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I return, with a new story. Or a remake if you want to call it like that.

Take on a character:
[x]New name
[]Species(Human, Youkai, Half-Human/Youkai)

How did you get to Gensokyo?
[x]Arrived by Fate/Destiny (How do you exlain this?)
[x]By my own power or something like that (Like Maribel and Renko)
[x]Was born here (Self-Explanatory)
[x]Gap (You know)
[x]Another way (Specify)

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>actually putting an email address in the email field
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Are there any good stories that start with a define my protagonist post?
No. 133523
[x] Gandalf/Olórin
[x] Ainur/Maiar.
[x] Another way (Specify) : The will of Manwë Sulimo, the Elder King, the Lord of the West.
No. 133527
[x]Arrived by Fate/Destiny (lolidunno same as b4?)
No. 133551

Ah, sorry. I'm not sure what to say.
Ooh, details.
No. 133553
Sorry to be an asshole, but did you read the rules, SPECTRE?
Did you lurked for a while before starting your story?
Because, to be frank, I have the feeling I'm reading a newfag's story. And when I say "newfag", I mean "kiddie who don't know how an imageboard is working".
No. 133560
[x]Ugo Lago
[x]Human male
[x]Lost and presumed dead on an arctic expedition flight, circa 1928

I don't care how he actually gets into Gensokyo. Perhaps he magically slips through the border somehow, maybe wandering into Mayohiga? I am also okay with >>133523 winning, mostly because I have no idea what the fuck hes on about.
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My friend, I'm on a Simarillion/The Hobbit/The Lord of the Rings nostalgia run. I saw Gandalfr written in the OP and I thought "I miss Gandalf."

Adding to that the fact that a CYOA as someone who knows what he's doing and has the power and wisdom to back it up would be refreshing. Instead of bumbling with choices that seem all to obscure at times, we'd have choices given with the reflections of Olórin on the possible repercussions of each of his possible actions and words, portraying the age old wisdom of the character.

The CYOA would, of course, be more constrained by the established personality of Gandalf, never would he go for the sometimes mind numbing stupidity of some protagonists, but the story would turn away from our viewpoint towards the reactions of the Gensokyians to the careful actions and words of the Istari in their midst.

The fact that romance would be impossible in this case also affects my choice. Gandalf, as an immortal spirit embodied as an old man, would have no interest in romance with the children of Arda. He would act as teacher, as adviser, as leader, as father or grandfather even, but never as suitor. It would be very interesting to see anon try to manage such a contrary scenario to the usual CYOA.
No. 133567
I see. I had previously managed to figure out what you were referring to by some quick google work, but thank you for shedding light.

Now, in all honesty, do you believe Tolkien himself has descended from the heavens to write this? Something like what you expounded upon could never work because, frankly, I don't think SPECTRE has that level of ability. Not to mention anon being his guiding force. Would be interesting though, and I am still down for it winning, should the choices be tied or some such.
No. 133570
Hope is indeed the first step on the road to disappointment, yet it is worth a try, would you not say?

Let us see if this gets off the ground first, anyhow.
No. 133576
[x] Gandalf/Olórin
[x] Ainur/Maiar.
[x] Another way (Specify) : The will of Manwë Sulimo, the Elder King, the Lord of the West.

Gandalf! WOOOOO!
No. 133584
It's a rotten attitude like that that keeps the new writers away.

No. 133617
We get plenty of new writers who don't start off with a character builder and a real email address. There has to be some level of quality control here.
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Let's go sideways instead.

[x] Name: Róta
[x] Gender: Female
[x] Species: Valkyrja
[x] Method of arrival: Death ("Nor my father's feasthall || nor Hel's realm unhallowed?")

I have a few reasons for suggesting this. At least some of them are stupid.

1.) The author -- never mind the voters -- will probably never be able to live up to the image of Gandalf we have in our heads. It's not (well, okay, not entirely) a question of writing ability: it's just that we'll have ridiculously high expectations going into it.

1.5) ... and we'll probably all have different expectations anyway. I do not want to deal with/worry about arguments over Tolkien canon! No good, but much ill, has ever come of them, and they rarely stay contained.

2.) I have a difficult time seeing Gandalf ever participating in wacky hijinks, which are nice to relieve tension in between tragedies and crises. (This maaaaay possibly be an instance of 1.5.) Admittedly "Method of arrival: Death" is not immediately conducive to this either but we've seen it happen before!

3.) We already have a major ongoing wizard!MC story in /th/. (Of entirely different tone than this would be, granted.)

4.) We could use more female main characters!
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Take it easy

Uhm, okay. This is hard... What should I go for? If you want, I can still try for Gandalf but like what 133656 said, it might be hard, especially for me.

I've only suggested the Gandalfr, the character from my very first attempt to write though it turned into Gandalf the Grey/White, which didn't surprise me but I didn't expect that either.

If you want, we can go for a younger Gandalf, maybe a little more childlish, less wise, or something a little more fitting for the world of Gensokyo. Might not live up a bit to our view of Gandalf from the films though. I've got an update ready to be posted in case you want it but I can easily modify it so if you wish.
No. 133688
Considering the character has existed since BEFORE the creation of the World, making him more childish would be out of character.

However, Gandalf wasn't above pranks and jokes during more relaxed times; his hobby during the times of peace between hunts for Sauron and the Ring was to make fireworks and wander around as a stage magician! While his style of humour, much like his spells and magical powers, would be far more subdued then even the most subdued Touhou character, it would still be present.

Have him act as a straight man to the weirdness of Gensokyo, albeit not without a sense of humour. He would certainly become serious once the crisis became clear and present, but he can be relaxed and easygoing until then. Kinda like Dumbledore in temperament with slightly less weirdness.

Or we can go with the Sablier as a symbol of Time and instead go for the Doctor, which would be much more open to tomfoolery.
No. 133691
[x] >>133656

Agreed on all points, including the vote.

So yeah voting for this.
No. 133725
The story hasn't even started and yet I'm already having problems on how to start. Let me try first to write something, maybe with Valkyrja. I'm still a little puzzled though...
No. 133824
The updates about half-done. It's just darn hard to think of new material right now to try and fit in the character while making it fun and readable at the same time. I'm also still doing a lot of research on Valk's and Norse Myths.

May be able to complete the update today but no guarantees on when I'll be able to post it.
No. 133825
I'll say it nicely, once again.

Don't put your email in the email field, it's not required. More than that, I suggest to NOT write ANYTHING in this field.

Giving your email to Anonymous is like bending over in the showers. It's a provocation.
No. 133826
Sure & thanks. Won't do so again. Thankfully, I have more than 1 email. I just didn't know that having something there would have some bad implications.

For the update, I'm still trying.
No. 133827
There's no need to worry. Nobody is going to send you spam or other crude things. Just go check out the rules if you are confused about anything.
No. 133830
I doubt certain Touhous would appreciate being called children at all, Tewi especially.
No. 133834
Gandalf is older then the formation of the Earth, older then the formation of the Universe. He was one of the beings singing the song of Creation. They're all children to him.
No. 133845
Nobody is likely to, but in today's internet, it's safe to assume that - at any given moment - there are address-grabbing bots scanning whatever site you're using for email addresses to add to mailing lists.

My suggestion is to never give out any addresses online that aren't expressly intended as a throwaway spam trap.
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Warning, this update has been made with many ideas being completely mashed up together to form something.

How long has it been?
How did this happen?
And the most important of all, why?

Everything around you had only been an endless darkness while you float somewhere in the middle of it. Since the time you have arrived here, you haven't even seen a single spect of light, not even a sound or the sight of anyone. Despite the darkness, your whole body is completely visible even without the light but it does not serve to do anything more than that.

There is one question that but lingers within your mind, one that fills you with hope where there is none... "How do I get out of here?" Even without any clue, the simple though of being able to get out back home is enough to give you hope.

However, there's nothing else you could do but wait till something arises. Closing your eyes shut, you steadily fall asleep as a complete darkness take you within your dreams.


A castle. A beautiful one within the harmony of nature, you just outside the walls. You don't why now but this is the very first dream you have had since then. For such a thing to happen now after sometime, you really wander if something good is about to happen. Managing to gain control of your body within the dream after several minutes, you approach the open gates visible in front of you. Entering the courtyard, you see no one. Not a single sign of any humans or of your own kind despite that the castle looks to be completely in good condition.

Having some knowledge on interpreting dreams, you think that this could be signifying your feeling of loneliness within the void you are currently in. Such a thing though bodes no use for you.

Something however has caught your eyes. A figure completely draped with a glowing light emerges from within the castle into the courtyard where you are. The whole body is completely obstructed by the light but the shape of a dress, a female, is visible.

The figure only stops before the steps in front of the door. You only stand, watching her, unsure on what she plans to do. Only after several seconds of complete lack of action, she extends her right hand towards you, as if inviting you inside.

While your not sure what to do, your mind and heart completely screams to accept it. Even though it may lead to unknown fate, this is only a dream, right? Well, that's what you think of only. Even dreams can hold significant meaning. But, you decide that you have to.

Walking towards her slowly, you reach out your right hand towards hers and completely accept the invitation. Warmth, contempt, peace is the feeling that best fits the description of what you currently feel. As the door behind her opens, a bright light filled with serenity shines brightly, blinding you for a bit. The figure, of her, steadily heads inside pulling you gently along with her. You don't know what may happen in here, but you accept whatever fate you may encounter in this lucid dream.

As the light swallows you within, you notice that your steadily loosing control of the body, your consciousness in the dream fading. Your body still continues within, despite your mind starting to leave. Before completely fading to reality, you get a glimpse of a room, filled with many other figures as well, glowing with the same brightness and color.


Back to reality, you steadily open your eyes. However, you are not greeted like the way it is. Instead, you see a wooden ceiling. Looking around you, you see that you are within a small bedroom. The walls are completely made up of wood along with the floor only that it is draped over by a small carpet...

But, how did you get here? Nothing has happened within that void except for that dream. Could it be that dream managed to lead you to get you out somehow?

Trying to remember anything of your past, you can only recall screams and cries of agony. It hurts your head a lot so you stop thinking further. There seems to be some gaps within your memory as well like when you remember some of your sorties in the past with your squad, some parts of it are completely hazy. Assuming that your memories may return or not, it's something that can only be seen in the future.

As you slowly regain all of your senses, you can feel that you are lying within a small bed. It's comfortable, a feeling you haven't felt for a time that you have forgotten. Makes you want to stay here forever but you know that you can't. Standing up, you realized that your wearing a white nightgown. Someone really must be here to change your clothes. You know that this isn't your clothes but you can't exactly remember but you were wearing. Such trivial things however are not really necessary.

Searching around the room, you notice a large mirror just in front of the bed. Approaching it, you can see a figure, or your self reflected from the mirror. A slender figure, with some nice curves and such. Also quite busty [Can't go anymore!]. Concentrating more on the face, you see yourself. Long silvery blond and straight hair extending up to the waist with beautiful elegant green eyes [no, not Parsee] and a young and beautiful face to match with the looks. Your quite beautiful and managing to have a look at your face has helped calm you for a bit. It feels like more than a millennium has passed since you saw yourself which might scarily be true.

Being taken in so much by yourself while looking at the mirror, you completely failed to notice someone enter the room. A girl, with short blond hair wearing a light blue dress decorated with some pink ribbons and a red ribbon tied in her hair now stands just in the door behind you, right of the bed.

"So your awake." The girl says but you couldn't understand it. In horror, you realized that her language is actually, no make that completely, very different from yours based from the words she has already spoken. Knowing this already, you know that your homeworld and everyone else, even your sworn enemies speak only one language and that is Vala. Having these thoughts within your mind, assuming that these is a different world is not out of bounds.

The Council did speak of about different worlds existing but we cannot ever interfere with them. You might just be in one of those other worlds. Still, this will only serve to further complicate communication.

As you try to speak out something to make her understand that you couldn't understand her, only now did you notice that no voice is completely coming out from your mind. For such a thing happening, it only makes you want to scream but you can't. You try to immediately perish the thoughts, asserting yourself that you will recover. Maybe not talking for such a long time affected your voice, and you are most likely recovering still from it.

"Is something wrong?" The girl looks to have asked something but lack of understanding does not help with it. But to try, you only tilt your head as answer what she could be asking, just to indicate that you didn't understand what she was saying.

"Oh my. Could it be that you can't understand me?" Then she sighs after realizing something, probably that I couldn't understand her.

"Geez. This is quite troublesome. Well, you should change first. Here's your clothes." After that annoyed look of hers, she throws some clothes at the bed, my clothes actually and it looks to have been cleaned.

"I'll be back quick. You should be finished changing by the time I get back." The girl says as she heads out of the door.

"Oh yeah, nice clothes you have." She says in a hurry just as the door closes. While you still have no clue as to what she is saying, you change back into your previous garments, recognizing it as your usual dress during battles.

Removing your clothes, you put on your previous set of clothes, all made of a flexible material with it's name and composition being completely kept top-secret by the material, even from it's own soldiers except for the thigh high boots. The human soldiers usually called it the one rubber or something like that but your kind just doesn't care about such naming conventions.

Putting on the teal suit first, the main garment which resembles those tight space suits that most of the civilians used, you find it quite comfy though it's somewhat a little cold.

For the coat which is made of the same material yet has a more futuristic design. It contains some light armor plating in the shoulders. The coat, upon wearing it, nearly covers up all parts of the suit except for the legs starting at the knees.

Now wearing your thigh high boots and thanking that part of the latex suit functions as socks already, you pretty much feel comfortable within these garments of yours. They're a military standard for Valkyra's anyway so you couldn't do much but get used to it in the long run.

Looking around further if there is anything else, you spot your white headdress, a white headband like object with a pair of small fins extending upwards at both sides. You take it and wear it in your head. A little heavy, as you realize its made of metal but it shouldn't impair you too much in your movements.

Remembering something, you realized that your weapon, a spear, is missing.

[x]Search for the missing weapon
[x]Have a look around the place
[x]Do nothing and wait


My writing kinda slacked off at the last parts. That's how I feel so sorry if I'm starting to lack in details at the last part.

Now, I don't know what made me think up of some futuristic sci-fi valks... I guess the desperation got to me.
No. 133896
[x]Have a look around the place

We ought to wait until Alice comes back before going on a wild hunt.