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130232 No. 130232
Slowly opening your eyes, you let out a low groan, your head feeling extremely sore, as if something had punched your skull a few times. Pushing yourself up, you shake your head a few times, trying to clear your mind. After a few minutes, you tried to think back on exactly what you were doing.

First, you were leaving the bar after having a drink or five, and you went looking for your car. Then… then you woke up here. Maybe you shouldn’t have had so many drinks to begin with. Yeah, you were celebrating another successful business deal, but maybe you should have had fewer drinks. Seeing that you couldn’t remember exactly what happened, you concluded that you must have passed out.

Realizing that, you begin examining your person, hoping that you still had everything. Alright, first… Suit, check. Wallet, check. Watch, check. Pen, check. Checkbook, check. Cellphone… you left that in the car. Well, everything seems to be in place. But now that’s done, there’s another question that needs answering.

Where are you?

Though you were a bit groggy, you could remember that last place you were at was at the car park, ready to get in your car. Now… now you were somewhere else. Instead of the usual asphalt, the ground was made out of paved stone that looked old and weathered, with grass growing in the cracks. Surrounding the area was a multitude of trees, something which you didn’t recall seeing before. The paved path went two ways, one way which leads to a strange… gate looking structure? The other way leads to a rather modestly sized building.

Now that you think about it, the building and the gate have a very familiar architectural design, reminding you of that time you went to Japan. Or was it China? Well, maybe this was just one of those small community things, trying to replicate the community’s country of origin.

Walking towards the building, you saw a box set up at the front. Squinting, you could make out some lines on the front of it, but otherwise, it was too dark to tell what it said. Standing next to the box, you take another glance. Perhaps there was somewhere here who could help you, maybe find the main road. Then again, you could take a quick nap. You were still a little drunk, so a quick nap should help sober you up.

“Well… isn’t this inconvenient.”

[X] Shout out to anyone who may be in the building.
[X] Take a quick nap.


Hello again. I've decided to take another crack at this CYOA work. Please, any criticism is welcomed, and if you think that something is wrong, feel free to contact me!

No. 130234
[X] Shout out to anyone who may be in the building.

Let's not make the same mistake. Nap after figuring what the hell is going on.
No. 130236
why..... WHY!!!!!
No. 130237
[X] Shout out to anyone who may be in the building.
No. 130238
[X] Call out to anyone who may be in the building.

Shouting is for the blue collars. We might be in an unknown place, but proper manners are always a good start to business negotiations. And remember, if there's a will, there's a way... to make profits.

What nationality are we, anyhow?
No. 130240
That was fast! Do you have a plot now, at least?

[X] Shout out to anyone who may be in the building.

Also, who in God's name would nap in this kind of situation?
No. 130241
[x] Shout out to anyone who may be in the building.
No. 130242
>What nationality are we, anyhow?

We should be Australian, so we get STAB when we pick up that australium bar again.


[x]Explore the grounds silently, call out if you see any movement.

Somehow I don't think just up and calling for help without looking at where we are is a good idea.
No. 130244
[X] Call out to anyone who may be in the building.

>>130240 summed up my reaction nicely.
No. 130271
[X] Call out to anyone who may be in the building.

>What nationality are we, anyhow?

How about German? I think that could prove rather fun.
No. 130274
I just had a flashback to those "Ask Dr. Z" commercials.

That guy was awesome.
No. 130278
German it is. Our name... Joseph Krupp! Of the distinguished Krupp family of ironworks and armaments!
No. 130280
Is this another reference?
Because the references never end well.
No. 130282

You seriously don't know about Krupp Arms?

They're like the Rockefellers of the arms industry. Pretty much half to three-quarters of anything that maimed, killed, or destroyed ever used by Imperial Germany through the third Reich came from their foundries.

Tony Stark doesn't have SHIT on them.
No. 130283
>lol reference

Afraid I don't follow.
No. 130290
Nah he's gotta be a classic British gentleman named George. First run's George was good as a gentleman, it's just when it went all out of control is when it went down hill.
No. 130293
Why not an American businessman? We never had anyone like that. Not enough North Americans, Latinos, etc.
No. 130301
Because ruthless German efficiency. Americans have had their hour in nearly every CYOA yet, bar a few exceptions. We've never, ever done a German before.

Although I could go for a proper British Gentleman with a stiff upper lip. But the German businessman from the distinguished Krupp family calls to me.
No. 130302
>Not enough North Americans
It's not like we ever had any other businessman in Gensokyo. Or much of any other anything that's not American. So yeah. What the guy above me said.
No. 130308
Well the lack of Americans is from what I've seen when I was lurking. I guess a German businessman would be interesting.
No. 130311
File 12903688572.jpg - (264.80KB , 1024x768 , ee77132c30499eab70d389f3ef9a1640.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Shout out to whoever might be inside the building.

Looking around, you realize that perhaps taking a nap out in the open might not be the best option. Heck, you don’t know where you are, so who knows what sort of dangers exists out there? There could be some thugs around here, waiting for you to let your guard down. Any help right now would be greatly beneficial to the situation. If anything, at least whoever answers could tell you where you are and maybe point you in the direction of the main road.

Well, the idea is worth a shot anyway. Cupping your hands around your mouth, you start to shout.


No answer.

You raise your voice, hoping that someone would hear you.


Still no answer. You try again once last time.

“Hello there! Is there anyone here?”

No answer. Well, three times done is enough. You fold your arms, wondering what to do next. Peering into the box, you see that the top of the box had a grate attached to it. Inside, you could see a few shining objects at the bottom of the box. Oh, so this must be some sort of donation box. Now that’s got you thinking, if that’s a donation box, then what sort of building is this?

Curious, you walk past the box and stand in front of the building. Though you couldn’t see any doors, you noticed that a part of the wall looked a bit different. Putting your hand on the frame of the wall, you begin to slide the wall open, until there was an opening large enough to poke your head through. Peering inside, the interior of the building was quite bare, with a few mats and a small table on the ground. No chairs, no plants, no phone, not even a single source of light. Sliding the wall completely out of the way, you walk inside, trying to get a better look of everything.

“Huh… what a small room…” Looking around, there wasn’t really much at all. It really was just a small room with a few smaller rooms to the side. One of the rooms was something that could barely pass for a kitchen, not even having a fridge or stove, just a bunch of small cabinets which held a dismal amount of food. Walking back outside, you were starting to wonder if anyone lived here. Conditions at this building are hardly fit for living. Maybe that’s why there’s that donation box there.

Feeling pity, you take out your wallet and grab a few bank notes, tossing them into the box, hoping that whoever lived here could use the money to get a light or two. Placing your wallet back in your jacket, you walk around the building, seeing another smaller building nearby. Your curiosity taking hold of you again, you walk towards the other building, seeing that it too had a door which you had to slide open. Sliding the door open, you see that inside there was a few items of interest: bags, barrels and boxes of varying sizes. However, overall, it was very similar to the other building, it was mostly empty. Walking back outside, you were about to close the door behind you when you could hear someone talking.

“… what’s wrong, Reimu?”

“I don’t remember leaving the shrine door open.”

“Think someone was looking for you?”

“Maybe someone is trying to rob me… quick, let’s check the storehouse.”

“Who would want to steal from you, Reimu?”

“Oh be quiet, Suika.”

Damn it; you forgot to close the door behind you. Now the owner’s back and probably thinking that someone’s trying to steal something from her. Well, if you tried hiding, maybe you could avoid having them call the authorities, you don’t need a scandal ruining your image. You could even dart into the nearby woods when they’re not looking for you. But then again, if you introduce and explain yourself, maybe the owner will be reasonable. Then again, why would a young woman be out here? Whatever, whoever they are, they’re coming closer.

[X] Reveal yourself.
[X] Hide for a bit before darting into the woods.


I'm a little shy on the nationality, and maybe the prospect of making him German. In part actually that I have another idea and I want to save the German nationality for later.

And yes there's a plot. A plot to ensure this is more than just screwing around in Gensokyo. Just right now it's not as overt... or something.

And I'll prefer the last name basis only this time. All professionals always refer to people by their last name.
No. 130312
[X] Reveal yourself.
No. 130313
[X] Reveal yourself.
Do not want to get my ass kicked for "stealing"
No. 130314
Unanimous votes galore.
[X] Reveal yourself.
No. 130317
[X] Reveal yourself.

Well, if you'd rather not have a German character yet, we could also be Francis Schneider, of Schneider Electric(tm). We would then be French.
No. 130318
[x] Reveal thyself to the glorious armpit-baring maiden
No. 130319
[X] Reveal yourself.
No. 130320
[X] Reveal yourself.
No. 130334
[X] Reveal yourself.

We need to find out where we are given that we started off drunk in a city, and now seem to be some forested area. Not to mention seeing person living here knows where we can find a phone that we can use.
No. 130336
>And yes there's a plot.
That's good. I always enjoy stories with a clear plot over slice-of-life/random hijinks. They're more engaging.

Is our MC still named George? If so, I hope you change his last name. Hale is just too much of a risk after what happened last story. Perhaps it could be something business/money related instead. "With a name like that, no wonder he bacame a businessman."

[X] Reveal yourself.
No. 130350
[x] Reveal yourself.
[X] Introdue yourself.
Well, suddenly popping up out of nowhere will get everyone nervous.
No. 130471
[x] Reveal yourself.
[x] Introduce yourself.

Just close the door to the shed first.
No. 130477
[x] Reveal yourself

The fact that you already put money in the donation box should earn you the benefit of the doubt, right? Anyway, you're hung over, still tired, and wearing a suit. This is not the time to be playing tag in the woods.
No. 130500
Where's the update?
No. 130602
File 129062382731.jpg - (70.81KB , 649x475 , 0811843815_large.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Reveal yourself

The Situation was dire, but running into the woods to avoid might just be a worse idea. Not hoping to incite any more anger, you quickly close the storehouse door behind you. Don’t want the owner to think you’ve been rifling through her stuff, and maybe even, godforbid, you had stolen something. Not like there is anything good to steal to begin with. With the door close behind you, you look back at the main building, starting to hear soft footsteps slowly approaching. Approaching the footsteps, you raise your hands, trying to make sure you look as unthreatening as possible. Soon, two figures begin to walk around the corner.

“Hello there, ma’am, I… I apologize for my intrusion but…” Two bright lights suddenly escape from one of the figures hands, aimed at you. Jumping out of the way, you cover your face and start screaming. “Ah, please, no! Don’t hurt me!”

“Reimu, what was that all about? Are you trying to kill him? He doesn’t look like he means any harm.”

“Suika, for all we know, he could be a youkai.”

“Him, a youkai? He looks more human to me.”

“A human? What human in their right mind would be here at this late at night? Besides, no human wears clothes like… that.”

“Wait, what?” You slowly recompose yourself, straightening yourself up. “What do you mean; no human wears clothes like this? Haven’t you met a businessman before?”

The two figures approached you, becoming visible in the moonlight. One of them wore red clothes, something that reminded you of something of an old –style Asian clothes. Just with detached sleeves. The other one was a little more… strange. She wore a slightly tattered blouse and purple skirt, but also wore an assortment of chains around her arms and hair. And she had horns?

These young people are weird.

You decided to walk up to the young women, seeing that they looked peaceful enough. But before you could, the woman wearing red pointed a stick at you, causing you to freeze up. Putting your hands up again, you let out a nervous chuckle. “Heh… please, don’t hurt me, I don’t mean to hurt you at all.

“Don’t you guilt me, you can’t be a human. What kind of youkai are you, the youkai of strange clothes?”

“Calm down, Reimu, he really doesn’t look like a youkai. You’ve really have to stop being so paranoid.”

Reimu glances back at Suika. “Well at least let him explain himself, Suika.”

“Fine, fine, I will. Just please… put the stick down?” You grasp the tip of the stick, smiling nervously as you push it aside. “I’m really sorry for intruding. I was drunk when I came here, and I do not remember coming here at all. But I promise you, on my honor as a businessman, Miss… Reimu, Reimu right? That I did not steal anything from your… building. Or storehouse.”

“Wait, you were in my storehouse?”

“I didn’t say that!”

“I should kick you out for trespassing, you know!” She pointed the stick back at you. “Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t.”

“I… I…” You think back a few moments. “I put money in your box?”

“You… you did?” Reimu lowered her pointed stick and then she started to smile. “Why didn’t you say so earlier! Anyone who donates to the Hakurei Shrine is welcome here!” Reimu then began tugging your arm. “Please, come in, come in, I’ll have some tea ready for us.” Reimu then turned to Suika, “Come on, Suika, get some tea from the storehouse while I start boiling the water.”

Suika nodded and walked past you as Reimu pulled you into the shrine, reaching into a box and grabbing a few lanterns, lighting them up to give some extra light. Lighting a fire, Reimu placed a pot full of water over it before seating you at the table, Reimu then taking a seat across from you.

“So then… Mister…”

Realizing she wanted you name, you quickly comply. “It’s Wilson, Mister Wilson.”

“So Wilson, what can the Hakurei Shrine help you with tonight? A blessing, a charm, perhaps a prayer for the future?”

“Um… actually, I would like to know where the main road is…”

“The main road?” Reimu then pointed out towards the gate. “It’s just down the hill. Just follow the road and you’ll make it to the human village.” Reimu then leaned in closer, a little suspicious of you now. “Are you really a human?”

“Um… yes, yes I am!” Reimu was really making you nervous. There was something strange about this young woman. First off, you were attacked by some weird stuff, you weren’t even sure if they were some sort of firearm or something, and now she’s inviting you to tea. “I just really want to go home now.”

Reimu looked a bit disappointed. “The road isn’t safe at night. Dangerous youkai like to wander on the path, looking for foolish people who try travelling at this hour. Why don’t you stay until morning? I’ll make sure you’ll be comfortable.”

“Uh… right…” Something about Reimu really made you suspicious. What is she planning? You watch Suika walk inside, holding a small bag.

“I’ve come back with the tea, Reimu!” Suika’s voice thundered through the room. Well, isn’t she quite a lively one.

“Oh good, I have the water boiled already, I’ll get us some cups okay?” Reimu then stood up, walking into the kitchen to grab a few cups while Suika grabbed the pot and started putting the tea leaves inside. Setting the table, Reimu sat back down as Suika started to pour tea in each cup.

You smile, taking the glass and raise it up. “Cheers.” Taking a sip, you let out a sigh of content. “Ah, that hit the spot.”

“So, Wilson, shall I get a blanket for you ready?” Reimu was staring at you, waiting for your answer.


[X] “… I guess I can stay for the night. I could use some rest to work off his hang over anyway.”
[X] “… I prefer to go home now. I’ll risk the dangers. Besides, I’m a businessman, who’d mess with me?”


Here are the three things which stalled me.
Left 4 Dead 2 Mutation Gibfest - Killed like 20 tanks on The Sacrifice.
Tropico 3 - Ruling an island is fun.
Poker Night at the Inventory - Heavy, man, he has a freaking depressing story to tell! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIAZpS-352k&feature=related

So yeah, I got sidetracked by three things in one week.

But damn, it was fun.
No. 130611
[x] “… I guess I can stay for the night. I could use some rest to work off his hang over anyway.”
More interaction with Reimu is always a good thing.
>I’ll risk the dangers. Besides, I’m a businessman, who’d mess with me?
I would not like to go down that road. Let's stay normal and befriend the two of them.
No. 130616
[X] “… I guess I can stay for the night. I could use some rest to work off his hang over anyway.”

The other option is both dangerous and futile. You're not going home again, Wilson.
No. 130621
[X] “… I guess I can stay for the night. I could use some rest to work off his hang over anyway.”

Trying to wander around during the night in a strange area while working off a hangover just makes it seem like we're asking to get robbed (or eaten, not that we know that yet).
No. 130640
[X] “… I guess I can stay for the night. I could use some rest to work off his hang over anyway.”
No. 130646
X] “… I guess I can stay for the night. I could use some rest to work off his hang over anyway.”
No. 130757
File 129088916542.png - (408.25KB , 522x648 , 8a7096289d1995789947624c6aaec3e7.png ) [iqdb]
[X] “… I guess I can stay for the night. I need to rest this hang over anyway.”

Taking another sip of tea, you set your cup back down on the table. Stretching your arms a bit, you let out a short laugh, feeling much better than before.

“I say, Miss Reimu that was a lovely cup of tea. And I must thank you for being so kind to let me stay at this… shrine… correct?” Looking around again, you were sure that this place was almost empty, just for the table and few other items. “Don’t you have a house I can stay at? I would think it would be warmer there than here.” You place your hands over your mouth, breathing air into them, keeping your hands warm.

“Well…” Reimu shakes her head, looking a bit disappointed, “… I live here as well.”

“You… live here? You live in this barely adequate dwelling, offering poor protection from the elements?” You sigh. “Well… beggars can’t be choosers.”

Reimu then slammed her hands into the table, causing it to shake a bit. “I’m not a beggar!”

“I was talking about myself, Miss Reimu.” You shake your head. “Whatever, but I am thankful for whatever lodgings you can provide for me, Miss Reimu.”

You then glance at the girl with horns. Thinking back, Reimu did call her Suika. Strange horns she has, anyway. Picking up your cup of tea and taking another sip, you tilt your head a bit. “Miss… Suika, correct?”

Suika turned to you and smiled. “Yep, that’s me!”

“I don’t think we’ve been properly introduced yet.” You hold out your hand, smiling a bit yourself. “You can call me Mister Wilson.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet ya, Mister!” Suika then grabbed your hand and squeezed down tight, shaking it up and down. You felt your hand being crushed. After Suika let your hand go, you quickly start rubbing it, your hand throbbing in pain.

“Goodness gracious, Miss Suika, you have quite a grip!” Laughing a bit, you shake your hurt arm a bit, trying to get blood to flow back into it properly. After feeling the pain subside, you slowly laugh. “So then, Miss Suika, what’s with the horns? Are you a part of some sub-culture that mainly focuses on horns. And chains?”

“You can say that, Mister. But I don’t think you’re ready to know what I am.” Suika then chuckled a bit.

“Ah, a secret, huh? Guess I won’t pursue the answer for now.” You then noticed Suika’s tea cup was still full. “Miss Suika, why haven’t you touched your tea? It’s quite delicious.”

Suika then began laughing loudly. “Oh, that’s alright! I prefer a good swig of sake!” Suika then showed you a strange purple gourd before drinking a bit from it. After finishing a sip, Suika let out a loud burp. “Oh, excuse me.”

“Yes… you’re excused… and sake, Miss Suika? Isn’t that that Japanese drink thing?” You set your cup of tea down again, watching Suika take another drink out of her gourd.

Laughing still, Suika turned to you, holding her gourd out to you. “Yeah, it’s very delicious, want to have some?”

“Ah… I… don’t want any more alcohol in my system… I’ve got a hangover still to work over.”

“Oh, come on, Mister, just a bit! Here, I’ll pour you some!” Suika then took out a small dish and poured some sake into it before handing it over to you. Looking at the dish, you felt that you really didn’t have a choice. It was an offer, and it would be impolite to not accept an offer.

“I guess… a small sip wouldn’t be bad, I guess.” Bringing the dish to your lips, you slowly tip the dish over, letting the sake slide down your throat. Drinking it all, you drop the plate, shaking your head slowly.

“Hey, Mister, what’s wrong?” Suika crawled over to you, seeing you hold your head in discomfort.

“Oh… Miss Suika… that had… quite a punch.” Shaking your head again, you look at Suika, squinting a bit. “Miss Suika… was there… always two of you? Where’s Miss Reimu? I need to… take a nap…”

You then slowly lean backwards before falling to the ground, your mind in a complete haze, making it difficult to think clearly. Oh god, that drink is strong! Not even a shot glass would be a small enough dosage. Groaning a bit, you close your eyes, not wanting to stand up anymore. At least your hearing still worked.

“Suika, why did you offer the nice man some sake?” You hear Reimu’s voice getting closer.

“Well, I thought he’d like some sake from my gourd! He looks like the type who enjoys a good drink!”

“But he said he was recovering from a hangover.”

“Yeah, but what better way to recover from a hangover than to drink more?”

“Suika… I don’t even know why I let you stay here. Now come on, let’s drag him somewhere better. I can’t have him sleeping under my table.”

“Okie-dokie, Reimu!” You feel yourself being slowly dragged, though you didn’t bother to open your eyes, your mind too drunk to really care. All you wanted to do was just get to sleep already. Soon, you stopped moving, and felt a warm cloth cover your body. Letting a strained sigh of content, you roll over, your consciousness finally turning off, letting you finally get some sleep.

Waking up, your stomach felt completely horrible. Well, from one hangover to another, you really didn’t feel like waking up. But wake up you did, slowly getting up to your feet. You could see sunlight peering into the shrine. Seeing the blanket on the ground, you slowly fold it up, walking up to the table, seeing a small plate of food there with a cup of tea next to it. Setting the blanket down, you saw a note under the plate.

“Mister Wilson, I went to the Human Village. Going to ask if anyone knows you. Feel free to wander around the shrine, Suika’s there to keep an eye out on you. However, do not go into the forest. Dangerous Youkai can sometimes lurk around the forest. – Reimu.”

Well, that was nice of her. Grabbing the plate of food, you could see it was a bit of dried fish. Eating the fish and drinking the tea, you set the plate and cup down on the table. Now you really need to clean your hands off. Looking around the kitchen, you could see there was some water, so taking your tea cup, you scoop up some water and gently wash your hands clean.

With your hunger issues cleared, you look out into the grounds of the shrine, seeing the gate ahead of you. Reimu did tell you that as long as you followed the path from the shrine, you could make it to the village as well. Maybe instead of waiting for Reimu to return, you could get there yourself and maybe get someone to drive you back home. Then again, what is someone tries to rob you on the way there? Looking around again, you don’t see Suika, but she might be somewhere else on the shrine grounds. Maybe you can pass the time with speaking to her.


[X] Wait for Reimu and pass the time with Suika.
[X] Have Suika take you to the Human Village.
[X] Forget Suika and go to the Human Village yourself.

You know, Procrastination is like Masturbation. It's a lot of fun at first before you realize you just screwed yourself.

Man, I love IB quotes! They got some funny stuff there!

Here's the actual quote. http://www.ibquotes.com/quote-116
No. 130758
[X] Wait for Reimu and pass the time with Suika.
No. 130759
[x] Wait for Reimu and pass the time with Suika.
Well, why not. Take it easy with her for the time being.
No. 130761
[X] Wait for Reimu and pass the time with Suika.

Let's not get on Reimu's bad side.
No. 130763
[X] Wait for Reimu and pass the time with Suika.

It'd be a tad bit rude of us to go off like that when Reimu already has gone down to village for us.
No. 130767
[x] Wait for Reimu and pass the time with Suika.

As much as I'd enjoy a random encounter, Reimu's already suspicious enough. We should stick to the "I'm lost" alibi until we find out how lost we really are.
No. 130774
[x] Wait for Reimu and pass the time with Suika.

So, are you a fellow IBer, or do you just enjoy the quotes?
No. 130808
[X] Forget Suika and go to the Human Village yourself.

Avoid any OOC knowledge. You're in an unknown place, with little girls living in poor place, drinking alcohol...
Can you trust them? Are you sure they aren't planning to kidnap you?!
No. 130809
[x] Wait for Reimu and pass the time with Suika.


Except that by the same logic... they're little girls. Them, kidnap a grown man?
No. 130812
Mmm. We already saw the red-white using some kind of firearm. Besides, the little one is drinking sake like water.
No. 130815

And wandering around in area that we have no knowledge of and that we've been warned is dangerous seems like a smart idea? Neither girl has shown themselves to be really hostile in the end, and until we get our barrings or they start being threatening it just seems more practical to wait in the falling down shrine.
No. 130844
File 12910368755.jpg - (653.25KB , 1500x1500 , c82c865a9f4fffb552b6f41971292b31.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Wait for Reimu and past time with Suika.

Stretching out your limbs, you step outside of the shrine, passing the donation box again. Peering inside, you feel a bit generous again, reaching into your wallet and dropping a few more paper bills inside. Maybe now she can buy a nice mini-fridge with this. Or maybe even a comfortable chair to sleep in. Feeling the sun bearing down upon you, you take off your jacket and hold it under your arm. You even think about loosening your tie, but then that would be too informal for now.

Looking around, you still couldn’t find Suika. If Suika was supposed to keep an eye on you, then she’s doing a bad job at doing it. Why, you could just waltz right on out of here, and she’d probably be none the wiser. But then again, that would be stupid. And probably dangerous as well. At least here, you wouldn’t have to worry about someone trying to rob you. Hopefully.

You start wondering where Suika could have gone. If she was tasked with looking after you, she has to be nearby, right? She couldn’t have just left you to your own devices without some sort of surveillance. Perhaps…

“Hiya, Mister!”

You scan the area, swearing you hear Suika’s voice. Was that alcohol still messing with your head? You start worrying that you’re going crazy. Now you’re hearing voices? Oh this is just great… you’re in an unknown place and your mind is going crazy. Next, you’ll start seeing strange things, like trees exploding, and multicolored bullets everywhere and tiny people and…

“Hey, Mister, I’m down here!” Turning your head down, you notice a peculiar sight. Whether it be by some trickery of the mind or a creation made from the light, you could see a tiny figure on the ground.

“Huh, peculiar…” You lean down to the figure, seeing that it had horns. Why, it looked like a miniature replica of Suika! Picking up the replica by its collar, you raise it up to your eye level, seeing the tiny Suika smiling widely, as if it were drunk.

“Had a good nap, Mister?” The replica’s voice too was exactly the same as Suika’s. This is amazing! You start shaking the replica a bit, smiling yourself. “Don’t shake me! I don’t like sudden shifts in motion.”

“Why, it even responds to its surroundings… such an advanced piece of technology…” You look at the little Suika again. “So then, miniature Miss Suika, why are you watching me?”

The little Suika smiles widely. “Why, I’m here to watch ya, Mister!”

“A little robot sent to watch over me? Hrmm, Miss Suika must be quite the technophile to have access to such things… and with such advance AI too…” You chuckle a bit, “So tell me, little robot, where is your master?”

“You mean big Suika? She went to get some lunch that you would enjoy too. She was thinking a small plate of dried fish won’t satisfy you.”

“It’s lunchtime already? How long have I been asleep… ah, don’t answer that, I should’ve woken up earlier then.” Setting the little replica of Suika down, you take a seat near the donation box, waiting for Suika to come back. Looking back down, you see the little replica start to climb your pants before lying down on your leg. This replica is starting to remind you of a child. Interesting… perhaps it is tired? Nah, it can’t be tired; robots run on electricity, not sleep.

Grabbing the replica again, you bring it up to your eyes. You smile a bit, seeing the little replica dozing off. However, before you could set the little replica back down on the ground, the little replica disappeared in a small cloud of smoke.

“Oh crap, I can’t believe I did that…” You start looking around, hoping that it might have just slid out from your hand, hoping that nothing bad happened to it. You even peered into the donation box again, but to no avail, that little replica Suika was nowhere to be found. “Crap… such a little piece of mechanical engineering, and now it’s gone! I wonder what Miss Suika will say…”

“What will I say, Mister?”

Almost jumping up, you turn to see Suika standing next to you, smiling widely. Soon, Suika held up her hand, holding a large boar in her hand, freshly picked from… somewhere. “I hope you like boar meat, Mister!”


Now you were thinking that maybe you should tell Suika that you lost that little replica of her that was meant to watch you. Maybe if you told the truth, she’ll be okay with it. Then again, you can only imagine how difficult it must have been for her to get something like that, and she might just do something bad if you said you lost her little replica. Maybe if you just kept quiet, you’ll be fine.

“Well, Mister? I hope you’re ready to eat!”

[X] “Um… Miss Suika… I have something to tell you…” (Be truthful.)
[X] “Um… sure! I… don’t mind boar meat.” (Lie.)

Time to get back into the order of updating more frequently.


Oh, another IB diploma candidate? Sweet. Well technically, I'm not a diploma candidate, I'm a diploma graduate.
No. 130846
[X] “Um… Miss Suika… I have something to tell you…” (Be truthful.)

It's probably more practical to be honest given that Wilson doesn't know if she might have a computer somewhere that might have recorded the little 'robot' Suika's experiences. Besides if I was a businessman I'd be pretty damn interested in seeing if I couldn't get Suika to agree to some contract with my company so that I could start marketing such a advanced piece of technology. Not to mention all of what you could possibly do with human sized replicas.
No. 130847
[X] “Um… Miss Suika… I have something to tell you…” (Be truthful.)
No. 130848
[X] “Um… Miss Suika… I have something to tell you…” (Be truthful.)
No. 130849
You know what's worse than lying? Being a picky fag about your food. What's wrong with boar meat?

[X] “Um… sure! I… don’t mind boar meat.” (Lie.)
No. 130850
[X] “Um… Miss Suika… I have something to tell you…” (Be truthful.)
No. 130852
[X] “Um… Miss Suika… I have something to tell you…” (Be truthful.)
No. 130855
[X] “Um… Miss Suika… I have something to tell you…” (Be truthful.)
No. 130859
[X] “Um… Miss Suika… I have something to tell you…” (Be truthful.)

Same here. What were your HL classes?
No. 130985
File 129119182759.jpg - (503.32KB , 1000x800 , f5a918eaf9fa6b37138a7531e28e5826.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] “Um… Miss Suika… I have something to tell you…”

Suika continued looking at you, tilting her head slightly. “You have something to tell me, Mister?”

You slowly nod, feeling a bit nervous on telling the truth. “Well… you see Miss Suika… I… I…” You start stuttering more, making it impossible to say the truth.

“Come on, Mister, you have something to say? Don’t just stand there, just let it out!” You see Suika give you a very large smile, making you feel extremely guilty.

“Miss Suika… I… I greatly apologize but… I have lost your miniature replica of you.” You lower your head in shame, not wanting to look at Suika. “I completely understand if you want me to pay you to replace your replica. I can only imagine how difficult it is for you to know this loss… but…”

Suika then let out a small chuckle, causing you to lift your head a bit. “Oh, that little thing? I guess you liked it!” Suika continued laughing. “You know, Mister, you’re kinda funny! Here, why don’t I make another one for you to keep you company while I’m busying preparing this boar for lunch.”

Suika then reached for one of her hairs and plucked it out. Then, tossing it towards you, you hold out your hands, watching the hair land in your hands. The hair then suddenly transformed into a miniature version of Suika, looking exactly like the little replica that disappeared earlier. The mini-Suika was looking up at you, smiling widely and waving at you.

“Hiya, Mister!” The mini-Suika in the palm of your hand was looking extremely happy, not minding that you were several times bigger than it.

“Now play nice, Mister!” Suika then walked inside the shrine, leaving you alone with the mini-Suika in your palms.

Looking at the mini-Suika, you couldn’t understand how it was formed from a single piece of hair. If it wasn’t robotics or mechanics, then what? There had to be some logical explanation to it… something logical. You couldn’t accept that this little thing in your hands was made from a single piece of hair.

“What’s wrong Mister? Am I intimidating you?” You see the mini-Suika laughing a bit more. You then bring the little creature closer to your eyes, gently poking it, a bit confused.

“Strange… you are an exact replica of Miss Suika… yet you’re not made of steel or any sorts of mechanics.” You then even start pulling at the mini-Suika’s cheek, surprised to find that it feels like actual flesh. “Your skin even feels real… very interesting…”

“Mister, can you stop? It hurts when you do that!” You let go of the mini-Suika’s cheek, surprised that the mini-Suika reacted to pain as well. Intriguing. A creature that acts realistically despite being a miniature version of a real person? Perhaps it might not be much now, but maybe, just maybe, you could find a market for such a creature.

“Can you set me down, Mister?” Thinking that it’d be better to set down this little creature on something more comfortable than hard ground, you walk back inside the shrine, sitting down next to the table. Placing your jacket on the table, you then set the mini-Suika down, placing her in the middle of your jacket.

Resting your head on the table, you watch the mini-Suika stare back at you. To be honest, you were still wondering what the heck this thing is. It can’t be anything normal, if it was made from a piece of hair. But how could it feel real? There has to be some other explanation.

“Come on, Mister, let’s play!” The mini-Suika was smiling widely, its arms stretched out wide.

“Well… okay…” Though you really had no idea how you could entertain such a small little creature, seeing that it was about the size of your hand, maybe it could play with your hand. Moving your hand, you bring it up to the mini-Suika, using your hand’s fingers like if they were legs. Making your hand slowly creep over to the mini-Suika, the mini-Suika then pounced your hand, pinning it down to the table.

“Jesus Christ!” You exclaim as you realize that this mini-Suika was strong! It managed to pin your hand to the table despite its size and you were having a lot of trouble getting it free. You soon had to peel the mini-Suika off with your other hand, bringing the mini-Suika back up to your eyes.

“Hey, Mister, put me down, please!” The mini-Suika was starting to panic, shaking its arms a bit wildly. You felt a little bad, but you had to inform this creature that she should really ease up on the roughness.

As you were setting the ground-rules, you look towards the kitchen, thinking about how Suika was doing. You really should help her. That was a rather large boar she was cooking up for lunch. She was helping you out even though you were a stranger, and you really were obligated in helping her out. Standing up, you set the mini-Suika on your shoulder, making sure that it wouldn’t fall when you walk. After making sure, you make your way to the kitchen, peeking inside to see what Suika was up to.

“Miss Suika, I’m here to help… you?” At first, you couldn’t believe it, having to blink a few times, but it seems that your eyes were deceiving you.

“Oh, hey Mister! Don’t worry, I’m having lunch ready soon, just let me get the meat cooked.” Suika gave you a large smile as several mini-Suikas passed by, holding up several strips of meat and bringing them over to a large cooking fire. But those weren’t the only mini-Suikas, there were several more all over the kitchen, the mini-Suikas doing different tasks.

“Miss Suika… I am… surprised!” You walk into the kitchen, looking around and marveling at the amount of mini-Suikas there were. “I didn’t realize you had so many of these… miniatures of you.”

Suika chuckled a bit. “Well, they do help out with my work, helping things move smoothly.” Suika then stared at you, looking a bit confused. “What’s wrong, Mister? Is there something bothering you?”

Looking back at Suika, you really had something on your mind. There was so many mini-Suikas, well, there was something you had to say.

“Well, Miss Suika…”

[X] “… What are these things? Heck… what are you?”
[X] ‘… Have you ever thought of using these ‘mini-Suikas’ as a sort of workforce or something?”
[X] “… I see that you have all the help that you need. I’ll just… wait at the table and distract myself with this little creature here.”

I wonder if Suika can make herself go bald if she makes a ton of Mini-Suikas?


I had HL in History, English, and Psychology. It was pretty good. I got 5s in History and Psychology. It was pretty good. Real good.
No. 130986
[X] “… What are these things? Heck… what are you?”
-[x]"How do you not go bald doing that?!"

2nd choice is a joke one but we need to stop beating around the bush. Mister Wilson really should just get down to...business.
No. 130992
>“Come on, Mister, let’s play!” The mini-Suika was smiling widely, its arms stretched out wide.
We should keep her, give her a name and never elt her go.

[x] “… I see that you have all the help that you need. I’ll just… wait at the table and distract myself with this little creature here.”
No. 131002
[X] “… What are these things? Heck… what are you?”

Incoming world-shattering revelation for the esteemed gentleman.
No. 131004
[X] ‘… Have you ever thought of using these ‘mini-Suikas’ as a sort of workforce or something?”
Suika Kommunist Revolution
No. 131009
[X] "… Have you ever thought of using these ‘mini-Suikas’ as a sort of workforce or something?”

As a businessman, potential profit must not go unnoticed.
No. 131010
[X] “… What are these things? Heck… what are you?”
No. 131011
[X] ‘… Have you ever thought of using these ‘mini-Suikas’ as a sort of workforce or something?”

Business before.
No. 131012
>I got 5s in History and Psychology

fffffff I got a 4 in History, courtesy of fucking up in the second Paper and talking about China when all of the questions were about the Americas.
No. 131014

Point taken.

[X] ‘… Have you ever thought of using these ‘mini-Suikas’ as a sort of workforce or something?”
No. 131019
[X] “… What are these things? Heck… what are you?”

I had HL Mathematics, Chemistry, and Biology. Your lack of SCIENCE disturbs me, though this story makes up for it.
No. 131041

>HL Math, Chem, Bio

You are insane.
No. 131083
[X] “… What are these things? Heck… what are you?”

I doubt he'd mention work forces so quickly; they're hardly going to be capable of assembling cars like real industrial robots do, and if they're intelligent, they'd need to be paid. Probably.

Also, you would think that Reimu would have had contact with a salaryman at some point, given how she tends the shrine on the border between Gensokyo and the mundane world outside; I'd imagine she'd be quite embarrassed when she realizes that you're an outsider who wanted to know how to return to the world outside the barrier. If he's a keen businessman, though I'm sure he'd see the potential profit in actual working magic. If nothing else, he stands to make a million dollars from the James Randi prize; half a million if he splits it with whoever is performing the magic.
No. 131100
[X] “… What are these things? Heck… what are you?”
No. 131120
>Also, you would think that Reimu would have had contact with a salaryman at some point, given how she tends the shrine on the border between Gensokyo and the mundane world outside; I'd imagine she'd be quite embarrassed when she realizes that you're an outsider who wanted to know how to return to the world outside the barrier.

It's been suggested that most of those who wander into Gensokyo become youkai food before making it anywhere near the shrine. Probably more suspicious than his clothing is his appearance as a foreigner. That alone pegs him as other than a normal outsider who wanders through a weak spot in the Border.
No. 131130
Her shrine is *on* the border, isn't it? That's why she has the power of Spiritual Borders, right? She's probably been to the outside, at least on occasion, and if there's anything resembling a city nearby, there will be businessmen.
No. 131135
That's...probably not how it works.
If Twitty writes it like that I suppose it's plausible enough, but canon wise? No way.
No. 131136
If you're not voting, can you sage your post? Thanks.
No. 131230
[X] “… I see that you have all the help that you need. I’ll just… wait at the table and distract myself with this little creature here.”
Curiosity can hurt your mind, a proven fact. Just relax, you're in the presence of an Oni after all.
>sage if discussion without votes
No. 131246
File 129160303236.jpg - (220.41KB , 1200x738 , 30900d8b42fb09d8493b9085e31bc0c6.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] “… What are these things? Heck… what are you?”

You then shake your head; the questions in your brain making you feel a bit strange. “Please… explain this to me.” There has to be an explanation to. There just has to be. One cannot have a literal army of miniature copies just appear out of nowhere without something explaining it.

Suika let out a small giggle, almost as if she was mocking you in a way. “I thought you would have figured it out by now, Mister! I guess I was wrong about that.”

“What’s that supposed to mean, Miss Suika?” You cross your arms, your eyes narrowing at Suika. You were hoping that Suika was just joking, and not actually insulting you, because if she was, well that would seriously sour any relations right now. Suika, however, still continued to giggle, the mini-Suikas now roasting the boar meat over the fire.

“Don’t worry, I’ll tell you what you need to know, Mister.” Suika gave you a wide smile. “Well, how should I say this? I doubt you have seen one of my race before.”

You give Suika a curious stare, looking at her horns again. “Your… race? I’ve seen a lot of races before, so I think I might have seen your kind before. Unless…” You walk up to Suika, looking at her horns closely. “Tell me, Miss Suika… why do you wear these horns? Is it some sort of fashion statement? Or is it something religious or cultural?”

Suika let out a short laugh. “Wearing these horns? I don’t wear these horns. They’re a part of me!”

You scoff, “Really? Those horns can’t be a part of you. It’s probably a headband.” You then grab on to Suika’s horns. “They’ll come off just like… THIS!” You pull up. “Uh… Like this!” You pull up again. “I said like this!” You pull up again for a third time. After three tries, the horns did not budge at all. These horns were literally a part of her head.

Staring at the horns, completely dumbfounded, you start to pull at your hair. “Ah, what the hell? That’s… that’s… that’s not normal! No normal person has horns… unless…” You start shaking your head quickly. “No, no, no, no, that can’t be it at all, that can’t be it at ALL!”

Suika continued to laugh. “What, Mister, expecting something else?”

“Answer my question! What are you?”

Suika then grinned widely. “Well, I’m an Oni. You know, horns and what not?”

“An… Oni?” You begin scratching your chin, not realizing that the mini-Suika on your shoulder had just left you, joining some other mini-Suikas grabbing a few plates and taking them out of the kitchen. “So… An Oni… of… Onistan? Oniland? Onistrakia? Never heard of that country before. Hrmm, since there was no tornadoes, I can’t be in Kansas… Maybe Bosnia. Or maybe Serbia.”

“Um… Mister?”

“Perhaps it’s India? But the trees look out of place for somewhere in India… Mongolia? No, trees. Maybe an island. A big island. A very big island with mountains? No, no, no… where could I be… How long was I passed out?”

“Mister… I can tell you.”

“Not now, Miss Suika, I’m busy. I’m… oh, okay then, go ahead.” You look back at Suika, your hand still scratching your chin.

“So, I guess you’re not around from here, right?” Suika scratched her head, looking a little embarrassed. “I thought you were just a rather strange human with a weird sense of clothing.”

“What? Just tell me where I am. Maybe once I know where I am, I can get out of here. I’ve got some important business in a few weeks, so I have to leave.” You let out a short laugh. “Then again, it’s not like I already did one of my biggest deals in my life just a yesterday. Or was it a few days ago? Whatever. Just tell me where I am already.”

Suika nodded. “Well then, Mister! You’re in Gensokyo! I don’t know how you got here, but I guess you’re here now!”

You stare at Suika. “Gensokyo, huh? I’m guessing this isn’t anywhere in Europe, huh? So, what’s the nearest country? China? Korea? Australia?”

“Nope! I don’t even know any of those places!” Suika continued smiling, making you feel a bit nervous. If it wasn’t near any familiar countries, then this could be bad.

“So… any airplanes or airports? Highways? Cars? Trains?”

“Nope, nothing of the sort in Gensokyo!”

“How the hell do you not know what a plane is? They fly over everything! What kind of backwards country is Gensokyo?”

“Well, we’re not like the outside world, Mister.”

“Outside world?” You give Suika a confused look. “What do you mean by outside world?”

Suika sighed. “Well, how can I say this that you’ll understand it? Well… you’re in a place that is separated from the rest of the world.”

“Separated… by water?”

“No, by a barrier.”

“A wall? That’s not really separating one from the rest of the world.”

“Well, how can I think of this? You can say… we’re in a place that is separate from everything else, meaning that it’s the only place. There’s nothing else, no other places, just Gensokyo.”

“I… still don’t know what you’re getting at.” You scratch your head, trying to image what Suika was saying. “Wait… if you say that there is nothing besides Gensokyo… then… wait…”

A mini-Suika then flew in-between you and Suika, the mini-Suika smiling widely. “Table’s done!”

Suika smiled as well, reaching for your arm. “Come on, Mister! Let’s have a seat while we’re waiting for lunch.”

“Wait… Wait just one second…”

Suika gave you a confused look. “Hrmm? What’s on your mind, Mister?”

You scratch your chin again. “You said Gensokyo is all by itself. Meaning… there is no outside world?”

“Yep, pretty much!” Suika was smiling again. “Come on, Mister, I’m certain you’d like to take a seat while we wait for Lunch.”


[X] “Do you have any salt? Ah, whatever, I’ll take my seat and wait for lunch. Maybe Miss Reimu will be back soon.”
[X] “Gensokyo… separate…? Oh… DAMN IT! Miss Suika… you better know a way I can get out of here, because if you don’t, I can be a very terrible man when angry!”


Alright, so, and thus we can start thinking about an ultimate objective of sort; Find a way to get out of Gensokyo. Why? Business meetings!


I'm certain this won't be a difficult thing and it will be an easy endeavorer that in NO WAY will put Mister Wilson in harm's way! Promise!

Yeah, right.
No. 131248
[X] “Do you have any salt? Ah, whatever, I’ll take my seat and wait for lunch. Maybe Miss Reimu will be back soon.”

No getting into fights with the oni. Besides, his brain probably needs time to reboot.
No. 131249
[x] “Do you have any salt? Ah, whatever, I’ll take my seat and wait for lunch. Maybe Miss Reimu will be back soon.”

>Find a way to get out of Gensokyo
Why. We will build a business in Gensokyo and find some nice business partners for that.
No. 131255
[x] “Do you have any salt? Ah, whatever, I’ll take my seat and wait for lunch. Maybe Miss Reimu will be back soon.”

There are virgin, unexploited markets here! We should be networking! We're without our phone, so we'll need paper if we're going to build an address book and create a day planner.
No. 131256
[X] “Do you have any salt? Ah, whatever, I’ll take my seat and wait for lunch. Maybe Miss Reimu will be back soon.”
No. 131265
[x] “Do you have any salt? Ah, whatever, I’ll take my seat and wait for lunch. Maybe Miss Reimu will be back soon."
No. 131281
>sdm on an island
damn it...
No. 131291
[X] Reimu seems to be fairly poor, given the dramatic change of her attitude when she found out that we had donated to her box. The James Randi prize is a million dollars; if Reimu has magic like Suika does, we can act as a go-between to get her to win the prize, and take a commission for doing so; even a ten or twenty percent commission is still on the order of one or two hundred thousand dollars for us. We might be able to sell her an investment package as well so that the money will keep coming, rather than her just wasting it all like most people who win the lottery do.
No. 131292
>No indication that we know about that prize.

Furthermore, Reimu hasn't seen the donation we left her, she just knows we donated. I'd wait for her inevitable reaction when she finds out all we did was drop a little sleeve of worthless paper with some old lady's face stamped on it.

Think about it. Paper money should mean nothing in Gensokyo - there's no gold reserve to back it up. Transactions would be exclusively through equal trades, or through metal coins/precious materials.

This wouldn't be a problem for, say, Remilia, who probably has enough bling in just one of her dresses to keep a jewelry in business for a month, but us? Re-reading, our current wealth is composed of what's in our wallet. Credit cards and bank notes. Paper and plastic. We're not in a good monetary situation, is what I'm trying to say here.

>Every indication we've been kidnapped.

Again, our personal safety and reconaissance of the area should be a priority - not stupidly reckless attempts to escape, and no autistic attempts to buy everything in sight (after all, when someone kidnaps you after a business deal, you think "oh shit, they're after my money" not "oh, this guy seems legit. I should invest in him.").
No. 131293
[X] Use Reimu to win Randi prize, give ten percent commission as if it were the whole thing, and bargain over the ten percent.

This way, she won't be suspicious that you're holding out on her, since you're already haggling over a portion of the money you're offering her.
No. 131295
> Paper money should mean nothing in Gensokyo - there's no gold reserve to back it up.

Eh..that shouldn't actually matter. Paper money will be fairly rare, and so worth something if people think its worth something.

Now if IRC japan had just introduced paper money when Gensokyo separated, so I think it all depends on the politics of the time.

Or actually it might be quite valuable given the curent movement towards bringing more outside things in.

tl;dr: Paper money may or may not be worth anything in Gensokyo. We don't have enough info to tell.
No. 131299
[X] “Do you have any salt? Ah, whatever, I’ll take my seat and wait for lunch. Maybe Miss Reimu will be back soon.”
No. 131301
I think you misunderstood; we'd take the ten percent commission, and she'd get the ninety percent; probably after starting from a twenty percent commission and haggling downwards from there.

No. 131306

>She gets 90%

See, this is why I suggest lying out of our asses, so we get the proper share.
No. 131308


Lurk the fuck more.

Also it'd do you better to read before opening your yap and making an ass out of yourself with an uniformed opinion.
No. 131309
[X] “Do you have any salt? Ah, whatever, I’ll take my seat and wait for lunch. Maybe Miss Reimu will be back soon.”
No. 131321
[X] “Do you have any salt? Ah, whatever, I’ll take my seat and wait for lunch. Maybe Miss Reimu will be back soon.”

Class A? Or uninformed?
No. 131327

What'd he say, anyways?
No. 131655
File 129213551274.jpg - (441.44KB , 800x945 , 2fc7f5b4cb8ba14d867d7c634d467770.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] “Do you have any salt? Ah, whatever, I’ll take my seat and wait for lunch. Maybe Miss Reimu will be back soon.”

“That’s the spirit, Mister! I’ll have a few of my mini-Suikas work right on it! Now come on!” Grabbing your hand, Suika took you out of the kitchen and back to the table, the table having a few dishes and glasses ready. Taking your seat, you watch Suika take a seat across from you, her hands on her lap.

Looking at the plate, you realized there weren’t any silverware. Pointing this out to Suika, the strange girl chuckled a bit.

“Silverware? Heh, here in Gensokyo, we use chopsticks!” Suika then pointed to a small container in the center of the table that you completely ignored earlier, with a bunch of sticks in it.

“Oh... Chopsticks… right…” Grabbing a pair of sticks from the container, you stare at the sticks for a moment. You realize you have no idea how to use them. Setting them down, you look back at Suika. You let out a nervous chuckle as you glance back at the kitchen doorway, wondering when lunch will be ready. Glancing back at Suika, you force out a smile. “So… Suika… since you’re not human… care to elaborate what you are to me? I haven’t met someone that looks human but wasn’t human.”

Suika chuckled a bit. “Well, I’m an Oni, like I told you before. The horns are natural, as you should know now. My race of people is quite powerful.”

“I can imagine…” You let a short laugh, rubbing your hand, remembering Suika’s strong grip. “So these Oni, are there a lot of you? Have you been exiled from your people? I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t live with them.”

“It’s… a sort of a decision on my part. It’s not like I don’t like my fellow Oni, they’re a fun group, but I prefer living with different people, exploring, seeing new things.” Suika then put her arms on the table, resting her head in her palms. “So, Mister, why don’t you tell me a bit about yourself?”

You scratch your head. “I… don’t know. I’m not sure if you’d enjoy listening to me talk.”

“Come on, Mister! Don’t be shy!” Suika then grabbed her gourd again and taking your cup, poured a bit of sake into it, and then holding the cup out to you. “Come on, why won’t you talk about yourself? Maybe a drink will make you feel better?”

You wave your hands, refusing the drink. “I don’t know, it’s still early in the day, I prefer to get a little tipsy later.”

Undaunted, Suika continued to hold the drink out in front of you. “Don’t be shy, Mister, have a drink!”

“Okay, okay, Miss Suika, just one drink…” Taking the cup in your hand, you look into it, seeing the liquid sloshing inside. Still feeling a bit nervous, you take a small sip of sake. Letting the alcohol sit in your stomach for a bit, you take another sip, then another, and finally you drink all the contents down. “Mmm… not bad.”

“See, Mister? So, still feel like being all shy about talking about yourself?” Suika chuckled a bit, taking a sip of sake as well.

You chuckle as well, feeling a bit tipsy already. Scratching your chin, you set the glass down. “Well, I guess I can tell you a bit about myself. Just don’t complain if you think it’s boring… Alright… where to begin…”

Thinking deeply, you didn’t notice Suika pouring you another drink and placing it back on your side of the table. Smiling a bit, you start with the basics, saying where you’re from and what not, a bit about your family and other things.

“So, Mister, what kind of a person are you? You seem to look pretty important.” Suika began leaning in a bit closer, interested in hearing you talk.

“Well… I guess you can say I’m quite an important person.” You let out a short laugh. “I’m a business man.”

“Oh, a Business man. What do you do business in? Business in dealing death? Business in human trafficking?” Suika gave you a sly smile.

“Huh? Of course not. I am no thug, I am an honorable man of honorable standards. I would not do business in such unsavory things.” You shake your head. “What would make you think of that, Miss Suika?”

Suika took another drink of sake. “So what do you do business in?”

“Well, I do business in several things.”

“So what are these things then?”

“I don’t know if you would find that interesting…”

Suika frowned. “Come on, Mister! Tell me, please! I’m certain another drink would make you feel better.”

You shake your head again. “Please, Miss Suika, I’ve had enough for one sitting.”

“Please, Mister? I’ve already poured you a drink. It would be a shame for it to go to waste.”

“You… you did?” Looking down at the table, you saw your glass, filled with sake. Feeling a bit bad, you take the glass in your hand. “Well… I guess it would be rude to refuse an already poured drink.” Taking another sip, you start feeling a little woozy. Shaking your head a bit, you finish up the sake, setting the glass down on the table again. You rub your forehead a bit as you try to clear your thoughts. “Where was I… right… Business. I do business in a lot of things… let’s see… construction, electronics, metals, all sorts of things.”

“Guess you must be a rich man then, Mister.” Suika chuckled, taking your glass and pouring another drinking.

“Yeah… I guess I am…” You chuckle a bit. Then you start to cry. “Oh god… Oh god no…”

“Mister? What’s wrong?” Suika set your glass down, not finished pouring the sake in.

“Oh god… I’m nothing… I’m nothing now!” You grab hold of your head as you start laughing hysterical. “Everything I’ve had… gone! I’m nothing at all!”

“Come on, Mister, it can’t be that bad. You’re alive, you’re here, safe, with me!” Suika then pushed your glass back to your side of the table. “So lighten up, Mister, have another drink.”

“Lighten up? Lighten up? How can I lighten up? I’ve lost EVERYTHING! Everything I’ve ever had, my company, my wealth, my fame! Now I’m a nobody!” You start crying again, slamming your hand into the table several times, some of the sake in your glass spilling over. “I’m completely without anything I had before. I’m back to square one now!”

“Well, if you’re back to square one, then it shouldn’t be too hard getting back to where you were before. You just gotta work on it!” Suika stood up and walked over to you, watching you bury your face into the table.

“Work on it? You know how hard I worked to make my company what it was? I was left my father’s company after he died, okay? The company wasn’t exactly doing great when I inherited it, but when I took on the responsibilities of CEO, I make a lot of mistakes that could’ve cost me not only my father’s company, but everything I owned! My house, my car, EVERYTHING! But then I started making good deals, and then the money started flowing in again, and I was able to move out of the old house and build a large house in the country! I was making a name for myself! I had everything in my grasp! And now what?! It’s all been taken away from me! All of it, ALL OF IT!” You continue sobbing, completely oblivious to Suika trying to comfort you.

“There, there, Mister, I’m certain there’s something good out of this.” Suika gently patted your back, hoping to make you feel better. “Hey, think about it, if none of this happened, you would have never met me!”

“Miss Suika, that’s hardly an upside. I’ve just met some strange girl with horns with inhuman strength. I’m already suffering from realizing what’s going on, I don’t need that to pile up on all my troubles.” You shake your head, still feeling horrible.

“Well, why not have another drink? Drinking always makes me feel better!” Suika patted you on the back again, hoping that you’ll take her advice.

Slowly looking around, you look back at the table, seeing the glass of sake in front of you, ready for you to drink. A drink could always be a good way to escape your problems for now. But after all the drinking, then what? You’ll just feel even more horrible. Suika’s obviously being a bad influence in this situation, making you feel worse and even making you drunk. Then again, if she’s a native of this place, maybe she knows how you can get out. There has to be a way out. There just has to be.

“Miss Suika…”

[X] “I don’t want to drink any more. Please… just leave me alone.”
[X] “Fine… fine… get me a drunk as I can. I don’t want to remember a single thing anymore.”
[X] “Miss Suika, please, get me out of here! I’ve worked so hard in life! I don’t want to spend the rest of my life in this broken down place!”


Sorry about the delays. Too much on my plate and distractions.
No. 131656
[X] “I don’t want to drink any more. Please… just leave me alone.”

most constructive/least dangerous in my opinion. drinking more will just lead to a downward spiral, potentially leading to alcohol poisoning. calling the shrine a 'broken down place' will incur the wrath of Reimu if/when she hears about the comment (and what with her being someone in the best position to get us out of Gensokyou in the first place...)
No. 131657
[X] "It's the barrier surrounding Gensokyo that's stopping me from getting out, right? Is there any holes in it or ways out or anything?
No. 131659
[X] “I don’t want to drink any more. Please… just leave me alone.”

2nd option is the typical drinking your problems away option. Never works from what I've seen.

3rd option I may have been for if it was worded politely. Calling someone's home a broken down place and freaking out isn't exactly polite and gentlemanly.

1st option may lead to sulking but it's still better then the other two I believe. Plus like it's been said, Suika isn't exactly the best influence for us to be around right now.
No. 131662
[x] “I don’t want to drink any more. Please… just leave me alone.”
No. 131665
[X] “Fine… fine… get me a drunk as I can. I don’t want to remember a single thing anymore.”
No. 131666
[X] “I don’t want to drink any more. Please… just leave me alone.”
No. 131670
Reimu's going to be annoyed when she finds out Suika got him sloshed yet again.
No. 131671
No. 131926
File 129265109299.jpg - (426.55KB , 708x1000 , 9e2616d7a86b8ff2aad5bd0068ef744f.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] “I don’t want to drink any more. Please… just leave me alone.”

Sobbing a bit more, you continue to rest your head on the table, not even turning to look at Suika. You could feel Suika continue to pat your back, most likely thinking it would help you feel better, but you only continued to keep your face buried in the table.

“Come on, Mister, don’t be sad. I’m certain it’s not as bad as you think it is.”

“Bad? Bad! Of course this is bad! You know how hard I worked on to make my company flourishes into the big name it is today? Years, years on the brink of bankruptcy! And now I’m stuck here! Now my company’s going to get sucked up by some idiot who’ll drive it into the ground!” You hit the table again, causing the sake to spill over. “I have a VERY good reason why to think this situation is bad!”

“Oh mister, you spilled your drink! Here, I’ll pour you another.” Suika then reached out to grab the cup but you quickly grabbed her hand, raising your head up to look at Suika.

“No more, Miss Suika… No more… Now please, leave me alone already! Isn’t there lunch that you need to look at?”

Letting Suika go, you see her pout at you, her arms on her hips. “Fine then, mister. You know what? You’re no fun. You should really lighten up.”

“Yeah, yeah, lighten up when I’ve just lost EVERYTHING!” You then scream out before burying your head in the table again, feeling extremely bitter. Not looking to see if Suika left, you start thinking about your current situation.

“I’ve lost everything… my business is going to collapse without me… I have no idea where the hell I am… and I feel like crap…” You groan. “What did I do wrong in my life? I worked hard; I don’t deserve any of this! You want me to donate more? I’ll do that! I just don’t want to stay here anymore…”

Grabbing your hair, you continue to groan, feeling worse and worse. You felt like blaming someone, anyone, on your current predicament. Yet the alcohol made it difficult to think straight. All you could think about was how terrible everything was for you. From how terrible the ground felt to how worn-out the table was, there was absolutely nothing positive right now.

You hear the doors slide open and a loud voice echoed through the shrine.

“Reimu! I’ve come to have some tea with you!”

Not even bothering to raise your head up, you continue to silently cry to yourself, completely ignoring whoever was yelling. However, you weren’t ignored by whoever was there.

“Huh? Who’s this person?” You feel a hand starting to poke you. “Hello? Mister, hello?” Groaning, you continue to ignore the person, not caring at all. The poking soon turned to tugging, the person trying to force you away from the table. Again, you refuse to move, this time waving whoever was pulling you away.

“I’m not seeing anyone today so please, go away!” Groaning again, you hear the person sigh.

“Well then, I guess I won’t learn what this strange thing is then.”

Catching your attention, you slowly raise your head up and turn around. You see that the person was another young woman, this time wearing a black dress and strangely pointy hat. But that wasn’t the main focus of your attention. What was the main focus was what the young woman was holding.

“Hey, that’s my watch!” You reach out to grab it but the young woman pulled it away from you, causing you to fall on the floor. “Come on, Miss, that’s not nice! Give it back! It doesn’t belong to you.”

“So, this is a watch?” The young woman then took a closer look at the watch. “Funny looking watch, I always thought they had hands on them. But this one only has numbers!”

“Just give it back, already!” You try grabbing it again but the young woman stepped out of your way, making you fall again.

“That’s no way to treat a lady while she’s looking at something!” The young woman then put her arms on her hips, looking a bit disappointed at you. “So why don’t you tell me your name then, Mister? It’s also quite rude to not introduce yourself.”

You were completely dumbfounded at the gall this young woman had to scold you, especially after what she did. “What, introduce myself, you just stole my watch, you thief! Why should I give you my name?”

“Well maybe I might just give you back your watch, okay?” The young woman leaned in closer to you. “You want your watch back, don’t you?”

A bit angry, you nod. “Fine, my name’s Mister Wilson.” You then hold out your hand. “Can I have my watch back now?”


“What?!” You stomp your feet. “Why not? I told you my name, so give me back my watch, you freaking thief!”

“First off, you’re rude. You haven’t earned your watch at all. And secondly, I’m not a thief.” The young woman grinned. “Marisa Kirisame, ordinary magician at your service.”

“Oh, at my service, huh? Well first thing I want you to do is give me back my watch!” You hold out your hand again, pointing at it to enforce that you really wanted that watch back.

“Calm down, please. It doesn’t look like much to you anyway. I kind of want to keep it.” Marisa then focused her attention on your watch, dangling it in front of her eyes, a bit transfixed by it. If you wanted the watch now, you could make a grab for it. Or you could ask her a bit more politely. Maybe she’ll react more favorably to a nice word or two.

[X] “Well you can’t keep it, because it’s mine!” Make a grab for the watch.
[X] “Fine, fine… Miss Kirisame… may you PLEASE give me my watch back?” Ask politely.
[X] “Ugh… keep the stupid thing. I’ve already lost a lot already, losing a watch is nothing to me now…” Let Marisa keep the watch.

Finals are done, Winter Break is upon me. I have time again!
No. 131928
[X] “Ugh… keep the stupid thing. I’ve already lost a lot already, losing a watch is nothing to me now…”
[X] Make a grab for the watch.

Deception is a key tactic in business.

>Maybe she’ll react more favorably to a nice word or two.
Heh. Good one.
No. 131929
[X] “Ugh… keep the stupid thing. I’ve already lost a lot already, losing a watch is nothing to me now…”
[X] Make a grab for the watch.

Never mess with a businessman. Plus I'm not gonna be nice to this friggin' witch, quite infuriating she is.
No. 131936
[X] "Witch, huh? I don't suppose you've got magic, too?"
No. 131941
[X] “Fine, fine… Miss Kirisame… may you PLEASE give me my watch back?” Ask politely.
No. 131949
[X] “Ugh… keep the stupid thing. I’ve already lost a lot already, losing a watch is nothing to me now…” Let Marisa keep the watch.
No. 131954
[X] “Ugh… keep the stupid thing. I’ve already lost a lot already, losing a watch is nothing to me now…” Let Marisa keep the watch.

He's in a funk of self-pity. One more thing to feel miserable about is just what he "wants" right now.
No. 131955
[X] “Ugh… keep the stupid thing. I’ve already lost a lot already, losing a watch is nothing to me now…” Let Marisa keep the watch.
No. 131997
[X] “Fine, fine… Miss Kirisame… may you PLEASE give me my watch back?” Ask politely.
No. 132244
File 129327983059.jpg - (321.39KB , 800x800 , a53618ba849db254d5644c3512787ed8.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] “Ugh… keep the stupid thing. I’ve already lost a lot already, losing a watch is nothing to me now…” Let Marisa keep the watch.

Surrendering the watch to Marisa, you walk back to the table and slump over it, groaning a bit as you feel the alcohol starting to really affect you, nearly making you throw up. Seeing you in your condition, Marisa was quick to lean over you, looking extremely curious.

“What’s wrong, Wilson? Feeling bad that you gave away your watch to me?” Marisa let out a small chuckle, which only served to make you feel even worse.

Slowly raising your head, you glance back at Marisa and shake your head. “Miss Kirisame, may I ask you to politely leave me alone? You’ve already taken my watch, so why don’t you just get out of my sight?” Resting your head down again, you hit the chair with your hand again, letting out a loud groan. “Damn all this shit to hell!”

Marisa, however, only continued to stand above you, completely ignoring your words. “Come on, Wilson, telling people your problems always helps out!”

“Well all I can tell you is that I’m busy!” You wave Marisa off. “Now would you kindly leave? I’m not taking any more meetings so you’ll have to reschedule with my secretary out the door.”

“There’s someone else outside?” To you, Marisa seemed to be completely hell-bent on irritating you to no end. Unfortunately, you just couldn’t take it anymore. Letting out a frustrated scream, you stand up, nearly knocking Marisa over, waving your arms wildly in the air.

Turning to Marisa, you start pulling at your own hair, still screaming out loudly. “What the hell is wrong with you, woman?! Don’t you see I want to be left alone now?! Don’t you have any sensibility?! Damn it; already, just leave me well alone already!” You then bury your face into your palms, muffling your scream a bit as you sit back down, breathing heavily.

“Lunch is ready!” You hear Suika walking out of the kitchen, a small group of mini-Suikas following her, holding up a large plate of sliced boar meat. After seeing you sitting on the ground, looking exhausting, and with Marisa a bit shaken by your outburst, however, Suika stopped a few feet away from the plate, her miniature copies stopping as well. “Um… am I interrupting something?”

“No, Miss Suika… no you’re not…” Letting out a long sigh, you chuckle a bit. “Well, I needed that…” Stretching your arms, you look at Suika, giving her a small smile. “Well, don’t just stand there, I’m starving!”

“That’s good to hear, Mister! I know you’ll like it!” Suika gave you a big smile, her mini-Suikas cheering as well, floating the plate of meat down to the center of the table, another group of mini-Suika’s coming along with a plate of rice and other empty plates to use. Looking at the table being set, you take your seat again, smiling, almost drooling at the food. Even though you were in a rather run down place, the meal looks just as exquisite as any high-class dining.

“You know, Miss Suika, I’ve only had rice a few times before.” You chuckle a bit, taking a plate and watching the mini-Suikas serving the food to you, either using large spoons almost as large as they were or using a pair of chopsticks. “It was this one time in some Asian-themed restaurant chain that I had a meeting with one of my newer associates. We had rice and this strange thing wrapped in, I think it was seaweed? I’m sure it was seaweed, but besides that, I was with my associate and he decided to show me some of his favorite foods there. I can tell you, never had so much fish in one life. Heck, I never knew you could make fish into stuff like that, boy was I surprised.” Looking back at Suika, your smile fades slightly. “Am I boring you?”

“Oh no, Mister, I’m actually quite glad that you’re feeling better now!” Suika gave you a warm smile, the oni girl sitting down as well, her mini-Suikas giving her a plate filled with food as well. Suika then turned to Marisa, who was still sitting on the ground, looking at you, with a confused look on her face. “Hey, Marisa, want to join us for lunch?”

“Yes, Miss Kirisame, it would be nice to have you eating with us, don’t you think?” You smile, thinking that Marisa would respond in kind. However, Marisa only pointed at you.

“Who the heck is this guy?! One moment he’s all depressed, the next he’s angry, and now he’s all smiles and sunshine? What is up with you, Wilson?” Marisa continued pointing at you, still confused. “There has to be something going on, there just has to be! Are you playing a game with me? Did Reimu set you up to do this? If this was because of that blanket I didn’t return a while ago, tell her that I’m using it still!”

You chuckle a bit, still smiling widely. “Miss Kirisame, I have no idea what you are talking about, so please, take your seat. I’m certain Miss Suika’s cooking will be good.” You then turn back to Suika. “Right, speaking about Miss Hakurei, I wish to get down to the business of getting out of here soon as possible. How long will Miss Hakurei be at this ‘village’ that she wrote in her note?”

“The human village?” Suika began thinking a bit before coming up with an answer. “Well, seeing that it’s a fair distance away, it’ll take about maybe an hour at most. Seeing that she left when the sun was rising, she should be flying back here soon, so I guess you’ll be waiting another hour before you meet her again.”

“Another hour, huh? Well, I usually think an hour would be nothing, but seeing that I have nothing to do… wait, did you just say fly?”

“Of course, Mister. How else do you get around in Gensokyo?” Suika then laughed a bit. “Oh right, you’re not from Gensokyo, are you. I guess you don’t have people flying around, huh?”

Listening to Suika, you began hoping that perhaps there was some way out of here right now. “Actually, we do, but that’s not the point. You said fly, right? So what, you have like, helicopters or something? I didn’t take Miss Hakurei to be a pilot. I guess flying must come naturally to her.”

“You can say that, Mister.” Suika then turned to look at Marisa again. “Come on, Marisa, don’t sit there like a rock, join us for some lunch!”

Marisa then stood up and let out a frustrated scream. “You people are crazy! I’ll come back when Reimu’s here! It’s always too crazy when it’s only you, Suika.” Marisa then walked out, closing the shrine door behind her.

You let out a short sigh. “Well, that was a bit disappointing. I was hoping to know her better…” Looking at your plate, you take the chopsticks in hand and try to grab the meat. Suika soon began laughing after seeing you fail several times to get the meat.

“Like this, Mister, like this!” Watching Suika, you see her pinch the meat with her chopsticks and then see her take a bite out of it. Trying to mimic her actions, you again fail. Giving up, you resort to jamming the chopsticks into the meat itself, using both hands to bring the meat up to eat. Suika continued laughing. “Don’t worry, Mister, I’ll teach you how to eat with chopsticks later.”

After having lunch, you let out a satisfied burp, the meal tasting extremely good. Looking at Suika, you give her a warm smile, thanking her for the meal.

“Don’t mention it, Mister. So, while we’re waiting, want me to show you around? I’m certain you’ll love the forest.” Suika leaned close, smiling widely. “Maybe we’ll even run into a fairy or two!”

[X] “Fairies? Fairies don’t exist. But, I guess a trek through the woods would be a nice change of pace, right?”
[X] “Thanks, Miss Suika, but I’ll just rest here for now. I feel a bit too bloated to really do much hiking.”
[X] “Miss Suika, can you tell me a bit more about…
-[X] … Miss Hakurei?”
-[X] … Miss Kirisame?”


I'm tired. I'm restless.

And I'm writing updates now.

Heck yeah.
No. 132245
[x] “Fairies? Fairies don’t exist. But, I guess a trek through the woods would be a nice change of pace, right?”
No. 132246
[x] “Fairies? Fairies don’t exist. But, I guess a trek through the woods would be a nice change of pace, right?”

It helps with the digestion.
No. 132248
[X] “Fairies? Fairies don’t exist. But, I guess a trek through the woods would be a nice change of pace, right?”

Voting on Christmas morning, heck yeah.
No. 132249
[x] “Fairies? Fairies don’t exist. But, I guess a trek through the woods would be a nice change of pace, right?”
No. 132251
[X] “Miss Suika, can you tell me a bit more about Miss Hakurei?”
No. 132328
[X] “Miss Suika, can you tell me a bit more about…
-[X] … Miss Hakurei?”
No. 132370
[X] “Miss Suika, can you tell me a bit more about Miss Hakurei?”
No. 132642
[X] “Miss Suika, can you tell me a bit more about Miss Hakurei?”
No. 132822
File 129439799917.jpg - (434.78KB , 708x1000 , c56bb25f2737321e5fc28e388ca78429.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] “Fairies? Fairies don’t exist. But, I guess a trek through the woods would be a nice change of pace, right?”

Standing up, you stretch out your arms, letting your cramp muscle smooth out and return to normal. Letting out a content sigh, you hold out your hand to Suika, smiling warmly at the oni girl. Even though you knew she has quite a grasp, it would be impolite to not offer the girl a helping hand. Watching Suika, you see her grab your hand. Your face contorts as Suika squeezes down on your hand, remembering that this was the same hand you used to shake hands with her as well.

After Suika was standing up, you start shaking your hand a bit, your hand feeling numb. Though your hand was still numb, you still slide the shrine door open, motion Suika towards it. You smile as you keep your eyes on the oni girl.

“Ladies first, Miss Suika.” You hold the door open, Suika nodding and walking through the doorway, adjusting herself to prevent her horns from holding her back. After letting Suika pass through, you follow her outside, sliding the shrine door shut behind you. Taking a deep breath, you take a few steps down the shrine’s steps, stopping in the courtyard.

“Liking the fresh air, Mister?” You give Suika a nod as you start stretching. Suika soon was giving you a puzzled look. “Why are you stretching? It’s going to be a quick trek through the woods, not some long run across Gensokyo.”

You shrug before you continue stretching. “Well, it’s good to have a stretch to warm myself up, and besides, my doctor’s told me that stretching would help prevent me from pulling something if I do some strenuous activity. Well, not that I’m expecting any…” You the move on to stretching your arms. “So, while I warm up, can you tell me a bit more about Miss Hakurei? She seems to be quite an interesting person.”

Suika began to chuckle, agreeing to your statement. “Alright then, Mister, I’ll wait for you.” Suika then sat down, taking her gourd and drinking a small sip of sake. “Reimu is an interesting person. Her family’s been watching over this shrine for quite a long time, you know?”

“Ah, so it’s a family business then, huh? I can relate to that.” You continue stretching your arms, your joints cracking quietly. “So, does she have a house I can stay at? The shrine’s alright, but I would prefer something more comfortable to sleep on than a blanket on the ground.”

“What are you talking about, Mister? This shrine is her house.” Suika gave you a cheerful smile.

You stop stretching.


Suika let out a short sigh. “I told you. Reimu’s shrine is also her home.” Standing now, Suika set her gourd aside, the oni putting her hands on her hips. “So, are you done warming up?”

Still processing what Suika said, you almost did not hear what Suika said, “Uh-h… yeah. Let’s get going…”

“Alright-y then, Mister. Now stay close, I don’t want to lose track of you.” Suika gave you another smile before walking off, you making sure to stay close as Suika said. As you began to past between the trees nearby, you begin looking around, wondering what could be inhabiting this forest.

“Miss Suika, this forest is safe, right?” You continue scanning your surroundings, thinking that something could be hiding behind the trees. “There’s no bears in this forest, right?” Not getting a response, you repeat your question again, with a hint of panic in your voice.

“What was that? Bears? We’ve got nothing like that, Mister.” Suika’s voice gives you comfort again, causing you to look in front of you again. “Besides, the worst thing you could probably encounter is probably just a silly fairy or two.”

“A fairy? I thought those things didn’t exi- Miss Suika!” Your gaze focusing in front of you, you quickly realize that Suika was already quite a distance away from you, the oni girl moving quickly through the forest, her hands at her side, almost mimicking a bird. “Miss Suika! Wait up! I thought this was going to be a leisurely stroll!”

“Of course this is a leisurely stroll, Mister! You’re just slow!” Suika began chuckling. “Come on Mister, hurry up! I want to show you something before Reimu comes back.”

Walking faster now, you forget about your surroundings, trying to catch up with Suika. However, despite trying to catch up, Suika continues to go further away from you, completely oblivious at how fast she was moving. “Miss Suika… wait up! Wait up!” Moving faster now, you start to go into a jog and soon into a full run, Suika still not slowing down for you. Yet still, despite running, Suika continues to outpace you. “Good lord, this girl is moving too fast! Miss Suika, please, wait for me!” Your shouting ends up being useless as Suika is too far away to hear you clearly. Trying to run again, you quickly run out of breath, your legs starting to give in, slowing you down back to a slow walk. Trying to shout again, you see Suika disappear over a small hill.

“Oh... great…” Catching your breath, you sit down on a large tree trunk, looking back over the hill to see if Suika would come back for you. However, Suika did not return, even after waiting a few minutes. “I should’ve realized she would think a quick run would be equal to a leisurely stroll… I bet her idea of exercise is rolling a boulder up a hill…” Breathing in deeply, you sigh. Suika did say this forest was safe. But then again, she’s a strong girl and probably has a different idea of what is dangerous. She couldn’t have gotten too far from you. Then again… she was moving pretty quickly. She probably doesn’t realize you’re gone yet. If you wait for her here, she’ll probably come back to find you. But what if the place she’s going to is far away? Even if she calls it a trek, it might be a while until she comes back to get you. Maybe you should just go back to the shrine.

That is… If you can remember which way is back.

“Why did I ever agree to this?”

[X] “Well, no use staying here. Might as well follow Miss Suika again.”
[X] “Well, she’ll probably notice I’m missing, so I’ll wait here for her.”
[X] “Forget it already… this forest is making me nervous. I got to get back to the shrine…”



I'm quite a procrastinater.

So, here's what I've been doing since last update.

- Playing Assassin's Creed and Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood.
- Beating Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood in 3 days.
- Playing Laser tag on my birthday.
- And Minecraft.

Well, I feel good again.
No. 132831
[X] “Well, she’ll probably notice I’m missing, so I’ll wait here for her.”

Man, beating AC:B in 3 days? Congratz.
No. 132842
[x] “Well, no use staying here. Might as well follow Miss Suika again.”
Off we go.
No. 132855
[x] “Well, no use staying here. Might as well follow Miss Suika again.”
Off we go.

Dont be such a girlie man! March on! We also seriously need some exercise after this if we cant even keep up.
No. 132902
[X] “Well, no use staying here. Might as well follow Miss Suika again.”

Reimu didn't become top dog by being lazy. Wait..
No. 133022
[X] “Well, no use staying here. Might as well follow Miss Suika again.”

Staying alone in a strange forest is probably a bad idea.
No. 133225
File 129498169228.jpg - (43.93KB , 500x375 , OHSHITAWOLF.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] “Well, no use staying here. Might as well follow Miss Suika again.”

Although it would be nice to sit around and wait for Suika to come back for you, the fact that you have no idea what is in this forest is a scary thought. Even though Suika did tell you that there was probably nothing to fear, considering Suika, anything she said is nothing is probably pants soiling horrifying to you. Standing up, you realize staying here is not good for your health.

Looking up the hill Suika went over; you quickly berate yourself for not following Suika earlier. Hopefully, she isn’t too far away. Unfortunately, you know this is probably false. Making your way to the top of the hill, you confirm your fears, being unable to see nothing but trees as far as you can see. You couldn’t even see the shrine anymore. This could prove bad if you can’t find Suika.

Shaking the thought away, you start scanning the area, looking around where Suika might have gone, though after several minutes of searching, you still cannot find anything to suggest where Suika could have gone. Looking down at the ground, you hope you could find some tracks, but you couldn’t tell anything a part from the grass.

“I wish I had a tracker…” You mumble, groaning as you decide to go further into the forest, slowly making your way down the hill. On the other side of the hill now, you continue walking forward, hoping to come across something that will indicate that you’re on the right path. Yet after several more minutes of walking in one direction, the only thing you achieve is putting yourself deeper into the forest, the trees seemingly becoming thicker the further you go. What’s worse, after glancing behind, you could no longer see the hill, depriving you of a valuable landmark.

“Miss Suika!” Your voice echoes through the woods, with silence being the only thing responding to you. Starting to worry, you again call out for Suika, your voice continuing to echo through the woods. Still, nothing answers your voice. In some way this is good. In a lot of ways, this is bad.

“Miss Suika! Come on! Where are you?” Feeling a bit of panic, your voice again echoes through the woods. This time, however, something answers your shouting. A loud roar rips through the silences of the woods, causing you to nearly jump into the air. Soon, you could hear the roaring slowly getting closer. Slowly walking fasting, you soon start running when you hear the roaring moving closer and closer. Glancing back a few times, you couldn’t see what was coming closer, but panicking, you continue to run; hoping to escape whatever was chasing you.

Darting past trees, you continue to hear roaring, now certain that it was chasing you. Glancing back, you still couldn’t see what was chasing you, though you could hear it was still getting closer. Looking around frantically, you start thinking how to escape your pursuer, thoughts frantically racing through your head. Your gaze quickly fixes upon something that could help; a large bush, large enough to hide you and then some. Not even thinking about how this could be bad for your shirt, you dash into the bush, hiding as deep as you can. In your frantic rush to hide, you rip up a bit of your shirt and leaving a few cuts on your face.

Hidden beneath the bush, you cover your mouth, staying as quiet as possible, and the roaring coming closer and closer. You feel your muscle freeze, the sounds of footsteps moving towards you. Looking out into the forest, you anxiously anticipate for whatever creature was chasing you. Then, in the corner of your vision, you could see a large wolf waling into your sight. Holding absolutely still, you watch the wolf move through your vision, watching it slow down as it began to approach the bush you are hiding in. The wolf began to circle around the bush you were hiding in, staring into the bush, the bush’s foliage the only thing obscuring you from the wolf.

“Mmm… Human…” The wolf let out a low growl. You nearly let out a gasp, taken by surprise by the wolf’s ability to talk. Great, not only is this wolf after you, it can talk. The wolf’s drool began dripping onto the ground. “It has been a while… since I had a delicious meal… heh heh… come out then, human. Make it easy on yourself…”

You watch the wolf move closer and closer to the bush, giving you a better view of the wolf’s eyes. The wolf was soon right in front of the bush, within reach to attack. The wolf began to leap when suddenly a cloud of mist envelops the wolf, causing it to yelp out before it was taken away.

Your first instinct was to jump out of the bush, running in the opposite direction of where the wolf went. First talking wolves, talking wolves that want to eat you, and now a mist that takes things away? It is definitely a BAD idea to stay in one place again. Running as fast as you can, you push yourself beyond tiring point, your legs wanting to collapse as soon as possible, the only thing pushing you on was fear. Soon, you could run no further, your legs collapsing, bringing you down to the ground. Your breathing heavy, the cold grass feels good on your face, helping you to calm down.

Lying down in the grass, you begin thinking of what next to do. Staying here too long might not be a good idea, what with the strange creatures that could still be out there. Yet if you have no idea of where you’re going, getting even more lost wouldn’t help at all. Maybe climbing up a tree could help out. But the grass feels so good; you could just rest here for as long as you want.

[X] “Ugh, can’t stay here too long… got to get out of here…”
[X] “I need to get an idea of where I am… a vantage point should help…”
[X] “Oh… this grass is so GOOD!”


Another update, another time to vote.

So, let's get back to business, huh?

Also, what do you think about George? Did you think he was a good protagonist before he was invaded by Haleism?


Mister Wilson needs something good to happen for him.
No. 133227
[x] “Oh… this grass is so GOOD!”
Time to visit the dream world. Maybe Yukari/Vision or something else (un)helpfull.
No. 133231
[x] “Oh… this grass tastes so GOOD!”
No. 133236
[X] “I need to get an idea of where I am… a vantage point should help…”
No. 133237
[X] “I need to get an idea of where I am… a vantage point should help…”
No. 133240
[X] “Oh… this grass is so GOOD!”

Is Wilson a man of grass? Because as I recall from >>122907, George was a man of class, not a man of grass.
No. 133242
[X] “I need to get an idea of where I am… a vantage point should help…”
No. 133243

That's GEORGE.

Mister Wilson is not George.

Now that you bring it up, I can't stop thinking about George anymore.

Oh, and a word of warning;
Bad Ends are more possible in this story than the last one. I want to keep you anons on your toes on deciding things, and not just randomly deciding to fondle the nearest Touhou you see.

That sort of behavior will definitely lead to a bad end.
No. 133253
Suddenly, MiG all over again.
No. 133255
[x] “Oh… this grass is so GOOD!”
So, lets think. You just ran until you collapsed. [sarcasm]Lets go CLIMB A TREE.[/sarcasm] So let's rest a bit and hope someone not hungry finds us and is willing to help. Besides, dreams are always interesting.
No. 133256
[X] “I need to get an idea of where I am… a vantage point should help…”
No. 133257

Seeing as this voting is again at a tie, I'm flipping a coin to decide the winner.

So... updating time.

And don't worry,

None of these choices will lead to a bad end.
No. 133300
File 129511464473.jpg - (55.97KB , 1152x1000 , falling_man.jpg ) [iqdb]
Closing your eyes for a few second, you continue to lie down on the grass, letting out a quiet sigh of content. When was the last time you have been able to actually pass time in the great outdoors? The cool grass, the cool wind, the cool temperature, everything was at an agreeable point of taking a quick nice nap in the middle of the woods with scary creatures, dangerous turns, talking wolves, strange mis-

You stand up. That’s a horrible idea, sleeping in the middle of the woods without any sort of protection, especially when something could come along and have you for an afternoon snack, or maybe even as an appetizer. If you were going to get eaten by something, you want to be the main course, the main meal, the crème de le crepe, the thing that gives you stomach aches because of how delicious it is.

Shaking your head, you quickly chase the thought away. Being eaten, that’s a horrible way to go. First there’s the chewing, then there’s the swallowing, then there’s the stomach acid, then there’s the small then large intestines and finally out the posterior of whatever ate you. And thinking about how civilized these creatures might be, they might not even have the technology to have toilets; or the decency to flush. Looking around, you are quick to realize that you have no clue where you are.

Of course, this doesn’t exactly surprise you anymore.

Thinking up what you could do next, the first thing that comes to mind is more running. But to be honest, more running would mean to getting even more lost (though to be honest, you don’t think you could get anymore loss than you currently are) or possibly running into something else that would want to have you for lunch. Or maybe dinner, as you could start noticing that the sky was getting a bit darker. If the forest has nasty creatures during the daytime, you don’t want to imagine what creatures could be trekking around at night.

Glancing up into the trees, you realize that climbing up one of them could provide you with a very good vantage point, perhaps even high enough to show you a landmark or two that you can use to help get out of this crazy place. Walking up to one of the trees, you start examining it, seeing how you could get around climbing the tree of your choice. At first, you think that just grasping the sides and slowly shimmying up like some sort of bug, but after further looking, the tree is too big for you to just shimmy up. Looking at the tree again, you realize that there were a lot of small indentations, all of them large enough to work as hand holds.

Now, you haven’t done any rock climbing, but you’ve seen a lot of it, and it shouldn’t be too hard to do. All you have to do is put your hand here and your leg there and you’re good. Repeating those words to yourself quickly, you take grasp on one of the holes in the tree and slowly start to pull yourself up, constantly reminding yourself to just stay calm, this isn’t hard.

Of course, that was a complete lie.

Only after pulling yourself up a foot up the tree, your foot slips from its hold, nearly causing you to fall off the tree. Barely pulling yourself back up, you continue with your slow and physically taxing climb, the only thing you constantly remind yourself was to not look down. You have to stop a few times to catch your breath, your arms starting to tire, yet you were still nowhere close to the top of the tree. Soon, you start to reach the first branches, grabbing for the branches. Yet, your feet slip again leaving your hands to hold on to the branches. You soon realize that your hands are too weak to pull yourself up, leaving you hanging. To your horror, after looking down, you realize that you were several feet above the ground, well too far to safely drop down. You start to panic, your grasp on the tree branches starting to weaken. Looking around, you hope that someone could come to your aid.

“Help,” you shout, repeating it constantly, hoping that you could attract any helpful attention. Yet to your misfortune, you could see nothing coming to help you. Soon, one of your hands slips from the branches, leaving you one hand to hold yourself to the tree. You could feel your hand about to slip, your eyes instinctively closing, hoping that whatever happens, it would be quick.

Your other hand slips, sending you tumbling down to the ground below.

“…So, what did you tell him next?”

“Heh, I told him ‘Sure, go out on your own, swim out with the other fishes. I’m certain they’ll be willing to set you up with an agreement as good as this.’ I swear, I could see him sweat!”

“Ha ha, you can always coerce a business agreement in your favor, can’t you… Wilson?”

“You’re too kind, man. Hey, bartender, another round of beer for me and my friends!”


“Ack! Sunny, Luna!” A young voice rings out, bringing you back to consciousness.

Slowly opening your eyes, you groan as you try to feel your back, but you could feel your arm shoot up with pain, causing you to scream out loudly.

“Gah, my arm!” You hold your injured arm tightly, trying to find where you injured your arm, but all you achieve is making your arm shoot up with more pain, your screaming turning into weak moan, your eyes closing shut, completely ignoring the fact that the rest of you seems to be fine.

“Star! What just fell on us?” Another voice rings out.

You then hear a third voice. “I can’t feel my legs!”

Still in pain, you slowly lean over, trying to elevate your arm. You soon feel two bodies wriggling out from underneath you, causing you to open up your eyes again, glancing around to see who the voices belong to.

“A human this far in the forest?”

“Maybe he was trying to fly, since he did fall on us.”

“Hush, maybe he’ll try to speak to us.”

Slowly sitting up, not trying to injure your arm any further, you look at the people who have appeared to have saved you from your fall. At first, you thought they are just young girls, but you notice that they had wings, making you a little suspicious.

“Um, hello, what are three young girls doing out here all alone? Are your parents nearby?” You hope that the three girls won’t run away from you. Instead, it looks like you have offended them.

“Little girls? We aren’t little girls!” The young girl with pigtails and a red dress said, giving you a nasty look. “We’re fairies!”

“Yeah, and not just any fairies too, but the best of the best!” One of the other girls, one with curls and white dress said, said, looking like she was trying to intimidate you.

The last girl, with long, straight hair and blue dress, began to grin, holding herself high. “We are the Three Mischievous Fairies!”

“Sunny Milk!”

“Luna Child!”

“and Star Sapphire!”

They soon assume a pose in front of you, grinning widely. All you could do was just staring at them in disbelief.

“Okay… and you can call me Mister Wilson.” You try to stand but your legs are too weak to respond. You continue to look at the fairies, shaking your head. “Can you help me up, please?”

“Hey, Star, I have a good idea! Why don’t we kidnap this guy and hold him for ransom! I’m certain that’ll get us some attention!” One of the fairies, Sunny, said.

“Wait, what?” You still stare in disbelief, watching these young girls talking about kidnapping you, right in front of you. They’re not exactly subtle, are they? If anything, they should be worrying about YOU kidnapping them, for whatever inexplicable reason you can come up with. You could easily overpower them, what with their small stature and how you easily could tower over all of them. Then again, they call themselves fairies, so maybe they aren’t too be dealt with lightly. Maybe they have sharp teeth to eat you with. Either way, perhaps you can talk your way out of this.

[X] “Hey, hey, please, why don’t you help me out? I can make it worth your while.” [Bribery]
[X] “Why don’t you let me go, I’m certain you have no use of someone worthless like me.” [Convince]
[X] “Please, there’s no reason why we have to get to kidnapping, I’m certain we can work things out.” [Diplomacy]
[X] “Kidnap me? You must be mad! I could crush you like a bug!” [Threaten]

Going to New York now, so I hope you appreciate a small wait again.
No. 133302
File 12951216152.png - (9.91KB , 190x190 , Speech.png ) [iqdb]
[Speech 55] “Why don’t you let me go, I’m certain you have no use of someone like me.”
No. 133304
[x] Let them kidnap you
I'm interested in where this could go. What could go wrong?

If its not a valid choice, then [X] “Please, there’s no reason why we have to get to kidnapping, I’m certain we can work things out.” [Diplomacy]
No. 133316
[x] Let them kidnap you.
otherwise, -[X] “Please, there’s no reason why we have to get to kidnapping, I’m certain we can work things out.”

What will these fairies do, I wonder?
No. 133317
[X] “Please, there’s no reason why we have to get to kidnapping, I’m certain we can work things out.” [Diplomacy]
No. 133338
[X] “Please, there’s no reason why we have to get to kidnapping, I’m certain we can work things out.” [Diplomacy]
No. 133345
[X] “Please, there’s no reason why we have to get to kidnapping, I’m certain we can work things out.” [Diplomacy]
[X] Look for any possible routes of escape, just in case that backfires.
No. 133413
File 129553730387.jpg - (34.33KB , 400x300 , lolvisualpunlol.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Diplomacy

Deciding on a more diplomatic route, you’re quick to put on a smile in an effort to look friendly to this trio of fairies. If you could find some common ground, maybe there can be some way out of this that everyone would benefit it. Or at least convince them that they can benefit from this as well. The main priority was your safety, but with eloquence and the right words, you may be able to befriend this trio; even if they appear to be nothing more than a bunch of girls with wings taped on to their backs.

Slowly standing up, extra careful not to put any pressure on your injured arm, you hold yourself up in a dignified manner. “Please, please, I’m certain we don’t have to rely on something as barbaric as kidnapping. I’m certain there are other ways that would not only benefit you, but also benefit me.”

However, your words fall on deaf ears, as the trio of fairies was still busy talking with each other to listen to you. Slightly angry, you clear your throat, the fairies turning around to see you, and after receiving their attention, you repeat yourself, making yourself extra clear on wanting to find common ground somewhere.

Watching the fairies return to speaking with each other, you hope that they decide on hearing you out, instead of deciding of just kidnapping you. Although you still believe that you could easily overpower these young girls, getting into a fight might not be a wise idea due to the condition of your arm. The fairies continue to speak amongst each other, leaving you out of the conversation, and unfortunately, they were actually whispering. Well, at least by what you could tell, they aren’t saying that they’re planning to kidnap you.


Soon, the fairies turn to look at you again, with Sunny walking up to you. You guess that she must be some sort of leader figure in the group. Sunny put her hands on her hips and then began leaning in closer to you, a small pout on her face. You can’t tell whether or not she was actually displeased, though you are worried about what she might be thinking, and what the fairies decided upon.

“Alright then Mister,” Sunny said, the fairy standing up straight again. “I guess we’ll hear you out. But it better be good, we don’t like having our time wasted.”

“Of course not, Miss… Miss Milk, am I correct?” Sunny gives you a quick nod. What a strange name. “First off, may I ask why is it that you three want to kidnap me in the first place? That’s very rude and you should be ashamed of yourselves for evening thinking about it. Honestly… kidnapping a person… that’s what criminals do…”

“But if we kidnap you, people will fear us and then that will make people fear us and show that we’re just as terrifying as any other youkai!” The girl with the black and white dress, Luna, shouted out, causing the other two fairies to tell her to be quiet.

“You want to be terrifying, huh?” You start scratching your chin. “You know, being terrifying might be fine for a while, but you know what happens to people who are terrifying? They get separated from society. Sometimes even killed!”

The fairies start to laugh. “What? But seriously, people kill things that they find terrifying… even when it’s unjust… Aren’t you afraid of dying?”

“Fairies have no need to fear death! You could throw us in a fire and even then we would be fine afterwards!” Sunny said, still laughing. At this rate, they were definitely not listening to you at all. You have to find something that they’ll listen to you… but what?

“Well, if you don’t fear death, people might instead throw you in jail.” You watch the fairies slowly stop laughing, curious about what you were talking about.

“Jail? What’s that?” Luna said again.

“Well, Miss… Miss Child, correct?” Luna nods. “Well, jail is where people are thrown in and separated from society as well. A lot of people who commit crimes can go to jail.”

“Well, if that’s the case, then we’ll scare the people in jail.” Sunny said, the fairy grinning widely.

“Sunny, this guy isn’t really smart is he? We should just kidnap him already.” The third fairy wearing the blue dress, Star, said.

Well, things aren’t going well. But maybe if you can find something that will really make them listen to you, maybe they’ll really reconsider kidnapping you.


[X] “You haven’t heard the worse part about jail yet!”
- [X] “You’re restricted to a small cell.”
- [X] “You have people keeping an eye on you at all times.”
- [X] “Your choice of food and drink is restricted.”
[X] “Why don’t you help people instead?”
[X] “You see…” [Write-in]


Posting this before my first class.

Mhm, back to business indeed.
No. 133414
[X] “You haven’t heard the worse part about jail yet!”
- [X] “You’re restricted to a small cell.”
- [X] “Your choice of food and drink is restricted,”
- [X] "and you're not allowed to do anything fun. You'll be bored out of your skull!"
No. 133419
[X] “You haven’t heard the worse part about jail yet!”
- [X] “You’re restricted to a small cell.”
- [X] “Your choice of food and drink is restricted.”

A bit meta decision-making due to knowledge as a reader, but the always being watched isn't as much of a threat to them, as Sunny will likely just claim she can pull the invisibility trick.

The food thing will likely scare them the most, all in all.
No. 133437
>But if we kidnap you, people will fear us and then that will make people fear us and show that we’re just as terrifying as any other youkai!

Why would they want to do that. They want to play pranks and other mischievous things.

[x] “Why don’t you help people instead?”
Let's recruit them for our business.
No. 133456
[X] “You haven’t heard the worse part about jail yet!”
- [X] “You’re restricted to a small cell.”
- [X] “Your choice of food and drink is restricted,”
- [X] "and you're not allowed to do anything fun. You'll be bored out of your skull!"

What could be worse for a fairy than to go to a place where you can't have fun?
No. 133461
you mean drink; no booze would really put the fear of Reimu into them.

[X] “You haven’t heard the worse part about jail yet!”
- [X] “You’re restricted to a small cell.”
- [X] “Your choice of food and drink is restricted.”
[x] “Why don’t you help people instead?”
No. 133506
[X] “You haven’t heard the worse part about jail yet!

[X] Ever heard of a guy named Bubba?
No. 133508
Nah, there's no mixed gender prisons, if anything it's more like "heard of a gal named Bertha?"
No. 133511
[X] “You haven’t heard the worse part about jail yet!”
- [X] “You’re restricted to a small cell.”
- [X] “Your choice of food and drink is restricted,”
- [X] "and you're not allowed to do anything fun. You'll be bored out of your skull!"

Just ask Byakuren.
No. 133608
[X] “You haven’t heard the worse part about jail yet!”
- [X] “You’re restricted to a small cell.”
- [X] “Your choice of food and drink is restricted,”
- [X] "and you're not allowed to do anything fun. You'll be bored out of your skull!"
- [X] "Also, the bigger prisoners might rape you."
No. 133621
[X] “You haven’t heard the worse part about jail yet!”
- [X] “You’re restricted to a small cell.”
- [X] “Your choice of food and drink is restricted,”
- [X] "and you're not allowed to do anything fun. You'll be bored out of your skull!"
- [X] "Also, the bigger prisoners might rape you."
No. 133628
X] “You haven’t heard the worse part about jail yet!”
- [X] “You’re restricted to a small cell.”
- [X] “Your choice of food and drink is restricted,”
- [X] "and you're not allowed to do anything fun. You'll be bored out of your skull!"
No. 133661
File 129585506163.jpg - (448.25KB , 1000x833 , 0913c68fdd9a69fab69c16aaeaa642fe.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Let me tell you three, jail is definitely a horrible place.” You lean in a closer, watching the three fairies light up with fascination. “And let me tell you, you definitely don’t want to end up there at all, as only the most feared criminals are kept locked away in jail, confined to a small jail cell. By the looks of it, I doubt you would enjoy being confined to one spot your entire life.”

What you are hoping for is that you can scare these fairies into not kidnapping you. If these fairies are afraid of the repercussions of kidnapping a wealthy businessman like yourself, then they will be much more responsive to any form of diplomacy and action, hopefully to the point where they will be helping you out. Unfortunately, the fairies seem to be unaffected by this revelation. You even think they are happy.

“Really? We would be considered threatening enough to go to such a place?” Sunny said, the happiness in her voice unnerving you to no end.

“We’ll be feared by people! We’ll be feared by everyone!” Luna said, hopping up and down, scaring you to no end.

“Well then, why are you just standing around, let’s kidnap this guy already!” Star said, an evil shine in her eyes terrifying you to no end.

The three fairies then begin to walk closer to you, not at all trying to hide their intent to kidnap you. Walking backwards, you try to calm them down, though you can only let out a nervous chuckle. You soon bump into a tree, the tree preventing your escape as the three fairies began to surround you.

“Please, please, can’t we… settle this like civilized people? I mean, we don’t have to resort to kidnapping… right? Right?” You let out another nervous chuckle, hoping that these fairies will stop. Unfortunately, they keep on walking closer, almost ready to grab you.

“Wait, wait, please! Hear me out, I haven’t told you the worst thing about jail yet!” The three fairies stop, standing only a few feet in front of you. At least that caught their attention. Hopefully you can come up with something that will really stop them. The three fairies, now watching you attentively, wait to hear what you have to say.

“Well… well… the worst thing about jail is that… you can’t pick what you have to eat and drink!” You said, quickly cursing to yourself that was the most stupid thing that you could ever say.

The fairies, however, think otherwise.

“What?! We can’t eat what we want?”

“And we can’t drinking anything good either?”

You look at the fairies, the three panicking, murmuring how bad that sounds. Taking this advantage, you play it further. “Yeah, jail is so bad you can’t eat what you want. The jail decides what you eat. And most of the time it’s a thin gruel thing that has no taste and the only drink they serve you is water.”

“Water? What about alcohol?”

“Nope, no alcohol. Just pure, cold water. In a cup too. And sometimes they just give you water from the tap!”

The fairies are now in complete panic, crying how they didn’t like the idea of going to jail. Although you should be feeling happy that you manage to have the fairies stop from kidnapping you, you instead feel kind of bad, bad that you made these fairies cry. You quickly start trying to calm them down, though the fairies continue to cry.

“Are we going to jail then, Mister? Are we?” Luna said, her voice cracking because of how much she was crying. You feel really terrible now.

“No, no, no, no one’s going to cart you off to jail now…” You walk over to Luna, kneeling down and patting her on the back. “Come on now, don’t cry. All of you, please, don’t cry.”

“But… but you said jail is for people who are bad, and you said kidnapping people would have people take us to jail.” Sunny said, wiping her tears away with her sleeve.

“No, no, don’t worry; I won’t let anyone take you to jail.” You look at the fairies, giving them a warm smile. “I’ll make sure of it.”

The three fairies soon began looking at you. “Really, Mister?” Star said, sounding better than before.

“Of course. But you have to help me out first.” You smile widely. “And then I’ll make sure no one carts you off to jail.”

The three fairies soon began talking to each other, deciding on what to do. After a few minutes of talking, the fairies turn back to look at you. Sunny gives you a wide smile.

“Alright then, Mister, we’ll help you out. Just tell us what we can do for you.” Sunny began laughing, “But you better hold up your end of the deal, Mister!”

You nod. “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure no one takes you away to jail.”

“So, what do you need us to do?”


[X] “… May you help fix up my arm?”
[X] “… May you help me find a Miss Suika Ibuki?”
[X] “… May you help me find the Hakurei Shrine?”
[X] “… Can you just get me out of this forest?”


Europa Univeralis III - Divine Wind

In two days, I've got over 32 hours on it. Yes, I'm wasting my life on it.

And what's my reward?

Having an Empire which the sun never sets.

And I'm Spain.
No. 133662
[X] “… May you help fix up my arm?”
[X] “… May you help me find a Miss Suika Ibuki?”
If you only want one choice, then just the first, It's not a good thing to wander around in pain. Suika seems a good choice too, since hopefully she's realized we got lost, and is possibly looking for us. Plus, she might get new drinking buddies.
No. 133664
[X] “… May you help fix up my arm?”
[X] “… May you help me find a Miss Suika Ibuki?"
-[x] "I do remember her being terribly fond of alcohol"
No. 133667
[X] “… May you help fix up my arm?”
[X] “… May you help me find a Miss Suika Ibuki?"
-[x] "I do remember her being terribly fond of alcohol"
No. 133702
[X] “… May you help fix up my arm?”
[X] “… May you help me find the Hakurei Shrine?”

So far, Suika hasn't done a whole lot besides ditching us in a hostile environment.
No. 133727

Pfft, Spain... Try it with one of the German minors, and then we can talk about being impressed.

(Seriously, though, I understand perfectly. Been on an EU3: In Nomine kick myself recently. Speaking of, is DW worth the upgrade?)

As for the vote:

[X] “… May you help fix up my arm?”
[X] “… May you help me find a Miss Suika Ibuki?"

It would be incourteous to simply leave our guest in the woods, looking for us...
No. 133728
[X] “… May you help fix up my arm?”
[X] “… May you help me find a Miss Suika Ibuki?"

They're gonna freak when they realize they were about to kidnap an oni's friend.
No. 133739

D'oh. When I said "guest," I meant "host." (Well, sort of; technically, that's actually Reimu.)
No. 133740
Weaklings. Try doing it in vanilla IN as an Indian minor state. You're alone, everyone wants to kill you (because real WC are done on Hard and Aggressive with a reduced BB limit), you don't have a port and your neighbours are either Mongols, Muslims or Hindus looking for unification. Now that's a challenge. Especially when, after pulling through the first century or two, you suddenly see Persia being absorbed into the Big Blue Blob, you realize France got really lucky and that Europe is almost uniformly blue. Cue the endless legions of superior troops from 3 tech levels above you in the European tech tree vs your crappy Indian tech tree troops.

Mind, with a BB limit of 15, a WC really becomes a challenge, even if you're France. I think the most hilarious part of that game was when, in 1485, the entire world map lit up red as everyone, from China to my own vassals, declared war on me. All because I miscalculated my BB during a peace deal by inattention. The resulting BB wars lasted till the end of the game.
No. 133743
File 129594184029.jpg - (455.92KB , 888x860 , 1295710338670.jpg ) [iqdb]
The fuck is this Anon talking about?
No. 133745
Europa Univeralis III - Divine Wind, obviously.
No. 133771
File 12960195256.jpg - (73.00KB , 546x425 , 7b3096bd7ea1527a955e62223cdaa87e.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] “… May you help fix up my hand?”

You feel your injured arm dangling, the pain dull but still throbbing. The fairies, giving you a look of confusion, walk up to you, looking at your arm that was injured.

“We injured your arm?” Sunny said, looking closely at the arm.

“No, no. To be honest, falling you probably saved me from a lot of injury.” You then scratch your head. “Right and I apologize for falling on you earlier. Actually, aren’t you hurt? Not saying I’m fat… but still, I did fall on you two, Miss Milk and Miss Child. Perhaps we should get some medical attention for you two first?”

Luna began to laugh. “Injured? We’re fairies! Sure it hurt, but we don’t need any medical attention.”

“So, what’s wrong, Mister? How is your arm injured? Is it bleeding?” Star began examining your arm closely, floating up to get a closer look.

“Oh, I don’t think it’s much, just a small bru- wait, Miss Sapphire!”

“Hrmm, what’s wrong, Mister?” Star looks up at you, her wings flapping as she floats up to your face.

“How are you floating? Don’t tell me those wings actually…”

“Actually help us fly? Of course, Mister! We’re fairies, our wings help us fly!” Star did a quick twirl, her wings still flapping. “I thought you would know this, Mister.”

You scratch your head again before sighing. “Well, I guess not.” You look back at the other two. “Guess you two can fly as well?”

“Yeah, Mister!”

“We wouldn’t really be fairies without our wings.”

The other two fairies soon began floating in front of you, their wings flapping as well. Finding this a surprise, you quickly remember what you were doing at first.

“Right, so, can you help fix up my arm? Maybe being fairies also include being able to fix up injuries with ease?” You put your arm on your hip, hoping that they could really do that. Unfortunately, the fairies shake their heads, causing you to sigh. “Alright, well, if that’s the case, I’m going to need to make a sling for my arm. I’m going to need some cloth to keep my arm elevated. Hopefully you know where I can go to get this?”

“Yeah, Mister, we have some cloth that you can use.” The fairies soon began floating through the trees again, Star turning back, beckoning you to follow her. “Come on, follow us. We’ll take you to our house.”

“You own a house?” You tilt your head before you realize that it would be a good idea to not question everything strange right now. You give Star a nod, the fairy soon flying off through the woods as well, the fairies moving slowly enough for you to follow them at a brisk yet relaxing pace. Passing through the trees again, you start wondering about if there were anymore fairies in these woods. Suika did say that fairies populate this forest. Perhaps they prefer to stay hidden, or are probably afraid of making direct contact with humans on their own accord.

Feeling your arm flare up in a bit of pain again, you pick up the pace, staying as close as possible to the fairies, and not wanting to lose them like Suika.

Darn it, Suika’s still in the woods. She’s probably look for you now, considering that it has been at least an hour since she went over that hill and disappeared. Just thinking about Suika again, you feel your legs starting to tire again. Slowing down, you shout out at the three fairies, the fairies stopping to look back at you.

“What’s wrong, Mister?” Sunny said, flying up to you again.

“Nothing really… I just need to catch my breath.” You put your uninjured arm on her chest as you start breathing in deep.

Sunny gave you a frown, putting her arms on her hips. “You know, Mister, we’re almost there, and you’re asking us to stop so you can rest? We haven’t gone far anyway! What are you, lazy?”

You shake your head as you let out a long breath, letting out a sigh of relief. “You don’t want to know…” You then look at the other fairies. “Oh yeah, after this…

[X] “… May you help me find a Miss Suika Ibuki?”

The fairies quickly turn pale. You feel that you might have said something bad.

“Erm, is there something wrong?”

“Suika? You want us to find Suika, the Deva of the Mountain?” Sunny said.

“She’s terrifying! If we try looking for her, she might beat us up!” Luna said.

You tilt your head, “Why? You’re a bunch of nice people. Miss Suika’s a nice person, albeit a bit weird…”

“Oh, no, she’s a beast. Every time she sees us, she gets the chance to round us up and foil any sort of prank we’re planning.” Star said. The three gulp in unison. “The last time she found us, she gave us a sound beating after we told her that we were planning to steal some sake from the Hakurei Shrine.”

“You know where the Hakurei Shrine is?” You ask, the three fairies nodding. “I see… Well, why don’t you find her? If she tries to beat you up, I’ll intervene. Besides, since you love alcohol, I can probably ask her to share her sake with you. How does that sound?”

The three fairies faces brighten up. “You’ll do that for us, Mister?” Luna said. You nod.

“Thank you, Mister! We’ll look for Suika right after we get you the cloth for your arm!” Soon, the fairies begin to fly off again, moving a lot faster than before. You have to run to keep up, trying your best to not injure your arm any further. After running for a few minutes more, you make your way to a large clearing with a single large tree in the middle. Looking around, you see no signs of a house at all.

“Hey, what gives? There’s no house here at all!”

“What do you mean, Mister? This is our house!” Sunny said, pointing at the large tree in the middle of the clearing.

You stare at the tree for a few minutes before looking back at the fairies. “That’s your house? That’s a tree!”

“That’s just the back of our house. If you saw the front, you would agree that this is a house.” Star says.

“Yeah, come on, Mister, let’s go!” Luna soon grabs your injured arm, causing you to scream out a bit. “Oh, sorry!”

You begin rubbing your injured arm, trying to dull the pain again. “Yeah, yeah, yeah… just remember next time, okay?” You begin walking to the tree, going around to the front. At the front, you soon see that there were a few windows, as well as a small door, too big for you, but large enough for the fairies to go in. “So… you live in a tree?” You stare at the tree again before shrugging. “A… Alright I guess I’m fine with this. So, I guess I’ll have to wait outside while you get some cloth for me?”

“Well, you can crawl through the door if you want.” Sunny said, smiling widely.

You stare at Sunny. “You’re… you’re joking right?” Looking at Sunny, you could see that she was still smiling. “Well… no, I’ll just stay outside here. I could use the fresh air…”

Sitting down next to the entrance, you watch the fairies open the door and walk inside the tree, closing the door shut behind them. Looking around, you see that the clearing was simply of grass, with flowers nowhere to be seen. You feel your arm flaring up in pain again. Perhaps the fairies have something that could dull the pain. Some pain killers, or something that could be used as an equivalent. As you were focusing on the pain in your arm, in the corner of your eye, you could see something strange creeping in closer, like a sort of small mist. You couldn’t tell if it was something to be afraid of or if it was just something natural here. If you tell the fairies, you could have them come to your aide, but if it is just a regular mist cloud, you’ll be wasting their time.

“Hrmm… I wonder how’s the family doing…”

[X] Ask the fairies for some sort of pain killer or something.
[X] Tell the fairies about the mist cloud.
[X] Stay quiet. This injury is nothing.
[X] Go out and investigate the mist.

Hey, Teruyo.

Guess I win.

In other news, I bought Monday Night Combat.

It's a freaking cool game, to be honest.
No. 133772
[X] Ask the fairies for some sort of pain killer or something.
[X] Tell the fairies about the mist cloud.

I think Suika found us.
No. 133774
[X] Stay quiet. This injury is nothing.

They live in a bloody tree. They won't have any painkillers. And don't warn them about the mist, it'll just freak them out.
No. 133775
Who to say they don't? Just because they live in a tree doesn't mean they don't have certain things, especially when they're prone to running afoul of Reimu.
No. 133776
[X] Ask the fairies for some sort of pain killer or something.
[X] Tell the fairies about the mist cloud.
Better to ask and seem stupid than to not ask and die because the mist is some horrible monster that will eat us alive.
No. 133777
>Europe is almost uniformly blue
Oh, how i know what you mean. All the time.

[x] Stay quiet. This injury is nothing.
[x] Tell the fairies about the mist cloud.

Fairies time.
No. 133786
[X] Tell the fairies about the mist cloud.

Do you have a proofreader, Twitty?
No. 133790

Unfortunately no... I apologize if my text seems... strange and filled with punctuation errors.


And yeah, maybe I should try some smaller nation.
Like the Papal state.

But here's one thing about my game that I find awesome.


There is no blue blob called France. It was defeated in the 1500's.

Now only if I knew a place where I can post my world map and still maintain the size of the map...
No. 133796
[X] Ask the fairies for some sort of pain killer or something.
[X] Tell the fairies about the mist cloud.
No. 133857
File 129628499054.jpg - (505.24KB , 1944x1296 , Mist.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Ask the fairies for a painkiller or something.

Although the pain in your arm is nothing too debilitating, the constant, irritating aches it gives you is driving you slowly crazy. Though you highly doubt the fairies would have some painkillers for you to use, it would not hurt to ask. Who knows, they might just have it. Kneeling down in front of the entrance, you gently knock on the door, waiting for one of the fairies to answer it.

“Hello, who is it?” The door opens, Luna standing in the door way, looking up to you. “Hey, Mister! Are you planning on coming inside?”

You look at the doorway, the doorway too small for you to go through unless you literally crawling on the ground. Even then, the interior was probably too small for you to stand in anyway. You let out a nervous laugh before shaking your head.

“Miss Child, I don’t want to sound like I’m imposing, but do you have any sort of painkillers in that tree of yours that you could give me? I could really use something to deal with this pain while you’re getting that cloth for me.” You watch Luna place her hand on her chin for a moment, the fairy clearly in thought.

“Painkillers? What are those?”

Right, she probably haven’t heard of it, considering that she A) Lives in a tree, B) Lives in some strange backwards country, and C) Is not human.

“Medicine to help deal with pain, you know? Something that will alleviate pain, you know? I would really appreciate it if you have any that you can offer me.”

“Oh, medicine! You just stay right there, Mister, I got something for you.” Luna walks back inside the tree. A bit curious, you lower your head a bit more, trying to look inside the tree to see how it was. From what you could see, it is surprising that the fairies have quite a nice home. There is a table in the middle and a few hammocks being used most likely as beds. To be honest, it is quite a nice and cozy small home.

If only you could go inside.

Waiting outside for a few minutes, your attention returns back towards the trees, noticing that the mist is getting thicker. Feeling nervous, you look back at the doorway, seeing Luna reappear, holding a small vial in her hand, holding it out to you.

“Here you are, Mister.” Luna said, smiling widely. Taking the vial from her hand, you look at it closely, wondering what the liquid could be. Letting the liquid slosh around in the vial for a bit, you let out a nervous chuckle, then ask Luna where she got the medicine. “Well, we got that from a random traveler.”

“So… you stole it.”

“Mhm. He was too busy looking at a map to notice us!”

You force out a laugh before rustling Luna’s hair with your hand. “Guess I’m going to have to teach you three a bit more about manners.”

Star appears in the doorway afterwards, holding a small white sheet in her hands, holding it out to you. “Here you are, Mister. I’m sorry if it isn’t too big, it’s the biggest sheet we could fine.”

You thank Star, placing the medicine in your pocket and grab the sheet afterwards. The sheet, although not large, is still moderately sized, useful in making a sling for your arm. You stand up, moving away from the doorway before you start trying to fashion a sling from the cloth. However, as much as you try to move your injured arm, any movement causes your arm to ache badly.

As you were about to give up, someone takes the cloth from you. You realize Sunny took the cloth, with Luna and Star flying up to you as well. “Well, thanks for the help… but please, be gentle, my arm still feels a bit… bruised.”

The fairies nod as Luna and Star slowly start to raise your injured arm, your face contorting, trying to hold in the urge to scream out. Whatever is going on with that arm, it might be more serious than you imagine. With your arm raised up, Sunny starts fashioning a sling out of the cloth, placing the sling around your neck and sliding it over your arm. Standing there, you can’t help but look out at the mist, seeing that it was still gathering.

[X] Inform the fairies about the mist.

There is something going on with the mist. The fairies must know about this. As Sunny was finishing up with placing your arm in the sling, you start talking. “Erm… I might not be an expert of this forest… but is that mist supposed to be there?”

“Mist? What mist?” Sunny said, the three fairies turning towards the forest, and neglecting their duties. Your arm is not completely supported by the sling, causing it to ache a bit still. Letting out a short painful scream, you turn back to the mist.

The mist is moving now.

“Is that natural?” You said, adjusting the sling a bit more to make it comfortable.

“No… it’s not… unless…” Star stares closely at the mist before answering. “Oh, no… it’s her!”

“She’s here? I thought she’ll leave us alone if we aren’t doing anything bad!” Luna said, starting to fly away.

“Run away, run away!” Sunny said, flying as well, the three fairies starting to scatter.

“Hey, wait! Whose ‘her’?” You ask, but the mist moves in closer and closer. You close your eyes. “Oh god, this mist is going to kill me!”

You wait for a few seconds.

Then a few seconds more.

Why aren’t you being killed?”

You open your eyes, the mist gone. Looking around, you wonder where the mist went.

“Ha ha, you thought you could run from me, huh?” A familiar voice rings out.

You turn around.

“Miss Suika!” You said upon seeing the Oni in front of you. In one of her arms was Luna, struggling to get out of Suika’s hold. The other two fairies, Sunny and Star, are trying to have Suika release Luna.

“I knew you three had something to do with this guy’s disappearance! Now you better confess while I’m still in a good mood.”

“But we didn’t do anything bad, honest!” Sunny said, still trying to pry Suika’s arm off of Luna.

“Yeah? Well you’re going to have to try harder than that!” Suika continues to hold Luna, the Oni laughing a bit.

Looking at the situation, Suika and the three fairies seem to be completely oblivious to your situation. If you let this situation go on any further, things are certain to get bad. But then again, how can you be certain that you can reach common ground between these two groups. Maybe if you support one of them, you might be able to end this situation without much problem.

[X] Intervene.
- [X] Side with Suika.
- [X] Side with the Three Fairies
[X] Do nothing.
- [X] Watch the situation unfold.
- [X] Leave the two groups alone and try to find somewhere else to go.
[X] Try the medicine out.


I keep buying games off Steam when they go on sale. I need to find something better to do with my money.

And Fairies and Oni time.

This is going to be quite a volatile situation.

Or something. Eh.
No. 133858
[X] Intervene.
- [X] Side with the Three Fairies
- [x] Explain what happened, starting with Suika leaving him in the dust to the current point.
No. 133859
[X] Intervene.
- [X] Side with the Three Fairies
[X] Try the medicine out.
No. 133861
[X] Intervene.
- [X] Side with the Three Fairies
[X] Try the medicine out.
Bad Oni, bad Oni.
No. 133870
[X] Intervene.
- [X] Side with the Three Fairies
- [X] Explain what happened, starting with Suika leaving him in the dust to the current point.

That's unfortunate. I'll try to be on IRC more often to act as a proofreader if needed.
No. 133872
[X] Intervene.
- [X] Side with the Three Fairies
- [X] Explain what happened, starting with Suika leaving him in the dust to the current point.
No. 133874
[X] Intervene.
- [X] Side with the Three Fairies
- [X] Explain what happened, starting with Suika leaving him in the dust to the current point.
No. 133902
[X] Intervene.
- [X] Side with the Three Fairies
[X] Try the medicine out.
No. 133904
File 129636281012.jpg - (215.53KB , 800x1143 , 040eded18010f4782b9798c674637b94.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Intervene.
- [X] Side with the Three Fairies
- [X] Explain what happened, starting with Suika leaving him in the dust to the current point.

Yes. Lets drink some random medicine! Hopefully we don't DIE. Or spontaneously combust. Or start shooting bullets out of our ass.
No. 133907
You say that like shooting bullets out of our ass would be a bad thing.
No. 133954
File 129645118358.jpg - (101.12KB , 650x489 , 22cc72fe0eec6b0bc8ed8749d3f480ab.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Intervene
- [X] Side with the Fairies

If you stood here and did nothing, the situation MIGHT fix itself. However, you’re not a man who likes to wait around and see how things play out. You prefer to get straight into it and take an active role in such an important situation. Besides, at least you’ll look like you’re actually doing something, instead of being an inactive stick on the ground.

“Hey, hey, hey!” You walk up to the fighting, waving your hand a bit, hoping that they’ll notice you and they’ll calm down. “Please, settle down, settle down!”

Suika laughs, still holding Luna by the next while Star and Sunny continue to pull on Suika. “Heh heh, you think you can go around messing with people without something bad happening to you, huh? Well you’re all wrong!”

“Come on, Suika, we didn’t do anything wrong this time, honest!” Luna says, struggling to get out of Suika’s grasp. “Now can you let me go, please? You’re really hurting me!”

“Not until you tell me what you were doing with Mister, here!” Suika tightens her hold. “Come on, tell me!”

“Miss Suika!” you gasp, “You’re hurting her! Please, Miss Suika, stop!” You begin to help Sunny and Star in trying to pull Suika off Luna, though Suika continues to persist in choking Luna.

“Well? You give up yet, you dumb fairy?” Suika says, chuckling a bit. Luna’s starting to look a bit pale.

Feeling that you really have to do something, you continue to pull on Suika as much as possible, hoping that the Oni will loosen her grip on Luna. You shout out again. “Miss Suika, behave yourself, you’re injuring Miss Child!”

Thankfully, Suika seems to have heard you. She looks up to you, though she still has a tight hold on Luna. “Oh, hey Mister; I was just dealing with these fairies, trying to find out why they kidnapped you and such.”

“Miss Suika…” Your brow furrows.

“Yes, Mister?”

“Unhand Miss Child, please.”

“But, Mister, why?”

“Unhand that fairy, please, Miss Suika!”

Suika quickly lets go of Luna, the fairy collapsing to the ground, coughing a bit. Suika then stands up, leaning closer to you. “What’s wrong, Mister? I thought you’d appreciate me dealing with these fairies.”

“No, Miss Suika, I do not appreciate any one injuring the ones who help me.”

“Help you? But these fairies don’t help people. All they do is play jokes on people, never helping anyone.”

“Hey! We do help people!” Star says, scowling at Suika.

You glance back at Star, “Never mind that, Miss Sapphire, I’ll deal with this situation.” You then return your attention to Suika, the Oni putting her hands on her hips. “And on the contrary, Miss Suika, they have been quite helpful to me. Miss Suika, I’ve been through quite a lot, so I hope that you understand why I don’t appreciate you harming these fairies.”

As you continue speaking, Luna stands back up and runs behind you, not wanting to stay near Suika. You find the fact that the fairies were standing behind you a little comforting, feeling that they trust you enough to get through this situation.

“So you’re siding with these fairies, Mister? They’re nothing but a bunch of dumb fairies.” Suika sounds irritated with you, most likely viewing this as a betrayal. Maybe if you tell her what happened, she’ll calm down.

[X] Explain what happened, starting with Suika you in the dust to the current point.

“Miss Suika, please, I don’t mean to offend you at all, but I want you to know that these fairies really helped me out. Without them, I probably would be in much bad shape than I currently am in. Ever since you ran off without me, I was looking for you, and I nearly got attacked by a wolf. A wolf, Miss Suika! A wolf that talked! I soon climbed up a tree, hoping that I could find out where you went, but I fell. If it weren’t for these three, however, I probably might have broken quite a few bones and injured myself horribly. I was very thankful that I only have an injured arm.”

“So wait, these three didn’t hurt you?” Suika asks, her tone turning mellow.

“Yes, Miss Suika. They were gracious enough to provide me with a cloth to use as a sling for my arm.”

“Yeah! We helped this man out while you left him alone to fend off for himself!” Sunny says, peeking from behind your leg.

“I didn’t leave him to fend off for himself. I helped deal with that wolf that was chasing you Mister.”

You stare at Suika. “You did?” Suika nods, smiling.

“Of course, Mister, I pulled that wolf away. Though I didn’t expect you to run off! I thought you were going to hide in that bush, shaking like a chicken.”

“So wait… you were the mist that entire time?” You ask, trying to put two and two together. Suika nods again.

“I must have given you quite a scare, huh, Mister?” Suika lets out a short chuckle. You feel both relived and offended. Relived because that she really didn’t leave you alone; Offended because she called you a chicken.

“Well, I guess I owe you some thanks, Miss Suika, but please, I hope you apologize to these fairies. They did quite a bit to help me out.” You glance back at the three fairies. “Didn’t you three?”

“Yep! We did.” Star said, the three fairies nodding in unison.

You soon step out of the way of the fairies, the fairies at first cautious about not having you in front of them.

“Aw, alright, I’m sorry. I guess I should’ve paid more attention before attacking you three, huh?” Suika said, scratching her head, letting out another chuckle. “So, why don’t we go drinking later? Drinks on me!”

“Really, Suika?” Luna said, the three fairies faces brightening up.

“Yep! It’s the least I can do after you helped out Mister, here.”

You smile, watching the three fairies smile widely, feeling glad that you could resolve the situation. You quickly walk back in-between Suika and the three fairies.

“Alright then, so party aside, I was thinking we should get going, Miss Suika.”

“Okay, Mister!” Suika shouts. “You have any place in mind?”

[X] “Let’s head back to the Shrine already. Miss Hakurei might be back already.”
[X] “Why don’t you take me to this Human Village? I would like to see if I can get a doctor to look at this.”
[X] “May we still go and see that place you wanted to show me in the forest? I’ll promise to keep up this time.”

As you’re busy talking with Suika, the three fairies approach you, Sunny at the front, pulling at your pants. Diverting your attention to Sunny, you saw her looking a bit shy.

“Um Mister… we fairies have been talking for a bit… and we would like to ask if it would be okay if we could tag along with you for a bit.”

Listening to her offer, you think through with it. On one hand, these three fairies could prove to be valuable associates, and it doesn’t hurt to have more people to rely on. Then again, if they like to pester humans, it might not be in your best interest to have them stick around.

[X] “Well… sure, why not? On one condition that you behave yourselves, okay?”
[X] “Hrmm… well, I want to say yes… but I think it might be good if you don’t come with me. Don’t worry, I promise to come back to have a drink with you three as well.”


I should seriously get more people to proofread these things.
No. 133955
[X] “May we still go and see that place you wanted to show me in the forest? I’ll promise to keep up this time.”
[X] “Well… sure, why not? On one condition that you behave yourselves, okay?”
No. 133956
[X] “Why don’t you take me to this Human Village? I would like to see if I can get a doctor to look at this.”
[X] “Well… sure, why not? On one condition that you behave yourselves, okay?”

The forest spot is okay as well.
No. 133962
[X] “May we still go and see that place you wanted to show me in the forest? I’ll promise to keep up this time.”
[X] “Well… sure, why not? On one condition that you behave yourselves, okay?”
[X] Try the medicine out.

Can you guys please get over your paranoia and try the medicine? I really don't think Twitty would give us dud medicine or poison.
No. 133966
[X] “May we still go and see that place you wanted to show me in the forest? I’ll try to keep up this time.”
[X] “Well… sure, why not? On one condition that you behave yourselves, okay?”

Announce when the update is ready, and I'm sure many anons, myself included, will be happy to get on IRC and proofread.
No. 133981
[X] “May we still go and see that place you wanted to show me in the forest? I’ll promise to keep up this time.”
[X] “Well… sure, why not? On one condition that you behave yourselves, okay?”

Fairies are fun.
No. 133982
>Sunny at the front, pulling at your pants.
>“Um Mister… we fairies have been talking for a bit… and we would like to ask if it would be okay if we could tag along with you for a bit.”
This story just got so much better.

[x] “May we still go and see that place you wanted to show me in the forest? I’ll promise to keep up this time.”
[x] “Well… sure, why not? On one condition that you behave yourselves, okay?”
Order is kind of screwed up and don't match with each other but what the hell. As long as it works.
No. 134044
File 12966883213.jpg - (56.77KB , 410x410 , Radar1.jpg ) [iqdb]
Suika’s face brightens up with joy as you tell her that you want to see what she wanted to show you earlier, even thought you have an injured arm. Suika leaps up and down cheerfully; ready to take you away, until you also said that you plan on bringing the Three Mischievous Fairies along with you.

Suika puts her hands on her hips as her smile turns into a frown. “Do you really plan to bring them along with us? I mean, I said I was sorry, but don’t you think you’re taking this too far?” Suika scoffs, “They’re just fairies.” The Three Fairies frown, staring at Suika, anger in their eyes.

You are quick to intervene again. “Please, please, I know we’ve had some problems before, but now is not the time to flare up aggression again.” You say quickly, turning to Suika afterwards. “Besides, Miss Suika, it would be impolite for a gentleman to deny such a small request. And even if you call them ‘just fairies’, I see quite a bit of potential in them.”

Suika gives you an angry stare before letting out a short sigh as she shrugs. “Well, alright then, Mister, but I hope you know what you’re doing,” she states sullenly before smiling again. “Alright then, Mister, I hope you keep up this time!” Suika announces joyfully before she begins marching back into the forest. Before you could follow Suika, however, Luna pulls on your sleeve, causing you to look at her.

You tilt your head in confusion. “Yes, Miss Child?” You ask, “What seems to be the matter?”

“I don’t like her.” Luna says bluntly, a frown still on her face. “I don’t know how you can be friends with someone so… brash.”

You chuckle a bit, kneeling down so you can brush your hand through her hair, careful about her hat. “I can understand what you’re talking about, Miss Child. Miss Suika can be quite rough. But I think she’s a good person, to be honest.”

Luna’s frown slowly shrinks. “How can you tell, Mister? She was strangling me that entire time.”

“Well, I guess it’s a gut feeling.”

You feel someone poking on your back as you turn around, seeing Sunny and Star flying behind you. “Come on, Mister, Suika’s starting to get out of sight. I thought you said you’ll keep up this time.”

Chuckling, you stand up again, facing where Suika was walking off to. “Yeah, guess I forgot about that for a moment. Come on, let’s catch up with Suika.” You start walking to where Suika went, the three fairies flying around you, talking with each other as you keep close track of your surroundings, the clearing slowly disappearing in the distance behind you. Although your injured arm makes it difficult to run, you manage to keep up a brisk pace, slowly closing the gap between you and Suika.

Watching the fairies chat with each other, you feel like striking up a conversation. “So, I guess you must know this forest like the back of your hand,” you ask, the fairies turning their attention to you.

“Actually,” Luna says, “We’re relatively new to this place. We actually moved here a bit recently.”

You look at Luna curiously, your interest sparked with that piece of information. “Oh really now? Well, where are you three from anyway?”

“We’re actually from a different forest away from the shrine.” Star says, “We know that forest quite well.”

“Yeah, we’re quite feared in that forest!” Sunny boasts, grinning widely.

You chuckle slowly. “Right… you must’ve been quite the fearful bunch,” you say sarcastically.
Your sarcasm falls on deaf ears.

Sunny continues her boasting. “Yeah, we were, and still are, the most feared bunch of fairies back in the Forest of Magic! With our powers, nothing could stop us!”

Your eyes perk up when you hear the word powers. “Really now? What kind of powers? They must be quite powerful if you are feared,” you say, a bit of surprise in your voice.

“Yep! With my powers, I can make myself or anything I want invisible!” Sunny shouts, laughing a bit.

You then look at Star. “And what can you do, Miss Sapphire?”

Star smiles. “I have the powers of sense anything animate in the area.”

“Ah,” You exclaim, “Like a radar, huh?”

“A what?” Star asks, giving you a puzzled look. You wave your hand, telling Star that it’s not important. You then look at Luna, who was looking elsewhere.

“And what about you, Miss Child? You must have some interesting powers as well,” you ask, watching Luna turn to you.

“Oh, right, umm… I can dampen sound,” she says, “It’s pretty helpful when sneaking around.”

Hearing about these different powers these three fairies have, you are a little skeptical. Although these fairies have proven to be out of the ordinary, you still aren’t entirely sure if they are telling you the truth or just pulling your leg. I mean, they’re small, how could they do anything that could make them feared by people?

Looking around, you slowly feel dread overcoming you. Although you think you are just not paying close attention, you realize that Suika is nowhere to be seen. Starting to panic, you begin walking a bit fast, hoping that she is just a bit further ahead, waiting for you by some tree or something. After a few minutes of walking, however, you still could not find your oni companion.

Looking again, you start to pace around. “Oh man, oh man, oh man… where’d she go…” you mumble nervously, biting your lower lip, “I told her I’d keep up this time… but where did she go?”

“Um, Mister?” Star says.

“Ah, I knew I should’ve paid better attention… I should’ve paid better attention!”

“Mister.” Star says, a hint of irritation in her voice.

“What am I to do? Climb another tree?”

“Mister!” Star yells, nearly causing you to stumble out of surprise.

Looking at Star, you scratch your head. “Oh, I’m sorry, Miss Sapphire. Is there something you wanted to tell me?”

Star points in one direction. “Suika went that way.”

Looking to where Star was pointing, you scratch your head again. “And how do you know this?”

Star sighs. “I told you, I can sense animate objects. I’ve been sensing Suika all this time and she went that way. We should hurry; she seems to be waiting for us.”

Staring at Star for a few seconds, you nod, walking to where Star was pointing. At first, you continue to walk past trees, not seeing Suika anywhere. After walking for quite a distance, you are about to ask Star if she is lying when a loud voice rings out.

“Hey, Mister, you made it!” Suika shouts cheerfully. Looking ahead, you see Suika standing there, waving her hands to get your attention.

You start to smile as you make it to Suika, Suika giving you a big smile as well. Looking around, at first, you see only a small empty clearing, nothing really catching your attention. Yet, Suika walks into the clearing and stands next to a tree stump. Following Suika to the tree stump, you realize that the stump was LARGE. Though you couldn’t make an exact estimate, its radius is at least as long as you are tall.

Suika sat down on the stump, smiling widely. “So, whaddya think, Mister? Pretty cool huh?” Suika asks cheerfully.

Looking at the stump, you are quite impressed. “It is pretty interesting, Miss Suika. So then, what did this?” You ask, scratching your chin.

“That’s the thing, Mister, I don’t know how it happened! I just came across this recently. It’s pretty smooth too.” Suika says, patting the stump, inviting you to sit on it as well. Sitting on the stump, you realize she is right. Brushing your hand on the stump, it feels extremely smooth, not a single sign of splinters or bumps. Lying down, you let out a sigh of relief as you close your eyes.

“Star, what’s wrong?” You hear Sunny worryingly say.

“I sense something…” Star says in a serious tone, “And it’s moving fast.”

Opening your eyes again, you sit up, looking at Star. “You sense something, Miss Sapphire? Is it moving to us?” You start looking around.

Star shakes her head, pointing up into the sky. “Whatever it is, it’s flying near us…” Star turns her attention to the sky first, as everyone follows suit afterwards. Looking at the sky, at first you couldn’t see anything, but then you could make out a small speck in the sky, moving through the sky. It is visible for a few seconds before disappearing behind the tree line.

“That’s strange… whoever that person is… that person is heading for the shrine.” Suika says, a bit of suspicion in her voice. You ask if it could be Reimu, but she shakes her head. “No, where that person was coming from, the Human Village is not in that direction…”

You look back up into the sky. “You think we should go back to the shrine?” you ask, looking back down at Suika. “Or should we go to the Human Village to tell Reimu?”

Suika begins thinking, rubbing her cheeks. “I don’t know, Mister. Reimu might not even be back in the Human Village. But we could get someone to look at your arm at the Village, if anything.”

Sunny then flies in front of you. “Well, whatever you decide, we’ll stick with you, this looks like fun!” Sunny says, smiling widely.

“Yeah,” both Star and Luna say, flying around you as well. You nod at the fairies before returning your attention to Suika.

“Alright then…”
[X] “We should head over to the Human Village. If Reimu’s still there, we can inform her of what happened.”
[X] “We should head back to the Shrine. At least if Reimu isn’t there, we’ll know what this person wants.”
[X] Write-in.



No. 134045
[X] “We should head back to the Shrine. At least if Reimu isn’t there, we’ll know what this person wants.”

Our arm isn't broken; we'll be fine.
No. 134046
[X] “We should head back to the Shrine. At least if Reimu isn’t there, we’ll know what this person wants.”
[X] Suika piggyback ride!
No. 134047
>And what about you, Miss Child?
Miss Child sounds kind of dumb. Maybe get him to call them by their first names.

[x] “We should head over to the Human Village. If Reimu’s still there, we can inform her of what happened.”
No. 134051
[X] “We should head back to the Shrine. At least if Reimu isn’t there, we’ll know what this person wants.”
No. 134080
[x] “We should head over to the Human Village. If Reimu’s still there, we can inform her of what happened.”
No. 134108
File 129679622129.jpg - (201.51KB , 850x850 , sample-d0fedd47bf20818d3ad811f4b8e71ca4.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] “We should head back to the shrine. At least if Reimu isn’t there, we’ll know what this person wants.”

You start to scratch your chin, looking back into the sky, realizing that the person you saw is flying to the shrine. Even if you ran back to the shrine, the person will probably reach the shrine, and either A) talk with Reimu then leave, or B) leave because Reimu is not there. Although you don’t know who the person is, if they are looking for Reimu, it would be impolite to not be able to relay the message to Reimu.

As you continue thinking, you can hear Suika talking, though you can’t tell what she’s saying since you are so deep in thought. Suika soon starts to sound angry, though you keep thinking about how you can get back to the shrine fast enough to meet with that person. You then hear the Three Mischievous Fairies shouting at you, though you still don’t hear exactly what they’re saying. All of a sudden, you feel yourself slowly becoming lighter and lighter, this lightness in your body causing you to look down.

Surrounding your lower half is a large cloud of mist. Your first instinct is to move out of the mist, but despite all your struggling your legs refuse to move, as if the mist itself is holding on to you.

“What the…?” you start to say before you feel yourself fall back, the mist holding you up. Looking down on the ground, you find that the mist is holding you several inches above the ground, your tie temporarily touching the ground before the mist holds it back to your shirt.

“What the hell is this?!” you shout, looking at the Three Fairies as they float around the mist cloud. Though at first it doesn’t dawn on you, you slowly remember that Suika said she can turn into a mist cloud, and after looking around, you realize that she is nowhere to be seen.

“Suika, is that you?” you ask anxiously, looking at the mist, hoping that somehow it will be able to respond to you. The mist does not answer. “Of course she wouldn’t respond… she has no mouth right now…”

“Whaddya mean, I can’t respond, Mister?” Suika’s voice rings out. The way you hear the voice, it sounds like Suika is completely around you. It’s quite reasonable, to be honest, considering that she IS the mist. “Don’t be so silly, Mister!”

You nervously smile as the mist cloud starts floating higher and higher, the trees far below you. Though you put faith in Suika not dropping you, you can’t help but be terrified, because the only thing between you and falling to a painful death is a mist cloud.

The mist cloud begins to move forward, allowing you to glimpse at the scenery around you. Dominating the skyline is a giant mountain reaching higher than the cloouds. That could make a good place for hiking. Looking elsewhere, you can barely make out what looks like a lake, even when you’re squinting. Perhaps you can see if there are fishermen out there. Finally, after flying for several minutes, you can make out the Hakurei Shrine in the distance.

As you stare at the shrine, Luna flies up next to you, pulling on your sleeve. “Um… Mister?” Luna asks shyly. You turn your head to Luna. “Mister… why do you call me Miss Child?”

You tilt your head in confusion, or as best as you can. “Why not, Miss Child? It’s the proper way to call someone,” you answer swiftly, smiling a bit.

Luna frowns. “It sounds weird.”

You frown as well. “It sounds weird? Well… Miss Child does sound a bit… awkward…” You start scratching your chin before looking back at Luna. “Alright then, I’ll call you Miss Luna instead.”

Luna continues to frown. “That still sounds weird.”

You scratch your head. “It still sounds weird? But it sounds proper.” You then shrug. “Well, what do you want me to call you then?”

Luna stares at you for a few moments before answering. “Can you just call me Luna, please?” she asks cutely, staring at you with her big eyes. To be honest, it’s a request impossible to resist.

You give Luna a single nod. “Alright then, Luna.” You say, feeling a bit awkward without saying the prefix. “Does that sound better?”

Luna gives you a warm smile. “Much better, Mister,” she replies happily, before flying back to the other two fairies. Seeing Luna smile makes you feel good about yourself, almost making you forget that you are being carried by a mist cloud that used to be a young girl with horns that has mammoth strength.

You wonder if anyone at the bar will believe you when you go back.

When you go back…

“Alright, Mister, get ready for a landing!” Suika cheerfully announces, the mist cloud starting to lose altitude, the shrine coming in closer and closer. The mist cloud soon hovers over the shrine’s grounds, the cloud slowing down until it is floating gently above the paved ground. Then, without warning, the mist cloud disperses, causing you to fall to the ground face first.

Groaning softly, you slowly stand up, hearing the three fairies giggle softly to themselves. Your vision blurry thanks to the sudden drop; you shake your head, trying to clear up your vision. Looking around, you can make out the three fairies, still giggling, Suika, who is now drinking a bit of sake from her gourd, and a strange person wearing blue. Blinking a few times, your vision clears up, letting you see the person in blue clearly.

The person is a young woman, wearing a blue dress and white apron, kind of reminding you of a French maid. She has short, silver colored hair and clear blue eyes. As you examine her, you can feel her looking at you as well. Feeling a bit embarrassed on your current state, you let out a nervous laugh.

“Hello, Ma’am, um… I apologize for my current state…” you say nervously, still forcing out a laugh, slowly walking closer to her. The young woman does not respond. “Erm… my name is Mister Wilson, and I apologize if Miss Hakurei isn’t here...” The young woman still does not respond. Feeling her silence strange, you continue breaking the ice. “Well… um… what’s your name?”

The young woman stares at you. “Izayoi. Sakuya Izayoi,” she says emotionlessly.

You scratch your head again, thinking of what else can you talk about. “Well then… Miss Izayoi… it is a pleasure to meet you.” Sakuya only nods in return. “So… why are you here again?”

She stares at you. “I have to speak with the shrine maiden. Seeing that she is not here, I will wait for her return,” she says quickly, not even removing her gaze at you.

As you continue looking at Sakuya, you feel a bit of hostility in her gaze. Maybe it would be best to let her be. But who knows how long it will be until Reimu returns? Maybe you can have her talk to you instead, and then you relay the message to Reimu when she returns. It seems awfully rude to keep her waiting around here.

[X] Leave Sakuya alone. Something about her just rubs me the wrong way.
[X] Ask Sakuya to talk with you instead. You really don’t have anywhere to go anyway.
[X] Ask someone else to talk with Sakuya.
-> [X] Suika.
-> [X] The Three Fairies
No. 134109
[x] Ask Sakuya to talk with you instead. You really don’t have anywhere to go anyway.
Be a man, do it yourself.
No. 134114
[x] Ask Sakuya to talk with you instead. You really don’t have anywhere to go anyway.
-[x] If she doesn't say anything, talk to the fairies. Can they really turn invisible and dampen sound?
No. 134143
[X] Leave Sakuya alone. Something about her just rubs me the wrong way.

I don't care about Sakuya. Let's go play with the fairies and Suika instead.
No. 134151
So, while you anons continue voting, could you also leave some feedback on how you think of the story as it is going so far?

I'd like to know whether I've actually caught your interest fully yet or not, or if you feel the story is really going nowhere so far.
No. 134170
[X] Ask someone else to talk with Sakuya.
- [X] Suika.
- [X] Talk to the fairies. Can they really turn invisible and dampen sound?

As for the story, it's certainly got my attention. I like the lighthearted slapstick that Wilson gets himself into; it's a good change of pace from the other "serious" CYOAs I've been following lately.
No. 134182
File 129688737392.jpg - (183.95KB , 700x700 , d03203b1c914c95984d651473a2e39cd.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Ask Sakuya to talk with you instead. You really don’t have anywhere to go anyway.

Feeling uncomfortable because of Sakuya’s silence, you nonetheless decide to continue on talking with her, hoping that she’ll at least tell you what’s going on. Besides, it’s impolite to leave such a pretty woman bored.

Walking up to a few feet in front of her, you give her a warm smile, hoping that she’ll reply in kind; she doesn’t. Still smiling, you continue to watch Sakuya stare at you, feeling an air of professionalism around her. You realize that Sakuya has not really moved since you began talking to her, her hands and legs unmoving. Though you are used to such behavior back at the office, it’s awkward to see this professionalism in such an unprofessional place.

Undaunted, you decide to talk with her, hoping that you can break through her professionalism with your own. “Miss Izayoi, I apologize that Miss Hakurei is currently not here,” you start, making sure to keep your blinking to a minimum, “I can only imagine how much of a disappointment this must be for you.”

Sakuya continues staring at you, her demeanor not visibly changing. “Mister Wilson, I must inform you that I am perfectly willing to wait for Reimu to return,” she says coolly, sounding neither cheerful nor angry. “I have been tasked to bring her with me.”

So, this silver-haired woman plans on taking Reimu away somewhere? Sounds like something you can use to get more information out of this strange woman. Your smile starts to slowly widen as you let out an almost silent chuckle. “Well then, Miss Izayoi, that sounds very interesting, but do you mind me asking where you work?”

Sakuya’s mouth shifts slightly, though you can’t tell if it is to form a smile or if to form a frown. At least you feel that you haven’t caused her to stop talking. “No, Mister Wilson, I do not mind,” Sakuya answers, “If you wish to know, I work at the old mansion near the lake, the Scarlet Devil Mansion.”

“Ah, quite a colorful name, isn’t it?” You say after hearing this piece of information, but you proceed no further. Though the name does sound strange, you have more information than you’ve had before. It is unwise to try to steer the conversation too far. Looking up into the sky, you realize the sun is hanging low in the sky. Returning your gaze to Sakuya, you close your eyes for a few seconds, thinking of what next to say.

“Miss Izayoi, you must be tired of standing around,” you say gently, letting out a small sigh, “I find it quite shameful of me not asking you to come inside to rest your feet. I’m certain you must be quite tired from the flight here.”

Sakuya’s glances to the side for a second, but a second long enough for you to know that you are making progress. She then returns her gaze back on to you, her eyes less hostile than before. “Y… Yes, Mister Wilson, I would enjoy that.”

Your smile widens again. “Good, Miss Izayoi,” you say happily, shifting your gaze to Suika, “Miss Suika, would you kindly get some tea ready for us?”

Suika, who was busy drinking sake, nearly spits out her drink, caught off guard by your request. “Um… sure Mister!” she laughs nervously, scratching the back of her head as she opens the shrine and walks inside.

Looking back at Sakuya, you let out another short chuckle, before beckoning Sakuya into the shrine, “Well then… ladies first?” you say, bowing as best as you can with an injured arm.

Sakuya again blinks a few times, starting to look uncertain for once. “Um… thank you, Mister Wilson,” she says, before tilting her head ever so slightly, “But I would also like to ask you a question as well, sir, if you don’t mind.” You give Sakuya a quick nod, confirming that you won’t mind. “Sir… why is it that you are here? I don’t recall ever seeing you before.”

You let out a soft laugh, scratching your chin slowly. “Well, Miss Izayoi, I am here for the same reasons as you; to meet with Miss Hakurei,” you answer, laughing a little louder now. “Ah, don’t worry, Miss Izayoi, I’ll let you speak with her first when she comes back.”

Sakuya starts glancing around, looking a bit nervous, before she curtseys. “Thank you very much, Mister Wilson.” She then slowly walks inside, looking towards the ground, glancing at you for only a second as she passes you.

That is what you can call a success.

After Sakuya is inside, you are about to join her when you look back, seeing the Three Fairies behind you, looking at you intently.

Your smile slowly fades as you trade glances with the fairies. “Yes? Is there something that you want,” you ask quizzically, “or do you just plan to watch me?”

“Oh right,” Sunny says, grinning widely, “Can we come inside? We’re tired of waiting out here.”

You squat down, moving your face closer to them. “Miss Milk… Miss Sunny… I actually want you three to stay outside for now.”

Your fairy companions start to frown. “Why, Mister?” Sunny whines, “We don’t like waiting outside.”

“Can’t we come inside at all?” Star asks, “We promise we won’t be a problem.”

You frown. “Actually, the reason why I want you three outside is because I want you to keep an eye out for when Miss Hakurei will return,” you answer, hoping the fairies will understand. “I know you like to play around, but you need to learn some responsibility and what better than to make sure to tell me when Miss Hakurei will return. Now I’m counting on you three to do this, can I count on you three?”

The fairies look at each other for a few minutes, looking a bit confused before looking back at you, all of them nodding at once. You smile again. “Good! Now don’t worry, I won’t be long,” you say as you stand up and walk inside the shrine. Sakuya is sitting down, staring at the middle of the table. You notice your jacket at one leg of the table, and being polite, you pick it up and put it on, your injured arm poking out of the center of it.

Taking your seat across from Sakuya, you see the young woman shift her gaze to you. Staring at her, you feel that she might be willing to talk to you more while you wait for the tea. You should be carefully on what to talk about, because if you push too much, she might just stop talking until Reimu returns. You might even want to talk a bit more about yourself, though you shouldn’t let yourself get carried away.

[X] Ask her immediately about why she needs Reimu so badly. Push now and hope for the best.
[X] Do some chit-chat and wait for the tea before asking about her reasons here.
[X] Remain silent about why she’s here and just talk until Reimu arrives.


So, thread's still open for feedback if you want. I would like to have a gauge of how my anons view this story so far.

And well, write-ins are still welcome, though for this update, you might have some limitations.
No. 134184
[X] Do some chit-chat and wait for the tea before asking about her reasons here.
No. 134190
[X] Do some chit-chat and wait for the tea before asking about her reasons here.

Seems pretty good so far, though the continued use of "Mister" to address the MC is starting to become repetitive. Did he never introduce himself to Suika and the fairies, or are their personalities such that they call him Mister anyways?
No. 134191
[x] Do some chit-chat and wait for the tea before asking about her reasons here.
No. 134192
[X] Remain silent about why she’s here and just talk until Reimu arrives.

There isn't much happening and your characters aren't good enough to carry the story by themselves. Hopefully it'll pick up when Reimu gets back.
No. 134194
[X] Do some chit-chat and wait for the tea before asking about her reasons here.

Always save the important discussions until after the main course has been served. That's like rule number one of business dinners, from what I've gathered.
No. 134231
File 129697304997.jpg - (130.10KB , 409x523 , 17443c40457e5588ea4b050422b80399.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Do some chit-chat and wait for the tea before asking about her reasons here.

Tempting as it is to ask Sakuya why she is here now, you really don’t want to risk causing her to retract back in and stay quiet until Reimu returns. It is an unwise move and if you mess up too much, Sakuya might even just leave just because of you. It would be really embarrassing to tell Reimu that you scared away someone. Still sitting down, you keep a stiff posture as you stare back at Sakuya. The young woman, still looking a bit uncertain, does not say a word.

“So Miss Izayoi, do you mind me asking you about your job?” you say calmly, trying to be as friendly as possible. “However… by your clothes, I can probably guess. Are you a maid, Miss Izayoi?”

Sakuya nods. “Though it’s Chief Maid, sir. May I ask what your job is then, sir?” Sakuya asks coolly, her posture still tense. At least she’s talking now.

“Of course, Miss Izayoi, do you think me so rude to not answer your questions? I’m a businessman. My company is actually quite famous… of course I doubt you’ve heard of it.”

“I apologize, sir, for not hearing about your company. I don’t think I even know what a businessman is.”

“Ah, that’s okay, Miss Izayoi, hardly anyone does around here. I simply just run a business, managing my employees, focusing on profitable ventures and the sort. It’s really not as exciting as it sounds.”

“So… you’re like a merchant then? You sell things with your company?”

“Well… yes and no… my company has a wide range of specialties, with tons of different employees.”

“So you’re the boss then?”

You let out a short laugh as you nod. “Yep, that’s right, Miss Izayoi. So, can I ask you about your boss? He must be quite an interesting person, and probably rich too if he has a Chief Maid.” Sakuya then covers her mouth, and although you almost miss it, you could see that she was actually laughing. Good, you’re making progress.

“Sorry,” she says with a slight bit of humor in her voice, “but it’s she, Mister.”

“Ah, my apologies then, Miss Izayoi, I didn’t mean to offend you.”

“That’s okay, sir. And yes, she is wealthy. I have to admit, it’s rather difficult to clean her mansion, thanks to how large it is…” Sakuya sighs, her posture easing up a bit. Seeing this, you stretch your arms, your muscles feeling cramp.

Looking back at Sakuya again, your smile becomes wider as you see that she was also smiling, however faint it is. Relaxing your posture, you feel almost no hostility from Sakuya. Though you still aren’t sure if she’s ready to tell you why she needs Reimu. Maybe a few more questions will help this along.

“So, Miss Izayoi, how long have you been employed? A job like yours must have quite a bit of job security, I bet,” you say cheerfully, chuckling a bit.

“Yes, sir, I have been employed by my mistress for quite some time. It’s because of my skills that she’ll keep me employed,” she says happily, her smile now obviously visible.

“That’s good to hear, that’s good to hear. You definitely are a valuable asset to anyone you work for. I find your employer to be a very lucky person to have someone like you.”

“I am flattered to hear that sir, but I don’t require your words to remind me of that.”

You see Sakuya blush, causing you to let out another short laugh. As you are laughing, a tray of tea and two cups is placed in the center of the table. Looking up, you see Suika smiling widely as she places each cup in front of you and Sakuya and begins to pour tea into them.

“Alright then, enjoy!” Suika says cheerfully as she sits down to watch you two.

Thanking Suika, you take your cup and raise it up to Sakuya. “To Miss Izayoi, the best maid and worker I’ve ever seen.”

Suika raises her gourd and laughs. “To Sakuya!”

Sakuya giggles, smiling as she raises her cup as well. “Thank you, sir, thank you very much.”

You all then take a sip, Suika taking a long drink out of her gourd. Setting your glass down, you then lean back, chuckling to yourself. Perfect, now is the time to ask.

“So, Miss Izayoi, I apologize if I sound odd, but why are you here again?” You ask apologetically, “I seem to have forgotten already.”

Sakuya chuckles loudly, taking another sip of tea. “That’s okay, sir,” she says cheerfully, “I’m just here to bring Reimu to the Scarlet Devil Mansion. My mistress is having quite of a problem on her hand and she wants Reimu to help out.”

Her reason, at long last, you know. Chuckling, you take another sip of tea. “So then, your mistress is having trouble, huh? It must be pretty bad if even she is having trouble, huh?”

“Yeah…” Sakuya says, looking into her cup of tea, “I hope Reimu comes back soon…”

Looking at Sakuya, you start thinking of what you can do. This mistress of hers sounds like someone who can help you. Maybe if you meet Sakuya’s mistress, you might even be able to help out some way. Besides, a mansion is a big upgrade in life quality in comparison to this shrine. Then again, you still have to meet with Reimu yourself.

[X] “Hrmm… Sakuya, you don’t mind me asking but… maybe I can help your mistress out?” – Ask to help Sakuya’s mistress.
[X] “Yeah… me too…” – Wait for Reimu


Soon, there will be a second thread.

I need to update faster.
No. 134233
[X] “Hrmm… Sakuya, you don’t mind me asking but… maybe I can help your mistress out?” – Ask to help Sakuya’s mistress.
No. 134234
[X] “Yeah… me too…” – Wait for Reimu

Let's not get too in over our heads without finding out what Remilia needs.
No. 134235
[x] “Hrmm… Sakuya, you don’t mind me asking but… maybe I can help your mistress out?” – Ask to help Sakuya’s mistress.
time to get good connections for further expansion.
No. 134238
[X] “Yeah… me too…” – Wait for Reimu

I don't see how socializing with the SDM crew will help Wilson get back Outside.
No. 134245
[X] “Yeah… me too…” – Wait for Reimu
No. 134253
[x] “Hrmm… Sakuya, you don’t mind me asking but… maybe I can help your mistress out?” – Ask to help Sakuya’s mistress.
No. 134270
[X] “Hrmm… Sakuya, you don’t mind me asking but… maybe I can help your mistress out?” – Ask to help Sakuya’s mistress.

It never hurts to have a contingency plan for the possibility that Wilson finds himself permanently Cast Away in Gensokyo. Remilia could prove to be a good investor in the event Wilson decides to establish a new business, provided he plays his cards right. He needs capital for that kind of venture.
No. 134311
File 129705790788.png - (487.34KB , 800x500 , c037397f702bc3daf6c8b1bb614a96c0.png ) [iqdb]
[X] “Hrmm… Sakuya, you don’t mind me asking but… maybe I can help your mistress out?”

Sakuya stares at you, the room becoming silent except for the noise of Suika drinking her sake. Although you are worried that you overstepped your bounds and have caused Sakuya to retract back and stay silent, you don’t sense any hostility from the young woman. Instead, you feel a sense of curiosity.

“You…” Sakuya says slowly, “want to help my Mistress? Even though you don’t know anything about her besides that she’s rich and she owns a big mansion?” Her eyes narrow, and she leans in a bit closer. You feel your worry returning again, hoping that you haven’t offended her. It would be quite a shame to come this far to have all your work demolished by a mistimed question.

“Wilson, I don’t understand; why do you want to help?” Sakuya sighs. “Are you expecting some sort of reward from her?”

You shake your head in disbelief.“You think I’d only help for a reward?” you ask, sounding completely offended. “I would never let such a thing cloud my judgment. I simply ask because I am a gentleman. I would never leave a woman in distress, especially if I feel that I could do something about it.”

Sakuya tilts her head, still perplexed by your request. “Sir, my mistress is hardly a person who needs some knight to save her. It’s just a special problem that needs a special person.” She then shrugs, shaking her head in confusion.

Undaunted, you continue to persist in arguing why you should be allowed to help. If anything, it would give you a good excuse to meet someone else of wealth and power. And besides, if you can help Sakuya's mistress, it will definitely boost relations. That is, if you can help, of course.

You readjust your posture again as you look back at Sakuya. “Well, I know I might sound arrogant, but what if I can be that special person?” You ask, scratching your chin a bit. “There’s always more than one person who can solve problems. Who knows, I might not be Miss Hakurei, but I might be able to solve the problem just as well.”

Sakuya sighs, taking her cup in her hands. “Well, sir, you don’t even know what the problem is,” she says before taking a sip. “How can you claim to be able to solve a problem which you don’t even know about?”

You chuckle as you also take your cup of tea in your hand. “If you told me what the problem is, then I would probably decide if I could solve this problem,” you say happily as you drink your tea, finishing and putting it down. “You wouldn’t just count me out as being helpful just because you don’t want to tell me what’s wrong now, do you?”

Sakuya smiles, shaking her head as she sets her cup down. “I’m sorry... Wilson, for not telling you about it then.” She looks back at you, “Well, the problem is that our mansion has become victim to an… intruder… in our mansion. The intruder not only refuses to leave, but also proves resistant to our attempts to move the intruder out.”

“Well, have you tried talking to it?”

“We have. It refuses to speak to us. All it does is grumble.”

You start feeling that it might be a bad idea to get involved after all. Well, on one hand, you're certain your efforts will be appreciated, and yet if you really can’t do anything at all, then you might as well not have done anything to begin with. Feeling a bit uncertain, you start toying around with your tea cup, avoiding eye contact with Sakuya.

“Oh come on, Mister! I’m certain you can do it,” Suika interrupts cheerfully, standing up and patting you on the back. “I’m certain you can convince some grumpy old intruder to leave.”

You chuckle nervously after hearing Suika’s words. “Yeah… I guess so.” You gulp, forcing a smile. “So… shall we wait for Reimu a bit longer? I mean, if you’re looking for her, then she’s your first choice, right?”

Sakuya laughs softly as she nods. “Yes, Wilson. I still plan on having Reimu fix this problem, so you don’t have to worry about doing anything just yet.”

You lean back, pouring yourself another cup of tea, using the chance to calm yourself down. As long as Reimu comes back, you’ll be fine. Of course you’ll be fine. She has to come back. She’s coming back because she needs to help you out. After she helps you out, you’ll be back to your old life, not having to worry about steel intruders and the like.

Yet Reimu does not return.

You look out of the shrine, seeing the sun already setting and the sky becoming darker. Something is wrong. How long of a trip does it take to get to a shrine? No matter how far the shrine is from the Human Village, Reimu should be back by now. Even if she can’t fly, she still probably had a lot of time to gather information and come back already. Maybe the path back to the shrine is blocked off or something. Maybe she’s deciding to stay at the Village until tomorrow.

Or maybe something happened to her.

You shake your head after that last thought. Reimu is fine. She has to be.

She just has to be.

Looking back at Sakuya, you see her also looking outside, seeing how late it is becoming. She sighs as she stands up and looks at you, a small frown on her face.

“I apologize, sir, but I’ve wasted too much time here. I have overstayed my wait and I must return to the mansion.” Sakuya continues to stare at you. “You will be accompanying me back, right?”

You look back at Sakuya, staring into her eyes. By the looks of it, she’s dead serious whether or not you are planning to come with her. Your kind gesture of helping out is now being put to the test. You can say yes and go with her, but face something that you might possibly not be able to solve, or say no. Hell, maybe you could ask her to help you look for Reimu.

[X] “Yes, Miss Izayoi, I will be accompanying you on your trip back.” – Go to the Mansion
[X] “I apologize, Miss Izayoi, but I feel that my skills are inadequate in dealing with this problem your mistress has. But I will inform Miss Hakurei as soon as she comes back about your problem.” – Stay back.
[X] “Miss Izayoi, I suggest instead that we take a visit to the Human Village. Miss Hakurei may still be there.” – Suggest going to the Human Village


Choices, choices, and so little space left on this thread.
No. 134312
[X] “Yes, Miss Izayoi, I will be accompanying you on your trip back.” – Go to the Mansion
No. 134315
[X] “Miss Izayoi, I suggest instead that we take a visit to the Human Village. Miss Hakurei may still be there.” – Suggest going to the Human Village

I'm worried about Reiiiiiiiimu. SDM's intruder can wait until we find her.
No. 134326
[x] “Yes, Miss Izayoi, I will be accompanying you on your trip back.” – Go to the Mansion
No. 134327
[X] “Miss Izayoi, I suggest instead that we take a visit to the Human Village. Miss Hakurei may still be there.” – Suggest going to the Human Village.
No. 134360
[X] “Miss Izayoi, I suggest instead that we take a visit to the Human Village. Miss Hakurei may still be there.” – Suggest going to the Human Village


Agreed. The Grump isn't going anywhere soon, and Reimu's disappearance is a bit more distressing at this point.

Wouldn't it be ironic if Reimu's already at the SDM dealing with that thing while we're sitting here?
No. 134394
File 129713191487.jpg - (185.08KB , 1801x961 , fire.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] “Miss Izayoi, I suggest instead that we take a visit to the Human Village. Miss Hakurei may still be there.”

Sakuya continues to stare at you with confused eyes. Her posture stiffens as she walks up to you. Deciding that staying seated is a bad idea, you stand back up, composing yourself quickly. The situation is too delicate to stay relaxed anymore, as it will only lead to Sakuya questioning whether or not you are going to uphold your promise.

“Please, Miss Izayoi, don’t take this the wrong way,” you say strongly, adjusting your coat while you’re at it. “Though I seem to understand that your mistress’ situation is dire, the fact still remains that Miss Hakurei has yet to return to this shrine.”

Sakuya nods, a bit of worry starting to appear on her face. “I understand, Wilson, but I fear about what my mistress may think,” she explains, her mouth frowning. “I do not want her to think that I am skipping out on my duties.”

You place your hand on Sakuya’s shoulder and give her a firm pat on the back. “Miss Izayoi, what you’re doing is anything but skipping on your duties,” you say as you give her a warm smile. “Please, if anything, I will explain the situation to your mistress. I am certain she is an understanding woman?”

“She is,” Sakuya answers, softly giggling as she stares back at you. “Very well then, sir, we will investigate the Human Village for any sign of the Hakurei maiden, but we can only stay for so long.”

“Yes, Miss Izayoi, I understand. I promise you we will only be there for about thirty minutes. If we do not find Miss Hakurei by then, we’ll head back to your mistress’s mansion.”

You soon hear Suika laughing loudly as she walks in-between you, her hands behind her head as she gives Sakuya and you a big smile.

“Hehe, looks like we have a plan then, Mister!” Suika says cheerfully as she runs outside, causing Sakuya and you to follow her outside.

Soon, the Three Mischievous Fairies fly in front of you, the three of them looking at you curiously.

“Where are you going, Mister?” Sunny asks, fluttering close to your face.

“You aren’t planning on leaving us behind, are you?” Star says in a worried tone, a large frown on her face.

You shake your head quickly. “Please, I would never dream of leaving you behind, but…” Your voice trails off as you worry how the fairies will react, “… but I have a big favor to ask you three.”

Glancing around, you return your gaze to the fairies, leaning in very close to them. “I know it doesn’t seem like much, but can you please stay at the shrine just a little bit longer? In case Miss Hakurei actually returns while we’re going to the Village, can you please inform her to go to the Scarlet Devil Mansion?”

The fairies stare at you for a few seconds, Luna moving in a bit closer to you. “Um, Mister, but what if Reimu doesn’t come back?” she asks inquisitively.

You sigh as you straighten yourself up again, tapping your foot a few times. If it does come to that, then the situation might be worse than you imagined. Reimu is helping you out. If she disappeared, then who is going to help you now?

“If that’s the case… I want you three to meet me at the Scarlet Devil Mansion. I hope you know where it is?” The three fairies nod in unison, making you smile. “Alright then, that’s good to hear! There’s some tea left if you want. Good luck.”

“Good luck to you too, Mister!” Sunny says cheerfully, giving you thumbs up before the three flies inside the shrine.

Turning to Sakuya again, you give her a nod as she jumps into the air, flying away into the distance. Turning down to Suika, you see her staring up at you, looking like she wants to tell you something.

“Well, Miss Suika, what’s wrong?” you ask, squatting down to her. “Worried about Miss Hakurei?”

Suika shakes her head and then points back at the shrine. “You sure we can trust those three with keeping the shrine safe?”

You chuckle. “You think we have a choice?”

Suika shrugs as she takes a sip of her sake, suddenly causing her to disperse into a cloud of mist, the mist picking you up and flying into the air, following Sakuya. Although you trust Suika to not drop you, you still can’t help but be a bit afraid of falling through the mist and becoming a thin red stain on the dirt.

Looking around, the sun has already set, a small bit of sunlight still peeking out from behind the mountains. The lack of light makes it difficult to really make anything out on the ground, the forest below you being nothing less than an indistinguishable green blob. You even find it difficult to track Sakuya through the sky, the only thing really helping you to search for her is her silver hair.

After several minutes flying, you notice a bit of light in the distance. Squinting, you can make out several buildings, all of them made of wood. As the mist cloud approaches the village, it starts going lower. You can see Sakuya land near the outskirts of the village. The cloud then begins to hover over the ground. Not wanting to fall again, you wiggle a bit and leap off the cloud, managing to land on both feet. Feeling accomplished, you look back as the mist cloud gathers together, Suika reappearing before you.

“So Mister, did you like your flight?” Suika asks cheerfully, giggling to herself.

You smile and nod at Suika before turning to Sakuya, who was looking at the Human Village. Walking up next to her, you see her face, seeing that she is looking apprehensive.

“What’s wrong, Miss Izayoi?” you inquire, sounding as friendly as you can. “You have some bad memories of this place?”

Sakuya shakes her head as she turns to you. “It’s just that people are afraid to see me every time I come here. Although I enjoy the solitude it can create, it can also make me feel a bit… lonely.”

You give Sakuya a warm smile as you put your hand on her shoulder. “Well, don’t worry, Sakuya, I’m here for you.”

Sakuya smiles back at you. You then hear Suika walking up next to you, turning up to look at you with a large smile.

“Alright then, Mister, let’s get going!” Suika says happily as she runs into the village, with Sakuya and you following shortly behind. As you are passing by the buildings, however, you notice that there’s no one around. Feeling a bit worried, you keep moving through the village, surprised that you still see no one at all. For a village this size from faraway, you think you would at least meet someone, even if the sun has already set.

However, you start to smell something strange. At first you can’t tell what it is, but soon, you think it smells like smoke. Smoke of something… Burning? No… not burning… you didn’t see any fires at all, but something that was burning but was put out a while ago. Your sight soon confirms your smell as, upon turning around a corner, you could see a huge area of singed wood, surrounding a smaller area of burnt buildings. From the sights of it, you think most of the village is here, as there is quite a large congregation of people.

And standing in the crowd, surrounding by quite a few people, was Reimu.

“Miss Hakurei!” you cry out, waving your hand above your head as you start moving through the crowd of people, hoping to get Reimu’s attention. “Miss Hakurei, over here!”

Reimu notices you as she waves back. You finally make it through the crowd of people, breathing heavily due to how fast you got through the crowd. Smiling, you notice Reimu was looking at your arm.

“What happened, Wilson?” she asks you, looking back up to you. “Did someone did this to you?”

You start laughing nervously. “Well… you see…”

“Reimu!” Suika says cheerfully, grabbing on to Reimu’s back, hugging her tightly.

Sakuya then appears next to Reimu, curtseying. “Good evening, Reimu.”

Reimu turns to Sakuya. “Oh, Sakuya, what are you doing here?”

“Miss Scarlet requests for your audience at her mansion.”

“Remilia? Tell her I’m too busy to play with her right now.”

“Reimu, Miss Scarlet is in dire need of your attendance.”

Reimu sighs as she points at the burnt-down buildings. “Well, go and tell Remilia that I’m already busy with this incident. I’m looking to see what caused this problem and that I can’t help her right now.”

Looking at the buildings, you start thinking. Perhaps if you help Reimu out here, she’ll finish up resolving this problem. Then she’ll be free to help out Sakuya’s boss, Remilia was it? However, Reimu looks pretty worn out. You can see some scorch marks on her dress and a bit of soot on her face. Even though Reimu is a young woman, being tasked to solve multiple problems in one night seems to be a lot of work.

[X] “Miss Hakurei, why don’t I help you out? If we all look for the source of this problem, then maybe we can finish up here quickly and we can help out Sakuya’s boss afterwards.”
[X] “Miss Izayoi, I know you want Miss Hakurei to help you, but she already has a lot on her plate. I guess I’ll have to go with you back to the Scarlet Devil Mansion instead.”
[X] “Why don’t I do your investigation here, Miss Hakurei? That way you can go deal with the problem at the Scarlet Devil Mansion.”






And Maids.

Maids, maids, maids.

Did I say maids?

Of course I did.

No. 134395
[X] “Miss Izayoi, I know you want Miss Hakurei to help you, but she already has a lot on her plate. I guess I’ll have to go with you back to the Scarlet Devil Mansion instead.”
No. 134396
Fixed it for you.

[X] “Miss Hakurei, why don’t I help you out? If we all look for the source of this problem, then maybe we can finish up here quickly and we can help out Sakuya’s boss afterwards.”
No. 134398

Who said it was broken?

So, how do you think the story is progress so far, my anons?

Business in Gensokyo might not be as possible as you might think...
No. 134401
[x] “Why don’t I do your investigation here, Miss Hakurei? That way you can go deal with the problem at the Scarlet Devil Mansion.”
I am interested.
No. 134402
[X] “Miss Hakurei, why don’t I help you out? If we all look for the source of this problem, then maybe we can finish up here quickly and we can help out Sakuya’s boss afterwards."
No. 134404
[X] “Miss Hakurei, why don’t I help you out? If we all look for the source of this problem, then maybe we can finish up here quickly and we can help out Sakuya’s boss afterwards.”

No. 134405
[X] “Miss Hakurei, why don’t I help you out? If we all look for the source of this problem, then maybe we can finish up here quickly and we can help out Sakuya’s boss afterwards."
-[X] Send Suika back to make sure the fairies know that Reimu is alright (and that they haven't demolished the place).

Don't forget the fairies...
No. 134410
[X] “Miss Hakurei, why don’t I help you out? If we all look for the source of this problem, then maybe we can finish up here quickly and we can help out Sakuya’s boss afterwards."
-[X] Send Suika back to make sure the fairies know that Reimu is alright (and that they haven't demolished the place).
No. 134479
File 129722873636.jpg - (578.54KB , 2125x2567 , 6957c338453b60dbac63165826ea3fae.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] “Miss Hakurei, why don’t I help you out? If we all look for the source of this problem, then maybe we can finish up here quickly and we can help out Sakuya’s boss afterwards.”

Shifting your eyes to the buildings, you just can’t help but think what might have caused all of this. Maybe it was caused by a power socket blowing its fuse… no, that’s stupid. As far as you can tell, there is no electricity in this village. Well, at least not here. Still, there got to be an explanation to what this problem is. You just don’t know what it is.

You turn around, facing Suika, squatting down to her height. “Miss Suika, can you go back to the Hakurei shrine and inform Sunny and the others that Reimu is okay and that they do not have to leave their post?”

“Alright-y then, Mister!” Suika cheerfully exclaims, smiling widely. Suika then jumps into the sky and begins kicking her feet, swimming through the air. You… really don’t have anything to say about that.

Reimu, however, is quick to talk. “What?!” she yells, her mouth hanging open. “You left those three fairies to watch over my shrine?! What are you, Wilson, crazy?! Those fairies are crazy! They’re completely untrustworthy!”

You face the shrine maiden, giving her a quick shrug. “I don’t know, Miss Hakurei. They’re a nice bunch of fairies. I mean, they helped my arm out, you know? Besides, what’s the worst they can do?”

“They could wreck my shrine, that’s the worst that they can do!” Reimu is literally fuming, which in all honestly scares you a bit.

“Please, Miss Hakurei,” Sakuya interrupts, walking in-between Reimu and yourself. “Despite my own misgivings of those three miscreants, they were well-behaved when I saw them last. Perhaps Mister Wilson is right in trusting those three with keeping your shrine safe.”

Reimu is flailing her arms, pulling at her hair, looking ready to lash out at any moment. Yet she stops. Taking in a deep breath, Reimu shakes her head, pointing at you, giving you a stern look.

“Alright then, Wilson,” she says firmly, her eyes locked on to yours. “I will believe you when you say that we can trust those fairies. But I swear, if even one brick is out of alignment…”

“Alright, alright, I understand, Miss Hakurei! Please, calm down, alright? Arguing about fairies won’t get us any further. So let’s get this done with and then we can deal with Miss Scarlet’s problem, okay?”

Reimu continues to give you a furious look but at least she doesn’t say anything else. You watch her look away and start walking towards the buildings, wondering if you should follow her now or give her some space. Letting out a loud sigh, you turn to Sakuya, shrugging to her.

“Sakuya, does Reimu really have all these suspicions about others?” you ask her, shaking your head slowly. “Does she really think that everything is out to get her?”

Sakuya sighs as well. “I understand your concerns, Wilson, but Reimu has been through a lot.” She then walks in front of you. “She had her shrine destroyed several times before. She has some reason to worry about her shrine.”

You scratch your head, a little surprised to hear about how much the shrine was destroyed in the past. To be honest, it makes her fears a bit more reasonable. If only just a bit more reasonable. Sakuya then smiles as she walks past you, stopping to look back at you.

“Well then, Wilson, shall we get this investigation underway? I don’t want my mistress to wait any longer.”

You chuckle as you walk after her, following her inside the burnt-down rubble of a building. Looking around, you can tell by the damage that the fire must have been very fierce. Considering that the whole village appears to be made out of wood, you are surprised that the fire was contained and exterminated. Reimu must have really been a deciding factor in rescuing the village from destruction.

Passing by burnt tables and rugs, you notice that a few of the buildings have signs of some degree of merchandise, shelves of slippers, boxes filled with food, and even the remains of what appears to be a cart. Even though the sales goods aren’t anything too interesting, it is still an interesting mental note you write down in your head. Though you don’t plan on staying here too long, maybe you can at least show these villagers the finer points of business.

Sakuya and you finally catch up with Reimu, who is standing near the rubble of an entirely burnt-out building. Looking around, there is broken planks and rock tossed about everywhere. Seeing how extensive the damage is here, perhaps you might find some clues here on what might have caused the fire. Although at first you want to have a word with Reimu, noticing that she still seems to be a bit angry, you decide instead to just focus on investigation.

Glancing around the building, you try to see if you can find anything of question, like a turned over lamp or maybe torch. Perhaps a fireplace can also be considered a source. Moving around the rubble, you suddenly feel something snag your foot, causing you to stumble over; only with a short balancing act do you avoid falling to the ground. Looking down, you expect to think that it is only a bit of rubble that caused you to trip over, but upon closer examination, you notice something… metal.

“Hmm, what’s think?” you think out loud, crouching down at the metal object. Even though it seems to be a small metal stick, you notice that it is sticking out of the ground without any explanation why. Trying to move it, the metal stick refuses to budge, seemingly attached to something a lot larger.

“What is it, Wilson?” Sakuya asks, walking over to you as you investigate the metal object a bit more. By the looks of where it is extending out of, it is sticking out of the large pile of rubble in the middle of the building.

You begin to move aside the rubble, careful not to hurt your good arm. Soon, you realize that one arm alone won’t help you dig out whatever might be under this rubble. Looking at Sakuya, you exchange glances for a few moments before you point at the rubble, Sakuya quickly understanding what you wanted, walking over to the pile to help you pull away a few more pieces of rubble.

Soon, you come across a large surface, covered in soot. Examining it, you don’t see anywhere you can pull it from, but by the looks of it, it looks like this is what the metal stick is attached to. Using your jacket, you start to rub off the soot, quickly stopping after removing a bit of soot.

“No… it can’t be…” you mutter, shaking your head in disbelief.

“Wilson, what’s wrong?” Sakuya asks in a worried tone, exchanging a few glances before you both look back at the object.

“It just can’t be…” you say again as you continue removing soot. You notice a few bumps on the surface, and upon closer inspection these bumps are rivets, and then some noticeable seams, showing that this was made up of different parts. Tapping on the object, the object makes a resounding metallic clang.

You step back, holding your head, still thinking that this has to be a joke. You do not believe what the wreckage is. You just don’t.

“Wilson, please, what is it?” Sakuya asks again, almost pleading you to tell her what it is.

You lean back in, moving aside more rubble, revealing more of the object, still covered in soot. But you can’t deny it anymore. You know what this object is.

“It’s… a satellite,” you exclaim, laughing a bit. “It’s an honest-to-god satellite.”

“Huh, what’s going on over there?” Reimu asks, walking up to the rubble pile to see what you uncovered. “So, Wilson, care to explain what this is?”

You look at Reimu with a small grin on your face. “Well, Reimu, I think this is the source of your little fire.”

After Reimu returned with a group of villagers, the villagers and you start pulling the satellite out of the wreckage, dragging it out of the burnt-down buildings and into the street, setting it down after it is sitting right in the middle of the dirt road. Though you wish Suika was here to make things easier, you are glad that you could rely on the villagers to help you out here.

Now out of the rubble, you are able to examine the satellite closely. Though you aren’t a scientist, you are no strangers to satellites. By the looks of it, it’s probably an old radio satellite, perhaps even a remnant from the Cold War. Unfortunately, you lack the technical skills to repair the satellite, especially a shame since the satellite itself seems to be in quite good condition, considering it was in the middle of a fire, and probably even crashing into the ground.

“So what do we do with it, Wilson?” you hear Reimu say, the young woman stretching her arms and pulling out her wooden stick. “I say we destroy it, if it caused this entire problem.”

“Destroy it?” you ask, surprised at Reimu’s idea. “This is a satellite, and an old satellite to boot. I doubt there’s anything like this here.”

“Well, if it caused this fire, then destroy it. I don’t want to have to worry about another thing causing incidents.”

“Causing incidents… Reimu, this thing is a machine! A completely inert, completely motionless machine! There’s no reason to destroy it at all!”

“A-hem,” Sakuya interrupts, Reimu and you turning to her. “Seeing that Wilson has the most experience with these ‘satellites’ before, I suggest that he be given the choice on how to properly deal with it.”

“Alright then, Sakuya, but I still say we destroy it…” Reimu responds, folding her arms, waiting for your decision.

Looking back at the satellite, Reimu might be right with destroying it. Sure, maybe not for the right reasons, but you don’t think this satellite would be of any practical use for these villagers. Then again, think about all the profit you could make if you bring this back home. But… where will you store it? Then again, the villagers might not be able to use the satellite for its original purpose, but perhaps they can use the technology in it, or maybe the metals. It would be nice for these villagers to use this object that caused great destruction for something useful for them.


[X] “I say we keep this thing intact. Store it in a warehouse for now. It’s not going to harm anyone now, anyway.”
[X] “Though I don’t agree with your reasons, Reimu, disposing of this satellite might actually be the best course of action right now.”
[X] “This satellite should be donated to the villagers. Even if they can’t use it for what it was made for, they can still probably use the metal from it for something.”

[X] “Time to head over to the Scarlet Devil Mansion.”
[X] “I’m feeling tired myself. I think I heard that innkeeper is giving us a free night for helping out here.”
[X] “We should head back to the shrine already. I’ll show you that those three fairies haven’t done anything to your precious shrine.”


Two choices again.

Pick one from the first choice and one from the second.

Incidents, man.


They're like... totally important things that a shrine maiden has to resolve!

Okay, I'll stop now.
No. 134482
[X] “I say we keep this thing intact. Store it in a warehouse for now. It’s not going to harm anyone now, anyway.”

[X] “We should head back to the shrine already. I’ll show you that those three fairies haven’t done anything to your precious shrine.”

A stop over at the Shrine won't hurt and those three might be able to help.
No. 134483
[X] “I say we keep this thing intact. Store it in a warehouse for now. It’s not going to harm anyone now, anyway.”
[X] “We should head back to the shrine already. I’ll show you that those three fairies haven’t done anything to your precious shrine.”

The larger the group, the more mayhem ensues.
No. 134489
[X] “This satellite should be donated to the villagers. Even if they can’t use it for what it was made for, they can still probably use the metal from it for something.”
[X] “Time to head over to the Scarlet Devil Mansion.”

No. 134493
[X] “This satellite should be donated to the villagers. Even if they can’t use it for what it was made for, they can still probably use the metal from it for something.”
[X] “Time to head over to the Scarlet Devil Mansion.”
No. 134508
[X] “This satellite should be donated to the villagers. Even if they can’t use it for what it was made for, they can still probably use the metal from it for something.”
[X] “Time to head over to the Scarlet Devil Mansion.”
No. 134538
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Well, this thread is fast approaching the auto-sage mark.

It's strange to finally reach the auto-sage mark after so long. It makes me feel a little... bubbly inside.

In any case, I'm opening the ending to this thread to more discussion and what not, the current state of events, a time to basically check on how our current situation is and to ask me a few questions, if you are so inclined.

Oh, and voting is still going on. Even if there is a majority right now, I don't feel it is right to deny others a chance to vote, even if they take their time in choosing.

Oh, and here's a little recommendation I will give you guys for a bit of nice music to go with the picture here.