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It's all been done to hell before. The same old song and dance. You wake up in a strange place with only minimal knowledge about yourself and your surroundings. You meet strange people and strange things happen. It's always the same place too; a paradise that shouldn't exist full of strange creatures and objects that shouldn't exist. It's probably safe to say that they don't exist, seeing as nobody knows how to find the damned place, and everyone who claims to have done just that—find the damned place—never comes back alive. For the record, it should be stated that they never come back at all.


VIA: BG FLR 36-216

Reports outside of Tokyo indicate Class A gravitational-spatial anomaly. Science team was dispatched to investigate and assess any potential threats. Satellite imagery shows recent expansion of the detected anomalous activity. All contact with the science team and all subsequent reconnaissance teams have since been lost.

Be advised: Minimum Class 6 harness recommended due to high radiation levels surrounding anomalous zone. Maximum class 9 with personal shield approved for use during operation by approved personnel. Rules of Engagement suspended for duration of operation. Directives will be carried out according to team designation and are as follows:


1.Secure or destroy the anomaly.


1.Secure Usami Renko (photo attached).
2.Locate science team.
3.Locate reconnaissance team.
4.Backup and destroy all research data.

YTGRS SOG teams are to assemble at 0400 hours and prep for aerial insertion via HALO jump. All necessary additional equipment is to be requisitioned individually prior to assembly. Upon successful completion of objectives, teams will extract via ground-based transportation at a pre-designated location (marked on supplementary map). Avoid any and all contact with local population.


I look over the document again and again, and wrack my brain trying to understand its meaning. Alas, nothing. It’s orders are for somebody other than me—possibly the somebody I once was.

I lie motionless in a strange bed in a strange room and stare blankly up towards an equally strange ceiling, and I try to remember how I came to be here. Nothing, just more white noise inside my head. I can’t seem to remember how I got here, nor can I recall anything about myself.

The woman who comes to check on me every so often tells me that I will remember in time. That it only takes time. She reassures me that everything in my head is still there, and that I’ve just locked the keys out of the house. I can’t say how she knows all of this, but it’s all so very convincing.

The letter in my hand is among a small number of effects that were found close by my unconscious body, according to what I’m told, and that I was taken here purely out of good will. Her tone wasn’t as convincing on this matter.

I aim to leave as soon as I am able, but the extent on my injuries—provided there are any—is another unknown. I can only sit and wait for the girl to return. The conversation helps me to relax, though the look in her eye puts me ill at ease. It’s almost as if she were staring straight through me.

“You’re awake.”

The door slides open, the girls steps into the room. I smile; I like familiar faces, and hers is the only face I can remember aside from my own.

“If you think too hard that you lost something,” she says, “you’ll never be able to remember that it was in your hand all along.”

“I… see,” I can’t tell if she’s truly wise or just speaking cryptic to hide an overwhelming stupidity.

“Have you remembered anything yet?” She asks,

“No, not a thing.”

She frowns as I speak, showing some manner of empathy toward my current situation.

“A shame,” she says, her voice quiet and smooth, “I was hoping you had a name by now, but amnesia is different for each individual who suffers it. For the time being, does anything stick out in your mind?”

>>What is your name?

No. 132602
No. 132603
[x] John Smith
No. 132607
[x] H.M.
No. 132609
No. 132610
I hope your picture is related, we don't have nearly enough Satori around here.

I'm gonna skip this choice because honestly, FUCK naming choices.
No. 132612
[x] "I've got nothing. You have any favorites?"

Good as anything else we've got. Which is nothing.

Also, fucking lovely picture, and a very interesting start.
No. 132614
>Default Name.
No. 132615
[x]Simon Black
No. 132620
[x] "I've got nothing. You have any favorites?"
No. 132621
[x] "I've got nothing. You have any favorites?"
No. 132627
That Satorin, it is delicious.

[x] Jarvis
No. 132628
[x] Walton Simons
No. 132629
[x] "I've got nothing. You have any favorites?"

I'd just prefer to stay unnamed, but eh.
No. 132630
[X] Carmen Santiago

Ah, I never could resist hybridizing two awesome names. Perfect for shooting and stealing things, not necessarily in that order.
No. 132632
[X] Carmen Santiago

This'll be interesting.
No. 132636
[x] Walton Simons
No. 132637
[x] Walton Simons
No. 132638
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>I can’t tell if she’s truly wise or just speaking cryptic to hide an overwhelming stupidity.
In the satured general of today, I dig things that are interesting. A confident, straight-to business guy is what we need. I tire of timid teenagers.

[x] Walton Simons
No. 132643
[x] Walton Simons

In before we unleash the Grey Death as part of our world domination scheme!
No. 132645
[x] Jarvis
No. 132647
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“Names… names,” I again wrack my brain for anything recognizable. The initial realization that I had no recollection of my own name came as a horrible shock at first, but now that I’d had time to think the impact is lessened. Like a dulled knife—no less painful, just takes more effort to break the skin.

“Nope, nothing comes to mind,” I say, finding the word ‘nothing’ as used in context to be appropriate. The extent of my memories, not counting things like the ability to read or walk, extends only a few days back. The only name I can honestly remember belongs to this girl, Satori.

“…Walton,” she says after so many minutes of straining, “The name Walton Simons just bubbled up.”

She seemed to be focused on something; so hard that I dared not call out to her and risk breaking her concentration. I worry about her from time to time. An odd statement coming from an amnesiac with limited control over his own motor functions, certainly, but she seems so frail that I can’t help it.

“Ring any bells?” she asks, sitting at my bedside. Only now do I realize that she’s brought food along with her. It’s a shame I’m not hungry; the smell is delicious.

“Not particularly,” I say, forcing myself to sit up slowly. I dare not ask where the name ‘bubbled up’ from—this girl seems to just know things. I wonder if speaking to her directly is even necessary.

“It isn’t,” she manages to surprise me yet again, “but if I answer your thoughts and not your words, you may find conversing with me a bit nerve-wracking… Perhaps even irritating.”

“So you can read minds?” I have to ask the obvious, if not just for my own clarification.

“Indeed I can,” she seems distraught, and stares at me intensely, “You’re… not surprised by this?”

“Strangely, no. I feel I should be surprised by a lot of things right now. Maybe it’s just the shock from the entire ordeal wearing me down.”

It’s true—I really could care less. Mind reader or mass murderer or what have you; it disturbs me not in the least. Again, I figure it’s just my mind unconsciously comparing the shock of her claim to my lack of memory and concluding that the latter requires more attention. It feels like I’m comparing a pebble to a planet—my mind takes the pebble and just tosses it into an already unfathomably large ball of mental anguish. Not to make it sound like I’m feeling sorry for myself, which I believe I would have every right in the world to do if I so pleased right now.

“You’re taking this all rather well, I must say,” she smiles, patting me gently on the shoulder. She’s the first person I remember ever laying a hand on me now too, in addition to being the first to speak to me.

“Did you happen to miss the part where I curled up into a ball and wept for an entire day? I can’t say I’m taking it as well as you’d like to believe.”

“Oh, it wasn’t that bad,” she laughs at my joke, “It was only for an hour at best.”

Odd that I would make a joke about such a grave concern of mine; I suppose it may be in my nature as a human. I can’t speak for human nature as a whole, considering my inability to remember what it’s like, but hearing her laughter puts me into a far calmer state.

But the laughter falls to silence, and I can feel the air in the room beginning to grow tense. I’m not sure at this point what I should say to her.

“I suppose my bringing food was pointless,” she finally breaks the silence, looking gloomily down at the plate she had set down on a nightstand next to my bed, “if you’re not feeling like eating…”

“I appreciate the gesture, at least.” I try to reassure her that at least some part of what she did was worthwhile. Speaking so candidly feels awkward, like I’m not used to it.

“You’re welcome,” she stands to leave, “Get some rest. I’ll check up on you in a little while.”

[ ] Let her go.
[ ] Make her stay.
No. 132648
[x] Let her go
No. 132650
[・ω・] Make her stay.
No. 132655
[x] Let her go
No. 132656
[x] Let her go.
No. 132659
[x] Make her stay.
No. 132662
[ ] Make her stay.
No. 132663
[x] Make her stay.
No. 132664
> Secure or destroy the anomaly.

Take control ot destroy Gensokyo? Good luck with that, human.

> Secure Usami Renko (photo attached).

So we're looking for Renko? She's probably safe with Maribel.

> Locate science team.

Dead, probably.

> Locate reconnaissance team.

Same as the science team.

> Backup and destroy all research data.

No idea about this last one.

Judging from the first post, I'm guessing Humanity has found about about Gensokyo, and is trying to fully access it, with poor results. However, since this is basicly a new story, that may not be true.

As for a vote: [X] Let her go
No. 132669
[x] Let her go.
No. 132672
[x]Let her go.

Did you just give up on the mission on the first briefing? I sure hope you're not an operative for anything
No. 132675

Why do I have a bad feeling this choice will end badly if we anons only decide to only pick choices that make him Walter Simons? Let's just think of this in name only... hopefully...
No. 132711

I'm not giving up, I'm just stating what I think it is.
No. 132714
[X] Ask her to stay.

Being polite about our wants.
No. 132756
[X] Ask her to stay.

Make her stay sounds like it might be forceful.
And I don't want to run that risk of being forceful.
But then again, I'm goddamn paranoid.

Politeness will do, then.
No. 132807
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Part of me wants to call out to her, ask her to stay. But I think twice of it, and in that moment she walks out the door. I don’t quite understand the reason behind the urge, which is partly why I thought about it. It makes no sense. I neither feel saddened nor lonely watching her leave. Just tired.

Gold: “How many * for you now?”

Green: “Too many… Sit back and *. You’re making me nervous.”

Gold: “It’s * for me. I still can’t get used to it.”

Gray: “You’re already starting to remember, aren’t you?

Something pulls me out of my sleep. There’s another voice in my head, somebody I don’t recognize.

You’re awake? ” the voice asks, “Boo! Way to spoil a girl’s fun, bozo.

“Fun…?” I sit up, unable to determine the voice’s source from where I lay. I can stand, too. Perhaps I’m still asleep.

Asleep, yes,” the voice whispers, “You’re still asleep, aren’t you.

The sound of the voice echoes inside my head, but seems to as well be coming from somewhere inside the room. My vision blurs as I take a step forward, and I immediately feel lightheaded. I sit back down before I faint. One thing’s for certain: I’m wide awake.

You’re a smart one, aren’t you?” the voice lets out a girlish giggle, but the words in my head seem neither male or female.

But the voice just identified itself as female, didn’t it? Having nothing in my head must leave a lot of room for details; I seem to recall even the moments when I was half-conscious or completely out.

How are you hearing me when I don’t speak?” the voice asks, “Could it be that I’m projecting my thoughts?

“I do have a tendency to do that from time to time,” says the girl standing in the corner of the room. I feel like I should be surprised to see her standing there, but something tells me that she was there the entire time, and that I was well aware of her presence to begin with.

“Sorry if I confused you,” she says, helping me back into bed. Her cold hands send a shiver running down my entire body as they gingerly touch my shoulders. Her light-colored hair runs across my face as she pulls away.

“You’re running a bit of a fever,” she tells me once I’m situated where I should be, “but it’s not something caused by a disease.”

“Did something happen?” I ask. She seems to know something, and whatever it is I’m willing to bet Satori knows as well.

“I can’t say,” she replies, “I’m not sure what happened myself. Everything kinda shifted while I was asleep one night, and now we have half a house. Funny part is it’s not underground anymore.”

I can’t tell if she’s being completely candid or if there’s something she’s still trying to hide. I could pressure her, but I’ve not the strength left in me to do it. I can only lie still in bed and listen to whatever she wants to tell me. What I make of her words is still up to me, of course.

Or so you might think,” the voice in my head chimes in, “In all honesty, whatever you ultimately believe is out of your hands. I could tell you without words what has occurred, but chances are good I’ll get found out. I cannot… will not take that chance.

“Wha—“ If it was this girl’s intention to confuse me and then scare the crap out of me, she’s done an impeccable job. I don’t understand what she just ‘said’ to me, but I’m sure it was a threat.

Ah, please don’t—

“Please don’t take it the wrong way,” the girl says, “We’re all at risk here, and outsiders can’t know what has happened.”

“Koishi.” Satori stands in the doorway. The girl leaning over my bedside immediately backs away. She seems fearful for some reason, just as Satori’s expression shows an incredible anger.

Red: “What is the meaning of this?!

“Sis, I—“

“You shouldn’t be in here, Koishi,” Satori says, her voice low as she steps into the room, “’He’s sick. You mustn’t disturb him.’ What part of these words did you fail to understand?”

Red: “You know very well what will happen if you—

Gray: “I, uh—er…

“You were curious, and decided to have a look despite what I said… Is that not correct?”

“You smell lovely, Sis.” A classic misdirection attempt, at which point I have a name and relation for this girl.

But it fails. Satori seems more cross than she was previously, and she stamps her foot into the ground as if trying to force her shoe through the floorboards.

“Get out!” Satori stands rigid, pointing to the door.

[ ] I have no say in the matter.
[ ] Satori’s right, Koishi leaves.
[ ] Koishi needs to explain first.
No. 132813
[x] Satori’s right, Koishi leaves.

Koishi seems to know what is going on around here, but is it really that important? We're pretty fucked up right now. It can wait.
No. 132817
[x] I have no say in the matter.
No. 132821
[x] I have no say in the matter.
No. 132825
[x] Koishi needs to explain first.
No. 132829
[x] Koishi needs to explain first.
-[x] "I'm healthy enough to listen for a few minutes"
She wants to say something... a warning? K should not be silenced. As he said, what he makes of those words is up to him.
No. 132830
[ ] Koishi needs to explain first.
No. 132832
[x] I have no say in the matter.

He really doesn't.
No. 132843
[x] I have no say in the matter.

They're both hiding things from us. That they might have different reasons for doing so isn't really important.
No. 132861
[x] I have no say in the matter.
No. 132871
[x] Koishi needs to explain later.

Almost certain this will neither work nor win.
No. 132881
[x] Koishi needs to explain first.
No. 132887
[x] Koishi needs to explain first.
No. 132890
[x] I have no say in the matter.
No. 132894
[x] I have no say in the matter.
No. 134989
File 129826643025.jpg - (575.67KB , 1203x1059 , koishi wubs u.jpg ) [iqdb]
Of course I want to hear more; Koishi’s vague ramblings about goings on that I’ve no prior knowledge of makes me feel like she might be trying to taunt me, but Satori seems dead set on getting her out of the room. I know she’s worried about me… I think she’s worried about me, but truth be told Koishi wasn’t bothering me in the least until Satori came in and started yelling at her.

But despite what I want from these two I really don’t have it in me to yell over them, so I sit here quietly and wait for the argument to resolve itself. Naturally, Satori wins over her sister, and Koishi leaves the room quietly. She gives me the oddest of looks as she steps outside. I believe she was trying to tell me that she’ll be back later, but I can’t be certain.

Satori apologizes for the disturbance and shortly thereafter leaves the room herself. And in spite of the silence I’m unfortunate enough to not fall asleep again for the remainder of the night.

After so many hours of restless tossing and turning, sunlight slowly begins to fill the room. The dim orange glow tells me that it’s safe for me to move about on my own, and I do just that. My attempt at walking is not met by a crippling dizziness this time, and I’m able to dress myself in what I find lying around the room before shuffling off to the lavatory.

Coming back into the hall, I suddenly take to staring out the window. I see the odd bit of dirt and grass, and a single tree, but nothing telling me of my location. I hear voices coming from deeper inside the house; neither one of them sounds like either of the two girls I’ve met thus far. I think first to follow the sound, but hunger trumps curiosity and I end up looking for the pantry.

No luck. Not anywhere in this house can I find a single scrap of food. Granted, it’s a rather large house, but I believe I’ve searched every inch of every unlocked room I’ve come across. I run into Koishi as I slowly start back in the direction of my room.

“Nice day, huh,” I say sleepily. If the sound of my voice is any indication as to my level of energy, it’s a wonder I managed to stay up the whole night. One too many worries I suppose. It’s hardly surprising.

Kitchen’s on the other side of the house, bub.” Koishi tells me, rather strangely choosing to point at a wall instead of down an actual walking path. I could guess that she means it’s in that general direction, though without guidance I have no way to—

She suddenly grabs my hand.

“Fine,” she says, “I’ll take you there.”

I refrain from commenting on the fact that she saw inside my head; I told her nothing in regards to my plans to raid the kitchen. Though being a sister of Satori, the two of them sharing the same gift comes as no surprise. I stay silent and allow her to drag me around. I’ll be damned if I can find the bleeding kitchen is a place of this size!

That’s why I hate this house: it’s too damned big! Why did Satori ever think building a house this size was a good idea?” She responds to my thoughts rather readily. Satori seemed to refrain from commenting on each and every little thing, but Koishi seems dead set on doing the opposite.

“You’re asking the wrong person,” I reply. As far as I know, everyone might as well have a house this size. Then again, as far as I know, everyone might be able to read minds, too. Common sense dictates otherwise on the latter matter.

And there I go projecting again… Does he have to hear everything I think?

“You’re… still doing it.” I try to be gentle.

“Oh, to Hell with it!” she turns around suddenly, dropping my hand and disposing of any scrap of the cheerful aura I sensed about her previously, “So who are you really,”

“Uh…” The conversation has just now started and I’m already lost. Not a good sign.

“Hold still,” she steps up close; uncomfortably close. Nearly close enough to kiss had I any inclination to do so. She seems far too serious and far too concentrated to have so much as a shred of thought dedicated to that possibility. As a respectable man, I choose to pass up the opportunity and wait for her to finish whatever it is she’s doing.

Nothing, as expected. He really doesn’t remember anything at all, does he? What the hell does sis want with him then?

“Um,” I grow very uncomfortable very quickly. The closeness is unsettling if anything, and her suddenly serious demeanor frightens me in a good number of ways, “Mind telling me what you’re looking for?”

“Something that isn’t there, obviously,” she seems distraught, annoyed. She also seems to be taking out her frustration on me, “and even if it were, I can’t see past all your damn worrying! Can’t you relax a little more?”

“I honestly wish I could,” I say, trying to be honest. She’ll know if I’m lying anyway, so to be forthcoming will be in my best interests, “but this is all very jarring, to say the least. Mind stepping off of my foot?”

“Ah, sorry,” she steps away. The ache in my foot subsiding, I continue to head down the hall without her. I can only move so fast however, and she catches up easily. I had no intention of running away from her, just the conversation at hand was making me feel uncomfortable and by extension a tad queasy.

[ ] I should try to find out what she wants.
[ ] I don’t think it wise to keep on the subject.


A long while later, and I have returned. I would like to update every week or more often, but extraneous circumstances prevent such fun times. Please wait warmly while I deal with it.
No. 134990
[x] I should try to find out what she wants.
No. 134991
[x] I should try to find out what she wants.

>“And there I go projecting again… Does he have to hear everything I think?”
>“Nothing, as expected. He really doesn’t remember anything at all, does he? What the hell does sis want with him then?”

Considering all other instances of Koishi speaking hasn't been italicized, either the author is accidentally messing up his tags, or we are a goddamn mind-reader. Also, even though we aren't very far into it, I am still glad to see this back.
No. 134994
Thanks for updating!

[x] I should try to find out what she wants.
It would be even less wise to ignore our only lead on what's going on.
No. 134996
[x] I should try to find out what she wants.

Something seems to have happened to their home, perhaps related with whatever went down.
No. 135040

>“And there I go projecting again… Does he have to hear everything I think?”

Or she's saying it out loud like an idiot by accident, or even more likely, she can project her thoughts into other peoples head so she doesn't have to actually talk.

[x] I should try to find out what she wants.
No. 135062
[x] I should try to find out what she wants.

Yaaaay, you're back!