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And so, the bloodstains on your shirt won't come off after all. No matter. The red looks good on you anyways, you beautiful thing you.

...A stomp to the ground interrupts your reveries about yourself. A thing with claws and talons come out. It snarls words, but you can't seem to understand. It sends out the message of "get the fuck out." Well, this is now your house and you'll be booting this stranger out - he's probably overstayed his welcome anyways.

A coin flips up in the air. "Heads." you say. And heads it is! "Now go die, 'kay? And this time, I don't want it messy." The whatever-it-is clutches its throat, slowly suffocating.

...You hum a soft tune, whistling while stepping over the body. You flip the coin again. Heads.

[x] Maniacal
[x] Mirage
[x] Allocate

No. 129837
[x] Allocate
No. 129838
[x] Allocate
No. 129839
[x] Allocate
No. 129844
[x] Mirage
No. 129857
[x] Maniacal
No. 129858
[X] Maniacal
No. 129859
[x] Mirage

Hell I'm just guessing, don't know enough yet to make an educated guess.
No. 129861
[X] Maniacal
No. 129865
[x] Allocate
This will get bloody?
No. 129902
"Take me somewhere else. More fun and interesting." And so you go. You seem to be in a large estate of some sort. The hallways seem to be almost endless. Some weird rabbit things here and there. Somehow, you're getting the feeling that you're not in Seridin anymore. All the better. At least you're not wanted dead here.

You wander around aimlessly, occasionally bother a rabbit along the way. A large looming door awaits you at the end of the hallway. You open the door. A neat and tidy room is kept prim - and that's an understatement.

'...? You forgot about me? I thought we had something special like...y'know.'

"Ah, so the voices are back. I missed you too! It was dull without you here." You laugh, and he laughs back. Nope, not insane at all.

"Oho? Do we have a guest?" A figure stands behind you. You finger the coin.

[x] Turn the pike.
[x] Drop and roll.
[x] OhgodI'msosorry.
No. 129909
[x] Turn the pike.
No. 129921
[x] Turn the pike.
No. 129926
[ø] OhgodI'msosorry.
We just got here, must we resort to violence without even finding out who we're talking to?
No. 129929
[x] OhgodI'msosorry.
No. 129946
[x] Turn the pike.
No. 129953
[x] Turn the pike...and pay the toll.

You flip the coin. Tails. 'Oooooh. Too bad about that.'

Shut up, you.

'No.' Shrugging to yourself, you face the person. You turn around, and a woman with long, flowing black hair looks at you with surprise. Sensing no danger, you pocket the coin and bow. “Hello.”

She brings her sleeve to her face. “Hi. My name is Houraisan Kaguya. But you probably already know that, right?” She beams. 'Nope, nope, don't remember her at all.' the voice says.

“Not a clue who you are.”

She pouts and crosses her arms. “You honestly don't know?” But she starts walking, dragging you along with her. “Can you at least tell me your name?”

'That's a great question! Wait...what was it again?'

Why are you asking me again?

'Because it's your name!'


“What do you mean, 'dunno'? You can't remember your own name?”

“No.” She sighs, exasperated. “Also, where are we going? And why are you dragging me?”

“No asking questions here! Let me do that first.”

'I remember your name!'


'Yeah it was Mats- no, that was the other guy I'm talking to.'

Voices can talk to other people!?

'No. I was just kidding.'


'Don't … me!'

“...Are you okay?” Kaguya asks. “You seem a little blanked out.”

Yep. Totally fine. Just talking to the voices and-


“Not really.” She keeps on walking through the huge hallway with a death grip on your wrist. But then a rumbling is heard. She frowns a little, and throws you away.


-And a gigantic ball of flame bursts through the wall. “KAGUYAAAAAAAAA! I'M HERE FOR YA. JUST COME AND GET ME!” She stands back up, seemingly unharmed by the flame. “But...the battle has just begun, Mokou!” She flies out of the newly made hole, and explosions are heard outside. You reach in your pocket for your coin out of instinct.

''No, not obnoxious. Interesting.'


You watch from the inside of the hole. Kaguya remains the last one standing and the body of the white-hair is seen laying limp on the ground. No- wait. The body's walking back out and through the thicket.


I agree.

“Jeez.” She pats off some dust on her shoulder. “Bad timing. But it happens quite frequently.” She blushes a little. “And...you're the first man.”


She continues on. “The first man...to watch me beat Mokou!” You feel the voice in your head banging its head on the wall.”It's a special day!” No matter how weird that was, it was amusing.

“You brought in a guest?” A woman with silver hair comes in, as well as rabbits. They start working on the enormous hole from the fighting. For some reason, you feel uncomfortable. You finger your coin again. “Yep. Can he stay? It'll be like a sleepover.”

[x] Seize the night.
[x] But the night is imperishable!
[x] fdsfshgsh
No. 129957
[ø] But the night is imperishable!
No. 129969
[x] Seize the night.

Because an immortal is fun
No. 129972
Autism in Cat or Snake, and now schizophrenia in this. Awesome.

[x] Seize the night.
No. 129996
[X] fdsfshgsh

Because it's interesting.

Also, lets see how coinonymous handles madness. Or maybe something along the lines of rage...
No. 129999
[x] Seize the night.
No. 130000
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[x] fdsfshgsh
This whole thing reads like it a bad trip coupled with schizophrenia and Bunnies.
No. 130048
[x] Seize the night. Or perhaps the Knight.

“Yes, Princess. It's whatever you wish for.”

“Yay!” Kaguya squeals and runs off, leaving you with the silver hair. Still wary, your hands grasp the small metallic circle. But she gives you a wink and turns the other way.

'This place is weird.'


And Kaguya comes back and drags you back into a room. Such exuberant energy...

“So now that we're here, who are you really?” She stares at you with intensity, it's hard to concentrate on the question.

'Stop blushing.'


'As you wish, master.'

“Forgot. My head's really cloudy at the moment. But I like to kill! It's really fun.” Unfazed, she nods and agrees. “And by the way, the silver-hair said 'Princess' to you. Are you an actually princess?”

She smiles, but nods no. “Used to be. I was a Lunarian princess that was exiled. I could've went back, but I like Earth now. It's fun and filled with interesting people!” She turns her eyes over to your hand, which is stuffed in your pocket. “How come you always have your hand in your pocket?”

Quite comfortable with Kaguya – though you don't know why, you bring out the coin. “It's a coin! A magical one! It helps me control my killing. Though, I don't remember how I got it, or why. But it was just here since my memory got hazy.”

Her face was quite confused. “What do you mean...control your killing?”

You explain like if it was a simple math problem. “It's easy. Here, let me just show you.” You flip the coin – heads as always. You stare at the drawer filled with clothes. “Disintegrate.” Slowly, it fades out of existence, like it was never there at all.

“That was cool! But that dresser had almost all my clothes.”

You flip the coin again. Heads. “Reappear.” As if nothing had happened, the drawer is laying back in its original place. She claps, laughing a little.

“You're almost like a magician!” She stops and views the room for a moment. It's lit differently. “Huh...why are there candles around the roo- EEEEEEIIRIIIIIIIIIIIIIN!”

'B-but, you and her just met! Gosh, I never knew you were such a charmer.'

What do you mean...?


The silver woman comes back with a smug smile on her face. “What's the matter, oh Princess?”

“You know perfectly well what's up! Just because I don't really go out much...”

“But you brought a handsome young man!”

“I just met him a few minutes ago!”

'All the better!'
“All the better!”

You creep me out, voice of mine. To say it with such perfect sync...

'S-stop it...you're making my heart beat so f-fast!'

Seriously, it's creeping me out.


Shutting the door on 'Eirin', she brightens up. “Hey, I got a great idea, Okane.”


“Y-yeah! Like the money, because you have...a coin, eheheh.” She grins sheepishly.

“I guess I can live with being called Okane.”

“But that's not the point. I have a great idea. Why don't we 'visit' our dear friend who tried to kill me? The one that politely destroyed a section of my house.”

[x] Dynamite
[x] Pickaxe
[x] Ores
[x] Miner-related write in
No. 130050
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[x] Excavator

Just because.
No. 130057
[x] Dynamite

Blow everything up! Everything!
No. 130061
[x] Cave-in.

Ex-Keine option?
No. 130074
[x] Excavator
No. 130075
[x] A cave-in when loading dynamites into the excavator (wat)

“Good! Let's set off right now!” Once again, she administers the death lock onto your wrist. She leads you out of the house, and sets off into the sky. She releases your grip, and you plummet to the ground.

'I knew thee well!'

Shut the hell up, I can fly.

After a few moments, you drift back up near Kaguya's position. The two of you resume flying. “S-sorry...I forgot to ask you if you can fly. Flying's a standard thing here in Gensokyo.”

“No worries, I wouldn't have died anyways. I'm basically immortal, believe it or not.”

“I do. In fact, I'm immortal myself! As well as the person we're graciously meeting right now. Though, we both can technically die.”

'Well, that explains a LOT. Including the fact that her body just walked up and out of there. But there's still something that's bothering me...'

Ask away.

'If you always land heads on your coin, how come that one time, it landed tails? Wait, isn't that a two-headed coi-'

I was just unlucky.

“How is it with you?”

“I just cannot die. Not that I'm invincible. I lose all my blood, but my body will refuse to pass on. It'll still hurt like hell though.” Still flying by, bamboo shoots start sprouting out here and there. A small house pokes through the scenery. Kaguya floats down to the ground, you following her. She bows gracefully to you. “Guests first.”

Nodding, you flip the coin. Heads. “Lava surge the house!” A small rumble occurs throughout the area. Then a giant jet of magma bursts open from underneath the floors of the home. “Kaguya!” A loud roar is heard from inside. She breaks the roof from the inside, and releases her powers of fire.

'Does she have to break everything?'

“Ohoho, did I trouble you, Mokou? My deepest apologies.”

A jet of fire barely misses the marked target – you. Wait, why you? You didn't do anyth- wait, you just blew up her house.

'Damn. She's just boiling with rage! Pun obviously intended.'

You're stupid.

She charges at both you and Kaguya, so you flip the coin again. Heads as always! “Surprise me!”

What happens next really surprises you. A gigantic explosion occurs in a split second, frying everything in the vicinity – including yourself. Both Kaguya, and Mokou resurrect themselves, but you manage to get burns everywhere. “Ffffffffffffffuck.” The battle is now in a standstill. Viewing the 'scenery' nothing is left of it. The bamboo thickets are gone, as well as the misplaced rocks and hills. Even the remains of the house. Just total flat space.

'Good job, dumbass. Way to destroy everything.'

I don't need more nagging from you.

'Wait, do you hear somethi- oh shit. Sorry.'

Sorry for wha-

Just then, something hard knocks the wind out of your chest. You lay on the ground, faint and dizzy. Something green starts lecturing the three of you. “...Fighting again? And you managed to drag in another battle-hungry person! Look at all the mess that happened!”

“S-sorry...” you blurt out after gasping for breath. You take a closer look at the person. She's wearing a green dress, with light green hair. Horns stick out of her head. And her head hurts quite literally.

“Keine, just take it easy! We're just fighting for good fun.”

“I'm tired of all the fighting...” She turns over to face you, still on the ground. “My condolences. I shouldn't have done that. My name is Keine Kawishirasawa. A pleasure to meet you, regardless of what just happened.”

[x] Diplomat
[x] Spy
[x] Counter-spy
[x] dakkadakkadakka
[x] fsghghsf
No. 130079
Got an idea.
[X] Magical Schizophrenia
No. 130080
Sorry for the double post, disregard that stupidity.
No. 130081
[ø] Counter-spy
No. 130086
[x] Counter-spy
No. 130096
[x] Counter counter spy
[x] Counter spy
No. 130289
“Hello! I'm...”

'The guy who forgot his own name.'

You're annoying.

'Love you too.'

“I'm Okane.” The horned-woman seems nice. She gives off the impression of being friendly and wise.

But a rustling is heard nearby the area. The others don't notice it at all, but attentiveness is a great asset. Having a voice in your head doesn't help that you have paranoia already.

'No thanks necessary.'

You walk towards the sound. “Hey, where you going Okane?” Kaguya yells. You keep on walking. A small bush seems to rustle in and out, like a living thing was in it. You reach your hand out into the bush and grab whatever is inside. A pink-haired girl emerges out of it. She looks scared out of her mind.

“Now, now. What do we have here?” you exclaim. “Were you spying on me? Did the “People” send you? Tell me now! Did they send you to kill me? Theydiddidntthey.”

Damn the “People” for following me even through here. I don't even remember why they're chasing me.

'It's not like you'll die anyways. You're being a little crazy here.'

Says the voice in my head.


She quivers, but shakes her head no vigorously. Mokou touches you on the shoulder. “She's a friend of mine. Don't worry so much!” Wasn't she just lashing out at you a few minutes ago? This land is weird. But you loosen your grip on her friend. She breathes a sigh.

“So Mystia, what're you doing here out of all places?”

“W-well...” She asks Mokou to come closer, then whispers in her ear. After a few seconds, she stops.

“Gotcha.” Mokou turns around and waves. “I'll be going off with Mystia now. Laters!” She points at you. “You're building my house again. Don't worry...I have a whole eternity to wait.”

'...Fuck, she scares me.'

Kaguya pulls on your arm. “It's okay. I'll sort this out with her later.” Why do you not believe her...?

The woman with the horns reaffirms this. “This sort of thing happens all the time. It's best not to think about it so seriously.” She bows a little. “Please excuse me. I must go do the rest of my work.” What kind of work does she do?

'She controls the power of history.'

How do you know that?

'ZUN told m- whoops, wasn't supposed to tell you that.'

You're confusing me.

“Are you finished talking to yourself, or are we gonna do something?” Whoops, did you say all of that out loud?

“Yep. But what are we going to do?”

The excitement is plastered on her face. “We are going to the human village!” You have never seen somebody so enthusiastic about rural areas. “I haven't been to one since forever!”

'Since she's immortal, was that literal?'

That's funny.

'Is that supposed to be sarcastic?'

She takes off flying, not waiting for you. You float up with her, catching up. Life is so much easier flying – if only you remembered before! In no time, the two of you land in front of a bar. You look around – Kaguya's gone already.

'She's so...what's the word. Energetic? New? Fresh?'

Naive's the word.

“Yeah! That's it!'

Upon searching for her, you bump into a fairly large man. After close contact with him, you smell the stench of alcohol. You knock his bottle of whatever-it-was onto the ground, smashing it to pieces. “Hey buddy! You're gonna pay for that!”

'You seem to break everything nowadays.'

You don't feel like causing trouble in a village like this. So you pull out some bills and hand it to him. “Are these foreign bills, or are you just messing with me? I'm not in a good mood, okay? Just give me the money!”

'Right, you kinda forgot that we're in a different place now.'

He pushes you, and whbts gngtn hpngsht thsbd.


You move in and out of the universe, and back into your own body. The man who previously pushed you was now on the floor, a a jolt of lightning rushing through him. He had it coming anyways.

'I'm tripping out, man. What the hell just happened?'

Dunno, but he got what he deserved. So incessantly annoying.

Murmuring washes over the people around you. Feeling nervous, you run as quickly as you can out of the village, and back into the forest. Once you stop to catch your breathe, you realized it would've been easier to just fly out.

'What are we going to do now?'

[x] Real bros stick together. Go find dat princess.
[x] Bail out, yo.
[x] Cap their asses, dawg.
[x] Homie, real gangstas don't follow the road everyone takes. (Write in)
No. 130292
[x] Homie, real gangstas don't follow the road everyone takes.
[X] To the top of the Mountain
No. 130296
[x] Real bros stick together. Go find dat princess.
No. 130305
[x] Real bros stick together. Go find dat princess.
No. 130327
[x] Real bros stick together. Go find dat princess.

The voice reminds me of a certain purple something.
No. 130328
[ø] Homie, real gangstas don't follow the road everyone takes.
[ø] A shrine? A shrine!
No. 130441
“Fuck, I've killed countless amounts of people, but this is the only time I felt....like this. It doesn't feel good at all, like previous times.” Killing? Not fun?

'Man, this place is just god damn weird. Don't sweat it. So if you excuse me, I got an appointment with some dude in a mask.'

That's not how head voices are supposed to work!

But the voice appeared to have -left- or something. So you go out and find the princess. You walk – scratch that – fly over the village. A woman with long cut hair and a princess-like dress shouldn't be that hard to find. And there she is, next to to a counter filled with various types of sushi. One is tagged at the price of 193. What an odd number.

So you swoop down and scoop Kaguya off her feet. She greets you like nothing happened. “Oh, you're back! Did you have some fun too?”

“Not exactly...eheh.” You describe in full detail about what had happened, but emphasizing that it wasn't your fault (mostly).

“Eh....that's too bad.”

I'd expected something more shocked. Maybe it's a normal thing here? Wait, my voice isn't here. Why am I talking to myself...?

“Oh, that's it? No scolding or anything?”

She just looks at you with a bubbly face. “Do you think I'm the type of person who scolds? One life of a human is a blink of an eye for an immortal. Now come on, let's go back home.”


“Yes, home.” She gives off an innocent gleam. “Obviously you have nowhere to stay. So why not at my house? I like you with me. Especially the way you destroyed Mokou's house!”

...That was a compliment, right?


I missed you! I was so lonely without you.

'S-stop, you're making me blush...' Can voices even blush? You don't even know.

Whatever. And you'd keep on pondering too, but a thing interrupts you – it's in the way of your flight.

“Oh, so I've found you.”







[x] ohgod
[x] Retcon
No. 130443
[x] Retcon
No. 130446
[x] Retcon
No. 130448
[x] ohgod
No. 130449
With the suggestion of a real or maybe not real retcon, can we redo this with the insanity and potential killer bit more influential to the story? I feel like this way, the story can maintain the flow it had in the beginning.