually flying by himself.”

“Well great, just great!” Reimu throws her hands in the air before grumbling. “Now what?”

“Carry me?” you spurt out, not even thinking about it.

“What? Carry you, on my back? What are you, insane? What normal guy would fly around on someone’s back?”

“No, not on your back, and just you. I mean lift me up by my arms, you carry one, and Sakuya will carry another, lifting me up while we all fly to the mansion.”

Reimu stares at you, looking completely unamused. “No, that’s dumb, you’re dumb for saying it and it would be dumb anyway for you to get involved right now. Besides, if we tried carrying you, who knows how badly injured your arm could become. Maybe you should see a doctor, I’m certain someone in the village will take a look at that arm.”

Looking at Reimu then back to your arm, you have to admit that she’s right. Your arm is beat up badly, and making it worse would be extremely stupid. You sigh as you know this means that you’re going to be stuck here for now, perhaps stuck here until morning.

“Well… good luck then,” you say, scratching your head. “Just hope nothing bad happens.”

Reimu shrugs as she floats back into the sky, following Sakuya, the two of them flying away. By yourself now, you look back at the satellite, seeing several of the villagers looking at it curiously, one of them coming up close to touch it before retreating back. Maybe you should tell them more about the satellite. Then again, you still have this arm to attend to. It shouldn’t be too hard to find someone who can have a look at your arm, right? Though, it would be so much easier to think if your stomach wasn’t growling as much. How long has it been since you ate anything?

[X] Get a doctor to look at your arm.
[X] Find some place to get a bite to eat.
[X] Tell the villagers a bit more about the satellite.
[X] Get some rest.



You think Gensokyo has any use for them?

Besides that, welcome to thread 2, my readers.

This second thread is well overdue... Let's hope the next won't be.

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Maybe the kappas. Aside from them, I'm not sure.
[x] Get a doctor to look at your arm.
No. 134608
[x] Find some place to get a bite to eat.

He is hungry, feed him.
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[X] Tell the villagers a bit more about the satellite.
[X] Get a doctor to look at your arm.
[X] Find some place to get a bite to eat.
[X] Get some rest.
No. 134618
[X] Take the medicine. Take the medicine. Take the medicine.
[X] Find some place to get a bite to eat.
[X] Tell the villagers a bit more about the satellite.
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[X] Get a doctor to look at your arm.
[X] Find some place to get a bite to eat.
[X] Get some rest.
[X] Tell the villagers a bit more about the satellite.

In that order.
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File 129747280083.png - (47.59KB , 256x256 , Second Best Medic.png ) [iqdb]
[X] Get a doctor to look at your arm.

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Ah, Medic...

Well, writing my update now. Don't forget about my story in the meantime.
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File 129749405840.jpg - (7.66KB , 279x311 , Medicine_Bottle.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Find someplace to get a bite to eat

Rubbing your stomach, you can feel hunger gnawing at you. Though the boar meat from earlier wasn’t bad at all, it was hours since then and now your stomach is waiting for the next meal. Looking around, you start wondering where you can get something to eat, perhaps another hearty meal consisting of meat and starches. Taking note of the large crowd that is gathering around the satellite, you start thinking that EVERYONE in the village is going to be here, meaning that any store that MIGHT be open will most likely be closed instead.

You are about to give up when you hear a voice behind you. “Hello, sir?” the voice asks, causing you to turn around, seeing a middle-aged man looking at you. “Ah, you were helping out with Miss Hakurei with solving this problem?”

You slowly nod. “Hey, I apologize if I’m sounding a bit weird, but you know where I can get something to eat?”

“Something to eat, sir?” the man repeats, scratching his head. “Ah, don’t worry about that at all, why don’t you come to my home? It would be a way to repay my thanks for helping us out.”

“Eh… thanks, but that seems a bit too much. I mean, all I did was find this satellite, I mean I didn’t even help out with stopping this fire at all. If you’re going to give a free meal for someone, Miss Hakurei fully deserves that instead.”

“Perhaps, but she’s not here. Besides, you did help out, and without your help, we might not have thought that thing caused the fire. It was also very kind of you to let us have it. Giving you a free meal is the least that I can do, sir.”

“Well, I guess I would be rude for refusing such a generous offer so… sure, why not?”

“Excellent, sir, now please, this way.”

You start following the man, seeing him go into a building that wasn’t too far from where the fire was. He must be really grateful that the fire was put out before reaching his home. Walking inside the house, you see the man’s home is a rather comfortable place, even by your modern standards. Though there are no chairs, there are rugs covering a lot of the floor. Seeing the man take off his sandals before walking over the rugs, you also do the same, putting your shoes next to his sandals.

Sitting down at the table, you glance around the room a bit more, finding it a bit too big for one person to live in. There are even stairs going up to another floor. Watching the man, you start wondering if he is the only one living here.

“Excuse me, but sir, can I ask you, do you have family?” you ask, the man turning to look back at you, holding a bowl of white stuff.

“Family? Oh yes, I do. They actually went out of the village with the other women and children and elderly,” the man answers, chuckling a bit. “They should actually be coming back soon.”

“Well that’s good to hear, and thanks again for letting me stay here.”

The man nods as he returns back to making some food, leaving you pretty much to your own devices. Glancing about, you then take out the medicine you got from Luna earlier. Looking at it a bit longer, you remove the stopper and take a small sniff. Almost immediately you start coughing, nearly dropping the bottle. Thankfully you manage to put the stopper back on and put it back in your jacket before you finish coughing. Whatever that medicine is, it’s some strange stuff. It’s probably a bad idea to use this medicine until you have a doctor identify what it is first.

After waiting patiently for the food, having taken a short nap during that time, the man brings a bowl of rice to you, along with several pieces of fish. Thanking the man, you again see a set of chopsticks at your side. Picking up the chopsticks, you attempt to pick up the fish, hoping to put it on top of your bowl of rice, but despite your best efforts, you can’t pick it up. The man starts laughing at your attempt, causing you to give up and grab the fish with your hand to put it on top of your bowl.


Looking towards the door, you see a young girl running inside, hugging the man from across you.

“Ah, my little girl, how are you?” the man said, patting the girl on the back. “Did you behave while you were with your mother?”

“Mhm, papa, I behaved!” The young girl then looks at you. “Papa, who is this man?”

“This is one of the people who helped keep the village safe.”

The young girl smiles widely as she looks at you. “Thank you, mister!”

Feeling happy from hearing that, you smile as well, nodding to the girl as you return to eating your food, the young girl talking about what happened. As you are eating, you barely notice a woman walking in, sitting down near you.

“She’s quite an energetic person, isn’t she, sir?” the woman says, breaking your concentration on eating.

“Hum? Oh yes, she is quite a nice person,” you respond, swallowing your food quickly. “Yes, and I apologize if I’m intruding on anything important.”

The woman laughs softly. “That’s alright. You’re quite welcome here anyway, sir. Tell me; aren’t you going to get that arm looked at?”

“Yes… but I was feeling a bit tired. Perhaps in the morning.”

“Well, if you change your mind, there is a doctor who lives nearby. If not, there’s a free room upstairs for you to sleep in.”

You nod as you return to eating your food. It turns out; it’s just as hard eating with chopsticks with one hand as it is with two. Thinking a bit more, you start deciding on what to do next.

[X] Get some rest.
[X] Visit the doctor now.


One question for you, readers.

Do you enjoy my story?
No. 134701
If I didn't enjoy it, would I be voting for the next chapter?

In all sincerity, keep up the good work!

[X] Visit the doctor now.
No. 134705
Yes, I do.
No. 134706
[x] Visit the doctor now.
Go do it.

>Do you enjoy my story?
No. 134731
[X] Visit the doctor now.

Get our arm properly braced and examined before sleeping on it.
No. 134733
[X] Visit the doctor now.

Fix it before it gets even more messed up.

And I do enjoy it and look forward to what comes next.
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File 129758065170.gif - (5.12KB , 554x565 , DOCTOR!.gif ) [iqdb]
[X] Visit the Doctor now

Thanking the family, you apologize that you can’t stay; knowing that getting a doctor to check your arm would be the wisest thing to do right now. After putting on your shoes again, you bid farewell to the family, taking your leave as watch them wave at you as you walk down the street, looking for the doctor’s home that they were talking about.

Unsurprisingly, it isn’t too difficult to find the house. Though visibly similar to the buildings surrounding it, the group of injured people who are going inside make it obvious that you found the right place. Walking up to the building, you notice a sign next to the door.

Doctor Sanford, Public Physician.

Looking at the name closely, feel like you’ve seen it somewhere before. Though you know you never had any doctors with that last name before, you still can’t help but find it familiar. Shaking your head a bit, you quickly remind yourself why you’re here again: To get your arm fixed.

Seeing a few people walk out, you quickly walk in before the doors close behind you. You are quickly caught off-guard on how different the inside is from the outside. Despite the outside looking rather old and rural, the inside is much more modern. The thing that catches your eye the most is that there are lights, not lights as in lamps, but actual electric lights and light bulbs. The floor is covered with a rather nice carpet, and you even notice a cupboard for holding peoples shoes.

Taking your shoes off again and setting in an empty spot on the cupboard, you continue to walk further inside, noticing some couches, and even a small shelf full of books. Whoever this Doctor Sanford, you’re starting to like him already. Even though the books look worn out and the light bulbs outdated, you feel glad to see working technology again.

On one side of the room next to a doorway is an unoccupied desk with a sign on it. Reading the sign, you see it says to be seated while waiting for the doctor to call you. Seeing that all the couches are empty, you take your seat closest to the desk. Feeling the bottle of medicine in your jacket again, you take it out and look at it, wondering what it could be. Perhaps it only smells bad and really is a potent medicine for… something. Well, seeing that you’re in a doctor’s office, it wouldn’t hurt to give it a taste, now would it?

As you are about to open the bottle again, you start to hear footsteps. Putting the bottle back in your jacket, you look towards the doorway, seeing a few men walking out, followed by a blond haired man wearing a medical jacket.

“Thank you, Doctor Sanford,” one of the men says, bowing down. “I am glad that you are able to help our friend.”

The doctor smiles while giving the man a pat on the back. “Thank you, and I will make sure your friend will make a full and swift recovery. Why, come this morning, he’ll be all better. Now please come again.”

The men wave good-bye to the doctor as they walk out of the office. After the men are gone, the doctor turns to you.

“Well, isn’t this a happy surprise?” the doctor says, smiling widely. “Another outsider has come to visit me?”

“You’re an outsider as well, Doctor Sanford?” you inquire as you stand up. “I thought I am the only one.”

The doctor lets out a hearty laugh. “Of course not, there are quite a few outsiders who manage to come here to Gensokyo. I guess you must be the newest one.” He then notices your injured arm. “Let me guess… got it while trying to escape from a youkai?”

“Um… no actually… I got it from falling from a tree.”

“… Falling from a tree while you were escaping from a youkai?”

“No… just… falling from a tree.”

The doctor stares at you for a few moment, mumbling something before shrugging. “Well, let’s get that arm of yours looked at, then.”

Doctor Sanford begins walking to the doorway, but before you can follow him, you hear the door behind you open up and close shut.

“Hello?” the voice says, the voice belonging to a young woman. “James, I’m sorry for the delay! Keine told me there was a fire and I couldn’t come into the village until…”

Turning around, you see a young woman looking at Sanford and yourself, holding a large bag on her side. She is wearing a dark blue blazer and pink skirt, and she has long… purplish hair. Oddly enough she is also wearing a pair of rabbit ears.

Staring at the strange woman, you see her bow down, apologizing profusely about interrupting Doctor Sanford while he is busy with a patient. However, as you keep hearing her call the doctor James, you remember how Doctor Sanford sounds strangely familiar.

“Doctor James Sanford… Doctor James Richards Sanford?” you mutter out loud, turning to the doctor. “No, you can’t be…”

The doctor chuckles softly, giving you a quick shrug. “Well, yeah, that’s me.”

“I read about you, Doctor Sanford! I read about your disappearance two years ago! A bunch of people came up with quite a few theories on what happened to you…”

“Well, guess you know the truth now.” The Doctor then turns to the young woman. “Reisen, would you please wait here while I check this man’s arm?”

You watch the young woman, Reisen, nod and take her seat on one of the couches, setting her bag next to her. You then look back to Doctor Sanford, who is beckoning you to follow him through the doorway. Following him, you find yourself in a modestly sized room, with a few beds, some of them occupied with sleeping patients.

After removing your jacket and setting it aside, you sit down on one of the empty beds, Doctor Sanford removing the cloth sling you made. The doctor then asks you to remove your shirt, which you quickly comply, leaving you in your undershirt. Looking closely at your injured arm, the doctor smiles and looks back up to you.

“It’s nothing serious, sir; it looks like some bruising, but it that’s about it. It’ll heal with a good night’s rest and keeping the arm restrained to prevent it from straining it too much.” The doctor soon grabs the cloth and restrains your arm again, smiling at his handy work. “Please, feel free to sleep here for the night. You won’t find any better beds for free around here… Mister… what did you say your name was again?”

“Wilson,” you answer quickly. “Call me Wilson.”

“Alright then, Mister Wilson, just get some rest and you’ll feel better in the morning.” The doctor then leaves you alone, walking back out into the office.

Looking at the bed, you do start to feel tired. However, you still have that strange medicine on you. Perhaps you can have it identified. Maybe you can even ask Doctor Sanford if he has any painkillers that you can use. You have a feeling that you might need them in the future.

[X] Get some rest already.
[X] Show the doctor the medicine.
[X] Ask the doctor for painkillers.
[X] Talk with that Reisen person about…
- [X] Her bag.
- [X] Her ears.
- [X] About any hunters she attacked lately.


Let's not get overexcited about rabbits, now.

You know how things can go.
No. 134751
[X] Show the doctor the medicine.

Let's find out what it is.
No. 134752
[X] Get some rest already.

It's been a long day. We need Wilson well-rested for the future; who knows what might happen if he tries to push himself too hard?
No. 134769
[x] Talk with that Reisen person about…
- [x] Her ears.
No. 134773
[X] Show the doctor the medicine.

Don't want to take unknown drugs, regardless of what hilariously disastrous consequences there are!
No. 134782
[X] Show the doctor the "medicine."
[X] Talk with that Reisen person about…
- [X] Her ears

Why would someone walk around with a set of rabbit ears on? That's just silly.
No. 134794
[X] Show the doctor the medicine.
[X] Talk with that Reisen person about…
- [X] Her bag.

No. 134882
File 129800814338.jpg - (47.18KB , 362x400 , A_Bottle.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Show the Doctor the medicine.

Despite how nice a good night’s rest sounds like, you still have the medicine bottle picking at your brain. You can’t stand not knowing what the contents are. Perhaps it might be something that is really good for you, perhaps it’s not, but the point remains that you don’t know what it is. Rummaging through your jacket, you take out the bottle. With the bottle firmly held in your hand, you get out of bed and walk back into Doctor Sanford’s office.

“… I understand completely, Reisen,” you hear the doctor say. “If Doctor Yagokoro is unable to supply me with some medicines, I am perfectly able to make do with what I have already. I am just glad that she is still able to keep me in stock with the most basic of supplies.”

Peeking out of the doorway, you see Doctor Sanford speaking with that strange woman again, still bewildered that she is wearing a pair of rabbit ears. Perhaps there is a perfectly good reason why she wears such a strange thing. Perhaps it’s for fun. Or maybe for a part-time job. Focusing back on the conversation, you move in a little closer, trying your best not to interrupt it.

“… the fire must have caused a few injuries to the villagers here, I take that you want me to get you some ointment for you when I go back to Eientei?” you hear the strange woman, Reisen say. “We actually had to deal with a fire a few days ago, James, so I hope you understand if I might be running a bit late with the next shipment.”

Glancing at the doctor’s desk, you see Reisen’s bag there, some of the contents visible from where you are. What you see are several bottles, all of them labeled, of varying shapes and sizes. Considering from what you heard from the conversation, you assume that it’s medicine.

As you are looking at the bag, you fail to notice a small depression in the floor, snagging your foot and causing you to stumble a bit. Steadying yourself, you look back at Doctor Sanford and Reisen, noticing that they are both looking at you.

“Mister Wilson, what are you doing out of bed?” The doctor then sighs, rubbing his forehead. “If you’re looking for the bathroom, it’s at the end of the hallway.”

You shake your head. “I’m sorry, Doctor Sanford, but I actually have something I want you to look at,” you say slowly, holding out the medicine bottle for the doctor to see. “I was hoping that you could identify what this is.”

The doctor scratched his chin, walking over to you and taking the bottle from your hand. Examining it closely, the doctor returns to his desk. The doctor tells you that it might take a while for him to identify the chemical, telling you that you can sit on one of the sofas while he’s looking at the bottle.

Taking a seat near the desk, you see Reisen sit on another sofa nearby, the young woman looking down on the ground, keeping to herself. Unable to help yourself, you continue looking at her ears, noticing every now and then the young woman glancing up to you before returning her gaze to the floor. Feeling a bit awkward, you decide to start a conversation, hoping that you can get the rabbit-eared woman to speak up.

“So… Miss Reisen was it?” you say, trying your best not to stare at her ears now. “How are you this fine evening?”

“I’m fine, thank you for asking,” Reisen says, still looking away from you.

“So Miss Reisen, I hope your trip here wasn’t too bad?”

“It was okay, the fire delayed me a bit, but I’m here again.”

“Right…” your gaze returns to the ears. “Miss Reisen, why do you wear those ears?”

Reisen turns to look at you, giving you a confused look. “I beg your pardon, sir?”

“Those ears you wear, why are you wearing them again? I mean… not to judge you or anything… what I’m saying is… I’m… curious?”

“Wearing… these ears? What are you talking about, sir? I’m not wearing any ears.”

“Yes you are. You know those things on your head, those weird rabbit ears. Why are you wearing them? Not… that I think it’s wrong or anything…”

Reisen continues to stare at you, seemingly unable to grasp what you are talking about. You sigh as you stand up, walking up to Reisen. Then, without warning, you start poking at her rabbit ears, hoping that will make her realize what you’re talking about. Instead, she grasps her ears, leaning away from you.

“Hey, that actually hurt a bit, sir!” Reisen says, a look of dismay on her face.

“Wait, you actually felt that?” You retract your hand back, feeling confused. “That’s impossible. How can you feel me poking those ears? It’s just a bunch of bunch of cloth… right?”

You watch Reisen lower her hands, noticing that her ears are twitching a bit. Oh. No. It can’t be possible! It can’t really be…

“These are my ears, sir!” Reisen says loudly, still looking dismayed.

“I apologize, Miss Reisen, I assumed that it was just a hat! A silly little hat, but a hat nonetheless! It looks nice on you, honestly it does!”

You hear Doctor Sanford proceed to clear his throat, making you look back towards the desk, noticing that he is staring at you. “Ahem… Mister Wilson, I think you should get some rest already… I don’t like it when my guests end up fighting each other.” The doctor gives you a disappointed look as you frown.

Looking back at Reisen, you want to continue trying to make her feel better, but you know that things can only get worse the more you stay with her. Letting out a sigh of disappoint, you walk back to the doorway, the doctor stopping you for a moment before letting you through.

“Mister Sanford, regarding this medicine, I haven’t seen this compound before. Actually, I am beginning to have my doubts that this is any form of medicine after all. Whoever supplied you with this either had no idea what it is… or was trying to poison you.” The doctor looks back at the medicine. “If anything, I’ll supply you with some actual medicine in the morning, if you’re still feeling a bit sore.”

Thanking the doctor, you walk back into the patient room, getting back on the bed provided to you. Lying on your back, you look up at the ceiling, your eyes starting to get heavy. Letting out a big yawn, you close your eyes, finally getting some well-deserved sleep.

“Mister Wilson, it’s good to see you again.”

“Ah, Mister Hannelson, how’ve you been? Please, please, don’t stand there, take your seat! Bartender, a beer for my friend, please?”

“I’m glad you see that you’re quite happy today, Wilson. Did you manage to get another company to agree to you?”

“Ha, you know me too well, Hannelson. Way too well.”

“It’s something you pick up after several years in the trade, of course.”

“What about you, Hannelson. If I didn’t know any better, you look like you have something to tell me.”

“Yeah… I do… it’s one of the other companies… one of the CEOs has gone… missing…”

“Missing? What do you mean missing? Like gone into hiding missing?”

“No, vanished, without a trace missing. He left work and never came home. The police are already checking for any possible links to foul deeds. They even spoke with me earlier this morning.”

“Well… all we can do is hope that the police find him.”

“Yeah, guess that’s the only thing left to do, I guess…”

“So, want to hear about that other company I managed to get to sign an agreement with me?”

“Heh, would I ever? You always manage to have a way with words, don’t you, Wilson?”

“Heh, it’s like you said. It’s all in the trade.”

Opening your eyes, you bring your hand over your face, surprised how bright it is. Sitting up, you look down at your wrapped arm, trying to give it a feel. After wiggling it around, you remove the cloth sling, testing your arm out to see if it’s fully recovered. Though it feels a bit sore, it’s not at all crippling. Finally having usage of both arms again, you stretch your arms out, letting out a sigh of content. Putting your button shirt back on, you walk back into the doctor’s office.

Looking around, you see that the doctor is nowhere to be seen. He’s probably sleeping. Or maybe he’s out. Walking up to a book case, you begin looking at the different titles kept in stock. Unfortunately, they are all medical texts and other boring books that you never want to read ever. Moving to another bookcase, you then notice Reisen sleeping on one of the couches, her head resting on a cushion and a blanket covering her body. Watching her sleep, you notice her ears twitching a bit.

Now that you think about it, Reisen’s bag was filled with medicine when you last saw it. Perhaps she runs a sort of pharmaceutical operation. Though you prefer to deal with steel and other assorted metals, pharmaceuticals have been quite a profitable venture. Although you still don’t have any plans on staying here for long, maybe they might have some sort of wonder drug you can bring back home with you to sell on the market for a huge price.

You then take a quick look of your surroundings. You’re surrounded by technology. Where does Doctor Sanford get all this stuff? If you can find his supplier, you could really help this village out with modernizing. Sure, satellite donations might be nice, but electric lights and what not can really help this place out.

[X] Wait for Reisen to wake-up
[X] Wake Reisen up and ask her about her pharmaceutical operations.
[X] Wait for Doctor Sanford to return
- [X] Ask him about who supplies his lights.
- [X] Ask him about the medicine.
[X] Those ears… Those mocking ears…

The paradox of writing.
The less I write, the longer the plot takes to be made.
The more I write, the harder it becomes to adapt the plot to the ever changing situation.

It's crazy.


I'm sorry for how late this update is.
No. 134883
[X] Wait for Reisen to wake-up
No. 134884
[X] Wait for Reisen to wake-up
-[X] Then ask about pharmaceuticals
No. 134891
[X] Wait for Reisen to wake up and ask her about her pharmaceutical operations.

Highly profitable indeed.
No. 134892
[X] Wait for Reisen to wake-up
no need to be rude.
No. 134896
[X] Wait for Reisen to wake-up
[X] Give her a proper apology. He didn't mean anything bad, he's just not used to Gensokyo. And her ears DO look like they're made of cloth.
[X] Then ask about pharmaceuticals

Wilson might not be planning on staying here for long, but on the other hand he also has no idea how to get back home. He clearly "not in Kansas anymore", so he has no idea how long he might be here.
Making friends (and looking for possible business partners) is a good way to pass the time while figuring out how to get home, if he can get home.
Besides, as he says, he might be able to get some good deals on things to bring with him when he goes.
And if he can't leave, then he'll just have to live here. In which case having connections is even more important.
No. 134897
>>134891 here. Appending
[X] Give her a proper apology. He didn't mean anything bad, he's just not used to Gensokyo.

to my vote.
No. 135066
Is that doctor stealing our poison? I want that shit back. S'good poison and it's OURS. Who knows when a vial of poison could come in handy?
No. 135443
File 129894922891.jpg - (204.47KB , 800x650 , 1c0de7573a7e7551fab1a307ae3c9e37.jpg ) [iqdb]
Looking at Reisen, you lean in a bit closer. The rabbit-y woman continues to sleep, her blanket slowly rising and falling with each passing breathe. She looks so peaceful while she’s asleep. You can’t help but move one of the sofas closer to her so you can watch her. Seeing her ears twitch, you feel compelled to touch them again. However, you are quick to pull back, knowing that messing with them will probably distress her, and it wouldn’t be nice to mess with a guest of the doctor who’s helping you out.

So instead you return to browsing the bookcases, hoping to find something interesting to read. Looking past the unimportant medical journals and textbooks, you do find a section devoted solely to fiction novels. Let’s see… The Amateur Cracksman, Brave New World, The Island… You start wondering if anyone actually reads these books here, considering exactly what they cover and that the people of this place probably don’t understand more of the technological ideas behind most of the books you see. Hell, even you barely understand some of the concepts these books have.

As you continue looking through the bookcases, you hear Reisen yawning. Looking back at her, you see her rubbing her eyes open. She then sits up and stretches her arms, taking a glance at her surroundings before noticing that you are staring at her.

“Um, sir, why are you staring at me?” she asks, tilting her head a bit, causing her ears to sway with her.

“Oh, my apologies, Miss Reisen,” you reply, quickly looking away from her. “I was just surprised you woke up. Not meaning that I wasn’t expecting you to wake up, but, I was just, you know, surprised? Please don’t take this the wrong way, again.”

The rabbit-eared woman continues to stare at you, though thankfully she doesn’t look angry. Or maybe she hides her anger well. Hopefully that’s not the case. Either way, you see her softly laughing a bit, then getting off the couch and folding up her blanket.

“It’s alright, sir. I just didn’t expect you to be watching me sleep,” Reisen says, smiling a bit.

“No, no, no, Miss Reisen. I wasn’t watching you sleep at all!” you hastily reply, shaking your hands. “That would be very rude to watch a woman sleep like some stranger. Heh heh… rudeness as well… Miss, I want to properly apologize for last night. My behavior was completely unacceptable, and I hope that you will accept my apology. To be honest, I have no right to think strangely of you, despite your ears. So please… I hope you harbor no ill-will against me?”

Reisen continues to smile, laughing a bit as she set her blanket down. “Of course, Mister Wilson, I accept your apology. I’m glad that you’re not trying to grab my ears again, at least.”

“Thank you, miss. With your acceptance of my apology, I feel a great weight removed from my shoulders, my spirits lifted from the pit of depression, and… um… erm...”

“Basicall, you’re feeling better?”

“Right! Exactly that, Miss Reisen! You’ve got quite a way with words, you know? You could make a good spokeswoman. Why don’t you work for me then? It’s a good paying job and you get to talk about how good I am!”

Reisen laughs a bit. “Thank you, but I must decline your offer. I’m already working for someone else.”

“Oh right… your medical business,” you say, mumbling the last part. “Miss Reisen, if you decide to not work for me… why don’t I work with your employer then?”

Reisen tilts her head to the side again, giving you a funny look. “Pardon, sir?”

“Let me explain. I was actually looking to get into the pharmaceuticals business myself, seeing as there is quite a lot of profit to be earned from there. Unfortunately, the Big ‘Pharmas’ of the business make it difficult for me to get a slice of the pie. Every time I try to get in, they pretty much block me out through various methods of questionable legality, but in the end I still unable to get in. However, with the help of your employer Doctor Yagokoro—I apologize if I said her name wrong—I will be able to gain a foothold in this otherwise elusive business. Don’t worry, I promise that I will provide you and your employer and anyone else she employs with respectable pay and numerous benefits, like a free car and medical insurance. I’ll even provide you with a discount to any store that is owned by my company!”

“Um… I’m sorry but I don’t understand what you’re talking about?”

You sigh. “Alright, I’ll say this so you’ll understand: I want money. You and your employer help me get that money by providing me with different medicines to sell to the general population. I in return give you a lot of stuff as rewards for helping me out. Understand?”

Reisen continues to stare at you, the poor rabbit-eared woman looking like she still can’t understand what you’re saying. Or maybe she’s thinking about your offer. Maybe it’s that! Of course it’s that! After hearing such a wonderful offer, there is no way that she could…

“I’m sorry, but I can’t accept that offer.”


You stare at Reisen, slowly shaking your head in disbelief. This rabbit-eared woman, with red eyes and what not, refused your amazing offer? You know billions of people that would jump at that offer without even thinking about it! You could have offered less and people would still be eating out of your hand! And this one, strange-haired, weird-eyed, bunny-eared woman decided to decline your offer!? Why!?


“Because that’s an offer I have no right in accepting.”

Oh, right. You should be telling this all to her employer. Employees aren’t exactly the same level in decision making as their employers, if you remember correctly. Guess you got a little carried away. You must have sounded like a raving lunatic to her. She probably doesn’t understand the concepts of wealth and power and discounts on hardware like shovels and pickaxes and the works. Heck, now that you think about it, you haven’t seen a single car either. Or a horse…

You soon hear the front door opening and closing, seeing Doctor Sanford walking in, holding a small bag. He is quick to spot you upon coming in and smiles, noticing that you are no longer using the sling you had earlier.

“Ah, Mister Wilson, I see that your arm is healed up. I hope you enjoyed your night’s sleep?” the doctor said, walking over to his desk to set down his bag.

“I did enjoy my sleep, Doctor Sanford, and I thank you for helping me out,” you reply, nodding your head as well. “So, Doctor Sanford, where have you been? I wanted to ask you something.”

“Ah, I was simply finishing up my packing. I was going with Reisen to visit Doctor Yagokoro. I have quite a bit of stuff to tell her.”

“Oh… you are? Well that’s… that’s just fine!” You glance at Reisen for a few seconds before looking back at Doctor Sanford. “Doctor Sanford, can I come with you to visit Doctor Yagokoro?”

The doctor looks at you for a bit, slowly shaking his head. “I’m sorry, but I packed enough supplies for Reisen and myself only. To bring one more person would make the trip too difficult. Besides, I think you should get yourself used to your surroundings. Now don’t worry, you can use the beds here while I’m away, so don’t worry about having a place to stay.”

“I see… well then… I wish you luck on your trip then…”

You see the doctor nod, turning to go upstairs, before hearing the front door crash open, causing you to turn to attention along with everyone else in the room.

“Doctor Sanford! Please help!”

You see two men, the first man carrying a second man. You notice the second man is bleeding in his chest, blood dripping to the floor.

The doctor is quick to get to the two men, looking at the injured man, a worried look appearing on the doctor’s face.

“What happened? Why is he injured?” The doctor asks, looking at the first man.

“My friend and I were out hunting game when we were attacked by a wild youkai. I managed to escape unharmed, but my friend was injured before it fled. Can’t you help him out, Doctor Sanford?”

The doctor nods, pointing to the door at the back. “Put him in one of the beds and I’ll start working on him immediately.”

The first man nods as he helps his friend to the back. You are quick to notice the injured man leaving behind a trail of blood, making you feel extremely nauseous.

“Don’t worry, sir. James won’t let that man die,” Reisen says, trying to make you feel better.

“I’m sorry, Reisen, but it looks like my visit to Eientei will have to wait,” Doctor Sanford sighs, walking behind his desk and slumping down in his chair as he rubs his forehead.

You’ve never before seen anyone with their stomach gashed so horribly before. To be honest, it makes you sick thinking about it. The good doctor did say that you should familiarize yourself with the village, so maybe now would be a good time. Then again, you’re starting to feel a bit worried about Reimu and the others. You then remember Sanford’s bag. He did say that he packed enough supplies for just two people.

Two people…

“Doctor Sanford…” you say, the doctor looking up to you.

[X] “… Why don’t I go with Miss Reisen in your stead while you help out your patient?”
[X] “… Do you know anyone who can give me a tour of the village?”
[X] “… Is there anyone who can show me the way back to the Hakurei Shrine?”
[X] “… Who supplies your machinery? You know… because I’m just curious.”


In other news, I've finished another story.

I doubt you guys seen it, let alone read it.


This update took too long to get done.
No. 135445
[x] “… Why don’t I go with Miss Reisen in your stead while you help out your patient?”
The man is busy. No time to ask him question for supplies now.
>He did say that he packed enough supplies for just two people.
Being a dick is not a good option, go do some work.
No. 135447
[X] “… Is there anyone who can show me the way back to the Hakurei Shrine?”

Want to check on the fairies, let them know we're better.
No. 135449
[X]“… Is there anyone who can show me the way back to the Hakurei Shrine?”

Asking for a tour of the village at this time would be a bit rude, as would asking about the machinery. We could go to Eientei with Reisen, but we don't know what he wants to talk to Eirin about.
Besides, Fairies.
No. 135455
[X]“… Is there anyone who can show me the way back to the Hakurei Shrine?”
No. 135458
What do you fucking want from me?
No. 135459
File 129901355029.jpg - (217.55KB , 550x710 , 10802290.jpg ) [iqdb]
Sup Parsee.
No. 135474
Updates, eventually.
No. 135493
File 12990504981.jpg - (41.15KB , 400x300 , 1283793621758.jpg ) [iqdb]
Stop being emo.
Get back to work.
Pump out more updates.
The only problems you have are the ones you make up.
No. 135495
File 129905203060.jpg - (901.87KB , 2157x2188 , ab219b1a29151c52f5ceb6c780c1a6d7.jpg ) [iqdb]
Stop being such a goddamn girl, Jesus.

>Waaah, Knight and Wizard stories are more popular than mine, waaah, better go complain on IRC, waaah

Either write better or get over it.

Or just stop writing, period. If you're writing for popularity alone to begin with, you're doing it wrong.

No. 135497
File 129905282831.png - (403.60KB , 1280x720 , 1293016337717.png ) [iqdb]
No. 135506
File 129905916570.jpg - (44.47KB , 337x450 , 1294420047000.jpg ) [iqdb]
Oh Twitty....
No. 135644
File 12992504101.png - (344.16KB , 550x650 , 02b526c6d2e9f752ebaac0305f9a447e.png ) [iqdb]

“What’s wrong, mister?”

“I think I just had an out of body experience. There were trees everywhere, I was walking on some crappy dirt path, and I was being chased by a talking wolf. I think I’m high right now, because the sky is turning brown.”

“Ha ha, you’re quite funny, you know that, mister?”

“Really, Miss Suika? I never would’ve guessed it,” you laugh sarcastically, closing your eyes again for a quick nap.


Sitting up quickly, you start feeling a strange sense of loss, as if you are missing something important. Then you realize you’ve simply lost your bearings. Rubbing your eyes, you figure out quickly that you’re back at the Hakurei Shrine. Lying back down, you let out a groan and cover your eyes. Well, guess you’re not high at all.

“Suika,” you ask, “how long have you been watching me? You look like you’ve been watching me for a while, right?”

“Well, mister, I’ve been watching you long enough to hear you shouting, shouting about some crazy stuff like company mergers and that you need to hire more employees,” Suika smiles widely. “You sound so silly while you’re sleeping, you know?”

The horned girl flops down next to you, still smiling widely. “So, mister, what are you planning right now?”

“You know what, Suika?”

“Know what, mister?”

You stand up, looking down at the horned girl.

“I’m tired of this place.”

Suika giggles, still lying down. “Well, if you’re tired of the Hakurei Shrine, we can go somewhere else. Why don’t we go pester the vampires at the Scarlet Devil Mansion? You said you wanted to go there, right?”

“Vampires, Suika? That’s stupid, there’s no such thing as vampires,” you sigh, scratching your head. “And no, I don’t mean just here, I mean I’m tired of being here. I’m tired of being in Gensokyo. I’m sick and tired of all this stupidity.”

“Aw, come on, mister, Gensokyo’s fun! There’s Youkai Mountain, the Magical Forest, the Bamboo Forest, and even other places! Why, we can go moon watching or cherry blossom watching, there’s a lot in Gensokyo to do!”

“But that’s all boring and lame! I mean all the cool stuff, like driving cars, or reading the news, or…”

“We have news!” Suika interrupts, her eyes looking away for a second. “Well… it’s not without bias.”

“I’m going to go out on a limb and say you don’t have an internet connection for a computer so that I can check up on those news, right?”

Suika stares at you blankly. “What’s a computer?”

You let out another groan. “That’s the freaking point! You don’t have air conditioners, you don’t have cars, you don’t have television, you don’t have cellphones, you don’t have computers, and you definitely don’t have spoons and forks! What kind of backwards country is this?! I mean there’s bad and then there’s horrible backwards bad! How do you not even know what an airplane is?! Those things fly around everywhere!”

“Hey, even though we don’t have all your telewhatitzs and computermathings, Gensokyo isn’t a backwards place! It has its own fun things you can do it in, mister!”

Folding your arms, you lean in closer to this backwards girl. “Oh yeah? Then tell me, Miss Advanced person, what kind of ‘fun’ things you can do in Gensokyo?”

“Well, you can always go flying! Flying is always fun! I’m certain you had fun when I was carrying you around!”

“By fun, you mean screaming at the top of my lungs and praying that you don’t drop me, then yes, I had ‘fun’” you scoff, Suika looking less happy than before.

“Well, then we have danmaku! Flinging bullets everywhere can be so relaxing and fun!”

“Bullets? Relaxing? Fun?! Bullets kill people! What sort of messed up mindset must the people of Gensokyo have to think shooting bullets everywhere is fun?! People get arrested back where I’m from if you fire a gun at public! And no, people tend to SCREAM and RUN when some maniac starts firing a gun in public, so don’t ask.”

“Well you’re no fun, mister!” Suika pouts, standing up so she can get a better look at you. “Gensokyo is full of fun still, you just have to try it out!”

“Yeah, well, I’m not sticking long enough to get shot by some crazy girl, alright? Now I came here, so I know I can leave here! Now please, Suika, just answer my question the best you can. Hell, I’ll even say it slowly so that you can understand!” You lean up to Suika as closely as you can, giving you a good look on how much Suika is frowning. “How. Do. I. Get. Out. Of. Gen. Sok. Yo!”

“I can understand it fine, mister! And Reimu can help you with that!”

You raise your arms in triumph, letting out a short laugh. “Well finally someone tells me news I want to hear! So, where can I find Miss Hakurei? I’m starting to feel the grime gathering on me.”

Suika continues to pout, but at least she walks around you and opens the door, pointing out to the walkway, Reimu sweeping leaves away from the path. You smile as you walk out the door, stopping before going down the steps, noticing some feet dangling in front of you.

“What the…” you look up, seeing that the Three Fairies are tied up and being hung, like wind chimes, just… less chime-y, and more depressed.

A quick gust causes Luna to turn in front of you, the fairy’s eyes perking up. “Wilson! When did you come back?”

“Luna? What happened to you? Why are you three fairies hanging up there?” You start trying to untie the bindings, but a hand grabs hold of your arm. Looking down, you see Reimu standing below you, preventing you from freeing Luna.

“Don’t. Touch.” Reimu says, not even looking at you. “You should be glad I’m only punishing them and not you.”

“Good lord, Reimu! That’s awfully rude, don’t you think?!” You say, Reimu letting go of your hand. “I mean, what did they do to deserve this?”

“They were pestering me.”

Well, isn’t she just pleasant?

You sigh as you walk down the steps, standing less above the red-clothed girl. “Alright, alright. I don’t want to ask anymore. All I want to ask is if you can help me go home?”

Reimu leans in closer to you, squinting at you. “Well, seeing that you haven’t done too much trouble to me, I guess I can. Seeing that you’re an outsider, you want to go back outside, of course?”

You nod quickly. “Of course! The longer I stay here, more I realize that I’m starting to smell bad. You don’t want me stinking up your shrine, now do you?”

The red-clothed girl chuckles a bit. “I guess not… now, do you remember where you arrived in Gensokyo?”

“Hrmm…” you start scanning the shrine grounds, moving a bit before pointing out and running to one spot.

“Right here,” you say, standing over the spot you pointed out.

Reimu looks at the spot and then back at you. “You sure?”

“Of course.” You then point a few inches next to it. “There are scorch marks here.”

“Alright then, stand back…”

Reimu takes out her pointed stick and holds it in front of her, the red-clothed girl starting to mutter. Standing behind Reimu, you watch her chanting. You soon start feeling satisfied that you can finally go home. No more crazy mist, no more crazy wolves, no more crazy rabbits, and no more crazy people. Waiting a few minutes, you let out a yawn. Maybe you should have asked Reimu how long it would take for this to be completed. Maybe you should go back inside and take a nap. As hell you’ll take a nap out here.

“… and… open!” Reimu shouts, her hair starting to move wildly, as if there is a huge gust blowing through it. A bright light appears, forcing you to cover your eyes. After a few seconds of light denial, you lower your hand, seeing what appears to be a large hole in the middle of the air. The hole flickers, a multitude of colors encompassing the strange hole in the air.

“Alright then, mister, here’s your portal home. I think.”

She thinks?

“What do you mean, you think, Reimu? You’ve done this before, right?”

Reimu laughs. “Of course I have, it’s just this time I felt there was something wrong. Oh well, it was probably nothing to serious.”

“Right…” you look at the portal again. Maybe you shouldn’t go through the portal… but why not? It’s the only way home, I mean, what else do you have to do? Stay here and start smelling like wolf drool.

Well, you think it’s wolf drool.

[X] Alright then! Time to kiss this stupid place good-bye!
[X] On second-thought…
No. 135652
[x] On second-thought…
[X] ... as much as you want to go home something inside you just tells you it is not yet time.
[X] And free the fairies.
No. 135653
[x] On second-thought…
-[x] "What might be wrong with the portal, exactly?"
[X] If it's fine, take the fairies with you.
No. 135657
[X] Alright then! Time to kiss this stupid place good-bye!
No. 135668
[x] On second-thought…
[X] ... as much as you want to go home something inside you just tells you it is not yet time.
[X] And free the fairies.
No. 135678
[X] On second-thought…
[X] ... as much as you want to go home something inside you just tells you it is not yet time.
[X] And free the fairies.

we should help the fairies more before going back.
No. 135682
If by help, you mean tie a rope them and shove them through the portal, sure.
No. 135687
My thoughts exactly.
No. 135693
[x] Alright then! Time to kiss this stupid place good-bye!
[x] Where am I now and who is this blond woman with a parasol?
No. 135759
File 129938074611.jpg - (184.10KB , 1000x714 , 6d7bda38bd500b76d27dc34eab76f271.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] On second-thought…

As a man, you’re one to never look at a gift horse in the mouth. As a business man, however, you’re always suspicious when a deal sounds too good to be true. Before your eyes is the ticket home, yet you have no idea how exactly it works, how it will get you home, and you have no previous experience with such things. Hell, that could just be a flashy light show that doesn’t do a single thing at all. Though it is a nice and flashy lightshow... No! That’s how they get you! They lure you in with nice, shiny stuff and you don’t ask if there’s a catch! There has to be a catch! There just has to be…

“Well?” Reimu interrupts, sounding a bit annoyed. “I did as you asked, I made a portal for you to go through to go back home, right? So… why are you waiting? You seem to want to go home badly, don’t you?”

“But how do I even know that this thing is real?” You ask, pointing at the flashy light. “What if it’s just a trick of the light? What if you’re just pulling my leg?”

“What, are you saying you don’t trust me? After all I did for you? Letting you stay here?”

“Of course! Hell, you nearly shot me… but when I said I donated for your shrine… Oh… Oh I see now! I see what you’re planning! You have no plan on sending me back! You’re planning to ransom me, aren’t you! You know I’m a rich businessman and that you can get a lot of money from me! Well no way! I’m not going to follow your plan, missy!”

Reimu stares at you, looking neither mad or shocked.

“Mister, do you want me to kick you through the portal then?” she says nonchalantly. Okay, maybe you should follow it then. It’s not like you’ve haven’t paid people off in the past to leave you alone.

“Sheesh, okay, miss, don’t get all violent on me…” you reply, holding your hands up. “But before I walk into the portal… can you release the fairies please? I don’t know what they did, but isn’t it a bit harsh to have them strung up in front of your shrine like a bunch of ornaments?”

“What, no! Those fairies only cause trouble to me! Better to leave them there so I know that they won’t be a problem rather than let them run around free to be a bunch of annoying little brats.” Reimu stares at you, pointing at your face. “Isn’t it about time you left already, mister? I could reconsider my offer of letting you go home, out of how stupid you’re acting.”

“Alright, alright, but if you’re not going to let them go because of me asking, how about I just pay you to let them go? They’re really not that bad, so I’m certain we’ll…”

“Pay?” Reimu’s face brightens up. “Alright! Well… depends on how much you’re paying, of course.”

“Hrmm…” You take out your wallet and open it, checking to see how much money you still have left. “Five-hundred euros sound good enough for you?”

“Euro? What the heck is a euro?”

You stare at the red-clothed woman, not believing what you’ve heard. “You haven’t heard of a euro? What, were you born yesterday?! How can’t you not know what a euro is? They’re probably one of the most powerful currencies in the world! I bet you could buy yourself a nice plot of land with Five-hundred euros in your backwards land. Just look at it! Look at behold the majesty of the euro!”

After taking out a euro from your wallet and putting your wallet away, you hold the euro up for Reimu to see, the young woman stares at it closely before looking back at you. “What is this, a piece of colored paper? This isn’t money at all!”

“What? How can you say that? Of course it’s money! What else would I donate to your box, anyway? A leaf?”

Reimu continues to stare at you, as you notice that she’s starting to look a little less… well… friendly.

“You put this worthless stuff in my donation box?”

“Of course I did and it’s not worthless, Reimu! You could… probably buy yourself a lot of good meals with the money I put in that box!”

Reimu, however, does not look happy at all. She furrows her brow, looking like she’s ready to blow. “You messed with my donation box? If there’s anyone I don’t like more than people who pester me constantly over and over, are people who mess with my shrine, and especially those who mess with my donation box.”

“Uh… wait… no I didn’t do anything of the sort, Miss Reimu! I did not mess with your shrine at all!” You say, slowly walking back. “Please, Miss Reimu, can’t we talk this out like civilized people? It’s not so bad of a problem to be worth getting so angry over, right?”

As you’re walking backwards, you notice Suika sitting beside you, drinking some of her sake and giggling.

“Hey, mister!” Suika says, catching your attention. “You better start running, ‘cause Reimu’s the last person you want to get angry at you.”

You nervously laugh as you look back at Reimu, the red-clothed woman foaming at the mouth. Oh great, now what? Well, Suika did say run, so…

You bolt out running, narrowly avoiding a large blast of projectiles Reimu sent your way. Goodness gracious, what is she?! She opens portals, she flies, and she freaking shoots stuff at you! She’s one volatile cracker if you ever seen one before.

Running, you can’t help but remember that the Three Fairies are still hanging in front of the shrine. If you keep running, you’ll probably be able to get away, but then she’ll blow all her anger off on them, and to let someone else get hurt because someone is angry at you is a horrible idea. And besides, you still owe them.

Darting around to the front of the shrine, you see the Three Fairies still dangling, looking at where the projectiles were.

“Wilson? What’s going on?” Luna asks as you reach for the ropes keeping the fairies attached to the shrine.

“Not the time to say this, Luna! Come on… come on… why won’t this thing break!” you keep pulling at the rope, hoping that it will give and you can pull the three fairies down.

Instead, the beam the rope is attached to breaks instead, causing you to nearly drop the fairies. Oh crap…

“Not only do you mess with my donation box but also damage my shrine?” Reimu screams, flying towards you, holding her pointed stick in front of her. “Oh, I’m going to beat you into a pulp for that!” Reimu then raises her stick up and swings down, missing you as you dart underneath her and keep running, the fairies held in your hands.

“Mister, what did you do to make Reimu so angry?” Star quickly asks.

“I don’t know, I don’t know, but all I know is that we’ve got to get out of here!” You start looking out for any where you can go. Run down the shrine steps… but no, Reimu can fly, she’ll just catch up with you. Maybe through the woods, that might give you cover… but she might instead just opt to just shoot the trees full of bullets, hoping to hit you. Ah… oh right, the portal! Hopefully it’s real, and hopefully it doesn’t kill you, because that’s really the only thing that can help you avoid being riddled full of holes right now.

Running towards the portal, you hear Reimu yelling out something. Glancing back, you see a bunch of orbs appear out of nowhere and starting to fall towards you. Bewildered by this, you still keep running, the portal just a few feet away.

“Ah, Mister, watch out!” Sunny yells, causing you to glance back to see that one of the orbs is about to crush you. With every ounce of strength left in you, you push yourself off the ground, jumping head first into the portal, your body feeling light as you slip through, the portal closing behind you.

You feel your body being battered by an invisible force as your surroundings swirl violently around you, colors spinning in a wild display of instability. Trying your best to hold the fairies in your grasp, a strong force strikes you, your grasp breaking, and the fairies are tossed away. The fairies screams fade quickly into the distance as you continue falling through this portal, not knowing when it will end. Closing your eyes, you wish that if you die, that you at least won’t feel it.

And, without warning, everything calms, the strange forces battering you disappearing as you feel solid ground form beneath your body. Your senses are at first a mess, making it nearly impossible to figure out where you are. However, they start to return to you, smell being the first one. Taking a quick sniff, you can tell that it’s something… natural… maybe a plant, or maybe not. Your sense of smell becoming stronger, you take another sniff, the smell reminding you off…

[X] The smell of freshly blooming trees
[X] The smell of mature flowers
[X] The smell of running water
No. 135771
File 12993830467.jpg - (573.85KB , 800x533 , 12298153.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] The smell of freshly blooming trees
No. 135785
[X] The smell of freshly blooming trees
No. 135790
[X] The smell of freshly blooming trees.

Never head through a strange wormhole portal unless you can face the consequences.
No. 135807
File 129939340098.jpg - (817.28KB , 1600x1200 , Nature_Fields__004234_.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] The smell of freshly blooming flowers.

A field of flowers, as far as the eye can see.
No. 135817
[X] The smell of mature flowers
We never dealt with Yuuka or Medicine in that old CYOA have we?
No. 135824
[X] The smell of running water
Oh no, fairies overboard!
No. 135853
[x] The smell of freshly blooming flowers.
No. 135864
File 129945748436.jpg - (124.58KB , 850x600 , sample-dcb0c5c351d1e08501f57ae4a61ec3a6.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] The smell of freshly blooming trees

Taking one more sniff, you let out a short sigh. It’s been a while since you’ve actually appreciated trees in full bloom. Hrmm, now that you think about it, the smell is awfully familiar. It reminds you of that time to took off to visit something about a flower viewing, but there trees instead, so you were kind of confused, but it was all these pink trees called cherry blossom, and you’ve read that they were imported from Asia and…

Wait… cherry blossoms? Now, you were drunk before ending up in Gensokyo but you definitely don’t remember seeing any of those pink trees. So, either you didn’t notice them (and you highly doubt that) or…

“Ah, damn it!” you yell out. With your senses finally back to normal, you see that you were indeed underneath a bunch of pink trees. You frown as you sit up, shaking your head a bit in hope that maybe you are just seeing things. But no, the pink trees are still here, towering above you as their petals sway in the wind.

So the portal didn’t take you home. Just great, just freaking great, you put all your hope on something you didn’t even know would work and this is where you are now: completely lost. Well, it could be worse at least. You could be dead.

Shuddering at the thought, you stand up. Perhaps you aren’t as lost as you think you are. Perhaps there is a road nearby. Perhaps there is some sign of modern civilization, hell even a small village will do as long as it has some way for you to contact to get someone to pick you up or something. But no, of course things won’t be easy for you.

Nonetheless, sticking around here won’t get anything done, the best you can hope for is maybe someone stumbling across you, but even then that can lead to a lot of problems. I mean, what if you stumble across a hidden village of insane people? Then what? You’ll be… surrounded by insane people, pestering you, asking you stupid questions. No, you will make sure that will not happen.


Walking through the forest of pink trees, you start to feel worried, but not just for yourself, but for those three fairies you brought with you. Hopefully they’re okay, but considering how terrifying that whole trip was, something bad might have happened to them. Either way, it shouldn’t be hard to find a trio of fairies. I mean, they’re probably the only fairies in the area, right? Hell, if this is the outside, they’re probably the only fairies out here. Then again, here is the entire world.

You keep walking through this pink forest, wondering when it will end, when you will see signs of civilization, when you will stop seeing damn pink! Pink isn’t that bad of a color, but seriously, everywhere? Everywhere? Honest to god, everywhere?! Put some freaking variety already, damn it. Stopping in the middle of a small clearing with a pond in the middle, you decide to take a break. Sitting next to the pond, you glance down into it, noticing your reflection for the first time.

“Man… I’m a mess…” you mumble to yourself. Taking off your jacket and rolling up your sleeves, you take some water and splash it on your face, clearing off the dirt stuck to you. Now that you think about it, how long has it been since you took a bath? You probably smell even worse than before. Slowly buttoning your shirt off, you’re about to toss it aside when you hear faint murmuring in the distance.

At first, you feel extremely relived, finally having someone to get you out of this crazy place. Then, you quickly remember about the possibility of this being some sort of crazy person who might think that human hair is an extremely valuable commodity. Scared by that thought, you quickly dart behind a nearby tree, hoping that you can spy on the person before they see you and possibly murder you with a sharpened bone knife.

“Spring time is here! Spring time is here! Beautiful Spring is finally here!” you hear, the voice belonging to a young woman.

Alright, so maybe it’s not some sociopathic crazy man with a club, but perhaps it’s some sort of season worshipper who murders people for their god. Hearing the voice getting closer, you keep hiding behind the tree, waiting for the right moment to see who exactly you will be dealing with.

“Spring time, Spring time, lovely Sp- hmm? What’s this?” You sneak a peak, looking around the tree. You see a young woman in a white dress and with long blonde hair floating in the sky, her wings flapping quickly as she hovers… wait. Floating? Flying? Wings?


You slump down behind the tree, ready to cry. So you’re still in this backwards country, huh? Reimu’s portal didn’t take you home after all. You’re still in Gensokyo, just now in some crazy pink forest, with a fairy out there to see you. You let out a frustrated yell, pulling at your hair.

Oh crap…

“Hmm? What was that?” you hear, the voice of the young woman coming closer. “I heard something, I heard something… but what did I hear? Did I hear a human who is near? Or was it you, Mister Tree? Did you speak to me?”

Hearing the young woman’s voice, you start to panic. Though the three fairies themselves were nice people, they did want to kidnap you before you convinced them otherwise. This fairy might be different. She might be outright curious of you. Or she might want to eat you. Oh god, that sounds horrible!

“Ah… erm… ah… yes, Miss Fairy, it is me, Mister Tree!” you force yourself to say, hoping that the fairy will actually think that the tree is talking to her.

“Hello, Mister Tree! How are you this lovely Spring day?” the fairy replies.

“I… I am fine, young miss! And yourself?”

“As cheery and happy as ever, Mister Tree! And look what I found!”

“What did you find, young miss?”

“A nice black jacket near the pond!”

Oh snap! You forgot your jacket!

“Ah, I see, young miss. Let me ask you, may you possible leave that jacket here for me? I am feeling rather cold lately, and I was thinking that jacket could keep me warm!”

“Really, Mister Tree? I would love to leave this jacket for you to w- wait, Mister Tree?”

“Yes, young miss?”

“You have a strange root sticking out!”

“What do you mean, a strange root, young miss?”

“A strange, black root!”

Oh pap, oh dap, oh map, oh nap! Wait, that sounded stupid.

“Ignore the root, young miss, it is nothing important! Please, it’s just… a little root that is growing lately and it hasn’t had the chance yet to become a normal color! Please, don’t look at it, please!”

“Hello, mister human!”

Looking up, you see the fairy staring down at you, smiling widely and holding your jacket in her hands.

You quickly look away. “Don’t look back there, look away from the human! I, Mister Tree, demand you look back at me! Look back at me please, that human is nothing important!”

Glancing back, you see that the fairy is still looking at you. Laughing nervously, you slowly stand up, the fairy floating at face level for you. You soon clasp your hands together and start crying.

“Please, don’t eat me!” you yell, falling to your knees. “I beg of you, don’t eat me! I’m horrible tasting and there’s hardly any meat! I’m basically only bone and tough tissue that no one wants to eat!”

“What? Eat you?” the fairy laughs. “Mister human is so silly, I don’t eat humans at all!”

“… you don’t?” you stand up, scratching your head. “Well, sorry about that, I guess I got myself worked up there.”

“So, what’re you doing out here, mister human?” the fairy asks you, still holding your jacket in her hands.

“Well, you see…”

[X] “I’m looking for a way home. You think you can help me out with that?”
[X] “I’m looking for a way out of this forest. You know where I can find it?”
[X] “I’m looking for some friends of mine. You think you’ve seen them?”
[X] “I’m looking for a good time. You know where I can have one?”


So what do you think about Mister Wilson? Think his character changes too much per update? Or something?
No. 135865
[X] “I’m looking for a good time. You know where I can have one?”
No. 135872
File 129945998769.jpg - (239.67KB , 1920x1080 , Wormhole to where.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] “I’m looking for some friends of mine. You think you’ve seen them?”
-[X] "I'm also looking for a way out of this forest."

Wilson is fine. More importantly, why did a satellite crash into the human village? Is the border failing? Maybe that's the anomaly that Reimu detected when creating her portal.

Speaking of which, where did we end up? It's like we've been flung to the far reaches of Gensokyo with no way to return. Pic related.
No. 135873
[X] “I’m looking for a good time. You know where I can have one?”

Wilson's interesting enough. I want to punch him when he gets whiny... I assume that's the response I'm supposed to be having?
No. 135876
[X] “I’m looking for some friends of mine. You think you’ve seen them?”
-[X] "I'm also looking for a way out of this forest."
No. 135937
[X] “I’m looking for some friends of mine. You think you’ve seen them?”
-[X] "I'm also looking for a way out of this forest."
No. 135969
[X] “I’m looking for some friends of mine. You think you’ve seen them?”

No. 135988

Actually, that is quite the right response.

In the meantime, I shall attend to writing this update. Lilies and Cherry Blossoms and Spring all around. What joy!
No. 135992
File 129953391782.png - (15.73KB , 412x357 , 1270043016191.png ) [iqdb]
Must befriend them all.
No. 136032
File 12995532429.jpg - (161.44KB , 732x1024 , 2b51bf8e91f04f521fb0547276089267.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] “I’m looking for some friends of mine. You think you’ve seen them?”
-[X] "I'm also looking for a way out of this forest."

The blonde fairy continues to stare at you, listening intently to your words. She continues to smile after you finish talking, laughing a bit. You can’t tell if she’s mocking you or not, but she quickly stops after noticing that you’re frowning.

“Oh, I’m sorry, mister human!” the fairy apologizes, giving you a short bow. “I just find it silly that you’re asking me if I’ve seen someone that I don’t even know. Maybe you could tell me their names?”

You sigh, realizing how stupid you are. “Right, I apologize for that, I should have told you. Well, they’re names are Luna Child, Sunny Milk, and Star Sapphire. They collectively go by the name ‘The Three Mischievous Fairies.’ Have you heard of them and possibly seen them? If you want, I can go with descriptions as well.”

The fairy shakes her head. “Oh, no, mister human, I know who they are! A lot of fairies know who they are!” The fairy then clasps her hand together and leans in closer to you. “The question is, however, what is a human doing looking for them? If I recall correctly, those three aren’t exactly liked by humans, especially by the Hakurei maiden. Perhaps you’re looking for them because they took something from you?”

“Took something from me? Of course not, and besides, if I was looking for them because of that, I wouldn’t call them friends, now would I?”

“Of course not, mister! That would be very silly of you! Very, very silly of you indeed!”

“… right… so, have you seen the three? I kind of feel responsible for finding them, and if you have information I could use, I would like to know, of course.”

The fairy frowns, shaking her head slowly. “I’m sorry mister, but I haven’t seen those three in a while. They usually don’t come around here. However, mister, I can help you out with getting out of this forest!”

You give the fairy a happy glance. “Ah, that’s too bad that you haven’t seen those three, but it’s good that you can help me out at least. So… what do I have to do to get out of this place?”

The fairy giggles again. “By walking, silly!”

“Oh right… I forgotten that I had legs…” you sarcastically remark, rolling your eyes before looking back at the fairy. “Well, then are you going to help me?”

“Yes I will, mister! You should count yourself lucky that you found me instead of something else in this forest!” the fairy says.

You give the fairy a suspicious look. “What do you mean by that, fairy? Is there something that I should know?”

The fairy continues to smile. “Of course! This forest is a dangerous place for humans like you! Why, you could have gotten yourself eaten by a wolf, or even worse the plants themselves would attack you!”

Looking at the fairy, you see that she is still smiling, acting like there is nothing wrong with what she just said. Laughing nervously, you continue looking at the fairy, still disturbed by her lack of concern on how possible death is in this forest for you.

“So then, mister!” The fairy says, clapping her hands together. “Shall we get going?”

“Oh, right, yeah let’s get going. The sooner I get out of this forest the better…” you say, following the fairy as she floats away from the clearing, still holding on to your jacket. Although it’s yours, letting the fairy hold your jacket for a bit longer probably won’t be too bad. Besides, it’s not like you near to wear it now anyway.

“Miss fairy, I also forget to tell you my name,” you say, watching the fairy turn around. “You can call me Wilson.”

“Okay then, Wilson!” the fairy says, giving you a big smile. “You can call me Lily White!”

“Miss White, like the board game!”

“Pardon, Wilson?”

“Uh… never mind that, just keep leading the way, miss!”

Lily nods as she turns back around, continuing to float through the woods. The fairy starts to sing, singing about the beauty of spring, the wonders of spring, basically all sorts of good things to deal with the season of spring. Spring this, spring that, spring everything. It’s starting to echo in your head…

Spring, spring, spring, spring, spring, spring, spring, spring, spr- GAH!

“Miss White!” you shout out, rubbing your head.

“Yes, Wilson?”

“Must you always talk about spring? I know it’s a nice season, and all, but aren’t you taking it a bit… too far?”

The fairy gasps, as if appalled by what you said. “But mister, spring is a beautiful season! It’s a season of birth, of beauty, of things growing and what not! I feel so excited about spring each time it arrives, I just can’t help but feel so excited by it!”

“I know, I know, miss, but I mean, come on! You’ve been talking about spring for about the last half hour already! Don’t you get tired of talking about spring?”

“Get tired of talking about spring? Impossible! That would be like you getting tired of living! It’s a part of my nature to be excited about spring!”

“So what, you’re like the herald of spring?”

“Of course, mister! That’s what I am! Lily White, the fairy of spring, heralding it’s arrival every time and every day!” Lily starts to stretch her arms, smiling widely. “I’m so excited about spring I could burst!”

Watching her move, you start to notice the trees above you blooming quickly, as if responding to her actions. Feeling a bit worried, you watch as Lily continues to move around, talking more and more about spring.

“I’m always so happy when spring arrives, all I can do is just go outside and yell…” Lily then breathes in deeply. “Spring’s here!”

Without warning, a sudden barrage of light is expelled from Lily, being launched everywhere. Screaming out, you duck down, the light barely missing you, hitting the ground behind you, causing it to be riddled with holes. Oh god, she can shoot freaking bullets as well!

Feeling terrified, you watch as Lily floats down to you, looking a bit worried. “Oh my, mister, I’m so sorry about that! I didn’t mean to do that at all! I just get so excited from announcing spring that I can’t help but let out some danmaku as well! Are you hurt at all?”

Lily tries to move in closer but you move back. You can’t believe you nearly got killed there! If that happens again, you don’t think you’ll be able to come out unscathed. Hell, if she does that again, you’re going to have a lot of new holes in you. Then again, she did say she can’t help it… but honestly, if this keeps happening, then how can you trust her to not do it again!? Even though she is a nice person, you still have your own life to think about.

[X] “Miss Lily… I’m fine… just please… can’t you just… calm down a bit on the spring talking?”
[X] “Miss Lily… I apologize… but we can’t stay together anymore.”
[X] “ Gosh dang it, Miss Lily, what the flying hell is wrong with you!?”


Honest to god, what's wrong with her, anyway?

Firing Danmaku when she wants to announce spring...

Honestly, isn't there anything in Gensokyo that doesn't involve danmaku? Anything?

Oh well.

So them fairies, how do you like them so far? Good? Bad? Yay? Nay? Up? Down? Left? Right? A? B?... Start? Select?

No. 136033
[X] “Miss Lily… I’m fine… just please… can’t you just…try your best not to hit me?

She'll never stop talking about spring, we might as well do damage control.

>Well, they’re names are Luna Child
>Besides, it’s not like you near to wear it now anyway.
No. 136036

Excuse me while I suffer a mental break down.


Okay, done.
No. 136037
[X] “Miss Lily… I’m fine… just please… can’t you just…try your best not to hit me?
No. 136038
[X] “Miss Lily… I apologize… but we can’t stay together anymore."

We're breaking up with her. She's our ex-fairy now.
No. 136041
I couldn't find a pic of Lily crying, but you should still feel bad.
No. 136045
[c] “Miss Lily… I’m fine… just please… can’t you just…try your best not to hit me?
It is all about control.
No. 136047
[X] “Miss Lily… I’m fine… just please… can’t you just… try your best not to hit me?”

Getting rid of Lily would make me sad. I like her already.
No. 136048
[X] “Miss Lily… I’m fine… just please… can’t you just…try your best not to hit me?
No. 136055
[X] “Miss Lily… I’m fine… just please… be gentle with me…

No. 136144
File 129963970566.jpg - (235.84KB , 1150x1300 , c1ac7882414a2c29e29ba836266d4c8d.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] “Miss Lily… I’m fine… just please… can’t you just… try your best not to hit me?”

Lily gives you a confused stare, tilting her head a bit. You sigh, wondering if the fairy understands what you’re saying. Standing back up, you stretch your arms and let out a short yawn.

“Let me rephrase that, Lily,” you continue, clearing your throat. “What I’m trying to say is… could you… perhaps… calm down with the yelling out of spring? Act a little… less wild about it? You know... try to not get me shot? Getting shot hurts, you know. So, could you… just stop that?”

Lily gives you a blank stare, making you wonder if you’ve fried her brain with your explanation. Her response afterwards dispels any thought of that.

“You… you… want me to stop talking about spring?” Lily says, her mouth starting to quiver and tears beginning to form in her eyes. “… You don’t like me talking about spring at all? You don’t like it when I am so excited at all, you don’t feel good when I talk about spring so much?”

Lily floats down to the ground and falls to her knees, her tears dripping down to the ground. “You don’t like it at all, don’t you! You don’t like me because I talk too much about spring, don’t you, mister!” She says, as she begins to crying, the ground seeming to wilt beneath her.

Feeling horrible, you lean next to Lily, patting her on the back. “Please, please, Miss Lily,” you begin, comforting her as best as you can. “I didn’t mean that at all! I love how you talk about spring, it does make me feel happy inside! It makes me feel a great respect for the season, a respect that I haven’t felt in ages, to be honest! I mean, I haven’t felt so happy about spring well since… since I was a child, really!”

The fairy looks up at you, rubbing her eyes. “Really, mister, do you mean it?” she asks, still crying a bit. “Do you really like it when I talk about spring?”

“Of course I do, Miss Lily! So, please stop crying! It breaks my heart to see such a nice fairy like yourself crying. Just… don’t shoot me.”

Lily continues to rub her eyes, trying her best to not cry anymore. She then looks back at you, smiling as widely as she can.

“Okay, mister! I promise!” she answers with a big happy smile.

Floating back up into the sky again, Lily returns to humming, whispering about how nice spring is and all stuff spring in general. At least she isn’t shouting it anymore. With a smile on your face as well, you follow the fairy through the forest, watching as the trees continue to bloom as she passes by, showering down petals wherever she goes.

She could be quite an attraction back at home.

Heh, you can see it now… people coming from far and wide, to see Miss Lily White during the dead of spring. The trees around her would be dormant, as she looks up into the sky and starts cheering about spring, the trees blooming into glorious form, full of life. The people would cheer, and cheer, and cheer. She could go around, spreading life back to the trees, even in the middle of winter, where every is so down, we could see the trees be all in bloom, the people would run out, in their coats and hats, and would dance in the petals by the trees, all happy and cheerful.

And of course you would make a tidy profit from all the people wanting to use her services. Heh, think of all the money people would pay to be able to get their trees to bloom again in the middle of winter! Sure, it sounds weird, but the riches are endless! Endless as long as there are people crazy enough to want their trees blooming again!

“Hey, mister!” you hear Lily say, breaking you out of your train of thought. “Mister!”

“Yes, Lily?” you respond, realizing that Lily is pointing at something.

“Take a look at this!” Lily continues, pointing still.

Taking a look, you see that Lily is pointing at a house, strangely placed in a large clearing in the middle of the forest. Looking at the house, you start thinking on who could possibly live here. The sides are covered in vines and the building looks like it has been here for quite a while. Reasonably, having a house in the middle of the woods like this doesn’t seem to be very smart, unless the person who lives here does not want to be disturbed. You then notice the sky.

It’s starting to get dark.

“Wow, what a convenient place to have a house,” you remark, scratching your head. “Lily, can I ask you a question?”

“Go ahead, mister!” she replies enthusiastically.

“How dangerous is this forest at night?”

“Very dangerous! You could get yourself killed out here!” Lily sounds completely relaxed while saying this, making you feel extremely uncomfortable.

Looking at the house again, you decide to take shelter inside, hoping that whatever is out here at night doesn’t decide to chase you in-doors. Walking up to the front door, you give it a few knocks, waiting to see if anyone will answer. After a few moments of silence, you knock again, still receiving no answer.

You decide to turn the doorknob. The doorknob refuses to budge.

Well, at least you’ve determined that this house does indeed have an owner, or else it wouldn’t be locked as such. Looking back at Lily, you give her a shrug, walking back up to her.

“The thing’s closed. Do you know who lives in here, Lily?” you ask, hoping that the fairy can give you an answer.

However, before your fairy companion could answer, a new voice rings out.

“Hey! I thought I told you to stay away from here!” the voice says, soundly strangely familiar to you.

A young, blonde-haired woman wearing a pointed hat suddenly comes flying in, jumping off a broom and pointing a finger at Lily. The young woman looks angry.

“Miss Kirisame?” you say, surprised to see the strange young woman again.

“Huh? Do I know you?” Marisa asks, squinting at you. “Oh yeah… yeah I do! Wilson, right! I didn’t expect to see you here.”

“You two know each other?” Lily interrupts, smiling widely and waving her hands in the air. “It’s a reunion party, then!”

Ignoring Lily, you continue to look at Marisa. “I could say the same to you, Miss Kirisame,” you reply, shaking your head. “What are you doing here anyway? Shouldn’t you be going home?”

Marisa laughs. “This is my home!”

You give Marisa a surprised gasp. “Interesting. I didn’t know a young woman like yourself would be living on your own! So, Miss Kirisame, can I ask you a favor?”

Marisa nods, waiting to hear what you have to say.

“Miss Kirisame, would you please provide my companion and me with shelter for the night? I am quite afraid of the dangers that might appear during this time.”

Marisa thinks about it for a second before giving you her answer. “Sorry,” the young woman shakes her head.

“What? Why!? This forest is dangerous, and you’re going to let us get mauled by whatever might be out here? I bruise easily!” you say, hoping that Marisa will change her mind.

“Well… here, let’s make a deal then. You’re allowed to stay for the night if your companion of yours gets lost, alright?” she tells you, the young woman smiling.

“Why? Has Miss White done anything wrong to you?” you ask, Marisa only continuing to shake her head.

“It’s either that or you get out of here as well, Wilson. So, what will it be?” Marisa stares at you, her arms folded.

While you are thinking of your answer, Lily has returned to floating around the area, singing about spring again, acting completely oblivious to the situation. As soon as she flies near Marisa, however, the young woman pulls out a strange block and points it at her.

“You say one more thing about spring, Lily, and I’ll make sure I cook you up real good.” She threatens, holding the strange block up to Lily’s face even closer.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” you shout, waving your arms in distress. “Please, Miss Kirisame, let her go, all she was doing was talking about spring! Please, just let the fairy go!”

However, Marisa refuses to listen, still holding the strange block up to Lily’s face. Feeling the situation going out of control quickly, you start thinking of what you can possibly do to prevent the situation from getting out of control.

[X] Demand that Marisa let Lily go.
[X] Agree to Marisa’s demands.
[X] Let the situation continue on without any intervention.


Fairies or Witches.

No. 136147
Bad Twitty! Go sit in the corner and think about what you did wrong!

[X] Agree to Marisa's demands.
No. 136150
[X] One must hold one's principles dear, whatever the circumstances.
[X] Demand that Marisa let Lily go.
[X] Looks like you're sleeping on a doorstep tonight...
No. 136165
[X] One must hold one's principles dear, whatever the circumstances.
[X] Demand that Marisa let Lily go.
[X] Looks like you're sleeping on a doorstep tonight...

This, though how do we resolve our thus far humane treatment of fairies with our dreams of using them as attractions? Eh, maybe we'll learn there are more important things in life than money.
No. 136169
He treated fairies humanely, until he started to think of the potential profits to be made.

But that does not mean he should forget his principles.

[X] One must hold one's principles dear, whatever the circumstances.
[X] Demand that Marisa let Lily go.
[X] Looks like you're sleeping on a doorstep tonight...
No. 136173
>“You… you… want me to stop talking about spring?” Lily says, her mouth starting to quiver and tears beginning to form in her eyes.
Can't leave such a pure and happy creature hanging.

[x] One must hold one's principles dear, whatever the circumstances.
[x] Demand that Marisa let Lily go.
[x] Looks like you're sleeping on a doorstep tonight...
Better treatment of Fairies.
No. 136176
File 129965208720.jpg - (517.77KB , 800x800 , 1282127638046.jpg ) [iqdb]
Soon enough...
No. 136235
File 129969248026.jpg - (969.69KB , 1920x1080 , 400d3dd590e9fa175a1804f5e8bfad8e.jpg ) [iqdb]
Unrelated. Just passing through.
No. 136236
[x] One must hold one's principles dear, whatever the circumstances.
[x] Demand that Marisa let Lily go.
[x] Looks like you're sleeping on a doorstep tonight...
No. 136279
Well, I'll be delayed in getting the next update out.

Hope you guys can wait.

Then again, you guys probably waited a long time for the story to get anywhere remotely interesting.
No. 136349
File 129980666540.png - (440.45KB , 578x872 , f5f1d00bfa9c630cd723e130bf2517f3.png ) [iqdb]
[X] One must hold one's principles dear, whatever the circumstances.
[X] Demand that Marisa let Lily go.

In times like these, choices must be made. Now, you’ve always been a man who decides whether or not something is worth fighting for, like whether or not you should invest in soy products over wheat products, or whether you should promote private transportation or public transportation. And even then, you would always try to play both sides, seeing if you could still gain something from them. However, when a situation arises that really leaves you no choice in the matter, you always prefer going with the most profitable option.

This is not one of those moments.

Though others may tell you otherwise, you always believe that profit is always the best way to go. If you just agree with Marisa, she’ll give you a place to stay for the night, and to be honest, it’s not that bad of a deal. Besides, Marisa’s house is probably extremely comfortable, and maybe even has something soft for you to sleep on, rather than a cold, hard floor.

But for some reason, you really can’t see yourself taking such a deal.

You can’t tell what possesses you to not agree to such a deal; perhaps it’s solar flares affecting your chemical composition, or lunar diodes shining blinding beams into your eyes, or even some invisible homeless man with a straw threatening you to not take it. You have no idea why you don’t want to agree at all; if the situation was different, you would probably agree otherwise.

But this is a unique situation.

You know the fairy.

You feel obligated to her.


You really have no idea other than that.

But when you feel obligated to someone, you feel that you should stick by them no matter the situation, for better or for worse, for gain or for loss, for riches or rags. Well, whatever the reason, you can’t just stand by and watch Marisa threaten Lily with that strange box. Even if you couldn’t do much, it would be better than doing nothing.

“Miss Kirisame,” you order, watching Marisa turn her head to you. “Unhand Miss White.”

“Huh?” Marisa replies, giving you a confused look. “Why? What’s wrong, Wilson?”

You walk over to Marisa and put your hand on her shoulder. “I said… unhand the fairy!”

Marisa narrows her eyes, looking suspiciously at you. “Unhand this fairy? Why? She’s a pest. Are you sure you’re right in the head, sir? Perhaps you’ve taken a hit to the head?”

“Miss Kirisame, I have spent quite a bit of time with Miss White, and although she is a rather… colorful character, being a pest is not one of her traits. Now, I am asking you politely, please let her go.”

Marisa frowns, holding Lily tightly by the collar of her dress. “Maybe you haven’t seen what kind of a pest she is! Every spring she comes around and wildly fires danmaku everywhere! She has no self-control at all, no sense of safety for others. And for that, she must be dealt like any other pest!”

Feeling a bit angry yourself now, you still keep yourself calm, instead pushing Marisa’s hand away from Lily’s dress, standing in-between the blonde-haired woman and the blonde-haired fairy. Staring down at Marisa, you stand your ground, watching as she gives you a furious look.

“That I know, Miss Kirisame, but I will not let you harm this fairy at all. Perhaps the reason she lacks self-control is that you constantly attack and beat her without actually letting her know what’s wrong! How can she learn what’s wrong if you just beat her every time she appears?”

Marisa points her strange block at you, her face still as furious as ever. “Move out of the way, Wilson. I am doing this for our benefit.”

“Well you better be prepared to hurt me to then, miss, because I am not moving from my spot. If you want to deal with this fairy, you’re going to have to deal with me as well. Now, we can either settle this amiably or we’re going to have a huge problem.”

Marisa continues to look at you, looking like she might not mind hurting you as long as it means dealing with Lily in the end. However, her arms start to shake and she lowers her block, letting out a disappointed sigh.

“Fine, then, Wilson,” Marisa answers, shaking her head in disappointment. “If that’s how you want to have it, then fine, I’ll leave Lily alone. But you better not think I’m letting you in after all that…”

You still frown. “Seeing the attitude you have, I would prefer to curse at the dark rather than stay at your house.”

Marisa lets out another sigh, putting her hands on her hips. “You really aren’t making this easy for me, are you… fine… just stay here… I’ll get something for you…”

The blonde-haired woman goes into her house, closing the door behind her as you look back at Lily, seeing that she doesn’t seem to be too bothered by what happened. Leaning down to her level, you wonder if she gets treated like this all the time.

“Miss White, I apologize if this sounds out of the blue, but… is what she said true?” you ask, scratching your chin. “I just want your perspective on the situation, of course. It feels wrong to let other people talk about you without letting you voice out your perspective, of course.”

Lily looks at you and gives you a warm smile. “Well, I guess it is, but people do like it when I fly around, heralding spring. Even though they chase me away when I try to come close to the village, when they hear me talk about spring, they do love it!”

“They chase you away from the village? Even if you’re not talking about spring?”

“Mhm! Sometimes they even fly after me for a while. I think they like to play games with me, since we dance around in the sky while I talk about spring!”

You have a sneaking suspicion that when Lily says dance, she isn’t talking about what you’re thinking. “So… when you say dance, can you tell me what that involves?”

“Well, when we go into the sky, we go around, flying around like a dance! There are lots of beautiful lights everywhere that we move around, and this can go on and on and on until one of us gets hit!”

“Get’s hit? So… since you do this a lot… you usually win these… dances?” you continue, still a little confused.

“Well… sometimes we keep dancing until I get bored and decide to go elsewhere. Other times they just hit me with tons and tons of light, sometimes even when I’m not trying to hit them at all!”

“Uh-huh…” you scratch your head. This place is very weird… though it does seem rather bad at the same time.

“Oi, mister!” you hear Marisa yell, causing you to look back, seeing the blonde-haired woman holding a large sack. “Here you go.”

Marisa tosses the sack down at your feet. It lands a few feet away from you, causing you to look down to see that it was a sleeping bag. However, there is only one. Looking back at Marisa, you give her a small frown.

“Only one?” you ask, watching Marisa shrug.

“Hey, I’m being kind enough for helping you after what you did. Besides, Lily doesn’t need a sleeping bag, anyway. Now be thankful before I reconsider my offer.”

You feel like kicking the bag away, but you know that would only make the situation worse. Instead, you thank Marisa.

“Well, don’t worry, mister, nothing bad will hurt you if you sleep near my house, but when it’s morning, don’t think I’ll let you stay.” Marisa then goes back inside her home, locking the door behind her.

Opening the sleeping bag, you kick your shoes off and work your way inside, trying to make yourself feel as comfortable as possible. Lily stands over you, smiling widely. Closing the sleeping bag a bit, you let a yawn, looking back at Lily.

“Well then, Miss White,” you tell her. “Good night.”

“Good night, Wilson!” Lily says.

Letting out one last yawn, you close your eyes, hoping that Marisa is right that nothing is going to hurt you.


“Mister Hannelson?”


“The Vice Chairman is on the line…”

[X] Answer
[X] Don’t Answer
No. 136358
[X] Don’t Answer
he is busy
No. 136359
[X] Don’t Answer

Blind choices are not interesting.
No. 136361
[X] Answer
[x] "Sup mah nigga?"
No. 136362
[X] Answer
No. 136363
[x] Don't Answer

Answering phones is for reactive thinkers. I, on the other hand, am a proactive thinker. People talk to me when I want them to, not the other way around.
No. 136466
File 129990137767.jpg - (14.87KB , 400x400 , business_shake_md_wm.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Don’t Answer

“But Mister Hannelson, the Vice Chairman really wishes to speak with you, isn’t this…”

“I know, Miss Penelope… I know… but I am not in the mood to speak with Vice Chairman Anthony right now. Besides, there’s nothing I said that he doesn’t know already.”

“Then what should I tell him, Mister Hannelson?”

“Tell him… tell him I’m busy on a different line, Miss Penelope.”

“Yes then, Mister Hannelson.”

“Wait… Miss Penelope… was Wilson acting strange before his disappearance?”

“What do you mean by that, Mister Hannelson?”

“You’ve been his secretary for a few years already, Miss Penelope. I mean if he’s been acting strangely at all, looking over his back, anything that would make him look like he is watching out for something.”

“Are you suggesting that Mister Wilson is involved in something foul?”

“It’s only a thought, but with the string of unexplained disappearances, there has to be something going on… people don’t disappear into thin air without leaving any sort of trace, right?”

“I’m sorry, but I don’t understand what you’re trying to tell me, Mister Hannelson.”

“… That’s okay. I’m sorry if I’m making no sense, Miss Penelope.”

“Is there anything else you need from me, Mister Hannelson?”

“No, but thank you anyway. And Miss Penelope?”

“Yes, sir?”

“You’re excused from your duties for the rest of the day.”

“Thank you sir.”

“Ulysses, what the hell happened to you…”


Stretching out your arms, you let out a loud yawn. Rubbing your eyes open, you slowly sit up. Pushing the sleeping bag off your chest, you take a look at your surroundings, seeing that you’re still alive. And still in this forest.

“Eh… maybe I should stop thinking that this is all a dream and that I’ll wake up eventually…” you woefully admit, letting out a slow sigh. “At least that might make me feel better…”

Getting out of the sleeping bag, you slip your shoes on. After tying your shoelaces, you notice Lily sleeping by a tree. Walking up to her, you see she’s not wearing her hat, probably because it’d fall off anyway if she went to sleep. Seeing a smile on her face, you can’t help but smile yourself, thinking that Lily is quite cute when she’s asleep.

You soon find yourself thinking back to your other companions, the three fairies. You begin to worry, wondering what could have happened to those three. They’ve helped you out, and to not look for them makes you feel a bit bad, as if you’re betraying their kindness by looking out for only yourself. You think back with your meeting to them, thinking how happy they were, smiling and what not, and to think now that they’re in some unknown place… scared, tired, alone… all because of you. They were probably having a nice life before you came along.

Shaking your head, you begin to rationalize. They should be fine, at least for a while. They have special abilities. You don’t. They can fly. You can’t. If you die, you’ll never find them. Besides, you’re hardly in any condition to mount a proper search and you keep hearing that this forest is dangerous. Getting out of this forest is probably a good idea.

After thinking things through a few more minutes, you hear Lily let out a yawn. You then see her eyes open up, and after she looks at you, she gives you a wide smile.

“Good morning, mister!” she says happily.

“Good morning, Lily,” you reply, smiling back to her.

Lily stands up, flapping her wings for a few seconds before putting her hat back on. She then looks back at you, still having a big smile on her face.

“So then, mister, shall we continue spreading the joy of spring everywhere?” she asks.

“Wait, aren’t you going to get me out of this forest?” you reply. “Isn’t that why you’re helping me out?”

“Well mister, people rarely join me when I spread the joy of springs everywhere! Besides, it’s not like we’re going to stay in this forest forever! We’re just going to make sure all the trees feel the loving warmth of the season!” Lily then raises her hands, the trees above her rapidly blooming into full growth.

Though you have nothing against Lily, being sidetracked with something like this could risk you to some dangers that you really don’t want to risk yourself to. The sooner you’re out of this forest, the better… but you still have to think about the possible consequences with whatever decision you make.

[X] “Sure, why not? I have nothing much to do until we get out of this forest.”
[X] “Actually, Lily, I was thinking if we could actually go looking for those three fairies I was talking about earlier.”
[X] “Well… though I like this whole spring thing, I still want to get out of this forest as quickly as possible…”


A shorter update, today. I hope you guys don't mind.

Is there anything else you want to know is going on in the outside world, or do you prefer I limit such information?
No. 136468
[X] “Sure, why not? I have nothing much to do until we get out of this forest.”
-[x]"Let's also try to keep an eye out for those friends of mine"
No. 136470
[X] “Sure, why not? I have nothing much to do until we get out of this forest.”
-[x] "Let's also try to keep an eye out for those friends of mine."

Exposition during dreams is good; keep doing it.
No. 136479
[X] “Sure, why not? I have nothing much to do until we get out of this forest.”

No. 136535
[X] “Sure, why not? I have nothing much to do until we get out of this forest.”

Time to discover new things, broaden the horizon. If it means running around like a lunatic and telling everyone, and the trees and flowers, how awesome spring it is, then it shall be.
No. 136540
[X] “Actually, Lily, I was thinking if we could actually go looking for those three fairies I was talking about earlier.”
-[x] "That's not to say we can't spread the jows of spring while we're looking"
--[x] Try to use lilly's effect on trees as a guide to ensure you don't get too lost.

Lilly might not look like much but she can fire enough shots to act as an emergency bodyguard, and I doubt much else in the forest will want to have spring announced for them. (She is a stage 4 midboss afterall, a good chunk above your average fairy)
No. 136754
[X] “Actually, Lily, I was thinking if we could go looking for those three fairies I was talking about earlier.”
-[X] "That's not to say we can't spread the joys of spring while we're looking"
-[X] Try to use Lily's effect on trees as a guide to ensure you don't get too lost.

Sounds like a plan, but will the fairy cooperate?
No. 136769
I doubt Lily would get lost in the forest.
No. 136837
File 130015839054.jpg - (104.27KB , 850x850 , sample-25f9450f1f9341bb75a5b2671c7f53c3.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Well, Lily, I understand that you love to spread the joys of spring to everything you can, and for that, I have a great respect for that. To be honest, it is quite nice to be someone to spread joy and cheer everywhere you go, making people happy and what not. It is a noble task that you do, Lily,” you begin, watching Lily smile at your compliment.

“However…” you continue, shaking your head slowly. “Though your talk of spring has brought a bit of joy to my heart, the joy is not strong enough to shake off a feeling of sadness within my heart.”

Lily tries to get a look at you as you turn your face away from her. “What’s wrong, mister? Are you still worried about your friends?”

You sigh, still feeling that you can’t look at Lily. To be honest, that is what’s on your mind. Those three, Sunny, Luna, and Star, all of them helped you out. Even if your meeting with them was less than ordinary, they still were nice enough to help you. Then what happens? They were strung up like Christmas ornaments over a rundown shrine by some crazy girl, and not only that, when you decided out of the goodness of your heart to free them, you lose them on your way here. To think about it again makes you feel a sting of pain in your heart. Even if you’ve knew them for only a few days, you are indebted to their assistance. As a businessman, you give good treatment to those who help you. As a man, anything less than trying to find them would be a simple betrayal of their trust.

“Indeed, Lily,” you turn and look back at the blonde-haired fairy, a sad look in your eye. “And though the joy of spring is a lovely thing, it cannot overcome the sorrow I feel. That is why I want to ask you, Lily, herald of spring, with whatever kindness you have, I wish to ask that you assist me in finding those three, my companions, my associates… my friends.”

You watch Lily stare back at you, wondering if any of your words have managed to get into her brain. Maybe she’s thinking about how to spread spring across the cosmos. Wouldn’t that be great, to have your plea for help be ignored just because it isn’t anything about spring at all.

You’re about to curse your luck when Lily’s smile widens. “Of course, mister!” Lily answers cheerfully. “I would love to help look for your friends! So cheer up! I don’t like it when I see someone look sad!”

Slowly nodding, you thank Lily for her assistance, feeling glad that she’s agreeing to help you. Who knows, if things keep going like this, she might even decide to stick around. Seeing that the portal failed to get you home, you might have to start making more friends around here so you’ve got people to back you up in case you end up in a bad situation. Just like this one.

“So, mister, where shall we start looking?” Lily asks. “I was thinking about flying into the sky and looking for them and…”

You shake your head. “Well, first off, Lily, I can’t fly,” you point to your back. “See? No wings? Secondly, though I am glad you’re helping me out, I don’t want to deny others the joy of spring. I was thinking… you continue your spreading of spring throughout this forest, and if we see those three fairies around, then that will be good. If not… we’ll make a better search next time.”

Lily giggles a bit. “Well that’s a bit strange, but if you say so mister! I’ll make sure to keep an eye out for those three!” Lily then begins to float a bit higher in the sky, but thankfully still within range. “So then, mister, shall we get going to spread spring throughout the forest?”

“Yes,” you answer, giving her a single nod.

Lily soon returns to floating through the woods, returning to talking about spring, announcing spring, yelling out spring and all other things related to the season of spring. Though at first it sounded annoying, it now sounds pretty nice. Perhaps you’ve been spending too much time with her. Then again, she’s doing quite a good job, making things bloom.

Now you’re starting to feel bad that you ever thought of using Lily as some sort of sideshow attraction. Though profitable may be, you realize that such actions would probably stress her to no end. What’s worse is the possibility of so many things going wrong. You’ve always weighed out loss from profit, especially after some failures during your first year as CEO. You nearly had to declare bankruptcy. Hopefully the board hasn’t lost their heads yet. They’re pretty useless unless you’re leading them, of course.

Hrmm… spring is quite a lovely season, isn’t it? The trees blooming, the flowers blossoming, the butterflies, the warm sun, the rebirth of nature after its hibernation, the smell of olive trees. Heh… it would be nice to sit under an olive tree… to lie in its shade… perhaps to spend an entire life sitting beneath an olive tree, to live and die beneath its shade, to be content with all you have, a life of no regrets, not having to worry. A nice life. A pleasant life. A happy life.

A simple life.

Ah… simpler times of boyhood… going to school, throwing rocks across lakes, having picnics in the park, all sorts of fun childish things. Even when you grew up, those simple times have been fond memories for you. Now all you do is business and go drinking with your close friends. Not a safe time, but a fun time nonetheless. Perhaps when you get back, you’ll take the fairies out for a meal, perhaps some fancy restaurant so they can have a taste of the fine cuisine. Hrmm…

Sunny seems like one who would enjoy a nice pasta. Luna seems one to enjoy braised chicken, and Star would…



“Lily?” you say, snapping out of your train of thought. “Lily? Hey, Lily!”

Looking around, you realize, you have no idea where Lily is. You’ve lost her.

In the middle of this forest.

A forest that you recall being dangerous.

Good lord, how stupid can you be!? You’ve become so inattentive that you can easily lose a fairy in a white dress chatting about spring! You think she wouldn’t be a hard person to lose. But lo and behold, you manage to do it. You manage to lose the spring fairy.

Well, panicking, as nice as an option that may be, ultimately won’t get you anywhere. Well, it might get you to do something, but most likely won’t even help you do anything useful. Then you recall that Lily’s heralding manages to make things bloom, so perhaps if you follow the blooming things…

Looking up, you groan, seeing that everything around you is in bloom. There is no clear path of blooming trees because everywhere you see is just trees and more trees, with their petals blooming. Cursing your inattentiveness, you start worrying about what might happen to you. Perhaps if you stay here, Lily might come back to find you… but she might be too busy heralding spring to realize that you’re gone. If you try to find out where she went, maybe you can find her before something finds you.

You look up a tree, thinking that if you climb up it you could… ah, a stupid idea, you’ll just fall over again. And there are no fairies to stop your fall…

Pacing around, you slap yourself, berating yourself for your ability to lose track of another person you’re supposed to be following. First it was Suika, now it’s Lily. Maybe if you had a jetpack, you wouldn’t have to worry about losing anyone. Heck, you wouldn’t have to worry about having to have someone pick you up to fly.

As you continue pacing, you start to smell something strange. Something… foul. Though your mind tells you otherwise, you feel like you want to investigate it… but is it such a good idea? Though you try your hardest to talk yourself out of investigating, curiosity proves stronger, your legs bringing you closer and closer to the strange smell. You pinch your nose, the smell becoming even fouler.

The smell becomes nearly overpowering, yet you feel that you’re near the source. Looking around, at first you don’t notice anything out of place.

Then you see it.

A corpse slumped on the trunk of a tree.

Looking at the body, you see that it has been horribly mutilated; half of the face missing and the upper torso ripped open, the left leg is entirely missing and the right one is chewed up entirely to the bone. You nearly throw up, the combination of the smell and the grisly sight horrifying you. You then notice a small book being clenched by the body, the cover splattered with blood. What scares you the most is that the book looks modern.

[X] Check the book; try to figure out what happened to this person.
[X] Run. RUN. RUN!
- [X] Find Lily
- [X] Find the edge of the forest.


Strangers in doubt... best get an idea what is going on.


Ulysses Wilson! Strong name! Strange name! Strange name indeed!
No. 136838
[X] Run. RUN. RUN!
- [X] Find Lily
No. 136844
[X] Grab the book; you can investigate later.
[X] Run. RUN. RUN!
-[X] Find Lily
No. 136854
[X] Check the book; try to figure out what happened to this person.

We can run later. Information is more important now.
No. 136872
not if more youkai are on the way to take advantage of the easy meal.
No. 136873
[X] Grab the book and
[X] Run. RUN. RUN!
- [X] Find Lily

It'll take like 5 seconds to rob the corpse, guys.
No. 136893
[X] Grab the book and
[X] Run. RUN. RUN!
- [X] Find Lily
No. 136896
[x] Check the book; try to figure out what happened to this person.
Don't be scared, we need to investigate.
No. 136909
[X] Grab the book; you can investigate later.
[X] Run. RUN. RUN!
-[X] Find Lily
No. 137162
File 130034207498.jpg - (88.67KB , 500x500 , 3916223587_2e998891eb.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Grab the book; you can investigate later.
[X] Run. RUN. RUN!
-[X] Find Lily

Looking at the corpse, you feel your stomach ready to hurl. Forcing yourself to not throw-up, you continue to examine the book in the corpse’s hand. You keep thinking that you must be wrong, that the book is no way at all modern, that your eyes are simply deceiving you. But, looking closely, it truly is something from the outside.

You don’t like staying near this corpse. The smell is overpowering and whatever killed this person could still be in this forest. Staying still will only make you an easy target… and this killer’s next meal. Shivering at the possibility of dying, you feel like running, but the book in the corpse’s hand still holds on to your curiosity.

You’ve never robbed a corpse before, and you never thought you will. But curiosity is a force to be reckoned with, and curiosity is too strong to challenge. Leaning down, you slowly reach out for the book, looking away to avoid staring at the bloodied mess. Your hand shakes and quivers as you feel the book, trying to not touch the dried up blood. You try to pick up the book but it falls back, your grip slipping due to how much it was shaking. Trying to calm yourself down again, you again grab the book. Though you hold on to the book tightly, the corpse’s hand continues to keep grasp, unwilling to surrender its possession even in death.

Taking your other hand, you hold your breath as you try to shake off the corpse’s grip on the book. You shiver as you place your hand on the body’s arm, pulling it in the opposite direction of the book. After a few thugs, the hand finally surrenders the book to you. Letting out a gasp for air, you quickly cover your mouth with your sleeve, the smell beginning to overpower you again.

With the book now in your possession, you start to run. Though curiosity continues to gnaw at you, tempting you to look back, you force yourself to look forward. You have what you wanted, and there is no reason to go back, all that’s left is to look for Lily. Or try to, at least.

After running for a distance, you collapse to the ground. Your breathing heavy, you continue to stay on the ground, too tired to do anything. Even though your mind is yelling at you to get up and continue your flight, your body refuses. All you have the strength to do is move the book in front of your face.

The book is neither thick nor thin, sticking in a moderate place in-between. Unlike the books back at Doctor Sanford’s home, the cover is made from thin paper not dissimilar to those from a student’s textbook. You try to rub off the dried blood, staining your shirt in the process. Oh well, you’ve been planning to wash your shirt anyway.

Despite your hopes, the cover is still unmarked, not having a name at all. Undaunted, you feel the edge of the cover, grasping it in your hand. You hesitate for a moment, not sure if you really want to open this anymore. Whatever this person died with, it could be anything. It might possibly be a book of spells capable of summoning a monster from another dimension that will swallow all of reality with it.

Then again, it might also be empty.

Opening the book, you begin to look through the pages, seeing if there is anything dangerous to use as a spell to destroy half the world. However, you soon realize this isn’t a spell book. It’s just a book.

Hell, it’s just a journal. Which means this is personal information.

You continue reading anyway. The person is dead, and knowing what the killer is may possibly help. Then again… the person might not have written down what the killer is while being killed…

You continue reading anyway.

Day 15th…

I am lost.

I have been lost for over two weeks.

When will this forest end?

I miss my family… I miss my friends…

All there has been is endless forest… endless forest…

The mushroom I ate yesterday made me throw up. My stomach is gnawing away at me. Every second I feel like I want to die…

Why did this happen? Is this my punishment? Why am I being punished? I did nothing wrong…

I did nothing wrong at all.

Last night I had nightmare where I was falling down a dark hole

I’m scared, tired, alone




Where are you

I don’t think I’ll leave this forest alive.

Oh god, please no.

The entry ends there. You try looking for other entries, hoping that there will be something about a name, but unfortunately that is the last one. Perhaps it was the person’s last entry. Flipping back, there are other entries, but nearly all of them have pages missing, torn out and leaving those entries incomplete.

Feeling a bit refreshed after reading through that entry, you close the book. A small parchment of paper soon manages to fall from the ground. Picking up the parchment, you bring it up to your face to see what is written on it.

Come home soon!

The handwriting is different from the entries. Looking at the text, you are horrified to realize that this is probably written by this person’s family. You grasp your head, your mind feeling weak. A scary realization soon pops into your mind.

You are lost in this forest.

You have no one to help you.

You have no idea where to go.

“Oh my god…” you mutter to yourself, “I am going to die here…”

This forest is not safe. If that person died, what is stopping you from being the next person to die in this forest? You have nothing to protect yourself with. You have no guns, no knives, no crazy abilities like all the people you met so far in this crazy place. You can’t fly, you don’t have super strength, you can’t shoot bullets from your eyes.

You are completely incapable of surviving this harsh place.

Whether out of fear or out of denial you start to run again. You run, and run, and keep running. You soon remember that you have something that might save you.


“Lily!” you scream out, darting through trees. “Lily, where are you! Lily! Help me, Lily! Lily! Please, oh god, Lily!”

Though your throat becomes sore, you continue to scream, hoping that the fairy will hear you, find you, save you. Yet you continue to run, continue to scream, continue to get no answer.

Then… a scream. You nearly trip, slowly yourself down. You look around, wondering if you were hearing things. You then hear the scream again. It sounds like a young girl. You hold your breath.

You don’t want to die.

Yet you don’t want to leave.

Can you save this girl?

Will it cost you your life?

[X] “Hold on, I’m coming!”
[X] Keep running.
No. 137164
[X] “Hold on, I’m coming!”

It's a risk but two people are better than one.
No. 137165
[X] “Hold on, I’m coming!”
No. 137166
[X] “Hold on, I’m coming!”

Be brave, Wilson! You know what you must do.
No. 137176
[X] “Hold on, I’m coming!”

Don't actually yell it, though. That's dumb. Stupid stupid dumb.
No. 137212
[X] “Hold on, I’m coming!”

Onwards, you ADD businessman.
No. 137214
[X] “Hold on, I’m coming!”
No. 137321
File 130042153031.jpg - (486.89KB , 2362x1296 , PT3075_Forest_Branch.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Hold on, I’m coming!

It’s not fair. It’s not fair at all.

Why should you risk yourself for someone else’s sake? It’s always others risking themselves for you, others putting their necks on the line so that you can continue to soar above. If you could decide, you would just go home already. There’s nothing worth putting your own neck on the line here, in all honesty. How will you profit, staying in this backwater land? What have you seen so far that will honestly be worth all the trouble you’ve been through?

To be honest, you can’t think of anything off the top of your head.

So why are you chasing after this one voice, as if it’s the most important thing in the world? Is this really worth putting your life on the line? How can you even tell that you’re not falling for some sort of trap? Or that you’re just hearing things and that you’ll never get closer? You might be simply losing your mind right now. I mean, the situation is pretty right for you to lose your mind.

Yet, you continue to run. Maybe it’s bravery, maybe it’s bravado, maybe it’s just you going through a strange life state where you feel the need to rescue young girls from the dangerous perils that they may face in everyday life. You have no idea, but whatever it is, you are running and you don’t want to stop. Not until you reach that scream.

Hearing the scream again, you continue darting through trees, making sure to not lose the journal in your haste. Even though you might not have gotten much out of it, you feel like you should still hold on to it. Perhaps when you get out of his hell hole, you can return this book to the owner’s family. Better to know the truth than to fruitlessly keep waiting, no matter how hard the truth will hit.

Perhaps the real reason why you feel the need to chase this scream is that you wish to do something. You felt sorry for the corpse you saw, not wishing anyone to suffer that same fate. It’s strange, really, to think for someone else’s benefit. It’s always been about you for the longest time, and until recent events, you’ve felt that was the best way to run your life. Then again… it’s not like helping others have brought you any profit.

Brushing aside this internal dilemma for now, the screams become louder, notifying that you are getting closer. You start to feel a bit worried now that whatever you find may possibly kill you, making you slow down a bit. As a businessman, death completely prevents you from acquiring any more personal wealth. In death, you will be put in the ground and you will no longer enjoy all the good things in the world, like warm baths and delicious meals in fancy restaurants and getting so drunk you can’t think straight and pass out half of the time. The pleasures of a life of riches is something that you will never be able to fully let go of.

However, you still feel that it would be wrong to abandon someone after coming so far in an attempt to come to their aid. When you commit yourself to something, you always follow through, even if it’s less profitable than you thought of before. It at least shows that you mean what you mean, rather than deciding to back out at the last moment. Or some sort of similar meaning that you can’t fully decide. Either way, you’re helping this person, whether you get yourself maimed or not.

At least, however, you aren’t stupid enough to go in without any sort of weapon. Looking around, you see an adequately sized branch, good enough to be used as some sort of club. Now, you’ve never actually used a weapon before, but certainly it shouldn’t be too hard. Just hit the enemy enough times to make them stop attacking you and you’re golden, right?

Holding your makeshift club tightly in one hand and book in the other, you march on, hoping that you will be prepared for whatever you have to face. Whether it’s a tiny moth or some giant bullfrog, you just hope that you won’t die. You haven’t even written your will yet.

As you continue marching forward, the screams become louder until you notice that the screams are coming towards you! Looking towards where it was coming from, you squint your eyes when you notice something flying quickly towards you…

“Luna!” you exclaim, seeing the fairy flying towards you, her wings flapping rapidly. “Luna, it’s me!”

Despite your attempts to catch her attention, she flies right past you. You’re not sure if she heard you. You don’t dwell on this long as you soon hear footsteps approaching you, making you look to see what is chasing Luna.

A giant bear.

An honest to god giant bear.

“You’ve got to be kidding me…”

[X] Hold your ground. Time to test this club out.
[X] Get out of the way. Getting crushed by a giant bear is no fun.
[X] Run! Luna has the right idea!
No. 137322
[X] Get out of the way. Getting crushed by a giant bear is no fun.
No. 137325
[x] Run! Luna has the right idea!
do it
No. 137331
[x]Bears can't fly! Tell Luna to get out of its reach and attack it from above, where she'll be safe.

[x] Get out of the way. Getting crushed by a giant bear is no fun.
No. 137335
[x] Bears can't fly! Tell Luna to get out of its reach and attack it from above, where she'll be safe.
-[x] Get out of the way. Getting crushed by a giant bear is no fun.

I'd vote to stand up and shout at it, but that would only work in the real world with a normal-sized bear.
No. 137336
[x] Bears can't fly! Tell Luna to get out of its reach and attack it from above, where she'll be safe.
-[x] Get out of the way. Getting crushed by a giant bear is no fun.
No. 137353
[x] Bears can't fly! Tell Luna to get out of its reach and attack it from above, where she'll be safe.
-[x] Get out of the way. Getting crushed by a giant bear is no fun.
No. 137550
File 130056643819.jpg - (25.30KB , 460x276 , Run_NOW!.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Bears can't fly! Tell Luna to get out of its reach and attack it from above, where she'll be safe.

Suddenly, as you remember how Luna tried to escape the bear by outrunning it, you realize something strange. If you recall correctly, Luna can fly.

She can fly.

Now, you don’t know if crazy giant bears can also fly, shoot lasers and make a complete mess of things, but if Luna simply flies above the treetops, she should be able to evade the bear long enough for it to lose interest in her. Like, if you were chasing something that could fly, and did so, the amount of time it would take for you to get into a helicopter to chase it would be longer than your span of interest in chasing anything. Besides, you don’t always have a helicopters available. And you don’t have one here. Having a helicopter would be pretty nice, though.




Running after Luna…

Gosh dang it.

You look back at the bear. It’s still charging forward, probably still focused on getting Luna. And you are in the way. About to get crushed by a massive bea…

Clumsily jumping out of the way, you cover the back of your head as you hear the bear continue its chase, completely ignoring you. Well, at least you don’t have to worry about being some bear’s meal. Standing up and dusting yourself off, you watch as the bear runs off deeper into the woods, leaving behind a somewhat noticeable trail.

Looking at your makeshift club, you let out a distressed groan, realizing that this club is severely inadequate in doing any sort of damage to that bear. Well, unless you stab it in the eye, but to do that you have to be in front of it, and what would prevent it from clawing you in half and eating you for supper?


Tossing the branch aside, you feel that there is no way that you can possibly defeat such a creature. Hell, even if you had modern weapons, that bear would probably still shred you into pieces. Being shred apart might make the bear forget about Luna, but...

Thinking about other possible options, you rub your forehead. Perhaps there is a way to scare away the bear without actually having to hurt it. Not because you want to be kind, but rather because of the fact that hurting things tend to have them hurt you in return. Disproportionally.

Maybe a fire would work. A large enough fire can be enough to deter even the mightiest of beasts. Hell, a large fire could even set a large portion of this forest ablaze…

No, bad idea, bad idea. Arson is something you don’t want to be responsible of. Yeah, you might not get arrested, but fire is a dangerous thing and burning this forest to the ground might not be a good way to get people to help you.

Maybe you should try to make yourself look bigger. Like those survival guides say, making yourself look larger than you really are could possibly scare the bear away. All you have to do is make yourself larger than a giant bear…

No, also a bad idea. That bear is freaking huge! Even if you tried to make yourself look larger, you will still be smaller than the bear. The bear might just ignore you at the best, or freaking claw your face off and eat you up.

Shuddering at the thought, you realize that you can’t think of anything good to deter this bear from chasing Luna. Perhaps, if you had a cannon…

You hear Luna's screams coming closer again, breaking your concentration. Looking at where the screaming is coming from, you see Luna flying towards you as fast as she can with her eyes closed.

“Whoa, Luna, Luna, Luna!” You shout out, waving your hands. “Luna, stop! You’re going to crash into…”

The fairy crashes into you, knocking you down. Slowly sitting up, you see Luna is a bit dazed as well, not noticing you for a moment. Then she looks up at you and a look of surprise appears on her face.

“Wilson!” she shouts, hugging you and knocking you down again. “I was so worried that something terrible was going to happen to you!”

You sit up again, patting Luna on the back. “Don’t worry, I’m fine, I’m fine…” you let out a sigh, glad to see that Luna looks okay as well. Then you hear a roar.

“Oh god, bear, bear, bear!” you point, seeing the bear charging towards you two.

“What should we do, Wilson?” Luna asks.

You grab both of her hands and raise her above you.

“Wilson, what are you doing!?” she asks, blushing a bit.

“I don’t know, just fly!” you toss Luna high into the air, watching her spin around a bit before flapping her wings and flying upwards, quickly rising above the branches. Looking back at the bear, you see that it is still charging. This time, towards you.

Letting out a scared gasp, you hastily stand up and start running, terrified to see that the bear is quickly gaining up on you. Seeing that you can’t outrun the bear, you are given no choice but to try to escape by climbing to a tree.

Hastily latching to the nearest tree, you struggle to climb up, nearly losing your grip a few times. You’re only half-way up the tree when the bear collides into it, causing it to shake. You barely manage to hang on as you look back down, seeing the bear circle the tree. You let out a sigh of relief, thinking that the bear might just give up…

The sigh of relief was let out too soon. You see that the bear has latched on to the tree, but instead of trying to climb up, the bear instead starts to shake the tree. Holding on tightly, you nearly fall off a few times, the bear letting out a loud roar with each shake.

Stuck in this terrible predicament, you can feel your options quickly diminishing. The combined effect of the bear shaking the tree, your grip slowly weakening, and the fact that it’s a bear that wants to eat you is making you panic more and more. If there ever has been a time at which you feel like it is a life and death situation, this is it.

The shaking continues, your hands barely hanging on. Shaking like a madman, you hope that whatever you decide to do will stop this bear from killing you.

Though… If you die here, at least you'll die knowing that Luna is safe.

[X] Climb up the tree even more and try to jump to another tree.
[X] Hold on to the tree and hope that the bear tires itself out.
[X] Drop on top of the bear when it’s near and try to outrun it.


The chance of dying here? High. So think carefully anon. I did say I'm not going to shy away from punishing you from choosing a stupid choice.

Also would you guys even care if I went and denounced someone? To be honest, I don't think I would care if I denounced someone.
No. 137554
[X] Hold on to the tree and hope that the bear tires itself out.

The way I see it, Wilson has two reasonable choices.
Holding on for dear life or screaming for help.
No reason not to do both.

Bears are rather fast, so outrunning it is not a reasonable option. I mean, he's in the tree because he couldn't outrun it to begin with.

Jumping between them.. You're joking, right?
Wilson is a businessman, not an acrobat. He hurt himself, badly I might add, earlier trying to just climb a tree.
Even when growing freely in the wild (as in, no foresters/woodcutters around), trees tend to grow several feet apart.
Unless they both sprouted at the same time, a tree isn't likely to grow within "jumping distance" of another tree. (Sure, you can probanly jump from the base of one tree to another in a dense forest, but then you're standing on solid ground. Not on a wildly shaking tree branch.)
Besides if he, by some miracle, does manage to jump to the next tree, how does that improve the situation?
He's still in a tree, with a bear on the ground below. Major risk, no gain.
No. 137559
[x] Hold on to the tree and hope that the bear tires itself out.

Your line of reasoning is like mine. Jumping to another tree? I doubt he can do that without falling down. It is a battle of wills and stamina. Either the bear gives up and loses interest because his prey is too hard to catch or he loses his power and just can't hold out anymore. Plus, there is always the hope of help arriving in time to save him. Tuning down the mad screaming a bit is good to, losing his sanity is not needed now.
No. 137563
[x] Hold on to the tree and hope that the bear tires itself out.
No. 137575
>Well, unless you stab it in the eye, but to do that you have to be in front of it, and what would prevent it from clawing you in half and eating you for supper?
I've cracked the code!

[X] Drop on top of the bear when it’s near and try to blind it.
No. 137586
[x] Hold on to the tree while shouting for help.

In our time of need, we must rely on our friends to get through alive.
No. 137618
[X] Drop on top of the bear when it’s near and try to outrun DEATH FROM ABOVE it.

No. 137623

[X] Drop on top of the bear when it’s near and try to outrun DEATH FROM ABOVE it.

No. 137630
[X] Hold on to the tree and hope that the bear tires itself out.
No. 137637
[x] Hold on to the tree and hope that the bear tires itself out.

Genuine, honest-to-God tension, drama, and danger. I like it.
No. 137917
File 130076183935.jpg - (113.09KB , 850x850 , sample-b8d54ee97e2a1cc0969ce78908304b2b.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Hold on to the tree and hope that the bear tires itself out.

The tree continues to shake, your grip loosening with each passing second. The book you’ve been holding on to soon falls off your person, landing on the bear and hitting it on the head. Instead of running away, however, the bear becomes even more furious and continues to shake the tree. Your legs slip for a moment, causing the bear to roar and attempt to leap up at you. Thankfully, it falls a few inches short. Unfortunately, despite your best efforts, you’re still dangling from a tree with your grip rapidly slipping.

One of your hands slips from the tree as the bear gives it another fierce shake, leaving you dangling by one hand. Seeing your situation growing worse with each passing second, you start screaming.

“Oh god, SOMEONE HELP ME! AHH AHH, SOMEONE HELP ME!” you scream, hoping that something hears your pathetic cries for help. Seeing that nothing is coming to your aide, you continue your pathetic shouting.

All you hope for is that the bear will kill you before devouring you.

This sucks. You didn’t even get the chance to have dinner at that new fancy restaurant that was opening this week.

Those three fairies would have loved it…

“Yay, yay, yay! It’s Spring!”

The bear lets out a massive roar, the tree shaking a bit more before becoming still. Then the bear whines as you hear footsteps moving away from the tree.



It can’t be…

This makes no sense…

Glancing down to the ground, you see Lily floating around, continuing to talk about spring. Then you start to notice some faint scorch marks on the ground, confirming what you, although is good, hope wasn’t true.

Lily White scared the bear away.

Just for getting overexcited again.

You let out a sigh when you feel your hand is ready to slip. Screaming out again, you see Lily look up at you, the fairy giving you a big smile.

“Hey, mister!” she cheerfully says, waving at you. “What are you doing up there?”

“Now’s not the time to ask me that, Lily,” you respond, whining a bit as your grip further slips off the tree. “Just get me down from here!”

“Alright-y then, mister!” Lily answers, floating up to you and grabbing your shoulders. After feeling Lily’s hold on you, your hand slips. Thankfully, Lily manages to slow your fall to a gentle descent, even though she seems to be straining the entire time to not drop you.

As your feet touch the ground, your entire body collapses down, leaving you breathing heavily as you watch Lily stretch her arms.

“My, my, mister, you’re quite heavy, you know that?” Lily giggles a bit. “So, how did you get up there? One moment you’re behind me and the next you’re above me! Can you fly, mister?”

Breathing heavily, you feel unable to respond, even when Lily starts poking you in the shoulder. Then you jump up and give her a huge hug, the fairy looking a bit confused by this sudden turn of events.

“Thank you, Miss White for saving me!” you start, trying to not sound completely insane. “Miss White, if you hadn’t come in when you did, I would have been someone else’s midnight snack! I will not forget this act of kindness soon, Miss White! I promise you, that I will repay this action ten times over!”

Lily lets out a nervous laugh as she tries to squeeze out of your grasp. “T-t-thank you, mister, for that, but can you please let me go?”

“Oh, right, my apologies, Lily, I didn’t know what came over me.” Letting go of Lily, you then bow then. “But I keep my promise; I will make sure to repay your help one day!”

“Sooooo… why were you up there, mister?”

“Right… I was being chased by a bear, you see? So I ran up this tree to hope to evade it.”

“Oookay… so… why were you being chased by a bear?”

“Because… the bear was chasing a good friend of mine, Luna…” You then look up into the sky. “Oh right, I threw her into the air… I wonder if she’ll come back down…”

“Do you want me to fly up there to see if I can find her?”

You nod, watching Lily fly up above the tree line, disappearing from sight again. At first, you feel worried, hoping that Lily won’t be gone for long. While Lily is gone, you quickly remember about that journal. Not wanting to misplace it, you pick it up from the base of the tree and hold it under your arm. Lily soon returns, with a big smile on her face.

“I saw her flying down not far from here,” Lily cheerfully says as she points out into the forest. “Come on, mister, let’s say hi to her!”

Nodding again, you follow Lily through the forest, still hearing her talking about spring. At least now you’ll never ever feel the need to tell Lily to quiet down. Even if you did, you’ll keep it to yourself. It’s not kind to tell your savior to shut up right after she saves your pathetic hide from being bear supper.

Lily soon takes you to a small clearing where you notice Luna leaning next to a tree, gasping for air. She must have been flying a lot to evade capture. Walking next to her, you watch the young fairy look up at you with a weary smile, with you giving her a weary smile in return.

“Thank you, Wilson,” Luna slowly says as she continues to catch her breath.

“Don’t mention it, Luna, I’m just glad that you’re safe as well.” You then turn to Lily, giving her the same smile as well. “Thank you again, Lily. I don’t know what I would do without you. To be honest, I don’t know what I would do without either of you.”

“Aww, thanks mister, you’re quite a good person!” Lily replies, scratching her hair. “So, now that we found your friend, what are you going to do?”

“Give me a second on that, alright, Lily?” You look back at Luna. “Luna, what happened to the others? What happened to Star and Sunny? Are they okay? Are they nearby?”

Luna frowns as she slowly shakes her head. “I’m sorry mister, but I don’t know where they went… I blacked out and found myself here later. No matter how hard I try to think, I just don’t know where Star and Sunny are…”

You sigh as you pat Luna on the shoulder. “That’s okay, Luna, we’ll find them. I promise you, Luna, for all that I’ve done to mess up your life so far, I’m going to fix all this up and reunite you three.”

“But mister, don’t you want to go back home already? Didn’t you say you didn’t like Gensokyo?” Luna asks, a little surprised at your decision.

“True,” you begin, groaning a bit. “I’ve been shot at, bruised my arm horribly, suffered horrible sleeping conditions, attacked by a wolf, attacked by a crazed woman who shoots bullets, nearly shot at several times, had my things stolen from me, nearly made a meal out of by a bear, and… and… had a crappy portal lead me to this godforsaken place.”

But… for all that entails, I found some nice things. I found you, I found Star, I found Sunny, and I even found Lily. You four have been quite good people to me, honestly. Besides… the whole kidnapping part, of course… To be honest, I owe you all my life… if it weren’t for all of you, I would honestly be dead right now… I would be dead… So I promise you, Luna, before I get out of Gensokyo, I’m making sure you are reunited with your fellow fairies. That sounds fair, right, Luna?”

Luna stares at you, still staring in disbelief. “Really, Wilson? Do you really mean that?”

You look at Luna and stare into her eyes, seeing them starting to water a bit.

You nod.

“Of course, Miss Child. I am a businessman and when I give a promise, I’ll make sure to always fulfill that promise to its fullest. And I’ve never went back on a promise, so I won’t go back on this promise or my name isn’t Ulysses Henry Wilson!”

“Your name is Ulysses, mister?” Lily interrupts.

You let out a loud chuckle. “Sometimes I even forget myself!”

Luna then jumps up and hugs you, tears running down her eyes. “Thank you so much, Wilson!”

Holding Luna in your arms, you smile, glad to see how happy she is. To be honest, there’s something about her smile that makes you feel happy. Turning to face Lily, you smile widely, watching her clap in approval.

“Alright then, let’s get going. We got some fairies to look for!”

“Yes, Wilson!” Luna and Lily says in unison.

“So, what’s shall we do now, mister?” Lily asks, floating around you.


[X] “We should get out of this forest. I don’t like being n a place where I could be attacked at any moment. Perhaps back to the human village?”
[X] “We should keep looking around this forest. If Luna and I ended up here, maybe Sunny and Star ended up here as well.”
- [X] “We should keep looking around. Maybe they haven’t gotten far either.”
- [X] “Do you two know anyone who can help us out?”



Forgot one proofreading edit.

That's what happens when you think Lumberjacks, kids. It messes with your ability to see those things.
No. 137918
[x] “We should keep looking around this forest. If Luna and I ended up here, maybe Sunny and Star ended up here as well.”
- [x] “We should keep looking around. Maybe they haven’t gotten far either.”

Lily route? Yes please.
No. 137922
[X] “We should keep looking around this forest. If Luna and I ended up here, maybe Sunny and Star ended up here as well.”
- [X] “Do you two know anyone who can help us out?”

Many hands make light work.
No. 137957
[X] “We should get out of this forest. I don’t like being n a place where I could be attacked at any moment. Perhaps back to the human village?”

Better get to some shelter for the time being and maybe trying to venture out tomorrow.
No. 138010
>Lily White scared the bear away.
bricks were shat.

[X] “We should keep looking around this forest. If Luna and I ended up here, maybe Sunny and Star ended up here as well.”
- [X] “Do you two know anyone who can help us out?”
No Fairy gets left behind. Recruit more fairies for the search. And other lesser youkai.
No. 138048
[x] “We should keep looking around this forest. If Luna and I ended up here, maybe Sunny and Star ended up here as well.”
- [x] “Do you two know anyone who can help us out?”

Sounds like a plan.
No. 138069
[x] “We should keep looking around this forest. If Luna and I ended up here, maybe Sunny and Star ended up here as well.”
-[x] “Do you two know anyone who can help us out?”
-[x] Until said person gets involved (if any) have the fairies take turns scouting above the tree canopy and flying low with you (assuming flying high is exhausting, if it isn't let the fairies decide who flys where.)

Efficiancy, people!
No. 138226
File 130103065290.jpg - (352.53KB , 843x700 , 54fed6dca2b71f7757f52e9026308d74.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] “We should keep looking around this forest. If Luna and I ended up here, maybe Sunny and Star ended up here as well.”
- [X] “Do you two know anyone who can help us out?”

Letting Luna float out of your hands, you watch as she begins thinking. Looking at Lily, you think she’s also thinking, then again, she might just be thinking about spring. You shouldn’t have expected much. Luna probably doesn’t know much about this place, and Lily’s probably too much into spring to really know anyone for help.

“Well, if you don’t know any one…” you start, giving the two fairies a small shrug.

“Oh, Wilson, I know someone who we could ask!” Luna interrupts, raises her hand in the air.

“Really, Luna?” you respond, your curiosity perked.

“Yeah, it’s this one girl that lives in this forest…”

“You mean Miss Kirisame? Oh no, I doubt she’ll help us.”

“No, no, I’m certain she’ll help us now. She’s helped us out before.”

You sigh, scratching your head a bit. “Well… she might have helped you out before, but Miss Kirisame and I… aren’t exactly on good terms. She’s quite a strange person…”

“Oh… I’m sorry to hear that. But to be honest, I wasn’t talking about Marisa earlier.”

“… you weren’t?”

Luna nods. “I was actually talking about another girl. You see mister, Sunny, Star, and I used to live here before we moved to another tree later. We were actually neighbors with Marisa…”

“And you’re telling me this… why? Nevermind, just please, tell me who is this other girl you’re talking about.”

“Well, her name is Alice, and I think she actually lives nearby, if I remember correctly.” Luna starts floating around, examining her surroundings. “Let’s see… which way could it be…”

Then Luna flies above the tree line but at least within view so that you can tell where she is. At first you fear she’ll fly further until the trees obscure your line of sight but Luna quickly returns. Floating in front of you, you see a large smile on the fairy’s face.

“Okay, I think I know where Alice’s house is!” Luna floats away from you before pointing into the forest. “It should be this way, Wilson.”

“Alright then, Luna,” you say, grinning yourself. “Well, let’s meet this Alice person and ask her to help us out in our search. Ah… Lily… are you coming along?”

“Of course, mister!” Lily cheerfully says, still holding on to your jacket. “I don’t think I’ve made the trees near Alice’s place bloom yet. This will be a perfect time to bring spring to those poor trees!”

“Yes, spring, I’m certain they’ll love to have spring brought to them.” You return your attention to Luna. “Alright then, Luna, lead the way.”

Luna nods and she begins floating through the woods. Staying behind Luna, Lily flies beside you, keeping you company. Glancing at Lily, you see that she’s holding your jacket in her arms.

“Hey, Lily,” you ask.

“Yes, mister?”

“Can I have my jacket back?”

“Oh, this is your jacket?” Lily gives you an innocent look. “Well of course I’ll give it back to you! Here you are!”

Taking your jacket back, you take a good look at it, shifting it around a bit. Then you look back at Lily.

“You know, Lily, it’s actually quite warm right now. Why don’t you hold on to my jacket again? Just for a bit longer?” you say, holding your jacket out to her.

“Alright-y then, mister!” Lily answers happily.

“Here… let me just help you put it on…” Adjusting the jacket, you gently slide each sleeve into each of Lily’s arms until the jacket is resting on her back. Looking at Lily, the contrast of her white dress and your black jacket makes for a rather nice combination.

“So, mister, is this your first spring in Gensokyo?” Lily asks as the two of you continue to follow Luna.

“Well, I guess so. This is my first time in Gensokyo as well… it is a rather strange place, don’t you think?” you answer in return. “I mean, there’s so much trees everywhere. It’s like some sort of unknown wilderness… and the only settlement has the technology level of a backwards country.”

“Maybe, but I love all this green! It lets me spread spring all over the place and everyone loves spring!” she shouts, looking extremely excited.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, yes, Lily, spring is a lovely season, you don’t have to get too excited about it.” You say, trying to calm Lily down. “Anyway, we should hurry up, I think Luna’s already quite a distance away.”

“Alright-y then, mister!” Lily nods as the two of you pick up the pace as you see Luna standing at the edge of a clearing. Taking your place next to Luna, you see a large house, structurally different from Marisa’s house, in the center.

“So, this is Alice’s house, huh?” you ask. “I wonder if she’s some sort of magical person as well…”

“Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go ask Alice to help us!” Luna says, as she begins to fly towards the house. You quickly reach out and grab Luna by the collar of her dress.

“Ah… wait… it’s a good idea to not just barge in. It’s better that we plan a better approach.”

Luna returns to your side, giving you a puzzled look. “Well, Wilson, if you don’t want to just barge in, then what do you want to do?”


[X] “One of us should approach the door and knock while the rest of us wait here in the cover of the trees…”
- [X] “I’ll do it.”
- [X] “You do it, Luna.”
- [X] “Lily will do it.”
[X] “We should all approach the door.”
[X] “We should wait here and see, perhaps Alice is not home at all…”
No. 138229
[X] “We should all approach the door.”
-[x] Have Lily work on the nearby trees though to 'vent'

Alice might overreact if first thing she sees is Lily.
No. 138256
[X] “One of us should approach the door and knock while the rest of us wait here in the cover of the trees…”
- [X] “I’ll do it.”
No. 138261
[x] “We should all approach the door.”
-[x] Have Lily work on the nearby trees though to 'vent.'

Why did we put our jacket on Lily? Carry it like a man, you wimp!
No. 138264
[x] “We should all approach the door.”
One man and Fairies need lodging for the night.
No. 138814
You won't fool me, I know it's coming.
No. 138842
Twitty has problems to resolve. Please stand by. Maybe some encouraging words would be useful.
No. 138877
Here's an encouraging word or two: Stop being so assmad about everything, Jesus Christ. You're not the only writer here, you have to learn to live with that or fuck off.
No. 138878
File 130168997487.png - (140.83KB , 259x239 , TeamRocketMassiveHeadBattle.png ) [iqdb]
No. 138880

Can't have fun here, can we?
No. 138886
File 130170582555.jpg - (32.65KB , 425x360 , heroes-of-newerth.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 138911
Thank goodness it's 2 April on my end.
No. 138995
File 130180597954.jpg - (114.78KB , 320x400 , 5562b16154c376230fecf44be8f8d599.jpg ) [iqdb]
We return to our scheduled broadcast


[X] “We should all approach the door.”

As many people say, strength in numbers. In such a situation, having one person check the door may be a bad idea, especially if they run into trouble. If the rest of you stand back in the woods, whoever is in trouble might not get help soon enough. By sticking together, you’ll all be ready to help each other if something bad happens.

And you’ll all be facing the problem together at once…

Oh well, the security outweighs the rewards and who knows, if you all are at the door and someone answers it, whoever answers it may be more… manageable facing superior numbers. You know you would, especially when said group of people facing you down have a bunch of guns pointed at you.

Not that… you ever faced such a situation.

Slapping yourself back to reality, you take a deep breath and look at both Lily and Luna. Seeing them both like they are completely behind your plan, you nod to both of them and step out of the woods and into the edge of the clearing.

You walk slowly, each step echoing in your ears. Though you constantly remind yourself you shouldn’t feel tense, you can’t help but let the stress grow. The last person you know who lives in this forest is a young girl who stole your watch, has something against Lily, and flies on a broom. You don’t know if other people who live in this forest are crazy. Well, considering that Lily is a bit crazy about spring, the odds of whoever lives in the house having any degree of sanity may… not be exactly high.

Still, with Luna and Lily flying beside you, you manage to force yourself to make it to the front door. Standing there in front of the door, you feel your hand trembling a bit. Part of you wants to keep things as they are and just walk away now. You really don’t know what will happen if you knock on this door.

Best case scenario? This Alice person is a helpful soul who not only helps you find Sunny and Star but also gives you a new fresh set of clothes.

Worst case scenario? She’s a psychopath and will murder you to stuff you up like an animal. Like some crazy old lady with an affinity of taxidermy.

As if on cue, Luna gently places her hand on your arm. Looking down at her, you see her give you a confident look.

“Don’t worry, Wilson, we’re here in case anything bad happens,” she says, smiling widely.

“Yes, mister! We’re here to help out no matter what happens so that we can spread spring wherever we want!” Lily adds, giggling a bit.

Feeling a bit better, you nod, thanking the two of them for their support. Looking back at the door, you raise your hand. You then slowly knock the door.




“Hello?” you yell, stepping back from the door a bit. “Is there anyone here at all? I apologize if I am bothering you or anything, but I actually want to ask a favor! Anyone at all?”

Scratching your head, you knock on the door again, still getting no one to answer. Letting out a sigh, you are about to give up when you hear the doorknob turning. Straightening yourself up, you watch as the door slowly opens.

“Ah, thank you very much for coming to the door, Miss, I wish to ask you…” you begin, your voice trailing off as you look through the opening.

There’s a small little girl looking at you, floating in the doorway. Looking at the girl, you start wondering if this little girl might be Alice. Perhaps she’s a fairy, just like Luna and Lily, just even smaller… no… she would have wings, and this little girl doesn’t have wings, though she wears a dress similar to Luna and Lily.

As you look closer, you begin to notice a strange… well… artificialness of this little girl. Looking at her eyes, you notice that they are dull and… frankly creeping you out.

“Come in…” a voice rings out, the voice sounding like it belongs to a young woman. Then again, considering all the weird stuff you’ve come across, perhaps it’s just some sort of crazy stuff that this person has the voice of a young woman. Before going inside, you take a quick look at Lily, noticing that she has her eyes wandering through the countless trees surrounding the house.

“Lily…” you start, folding your arms. “… Why don’t you… tend to some of those trees over there? They appear… to be lacking in spring. Right?”

“They do, don’t they, mister!” Lily states. “It would be horrible to let these trees not appreciate spring!” Lily flies off towards the tree, smiling widely and circling around, the trees starting to grow into bloom.

“Um… Wilson?” Luna whispers, causing you to bend down to her. “Why’d you send Lily off? Didn’t you want us to watch out of each other?”

You give Luna a shrug. “Yes, but there is a problem with Lily that… she has a tendency to get overexcited, if you recall. And well… I’m not paying for any property damages she might do because of these unbloomed trees. Call it being careful, and when you’re a businessman, you always have to be careful.”

“Wow… it must be nice to be a businessman,” Luna replies, smiling a bit.

You let out a strained laugh as you rub your forehead. “Well… it’s definitely not boring, to say the least. Come on, let’s not keep our host waiting…”

Walking inside, Luna follows you closely, the door shutting close behind you. Well, looks like your only way of escape is blocked. Guess you best be on alert and choose whatever you say carefully. A scuffle with a magical person might not be a good way to stay alive. Walking into a living room, you see a small fireplace, a few logs burning dimly. Sitting on a couch, you see the outline of a young woman, noticing her blonde hair. Surrounding the woman is several miniature figures, some of them holding different items, attending to her needs.

“Good afternoon, Miss… Alice, correct?” you greet, seeing that the young woman is still facing away from you, focusing her attention on the fireplace. “I hope that my companion and I are not interrupting anything…”

“Sir, why did you bring that fairy with you?” the young woman (Alice?), replies as you notice one of the floating servants pouring some tea. “Shouldn’t she be with those other two?”

“I beg your pardon?”

“Luna Child, she should be with Sunny Milk and Star Sapphire, no? Then explain to me why she is with a man like you? I don’t ever recall seeing you before.”

“Well… you see…”

“It’s because I got separated from Star and Sunny!” Luna interrupts. “We were separated from each other and this kind man, Wilson, is helping me to find them.”

The floating servant stops pouring tea, the young woman taking a sip. “Well then, why is it that you are here then?”

“I’m here because I want you to help us as well in finding Star and Sunny! Please, Alice, can’t you help me out with your dolls? I’m certain with your dolls we can find Star and Sunny as soon as possible.”

You watch Luna talk, surprised how much conviction she has in wanting to find Star and Sunny. To be honest, you didn’t think she had such conviction in her, but when friends are in trouble, she jumps to the call.

“Why?” Alice replies. “Why should I help you? These are my dolls and I don’t want to waste time with such a trivial thing. I’m certain you are fully capable of finding your friends without my help.”

“But Alice...” Luna starts before being interrupted by Alice.

“You’re wasting my time. Unless you have some good reason why I should help, please leave. I am not in the mood for people to stand idle in my house.”

Seeing a look of sadness on Luna’s face, you return your attention back to Alice, still looking at her fireplace, not bothering to look at you. To think, someone would have the nerve to ignore the plight of a nice young girl like Luna. Okay, she’s not a girl, but that’s not the point. Feeling a bit angry, you nonetheless keep yourself calm. Either way, this woman looks like she doesn’t want to help.

Perhaps if you can convince her otherwise…

[X] “Miss Alice, please, if you help us find Star and Sunny, I will be in your debt.”
[X] “Miss Alice, perhaps if you won’t give your services voluntarily, maybe instead you will provide it for a price?”
[X] “Miss Alice, if we do something for you, will you help search for Star and Sunny
No. 138996
[X] “Miss Alice, if we do something for you, will you help search for Star and Sunny
No. 139006
[X] “Miss Alice, if we helped you out somehow, would you in turn help search for Star and Sunny?"

Just rewording the final choice.
No. 139010
[X] “Miss Alice, if we helped you out somehow, would you in turn help search for Star and Sunny?"

Luna was the fairy that enjoyed coffee according to PMiSS, right?
No. 139043
[X] “Miss Alice, if we helped you out somehow, would you in turn help search for Star and Sunny?"

Given that our money seems worthless here, paying in the ordinary fashion wouldn't work that well. And dealing in unnamed favors is just asking for trouble.
No. 139136
[x] Explain that your an an ousider and that this really means alot to you as the fairies are your only real friends in Gensokyo.
-[X] “Miss Alice, if we helped you out somehow, would you in turn help search for Star and Sunny?"
No. 139288
File 130215173030.jpg - (304.50KB , 501x708 , f1c6393478e34f594dacfb8da995c0bf.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] “Miss Alice, if we helped you out somehow, would you in turn help search for Star and Sunny?"

You see Alice tilt her head a bit, turning a bit towards you. Though her eyes were covered in shadow, you were able to make out her mouth, seeing a bit of a frown on her face. Maybe you said something wrong?

“Sir…” she says nonchalantly. “Explain to me what can you do that is better than what my skills can provide?”

“I beg your pardon, ma’am?” you apologize. “I don’t seem to follow…”

Alice stands up and turns to face you. Seeing her blue eyes furrow, you start thinking that you really aren’t making a good impression. That or maybe she’s always like this.

Chances are it’s the former.

“What skills do you have that can compare to mine!” Alice raised her hands, as you notice thin threads attached to her finger tips. An entire army of servants soon appeared behind Alice, each servant holding some sort of weapon. You realize that these servants must be dolls, remembering the emotionless face the one doll had when it opened the door and her empty eyes. So Alice servants are a bunch of dolls…

And she has strings attached to every single one of them.

“In my hands I control an army! What do you have? Just two simple-minded fairies incapable of anything but minor annoyances.”

Alice continues to stare at you, her army of dolls behind her, all at her command. She then moves her fingers a bit, the dolls flying in front of her and towards you, stopping a few feet short with their weapons extended out.

“So tell me then, sir, what are you in comparison to me?” Alice glowers at you, almost looking like she’s floating.

Staring at the dolls, you swallow your silence, taking a few steps forward and gently pushing one of them aside. To be honest, you have no idea what you’re doing, but what you’re planning, you’re planning to say it.

“In comparison to you, Miss Alice?” you respond, shaking your head and giving the blonde haired woman a shrug, “I am simply an outsider.”

Alice gives you a strange look, her hands lowering slightly. Good, you have her off balance, time to push this chance.

“My name is Ulysses Wilson, Ma’am. As I said, I am not of this land, but of another. I am a foreigner on foreign soil. From where I’m from, I am called a businessman, and it is my duty to deal with business, to made agreements so that both parties agree. For that, I understand the value of an agreement. As long as you honor your agreements, I shall honor mine. Now please, may you help us? If you have any tasks, I will gladly do them for you, as long as you give us help in finding these two lost fairies.”

The puppeteer’s mouth changes from a frown to a perplexed line, her posture becoming less hostile and more relaxed. Lowering her hands, the dolls stopped pointing their weapons at Luna and you, floating away to leave you with just Alice left to speak with.

“So you’re an outsider, huh?” Alice says, giving you a shrug. “It’s rare to see an outsider here in this forest, let alone with some fairies. Usually fairies like to toy with humans instead of sticking around with them. You’re either quite foolish or quite brave expecting me to give you any help.”

Alice then begins to chuckle. “However, I must commend how you stood there instead of cowering back. Usually humans run when they see my dolls ready to attack.”

You scratch your head and give a nervous laugh. “I guess so, but you keep saying humans… like we’re… different. Why? Aren’t you human as well?”

Alice laughs as she moves a bit closer, giving you a better look at her eyes. Seeing her eyes up closer, you notice that they seem to give off a strange… feeling… of sorts. As if there is something super natural about her… Then again, considering her skills with manipulating so many dolls… there may be more than meets the eye right here.

“What are you?” you comment, watching Alice continue to laugh.

“You can just call me a magician.”

“As… a person who uses magic?”

“No… just a magician. Now please, why don’t you have a seat? I’ll have my dolls prepare us some tea.”

Watching Alice motion to one of the couches, you slowly make your way to it. Gently sitting down, you watch Luna move forward as well before she is stopped by a doll holding a spear.

“Did I say you could have a seat, fairy?” Alice coldly threatens, giving Luna a terrifying look.

“Miss Alice,” you respond, Alice turning to face you. “I must say it’s awfully rude to threaten a friend of a guest. Now please, let her by… I would prefer she sit next to me.”

Alice frowns but nods. “Well then, I guess we can skip tea then.”

“That is fine…” you reply, watching Luna fly over to you and land next to you, sitting on the couch with you. “So then, Miss Alice, what do you need done so that we may secure your help for finding our lost fairy companions?”

Alice sat down across from you, her hands on her lap. “So, they have books in the outside world as well?”

“Yes… but what does this have to do with help?”

“Easy… it’s about books, of course.” Alice folds her arms. “I have a book that I need you to get for me. It has been stolen from me, and I want it back.”

“Someone stole a book from you?” you repeat. “Whose so lowly to steal a book?”

“Well, it would be stolen since it contains extremely important information on things such as spells and what not… so of course it wouldn’t be too silly to steal such a book. Anyway… I want you to return it, of course.”

“So why do you need us? Wouldn’t you just go get it yourself… you know… since you have an entire army of dolls at your command? I bet you could find the thief and take back the book right then and…”

“The culprit knows me. And she knows my tricks. She simply will just defy any attempts of me trying to get the book. On the other hand, you are an outsider… you should be able to get the book back to me…”

“Okay… interesting logic, that does sound right.” You lean back into the couch, sinking in a bit. “So, tell me, whose is this culprit?”

“Her name is Marisa. Marisa Kirisame.”

You jump out of the couch and gape in surprise. “WHAT!?”

“Oh, do you know her?”

Plopping back into the chair, you rub your forehead. “Yeah… I do. She stole something from me as well…” Letting out a sigh, you look back at Alice. “Alright then, I’ll do this for you.”

“Good… so shall I tell you where to go?”

“No… I know the place…”

“Okay then… ah… the sun is starting to go down. You’re welcome, and I advise, to stay here for the night. This forest is quite different during the night…”

[X] “Indeed… I thank you for the offering.”
[X] “Thank you for the offer… but I plan to get you your book back before dawn.”


Da ha ha, da ha ha, da ha ha, da ha!

Fairies here and fairies there, let's find our selves a fairy to be with.
No. 139292
[X] “Indeed… I thank you for the offering.”
[X] Stick it in
No. 139294

Ah ha ha ha...


Ah ha ha ha...

Yeah, keep trying there, buddy, just keep trying.
No. 139296
[X] Just the tip?
No. 139297
[X] “Indeed… I thank you for the offering.”
No. 139298
[x] “Indeed… I thank you for your offer.”

Fairies need sleep, too. If we leave Alice's house, they can't act as sentries while we sleep.
No. 139315
[x] “Indeed… I thank you for the offering.”
Gotta get me all the fairies. Surrounded by those fair creatures.
No. 139335
[x] “Indeed… I thank you for the offering.”

In light of Wilson's previous experiences in the forest, spending the night indoors is probably the wiser option.
No. 139474
File 130242047135.jpg - (115.68KB , 850x598 , sample-e35be74790b2784d723931dbebe76861.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] “Indeed… I thank you for the offering.”

Alice smiles at your answer. Your stomach then grumbles, causing you to blush. The blonde haired puppeteer laughs silently to herself as she motions her hand a bit, a few of the dolls moving out of the living room.

You can only let out a nervous chuckle. “It seems that I have completely forgotten about eating today… I can’t recall what was the last thing I’ve eaten…”

The dolls return, holding a tray of muffins. Setting the tray next to you, you greedily grab a few and start stuffing your face before remembering that you were in the presence of other. Hunger is a terrible thing, makes people do crazy things. Swallowing, you let out a nervous laugh and quickly apologize.

“So, Miss Alice, you say you’re a magician, correct? Tell me a bit more about this magic… of course. Where I’m from, magicians are people who do parlor tricks and what not, pulling rabbits out of one’s hat, making a bouquet of roses appear out of thin air, and levitation.”

Alice giggles a bit at hearing the last part. “Well, rabbits and roses I don’t do, but levitation is something I think I would have in common, though I would think your definition of levitation is slightly different from mine.”

Scratching your head, you let out another nervous laugh. “Yeah, a lot of things in Gensokyo is pretty different from my expectations.” Taking another muffin off the tray, you continue eating, making sure not to leave too many crumbs.

“Well that is good to hear.” Alice stands up, summoning a few dolls by her side. “I apologize but I shall now retire to my bed.”

“What, going to sleep so soon? The sun is barely setting.”

Alice sighs. “It’s been a stressful day for me. I’ve used more energy than I imagined… and now I must rest. Now please, don’t make a mess of things.” Watching Alice give you a curtsey, she walks away, going through a doorway which you assume is her bedroom. Seeing the bedroom door close shut you stretch out your arms and lie back into the sofa.

“So, Luna, I think that Alice person is quite a stranger, don’t you agree?” you admit, scratching the back of your head. “I mean, she seems nice, but still, there’s something about her that doesn’t seem right.”

“Well…” Luna starts, looking around worryingly. “There is quite more to her than meets the eye.”

“So then, my fairy companion, why don’t you tell me a bit more about Miss Alice, then? You said you used to live in this forest, correct? So certainly you know a bit about this woman, right?” You lean over to Luna, placing your hand on your chin. “Like why she keeps calling me a human, instead of a fellow person. I mean, she’s human. She looks human, she’s a human magician, right? Using puppets and what not?”

“Actually, mister…” Luna answers, looking a bit timid to answer. “She… isn’t a human.”

“… she’s not?”

Luna slowly nods.

“Then what is she? She say she’s a magician, but what else? She looks human, so… perhaps she’s actually using it as a disguise?”

“No, that’s the thing, Wilson, she’s just that. A magician.”

You tilt your head in confusion. “A magician? Yes she’s a magician but what else?”

“I told you, she’s just a magician.”

Sighing, you reach for a muffin and hold it infrot of Luna. “Well, Luna, shouldn’t you have a muffin as well? I mean, I haven’t seen you eat anything at all.”

Luna looks at the muffin and quickly shakes her head. “I’m sorry, but I don’t think that Alice would be pleased if I had a muffin.”

You shrug as you toss the muffin at your companion, Luna catching the muffin in her lap. “Don’t worry, Luna, besides, I’m offering it to you, so it should be fine. So come on, have a bite! I’m certain you’re hungry!”

Your fairy companion nods and thanks you, slowly taking a bite out of the muffin. Stretching your arms again, you let out a loud yawn, realizing how tired you are. Running around doesn’t exactly make one energized. Leaning back on the armrest, you let out a sigh of relief. Closing your eyes, you drift into slumber.


“Mister Hannelson?”

“Ah, Miss Wales, this is quite a pleasant surprise. Is there anything wrong?”

“Well, sir, Mister…”

“Hannelson! You were not at the board meeting yesterday!”

“… Vice Chairman Anthony… I thought I told you I was unavailable. Did my secretary not tell you?”

“I listened to her, and knowing you, you’re really just doing nothing, so I simply came in on my own accord. Besides, it’s not like you’re doing anything else than just looking down at the cars passing by.”

“… Then what is it that you want, Mister Anthony?”

“Your vote…”


“You know you can’t hold out your vote any longer. The board requires all members to vote on Wilson’s replacement, Hannelson.”

“Wilson does not need to be replaced, Anthony! Besides, why would you want a vote? You seem to be so content with already arranging yourself as Wilson’s replacement.”

“Because, Hannelson, he’s been gone for several days without a trace. The board needs a new leader before everyone goes squabbling. Besides, even if I wanted to take the board, I still have to be voted in. The agreement of the board requires a vote for a new chairman. Or have you forgotten, Hannelson?”

“No… I have not…”

“So why haven’t you voted yet? Every day you dally, the worse the situation becomes in the board. Listen… I’m just trying to make this easy for you, but you seem to be quite content with making a simple vote so difficult to do.”


“Well, fine then, Hannelson, be like that. But you’ve wasted enough time not putting your vote in. The board meets officially next week to start voting on candidates. I hope you will be there with your vote…”


“Good day, Hannelson.”


“Mister Hannelson, shall I get you some coffee?”

“No, Miss Wales… I just need some time to think. Miss Wales?”

“Yes, sir?”

“I’m in a situation where whatever choice I make, the consequences could be dire… if I don’t make my vote, I’m defying the contract and I could lose my spot on the board. If I do vote, then I’m surrendering the chairmanship to someone else… I can’t decide what to do…”

“Sir… if I may suggest... perhaps you could see who else is still thinking that the Chairman will still return.”

“Well, I guess I can… Miss Wales? You are excused.”

“Thank you sir.”

“… Wilson, why’d you make this whole system so difficult?”


A tugging on your sleeve awakens you. Groaning, you open your eyes. You notice Luna holding on to your arm, looking a bit worried.

“Hmm, Luna, what is it?” you ask, letting out a loud yawn.

“I just saw something outside. A sort of glimmering display of light,” Luna answers, pulling your sleeve again. “Maybe it’s Sunny or Star!”

“Or maybe it’s just Lily...” you nonchalantly add, letting out another yawn. “You’d think if it is them, they’d come to a sort of landmark they recognize in this forest, you know, to gather together and what not? Just a thought you know?”

“Well either way, there’s something definitely going on out there.”

“What time is it anyway?” You quickly look out a window, the sky completely dark. “Oh… I was told that going out in the dark is a completely bad idea, especially in a forest like this…”

“Please, mister! We have to investigate!” Luna tugs again on your arm, staring at you, making you feel a bit guilty.

“Alright, alright Luna, let me think… I don’t want to do something stupid…” You rub your forehead, clearing your thoughts. Well, the chance does exist that this might be Sunny or Star. Then again, it could also be Lily. And though you did say you will help Luna out, sometimes the situation’s risks greatly outweighs the possible rewards.

But Luna really looks like she’s banking her hope that she can find Sunny or Star. Perhaps the risks could be worth it… but you still have no idea what is outside the forest…

[X] “I’m sorry, Luna, but I fear that we can’t risk going outside now. I’m afraid of what might happen if we encounter something bad.”
[X] “Well Luna, I did promise you I will help you. Alright then, I’ll risk the danger at the chance of finding Sunny or Star.
- [X] “Let’s be quick, maybe we can catch up on the lights.
- [X] “Let’s alert Alice, maybe she would be interested in helping us out right now…”


Well, this is going to be quite a day for me.
No. 139475
[X] “Well Luna, I did promise you I will help you. Alright then, I’ll risk the danger at the chance of finding Sunny or Star.
- [X] “Let’s be quick, maybe we can catch up on the lights.
No. 139477
[x] “Well Luna, I did promise you I will help you. Alright then, I’ll risk the danger at the chance of finding Sunny or Star.
- [x] “Let’s be quick, maybe we can catch up on the lights.

A Man does not go back on his word. Do everything to help fairies.
No. 139479
[x] “Well Luna, I did promise you I will help you. Alright then, I’ll risk the danger at the chance of finding Sunny or Star.
-[x] “Let’s be quick, maybe we can catch up on the lights.
-[x] "Shoot off some danmaku of your own; maybe we can get their attention."

Let's also make the search quick, to minimize our time outside.
No. 139481
[x] “Well Luna, I did promise you I will help you. Alright then, I’ll risk the danger at the chance of finding Sunny or Star.
-[x] “Let’s be quick, maybe we can catch up on the lights.
-[x] "Shoot off some danmaku of your own; maybe we can get their attention."
No. 139482
[X] “Well Luna, I did promise you I will help you. Alright then, I’ll risk the danger at the chance of finding Sunny or Star.
- [X] “Let’s be quick, maybe we can catch up on the lights.

This man speaks wisdom.
No. 139576
File 130266928066.png - (258.21KB , 550x650 , 9fee63bb0ae4d106d33f7ebc3cf3a61e.png ) [iqdb]
[X] “Well Luna, I did promise you I will help you. Alright then, I’ll risk the danger at the chance of finding Sunny or Star.
- [X] “Let’s be quick, maybe we can catch up on the lights.

“Thank you, mister!” Luna replies, her face brightening up. “Thank you, thank you so much! I’m so happy you’re helping me!”

You chuckle as you sit up. “Well, I can’t leave a young girl like yourself in distress, now can I? Besides, it could be Sunny or Star. Hey, it might be both of them!”

Luna giggles. “Yeah, and we’ll be together again!”

Nodding, you stand up, stretching your arms out. Though you are worried that it is dark out, there is always the hope that you may be able to find Sunny or Star. To be honest, that makes the risk completely worth it.


Off the couch, you head towards the door, careful in opening it quietly. The last thing you want to do is interrupt Alice’s sleep. A nagging thought in the back of your mind wants you to go back and ask for her help, but seeing that she’s tasked you with helping her first, she might not be very responsive. Besides, being awaken in the middle of the night by some strange guy doesn’t exactly make for a good time.

Outside, the air around you gives off a strange feel, as if there is something severely wrong with it. Perhaps this is what Marisa said about the forest being a bad place to be at night. But you can’t worry about yourself right now, you have an incident to investigate. Taking a little risks every now and then isn’t that bad, as long as you know when you get out and run.

The sky fills up with more strange lights, colorful bullets flying whizzing into the sky. Thankfully, none of the bullets seem to be aimed into the forest, giving you a rather nice display. To be honest, these strange bullets make a nice light show. Perhaps whatever is making it could be… persuaded to work as a living light show generator.

That is… if they’re friendly.

Shaking the thought out of your head, you hurry on, Luna flying by your side. Another wave of lights fills the sky, taking note how much closer you are now. Just a bit longer and you’ll be able to find the source of this display.

“Mister!” Luna asks, causing you to stop. “Are you sure you want to go any further? The amount of danmaku there is could possibly hurt you. I know you want to help, but I don’t want to see you get hurt because of it.”

Looking at Luna, you kneel down to her, your face at her eye level. “Luna, I know that you’re looking out for me, but you don’t have to worry. I promised that I would help you no matter what, and if I have to take a bullet, well, by god, I guess I’ll do it. Besides, with you by my side, I’m certain I’ll be fine.”

Luna smiles. “Thank you mister, you know it means a lot for me to hear that from you.”

“Alright then, Luna, let’s get going. It’s time to figure out who’s causing all this commotion.”

Standing back up, you turn towards the lights, noticing the trees starting to thin out a bit. Weaving through the remaining trees, you come to the edge of a clearing. Standing behind a tree with Luna, you peek out of your cover to see what’s going on.

“Spring, spring, spring! Great, glorious spring! All shall see how powerful spring is! All shall see how powerful spring is!”

“Miss White?” you exclaim, ready to move out of your cover. “What’s Miss White doing?”

Luna, however, quickly pulls on your arm. “No, mister! It isn’t safe to go out there at all!”

“What? It’s just Lily, she must be getting all hyped up on spring again. Though, why is she wearing black now?”

“That’s the thing, when Lily’s wearing all black, she acts completely differently!”

“Well, either way, she’s acting crazy. We should really stop her before she does something bad and hurt someone.”

Luna sighs. “I’m certain that if we leave her alone, she’ll be fine. I don’t think I could fight Lily when she’s like this.”

You pat Luna on the shoulder, giving her a firm look. “Well, you don’t have to face her alone, of course. You have me! Besides, if we were attracted to all this light, who knows who else might be attracted to this light? It might be even something worse. I owe it to her to help her out, and if something bad happens to Lily, I would feel some responsibility.”

“Well mister, I hope you know what you’re doing…”

You scratch your chin, peeking out behind the tree. Luna is still shooting bullets everywhere, going on and on about the power of spring. In this condition, she could be quite more difficult to manage, but then again, she doesn’t seem to notice you yet. Perhaps if you rush her now, you’ll be able to pin her down and try to calm her down. But then again, she is firing her bullets indiscriminately, and rushing head first into a barrage of bullets might not be a good idea. Perhaps if one of you distracts her, then maybe the other can try to stop her. Luna can fly, so maybe she can provide a good distraction. However… Luna did say she can manipulate sound, silencing it even. You don’t have any reason to doubt that ability, and if Luna can silence herself, she could easily sneak up on Lily while you distract her.

Looking back at Luna, you smile. “Alright then, Luna, here’s the plan.”

[X] “Luna, I’m going to rush out to her and try to pin her down. When I have her pinned down, we’re both going to try to calm her down.
[X] “Luna, we’re going to need to have one of us distract her.”
- [X] “Since you can fly, Luna, you should be the one to distract her while I sneak up on her.”
- [X] “Since you can silence sound, Luna, you should sneak up on her while I distract her.”
No. 139577
[X] “Luna, we’re going to need to have one of us distract her.”
-[X] “Since you can silence sound, Luna, you should sneak up on her while I distract her.”

Hopefully Lily doesn't know about the quirks of Luna's silencing (that it does that in a wide area), but I do admit this is a gamble.
No. 139584
[X] “Luna, we’re going to need to have one of us distract her.”
-[X] “Since you can silence sound, Luna, you should sneak up on her while I distract her.”
This sounds like the most reasonable idea.
No. 139585
[X] “Luna, we’re going to need to have one of us distract her.”
- [X] “Since you can silence sound, Luna, you should sneak up on her while I distract her.”

I can see this backfiring quite easily, but it seems to be the best option of the lot.
No. 139586
[x] “Luna, we’re going to need to have one of us distract her.”
-[x] “Since you can silence sound, Luna, you should sneak up on her while I distract her.”

And then they discovered Lily has a twin sister. Although, she might just have multiple personalities which change depending on whether it's night or day.

Come to think of it, Lily White and Lily Black have different last names, so are they really related?
No. 139608
Fairies aren't supposed to have last names (Cirno, "Daiyousei).
Are you sure that "White" and "Black" aren't nicknames.
No. 139660
File 130283368538.jpg - (172.23KB , 850x1133 , sample-abc855a10a777a9633814e15ad92f063.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] “Luna, we’re going to need to have one of us distract her.”
-[x] “Since you can silence sound, Luna, you should sneak up on her while I distract her.”

“Are you crazy, mister!?” Luna yells with her mouth agape. “It’s too risky for you to do that! What if you get shot?”

You pat Luna on the shoulder. “I promise you, Luna, I’ll be fine. You should worry about sneaking up on Lily instead.”

“But I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it…” Luna looks down at the ground. “What if I can’t knock out Lily before she notices me? Or what if I don’t hit her hard enough?”

“Luna, don’t worry, I know that you’ll be able to do this. Now then, are you ready?”

Luna slowly nods, still showing signs of worry in her eyes. Giving her a warm smile, you stand and turn away from her. Without another word, you walk into the clearing, feeling almost paralyzed with fear. How are you going to distract Lily when she’s so into shooting colorful lights everywhere? What if you do get shot? What if…

What if…

Well, you can’t wonder about what ifs anymore; you have to face reality. You’re going to distract Lily. And you will do it, no matter what it takes. Even if you do have to take a bullet.

Hopefully it won’t come to that.

Swallowing your fear, you steady yourself for the task ahead. If anything, all you know is that Lily is definitely someone you don’t want to underestimate. Then again, you can’t really underestimate someone when they’re firing bullets all over the freaking place.

“Miss White!” you shout out. “Miss White, I wish to have a word with you!”

Lily refuses to look at you.

“Miss White! I wish to have a word with you!”

Lily continues ignoring you.


The barrage of lights stop as Lily tips her head down. Watching her slowly turn towards you, you see a disturbing grin on Lily’s face, her eyes gleaming an unnatural glow. Upon seeing you, Lily tilts her head and her grin becomes wider, making you feel a bit scared.

“Hello there, mister!” Lily answers, her voice harsh and awkward. “It’s so good to see you!”

“Uh, yes it is, Miss White, and it is good to see you as well.” You reply, not trying to sound hesitant. “I must ask, Miss White, what are you doing?”

“Why do you keep calling me that?”

“I beg your pardon, Miss White?”

“Why must you keep calling me Miss White?”

“Erm… what?”

Lily floats a bit closer, still grinning wildly. “I’m… Lily Black.” Lily laughs crazily, floating in front of you.

“Well then… Miss Black… I am wondering, what happened to you? Why are you shooting all these bullets?”

Lily, however, floats in closer, her grin turning into a more… seductive one. “Heh heh, you must be quite crazy to try to approach me. I wonder why you’re here…”

Though you feel like you should run, you stand firm, knowing that Luna still needs to get into place. “I was simply worried about you, Miss Black. I was afraid that something bad might have happened to you.”

“Really now?” Lily stares deeply into your eyes, laughing a bit. “Oh, I can see it now. You were entranced, weren’t you? Marveling at how great spring is, right? You want to be a part of this beauty, don’t you?”

Lily’s face is mere inches away from yours, letting you look into her strange eyes. Any sense of entrancement is lost by how terrifying she looks, making you tremble a bit. As you stand there, Lily brings her arms around you and continues to smile.

“Come on, you know you can’t hide it…” Lily continues, trying to bring you as close as possible. “Just let yourself loose… embrace it, embrace the beauty of spring…”

Trying to squeeze you, you see Lily continue to talk, but strangely enough, you don’t hear anything. Perhaps it’s your brain trying to block out… wait a second.

“Yah!” Luna shouts, landing on Lily’s back. Lily quickly pushes you away as she starts screaming, trying to get Luna off her back.

Falling to the ground, you watch as Lily and Luna struggle, both of them flying around the forest. Standing up, you watch as Lily flies through the trees in an effort to get your companion off, but thankfully Luna holds firm, trying her best to stay on. Although this isn’t exactly what you meant by knocking her out, it’s still something and hopefully now you can think of something.

Luna and Lily soon reappear, flying around wildly. As you watch them, you notice that they're heading your way. Now might be your chance. If you stand your ground, you may be able to grab Lily and force her still, and hopefully find a way to calm her down, but if you mess up, those two will crash into you. Watching them come closer, you count down in your mind, waiting for the moment to make your move.




[X] Hold Firm!
[X] Avoid being hit!
No. 139661
[X] Hold Firm!
No. 139663
[x] Brace for impact!
He is man enough to catch them as they crash into him, stand his ground and force Lily still.

Desperate situations call for desperate measures.
No. 139664
[x] Hold firm!

Wilson, you lucky bastard.
No. 139708
File 130298712334.jpg - (58.33KB , 740x668 , 699f925b7294306d88b5b189f3ffdde2.jpg ) [iqdb]
It is time.
No. 139738
File 13030983644.jpg - (706.72KB , 1000x800 , 99b324bde2a449ffcdd631db4a20cc3a.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Hold firm!

Digging your feet into the ground, you know that the only option left is to stand and catch the two. Stretching out your arms as wide as possible, you watch the fairies fly closer and closer to you. Gritting your teeth, you wait for the collision, knowing that this might be your only chance to probably calm Lily down.

Though you feel afraid, you can’t move from this spot. If you move now, then Lily and Luna will simply fly off again and maybe this time they’ll crash into something else, like a tree, or a monster…

Summoning up all your courage, you close your eyes as the fairies hit you. Pushing forward, you hold and hold and hold, making sure that you don’t lose these fairies. Your body feels the strain as the fairies continue flying, trying to escape your grasp. You feel yourself reaching and passing limits you didn’t know you had, your legs starting to strain under the pressure. Your muscles ripple, ready to reach their breaking point.

Of course, this all happens in mere seconds.

Feeling the wind get knocked out of you, your legs give in almost instantly as you collapse forward, bringing the fairies with you. With the three of you hitting the ground, you scream out in pain. Feeling your chest ablaze with agony, you still manage to keep the fairies from escaping, the two of them pinned beneath you.

“Let go of me, let go of me!” Lily screams, trying to squirm her way out from under Luna and you. Flapping her wings wildly, you continue to keep her pinned, though your chest is hardly in good condition.

“Please, Lily, we don’t want to hurt you!” Luna pleads as she holds on to Lily, restricting Lily’s squirming.

“No! You can’t hold me back! I’m the avatar of spring! Nothing can hold back the greatness of spring, nothinggggg!”

“… then I’m sorry for having to do this to you, Lily,” Luna says, her voice full of regret. A bright flash of light blinded you for a second before disappearing as quickly as it appeared. Lily stops squirming, everything becoming eerily quiet.

Breathing heavily, you roll off both Luna and Lily, clutching your chest. Perhaps you misjudged how strong these two fairies would be when they collided into you. None the less, you’re still alive, barely. Though to be honest, you might have preferred that the blow had knocked you out entirely.

Not even trying to get up, you continue lying there. Your breath ragged, you attempt in vain to try to see what’s happening. Sighing in disappointment, you resign yourself to do nothing at all.

Luna flies over to you, a concerned look on her face. “Wilson, I’m sorry for getting you hurt.”

Forcing a laugh, you give Luna a strained smile. “No, no, that’s okay, Luna. I’ve had worse… trust me. But still, doesn’t help that this hurts a lot.”

“Mister!” You hear, seeing another face loom over you. “Mister!”

“Lily!?” you exclaim, instinctively trying to move, only causing more pain instead. “What the heck happened?”

Lily smiles as she motions to her surroundings. “I’ve been speaking with the trees, mister, and they’ve told me many interesting things!”

“Huh?” you respond, noticing that Lily’s hat is white again. Perhaps now she’s back to her normal, though still weird, self?

“The trees have told me so many wonderful things! And I’ve asked them so many wonderful questions!”

Feeling as if Lily is just being weird again, you still decide to listen. “Well, what did the trees tell you? And… what did you ask the trees?”

Lily smiles widely. “I asked them about other trees that need to have spring brought to them! They answered how only a few trees are left! I feel so happy about my work!”

“… is that it?”

“Of course not!” Lily giggles. “I also asked them about Star and Sunny! They told me that they’re not here at all!”

“… what?”

“They told me how you two were the only ones who appeared out of nowhere! They told me that you should look elsewhere!”

Though you try to stand up, your chest prevents you from moving, leaving you stuck on the ground. Groaning, you close your eyes. Perhaps Lily is just crazy in thinking that she can talk to trees. I mean, she thought you were a tree at first! Then again, she does seem to be able to do crazy things wherever she goes, and well, it is all such strange stuff…

Sighing, you still hold on to your aching chest. Hopefully you didn’t break anything. Relaxing yourself, you let your consciousness slip into unconsciousness.

Opening your eyes again, you find yourself lying on something soft. Trying to sit up, you gasp out as your chest again flares in pain.

“Yo, mister, you’re awake,” you hear a young woman answer, turning your head to see Marisa standing in a doorway, giving you a small grin. “Being stubborn as always, huh?”

Still trying to sit up, Marisa walks up to you and helps you out. “Well thanks, Miss Kirisame.” Breathing in and out, you notice the blonde haired girl is holding a potion in her hand. “Say, Marisa, what’s with the potion you got there? Brewing some magic?”

Marisa laughs as she holds the potion out in front of you. “Nah, this is something I just brewed up to help you out. It should ease up the pain you’re feeling.”

“Ermm… thanks but, I’ll just deal with the pain without any painkillers.”

“Huh, you don’t trust me making this for you for your benefit? You think I’m lying?”

“No, no, Marisa, it’s just…”

“Well then take a drink, mister! Trust me; I’m sure it’ll work this time!”

Taking the potion, you look at the weird liquid, a little concerned how Marisa said it should work this time. Hopefully this doesn’t mean she used another potion on you while you were asleep. Seeing that you might have no choice, you fearfully drink the potion, the liquid tasting a bit foul. Forcing yourself to drink it to the last drop, you release the vial, clutching your chest as the potion begins its work. After a few minutes, you notice that the pain fading away, making it easier for you to move about.

“So, whaddya think, mister?” Marisa asks, giving you a smile.

“Well… it works… I guess.” Getting out of bed, you test out the potions effects, poking your chest a bit, feeling no pain at all. “That’s quite interesting, Marisa.”

“Yeah, well don’t push yourself. It’s a painkiller, not a healing potion. If you do something crazy, you might just hurt yourself even worse.”

“I’ll keep that in mind, Marisa… by the way, why am I here?”

Marisa leans back on a wall, still grinning. “Well, I was out looking for some mushrooms to use in some spell I was working on when I noticed some lights in the distance. Flying there, I saw you unconscious on the ground next to some fairies. So, I blasted those fairies away and brought you back here!”

“… what? Miss Kirisame, Lily and Luna didn’t do anything bad to me at all!”

“Then how’d you get hurt?”

“Well… they flew into me while I was trying to catch them…”

“Catch them?” Marisa laughs. “I told you Lily isn’t someone you want to stick around! And see, you got yourself hurt because of it!”

“Whatever…” you sit back down, gripping your head. “Well, I thank you for helping me out, Marisa, I guess…”

“Yeah, don’t mention it. Hey, want to come with me to visit a friend of mine?”

“Hrmm? Why?”

“Oh, he’s got some nice stuff that I’m certain you’ll like to look at. So, want to come with me ?”

Looking at Marisa, you can’t decide whether to feel happy orr angry, seeing that Marisa just nonchalantly talked about shooting both Lily and Luna without any sound of remorse. Then again, she did help you out, so maybe she just thought what she did was a good idea. You quickly then remember how Alice said she wanted a book back from Marisa. Perhaps you can use this chance to get the book back. But then again, this friend of Marisa’s sounds… interesting. Curiosity hasn’t always failed you, and maybe this time you’ll get something interesting…

[X] “Thank you for the offer, Marisa, but I’m still feeling a bit drained from this whole ordeal. Can I stay here to rest up a bit more?”
[X] “Well, Marisa, I guess I could join you. If you’re friend really has something interesting for me to look at, then count me interested.”
No. 139739
[X] “Thank you for the offer, Marisa, but I’m still feeling a bit drained from this whole ordeal. Can I stay here to rest up a bit more?”

Might as well fulfill our obligations.
No. 139740
>“No! You can’t hold me back! I’m the avatar of spring! Nothing can hold back the greatness of spring, nothinggggg!”
oh god i died. so moe.
>so, I blasted those fairies away and brought you back here!”
you monster! you shall burn you witch.

[x] “Thank you for the offer, Marisa, but I’m still feeling a bit drained from this whole ordeal. Can I stay here to rest up a bit more?”
Already an endless odyssey to get the fairies together.
No. 139741
I'm sure Luna's waiting somewhere for him and taking the book back will be a nice payback for Marisa's overreaction.
No. 139742
[X] “Thank you for the offer, Marisa, but I’m still feeling a bit drained from this whole ordeal. Can I stay here to rest up a bit more?”

Rest up. Also, grab the book.
No. 139744
[X] “Thank you for the offer, Marisa, but I’m still feeling a bit drained from this whole ordeal. Can I stay here to rest up a bit more?”
No. 139749

Seeing that it is pretty unanimous, I guess I'll get writing after class.

So please await for more Fairy Shenanigans. Or maybe tango at the disco. With fairies.

No. 139751
[x] “Thank you for the offer, Marisa, but I’m still feeling a bit drained from this whole ordeal. Can I stay here to rest up a bit more?”

This picture reminded me of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTef_onLNnw
It's the wrong season, but you get the idea.
No. 139754
>Lord help the sister who comes between me and my man.

And then Lily was a yandere.
No. 139771

This must happen, if only for the hilarity it will cause.
No. 139886
File 13033506857.jpg - (957.58KB , 990x726 , caba1b378fcf6ea51d06a7566233e77f.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] “Thank you for the offer, Marisa, but I’m still feeling a bit drained from this whole ordeal. Can I stay here to rest up a bit more?”

Marisa gives you an awkward look. “What, you don’t want to come with me?” her voice sounding disappointed.

You sit back down on the bed. “Well, you did say I shouldn’t overexert myself, right?” you answer. “Well, I should rest a bit more so that I can heal up a bit more, right?”

“Yeah, you’re right, mister!” Marisa chuckles. “It would be silly to have you make a long trip just to see some weird things. So, I guess you’re going to just get back to bed then?”

Nodding, you lie back down on the bed, resting your head on the soft pillows. With a sigh of relief, you shut your eyes. Once Marisa closes the door, you quickly get up again, and making your way to the door, listen in. Hearing Marisa move around a bit, you hear another door open and close. Carefully opening the door, you peek out. Seeing the coast is clear, you walk out, shutting the door behind you.

Time to get this search started.

Looking around, you realize how much of a mess Marisa’s house is. Books litter the floor, beakers carelessly placed on counters, mushrooms strewn everywhere. This search could prove a bit difficult, but you can’t let this mess deter you. You will help Alice no matter what and you will gain her help in finding Star and Sunny.

Making your way to a bookcase, you are dismayed to see that there are hardly any books there. Thinking about where such an important book could be, you start fearing that you might actually have to sift through this mess to find it.

“Hrmm, if Marisa stole this book from Alice, then it should be someplace she deposits all her stolen goods…” you mumble. “However… if Marisa is a sort of magician herself, and Alice said the book is extremely important, then perhaps Marisa should be reading it… but where would such a book be…”

Sifting through a desk covered with beakers, the only books you find are filled with information regarding chemical compounds and what not. This is probably not the book that Marisa stole. Looking at a table, you notice a large amount of dirty dishes. Sighing, you’re about to check another room when you notice a book amidst the clutter. Pushing some dishes aside, you grab the book in your hands.

The book is a rather old, the cover a bit wrinkled with age. A lock prevents it from being opened. Even though you’re just holding it, you have a strange sense of foreboding. Shaking this fear off, you stick the book under your arm. With it secured safely, you head for the door. Although Marisa is a nice person, she’s not exactly the kind of person you want to stick around with for long.

Opening the door, you let out a sigh of relief, feeling accomplished. You did it! You got the book from Marisa! Now you’ll be able to get Alice’s help! You can imagine it now, Alice’s dolls sweeping through the land, coming back to you with success, Star and Sunny reunited with Luna, and all of you being happy, and then you can go back home, take a nap, and probably get drunk as hell.


“What the…” you gasp, feeling something crash into your chest. Your eyes dilate as you fall backwards. Your vision flickers as you smash into the ground. If it weren’t for the potion you drank, you probably would have fallen unconscious. Looking at your chest, you see a strange, small thing standing on top of you.

“Oh no, Wilson!” you hear. “Wilson, I’m so sorry, I didn’t know it was you! Are you okay?”

“Luna?” you cough, slowly sitting up. “Luna… is that you?”

Rubbing your eyes, you see Luna standing on your lap, looking concerned. Still coughing, you force a smile, brushing your hand through her hair.

“Luna… don’t worry, I’m still alive,” you answer, groaning slighty. “Barely, anyway… what happened, anyway? I thought Marisa blasted you and Lily away.”

“She did, mister, but I came here afterwards. I thought she was opening the door, but I didn’t realize it was you! Please, mister, I’m sorry for what I did!”

“Luna, you don’t have to apologize. Why, I’m proud of you, risking yourself to help me! You did good, Luna, real good!”

Luna cheers up, smiling widely. “Thank you, Wilson. I’m glad you’re okay too.” Luna hugs you.
Patting Luna on the back, you stand back up, thankful that you aren’t paralyzed. Letting Luna fly off you, you both leave Marisa’s house, shutting the door behind you. Outside waiting for you is Lily, the spring fairy flying towards you with a wide smile.

“Mister, you’re okay!” Lily cheers. “So how have you been, mister?”

“Heh, doing okay, though I’ve been better…” You look around, seeing if anyone else is watching. “Well then, let’s get going. I got what Alice was looking for, so it’s high time we cash in on our reward.”

“Yay!” Lily replies, waving her arms in the air, shooting a bit of danmaku into the sky. “Oh, sorry, mister.”

Chuckling, you pat Lily on the shoulder. “Don’t worry, Lily, I’m certain this is quite a good time to cheer!” Turning to Luna, you give her a nod. “Alright then, let’s head over to Alice’s house.”

With the book under your arm, you follow Luna through the forest. A smile on your face, you can’t help but whistle with Lily as she continues singing about spring. For once, you feel pretty okay with being in Gensokyo. You haven’t had fun just chatting with others. Usually, you’d be drinking until you can’t see straight. Now that you’re with Lily and Luna, you feel that it would be impossible to bring you down.

Reaching Alice’s home, you walk up to the door. Knocking on it a few times, the door slowly opens, seeing one of the dolls waiting behind it. Walking inside, the door shuts close, leaving you cut off from Luna and Lily. That’s okay, you have what Alice wants, so you should be fine.

“So, you’ve returned, and so soon, mister.” Alice begins, facing away from you. “Does this mean you gave up on your task and decided to beg to me that you want my help?”

You grin. “Actually, Alice, it’s quite the opposite. I’ve got your book.” Holding out the book, one of the dolls takes it from it and brings it to Alice. You hear Alice looking at the book for a few seconds before tossing the book aside.

“Well, I guess you’re right. You did find that book of mine.” Alice answers nonchalantly. “So, what is it that you want then?”

“As I asked you earlier, what I want is your help. I want you to use your dolls to help me find Sunny Milk and Star Sapphire. You will be able to do this, correct?”

Silence fills the room, Alice seemingly doing nothing. The woman then stands and faces you, her face neutral. However, she gives you a nod.

“Okay then, mister. You did the task I told you to do, then I shall fulfill your request, mister.”

You smile. “Thank you, Alice.”

You collapse to the ground.

“Where am I… what’s happening…”

A woman stands in the distance, facing away from you. You start running towards her. Though you try to reach her, you seem to move nowhere. The woman starts to walk away, causing you to run faster.

“Wait! Who are you! Come back here! Come back!”

The woman stops and slowly turns towards you. The woman smiles before hiding her face with a fan. However, with that one glimpse, you feel that you remembered seeing that woman before. The woman again starts moving away.

“Wait! Come back! Come back!”


Opening your eyes, you find yourself lying down on a couch. Luna and Lily are sitting next to you, chatting to each other. In the corner, you see Alice reading a book. Groaning you slowly try to stand up before collapsing back down.

“Wilson!” you hear Luna say, the fairy flying over you. “Are you okay?”

“Ugh, no… my chest hurts…” you grimace. Looking down, you see your shirt was missing, replaced with a bunch of bandages.

“You’re quite a strange person, Ulysses,” Alice says, still busy reading her book. “I must commend you for what you’ve been through. It’s much more than bruises down there.”

Trying to breathe, you feel a sharp pain in your chest. “Gah! Man, this hurts like hell…” you rest your head on the couch’s arm. “I’m sorry, Luna, I should have been taking better care of myself… and now I’m a mess…”

You turn your eyes to Alice. “Do you have anything that can help me, Alice?”

Alice lowers her book. “If you mean anything that can fix you right now, then no. All that’s left for you is waiting a few days here. To be honest, you’re a real wreck. If you do anything stupid, you could really do some permanent damage. From now on, I shall keep you under surveillance. I hope you don’t mind, Ulysses.”

“Heh, I think I might need someone watching me before I do something stupid…” you reply, trying to laugh but only grimacing instead. “Will you still look for Star and Sunny?”

Alice nods. You sigh, returning your gaze to Lily and Luna. Though both have been helping you so far, you feel that you should send them out of help in the search. If you can’t personally assist in the search, you should send them in your stead. However, you kind of still want to have at least one of them by your side. If anything, it’s definite you won’t be doing anything for a few days now.

“Luna, Lily, I have something to ask of you.”

[X] “Luna, I want you go out and help in the search of your friends.”
[X] “Lily, I want you to go out and help the dolls find Star and Sunny.”
[X] “Luna. Lily. I want you both to go out and assist in the search.”


No. 139888
A man. And a mission. To liberate and unite all the fairies. And run a gensokyowide business with them.
>Luna cheers up, smiling widely. “Thank you, Wilson. I’m glad you’re okay too.” Luna hugs you.
So cute. Even a businessman as him can't resist the cuteness that is fairies.

[x] “Luna, I want you go out and help in the search of your friends.”

If he is not around to watch her she might get distracted and would need extra search time. She can watch over him as he rests and waits for the return of the other fairies.
No. 139889
[X] “Luna, I want you go out and help in the search of your friends.”

I have to say, this story is really something else. I don't think I've seen any other stories out there that use the fairies for anything other than slapstick.
No. 139890

Heh, well, there are a few others, like Cirno the Valiant, but thank you for the comment.
No. 139891
[x] “Luna, I want you go out and help in the search of your friends.”

Yeah I think Luna would help better on the search than Lily.
No. 139897
[X] “Luna, I want you go out and help in the search of your friends.”

Time with Lily~
She already brought spring to all the trees in the forest, right? So it should be fine if she takes it easy for a bit. We can strike up a conversation.
No. 139901
>[X] “Luna, I want you go out and help in the search of your friends.”
>I want you go out

Copypasta fail.
No. 139903

You see?

This is why when life gives you lemons, YOU TELL LIFE TO TAKE IT BACK!

My brain hurts. I'll probably write the next update tomorrow. Maybe. Probably... Hopefully.

No. 140040
File 130377527615.png - (481.07KB , 1100x1400 , 20e88790353e9fc9d6f11245863ecc39.png ) [iqdb]
[X] “Luna, I want you to go out and help in the search of your friends.”

“But Wilson, you’re still injured!” Luna replies, still looking worried. “I can’t imagine leaving your side while you’re in the state you are in.”

You try to chuckle but only grimace in response. “I know, I know, you’re worried, but please, Luna, you have to look for them. I’m certain that if you are with Alice’s dolls, Sunny and Star will be more likely to find you, rather than hiding.”

“But Wilson…”

“Please, don’t worry about me, Luna. I’ll recover. I’ve had worse. Trust me, I’ve had worse…”

Luna stares at your bandaged chest, her look showing you that she doesn’t feel right on leaving you despite how injured you are. Replying with a warm smile, you reach out and place your hand on her shoulder. Looking into her eyes, you feel sad that you’re making her worry.

“Luna, don’t worry, please. I don’t think I can handle seeing you stressing over my injuries. So please, will you give me that smile you always give me? It’ll cheer me up.” Luna slowly smiles and you pat her a few times. “Thank you, Luna, your smile of yours makes me feel better already. But I’m certain Sunny and Star will love to see that smile of yours as well. So please, go, go and let your friends see you smile again. Let them cheer up the same way you’ve cheered me.”

Luna nods, smiling widely now. “I promise, Wilson! I’ll find them as quickly as possible!” Luna flies out the door, leaving you with Lily and Alice.

Resting your head, you stare at the ceiling. In your current condition, what else can you do? Your chest is such a mess, almost every you do, even breathing, comes with the risk of hurting yourself. So what does that leave you to do, being confined to a couch due to your own stupidity?

“Miss Alice, could you make me a cup of tea, please?”

“Miss Alice, could you get me a pillow, please?”

“Miss Alice, this blanket is too rough. Could you get me another one please?”

Complete and utter dependency on other people.

It irritates you to no end to be unable to do anything useful. You should be out looking for Sunny and Star, leading these dolls throughout Gensokyo, braving the unknown dangers. Instead, you’re stuck here, being completely useless.

Glancing to one side, you see Lily sitting on a chair armrest, humming to herself. On the other side is Alice, still reading her book.

“Miss Alice…”

“Yes, Ulysses?”

“Would you be so kind and bake me a muffin?”

“… why?”

“Because I’m feeling hungry…”

Alice groans as she stands up. “Are humans in the outside always this whiny?”

Trying to sit up, you let out a grunt of pain. “Well, no… some of them… quite a few… well if you look at it in a certain perspective…”

“I guess that’s a yes? I wonder how others put up with people being so whiny… whining about this, whining about that, it’s getting on my nerves.”

“Well, some people are whiny and never get what they want answered. Other times people whine and they get everything they ask for.”

Alice puts her hands on her hips, leaning in a bit closer to you. “Well then, Ulysses, where do you fall on that spectrum then?” Alice stares at you, giving you an icy gaze. “Do you fall on the whiners who don’t get anything or the whiners who get everything?”

“Heh, the latter. Being the chairman of a successful company does have its perks. Though I don’t exactly call it whining, it’s more of requesting.”

“Well then, requesting, you have people answering every request that you make, no matter how ridiculous?”

Rubbing your forehead, you chuckle a bit. “Yeah, yeah, that’s what my secretary is for. Good woman, really. Works hard and works her best. I really think she could use a vacation, honestly. A woman like her deserves a good, long break. Probably to do something nice, you know, follow her own dreams, you know what I’m saying? No? That’s okay, it’s all businessy confusing stuff that non-businesspersons would have no idea what I’m talking about.”

Letting out a yawn, you gently adjust yourself, trying to feel as comfortable as possible. Although the couch isn’t as soft as the bed Marisa put you in, it’s still quite an improvement over sleeping on the ground. Closing your eyes, you feel yourself drifting off into a peaceful sleep…

[i] “Hey, Ulysses, you sure you’re okay?”

“Yeah, yeah, George, don’t mind me at all… hic… I’m fine, perfectly fine. Ish not bad, you know? Gotta, get home now…”

“I can get my butler to drive you home, you know.”

“And leave mah carh her? Are you nuts? Ah, I’ll be fine, man. Don’t worry about me at all, just worry your little head off about your mornin’ swims, ‘kay?”

“Alright, Ulysses, but honestly, you look like you’re hardly in any state to drive…”

“Wah? I’m not drivin’… I’m just… gonna take a nap… in mah car… got it?”

“Please, Ulysses, listen to reason!”

“Nah, I done listenin’ to your raisins, I gut to get back to mah car now. Gah… my stomach hurts…”

“Well, answer your phone in the morning, okay? I don’t want to have to pick you up from some hospital after doing something stupid…”

“Yeah, no problem, buddy. I’ll… I’ll see ya later.”

“Oh… man… argh… where’d I put that silly thing? Oi! Pretty lady! What’d you doin’ out here so late? Lost?”


“What? No, ma’am, I’m fine, don’t worry about it, I’m just fine and dandy… I could use some candy… you got any candy missums?”


“Eh, candy tastes sours, anyhow. So lady, can you give me a hand here? I think I’ve lost my mind… or something. Huh?”


“Oh no… no… That guy’s a fine person… little weird… kinda wish he’d stop looking at me all the time… oh man… where’s my car…”


“Grab me, missy, I… my… my mind’s not what it used to be… I need a nap…”

Flying above the tree line, you hurriedly scan the area. Although Wilson’s injuries are still on your mind, you can’t let him down. He’s tasked you to be his eyes and ears, helping out Alice’s dolls in the search for both Sunny and Star. You’ve never been separated for this long before, and with each passing second, you worry about the terrible things that might be happening to them right now. Somewhere in Gensokyo, your friends might be caught in some trap, crying out for help.

Doubling your effort, you glance at the dolls flying with you, knowing that they are your only line of communication with Wilson. Unlike you, they can’t recover from any damage they take without proper tools, and you aren’t skilled with doll repair anyway.

As you continue flying, however, Lily’s words continue to bite in the back of your head. She said how Star and Sunny are not in this forest. Though you know Lily is quite a powerful fairy, you admit she’s also really weird. Maybe you should go ask someone if they’ve seen Star or Sunny…

What’s a fairy to do?

[X] Keep up the search. Alice’s help extends only to searching, not asking.
[X] Ask someone if they’ve seen Star and Sunny. Any information will help with this search.


I hope you don't mind the short perspective switch.
No. 140041
[X] Ask someone if they’ve seen Star and Sunny. Any information will help with this search.
No. 140042
[X] Ask someone if they’ve seen Star and Sunny. Any information will help with this search.
No. 140044
[x] Keep up the search. Alice’s help extends only to searching, not asking.

People are generally hostile to fairies, right? Saying "I lost my friends, please help," will probably be ineffective.
No. 140045
[X] Ask someone if they’ve seen Star and Sunny. Any information will help with this search.

Do not mind.
No. 140068
[X] Ask someone if they’ve seen Star and Sunny. Any information will help with this search.
No. 140163
[x] Keep up the search. Alice’s help extends only to searching, not asking.
No. 140227
[X] Keep up the search. Alice’s help extends only to searching, not asking.
No. 140577
File 130449512374.jpg - (290.13KB , 1000x900 , 100551bbfcc7076053215c5d0cc4d3d2.jpg ) [iqdb]
FINALS! For all those things to test the cumulative knowledge you have attained for the last 4 months!

We return to your delayed update...

[X] Ask someone if they’ve seen Star and Sunny. Any information will help with this search.

You can’t just continue flying aimlessly over the forest; you have to have a lead to help you decide where to go. Even a slight lead is better than nothing at all. Wilson risked a lot to get Alice’s help and by wasting it with not knowing where to go would be a betrayal of his trust. Unfortunately, now that you do think about who you can ask, the options available are not only limited, but risky as well…

Your first option would be to seek out Marisa, hoping that the black-white would have some information regarding Sunny and Star. The problem is that Marisa doesn’t exactly trust you, especially not after that incident a while back. Remembering how she shot Lily and you without any hesitation earlier, you quickly discard that idea. No matter how much you’re willing to speak with Marisa, the witch just isn’t the kind of person who would help you after all that’s happened.

So… that leaves you with Kourindou’s shopowner, Rinnosuke Morichika.

Sunny, Star, and you haven’t exactly been on good terms with Rinnosuke. The last time you remember doing anything with him was a prank that you played on him with your friends. He’s been quite wary of you since.

Though you wish there are better options, you know that Rinnosuke is probably the only reasonable option for you to take. With a growing sense of fear, you change your course, heading towards the edge of the Forest of Magic.

You just hope that you know what you’re getting into…

Pushing through the leaves, you see your goal in the distance: Kourindou. Landing next to the store sign, you flap your wings, shaking off any leaves stuck to your dress. With your clothes cleaned of any foreign items, you float up to the doorknob, gently turning it open. Cautiously flying inside, the door closes behind you, making a resounding racket.

“Ah, a customer, welcome to Kourindou…” Rinnosuke answers, the shopkeeper behind a counter. His brow furrows as he stares at you. “Oh… it’s you… have you come to distract me to while your friends go and pilfer me again?”

You fly up to Rinnosuke, looking as truthful as possible. “No, Rinnosuke, I want to ask you an important question.”

“Well, I’m not answering…” Rinnosuke brings a paper up to his face, blocking any attempts at eye contact. “I’m not going to let myself get distracted by you so that your friends can steal from me again. Now I will ask you kindly to leave.”

“But it’s really important!”

“Well then maybe you shouldn’t have stolen from me or I might listen. Now get out of here. I help customers, not thieves.”

“But I don’t want to steal anything! Honest!”

“Yeah, like you said before, and the times before that. Leave me alone, I don’t want to be bothered by the likes of you.”

You fly up to Rinnosuke and start pulling on the paper, doing whatever you can to get his attention. You haven’t come this far to be ignored. You can’t fail in this task, or you’ll be failing not only yourself but Wilson as well. His smile has always helped you through this so far and to disappoint him would be distressing.

“Hey, stop that!” Rinnosuke yells, tugging back on the paper. “I said, stop that!”

The paper tears, nearly causing both of you to fall over. With shredded pieces slowly falling to the floor, Rinnosuke sighs and stares at you.

“Alright then, you have my attention,” Rinnosuke says, sounding not amused. “What do you want?”

“Have you seen my friends?”

“… your friends? You mean those two other fairies who also pester me? Why?”

“It’s because I don’t know where they are…”

“… that’s it?” Rinnosuke groans. “Looks like it’s not important after all…”

“But it is important! I can’t find them at all!”

“You sure they’re not just hiding in some game of hide and go seek? You fairies seem to enjoy playing games quite a bit… a bit too much in my opinion…”

“But we aren’t playing a game! I really can’t find them! Don’t you have any idea where they might be?”

“First off, I still doubt the authenticity of what you’re saying, and secondly, I don’t know. Now why don’t you go pester someone else already? Unless you want to look at something, I think we’ve spoken enough already…”

Rinnosuke retreats into a backroom, leaving you alone in the store. Feeling sad, you slowly float towards the door. The door opens widely as someone walks in.

“Oi, Kourin! I left something here! I’m here to pick it up!” Marisa shouts. The witch notices you and she begins to grin. “Ah, you!”

You point at yourself, a bit confused. “Wait, me?”

“Heh, so you’ve come back for a rematch, huh? You know, usually when I beat someone, they tend to stay far away from me for a while, at least a day or two. This is quite a pleasant change of pace!”

“But wait, I’m not here…”

“Ha! I’m quite happy to have a fight a bit more often! At least it lets me test my skills a bit more!”

“Wait, I don’t want to…”

“Heh, don’t think I’ll hold back at all. It’s time to go full power!” Marisa takes out her mini-hakkero from a bag and points it at you. “Don’t blink, or this’ll be over quickly!”

You watch Marisa’s mini-hakkero start to glow and her confident grin terrifies you greatly. You’ve been hurt a lot before, but to be blasted away by a giant laser is no fun. You could try to attack now before Marisa launches her attack, or you could run. However, maybe trying to reason with her might work, maybe if you explain to her that you aren’t out to attack her, she’ll stop. Maybe you can even get Marisa’s help to find your friends.


Time to act now!

[X] Attack!
[X] Flee!
[X] Reason!
No. 140607
[x] Flee!
All that injustice against fairies makes me sick.

What to say about this. Marisa is an ass who does not think or act when she gets in motion.
No. 140609
[x] Attack to cover yourself while you
[x] Flee!

Hightail it with a bit of danmaku spam thrown directly behind you. Activate sound dampening as well.
No. 140610
[x] Cry!

perhaps Fairy Moe will work?
No. 140704
Unlikely, considering Marisa attacked Luna previously. At this point, we're just a target too dumb to run.
No. 140706
[x] Flee!
No. 140874
File 130517588864.jpg - (122.06KB , 850x899 , sample-51c8004c22301617b039646b07042066.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Flee!

You can’t fight Marisa, she’s too powerful. Not even in the wildest dreams you had was there ever once a time which you could even get close to injuring her. This witch frightens you, the way she looks at you with that eager look, not having any problems with violence. There’s no way Marisa intends to have fun in this fight. Her eyes reveal her intent on going all out to eliminate you as quickly as possible.

You’ve never felt more terrified in your entire life.

Darting through the store, you smash through a window. Though you put a few rips in your dress, that doesn’t come as much concern as flying as quickly as possible, not even bothering to look back to see if you’re being chased at all. All that matters to you is getting as far away from Marisa as possible, and to you right now, no matter of distance will seem far enough.

After several minutes of non-stop flying, you weakly collapse at the base of a tree, your wings becoming limp as you lie face first in the grass. Feeling the cool grass on your face makes you forget about Marisa, just happy to lie down on this comfortable grass. The grass… so soft… you could just spend every day lying on it.

Standing up, you assess your current situation, saddened to see that you’ve torn your dress up quite badly. Even your hat was not spared, having visible cuts and holes. Disappointed that you can’t remedy this situation, you decide that the next best thing is to get an idea of where you are. Weakly floating up above the tree line, you feel your heart sink as you realize that you have no idea where you are anymore.

You’re lost.


Oh great, just great. Wilson is counting on you to find Star and Sapphire and now you’ve gone and gotten yourself lost. Floating back to the ground, you start feeling angry. What’s with that witch anyway? She only notices you for a moment and she’s off wanting to blast you into oblivion! Yes, you’ve played a few pranks on her, but they were all for fun. You would never dare to deliberately endanger someone else’s life, even someone as crazy as Marisa. Yet Marisa seems to take a strange pleasure in zapping you and your friends.

Curling up into a ball, you start wondering about Wilson. His smile has always managed to make you feel better for all your failures. Sure, you didn’t have the best first impressions, but Wilson decided to not let first impressions sway his opinion of you. Thinking about it, you feel ashamed to even think about kidnapping him just so that people would be afraid of you. And now Wilson would probably be disappointed in you, failing in the task that he entrusted you with.

You look up through the tree line again, wondering what is happening to Star and Sapphire. Knowing Star and Sapphire, they’re probably handling the situation a lot better than you are. Without those two, you wouldn’t have gotten far in life, maybe pull a few pranks here and there, but nothing too much, probably condemned to be riddled with holes the moment someone sees you.

No, no, no, you can’t let this stop you. You have a job to do, and you will do it. It would feel wrong otherwise. Standing back up, you start wondering what to do. Rinnosuke is out of the question, so who else can you ask for help…


Flying up, you look around, seeing if you can see the Misty Lake. Though it takes some time, you see the lake, a small speck in the distance. With your eyes focused on your target, you flap your way over there, your wings still a bit battered from the escape. The sun is high above you when you reach the shores of the lake. Hovering along the shoreline, you search for any sign of the ice fairy, whether it is ice on the water or frozen plants and animals. Finally, a sign that Cirno is nearby: a crudely made snowman by the shore.

“Heh heh heh! People are really going to freak out when they see this!”

Cirno is hovering around, freezing up different parts of a melting snowman. The snowman towers well above the tree line. Cirno continues working as you approach her.

“Um… Cirno?”

“Heh heh, everyone will be scared when they see this snowman looking down on them! It’s perfect!”


“And then they’ll have to admit my skills are the best!”


“Heh heh, no more being picked on and being called a kid. This’ll show them up…”

Cirno turns around, dusting off her hands. The ice fairy quickly notices you standing in front of her. “Oh, hello Luna! Don’t you like what I made?”

“Cirno, I…”

“Yeah, yeah, you don’t have to say it, you’re just awed on how awesome this snowman is! And I’ll just keep making it bigger and bigger until even the sun can’t melt it away!”

“Cirno, I wanted to…”

“Even the Scarlet Devil will be afraid of me! Wouldn’t that be awesome? Hey… where’s Star and Sapphire? Aren’t they usually with you?”

“That’s exactly what I was wanting to talk to you about!”

“Oh, I know, I know! You’re playing hide-and-seek, aren’t you! Heh, I’ve been working hard on improving my skills in that game! None of your powers will stop me from finding or hiding from you!”

“That isn’t the point…”

“I know, I know, Star and Sapphire are hiding, aren’t they? And you’re asking me to help you find them! Even if it’s unfair, I’ll give you some help in finding them! I’ll be able to show you how outclassed you are now in hide-and-seek!”


Cirno continues talking about hide-and-seek. Although Cirno is a powerful fairy, she isn’t exactly the most grounded one. Although she say she’ll help you find Star and Sapphire, she still thinks it’s a game. Maybe you should tell her what’s going on. Then again… Cirno might just ignore what you’re saying anyway.

[X] “This isn’t a game, Cirno!”
[X] “Okay, Cirno, let’s go seek out some fairies.”

And another note?

I'm back home from College.

No. 140875
[x] “Okay, Cirno, let’s go seek out some fairies.”
Fairy finding games. They need constant supervision else they get lost all the time. Getting them some phones and gps so they are easier to track would be a good investition for later on.
No. 140880
[X] “Okay, Cirno, let’s go seek out some fairies.”

might as well take advantage of her tangent now that it's aimed towards finding the fairies.
No. 140885
...Can you imagine being the only fairy with things like Priorities and Goals and Long-Term Plans?

What a nightmare. Doubly.
No. 140923
[X] “Okay, Cirno, let’s go seek out some fairies.”

Best to get what we need and not try to ram a square peg into one of the round holes in Cirno's Swiss-cheese brain. Let her think it's a game if it helps us find Star and Sunny that much quicker.
No. 140928
[x] "Ok, Cirno. Let's go seek out some fairies."
No. 140999
[x] "Ok, Cirno. Let's go seek out some fairies."
[x] Switch perspective to Ulysees, make mental note to buy a PMC when you get back home and clear the shit out of Gensokyo. bring the fairies with you when you go back. They seem to need the love badly, and so do you. Can't go on drinking your sorrows away forever.
... it would be so cute to have a cuddlecorner in your flat penthouse with them. D'aaaaaaaaw.
No. 141027

Only problem would be the lack of belief in the outside world. That's why the fairies are in Gensokyo in the first place, right? It would be tragic to bring them with, then be forced to watch them fade away to nothingness.
No. 141043
Canon can go fuck itself if it makes for a good story/ending, especially in the Touhou fandom. It also isn't a given that 'belief drain' applies, too.

I'm busy plowing through a backlog of "Border House" threads, and the youkai and ghosts in there don't seem to mind that they are outside, either.
No. 141236
File 130580372226.jpg - (607.30KB , 1500x1800 , CirnoGREATESTFAIRYever.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Okay Cirno, let’s look for some fairies.

Though you respect Cirno as a strong fairy, and extremely determined one as well, her lack of intellect does lead to problems especially when you try to explain something to her. Thankfully she’s offering help, even if it’s for entirely different reasons. Watching Cirno get fired up, a small, weary smile grows on your face.

“Alright-y then! Let’s get searching now!” Cirno yells, hands on her hips as she looks out to the lake. “We’ll find Star and Sunny in record time!”

“Wait!” you quickly reply. “Shouldn’t we first decide where to look?”

Cirno turns her head towards you and gives you a wide smile. “Nah, let’s just go searching! If we wait to think, they’ll move, and if they move, we won’t find them, and if we can’t find them, we lose! So come on, let’s go!”

Without another word, Cirno grabs you by the arm and drags you off, flying over the lake. Your weary smile is quickly replaced with apprehension, considering that Cirno is simply flying off without any thought and only a single-minded goal focused on an imagined game of hide-and-seek. As the ice fairy drags you further across the lake, you can see a large, red building peaking out in the distance.

Dragging back on Cirno, you manage to make her stop in her tracks. “Wait, Cirno, don’t tell me we’re going there.”

Cirno tilts her head in confusion. “Aww, come on! It’s the perfect place to play hide-and-seek! So that’s where we’re going!”

“And not the woods near the mansion?”

“Aww, come on, what’s fun in hiding in a tree when you can hide in a large building with so many places to hide! It’s perfect! Don’t you agree it’s perfect? Come on, you want to agree that it’s perfect!”

“But what about the gate keeper? What about the head maid? What about the owner! Won’t they be mad at us for snooping around?”

“It’ll be fun! We’re fairies! What are they going to do with us? Don’t tell me you’re scared of just a bit of danmaku, Luna! Come on, let’s go! We can’t stay around here any longer!”

Cirno again drags you along with her, the lake below you turning into forest and then into a nice road, the ice fairy oblivious to your attempts to change course.

“Please Cirno, let’s look elsewhere first! What if they’re not in the mansion and they’re just in the nearby forest? Won’t we look dumb for doing…”

Don’t call me dumb!” Cirno lashes out, again stopping in her tracks to stare at you. “You’re just against the idea because I’m thinking about it! Everyone thinks I’m an idiot so I’ll show them all! I’ll show them all that I’m much smarter than any of them! I’ll outthink your friends by finding their hiding spots right here and right now! They want us to look in the forest because it’s a place to hide, but no, they’re definitely here! They’re definitely here and hiding! So stop being scared and come on!”

Not waiting for an answer, Cirno pulls you along with her over the wall, avoiding the gatekeeper completely. Floating above the grounds of the mansion, a noticeable hole is visible on the roof. Though so far it’s being patched up, it’s still large enough to grab your attention.

And unfortunately Cirno’s as well.

The ice fairy squealing with joy, she drags you towards the hole, pulling you inside, leaving you worried about what might happen. A part of you feels that neither Star nor Sunny are in here, but Cirno seems too determined to be stopped. All that leaves you is hoping for the best…

With your chest still in pain, you slowly try to sit up, Lily by your side, ready to assist you. Though a difficult effort, you manage to position yourself upright, if at least for a few seconds before falling back down again. You answer Lily’s worried look with a small smile, the spring fairy still hovering over you, keeping a close eye on anything that might happen.

“You’re quite a strange human, Ulysses,” Alice says, facing away from you as usual. “I wonder how you manage to find the strength to go through this awake. I would imagine that you would be better off passing out and letting yourself heal while you’re unconscious.”

“To be quite honest, Alice, I have no idea where this strength is coming from…” you again try to sit up, grunting a bit as you fall back down. “Maybe I’m just worried about Luna, hoping that she’s safe… have you heard any word from her yet? You did say you are able to keep in contact with her, right?”

“Frankly, Ulysses, I find your fear for that fairy to be quite pointless. She’s a fairy; she doesn’t have much to worry about. You should worry more about yourself than on the condition of some stray fairy.”

“What? Why would you say something terrible like that about Luna? She’s out doing a task that I should be helping her with but my current condition prevents me from doing so. Though I want to worry about myself, I just can’t help but think of Luna. She’s very brave, and going beyond what I’ve expected of her. She’s quite a nice companion…”

“Well, whatever, Ulysses. You can go worry about your fairy all you want; I’ll just make sure my dolls keep their eyes open. It’s pathetic just to see you here worried about fairies of all things, but I guess humans are weird…”

Laughing a bit, you try a third time to sit up and succeed. Still remembering that you’re not wearing a shirt, you pull the blanket over your chest, feeling a bit embarrassed. Asking for your jacket from Lily, you quickly slip it on, finding it a bit awkward to have your jacket touching your skin. Usually your shirt is in the way. Thinking nothing else about it, a few knocks on the front door catches your attention.

“Hmm? Who could it be…” Alice remarks as she sends one of her dolls to the door.

Before her doll could open the door, it slams wide open, smashing the doll to pieces. Walking in with a wide stride, Marisa smiles as she holds a few dolls in a bag slung over her back.

“Yo, Alice,” Marisa greets. “I saw some of your dolls wandering around Kourindou and I thought I would bring them back to you… you… you… what are you doing here?! Aren’t you supposed to be back resting at my house?”

Looking at Marisa, you shrug. “I guess not, Miss Kirisame. Anyway, it’s good to see you again.”

Alice stands up from her seat to better look at her newly arrived guest. “So, what were my dolls doing at Kourindou then?”

“I was going to ask you the same question, Alice,” Marisa drops the bag on the floor. “Either way, I assumed it had to do with the fairy I met there.”

“Fairy? That fairy wouldn’t happen to have a white hat and dress, now did she?”

“Oh yeah, she actually did! Actually, she’s the same fairy I saw earlier! I was thinking she was trying to ambush me, so I decided to attack her but she ran off before she could do anything!”

“… what?”

You stand up from your couch, walking slowly towards Marisa.

“What did you say you did to that fairy?”

“I told you, I simply readied myself to attack her with my master spark but before I could fire she ran away! She must have known she was outmatched!”

“… what?”

You continue to approach the witch, Marisa starting to give you a strange look.

“Hey, mister, don’t come any closer! What are you doing!”

Ignoring Marisa’s order, you start to stare at her, your eyes starting to fill with rage. The witch grins as she reaches for a strange block that you remembered seeing earlier. The exact same block she used to threaten Lily with.

“Don’t you dare come any close, I’ll blast you apart!”

Still approaching her, she furrows her brow as she points the block at you.

“Fine, if that’s how you’re going to be then… Master Spar…”

Swiping your hands wildly, you knock the block away. Marisa glances at where the block went, giving you enough time to grab her by the shoulders and force her to stare in your eyes.

“What the hell did you do to Luna!?”

“Wait, what? You mean the fairy?”

You give Marisa a fierce shake, a frustrated scream escaping from your lips.

“She’s not the fairy, her name is Luna! Now tell me, what the hell did you do to her!?”

“Come on, mister, you’re overreacting to this, now let me go before I really have to hu…”

“Tell me what you did to Luna, you crazy woman!”

Your voice booms through Alice’s house, Marisa starting to look afraid.

“I didn’t do anything, honest! She just ran away before I could attack her!”

“And where did she run off to!”

“I don’t know, I wasn’t paying attention to that.”

Pushing Marisa to the ground, you start running towards the door, ready to chase Luna down before something bad happens to her.

“Ulysses, wait!”

Alice’s words stop you in the doorway.

“Please, you’re injured, you shouldn’t overexert yourself. If anything, I’ll send my dolls out to look for her too as well.”

“Please, mister, I don’t want you to get hurt anymore than you are now…” Lily says, giving you a worried look. “It wouldn’t be nice if you hurt yourself worse.”

Looking into the house and then back outside, you feel torn. Luna may be in danger and you aren’t doing anything about it. But what about your own health? You’re in bad shape and you know you shouldn’t be doing this.

[X] “I have to find her!”
- [X] “Marisa, you’re going to help me find Luna whether you want to or no!”
- [X] “And don’t you dare try and stop me.”
[X] “Please, find her now!”
No. 141237
>I find your fear for that fairy to be quite pointless. She’s a fairy; she doesn’t have much to worry about.
Oh that bitch.
>Ulysses. You can go worry about your fairy all you want
Thank you, we will keep watching over the fairies.

Fairies need love too.

[X] “I have to find her!”
- [X] “Marisa, you’re going to help me find Luna whether you want to or no!”
- [X] “And don’t you dare try and stop me.”

>Luna may be in danger
Finally he gets manly, was about time. Time for fairy finding. Exhaustion and rest comes later. They need to see that they should not mess with them and how serious he is about it.
No. 141255
[X] “Please, find her now!”

Better safe than sorry. Does this include Lily going out?
No. 141257
[x] “Please, find her now!”

Was hoping for a Lily route, but a Luna is fine, too.
And please, Twitty, get a proofreader.
No. 141262

I'll take that as get a BETTER proofreader.
No. 141264
So I guess this is where it breaks down, yes?

Are we a man, or a businessman?
Are we Kamina, or Simon?
Do we do the impossible, or do we think practical?
Do we break the boundaries of ballsiness, or our own neck?

...fuck it. Going boldly where no man has gone before!

[X] “I have to find her!”
- [X] “Marisa, you’re going to help me find Luna whether you want to or no!”
- [X] “And don’t you dare try and stop me.”
No. 141272
File 130585857628.gif - (235.79KB , 650x450 , SHE_DID_WHAT.gif ) [iqdb]
[X] “I have to find her!”
-[X] “Marisa, you’re going to help me find Luna whether you want to or no!”
--[X] “And don’t you dare try and stop me.”
This Marisa makes me EXTREMELY angry. And Wilson's reaction when he heard what Marisa did was very satisfying.
No. 141273
[X] “I have to find her!”
- [X] “And don’t you dare try and stop me.”

Our friends are in danger. Marisa can't be trusted to help us at all, and Alice isn't taking this as seriously as she ought. It's up to Wilson to set things right.
No. 141274
This may backfire horribly. This is a wounded man in his 30s-40s we're talking about here.
No. 141275

The Gift.

Of the Gif.

Of Seizure.

Thank goodness my brother didn't see that...


And he's not that old... a little younger.

Just a little younger than 30.
No. 141299
File 13059231969.jpg - (151.81KB , 850x704 , January.jpg ) [iqdb]
Sorry about that. If it's any consolation, here's a picture of Lily White. I've also got some music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zS0RIfG91EQ
No. 141374
File 130612999831.jpg - (760.50KB , 1500x1500 , BroomrideswithMarisa.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] “I have to find her!”
-[X] “Marisa, you’re going to help me find Luna whether you want to or no!”
--[X] “And don’t you dare try and stop me.”

Clenching the door frame for support, you continue staring at Marisa. With your face a mix of rage and determination, the young witch seems to be afraid of you. However, Marisa manages to stand and keep a stern face as well, keeping herself in control.

“Why should I help you, mister?” Marisa questions, her eyes furrowing. “All you’ve done so far is get angry at me, yell at me, tell me what I’m doing is wrong, and now you push me down to the ground and now you expect me to help you? If anything, you should be begging me that I won’t hurt you, you know that? All I’ve ever done is really help you out, I helped out when I had no reason to. And this is how you repay me? So tell me, why should I help you out?”

“You owe me this, Miss Kirisame,” you answer, your voice cold and harsh. “All you’ve done for me is cause all these problems! You may think what you’re doing is good when all you’re doing is causing more harm! You steal from me, you threaten my friends, and now you attack Luna, whose only crime is being in the wrong place at the wrong time?”

“Hey, that fairy’s been a bit of a problem for me now and then, you can’t expect me…”

“Her name is Luna! Get that through your thick skull! And now Luna is off lost again because of your actions! She could be scared, alone, hurt! And it’s all your fault, Miss Kirisame!”

“And? It happens all the time, she’s just a fairy! It’s not like she’s not used to this kind of stuff already!”

You shout out in anger, pushing yourself away from the door and again latching yourself to Marisa, unnerving the young woman. You stare directly into her eyes with unrestrained fury, your grip tightening around her arms.

“Don’t you dare say that again! You watch your mouth when you talk about Luna! Now you’re going to help me!”

Even though Marisa is anything but calm, the young woman manages one last attempt at resistance. “Well… and if I refuse?”

“You have no choice in the matter now. Now let’s go, the longer we linger here, the more likely something bad has happened to Luna… and something bad will happen to you.”

“Are you threatening me? That’s impossible! Don’t you know who I am?”

“All I know is that you’re just some annoying little girl who thinks she’s the bees knees and has every right in hurting people who have done nothing wrong! Now come on!”

Letting Marisa go, you watch the young witch go and grab the block you threw out of her hand. For a moment, she points it at you, contemplating on using it on you. Before anyone could react, she lowers her hand, letting out a short sigh.

“Fine, I’ll help you. Just don’t expect any more help from me after this,” Marisa says, putting the block away. You watch her walk out of the room, refusing to look at you. At least she’s helping now.

Looking at Alice, you give her a quick nod. “Thank you for your help, Alice,” you say, “I am happy that we’ve had the chance to meet each other and were able to assist each other in our problems.”

Alice replies with a nod and returns to reading her book, paying no more further attention you. Though you find Alice’s demeanor strange, at least it is much better than Marisa’s. Turning back through the doorway, you’re about to leave when a voice stops you.

“Mister, please wait!” Lily shouts out, flying to your side. “Please, mister, you’re really overexerting yourself. What happens if you get hurt or worse?”

Turning to Lily, you gently brush your hand through her hair and give her a small smile. “Lily, you shouldn’t have to worry about that. I’m doing what’s right and I won’t let anything stop me.”

“But mister, aren’t you worried about yourself at all?”

You let out a short chuckle. “To be honest, I’m terrified. I’m injured, I’m lost, and someone I know could be hurt and injured as well.”

“Then why are you doing this, mister, pushing yourself when you know you shouldn’t?”

“You know, I ask myself that question and I don’t have a single answer. If this were any other situation, I’d probably stay here… but… I just can’t leave Luna alone to fend off for herself anymore…”

“Well at least take me with you then, please”

The two of you fell silent, Lily giving you a determined look, telling you she really wants to help you out.

“I’m sorry Lily, but I already have one fairy to worry about. I don’t want to worry about you either… besides, you have a job to you. You have to bring spring to the rest of Gensokyo, right? It’d be a bad idea to focus on something else! I must have been holding you back on that for a long time. So come on, if you want to help me, go do the best in your job as possible so I don’t have to worry about you too, okay?”

Lily is surprised by your words, looking like she might cry a bit, but she gives you a stern nod. “Okay, mister, I’ll make sure to do that. And if I find any of your friends, I’ll make sure to tell them you’re looking for them.”

You let out another laugh, patting Lily on the shoulder. “Now that’s what I like to hear. And don’t worry, when I’m done, I’ll make sure to visit you one more time, okay? Alright then, I’ll see you later, Lily!”

Leaving Lily at Alice’s house, you join Marisa outside, the young witch holding on to her broom. Seeing the boredom on Marisa’s face, you quickly approach her, allowing her to take notice.

“Well finally, I was wondering what was taking you so long. I was thinking you decided to not go after all and I didn’t have to help you,” Marisa comments, a bored tone in her voice.

“You know I’m not going to let you go so easily,” you answer, your injuries making it a little difficult to move. “Now come on, let’s get going. You can go flying everywhere, can’t you, so this should be quick, right? Quick so you don’t have to spend any more time with me than you want and I don’t have to spend any more time with you than I want. A win-win situation, don’t you agree?”

“Ugh, just shut up and get on…” Marisa holds the broom out in front of her and sits on top of it, the broom starting to float a few feet above the ground.

Looking at the broom closely, you poke it a bit. “You know…”

“Having second thoughts already? Fine, I guess that means I don’t have to help you.”

“Nevermind, just be quiet and fly.” Getting on the broom behind Marisa, you firmly hold on to her shoulders.

Seeing that you’re now firmly on the broom, Marisa grins. “Alright then, you better hold on, this is going to be rough!” The broom zooms forward, completely catching you off guard and nearly tossing you off. Soon you’re soaring several meters above the forest at a much faster speed than with Suika. Holding on tightly to Marisa, you let out a few screams, feeling a bit terrified.

“Calm down! Jeez, you’re worse than most other people, you know that?” Marisa remarks, her broom bolting towards the end of the forest. “So then, you have any idea where you want to look...?”

“What? Can’t we just fly around above here and wait until we find them? I mean I’m certain they’d be able to see us, right?”

“Well…” Marisa starts, nervously laughing a bit, “I don’t think it’d be easy when you have someone like me…”

“What do you mean, Miss Kirisame? Why would it not be so easy?”

“I have quite…”

“A reputation, I should have known. Fairies are afraid of you, aren’t they? They’re afraid that you’ll blast them apart without thought or remorse, huh? Whatever… give me a moment as I think of somewhere we can start looking…”

Scanning the area, a few things that stick out is a large mountain in the distance and a noticeable path beneath you. You could also follow the edge of the forest and see if that leads you anywhere, though considering how the forest has been a place where a lot of your troubles have been, it might not work that way.

“Alright then, Miss Kirisame…”

[X] “Let’s head for that large mountain in the distance.”
[X] “Let’s follow the path for a bit and see where that leads.”
[X] “Let’s follow the edge of the forest until we get somewhere good.”


What is with Moldova and their awesome brass players?
No. 141375
He finally got serious. Was about damn time to show what he has got.

[x] “Let’s follow the edge of the forest until we get somewhere good.”
No. 141376
[x] “Let’s follow the edge of the forest until we get somewhere good.”
No. 141388
File 130618339625.jpg - (10.04KB , 400x300 , 0531caruso.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] “Let’s follow the edge of the forest until we get somewhere good.”
Most likely to find someone and/or stumble about the SDM.

Also, looks like our businessman...
...just got down to business.
No. 141392
[X] “Let’s follow the edge of the forest until we get somewhere good."
Well it's about time. Now how much do you wanna bet we get another perspective shift at the beginning of next update? Specifically to Sunny and/or Star's point of view. Plus, where's Daiyousei? She's the only fairy that hasn't been encountered so far.
No. 141394
[x] “Let’s head for that large mountain in the distance.”

I retract my previous statement; you don't need a new proofreader. Very nice.
No. 141461
File 130629060556.jpg - (271.42KB , 700x933 , AnotherMarisawithBroom.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] “Let’s follow the edge of the forest until we get somewhere good.”

Marisa guides her broom down towards the forest, the sudden shift in direction nearly causing you to puke. To be honest, you’ve never been a keen fan of flying. Even if you have your own jet, it still doesn’t make flying any less of a hassle, especially with things like turbulence and what not. But this, this is different. This is broom riding. And it’s very unsettling.

With the broom now coasting along the forest’s edge, you spend some time to scan the trees, hoping that you will get a glimpse or some sign that Luna went this way. The only thing you see, however, is a few wings peeking out behind the trees, and by the looks of it, they were shaking. To see all those wings, knowing that the fairies are probably scared stiff just by Marisa’s mere presence is enough to unnerve you. However, you can’t dwell on it or bring it up to Marisa, as you’ve already done quite a bit of coercing just to have her help. Any more threats might just break her patience and abandon you.

The trees start to disperse the further you fly, until a large shoreline appears before you. Looking out towards the water, you can barely glimpse the other side of the shore, a small fog making it nearly impossible to discern anything in the proper distance. However, you see something that catches your eye.

“Excuse me, Miss Kirisame, is there supposed to be a large snowman by the lake?” you comment, pointing towards it.

“What, a snowman?” Marisa replies, squinting to see it. “Ah, no, the snow should have melted… it’s probably Cirno again…”

“Cirno? Who is this Cirno? Some sort of snow maker?”

“Kind of like that. She’s an ice fairy, and a rather annoying one at that; butting in everywhere she can… I swear if I see her, I’ll blast her apart before she can even say a single word.”

“Miss Kirisame! That’s the kind of attitude that gets you in bad situations in the first place! If we ever meet this Cirno person, you will not hurt her but you will let me talk to her, okay? I don’t want you to rely on violence on your dealing with any fairies. That will just only make things more difficult for us.”

“Well whatever, Wilson,” Marisa scoffs as she brings the broom over the lake. “Just don’t complain to me when you find out how annoying Cirno is…”

With the safety of the shoreline far behind you, you start looking again, hoping that the fog would be less troublesome over the lake. Unfortunately, it just seems to grow thicker the further you go. Perhaps you should have told Marisa to stay by the shoreline…

Thankfully, this doesn’t deter her flying at all and she continues going forward, the fog slowly starting to dissipate as you can see the other shoreline. Now that it’s clearing up, however, you can start to see something strange in the distance, almost a small blip with all the trees around it.

“Miss Kirisame… do you see that thing in the distance?” you ask, poking Marisa’s shoulder. “You know the red thing amidst the trees? You know what it is?”

Marisa squints again, trying to see what you’re looking at. “Oh that? Ah, that’s just Remilia’s place.”

“Remilia’s place? Who is this Remilia?”

“Oh right, you don’t know who she is… let me see… How do I say this? She’s a vampire. And that’s her mansion.”

“A… vampire? And she owns a mansion?”

“Yeah, that’s pretty much what I just said.”

Looking at the mansion, you think about any possibility of getting a clue on any of those three fairies whereabouts. You don’t believe in vampires… but considering Gensokyo is a strange place filled with super powerful little girls with horns, fairies, witches, and other things, vampires might not be too insane here. Hopefully she isn’t like those vampires which are hostile to people and want to suck up all their blood and turn people into their eternal slaves…

“Miss Kirisame, bring us over to that mansion.”

Marisa stops the broom, nearly causing you to fall off.

What!? Are you mad? You don’t want to mess with someone like Remilia! Even I have some trouble dealing with her and I have all my magics with me! What can you do, a normal, simple human do to make sure that you won’t get hurt?”

“Well first off, I don’t rely on violence as my main way with interacting with people, and secondly, I’m certain Remilia would have seen something to help us our on our search for Luna.”

Marisa sighs as she slowly turns her broom to the mansion. “Alright then, Wilson. It’s your funeral…”

You feel quite comfortable knowing that Marisa has faith in your abilities in survive.

The mansion slowly grows bigger until it stands out amongst the trees. You first find it strange that there are very few windows on the mansion. Such a mansion would benefit from many windows to let a lot of sunlight in. Then again, vampires are said to either be weakened or burn up in sunlight, so perhaps that explains it. As you approach the mansion, you see a large wall around it, and a large gate with someone standing in front of it, probably keeping watch.

Marisa, however, seems to continue flying, completely ignoring the front gate and ready to fly over the wall.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, Miss Kirisame, stop!”

The broom again stops abruptly, nearly tossing you off again.

“What is it this time, Wilson? Decided to not go and get yourself eaten by a vampire?”

“No, but why are we flying over the mansion wall? Shouldn’t we go through the gate?”

Marisa sighs again. “The gate keeper’s asleep, don’t you notice?”

Taking a closer look, you do see that the gate keeper, a woman with red hair and green clothes, is sleeping. Quite a bad way to do a job, but still…

“We should go through the front gate. It’s the proper way to go inside. It’s not like we’re thieves.”

“Heh, I just like flying over, even if she’s away. It’s quite a hassle dealing with Meiling.”

“Miss Kirisame! Honestly, now, is violence the only way you solve things?”

“Of course not! But violence is quite fun, don’t you think?”

You sigh as you look at the front gate. Although Marisa’s point means you’ll be inside, you’ll be intruding, and that will make things harder… then again, if the gate keeper is asleep, she might not be able to give you access until she wakes up, and she might be asleep for a while…

“Miss Kirisame, honestly, I don’t care for your opinion, but…”

[X] “We’ll go through the front gate and gain permission to enter.”
[X] “We’ll just have to fly over, then, right?”


Time to see.

Will we hit autosage before next update? Probably not!
No. 141463
[x] We'll go through the front gate and gain permission to enter."
Better that we don't antagonize the inhabitants of the SDM.
No. 141466
[X] “We’ll go through the front gate and gain permission to enter.”
We are a businessman. It is in our job description to be as polite as reasonably possible. Plus we might get a chance to see Sakuya again.
No. 141467
[x] “We’ll go through the front gate and gain permission to enter.”
Oh Marisa, you hooligan.
No. 141471
[X] “We’ll go through the front gate and gain permission to enter.”
No. 141473
[X] “We’ll go through the front gate and gain permission to enter.”
No. 141479
File 130633094014.jpg - (38.74KB , 281x664 , Rock (uro Okajima).jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] “We’ll go through the front gate and gain permission to enter.”

So we have a businessman who, through an unfortunate series of events, lands in a place completely foreign and hostile to him, with close to no backup and horribly out of the loop. He spends some time being kicked about, and then finally mans up, getting his way with a very violent and annoying girl and going out to save someone.

Why am I picturing this again?
No. 141480
File 13063352025.jpg - (103.71KB , 800x656 , 8ba63d1dcf06855b93218e4cd8913c5f.jpg ) [iqdb]
Just wait until she shoots up the fairies in the SDM for no r- oh wait
No. 141547
[x] “We’ll go through the front gate and gain permission to enter.”

>That will just only make things more difficult for us.
>just only
>What can you do, a normal, simple human do
>repeated dos
Brought to you by the Redundancy Department of Redundancy.
No. 141548

Yes, thank you for pointing it out.

In other news, new thread, how lovely. I'll get to work on it and what not.
No. 141628
Those bastards at the Redundancy Department of Redundancy are trying to take our jobs, I tells ya! We do just fine at the Department of Redundancy Department, and damned if we need two departments for it!
No. 141650
wouldn't that be redundant?