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File 120811738390.jpg - (510.37KB , 1060x1534 , 1206380253868.jpg ) [iqdb]
13451 No. 13451
You start to stir your eyes. Las thing you remember was rushing back to home, so you could catch the latest updates on MiG and YWUiG. As you open your eyes, you see a face you didn’t certainly expect. Yukari.

“Ah great, he’s awake now. Now listen closely. I trust you know who I am, and based on that you can quess your own current location”?
You nod. you do remember a gap opening in front of you while walking, and of course as a man you had to enter the hole, and since the interior of the room you’re in seems familiar, you could point your own location immediately. You’re in Yukaris house, in Gensokyo. Holy balls, you feel happy. Maybe you can now experience all the joys of Gensokyo! But then you remember how easy it is to get killed and your mood sinks a little.

“Ahaha~, great great, now, let me explain why you are here: I happened to be quite bored, so I decidet that why not just drag somebody into Gensokyo and throw him into the faces of danger, to see what happens. But if you reveal it is me who transports you all over Gensokyo, I’ll give you a fate far worse than death”

She says this all with a smile on her face. Goddamit Yukari.

You get up from the floor, and Yukari snaps her fingers. Ran and Chen appear on each of your sides, preventing you from escaping. You notice that a gap is starting to open up beneath you. You have probably 5-6 seconds before you fall into it, and you really can’t run away, because you are pretty sure that it will just get you killed.

After these five seconds, you will probably be in a situation costing you your life. What do you do?

[ ] Cop a feel at Yukari

[ ] Cop a feel at Ran

[ ] Cop a feel at Chen

[ ] “Fuck you Yukari”

No. 13456
[x] Cop a feel at Yukari

DO IT FAGGOT. Also nice start.
No. 13457
Well, here's a glimpse at how I write. Gve me opinnions, should I go for it when Kira or GM are not updating?
No. 13458
[X] Cop a feel at Ran
We haven't met Yuka yet in either MiG or WUiG. I hope you'll do something about this.
No. 13459

yeah as long as it's kept purely comical and pervy though.
No. 13460
Like your style, could be an interesting diversion whilst waiting. I say go for it.

Incidentally, [x]Cop a feel at Yukari
No. 13461
[ ] Cop a feel at Yukari

[ ] Cop a feel at Ran

[ ] Cop a feel at Chen

[ ] “Fuck you Yukari”

All of these.
No. 13462
Give Anon a stand and make him kick the ass of each character
No. 13463
Well, it's hard to give final verdict based on just one part. Do some more.
No. 13464
[x] Cop a feel at Yukari
No. 13465
Also, for those who don't know, the first 4 same of a kind choices win.
No. 13466
] Cop a feel at Yukari

[ ] Cop a feel at Ran

[ ] Cop a feel at Chen

[ ] “Fuck you Yukari”

Fuck yeah
No. 13468
[X] Cop a feel at Ran
Oh, come on. Why are you voting for Yukari? She's asleep most of the time to care for you anyway!
No. 13469
[ ] Cop a feel at Chen

A cat is fine too
No. 13470
[X] Cop a feel at Yukari
No. 13471
Agreed, I think a bit more is needed for me to decide.
[x] Cop a feel at Yukari
No. 13473
Aaand the winner. going to write right now
No. 13474
[ ] Cop a feel at Ran
[ ] Cop a feel at Chen
[ ] “Fuck you Yukari”

I have two hands and a mouth.
No. 13478
Blargh, Yukari won. You guys are fools. Fools without taste.
No. 13481
LÖL when did you löst yöur PENIS?

ALSO you lost me
No. 13484
>[ ] Cop a feel at Ran
>[ ] Cop a feel at Chen
>[ ] OM NOM NOM on Yukari's breasts

>I have two hands and a mouth.
No. 13490
Sakuya, cän you stöp that? Right now I cän't help but to read your posts out löud, änd that annoys me.
No. 13491
File 120811867791.png - (476.49KB , 700x668 , 1206219466566.png ) [iqdb]
[X] Cop a feel at Yukari

you lunge your hand forward, meeting the soft fabric of Yukaris skirt, and her soft flesh. Your fingers grip her left breast as hard as you can to test the softness of it. Yukari doesn’t seem very happy thought, and she bops you on your head with her umbrella, causing you to loose your own balance, and fall to the gap. Your final sight is Yukari waving at you from above you.

And there you are, falling to the darkness. You hit something soft, and covered in fabric. It’s a bed. You decide to roll over, and behold, you roll on top of someone. The someone is showing sings of waking up, and you franticly search for a light. Your hands come across a small lamp, and you click it on. To hell with it you think, whoever she is, she is already waking up, slowly. Better to see who it is, right?

As the light turns or, you notice a loli body, light blue hair, and a pink pyjama. Oh dear Jesus Christ of holy hells, it’s none other than Remilia Scarlet. You hear a sound at her door, and she seems to be opening her eyes. Think fast Anon

[ ] Stay as you are

[ ] Hide under her bed

[ ] Kiss her

[ ] Hide under the blanket
No. 13492
[X] Kiss her
No. 13494
[x] Hide under the bed.
No. 13496
[ ] Hide under the blanket
No. 13497
[x] Hide under the blanket
No. 13498
[ ] Stay as you are

Cue those bubble things and romantic music
No. 13499
[ ] Stay as you are
Anon, you must do something! Being like that wont help at all!
[ ] Hide under her bed
Yeah right, Sakuya will find you.
[X] Kiss her
[ ] Hide under the blanket
If you pick this with kissing her, it might work.
No. 13500
[X] Kiss her
No. 13501
[ ] Kiss her

Thats it, we're dead.
No. 13503
And you went with the kissing. Writing now
No. 13507

Please don't bad end us now.
No. 13511
No. 13513

No. 13515
File 120811958822.jpg - (92.78KB , 800x1000 , 1206129913617.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Kiss her

You plunge your face near hers, and go for it. As you kiss her, you thrust your own tongue into her mouth, and explore it with it. It feels so good. She seems to wake up completely now, and stares at you with eyes open, a small blush on her cheeks. You hear a gasp behing you. Oh, how cute she looks, you get so hard as you have never been.

The next thing you know, a sharp pain is spreading trough the back of your head. As you fall to the floor, you see Sakyua running next to Remilia, asking if she is ok? Remilia gives Sakuya the command, and behold, many knives surround you, stabbing your flesh, causing pain. As you loose your own consciousness, the last image on your mind is an Angry Sakuya, next to a flustered Remilia, glaring daggers at you. So cute.

Bad End. Out of your 3 continues, you loose one, whitch leaves you with 2

Also, let me explain. In my story, everytime you hit a bad end, you are automatically transported 1 step back, as long as you have Continues. If you run out of them, well tought luck.

So, returning back, make a new choice.

[ ] Stay as you are

[ ] Hide under her bed

[ ] Kiss her

[ ] Hide under the blanket
No. 13516
I think we ran into a dead end. I have no idea how this could end any way other than a knife to the head.
No. 13517
You shouldn't punish Anon for making perverted, or even stupid choices as long as they're awesome or manly.
Punish us if we're pussies, or betray the ones who trust us.
No. 13519

Hide under the bed.
No. 13520

[ ] Stay as you are
No. 13521
Oh ho~ there is a way. But mostly, I have no bad end-choices, or have one or few of them in my posts. but not more than two at the time usually
No. 13522
Y U DO TIS ;_;
No. 13523
[x] Hide under her bed

I was late but I was right. Damnit.
No. 13524
[ ] Hide under her bed
No. 13525
Let's just say it was a bit too early to try anything with Remilia just yet
No. 13527
Well at the same time we shouldn't rush in foolishly, of course kissing the vampire loli will get us stabbed.

But I reckon if we hide we're only going to buy our self time until we get caught, best we stay in the open and try to square with them straight.
No. 13528
[X] Stay as you are
Well, Sakuya already saw us. No use hiding.
Also, you shouldn't leave the option that lead to the BAD END. I was tempted to pick it again myself.
No. 13529

No. 13531
Actually, Sakuya has not yet sawn you, you just heard the door starting to open, meaning that she hasn't spotted you at the moment
No. 13532
[x] Stay as you are

anon cannot hide in his current situation, he can only confront his fate like a faceless man
No. 13533
[X] Stay as you are

I don't know, I just don't think we'll really be able to hide at all successfully.
No. 13534
And stay wins.
No. 13536
[X] Hide under the blanket
No. 13537

Seen not sawn seen.

Please use fire fox, it has a built in spell checking program and it'll stop me going grammar nazi.
No. 13538
Well, okay. But we're on top of Remi's bed. No way Anon is quick enough to go under the bed so fast that Sakuya won't notice us.
No. 13543
[ ] Kiss her
No. 13545
I'm going to feel sad if we BAD END again.
No. 13551
File 120812070150.jpg - (474.70KB , 900x831 , 1206461506546.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Stay as you are

Well, you’re fucked anyway, so might not run away, and face it like a man.

You sit next to Remilia on the bed, and stare at the door. Sakuya walks in.

“Ojou-sama, it’s the time to wa-“

She ends her sentence when she sees you, and looks a bit angry. You take a look to your left, and notice that a pair of red eyes are starring at you. Quite closely, it seems.

you are about to say a witty comment, but decide not to, because it seems that Remilia is not a morning person, and she has pierced your chest with her hand.

As the world fades from you, you hear her asking Sakuya to clean up the mess.

Bad end. -1 continue. only 1 left.

Also, in my story, it’s possible to get more continues.

Pic, pic, pic again

[ ] Stay as you are

[ ] Hide under her bed

[ ] Kiss her

[ ] Hide under the blanket
No. 13553
Everytime you "clear a area", you get a continue +1
No. 13554
[x] Hide under her bed

Not many bad end choices my arse.
No. 13555
[ ] Hide under the blanket
[ ] Hide under the blanket
[ ] Hide under the blanket
[ ] Hide under the blanket

Or [ ] Feign sleep
No. 13556
[x] Hide under her bed

You either have it out for us, or we got some very unlucky dice up in here.
No. 13557

[X] Hide under the bed.
No. 13558
Well, since I only tought one way for things to continue from here, you have 2 safe choices, and 2 bad end choices. But after this, you will be having a bit less. A lot less.
No. 13559
might as well hide the bad end options we've already taken

[x] Hide under the blanket
sakuya will think it's flandre or patchouli
No. 13562
[X] Kiss her
No. 13565
[x] Hide under her bed
No. 13566
yup, good idea. Gonna do that in the future
No. 13567
And bed won. Writing now.
No. 13569
[X] Hide under her bed
Two bad end choices at the beginning is kinda... Evil.
No. 13570
We need an IRC chatroom for this. The other threads already have them.
No. 13573
We should've gone with the blanket. It was a guaranteed okay option, and would have let us meet Remilia quicker.
No. 13575
ITT the anons that get us killed in MiG
No. 13578
At least we get to let some steam out. Hopefully this'll improve our performance in other two.
No. 13581
I make good choices in MiG. Right now though, I'm trying to get killed.
No. 13583

Well we can't read minds, yeah the kiss was dumb but staying in the open seemed plausible.....
No. 13584
File 120812177730.jpg - (32.27KB , 300x392 , 1206630445579.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Hide under her bed

Screw this, I don’t wanna die yet, is all you can think off. it’s a large bed, but you must make it. You spin, spin, spin SPIN, SPIN like the motherfucking Wallachia towards the edge, and use the agility of a scared little forest elf to quickly hide under the bed.

And then you wait. You hear footsteps. They stop right next to the bed. You hold your breath, and listen on the conversation above you.

“Ojou-sama, wake up ojou-sama, it’s the time to wake up”

“Ah, Sakuya *Yawn* is it night already” you hear Remilia asking sleepily.

The continue talking for a bit, and no matter how painfull it is, you manage to hold your breath. As Sakuya leaves to make some tea and closes the door, you start breathing again, feeling lucky.

“So, how long are you going to hide beneath my bed hmm”?

Ah well, screw feeling lucky.

You crawl out from your little hiding place, and stand next to her bed. There she is, still in her pyjamas, rubbing her eye, looking quite sleepy.

“I don’t know how you got in here, and quite frankly, I don’t care. I’ll let you go, if you can come up with a way to humor me”

[ ] option 1

[ ] option 2

[ ] option 3
No. 13585
i just like bad ends. nothing personal
No. 13586
>There she is, still in her pyjamas, rubbing her eye, looking quite sleepy.
[X] Rap- I mean, option 2.
No. 13587
[X] Rape
No. 13588
[ ] option 3
No. 13589
[x] option 3
Going with the strongest answer once again.
No. 13590
[x] option 1

If this is a bad end I'm gonna rip your balls off and give them to Yuka.
No. 13592
[X] option 2
No. 13593
[X] option 1
Oh come on, if one of these is a bad end then you're just being unfair.
No. 13594
[ ] option 3

This is the third strongest number in gensokyo.
No. 13595
[x] option 1
No. 13596
Changing my vote to Option 3 so that we can go forward.
No. 13597
[x] option whichever number Remilia likes best.
No. 13598
[x] option 3
No. 13599
Ok gonna go with 3
No. 13608
File 120812276085.jpg - (61.26KB , 500x344 , 1205858885853.jpg ) [iqdb]
[ ] option numbah 3

You know it’s quite a risky idea and a thing that needs some major balls, but what the heck, you go with it.

You get on the bed, and whisper your idea to Remilia. She turns to look at you, and gives you a sly smile.

“Hooo~ You certainly are quite a brave one, coming up with a bold idea like that. It certainly is something that no-one would be expecting, and you have me convinced. I also would like to see the looks on their face too”

You discuss your master plan for a small while, and then, it’s go time!

you get on the bed, and Remilia hops to your lap, and puts her arms around your neck, and then calls for Sakuya.

Soon the door opens. “What is it, Ojou-sam-“

She looks a bit surprised, before the usual stern look on her face returns. Before she has a chance to say anyting, Remilia puts the first stage of the plan into action.

“Could you go and gather everyone to the library, I have an announcement to make.”

Sakuya bows and leaves the room, taking a quick look at you on her way out. She did not seem very happy.

“Well, shall we get going also”?

[ ] Get up, and walk with her to the library

[ ] Get up, and carry her bridal style to the library.
No. 13612
... i didn't expect that ...
No. 13613
[x] Get up, and carry her bridal style to the library.

Oh yes.
No. 13614
[ ] Get up, and carry her bridal style to the library.

Not knowing the plan will kill us.

Anon is already dead.
No. 13617

Can we have a save spot just in case?


[x] Carry her bridal-style to the library.
No. 13619
[x] Get up, and carry her bridal style to the library.

if the joke is what we think, anon should do that, otherwise we screwed it.
No. 13622
Let the carrying begin
No. 13623
[BLARGH] Get up, and carry her bridal style to the library.
We just alienated our chances with Sakuya. And if we didn't, don't tell. I wanna despair for a bit.
No. 13627
[X] Get up, and carry her bridal style to the library.

No. 13630
this one doesn't have a bad end option, does it?
[x] Get up, and carry her bridal style to the library.
lolis are light
No. 13645
Well I suppose one or the other might not please Remillia much. If she wanted to be carried not doing so was a bad but not life ending move, if she doesn't want to be carried we may not of pleased her just now.
No. 13646
i wonder is she would get angry if somebody calls her "500 years old virgin"
No. 13648
Next one is a long post, going to post it in two parts
No. 13651
[x] Carry her.
If my keikaku senses are working, then we just have to act in an accordingly proper manner and everything will go exactly as planned.
No. 13652
No. 13663
>since I only tought one way for things to continue from here, you have 2 safe choices, and 2 bad end choices.

If you can't change the story based on our choices, then you're just writing a fanfic that's hard to finish reading. I think you're missing the point of these.
No. 13664

He just got started let him go along with this for a while till he gets more ideas.
No. 13665
x] Get up, and carry her bridal style to the library

You get up with Remilia still in your lap, and adjust her to be in the bridal style of carrying. She has to tighten the hold around your neck, but not too much. She doesn’t seem much phased at this contact, but for you, who has never before held anything dear in your arms, it feels good. Her skin is soft, and she I pleasantly warm. Plus you managed to brush your hand a bit against her scarlet devil, if you know what I mean.

So there you are, standing in Remilias room, with a cute loli vampire in your arms, wearing only a pyjama shirt and striped panties. Her small legs feel so smooth. And then, you kick the doors open, and march towards the library with Remilia in your arms, giving you instructions on where to go.

And it doesn’t take long before you reach the doors of the Library. For your Grand entering, you kick those doors open also, alerting everyones attention to you. They all look a bit surprised.

Near the entrance of the library, you see Sakuya, Pachouli, Koakuma and China all looking at you.

Time to start the fun & games.

“So Remi, what was this big announcement you had”? Pachy asks

“Everyone, I would you all to meet my future husband, Anon(if you wish insert your own name here, but I’m going to refer him as Anon when other people talk about him)”

Pachy drops the book she was reading, and her mouth hangs wide open. China seems surprised, as does Koakuma. Sakuya looks quite shocked. You hear everyone going “Eeeeeh!” at the same time. But the fun has just started.

Time for phase two
No. 13667
You bring your face closer to Remilias, stare into her eyes and say “Maybe it was too soon to break in the news”

“Buuut Danna, even during last night you were so forcefull that I just couldn’t’s stay silent! They might start suspecting something” At the same time Remilia is drawing a circle on your chest with her finger and rubbing her head against you with a look of delight on her face

Pachoulis nose spurts blood quite comically, and Koakuma blushes shyly and averts her gaze. China gives you a thumb up, and you can read her lips saying “Good job”. Sakuya, well, she seems to have freezed up, not reacting to anything.

“Ohhohhoo, now you are asking for it” You say, as you turn and prepare to leave.

“Please, be gentle with me” Remilia says looking quite flustered and embarrassed, avoiding your eyes.

Sakuya faints.

You exit the library, close the doors and let Remilia get off of your lap.

And then you two break up laughing. Well, Remilia is probably laughing at their faces, but you are laughing at how lucky you are, being able to have this much contact with Remilia. But it doesn’t occur to you that why did she act so much out of character?

“Ahh, that was entertaining, but I need to get going. Run along now, you are free to leave.”

And then Remilia starts to walk away from you.

[ ] Leave the SDM

[ ] “Remilia-chaaaan”, with so much love as you can muster

[ ] Follow Remilia
No. 13669

[x] Leave SDM

No. 13672
[X] “Remilia-chaaaan”, with so much love as you can muster
No. 13673
[X] Leave the SDM
No. 13674
I'm not making decision yet, but following Remilia will just seem stupid.
No. 13676
[ ] “Remilia-chaaaan”, with so much love as you can muster
No. 13677
[X] Leave the SDM

Run like a sissy...
No. 13678
[]Leave SDM
No. 13680
[ ] “Remilia-chaaaan”, with so much love as you can muster
No. 13681
And leave we will. After next post, I need to go and take a shit, and thanks to the Chili I ate I have been spewing liquid flames out of my ass, so it could take a while.
No. 13683
Well, that was... Suprisingly fast.
No. 13684
[x] Leave SDM at the speed of light
No. 13685
[X] Leave SDM
No. 13686
[ ] “Remilia-chaaaan”, with so much love as you can muster `
fuck it!
No. 13689
don't overdo it. we could come back later
No. 13691

Yeah not even an hour in Gensokyo and already Sakuya hates us.
No. 13694

she doesn't necessarily hate us, though she will when she finds out the whole thing was a joke
No. 13696
So we just walked out of the SDM? Do we all remember whats waiting out there?

It all just keeps coming back to the lake.
No. 13697
Now watch, everyone wants to leave because they want to decide how to start the real story. If you were planning something more with Remilia you're going to have to force us back there.
No. 13700
x] Leave the SDM

And Leave you will. Only problem tought, where the hell is the exit? Remilia is already out of sight, so you can’t ask her. Ah well, you decide to trust your luck. You pick a direction, and run. After running a while, and seeing a few maid fairies here and there (thank god they didn’t attack you, seems like they were informed that you were the mistress quest) and come to a door you presume is the exit. And you were right.

As you walk out of the door, you are greeted by the moonlight. And the lake. It’s all around you. Remembering what the lake has done to your fellow Anons in Gensokyo, you decide to get a bit of revenge and piss in the lake.

Now, how to cross the lake? You ponder this, but suddenly a gap opens beneath you, and the next thing you know, you fall out of another gap at the other side of the lake. You hear Yukari whispering “+1 continue”

+1 continue acquired, now you have 2 continues.

But where now? It’s the night, and you have no means of self-defence against anything that might attack you. And you feel like sleeping, for you have spend a lot of time on the computer before coming to Gensokyo, not catching a lot of sleep. As you see it, you have 3 choices.

[ ] Go to Kourindou, that guy seems legid, and you need some items.

[ ] Towards the forest, we might find something good

[ ] To the human village
No. 13702

actually we could easily come back later, remi said she had crap to do and thanks to that little stunt we should be able to not only get into SDM easily but also avoid being raped by the maid

bonus points for likely getting on remis good side now because of the whole thing anyway
No. 13704
[ ] Go to Kourindou, that guy seems legid, and you need some items.
No. 13705
[x] Towards the forest, we might find something good

Needs more Alice.
No. 13709
[x] Go to Kourindou, that guy seems legid, and you need some items.

human village comes next time we get smacked around and are able to use keine for help
No. 13710
[X] Towards the forest, we might find something good

Suicidal path is worth the risk, just for Alice. Plus, we've hung around Kourindou and the human village in the other stories.
No. 13711
[x] Towards the forest, we might find something good
No. 13713
[X] Go to Kourindou, that guy seems legid, and you need some items.
No. 13715
[x] Towards the forest, we might find something good
Into the forest at night? LUNATIC MODO IS GO
No. 13717
[ ] Towards the forest, we might find something good

We've been nearly everywhere else.
No. 13741
And with that, I'm of to write
No. 13746
[x] Towards the forest, we might find something good

And you waltz your way straight to the forest. Yes, it might be filled with a lot of stuff that could eat or kill you, but fuck them; you just survived a trip in the SDM. As you walk deeper and deeper, you notice that the plants around you have turned mostly to bamboo. And you can hear a lot of creepy voices, but you can’t help but to hear one of the voices much stronger than others, mainly because it’s yelling “Tewi, give me back my clothes! Tewii?”

Do we continue forward, or investigate the noise?

[ ] To the voice, she sounds naked

[ ] No, forward. Why should we be distracted by this?
No. 13747
[x] To the voice, she sounds naked
Be stealthy though, like Solid Snake.
No. 13749
[X] To the voice, she sounds naked
No. 13751
[X] To the voice, she sounds naked
What could possibly go wrong?
No. 13752
[x] To the voice, she sounds naked
No. 13753
[X] To the voice, she sounds naked
No. 13754

[ ] To the voice, she sounds naked

Duh, naked girlies
No. 13755
[X] To the voice, she sounds naked
Oh yes.
No. 13756
and there we go, to nekidvoice
No. 13757
[X] To the voice, she sounds naked.

We are Anon, and this is the head we think with.
No. 13764
[X] To the voice, she sounds naked

Anyone who would ignore the prospect of a naked Reisen does not deserve to call himself Anon.
No. 13771
File 120812910881.jpg - (189.79KB , 850x918 , 1206395137506.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] To the voice, she sounds naked

You chance the direction you are headed for, and start following the noise. You don’t have a cardboard box, sadly, so you try to be as stealthy as you can. As you sneak your way to the noise, sometimes crawling, you come upon a small clearing. Instead off running straight into it, you hide in the forest, becoming one with the shadows around you. And there, on the natural floor of this mansion of Bamboo, you spot a girl, sitting down, trying her hardest to cover herself up.

“Tewi, please return me my clothes” She says to a small girl infront of her. This duo you regonize, mainly for the usamimi. It’s Reisen and Tewi.

“Oh but I can’t, since Miss Kaguya said that for your punishment I would have to take you to the forest, take all your clothes and leave you for the night” And with that, Tewi bounces away. You can no longer see Tewi anywhere, and Reisen is doing her best to cover herself up, quite flushed from embarrassment .

[ ] Sneak away

[ ] Bravely enter the clearing

[ ] Continue watching
No. 13773
[X] Bravely enter the clearing

That poor girl most certainly will become cold without her clothes! Chivalry demands we step in to assist!
No. 13774
[x] Bravely enter the clearing
No. 13775
[ ] Continue watching

Careful, we may get to rape her if we're careful
No. 13778
[X] Bravely enter the clearing
No. 13779
[X] Bravely enter the clearing
Hmm. FuiG style of play might not be that good here after all.
No. 13781
[X] Bravely enter the clearing
No. 13782
Way to fetch us a bad end at the hands of a madness inducing rabbit guys.
No. 13783
And Anon bravely enters the clearing.
No. 13784
[X] Continue watching

Maybe she'll get... excited by her predicament. I mean, she's a rabbit, and you know what they say about...

No. 13790
[x] continue watching
No. 13793
[X] Bravely enter the clearing
No. 13794
Are we wearing a jacket or something?
No. 13798
No. 13800
File 120813002198.jpg - (160.98KB , 958x921 , 1206221126888.jpg ) [iqdb]
X] Bravely enter the clearing

Surely we can’t leave this fine young lady alone in the forest, all cold and with nothing to cover herself up with. So as you stand, unlimited entering works.

You enter the clearing, and Reisen turns to face you. She seems to be on guard.

You want to help her so much, so cute, but before you know it, you have taken a look into her red, red eyes of lunacy. The whole world starts spinning before you and BEHOLD! You are flying on a fucking ship. It’s a fucking green ship with a lot of Sakuyas on board. It’s strange, for as you walk, they all seem to faint when you come closer to them. But this is your fucking ship, who cares. You open the doors to the inner sanctum of your Flying Dutchman, and inside you see many, many Remilias on a large bed, all wearing some sort of a sexy outfit.

They are all begging. All of them are begging that you come to them. Satisfy their sexual needs. Take that strange tingling feeling down there away. They need you. They look so desperate. They are pleading to you. Oh fuck yeah, and you are going. just as you have gotten on the bed and the Remilias have all started rubbing on you and kissing you, the whole fucking world goes black.

End of day one. Making a new thread.
No. 13805
You jackasses.

You better not pull this shit during WiG or WUIG
No. 13807
Hey wait. We haven't even reached the auto-sage and we're working on limited bandwidth.
New thread isn't really needed yet.
No. 13812
Ah well, then I'll continue it here
No. 13816
File 120813050819.jpg - (128.37KB , 526x833 , 7c8df5f242096fe5041a5b0b487687d3.jpg ) [iqdb]
We should all try to get the retarded impulses out of our systems with this story so we can stop fucking up in the good ones.
No. 13819
Tripping balls in the forest of magic at night while unarmed? Gentlemen, I think we just entered Dante Must Die mode.
No. 13842
File 120813118221.jpg - (353.68KB , 714x818 , 1206131593576.jpg ) [iqdb]
As you come to, you can’t help but to notice how well rested you are. But then you remember what was happening before you fell asleep, and you can’t help but to yell out


Yep. The best vision in your life that could have been a massive orgy with 20 vampire lolis pleasing you is a gone now. You feel like crying.

“Oh, you are awake”

You turn your sad head to the direction of the noise, and see, none other than the undead zombie.

“You were lying in the forest but naked, so I tought what the hell, and saved you. Weird that you didn’t have any clothes but still a wallet. Ah well, thank you for the donation you made as a “thank you” for me saving your life”

Wait wait wait, you lost the vision of a lifetime, tried to help Reisen only to get your clothes stolen and now Reimu robbed you? Well this day sure has started peachy.

“I don’t have really much of a change of clothes for you, but I do have this.”

She throws some female Miko garbs near you.

“Once you have dressed, come to see me”

And with that, Reimu leaves and closes the sliding door separating the outside world from you.

As you don’t want to go around running naked, you do as Reimu says and put on the Miko garps. They are identical to Reimus, and feel quite soft. After a few tries you have gotten the female clothing on yourself, and there you stand, a man wearing Mikos clothing. If you would have a big red bow to put on your head, you would have the complete Reimu cosplay set.
Now what?

[ ] To Reimu., like she said

[ ] try to sneak out

[ ] Go back to sleep
No. 13847

[x] Go to Reimu.
No. 13848
[ ] To Reimu., like she said

No. 13849
[x] Strike a manly pose
No. 13852
[x] To Reimu., like she said
No. 13853
[ ] To Reimu., like she said
No. 13854
[ ] To Reimu., like she said

It's probably a good idea to just go along for right now.

But soon, we shall have to return to the forest to get our clothes back.
No. 13857
[ ] To Reimu, like she said. But first take the upper part of the miko wear off, so that you don't look too girly.
No. 13862
Seconded for write in vote
No. 13870
[X] To Reimu, like she said. But first take the upper part of the miko wear off, so that you don't look too girly.

I like this one. Just a dress kind of bottom is bearable, it's the top that's the girliest bit. Even the sleeves would be acceptable to wear.
No. 13888
File 120813254843.png - (84.61KB , 620x752 , 120792095357.png ) [iqdb]
[X] To Reimu., like she said

You walk to the door, and open it. the strong sunlight farces you to shut your eyes for a while, but once you open them, you see Reimu sweeping the yard of her shrine, if you know what I mean.
But seriously, she calls you over to her. And you go to her.

“Well, I trusted that you would only put on the pants part, but it isn’t my business if you swing that way. Now then, go and make yourself usefull and sweep the yard”

You take the rake, and start raking. After a while the upper part of your miko getup is starting to feel a bit annoying, so you take the top off. And the sleeves. It is tiring to clean like this, and you start to wonder why the hell you do this.

After a while you see Marissa and Alice flying over to Reimu, and they engage in a smalltalk while drinking some tea. Oh how you want to join them.

“See you later, I have something to take care of. I trust that you will look after the shrine, or else be prepared for a punishment” and with that, the three of them leave.

You look at your feet, feeling down. No chance to get closer to any of them. Wait, was there always something purple there? And Behold, a gap opens and you fall into it.

As you fall on your ass, you can’t help but to think that the ground is soft. Also, the ground soundet startled. Wait whut?

As you look around and beneath you, you notice that once again, you are in the bamboo forest, and it seems that you fell on Tewi, knocking her out.

[ ] Take her to your lap and wait for her to wake up

[ ] Her clothing. Remove it.

[ ] lift her in your arms, and start walking somewhere
No. 13889
File 12081325574.jpg - (99.67KB , 496x687 , Border.jpg ) [iqdb]
Kinda like this?
(God, it took me years to find this pic)
No. 13891

[x] Wake her up.
No. 13892

[ ] Her clothing. Remove it.
No. 13893
[X] Her clothing. Remove it.

Revenge time, yay.

We can burn it later.
No. 13895
[X] Take her to your lap and wait for her to wake up
No. 13897
[ ] Take her to your lap and wait for her to wake up
No. 13898
[X] Take her to your lap and wait for her to wake up
And while waiting try to make your clothes look less girly. Seriously.
No. 13899
[X] Take her to your lap and wait for her to wake up

She will lead us to Reisen, and our clothes.
THEN, we get our revenge.
No. 13901
[ ] Take her to your lap and wait for her to wake up

also, how're supposed to develop anything if we get gapped from place to place every 2-3 posts?
No. 13902
[x] Take her to your lap and wait for her to wake up

Also, fuck you Yuakri.
No. 13912

Yeah, this is an interesting idea, but I would slow down on the gapping.
No. 13917
[ ] Take her to your lap and wait for her to wake up

You don't piss off the Tewi, she'll fucking get you.
No. 13928
File 120813338093.jpg - (310.88KB , 600x863 , 1205712122200.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Take her to your lap and wait for her to wake up

You lift her up, and settle her into your lap as you rest against the bamboo wall on your left. After a while, your sitting position has become a bit more like sleeping, and you hold her on top of you. She seems to be resting comfortably, and once again you find yourself with a loli rubbing her head against you. Stimulating as shit.

As you wait there, you hear a familiar voice calling out to Tewi. This time the voice sounds a little less naked, and before you have time to react, there she is, infront of you.

[ ] Tackle her to the ground


[ ] pretend to sleep
No. 13931

also, don't fucking look into her eyes this time
No. 13932

in b4 gapped back to the shrine
No. 13933
[ ] pretend to sleep
No. 13941
No. 13942
[x] “U STOLE MY CLOTHES! And my heart.”
No. 13949
No. 13951
[ ] "I'd have let you into my pants, if you asked, if you know what I mean."
No. 13953
File 120813429392.png - (344.36KB , 411x546 , 1206314468328.png ) [iqdb]

Before she has any chance to react, you lift your finger, point at her and Yell


She seems to be a bit taken back, but you really can’t look her in the eyes so you don’t know really well if she is taken back a bit.

“Ah, you’re that guy that…” Her voice starts to loose volume at the end “..saw..me….”
You quess she is quite flustered and embarrassed.

[ ] Oh I saw it all baby!

[ ] well, it was quite a pleasure to the eye

[ ] Don’t worry, I’ll forget all about that, but a bit of help here? *poke Tewi*
No. 13957

[X] Ask her for help with Tewi.
No. 13958
[X] Don’t worry, I’ll forget all about that, but a bit of help here? *poke Tewi*
No. 13963
[x] well, it was quite a pleasure to the eye, but don't think for a second that I want you! S-stupid!
No. 13964
[X] Well, it was quite a pleasure to the eye.

It certainly was.
No. 13973
[ ] Don’t worry, I’ll forget all about that, but a bit of help here? *poke Tewi*
No. 13974
[ ] well, it was quite a pleasure to the eye

it's like having a colonic for retardism.
No. 13978
[X] Don’t worry, I’ll forget all about that, but a bit of help here? *poke Tewi*
No. 13979
[ ] Don’t worry, I’ll forget all about that, but a bit of help here? *poke Tewi*
No. 13982
[ ] Don’t worry, I’ll forget all about that, but a bit of help here? *poke Tewi*
No. 13992
[ ] well, it was quite a pleasure to the eye
No. 13995
[ ] well, it was quite a pleasure to the eye
No. 13996
[X] Don’t worry, I’ll forget all about that, but a bit of help here?
No. 14000
I don't think Reisen has any right to be cross with us, really.
Sure, we saw her naked. But she knocked us out with her SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE EYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES and left us naked and unconscious in the middle of nowhere.

If she hadn't left our wallet, she would owe US. As is, we're pretty much even.
No. 14007
File 120813581935.jpg - (85.62KB , 600x729 , 120795068085.jpg ) [iqdb]
Ok, after this post, I'm going to sleep. I stayed up the whole night and nowI get only 1 hour of sleep. I'll be back in 4 or 5 hours, but I'll let you know If I'm unable to use my work comp to update.

[X] Don’t worry, I’ll forget all about that, but a bit of help here? *poke Tewi*

Reisen takes a glance at Tewi, and forgets her embarrassment.

“What happened”

You come up with a clever story that you came back seeking revenge, but found her lying there, and tought that you may help her. After a while you manage to convince that you’ll carry Tewi, while Reisen leads the way. She has decidet to lead you To Eientei, for being such a helpful person. And so, you have been walking for ten minutes in silence. You decide you might try to start a conversation.

[ ] “You look so cute when you’re flustered”

[ ] Grab Reisens tail

[ ] You are carrying Tewi. Fondle that behind, fondle it.

[ ] “So, where are my clothes?”

Also, at then I probably can come up with more ideas. Also, I need to know what kind of a personality Yuka has, if you guys want to be gapped there at some point. I have no clue what kind of a person she is, so I can't really write about her yet.
No. 14016
[ ] “So, where are my clothes?”

but grabbing that tail, Daaaaaamn that's a dream come true.
No. 14025
Mentally unstable due to years of torment by humans.
And for fuck's sake, don't touch her sunflowers.

[x] “You look so cute when you’re flustered”
No. 14028
[ ] “So, where are my clothes?”
No. 14032
[ ] Grab Reisens tail
Fuck it we've got continues to burn.
No. 14036
[ ] “Dude, where's my clothes?”
No. 14038
[X] “So, where are my clothes?”

Also, Yuka = Zaraki Kenpachi
No. 14039
[X] “So, where are my clothes?”
This should help with Yuka.
So yeah, she isn't really that psycho-kill-everything. Just really fucking powerful. And Youkai-moe.
No. 14041
[x] "where, clothes?"

i want my damn pants back, bitch. miko dresses aren't my bag.
No. 14163
[X] “So, where are my clothes?”

I need them back, now that you're done with them.