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132425 No. 132425
This is getting you nowhere

You say something, the bird-girl shushes you.
You attempt to shush her back, she shushes you even more.
Attempting to match her accomplished little more than setting the two of you off on a war of escalating shhhh-ing.
You shh her for two seconds, she shhes you for three seconds.
You shh her for five seconds, she responds for eight.

Before long, seconds stretch into minutes, and for a time the two of you are shhh-ing together in almost perfect harmony Sadly, your lung capacity is no match for a youkai, and you falter before she shows any sign of being winded.

Just before you can begin Round 6, however, Medicine tugs on your sleeve.

“Human, Su-san says the bird is just going to keep making that sound if you don't do something different.”

“Different, Medi? Like what?”

“I dunno,” the little doll-girl says, shrugging. “Could you hit her?”

“That would be rude, Medi.”

“Oh. How about throwing something at her? Su-san thinks that might work.”

“No, that would still be rude, Medi.”

“Oh. What if we flooded the room with poison until she either gave up or died?”

“That would be extremely rude, Medi.”

“But it would work, right?”

Well, it would certainly make her stop, but...

“...you realize how grossly inappropriate it would be to attempt to poison the pet of your gracious hostess. Correct?” the satori known as 'Satori' says from the open doorway, the faintest traces of a smile on her face as she turns to face the bird-girl who had stepped aside to make way for the now nightgown-clad mind-reader. “Okuu, dear, when I instructed you to watch the door I did not intend for you to be quite so literal about it. We have discussed this.”

“I'm sorry Mam-...um, Miss Satori.” the bird-girl says, head hung low and wings drooping.

“There is no need to be sorry, Okuu.” Satori says as she reaches up and begins to scratch the girl behind her ear. “I tasked you with ensuring our guests were safe, and they are safe. However, just because I gave you this task, it does not mean you are not permitted to enjoy yourself while you carry it out. Chat with them. Play a game, if you so wish. I am certain they would appreciate and enjoy it as much as you would.”

“R-really?” Satori's pet brightens at her master's words.

“Yes, they would. I promise.” Satori smiles reassuringly at the girl, giving her a final scratch before withdrawing her hand. “But right now, I need you to do something else for me. The leftovers we had from dinner, would you be so kind as to reheat and deliver them to Miss Asakura's room? ...hm? Yes, your companion is awake. She is in pain, of course, but is seemingly well enough to have an appetite and express curiosity about the details of my home's water-heating and lighting systems, as well as the process of oni alcohol production.”

Though she continues to look at her pet as she speaks, you suddenly realize that her third eye was actually looking at you, and thus, that you were the one she was suddenly addressing.

...wait, so does that mean you are supposed to maintain eye-contact with that eye when you're talking to her?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

It's quiet.
Not that I would expect otherwise, of course.

All in all, Komeiji did a remarkable job of answering my questions, even the ones I was unsure of how to properly ask.

Conversation with a mind-reader certainly has its advantages.
If only it could truly work both ways.
Questions answered with the same speed in which they were imagined.
Data transferred at the speed of thought.

Just the idea of such a thing gets me all tingly inside.
Or, rather, it would if my insides were not already a-tingle due to getting the squeeze put on them by a giant snake with no respect for personal boundaries.

Ah, but I told myself I wasn't going to dwell on that matter any further, didn't I?
It's done, it's over, and now I need to simply recover and move on.

Having most of my questions answered certainly helped put at least part of me at ease.
Shame she could not go into details about this so-called reactor they supposedly have down here., but it seems that the bird youkai is resident expert on that specific subject.

I find that a little hard to believe, from what little I have seen of her, but first impressions can be deceiving like that, I suppose.

Oh well. If my questions about their nuclear reactor must wait, then so be it.
I have a far more pertinent question I would like to have answered, anyway.
One that Komeiji could probably answer, but chose not to.

Not that I require Komeiji to be here to ask this specific.
Nor do I require her to have it answered.

“So. How long are you going to continue pretending to be asleep, Miss Hinanai?”


“I mean, ow, it's one thing for Komeiji to notice, but when the pain-stricken, oxygen-deprived mind of an animal attack victim can tell you're faking it, you're really not doing a good job.”

“I am not- I mean, I wasn't- ...shut up.”

Even though I can't see her, and don't dare move enough to even try to get a look at her, the muffled sound of her voice tells me she's either hiding her face in a pillow, or is under a blanket.
Or both.

[ ] That's enough talk for now. Let's just enjoy the silence while it lasts.

[ ] Eh, why not chat a bit? It beats staring at the ceiling until the food gets here.

- ( ) Where were we? I hate loose ends.
- ( ) Where we are. Does my new roommate have something to say on the matter?
- ( ) Where we're going. Think about the future. You don't want to die old and alone, do you?

No. 132426
[x] Eh, why not chat a bit? It beats staring at the ceiling until the food gets here.
- (x) Where were we? I hate loose ends.

Would have chosen the last sub-option, but can Celestials really die, even if they're killed?
No. 132429
[x] Eh, why not chat a bit? It beats staring at the ceiling until the food gets here.
- (x) Where we're going. Think about the future. You don't want to die old and alone, do you?

She won't die, but she'll grasp the meaning.
No. 132430
[x] Eh, why not chat a bit? It beats staring at the ceiling until the food gets here.
- (x) Where were we? I hate loose ends.

Nothing like a captive audience.
No. 132432
[x] Eh, why not chat a bit? It beats staring at the ceiling until the food gets here.
- (x) Where we're going. Think about the future. You don't want to die old and alone, do you?
No. 132433
[x] Eh, why not chat a bit? It beats staring at the ceiling until the food gets here.
- (x) Where we are. Does my new roommate have something to say on the matter?
No. 132435
[ ] Eh, why not chat a bit? It beats staring at the ceiling until the food gets here.
- ( ) Where we're going. Think about the future. You don't want to die old and alone, do you?

Man we will remind Tenshi of her mother I bet..fun times.
No. 132436
[X] Eh, why not chat a bit? It beats staring at the ceiling until the food gets here.
-[X] Where we're going. Think about the future. You don't want to die old and alone, do you?
No. 132438
[x] Eh, why not chat a bit? It beats staring at the ceiling until the food gets here.
- (x) Where we're going. Think about the future. You don't want to die old and alone, do you?
No. 132439

Did you two really fail to understand these options has Rikako thinking to herself, and have nothing to do with Tenshi?
No. 132440
[x] That's enough talk for now. Let's just enjoy the silence while it lasts.

You are a moron. All of the sub options underneath the chatting vote is to talk with Tenshi.
No. 132442
>I hate loose ends.
>Does my new roommate have something to say on the matter?
>You don't want to die old and alone, do you?

Reading fail? These parts of the sub-options are Rikako thinking to herself, regardless of what to talk about.
No. 132443
Sounds more like topics of conversation to me.
No. 132444
Seconded. Since each have a dash and a carriage return, they seem like sub-options to me.
No. 132445
>Reading fail?
On your part. Since you seem to be autistic, let me spell it out. They all appear to be points to focus on concerning her love of MC.

>Where were we? I hate loose ends.
Picking up right back where we started, before Snowball gave us a very light embrace.

>Where we are. Does my new roommate have something to say on the matter?
Focusing on Tenshis feelings about the topic at hand.

>Where we're going. Think about the future. You don't want to die old and alone, do you?
Arguing from a goal-orientated point of view.

Or I could be entirely wrong and spouting nonsense.
No. 132446
>concerning her love of MC
she is probably the least one who would ever love him.
No. 132447
This seems to be a misunderstanding, that is meant to refer to Tenshi, who definitely has feelings for him.
No. 132449
>On your part. Since you seem to be autistic, let me spell it out.

It seems you are the autistic one here. I'm not talking about the topics of conversation or anything like that. What I mean is the way they are presented; throught Rikako thinking them to herself.

You could say it's more about grammar than content, for a comparison.
No. 132450
I cannot explain this to you in any simpler manner. The sub-options underneath the vote to chat with Tenshi all have to do with speaking to her. They are not merely things for her to think about. Please see >>132445 for an explanation as to why you are wrong.
No. 132452
[x] Eh, why not chat a bit? It beats staring at the ceiling until the food gets here.
- (x) Where were we? I hate loose ends.

Tenshi probably doesn't have a firm idea on where we're going, and she's just following the MC anyway. We already know we're in the Palace, and we're not likely to move very far for a while, so the only relevance is possibly the location of the nearest bathroom. I'd rather finish the conversations we were having in the bath--torturing Tenshi is a natural painkiller.
No. 132453
[x] Eh, why not chat a bit? It beats staring at the ceiling until the food gets here.
- (x) Where were we? I hate loose ends.
No. 132463
[x] Eh, why not chat a bit? It beats staring at the ceiling until the food gets here.
- (x) Where we're going. Think about the future. You don't want to die old and alone, do you?
I can't help myself
No. 132466
[x] Eh, why not chat a bit? It beats staring at the ceiling until the food gets here.
- (x) Where were we? I hate loose ends.
No. 132477
File 129361232522.jpg - (917.63KB , 1050x1050 , do not blame me I just work here.jpg ) [iqdb]
As tempted as I am to attempt to resume our previous conversation, the repercussions of these most recent developments should take precedence over idle chit-chat.

“So, what are we going to do now? Or, rather, what are you going to do now?”

Hm? Silence.
Is she trying to pretend to not hear me?
Or perhaps-

“...what do you mean what am I going to do?”

Ah. There she is.
I suppose I may as well get straight to the point

“What I mean, Miss Hinanai, is -ouch-...is exactly what I said. Ow. We can't stay down here forever, and unless Miss Green-haired Death Beam miraculously decides to let bygones be bygones, we can probably assume we will be seeing her again. When that happens, we might be depending on you more than anyone, and-”

What?! And just why am I-”

Listen-augh! ...damn. Just...just listen to me, okay? You're probably the only one who can hold their own if things turn out like they did the last time. The doll might be capable of defending herself, and I have no clue what the fairy can do, but I doubt I will be up for anything more strenuous than a brisk walk right now.”

“Huh? You can fly, can't you?”

“Technically, but not now. No fuel. What that loony princess hadn't 'borrowed', I used up on account of that merry little chase we had. Until I can make more, I am essentially grounded.”

“That's stupid.”

“Well, I had been researching a means of addressing that particular issue, but I digress. The point is, short of getting my hands on either some decent materials to work with, or just a few of Yagokoro's wonder drugs, I am going to be somewhat limited in what I can do for a while. Of course, there's also him to consider...”

Useless idiot.”

“Which brings me back to my question. What are you going to do, Miss Hinanai? I have no intention of allowing myself to become a liability, but I doubt I will be of much help to anyone else. If the worst should happen, he's going to be relying upon you, I am sure. We all will.”

...she's gone quiet.
Thinking about what I've just told her, perhaps?
I suppose she does seem like the sort who would not be used to having others depend on her.
The result of a privileged upbringing, I would imagine.

“...what if I don't want to?”

“What do you-augh!

Okay, turning myself to look at her was probably not a good idea.
Damn that hurt.
Not sure if it was worth the effort, she's not even looking at me.
She's not under the covers anymore, but she's not really doing anything, either.

Just sitting up, staring down at her blanket.

“I didn't ask for this, you know! I didn't ask for anyone's help. I didn't ask for his help. I didn't ask for your help. I didn't ask to be run into this stupid cave, with these stupid freak youkai with their fire and mind stuff! I didn't ask for that girl or t-that thing to go a-and, and, and it's not my fault!

Wait, is she shaking?
Hard to tell from here, but she definitely appears to be trembling, somewhat.

“I didn't ask for this! I didn't want this! It's not my fault that this happened! It's not! I just wanted to, b-but then he just had to go and, and, and then you and she and that, and y-y-you were, and it's not my fault!

Did what happened bother her that much?
Granted, I'm sure it wasn't the most pleasant sight, and I was almost certainly a mess afterward, but still.
So, yes. Definitely the result of a privileged upbringing.
Privileged, and sheltered.

Komeiji can't get back here soon enough.

[ ] Wait uncomfortably for Komeiji to return. She's probably better-suited for this sort of thing, anyway.

[ ] Attempt to calm Hinanai down. It might not be much, but it's better than doing nothing. Possibly.
No. 132478
[x] Wait uncomfortably for Komeiji to return. She's probably better-suited for this sort of thing, anyway.

Leaving it to the pros.
No. 132479
File 129362011984.jpg - (246.12KB , 768x576 , 28dd5687a11d9a12577072fa024fdb3c.jpg ) [iqdb]
>She's probably better-suited for this
If you want to wake up somewhere unfamiliar or having some mindscrewing dreams or situations. But hey, it is not her fault.

[x] Attempt to calm Hinanai down. It might not be much, but it's better than doing nothing. Possibly.
She seemed lonely and now she got a whole load of friends. And someone she likes. Show her everything is fine, no one hates or is mad at her, tell her you will get through it together.
No. 132480
File 129362131462.jpg - (149.69KB , 708x754 , 1f7014d187bb580d3ca49719045c2671.jpg ) [iqdb]
Well said.

[x] Attempt to calm Hinanai down. It might not be much, but it's better than doing nothing. Possibly.
No. 132483
File 129362383526.png - (1.92MB , 1200x1600 , 1244847264397.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Attempt to calm Hinanai down. It might not be much, but it's better than doing nothing. Possibly.

But I must say that I'm frankly interesting by Iku's whereabout right now.
According to Koishi's testimony, she was flying around, looking for Tenshi.
Now, I don't think she'll try the caves, but there's a chance that she noticed the ruckus, went to investigate, and followed the groupe.

Crossing my fingers.
No. 132492
[x] Attempt to calm Hinanai down. It might not be much, but it's better than doing nothing. Possibly.
Damn it. You're making me like her
No. 132495
[x] Attempt to calm Hinanai down. It might not be much, but it's better than doing nothing. Possibly.
No. 132496
[x] Attempt to calm Hinanai down. It might not be much, but it's better than doing nothing. Possibly.
[x]"No-one's blaming you. But we are asking if you could help."
No. 132497
Whoops. Stupid autocomplete has succeeded in retaining my name field but NOT my password field.
No. 132503
>If you want to wake up somewhere unfamiliar or having some mindscrewing dreams or situations. But hey, it is not her fault.
...You know I was referring to Satori, and not Koishi, right?
No. 132506
[x] Attempt to calm Hinanai down. It might not be much, but it's better than doing nothing. Possibly.
No. 132508
[X] Wait uncomfortably for Komeiji to return. She's probably better-suited for this sort of thing, anyway.
No. 132526
[x] Wait uncomfortably for Komeiji to return. She's probably better-suited for this sort of thing, anyway.

Rikako doesn't seem to be getting along well with Tenshi.
No. 132527
File 129370335317.jpg - (150.80KB , 508x590 , I didn't do it nobody saw me do it.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Miss Hinanai, please, try to calm d-”

I am calm!”

Her tone would suggest otherwise, but I probably shouldn't say as much.
That would probably not improve the situation much, if at all.

“Look, Miss Hinanai. Listen to me. What has happened is not your fault.”

It's not my fault!

“Yes, yes, I know. It's not your fault.”

It's not!

“No one is saying it is.”

“Well, they're thinking it!”

“I sincerely doubt that, Miss Hinanai.”

“Like you would know!”

“I know what I am thinking, Miss Hinanai, and I am not thinking what happened is your fault.”

...aside from, of course, the small matter of starting the conflict with that youkai woman in the first place She may not have exacerbated the problem, but it's hard to deny that she's the creator of it.
Again, though, not something I should say out-loud.
Not now, in any case.

“Yeah, w-well, they could be thinking it!”

“'They' are, Miss Hinanai? A fairy who might not even be aware of where she is at any given moment, and a crazy, misanthropic doll? Even if you were right, why would you even care what they thought about you?”

“U-um, because! Ah, um...because!”

In other words, she doesn't care what they think of her.
Not what those two think, at least.
I can't say I blame her, though. The only one whose thoughts I would be at all concerned about are the doll's, if only so I could have some indication of how worried I needed to be about getting a face full of poison gas in the near future.

So, assuming she was concerned at all about what anyone else thought about her, who would that leave, I wonder?
No points for guessing, of course.
Too bad this is yet another matter that I should probably avoid if I want this girl to be less agitated than she is now.

...or is it?

If reasoning isn't enough to get through to her, distracting her and redirecting her thoughts towards something else might be the way to go.
That is, of course, assuming it doesn't simply make things even worse than they are now, and essentially shoot down any chance of being able to get any sleep for the rest of the night.

[ ] Go there.

[ ] Don't go there.
No. 132528
[X] Start a Dance Number.
No. 132530
[x] Don't go there.

Help me, Satori!
No. 132531
[x] Go there.
No. 132532
[x] Go there.
Time to continue the talk we had a while ago. She will be pissed and blush no matter what we say anyway, so let's just put the topic on the matter that matters.
No. 132533
[x] Go there.
I think we're making progress. Maybe.
No. 132534
[ ] Go there.
No. 132536
[x] Go there.
No. 132537
[x] Go there.
What could possibly go wrong?
No. 132543
[x] Go there.

If only to see Tenshi say "Oh you did not just go there." Complete with finger snapping, and head weaving. My hopes of that realistically happening are slim, but if only. It's not like this conversation will bring about anything concrete. MC already has his eyes set on delicious Koishi.
No. 132555
File 129378957129.jpg - (137.71KB , 850x618 , how did your eyes change color like that.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Let me see if I understand this properly. You don't care what the doll or the fairy thinks of you, correct?”

“Well, uh...no. No! Of course not! Why would I care what those small-fry think of me?!”

“Yet, you have expressed concern about someone thinking this is your fault. Correct?”

“Huh? W-well! That's, ah...”

“Because, if we remove those two from consideration, there are only two possibilities remaining, one of which is myself. In which case, Miss Hinanai, I must say I am surprised.”


“I had no idea you cared.”

“I don't!”

“Oh, really?”

Yes! I mean, NO!! I, er, REALLY!

“Ah, then that narrows it down to just one, doesn't it?”


It always is fascinating to watch someone worth though a problem in their head.
The proverbial wheels turning and grinding away, until it finally clicks into place.
Then, the slowly-growing expression of dawning realization.
Slowly, but surely, growing. Building. Until, inevitably...

“...augh! Damn it!”

Annnnnnnnnnd, there it is!
I love those little moments.

“It's not as if I don't understand, of course. It's only natural that you would be concerned with how you were viewed by the one you loOOMFF

“Do not start that again!”

“Ow. That was uncalled for. I'm injured, remember?”

Granted, a pillow as soft as that hitting me in the face isn't going to really hurt me any more than I already am.
It's mostly the principle of the thing, really.

“Oh, shut up! Your head is just fine if you're spouting that crap again!”

“Well, you got me, there. I appreciate your not hitting me anywhere else, by the way. My point still stands, though.”

“Your....do you want me to throw a rock, next time?”

“Now, now, calm down. It doesn't have to be that, but it does seem as if you have some interest how a certain someone views you. It could be for any reason, really.”


“I'm sorry, is that a denial I am not hearing?”

“...shut up.”

“It could be completely platonic. There's nothing wrong with that.”


“Friends, maybe? Colleagues? Something like a master-student relationship, perhaps? It's quite common for pupils to care about such things from the ones they admire and-”


“Hm? Is that not it?”

“Wha-, NO! How could you even think of something so stupid?!”

“Was that wrong?”

“Of course it's wrong! Like I would ever take someone like that as a pupil! HA! As if!”

“Er, actually, I meant the reverse.”

“What? ...oh. Wait! That's even stupider!”

“Oh, well. So much for that idea. I must wonder, though, just what is the nature your interest?”


“It's quite simple. What you have chosen to do today, you have done so for a reason. I've offered my own theories, which you have seemingly rejected.”

“Because they're stupid.”

“In that case, I must ask you what is your reason, then? Why are you allowing yourself to be involved in what this one guy is doing? Why do you care at all about what he might think of you or what you've done? There must be some reason for it.”


“Yes, Miss Hinanai. What is your reasoning?“


“Look, it's just you and me, here. I promise I won't tell anyone, him especially, about any of this.”

“Hrmph! Fine! My reason is, well...um...”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“Uh, hey. Do you need any help with that?”

“Huh? Nope! This is easy!”

The bird-girl named Utsuho doesn't so much as break her stride while declining your offer. Indeed, she seems more than capable of handling things.
Still, to see a lady carrying around such a massive tray of food, you felt you had to at least offer to help carrying something.

Despite Satori's assurances that her pet could handle the job on her own, you insisted on accompanying her to the kitchen and assisting her in any way you could. It seemed only right, after all.

Too bad it turns out there really wasn't anything you could really do to help.
From unpacking the leftovers, reheating them, and loading the whole thing up on the large tray she was currently keeping in perfect balance on just one hand, she performed each task with incredible speed and efficiency. You didn't even see how she warmed the food back up, she was so fast.

Ultimately, your only real contribution was holding the door open for her, but you get the feeling that even that small gesture was something she could have dealt with herself.

As you follow the bird-girl through the halls, the vague feeling of uselessness floating through your mind, you begin to wonder if you shouldn't have stayed back in the room with Medicine and your hostess, especially when considering how late it is.

On the other hand, you feel as if you should go and check in on your other companions, especially after what happened. As nice as it would be to think they would appreciate it, it would be as much for your own peace of mind more than anything else.

Suddenly, you shudder as a cold chill runs down your spine.
Is someone talking about you?
...even though you never really understood how that was supposed to work.
It always seemed pretty stupid to you, to be perfectly honest.

So then, what could be the reason for this sudden chill you feel?
There aren't really many windows in this place, and Utsuho doesn't seem notice anything, so it's probably not a draft.
Could it be the vaguely creepy feeling that you're being watched?

A quick glance behind you tells you there is nobody else there. No one that you can see, anyway.
Yet, you cannot shake the feeling that, somehow, someone can see you.

These chills you're suddenly experiencing aren't helping much, either.

[ ] Follow the Leader
[ ] Hide and Seek
[ ] Return to Sender
No. 132556
>Annnnnnnnnnd, there it is!
I love those little moments.
I have grown to love her.

[x] Return to Sender
While the girls are talking about love. Goddamn cliffhanger.
No. 132557
[x] Follow the Leader
No. 132558
[X] Hide and Seek

No. 132559
[ ] Follow the Leader

Would Koishi mind to share?
No. 132560
[x] Hide and Seek

Freud's Youkai Girl is running around. Let's hide and avoid surprise her.
No. 132561
[x] Hide and Seek
More seek than hide I hope.
No. 132562
[X] Hide and Seek
No. 132564
[x] Hide and Seek
No. 132566
[ ] Hide and Seek
No. 132571
File 129387061378.jpg - (106.84KB , 600x600 , HAAAAAAAAY.jpg ) [iqdb]
Sorry, nothing tonight. I could blame it on the holiday, but I was really just being lazy and let time get away from me.

Happy Near Year, ya filthy animals!
No. 132572

Happy 2009+2 to you, Tenshi.

And to you too dear writefag.
No. 132574
Happy new year, writefag, thanks for all the hard work
No. 132575
>Happy Near Year

My ass. Still hung over.

Happy new year, though.
No. 132579
[x] Hide and Seek
No. 132605
File 129405084325.jpg - (23.00KB , 240x277 , Or just take whatever is in the box.jpg ) [iqdb]
Giving the tray-carrying bird-girl one last look as she continues to walk down the hall, unaware that you were no longer following her, you briefly consider calling out to her. You don't actually do it, but you think about it, and it's the thought that counts.

Or so they say, anyway.

As she disappears around a corner, you turn your attention to the hall behind you.
Someone was watching you.
Following you.
Possibly both, at the same time.

You were going to try to find this someone. Even though you were tired from a long day of walking, running, flying, being knocked unconscious, and other assorted activities. Even though one of your companions had been attacked and nearly killed mere hours ago, and you were on your way to visit them. This was the thing you were going to do.

It all makes perfect sense in hindsight.
...or so you hope you'll think to yourself when this is all over.

Figuring it was best to start with the most obvious place to search, you begin your hunt for the mystery stalker by looking up and down the hall you were in.

You look one way.

Then, you look the other.

But wait! Then you look back the way you were looking before!

It is the Ultimate Technique of Looking, passed down by your family for generations!
Whether you are seeing if the coast is clear of danger, or merely trying to cross a busy street without running into anyone, it has served you well.

Truly, it is a versatile technique. However, it seems that even this is not enough. Despite looking down either end of the hall more than once, you cannot see any sign of anyone else.
Clearly, your foe is a crafty one, well-versed in the arts of stealth.

A quick assessment of your surroundings leads you to suspect one of two things; either they are hiding behind one of the doors lining the hallway, or they are invisible. You suppose it could even be both, but that strikes you as being rather excessive. Overkill, even. Possibly even cheating.
It's not fair to make it so you can't be found, even if you're found! That's not how it's supposed to go!

However! You will not be deterred! There is someone to be found, and you will find them, damn it! You even know how to go about your search! While you could simply start opening doors completely at random, peek inside, and move on, you know such a haphazard method of searching will get you nowhere. You need to be methodical! You'll just pick one, and then move down the line.

But where to start?
It's not like there are really that many doors to choose from, anyway.

[ ] The closest door. Walking is a bother.
[ ] The farthest door. ...or is it just really, really small?
[ ] The slightly-open door. Though, really, now it's not so much a door as it is a jar.
No. 132606
[x] The slightly-open door. Though, really, now it's not so much a door as it is a jar.

Evidence of recent use
No. 132611
[X] The slightly-open door. Though, really, now it's not so much a door as it is a jar.
No. 132613
[x] The farthest door. ...or is it just really, really small?
No. 132616
[x] The farthest door. ...or is it just really, really small?
And then we drink a potion and shrink so that we can pass through it.
No. 132617
[x] The farthest door. ...or is it just really, really small?
No. 132618
[x] The farthest door. ...or is it just really, really small?

So that we might start our search in the most efficient manner, combing from one end of the hallway to the other.
No. 132635
[x] The farthest door. ...or is it just really, really small?

Run there. Run there as fast as we possibly can while stretching our arms out to the sides. This will catch our pursuer off guard.
No. 132651
File 129413905351.gif - (89.55KB , 500x300 , kill the lights.gif ) [iqdb]
Something about the far-away door calls out to you.
It calls out to you with its distance.

The door closet to you? It is far too close.
If it were a person, you would have to ask it to step back a bit because it is totally intruding in your personal space. If someone were to be hiding, they most assuredly would know that the nearest door would be the most likely one to be checked first.
Obviously, it defeats the purpose of hiding if you're doing it in such a place where it would be all but impossible not to be found.

The cracked-open door seems like an obvious place to look, what with its semi-open nature being a clear sign of it being used recently. Perhaps, too obvious.
Just as one who wishes to hide would not want their hiding spot to be the first thing anyone would check, they also would not want to leave any indication as to where they were hiding.
Were your unseen follower hiding in that room, they must surely realize this. Yet, even so, they left the door cracked open? Would they really overlook such a simple thing as that? With that in mind, you can't help but wonder if door was left that way intentionally, perhaps a form of misdirection.

Tricky, tricky.

That just leaves Door #3, the one that is furthest away from you.
Yes, of the three doors, this one seems like it would be the most likely one to bring you success, and with a certain sense of confidence you stride down the hall and up to the door, and-

...huh. It wasn't that far away, after all.
It is however, quite small, the top of the door's frame just barely reaching your abdomen.
Forced to kneel in order to reach the doorknob, you quietly test the knob to see if the door is locked. Satisfied that it was not, you gradually crack the door open and peek inside.

Though dimly-lit by some unseen light source, you find you have little trouble in making out most of the room's interior. A long row of mirrors mounted on the wall, an equally-long counter located beneath the mirrors and covered by a variety of small jars, bottles, and what appear to be miniature grooming supplies.

If you didn't know any better, you would think you were looking at a dressing room of some sort.
In fact, you suspect that is exactly what you're looking at.

Just, you know, tiny.

A tiny door leading into a tiny room with tiny furniture for, you assume, tiny people to freshen up and make themselves pretty.

You think you even see...
wait, is that-

It is!

Tiny little clothes!

Though the dim, blue lighting makes seeing the finer details difficult, you believe you see what appears to be a tiny little dress draped over the back of a tiny little stool, apparently waiting to be mended. Or, so you assume by the somewhat tattered look of the fabric. Though the rips and tears are unmistakable, you can only guess what those darkish blots on the fabric are.
Dirt? Stains?

You are not entirely sure you really want to know.

As nice and strangely adorable as this tiny little room is, however, you can see no sign of anything alive in there, least of all the source of the chill you can still feel down your spine.
However, just as you are about to give up, close the door, and move on to the next, you stop.

Faintly, so faint your ears barely even registered it as sound, you can make out the slightest feeling of something making its way into your ear. Soft and gentle, you don't hear it so much as feel it lightly tugging on your eardrums from inside the tiny little dressing room.

Closing your eyes for a couple seconds in an attempt to get them adjusted to the relative darkness of the room, you peer intently inside and try to spot the source of the sound. Looking and listening and listening and looking, your eyes slowly scan the room for signs of anything of interest.

And then, it happens.
Striking fast, like a bolt of lightning, your mind finally clicks.
At the very back of the room, you see it.

Or rather, her.

Clad in little more than mere underwear, her winged back facing you, a little fairy sits huddled in the back corner of the dressing room, slowly rocking back and forth.

The sound is louder, now. Not so much that it's clear what you are hearing, but enough to give you a feeling about it, especially when combined the sight before you.



This poor little creature of nature, this adorable little fairy-thing is weeping! Crying!
A little girl is crying! Right in front of you!
That's no good! That's no good at all!
You must do something! Something to help!

[ ] Crawl into the room and get closer to her! She clearly needs a hug!
[ ] Call out to her! See if she's okay!
[ ] Throw something at her. That should get her attention!
No. 132652
There are no right choices here.

[x] Call out to her! See if she's okay!
No. 132653
[x] Throw something at her. That should get her attention!
Something is off here. Let's solve the problem like we always solve them.
No. 132654
[x] Call out to her! See if she's okay!

Throwing her something would lead to a disaster.
Hugging her... well I don't know. Maybe I'll change my vote later.
No. 132658
[x] Crawl into the room and get closer to her! She clearly needs a hug!

There is a little dead fairy in here crying, by herself, all alone, and you monsters won't give her the reassurances and comfort she needs. Heartless, all of you.
No. 132660
[ ] Throw something at her. That should get her attention!
-[x] Throw love and confort at her.

That should make her feel better.
No. 132661
[x]Call out to her! See if she's okay!
No. 132665
[X] Crawl into the room and get closer to her! She clearly needs a hug!

No. 132666
[x] Crawl into the room and get closer to her! She clearly needs a hug!
I knew it! Tiny room~
No. 132667
[X] Throw something at her. That should get her attention!

Hugging will only lead to frostbite.
No. 132668
[X] Crawl into the room and get closer to her! She clearly needs a hug!

Did Koishi just stick her tongue in his ear? Awesome.
No. 132670
[!] Crawl into the room and get closer to her! She clearly needs a hug!
No. 132671
What?! Where?!

[X] Crawl into the room and get closer to her! She clearly needs a hug!
No. 132673
>Faintly, so faint your ears barely even registered it as sound, you can make out the slightest feeling of something making its way into your ear. Soft and gentle, you don't hear it so much as feel it lightly tugging on your eardrums from inside the tiny little dressing room.
I think Koishi is in the room and Cirno has been clinging to his back since those chills started.

But that might be too obvious.
No. 132674
I think that's a reference to a quiet noise.
No. 132676
That's what she wants you to think.
No. 132677
File 129418909058.png - (295.98KB , 1000x533 , e7d7080294a7ece36e286c2ba2e0838f.png ) [iqdb]
Imagine what would happen if she were to make friends with a certain vampire.
No. 132695
either there'd be no trouble or lots of it.

[X] Crawl into the room and get closer to her! She clearly needs a hug!
No. 132696
I'm tempted to say it could be downright mind-blowing, but I think we all know that's been done, already.
No. 132715
[x] Call out to her! See if she's okay.

I wonder what might have caused such despair and sadness? Perhaps a (relatively speaking) giant male who barged into her dressing room unannounced?
No. 132717
[X] Throw something at her. That should get her attention!
No. 132736
File 129426404991.jpg - (37.03KB , 433x613 , keep her away from Kogasa.jpg ) [iqdb]
The notion of some small, cute, fairy-thing crying her little eyes out in the corner of some barely-lit room is too much for you to bear. You've got to do something for her! You've got to!
Call out to her? Words alone are no good in this situation!
Throw something at her? What, and startle the poor little thing?!
Just leave her alone and go away? You don't dare even think of doing such a thing!

No, there is only one thing you can think of to do.
What this little one needs is comfort! Contact! The sensation of safety and warmth that can only be delivered in one, special way.

She needs a hug!

Making as little noise as you can possibly manage, you open the door the rest of the way, and crawl through the tiny doorway.

As you make your way to the little creature, you can't help but notice how spacious the room is despite its relatively small scale. Though clearly meant for use by something much smaller than your average human, the dimensions still allow enough clearance for at least a small human to stand and move around comfortably, with little-to-no chance of bumping into things.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for you.

Though you did well to avoid bumping into the counter, and toppling over what appeared to be a tiny coat rack, in doing so you inadvertently nudge a small stool over; the miniature piece of furniture making a tiny yet very audible scraping sound against the floor.

Judging by the tiny, gasp-like noise you faintly hear in your ear, you don't think you were the only one to have heard it.

Quietly cursing the lack of carpeting in this tiny room as you glare at the tiny noise-maker, you look back to the fairy. Turned toward you, her little eyes glowing red, the little fairy slowly rises to her feet, as the last barely-audible sounds of sniffling you is replaced by a low, yet still somehow high-pitched, growl.

Yes, you are pretty sure she heard that noise just now.
And sees you.
And is not very happy.
Possibly at seeing you, or just at her general situation.
You can't tell which.

Suddenly, with an ear-piercing shriek, the little one charges towards you, red eyes blazing and arms spread wide.

Could it be she has sensed your good intent? Yes! Clearly, she knows what you wish to give her, and is rushing to you so that she could accept it! Clearly, she wants a hug and wait a minute are those claws you eagerly await her with open oh god is that blood arms!

She's fast. Ridiculously fast.
However, the speed with which she approaches you is nothing!
Like a steel trap, your arms close around the fairy, catching her in the mightiest hug you dare give to something so small. Partly, it is to give the recipient a sense of security, to tell them 'I am here for you'. Mostly, though, it is to simply keep her held.

Despite the fairy's small size, she is putting up an amazing struggle against your attempt at affection, making you feel as if it was not a fairy being held against your chest so much as an enraged cat. Wriggling, screaming, and frantically clawing at anything she can, you are actually feeling a strange sense of gratitude towards your fluffy pink bathrobe as it withstands the little fairy's swipes. Its durability is quite remarkable, you think. So much so that you almost wonder if it was designed to be that way. Your normal clothes, you're sure, would not fare so well as this.

Though your so-called 'plan' has worked well up now, at least in that you have succeeded in ending the fairy's crying and are now restraining her in what could be considered a vaguely hug-like manner, you're not sure what to do now.
You chance a nuzzle with your cheek, but quickly pull back to avoid having her claws rake across your eyes.
Your attempt to pat her head and rub her back, however, proves to be much more successful in not getting any part of you sliced to ribbons.

At first, you can see no favorable response. If anything, the contact with her head and back drive her into even more of a frenzy, with your robe-covered chest taking the brunt of her aggression. She screams, she gnashes, and tears away at the pink cloth enveloping her.
You don't know how minutes you spend like that, holding the fairy who does not want to be held as you gently stroke her hair and rub her back, but gradually you feel her movements become less frantic and her resistance less violent. The clawing ends first, the strength of her attack weakening in such a way you cannot tell if she's calming down or simply tired herself out. The screaming ends shortly after that, leaving only the sound of her quiet growling and your softly shhhhh-ing filling the room.

“There, there, you're alright.” you say to the fairy. “I'm not going to hurt you, okay? Okay, little one?”

Still growling, the fairy clutches the front of your robe with her little claws and glares up at you,

“Okay! Okay! Maybe you're not that little.”

Saying nothing, the she simply stares at you as you resume stroking her hair.

You suppose you can't blame her for taking offense to that. Now that you have her close enough to get a good look, and she isn't behaving like a whirlwind of claws and screams, you can see she really isn't that small. At least, not by fairy standards. Though not nearly as big as your ice fairy friend, she is clearly larger than the fairies you more commonly see flittering about in the wild, often in small swarms. Rather, this fairy's size reminds of you of some of Margatron's creations.
Megatroid? Murga-...Mir-...something with an 'M' in it.
Whatever, the doll-maker's dolls.
This not-so-little fairy reminds you of some of her larger dolls.
In fact, you wonder if she wouldn't be able to fit in some of their outfits. Especially since...

Oh, right. This fairy is basically in her underwear.
You are holding, in your arms, a half-naked fairy.
A half-naked fairy who, until a few moments ago, was screaming and crying quite loudly.

And here you are.
With her.

Looking behind you, you half-expect to see someone standing in the open doorway, arms akimbo and staring at the two of you with a look of shock and bewilderment.
If they were holding something, they would drop it to the floor, either as soon as you made eye contact, or perhaps before you turn to look at them. The sound of their fallen items clattering on the ground alerting you to third party who had stumbled upon this awkward scene.
Maybe they would attack you in a rage.
Maybe they would run off, forcing you to track them down and attempt to explain yourself to them.
Or, maybe, they would just stand there sputtering nonsense for a couple moments before stepping outside, closing the door, and briskly walk away as they attempt to purge any memory of what they just witnessed from their mind.

With a sigh of relief, you see none of those things happening. The door isn't even open for someone to be standing in it.

Odd, though. You don't remember closing the door.
Nor do you remember any blue lights out in the hallway that would be streaming in through the cracks in the door.

Blue light, and murmuring. Lots and lots of hushed murmuring, as if numerous voices were all whispering at once.

You look down at the fairy.
The fairy looks back up at you.
You both look at the door.
Then back to each other.

Though neither of you speaks, you can almost feel the two of you having the exact same thought.


[ ] PREPARATIONS! We need to get our stories straight!
[ ] ACTION! Prepare to face the Horde!
[ ] DESPAIR! I highly recommend pissing yourself, followed by a course of praying to your impotent god.
No. 132737
[x] DESPAIR! I highly recommend pissing yourself, followed by a course of praying to your impotent god.

Prayer solves everything.
No. 132738
If She's thinking the same thing then no reason not to do it.

[X] ACTION! Prepare to face the Horde!

"Let's get it ooooooooonnnnnn tonight"
No. 132740
[X] PREPARATIONS! We need to get our stories straight!

Indeed we do.
No. 132741
[ ] PREPARATIONS! We need to get our stories straight!
No. 132742
>Though neither of you speaks, you can almost feel the two of you having the exact same thought.
Somehow i am sure they think somehow along the same lines.

[x] ACTION! Prepare to face the Horde!
Why do i suddenly think of a 300 scene.
No. 132743
[X] PREPARATIONS! We need to get our stories straight!

Does this mean she's going to join the party?
No. 132744
[X] ACTION! Prepare to face the Horde!
No. 132747
[x] PREPARATIONS! We need to get our stories straight!
She is now!
No. 132749
>Suddenly, with an ear-piercing shriek, the little one charges towards you, red eyes blazing and arms spread wide.

>Could it be she has sensed your good intent? Yes!

[x] PREPARATIONS! We need to get our stories straight!
Remember me the time then Keith tried to camp in a forest. Then the army came, and bombed the whole forest down, with some kind of biological weapons, and then...
No. 132750
[X] ACTION! Prepare to face the Horde!
We are not here to die heroically friends! No, we'll let that to them!
No. 132751
[X] PREPARATIONS! We need to get our stories straight!
No. 132754
[ ] PREPARATIONS! We need to get our stories straight!
No. 132758
[x] PREPARATIONS! We need to get our stories straight!

Breathe deep in the blue. Relax.
No. 132767
[X] PREPARATIONS! We need to get our stories straight!

Hold the line!
No. 132772
[X] PREPARATIONS! We need to get our stories straight!

Bluffing, bullshitting, and distracting rambling. It's what we do best.

Or at least most often... What's our actual track record for this?
No. 132779
[x] ACTION! Prepare to face the Horde!

Our hug has warmed this dead fairies heart. Mission accomplished.
No. 132786
[X] ACTION! Prepare to face the Horde!
No. 132787
[X] ACTION! Prepare to face the Horde!
No. 132788

OMICHIKAIRI or however in god's name you do that moon runes shit
No. 132815
File 129438916026.jpg - (118.93KB , 600x600 , oh god I taste it coming back up.jpg ) [iqdb]
No update tonight, but definitely tomorrow, on account of certain stuff occupying my time tonight that will not be a factor again for a while.

Though it's not like my night was completely unproductive...
No. 132872
[x] ACTION! Prepare to face the Horde!

Our power over little girls is the creepiest.
No. 132874
File 129448302218.jpg - (33.95KB , 446x324 , when I go PEW PEW PEW you go BAM BAM BAM.jpg ) [iqdb]
Okay, okay, relax. There is nothing to worry about.
Nothing at all.
It's not like you've done anything wrong, right?
You have done nothing wrong.
Nothing at all.
You just need to explain yourself, and-
You need explanations!

“Hey! Hey, uh, miss fairy?” you say to the little creature in your arms. “I, uh, didn't do anything to you, right? I mean, we weren't doing anything, right? We aren't doing anything! Right?”

The fairy looks at you, her head tilting slightly to one side in clear expression of confusion.
You can't blame her for that, though. After all, she was probably just minding her own business in here, crying her little eyes out, when a strange man comes crawling in and hugs her.

Confusion would be the very least of the emotions you would expect one in her position to be experiencing. If anything, you would have expected her to start tensing up at the realization that the strange man who invaded her privacy was still holding her, followed by the aggression she had displayed before returning in full force.

Sort of like what you think you feel her doing in your arms right now.

Body tensing, eyes narrowing, and that subtle sound of growing beginning to once again tickle the ear drum...oh crap.

“Woah! Woah! Calm down!” you whisper to the fairy, hoping to prevent another fit of clawing and screaming from her. “Miss Satori is letting me and a couple friends stay here for the night! It's not like I was sneaking around in here even though I kinda was and she didn't even get mad when I walked in on her in the bath though you probably didn't need to know that part so please calm down okay?”

Though she does not look particularly reassured by your words, the fairy relaxes slightly while eying you warily. Taking this as a good sign, as you are wont to do whenever something you do manages to not result in you getting mashed into a pulp, your eyes gouged out, your elbows broken, your kneecaps split, your body incinerated, your limbs hacked and mangled, your head smashed in, your heart cut out, your liver removed, or any other number of undesirable things that could happen to you, you press on!

“In fact, I was just walking along with Miss Okuu and I kinda fell behind and do you know her I bet you do if you live here since she lives here too I guess but you can't really be sure about these sorts of things unless you ask which is why I asked since I just wanted to be sure so anyway we were walking along with some food for a friend though we just met earlier today so we're more like casual acquaintances who happen to have been thrust into a situation that was not of our own doing or at least not the beginning though we're totally responsible for making it worse so it balances itself out in a way so anyway we're just visiting and my name is, er...hello?”

Peering down at the fairy's face, you think you see her eyes glazing over, though between the dim light and her already deathly complexion, it might just be your vision playing tricks on you.
After a few moments, the fairy seems to shake herself out of it, blinking a few times before looking back up at you.

“So! Anyway! That's why we're here now. Right? This is an accurate assessment of our situation, right?”

Blinking a few more times, the little fairy quietly growls in response.
You have no idea what that is supposed to mean.

“Er, miss fairy? This might be a lot easier for both of us if you would, you know, talk? I can't really read minds like some people down here can.”

At this suggestion, the fairy in your arms hangs her her little head and lets out a frustrated-sounding growl.

“What? You don't talk?”

Another growl.

“Come on. If you can grumble and growl and scream like that, I'm sure you can talk. Right?”

Looking back up at you, the fairy grunts.

“Oh, don't be like that! I'm sure you've got a lovely speaking voice! So, please, talk to me. Pretty please?”

Looking uncertain, the fairy glances over at the door, quietly hissing as she does so.

“What, you're worried about whatever is outside? Don't be. If they wanted to come in, they would have done so by now, right?”

The fairy does nothing but hiss louder, her attention now focused entirely upon the door.

“What's wrong? I don't think they're doing anythi-”

You don't think they're doing anything out there you try to say.
However, the suddenly explosion of sound from the other side of the door quickly disproves that notion.
Through the cracks in the door, you can see the blue glow from before has been replaced by random flashes of color, punctuated by the sounds of popping, lasers firing, and...glass breaking?

You don't remember any windows in the hallway, let alone enough to explain the sounds you were hearing now. Or, rather, you were hearing.
Just as suddenly as the ruckus beyond the door had begun, it ended, leaving only silence. Even your new fairy friend has ceased her hissing, though her gaze remains firmly set on the door.

“W-well! Um. Yeah. I wouldn't worry about them coming in.”

Not anymore, anyway.

[ ] MUTE
No. 132875

Resume hugging!
No. 132876

While the world burns, we will be here in this cramped, tiny, silent room, hugging our dear dead fairy. Hugging forever.

Oh snap, we should get Snowball in on this action; he loves giving hugs.
No. 132877

I can't decide if MC is totally retarded or just...
No. 132880
[x] FLY

The crappiest HM.
No. 132882
I would say he has an unique take on what is going on around him. Which gives him special action on what to do and interesting options on how to interact with other people(touhous).

No. 132886
No. 132891
[X]perhaps you and your new fairy pal can discuss things over a nice candlelit dinner
No. 132892
I will love her and hug her and squeeze her and call her george!
No. 132895
No. 132899
You convinced me
No. 132900
I love the logic of this thread.
No. 132915

Leaving now could shatter the poor thing's mind.
No. 132916

"...but the secret ingredient is LOVE.Damnit."
No. 132917
No. 132925
File 129460916681.jpg - (40.70KB , 700x800 , she just needs a lozenge.jpg ) [iqdb]
“So!” you announce to the little fairy-thing in your arms. “What were we talking about, again? Oh, right! Talking. Do you think you could try? ”

The fairy looks apprehensive, though you're uncertain as to whether it's due to your request, or the ruckus from the now-silent hallway.

“Aw, come on. Please?” you ask, offering a pat on the head in an attempt to reassure her. “Even if you're afraid or embarrassed, could you just try? There's nobody else here, and I promise I won't laugh or anything like that. So, would you just try to say something?”

Looking away from you, the fairy silently gazes at the door, either wary of anyone else trying to get in, or simply pondering her chances of escape. Either one seems likely to you, but you had hope that her lack of struggling gave you hope that it was more the former rather than the latter.

After all, it's not like she had anything to fear from you! Sure, you had thought nothing of knocking another fairy in the head with a rock, tying her up, using her as a makeshift flotation device, and later as a weapon. But that was, what, a day ago? Ancient history, as far as you're concerned! You would never dream of doing any such thing to this little one! You feel no desire for throwing a rock at her head, and not simply because you don't have any rocks with you at the moment.

Tying her up? No way! You doubt you could even accomplish it, if she put up even half the fight when you were just trying to hug her! Even if you could, you would still not do so, unless she wanted you to because she was into that sort of thing, or something. Even then, it would only be after treating her to a lovely evening of fine dining and dancing that you could even begin to consider doing such things to and with her!

Using her as a boat? Forget about it! Even if you were inclined to try that sort of thing again, she would not be your first choice. Though bigger than the more common varieties of fairies, she was still too small for such a task.

The biggest ones always float the best. You always had a hunch, but now you know for certain.

Before you can begin to wonder about your chances of testing out how well multiple fairies would float, say by having two or three of them tied together into a raft-like configuration, you notice the fairy in your arms is once again looking at you. Hoping that she was not also, by some strange chance, a mind-reader, you are about ask her what was the matter was when she gives you a slight, uncertain nod.

For a moment, you are confused, but soon realize what it means.

Closing her little red eyes, she takes several deep breaths, looking as if she were mustering all of her strength and will to prepare herself for what she was about to do.

After one final intake of breath, she looks back up at you, looking your right in the eye, opens her mouth, and...


...emits what could only be described as one of the most choked, strained uncomfortable-sounding noises you have ever heard any creature make, living or otherwise.


For a moment, you loosen your hold on the fairy, worried that you had unwittingly squeezed the poor little thing too hard. As she continues to make the noise, however, you realize that you had not accidentally strangled the fairy.


No, this hoarse, croaking death-rattle emanating from this little fairy's mouth was her honest attempt at speech.

“Er, um, okay. Okay, that's, ah, good? Yeah, that's good.”


“No, really. That's enough, now. I get the picture.”


“Please stop.”


Going silent once again, the little fairy looks uncomfortable, clearly aware that you understand exactly why she was so hesitant to speak for you.
To be fair, it was rather unsettling to hear a little thing like her make such an unpleasant sound. Unsettling, and just a tad creepy. Certainly not the sort of thing you would care to hear coming from the darkness in the middle of the night.

However, even she is clearly not oblivious to this. She must know how she sounds, and how others react to that sound. Perhaps, even painfully so.
That she would still agree to do it, even knowing how you might respond...
To put herself on the spot like that for a total stranger who just walked in on her...

As this brave little creature looks up at you, her face filled with worry and uncertainty, you can't help but offer her a few gentle pats on the head before wrapping her up in the biggest hug you dare give to something as small as her.


Clearly not expecting such a move, you can feel the fairy tense up in your arms, and can practically feel that low, menacing growl return as you nuzzle her against your cheek. You don't allow yourself to be deterred by that, though, and continue your assault of hugging and cuddling with full-force.

She squirms, she growls, and puts up at least some faint display of resistance, but ultimately it's all for naught. You are going to hug this little fairy, whether she wants it or not, and there's not a damn thing she can do about it.

...well, apart from raking her claws across your eyes, of course.
Thankfully, though, she seems to quickly resign herself to her huggy fate, and soon even her growling tones down to a softer, yet steady, rumble.

“Shhhh, shhhhh. It's alright. You did very well. Thank you.”


You don't know how long it is that the two of you remain like that. Seconds? Minutes? It wouldn't matter if it were even hours. Quietly sitting there, gently rocking back and forth as you hold the fairy to you, you have not a care in the world. Not for the strange lights and sounds that had come from the hallway. Not from the strange smell of old meat you think you detect on the fairy. Not even from the knocking sound you could now hear coming from the door.

The weird, uneven knocking, completely unlike any normal knocking you've ever heard.

No. 132926
No. 132927
your in a dressing room right?

[X]answer the door after putting some ridiculous costume on the fairy, make it clear that you were in the middle of rehearsal
No. 132928

That settles it. This fairy is joining our party whether she or anyone else likes it or not.
By the way, excelent choice of pictures. Was wondering where you got them...
No. 132929
>By the way, excelent choice of pictures. Was wondering where you got them...

Is that a question?
No. 132930
No. 132931
> Is that a question?
Not grammaticality. You have heard of rhetorical questions, right? Thats the opposite.
No. 132932
> Is that a question?
Not grammaticality. You have heard of rhetorical questions, right? Thats the opposite.
No. 132933

Tide pissin'.

Speaking of piss, Tenshi is going to be incredibly pissed.
No. 132934
No. 132935
No. 132936
No. 132939
Nobodys home. Please leave a message after the beep.
No. 132941

It's rude to ignore people!
No. 132949
No. 132954
What will we call our L4D Witch-like fairy as she joins our group?
No. 132955

Hugs. Hugs forever. This fairy is just too cute; we must take her home.
No. 132956
>>132954 see
No. 132958

...you rrrrrrang?
No. 132961
its a sign of good writing when EVERY female we meet there are at least 5 people pushing for her to join the party

[spoiler]except miss Yuuka, but lets face it, we all know shes yandere for MC anyway
No. 132962
I'd prefer doing something to help the people already in our party than adding yet another member.

Not that I want this to become serious relationship and helping people story, but we could at least... do something for Medicine, or play with Cirno, or actually give Tenshi a reason to stick around. Something. Koishi would approve.
No. 132963
Its only a matter of time before Yuuka accepts our hugs and good will. We simply just aren't at her level right now. The strongest youkai would only join after getting the strongest hug, after all. We just need to keep practicing on fairies and people for now.
No. 132965
>its a sign of good writing
Funny, since this post is a sign not only of terrible writing, but also lack of reading comprehension.
No. 132968
There's no answer.
Still no answer.
They're not SAYING anything.
No. 132969
Changing vote
No. 133001
File 129474669713.jpg - (219.49KB , 974x1040 , one night she goes off crazier than usual.jpg ) [iqdb]




The knocks ring out like the sound of a fist hitting a door, the final punctuation marks on the end of the story.
An ending that isn't really an ending, so much as a trailing off, leaving you waiting for the next installment when it comes out two years down the line, like the train you have to take because you liked the ride of the one you just got off of. Or you just missed it, and really need to get somewhere.
That too.

But there are no trains.
I don't even know what those are.

That's not my job.
Knowing things I don't know.
Not my job. Not my business.
My business is knowing stuff. Knowing stuff I know.
And what I know, is business is good.

The business of knowing.

The business of ice.

Snow cones, all you can eat, half-off tomorrow and yesterday, but never any other day.
Get them while they're hot.
Or cold.
Because hot ice is not ice.
Hot ice is water.
Or that other stuff.

Even an idiot knows that.
And I am not an idiot.

I know stuff.

“Uh, hello? Who is-...oh!”

The door cracks open like an egg.
An egg with a door in it, swinging wide to allow you to see inside.
Easy to open.
Easy to close again.

Once the Tengens patent it, they'll be sitting on a gold mine.
Until the mine hatches, and then it gets messy.
Egg on your face is bad enough.
Egg on your seat is just a damn shame.

“Glad to see you, too, Miss Fairy! I, uh, see you're still talking like...that.”

The man in the door was the usual sort.
The usual sort you usually see, the non-standard standard of the daily grind.


The dame in his arms was a different story.
A different story with a different plot.
A real tear-jerker, with the red eyes to show for it.
A weeping willow, until she grew thorns.

“Hey, easy! It's okay, she's a friend She just, uh, talks like that.”

He hits the nail on the head, like a rock on the head of something that may or may not be a nail.

My head hurts for some reason.

“Uh, are you alright? You smell kinda...odd.”

The smell of victory hangs strong in the air, like the smell of meat and ice and the burny-drink that burned when it went down.

The smell of me.
Not of him.
The smell, that is.

The smell of an idiot.
An idiot who opens doors.

“What? But I opened it because you were-”

Knocking knocks that were unlike knocks.
Simple gestures hiding a secret.
A secret that was a message.
A secret message.
A message that said 'Do not open the door'

“What? You were knocking to tell me not to-”

The kid kept asking questions that had no answers.
Not because they weren't there, but they weren't to be given.
The bank had closed, and we were fresh out of checks.

Used up by the surplus of ice and Zambies.

“...the what?”

For years the waiting was waited for the thing I was waiting for by me.
The knowledge. The truth.
And then it came.
Then I knew.

Here there were Zambies.

And it was my time.
My time to do the thing that had to be done.
By me.
Not you.
Or anyone who was not me.

Because they were not me.

Neither is he.

He thinks that he's new, but he's old oats.
Old, stale, dry oats.
The kind you can't wash down no matter how much you drink.

And I drank a lot.

“You were drinking? No wonder you smell like-”

But that's in the past.
Over and done.
In a city like this, no one deserves to be sober.

Long and forgotten, like the events of the night before.
You say you'll call her back, but you know you never will.
She knows, too.
Or she would, if she knew the rules.
The rules of one who is no stranger to the game.

But the time for games is over.
There is work to be done.
All play and no work makes Jack unemployed.

The games have ended.
Now there is only the job.
The mission.

“Okay, you're losing me, here.”

The mission to end all missions.
One final job for the man who called it quits.
Coming out of retirement for the big payoff.
The country calls, and the time has come to answer.
To fight.
To save the princess from the evil goblin.
She was in another castle, but we weren't very sorry.
Guilt is for the guilty, and the ones left behind.

“Uh, okay?”

Time was slipping like a frog on the frozen pond.
Frantic and desperate, but not nearly as funny.
The time for talk was taking its final bows, and warming the audience for the next act.
The act of action.

The time had come to take the show on the road.
Destination unknown, except to the ones who know.
Like me.
It's my job.
It's what I do.

The door was open.
It was time to close.
You don't have to go home but we can't stay here.

“You want us to go somewhere with you? I don't know, it's late, and there's already so much to-”

The man keeps taking, speaking unspeakable words.
Unspeakable, except that he was speaking them.
Speaking the things that should not be spoken.
Words that go against the thing that is being said that is needed to be done by the people who must do it which is us and not them because we are not them or the other way which is kinda the same but backwards.

The time had come.
The time was now.
Soon is no good, too late and not enough.

He does not understand.
The mission comes first.
Everything else comes second.
There is no time to debate.
No time to negotiate.

“Look, really, I think we should all just-”

Dead or alive, you are coming with me.

[ ] Preemptive Counteroffensive (Resistance is futile.)
[ ] Political Insane Asylum (There is no escape.)
[ ] Practicum in Negotiation (Surrender while you still can.)
[ ] Party Escort Submission Position (Thank you for your compliance.)
No. 133004
[x] Preemptive Counteroffensive (Resistance is futile.)

Fucking Cirnoir ruining the moment.
No. 133006
[x] Preemptive Counteroffensive (Resistance is futile.)
We'll see about that.
No. 133010
[x] Preemptive Counteroffensive (Resistance is futile.)

No. 133011
[x] Political Insane Asylum (There is no escape.)

... but only because I have no idea what it's supposed to be.
No. 133016
[x] Preemptive Counteroffensive (Resistance is futile.)

We have recently found out that the best way of dealing with strange fairies is lots and lots of hugs.
I say we keep doing that, since we still seem to be out of rocks.
No. 133019
>Words that go against the thing that is being said that is needed to be done by the people who must do it which is us and not them because we are not them or the other way which is kinda the same but backwards.
>The time had come.
>The time was now.

It is time for Cirnoir to live up to her family name and face full life counteroffensive.

[x] Preemptive Counteroffensive (Resistance is futile.)
No. 133021
[x] Political Insane Asylum (There is no escape.)
No. 133024
[x] Political Insane Asylum (There is no escape.)

I'd rather attack Cirnoir with a rock when her back is turned.
No. 133025
[x] Preemptive Counteroffensive (Resistance is futile.)
No. 133027
>Knocking knocks that were unlike knocks.
>Simple gestures hiding a secret.
>A secret that was a message.
>A secret message.
>A message that said 'Do not open the door'

Fuckin' Morse code....
No. 133029
>Here there were Zambies.

[x] Preemptive Counteroffensive (Resistance is futile.)

Please never stop writing. I will buy your books if you ever write some. Even if they are about the weather.
No. 133034
[X] Political Insane Asylum (There is no escape.)
No. 133035
[X] Preemptive Counteroffensive (Resistance is futile.)

Look! A flying chair!
No. 133036
why does everyone hate cirno ;_;
No. 133039
>Snow cones, all you can eat, half-off tomorrow and yesterday, but never any other day.
I love you

[x] Political Insane Asylum (There is no escape.)
No. 133040
Because she's interrupting hugs time.

[x] Preemptive Counteroffensive (Resistance is a dish best served with extra hugs. Or rocks.)
No. 133043
[x] Political Insane Asylum (There is no escape.)

I have a vague suspicion that these are character-related options, but I'm not fully sure.
No. 133051
[x] Preemptive Counteroffensive (Resistance is a dish best served with extra hugs.)

Faeries get free hugs! Whether they want them or not!
No. 133054
[x] Preemptive Counteroffensive (Resistance is futile.)

It's about God damn time.
No. 133055
The best cure for amnesia caused by blunt trauma is more blunt trauma.

We've been neglecting Cirno's cure for far too long.
No. 133082
File 129482857142.jpg - (544.70KB , 900x1000 , so you want to do this the hard way.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Look, miss fairy, I'm glad you're okay, but we're not going anywhere else tonight. That's that.”

He talks like the choice is his, when the choice has already been chosen.
The pick and choose has ended, and now it's time to collect.
The coin flip has been called.
Time to ante up.

“I'm sorry, okay? If you'll just wait for tomorrow, we'll see what we can do, but if you are going to try to-OW!

The choice is chosen.
There is no choice to make.
All that matters is who makes the first move.
And who moves it first.
The first of the first moves to be the first of the first.

“Gah, my head! That really stun-OW!!

I am the firstest.
Koo-koo ka-choo.


“Hey, hey, easy now. I'm okay, but...what the hell?! Why did you just hit me with that-OW!!!

He speaks the speech of one who has yet to learn.
Learn the lesson of the thing that should be learned when it is taught.
Wisdom of the time, for all time, or at least the time that is right now.
When in doubt, get in the first shot.
If your shot is not first, it needs to be first.
If not, it is not the first.
To be first before the first, to be before the one that is before.
What it means to go beyond the level of a super firster.


The secret technique that is as secret as it is a technique.
The unbeatable thing which cannot be beaten.
And this lucky boy would be the first to taste it.
To taste the taste of the Unbeatable Super Knockout Gas.

“But, that's not-OW! Damn it, that's not -OW- knockout gas! That's not gas at -OW- that's not gas at all!”

The man tried to confuse the issue.
Confusion with his facts and semantics.
Concealment through clarity.
The Deception of the Truth.
But I was having none of it.
Nothing can beat the Unbeatable Super Knockout Gas.

“That's not OW!


“Huh? Wait! No!

The dame charged like an angry thing running at something really fast, flying through the air like a speeding bullet.
Or a speeding fairy. Which she probably kinda was.
Eyes burning like the hot coals from the flames of Hell, she had hands made of claws and a mind set to use them.

Pissing her off was the smart thing to do.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Breaking free from your arms, the smaller fairy launches herself at the larger fairy in a manner not unlike how she 'greeted' you. Unlike you, however, the ice fairy seemed unprepared for this, and staggers back to avoid the flurry of claw swipes aimed at her face.

Fighting back the urge to cheer your new little friend on, you take advantage of the confusion to crawl out of the door and get to your feet, watching the two fairies all the while.

To your amazement, the ice fairy appears to actually be avoiding all of the little fairy's attacks. Though you had never really pegged her as much of the 'dodging' type, especially since if she had been you probably wouldn't have been able to hit her with that rock so easily, you can't help but admire the skillful display you see before you. Once or twice, you are sure a hit was about to land, only to see it just barely graze her at the last second.

That she does this while holding onto the large block of ice she had repeatedly struck you with is all the more impressive.

Gripping the base of it as if it were a mace or club, you would never have guessed that someone so small could wield something so large with so little effort.
For that matter, you can't believe you could be struck in the head by something that size, repeatedly, and still remain conscious. Or alive, even.

You know you must be suffering some effect from getting hit on the head like that, though. The pain you feel is certainly real enough, and you wouldn't be surprised if you had a rather decent-sized bump to show for it in the morning.
What worries you, however, is not the pain, so much as the fact that you are clearly seeing things.
Or, rather, seeing one thing, getting bigger and bigger.

The more you look at it, the more you can't believe that club the fairy is holding and the thing you felt striking your skull are one and the same. You know what you felt, and what you felt could not have possibly have been that big. Yet, you look at it, and you can't help but think it's bigger than you remember it.

If you didn't know any better, you would even swear you can actually see it growing, right before your eyes.

...and then, you notice it.
The fairy's movements have changed.
Where before her movements were swift and sure, she now seemed to be slower and more off-balance, as if she had to compensate for something.

Something big.
Something heavy.
Something that was now, for some reason, covered in large, icy spikes.

Her club had grown bigger.

Now almost as large as she was, the ice fairy shifts her grip on her weapon, twisting her body slightly as she positions it over her shoulder, assuming a stance you vaguely remember seeing somewhere once before.

Gripping tightly with both hands, she gazes impassively at the little fairy trying to claw her eyes out.

She's going to swing.

Before the thought even completes itself in your mind, your body is already in motion.
Reaching out, you scoop the smaller fairy up in your arms, pulling her tightly to yourself as you hunch over in an attempt to shield her from the coming blow.

A cold, sharp pain shoots through your head and across your back, accompanied by the sound of something cracking.



Through blurry eyes, the world goes sideways.

You look at the fairy.

She looks back at you.

Then the floor rushes up to greet you.

[ ] Soft and Fleeting
[ ] Light and Fluffy
[ ] Deep and Squishy
[ ] Long and Hard
No. 133088
[X] Long and hard

Aww, chivalry- wait, weren't we doing similar levels of cranial injury on Cirno as well earlier?

I guess we want to keep a monopoly on fairy abuse?
No. 133092
So, the Witch is Saber, Cirno is Berseker and we are Shirou? Ah. well life's hard for a loli lover in Gensokyo.

[x] Long and Hard
I'm sure this some kind of poetic justice.
No. 133093
[x] Deep and Squishy
No. 133094
[x] Light and Fluffy
The sanest choice is the most unlogic one.
No. 133095
[†] Light and Fluffy
No. 133106
[x] Light and Fluffy
Wouldn't that be deep and squishy though?
No. 133115
[x] Deep and Squishy
No. 133120
[x] Long and Hard

Koishi option? Close enough.
No. 133121
[x] Long and Hard

Who gave Cirno a icy Boston Basher?
No. 133124
[x] Light and Fluffy

We have protected our fairy. It was all worth it.
No. 133126
[X] Deep and Squishy
No. 133130
[X] Soft and Fleeting

Do not question the reach of Mann Co.
No. 133145
[x] Light and Fluffy
No. 133151
File 129488413729.jpg - (638.04KB , 933x3483 , Bleachou.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Soft and Fleeting

>When in doubt, get in the first shot.
>If your shot is not first, it needs to be first.
>If not, it is not the first.
>To be first before the first, to be before the one that is before.
>What it means to go beyond the level of a super firster.
>The secret technique that is as secret as it is a technique.
It's as though you knew exactly how much I hate pretentious power-up scene narration, and determined precisely how best to mock it.

I loved this so much.

Pic partially related for a different brand of annoying scene.
No. 133154
I know what this image is trying to say, but it just makes me want to watch Bleach. For about 5 seconds.
No. 133155
[x] Long and Hard
No. 133179
Ditto. I love that doujin. (Although the fact that Marisa goes all punch-drunk immediately after that scene was a nice touch.)

[X] Deep and Squishy
No. 133229
File 129499943094.jpg - (14.02KB , 350x282 , inhalation is not recommended.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Ahhh...I needed that.”

“Wow, I'm amazed you ate it all so quickly!”

I'm amazed you ate it at all. What is this, anyway?!”

“It's delicious, is what it is. Thank you, by the way, Miss Reiuji.”


“She means you.”

“Oh? Oh! Aww, you're welcome!”

“Hey. Is this stuff supposed to smell like this?”

“Well, if you don't think you can handle it, Miss Hinanai...”

“I can handle it just fine!”

“Well, you don't need to force yourself, if you-”

“I'm fine!”

“Uh, if you don't want it, I think we still have some-”

“I don't need anything else from you. Don't even think I've forgotten we've got a fight to finish!”

“...we were fighting?”

While Hinanai continues to sputter and put off eating the food she claims to not want yet won't allow to be taken away, I can't help but look at my own empty bowl..

I would imagine eating so much so quickly is not advisable for someone in my condition, but I couldn't care less at time. Or now, for that matter.

For the first time in what feels like ages, I had food.
Food food.
Real, actual, 'chew and swallow' food.

...not that soup generally requires much in the way of chewing, of course, but after countless 'meals' from 'Her Majesty” I will gladly take whatever I can get.

At least, I'm quite certain it was soup.
It had very definite soup-like qualities, at the very least.

Actually, never mind. I'm sure I don't care what it is
It was good, which is more than I can say for what the 'princess' had to offer.

What had she called it, again?
'Specially-Formulated Artificially-Enriched Synthetic Food-Paste Product'?.


It was interesting stuff, I suppose.
If nothing else, it's certainly convenient to be able to synthesize an edible compound that is tailor-made to the exact dietary requirements of an individual, and not just because of how easy it makes keeping any unwilling 'guests' you may have lying around alive and well-nourished.

No, that's just an added perk.

Food is exceedingly simple to sneak to someone when it comes in a discreet, unmarked tube, after all.

No dishes to transport or clean, nothing mysteriously missing from the kitchen that anyone would notice or question, and no need to conceal your actions by insisting upon taking all of your meals in your room.
That the compound is also specifically designed to be completely absorbed and metabolized by the body eliminates any risk of unpleasant messes that might occur afterward, as well.

As if that were not enough, you don't even need to actually eat it in order for it to be effective. Though oral consumption is a perfectly valid option, it may also be administered intravenously or via what I could only assume was meant to be a suppository.

No clue as to whether or not one is more effective than the other, and I have no intention of ever attempting to find out.
I would rather spend an eternity choking down that colorless, odorless, tasteless goo than let that girl come anywhere near me with a needle or a suppository.

Not that she didn't try, of course.

But, no.
No, no, no.

This is all that matters right now.

This tray.
This bowl.
This delicious soup.

It was all I could do to keep myself from chugging the whole thing down and licking the bowl clean, afterward.

As absurd and grotesque as the idea is, if my insides could speak and were not already occupied with screaming in agony at my every move, they would almost certainly be crying out in joy.

They would be hard to hear, however, with the way these two are carrying on...


“Yes, really!”

“Really, really?

Really, re- YES!

“...huh. I dunno, I think I'd remember something like that.”


[ ] Hmm, speaking of remembering things...

[ ] Forget it. Sleep now, Science later.
No. 133230
[x] Forget it. Sleep now, Science later.

Rikako dream sequence is go!
No. 133232
[x] Hmm, speaking of remembering things...

Kaguya invented some kind of food you can eat via the ass?
I'm pretty sure Cartman invented it first.
No. 133234
File 129500640335.jpg - (24.60KB , 225x350 , 94100.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Hmm, speaking of remembering things...
There is always time for science
No. 133235
[x] Hmm, speaking of remembering things...
No. 133238
[X] Hmm, speaking of remembering things...

Where'd our fairy go?
No. 133239
[X] Hmm, speaking of remembering things...

Also, I wonder what Medi is up to...
No. 133267
[x] Hmm, speaking of remembering things...
No. 133294
[x] Hmm, speaking of remembering things...

Speaking of dismembering things.
No. 133303
[X] Hmm, speaking of remembering things...

I forgot to remember to forget?
No. 133322
File 129516671155.jpg - (69.60KB , 500x430 , like a kid in a radioactive candy store.jpg ) [iqdb]
Oh! How could I have forgotten?!

“Excuse me, Miss Reiuji?”


“Sorry to interrupt, but I was curious about this 'reactor' you have down here, and Miss Komeiji told me you were the one most informed about it.””

“About the reactor? Well, yeah, that's me!”



Hmm, I don't know...
Even though I don't believe Komeiji was misleading me, something about this seems amiss.
She certainly seems confident, yet...

Oh, what the hell.
Why not give her the benefit of the doubt?
For now, anyway.

“So, this reactor, it's functional?”

“Of course! It's how we heat our water, cook our food, and even power the lights in the palace! Of course, that takes a little more work than just heating water, and those guys on the mountain had to help, but yeah! Nuclear power is really convenient!”

“So, it's true?! There really is a reactor capable of nuclear fusion down here?!”


Absolutely unbelievable.
After all this time, after all these years, to even think that such a thing could exist, and here of all places!

Is it really so surprising, though?
This is, after all, a place for those who have been rejected by the surface.
A place for those rejected by the world of faith and magic.
If you think about it that way, then it actually makes sense.

'The guys on the mountain'?
She could only mean the kappa.
Yes, yes, I see.
They do have such interests, too, don't they?

Yes, I see now.
It really does make sense.
It's actually quite fitting, in a way.

That, for which I have devoted myself.
That, for which I cast aside my previous calling, my old life...
That, for which I had been shunned and branded a heretic by the blind and ignorant...
That, for which I had believed I would only ever dream of seeing take root...

Could it be?
Could it really, truly be?

Has science finally found a place in this land?

“A-ah?! A-are you okay?! Are you hurting?! Should I-”

“No, no, I'm fine. Thank you. I am just feeling somewhat...emotional, right now.”


“Ah, yes, really. Sorry, I am just so...happy. I...I must know, this reactor...”


“It's down here, right? It's here?”

“Well, yeah! Of course!”

Oh, this is great.
This is so very, very great.
It almost makes up for the horrific near-death experiences I've had just getting down here!
If only...

“Ah, Miss Reiuji. I am sorry if this is asking too much, and I would understand if it was, but...could I see it?”

“...see what?”

“The reactor, of course! Is it possible for me to see it? To see what you use for nuclear fusion?”

“Huh? Of course you can! I'm right here, aren't I?”

Wait. Not only might I be able to see this wonderful device with my own eyes, she's actually willing to guide me to it?
Oh, be still, my beating heart!

“R-really?! You would be willing to show me it now? I can actually see it now?!”

“Well, yeah. Of course you can, I'm right here, now!”

I take it back.
This definitely makes up for the near-death experiences and internal injuries.

...oh, right.
I really probably shouldn't be up and moving around just yet, should I?
Damn it, all

“...oh, right. Er, Miss Reiuji? Is there any chance I could go and see it tomorrow? After I've had a chance to rest a bit more?”

“But I'm right here, now.”

“Yes, I know, and I'm sorry if it would intrude on your schedule, but I am afraid I am not in the best condition to be taken on a tour at this moment.”

“Tour? But I'm right here.”

“Yes, I know, but-”

Wait a minute.
Why do I have this sudden feeling as if one of us is not quite understanding something?

“Ah, hm, Miss Reiuji? You are involved in operating this reactor, right?”

“Of course I am! That's me!”

“What I mean to say is, you...you simply run the reactor, right?”

“I dunno if it's really simple. There's a lot of stuff to do, and all those molecules are really, really tiny, and...”

Oh no.
No no no no no.
Please, please, please don't let this be what I think it is.

“Miss Reiuji...are you this reactor?”

“Huh? Well, yeah, of course! That's me! ...didn't I say that?”


“What? How? Well, I don't really remember it too well, but I think I heard a voice tell me to do something, like there was this thing, and the voice said 'hey you should eat this thing' and so I ate it and then I got really hot and the next thing I knew I could do all these really cool things with the fires that I couldn't before!”

Oh, damn it all.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“Hey, Eye-Lady, what's wrong?

“Hm? Nothing to worry about, child. I just thought I felt something, just now.”





[ ] ...hm?
[ ] Hm...
[ ] Hm.
[ ] Hmph!
No. 133323
Poor Rikako. I feel your pain, I really do.

I'm hesitant to vote until I understand what is happening in that last part, though.
No. 133325
[x] Hm.

This option doesn't trail in or off like the first two, and isn't as forceful as the final. It's the best hm.
No. 133326
[x] ...hm?

I'm very sorry for you.
No. 133327
[x] hm hmm hm-hm-hmmmm
No. 133329
No. 133330
[x] Hm...
I am not sure who i like more anymore.
No. 133333
[x] Hm...
No. 133336
No. 133337
[ ] Hmph!
No. 133351
File 129530822163.jpg - (91.24KB , 512x384 , who said what now.jpg ) [iqdb]



“Hm? Oh, I was just thinking of how you remind me of some of my pets...”

“I'm not a pet!”

“Of course not, I do not mean to suggest you are, child.”

“I am not a child, either!”

“Mm. But you are young for a youkai, are you not?


“You are young. You are still learning, both about yourself and of the world at large. Filled with endless potential, with countless possibilities at your feet, you are unfettered by the stresses and obligations of life, and have the freedom to chase your dreams. Is that not what it means to be a child?”


“Tell me, you have dreams, yes?”

“That's when you sleep, right? I don't think I do that.”

“Mm, what I mean to say is, you have dreams. Hopes? Aspirations?”


“Is there something you wish for? Something you want to do? Something you want, more than anything?”

“Well, yeah! I'm gonna-....”


“...you're doing that thing, aren't you?”


“Uh-huh. Su-san told me. You can see into my head, right?”

“Mm, well, something like that.”

“Then why are you asking this stuff?”

“Hm? Is there something wrong with talking?”

“You know what's in my head. What do I gotta say it if you already know?”

“Because you can say it, of course.”


“You can think for yourself, yes?”

“Of course I can!”

“Mm. And you can speak what you think, yes?”

“That's what I'm doing!”

“Then what other reason is needed? You can speak, therefore you should speak.”


“Like I said, you remind me of my pets.”

“I don't get it.”

“Hmm. How should I put this? Could you always speak, and move, and think as you do now?”


“Mm, right. You gained those abilities, didn't you? What you once could not do for yourself, you now freely can. My pets experienced the same thing.”


“Well, to be honest, their experience is not exactly the same as your own was. Even before becoming youkai, they were still living creatures, of course. They could move, and think, but that was it. Though they had thoughts, fears, wants, and needs, they could not express them in words. A growl, perhaps. Maybe a squeak, or a whimper. Words, however, were beyond them. With me, that is not an issue, but for those who cannot read hearts and minds? The best an animal could hope for from such a being is for them to correctly guess what they are trying to communicate. For every basic thing an animal can communicate, there are countless others that they cannot possibly hope to articulate with their limited means. Many of them live out their entire lives in this manner, their minds brimming with things they wish to express, but cannot. Some, sadly, never will. As all living things do, they grow old and, eventually, die. Without a voice, all of their thoughts die with them, never to be shared with another. All their hopes, their dreams, their fears, and their memories; all that which they wished to share, but could not, is lost.”


“Those who survive? Those who grow an go on to become proper youkai? For them, it is different, just as it is different for you. Do you remember when you could first walk? The first time you could speak?”

“Huh? W-well, yeah, but...I don't wanna...”

“Mm, I understand. But it was not an entirely unhappy time, was it? When you realized you could move, and think, and speak, how did you feel?”

“Um, I dunno. I don't really know when I could, I just...could...”

“Ah, I see. It is not uncommon to be unaware of exactly when you changed. Some of my pets went through the same thing.”

“Huh? They did?”

“Yes, they did. While some come to the realization instantly, as soon as it happens, others take a while before they become aware that something is different. Sometimes, they don't even realize on their own, at all.”

“How do they find out, then?”

“Well, down here, it is usually because I tell them.”

“How do you find out?”

“It depends. Occasionally, I am with them when it occurs. Typically, though, I find out when a confused, naked girl suddenly appears in my home who is neither my sister nor one of the local oni.”

“O-oni?! In here?!”

“Ah, right, you've met them. Don't worry, they generally make a point of avoiding this place, if at all possible. Outside of the rare case of a lost drunk, they would not willingly come here.”

“Those weird, scary guys don't come here? Why not?”

“Oh, plenty of reasons, thought the main one is that they simply don't like me very much.”

“How come? You're kinda scary, but it's not like you're bad, I guess.”

“Erm, thank you, little one. As for why, there are various reasons for that, too. Some resent the idea of me having youkai as pets, it seems. An extension of the 'might makes right' mindset some of them possess, I believe.”

“The what-sit?”

“In basic terms, they prize and respect strength and power. They equate being a 'pet' to subservience. To them, a 'weak' being attempting to hold any influence over a 'strong' one is a sign of arrogance, and any 'strong' youkai allowing themselves to be dominated by anyone weaker than them has no pride. It is a view that is not entirely without merit, but is based more upon their own past experiences than on the facts of the present. Unlike the humans who tricked and deceived them so often in the past, I do not coerce my pets into obedience, and exert no more of my will upon them than a parent would with their child. If I feel they are in danger, I will protect them. If I feel they have behaved badly, I will punish them. But I do not control them. They can think and act for themselves, and knowing how long they've had to wait to be able to do so, I would not dare deprive them of that. To them, being able to finally speak, and act, and do as they wish is the greatest gift they could ever receive. They should not be denied that, and neither should you.”


“You asked me why I would have you say what you think, rather than simply read it from you? Though it was a rather roundabout way of explaining myself, that is my reason.”

“It's a...gift?”

“Yes, a gift. A very precious gift. One that you should treasure, and use.”

“...because I have it?”

“Yes. Because you can do it, you should do it. If you can stand on your own two legs, you should stand. If you can think for yourself, you should think And, if you can speak and say what you want, you should do that, as well.”


“Do you understand?”

“Mm-mm. I want...I want to share...”


“I...want to share this...with my sisters.”

“Sisters? ...ah, I see.”

“I want them to have this, too. I want them to wake up, like me. I want them to move like me, and think like me, and talk like me. I want them to do what I can.”

“But they can't.”

“No. Even though I tried! I tried really hard! But...it didn't work.”

“But you have not given up, have you?”

“No way! I'm gonna do it! I'm gonna help them! And then, and then, they'll be like me!”

“Like you?”

“Yeah! Then they can talk and think and do all that other stuff! And we'll all be free, and nobody will be able to look down on us or control us ever again!”

“Because they'll be like you?”


“But what if they're not like you?”


“If you can make what you wish come to pass, if you can truly help your 'sisters', what will you do if your goals are not aligned?”


“In other words, what if what you want is not the same as what they want? What if what they wish for something other than what you wish for?”

“...why would they?”

Hm. Well, you do still have much to learn, after all...”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“Oh, do not worry about it no-...hm?. The door is not locked, you may enter.”

“Hey, what did you mean by- ah! What is that?!”

”Aauauuuuauauuuuoouuuuuuuuuuoaaaaaaaaaah! hic Aaauuaauauuuuuuuuuuuuauuuuuuuoooah!”

“Now, now, dear, calm yourself. I cannot tell what is wrong when your thoughts are so jumbled!”

“What's wrong with the fairy-thing?”

“Hm. It's hard to tell, she gets like this from time to time...now, please, calm down! Deep breathes, in...and out. In...and out.”

“What's wrong with her hands?”


“That is not helpful, Miss Melancholy. Now, please, listen, she didn't mean...oh, where could that cat be?!”

“If you want her to calm down, I could-”

“No poisoning my home, please. It would not work on her, anyway.”


“Now, come here. Yes, yes, easy does it. There we go. Shhhh, now. Clear your mind, little one. Be at peace, and-...”

“...um...Miss Eye-Lady?”

“...this cannot be happening.”


“Ah, no, I am not blaming you. You did what you could, and have done well to tell me. Now then, Miss Melancholy, if you will follow me...”

“Huh? Are we going somewhere.”

“Hm, yes. I am afraid we must go and have a little talk with my pet.”

[ ] Strategery

[ ] Captivity
No. 133353
[x] Captivity
Pissing against the future tide.

Your Komeiji sisters are the best Komeiji sisters.
No. 133354
[x] Strategery
No. 133355
>“Hm, yes. I am afraid we must go and have a little talk with my pet.”

Someone's in trouble, someone's in trouble...

[X] Captivity
No. 133356
[X] Captivity

Congratulations, due to your interesting portrayal of Satori, I can now no longer imagine her as being a crazy cat lady. I am clapping slowly in my chair right now, I'll have you know.
No. 133357
[x] Captivity
No. 133358
[x] Captivity

Lock box.
No. 133359
Satori's explanation of sentient things' gifts was very touching. Specially when I consider that wasting one's talents is not exclusive to Youkai.

[x] Strategery
No. 133361
Did that last vote have a point?
No. 133362
[x] Captivity
No. 133365
File 129532784270.jpg - (76.50KB , 650x500 , spin cycle.jpg ) [iqdb]
Depending on what won, the tone and nature of their discussion would have been a bit different.

...or a lot.
No. 133366
[Captivity] X

No. 133368
[ ] Captivity
No. 133369
[X] Captivity

No. 133370
[x] Strategery

Okuu, what happened to the guest that was with you?
No. 133371
[x] Strategery
No. 133372
[x] Strategery
No. 133373
[x] Strategery.

I forgot that you could be smart and insightful, too. I'm glad to be reminded of this.
No. 133374
[x] Strategery
No. 133390
File 129550247795.jpg - (108.53KB , 500x500 , wake up buttercup.jpg ) [iqdb]
Your head hurts.

Your back, too.

You're not sure which you noticed first as you awoke, though you know which one is bothering the most.

Hard surfaces and tender areas are not a good combination.

While your still-throbbing head feels as if it is at least being cushioned by something, the surface of whatever you're laying on feels rock-solid.

Stone floors tend to feel like that, after all, as all things made of rock tend to.

They also don't tend to make very good sleeping surfaces.

Certainly nothing like this cushion your head is resting upon.
Firm, yet slightly supple, it provides you a level of comfort and support that feather pillows could never hope to provide.

Unfortunately, this leaves your body feeling conflicted.
Your aching back begs you to move yourself, to shift about until you find 'The One Position' in which may drift back off to sleep.
Your head, on the other hand, feels as if it has found that very position! The proper placement of your body in which optimal sleep may be attained! The one in which you don't dare move yourself from even the slightest bit, and curse the vile soul who dares to force you to do so!

Truly, it is as if your body were caught in the limbo of restfulness, that cursed area between tossing and turning before you sleep, and the blissful stillness of awakening!

However, the aching in your back is getting quite irritating.
Allowing yourself to shift ever-so-slightly lessens the aching somewhat, but not nearly enough for your liking. Before you can attempt to move even more, though, you freeze at the sound of voices approaching.

“...oing to do with it?”
“Uhhhh, I think it's a dude.”
“Whatever, man. What are we gonna do with him?”

Male voices from outside the room.
Muffled, but still loud enough to be heard through the walls.

“I dunno. Eat him? We do that, right?”
“Did we used to do that? I don't remember doing that.”
“Dude, you don't remember what you did yesterday.”
“Yeah I do, man! I was helping carry this little human who was all-”
“That was tonight.”
“No, no, man, I'm tellin' you, there was this little girl, man, and she was all-”
“Yeah, that was tonight.”
“Aw, man, no it wasn't.”
“Dude! It was! It totally was!”
“Psh. Whatever, man. All I know is I remember what happened last week.”
“You mean yesterday.”
“What? No, I don't remember what happened then.”

Definitely male voices.
Definitely loud, but in a 'trying to be quiet but being very bad at it' sort of way.

“Anyway, keep it down. Whatever we're doin', we're not doin' it 'til he wakes up.”
“Huh? Why we gotta keep quiet, if we want him to...oh, I see, man.”
Then shut it.

Feeling eyes upon you, you do your very best to look as if you are sleeping peacefully; completely motionless aside from your slow, rhythmic breathing.

Breathe in...
Breathe out...
Breath in...
Breathe out...
Breath in...

“I meant the door, dude. Shut the door”
“Huh? Oh, right, right...”

Annnnnnd, breathe out...

“Man, could you believe that, though? What he did when-”
“Heh, I thought Yuugi was gonna flip!”
“Did he even know what he was doing? He was pretty out of it.”
“Like that matters to her. She says she gets first shot at him, she gets first shot at him.”
“Yeah, I know, man. I just hope there's somethin' left when she's done...”

As the voices fade away, you feel a slight sense of relief.
Though you've never had much faith in your ability to feign sleep, you are glad to see that it still is able to serve you well.

Too bad about the poor bastard those two were talking about, though.
You have no clue who this 'Yuugi' is, but you wouldn't want to be around to see whatever she's going to do to the guy for doing whatever it was he did.

Nope, you are just fine, right here.
In this dark, dim little room.
On this cold, hard floor.
Resting your head on this warm, soft-yet-firm thing.

Where is this, anyway?
Clearly not in the palace. Or mansion. Or whatever Satori's place is.
No, this place looks different.
Satori's place did not have any ceilings like this, as far as you could tell.
Or anything like the weird, red, pointy thing poking in from the top of your field of vision.

What is that, anyway?

Bending your head backwards, you see more of the red thing.
Boy, it's pointy.
Oh, it's attached to a face.
A lady's face, you think.
Or at least, what little of the face you can see.
The rest of your view is obscured by some large objects covered in blue cloth.
...but you're quite sure it's a lady.

After a moment of contemplation, followed by the realization of what the large, cloth-covered objects were, you upgrade your 'quite sure' to 'fairly certain'.

Yes. This was a lady you were looking at.
A sleeping lady, judging by the closed eyes and the signs of slow breathing

Heh, from this angle, it's almost like your head was resting in her lap or something.



[ ] Sleep Sleep Sleep!

[ ] Move Move Move!
No. 133391
[x] Move Move Move!
No. 133392
[ ] Sleep Sleep Sleep!
Contagious lazyness.
No. 133394
[x] Sleep Sleep Sleep!

Let sleeping oni lie.
No. 133395
[X] Move Move Move!

We ARE planning on dating Koishi, after all.

Or at least asking her out in a more serious manner than we may have previously... Did we ever get around to asking her out at any point?
No. 133396
She already knows we want to get into her pants, if that's what you're asking.
No. 133398
[x] Sleep Sleep Sleep!

I think what that guy is getting at, is that we need to tell Koishi that we wish to get into her pants...exclusively. We need to tell her that her pants are the only pants for us, that we will swear off any other girls pants forever.
No. 133400
But what sort of man only owns one pair of pants? Koishi knows this. She won't deny us other pants.
No. 133401
Its not a matter of quantity. The fact that they are her pants is whats truly important. Though MC may have a hankering for girls pants, he will put aside his tendencies for her, and only her. Such is his love for the beautiful younger sister; that he would forever deny himself the joy of getting into other girls pants forever.
No. 133402
Koishi already shoved another girl's face at the MC when he tried to kiss her. She'll hand him someone else's pants if he tries to take hers and hers alone.

Because sharing is caring~
No. 133403

Ah, but that was her doing said action, rather than hi own initiative. It's one thing for MC to get pants on his own, another when she directs him to the pants.
No. 133404
[x] Move Move Move!

Sleeping on a hard floor will bite us in the ass when we get up.

There is also a possibly angry Yuugi that might be angry at us from something Koishi may have had a hand in. Plenty of rocks in a cave so I'm not too worried.
No. 133405

What you call a rock, an Oni calls a pebble. Then said Oni will rip out half the wall and call that a rock, right before hurling it at you.

[x] Move Move Move!
No. 133407
[x] Sleep Sleep Sleep!
No. 133411
[x] Move Move Move!

Run from the devil oni. 'nuff said.
No. 133412
[x] Sleep Sleep Sleep!
No. 133415
[X] Move Move Move!
No. 133416
[x] Move Move Move!
Guys I don't think the fairy's joining the party.
No. 133417
[x] Sleep Sleep Sleep!
No. 133418

Our rock-fu is stronger than anyones. Not even an oni would be strong enough to resist.

Let's not test that, though.
No. 133420
[x] Sleep Sleep Sleep!
No. 133422

[x] Sleep Sleep Sleep!
No. 133431
>wake up buttercup.jpg
Koishi stop hijacking the images.

[X] Move Move Move!

About that pants discussion earlier, I'd like to point out that unless we go after Mokou or Wriggle, we will be getting into no one's pants. Skirts, potentially, but not pants.
No. 133441
How about bloomers?
No. 133452

How the hell are we going to get it on with Marisa?
No. 133454
I imagine we'll meet her, ask her out to dinner, and throw a few rocks at her. Not necessarily in that order.
No. 133463
She'd have to get in line behind Koishi, Medicine, Tenshi, and that Zombie Fairy we picked up (what did happen to her anyways?)
No. 133465
Zombie fairy just ran to Satori for help after the oni spirited the MC away. I think.
No. 133469
[x] Sleep Sleep Sleep!

We'll ask her to dinner when she wakes up.
No. 133487
I think Cirno-Noir actually did the spiriting away this time... or at least prepped MC for an Oni to do the heavy lifting.
No. 133492
[X] Sleep Sleep Sleep!

My gosh, sleeping in a girl's lap is one of the best places to rest your head EVER.

Especially if it's Yuugi's...
No. 133493
File 129558944827.png - (8.29KB , 256x256 , LOOK UP IN THE SKY ITS A BIRD ITS A PLANE.png ) [iqdb]
Calling it for sleeping in, though the update won't be until tomorrow, after I'm back from work.

On another note, I find myself somewhat bothered by this talk of getting into pants and bloomers.

Offended, even.

I mean, what of those poor girls who have no pants or bloomers for you to get into? Have you thought about them?
Why must they be left out, simply because they have a preference for going commando?

It's just not fair, I tell ya. Not fair at all.
No. 133512
File 129565434030.png - (247.75KB , 697x639 , 1241487169483.png ) [iqdb]
It's not unfair, if they want someone to get into their underwear they have to wear or even at least own some underwear. That's just common sense.