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[x] Say uncle 
[x] Go get some breakfast

With no better recourse, you give in to Nue's odd request. "Uncle!" As soon as the words leave your lips, you feel a tremor through the hand holding your neck, after which Yuuka stands perfectly still, fist frozen right in front of your face.
At first you think that perhaps she's simply decided against punching you, but it quickly becomes clear that's not the case. She's just...stopped.

You struggle against her grip, but to no avail, even if she's not moving she's still holding on just as tightly as before. Nue draws your attention toward her by standing up, planting both her feet right on Yuuka's head.

"What did you do?!"

"Cut her out...or off, the it's kinda weird. She's gone for sure though."

"Her hand is fiercely contesting that."

"Well, this is just...it's sorta like..." She places a hand on her chin in an exaggerated thinking posture.

"While you're thinking your explanation over, would it kill you to help me out?"

"Yeah, yeah"
She hops down onto Yuuka's shoulder, landing on only one foot. She casts a glance toward you, displaying a toothy grin.

"What are you doing?"

Her other other leg flies back, "Getting rid of her, duh." She slams her foot forward into the side of Yuuka's head, knocking it cleanly from her shoulders and off into the distance.
Without really thinking on it, you try to track Yuuka's head as it flies off, but a flash of light emanates from toward the 'body', which draws your attention back toward it.
When the flash is over, Yuuka is gone. You're dropped back to the ground, and even though you couldn't truly feel the restriction caused by her grabbing you, there's a sense of relief at having been freed.

With her platform gone, Nue floats to the ground and lands right in front of you, looking up at you with a grin on her face and her hands on her hips.

"Got something to say?"

"Yes, actually. How did you know?"

"Well you needn't worry, I don't need you to shower me with praises or thanks, your unwavering devotion is all I need."

"You couldn't possibly be farther off the mark, Nue."

"What then? Need to tell me how awesome I am?"

"Not precisely. Though there's certainly something awe inspiring about what you've done."


"This! The whole thing! You've been tormenting Yuuka within her dreams! If she wasn't so sure I was only here to annoy her she might have been perfectly reasonable!"

"...Eh? Why would I do that?"

"To...I...don't really know why, but there must be some reason, surely."

"Think about it: I'm in her dream today since it help demonstrate a point, but normally I only do this to get people to be afraid of me. Yuuka though...well, I could torment her for a lifetime and all I'd ever do is piss her off."

"Well, then who has been doing it then?"

"Dunno, don't really care either."

"It's sort of important, Nue! I mean...well, not that it matters now....she's already taken to blaming me and anyone associated with me for what happened, if I go to see her in real life she's likely to kill me on sight!"

"Naa, she saw you as somebody else, even if she remembers the dream well enough she's not gonna recognize you."

"You didn't...base this disguise upon anyone, did you?"

"Well I had to base it on somebody, it's just not a somebody Yuuka could meet.
What with being dead and all."

"I suppose that's one thing we don't have to worry about then...still, if she's been agitated by someone tormenting her in her sleep...that might make things more difficult."

"You're not still thinking of going, are you?"

"Maybe. I'll have to think on it a bit I suppose."

"Pfft, suit yer-self then, but don't say I didn't warn you though."
Before you can say or do anything else, Nue vanishes in the blink of an eye. There's no flash of light, no noise or change to anything else, one moment she's there, the next she's not.

Your eye cracks open, the scant tracks of light across the ceiling are allowed in by a few gaps in the curtains, and are the only sources of light in the room at all.
Straining your eyes open further as you try to sit up, you find you can't.
Or rather, there's some weight on your body that's making it harder than normal.

Craning your head forward to get a look at your chest, the reason becomes obvious. For whatever reason, there's a person in your bed, and more importantly this person is snuggling against your chest.
Though you can't see the face, you're still able to recognize this person easily enough.
Blond hair, with distinguished black streaks...it can be none other than Toramaru Shou.
Of course, who it is might be of secondary importance to why she is in your bed.
You squirm backward slightly, hoping to sit up, or eventually free yourself from her embrace, but the moment you do so, she stirs.
With half opened eyes she looks toward you, a small smile spreads over her face...she moves up toward you and whispers something, even though she's right in front of you, you can't hear a thing. As she's moving you're free to sit up, and as you do so Shou continues to lean in toward you.
Your back hits the wall, and Shou presses in toward your face with her eyes closed, certainly Shou is attractive...you've no idea where these advances have come from, but it would be rude to turn her down, right? Making a mental note to sort out whatever had happened in your memory gap later, you close your eyes, lean toward Shou and prepare yourself.

Nothing happens.
Seconds pass, and still nothing happens.
You open your eyes, Shou has vanished.
All that's there is the girl sitting on the edge of your bed, hand over her mouth as she desperately tries to hold back a laugh.

"Pff....Hahaha! Ah...Oh wow! That was great!"
Rocking back and forth on the very edge of the bed, laughing too hard for you to want to shout over her, the realization of what Nue has done sets in.

[] Get mad
-[] Get even?

[] Ignore the troll


I actually wrote a bit past this point before I realized it wasn't fair to have him..shall we say "violently rebuke" Nue. Chucking the desk lamp at her. So I'll give you the option on it.
At that, I suppose I'll give you an extra option as well without any context whatsoever. If you want to take it, feel free. However if it's ignored I'll just go with what I think is best.

[] Knock first

[] It's a common area, I don't need permission to enter

No. 133517
[x] Ignore the troll.
No. 133520
[x] Get mad
[x] Knock first

Trolls want people to get mad. Let's oblige her.
No. 133525
[x] Ignore the troll.
[x] Knock first
No. 133528
File 129567103435.png - (35.37KB , 736x736 , AWESOME.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Ignore the troll.
[x] Knock first

Problem, bro?
No. 133529
[x] Get mad

He already wrote part of it, and it's a reasonable reaction, so I'm okay with the writer taking the reigns on this decision.
No. 133530
[x] Ignore the troll.
[x] Knock first
No. 133532
[X] Get mad.
-[X] But not even. We're not petty.

[X] Knock first.
No. 133537
[X] Get mad
-[X] Get even?
[X] Knock first
No. 133547
[x] Get mad
-[x] Get even?
No. 133552
[x] Ignore the troll.
[x] Knock first.
No. 133559
[x] Get mad
-[x] Get even?

Counter troll, ENGAGE
No. 133563
[x] Get mad
-[x] Get even?
Sounds too awesome not to pick

[x] It's a common area, I don't need permission to enter
Might lead to an interesting situation~
No. 133574
[X]Ignore the troll
[X] It's a common area, I don't need permission to enter

A seasoned knight should know better than to deign an obvious provocation with a response.
No. 133577
[X] Ignore the troll

[X] Knock first
No. 133578
I really want to do a write in where our knight simply laughs it off, because it's hilarious, especially since our night's been absolutely bizzare so far anyway.
No. 133581
[X] Ignore the troll
[X] Knock first
No. 133582
[x] Get mad
-[x] Get even
[x] Common area
No. 133593
[x] Get mad.
-[x] Get even.
-[x] Get a kiss.
No. 133594
[X] Ignore the troll

[X] Knock first
No. 133600
[x] Get mad
-[x] Get even
[x] Common area
No. 133603
[x] Get mad
-[x] Get even?

[x] It's a common area, I don't need permission to enter
No. 133606
Huh? KnightAnon has sworn an oath of chastity; I doubt he'd be willing to violate it so easily.

[X] Turn the other cheek.
[X] Knock first.
No. 133609
[X] Ignore the troll
[X] Knock first
No. 133619
Not really, they could swear one if they wanted to just like everybody else, but Knights were soldiers, not priests.
No. 133627
They were warrior-monks-doctors. Like real monks, an ideal of chastity and celibacy was striven for.
No. 133636
Noo, the sections of the order were pretty well divided.
Most certainly if he was smart enough he might have learned a bit from the other members of the order, but there was a definite division between the Hospitaller knights and their counterparts in medicine.
At that, a lot of what gets thrown around here is the ideal of a knight, the problem with that is that at the end of the day they were individuals. Sure enough some may have striven for celibacy and all the other ideals put on their image, but all of them? No. They got drunk, they had parties, wives, lives and just like soldiers today they weren't above heading downtown to find a prostitute.
No. 133668
Knights in general might have just been soldiers, but wouldn't the holy orders have been monks as well? I'm no historian, but I'm pretty sure that includes vows of chastity.
No. 133671
Writefag: Do you know that updating more often would avoid those unnecessaries discussions?
No. 133675
They may be unnecessary, but they are interesting discussions. I've learned stuff about knights and militant orders than I expected to know. Of course considering my prior knowledge of militant orders was essentially pop-culture, it wasn't hard to increase my interest.
No. 133680
Unnecessary? Yes. Interesting? Yes. Shitstorms? HELL NO.

As far as filler posts go, they're great and something the site could use more of.
No. 133695
I never said it was shitstorm, don't insult me.
I never said it was uninteresting either.
I also learned interesting things here.

My point is: IT'S JUST A CYOA! Those discussion are really interesting and stuff, but they aren't helping Anon to choose a vote, and, and that's what's scaring me, they're pushing the thread to autosage.

I really don't want this story to suffer the Gensokyo High syndrom (aka having 3 stories updates in 250 posts). And that's why, from now, on, I'll stop posting here, except for vote.
No. 133697
Go look at the last page. There is absolutely nothing there worth saving that isn't already archived. This will be my last word on the subject as well.
No. 133708
Calling it for
[X] Get mad
-[X] Get even?
[X] Knock first

And really hoping I didn't somehow incorrectly tally all that.

No it wouldn't.
If you look at thread one, even when I was burst updating small ones day to day, there was still a metric fuckton of discussion. Truth be told as long as it's civil, I'm totally okay with that.
Also, every thread gets archived here; http://www.touhou-project.com/storylist.html no need to worry about what gets bumped off.
No. 133719
Get even - 8
Get mad without getting even - 3
Ignore - 11, counting the turn the other cheek vote
Get a kiss - 1

Unless I miscounted. God, I'm bored.
No. 133721
I got ten for ignore on a recount, versus 11 for Get mad.
No. 133744
What about opening a thread on /words/ for the historical stuff?
No. 133752
As nice as that idea is, I don't we should do that.

1) The historical discussion helps some of us view the character through a different perspective, seeing how someone like him would have acted in their normal life.
2) Not all of the discussion is going to be contained in the /words/ thread. Much of it starts as comments within someone's votes. We'd have discussions going back and forth between the two threads, confusing both the readers who only follow discussion in this thread and anyone trying to keep tabs of all the discussions (what if a reply to one post is in a different thread?).

A little more trouble than it's worth, I think, and I don't think Karesh would mind if we kept talking in here.
No. 133765

I concur. So far the discussion has been pretty tame, as well as quite interesting.

Of course, it all comes down to what the author thinks, really.
No. 134008
I found more information about armored combat for knights with longswords here: http://www.thearma.org/essays/armoredlongsword.html

I don't know if this will help, but it might help whenever people need to know about how knights fougt.
No. 134056
File 129671841727.jpg - (656.39KB , 1000x1000 , Jesus christ snow everywhere what the hell.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Get mad
-[X] Get even?
[X] Knock first

You glance to your side, an unlit oil lamp of bronze is still seated upon the desk. A tempting idea slips into your head. Nue's still perched upon the edge of your bed, laughing.
You grip the lamp by its handle, and draw Nue's attention with a simple call.

The timing couldn't be more perfect, you whip the lamp across the length of the bed, and she looks up at you just in time for it to catch her in the forehead. She falls back over onto the floor with a yelp, followed by the satisfying thud of her hitting the ground.
Almost immediately you see her hand claw its way back up,as she pulls herself into view you can see she's clutching the lamp in her other hand, and is sporting a rather large mark on the center of her forehead.

She stares at you with a scowl, and almost certainly you can hear her grumbling under her breath. You stare back, barely containing your grin.

She finally speaks, rather surprisingly there's not much anger in her voice. "Uncalled for."

You step out of the bed with a stretch, and make your way toward the wardrobe to fish out some clothes for the upcoming day. You continue talking as you do so, "Quite the contrary, I don't think there's ever been a more deserved meeting between a piece of metal and a face."

“Well~, looks like somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed...hit a nerve did I?”

“Not really.”

“Ah! I get it! You're mad because you'd rather wake up with someone else, right?”

You pause in the middle of examining one of the shirts you've collected to look at her, a side-ward glance that you hope hides any indication that your temper is flaring.

“What are you trying to imply, Nue?”

“Well~, I can sorta see why you would...Shou's a bit “stiff” if you know what I mean. But whoever would be better, hmm?”

“I'm going to need you to leave the room while I change, Nue.”

“Ichirin? You know she is pretty cute under that hood...Or maybe Byakuren? I mean, you're like seven hundred or so right? Totally within her age group!”

“I suppose Murasa is off limits then?”

“Well, yeah. She's like my sister, so I'd probably have to kill you if you tricked her into anything.”

“What if by no fault of my own she falls in love with me, and we begin a consensual relationship that makes both of us happier than we've ever been?”

“Well you're still sorta screwed since she's incorporeal.”

“...Would you please let me have some privacy so that I can get changed?”


After more than a little...convincing, Nue flew off to some unknown part of the world. Never to return.
Or, so you hope.

After settling on a simple, yet comfortable outfit of cloth you'd found your way downstairs. By memory you head toward the kitchen, you find it easily enough, and rather obviously the door is closed. From within you can hear a muffled humming, and somehow even if you do live here now, simply walking straight into the room after so little time amongst the residents seems awkward. You find a beam at the edge of the doorway and knock a few times, hoping to gain the attention of anyone inside.

You hear some fumbling behind the screen, and the rustling of something being picked up before the door slides open, Shou sticks her head out into the hallway and looks toward you.

“Oh! Good morning Raziel.”

“Morning, Shou.”

She ducks back into the room, and you take it as an invitation to follow.

“I appreciate the gesture, but in the future you don't really need to knock.”

“I'd thought so...but it seemed somewhat awkward to enter unannounced.”

You follow Shou toward the kitchen, where several plates are arranged around a stove. She grabs a plate, and after a moment of shifting food from the pans on the stove hands it to you. An egg, a few strips of bacon and a few pieces of toasted bread.

“This is...elaborate.”

“You don't like it? The book said it's a normal western breakfast.”

“Ah...heh...I think their information might be a bit off. We only ever really had some bread, or something similar to tide us over.”
Oh! That's not to say I don't want it though, it's just...a bit much ”

“Ah, well don't worry about it. Just eat what you can, alright?”

“I'll do that.”


You settle into one of the seats at the table, and begin enjoying your breakfast. It really is quite good, you've never had an egg prepared quite like it is here.

Shou gathers her own food and sits across from you, and you can't help but notice her portion is roughly twice yours. Is it just to do with her being a Youkai?

Pushing the thought aside, you swallow down another mouthful of bacon and try to strike up a conversation. “So, you have a book of European recipes?”

“Something like that, but it's actually just a part of a rather large collection of a number of cultures. Ichirin and I have been taking turns, trying to find something everyone likes.”

“Hm...is it just you and her cooking? Or does everyone else do so as well?”

“Oh, no. It's just that we both enjoy cooking more than the others, so we're always volunteering.”

“Fair enough I suppose...what other jobs are there? I'm supposed to be pulling my weight around here, after all.”

“Well, aside from guarding during meetings there's a fair bit you can do around the ship. Cleaning, cooking, repairing damage...”


“Well, there's not much left now, we've been working at it for quite a while after all, but yes. There's a few rooms with broken walls, holes in the ship, damaged windows. Lots of things to replace...Which brings us to the other thing we do, as it is we don't have much money, nor do the Kappa feel like helping us very often. So we, and more or less any other group around here that's friendly to them get asked by the villagers to protect them. Either in the fields or while they're on a trip. Meanwhile, a lot of Kappa need Youkai to test their experiments.”

“...You submit yourself for experiments?”

“Things like your armor, for example. If I recall correctly Unzan and Ichirin helped test one of the earlier models physical limits. You should be thank her for that, by the way. They learned that particular model would likely have torn your arm off.”

“...That would be something I'd rather avoid.”

“Thought so.”

You return to your food, but almost as soon as you've started eating, your attention is drawn by Hijiri entering the room through the open doorway.

She places a black piece of cloth down on a stand near the door and heads over to the table. “Good morning Shou, Raziel. How are we feeling today?”

“Excellent. My injury from the other day seems to be gone entirely. I'll be more than set to take care of my duties today.”
“Superb...and you, Raziel?”

“Good enough for a morning, Shou here prepared a fantastic breakfast.”

“Great! Once you're finished, we can get going then.”

“You don't want to eat?”

“I don't need eat breakfast very often. Was that your only concern? Or was there anything else you needed to address?”

[] Well, yes.
-[] Will we be bringing anyone else along? Such as _______
-[] Allow me a moment to grab my armor.

[] Nothing comes to mind
No. 134058
[x] Well, yes.
-[x] Allow me a moment to grab my armor.

Not that we'll be in danger while around Byakuren, but we might as well wear it in case we decide do something immediately after searching with Byakuren.
No. 134059
[x] Well, yes.
-[x] Allow me a moment to grab my armor.

Always wear protection.
No. 134060
How would a crusader knight do at carpentry?
No. 134063
[x] Well, yes.
-[x] Allow me a moment to grab my armor.

For some reason, I'm imagining Raziel with a Space Marine armor. What's wrong with me?
No. 134064
[x] Nothing comes to mind

Armor won't help the heart stay sharp.
No. 134069
[x] Well, yes.
-[x] Allow me a moment to grab my armor.
-[x] And another piece of toast. This is good, and you're hungry.
No. 134076
[X] Well, yes.
-[x] Allow me a moment to grab my armor.

Nothing wrong with being prepared.
No. 134077
[x] Well, yes.
-[x] Allow me a moment to grab my armor.
No. 134081
Suppose it depends on his background more than anything.
No. 134083
[X] Well, yes.
-[x] Allow me a moment to grab my armor.

Reading the carpentry comment, were most knights good at repairing their own armor and weapons?
No. 134085
[x] Well, yes.
-[x] Allow me a moment to grab my armor.
Ouch. That really was uncalled for
No. 134088
[x] Well, yes.
-[x] Allow me a moment to grab my armor.

Suit up, marine soldier!
No. 134096
In 1291? I suppose he'd could be somewhat familiar with it due to siegeworks and siege engines, but it'd greatly depend on his background. His proficiency would be low until he gained some experience. Not to say he couldn't do good work, Lord knows my father (a doctor) never had training as a carpenter and still does pretty good work (as in, it almost looks professional), but it would take a lot more time then a professional would take until he gained experience.

After their relocation on Rhodes, though, most of the Order would have to be familiar with carpentry in order to help maintain their ships. And taking care of ships is different then taking care of a house/temple.

[x] Well, yes.
-[x] Allow me a moment to grab my armor.

As for his armour and weapons, he'd be at least competent in their maintenance (I hope his new armour came with a maintenance manual, pneumatics can be fickle.) such as sharpening, removing rust or replacing torn straps, but true repairs and re-forging (his sword breaks or bends, or the same happens to rings in his chain mail or his armour plates) would take a blacksmith specialized in weapons and armour.
No. 134100
>[] Will we be bringing anyone else along? Such as ______

Makes me wonder who would be good on such a trip like this as there has to be reason why it was put here.

Shou- Nice combat ability; spend time with her
Nazrin- scouting

That's all I can think of as well... I can't think of Ichirin's role beyond combat, and we don't want Murasa or Nue to go with.
No. 134105
Nue- hilarious; great combat ability.
No. 134106
[] Well, yes.
-[] Allow me a moment to grab my armor.
No. 134107
[X] Well, yes.
-X[] Will we be bringing anyone else along? Such as Shou
-[X] Allow me a moment to grab my armor.
No. 134110
you forgot risk of pissing off people.

[X] Well, yes.
-[x] Will we be bringing anyone else along, such as Shou?
-[X] Allow me a moment to grab my armor.
No. 134112
Pfft, between her and Hijiri whom could she piss off that wouldn't immediately getting smacked down?
No. 134197
[X] Well, yes.
-[x] Will we be bringing anyone else along, such as Shou?
-[X] Allow me a moment to grab my armor.
No. 134205
[X] Well, yes.
-[x] Will we be bringing anyone else along, such as Shou?
-[X] Allow me a moment to grab my armor.
No. 134211
[X] Well, yes.
-[x] Will we be bringing anyone else along, such as Shou?
-[X] Allow me a moment to grab my armor.
No. 134354
Why bring along Shou? This should be Hijiri alone time
No. 134417
Considering it's at about 5 to 10 at a glance I'd say it doesn't really matter much anyway.
No. 134691
File 12974846022.jpg - (234.51KB , 984x984 , e064197f4bfe8259d7e951365301e5d8.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Well, yes.
-[x] Allow me a moment to grab my armor.

"Well, yes. If you'll permit me a moment to grab my armor, I'd appreciate it."

"Really? Do you think you'll need it?"

"Not...for any particular reason no, but if it's all the same to you I'd prefer having it."

"Wouldn't you be able to move faster without it? After all, you're unable to fly as of yet, right?"

"That's true, but if I'm to be honest I'd feel more comfortable with it. Especially considering the danger within the forests."

"Well...." Hijiri glances toward Shou, who shallows down the mouthful of her breakfast, carefully places her utensils in front of her and then even goes so far as to push the plate away before speaking.

"I don't see the harm, we're not exactly pressed for time today, and it's better to be safe than sorry, right?"

With Shou backing you, Hijiri visibly slackens her shoulders and lets out a small sigh. "Very well...if you insist. I suppose I'll perform some maintenance on the barrier in the meantime." She turns to leave, retrieving the cloth as she passes through the doorway. You move to follow, her down the hall but are stopped in mid stride by Shou grasping into your shoulder.

"That's not the way to your room, Raziel."

"Well...no, but something about it's bothering her, if it's that much trouble how can I justify allowing my own fears to irritate her?"

"Because even if Hijiri is more than capable of defending you, something may go wrong.

"True...but that being the case, what would the armor do to help?"

"She does have her reasons for being uncomfortable with your armor, but...it's something I feel she'll have to deal with eventually. Better now than at a crucial time."

"What, though?"

"Suffice to say, though she has her reasons I think it would be best for you to hear it from her than me...but rest assured, if it comes time that you need to know, I'll tell you."

Truthfully, the entire situation seems somewhat odd, but you have no reason to mistrust Shou, so for the time being following her advice is likely the best option.

"Very well...but I can't help but worry I'll do something to upset her further."

Shou forcibly turns your body and pushes you in the direction of your former room, "Don't worry, apologize for being late, remember that she's not mad at you, and go about your day."

You look back toward her, forcing a smile "Thanks, Shou." She responds only with a small wave, before ducking back into the common area.


Thankfully, the room you had been using isn't far from the entrance, it takes barely a moment to reach it and begin dressing. Normally you'd have someone to help, but of course there's no-one else within the temple, or possibly even all of Gensokyo that would know enough about your armor to make the process faster.
First comes the Chain-mail, and of course now you have the additional step of ensuring the devices installed by the Kappa connect correctly, both to your flesh and then to the armor itself. Thankfully however, many of his alterations seem to have simplified the process somewhat. It should only take you a few minutes to get everything in place.


Even with your new, modified armor it takes at least ten minutes to fully prepare yourself, and even as you exit the room you're still ensuring some of the straps along your gauntlet and belt are properly locked. You're so distracted by this, you fail to notice the figure in front of you until you're right behind her.

Murasa, 'walking' along the hallway, swaying back and forth as though she were taking wide steps, yet never actually touching the ground.


She lazily cranes her neck backward, far exceeding the natural limits of ones neck in order to turn and face you directly without twisting the rest of her body. Her eyes seem bloodshot, and her expression is with lack of a better word ghastly. It's disturbing, but you swallow down the apprehension to greet her politely.


Her jaw falls open, you imagine she's about to say something, but for a moment no sound comes forth...until: "Wath...macken....grob."

It's entirely likely that to her, what she's just said was a profound declaration, the sort of thing that is only said once a lifetime, and could easily shatter your very perceptions of reality, but it's equally likely she's just called you an idiot.

"Well, much as I'd love to continue this discussion, I'm in a bit of a rush. Perhaps we could talk when I get back?"

Her head returns to a more normal, forward position as she continues walking. Giving only a dismissive wave as she continues along her way.
You carefully move to one side of the hall, pass her by and continue at a swift pace along to the entrance of the Temple.

As you arrive outside, you can see Hijiri seated on the grass near the doorway, with her legs crossed and one hand held out to a shimmering light. At a guess you'd say she's at the edge of the barrier performing some sort of check on it, as she'd said she would. Before you can greet her, she cuts you off.

"All set, Raziel?"

"Yes, every-thing's in working order. I'm ready to go."

"Excellent...Tell me, what exactly happened to the barrier last night?"

"Flandre was...uh, I suppose the word would be 'impaled' upon it by a spear her sister threw.
I don't believe it broke through, however."

"Not the inner one, no...Still, I'm glad it's not every day it's tested by a divine weapon."

"That was a divine weapon?"

"Well, not one of your religion, but one all the same. It's the weapon of a god, as is Flandre's sword."

"Do all Youkai possess such things?"

"Shou does, but I'm not aware of any others at the moment."

She rises from the ground, dusts herself off and throws the cape she'd been carrying over her shoulders, clicking it into place.
"Let's be off, shall we?"

You nod eagerly, and follow as she steps through the barrier. You can't imagine a silent walk will be of any help in keeping relations with her friendly, so

[] Talk about religion

[] Ask why she's disturbed by your armor

[] Wait for her to bring up a topic

[] Write in
No. 134692
[x] Ask why she's disturbed by your armor
Talks about Religion can never end good.
No. 134693
[x] Wait for her to bring up a topic
No. 134695
[x] Talk about religion

We need to get faith-based powerups somehow and avoiding the issue isn't going to help.
No. 134697
[X] Ask why she's disturbed by your armor

As fascinating as interfaith dialogue would be, it's probably better to concentrate on more practical matters at the moment. There's a time and a season to every purpose, after all.
No. 134698
[x] Talk about religion
No. 134699
[X] Ask why she's disturbed by your armor

Shou did say it would be better to hear about this from Byakuren herself.
No. 134707
[X] Ask why she's disturbed by your armor
No. 134708
[X] Ask why she's disturbed by your armor

What exactly makes the armor so freaky to her?

Also would Raziel know anything about Norse mythology?

How would Raziel get a faith-based powerup in the first place? Did both Sanae and Byakuren require powerups to fight, or did both have power through sheer faith?
No. 134709
[x] Talk about religion
Still good to talk about what you have done to show your faith.
No. 134710
[x] Ask why she's disturbed by your armor
No. 134711
Byakuren relies on youkai magic. Sanae is a living god that leeches power off Suwako and Kanako. She's entirely faith based.

Really though, I just want the Christian god to come into Gensokyo and wreck up the place. It'd be cool.
No. 134712
I want to see Jesus Christ having tea with Byakuren and introducing himself as the Nazarene (to the endless confusing of Nazarin) while God the Father instructs Kanako into the exact meaning of Faith and casually stops Yukari's attempts to remove them from Gensokyo. Meanwhile, the Holy Spirit is wandering around looking for hugs.

But for the choice, we are not Dominicans, nor Jesuits. We're not mentally and theologically equipped for a interfaith debate, unlike the Vatican's shock troops. So, personal discussions are best.

[x] Ask why she's disturbed by your armor
No. 134714
[x] Ask why she's disturbed by your armor
No. 134715
No. 134716
File 129752802044.jpg - (945.32KB , 800x1045 , Roy-Reeve.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 134717
File 129753082271.jpg - (40.02KB , 370x370 , 1291936065711.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Meanwhile, the Holy Spirit is wandering around looking for hugs.
Make it happen!
No. 134718
Or not.
No. 134726
A slightly unrelated note: There once was a novel I read where the protagonist, this takes place during the Middle Ages, wants to go to the Holy Land for a pilgrimage. His father doesn't want him to go, because he's so bitter about the place, but finally relents. Anyways at one point the protagonist is sleeping in his tent and has some sort of vision or dream where he witnesses the Christ walking the path of the Crucifixion, with the jeering crowds and all. Somehow he gets a piece of the True Cross or something out of the vision. That or it was touching a piece of a cross that caused the vision, I can't remember. I think he was sleeping near Jerusalem. Does anyone know the name of the book?

Also it'd be cool if Raziel could get some sort of vision like that.
No. 134795
File 129770616610.jpg - (10.42KB , 126x126 , Newfag alert.jpg ) [iqdb]
Hold on. In short, you're telling us how you read a wonderful book, how you're unable to remember its title, how you're whining about, how you want to see the same thing in this story, despite the fact that Karesh maybe has something else planned, and YOU'RE NOT EVEN SAGING YOUR POST?

I hope you'll catch some humiliating sickness.
No. 134796
I don't really see the problem with it. It's vaguely related. He even said >slightly unrelated
No. 134806
Actually I should've said "mostly unrelated", since much of the post was about the novel. The protagonist and this story reminded me of that novel, and the vision in it, since Raziel is in a magic rich land.

It also reminded me of some King Arthur novels, which seemed to be more on the realistic side than mythological side.
No. 135623
File 129922937725.jpg - (516.53KB , 627x885 , d07f3670ed8bce684120b3e805d95b59.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Ask why she's disturbed by your armor

You and Hijiri proceed along the path into the forest, you carry your helmet along in your hands, feeling no need to wear it with Hijiri around. After a moment or so of silence, you settle upon a topic. Taking Shou's recommendation, you decide it would be best to ask about what's wrong with your armor.

"So, Hijiri..." She doesn't seem to respond, or even look in your direction. Nonetheless you continue. "Shou mentioned that you may have some sort of issue with my armor. Did you want to talk about it?"

"She told you that?"

"Yes, and she suggested I should hear the reason from you."

"Well, I suppose you do deserve to know...I'd imagine your religion has a taboo on murder, right?"

"Of course."

"Ours, that is for Shou, Ichirin and I, it's the same way. Yet Shou is a disciple for a God of war. Obviously this creates something of a problem. One that I discussed with Bishamon from time to time.
In essence, he explained that those who take part in battle as soldiers are excempt through virtue of existing as two. You are both Raziel, and a soldier."

“What does that have to do with my armor?”

“You as a soldier has a specific attachment to it. Even if you're not actually going to battle, you associate donning it with being who he is, and when you do there's a change in...“

As her words trail off, Byakuren ceases walking. It's and only after a moment of staring toward you that she seems to settle on an explanation.
“It's hard to describe, but whenever you're in that state of mind, I feel slightly uneasy.”

“Are you okay to continue?”

“It will only take a short time for the problem to become moot. Either I will grow accustomed to it, or you will lose that attachment. For now, however, I can most certainly continue.”

She graces you with a faint smile and continues walking. There are other things to be said on this topic, questions you will have to save for later.


A short while later, the Scarlet Devil Mansion enters your view. You'd almost forgotten about the damage done during the battle between Flandre and her sister during the night, but even from this distance the holes and shattered windows are obvious. The mansion bears its scars proudly, as it seems there's been no attempt whatsoever to even begin repairs. Meiling is as usual outside the gate. She waves in your direction almost the moment you enter sight of each other, and though you do wish to speak with her for the time being you simply wave back and continue following Hijiri.

Once you reach the shores of the lake and begin moving toward the river, you recall that the earth here is rather muddy. You step lightly and carefully to avoid getting stuck, but Hijiri has no such worries. She floats along a foot above the ground, entirely oblivious to your troubles.

“Hijiri, if you don't mind my asking...am I the only one incapable of flying in Gensokyo?”

“Oh, no. It's common enough to be sure, but not everyone can do it.”

“Murasa mentioned learning last night, but I think her methods would have gotten me killed.”

“Oh? What did she try?”

“She wanted to throw me from the crow's nest.”

Hijiri chuckles as she turns to face you, while continuing to float along, thankfully though she seems to note you've been having trouble, and slows down slightly. “Strange as it may seem, you really may have learned that way. Flying is far easier in Gensokyo than other places, you were equally likely to have willed yourself to fly, or crash to the ground. Though I suppose Murasa would have caught you before it came to that.

“Well, perhaps later today you could teach me?”

“I don't see why not. I will warn you though, eventually you'll need to jump off some high place or another.”

It doesn't take long to arrive at the clearing you had awoken in, the indentation into the dirt and grass where you had been sleeping still remains, but it is not entirely as you had left it.
Amongst the changes, a trail of footprints, entirely separate from your own. They lead from the edge of the clearing to the very tree you had been lying against.

Having arrived first, Hijiri is already examining them. “Human, or humanoid at the least. Probably a woman.”

You follow them to the tree and note a hole, seemingly dug by hand. It's difficult to tell exactly what, but given the size it's likely a large, thin object was removed. “It seems whoever was here dug something up, but the tracks stop right after.”

“They must have flown away. Not to worry though, what I have in mind should reveal who it was.”

“What would that be?”

“I can't detect any trace of magic, beyond the natural saturation of the forest. Whatever spell brought you here must have happened a rather long time ago. However, with the right spell I'll be able to...well, not quite see the past. However I'll be able to get a good idea of what's transpired here.”

“How long will it take?”

“Only a few minutes. The only problem is, to keep the spell going I need to remain still. If I move, I'll have to start over.”

“I suppose I'll keep watch.”

“That would be best.”

Several minutes have past since Hijiri sat down and began...doing whatever it is she's doing. A pair of blue objects she released into the air float in front of her, projecting a wide array of colors in the space between them. For a moment she examined them, but then immediately went silent. True to her words earlier, she hasn't moved a single muscle since.

Though you'd intended to keep watch for danger, in truth there's no sign of any such thing as of yet. Though, that may be subject to change soon enough.

“Yo~, Byakure~n!”

As if on cue, seemingly from nowhere appears A blonde haired woman, straddling a broom and floating in air as naturally as you might ride a horse. With a starkly contrasted black and white outfit, and matching hat. It seems as if she's head a recent head injury, as she's wrapped a bandage around her forehead several times. That aside, you can't help but be reminded of the stereotypical image of a Witch often drawn up in stories. Indeed, she nearly fits the bill perfectly, were it not for her physical features. Where witches are oft described as hideous, wart ridden and twisted through their magic. She seems like a perfectly normal, if not rather attractive young woman. You regard her with caution, but at the same time don't feel compelled to go so far as to attack her out of hand, after all: she does seem to know Hijiri's name at the least. Normally you'd assume, given her small frame that you would have the upper hand in a fight. But of course this is Gensokyo, no such guarantee exists.

After setting down on the edge of the clearing, you move to greet her, but she strides directly past you, baring a massive toothy grin as she moves in on Hijiri. You follow and attempt again to communicate with her. “Excuse me, miss? She's quite busy at the moment. I have to ask that you not interrupt her.”

She doesn't turn toward you or even bother to stop walking. “Ah, chill out you...golem? Construct? Tin man? Whatever. I'm just borrowing something from her, and she definitely agreed to it beforehand and can stop me if she doesn't want me taking it, so there's no need for you to get involved. Just stay outta my way.”

“I am not any such thing, miss. I am a person, and if your business is with Hijiri, surely you can wait the moment needed for her to finish what she's doing!”

She continues unimpeded by your words, as you advance toward her as she reaches out toward Hijiri's pocket. It really does seem like she knows where whatever it is she's after is...

[] Let her do as she wants

[] Stop her
-[] By force
-[] Whatever it is, it's likely not worth getting into a fight over. Ask politely, but don't escalate the conflict further.

[] ----
No. 135625
[x] Stop her
-[x] Whatever it is, it's likely not worth getting into a fight over. Ask politely, but don't escalate the conflict further.

If Byakuren really agreed to let Marisa borrow it then she can wait until she's done.
No. 135627
[X] Stop her
-[X] By force
--[X] "Thou shall not steal."

Going through another person's pockets while they are distracted is the act of a thief.
No. 135628
[x] Stop her
-[X] By force
No. 135634
[x] Stop her
-[x] By force
---[x]But can't I just step in the way? People can't usually reach past big heavy pieces of armour.
No. 135637
[x] Stop her
-[x] Whatever it is, it's likely not worth getting into a fight over. Ask politely, but don't escalate the conflict further.

This will work.
No. 135640
[x] Stop her
-[x] Whatever it is, it's likely not worth getting into a fight over. Ask politely, but don't escalate the conflict further.
No. 135646
[x] Stop her
-[x] Whatever it is, it's likely not worth getting into a fight over. Ask politely, but don't escalate the conflict further.
No. 135649
[X] Stop her
-[X] By force
--[X] "Thou shall not steal."

Damn witch, I wouldn't want her going through my pockets either.
No. 135650
[x] Stop her
-[x] Whatever it is, it's likely not worth getting into a fight over. Ask politely, but don't escalate the conflict further.

Stealing is bad, yes, but to pay stealing with violence would never end well. Just hope we can stop this conflict well enough.
No. 135663
[X] Stop her
([X] By force)

I'm assuming that "by force" means something like firmly gripping her wrist to stop her.
Anything more than that is more like unprovoked assault (against a woman, no less) than stopping a possible theft. As far as he knows, Marisa could be telling the truth and she is just "borrowing" something with permission.
No. 135665
[] Stop her
-[] Whatever it is, it's likely not worth getting into a fight over. Ask politely, but don't escalate the conflict further.

Failing that, ask her questions about herself, how she knows Byakuren, ect. If you can get her engaged in a conversation it should buy enough time for the spell to finish, whereupon Byakuren can take over and deal with Marisa herself.
No. 135673
[X] Stop her
-[X] Whatever it is, it's likely not worth getting into a fight over. Ask politely, but don't escalate the conflict further.

Probably for the best, since "by force" might actually mean attacking her, instead of just attempting to restrain her or something. Besides I'm sure Byakuren can handle the situation.
No. 135675
I'll just confirm now it's not something like punching her in the face.
No. 135695
[x] Punch her in the face

Oh cmon!

[x] Stop her
-[x] By force of a steel grip on her shoulder (badum-pish!)
--[x] "Thou shall not steal."
No. 135697
With Byakuren, that's very possible hence my relucance to throw the book at Marisa.
No. 135698
[x] Stop her
-[x] Whatever it is, it's likely not worth getting into a fight over. Ask politely, but don't escalate the conflict further.
No. 135703
[x] Stop her
-[x] By force
No. 135711
[x] Stop her
-[x] Whatever it is, it's likely not worth getting into a fight over. Ask politely, but don't escalate the conflict further.
No. 135718
[x] Stop her
-[x] By force
-[x] Ask her politely to wait, but don't escalate the conflict further.
Does that seem dumb?
No. 135948
[x] Stop her
-[x] Whatever it is, it's likely not worth getting into a fight over. Ask politely, but don't escalate the conflict further.

Bybia won't take it easy if we get into a fight in front of her.
No. 136039
[X] Stop her
-[X] By force
--[X] "Thou shall not steal."
No. 136112
File 129962542222.png - (1.03MB , 800x933 , e05cadaa3a6f25345e148c2c9308bfce.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Stop her
-[x] Whatever it is, it's likely not worth getting into a fight over. Ask politely, but don't escalate the conflict further.

You step forth, coming between the woman and Hijiri. "I really must insist, whatever it is you need, surely you can wait a moment?"

"Well of course I can. I don't want to though."
The woman stares up at you, she's roughly a foot shorter, and given your armor and helm you make for a rather intimidating sight. Yet she shows no hesitation in staring you down, even showing the audacity to step forth and press a finger into your chest.

"So who're you? 'Nother outsider or what?"

"My I'd be more eager to tell you my name if you would introduce yourself first."

"Hah! Fine, fine, you my metal plated obstruction are standing before Kirisame Marisa, the Ordinary Magician!"


"Relatively speaking, of course."

"Then, miss Kirisame. I am Raziel, and yes, I suppose you could consider me something of an outsider."

"Please~, call me Marisa. It's what all my friends call me."

"...Very well."

"Great! See, now we're friends! Look at us, getting all friendly."
She floats with the same ease as almost everyone else you've encountered thus far, throwing her arm around your neck.

"And see? Friends help each other out. So if I'm in a rush~."
She leaps from your back, making another grab for Hijiri's pocket. It was an obvious enough ploy, but you feel that stopping her again would require more force than might be acceptable.
Seeing that you're not pursuing for the moment, she slows down, moving carefully as she digs through Hijiri's pocket. As she does so you can hear her mutter: "Don't mine me, Byakuren. Just gotta take a look at something."

It takes but a moment for her to apparently find what she needs, a small card patterned card, she holds it out toward you as she pulls something out of her own pocket with her other hand. Some manner of octagon that she places against the back of the card.

"What are you doing?"

"Nifty little trick I learned. Traces the lines in the card, helps me figure out how it works."

"Why, though?"

"Spell cards 'r used for duels, right? But most are based on an actual spell. If I copy this, I have an idea of how it works."

A rustling from behind draws your attention back to Hijiri, who has apparently finished her spell. She walks toward Marisa with a look of scorn.


"Yeah, yeah. I'm done." She tosses the card toward Hijiri after a moment, after catching it she looks the card over.


"Yep! Just gotta work out a few...kinks, and I'll be set."

"You won't solve the problem by copying my spell, you know."

"Oh? That's not what you said last time."

"What I said was that you were capable of making the spell work, judging from your forehead however the spell isn't the problem. You have plenty of talent and power in magic, but it's come at a cost to your physical capabilities."

Marisa ponders this for a moment before replying. While you certainly recognize much of what the pair say back and forth, it's only the context of the conversation that gives you any idea of what they're actually saying. Silently, you wait for several moments as Hijiri explains the nuances of her magic, and why Marisa's attempts have failed.

[] Wait patiently for their conversation to finish

[] Interrupt by asking what Hijiri has found through her spell.

[] Take a nap
No. 136113
[x] Wait patiently for their conversation to finish

Boring I suppose, but why be rude?
No. 136116
[x] Take a nap

Magebabble, fuck yeah! Our protagonist doesn't know enough about magic to pay attention, fuck no!

Fuck it, take a nap.
No. 136117
[x] Wait patiently for their conversation to finish
No. 136122
[X] Wait patiently for their conversation to finish
No. 136124
[] Wait patiently for their conversation to finish

Probably won't understand any of it, but it can't hurt.
No. 136127
[X] Wait patiently for their conversation to finish

He may not be able to understand the conversation, but he is at least polite.

Are most magic users, not counting youkai, more reliant on their magic than their physical body in attacking the enemy? I guess are they the Squishy Wizard as said on TV Tropes, or are they more like they use both magic and hand-to-hand to take an enemy on?
No. 136132
It varies from person to person. Alice, Marisa and Patchy rely on their magic a lot. A fuckton, even. Hijiri relies on her magic as well, but her brand of physical enhancements require her to keep herself in better shape.

Magic or not in an unarmed fight she'd kick Raziel's ass six ways to sunday, FYI.
No. 136133
[x] Wait patiently for their conversation to finish
No. 136136
[x] Wait patiently for their conversation to finish
No. 136234
[x] Take a nap
w/e bitches
No. 136239
[x] Wait patiently for their conversation to finish
No. 136241
I forgot to ask earlier, but what? It seems like a nickname for Byakuren, but I've never heard someone call her that.
No. 136298
I guess I'm the only one calling her like that.

[x] Wait patiently for their conversation to finish
No. 136335
[] Take a nap
Its not like they care.
No. 137433
File 130051734527.jpg - (825.59KB , 1600x1200 , fd09255b9be3c673f540b12523db9767.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Wait patiently for their conversation to finish
Given that the conversation seems to be dragging on, and you have no interest in interfering, you decide it might be best to simply listen in. Any knowledge of how the crafts Marisa and Hijrii employ actually work could be invaluable later on.
You undo the straps underneath your neck and remove your helmet. As you do so, Marisa and Hijiri continue speaking to one another.

"So the problem is me? How do you figure that?"

"Your reflexes are excellent, but you lack the skills to make use of the strength and speed you gain."

"Inside for sure, but out here? In the sky? There's nothing to bump into!"

"That's only the first problem. No matter how fast you might be, you can't think quickly enough to use that speed to its full potential. Someone like I, Raziel or Shou could best you without much trouble."

"Him too?!" Marisa shouts, as she shoves a finger in your direction.

Hijiri gives a nod. "Given that he's a soldier. You'd be faster and stronger than any of us, but that's not enough. You need combat experience, and" Visibly mounting impatience causes Marisa to interject: "What? I need training?"

"More or less."

"Right~, beyond that though, what else?"

"Well, how did your test go?"

"I...bumped my head on a pot while I was running out the door."

"Lesson learned about using it indoors, but what about afterward? Any lingering effects?"

"Way accelerated heart-rate, blurred vision, sore muscles, a whopping huge mark on my head."

"Most of those are natural, or at least things I myself have been unable to prevent, but the first is somewhat troubling. How much energy would you say you applied?"

"'Bout the same as a regular ole blast I suppose."

"That would be your second problem, then. You'll need to learn to maintain a low amount of power throughout. Too much can overwhelm your body.
You're actually rather lucky there wasn't anything more severe."

For several minutes they had talked, sharing what you gather to be spells, advice or ideas. It seems that in contrast to Hijiri, who only needs energy from within herself or the environment around her, Marisa relies upon...mushrooms.
That had been where you'd drawn the line. Most of what you heard seemed to follow some sense of logic, none of which made sense to you, obviously. But within but logic all the same, however the mushrooms had been the final straw.

"Is it possible you could explain this concept once again?" You inquire for the third time.

"No, I'm tired of it explaining it! I don't even know how you don't get it! They're mushrooms! They make things explode! It's! Magic!"

"But that doesn't make sense! They're only mushrooms, how could they do such a thing?"

"Magic!" Marisa exclaims, eliciting a chuckle from Hijiri. For that, Marisa affixes an angry glare upon her. "He's your freaking friend, you explain it to him!"

"I don't see what there is to explain...it is rather silly, when you think on it."

Before you can continue the conversation further, a rustling to your rear draws your attention. For an instant you consider drawing your sword in preparation for a fight, but of course. You do not have one.

Though, it seems this problem may be about to solve itself. Following the sound leads you to a gray haired woman emerging from the brush. You recognize that she is the very same person that had been...'with' Meiling the night prior.

"Sakuya! You're outside! Without a leash and all, even!"
If "Sakuya" had any anger toward Marisa for this comment, she hides it extremely well. Indeed her expression doesn't change at all as she calmly strides through the clearing, a long cylinder bag is slung over her shoulder.

"Good morning to you as well, Marisa. You'll be happy to know that I've not come for you, at least not today."

She steps straight past both Marisa and Hijiri, coming to a stop directly in front of you.
"You, sir. Would you happen to be the man Flandre and Miss Meiling have spoken of?"

"I am, would it be presumptuous to assume that you've brought the replacement sword Flandre had promised?"

"Most astute of you, sir. However in addition I have something, possibly of even greater interest to one such as you."
The world around you drains of color, Hijiri and Marisa, both regarding Sakuya with an odd degree of caution freeze in place.
"Pardon, but I'd prefer to have this conversation in relative privacy. Once our business is concluded, I shall return the flow of time to its normal state."

Though in truth you feel apprehensive about trusting her given this display of power, she is a friend of Meiling, which warrants at least a benefit of the doubt

She pulls the bag forth, placing it on the ground and pulling it open.
From within comes a pair of swords, both sheathed in leather. The first she presents to you is obviously of an older design compared to what you're used to. The guard is tiny, barely an inch beyond the blade, and rather than the standard twin protrusions it spreads out in a box around the top of the hilt. Out of habit you place it onto your belt, on the left hand side.
Before you can thank her, she forces the second into your hands. it's obviously more modern, and ornate. The hilt in its entirety is golden, with a ruby centered just below the blade, and an emerald running the length of the hilt, as well as a second centered within the pommel. The guard, though more standard than the last in that it has the usual twin prongs, juts forth as a pair of spikes toward the point of the sword. Upon closer examination to your surprise it seems that even the edges of the guard itself are sharpened. If you were to drive it into the enemy, you'd deal a great degree more damage than the usual smash that would accompany such an attack.
You move to draw it from its sheath for closer examination, but Sakuya places her hand upon your own, "Please, if you would be so kind as to hold off from that for a moment.
Both of these swords were plucked from our armory, much as my lady and her sister use magical weaponry, so too are these blades enchanted.

The one you've placed upon your belt is known as Gram. It is the blade lady Flandre has chosen to offer in exchange for your destroyed one. It is capable of cutting through any Earthly material, and is likely far more durable than any you would find normally. The second is...perhaps more complicated. It is Tyrfing, and before I explain its powers further, I'm afraid I must make a demand of you.
Lady Remilia involved herself in Flandre's affairs, as she often does, and believes Gram to be insufficient. Indeed, it is the greater blade by most measures, but she demands a price of you for it.
She...that is to say, as a vampire, drinks the blood of humans. Most are compensated for their donation by a meal, or a place to stay. However, given your friendship with Meiling and Flandre, she has graciously offered this sword, in exchange for but a single vial of your blood.
Of course, regardless of your decision regarding Tyrfing, it has no effect upon lady Flandre's gift. Gram is yours, I do hope you'll take good care of it.

[] What's a vial of blood for a sword? Of course I'll take that!

[] There's obviously some ulterior motive. Best not risk it.


Though, while Sakuya is here and speaking with you. Perhaps it might be a good time to talk about what exactly she and Meiling were doing with one another?

[] Yes
[] No
No. 137445
[x] There's obviously some ulterior motive. Best not risk it.
[x] No

What are we going to do with two swords? We only need one. And their relationship is their business.
No. 137449
[┼] There's obviously some ulterior motive. Best not risk it.

It's a cursed sword for Christ's sake. Kills a man every time it's drawn? No thanks.
[┼] Yes
-[┼] Be polite about it. You're asking her to indulge your curiosity & it's not really any of your business anyway.
No. 137451
what if it could be uncursed though? And it would work as a last resort weapon until then.
No. 137454
Why? We already have Gram and we have to pay a vial of our blood for a cursed sword?
No. 137461
I think Karesh may want to explain more about this CYOA's version of Tyrfing. Is it the one that kills the wielder every time it's drawn? Is it like one of the Castlevania versions (believe there's two times its been in a Castlevania game)? It is quite tempting to but Gram is the sword Excalibur and Caliburn stories were based off of.
No. 137462
One was SotN, was a sword with a attack power so low it actually is negative and it occasionally jams.

I think the other version was a curse element weapon.
No. 137465
>You move to draw it from its sheath for closer examination, but Sakuya places her hand upon your own, "Please, if you would be so kind as to hold off from that for a moment.

Yeah, I'm going to take a wild guess here and say it's the one that would have killed Sakuya.
No. 137472
Straight from the wiki:
>The Dwarves made the sword, and it shone and gleamed like fire. However, in revenge they cursed it so that it would kill a man every time it was drawn and that it would be the cause of three great evils. They finally cursed it so that it would also kill Svafrlami himself.
Don't know if want
No. 137489
[x] There's obviously some ulterior motive. Best not risk it.
Berserk inducing sword.
[x] No
No. 137490
This choice would have been a lot more interesting if you hadn't told us the sword names.
No. 137491
It may not be about the sword names. I'm pretty sure there's more to it than that
No. 137515
It also never misses a strike, can cut through damn near anything and the worst thing about it is that you have to kill somebody when you draw it. So long as we only make use of it when we're out for blood anyway, what's the harm?
No. 137516
>They finally cursed it so that it would also kill Svafrlami himself.
It kills the wielder presumably. Didn't read too far into it though, may be wrong
No. 137517
Plenty of people using it didn't die.
No. 137519
[x] What's a vial of blood for a sword? Of course I'll take that!
-[x]Now for that explanation of its powers.
[x] No.

As a soldier, I'm sure Raziel understands the value of a finely crafted blade. Some blood for a nice weapon is a good trade.
No. 137529
Didn't 3 evil acts occur already as well as that last part? If so all that means is that it'd be a weapon best for killing/going for blood, something of a last resort.
No. 137538
Were it plausible, I'd ask if Raziel had any knowledge of Norse Mythology and Sagas. The legends of those swords lives on even in the Middle Ages (to the irritation of Church authorities), so there could be a tiny possibility Raziel could have heard of one or both of them.

Those are some seriously Badass swords. Gram alone propels us into the mystical professional weight class thanks to its legend and age, especially considering its status as the progenitor of Caliburn's and Excalibur's legend (in other words, take Gram's legendary feats, then add those of Caliburn and Excalibur. Yeah. In the land of Make Believe, Legendary Weapons are Noble Phantasms powered by their age and legends) The fact we get to keep Gram, no matter what, basically means that we can now one-shot most basic youkai, and wound fairly seriously most of the contenders in Gensokyo... if we can land the blow, of course. In other words, we are no longer "fairly harmless" with only a somewhat souped-up armour and our skill alone to protect us, we can now bite back effectively. That we have the Honour and Privilege of wielding such a blessed and legendary weapon is a majestic and grandiose extra.

Tyrfing is more problematic. Tyrfing is a cursed weapon. It is a cursed, bloodthirsty weapon that actively seeks to kill. It is completely anathema to the "Thou shall not kill" 5th Commandment, even with the provisions that allow lethal violence under Catholic dogma. While Gram's power can be seen as blessings from the Lord granted to allow a Knight/King to protect his subjects and the innocent from even the most powerful evil, Tyrfing clearly exists only to kill, without justification or purpose. It's clearly powerful, amazingly so, but it's evil, pure, meaningless savagery.

I guess the only question that remains is, are we a Knight that fights to protect his people, his ideals and his beliefs (Gram alone) or one that fights and seeking power for its own sake while fooling himself with/hiding behind religion (Take Tyrfing as well)? Or, for 40kers, either "For the Emperor" or "Blood for the Blood God" with "Radical Inquisitor" in between.

Personally, I'd say we first ask about the sword, not the donation of blood, and once we know what it is and does, politely refuse as the sword goes against our convictions, ideals and beliefs.

Building on that, ideally, if Raziel knows about the frugality of Remilia and Flandre in their blood consumption, I'd propose accepting to donate a vial of blood anyway, as Gram is a gift of such magnificence that only our wish to not offend them pushes us to accept it, despite our vow of "poverty" (Knights did gift most of their possessions and money to the Order upon joining, the point however was made moot by said Order generally assigning said possessions to the Knight and the money to provide all the Order and its charities and Hospital. They lived well, yet technically possessed nothing). When we lent our sword, given to us by Meiling, and it was broken we expected to receive a replacement of equal value and craftsmanship, Gram is hundreds, if not a thousand, of time worth what was lent. Of course, we know Gram is that powerful and legendary, does Raziel?

[x] There's obviously some ulterior motive. Best not risk it.
[x] No

Also, there's a stylistic reason. Have you seen the decorations on Tyrfing? That much Bling is a sin against God. A weapon that ornate cannot be a practical weapon of war. Gram looks like a solid sword, built to last and be useful. Tyrfing looks like a diplomatic gift, not made to see the battlefield.

Now, we need a shield.
No. 137541
[x] There's obviously some ulterior motive. Best not risk it.
[x] No
No. 137564
[X] There's obviously some ulterior motive. Best not risk it.
[X] No

Reading on the swords Tyrfing isn't to knightnon's personality, you HAVE to kill with it no matter what, and I don't think there's anyone we want to kill besides Nue, maybe.

And definitely no for asking sakuya about last night, that would just be rude.
No. 137574
[x] There's obviously some ulterior motive. Best not risk it.
[x] No

Who wants a sword that has to kill every time it's drawn out the scabbard and will eventually kill its wielder?
No. 137578
I'd wanted it to be the description alone but I couldn't be entirely sure the identity of both would be easily confirmed just from what I said.
The reason I wanted people to know in the first place is that wanting it implies you're going to use it, so if I'd hidden what it was now and then had him use it in a later fight to some negative consequence I'd feel like I cheated you.

I'd say it's possible he's heard similar stories, but more likely than not you'd hear them adapted for their audience. Much like Gram was changed to Excalibur.

Tyrfing was cursed to kill Svafrlami specifically.
Though, people who used it didn't exactly have a high life expectancy. So take that as you will.
No. 137582
[x] What's a vial of blood for a sword? Of course I'll take that!
No. 137584
[x] There's obviously some ulterior motive. Best not risk it.
[x] No

It's their business and as for the sword? It's too risky to even think about using, especially for someone who champions righteousness.
No. 137611
[x] What's a vial of blood for a sword? Of course I'll take that!
[x] No
No. 137615
[X] What's a vial of blood for a sword? Of course I'll take that!

[X] Yes

Curiosity never killed the cat, oh no.
No. 137617
[X] What's a vial of blood for a sword? Of course I'll take that!

[X] Yes

Voting Yes is a must.

Even if it is meant to undermine things.
No. 137619
I wonder, while the vial of blood might be for Remilia/Flandre's consumption, can't a person be affected by magic, or tracked by magic, through things from their bodies, like nail clippings or in this case blood? I ask this because in the Dresden Files, wizards are known for being very clean about their hair, clippings, etc. since harmful magic can be used on them due to the link between them and their personal essence, be it blood, hair, etc.
No. 137620
When I voted, I took this bit of wizardry as a given. I'm just hoping it might end badly.
No. 137621
What's the point of giving someone a cursed sword if you don't even get to see the look on their face when they find out? The blood is for scrying purposes.
No. 137624
[x] What's a vial of blood for a sword? Of course I'll take that!
[x] Yes

You all seem to be forgetting that we're in Gensokyo. Most things here doesn't die for more than five minutes. we just need to be careful about when to use it.
No. 137632
[] There's obviously some ulterior motive. Best not risk it.

[]No, no need to stick your nose into their business.

This... feels less like a gift and more like a test, I'd say. 'For what price power?', and all that.

I'll need to do a bit of rereading, but I've also been getting the feeling that the Knight had been getting weary of constant warfare and bloodshed, and taking Tyrfing would likely be nudging him back into something similar. And if it *is* cursed, I doubt Hijiri would be all that thrilled to have the thing around.

Eh, probably putting too much thought into this, but you never know~
No. 137640

Damn I love the way you explained your reasoning and theory. Pretty much cemented my vote for the following.

[x] There's obviously some ulterior motive. Best not risk it.
[x]No, no need to stick your nose into their business.

And for those worried about metagaming, I'd say just chalk it up to Raziel's gut instinct. I know if I was in that position I'd be fairly tempted NOT to pick Tyrfing just because of the vibes it and the whole situation is giving off.
No. 137661
[x] There's obviously some ulterior motive. Best not risk it.
[x]No, no need to stick your nose into their business.
No. 137699
[x] There's obviously some ulterior motive. Best not risk it.
[x] No, no need to stick your nose into their business.

Tyrfing is a Bad Idea, cursed swords never work out terribly well in european mythology. Best go with the pure, excellent weapon then risk turning into a horrible berserker.
No. 137713
[x] There's obviously some ulterior motive. Best not risk it.
[x] No
No. 137714
[x] There's obviously some ulterior motive. Best not risk it.
[x] No

if i'm not mistaken isn't "blood willingly given" a usual requirement for a blood contract? honestly this seems like remillia is trying to screw us somehow, a sword for just a vial of blood doesn't seem like the sort of thing he would do. there must be more to it
No. 138121
[x] "Tyrfing. I recognize that name."
[x] There's obviously some ulterior motive. Best not risk it.
[x] No

Might as well throw out there that we know she just tried to fuck us over.
No. 138667
File 130155441611.jpg - (706.63KB , 800x1000 , Magical timey wimey bullshit man.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] There's obviously some ulterior motive. Best not risk it.
[x] No

"You say Gram is capable of cutting through nearly anything, correct? What makes Tyrfing so much better?"

"It's a blade that shall never miss a stroke, nor will it rust or bend under any circumstance. With it, you'll be capable of carving through iron and rock as easily as air, I daresay it could make you one of the more dangerous humans in Gensokyo, if you were to use it correctly."

"And Remilia would give such a sword away for so little?"

"Well...there is one other thing. The blade was given three curses upon it's creation, two of which are defunct. The only remaining issue is that it is fated to take a life every time it is drawn."

"I believe I've heard this story before...this sword hasn't brought any good luck to it's owners."

"Perhaps not, but in your hands both I and my lady are both confident it's safe."

"Confidence I don't share, I'm afraid. Give her my thanks, but Gram should prove to be more than enough for my needs."

You hold the sheathed blade out for Sakuya, and the moment you do her expression changes. You can only see it for the split second it takes for her to dip into a small bow as she takes the sword from your hands, but the memory is burned within your mind. The rest of her face remained entirely emotionless. Not a crack of a smile or hint of a frown. Only her cold, piercing eyes locked into yours displayed her anger with you. You can't help but feel slightly relieved that she speaks without raising her head, thus avoiding any further eye contact with you. "If that is your wish, sir. If there's nothing further to say, our business is concluded."

You try to at least say goodbye, but before you can utter a word Sakuya is gone, vanished from the clearing entirely within the blink of an eye. With her disappearance the world floods with color once again, and the first thing you hear is Marisa's shouting: "Where did she...dammit! I hate when she does that! Always coming and going, messing with time like it's nothing!"

"It is somewhat unnerving..."

"Oh, really? Why in her case specifically? Nue and Murasa can do much the same, if by different means."

"Yeah, but they don't stare or throw daggers, so they're infinitely easier to get along with."

Though there's not much fault in Marisa's description, you feel a change in topic might be more productive.
"Fascinating as her mastery over time is, I must confess I'm slightly more concerned over Hijiri's findings."

"Ah, yes of course! I focused on the details at first, hoping that whatever had happened occurred recently. However, the farther back I went, the less I could see...unfortunately, as I reached the limit of it's usefulness you were still propped against the tree. That would be roughly three weeks ago, give or take a day or two."

"So I've just been...sitting here? For a month?"

"Most probably far longer than that. No-one came to feed you, check on you... as far as I can tell, you've been sitting there, for a very long time without anyone in Gensokyo even noticing."

"If he hasn't needed to eat, it could be someones forcibly turned him into a magician. Long life, no food...but we'd be able to tell, right?"

"That, and his muscles would still atrophy if he never moved. I think a localized time delay is more likely. I don't think it could have been Sakuya, however. Her spells only affect the area around her."

"Sakuya or not, wouldn't you be able to pick up on a time lapse spell?" Marisa adds in.

"Indeed...there should be some residual essence of it, unless it's of a type I'm unfamiliar with, at least."

"Wait a moment...you said I came from a time several hundred years ago, correct? Could I really have been here, propped against a tree the entire time?"

"Not likely, Gensokyo hasn't existed for that long."

"As it is now? No, but the ground we're standing on has always been "here". If someone knew enough, they could drop him down and set it up so he'd wake up later on."

You've nothing to add, and it seems Marisa is waiting for Hijiri's thoughts on her theory...despite her tone, it's clear she holds a great deal of respect for Hijiri, albeit in an odd way.

She rubs the bridge of her nose as she finally begins to say: "I'm not so sure whoever it was would leave him here that long, but the theory is solid. Though for now I feel the more important question is the motive...no matter how long he's been here, someone left Raziel in a clearing, in Gensokyo for at least a month. There has to be a reason."

"What of those footprints? Perhaps the person who left them has something to do with it?"

"A good thought, but highly unlikely. Whomever it was, she came by only yesterday. She was one of the Youkai that live on the mountain, a tengu specifically. None of which could perform the kinds of spells we're talking about. The good news is I was able to get a fairly good look, she took an object emblazoned with the symbol on your tabard. Something like..."
She traces an outline in the air with her fingers, the shape is immediately recognizable to you.

"Ah...a kite shield."

"She seemed rather enamored with it, so much so that she left immediately, and apparently never even tried to find its owner."

[] Even if she couldn't have personally done the deed, that she came here specifically was no coincidence, she must be involved some way or another! We'll have to go see the Tengu! (Don't forget, walking to the base of the mountain took the better part of a day.)

[] For now it'd be best to head back home, see what the others think of all this.
No. 138668
[x] For now it'd be best to head back home, see what the others think of all this.

We'll save getting the Shield back another day. I doubt the Tengu were involved in this; if anything they noticed the incident and checked it out.
No. 138669
[X] For now it'd be best to head back home, see what the others think of all this.

Patience is a virtue, and this is not an immediately pressing need. Knightanon doesn't strike me as the sort who would run off half-cocked just because of a sighting of his kite shield.
No. 138671
[X] For now it'd be best to head back home, see what the others think of all this.

The other choice seems to be jumping to conclusions. The tengu could have been passing by and noticed the object. That doesn't mean she has anything to do with this.
No. 138672
[X] For now it'd be best to head back home, see what the others think of all this.

>Only her cold, piercing eyes locked into yours displayed her anger with you. You can't help but feel slightly relieved that she speaks without raising her head, thus avoiding any further eye contact with you.

Looks like they wont be too happy about this. Might want to tell to Byakuren about it.

Not that I regret passing on a cursed blade that would have fucked us over.
No. 138680
[x] Even if she couldn't have personally done the deed, that she came here specifically was no coincidence, she must be involved some way or another! We'll have to go see the Tengu! (Don't forget, walking to the base of the mountain took the better part of a day.)

We've got most of a day. Too bad we took our armor, or we could beg a lift off Marisa or something.
No. 138690
[X] For now it'd be best to head back home, see what the others think of all this.

We can get the kite shield later.
No. 138692
[x] Even if she couldn't have personally done the deed, that she came here specifically was no coincidence, she must be involved some way or another! We'll have to go see the Tengu!
Plot hook
No. 138695
[X] For now it'd be best to head back home, see what the others think of all this.

It would be best to try to get some info on what we're getting into before we jump in with both feet. Also, I'm sure with more than one mind at work, we can better hammer out a plan to approach this.
No. 138699
[X] For now it'd be best to head back home, see what the others think of all this.

Let Momiji have fun with our shield for now.
No. 138700
[X] For now it'd be best to head back home, see what the others think of all this.

We'll be coming for you, Tengu. Just not right now.
No. 138701
I'm so glad somebody noticed that possibility.
No. 138707
[x] Even if she couldn't have personally done the deed, that she came here specifically was no coincidence, she must be involved some way or another! We'll have to go see the Tengu! (Don't forget, walking to the base of the mountain took the better part of a day.)
No. 138717
[x] For now it'd be best to head back home, see what the others think of all this.
No. 138731
My wet dream is to reach a second thread.
No. 138732
File 130160712171.gif - (440.14KB , 392x392 , 1295758732911.gif ) [iqdb]
No. 138734
[X] For now it'd be best to head back home, see what the others think of all this.

We can get the shield later. Also I'm happy we didn't take Tyrfing.
No. 138736
My wet dream is to have the writefag reply to my post with that kind of gif. Apparently I just missed it.
No. 138737
File 130160938859.gif - (285.75KB , 260x450 , 1295757332983.gif ) [iqdb]
No. 138776
Why does mami have her head?
No. 138782
I can die a happy man now
No. 139405
Major delays in production for this update I'm afraid, work and school are both kicking their respective hours required up a notch, have to prioritize.
I should have some time after work today, but I'm not sure whether I can finish this paper in good enough time to finish the update as well.
No. 142154
Updates where?