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It finally happened. You met a girl, fooled yourself into thinking you had fallen in love, and screwed it up. And now, alone again as you were in the beginning, Cupid, that little brat with wings, shoots, no, stabs you from the back with its arrows. And suddenly, the most important thing in your life becomes finding her, and begging your everything to her until you are forgiven.

Right now, you feel like nothing but an idiot. You knew better than this. You thought you did. How could you fall into such an obvious story? All those years, saying to yourself you didn’t really care being the loner, that it was just the effect of your obliviousness around them, and now? Were you that much different as those you loathed?

You never took much account in the other person’s feelings. Instead, since the beginning, the only one you cared for was yourself. It was you who took her for granted and never bothered looking all those little details that were important. Never told her that you loved her, that you’d never leave her side, because you were too busy playing it like some sort of game. Like, if you started giving all you had, you would lose, and when she put the most faith unto you, you betrayed her.

But no. You were not the same, and you would prove it. You might have lost her trust, her love, she might have just forgotten you ever existed, and have nothing but rightfully deserved disdain for you, but now, you were going to get it all back. Even if that meant getting killed, or worse, for all you knew. Your objective now was finding her, and pursuing her to the end of the world if you had to.

Although, honestly, you had just got to the end of the world already. Your part of the deal is the only one left to fulfill. And that means, you are on your own now. Beneath your feet lies a grass field, reaching almost all of your view. Besides you, no one else is here now. You are safe. But you can’t stay.

The compass on your hand is pointing north. If you wish to avoid walking in circles, you are going to need it. But it only can do as much as guide you in four directions now.

So, which one to take…

[] North
[] South
[] East
[] West
[] Up?

-Check your...
[] Inventory
[] Surroundings
[] Screw that, you’ll check both.
>begging your everything to her until you are forgiven.
>you didn’t really care being the loner
>Were you that much different as those you loathed?

[X] North
[X] Screw that, you’ll check both.
[X] Down
[X] Screw that, you’ll check both.

I really hope this guy drops the self-loathing act. No one wants to hang around with a flaming pussy.

I do so hope we aren't in love with Mokou.
The image should be a hint, don't you think?
A new story, huh? I look forward to seeing where this will go, but two things off the bat:

1. Whether it's intentional or accidental, you have made it sound as though the main character is you. Don't do that. Even if the main character is actually a canonical loner like Mokou, do you not think there are more compelling ways to spin her personality?
2. The first choice should be something more relevant to the conflict you have introduced than directions.
[x] East
[x] Surroundings
[x] Up?
[x] Screw that, you’ll check both.

Don't know how you're planning to do this, but having to vote to check surroundings would get old really fast.
File 129032388498.jpg - (164.49KB, 849x607 , genso map.jpg) [iqdb]
[X]Check both.

First things first, you need to see what equipment survived through. You wouldn´t want to jump into action uprepared, right? Well, more unprepared.

Currently, you are wearing a t-shirt, stained with mud and whatnot, from your prolonged exposition to wilderness. Your favourite pants, the ones you had worn all week long, are all ragged. Just how they have managed such a feat in a few hours is something better left unknown. Inside its pockets lay a Swiss Knive, right now your most valued posession, your wallet, which has turned into the least valued one, and a little survival kit, that you still need to figure how will it help you survive. In your right hand is a compass, your current way of navigation, and if the unexistant weight of your shoulders is to be trusted, your worst fears are confirmed: Somehow, you managed to lose the camping backpack that holded the rest of your stuff, including food and a sleeping bag.

It has become pretty obvious to you. There is no way to survive here without sustenance and a proper rest. That´s why you have started this travel searching for any indications of human activity. By first following trails of smoke,and then houses at the distance, you have spotted a village just a few more steps north. Step by step, you manage to get more details of this settlement, and realize it´s just as big as a town, cut in half by a perfect line, which you guess is the main street,and forming in union with other roads, different suburbs, all protected by a wall separating the city from the farming fields at the west, a forest at the right, and the grassy fields on which you stand.

When you approached the wall, it looked to you as tall and fortified enough to endure the hardest of sieges. You wouldn´t be able to climb it if you wanted, but fortunately,the gates are open. You get weird looks from the guards when crossing it, but the pass into the village is permitted to you anyways.

It is still morning, and the only villagers walking on what you suppose is the main street you saw earlier are housekeepers running errands on the various stands and stores, or little kids playing around. Sitting on a free bench, you rest your bones from the long walk.

The clean air has gotten too much into you, and induces you to daydream. Even if this place looks like ripped from a history book, you can relate to it. For example, this marketplace. It was not so different from the mall where you first saw, no, noticed her...
And this is why you don´t update too late in the night. Too much to tell, too little time. Do not worry folks, we´ll get to the choosing option soon.
Just like now, you were sitting on a bench, eating cheap ice cream from the fast food area, not thinking about any particular problem or theme, just enjoying the sweet, cold and creamy sensation on your own way.

And then she walked past you, and your attention was suddenly yanked from the dessert to the brief moments on which her passing permitted you to see her face.

At first, you just acknowledged her existence, grumped a little to yourself, and continued eating. You were still oblivious to them. You had seen her somewhere else. Probably from school. Hell, if you did nothing else but sleep in class, how would you know the appearance of each and every one of your classmates?

But the rest of you was not pleased with that explanation. As soon as she started to blend into the crowd, you automatically stood up, and started following her. The ice cream was totally ignored, left to melt in your hand, but it was too late already, because she had disappeared, leaving you standing in the middle of the mall, with something cold and messy dripping from your hand, and no explanation whatsoe…

Like a spring, your body jumped from the bench. Just now…

Could it be? But where? You turned your head from side to side, hoping you could see…There! She is turning on that corner!

Without thinking twice, you ran to the lady, trying to get her attention. You were successful, because, when you turned the corner to catch her, she turned back and pushed you to the ground.

-You are too noisy, filth. Do you want to be eaten that much"-

You looked at her face. If the red eyes, claw like nails, fangs, and demonic voice is of any indication, she is quite pissed. Also, she is not the person you are looking for. And she looks like she really is about to eat you, and not on that way. You open your mouth to say something…

[ ] Um… Sorry, I was looking for someone…
[ ] I’m kinda lost. Would you know where’s the bathroom?
[ ] Look! You’ve got something on your hair!
[x] Look! You’ve got something on your hair!
or something like that
[x] "Bitch, please." Get up and pimp slap her.
Wait...no, that's a terrible idea.
[x] "Umm... Sorry, I was looking for someone."
Hey, looks good so far, but your writing needs some spiffing up.
[x] Look! You’ve got something on your hair!
[x] "Umm... Sorry, I was looking for someone."
[x] Look! You’ve got something on your hair!
run like the wind
[X] Um… Sorry, I was looking for someone…
Quit substituting on for in.
You do know that both On and in both describe different situations that are both equally applicable in this situation.
File 129090347356.jpg - (490.08KB, 850x1196 , 3b08842631fd7a33cddcc96d5e390da2.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Look! You’ve got something on your hair!

It occurred to you that this girl was not in the mood to give you directions, so you tried a different approach.

-Look! You’ve got something moving on your hair! - You said, pointing at her to sound more credible.

-What are you talking about? These are my ears! Do you think my ears are funny, worm? Wait! Where do you think you are going!

She flinched for a moment, just enough for you to turn away and run. However, the distraction didn’t last long. She grabbed you by the neck, and dragged you deeper into the alley. But then, someone else pulled you to the other side by the arm.

-Get your claws off of him. - Said the red and white girl. -This is not a snack.

-He attacked me first! - The one grabbing you by the neck hissed. –And he also made fun of my ears!

It seemed as the girls were playing tug of war with you as the rope.

-He’s from the outside. Look at his clothes. - Said the red and white girl. - Should it had been a villager, or another one like you, I would’ve happily obliged you to finish it on the outskirts, but outsiders are off limits. Now, let go.

The other girl was still effectively choking the life out of you. The red and white pointed a stick with paper tied to the end to her, and the deadly grip got loose enough to let you not choke silently.

-I won’t say it again. - She menaced.

She threw you out to the street with the single hand that grabbed you by the neck, and then, assuming a crouched position, hissed, and disappeared. The red and white one just walked over you, like if you were a puddle on the road.

-Follow me, and stay quiet.
He was probably talking about things like:
>The compass on your hand
>enjoying the sweet, cold and creamy sensation on your own way.
>And she looks like she really is about to eat you, and not on that way.
>like if you were a puddle on the road.

Also, what is it with bad writers and the inability to use quotation marks to mark dialogue? It won't make the story any better, but it will make it less of an eyesore.

Interessing enough, he's the first one to use - I've seen yet.
what's the source of the pic you used there?
Use the IQDB search link.
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-Just what was that? - You asked, as you were guided away from the village, following some sort of stone path, beautified by trees with pink leaves and stones carved with symbols you somehow understand.

-A youkai. - Said your guide, with what the voice made you assume was a plain face, since you couldn’t see it, following her as you were.

-I’ll ask again. Just what was that?

She sighed. -Didn’t I tell you to stay quiet until we arrive? – She said and stopped walking for a moment, looking at the long pair of stairs ahead.

-Do we have to climb all the way up there? – You asked, but your guide was already halfway there. How odd. You tried to keep up the pace, but the stairs were just too long for your stamina, you lazy bum.

There was no way a couch potato such as you could manage to go up that fast, but since the girl was doing it with such ease, somehow you thought it was not that difficult. The result? You reached the end, or rather, almost reached it, with two or three steps away you’re your goal, panting like a dog: With your tongue sticking out, and supported by your four limbs. You stood up. Just… a moment. So the world can stop spinning. Now you were ready.

The final steps were taken, but your way was blocked by an enormous wooden box. She was on the other side of it, arms crossed, waiting. The front of the box was painted with similar symbols as those you had been seeing all day. “Donations.” Your hand slided into your pocket and met your wallet. Probably, you had some spare change, or more. But, should you…

[ ] Keep it?

[ ] Donate? How much?
[x] Keep it

She ain't getting shit till she decides to explain whats going on.
[x] Donate? How much? Err. 5...coins?
-[x] But ask her to explain what's going on first
[x] Donate? How much? Err. 5...coins?
[x] But ask her to explain what's going on first
File 129202805168.jpg - (235.60KB, 595x822 , 22241a9f2bf4a0212c7651d458f4acda.jpg) [iqdb]
Oh, well. It’s not like you can’t spare some change to the person that probably saved your life back there. Um… How much funds do you have, now? You open the wallet to check, under the guide’s vigilant gaze. $100. How did you manage to sum that exact amount of money, or count it by giving it just a glance is a mystery to you, but right now, having spent the rest of your savings in figures and such is not looking like a very good idea.

-I’d rather not. - You said, closing your wallet, and startling your guide, only for a moment. –I need to know what’s going on here, first.-

-Fine. - She frowned at you, and walked away to some sort of temple, as if she were signaling your destination. However, before following her again, you quickly sneaked $5 into the box while she wasn’t looking.

You were seated on the ground, around some kind of low table, covered by a blanket all over to the floor. You placed your legs and feet inside the table, because the girl made you take your shoes off at the entrance by hitting you in the head with a wooden stick, and your feet were freezing. Finally. Something warm on this room. The girl took a sip out of her tea, the only one at the table, since she didn’t give one to you, and after letting out one big sigh, she spoke.

-What do you know about this place"-

-Eh? What do I know? – You answered. –I thought you were the one who knew! –

-Perhaps. But if you don’t answer correctly, I won’t know what do you need to know.-

-Well, all I know is there are “youkai” in here, and that I accidentally crashed into one, I think. –

-Why are you here"-

-Wait, what"-

-There is only one way to travel safely into Gensokyo, and it doesn’t reveal itself without a good reason. You must have one, or you wouldn’t have lasted enough to come here.-

-What about the “un-safe” ways? - You said, suddenly remembering your lost camping pack.

-You are still in one piece, are you? Anyway, that’s not important. Why are you here"-

[ ] (Write in option.)

Oh boy, we are just another NEET. I guess it can't be helped.

Anyways, we are still incredibly early in the story, and the only given explanation for our presence is begging forgiveness from some girl. So lets roll with it, I guess.

Why the hell are you writing dialogue with - instead of "

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