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Mid day, Grand Arena. Two-hundred thousand spectators cheer for blood from the sidelines as the two men within face each other down. The youngest one moves shakily, palms sweating against his sword and shield. His opponent is a large, muscular man covered in scars, standing with a deadly sense of calm, the tip of his sword buried in the sand in front of his feet, hands resting one atop the other on the pommel. The younger takes a step forward, raising the shield in caution as he prepares to make a strike. Swallowing the lump in his throat, he steps forward and drives his sword towards the man's chest. He hesitates, only for a moment, his resolve wavering, and in that moment a flash of light bursts forth from his opponent's hand, is upper hand raised up to direct the palm towards him. The young man is sent hurtling back trailing smoke as the calm fighter takes up his sword and walks towards him, raising the blade over his head. The younger man has been hurt, the magical fire has burnt his face and skin, and as he struggles to see through the pain and sunlight, he mutters two words.

“Kill me.”

The victor smiles, how many times has he heard those words and obeyed? Too many times, that's for sure. He brings his blade down, moving the downed man's shield aside, and with a flick of his wrist he cuts a deep gouge in the man's chest, though he young man hardly reacts, already numbed by pain.

“No,” comes the reply. “If you wish to die, then heal, and train. Come back and challenge me again when you're strong enough to kill me.” With a thrust, he drives his sword into the sand beside the injured man, and leaves the arena as attendants flock to him and shower him with praise. In the stands, the audience goes crazy for the victory of their lord, aside from one woman in purple.

“All great men die one day,” she says with a soft smile, folding her fan in her lap.

This man is a King, ruler of a nation built on the backs of soldiers, spanning nearly the entire continent. His Empire began with nothing more than a squabbling pack of barbarians, bred in coastal foothills, and lived a life of constant warfare. Over time, he consolidated the barbarian tribes through bloodshed, becoming a true nation with him as it's leader. His thirst for power was too much to be sated for long, however, and he soon began campaigns against other nations. Victories were few in the early days, but with each loss came experience, new knowledge of battle that could be used. Through losses, he adapted to military strategy, and created ways to disrupt his enemy, be it through magic, missile or melee. Slowly, small nations began to be overrun, their armies crushed and populace captured and pressed into service. An army prone to revolt, yet continued to sweep across the land, conquering nation after nation, until only a few kingdoms, broken and ravaged, remained independent in the far reaches of the land.

You are this great man.


“My Lord, there is an envoy here to see you,” a man says from outside the doorway to the King's private quarters. You look down at the woman currently servicing you, and dismiss her with a wave of your hand. Taking a moment to return to modesty, you proceed to the door and pull it open. The man is waiting patiently, and bows his head at your presence. “He is from the Southern lands, he claims that his Lord wishes to negotiate a peaceful surrender.” You grumble slightly, and consider closing the door and returning to your women, though at the moment, any offer that would shorten the time you need to fulfill your conquest... You step from the room, pulling the door closed behind you.

“Let's get this done then, I'd hate to have to mobilize my troops towards such a weak country,” you state. Your servant turns away and begins to walk ahead, head bowed the entire time.

You are lead to a grand hall, a place where you typically conduct banquets, though you're dressed simply, hardly fit for even public appearance, tonight it contains only a handful of people; two guards, the robed envoy and a young girl, just entering the age for bearing children. The two visitors bow deeply to you.

“Greetings, sir,” the envoy says, straightening himself and adjusting his hood. “I'm sure you're aware of my purpose here?”

“You've come to submit to my rule,” you declare flatly. A dry smile comes to the man's face.

“Indeed. With the damage done to our lands by raiding parties and refugees, our nation is woefully low on supplies, and with all the land routes blocked by your troops and all sea routes covered by your grand fortresses, our only hope to make it through the winter season...” the man pauses, he looks to be uneasy with the admission he's about to make. “Is you, my Lord.”

“You submit to me in exchange for grains and wood then,” you muse, shaking your head. You've truly become the most powerful man in the world, it's no surprise anymore. The envoy nods solemnly.

“So it seems. Allow us to become part of your great nation, so that we may survive to add to your might,” the guest speaks, bringing a hand to the girl's shoulder while bowing his head. “As a token of our submission, we've come to offer you this young lady. The daughter of our kingdom's bloodline, to be one of your women.” The man swallows his last word hard. You can almost feel the pain in his words. You can feel something else too, as the young girl begins to walk towards you.

“A child assassin?” you quip. The envoy throws you a quick glance, and the girl stops in her tracks, but only for a moment. With speed, she draws a hidden dagger from beneath her bodice and rushes towards you, but you easily catch her hand and wrench the blade from her grip, frowning all the while. If this is the best ploy they could come up with.

You were mistaken, however. By the time you disarm the girl and look up, one of your guardsmen has skewered another on his blade, and the envoy has dropped his hood, revealing an intricate pattern of lines. Your traitor guard raises his visor, his dark skin reveals him as a conspirator. How long had he been waiting for this moment? You curse your luck at this infiltration. Using your grip on the girls wrist, you pull her towards you and take the liberated blade, pressing it to her throat.

“So, this is your true plan then,” you say, edging the blade against the girl. She struggles briefly trying to escape, but you've got a firm hold on her. The envoy doesn't seem to mind the threat.

“You'll have to excuse my rudeness, while the idea of submission was an option, becoming the uncontested ruler of the lands,” the envoy says with a sinister grin. “Well, I think you know how tempting a prize that is.” The envoy's eyes turn to the girl now, and he gives her a short nod. “You've served your purpose dear.” The girl stops struggling, instead lowering her head. You hear the sound of her voice, and quickly realize she's incanting a spell. Before you can cut her throat, she bursts into flames, and you release her, leaping back still clutching the dagger and the girl quickly incinerates. She once more served as a distraction, in the time since she began, the true assassin has begun his own work, the lines on his skin glowing. The traitor guard advances on you with his sword, recently stained with the blood of the servant that lead you here. A trained killer, one of your own no less. However, you're not about to be bested in your own castle by one of your knights, traitor spy or not. With a wave of your hand, one of the banquet tables flies from the ground and broadsides the guardsmen, clearing him from your path. With a quick step and a snap of the wrist, you fling the dagger into the shoulder of the glowing envoy, but it does little to stop him.

“You think your nation is going to survive after an attack like this?” you spit. “Everything above ground will be pounded into dust beneath the boots of my army.” The envoy begins to laugh.

“Our gambit employs more than just a young harlot and a murderer, sir,” the envoy cackles. “Our spies have likely killed all the sleeping guards in their quarters. You've already lost your own castle to subterfuge, and now,” he pauses again, this time to overcome his mad laughter. “Now I'll fulfill my contract to the Demon of the Abyss, and you shall vanish,” he shouts. You run towards him, pulling the dagger from his shoulder and preparing a second strike. He catches your wrist with unnatural strength, even his eyes glowing now. “All great men die one day.” Your senses are overcome with light, and you go numb as the world fades to black.


Sunshine rouses you. Your head swims, everything feels like a blur. Your body aches, and it doesn't take you long to realize you're lying in a pile of stones and broken wood. You look around slowly, your mind numbed, but slowly recognition comes to you. These stones, this wood. You recognize a scrap of cloth lying nearby, a banner from your hall. What happened to your castle? You look out past your immediate surroundings and see nothing but unfamiliar landscape. After a few moment of dumbstuck gazing, your mind snaps into place and you begin rummaging through the rubble. Those two men, the envoy and the spy, if you're here, there's a chance they are too. You plan to find them and dispatch them first, to ensure your safety.

In a stroke of luck, you find that both men indeed came with you, and that in whatever event transpired that dropped your banquet hall to the foot of a mountain, they were crushed to death beneath collapsing stonework. In your search as well, you recover the dagger and the sword from your fallen guardsman. These weapons will serve you better, wherever you are. First, you'll need to figure that part out. Your body still aches as you make your way out of the rubble, getting onto grassy ground and trekking off into the forested wilderness nearby. You couldn't see any signs of civilization from where you were, and though you've spent years living well in a castle, you've never lost your skills to survive in the wilds. However long it takes you to find your way back is not important.

A second lucky break makes it's appearance though, as you happen across a river, and find several women sitting along it's edge, babbling and giggling happily as they play at the waters edge. You notice immediately their style of dress, or rather, the lack of it. Dressed in only small straps of cloth, they're nearly naked. This realization makes the most of itself when one of the women notices you and points you out, at which point they all submerge themselves in the water and swim away from the shore. A voice calls out from the trees off to the side, and you look over to see a group of young men in odd breeches approaching. They seem to be hailing you, though you quickly realize you don't understand their language. From appearances though, of both these men and women, they resemble people from the western lands of your empire. You've never bothered to learn their language, though nothing a spell won't fix.

“-are you supposed to be?” one of the men says as you finish your spell midsentence. You snort belligerently, is this man really asking who you are? It's been so long since you've conquered them they've dared to forget?

“I'm your King,” you state, which elicits a confused look from the group, followed by laughter.

“Yeah, sure,” a man at the forefront with green eyes says. “And I'm God of the River. We don't have a King.” You grimace at the man. Such blatant defiance. You walk towards him, drawing your sword. A brief look of concern crosses his face momentarily before it's replaced with an assured smile. “What, you going to kill me?” You raise the point of the sword to his throat.

“I'm not in the mood for jokes in poor humour,” you say, pressing the sword into his flesh. He doesn't even flinch at the pain. You wonder if he's some kind of soldier, or more likely a ruffian. Whatever his position, he doesn't seem intimidated. It's almost commendable.

“Put your sword away before you get hurt, dumbass,” the man growls. The insolence! You tighten your grip on the sword and-

Before you can pierce his throat on your blade, he steps aside with incredible speed, bridging the gap between the two of you and closing it with a powerful thrust of his fist that knocks you back. You're briefly stunned at the fact that you've actually been hit, but recover in time to prevent his second attack, drawing your dagger as back up and intercepting his second attack. You only manage to scratch him slightly with your hasty defense, and he skips back on one foot, hopping between feet for a moment before launching forward and leaping up, aiming a knee towards your face. You catch his attack in mid air and throw him to the ground, where you quickly follow up by running your sword into his stomach. He winces in pain, and you smile contentedly. The first true challenge you've had for a while. Shame it was over so quickly.

Then he begins to stand, sword still in his body, raising himself to his feet. At this range, you notice that his eyes are more yellow than green, and just how sharp looking and pointed his teeth are, like the jaws of an animal. What-

“Guess it's time to stop playing with humans,” he says, practically hissing through his teeth. Another quick thrust of his hand and you're sent flying backwards, no longer a simple stumble. You hit the ground and enter a clumsy roll, accidentally cutting yourself on your dagger in the process. You attempt to get to your feet, but the blow and landing has left you dizzy, and before you can recover entirely you feel a hand around your throat and you're lifted into the air singlehandedly by a man half your size. You look down at him, and see the wide grin on his face. You look up behind him, at the rest of the men that had been with him. They've all gathered together, and for the first time you see all the details you've missed before. Their odd features, the colours of their eyes, their sharp toothed grins. Monsters! The lot of them.

“D-demons-” you choke, barely able to breathe.

“Yep,” is the only word the man holding you up utters before you're thrown. You travel only a short distance before you hit something hard, and you hit the ground again shortly afterwards. “Sorry to keep you girls waiting!” is the last thing you hear before you lose consciousness.

You don't wake again until early dawn. A faint shimmer of light moving away from you is the first thing you can focus on as you come to. You're still in pain, your entire body aches, you feel short on breath. You feel terrible, but you can't stop smiling. You can't even see clearly again yet, and you're smiling more than you've smiled in a long time. This feeling, you've... lost. You've lost it all, haven't you? No matter where you were, if that man was telling the truth, your castle was already overrun with enemy agents. You were deceived, and you, along with a portion of your castle, have vanished to enemy magic. Even should one of your children claim the throne, the damage is done, news will spread about your death, and your great nation will crumble upon itself. The loss is painful, but there's a feeling that overcomes it all. Happiness. You brace yourself against the tree shakily, pushing yourself to stand up. You manage a few inches and stop to let the world spin, and you smile the entire time. You lost to a kid using nothing but his bare hands, monster or no. This is what you've been wanting for such a very long time, a real challenge. Your only clear thoughts contemplate the possibility of more like him, the thought of an entire country full of powerful creatures. The thought is exhilarating, the thought that you're back at the bottom. When you're at the bottom, all you can do is go up.

“All great men die one day,” you mutter between coughs. “Then let's see if my time has come yet.”


As the morning continues, you find your way back to the river and take a drink. The water is clean and cool. You've started to recover from the day before, though your back aches from your impact with the tree, and the cut on your arm is sore. You find your sword discarded near the riverbank, still stained with blood. Your memories of the young men from the river still fresh in your mind, watching one shrug off what should have been a mortal wound to the stomach, only serves to fuel your desire more, your longing for real battles again, where victory is uncertain and your life is on the line. You were a mighty warrior among your own men, but here in this land of monsters you may very well be the weakest creature. The only way to know is to seek battle, but while you thirst for a new conquest, you're not reckless enough to set off and try to fight whoever you might find, especially when you have no place to return to nurse wounds you may sustain. First order of business then; lodging.

[] There must be a settlement somewhere nearby. No one would venture far out into the wild to bathe in a river.
[] Perhaps there are outlaying huts or cottages. In woods like this, there tend to be hunters and other recluses.
[] A king you may have been, but a man of the wilds you will always be. You will make your own lodging.


So it begins. I kind of feel that this might be better off in another board maybe.

Also, I'm changing my original idea of a one life, no continues deal because, really, that would either force Anon to play way, way too safe and cause me to have to force things into danger all the time, or they get over confident after a few minor victories and end up getting torn apart all within the span of a thread.

If more people want it to be Nightmare difficulty though, then that's fine.

No. 133611
[x] Perhaps there are outlaying huts or cottages. In woods like this, there tend to be hunters and other recluses.

Recluses are notorious for taking in wandering travelers for a night or two, so long as they make themselves useful.

Nightmare difficulty is fine with me. Having actual repercussions for stupid shit we do is most of the fun.
No. 133612
[y] A king you may have been, but a man of the wilds you will always be. You will make your own lodging.
Let's see how this story goes.
Meanwhile, it is manly time.
No. 133613
[X] A king you may have been, but a man of the wilds you will always be. You will make your own lodging.
No. 133614
[x] A king you may have been, but a man of the wilds you will always be. You will make your own lodging.

We were a Man long before we were a King.
No. 133616
[] A king you may have been, but a man of the wilds you will always be. You will make your own lodging.

It's here! finally here! Mode, you are a god.
No. 133620
[x] Perhaps there are outlaying huts or cottages. In woods like this, there tend to be hunters and other recluses.
The nightmare mode idea doesn't sound very smart.
No. 133622
[X] Perhaps there are outlaying huts or cottages. In woods like this, there tend to be hunters and other recluses.

Maybe we could get some information on the area from them.
No. 133623
[x] A king you may have been, but a man of the wilds you will always be. You will make your own lodging.

We may finally found a people worthy of rule.
No. 133625
[ø] Perhaps there are outlaying huts or cottages. In woods like this, there tend to be hunters and other recluses.
No. 133626
As the poster of >>133614 and seeing >>133623, I would like to ask, would anon like to be Conan or Gilgamesh?
No. 133629
Fool. Cant you see we are Genghis Khan?
No. 133630
File 129581925897.jpg - (58.01KB , 500x388 , Death_Dealer_comic.jpg ) [iqdb]
Death Dealer
No. 133632
Calling it for DIY lodging, just in case there are any more votes while I write.
No. 133633
[x] A king you may have been, but a man of the wilds you will always be. You will make your own lodging.

You are surrounded by wilderness, ample trees and foliage abound. With nothing but your sword and dagger, you have the tools you need to start building your own shelter. You will need to fashion some tools eventually to aid you, but for now you can make due. Not far from the river bank is a small clearing, enough for a small one-man camp. You set out into the surrounding area, collecting fallen branches of various sizes, some for tinder for your campfire, and some to aid in the building of your shelter. You return one bundle and set out again for more. When you have an ample supply, you start back to your camp ground and drop them, then start off looking for larger branches. You take some time gathering and dragging back larger bits of wood, and set up the frame with the larger pieces, stripping bark from the gathered sticks to wind into cord to hold it all together.

Your shelter is largely completed as the midday passes, a small makeshift shelter for now, until you can get together some good materials for rough tools, or find a better place to relocate. You return to your camp after having trekked back to the ruined pile of stones you arrived with, setting down the stack you retrieved in a circle for your fire pit, along with some salvaged materials you can burn. You've also recovered a leg from one of your tables, a solid piece of wood you can use as a makeshift hammer. You arrange some waste wood and tinder in the fire pit, but you're not lighting it until you need it. Right now, you have a more pressing matter to secure a means of feeding yourself. You hadn't seen many woodland creatures in your wood gathering, primarily birds too small to eat. Your best chance at food would be the river for fish. You take a fairly straight branch from your collection and take some time to whittle an end into a point, you're going to have to make due with spear fishing for lack of better tools. Once complete, you head towards the river, only to find a rather confusing sight.

The surface of the water is crowded with small doll-like objects, floating along the current in wicker baskets. You have no idea what to make of this, other than the fact that they hinder your ability to search for fish.

[] Work around it. They're no concern.
[] Follow them upstream for the source.
No. 133634
[x] Work around it. They're no concern.

Food is the more pressing matter. Hina will just have to wait.
No. 133635
[x] Follow them upstream for the source.

Maybe you can get food from whoever's setting these things afloat.
No. 133637
[x] Follow them upstream for the source.

No. 133638
Fishing in the middle of a misfortune dump seems like a terrible, terrible idea.
No. 133639
[x] Follow them upstream for the source.

Fabricated dolls means people. People mean we can finally get a fix on who/where/what/when/why. Also possible allies.

But where ever will we find a Mongol Horde in this time and place?
No. 133640
Cmon guys, messing with this kind of thing blindly in a high fantasy setting is just asking to die horribly. If you've played D&D you should know.

[・] Follow them upstream for the source.
No. 133641
[ø] Follow them upstream for the source.
No. 133642
[X] Work around it. They're no concern.

An army marches on its stomach.
No. 133644
[X] Work around it. They're no concern.
No. 133645
[x] Work around it. They're no concern.

I can't see Hina as eminently useful or recruitable.
No. 133646
Calling votes at source.
No. 133648

No. 133649
[x] Follow them upstream for the source.

Whatever these things are, the one thing you know for certain is that there would have to be people responsible for them farther up the river. It might do to go investigate and see what kind of people live in this forest. At the least, you'd be able to get an idea for how the locals survive in this land with sparse hunting, though time will tell if they would be friend or foe in your new quest.

You walk along the river, opposite the direction the baskets flow. The way steepens as you proceed, no doubt entering into the foot of the mountain. The trees thin out and a rather small house is clearly visible ahead in the light woods, with a figure crouching at the riverside, still placing baskets into the water. You get close enough to see that it is a young woman, who looks somewhat similar to the group yesterday. However, her hair is an unusual green colour, and seems to be tied beneath her chin. Her dress is also quite out of place for someone you'd expect to be a recluse. You leave the river's edge and head into the woods, avoiding the chance of being seen. You're undecided on whether to reveal yourself or not yet to this woman, who busies herself with floating baskets down a river. From your new vantage point, you scout the land from a distance, looking for any kind of sign of a patch of vegetables or fruits this person might be growing, or any kind of visible storage, but nothing can be seen. It would be risky to get closer, as she only has a few baskets left at her side. You could chance a quick sprint to cross the distance and be out of sight behind the house, or simply wait until she goes inside. As well, it might be a good idea to simply make her acquaintance and seek aid. You will need a few people on your side should the opportunity to muster new troops present itself.

[] You can make the distance, no problem.
[] No need to be hasty, you can wait.
[] Never to early to start making allies.
No. 133650
[x] Never to early to start making allies.
No. 133651
[x] No need to be hasty, you can wait.

This guy's too arrogant. He'll piss her off somehow and get cursed.
No. 133652
[x] Never to early to start making allies.

Fancy clothing? This may indicate someone of status. All the better to routelock early begin making allies!
No. 133654
[x] Never to early to start making allies.

Maybe she'll have food.

Does Hina actually eat?
No. 133655
[X] You can make the distance, no problem.

Who needs allies when you can have subordinates?
No. 133657
[ø] No need to be hasty, you can wait.
No. 133658
[x] Never to early to start making allies.

Luck can make or break a battle, though the hard part is convincing her to join up. The question is for this ruler: How can he improve things in Gensokyo?
No. 133659
[x] No need to be hasty, you can wait.
No. 133660
[X] Never to early to start making allies.
No. 133663
> Enters website
> See's Overlord is up, even if it's under a different name
> Fuck Yeah

[X] No need to be hasty, you can wait.

Also, I don't mind Nightmare difficulty, but if that's too much, then Ultra-Violence will do just as fine.
No. 133665
I'd rather not have nightmare difficulty as well we'd be getting bad ends left and right. Though I don't expect things to go always perfectly, as Khanon (Khan-Anon) isn't a gary stu.

I do wonder if he'll learn any lessons here as honestly a kingdom is easily formed through force, but sustaining it through such a method is very difficult.
No. 133666
[x] Never to early to start making allies.
No. 133669
[x] Never to early to start making allies.
No. 133670
[x] You can make the distance, no sweat.

>I'd rather not have nightmare difficulty as well we'd be getting bad ends left and right.
Your reading comprehension is pretty low isn't it?
No. 133679
I know it's not on that difficulty yet, but I figured someone had to speak out for the other side.
No. 133696
Nightmare Mode means one end. No continues. It's over.
No. 133698
[x] Never to early to start making allies.
No. 133717
[X] Never too early to start making allies.

War is about cunning. You can't just go charging into battle like a barbarian. You need a plan.
No. 133726
[x] Never to early to start making allies.

You feel you should focus more on making some comrades in this land first, people that will back you and your goals. People to fight alongside you, and people to treat and care for you when you return. You're going to need a new wife or two, come to think of it. You set aside your wooden spear and leave the bushes to approach the woman from behind as she sets the last basket in the water, casting your spell to comprehend languages once more. At this distance, you hear her say a short phrase that sounds something like a prayer. You stop several feet from her as she turns, looking towards you with a bit of surprise.

“Oh, hello,” she says, turning towards you and giving a slight bow. You find the gesture a little unusual, given the fact that you shouldn't be recognized as a leader among this land. Maybe some kind of local gesture?

“Hello,” you reply simply, subconsciously placing your hand on the hilt of your sword. The woman's eyes move to the blade, then back to your face, she seems to feel no discomfort. “I couldn't help but notice these baskets you had been setting in the water from my camp downstream. I came up this way to investigate.”

“Camp?” she asks with a slightly confused tone. “You wouldn't happen to be an outsider, would you?”

“I'm not sure what you mean by 'outsider'. A man not from this land?” you ask to clarify.

“Yes, though more specifically, someone from outside the world,” she answers. This troubles you slightly.

“This is a different world?” you ask, though the answer is obvious to you. Even though you weren't familiar with all the lands of your nation and the outlaying areas, a land of human-like monsters would have been widely known.

“This is Gensokyo, a world where magical beings and creatures come when there's no place for them in their worlds,” the woman says, approaching you a bit, though she quickly stops and takes on a worried expression. “Oh dear.”

“What is it?” you ask.

“You've quite a lot of misfortune built up, it could become quite troubling if left unchecked, so I'll drain you,” she says, approaching again. You grasp your sword, and raise a hand to signal her to halt, which she does.

“Drain me, you say? I've already had an encounter with some monsters that looked like men, so you're going to ha-” you start, but the woman interrupts.

“It's not going to harmful, I'm going to drain away your misfortune and negative energy so that you can live comfortably,” she states, still calmly despite the threat of aggression. You're unsure if this means she's brave or simply used to being threatened. You lower your guard then and allow her to approach. She's got quite a lovely face, oddly framed by her hair that is indeed bound beneath her chin. Her dress hides her figure, but her chest is ample enough to strain the fabric as she reaches her hands up to your face, lightly touching the sides of your head. She closes her eyes and exhales slowly. She opens her eyes, which are now shining with a mystical light, and opens her mouth, taking a big breath in. As she does, your vision fills with darkness as what seems to be a dark smoke flows from your head and into her mouth. After several seconds of this, the dark mist dissipates and she closes both eyes and mouth again and drops her hands. Opening her eyes once more, no longer glowing, she steps back with a small smile.

“Just what are you, I might ask,” you question the woman, unsure what to make of such a display.

“I'm the Goddess of Misfortune and Curses, Hina Kagiyama,” she says, bowing again.

“A Goddess? Living in the land of men?” you ask, skeptical even though you have no reason to be given what you've seen. You understand now that might explain why she didn't seem concerned with the potential of being attacked, as a Goddess would have nothing to fear from human weapons.

“It's common here in Gensokyo for the Gods to live among men,” Hina says, “in fact, several deities live on this mountain, in conjunction with the native youkai and the shrine near the summit.”

“What are youkai? Are they those monsters I saw the day before?” you ask, and Hina nods.

“Most youkai here in Gensokyo take on human forms for convenience, since there are humans living in Gensokyo as well. Even though they tend to be at odds with each other, their uneasy cohabitation is made easier by the youkais human-like appearances,” Hina explains. You imagine that taking the forms of humans makes it easier to attack humans as well, if your experience yesterday was any indication.

“Do the humans and youkai fight often?” you ask, and Hina seems a little amused by the question.

“Fairly often, at that, and on some occasions it's a battle for survival for both sides. Youkai fight humans to capture and eat them, and humans fight youkai to exterminate them and remove their threat,” Hina says, which only serves to inspire you even more. Your intent to make your way back to the top of society in this land is made easier by the easy justification of your actions. Quite a fortunate thing for you to come up here after all. “Well, you've been cleansed, though I don't think that's what you came up here for. Is there anything else you need?” Hina asks.

“I don't believe I have any more business here, though I do have a question. Are the lands around here usually so devoid of game? I hadn't seen much but small birds as I built my camp and hiked up here,” you say.

“That would be because animals can sense the energies of humans, and with such a strong aura of misfortune, they'd likely run off long before you see them,” Hina answers.

“Well then, I thank you for your aid. I believe I may be seeing more of you in the future should I feel I need another drain,” you say, taking a step back. Hina bows once more.

“Please come any time you feel you are plagued with misfortune, it's my duty to assist,” she says, waving you off, “should you find yourself in need of help with food, you could also visit the Aki sisters farther down stream.” Hina calls to you as you leave. You head back downstream, content in your little visit. This Goddess could be quite an ally in the future, cleansing your forces of misfortune before battles. You wonder if she is limited simply to removing curses and misfortune, or if she can grant them as well. After a few minutes of walking, you note a rabbit making it's way through the grass several feet ahead of you. Seems it really did help you out. Though your wooden spear was intended for fishing, a little extra force from magical propulsion helps pierce the animal, landing you a meal for the night. You claim your kill and head back to camp.

You go about cleaning and carving up the rabbit, using your dagger for the task, and then building a fire to cook with. As you take your meal of rabbit, you find yourself thinking back to the Goddess's mention of sisters further downstream that could help you out with food. No doubt you will have an easier time with hunting for yourself, but you're going to need to start thinking about providing food for an army sooner or later. If they could give any help towards that goal, it could make then indispensable.

[] You will pay them a visit today, after you finish eating.
[] No need to hurry, you doubt they are going anywhere.
No. 133729
[X] You will pay them a visit today, after you finish eating.

The sooner we make allies, the better. IF anything bad happens, we want to have a lot of people to rely on indeed.
No. 133730
[x] No need to hurry, you doubt they are going anywhere.

Maybe there will be a random encounter? Whoever we meet if anyone is more likely to be recruitable than the Aki sisters.
No. 133732
[x] You will pay them a visit today, after you finish eating.

What else is there to do?
No. 133733
[x] You will pay them a visit today, after you finish eating.

Let's get in good with the divinities, yeah? Should be for the best.
No. 133734
[x] You will pay them a visit today, after you finish eating.

I can already see it. An army of magical girls facing off against another army of magical girls. But first the Aki Sisters, then enlist the help of the Moriya shrine. Am i the only one who sees this not becoming bloody and dark but more joking and with a funny undertone?
No. 133735
It's just you. This guy's gonna die and there's nothing we can do about it.
No. 133737
like it says "All great men must die one day" but who to say if he succeeds or not in the process.

[x] You will pay them a visit today, after you finish eating.

That went rather nicely, but I think an alliance with the Akis could work out well as we can ensure they get plenty of faith.
No. 133738
[x] No need to hurry, you doubt they are going anywhere.

More like we are going to pick a side on the never ending youkai vs. human war. Whatever side we pick, it will be a long bloody swath of destruction before we are through.
No. 133741
Depends, mainly on how we direct the MC's attitude. This might be a good chance to avoid making old mistakes and finding a way to forge a powerful yet very loyal army.
No. 133749
Yet an army must march upon something. One way or another, lots and lots of folks are going to die, whether they be youkai or human.
No. 133750
[x] You will pay them a visit today, after you finish eating.
No. 133753
[X] You will pay them a visit today, after you finish eating.

My body is not ready
No. 133754
Where is this army going to come from? The only group I can see being remotely interested in forming an army is fairies.
No. 133755
[X] You will pay them a visit today, after you finish eating.
No. 133756
Did you miss the memo? This story is titled warlord, and MC's agenda is to fight shit. Couple this with the little blurb about human versus youkai battles, and put 2 and 2 together.
No. 133758
File 129599916749.jpg - (29.05KB , 300x300 , Sengoku_Rance_-_Rance.jpg ) [iqdb]
I can get behind that idea.
No. 133759
File 12960019739.jpg - (24.17KB , 300x300 , Sengoku_Rance_-_Mori_Motonari.jpg ) [iqdb]

No, no. More like pic related.
No. 133760
And so, the final chapter of the age of youkai has ended, and Gensokyo is once again under humanities rule.
No. 133761
File 129600602523.jpg - (661.78KB , 1014x2405 , The_Emperor.jpg ) [iqdb]

Only one Man can lead this glorious effort.
No. 133762
File 129600604175.jpg - (178.84KB , 744x1024 , yukari.jpg ) [iqdb]
>And so, the final chapter of the age of youkai has ended, and Gensokyo is once again under humanities rule.

It never was. Pic related.

Also the word you're looking for is "humanity's".

[x] You will pay them a visit today, after you finish eating.

Hina would make a good soothsayer in the Warlord's future court. Favor of the Akis would be useful in generating food stores while depleting that of the enemy's.
No. 133763
Most of you seem to think that he will join on the side of the humans. If they even have a side.
Uniting Gensokyo under a Youkai rule, and him on top, would be something more challenging and extraordinary.
No. 133764
It would also be a treacherous path filled with betrayal. Strong youkai would not be content to follow a mere human. Even if we somehow beat them into submission, there would be some who would leap at the chance to usurp command at any time.

Lets do it.
No. 133767
why not everything? As far the MC goes, he'd want everything. And about the earlier remarks, well he did everything via force last time, and look what happened as his troops' loyalty wasn't high.

Fairy units: could be rather effective as well they can't stay dead.
No. 133768

Well, recall, it was infiltration units and sabotage that did him in, not troop defection. Remember, the traitorous guard was identified via ethnicity to be in with the ambassador.
No. 133769

He does, but to conquer all of Gensokyo, he first needs an army willing to fight and some pretense for war. I think youkai might be better suited than the humans for that, if he's able to establish some kind of hierarchy, probably through displays of violence.

Getting the humans to his side would take a lot more political maneuvering and, as they're already organized (though loosely) under authority figures like Keine and Reimu.

Mode's SDM fairies are kind of awesome, but we'll have to see how they are in the wild.
No. 133773
Think about it; if we got a completely loyal fairy army, we can send them in to soften up the enemy before hitting them with the brunt of the army. And as opposed to having to bandage up or bury them, we'd just wait a few days for them to come back.

Also Eientei=great combat clinic.
No. 133799
[x] You will pay them a visit today, after you finish eating.

Securing a food source is a good priority, if even for yourself. You're not going to have an army overnight, after all. You finish up the cooked meat and get up, leaving your sword and dagger behind this time. You head away from your camp, heading downstream this time. It's a farther walk than it took you to reach Goddess Hina's, but along the way you see more local wildlife, which will make for good hunting in the days to come.

The woods get thicker the farther downstream you go, though you find another house a distance from the riverside, in a sizable clearing, and a rather sizable dirt road leading away into the forest opposite the direction you approach from. It's clear that there is indeed more civilization nearby if there are roads. The space provided by the clearing hosts a large patch of tilled land, with a great variety of plants growing upon it. You assume that these sisters are outlaying farmers, though why they're not set up in a plain is questionable.

You see a young woman outside, tending to the plants closest to the house. Short blonde hair, and a long red dress, again something that looks out of place in the mountain woods. She appears to be wearing leaves in her hair as well. You circle around the field to approach the house, and the woman notices you. She seems a little confused at your presence.

“You're coming from an unusual direction,” she says, “did you circle around the house or something?”

“No, I came from further up the mountain,” you reply, gesturing back the way you came. This confounds her even more.

“A human coming down from the mountain? That's a new one,” she says, wiping her hands on a rag looped through a sash at the waist of her dress. “So, is there some reason you came down here?”

“I was told that the Aki sisters downstream could help me if I needed food,” you admit, “I've recently found myself here from another world it would seem, and I've set up a camp. I've decided that getting what help I could would be wise.”

“Uh huh,” the woman says, now sounding a little annoyed, “if it's food then, you'll want to talk to my little sister Minoriko.” The woman thumbs towards the house. “She's in there screwing around as usual while I'm busy outside.” You look towards the house, then back to the woman.

“Why would I need to speak with your younger sibling? Aren't you the elder?” you ask. This only seems to annoy her even more.

“Look, just go talk to her. She's the Harvest Goddess, I'm just nothing in comparison,” she grumbles, turning away from you and going back to work on the plants at the far side of the field. Harvest Goddess, she said? This is quite something, possibly the most important person you could meet. You make your way over to the house and head around to the front side, knocking on the door. A short time later, a younger girl answers. Not quite as grown as her sister, but not far from adulthood either. She wears a much more plain looking dress with an apron, though her hat seems to have grapes growing from it.

“Was that you making Shizuha mad?” she asks first thing, before even a greeting.

“I suppose it was, though I don't know what I said,” you say, a little confused yourself now. The girl chuckles.

“She's just always upset when people come to look for me, no one ever needs her,” Minoriko muses.

“Is she also a Goddess?” you ask. The girl gives you a weird look in exchange.

“Well, yes, but she is only in charge of turning the leaves for autumn and causing them to fall. Compared to the harvest, she's hardly as important,” she sister boasts. You, however, are not quite as amused as she seems to be, which serves to sober up her joking fairly quickly. “What?”

“While I would admit that the falling of leaves is not quite as important as a good harvest, it's still an important thing for the people of the lands. Fallen leaves can be used to provide shelter for those in the wild, as a covering to protect against the weather, and an easy fuel source for fires. Even farmers can make use of them, gathering the leaves to create fertilizer for their fields. I would say it's unfair to look down upon your own sister for this, since her ability compliments your own so well,” you say. Minoriko seems quite surprised by your defense of the elder sister Shizuha, and perhaps a little ashamed.

“You're actually pretty knowledgeable, aren't you? I guess I had you figured wrong since you look so gruff,” Minoriko says. “So, I'm guessing you're here for some help, right?”

“Yes. I was told about you two by the Goddess Hina,” you state, with Minoriko taking an amused expression over the 'Goddess Hina' part. “I'm to understand that you're the Harvest Goddess?”

“That's right,” Minoriko says proudly, “I'm the one that oversees the health and growth of the farmers crops every year, and the Harvest Festival is held in my honour.”

“That's quite an important role you have,” you say, “you must be a well respected and much-worshiped deity.” You can see Minoriko's pride swelling a bit more.

“Yeah, I am a pretty much universally loved person,” Minoriko says, clasping her hands together at her waist.

“A good harvest is an important thing after all. I'm quite well aware how important it is to have ample food for a people, how easily it can effect the well-being of a village, city, or even a nation,” you recite, the praise only serving to make Minoriko more and more pleased with herself, as you are planning. “Which is why you shouldn't discredit your sister's importance. You should support her, much like her purpose supports yours.”

“I suppose you're right,” Minoriko says, still beaming with pride, but obviously accepting of your words. “You know, I was just going to give you a basket of vegetables, but I have something a little better for you,” she says, and reaches up to her hat, plucking off one of the grapes. “Eat this,” she instructs you, and you comply, taking the grape and putting it in your mouth. It is surprisingly flavourful and juicy, despite having come from her hat, no doubt remains that she is truly a Goddess as well. As you eat the grape, Minoriko reaches into a pouch on her apron and removes her hand in a fist. “Here,” she says, holding her hand towards you. You open one of yours to accept what she has, and she pours several seeds into your hand.

“Just seeds?” you ask.

“Not quite 'just seeds',” Minoriko says, dropping the last of them into your hand. “with my blessing passed to you through the grape, these seeds will grow into exceptional plants very quickly, and the fruits and vegetables produced will themselves will carry a diluted form of the blessing in their seeds. You could grow quite a lot of food quickly, and it will all be very high quality. You can plant them whenever you want, my blessing lasts until winter.”

“Thank you for your blessing,” you say, bowing slightly.

“Think nothing of it!” Minoriko says, stepping back inside. “Take care now!” With that, she closes the door. You place the seeds into one of your own pockets, and head back around the house to say goodbye to Shizuha as well, though you find her standing just around the corner, out of sight from the front of the house. She seems particularly happy as well.

“That was a nice thing you said,” she says.

“It's the truth,” you respond.

“I never thought of it how you said it though. I was always trying to make the case that the beauty of the turning leaves was worth it, and that it was the beauty of autumn that made it important,” she says.

“I hope you do your part to assist your sister,” you say, “you two are halves of a greater whole.”

“Thank you,” Shizuha responds quietly, “and now I have something I can hold over her head if she ever tries to get condescending with me,” she continues with a small grin.

“Take care, Goddess Shizuha,” you say, bowing slightly to her too before continuing on your way. Quite an important discovery, two Goddesses of autumn, and the Harvest Goddess as well. They could be very important allies in the future, the groundwork for which was already laid through your flattery and simple wisdom. If all the Gods of the land turn out to be so simple to appease, you could very well take control of this land with very little effort. It would take a lot of careful work, however, as no doubt making even one God an enemy would likely provide an insurmountable obstacle. You can rule over men, and you may yet rule over monsters, but you very much doubt your ability to challenge the very Gods.

You return to your camp, as you had left it. The day is slipping into evening, and you will only have a few more hours of sunlight before night falls. You clear out a small spot of land and till the soil with your dagger, planting a few of the seeds, holding the rest for a later time. You consider building a fire and simply relaxing for the rest of the day, so that you will be rested for the morning and can dedicate the day to exploring more of the land around you, though you may still yet find something with the remaining daylight.

[] No harm in exploring a little more today.
[] Stay at camp for the night...
-[] It's getting chilly.
-[] The wind is picking up.
-[] Rainclouds seem to be gathering.
-[] A fog is setting in.



I kind of regret not taking the chance to try to rewrite a bit more of the intro before posting. I lowered the number of spectators in the arena and changed a line, but I didn't really add anything. The main thing I was intending to add was a short exchange where Khanon (yeah, I like that name) commented about how many men were deserting the southern lands, peasants, military and even a few nobles, and coming to his kingdom so that they don't suffer in the apparently impending overrun of their land. This was to show that there were quite a number of people coming in from the land, and make it easier to assume that there is a fairly large number of potential agents among the people coming in that simply posed as refugees, to infiltrate the society at all levels.

Of course, people can still get what happened regardless, but I feel it could have been made clearer just how truly ingrained the subversion agents were.
No. 133800
[x] Stay at camp for the night...
-[x] It's getting chilly

I hope and pray this is simply an effect on the environment, and not a chance meeting with Cirno.

>you very much doubt your ability to challenge the very Gods
Not with that attitude!
No. 133802
[x] Stay at camp for the night...
-[x] Rainclouds seem to be gathering.

Even if they are blessed seeds, a little rain should help them grow.
No. 133803
[x] Stay at camp for the night...
-[x] Rainclouds seem to be gathering.
No. 133804
[] Stay at camp for the night...
-[] A fog is setting in.

I like the fog.

Also, am I the only one who half-expects a chance for Ascension in this story? It seems like we might end up gaining some small measure of divinity.
No. 133805
[x] Stay at camp for the night...
-[x] A fog is setting in.
How ominous.
No. 133806
No suddeny hax upgrade to Joe again. It would be challenging for him to stay human, maybe get stronger, but not to the point that he can beat everyone single handed. He has his people for such things.
It would be more amusing to see him conquer everything with his mind, tricks, lies, promises and other things.
No. 133807
File 129609732754.png - (386.88KB , 800x600 , gil.png ) [iqdb]
I like the sound of that.
No. 133808
Because the Akis can beat everyone singlehandedly, right?

Just because he gains divinity doesn't mean he suddenly becomes ultra-powerful. This is Gensokyo, after all. It might even just involve a shifting of his goals or even be purely thematic.
No. 133810
You know they might make nice wife material. Gaining access to divine hearts is more of a feat than conquering land. Who knows maybe the resulting kids would have some kind of cool power as a result.
No. 133811
>Gaining access to divine hearts is more of a feat than conquering land.
Not if the reactions shown to our smooth-talking is indicative. Besides, MC/Khanon would never be satisfied merely wooing all of Gensokyo under his thumb. He would swiftly grow bored again.
No. 133813
I'm not saying he'll totally conquer Gensokyo in that manner, but it'd be a part of it. And I'd think on some level Minoriko and Shizuha would like a title of "Life giving Queen"
No. 133814
Needs a tie-breaker.
No. 133815
[x] Stay at camp for the night...
-[x] Rainclouds seem to be gathering.
No. 133816
Alright. If I don't get to the update tonight, I will tomorrow.
No. 133818
File 129611590565.jpg - (39.64KB , 465x317 , ngbbs47d6f01389ddc.jpg ) [iqdb]
King CYOA?
King CYOA.

Too bad the idea of establishing a eternal rule over Gensokyo is virtually impossible due to the fact that we lack power or soul stealing abilities. If we had those then if we took down one of the big two we could take their place and establish a strong permanent rule.

But if we manage that anyway, I say take down the great border, only to find out that 50 years have passed and the people who assassinated us are in control
No. 133819
We already know it's been way longer than 50 years, dude. Kanako's shrine is here.
No. 133820
You seem to be assuming something here that shouldn't be assumed.
No. 133823
Canon? You've got it backwards. Canon should be assumed until proven otherwise.
No. 133829
You forget that they were taken out by rubble when part of the castle was teleported/gapped to Gensokyo.
No. 133853
>Too bad the idea of establishing a eternal rule over Gensokyo is virtually impossible due to the fact that we lack power or soul stealing abilities.

This is the land of virtually impossible things. Conanon was able to accrue substantial magical power in the Outside; he should be able to do so here. Hell, he could even become a war deity or a personification of armed combat.

>If we had those then if we took down one of the big two we could take their place and establish a strong permanent rule.

I don't think the Woman in Purple is going to get in the way so long as the whole of Gensokyo isn't actually threatened. She brought him to Gensokyo knowing what he was.

The Hakurei are a different story. We might be able to cut some kind of deal on the basis that we're human and so outside of her jurisdiction.
No. 133854
The prologue seems to suggest that Khanon was in the far past, though. Magical ability would not be hard to acquire in such a place, so it holds no sway on any assumed prowess of his. If anything, he should be able to use his magic easier in Gensokyo.

Depending on our attitude, Reimu might be willing to let us do our thing. After all, it lessens her workload if we are slaughtering youkai.
No. 133855
Sounded like alternate universe to me.
No. 133926
I am not talking of canon at all, I'm just saying that you shouldn't assume that khanon is even from the "normal" outside world. For all we know he could be from some completely other "universe". (Or whatever you'd want to call that.) Making the entire point of connecting Kanako's shrine to any events khanon is aware of completely moot.
No. 133991

Exactly. It's Gensokyo bitches, it don't gotta make sense.
No. 134016
[x] Stay at camp for the night...
-[x] Rainclouds seem to be gathering.

You doubt you could cover all that much ground with the remaining daylight, and you'd rather not be limited to only what you can explore by the riverside. You're not yet familiar enough with the land, so you'd rather camp for the night and take the morning to search your surroundings a bit more. As you go about starting your fire for the night, you note that the sky seems to be preparing for rain. All the more reason to stay in your camp. The trees around your little clearing provide some measure of cover with their canopies, and your shelter should hold off the rest from your body, with your fire keeping you dry and warm. With your fire lit, you venture back to the site where you arrived to collect some more wood from the ruined tables, along with some more cloth. The fallen banner would serve well enough as a blanket, along with the tablecloths, and even the envoy-assassin's robes are collected. You haul some more wood back to your camp, using a tablecloth to carry it, and find yourself arriving at the same time as another. A young blonde woman in a pointed hat, wearing a black-and-white dress, lowering from the sky, apparently on a broom. Witches exist here too?

“Hey, what's going on here?” she asks, dropping to her feet from her broom, collecting it from the air.

“Making camp for the night,” you state, dropping your collection of wood near the pile of collected earlier. The witch looks over the camp, lingering on your blades near the shelter for a moment, before returning to you.

“Never saw this around here before. Guessing you came here from another world, yeah?” she asks. It's beginning to seem that it's a fairly normal thing for people to arrive in this land from other worlds.

“Indeed,” you reply, rolling the scrap wood out of the cloth and proceeding to your shelter, where you lay out some of the better pieces to serve as bedding and cover.

“You seem different than the usual type that end up here, that's for sure,” the witch says, approaching your shelter with curiosity.

“How so?” you ask, standing and turning to the girl. She doesn't seem too imposed by the fact that you stand a head and a half over her.

“Most people wear more modern looking clothes and often carry outside technology, and that's just the ones that are lucky enough to find a friendly settlement before they run into Youkai,” the witch explains, “not too many build camps in the wild..”

“I'm not a typical outsider,” you state with a smug grin, “I was ignorant of what lived in these lands when I first found myself here, but I've learned to be wary of what are called Youkai, and I look forward to my next encounter with one.” The witch returns a confused smile.

“Oh yeah? You sure you have what it takes to stand toe to toe with one?” she asks, sounding skeptical. You step away, heading to the riverside with a curious witch in tow. You collect a fair sized stone from the bank, and turn to a tree about the width of a man. Focusing your power into your hand, you gather magical energy to the stone and reel back for a throw. You release the stone with a magical burst, and the magically propelled rock impacts the side of the tree with enough force to blast a divot out of the wood three times the size of the stone. The entire tree shudders from the force of the blow, and you turn to the witch with confidence that your display would convince her that you are capable of handling yourself. However, she seems less impressed than you'd have imagined, though she seems to appreciate it.

“This is the kind of power I can wield,” you state.

“That's pretty good for an outsider, I'll have to admit. You could definitely put down some youkai with something like that, if only because they'd never expect it. But if we're talking about pure destructive power...” the witch says, turning away and retrieving a small wooden box from a pocket of her dress. After a short incantation, she points the device downstream, into the air past the canopy, and unleashes a brilliant beam of light that instantly cuts through all in it's path and lights up the darkening evening sky. Such power you haven't even seen among the wizards and witches of your lands, and with this you have a moments doubt about your ability to survive here. A weakness you quickly overcome. You may not be able to yet, but new comrades can, and you will no doubt need to seek the assistance of this witch. The bea fades rapidly, and a near perfect circle remains, showing the path the beam had gone. Even the clouds that had gathered in the distance had been parted by the light.

“Is such power commonplace here?” you ask, and the witch chuckles slightly as she pockets her magical device.

“Not really, it's kind of a pride point of mine. Destruction magic is my specialty, something no one else can beat me at, and I put it to good use in the extermination of youkai,” she boasts, and rightfully so.

“Then it seems we share a purpose,” you say, “if there is a place for routine hunting of the youkai. I'm glad that I had the good fortune to meet someone of your power so early.” The witch laughs a bit at the flattery. “Might I ask your name?”

“Marisa Kirisame,” the witch replies, “and yeah, I guess you were pretty lucky. I only spotted this place because of the fire. I almost didn't come out this way today either,” she says.

“Hunting?” you ask.

“Oh, no. I was coming out to visit a friend who lives on the mountain,” Marisa says.

“Humans live out here?” you ask in turn. Marisa shakes her head.

“A youkai, actually. A kappa. I was going to stop in and visit for a while,” she says.

“A youkai hunter befriending youkai? That sounds a little unusual,” you comment. Marisa shrugs.

“It's not, really. Kappa as a whole are friendly towards humans, and there are some youkai among the rest that are individually friendly too. Pretty much everything else is trouble, though,” she says.

“I suppose I still have more to learn about the locals, though I've only been here a day now,” you say.

“You'll get the hang of it, especially since the dangerous ones will probably find you here too and try to attack,” Marisa admits.

“I shall try to be prepared at all times then,” you say, as you feel a drop of water hit your shoulder. The rain has started. “You should probably get going before the rain starts in earnest.”

“Yeah, good idea,” Marisa agrees, leaping into the air and pulling her broom underneath her legs to go airborne. “I suppose I'll see you around!” she says as she flies off into the air again before darting off upstream. You head back to your camp and get settled in. The rain is fairly light, your fire and shelter do their jobs at keeping you warm and dry, and you fall asleep as night sets in.


You wake to darkness still. Your fire has long been burnt out, and a quick scan of the sky reveals the sky lightening in the distance, beyond the mountains. You leave your shelter, find a spot nearby to do your business, and then head down to the river for a drink of water. You return to your camp as your hunger rises, and stop at your shelter to gather your equipment while considering your options.

[] You will wait for daybreak before setting out to hunt.
[] You can still hunt without the sunlight.


[] Explore downstream.
[] Explore upstream.
[] Explore away from the river.


And of course my usual strange definition of 'tomorrow' holds true. Weekends have a way of springing things on me.

Also, I'd like to confirm that Khanon isn't from historical periods of Earth and shouldn't be thought of in that way. He's from a semi-generic fantasy world setting, much like the character classes from Second Project were amalgamations of various sources.

Also, I think eventually I'm going to have to get Khanon an actual name, since I don't know if I can avoid going the entire story without having anyone call him by a name.
No. 134019
[] You can still hunt without the sunlight.

Youkai huntan tiem.

[] Explore upstream.

Marisa and the friendly Youkai seem like a fantastic start to learn more, gain more personal power and allies.

I think there's a strong chance of gaining something - knowledge, directions to knowledge, actual help - from Marisa and in the immediate future, destructive capacity opens the most doors. Creative destruction is of course much more efficient than BEAMSPAM, but it's harder to quantify.

Plus she is the first human Khanon has met in this land, and anything a human can achieve, Khanon can surpass.
No. 134020
[x] You will wait for daybreak before setting out to hunt.
[x] Explore away from the river.

Upstream is Hina, and downstream is Akis. We haven't been away yet. It should be safe enough with daylight.
No. 134023
[x] You will wait for daybreak before setting out to hunt.
[x] Explore upstream.
Sunlight is always good.
And let's go up the mountain.
No. 134024
[x] You can still hunt without the sunlight.
[x] Explore upstream.

>anything a human can achieve, Khanon can surpass.

Fuck yeah. There is no possible way I can agree with you more.
No. 134025
[X] You can still hunt without the sunlight.
[X] Explore upstream.
No. 134027
> anything a human can achieve, Khanon can surpass.

If what you're saying is true, then we'll eventually be able to obtain a more powerful version of Reimu's Spirit Sign: Fantasy Heaven, and that's one of the most hax of spell cards.

So what should we name it?
No. 134028
Don't be silly. Even though Khanon will eventually end up as lord of all, he will never learn miko techniques, as that would require actually, you know, being a shrine maiden.
No. 134030
File 12966430385.jpg - (675.31KB , 1000x1150 , 11772813.jpg ) [iqdb]
Moonbitch knows miko techniques and she's the leader of the Lunar army.
No. 134031
Shes Moonbitch. It's practically expected that she knows every technique in the book. She doesn't count.
No. 134032
Wait a minute. I see where this story is going. Yukari is going to notice us gathering an army and trick us into attacking the moon.

Joke's on her, we're gonna win that fight.
No. 134034
We're going to PUNCH OUT THE MOON.
No. 134039
Hunting time is tied.
No. 134042
[X] You can still hunt without the sunlight.
[X] Explore upstream.

Tie broken.
No. 134043
Right then, I'll get on this later. I've a snowstorm to clean up after.
No. 134048
File 129669176048.jpg - (44.15KB , 450x338 , 1290245657721.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 134049

Northern North America has been getting hit by snow constantly for the past month. Here in CT some department stores are being forced to shut down until their roofs can be cleared from all the fucking snow.

Assuming mode lives in NA.
No. 134050

Southern Ontario. The snow here is almost knee deep in some parts right now. It's pretty much been a blizzard all last night and this morning, pretty much up until the evening today.
No. 134053
Montreal here. Still snowing. 20 cm of snowfall my ass.
No. 134554
[x] You can still hunt without the sunlight.
[x] Explore upstream.

You shouldn't have any problems hunting just because the sun hasn't risen yet. Gathering your blades and your makeshift spear, you set out into the pre-dawn darkness away from the river's edge. You move slowly, making an effort not to spook any animals that might be around. It doesn't take too long for you to come across another rabbit, larger than the one you caught yesterday. You see it moving quickly through the forest, and prepare your spear for a throw. You never make the toss, though, as just when you start to line up your shot, something speeds past your view and snatches up the rabbit before bounding off into the trees. You could only make out a human-like shape for the brief moment it stopped to grab the animal before it jumped away again. Had to have been a youkai, similar to the ones you met when you first arrived. If they're hunting so close by, then you must be very close to where they live. The thought is both exciting and slightly troubling. You will need to be more cautious in the future and hope you don't draw too much unwanted attention or be caught off guard.

You withdraw even slower than you had approached, cautious that there might be more youkai around. With the speed they seem to be able to move, you wouldn't have any time to react to an ambush from a distance. You move further upstream, seeking more game. You come across another rabbit, and act quicker this time around, launching your spear with some magical force to pierce the animal. With your kill in hand, you make your way back to your camp and prepare your breakfast as the sun finally peaks over the mountains in the distance, clearly visible through the perfectly circular hole made through the canopy by the witch Marisa.

With your meal down, you wrap some more of the meat up in some scrap cloth and take it with you. You leave your spear behind and leave the camp, ready to make use of the daylight to see more of your new world. Being at the foot of a mountain, populated by deities and friendly youkai, you find yourself more curious in the inhabitants of this mountain. You've lived among men your entire life, fighting both your fellow man and the various monster races of your homelands, why not take a chance to get along with the monsters this time around? Especially if they're open to human contact.

You head upstream, coming across Hina's house, and pass it by. You find a path that runs close to the river, apparently there is a small dirt road on this mountain, and you wonder if it connects to the dirt road past the Aki's further down. However, since it leads away from the river, you'll leave the following of this road for your return trip. For now, you're a little glad to have a more level footpath to take instead of hiking through the rough. Eventually you hear the sound of rushing water quite loudly, and note that there seems to be a light fog in the air. You see a waterfall ahead, and the trees run almost right up to the cliff face. The road diverges away from the river finally, running along the cliff face. There's no telling how far it goes before it reaches a place where it begins to ascend again, though you have the entire day ahead of you. You barely make a few steps before a woman drops down in front of you with a thud. Your hand instinctively reaches for the hilt of your sword as the woman begins to speak in an unknown language. You curse yourself for forgetting again and hastily cast your spell to comprehend languages, but you're too late. The woman is silent by the time you're ready.

“Forgive me, I don't speak your language, I have to rely on magic to communicate. What was it you had said?” you ask. The woman sighs, and you take a moment to note her white hair and what appear to be some kind of dog ears.

“I told you to turn around and leave, this isn't a place for humans to be running around,” she says, looking down at the blades at your waist. “Not too often humans come here armed, either. You looking for trouble?” she asks.

“I'm just ensuring my own safety,” you say, removing your hand. “I wanted to go up the mountain and see if I could meet some youkai.”

“Humans are not allowed up the mountain,” the woman says sharply.

“Then what about a human I met last night, a witch named Marisa? She came up this direction saying she was visiting a friend,” you comment. This seems to make the woman quite annoyed.

“There are always stupid, arrogant humans that think they can do whatever they want. She is no different, and if I ever should manage to catch her, I will make her regret all the times she blew past me laughing,” the woman practically growls, as she reaches behind her back and retrieves a small shield and a rather large sword, with a wide and long curved blade. You draw your own weapon in response to the threat. “You, however, have no chance to pass. Turn away now, or I will remove you from the mountain.”

[] “I welcome your attempt.”
[] “Very well, I will leave.”


Been focusing too much on my THP-unrelated writing as of late, I kind of temporarily forgot that none of it was the stuff I was posting up here.

I'm going to try to get myself into a pattern of updating during the weekdays and taking weekends to piss around. Of course, it's already Thursday, so I'm kind of late starting on this plan. Doesn't help that, yet again, I've been hit with a few more new ideas for Touhou related stories.
No. 134555
[x] “I welcome your attempt.”

She doesn't intend to kill us. Why not?

I'd make a write-in asking about the shrine on top of the mountain, but... effort.
No. 134556
[x] “I welcome your attempt.”

Momiji will be a strong opponent to test ourselves with. One of the few touhous to fight with mortal weapons. Indeed, there is not a better challenge we could ask for.
No. 134557
[] Say your going to visit the shrine on the mountain
-[] If that fails tell her your an outsider and ask where human settlements are

A bit of a long shot(from khanons perspective) but shrines need folowers afterall. If that dosn't work we can at least find a (the) human village.
No. 134560
[X] “I welcome your attempt.”
- [X] "I have pressing business at the shrine, and I do not appreciate having my path hindered."

A test of skill would be most welcome.

Also, why do I have this sneaking suspicion that whatever that creature was from earlier wasn't hunting the rabbit, but rescuing it?
No. 134561
[x] “I welcome your attempt.”

Momiji is low tier. It might be time to look how far his current skills will get him in Gensokyo. It seems to be not lethal at the moment so might as well learn something new or make a new friend. Who knows who might be watching, it is always good to make yourself a name around here.

If his plan is to get an army, it seems he is at the right place. But that is far ahead in the future.
No. 134562
[x] “I welcome your attempt.”

How do we match up? Let's test ourselves against her blade.
No. 134571
[] “I welcome your attempt.”

Hooray, updates!
No. 134572
[x] “I welcome your attempt.”

You don't back down, rather you get even more prepared for impending battle. She's using a sword and shield style you don't recognize from her stance, but that doesn't bother you. You raise your empty hand in front of you in a similar manner to holding a shield and summon a nearly invisible magical shield silently.

“You may try to remove me,” you say as you feel the magical shield manifesting. The woman scowls and raises her own shield.

“Arrogant humans,” she spits, before launching into an attack quickly. She rushes forward with a swing that you easily meet with your force shield, but you find yourself stumbling backwards from the blow, a fact that catches you off guard. During your brief opening, the woman prepares another swing, and it's all you can do to get your arm between your body and her blade. The second impact knocks you down, leaving you to scrabble to your feet quickly. Your magic shield was supposed to absorb much of the shock from being struck, the fact that you have been knocked around by a few guarded blows attests to the strength this woman too wields. You wear a pleased grin as you catch another strike of her sword with your magic, having prepared and braced for it this time, you arm is simply knocked in the direction of the swing, allowing you a chance to strike. With a quick thrust forward, your blade is stopped by the woman's shield, angled so as to deflect the attack rather than stop it.

With your attack turned, in the brief second before you begin to withdraw, she swings her shield out and slams your weapon hand, driving you back and once again knocking you off balance before bringing her sword overhead. You raise your own shield and barely manage to meet the attack, the force of which knocks you to the ground again. You roll aside instantly as a second attack buries the woman's blade into the dirt. You're on your feet by the time she's recovered her sword, and your smile has grown wider. You've never been so completely overpowered before. Even the strongest of men could only manage to force a deadlock, but they always tired in the end. This woman, she can send you to the ground so easily, and you don't know what limits youkai could have in physical combat.

“You starting to regret your arrogance yet, human?” the woman asks, adjusting her grip on her shield. You can't stop a short laugh from escaping.

“Hardly. I'm enjoying myself quite a bit. It's been far too long since I've had a decent fight, and to think that I'm being given such a battle by a cute young woman,” you state. The woman shows some surprise for a moment, but then closes again to attack. You adjust your strategy by angling your shield and ducking into the swing, deflecting the blow overhead. With the opening created, you drive your blade forward and manage to scrape the point across the hem of her shirt before she escapes your range. Surprise shows again in her face.

“I can see that you're familiar with battle,” she says, with a slight smirk, “which is just as well. I haven't had quite a good match in some time either.” You smirk yourself, as you've yet to fight with all your potential. As it is, you're simply testing your own strength against hers, though with her speed and strength, perhaps you could afford to expand beyond your own personal might. The woman approaches to attack again, and she finds herself staring down a fireball as she approaches. A swat of her shield disperses the flames in a burst, though the action leaves her open as you had moved in behind the flames, thrusting your sword forward again. She dodges the blade once more, and strikes your sword away with her shield before attempting to slam it into your head, but that move works against her when you charge your weight into her shield, stopping her attack with your body and grasping her shield arm with your own. You cough slightly as a result of the impact. Your torso throbs in pain from the impact of the shield, though you'd rather your chest take a blow than your head. The shock on the woman's face is worth the risk you took taking the hit, and she quickly manages to shake you off with her own strength. You avoid her follow up attack and leave her range with a grin. You feel you might have a chance at winning if you can manage some more surprises like that. You've yet to land a blow on her, even after having the perfect chance to make one but a second ago. You have to remind yourself that she isn't a human. She won't be killed by a wound that would be fatal for a man.

The dog-eared woman holds her ground, not making an attack for a while now. She must be getting more cautious as you show her that you are indeed quite familiar with battle. You still have an option available aside from your typical magic and skill that could turn the tables more in your favour, though you've never needed it before against men. You begin to decide which direction to take the battle from here.

[] Pull out all the stops. You will test out your fullest potential.
[] You may yet win as it is. With clever use of your skill and magic.
[] You simply wished to test your strength, so you will back down.
No. 134573
[x] You simply wished to test your strength, so you will back down.
No. 134575
[] Pull out all the stops. You will test out your fullest potential.

Didn't really want to do this against a simple patrol guard, but it may have it's positive side. She will definetly spread the word if she loses, and this may benefit Khanon and even attract some potential allies.

Plus, we get ot know what his full strenght is like. We can't go on picking fights without knowing if we can win or if we will die.
No. 134576
Also, two updates for the same story in one single day? I am happy as fuck.
No. 134577

If there are enough votes, I'll update again too. I've finished up another small idea for my idea thread >>/gensokyo/6388, and after a short break, I'm going to update Gensou Coil and Devilish Library, then see how this is doing vote-wise.

Also, as a bit of a forewarning, This particular vote is probably more important than you might think. Choose carefully and consider the options results.
No. 134578
I assume that to mean we are determining mentality in our dealings? In that case, let me just re-vote right quick.

[x] Pull out all the stops. You will test out your fullest potential.
No. 134580
[x] You simply wished to test your strength, so you will back down.

Do not want to make enemies of the tengu.
No. 134581
[] Pull out all the stops. You will test out your fullest potential.
No. 134582
[x] You simply wished to test your strength, so you will back down.

It's best not to go too far and provoke a massive Tengu counter attack. Mode warned us for good reason.
No. 134583
[x] You simply wished to test your strength, so you will back down.

Do not want the Tengu to consider us a threat just yet.
No. 134584
I'm going to call the votes here. I'll be writing again in 10 minutes, after I eat.
No. 134585
>Mode warned us for good reason.

Eh, no. He just said that this choice is important, not that X option is bad. Stop being apranoid.

I think they would be more curious than feel threathned.

Also, something very interessing that we should consider: Khanon is a great Warlord, while the Tengu are born warriors and, as a whole, are a militaristic people. Impressing them with signs of strenght ought to start a good relatioinship between the two.
No. 134586
[x] Pull out all the stops. You will test out your fullest potential.
No. 134587
[x] Pull out all the stops. You will test out your fullest potential.
No. 134588
[x] You may yet win as it is. With clever use of your skill and magic.
Damn, i came too late. But i sitll wish to vote even if it does not count.

Pull out all the stops sounds dangerous. There might be a reason he never used it before, so it could turn him crazy or make him go into the wrong path. It should be used as a last resort weapon, when shit hits the fan and it is either death or survival.

And i don't want Momiji to die because he can't hold back.
No. 134590
Not if someone ends up killed, and a mere human doing so would no doubt provoke an attack that Khanon can't hope to survive. It's pointless to kill during a rather friendly spar.
No. 134592
[x] You simply wished to test your strength, so you will back down.

This was a good test of what to expect. Even with your magic, you're just barely a match for a single woman.

“Tell me, woman, are there others stronger than you?” you ask, maintaining your guard. The woman doesn't drop hers either.

“I'm just a patrol, but it's my duty to keep humans off the mountain,” she declares, “my superiors are by far stronger, but I'm one of the best guardswomen of my clan.” You grin, content with that knowledge, and lower your sword.

“Then this was good. I have an idea how I can measure up to youkai,” you state. The woman drops her guard slightly as well in response to your actions. “You're a strong fighter, though that weapon of yours leaves you at a disadvantage in very close range.” The woman chuckles slightly, looking down at her weapon.

“I thought you had me when you caught my shield,” she comments, “why didn't you take the opportunity to gut me?”

“I was still stunned by the blow,” you say, your chest still throbbing in pain from the impact, “though it was more to see how you would react, and gauge how my own strength measured to yours directly. If I held your arm, I'd know that I could consider myself equal in strength, but I know now that youkai are indeed stronger, but not necessarily better at fighting than I am.”

“I'll take that as a compliment,” she says, finally lowering her shield and dropping all pretense of battle, “and I apologize for thinking your arrogance was misplaced. I've not seen many humans that could actually stand in battle against even a youkai of moderate strength and come out unscathed.”

“There are not many men like me, my lady,” you say, to which the woman seems a little put off.

“My name is Momiji, just so you know,” she says.

“Very well then, Momiji. You've done well to protect your lands. I will take my leave then,” you say, sheathing your sword and turning away.

“Actually, hold on a second,” Momiji calls to you, “where were you planning on going up the mountain?” You turn back to face her.

“I was simply going to take a look around and familiarize myself with this place, see if I could learn more about the people and youkai that live in this land,” you explain. You only now notice the tail hanging behind Momiji, white as well to compliment her hair and ears.

“Well then, I believe I could accompany you on your visit to the Mountain,” she says, slinging her shield to her back and sheathing her sword as well, “consider it a military escort.”

“Change your mind about chasing me off now?” you ask with a smirk.

“I chase off humans because they're usually weak, and the youkai of the mountain would be likely to attack and humans they see walking around lost. In this case though, I think you'd be able to manage yourself just fine in such a case,” Momiji says, “though to prevent that, I'm going to be with you. You won't be attacked if one of the Mountain Watch was accompanying you.”

“Is it that much of a problem if some of the natives decide to try their might?” you ask, and Momiji takes on a serious expression.

“There is a thin peace between humans and youkai. If a human was seen on the mountain, attacking non-military personnel, there would be a commotion. It would no doubt increase the number of youkai attacks on humans, and that might lead to full out battles. The same may happen if you were killed and your body dumped off the mountain. By keeping humans off the mountain, I am in fact protecting the peace of the land for everyone,” Momiji explains, “that is why I am going to accompany you, so that nothing happens to disturb this.”

“I see,” you respond, finding yourself thinking over the situation. You're very familiar with the idea of a fragile peace, and you truly understand the importance of balancing relations in such a way. You set this matter aside for now though, you will contemplate it later. “Then, let us go...”

[] To the Shrine.
[] To the Kappa.
[] To Momiji's Clan.


Okay, maybe more than 10 minutes.


Dangerous, yes, for the opponent. The reason it was never needed before was because he was always as strong as, or stronger, than the men he fought most often. Even the monster races (being goblins, orcs, etc. Standard fantasy fare) he fought weren't all that different, but youkai are on an entirely different level.

Spoilers for the 'last option', in case you want it's potential for use later on to be a surprise.

It's an enhancement magic that greatly increases his strength to superhuman levels, which would actually make him capable of physically overpowering a youkai like Momiji.
No. 134596
[x] To Momiji's Clan.

I am disheartened that we didn't throttle her into the ground, but I guess this is fine too.

>might lead to full out battles
Maybe we will just have to murder some poor chap and dump him down the river to spark that war we desire. Than again, that would place us on the humans' side.
No. 134598
[X] To the Kappa.

Time to meet someone who Marisa might consider a friend. Hooray Nitori!
No. 134601
[x] To Momiji's Clan.

I want to see some Aya. Is that too much to ask for?
No. 134607
[x] To Momiji's Clan.

I am positive surprised at this outcome. It was better than i imagined.
He showed that he is capable and found a possible new ally who will show him to her clan where he can make other new allies.
>Than again, that would place us on the humans' side.
Not necessary. If he staged the whole thing he can use it to his advantage and start a war and rise up high on the youkai side.
No. 134611
[x] To the Shrine.

I wonder how he'd react to an actually war goddess?
No. 134613
[x] To the Shrine.

We're going to pass up meeting Kanako? I guess we can meet her later...
No. 134615
[x] To Momiji's Clan.

Good stuff. I'm glad we avoided a massacre.
No. 134616
[X] To the Shrine.
No. 134617
Calling the votes again.
No. 134619

No. 134637
Christ almighty I can't even read that fast
No. 134645

Seconding. I pull it up this morning and find that not only have there been two updates since I last looked, but the vote for the next one is already called before I can vote.

(Since using emoticons on this board is forbidden, let it be known that I am indeed frowning with a great sadness of heart. Very intensely. One might even say Narmfully.)

Don't get me wrong, updating quickly is a good thing, but don't leave all of us behind.
No. 134646
Are you people actually complaining about fast updates? Have we entered into some bizarre retard land?
No. 134647
Normally I'd agree with you, but he's writing like. a ton of stories right now. I'd really like to see some of them get updated too.
No. 134651

It's not that we don't like fast updates. Inf act, we love them. It's just that we're out of shape and end up missimg some voting times.

Also, Voile needs more time with Flandre and Koakuma. However, if Mode feels like writing the chronicles of Gehngis Khanon instead, I will gladly read it without complain. Both stories are great and worthy of love~
No. 134653
So what you are saying is that he updates to fast for you and since you are missing out on voting, he should just stop, or go update something else. What kind of self-entitled schmuck are you?
No. 134656

Who said I'm complaining?
No. 134664
If updates are too fast, people'll drop it as they feel they'd be left out. It doesn't help that Mode's generally consistently slow before today.

And chances are, it'll be a while before he updates again with folks F5ing to no avail.
No. 134666
>If updates are too fast, people'll drop it as they feel they'd be left out.

This has got to be the stupidest thing I have ever heard. There's no way anyone could possibly be this stupid, right?
No. 134668
It happens as some people have better things to do than F5 a website of magical girl fanfiction all day. Some of us do have jobs that prevent us from F5ing all day.
No. 134670

I was working on the update for today when I got up, but I couldn't finish it before I had to leave for an appointment. I find that the only way to ensure that I maintain a decent update schedule is to not let myself break for too long, or else I'm prone to fall into 'Ah, I'll just do it in a little bit' for weeks.

I'm trying to maintain a much more active update routine, and unfortunately that just doesn't seem to work for some people. I'll try to leave a few hours in between updates so that people can have a chance to vote and express opinions, but I can only work around my own schedule.

Anyway, next update inbound. Hold onto your asses, ass-holders.
No. 134671
Even when Mode is updating at a rapid pace, there are still hours in-between his postings so your excuse is bullshit.

If you whine and complain about a single story being to fast-paced when it moves at the speed of a hustling glacier at its busiest, nobody will miss you when you fuck off.
No. 134672
I was referring to others, (>>134637 , >>134645 , even >>134646 , >>134651) having similar issues.

And folks do have things to worry about like sleep, work, bathing, you know things you don't seem to ever do, having no life out side if F5ing a website.
No. 134673
[x] To Momiji's Clan.

“... see this clan of yours,” you say. Momiji nods, turns aside, and then lifts up into the air, soaring upwards along the cliff. She only makes it a short distance before she turns back and returns, looking a little embarrassed.

“You can't fly, can you?” she asks. You shake your head.

“I never saw the need to learn such magic myself,” you reply. Momiji lands again, crossing her arms. “How far does this road go before it doubles back?”

“At least half an hours walk,” Momiji says, scratching her head, “though I could probably carry you up.”

“That's quite alright,” you reply, shaking your head, “I'm not about to ask a woman to carry me up a mountain. I will take the long path on foot.”

“Alright then,” Momiji says as you begin walking, and she starts off a step ahead of you. You walk a short distance in silence, though your curiosity starts getting the better of you regarding the purpose of her tail and ears.

“Forgive me if this is an unusual question, but what kind of youkai are you?” you ask. Momiji looks back at you over her shoulder in confusion for a second.

“You don't know already?” she asks. You shake your head.

“I only learned that these inhuman beings that live in this world are called youkai, and that there are a group of such on this mountain called the Kappa,” you say.

“I'm a Tengu, specifically a wolf tengu. We are a proud and strong race, doing our best to guard the mountain from threats, and as the largest coherent group of youkai in Gensokyo, we work to try to keep peace between all youkai and humans,” Momiji recounts. “We are one of the oldest races of Gensokyo, second only to the Oni, and our community on this mountain long predates human settlement. We've kept watch on these lands for hundreds of years.”

“Quite impressive to hold one land for so long,” you comment, “where I came from, only the larger kingdoms ever managed to hold particular lands for a long period of time, though in the end that didn't help them much.”

“It's much easier for youkai to populate an area for such a long time when our lives are naturally much longer than humans,” Momiji states off-handedly.

“Is that so? What's the average youkai life span?” you ask out of curiosity.

“I can't really say what is 'average' for all youkai. Some can exist so long as there is a reason for them to, but among the Tengu, it's not unusual for an individual to live for a thousand years,” Momiji answers. You're rather surprised by that answer, as the only creatures you knew to live so long were dragons and the occasional lucky elf.

“How long have you been alive?” you ask next, expecting another large number.

“Over three hundred years,” Momiji answers, looking back at you with a smile again. “So try to keep that in mind next time you want to call me a 'young woman'.”

“I'll do so” you comment. Despite her claim, she hardly looks any older than a young adult woman. You can't help but wonder more about their race if they have such long lives, how they mature over time. You withhold those questions for later, as you may yet get your answers upon reaching her people. Silence falls again as you two continue walking, and remains silent as you reach the turn in the path, where the dirt road leads up a steep embankment. While such a rise would be difficult to climb normally, the way is made of dirt rather than rock, and a path has been carved out and filled in with log steps, providing a staircase up. You ascend the stairs while Momiji simply skips them by flying, something you're beginning to assume could be a useful method of movement that you should try practicing sometime. The path at the top leads away from the cliff, and you continue on behind Momiji in silence. You're finding the walk fine, but Momiji keeps looking back at you and seems to be getting impatient.

“Is there a problem?” you ask.

“I could be back by now if I were traveling alone by air,” Momiji complains a bit, “I've never really had to walk back to the village from the base of the waterfall, can't you move a bit faster?”

[] “Perhaps it might be best if you carry me after all.”
[] “If you could share your secrets for flight, it would help.”
[] “You chose to accompany me knowing I was going on foot.”



Stop arguing please. From now on, I won't call votes quite so quickly, and that should ease the matter. I won't call votes until I actually start the next update, instead of calling it ahead of time and working on it later.
No. 134674
[x] “If you could share your secrets for flight, it would help.”
No. 134676
[x] “If you could share your secrets for flight, it would help.”

Let's learn something new.
No. 134677
[x] “If you could share your secrets for flight, it would help.”

No. 134679
[x] “You chose to accompany me knowing I was going on foot.”

Too late to start whining now Momiji.

Hey, don't drag it back up again. As evidenced by his proclivity to make baseless insults, its clear he is a complete retard. No need to bring that shitstorm back to the fore.
No. 134680
Eh. You're right. Deletan.
No. 134682
[x] “If you could share your secrets for flight, it would help.”

I doubt this will help but there is no harm in trying.
No. 134686
[] “If you could share your secrets for flight, it would help.”

No. 134688
[x] “If you could share your secrets for flight, it would help.”
No. 134689
[x] “If you could share your secrets for flight, it would help.

He should be able to grasp it.
No. 134694
[x] “Perhaps it might be best if you carry me after all.”

Carried by Momiji~
No. 134696
As the original poster of >>134645, I would like to point out that my statement was originally supposed to be wry, tongue-in-cheek humor, as evidenced by the blatant hyperbole and use of the word "narm." If I accidentally started a major shitstorm, I'd like to apologize.

[X] “If you could share your secrets for flight, it would help.”
No. 134713
[x] “If you could share your secrets for flight, it would help."

Would greatly help in surveying the geography.
No. 134813
[x] “If you could share your secrets for flight, it would help.”

If she's whining about him not moving fast enough, she should be prepared to solve that problem. Otherwise she shouldn't complain in the first place.
No. 134841
Ok EZMode, you don't have to take this long to update, you know.
No. 134842
He is not known for his regular schedule.
No. 134875
I was sick through the weekend until Tuesday, and now I'm trying to get back onto my regular sleep schedule so I'm not waking up at 2 am and going to sleep at noon.
No. 134895
Hope you get better (that is, get your sleeping patterns straightened out) soon.

We'll be waiting for your updates until then. But not a second longer! Nah, just kidding.
No. 134900

I'm back on my proper schedule now, so I'm already set. I'll be back to updating in afternoons (EST) by Monday.
No. 134934

No. 134937

No. 135052
And then of course I get nothing done.
No. 135067
File 129837726984.jpg - (69.90KB , 1280x720 , 1296354468841.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 135230
[x] “If you could share your secrets for flight, it would help.”

“If I could fly as well, we wouldn't need to be going by foot,” you say, “however, I don't have the necessary magic for that. Unless there is some kind of trick to it, then we'll have to proceed at this pace.”

“There's no real trick, really, it's just a natural thing,” Momiji says, floating off the ground, and instantly taking on a troubled expression. “Though... how do I explain it to an outsider...” She ponders for a few seconds, landing again. “You have magic, so maybe you could rely on your magical power to act in place of spiritual power...?”

“There's a difference between the two?” you ask.

“Uh, not really, I suppose,” Momiji replies, “it's mostly the difference between where the same power comes from. Though, you should try to will yourself to fly.”

“Will myself?” you ask, with slight disbelief, “Is it really that simple?” Momiji nods, and you take a moment to focus, and then begin to picture yourself lifting into the air. An invisible force simply lifting you up and carrying you along. You feel a slight tug, but nothing happens.

“Nothing?” Momiji asks.

“Nothing more than a slight pull,” you comment, “should I continue.”

“If that's the case, then you probably don't have enough magical power either,” Momiji sighs, “at the least then, could we move a bit faster?”

“As you wish,” you reply, and start walking again, picking up the pace until you enter a jog. Momiji keeps pace ahead of you easily.

“I didn't mean you had to run,” she says.

“I could use the exercise, even though this pace is trivial for me,” you reply, “as well, I am eager to meet your people.”

“We won't take too much longer then,” Momiji says, and the two of you continue on. The continued climb takes several more minutes, though eventually you reach a plateau, and you can see to tops of fairly ordinary looking houses built along the side of the mountain, with a rope bridge connecting two cliff faces. “Here we are,” Momiji says.

“I must admit, I was expecting more unusual looking buildings for a clan of youkai,” you state, stepping onto the bridge behind Momiji. You can see two more people ahead at the other end, watching you rather intently, as well as your weapons. Momiji greets them.

“I found this human wandering the mountain with intent to climb it,” she says as she approaches, “attempts to dissuade him failed, so I'm accompanying him on his travels.”

“So why bring him here?” one of the guards asks.

“He wished to meet the Tengu,” Momiji answers, “as well, he's an outsider. He doesn't have the same grudge that the natives do, and he's aware of the situation between our races.”

“Then I suppose we owe you welcome,” the other guard says, “though we'll be keeping an eye on you regardless.”

“Understandable,” you say, nodding. Your mind falls to your weapons on your belt, however. Should you wish, you could likely make a good impression on the guardsmen at the moment.

[] Hand over your weapons as a sign of goodwill.
[] You'll keep your blades. You can express goodwill otherwise.


Figures the site goes down the night I was going to post this.
No. 135232
[x] You'll keep your blades. You can express goodwill otherwise.

Handing our weapons over would garner the wrong sort of respect. We are a warrior as much as these tengu and they will simply have to respect that, considering we mean them no harm.
No. 135241
[x] You'll keep your blades. You can express goodwill otherwise.

They're confident that we can't do shit to them even with our weapons. They're right. Might as well keep them.
No. 135245
[x] You'll keep your blades. You can express goodwill otherwise.
No. 135268
[x] You'll keep your blades. You can express goodwill otherwise.

There are more than one ways to prove yourself. Handing out your weapon leaves you unable to defend yourself if something were to happen. I am not for using fights to get things done but rather to use wit and well spoken words to do it. Power comes after that.
No. 135270
[x] Hand over your weapons as a sign of goodwill.

I'd rather start things off on a reasonable note.
No. 135277
[] You'll keep your blades. You can express goodwill otherwise.

Like they would fear a human that can't even fly.
No. 135288
[x] You'll keep your blades. You can express goodwill otherwise.

I'm convinced.
No. 135299
It's about trust and I don't think the Tengu would be too quick to trust someone not wiling to trust them.
No. 135302
[x] You'll keep your blades. You can express goodwill otherwise.

In a world of crazy at-will superpowers, being 'unarmed' is not going to make you look very meek at all.
No. 135315
[X] You'll keep your blades. You can express goodwill otherwise.

Right now, neither of us knows whether or not we can fully trust the other. While an act of good faith could be a step towards solving that, leaving his weapons would also mean that he leaves himself at the mercy of a clan of which he has known only one person for less than half a day.
Trust is good and all, but I doubt they wouldn't understand his reasoning for being cautious.

Having said that, I really thing that the best outcome of this visit would be if we can show them that even if we have no reason to trust each other (yet), we mean them no ill and would prefer if we can give each other the benefit of the doubt for now and maybe build a more trusting relationship in the future.
No. 135343

[X] You'll keep your blades. You can express goodwill otherwise.

I find myself agreeing with this guy's wisdom.

I wouldn't press the issue if they start to insist with more than just words, but at the very least he should make it clear that he does not take having to surrender his weapons lightly.
No. 135351
Agreed. If they absolutely insist that he must leave them, we shouldn't fight with them too much. But hopefully it won't go THAT far.
No. 135362
[x] You'll keep your blades. You can express goodwill otherwise.
No. 135464
Wait, did I miss them actually demanding we lay down our weapons? As I understand this option is just a thought that crossed Khanon's mind.
I would be all in for complying if they actually demanded such, but neither I nor Khanon as I see him would be willing to just randomly hand over arms when making a visit.
No. 135508
They have made no demands (yet), it was a random though on his part.
And, as I said, I don't think he trusts them enough yet to just hand over his weapons. If they insist, yes, but not just because it might give them a good impression.

A random thought that struck me though, peace-bonding could be a good alternative.
(It basically means that you tie the blade to the scabbard with something conspicuous, like a brightly colored ribbon or string, making it obvious that even though you are carrying the weapon you can't draw it without first spending some time undoing the knot.)
He would make it clear that he has no hostile intentions, while still holding on to his weapon because he just doesn't like walking around completely "defenseless".
Sure, he has magic, but no one will know that until the shit has already hit the fan. Openly carrying a weapon implies that he knows how to use it and can defend himself if something were to happen.

Basically, peace-bonding the weapon would give the message "I trust that nothing will happen, but I am still prepared for the worst."
No. 136049
Well, it's been nearly 2 weeks now......
No. 136060
Patience, grasshopper.
No. 136260
Sorry, last week I'd lost track of the days. I was intending to hold a pattern of updating on Thursdays at the least, but when I reached this conclusion I realized it was almost midnight on Friday and had somehow not noticed the dates.

Pre-occupied Monday and Tuesday, power outage earlier today combined with spending the day sick in bed. The first day I'll be able to have to time to updates? Thursday, of course. I'm going to try to make it a regular thing from here on out, updating on Thursdays noon and evening for all my stories.
No. 136301
[x] You'll keep your blades. You can express goodwill otherwise.

While turning over your weapons would be a strong message of your wish for peace, Momiji's words earlier about accompanying you to prevent any attacks on you by other youkai still lingers in your mind. You'd rather keep your weapons as a deterrent and go about expressing your intent in other ways, at least until you can be assured of your own safety among these Tengu.

“Come on, I'm going to have to bring you to the town's Security Chief and inform her of your arrival for the sake of the rest of the village,” Momiji says, starting off past the guards. You follow along a few steps behind, turning your attention to one of the guards as you pass.

“Good day, sirs,” you say with a polite tone. The guard seems to hesitate for a moment.

“Good day to you too,” he replies, as you turn to the other guard, who nods at your passing. A short walk down a set of stairs carved from the stone of the mountain sees you arrive at the edge of a street beaten into the ground. From this point you realize you hadn't noticed the existence of structures carved from the mountain itself, along with the buildings that cover most of the rest of available land. There are a number of locals walking around with animal ears and tails of various colours. Momiji walks ahead as you look around a bit at the surroundings. You find yourself being met with suspicious glances from the locals. You spot a child run to hide behind her mother as you approach, and the green haired woman eyes you closely with her red eyes as you pass. It's quite clear that these people indeed have no love for your kind. You eventually even stop looking at the people as you pass, as you're beginning to find the open hostility and distaste in their eyes unnerving. You find yourself catching up to Momiji's pace in order to stay closer to her, in hopes that it will at least alleviate some of the attention you're getting.

“We're going in here,” Momiji says, turning her head back to you as she indicates a door ahead in the cliff face. You nod in agreement as the two of you approach. Another guard at the door eyes you, and Momiji explains the situation. You bid the guard good day as you pass once more, and enter the door behind Momiji. The place instantly strikes you as a barracks, which isn't surprising if it's supposed to be used by the local guards. You find yourself under scrutiny again as Momiji leads you through the middle of the entrance room, towards a well-lit hallway. Once you enter the narrow passage, you decide to take a moment to speak.

“I see how many of your people are truly troubled by my presence,” you say quietly. Momiji sighs a bit.

“This is how things are between humans and youkai. It's why I must be with you at all times. The guards at the bridge would have been the least of your worries, at least they'd make an attempt to subdue you rather than outright kill you,” Momiji states. “I hope that your tour of the village will help you better understand the delicate balance we have right now.”

“I'd like to do more than that, honestly,” you reply, “I'd prefer to find a way to strengthen this balance, if possible.” Momiji is silent for a few seconds.

“I would like for there to be assured peace, for once,” she says, before the two of you exit the other end of the hallway into a chamber. You see an armoured woman standing by with a pair of guards, seemingly in conversation. She has similar white hair as Momiji, though she also appears much older in comparison. The woman looks aside at Momiji as the two of you approach, turning her attention to you afterwards. For the first time since you've arrived, you're greeted with a welcoming face.

“This is the human you were bringing in, I assume?” the woman asks, keeping her eyes on you as she dismisses the guards she was talking with.

“It is, Chief,” Momiji says, stepping aside and half-turning to keep both of you in her view, “I intercepted him as he began to take the footpath up the mountain, but we came to a stalemate in combat, and he still desired to ascend the mountain.”

“I see,” the Chief says, nodding to Momiji before turning her eyes back on you. “So, you are an outsider, as I've heard.”

“I am,” you reply, though you're starting to find yourself wondering how she knows these things when they hadn't been mentioned yet. The guards she was speaking with weren't the ones at the bridge, after all. “I arrived in this world against my will, and am only starting to learn about the apparent political issues between the local races.”

“I apologize on behalf of the people for any discomfort you may have felt on our streets,” the Chief says, bowing slightly, “they cannot be blamed for their ignorance of your views. Do not hold it against them.”

“I do not blame them, as I would likely feel the same towards my own enemies,” you admit, receiving a knowing nod from the Chief.

“Once we're done here, I'll have word spread about you, so that this village at least will know that you are a human that seeks peace and doesn't carry the same agenda as the natives,” she says. Again she possesses information she should not be aware of. Time to investigate.

“I'm sorry, but I've noticed you seem to know more than you've been told about me,” you comment. The Chief giggles a bit.

“You are an outsider, it would seem, which makes it easier to believe your claims,” the Chief says, “as any Gensokyo native would know that Tengu possess senses far beyond humans. We can see and hear much farther than your kind, with certain members of our race surpassing even normal limits,” she pauses, gesturing towards Momiji.

“Quite a useful trait for a guardswoman to have, I'd imagine,” you comment. Momiji grins a bit, but doesn't reply.

“It is quite a useful ability, as it gives Momiji an edge over other patrol guards of the mountain,” the Chief says, “now if you don't mind my asking, what reasons did you have for wishing to ascend the mountain, even despite being challenged?”

“I had encountered a few Goddesses on the mountain the day before, and a Witch later that night. From them I learned a small amount of the types of people living on this mountain, and wished to see more,” you say. The Chief seems a little bothered.

“A Witch, you say,” the Chief repeats, “yes, she gave some patrols from our clan a hard time, as well as a few other clans. I'd prefer if you don't follow her example.”

“Is there something wrong with her?” you ask, not sure what the problem might be.

“She's a fairly powerful human that lives in the forests beyond the foot of the mountain. She's one of the few local humans that regularly visits the mountain, but the only one that ignores procedure, much to everyone's detriment,” the Chief explains.

“She doesn't announce her presence when she comes,” Momiji cuts in, seeming annoyed as well, “she doesn't check in with the mountain watch, and she tends to fight or run rather than apologize when she's confronted. If someone even manages to stop her long enough to challenge her.”

“Quite reckless, given the state of relations,” you quip.

“The only thing keeping it from being a bigger problem than a simple nuisance for the watch is that she's very widely known, so mischief she gets up to is easily associated with her and doesn't get reflected upon all other humans, though it does little to help the views of the Tengu,” the Chief says. There's a pause afterwards, where Momiji and the Chief exchange looks, and then both turn their eyes on you. “Though putting all that aside, it was good to see you brought here peaceably. I'd like to be the first to welcome you to the Inubashiri clan village,” the Chief says, “I'll have some guards declare your presence so that the locals know that you aren't to be treated as a typical human. I hope that you can become a friend of the mountain.”

“I would like that as well,” you state.

“Then we are done here,” the Chief says, nodding to Momiji, “you two may go if you wish.”

“Understood,” Momiji replies, then walks past you. The Security Chief walks off towards an archway through which you can see several other Tengu, and you turn after Momiji, who is already heading into the hallway exiting the room.

“I believe that went well,” you mention.

“Yeah, our Chief is pretty friendly towards humans as a whole, if only because her position requires someone with a little more sympathy and understanding than your average civilian would feel in the same position,” Momiji replies. “No doubt she was pleased to meet a human that genuinely wants to get along with our people as well.”

“I'll do my best to live up to expectations, then,” you state, “and perhaps help change opinions of humans as a whole with any luck.” Momiji chuckles a bit.

“You'd have to be some kind of Emperor among the humans to get your average youkai to take your word for your entire race,” Momiji jokes, or at least, to her it's a joke. It very well may be that you will find a way to conquer the humans and unite them under you, and with that you may be able to broker a solid peace without need for a war between humans and youkai. Reaching the other end of the hall, you see the Chief again in a doorway up ahead, with a small group of guards heading towards the exit. The Chief waves to you as you pass, and you nod in return. The guards open the door ahead of Momiji and yourself and exit out into the street. Following them outside, you and Momiji are stopped outside the door as the guards fan out. One of them begins to make a declaration, announcing your presence in the village, that you will be accompanied by Momiji at all times as a means of identification, and that you are not a native and not to be treated with the same disdain. The people on the street you can see stop to listen, and a few of them look past the guards to you. You're not given the same sense of distrust and hostility, but you can tell that some apprehension still remains in a number of them.

Once the announcement is made, the guards part and head off in different directions as Momiji turns to you.

“Well, now that's out of the way, it should be a bit easier to show you around without people giving you trouble,” Momiji says, “so what'd you like to see first?”

[] You're curious how they feed a village built on the side of a mountain.
[] You have an interest in what kind of industry they might have around here.
[] You'd like to see what kind of social establishments there are in their village.


Still feeling a bit eh today, but not quite like I was yesterday. This might be the only update today, since I had actually written half of this early this morning when I was feeling okay, but I had to push myself to finish this for the last hour or so.

Maybe I'll feel like updating my other things later on today.
No. 136308
[] You'd like to see what kind of social establishments there are in their village.

All o the options are imnportant and would be good to know. However, if one really wants to form a good relationship with another people, politics come first. Find Tenma and put that lobbying skills to good use.
No. 136309
[X] You have an interest in what kind of industry they might have around here.

>“You'd have to be some kind of Emperor among the humans to get your average youkai to take your word for your entire race,”
Oh you.
No. 136311
>[] You're curious how they feed a village built on the side of a mountain.
>[] You have an interest in what kind of industry they might have around here.
>[] You'd like to see what kind of social establishments there are in their village.
[x] All of the above
All of this is important. We have time.
No. 136312
We can't accept any help from youkai if we want humans to accept us. Just getting to know them will have to do.

[x] You'd like to see what kind of social establishments there are in their village.
No. 136314
[x] You'd like to see what kind of social establishments there are in their village.
No. 136315
File 129978166620.jpg - (19.78KB , 242x250 , The-Immortal-God-Emperor-of-Mankind.jpg ) [iqdb]
>“You'd have to be some kind of Emperor among the humans to get your average youkai to take your word for your entire race.”

Emperor you say?
No. 136317
This is our end goal, to be The Emperor of Man.
No. 136319
[x] You're curious how they feed a village built on the side of a mountain.

Where did all the talk of peace come from? I thought homeskillets only motivation was to fight the strongest. Maybe he's just practicing the old glib tongue while in hostile territory, and I'm just jumping the gun, who knows.
No. 136326
[x] You'd like to see what kind of social establishments there are in their village.

>I hope that you can become a friend of the mountain.
Of course. If by friend she means leader and mountain she means troops then yes.

[x] You'd like to see what kind of social establishments there are in their village.

Put that extra charisma to good use. Befriend youkai, push for a war between them, subdue everyone who is against him, be it youkai, gods or humans. Unite everyone and rule over Gensokyo as a King.
No. 136340
[x] You have an interest in what kind of industry they might have around here.

Too early to go poking around in village construction methods or trying to get chummy.
No. 136344
perhaps because bringing peace would be more challenging than constant warfare.
No. 136354

You're jumping the gun. Don't fret it too much.
No. 136920
Surely page 3 is not where this should belong.
No. 136924
That's exactly where it belongs. The front page is for updating stories only!
No. 136973
That is the most self-fulfilling line of bullshit I have ever heard. I can only assume that you're trolling because I don't want to believe someone could say that with a straight face.

Complete lack of sage in sheer defiance of stupidity and/or trolling.
No. 140000
Just to bring this back to attention. I will gladly accept the hate i will get for this act.
No. 140003
Just sage and ask for a status update or something, asshole. You got my hopes up.
No. 140031

And it was even a 000 post. Way to waste a benchmark.
No. 140055
Fear not, readers. I will be returning shortly (as in I'm writing right now) to update all my stories. Sorry for the long period of silence, but I've been trying to straighten out parts of my life in between bouts of wanting to tear everyone around me in half. I've recently got my hands on some music that puts me in a good mood, and that's the most important part of my writing.
No. 140076
Taking care of your real life instead of Anonymous' needs? I thought we had something special.
No. 140077

No. 140170
whoa...just noticed you're the same dude that writes that other thing. welcome back
No. 144575
[x] You'd like to see what kind of social establishments there are in their village.

“I'd like to see what your people do to pass the time, and what kind of services you enjoy,” you state. You feel that seeing the kind of amenities open to the local population would give you a good idea of what kind of lifestyle these mountain youkai lead, moreso than agriculture and industry. Momizi looks a little surprised at first, but quickly gains a smile and heads up the street.

“This way, then,” she says, as you start after her. You can see one of the guards ahead that made the announcement about your presence turning off the path and into an opening in the cliff face. You follow Momizi up to the mouth of the cave-like opening and find yourself looking into a large plaza carved out of what looks like it was a natural cave at one point, with several other openings along the outside wall that open into the path around it. There is a fairly large number of locals milling about, with a few booths along the edges of the worked floor. You spot the guard that had been ahead of you addressing the people, no doubt continuing to spread the word about you. “This is our town center, and acts as the public forum for local political meetings and discussions. The booths you see are vendors representing some of the local chefs, though there are a few that are handled by members of other clans, sharing their own recipes.” Giving the area a once over, you can't help but feel that there are more youkai in the area than you've seen homes, so far.

“Quite a lot of people here,” you comment, noticing a few men and women with wings among the crowd. “Are those winged Tengu?”

“Ah, yes, they're from one of the Crow clans, though there are other Wolf clans here too. We often get a number of members from other clans through here, since the Inubashiri clan village is the closest to the base of the mountain, we have an easier time with the necessary farming and hunting along with our guard duties. We get plenty of traders from other villages coming to do business, and they come through here or the tavern to rest and catch up with friends,” Momiji explains.

“Crow clans?” you ask, not aware there were other animal types.

“Right, I forgot you wouldn't know these things,” Momiji says, “More than just familial clans, there's also separation between Wolf and Crow Tengu. The Crows mostly live near the peak, as you'd expect from birds. There's also the Great Tengu, which are not animal-based, but rather ascended spirits of deceased buddhists. They only have one clan though, just below the summit, and they're not familial like the others, nor due they require anything from the rest of us. They serve as the lords of all our kind.” You nod along as you listen to the explanation, taking in the info. If you ever truly wish to make any kind of political move with or against the Tengu, you're going to need to meet the Daitengu then. You doubt it'd hurt to improve your standing with the lesser clans either, especially since they'd be the main body of what forces they would have. Before you can continue to ask any more questions and move along, you notice a young man with black wings and brown hair heading towards you and Momiji, his eyes set on you.

“What a sight, a human on the Youkai Mountain that isn't a witch or a goddess,” he says once he's within a few feet, his eyes falling to your blades, “and armed at that.”

“Hello Jirou,” Momiji greets the man, and he gives a small wave back. “Doing well?” Without answering, Jirou brings up a strange small box with a glass-covered opening and points it at you. It gives a small click, and he pockets the device with a grin.

“I am now, since I'm the first one to get a snapshot of this outsider,” he says, producing a small book and a quill, but Momiji steps in front of him.

“Do you have to do this right now?” she asks. Jirou smirks at the woman.

“I'll lose my chance at exclusivity if I don't get a few statements before the others hear about this, besides,” he pauses for a moment, tapping his quill to the book, “would you rather put up with me, or my sister? Or worse.” Momiji frowns for a bit, then releases a sigh.

“Just what is going on here anyway?” you ask, unsure of the situation at hand and how you should be treating it.

“Jirou's one of the many 'reporters' of the mountain, part of the Himekaidou clan. All the reporters constantly compete for news stories as some kind of contest of pride, and most of them are pretty annoying about it,” Momiji recounts, gesturing to the Crow Tengu in the meantime. “He wants to cover your being here in his newspaper, whether you play along with it is up to you.”

You contemplate the situation momentarily. This could be an important chance to be able to make an impression on more than just this one clan village, but you have no real way of knowing what could give the best impression. It might be better to just avoid giving too much detail about yourself, if any at all.

[] Humour Jirou, give him whatever information he wants.
[] Go along with it, but keep any extravagant details to a minimum.
[] Only allow the bare minimum of information.
[] Decline to give up anything.


After extended leave, I return. I'm going to be keeping up on updating this at least, for now, until I get back into full swing. I'll probably dig through some of the older ideas I had for story concepts and whip up some short stories or a static fiction series in order to keep myself occupied. The biggest contributing factor to my writing dropping off is having to stop and wait for too long. Maybe I'll start a thread in /gensokyo/ or something pitching ideas people might like to see as shorts or series.
No. 144577
[x] Only allow the bare minimum of information.

It would be much better to talk to the clans first hand. Them knowing he is here could be useful though.

Welcome back, Mode.
No. 144579
[x] Go along with it, but keep any extravagant details to a minimum.
No. 144580
[] Go along with it, but keep any extravagant details to a minimum.
No. 144581
[x] Go along with it, but keep any extravagant details to a minimum.
-[x] Tell a few white-lies along the way as well.

We want to keep people away from the truth as much as possible.
No. 144586
[x] Only allow the bare minimum of information.

Jirou is a ...bro?

>Maybe I'll start a thread in /gensokyo/ or something pitching ideas people might like to see as shorts or series.
Oh, hey! I've got this great idea about a story you could write! It involves a demon summoned by Patchy, but somehow, she accidentally seals the entire Voile library in his head! If only you would write a story like that.
No. 144587

If only, huh?
No. 144591
[x] Only allow the bare minimum of information.
No. 144609
Go along with it, but keep any extravagant details to a minimum.
No. 144643
[x] Go along with it, but keep any extravagant details to a minimum.
No. 144645
I'm hoping this Jirou character doesn't meet anyone named Yuri.
No. 144646
He's not a wolf tengu
No. 144653
Going to call the vote for now. Update half written, will be up sometime later.
No. 144668
[x] Go along with it, but keep any extravagant details to a minimum.

It could be beneficial for future attempts to ascend the mountain to spread word of yourself on a larger scale. You're familiar with the concept of newpapers, some of the larger cities you'd seen had circulated printed papers around the districts to spread word about important events and other miscellaneous city news.

"I suppose I could divulge some information,” you respond, nodding to the man. He smiles in return.

"Very well then,” Jirou starts, readying his quill, “you're an outsider, correct? You came from somewhere outside of Gensokyo?”

"That is true,” you reply, carefully choosing your next words, “I was brought here by some kind of magic wielded by a fanatic, as far as I can assume.”

"Magic, you say?” Jirou asks, sounding rather surprised, “is magic a common thing in your world?”

"Indeed it is. Magic is a powerful and versatile tool and weapon. I possess some magical talent myself, as it were,” you say. Jirou is scratching down something in his book as you speak. “In fact, the only way I can communicate with the natives of this realm is through magic.”

"I was going to say, your accent was pretty good for an outsider that isn't Japanese,” Jirou states, smirking a bit, “pretty interesting use. Now then, I'm sure you're aware of the state of tension between humans and youkai. I've heard you don't share the same views as the native humans, who view us as a threat and nuisances. Just what are your views?” Jirou pauses to await a response, and you find yourself wondering again just how much to say. You take a moment to gather your thoughts.

"I'm not completely aware of what reasoning humans might have, but I have seen the distrust and hate that your people have for my kind, and I find it fairly troubling that a race could have as much disdain for another they share land with. It reeks of potential for war for there to be two different societies with such hostility so close together, which is why I wish to avoid aggravating the situation any more,” you declare, “I do not wish to be the lynchpin that leads to conflict, so I wish to take measures to learn about the lives lived by the youkai and the humans, so that I may understand their troubles.”

"That's quite respectable, to take the time to learn about both sides rather than blindly siding with your own kind,” Jirou says, pausing from his writing for a moment to comment before returning to it. “If there were to be a battle that broke out between human and youkai, however, would you take part?” You find yourself hesitant to answer this question, as you might inadvertently paint yourself in a certain light. You can feel the stares of several passerby who have caught the question as well, making it quite the difficult situation. While it is true that you do not wish there to be a conflict, it is primarily because the potential outcome could hinder your own efforts. For humanity to be pushed back, you would never be able to attain the status you seek, but with Youkai to be crushed you would lose hope to find adequate challenge in combat. To further complicate matters, expressing a wish to avoid battle entirely would cause problems should you ever attempt to throw in your lot in the future. From the grin on Jirou's face, he seemed to be anticipating your difficulty with the question. You only have one option.

"I cannot comment,” you say. Jirou chuckles a bit and scratches something down.

"Difficult question to answer, it seems,” he comments. Closing up his book and tucking the quill away. “Well, that's all I really need. Thanks for your time.”

"No trouble,” you say, and Jirou takes a few steps away and flies off into the air. Watching him ascend, you take some time to scan the sky, judging the approximate time. You still have the rations you brought with you to eat, as it's approaching midday. You decide to head back down to your camp after midday so that you can continue to expand your camp and hunt again for tonights dinner. Until then, you can spare some more time to learn about the Tengu.

"Ready to continue along now?” Momiji asks.

"I am,” you respond. Momiji enters the plaza as you follow, and makes her way across the outskirts of it, heading towards an opening on the other side. “This is where the market begins,” Momiji says as the two of you exit onto the mountainside again. The path is wider here, and there are buildings built both into the walls and on stilts off the edge of the road. There are a lot of other youkai here too, the familiar ears, tails and wings of the Tengu, as well as others without. “Again, because we are the village closest to the base, we get plenty of other youkai coming by our village. We have many types of shops and establishments,” Momiji continues, giving sweeping gestures of the storefronts as you proceed down the road packed with youkai. The scent of food in the air is almost dizzying, with so many unusual smells. “This part of the village is almost always busy, around the clock. We even have a few shops here that are maintained by non-tengu youkai, the most famous being the Oni tavern, for obvious reasons,” she pauses, gesturing to a fairly large building further up the street, where several assorted youkai are sitting around outside looking completely drunk.

"You've mentioned these Oni before,” you say, “but what is it that would make an Oni so special?” Momiji only smiles.

"You'd understand better to see for yourself,” she says, leading you towards the building. You walk at her side, with your curiosity rising as you draw closer, the ruckus emanating from the place growing steadily louder. The doorway stands open, and the inside is absolutely filled with youkai in various states of inebriation, but one towards the back catches your eye. A tall, muscular woman with three long, twisted horns protruding from light blue hair stands surrounded by patrons, pouring large mugs worth of liquid from a giant barrel she hoists singlehandedly by a thick rope, raising the barrel to her own mouth once she's filled them all. “That's the Oni that runs this place, Hazuki Mitsuno. Many Oni spend most of their time drinking to begin with, running a bar is the perfect excuse for one to drink constantly and make money off of it.”

"Seems like a perfect match for the occupation,” you agree, watching the Oni woman continue to effortlessly serve the customers with the giant barrel in hand. As you stand and watch, someone from within the building spots you and Momiji, and shouts out that there's a human at the door. Within seconds, all the attention is on you and Momiji, including the Oni's.

"Hey, human, why not come in for a drink?” Hazuki calls out, waving to you from the back of the building. A few patrons follow up the invitation as well, surprising given the treatment you've seen so far. You look over at Momiji to see her reaction, but she doesn't look too surprised.

"We could stop in for a bit and then continue on to anything else you wanted to see,” Momiji comments.

[] A drink or two wouldn't hurt.
[] You'd rather not waste the time.
No. 144669
[X] A drink or two wouldn't hurt.

It wouldn't due to refuse such an offer. The Oni are pretty powerful, so we should probably try to cultivate a favorable image with them.

And nothing is a more favorable image to them then a hard drinker and hard fighter.
No. 144670
[x] A drink or four wouldn't hurt.

No. 144673
[x] A drink or two wouldn't hurt.

This story is boring. Make something happen already.
No. 144675
[x] A drink or two wouldn't hurt.

Is it time for another rendition of a riveting THP tradition; drinking contests with the locals?

Fuck yeah it is.
No. 144677
[x] A drink or two wouldn't hurt.

I sense a barfight coming...
No. 144678
[x] A drink or two wouldn't hurt.

So is this some kind of bizzaro world where Marisa is alive while oni rule the mountain, or are the tengu letting the oni, though they would not be able to do anything about it, put a tavern up there?
No. 144679
[x] A drink or two wouldn't hurt.
It is time to make your name known. Drinking time with oni and other youkai. Show them how a king drinks and gain some respect with them.
No. 144681
[x] A drink or two couldn't hurt. Only get you drunk.
No. 144682
[x]A drink or two couldn't hurt....
We'll be fine. God I hope we have some sort of anti-Intoxication otherwise we are so very boned.
No. 144688
[X] A drink or two couldn't hurt.

Since we're trying to get to know the cultures around here, why not get to know the Oni while we're at it?