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So, since I'm usually bored and have some free time, and it seems it's always when Kira or Gm are not updating, I got a small Idea. Should I give a try at this writing business?

This would also be a test to see if I am able to write anything, and to test my grammar.

I'm not the fastest writer, and will probably stop writing when Kira or GM is back and then continue when they are not, but I could also try to write during it, but I quess that having three different threads at the same time could be a little bit troublesome.

So, It would mean that I would write when Kira or GM is not here, and when I have some free time. What do you guys think, need another one of these things to kill your own boredom?

No. 13444
Go for it. Don't expect many people to be on though the board is dead most of the damn day.
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Well, if I would go for it, I would need a name for it, and since the board is usually dead, how many chopises should be made to confirm a choice? I think the normal 5 would be too much.
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Then give it a name, write out the first event and see what happens. You don't have much to lose.
No. 13448
go for 3 at first, if it picks up then alter it accordingly.

As for a name: Ruffle Quest
No. 13449
Ah well, gonna go for it, first post is wating right in my word. the amount of choices is going to be 4. Soon it'll be on the first page.
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Actually I have a suggestion, I had an idea for "limited adventures" that would be posted on the region boards such as /forest/ or /eientei/. They'd be like WUIG or MiG threads but limited to the region of that board.

It'll help stimulate those sections of the site and give people something to do while waiting, it'll be easier to write on such a small scale and it'll cater to people's tastes better.

Wadda ya think?
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Well personally I'm not too fond of having more than 2 going at a time. However, if you're gonna go for it, my suggestion is to write a short story like a bad end first to let us get a glimpse of your writing.
No. 13454
Sorry guys, already started. It's probably not going to be very long, tought, as I said, it's an experiment
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I like this idea. It gives other people to exercise their creative side without interfering with the two major VNs in progress.
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I only check this board, myself. I imagine a lot of other people are doing the same. How would we keep track of which threads are active, easily? If we can't, threads will slow down while waiting for votes and people will get tired.
No. 14338

Good idea. This could bring more traffic into other region boards.
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Well they'll be less important than the threads in /th/ and more flexible with when the writer want to post. I was going to start one in /forest/ that starts with a daily up date at a specific time every day and see how thing go from there.

I'm claiming one on /forest/ I'll use this trip. Dunno when I'll start though.
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Take your time, I'll be checking around in /Forest/.
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>daily up date at a specific time every day
This sounds like a good plan. I may start up one myself soon, though I haven't yet decided any specifics.
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I'm sorry, but despite the content of the post itself, I can't help but interpret the question of "Should I try at this too" as referring to pushing Remilia's chest like an elevator button.

And yes. You should. Bonus points if you make a little "BING" sound when you press.
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Pettan press?