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In which a Wizard casts the spells that make the Touhous fall down.

[X] You think I want into your little club? Bitch be trippin.

“Well?” Riku asks again.

You’ve had a long, nasty day, even by your standards. Attacked by ghosts, breaking into the netherworld, lunch with a ‘ghost princess’ (whatever the hell that title means,) hunting down and interrogating a winged journalist, an abrupt magical duel with a surprisingly powerful teenager, a highly stressful stare-down with two vampires, a personal emotional crisis and to top it all off? A giant goddamn monster stalking through the woods.

In short, you are not in the mood for this guy’s bullshit.

You lean in a little, and glare daggers and dirks at Riku. “Are you trying to give me a side-quest, motherfucker?”

Riku blinks, nonplussed.

“What?” Benson says automatically.

“Side-quest,” you repeat. “Defined as any mission you don’t want to do, but is foisted upon you by some self-important prick. As if I’d run a panty raid on the Scarlet Devil Mansion just so I could get into your secret clubhouse with the ‘no youkai’ sign hanging on the door. I’ve got better shit to do then sit around in a pigpen listening to the simian hoots you pass off as language.

Riku’s face flushes with rage, and he takes a step forward, opening his mouth, but you cut him off.

“-and I’m certainly not going to suffer a jackass who shoots his mouth off about the one woman who actually protects the village. Perhaps your rugged farmhand individualism made you forget that Gensokyo is stuffed with psychopaths who freely throw around devastating powers they’ve got no respect for, because they didn’t bleed to get them. And that’s not counting the small fry. The village’s existence is tenuous - I’ve only been here three days, and even I can see that - and you’re giving me shit because I’m friends with the woman who shields it? Kindly disappear up your own asshole.”

The blood drains from Riku’s face, and he glares at you with naked homicidal intent. “You get the fuck out of here before I-”

“Then what are you after?” the ever-unflappable Yoshi asks calmly.

“Information,” you reply.

“A friend of Kamishirasawa needs information?” Yoshi says, a hint of skepticism in his tone.

“I need information now,” you say, thrusting your finger upwards at the moon. “And I need it from somebody outside of the local power structure, like me.”

“Bullshit,” Riku snarls. “You’re nothing like-”

“Yes I am,” you retort. “One minute I’m fighting a dragon, and then shazam, I’m dumped ass-over-teakettle into what appears to be the private harem of a perpetually stoned lunatic god. Since I got here I’ve had breakfast with a fairy, lunch with a ghost princess and dinner with a vampire. I’ve strode through alien worlds most mortals never lay eyes on, and even I classify this place as some mondo weird shit.”

Yoshi’s mouth twitches a little at the corners.

“And most importantly, you guys are squishy humans like I, so when you look at something around here the first thing you think is ‘how fast will this kill me’? So either help me or don’t, but I’m not jumping through any damn hoops like a trained climbdog.”

“Leave,” Riku says immediately, “right now.”

Yoshi’s eyes watch the sky for a few moments, which is about as close as he probably gets to looking pensive. “He’ll pass,” he says calmly.

“Are you insane!?” Riku snarls. “He’s as arrogant as any youkai!”

“If he was, he would have tried to take the information by force,” Benson points out. “Yoshi’s in agreement with me. For once, you’re outvoted.”

“We’ll talk this over later,” Riku says, still furious, “but you-” he thrusts his finger at you- “you leave- now.

“Make me, shitbird.”

Riku points at something behind you, and you cut your eyes to the left. Ever so slowly, a perfectly square section of cornfield earth lifts like a door, and you find yourself staring down a crossbow bolt. Sliding your eyes right, you find another spider-hole with a crossbow aimed at your head, and you’ve got no doubt there’s a few more behind you.

“Call off your boys, Riku,” Yoshi says, his tone still placid. “We’re not handing him the keys to the castle, just trading favors.”

Riku doesn’t look away from you as he addresses his fellows. “It ought be unanimous. He leaves now. Then we flap our gums.”

Benson turns to face Riku square. The routound little man tucks his hands into his pockets- to keep them from shaking, you suspect. “Riku,” he says, the nervousness evident in his voice. “You don’t have the authority-”

“And you do? What, are you gonna drop your little needle and go crawling around in the woods with a weapon? Without me, there is no society and you damn well know it.”

“Now,” Benson says, a slight tremor in his voice.

“Now what?”

“Now this,” comes a voice from the ground some feet away. A patch of the stubbled cornfield seems to heave heavenward, limbs appearing as it rises, until in the moonlight a lumpy humanoid figure with a raised crossbow is revealed. He lowers the weapon and takes a few steps forward, until you can all make him out as a human dressed in what looks like a mass of rags.

“It’s called a ghille suit,” Benson says, the tremor in his voice gone. “By the way, I made more then one.” Riku’s eyes cut left-right-left wildly. You don’t bother- between the outfit and the darkness, they’re effectively invisible and you know it.


“Why don’t you shut up?” Yoshi says casually. “Shut up. Right now.”

Riku shuts up. He jerks his cupped palm up in a stiff, angry gesture, and the lids of the spider holes flip all the way back. Now that you’re less likely to get a crossbow bolt between the shoulderblades for it, you feel free to look around. Four boys- they look like teenagers- are sullenly clambering out of their hiding spots, respectfully keeping their weapons pointed at the ground.

Riku glares at you and makes a curious hand gesture you don’t recognize. From the vigorous way he performed it, you infer it wasn’t polite. Together, him and the armed boys sulk away across the moonlit cornfield.

You wait until they’re safely distant before speaking. “So the little hand thing probably doesn’t mean ‘good luck,’ does it?”

“Not quite, no,” Yoshi says.

“I’ll have a hand gesture or two for him next time,” you grumble angrily.

“I hope so,” Benson says, leaning over and supporting himself on his knees. “Sweet jumping jackalopes, that was not fun.”

“Good job, by the way,” Yoshi says to the man in the ‘ghillie suit.’ Shouldering his weapon, the crossbowman pulls back the hood of his- well, her- garment.

“That guy’s a few bees short of a hive,” she says dourly. “You looked like you were going to shi-”

“THANK you, honey, that’s enough,” Benson says, slowly standing upright again. “Aoi, Shoji, you too.” A little further out in the field, two more amorphous dirt clods resolve themselves into humanoid figures with crossbows, and come striding over.

“Well, sorry about that,” Yoshi says, as if nothing had happened. “Riku’s a bit paranoid.”

“No shit,” you reply. “You guys don’t fuck around.”

“Would it have worked, anyway?” Benson asks. “I mean-”

“I’d rather not have to find out,” you reply. “I honestly wasn’t expecting that.

A smile slowly spreads over Yoshi’s face as he tucks his hands into his jacket pockets. “We might not be youkai, but we do know how to take precautions. If you can’t be strong, be devious.”

“Or bring friends,” Keine’s voice says from thin air behind the two men. Yoshi jumps forward in alarm, and Benson whirls so fast he trips and falls flat on his ass. The three archers leap back, raising their weapons with remarkable nimbleness, but they’ve got nothing to aim at.

“Over here,” Keine’s voice comes again, this time from behind one of the archers. Before he can react, his crossbow is yanked out of her hands and he’s sent sprawling on the ground. There’s a brief shimmer as the Invisibility spell dissipates, revealing Keine holding the purloined crossbow carelessly in one hand, as if it’s a useless toy. Her bluish-white hair catches the bright moonglow wonderfully, outlining her scowling visage.

“Keine,” Yoshi says numbly. “Hello.”

“Hi,” Keine says curtly, carelessly tossing the crossbow at the feet of the prone youth. “Well, now, everybody’s cards are on the table. Can we chat like civilized folk, now?”

“Yes, of course Miss Kamishirasawa, of course,” Benson says, struggling to his feet. “We have no problem with you, I assure you.” The suspicious glances of the armed youths say differently, though none of them are foolish enough to point their weapons at the village’s benefactor.

“Well since that’s all settled,” says one of the camouflaged girls, “you think we could chat tomorrow? I don’t want to be out here any longer then necessary.”

“Why?” Keine says, honestly puzzled. “Feral youkai don’t attack groups of this size, and besides, me and-”

“This one might,” another girl says, her voice strained. “It’s ginormous.

“The great summer youkai,” the young man mutters, picking himself and his weapon off the ground where Keine threw them.

“What? That’s just a rumor,” Keine says, her tone convincingly dismissive, even though you just told her different not twenty minutes ago.

“No, we saw it,” the first girl protests. “Not an hour before we came here for the appointment. Came right up to the edge of the forest, near the millpond.” Her voice is faint, and considering her familiarity with the heavy weapon in her hands, you take that as significant.

“What were you doing out by the millpond?” Keine asks. “More aimless stomping about?’”

“I wouldn’t send my daughter into the woods pointlessly,” Benson objects. “We- uh-” he waffles a moment, glancing at Yoshi.

“We just went over this,[/i]” Yoshi says, sounding a little weary.

“Right. Well, we don’t go running around willy nilly, you know,” Benson continues, nursing his wounded professional pride. “We do research, make plans-”

“-so you only wander into the most youkai-infested spots-” Keine comments dourly.

“-AND make preparations for danger!” Benson snaps back. “Anyway, we’ve been sighting this huge youkai at night for over six weeks now. With the help of an... informant.”

“He means Sanae,” Yoshi adds with slight amusement. “You’ll have to forgive Benson. He still thinks its possible to keep big secrets in the village.”

“Yeah,” you agree. “This is the first time I’ve discovered a secret society by reading the local newspaper. “So Sanae? What does she do?”

Benson shrugs. “Whatever she can. She’s still learning the ropes. She can fly, and chums with gods, so she has a better idea of this thing’s movements when we do. She stops by and gives us leads now and then. Sometimes they pay off.”

“Dad,” Benson’s daughter says nervously. “Seriously.”

“Nikki’s right,” Yoshi says. “We should probably move this inside.”

“Actually, it’s late, and my friend here needs his rest,” Keine says curtly. “We need to be going.”

“Well... okay,” Benson says uncomfortably. “But when you’re ready to discuss all this-”

“-I know where to find you,” you finish. “I’ll look you up as soon as possible.”


The flight back to the Mansion is thankfully uneventful. You and Keine, both exhausted, say little during the trip. You manage to reach your rooms again without undue hassle, though you notice lamplight behind some upper-story windows before you land- as one might expect in a vampire’s manse just past midnight.

“She’s still asleep,” Keine announces, peeking into Cirno’s room, then closing the door. “Out like a light.”

“I think I’ll join her,” you say wearily, stepping into your room and tossing your hat aside carelessly. You shuck out of your robe and kick your boots off, pulling the borrowed bottle of scotch out of its pocket. With Keine watching, you at least attempt to look civilized, and create two shot glasses with a cantrip. There’s a slight creaking sound as Keine leans against the doorjam, and you feel her eyes on your back.

Setting the glasses on the narrow reading table, you fill them. There’s a slight creak from behind you; probably Keine leaning on the doorjamb. You sigh, hanging your head as you lean wearily on the table. You can feel her eyes on your back.

“Say it,” you mutter.

“What? Couldn’t hear you.”

“Say it.”

“Look at me.”


You hear her cross the room to stand behind you. “Look.

“Can’t I just listen to your gloating?”

“No~pe,” Keine says with delight. You sigh, and turn to face her.

“TOLD YOU SO, DUMMY!” she scolds you, slapping you upside the head. “Mr. vampire-slayer-dragon-slayer-I-climbed-Howlers-Crag-I-can-handle-myself! Maybe you’ll listen from now on!”

“Seriously, crossbows?” you scoff. “There’s a spell to handle that not much harder then what I used for these,” you say, clinking the shotglasses together.

“Did you actually cast it?”

“Uh, no, because I had you along, anyways,” you point out.

“Mmmhmm,” Keine says dubiously. “Your expression upon seeing that crossbow pop out of the ground didn’t exactly convey ‘just as planned’, but that’s just me.”

“Wizards are inscrutable and mysterious,” you say glumly. “Wouldn’t expect you to understand.”

Keine giggles. “You’re so cute when you try to bluff,” she says. “Even though I can read you like a book.”

“Hey, it works on most people!” you protest weakly. “They’re too busy waiting for you to cast a fireball or pull an alligator out of your ass to analyze your poker face.”

“You going to fill those?” she asks, nodding at the glasses in your hand. You do so, then follow Keine as she pulls you over to sit on your bed.

“So, anything else that makes me ‘cute’?” you say with exaggerated dejection before quaffing your liquor. “Like wanton violence? To think, I could have had much better luck with all those teenage witches by punching them in the face.”

Keine chuckles. “Well, you do have an uncanny ability to somehow say the exact right thing amidst a torrent of insults,” she says.

“... I said something right?” you say, surprised. “I thought working one of three ringleaders into a homocidal fury was a bad thing.”

Keine shakes her head, and tosses back her drink, coughing a little. “Nuh-no, you dimwit,” she says affectionately. “You’re sharp, but sometimes you miss things. When you were telling Riku why he was stupid – you know, when you were defending me – you said something about how tenuous the village’s existence was. Remember?”

“What of it?” you say. “It’s just the truth.”

“But it shows you think like they do,” Keine explains. “They view youkai as a threat- more then most of the villagers do. You tend to do the same – now I know your history, I can see why. That’s what Benson and Yoshi were looking for. They were playing good magistrate, bad magistrate.”

“Uh, what?” You pour two more drinks.

“You don’t know about that?” Keine says, laughing a little. “You, Mister Adventurer? It’s where one magistrate is nasty to a suspect, and the other nice. It let’s the ‘bad’ one goad the suspect into giving things away, then the ‘nice’ one follows up, using the trust he gains for being ‘nice’. Riku probably didn’t know; the other two were expecting him to be rude.”

“Those manipulative bastards,” you say, scowling at your glass before emptying it. Keine drinks hers, and coughs a bit more then last time as the good scotch burns down her throat.

“Well, we got ‘em back at least,” she says grinning, filling her glass herself this time.

“... what?”

Keine giggles again, shoving you playfully. “Youo are so thick sometimes,” she said. “Why do you think I was such a bitch to them?”

Grayish beams of Enlightenment filter through the booze-haze in your mind as realization dawns. “Oh. And they’re already wary of you, so...”

“Give the boy a prize,” Keine says, tossing back another shot.

“I don’t know what I’d do without you,” you admit sheepishly. “I drop into this hellhole with no warning, and... I’m lucky Cirno led me to you.”

“Damn straight,” Keine says, giggling. She’s giggling a lot, you notice. “Without me, you’d be hiding in a cupboard chanting ‘not the fairies, not the fairies’ after burning down half the forest.”

“Just half?” you ask darkly, and Keine laughs again at your brooding seriousness. “Anyway, what’s with that legend?”

Keine explains something about a huge steam-filled blow-up doll some creatures called the Kappa made to advertise a festival or a feast or something, and how half of Gensokyo went properly apeshit over it before the Bunburu published a story on it. Or something like that. It’s getting a little hard to focus now. She asks you about this ‘Duandor’ fellow, and you share a story involving you, him, and an altercation involving a little gnome enchanter with a big mouth. After a while, the talking and the drinking slack off, and you slip into an exhausted slumber. Even as weary as you are, in the depths of your subconscious, you dream...

[ ] About your past.
[ ] About your future.
[ ] Someone else’s nightmare.

No. 130139
Woohoo 8 page update (in Word.)

Yes, MC did forget about Duke. But he's okay, no worries, though he did have to spend the night at Alice's.


No. 130141
[x] Someone else’s nightmare.
No. 130142
[X] About your past.

We already had some troubling stuff come up with our previous choice of 'future.'

Let's go with some backstory!
No. 130144
File 129023475198.png - (35.66KB , 245x230 , hurry up.png ) [iqdb]
Also, when a writer is late for updates in the future, this image conveys your sentiments most concisely.
No. 130145
>“Without me, you’d be hiding in a cupboard chanting ‘not the fairies, not the fairies’ after burning down half the forest.”
Those damn fairies.

[x] Someone else’s nightmare.
I am not sure which to choose. Either find out the pain of others or about your future. Not sure which would help him more.
No. 130147
[X] About your past.
No. 130150
Oh man, tough choice...
No. 130151
[X] Someone else’s nightmare

Youmu or Patchy, I hope.
No. 130152
[x] About your future.

Unless this is another step down Dead Youmu Road.
No. 130153
Unfinished dolls. Infantile, many-jointed hands, twisted into gross contortions and strewn messily across the floor. Rows of identical heads, bereft of any facial features, but still gazing endlessly into every corner of the room. Jar upon jar of lifeless, plastic eyes, staring en masse from behind a thin layer of glass.

But on the other hand, Shanghai's there, so I think it balances out.

[X] Someone else’s nightmare.
No. 130156
Did we just fall asleep next to Keine? This calls for drastic measures.

[X] Strategically collapse on to her lap. Slumber like a baby.
No. 130158
File 12902376131.jpg - (173.12KB , 640x480 , e5f6267a5de8fa469081b7714c047b98.jpg ) [iqdb]

Don't forget Hourai.
No. 130160
[┼] Someone else’s nightmare.

Couldn't decide between this & the future - and possibly seeing if Youmo's death is shown again - so I flipped a coin.
No. 130162
[ ] About your past.

No. 130163
[x] About your future.

We need to know as much as we can if we're to stop it.

Or we get a dream of us marrying Keine.

Either is fine.
No. 130167
[x] Someone else’s nightmare.
No. 130174
We don't do namefagging around here, unless you write a story.

[x] About your past.
Aren't his random prophetic dreams supposed to occur sparingly?
No. 130175
[X] Someone else’s nightmare.
No. 130177
Namefagging aside, I giggled like a little girl.

[X] Strategically collapse on to her lap. Slumber like a baby.
No. 130182
[X] About your past.
And possibly [X] collapse on to her lap. Slumber like a baby.

Also, come on nightmare folk: give MC Wizard a good night's sleep. He needs it - the last thing he needs is tossing and turning while next to Keine.
No. 130183
[x] About your future.
No. 130188
[X] Someone Else's Nighmare: Duke's


No. 130189
[X] About your past.
No. 130192
[X] Someone Else's Nighmare: Duke's

So many doll's.......
No. 130193
[x] Strategically KEINE ASSPILLOW
[x] Someone Else's Nighmare: Duke's

I forget which story it was that actually successfully managed spoiler related.
No. 130194
[X] Someone else’s nightmare: Sakuya.
Allmighty Wizard of ZUUL.
No. 130195
[X] About your past

Was going to say someone else's nightmare, but then it occurred to me that this has potential to be useful in the long run.
No. 130198
[X] collapse on to her lap. Slumber like a baby.
STRATEGIC CUDDLE! It's truly the move of a Tactical Genius.

[X] About your future.
It might be useful to get more glimpses of the future. Prophetic dreams never occurred to Wizard before, something must want us to know the future. Now, normally I'd blame the Architect of Fate (Tzeentch), but this being Touhou... Goddamnit Yukari! She has to be manipulating the boundary between present and future in our dreams!
No. 130202
[Z] About your past.
Gotta say, Wizard is still a bit of a question mark.
No. 130205
[X] About your past.

It's pretty clear by now that if not us, then someone else will start to investigate the midsummer youkai. And if this is the kind that was born from belief and rumors, then it will only become stronger with time.

I think we need to see some info on our past. We probably didn't do enough to clearly change it yet. However, I don't see an option to choose teh nightmare we're visiting... But I think it would be Keine or Cirno.

Still, library tomorrow. Since ordinary villagers managed to pull a surprise on us, we should make sure to not give a reason for Remilia to prepare one either. Or Flandre (Pretty sure we don't want her interested enough in us that she will want to play).
No. 130206
[∀] About your past.
Color me interested.
No. 130210
Speaking of the villagers pulling a surprise on us, Riku and his guys are standard fair for a secret society but Benson clearly trained his daughter and associates in a facsimile of Modern military tactics and preparation in the Information Age. We should try to get a fair assessment of their capacities in the future, as a properly trained tactical squad could be very useful. All they would really lack here would be the proper firepower to be as devastating as real soldiers, firepower our spells and enchantments could provide.

Similarly, inquiring into Benson's past could be interesting and useful. He might be a tailor now, but perhaps he was in the military before coming to Gensokyo, or at least was an amateur of military knowhow, explaining the ghille suits and sniper/infiltrator training. Benson and Sheffield are British names, correct?

Mind, if Benson was truly ex-military (or, God forbid, ex-SAS), that could very well explain why they aren't being slaughtered every time they go on an "excursion" and can actually pull off their missions.
No. 130212
No. 130216
[X] About your past.
No. 130217
[X] About your past.

Learning what drives the wizard is a good to know so we can steer him properly. Keine and Duke both expressed concerns about the road we are on. I AM THE SPINE OF MY SPELLBOOK.
No. 130220
[x] About your past.

I'd like to get more insight on why he's the way he is.
No. 130228

My bad, last experience around here was for hungry youkai's sanguine disorder, and I ended up in the chatroom for a few weeks before deciding to sod it.

It occurs to me that sleeping like a baby is not actually an option, given that we're about to have prophetic visions and/or nightmares. Thus:
[X] Someone else's nightmare.

I still say we totally collapsed onto Keine though.
No. 130229
> One minute I’m fighting a dragon, and then shazam, I’m dumped ass-over-teakettle into what appears to be the private harem of a perpetually stoned lunatic god.

> He might be a tailor now
Obviously, he used to be a gardener...

I hate flashbacks:
[x] Someone else’s nightmare.
No. 130235
File 129027942012.jpg - (148.27KB , 800x600 , 1267558200054.jpg ) [iqdb]
You know that's a very good point. I was wondering why they weren't all dead already and why would he send his own daughter into these missions. This way, it makes sense.

>“TOLD YOU SO, DUMMY!” she scolds you, slapping you upside the head. “Mr. vampire-slayer-dragon-slayer-I-climbed-Howlers-Crag-I-can-handle-myself! Maybe you’ll listen from now on!”
Oh god, that dialog. CYOA of the year of all years.

[x] Someone else's nightmare
No. 130239
As interesting as it is, I would rather learn more about Riku. Without him, no Society? Definitely worth the investigation I say.
No. 130245
[X] About your past.
What can change the nature of a man enough to make him stay active in the most dangerous profession in the realms?
No. 130246
[X] About your past.
[X] About your future.

Or more specifically
[X]WRITE-IN: dream about your past, but its actually a cryptic metaphor for the future. After all prophecies traditionally come in the form of a cryptic metaphor
No. 130248
File 129028559098.jpg - (11.42KB , 178x264 , cirno indecisive_1.jpg ) [iqdb]

I like Wizanon history and I want more of it, but we could use more foreshadowing to see how we're doing with the whole Youmu Bad Endo thing, but viewing someone else's nightmare would give us more insight into another character which could be very valuable



[X] Someone else’s nightmare.
No. 130250
A watched Youmu never avoids death. Or something.

[X] About your past.
No. 130253
Hey hey, calm down. Think of that like an equation: if the variables change, then so will the outcome. For exemple, we reach that point, but we've calmed down enough so that we haven't pissed off Keine and Cirno and they're here too. 4 on 1 and the chances of Youmu taking a fatal blow lessen.

Or we make more friends. Or we avoid the location entirely. Or we tell someone else about the dream and they intervene (Yuyuko would sure as hell take this seriously for exemple).

Personally, I still think it's Flandre. Because I sure can't see who else would be:

1. Able to kill Youmu in battle in the first place.
2. Don't care about the repercussions this will have. (Yuyuko angry and Yukari by extension)

Of course, it could be someone we haven't seen yet or an OC, but I suppose we'll see.
No. 130254
File 129029204391.jpg - (17.06KB , 529x720 , garak01.jpg ) [iqdb]
Why, that's preposterous. I'm sure he's just a simple tailor.
No. 130255
If that is the reference behind Benson, I will consider starting a petition to the Holy See for Demetrious to be canonized Patron Saint of Awesome Geekery.
No. 130257

But if it was Flandre, in all likelihood there wouldn't be a body. And she's really no better in actual combat than her sister would be. They're both vampires, thus both as fast as a tengu (note that Aya's fast even by tengu standards, so she's still faster than them) and both incredibly strong. Remilia also has the more practical weapon for engaging someone in combat, whereas Flandre's Laevateinn deals almost exclusively in mass property damage. Plus Flandre, in spite of her strength, can't swing it around very quickly in flaming sword mode for whatever reason. And she'd likely fly off the hook in combat, whereas Remilia would be calm and in control.

As for point two, we don't know what the situation will be when it happens. Odd as it sounds, it seems to me that the most likely situation is one wherein Youmu is trying to protect Wizanon for some reason, perhaps taking a spear originally meant for him. And Remilia is likely haughty enough not to care about what Yuyuko or Yukari think, particularly if she wasn't aiming for Youmu in the first place.
No. 130259
I think you guys need to calm your beards. You're jumping to conclusions, when we have zero information to work with. Hell, the entire thing probably won't happen, because everyone is taking the mildest, calmest actions every vote, specifically so it doesn't happen.
No. 130263
Who said I wasn't calm? I just made a supposition based with what we had so far. And if we see another chocie called BLOOD AND THUNDER, do you really think we'll not jump on it?

I don't want to see Youmu die either, mind you and I wouldn't mind avoiding the situation completely. But if we make a mistake, I want a backup plan to save her.

Don't forget Flandre can simply use brute strength and claws. We also have seen her rather calm so far. Finally, cause of death wasn't described in the dream.
No. 130265
[x] About your future.
No. 130269

On this note, we could just be getting fucked with, to have us recoil so far away from our previous course of actions so as to inadvertently cause someone ELSE to die.
No. 130270
[x] Someone else’s nightmare.
We get to dream someone else's dream? And it's a nightmare?? Cool
No. 130281
[X] Strategically collapse on to her lap. Slumber like a baby.
[X] Dream about your past.
No. 130284
[x] Someone else's nightmare.

About Youmu... she's half-dead already and has a guaranteed job waiting for her. A job that she already holds. Don't worry about her.
No. 130291

>Or we tell someone else about the dream and they intervene (Yuyuko would sure as hell take this seriously for exemple).

Disregarding the rest of your post because we have too little information to go off of to know how things will turn out, this strikes me as the bestest idea ever. We need to remember this the next time we get a chance to see Yuyuko. Or discuss it with Keine and see what she thinks we should do. Or something! That strikes me as the most practical response

Also is there any way to stealth sage on this damn board? Seriously, it's annoying either saging or nokoing when I just want to do both so I remain in the thread
No. 130297
>Also is there any way to stealth sage on this damn board? Seriously, it's annoying either saging or nokoing when I just want to do both so I remain in the thread
What the hell is this even supposed to mean? Sage is just a way to post in a thread without bumping it, it's like you're attaching addition baggage to it that just dosn't exist. At all.
No. 130300
noko is pretty pointless, too, especially on a board that moves at the blistering pace of THP. Use your back button.
No. 130306
>I don't want to see Youmu die either

But does MC care? We don't know that yet.
No. 130307
Well, he did seem pretty shaken.
No. 130309
He did seem to care.
No. 130310

I know what sage does, thanks for the lecture though. Could've just said you don't know how to stealth sage, or if it's even a function on this board and saved us both the time. Guess I'll have to experiment a little and see if I can figure it out


Dude, Wizanon was shaken up pretty badly when he was talking to Keine about it. Furthermore, yeah, he's a dick, but he's not a sociopath. He doesn't have to be bestest buds with Youmu to not want her to die
No. 130341
By this point, I'm rooting for Youmu or whatever to die by freak accident while the wizard dreams, just so you meta-"gamers" will shut up. And I don't mean that he dreams that she dies, I mean she's dead.

The story must be SELF-consistent. It doesn't need to have "flags" or anything like that. And it REALLY doesn't need to have actions decided based upon such flags
No. 130342
I hope you choke on a barrel of dicks.

And flags have nothing to do with consistency of a story.
No. 130344
Calling it for "Dream about your past." People seem to be freaking about the Youmou thing, so let me just quote the post where that actual dream was had, way back in thread #1:

>You’re no seer, and have absolutely no potential for it, but it’s not unknown for dreams of future portents to visit more powerful mages. After so much time spent manipulating the fabric of existence, their subconscious finds it almost as easy to walk the paths of memories to come as memories already stored.

>>But for that to happen, there must be a path- one of dozens. Forces are in motion so ponderous that there’s few possible outcomes when they eventually clash; so the threads of probability have become deep grooves laid ahead. Grooves deep enough that some memories yet to come are almost as strong as those in the past. They can still be changed, but only with colossal effort.
No. 130345
If that was aimed at calming their tempers, it was poorly chosen. The very wording of it evokes grim tidings and underlines the difficulty of changing the grooves of Destiny/Causality.
No. 130346
Yeah... Gotta agree here that I got the same feeling. Now I'm really hoping we'll meet Yuyuko again so that we can warn her.
No. 130351
File 129040139038.jpg - (35.65KB , 450x300 , 1275013554635.jpg ) [iqdb]

Well, the point is that nobody has to fret about "tripping any flags." It was tripped to start with. But there's hope yet.

Youmu has been doomed by Fate. Are you a bad enough Wizard to punch Fate in the dick?
No. 130356
There is a reason 3rd Ed. Wizards are nicknamed "Goddamn Batman". Of course we are bad enough Wizards to punch out Fate, and Cthulhu as well while we're at it.
No. 130357

Why stop at punching fate in the dick?

[X] Bludgeon it with a lead pipe.
No. 130360
Don't encourage spousal abuse.
No. 130361
It's not spousal abuse if you're not married.
No. 130362
No. 130369
Considering that this is Gensokyo, Fate probably doesn't have a dick. She does, however, probably have a fabulous hat.

So, once we meet her, [X] Bludgeon Fate with a lead pipe.
No. 130371

I think Remilia will be able to take a few whacks from a lead pipe. Whether you remain breathing afterward remains to be seen.
No. 130372
why go into Close combat when you can just cast "Disintegrate" on her. Preferably during a windstorm.
No. 130373
Heh. Remilia just manipulates fate; I was referring to whoever holds the office of *being* Fate. She's probably living up in Heaven somewhere.
No. 130374
I doubt she wants to spend time with Tenshi any more than anyone else does.
No. 130379
Probably not, but if heaven is anything like the Chinese celestial beuocracy, the Minister of Fate must despise Remi: all the paper work that goes into keeping fate running smoothly as is, and then change forms that need to be submitted because Remi went and used her powers; white out, highlighters and ugly post-it notes stuck all over event forms detailing the changes, little tabs cross-referencing everything back to Remi's duplicious ways...must be a nightmare to keep track of.
No. 130391
File 129043842031.jpg - (122.67KB , 800x600 , remilia drawing_1.jpg ) [iqdb]

You are now imagining Remilia manipulating fate by sneaking into a celestial office with a marker and sticky notes, covertly making her way past lunchrooms, cubicles, and overworked office workers all so she can sneak over to a very particular filing cabinet and scribble over the paperwork inside

I think this is the best and cutest interpretation of her power ever
No. 130403
Oh god stop putting ideas into my head. Best interpretation ever
No. 130410
No. 130411

But the wizard can screw with reality and fate as well, via Wish spells.

... a trans-dimensional wiki edit war. Oh my god.
No. 130412
You say that like any Wizard would ever learn Wish.
It's like an open invitation for the GM to fuck you over.
... Plus, that sort of power should really be limited to absurdly powerful artifacts and such. Making BENDING REALITY TO YOUR WILL at the same level of power as "sparkly magic bubble", "big squooshing fist", and "hit someone with flaming rocks" is pretty retarded, imho.
No. 130423
Technically, the wizard doesn't bend and re-make reality to his will, he just summons a being that can (a Djinn, if I recall correctly), and binds it to obey him for a wish. Unless, of course, Wish has changed since the good old days of Baldur's Gate 2. I'm a rather old fashioned gamer, sorry to say. Back to X-Com: UFO Defence for me.

Speaking of which, if battle does come to the Wizard, remember Standing Order #1 against Chrysalids : The BattleScape must be FLAT and INCINERATED by turn 20.
No. 130428
What about the most important cost (for a human)- Five years of your life? Did they get rid of that aspect? I would think that it would be a rather major factor in his desire to use it.
No. 130429
I don't see anything about that in the rules. It does cost 5000 XP though. See here:

No. 130430
>It's like an open invitation for the GM to fuck you over.
Good GM's only do that if you try to make a Wish that is vastly beyond what your current power should be.
No. 130435
That wiki is based on the 3.5 ruleset, which happens to be the ruleset that this story is using anyway. The 5 year cost thing was part of 1st and 2nd edition AD&D rules, so that isn't an issue under the newer rules.
No. 130444
Demetrious, you lazy author, get back to work before this becomes a thread with only one or two updates instead of at least three!

Seriously, your punctuality is slipping, my friend.
No. 130452
File 129049748251.png - (246.47KB , 472x772 , 121731642677.png ) [iqdb]
No. 130484
File 129055795041.jpg - (147.89KB , 600x464 , horror.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] About your past.

The priestess forces muffled screams and howls through her gag as the guard drags her over the rough flagstones, her white robes flying about as she kicks and thrashes desperately.

Hold the mage’s head. Slimy words slipping through your consciousness. I want him to see this.

A hand twists into your hair painfully, forcing you to face your impromptu host. The mind flayer’s four mouth tentacles writhe and undulate in anticipation as his guard deposits the panicking cleric at his feet. You strain at the hemp binding your wrists again, but the tough fibers refuse to give.

The ilithid race is not noted for strength, but the cleric can’t weigh much over eight stone. The abomination lifts her off the floor by her short blonde hair with ease. She redoubles her efforts, but between her injuries and her bound hands, it’s hopeless. The ranger (who you’ve referred to as “twoswords” for the day or two you’ve known him,) roars through his own gag, quivering as every muscle in his body spasms against his bonds. He flops forwards onto his belly. The two mercenary fighters bound beside him watch blankly as he desperately tries to inch across the floor towards the terrified cleric.

The mindflayer’s tentacles slither over the priestesses head, runners of thin oily slime running into her hair and down her face. Her screams intensify as the tentacles slide down her temples and curl under her jaw, gripping her head in a vise of muscle. The ranger is still inching across the floor as best he can, smearing blood from his wounds on the flagstones as he advances.

You strain against your hemp bonds again, contorting your hands, and finally your fingertips brush the small patch sewn onto your opposite sleeve. You desperately begin plucking at it with what little purchase you have as the weeping ranger continues to writhe and scuttle across the floor. Spells scream through your mind, spells that would save the ranger, free the cleric, smite the enemy. Spells you cannot cast, so you silence your screaming mind and pluck at the damn patch.

The mindflayer waits until the struggling ranger has inched halfway to him, then takes his first nibble. The priestesses blue eyes roll back in sheer terror as she fees the illithid’s beak gouge her scalp, mixing a rivulet of blood with the runners of slime in her hair.

While the illithid sorcerer is having his fun, you focus on the armored hobgoblin cautiously gripping his sword hilt, the one who’s been hovering at the mindflayer’s heel every time you’ve seen him. Rallying your courage, you shut out the terrified screams of the cleric and desperate howls of the ranger to focus on the words of the spell, glowing brightly in your mind.

With your hands bound, mouth gagged, and components pouch absent, you’re no longer considered a threat.

That’s a mistake. Narrowing your eyes at the thug, you concentrate on the magic, letting the words of the spell thunder and roll through the confines of your mind-

V’than hoi-pengu, hoi-nostan-[i]

The hobgoblin furrows his brow, as if he just recalled a forgotten chore, and strides across the small room to tower above you. He tilts his head slightly as he examines you thoughtfully. His hand reaches out, retreats, and reaches out again, as if an inexplicably urgent idea is nipping at his heels. He finally kneels, surrendering to curiosity, and irritably waves away the human guard with his hand twisted into your hair. Thrusting his hands roughly into your pockets, he produces and tosses aside a battered scroll case, a pipe and tobacco pouch, a case of pencils and inks before his fingers brush some parchment. The hobgoblin withdraws his prize and turns the folded parchment over, scrutinizing the signet pressed into the wax seal on one side.

“Little limp-wristed messenger boy,” he snarls in Goblinoid, knowing full well you can understand, and cuffs your ear. You let yourself fall on your side. Your sleeve shifts a little as you do, letting your fingertips find greater purchase on the little sewn patch. You pluck at it with new urgency, and feel the meager stitches begin to give.

A sharp [i]crack!
from the middle of the room draws all eyes to the mindflayer and his victim. The rivulets of blood running down the petite woman’s head have become streamers, and staccato spasms rack her slight frame. There’s another sharp crack! as the mindflayer’s beak cracks open her skull like a walnut, and begins to feed. The priestesses bladder lets go as she dies, soiling her white robes, the soft shlup-shlup of the mindflayer’s eager feeding serving as undertone to the ranger’s animalistic keening of despair.

The small patch drops from your fingertips. Nobody notices the clatter of the dagger on the flagstones. Finding the formerly shrunken weapon with your fingers, you twist and contort your hands to bring the blade to bear. You can only exert the slightest pressure, but the weapon is razor-sharp, and you start parting the hemp fibers, one by one.

The mindflayer, finished with his meal, releases his tentacles from the cleric’s head, his beak leaving the hole in her skull with a wet shluuk. Her lifeless body drops to the floor inches from the ranger, who begins knocking his head into the flagstones over and over helplessly. Against the wall, the two mercenaries are staring at the mindflayer in silent terror, tears pouring down their stubbled cheeks. The beast laughs gleefully at the ranger’s horror, a wet, vile undulation that seems to ooze into your ears.

The terror swells in your breast again, and you crush down on it with your hand, bones creaking as your grip on the dagger becomes white-knuckled. Tendons in your wrist threaten to snap as you contort your hand just a little further, biting deeper into the hemp with the blade.

“Master,” the hobgoblin says cautiously, stepping casually over the ranger and the cleric’s lifeless body. He hands the mindflayer the sealed letter he took from your pocket. “The mage was carrying this.”

The illithid plucks the parchment out of his thug’s hand, examining the wax seal with his bulbous white eyes.

The seal of C’than, comes the mindflayer’s voice, seeping through your mind. Powerful friends you have, weakling. Too bad they aren’t here. He laughs aloud again, turning the letter over and over in his long claws as he studies you.

No tears, it marvels. What admirable fortitude. It will be quite enjoyable extracting your secrets. Unwounded, too, so we can start right away. You might even last a whole day! Carelessly, the illithid flicks the wax seal off the letter, and opens it.

Shmuck bait.




You come ‘round a second or two later, face pressed against the flagstones. Turning your head, you witness devastation; men and parts of men strewn about the room, the illithid slumped against one wall with Ugly McThugsalot laying dazed near him. The mercenaries and the ranger, already wounded before, are dead from the blast. Your ears are ringing, but you can still hear the anguished whine of the wounded guard struggling to his feet near you.

Adrenaline surges through your system, and you scream into your gag, every muscle in your arms straining against the half-cut ropes on your wrist. With a reluctant jerk, the damaged fibers give way, and you slash with hysterical strength at the ropes around your feet, tearing the gag out of your mouth with your other hand. The human guard has found his feet, and despite his shock and pain, he reacts swiftly, his blade springing from the scabbard.

“Vi’tak!” springs the magic from your lips. The sword flashes in the meager lamplight as the guard brings it down in an overhead strike-

-and changs! against your right hand, which has become living, malleable stone. The fearsome strength of the Fist Of Stone spell courses through your veins, and you twist the blade out of your way easily. Your left hand, still wielding the dagger in a reverse grip, snaps forward, smashing into his ugly face and sending him to the floor.

The hobgoblin has managed to gain his feet, and is hauling the illithid upright. From down the corridor come the cries and footfalls of lackeys numerous. Thinking swiftly, you dart across the small room to stand in front of the only doorway- and thrust your hand towards the mindflayer, as if readying a spell.

It panics.

Psychic energy smashes into your mind, quaking the high walls ringing your mind, threatening to blast you clean off your feet. The grinding of your teeth reaches you through your jawbone, and it becomes your anchor as the illithid’s Mind Blast hammers your consciousness.

A cascade of meaty thuds sounds from the hallway behind you as the rest of the mindflayer’s host, caught in the Mind Blast, topple to the floor. The hobgoblin steps in front of his master, arming sword springing from his scabbard. All three of you were badly wounded when the maximized Explosive Runes detonated. The swift calculations of advantage flick through the bodyguard’s yellow goblinoid eyes, and he lifts his blade, bellowing ferociously as he charges in, counting on his combat prowess to overwhelm you.

You’re faster. Melf’s Acid Arrow springs from your hand and catches the charging beast full in the face. Now he screams as acid eats his eyes and shoots down his nose. The sword clatters to the ground as the hobgoblin writhes, dying.

You stare at the illithid.

The illithid stares at you.

Three long second stretches out between you, and the creature’s mental barriers fall, its thoughts flowing forth in a true stream-of-consciousness, mental barriers laid low by pure shock. Seconds ago he was a God, the fate of all under his thumb, but now- now!
And tantamount to all else, the final realization; the greatest shock- the wizard isn’t fleeing. Against all odds he’s secured escape and he isn’t fleeing. The concept is so remote, so utterly alien to the illithid, that it takes all of those three heartbeats to realize you’re not going to.

Two heartbeats too long. You explode into motion, lunging across the room at the abomination, crashing into its slick embrace-


-and now you’re tumbling down a hillside, slick tentacles slapping at your head and arms wildly. The hideous bastard is blurry and indistinct, because now you’re crying, wailing, raging, your hate and fury finally bursting the bars of discipline to rampage unchecked-


-screaming winds pierce through your skull as you fly weightless through space, a tentacle finding purchase on your head and squeezing painfully. You eagerly deepen the grapple, pinching a tentacle between forearm and dagger blade as you tear and twist with your magical strength. You are a thinking man no longer, strategy and spells scoured from your mind-


-as the illithid planeshifts one last time, but nothing will distract you from your target, because this one will pay, this one pays for all, because if there’s no justice in the cosmos there will yet be justice at the end of your fists. The mindflayer’s tentacles wrap around your left hand, squeezing so hard your bones creak as it wrestles for the dagger, and now you bring your free hand, your Fist of Stone back and hammer into the monster’s eye, and again, and again, and again, till the bulbous orb is smashed and your stone knuckles find brain matter, and again...

Hateful screams and wet thuds echo over the windswept fields of Ysgard for a minute more, and then there’s only sobbing.


You awaken to someone shaking you vigorously.

Someone’s talking. Firmly, but not harshly.

You pry your eyes open a crack to find Keine hovering over you worriedly, her hat absent and hair mussed up. Soft gray light pressing ‘round the corners of the window blind faintly illuminate her face and sparkle in her blue eyes.

“Thoo fug?” you query.

“You were dreaming again,” she says, sounding upset.

“Dreaming...” you repeat dumbly, trying to gather your wits. “Oh... gods...”

Keine traces her finger lightly down your cheek. “You were crying,” she says softly. “And talking...”

“I...” you try to find words, but the dream... no, the memory is still seared into your vision.

And your ears.


A tremor you’re helpless to stop travels through your body. You feel hands gently stroking your hair as you focus on returning to normal, rhythmic breathing.

“Was it another...?”

“No,” you say quietly. “It was just a... just a memory.”

“It wasn’t ‘just’ anything,” Keine replies gently, still stroking your hair. You let her. Closing your eyes, you try to focus on Keine’s touch, that, and only that.

But you can’t ignore it, a voice deep within you whispers. It’s not normal to have perfect, total recall in a dream like that, and you know it.

That instinct is right, of course, but right now you don’t give a damn. You just lay there for a while, Keine sitting beside you, until your mind settles enough for coherent thought. At last, you sit up on the bed, leaning against the wall.

“Bloody hell,” you mutter, rubbing your forehead. Keine leans against you, wrapping her arm around your shoulders.

“You want to talk about it?”

“Not- not right now,” you choke out. “It’s... pretty bad.”

“Okay,” she says, but she doesn’t let you go. “But you can tell me, okay?”

“Okay,” you say unsteadily, emotions churning. Part of you is aghast at your vulnerability right now, your nakedness, but the other part? The other part likes it. Likes it just fine.

“I’m starving,” you say suddenly.

“Me too,” Keine admits. “I think it’s going on ten o’clock, perhaps eleven. Should I send a maid to fetch-”

There’s a knock at the door, and you hear Sakuya calling your name. “Are you awake?” she says. “Miss Kamishirasawa? Are you awake?” Keine’s arm slips away from your shoulders as she fairly bounds off the bed, face already turning beet-red.

“Actually, uh,” you reply unsteadily, “I kind of smell like an otyugh at the moment. Is there a bathroom, or-”

“Of course,” Sakuya says. “Right at the end of the hall is the guest bath. I brought you some tea. If you’re decent...”

“Of course!” you say without hesitation. Keine whirls, the hem of her rumpled dress flying, and seems to contemplate diving under the bed for a split second before the door swings open, and she whirls back just as fast to face Sakuya.

“Good morning, Miss Kamishirasawa,” Sakuya says placidly, setting a tea tray on the small table in the corner. You notice two teacups, not one, are waiting on the tray. “I brought you a little something to help wake you up. I understand you had a busy night.” She eyes the half-empty bottle of Scotch setting on the nightstand, but says nothing.

Keine’s hands ball into fists, and she nearly chokes. She stomps one bare foot, opens her mouth to say something angry, and finds herself at a loss for words.

“Not that busy,” you say calmly, shaking your head to clear the last of the cobwebs as you stand up.

“Oh?” Sakuya asks, raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah. Midnight meetings with secret cults, cloaks, daggers. Same shit, different dimension.” You fill the teacups and pass one to Keine, who’s studying the ground to hide her flushed face.

“Oh,” Sakuya says in her usual cool voice, but you detect a slight hint of disappointment. Either she’s slipping or you’re getting better at reading her subtle mannerisms. “In any case, the mistress was wondering if you two would like to join us for a late breakfast.”

[ ] Of course you’d like to join them for breakfast. You’ll be down in ten.
[ ] Ask for breakfast to be brought to you (with apologies to the hostess.) Prepare your spells right away.
[ ] Ask for breakfast to be brought to you (with apologies to the hostess.) You need to talk to Keine a bit.
[ ] Of course you’d like to oshit Duke I forgot all about Duke goddamit
[ ] Write-in?
No. 130485
Was this update awesome Y/N
No. 130488
[x] Ask for breakfast to be brought to you (with apologies to the hostess.) Prepare your spells right awa-oshit Duke I forgot all about Duke goddamit

[x] F. Y.
No. 130490
[x] Of course you’d like to oshit Duke I forgot all about Duke goddamit

Can't tell if it's a joke vote or not, but GODDAMN THAT WAS A AWESOME UPDATE. Also, a heart-to-heart with Keine needs to happen, but we can't leave a bro hangin' like this.
No. 130491
[x] Ask for breakfast to be brought to you (with apologies to the hostess.) Prepare your spells right awa-oshit Duke I forgot all about Duke goddamit

Very yes.

Also just to be nitpicky (and to show off my e-peen), Lords of Madness says that Illithids/Mind Flayers don't crack skulls like walnuts to feed on brainmeats, they have some sort of enzyme thing that dissolves skulls. So they can get to the brainmeats.

But it's your story, and I don't mind either way.
No. 130492
>Was this update awesome Y/N


[x] Of course you’d like to oshit Duke I forgot all about Duke goddamit
No. 130493

>Lords of Madness

Is this a splatbook? I am unfamiliar with it.

Oh Wizards, you content-producing profit whores you.
No. 130496
[x] Ask for breakfast to be brought to you (with apologies to the hostess.) Prepare your spells right awa-oshit Duke I forgot all about Duke goddamit
No. 130497
[X] Of course you’d like to join them for breakfast. You’ll be down in Ohshit I forgot about Duke

-[X] Far better than anything I've ever written
No. 130498
[x] Ask for breakfast to be brought to you (with apologies to the hostess.) Prepare your spells right awa-oshit Duke I forgot all about Duke goddamit

>Was this update awesome Y/Y
No. 130499
[x] Of course you’d like to join them for breakfast. You’ll be down in ten.
Duke is happy someplace else.
No. 130504
File 129056300927.jpg - (388.38KB , 822x600 , alice picnic_1.jpg ) [iqdb]
I riked dat update. Wizanon's history is interesting to read

>[X] Of course you’d like to oshit Duke I forgot all about Duke goddamit

Remilia can wait, you've got a friend that you need to check up on. Maybe take Keine with you and briefly discuss the dream on the way?
No. 130505
Chances are he and Alice are getting along well, talking about among other things, Reckless magicians they know.
No. 130506
>Is splatbook?
Aye. Pretty nice one too if memory serves.
>Was this update awesome Y/N?
Very yes. Brought back some good gaming memories.
>Also, a heart-to-heart with Keine needs to happen, but we can't leave a bro hangin' like this.

[┼] Of course you’d like to oshit Duke I forgot all about Duke goddamit
No. 130507
You know, I'm wondering if his other stories end the same way: all dead but him.

Because I don't think we need to ask what happened to the rest of the crew on that airship at the start.
No. 130508
[x] Of course you’d like to join them for breakfast. You’ll be down in ten.
No. 130512
They evacuated in time:
>Eh, what the hell. You clamber into the wreckage and start poking about. No bodies are in evidence, to your relief- the crew heeded your abandon ship order in time, apparently. In what was left of the forward armory, you find a hefty repeating crossbow, complete with one of those curious optical sights the gnomes favor.
No. 130513
Oh. My bad then. Still pretty sure that he got more than one past adventure where he lost his companions.
No. 130514
[x] Ask for breakfast to be brought to you (with apologies to the hostess.) Prepare your spells right awa-oshit Duke I forgot all about Duke goddamit

I hope duke had pleasant dreams among all those dolls.
No. 130515
[x] Ask for breakfast to be brought to you (with apologies to the hostess.) Prepare your spells right awa-oshit Duke I forgot all about Duke goddamit
No. 130516
They evacuated, says so in the first thread I think.

He remembered to warn them this time.

Also wizardnon's players buds must be getting tired of this bullshit.

This whole adventure is probably the DM putting wizardnon on a bus so the other players new characters can level grind for a bit so they don't all die on the next hard encounter.
No. 130517
[x] Ask for breakfast to be brought to you (with apologies to the hostess.) Prepare your spells right awa-oshit Duke I forgot all about Duke goddamit

And it was great Demetrious.
No. 130519
[x] Of course you’d like to oshit Duke I forgot all about Duke goddamit

Even his dreams of the past are unusual, and he notes this. An impetus for Mr. Wizard more compelling than 'lol cultists' is starting to develop.
No. 130521
x] Ask for breakfast to be brought to you (with apologies to the hostess.) You need to talk to Keine a bit and oshit Duke I forgot all about Duke goddamit.
No. 130522
[x] Ask for breakfast to be brought to you (with apologies to the hostess.) Prepare your spells right awa-oshit Duke I forgot all about Duke goddamit
No. 130524

"Lord of Madness" is the 3.5 expansion book for Abberations, like how the Draconomicon covered dragons and the Libris Mortis was for undead. I dunno if I'd call it a splatbook perse since it's not really about player classes, it's mostly for the GM.
No. 130526
Okay, what odds do we have that Alice is currently taking the knot?
No. 130527

Slim to none.

Alice wants Marisa, not a celestial dog.
No. 130529
I'd laugh myself to near-death if we found out Alice and Dook were shagging.
No. 130530
[X] Of course you’d like to oshit Duke I forgot all about Duke goddamit

Make it a quick breakfast.
Just running off after they apparently delayed breakfast just for him is rather rude, but we need to pick up Duke. He probably has a few choice words for Wizardnon by now.
I mean, just because we didn't dream his nightmare doesn't mean it didn't happen.

Well, this mindflayer was enjoying the fear and pain of the others as he ate the cleric's brains, and so it probably put on a bit of a show to push them even further.
Just dissolving the skull doesn't have quite the same flair as cracking it open.

Oh and:
HELL YEAH it was awesome!
No. 130531
chicks dig gallant knights in shiny armor who are escorting them home through the dark woods while they're feeling ronery. even if they come with a dog head.
No. 130532
>chicks dig gallant knights in shiny armor who are escorting them home through the dark woods while they're feeling ronery. even if they come with a dog head.

What, seriously? Cause Knightanon is going to have it made if you're on the money with this one.
No. 130533
Knightanon is a warrior/monk/doctor from the end of the age of the Crusades, with all the faith and belief in the doctrines and dogma of Catholicism that implies. There's no romance in his future while he still bears the Cross, and he's unlikely to renounce that part of himself.
No. 130535
[Y] Ask for breakfast to be brought to you (with apologies to the hostess.) Prepare your spells right awa-oshit Duke I forgot all about Duke goddamit

We still preppin to counter our mystery scryer? Hope resolving that also resolves the necromancy problem. Shouldn't plan on staying at the SDM another night. I think we should prioritize securing a place to sleep for the familyparty. It can't look good for Keine as protector of the village if she can't protect her own home. We are kinda borrowing her authority/reputation with the villagers for cooperation.
No. 130537
[x] Ask for breakfast to be brought to you (with apologies to the hostess.) You need to talk to Keine a bit.
No. 130538
[X] Of course you’d like to
I think getting back into Remi's good graces, especially after our boast, would be a worthwhile activity. If we refuse she might think that we think we're better than her or something and that she needs to knock us down a peg.
No. 130540
[x] Ask for breakfast to be brought to you (with apologies to the hostess.) Prepare your spells right awa-oshit Duke I forgot all about Duke goddamit
[x] Ask if we can do lunch, instead, to make up for missing breakfast
No. 130541
Decent. Offhand I can't think of many adventures on this site with a male main character where any of the touhous were lesbians. Maybe my memory is failing me though.
No. 130543
[x] Ask for breakfast to be brought to you (with apologies to the hostess.) Prepare your spells right awa-oshit Duke I forgot all about Duke goddamit (We mustn't forget about Cirno in our haste, Duke still has at least a dozen hours left to his Planar Binding.)
- [x] Talk with Keine on the way.
- [x] Come back with Keine, Cirno and Duke to visit/consult the Library (We must secure the Index, Reclaimer).
- [x] If offered to join her for lunch, accept. She might be a bloodsucking loli demon sumbitch, but we still need her consent to access the Library without conflict, best throw her a bone or two.
No. 130544
So I wondered to myself what was written on the scroll?

Then it became obvious.

"I prepared Explosive Runes this morning."
No. 130546
[x] Of course you’d like to join them for breakfast. You’ll be down in ten.

Important meal of the day
No. 130547

See >>130126. But let's keep discussion of that story in its own thread.
No. 130548
[x] Of course you’d like to join them for breakfast. You’ll be down in ten.
No. 130552
[x] Of course you’d like to join them for breakfast. You’ll be down in ten. Use that time to prepare your most important self-defense spells.
Duke can take care of himself until after breakfast and most of our spells can wait, but Remilia's patience won't. Avoid giving offense.
No. 130560
[X] Of course you’d like to join them for breakfast. You’ll be down in- Ohshit I forgot about Duke

What we need to do is go down for breakfast. Like, _need_ Keeping our good host hanging would not only be bad manners, but it may make Remi exceedingly curious as to why. However, that doesn't stop us casting a sending to Duke before we reprepare our spells.
No. 130561
[ ] Of course you’d like to oshit Duke I forgot all about Duke goddamit
No. 130572
Can we prepare our spells later on, or does it have to be done RIGHT NOW? If no,
[X] Ask for breakfast to be brought to you (with apologies to the hostess.) Prepare your spells right away.
[x]Excuse: "I'm dreadfully sorry, but I couldn't bear to disgrace your lady's presence without first making myself presentable."
[x]oshit Duke I forgot all about Duke goddamit

If we can prepare our spells after (during?) breakfast, then
[X] Of course you’d like to join them for breakfast. You’ll be down in- Ohshit I forgot about Duke
No. 130575
[X] Of course you’d like to oshit Duke I forgot all about Duke goddamit

If they've delayed breakfast already, it shouldn't be much more trouble to give us a bit of time to 'freshen up'. 15-20 would give us time to prepare a few emergency spells, just to be on the safe side, and check up on Duke. Let him know how things are going, arrange to meet up, whatever.

And yes, that update was awesome.
No. 130576
I may be just a touch late coming in on this, but just as I began reading, "Father of Death" began playing on random select. Lyrics aside, the music synched almost perfectly to the mood of the update, ending just as his dream did.

Because of it, this was one of the most awesome things I have ever read.
No. 130579
Didn't Remilia force Patchy to give us a tour of her library? A tour that will be happening this very morning? And you guys want to run off doing who knows what?

Stay on target! The books, think of the books!
No. 130589
Related to this question about spell preparation, after one wakes up from an 8 hour rest, will all remaining unused spells of the previous day be wiped from memory, necessitating the memorization ritual? Or will those spells be intact until the memorization phase overrides and replaces them for the day?

If spells are completely wiped, then it is absolutely vital to prepare spells immediately. Otherwise we're defenseless beyond our scrolls/potions and enchanted equips, making us far more squishy than usual.
No. 130591
If you have prepared a spell, it stays until you cast it or replace it after a nights rest. (Or some outside effect forces you to lose it.)

As for the time limit. I don't think there is any real limit. The rules for preparing spells don't mention anything beyond "after resting". It's probably meant as "you can't switch out spells in the middle of an adventure", not "you can only prepare spells the moment you wake up."
Hell, you don't even need to sleep to be able to prepare spells. As long as you don't do anything stressful, you're fine.
A tour through the library probably still counts as "resting", unless we start digging into some actual research.

I think the tour is more likely to be between lunch and dinner, than directly after breakfast.
We should have time to prepare a bit and at least contact Duke, even if we might not have time to meet up with him.
No. 130595
Deleted my previous vote to change it. I'll use the options, but change them a bit.
[x] Of course you’d like to join them for breakfast. Ask for some time to prepare aas we're not presentable right now.
[x] Talk with Keine as we prepare or are on the way.
[x] oshit Duke I forgot all about Duke goddamit. Send a message to tell him we'll get him later.

As much as we don't want to needlessly piss off Remilia, I think AnonWizard need some time to clear his head from that dream. Else we may say something we'll regret.

Just curious, but since I don't play DnD, I need to ask: how much time is needed to prepare some spells?
No. 130596
Spell preparation takes roughly one hour.

Less if you prepare less spells than your maximum number of spells per day.
No. 130598
[x] Ask for breakfast to be brought to you (with apologies to the hostess.) Prepare your spells right awa-oshit Duke I forgot all about Duke goddamit (We mustn't forget about Cirno in our haste, Duke still has at least a dozen hours left to his Planar Binding.)
- [x] Talk with Keine on the way.
- [x] Come back with Keine, Cirno and Duke to visit/consult the Library (We must secure the Index, Reclaimer).
- [x] If offered to join her for lunch, accept. She might be a bloodsucking loli demon sumbitch, but we still need her consent to access the Library without conflict, best throw her a bone or two.
No. 130599
[x] Of course you’d like to join them for breakfast. You’ll be down in ten.
No. 130614
x] Of course you’d like to join them for breakfast. Ask for some time to prepare aas we're not presentable right now.
[x] Talk with Keine as we prepare or are on the way.
[x] oshit Duke I forgot all about Duke goddamit. Send a message to tell him we'll get him later.
No. 130617
I don't think we're all clear on what we need to do, what we have planned, and how much we can get done.

>You’ll be down in ten.
Is that enough time to take a bath and everything? Unless we have a "clean" spell or something.

>Prepare your spells right away.
How long does this take? I'm not familiar with D&D rules, what does he need to prepare and what does he have left if he doesn't?

>Talk with Keine on the way.
I thought we set up something to communicate with Duke, can't we just tell him where we are? Does he really need an escort?
No. 130623
File 129065235273.jpg - (135.15KB , 720x480 , gygax.jpg ) [iqdb]

* Yes, we have all our spells from yesterday, unless we deliberately scrap them. If we want to do that, we have to do it now.
* We can prepare spells in slots that are currently empty at any time. Preparing less than a quarter of our spell slots in one session takes fifteen minutes. Preparing more than that takes linearly more time, up to an hour for everything.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure what we have prepared at the moment; I haven't kept track.

If we've got enough to squeak by for a few hours:
[x] Of course you’d like to join them for breakfast. You’ll be down in ten.

If not:
[x] Of course you’d like to join them for breakfast. You’ll be down in ... twenty; you desperately need cleaning.
- [x] Prepare spells in fifteen minutes and clean up in five (thank you, prestidigitation).

If we really need the time:
[x] Decline breakfast politely, with excuses. Don't ask to have it sent up; that's presupposing too much on your host's hospitality.
- [x] Prepare spells, talk to Keine, perform cleansing ablutions. Except in the opposite order, and possibly with some overlap.

Also, unconditionally:
[x] oshit Duke I forgot all about Duke goddamit yeah I have no idea either
No. 130629

What he said.
No. 130631
Fourthed. This man is wise in the ways of D&D.
No. 130632

No. 130633
[x] that
No. 130634
[x] >>130623
No. 130637
This is perfect.
No. 130638

>Unless we have a "clean" spell or something.

The humble cantrip Prestidigitation ("Skadoosh") can be used to clean, soil, scent and flavor things, among other functions.
No. 130641
[x] >>130623
This seems to cover everthing.
No. 130642
[x] >>130623

I think I'll switch my vote over to this as well.
No. 130643
[x] 130623 - alto rotina for this
No. 130644
[x] 130623 - alto rotina for this
No. 130648
[x] >>130623

...Learn how to imageboard.

And then find out how you made such a horrific typo twice --assuming "alto rotina" was meant to be "also voting" and doesn't mean something in some language-- and kill that part of your brain.
No. 130652

Hey guys, when you vote for something, always make sure to add the [x] thing to your post to make it obvious that this should be considered an actual vote, and not just general agreement.

Also, and this applies to everyone, it would help if you actually mention if you deleted a post, or if you don't want to delete the old vote, link to it so the author knows which vote to void and subtract. It's better to delete the post anyway so the thread doesn't fill up, but if there is discussion on the same post, then deleting it might be a bad idea. But please tell us which post belonged to your previous vote. It makes the tallying process go much smoother.
No. 130656
My previous votes deleted. Now voting for [x]>>130623
No. 130658
Voting for [x]>>130623
No. 130659
Previous votes deleted, also voting for:

[x] >>130623
No. 130660
>if you don't want to delete the old vote, link to it so the author knows which vote to void and subtract
Try to avoid doing this, it's a pain in the ass.
No. 130663
previous post deleted, voting for [x]>>130623
No. 130664
File 12907362763.gif - (1.71MB , 300x225 , 1279649985537.gif ) [iqdb]
Yeah, so, why are updates late? I went up to my grandmother's place for a huge Thanksgiving family reunion. Last night, my alcoholic asshole of an uncle was getting more and more wasted, until I finally told him to shut the fuck up, and came within an ace of slugging him. So, not much writing got done. And today, self-same asshole woke up drunk (following a night where he woke up everyone in the house three times,) and by the time Thanksgiving dinner came around, he was lit up more then Times Mother-Fucking-Square on New Years Eve, which resulted in a ring-side seat to a mildly hilarious middle-aged man fistfight after he provided blunt commentary on a guest's vaginal moisture status.

No. 130666
It's alright. I think most of us can sympathize with your frustration and anger.

But remember! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHPOzQzk9Qo
No. 130671
Man, I'm kinda pleased that someone else's Thanksgiving is/was a load of shit. You know, misery loving company.
No. 130674
Why? It's not like not having it keeps alcoholic family members from ever doing anything stupid in front of the rest of the family. They'll just booze it up on Christmas, or Independence Day, or Founder's Day, or the Shrunken Toad Festival, or National Borscht Week, or whatever kind of crazy holidays you people have.

...Or for that matter, they'll just booze up whenever. They're alcoholics, after all.

tl;dr, there is no reason that you should be glad, and your statement was badly planned.
No. 130675
point taken.
No. 130677
In before drunken Touhou pics.
No. 130678
Good luck finding... nevermind
No. 130679
Every single picture of Suika.
No. 130688

>>National Borscht Week

No. 130690
In Soviet Russia, EVERY week is National Borscht Week.
No. 130695
There is no National Borscht Week in Russia. And never was.
No. 130727
My life is a lie.
I have never been more grateful that my entire family is full of the hilarious, fun-filled type of drunk.
No. 130731
Hear, hear.
No. 130733
So what you're saying is that it's total borscht?
No. 130735
All borscht, all the time.

Where can I get a ticket to Russia?
No. 130742
Stop that. >>/gensokyo/6052
No. 130744
He has a story, he can use a name if he wants.
No. 130746
Even like that, it's considered as polite to not use a name, unless you're the admin, or unless you're the writer himself.
No. 130748
I have just become inordinately grateful that neither myself nor my family drinks.
No. 130764
File 129089785290.png - (117.63KB , 200x200 , wrigglemad.png ) [iqdb]
Where's Cirno!? She's been gone for far too long!
No. 130765
File 129089837387.png - (7.45KB , 300x300 , 129089811687.png ) [iqdb]
"OH MY GOD Wriggle there you are you have to meet this wizard guy he's super powerful and smart and he killed a DRAGON! And then he beat up Marisa and Sanae and he just goes "Shadoosh" and everything tastes yummy, oh and he also likes to peek up everyone's skirts because --"

"SHUT UP CIRNO!" -wham-
No. 130775
>Stupid shit

Get back to /i/ and stay there.
No. 130776
File 129092897646.jpg - (26.38KB , 400x400 , cirno on the internet distraught_1.jpg ) [iqdb]

I found it mildly humorous
No. 130777
File 129092979678.png - (8.79KB , 700x400 , cirnosleep.png ) [iqdb]
Guess I'll go back to sleep then!
No. 130793
Saved. Guess i should head over to /i/ for once.
No. 130796
Drawfags are just below writefags in my book. GJ
No. 130801
Their status as a *fag does not excuse them from making stupid posts. If you wish to inform him that you like his drawings, take it to his /i/ threads.
No. 130803
People, that's enough. You are burning through the thread like mad. Do you want this to be a 2 updates thread? This will not be, but only if you remain silent until Demetrious updates.

No more talk, no more posts without content relevant to the thread, no more spam. Can we all agree to this?

Incidentially, a song rather suited to our character : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HkAvVqjbUG8&feature=related . At least if you ignore the gun part.
No. 130804
Or in other words.

There is a thread in words specifically for discussing this story, and everything about it. If you wish to talk about random D&D shit, take it there.

Though this story is somehow so popular that the votes alone take up a substantial chunk of the thread, so it doesn't even matter.
No. 130807
>your posts telling people that they are making "stupid posts" and "random shit"

You got me. Every single post on this entire website that tells people off for being retarded was me all along. How did you ever pierce my veneer of being many different people, with a set of standards that they fight to uphold?

>Unlike the D&D stuff which is actually relevant to this story

You are right, of course. D&D is definitely related to this story. However, there comes a point when the massive D&D wank gets imposing, and unnecessary. That point is when every thread only has 3-4 updates because of it. We have long ago reached that point.

>your bitching is not
Pointing out stupid posts is universal on this site. If someone posts something retarded, you call him on it, so he can shape up or get out.

I don't even know I am arguing this with you. It's obvious that you are ridiculously new here, and have no idea how to conduct yourself.
No. 130810
Y'know, a Rubyquest-esque 'delete your votes after the next update' would probably work really well right about now.
No. 130813
At this point, we might as well. We're burning through way too many threads. And this one will soon die with only about... 5 posts made by Demetrious himself, I think? It has got to stop.

We should also hope that Demetrious finds either the time or inspiration for the next update soon.
No. 130814
>D&D wank
So anything you don't like is automatically assumed to be "wank" material? Shit is on topic, deal with it faggot.
No. 130817
Delete each and every one of the posts arguing. No one cares. You're morons, pointing out stupidity by making a stupid post is pointless. And kinda ironic, I guess.
Relax, I'll delete this one tomorrow.
No. 130820
This. Please.
Take it easy, people.
No. 130821
But you are wrong. Pointing out when a person is being fucktarded allows him to learn distinguished behavior. Imagine if absolutely no one cared if we didn't call people out on textspeak, actions, or, god-forbid, emoticons. This site would quickly become worse than fanfiction.net. If you are not familiar with that particular level of idiocy, imagine /b/ on a bad day.

Though I agree, this has dragged out long enough, and we should drop it. Deleting votes without any discussion in them after the next update is a stellar plan, that we would be wise to follow. Will delete sometime later.
No. 130823
Acting like a fucktard when pointing it out doesn't do anything to actually convince them to stop. Doing it civilly is much more likely to gain cooperation.
No. 130841
File 129103206826.jpg - (103.70KB , 508x643 , 127711630490.jpg ) [iqdb]
Hey Demetrious congrads on the awesome quest thread dude, iam really impressed with your work and as a D&D geek find it amazing humourous.

Keep it up. And here have a Cirno to keep you company.
No. 130842
File 129103287338.jpg - (255.96KB , 1333x1000 , 1281543957560.jpg ) [iqdb]
Taisa held out longer.
No. 130845

Image dumps only work to get the author to update if it's Patchwork receiving pictures of sexy Wriggle.

Speaking of which...
No. 130856
File 129105812822.jpg - (239.56KB , 600x600 , 8c0b2489c11b4d978b5ae2037077d795.jpg ) [iqdb]
Now that the holiday horseshit is over. YES, UPDATE TONIGHT, sometime after class. Used up my morning writing (another) resume.
No. 130863

No. 130873
And the people rejoiced.
No. 130877
File 129109527777.jpg - (362.36KB , 911x1000 , 8a0d615fe7de380dafa390ef5d582da0.jpg ) [iqdb]
In retrospect the voting options I provided were ambiguous as hell, but thankfully >>130623 took care of that.

[x] Of course you’d like to join them for breakfast. You’ll be down in ... twenty; you desperately need cleaning.
- [x] Prepare spells in fifteen minutes and clean up in five (thank you, prestidigitation).

“Well, I, er, um.” Waking up next to Keine after an extremely vivid nightmare hasn’t exactly put you in the calm, cool, and collected mindset needed to wage mindgames against a loli-devilvamp and her fairy-maid army. “I, well, I could use some time to get cleaned up. We’ll be down in, ah, twenty minutes?”

Sakuya nods primly. “Very well. I’ll let the mistress know.” She bows slightly, then leaves, closing the door behind her gently.

“Twenty minutes!?” Keine says, clearly flustered. She grabs at her mussed-up hair in desperation. “How are we both supposed to get through the shower in only twenty minutes! And even then, I mean - I’m a mess!”

You regard Keine quizzically. “The hell’s your problem? You look fine.”

Keine sighs and sets her teacup down on the table. “I’m barefoot, my dress is all rumpled, my hair is in a state of disaster, and you think I look fine?”

You shrug and turn your palms up in a helpless gesture. “Yes?”

Keine’s eyes slide towards the floor and a grin tugs at the corners of her mouth. “You are a hopelessly stereotypical male.”

“Okay, okay,” you grumble, “I got it, I’m heading for the shower...”

Keine chuckles a little, shaking her head. “You’re funny.”

“I’m what.


“I have been called many things,” you say slowly, “but ‘funny’ has never been one of them.”

“Well, it is now,” she says. She flops back onto your bed with a gusty sigh. “Are you sure you want to rush down for breakfast? I’m sure we can beg off, make it up to them at lunch.”

“Why would you want to?” you ask, hunting around the floor for your boots.

“You seemed pretty shook up a few minutes ago,” Keine points out. “You might want to slow down a bit.”

“I’m... I’m fine,” you say. “And we can talk about that later...”

“We can?” Keine leans back on her hands. “Our lives have been notably hectic since we were accosted by crazy ghosts yesterday morning. And last night we were both weary from a long day of threat and strain. We might not have another chance to talk for a while.”

“It can wait, really,” you say as you kneel to fish your boots out from underneath the bed. “We talk all day. I’m sure we’ll have a few minutes somewhere.”

Keine sighs. “We have more to talk about then that,” she says cautiously.

You freeze, eyes glued to the floor under the bed.

“I suppose we do,” you say quietly.

“And we’re alone now,” Keine says.

You rise from the floor, and slowly, cautiously, sit on the bed next to her. “With no distractions,” you agree.

You both sit in silence for a few seconds, awkwardly studying the bedsheets.

With a resounding BANG! the door crashes open, sending both of you a foot skyward in fright. Standing in the doorway is Cirno, drawn up to her full, meager height. She levels one accusatory digit at the pair of you, sitting on the bed with rumpled clothes and messy hair. “JUMPER OF SKELETONS! UNHAND HIM!”

“The fuck?” you stutter.

“She lay in ambuscade to jump you! While you were asleep! Teacher’s a dirty tallywhacker!

A mighty guffaw rises in your throat, and you bite down on it with desperate strength, emitting a sound a bit like a choking duck. Keine fairly leaps off the bed, rising to her full height to stare down the little fairy.

”WHAT did you just call me, young lady!”

Cirno stands her ground, but looks uncertain. “Uh, maybe it was, uh, boofsmacker.... bushwhacker! You’re a dirty bushwhacker!”

Keine huffs a bit, her umbrage slightly assuaged. She whirls about to confront you. “And what were you laughing about!?”

“I never!” you protest haughtily. “Still, we need to find out who’s teaching her all these words.”

“I won’t tell!” Cirno says, crossing her arms defiantly. “And don’t try to change the subject! It’s bad enough that he goes around staring at your-”

“OOPS” you shout as you toss the contents of your teacup at Cirno while diving for the floor. The beverage catches her full in the face, soaking the collar of her new dress and splashing her hair. She coughs and sputters, wiping her face with her hands, then glares down at you on the floor. Her eyes glow with the fury of the morally just.

“YOU SNEAKY TALLYWHACKER!” she bellows, her clawed hands lunging downwards at you. Her attack falters inches from your prone figure as Keine hoists her skyward with an arm around her waist.

“He tripped, Cirno. It happens to everyone.” You nod eagerly.

“LIES!” Cirno says, still clawing and grasping for you as she dangles in midair.

“You’re just as bad as him,” Keine says with a sigh. “Now you need a shower too, for sure. Come on.” Keine casually exits the room, headed for the guest bathroom down the hall with Cirno tucked under her arm. Before you lose sight of them around the doorjamb, the incensed fairy shoots you a look that can only be described as icy.

You shake your head.

“And I thought clerics of Cuthbert were uptight,” you marvel aloud. Taking a seat by the table, you haul out your gimories and empty Keine’s abandoned teacup. Going over your mental inventory of spells, you realize you’re mostly loaded already- even your spell-duel with Sanae yesterday wasn’t terribly taxing. Still, you need to top off your allotment, and given the lessons of the past few days, there’s some spells you want to swap out for others.

Sucking down another little cup of tea, you take a deep breath, close your eyes and do your best to clear your mind. Even though you’re rested, and have spent years honing your skills at mental concentration, you still need a few minutes to push all the emotions and excitement of the morning to one side. After all these years, magic still takes real effort to reach for.

You smile slightly, eyes still closed. Thank the gods, magic will never grow familiar or dull for you.

About a quarter of an hour passes as you refresh your spells, and swap out a few. You finish by casting Detect Scrying. If your mystery spy makes another attempt, you’ll have their number - and a nasty little present for them, if you so choose.

With all your spells (including your cantrips) reloaded, you decide to clean up you and your companion’s attire. You laboriously peel off your robe, then your undershirt, and finally your pants, and ball them up in your hands.

“Skadoosh,” you intone, and toss them aside as the cantrip slowly goes to work, cleaning the stains and soil from the fabric, leaving only a faint scent of lavender in their wake. Now to address Keine and Cirno’s garments.

You stick your head out the door and cautiously examine the hallway. No fairies in sight. Stealing over to the guest bathroom on cat-feet, you press your ear to the door. The roar of a running shower and Cirno’s indignant protests filter through the oak panels. Perfect. Cautiously cracking the door, you espy Keine and Cirno’s dresses piled in one corner. One simple prestidigitation spell, and they’ll be right as rain.

You snake your hand through the crack, grab the dresses, and carefully draw them out, gently shutting the door. You chuckle quietly, imagining the girls surprise when they find their outfits fresh and good-as-new.

“What the hell?”

Icy shock jolts through your body. Still crouching by the bathroom door, in your underwear, two purloined dresses clutched in your arms, you slowly rotate your head to find Meiling standing a ways down the hallway, a laundry basket in her hands.

“..... Hi!” you declare, plastering a shit-eating grin on your face.

“Sakuya sent me to... figured you’d need fresh clothes... uh...” She takes an uncertain step back from you. “Because... yeah.”

“IDOLAUNDRYWITHMAGIC,” you exclaim, shooting to your full height and clutching the dresses to your chest to cover yourself. “Sothankyouverymuchbutwe’refinegoodbye,” you rush out as you dash back to your bedroom and slam the door.


A few minutes later (after donning your now-clean attire,) you head down to the bathroom again and politely knock, returning the cleaned garments. Keine expresses delight at having her dress back, though Cirno’s freshly-scrubbed face expresses clear suspicion that another ass-gazing session might have been a side-objective during your retrieval mission. The girls emerge a few minutes later, fully dressed and toweling off their hair.

“I suppose we can go down for breakfast before Remilia gets cranky,” Keine says. “Keep them entertained till you arrive.”

“No, we can go down together,” you say.

“Aren’t you going to shower?”

“Wizard style.”

“Oh god,” Cirno says, with obvious dread.

You bop into the bathroom, strip, and leap into the shower. You smile with delight as the hot water sluices yesterday’s sweat off you. Prestidigitation can freshen you up to a degree, but nothing beats a hot shower. Turning around a few times in the shower, you soap up and clean off in only a minute or two.

You step out of the shower stall, and use prestidigitation to blowdry yourself off. Donning your garments again, you join your companions and head for the main dining room.

About halfway there, you freeze in mid-stride.

“Oh god dammit,” you exclaim. “I forgot about Duke!”

“Who’s Duke?” Cirno asks, mystified.

“A friend of mine. He arrived last night,” you tell her.

“That’s the creature you were snooping about in the woods with, right?” asks Keine.

“Yeah. He probably stayed the night at Alice’s place.”

“Spent the night? With ALICE!?” Cirno exclaims. “I thought you said he was your friend!

“Hush, you. She’s not that bad,” Keine scolds her. “Don’t you have a way of contacting him?”

“Short answer? No. Whispering Wind could do it, but that takes a message to a place, not a person, and I don’t know where Alice’s shack is. And Sending takes a good ten minutes to cast, and we’re already a little late to meet our hostess.”

“Well, Duke can handle himself for a while, can’t he?”

You shrug. “True.”

“Alice is going to eat him,” Cirno mutters. “And skin him, and stuff him, and sew buttons to his eyeballs.”

Resuming your trek, you reach the main lobby, and take the hallway towards the main dining room. The girls walk through the center of the room, but you still skirt the pentagram design etched in the glossy black floor.

“Still paranoid?” Keine asks you.

“No shit,” you mutter. “I can’t shake this feeling... something about this place feels off, for some reason. Entirely aside from the whole loli-devil-vampire thing, which is saying something.”

Keine’s expression shifts to what you’re starting to think of as her ‘Teacher Time’ persona, but just as she opens her mouth, a muted whoomph echo’s from somewhere deep in the Mansion.

“What the hell was that?” you ask.

“No clue,” Keine admits.

Another boomph! sounds deep in the guts of the Mansion.

“Wanna look?” Cirno says excitedly. “Maybe somebody’s fighting!”

[ ] I love the smell of Danmaku in the morning.
[ ] Screw it, I’m hungry.
No. 130878
File 129109575584.jpg - (5.18KB , 251x179 , roll.jpg ) [iqdb]
1. As an apology for failing at life for a few weeks there, I'll be writing a short post detailing Duke's overnight stay at Alice's place. You may thank this anon >>130153 for making the temptation irresistible. I suspect he's a writer.

2. Pick a spell from the 7th, 8th, or 9th level lists that you like the looks of, and add it to your vote (if you want.) I'll take a list of spells thus nominated and we can have a vote to pick Wiznon's 7th, 8th, and 9th level spells for the day.

He'll probably have to use them today.

No. 130879
>the incensed fairy shoots you a look that can only be described as icy.

[X] I love the smell of Danmaku in the morning.
We're really only going to breakfast to put ourselves in a better standing with Remi, so I think this is an acceptable distraction. She might even be checking it out herself.
No. 130881
[┼] I love the smell of Danmaku in the morning.

>2. Pick a spell from the 7th, 8th, or 9th level lists that you like the looks of, and add it to your vote (if you want.) I'll take a list of spells thus nominated and we can have a vote to pick Wiznon's 7th, 8th, and 9th level spells for the day.
Oh this'll be fu-
>Pick a spell
Damn. I'll assume core-only and say...
[┼] Time Stop

A shame we don't have 2 9th level slots or I'd say Time Stop & Meteor Swarm. I'm sure Mr. Wizard has other explodey spells that will do fine.
No. 130882
ANY spell from that list?

...does that include Wish? If it does, I have to wonder about this part.

"Transport travelers. A wish can lift one creature per caster level from anywhere on any plane and place those creatures anywhere else on any plane regardless of local conditions. An unwilling target gets a Will save to negate the effect, and spell resistance (if any) applies."

It sounds almost like it could get him home.

[X] I love the smell of Danmaku in the morning.
As for the spell, Maze. Perfect for dealing with groups/running away.
No. 130883
Remember our metamagic, too.

Explosive Spell- any spell causing damage over an area becomes explosive; anybody caught in it is hurled to the edge of the area, knocked prone, and takes 1d6 damage for every 10 feet thus hurled. Takes up a spell slot 2 levels higher.

Transdimensonal spell- effects multiple dimensions (i.e. will definitely effect goasts and god knows what other weird shit in gensokyo.) Uses up slot +1 higher.
Transdimensional Spell
No. 130884


If you REALLY want, though the hefty cost makes it hideous overkill for most purposes (experience points and all.) Also recall that Gensokyo was formed by what essentially amounts to a deity, (loldragon,) and is inhabited by deities, meaning that very drastic effects likely require epic-level spellcasting.

On the other hand, the great forces Wiznon is up against mean that Wish is certainly on the table. I mean, there's gods running loose in this place.
No. 130885
[X] I love the smell of Danmaku in the morning; Foresight.

Wizanon is definitely funny in a drowsy post-nightmare stupor. I bet Cirno was disappointed to not catch naughty tally-whacking in action.

I'd say Foresight might be a good pick, considering how much trouble we get into and our general unfamiliarity with the world. Having extra danger sense would be excellent, though probably of limited use against Remilia. Maze could be useful as well... except I'm now imagining Rumia getting mazed and crashing blindly into walls over and over.
No. 130886
[x] I love the smell of Danmaku in the morning.

I vote for Foresight. It would last for just under 3 hours. It would be a nice spell that would cause an interesting change in writing once cast. Whether it'll actually make a large difference is up to Demetrious.
No. 130888
[X] Screw it, I’m hungry.
[X] Don't want to keep our hosts waiting too much longer, after all.

[X] Greater Planar Binding
Summon an Efreet, wish for three Candles of Invokation, summon three more efreeti, wish for three more candles of invokation each, et cetera. Then get one of them to Wish us home, if we want to go home.
No. 130890
>On the other hand, the great forces Wiznon is up against mean that Wish is certainly on the table. I mean, there's gods running loose in this place.
Are you trying to get me to plot methods to maximize the effectiveness of Trap the Soul?
No. 130891
[x] I love the smell of Danmaku in the morning.

Scintillating Pattern.
No. 130892
Don't make me reach through my monitor and physically bitchslap you. Bad Anon, bad. No motherfucking Wishloops.

[X] I love the smell of Danmaku in the morning; Foresight.

This works.
No. 130893
[X] I love the smell of Danmaku in the morning.

9th - Foresight
8th - Trap the Soul, Sunburst
7th - Control Weather, Control Undead(if it works on Remilia or Flandre), Insanity(if control undead don`t affect them. Probably should, but it`s Demetrious`s story), Prismatic Spray
No. 130896
[X] Screw it, I’m hungry.

Wouldn't it be nice to at least have breakfast before getting horribly sidetracked for the day?
It's not our problem and if we keep running away because something that might be interesting shows it will seem like we're avoiding Remi. Our library tour was pretty much a whim and, as such, can be revoked just as easily.
Let's be a good guest and not (appear to) do everything to avoid just spending some time with our host.
Besides, explosions happen all the time, sometimes for no reason at all. Wizard facts #324.

Clone. We just need to get access to an arcane laboratory and assault Youmu with a knife and the problem is solved.

I'm torn between Statue and Greater Prying Eyes.
Not that good, compared to some of the more classic "this is why wizards are overpowered"-spells, but those just felt kind of boring.
Well, there is Shapechange, of course.
"You gain all extraordinary and supernatural abilities of the assumed shape." and you can change shape roughly once every five seconds.
This + Gensokyo = Bullshit hax powers? For me? Ah, you shouldn't have-Okay, I'll take this, and this, and this, and...

I was thinking about Sympathy/Antipathy, but they have alignment restrictions so we can't just cast it with the specified creatures "little girls with superpowers". And then it's just not as fun anymore.
No. 130898
[X] Screw it, I’m hungry.

9th: Meteor Swarm
8th: Sunburst, Mind Blank
7th: Prismatic Spray, Control Weather, Limited Wish (To counter fatehax if Mind Blank fails to work.)
No. 130899
You don't have to make any fancy plans for that.
Just toss the trigger object at your target and shout "Hey, catch!" It will work on most people and is both easier and safer than trying to come up with some Xanatos gambit. Even if they miss catching it, a lot of people would go pick it up just to see what it was.
The real problem is getting a gem that is worth X thousands of gold so it won't shatter when you try to trap someone in it.

I mean, let's assume you want to use it on Remilia.
The sample "elite vampire" in the Monster Manual is probably nowhere near her in terms of raw power, and trapping it would require a gem worth 13000 gold.
If we assume that Remilia is roughly the same level as Wizardnon (and she's probably stronger), he would have to spend about 20 000 gold on the gem.
Even if Wizardnon has that kind of money to spend on it, where is he gonna find a gem like that?
And Remilia isn't even on the top of the list of "most powerful people in Gensokyo". If we want to use it on someone really powerful he'd have to get the fucking koh-i-noor or something.

Tricking someone into triggering the spell is easy.
Getting the material component for that spell is an entire campaign by itself unless you have a GM that allows you to pick whatever you want as long as you have the money for it.
No. 130902
[X] I love the smell of Danmaku in the morning.
No. 130903
[x] Screw it, I’m hungry.

Cirno's constant indignation over his staring is grating. Try to tone it down just a little. Maybe have her silently fume and plot revenge, instead of yelling about it every time.
No. 130904
[X] I love the smell of Danmaku in the morning.

8th level: Greater Shout
No. 130905
[x] >>130903
Try to have a normal morning before things go all crazy. All this rush, rush, rush isn't good for the group.
No. 130906
[X] I love the smell of Danmaku in the morning.
No. 130907
[x] Hungry
-[x] Time stop
-[x] Sunburst
-[x]Anti-Magic Field no wait, that's 6th. Err, control undead works against these vampires? Yeah let's go with that. Or, if that doesn't work, forcecage.
No. 130908
I know these aren't 7-9th level, but after yesterday we should be a bit more careful...

Actually cast protection from arrows since it lasts all day. And either mage armor or greater mage armor. And while we are talking about protection spells that last all day, also anticipate teleport (Spell Compendium).

Prepare Ray Deflection (SpC, automatically deflects all ranged touch attacks, i. e. theoretically dodgable spells) and Celerity (Players Handbook II)

Normally I'd say cast Mind Blank, but we want to catch that scryer.

I like Polymorph any Object
No. 130909
That's what infinite wishes via Efreet summoning are for. A 25,000 gp diamond is entirely within the power of a Wish to create.
No. 130911
there are plenty of other things you can do which does not involve sacrificing 5000 xp.

if we're going by pure mechanics, with the right prep wizardanon can telefrag *anybody* in a single round, before a retaliation could happen. this is the sort of power you get from judicious use of Shapechange and other high level spells that does not cost an arm and a leg.
No. 130912
[X] Screw it, I’m hungry.

I agree that all the rushing about isn't good for anyone. We should, in order, eat, retrieve Duke, consult the Library before taking the time to talk things through with Keine.

Wizard needs some peace and introspection before things go crazy again.
No. 130913
[X] Screw it, I’m hungry.

If it's anything major, we'll find out at breakfast.

7th: Limited Wish
8th: Telekinetic Sphere
9th: Time Stop

I never gave much thought to Telekinetic Sphere before, but it seems like a spell that we definitely make good use of in one form or another.
No. 130915
You missed the part where you said he'd get the wish by summoning an Efreet who - despite being bastards of the highest calibre - will not charge you for the wish casting per se.
No. 130916
[x] I love the smell of Danmaku in the morning.
No. 130919
[X] Screw it, I’m hungry.
-[X] If/When we meet someone, ask what is going on and if we can help.
--[X] If no one is here when you arrive, go see what is going on.

If the source of the problem is who I think it is, the last thing we want is go to the problem by ourselves. Else we may be asked to 'play'.

Then again, if it's Flandre, there won't be anyone waiting for us since everyone will be busy dealing with her.
No. 130920
File 129112967578.jpg - (123.61KB , 670x490 , 1261207850774.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Screw it, I’m hungry.
We do not have our ring of sustenance so god damnit WE NEED FOOD...plus Sakuya's cooking might not be so bad. Lets at least give it a good and in doing so show our hosts that we at least have manners. (or at least can be civil)

7th - Silent Antimagic Field: Negates magic within 10 ft. (Because sometimes when Touhou battles about to start you want to get the drop on an opponent and this can also be used as a makeshift spell battle shield)
8th - Horrid Wilting: Deals 1d6/level damage within 30 ft. (Because no one in the entire D&D universe core books is immune to dehydration damage)
9th - Mage’s Disjunction: Dispels magic, disenchants magic items. (This might actually work against spell cards if we time it right)
No. 130921
[x] Screw it, I’m hungry.
Okay so I'm guessing we have 3 7th 2 8th and 1 9th. in that case we probably want to go with Mass Hold Person, Symbol of Stunning and Waves of Exhaustion. These 3 are a good strong control spells and best of all they are debilitating but not lethal. Prismatic Spray is far too random for our purposes. For 8th level we should prepare Mind Blank and Polymorph any Object. For 9th level Foresight seems the best choice. Mage's disjuction would be another possible choice but wee don't know how that would effect our companions i.e. Keine's stuff.
No. 130922
File 129113473011.jpg - (101.44KB , 743x921 , cirno proclamation_1.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] I love the smell of Danmaku in the morning.

Something is afoot and we, as the protagonist, have to find out what it is! It's just what we DO!


>Writing about Duke's night at Alice's house

No. 130924
[x] Screw it, I’m hungry.
No. 130926
Oh right.
Project Image, Invisibility, Mass, Delayed Blast Fireball
Something confusing(was going for reverse gravity first but I'm not really sure how flying works here, though it could still be useful even if it's just items) and combinable, something surprising and damaging and a group escape move.

Sunburst, Protection from Spells
distraction, self explanatory

Foresight OR Meteor Swarm
Foresight is a good thing to have but I'm tempted by the superior firepower we may need somewhere in the near future.
No. 130928
[X] I love the smell of Danmaku in the morning; Foresight.
No. 130929
[x] I love the smell of Danmaku in the morning.
No. 130930
[X] Screw it, I’m hungry.
No. 130931
[X] Screw it, I’m hungry.
No. 130932
[x] I love the smell of Danmaku in the morning.

Maybe we'll have a proper fight with Marisa this time.
No. 130934
[x] I love the smell of danmaku in the morning.
No. 130935
File 129114537583.png - (157.90KB , 1149x482 , pic possibly related.png ) [iqdb]
...What the hell is a ranged touch attack?
No. 130936
Throw your familiar.
No. 130938
It's a ranged attack that only needs to "touch" the enemy. It does not have to penetrate armor or shielding, and any armor/shield/natural armor class bonuses are negated. Basically, it makes it easier to hit enemies who rely on armor instead of speed, since it's the equivalent of shining a deadly flashlight on an enemy; it can't be tanked like arrow shots or bullets, and you either dodge it or you get hurt.

In our case, those kinds of attacks are won't work on us when Ray Deflection is active. So we can pass through by a good number of eldritch blasts and other ray/laser spells, and they won't harm us at all.
No. 130939
A ranged touch attack is a spell that you can potentially dodge that only needs to touch you to hurt you - it goes through armor, essentially, but has to be precise enough that it's not an autohit. Think lasers.
No. 130940
...we should have talked with her. We really, really should have.
No. 130941
[x] Screw it, I’m hungry.
No. 130942
We all know we need to talk with Keine. But it's not like we really had the time now. Hell, Cirno did burst in pretty quick.
No. 130954
[X] Screw it, I’m hungry.
Explosions tend to make a "whoomph" when heard from far away, so acting casual may be the best idea for now. *cough*explosiverunes*cough* Running to defuse the situation before it gets out of hand would also be a good idea... unless it's something else, in which case we'd probably just get into even more trouble and end up missing breakfast.

For a spell, I'm voting [X] Limited Wish
It's way cheaper than an outright Wish (300xp versus 5000xp) and can be cast more easily without giving up high-level spell slots, which makes it a lot more versatile outside of "do-or-die" situations. For example, it can duplicate spells instantly, regardless of their original casting time. "Hallow" (cleric) and "Awaken" (druid) take 24 hours to cast normally, but limited wish lets you SPAM them if so inclined. It even pays for material costs of 1000g or less: Bam, free hallowed site in the middle of a ghost swarm. XP costs only apply if they're above 300xp, too, so hooray for talking trees, dogs, and chipmunks everywhere. Then there are other fun/useful spells like Lightning Storm, the Cures up to Mass Light Wounds, Raise Dead (needs diamond), Divine Power (I AM MY OWN GOD), Restoration, Plant Growth...

A little brain damage is totally worth the phenomenally cosmic power.
No. 130955
[X] I love the smell of Danmaku in the morning;

-Summon morality pet 9
-Charm monster, mass
No. 130959
[X] Screw it, I’m hungry.
-[X] If/When we meet someone, ask what is going on and if we can help.
--[X] If no one is here when you arrive, go see what is going on.

just one
Transdimencional Evan's Spiked Tentacles of Forced Intrusion
No. 130973
Shapechange is an absolute must at all times, simply because of its versatility.

Want to cast two spells in a single round? Choker.

Want to maul dragons in close-combat? 12-headed hydra.

Want to out-healbitch a Cleric? Leonal.

Want immunity to magic? Golem.

Want free save-or-dies against any of the three saves, level drain, or stat damage to any stat? Pick a form that has it.

And that's all core. Add splatbooks and you can get ridiculous things like the ability to split into two, take two full turns plus an extra action per round, ability to manipulate chance and basically reroll every roll, etc.
No. 130975
[x] Find out what's going on- if your lucky, you can help solve the mess get a favor from whoever you helped.

On the subject of spells-
For now, Get a versitile spell or something that's good with defense, or maybe some kind of diviation type spell.
However, your A wizard, and wizard can make their own spells or learn from others.
Idea 1- Create your own spell that suits your needs. For example, I heard from my father's old gaming group, (D&D 2nd ed old) that his group needed to bring back the head of a very old, very LARGE dragon.My Father's gnome wizard created a spell that made thing's two dimensional, Basically making it like paer for as long the spell hold. Problem solved. Now, what doe's your wizard know about the current situation, and what could he do to make it better?
Idea 2- You have access to a magic library, as well as marisa's spellbook. Create your own 'Spellcard'- don't limit yourself to the magic you have been taught.
No. 130977
I wonder how effective antimagic field would be against danmaku.
No. 130978

>Stupid post rife with typos
Oh boy here we go again.
No. 130979
I also doubt Demetrious is going to allow the lololololhax exploits for wizanon. Those are for the locals, he gets versatility.
No. 130981
I just counted the votes.

18 votes for "Check it out." 17 votes for breakfast. That has to be the narrowest vote I've ever seen.
No. 130982
[x] Screw it, I'm hungry
I bet we can freak Patchy out by casting defensive spells at the table. Let's do that.
No. 130984
File 129118678072.gif - (3.56KB , 312x185 , fffffAAAAA.gif ) [iqdb]

A TIE IT IS! Votes called; writing.
No. 130997


No. 131016
cant wait to read it
No. 131017
No. 131018
Suddenly I have this odd feeling that the next chapter is going to involve some manner of weaponized breakfast.
No. 131048
May have found a minor plot hole

"Well, whatever works. You crack the door to Cirno’s room, checking on her- the fairy is securely tucked into her bed and sleeping soundly. You cast an Alarm ward on her room, attuning the spell to your small group, and setting it to emit an audible alarm. You’d prefer instant mental notification, but you’ll be out of range- at least this way Cirno will be awoken if uninvited guests visit."

The alarm never was removed and with anonwizard's caster level it certainly hasn't run out of time. Despite that it didn't activate when the maids come knocking on doors and such. Even if it isn't a plot hole, it will raise some eyebrows when one of the maids does activate it as she goes in to clean later that day.

Furthermore, has wizardanon given any thought about how to deal with the timehax powers of the head maid?
No. 131049
May have found a minor plot hole

"Well, whatever works. You crack the door to Cirno’s room, checking on her- the fairy is securely tucked into her bed and sleeping soundly. You cast an Alarm ward on her room, attuning the spell to your small group, and setting it to emit an audible alarm. You’d prefer instant mental notification, but you’ll be out of range- at least this way Cirno will be awoken if uninvited guests visit."

The alarm never was removed and with anonwizard's caster level it certainly hasn't run out of time. Despite that it didn't activate when the maids come knocking on doors and such. Even if it isn't a plot hole, it will raise some eyebrows when one of the maids does activate it as she goes in to clean later that day.

Furthermore, has wizardanon given any thought about how to deal with the timehax powers of the head maid?
No. 131051
Some instinct makes you glance to the side,
Cirno isn't indignent about wizanon's lechery btw, she's using it as a tool to take revenge on him.

"here you see Cirno smirking at you gleefully.

She knows. She saw it- the lustful glance, the way your eyes followed the lines of Keine’s figure, all of it, and now she’ll make you pay for the threats, the bad scare, and most grievously of all, leaving her out of every conversation. Her mouth opens to deliver the fatal words- "
No. 131059

>You cast an Alarm ward on her room
>her room

Unless somebody besides Wiznon or Keine crosses the threshhold, it won't go off.
No. 131064
Note that Sakuya can probably also bypass the wards:
>You are undetectable while time stop lasts.

...Actually, on further consideration, that's kind of a big deal. Anyone more D&D-knowledgeable know of a way of warding against someone who can cast Time Stop at will?
No. 131071

No real way to do that. The best defense, in this case, is a good offense.

Like a .44 magnum to the skull
No. 131072
>a way of warding against someone who can cast Time Stop at will
I'd say the safest bet would be misdirection & deceit(e.g. illusions and/or invisibility) considering you can't actually stop them from going somewhere outside of physically barring it to a point where they can't enter at all.
No. 131076
There is. There is the standard mage-duel option where you gank her before she gets her own action, and then there's that Epic Feat Spell Stowaway, although since it's technically not a spell I doubt it'd work.

For option one, either Force Cage (Windowless Cell) or telefrag works.
No. 131079
antimagic field, they can't enter one while timestopped. Not that they can't dump a bunch of explosives on top it though
No. 131094

Wizard can't use spells in antimagic field either, genius. Also, it won't stop knives.
No. 131102
Demetrious is certainly taking his time to write the next update. Mayhap his muse is being difficult. It is a sad day indeed when the Muses no longer sing to poets and writers. Let us hope they will resume their chants soon.

I, for one, have business with Clio.
No. 131105
He's probably doing lewd things with Keine behind our backs, I just know it.
No. 131109
This silence is most disconcerting and worrying. We can only hope that Demetrious is still hale and whole and that the lack of communication comes from an equipment failure rather then lack of inspiration. It would be most disappointing if this story should vanish so soon. Pray, fellow readers, that it will not be the case.
No. 131112
No. 131113

Calm the fuck down, it hasn't been much time since the last update.
No. 131116
I concur, Demetrious makes damn good shit when he posts so Iam willing to wait that time to get awesome story.
No. 131141
File 129149600526.jpg - (54.88KB , 500x331 , 1266816271745.jpg ) [iqdb]
Never mind the high-level spells. We should really be trying to get some use out of things like legend lore, true seeing, mass eagle's splendor, move earth...

Definitely seconding antimagic field; we don't even need it to be Silent or Still.

... oh, fine, also polymorph any object (see pic).
No. 131168
File 129153179084.jpg - (274.81KB , 734x737 , 1286053634576.jpg ) [iqdb]

No. 131174
A derp was herped.