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“Sister, stop that.” the pink-haired girl says sharply, all three of her eyes narrowed.

“Stop whaaaat~?” the strange girl named Koishi practically sings, batting her eyelashes and squirming slightly upon your lap, the very image of innocence when you're not innocent at all.

Koishi.” The pink-haired girl looks directly at her sister, as her floating eye stares at you. “He is currently imagining his genitalia being mutilated while some bizarre rodent youkai defecates on him. These are not normal thoughts for even a mentally-unstable human to have.”

“Oh~? That's what he's thinking about?” Koishi asks with noticeable surprise, turning to face you directly. “That's interesting! Do you have negative feelings about mice for some reason? Is anything else going on? Are we there? Are we doing something?”

“Um, well...”

That is neither relevant, nor particularly unusual for a human male to think about.” the pink-haired girl mercifully interjects.

Not that you dislike the image that was running through your mind, but being asked about it by one of the subjects of that image while they are squirming around on your lap is more than a little awkward.
Nice, but awkward.

“I am sure it is.” says the pink-haired girl, clearing her throat as she turns all of her eyes back to you. “In any case, I am Satori Komeiji, so you may stop thinking of me as just 'the pink-haired girl' now. You have already met my sister, Koishi.”

“Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~!” Koishi greets you, smiling warmly as she takes a break from trying to unbutton your pants.

“Koishi, stop trying to undress him.”

Awwwwwwwwww! But if we don't take them off he's going to have trouble when we start the orgy!”

“We are [b]not[/i] having an orgy, sister.”

“Hmm~. You would rather we have a three-way? I think she's saying she'd rather have a three-way.”

“No three-ways, either, Koishi.”

Koishi stares silently at her sister, then stares at you, then back to her sister, then back to you. Then she looks down at your groin, then back up to you, before slowly turning back to her sister.

“Sis, I think he's going to get too tired if he has to do us all one at a time.”

“He is not going to-” Satori nearly snaps, before stopping herself, sighing. “Look, what did you do with the other two he was with?”



“They're around~”

“...and the others that were with him?”

“They're around~!”

“Do you think you could go find them? Please?” Satori asks, her expression and tone of voice softening dramatically. “...for me?”

Koishi rolls her head from side to side, quietly humming as she considers her sister's request. After several seconds of this, she nods, and smiles at her sister. “Okaaaaaaaaaaay~!” she cheerfully replies, hopping off your lap. “I just gotta ask something~!”

With a little pirouette, she spins over to you, claps her hands on your shoulders, and brings her face close to yours. “Pick one~.”

“Uh, pick one what?”

“Pick it~.”

“What am I picking?”

“You're picking one~!”

“One what?”

Without breaking eye-contact with you, one of Koishi's hands leaves your shoulder, is thrust into your pants pocket, and after some rummaging around (accompanied with some unnecessary squeezing and rubbing), she pulls out a piece of paper and holds it up for you to see. Looking it over, it appears to be a list of some sort...

[ ] I alone
[ ] Hotel Detective
[ ] Toxicity
[ ] Weird Science
[ ] Heaven's Light
[ ] Hellfire
[ ] Infected
[ ] I hope you die
[ ] Just the two of us
[ ] Untitled
[ ] Play All
[ ] Random
[x]Just the two of us
[x] Untitled
The only ones I am unsure of.
[X] Just the two of us

One of these days, I hope one of these random song title votes actually results in the song we chose being played in-story. It would be a nice change of pace.
Song? That'd be interesting I guess.

[x] Just the two of us
[X] Just the two of us
-[X] We can make it if we try
[%] Play All.
>I saw the sign and it opened up my eye
Oh man. I'm feeling old, suddenly.

So, let's see.
>[ ] I alone

>[ ] Hotel Detective

>[ ] Toxicity

>[ ] Weird Science

>[ ] Heaven's Light

>[ ] Hellfire

>[ ] Infected

>[ ] I hope you die

>[ ] Just the two of us

>[ ] Untitled
...The protagonist? A new person? No idea.

Do NOT want more of this Parsee, thank you. Bitch was screwing things up, and she would go apeshit once she knew about Koishi's casual attitude towards screwing with us, mentally and sexually alike.

[x] Hotel Detective
I have no idea what I'm voting for.
>Yuuka option

Oh god >>128588 changing vote to

[X] I hope you die
[X] I hope you die

This can only end well
It's hard to chose between so many options, but if I really have to, then I pick
[X]Koishi option.
Are you sure I hope you die isn't Tenshi?

Well, either Tenshi or Yuka, I'm good with both.

[X] I hope you die
[X] Toxicity

I have lost my dolly, and I am lost without her.

I want my friend back.
[ ] Heaven's Light
[x] Hotel Detective
[x] Weird Science

Everything for science!
(honestly, I wasn't expecting the writer to keep the part about Mickey shitting on the MC)
[x]Chopin's Piano Sonata no.3 in B minor, op. 58

Why not?
[X] Koishi option.
[X] Just the two of us
[x] Hellfire

Poor bird gets no love.
[ ] Untitled

Hooray, cryptic choices.
[x] Weird Science

This was a tough choice.

On the one hand, Rikako is awesome. On the two hand, Hellfire is an awesome song.
I don't know how to feel after realizing I know/can guess all of those songs.

>[ ] Untitled
Either this literally means its untitled, or there actually is a song that is named Untitled, made by Eminem, and knowing that makes this feeling even worse.

[x] Play All

Because any music list I listen to really is just a random mixing of genres.
I think I prefer [x]Fantasie Impromptu, Op. 66.
The beginning of the song is awesome.

Seriously though, I'd pick the Koishi option but that - is a bit unnerving. Besides I always liked Yamame.
[x] Infected
[ ] Weird Science
Only because it's the only song in this list I've heard of. Assuming they are all songs.
[X] Toxicity
[X] Weird Science
[X] I Alone

And I am doing it wrong. Bite me.
[x] Infected

Dinner with Yamame~
I wonder if play all means bringing all of them in or not.
[X] Play All
[X] Random

I always just play everything on random, so yeah.
[X] Heaven's Light
[X] Play all

When in doubt, play 'em all.
File 128933823578.jpg - (120.00KB, 850x1139 , d7856561123462dd8ef7521facb94704.jpg) [iqdb]
I am not voting to just do Koishi. I am voting to get more Koishi time.
And some Quality time with her too of course. Who wouldn't want Koishi's hand in your pants.
Thing is, we're not sure which option the Koishi option is. Our votes are based on what one anon thinks the options mean and the Koishi option has a - next to it... I'd vote for it but I'd rather have Yamame for which it's more or less certain, than a small chance at getting Koishi or a huge chance of getting some random character I might not even like.

Also, I doubt Koishi option will bring the desired result even if we all vote for it. There is no option called "Koishi option"
We don't even know what this choice does.

All we know is that the choices are a list of song titles which relate to certain characters. For all we know, they could be answers to some absurd question like "If given the choice, what would you throw at the moon?"

The fact that Koishi "Mind-Screw" Komeiji is the one giving us the choices means that we might not even be able to use context to figure it out.
[x]Weird Science
File 128935055758.png - (718.06KB, 950x950 , No you cannot touch them.png) [iqdb]
“I see~! I see~!” Koishi exclaims, nodding her head in approval as she takes back the list and looks it over.

“So, what is this for?” you feel the need to ask, vaguely worried about just what the purpose of the strange list was. You're not even sure what some of those things mean.

“Hm~? What is what for?”

“That list.”

“What list~?”

“That-” you are about to point, when you realize the paper she was holding in her hands is nowhere to be seen.

With a giggle, Koishi gives you a pat on the head before hopping back. “Don't worry about the details! Surprises should be surprising! Oh~!”
Looking as if she just remembered some vital piece of information, she leans back in, bringing her hand up to her mouth as she whispers to you conspiratorially. “Don't worry if she doesn't seem interested! Just lay on the charm, and you'll be rocking sis's bedposts in no time~!”

From across the table, Satori clears her throat. “I heard that, and no, he will not.”

Smiling back at her sister, Koishi gives you a wink as she steps away from the table and skips out of the room, humming a strange tune as she goes.

Now alone with the pink-haired mind-reader, silence falls over the room as you stare at each other from across the table.
Which eye are you supposed to look at, anyway?

“The ones on my face, preferably.”

...oh yeah. Mind-reader. Right.

“If it makes you more comfortable, I can refrain from speaking until after you do.”

You consider it briefly, but unless she stops reading your mind entirely, you realize it doesn't matter either way.
Besides that, having a conversation without having to say anything yourself is pleasant in a creepy sort of way.

“Well, it does make the whole process easier, even if I am doing most of the work.” Satori says with a faint smile. “In any case, shall we get down to the matter of why you are here?”

You don't see why not.

“You have been rather busy for the past day or so, I see, and have landed yourself in no small amount of trouble. To further complicate matters, my sister seems to have taken an interest in you. In what way, though, I am afraid I cannot tell you. Not simply because I respect my sister's privacy, though I do, but I cannot read her even if I wanted to. It's a complicated story and one that you need not know at this time, but suffice to say it is also why she acts the way she does. Have you experienced any strange visions, dreams, or...ah, I see. Yes, I would not be surprised if she were involved in some of those. I would urge you to exercise caution should you experience any more in the future. She generally does not act out of malice, or intentionally seek to cause harm, but there have been times her antics have had...unintended consequences. At times, she might not even be aware of what she is doing, herself.”

Suddenly, Satori goes quiet, leaning in towards you slightly as if trying to get a better look at something on you.

Or in you.

“Hmm...your dreams...” Satori furrows her brow. “This is strange. Some of it certainly seems like my sister, but other elements do not. Not at all. But I cannot tell if it is something internal, or some other external influence.”

Internal? External?

“To be blunt, it means you might be insane. Or, it means my sister isn't the only one to have taken an interest in you.”

Well, being insane is most definitely probably not a good thing. You think.
But something other than a cute little girl messing with your mind?

You're not quite sure how you feel about that.
Not until you know what it is, and how easy it would be to either kill with a rock or take out to dinner.

“Honestly, you might be better off if it were just a case of insanity. Let us set that matter aside for the moment, and address what else is on your mind...”

[ ] Boxes
[ ] Birds
[ ] Balls
[ ] Boobies
[ ] Buddies
[ ] Bridges
[ ] Bathing
[ ] Baiting
[ ] Dating
[ ] Rating
[ ] Hating
[ ] Fightin'
[ ] Hidin'
[ ] Write-in
[x] Dating

Eh, it seems the way to go.
[X] Dating
File 128935155728.jpg - (259.45KB, 850x1219 , 6302f60bdbde5175e367a3ffd2382b61.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Eyeball
[x] Koishi
[x] Bathing
[x] Boobies
[x] Dating
[x] Sister
[x] Proposal

Your Sister, i want her.
Did you just eventually give up on the strange box subplot?
File 128935378197.jpg - (21.22KB, 259x189 , Stay on Target.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Buddies
[x] Dating

Stay on target

Well shit, you've got a good point.>>128716 here and I'm changing my vote to this one right here

[x] Boxes
[x] Buddies

They seem like the top priority right now.
>To be blunt, it means you might be insane.
Pfft, we already knew that.

>Or, it means my sister isn't the only one to have taken an interest in you.
...Paper. The radio and egg were Koishi. What is the paper?

[X] Boxes
[X] Buddies
[X] Dating
-[X] Dinner

...God I get worked up over the stupidest things.
[X] Buddies
[X] Dating
-[X] Dinner

I had too much fun just reading the choices.
[X] Gratefulness
[X] Hiding
[X] Rocks
[X] Buddies
[X] Dating
-[X] Dinner
[1] Boxes
[2] Bridges
[3] Buddies
[4] Dating
[-9] Quantum Mechanics
[ ] Birds
[ ] Balls
[ ] Boobies
[ ] Buddies
[ ] Bridges
[ ] Bathing
[ ] Baiting
[ ] Dating
[ ] Fightin'
[ ] Spiced Sasuage
That's a good question as even I forgot about it, but it's in this anon's nature to quickly forget about things in the presence of little girls, not so little girls, etc.
[x] Boxes
[x] Buddies
[x] Boobies
[ ] Dating

Keep the charm going.
[x] Boxes
[X] Buddies
[x] Helping
[x] Boxes
[x] Birds
[X] Balls
[x] Boobies
[x] Buddies
[x] Bridges
[x] Bathing
[x] Dating
[x] Dolls
[x] Boxes
[x] Balls
[x] Boobies
[x] Bathing
[x] Dating
[x] Dining

It makes more sense for him to think of it in that order.
But otherwhise it's a vote for:

I'm almost tempted to vote [X] Write-in

Not as in making a write-in, but that he's thinking about write-ins.
[x] Boxes
[x] Balls
[x] Boobies
[x] Bathing
[x] Dating
[x] Dining
[x] Boxes
[x] Balls
[x] Boobies
[x] Bathing
[x] Dating
[x] Dining
[X] Boxes
[X] Birds
[X] Eggs
[X] Hating

Why hating? Because a certain youkai is hating. On him. For all he knows, likely going to kill him. For what we know, has a fate worse than death in store for him. In either case, relationships may very well be short lived.
[x] Balls
[x] Boobies
[x] Bathing
[x] Dating
[x] Dining
[x] Dating
[x] Fighting

Dating the good girls, fighting the bad girls.
[x] Boxes
[x] Birds

[x] Eyeball
[x] Koishi
[x] Bathing
[x] Boobies
[x] Dating
[x] Sister
[x] Proposal
[x] Eyeball
[x] Koishi
[x] Bathing
[x] Boobies
[x] Dating
[x] Sister
[x] Proposal

Son, I am love this story already.
[x] Bridges
[x] Dating
[x] Eyeball
[x] Koishi
[x] Bathing
[x] Boobies
[x] Dating
[x] Sister
[x] Proposal
[x] Eyeball
[x] Koishi
[x] Bathing
[x] Boobies
[x] Dating
[x] Sister
[x] Proposal
Once again things go according to plan.
I'm just going to say right now that '[x] boobies' better include a reference to the bird.

"No my atomic pet bird is not of the Sula genus."
I really like the Tsundere Tenshi but Satori is kind of nice too.
Writer is probably preparing something big.
File 128955445349.jpg - (185.04KB, 500x500 , why am I wearing this thing again.jpg) [iqdb]

I must apologize for the delay.

A long day at work after a late night at work left me too tired to want to do much of anything last night, let alone write.

A really bad morning, followed by a day spent mostly out of town today has also not helped matters. Then again, neither did the bout of videogames and general laziness when I finally got back.

Update is currently in progress but might not be finished until after I've had some sleep. I'm starting to nod off at the keyboard, here.
File 128955821366.jpg - (489.60KB, 800x845 , 89bfced935afb7854644c7a22c3d6e7f.jpg) [iqdb]
Get sleep, then updates. Take your time.
Goddamn Koishi.
>and you'll be rocking sis's bedposts in no time~!”
For some reason, this phrase, coupled with the thought of doing that to Satori has me hard as a rock, and I am generally neutral on Satori.
yeah the writing really made that inevitable threesome all the more appealing.

Jesus fuck, TMI, man.
What kind of kid would be offended over a tame sentence like that?
You are not wanted.
You're being a douchebag.
Don't be a douchebag.

We kind of assume anyone here has thick enough skin to deal with the off color comment or two. Suck it up.
File 128959932982.jpg - (1.46MB, 1900x1200 , look into my eye into my eye into my eyejpg.jpg) [iqdb]
“'Well, there was that weird box from the other day,' you say? Hm, no, I cannot say it is anything I recognize. You believe it might have some importance, though? Ah, I see. You believe it had been in the possession of the witch? Something she had stolen, no doubt. Of course, that does not mean there is necessarily anything significant about it. Still, you would like to at least return it to its rightful owner if you could? Well, that is admirable, I suppose.”

“Hm? Your 'buddies'? Are you curious about what they think about you? Of course, I could tell you. I will not, but I could. Why? Well, aren't such matters best discovered on your own? 'That just sounds like a cheap excuse,' you say? Perhaps it is. To tell you the truth, there is also a practical reason why I will not. I cannot. It is not possible for me to do so. In order to read someone, they must be close enough for me to do so, and apart from the two who were with you none of your other companions are within my range. The only reason I know anything at all about them is that you, yourself, know about them. Still, though I either cannot or will not tell you their thoughts, I can at least tell you my own thoughts on them. That, however, should probably wait until after we've all been properly introduced.”

“Oh, are you still thinking about the bath? Do not worry about it. I don't believe my pet would take offense to being seen in such a manner. Modesty is not much of a concern for her. Hm? Me? No, I am not particularly offended, either. You would do well to try knocking or calling out before barging in on someone's bath, however. Speaking of which, yes, I would imagine you and your companions could all use a bath, too. No, not all at once. Yes, yes, I would imagine you would want to see them. Most males do. Could we move on to a different subject, please? No, I am not bothered by this. There is just more on your mind than just that, so let us deal with what we can, yes?”

“My third eye? As I said, it is a vital organ to the satori No, I am not referring to myself in the third person. I am a satori, as is my sister. Yes, I am aware my name is also 'Satori'. No, my parents were not drunk. Our third eye is what allows us to view inside the hearts of others, and- please, can you stop wondering about why my name is what it is? Yes, I would imagine it would be rather strange to name a human 'Human'. 'So how is that any different than-'...do you want me to continue, or not?”

“...very well, then. As I was saying, our third eye is a vital organ. It is through it that we can read the thoughts and feelings others hold within their hearts. They are also connected to our own hearts. Because of this, we cannot afford to have our eyes damaged in any way. It would not simply harm our abilities, it would harm us. That is why I cannot say I approve of you handling my sister's eye in such a fashion. Even if you meant well, any damage to it could have caused irreparable damage to her heart. Damage that would undo what little improvement she's recently.”

“'Improvement? Yes. You've no doubt noticed it, have you not? That the eye of my sister is different from my own. That is because my sister's eye is closed. I shall spare you the details, but long ago my sister chose to shut her eye, in an attempt to seal away her ability. Unfortunately, this action also sealed her heart, and with it, her emotions. Hm? 'She seems fairly happy to me,' you say? Hm. She smiled a lot back then, as well, but it was not the same as before. She changed, that day. She still laughed and smiled as she had before, it now felt hollow and empty. Instinct had taken the place of emotion, and when she would express herself it would feel like something born from expectation rather than any genuine feeling she had. When she would laugh, it was because she thought she's supposed to laugh, and when she would cry...hm, well, I never saw her truly cry again after that day.”

“Hm? Yes, she does seem fairly carefree, doesn't she? Perhaps she truly is. I cannot deny that our ability can prove to be quite a burden. To most, the heart is something sacrosanct. A safe haven for all their thoughts, feelings, and desires, upon which no one may intrude. As beings with the ability to do just that, it is only natural that we become feared and loathed. Even if they would not dare actually say it, they feel it just the same. And we know. We always know. To be free from that, I would imagine, would feel quite liberating. If only it did not come at such a cost. Hm? Me? Of course, I have wondered what it would be like, but to actually attempt it? I would never do such a thing. Even if there are those who would hate us for what we can do, there are others who would not. Animals, for example. Humans and those youkai who can speak can choose what thoughts they do or do not wish to express to others, and resent us for depriving them of that choice. But for those voiceless creatures who have no such ability to choose, our ability is actually appreciated. Not everything in the world hates us, and even we might have a place where we are welcome. I had hoped to help my sister realize that, but it was too late...”

Satori gazes down at the table solemnly, and even her third eye's gaze seems to have lowered slightly. Suddenly, though, it blinks and snaps its gaze towards the door. Clearing her throat, your hostess straightens her posture, and casually turns towards the doorway as the bird-girl from before walks in, her body wrapped in a large, green towel.

“Oh? We have a visitor?” the dark-hair girl blinks as she notices her master/owner/whatever-Satori-is-to-her is not alone in the room.

Though your mind is now mostly occupied by images of cloth and curves and the wonderful mingling of the two, some part of you is simply amazed at how well she managed to walk through the door without those massive wings getting in the way.

“Yes, my dear, this is one of the guests I told you about in the bath. You do remember that, yes?” Satori prompts the girl, smiling as her pet seems to have to think about the question before finally nodding her head. “He says 'hello,' by the way.”

“Oh? Hi!” the girl cheerfully smiles and waves at you, apparently either uncaring or oblivious to the fact that you're pretty much ogling her.

It is only when you feel a sudden, sharp pain in your ankle that you're shaken out of your stare-fest and return the girl's wave.
Glancing back at Satori, you see her face directed towards the girl, but her eye is fixed squarely on you.

“Anyway, Okuu, we will be having even more guests arriving soon. About, hm, five or six more, I believe. They will all likely be tired and hungry when they get here. Be a dear and see to it that the bath is ready and begin preparations for dinner, would you?”

Listening carefully to her master, the girl's face suddenly becomes deadly-serious. “Understood. Leave it to me, Mama.”

As the bird-girl turns to leave, you think you hear a soft, coughy-chokey sound from Satori's direction, but when you look back at her she looks as calm and composed as ever.

“And do put some clothes on while you are at it!” she calls after the girl as she steps through the door.

“Okay, Mama~!” the girl's voice calls back from the hall.

Though you see no visible reaction on Satori's face, you are quite certain her third eye just twitched.


Have to go to work now, so I'll just post what I've got ready so far.


Okay, guys? STOP IT.
We are not going though this shit again so soon.
Good to see were back on target.

Seriously? If your not going to do what the people ask, then you might aswell just stop writing this instant. Give the people what they want, not what you want.

(Then the people ask for your permanent ban, Random anon. Heed their advice.)

If you'll notice, he wrote a good majority of what was voted for into the update. To wit;
[x] Eyeball
[x] Koishi
[x] Bathing
[x] Boobies
We have gone over all of these in this update.

And now I would like to address the most important part of the update.
>Have to go to work now, so I'll just post what I've got ready so far.
This directly implies that there will be more.

And don't speak for everyone. I want no part in that idiotic proposal vote
>were back
>If your not
>Fundamental misunderstanding about how the site works

Fuck off or shut up.
Bro, I feel the same way. I really do. But you need to not be as rude when you tell him to stop being retarded. The writer has asked that we not be needlessly inflammatory in our insults and jeers.

Oh boy. Look, the writers can write whatever they damn well please, no matter what we vote. Actually, most of the writers who railroad are the better ones, since they can see when anon's make a stupid, story wrecking decision and then they take it in their own hands and fix it.
Funny, I remember Mode saying that if the writer wants something, you better goddamn listen to him or you will be banned, and I'm pretty sure that DRTAnon said that inflammatory comments are not allowed.
>Naked Okuu

Always a nice mental image.
...and there goes all my productivity. TO GELBOORU!
>I am a satori, as is my sister. Yes, I am aware my name is also 'Satori'. No, my parents were not drunk.

It is a nice image, isn't it?

Just imagine her, fresh out of the bath or shower, still glistening with moisture, beads of water running down her hair and feathers, only to evaporate as she uses her power to dry herself, causing plumes of steam to rise off her body.

Oh, goddamn it. There goes my productivity now.

Stupid sexy Okuu...
That is awful nice, I'll admit.

still can't stop thinking about Satori, you bastard.
File 12896468172.jpg - (1.62MB, 1900x1400 , what are you thinking.jpg) [iqdb]
“Well then, shall we continue?” Satori asks, clearing her through as her gaze returns to you. “'Will that girl be okay on her own?' Oh, do not worry about Utsuho. I realize how she might seem, but she is actually quite competent so long as she knows what to focus on. She just has an unfortunate tendency to focus a little too well. But I digress...”

“Now, where were we? Ah, yes, my sister. Do you know why I am telling you these things about her? It is because, if she intends to continue to follow you, there are things you need to understand about her. I told you she had attempted to seal away her power, and so closed her eye. However, in doing so, she inadvertently acquired a new power; the ability to manipulate the subconscious. While most of the time it simply allows her to move about without being seen by anyone, she is capable of doing so much more with it. Unfortunately, I cannot say for certain exactly what she could or could not do with it. By its very nature, her powers can work without anyone realizing it, and it is rather difficult to tell what something is doing when you cannot even tell when it is doing it.. That's not very helpful,' you say? No, I suppose it is not, but it is better to be aware of something than aware of nothing, even if all you are aware of is that there is something to be aware of.”

“Don't think that I want you to be afraid of her, though. I also mentioned that she has improved lately, didn't I? Yes, though it is still only a little, not enough for her eye to open even a sliver, it's still enough that I can feel it. Something is changing in her, making her want to open up. I think she's actually beginning to feel again. She won't tell me exactly what happened, other than she met 'someone', but even that much is more than she would have told me before. I must confess, it hurts a little to know that some unknown person could succeed at what I failed to do, time and time again, but I know I should simply be happy for what they did. I am happy, really.”

“Oh? You want to help her, too? Even though I am sure she has caused you trouble, and will likely continue to do so in the future, you truly mean that? Thank you. Hm? Dating? Yes, I suppose it is a normal thing for someone your age to want to do. It might be difficult with my sister following you around, but-...what? My sister? No, I don't believe she's ever said anything about wanting to date, but if she were ever ready, I would...wait. You don't mean...”

Eyes narrowed, the satori named Satori stares at you. Though you have no doubt she knows what you're thinking, the way she's looking at you now gives you the impression that she's not sure you're thinking what you're thinking.

Which is, of course, silly. If you weren't thinking what you were thinking, you wouldn't be thinking it at all, would you? You would be thinking of some other thing besides the thing you were thinking but weren't, because you were thinking of that other thing which you are not.

Wait. What are you thinking again?

[ ] I want to date your sister.
[ ] I want to date...
[ ] Actually, I think I will wait until more options present themselves.


>>I'm pretty sure that DRTAnon said that inflammatory comments are not allowed.

Not in those exact words, but just to be sure we're all on the same page, I'll say it for the record:

No inflammatory remarks, please.

They don't really help matters, especially not when someone's intentionally trying to start shit.
You didn't reference the booby bird. I am sad.

[X] I want to date your sister.

"Look, I know it's weird that I want to put fruit on your sister, but I have my reasons dammit, even if I don't know what they are."

Wordplay is always fun.
[x] I want to date...
[X] Are these my pants?
[X] I want to date your sister.
[X] I want to date your sister.

Pretty sure that choice was intended to allow us to say we want to date someone else, not as just a general statement of eligibility.
[x] I want to date your sister.
[X] I want to date your sister. That'd help her, wouldn't it?
[X] I want to date your sister.
[X] I want to date your sister.
[ ] I want to date you.

Rock her betposts.
[ ] I want to date you.

Satori is love
[x] I want to date your sister.

Because this way lies harem end.
If you say so.
[x] I want to date... Tenshi.
[x] I want to date you. And your sister. And..*insert more characters*
[X] I want to date your sister.
[x] I want to date your sister.
I don't know why I'm voting we're winning anyway
[x] I want to date your sister.

The harem option.
[x] I want to date your daughter.

>I think she's actually beginning to feel again.
She did seem pretty upset when we wouldn't wake up near the end of Thread 6.

Also, during the hallucination that tore us away from Parsee:
>What matters is that, since then, she managed to work up the courage to let someone else in. It just happened to be that lucky someone was you.
Subtle hint, or just Koishi fucking with us? That's a serious question by the way. With her, you can't be sure what she's doing and why.

>She won't tell me exactly what happened, other than she met 'someone'
Well of course she won't tell you. I bet even she doesn't know if it was Reimu or Marisa who fought her.
[x] I want to date your sister.


I wanted a Rikako route, but Koishi needs helping.
[X] I want to date your sister.
[X] I want to date your sister.
[X] I want to date...Utsuho

Lovely hell raven gets no love around here.
[x] I want to date your sister.
[ ] I want to date your sister.
Don't forget the x, or else the writer won't count it.
Uh, what? Yes I will.

The only reason I wouldn't is if I were to suddenly begin imposing increasingly-ridiculous, Tower of Heaven-style rules in determining what votes will be counted.
Thou Shall Not Misspell Words might not seem so bad, until you run into Thou Shall Not Use the Letter 'E'
File 128967548957.jpg - (146.19KB, 724x1024 , 357b212debb964e9d2735f019d155d59.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] I want to date your sister.
Yes. I want your Sister.

I am sure if we have sex with Koishi and Satori is close by she will feel what she feels.
[x] I want to date your sister.
Not who I originally intended to go for, but she needs help damn it!
[x]I want to date Parsee.

Tide, piss, etc.
[x] I want to date Tenshi
Damn, no other Tenshi votes? She's the only one we even remotely relate with, even.
She's a jerkass that throws rocks. We're a nice guy that throws rocks. The only connection that I see is that we both throw rocks.

I don't see a relationship with anybody conflicting with Koishi. How can Tenshi or any others be jealous of someone that doesn't seem to exist?
[x] I want to date Tenshi
you convinced me good man
[x] I want to date Tenshi
Well, we seem to have insanity in common with Koishi, for what it's worth.

Admittedly, she's way more insane than we could ever be, but Satori did say she's getting better.
[x] I want to date your sister.
[x] Actually, I think I will wait until more options present themselves.

Super ultra tide pissing turbo
I've got your back.

[x] Actually, I think I will wait until more options present themselves.
No Yuuka. No routefags. Little girls only.
[x] I want to date Tenshi
File 128973076650.jpg - (453.81KB, 648x906 , 1284716340692.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] I want to date your sister.
Just Because.
[x] I want to date Tenshi
[x] I want to date this fascinating pottery, now get out of my tent and go bother Tony instead.
[x] I want to date... your sister
File 128978105151.jpg - (253.17KB, 1200x1152 , and over here is my shotgun collection.jpg) [iqdb]
Moments pass in silence as Satori the satori scrutinizes you, her third eye twitching slightly as it stares at you, probing your consciousness.
Though the notion of a third eye outside of the body, floating and connected by a series of tubes, doesn't really bother you all that much, the knowledge of exactly what it's doing does make it just a little creepy.

Hm. So, you really do mean it. Perhaps not with complete conviction, but nevertheless...” she finally says, leaning back in her chair. “You wish to date my sister.”

It's true, you do.

“As well a couple of your companions.”

Well, yes. That is true, too.

“And my pet.”

Of course you do. She's hot.

“And me.”


“And my daughter, who does not even exist.”

Well, you reason, if the mother and sister are anything to go by...

“And you believe my eye is the thing that is creepy.”

Okay, so forget about the daughter.

“I am sorry, but I cannot say I approve of this.”

That's fine, you suppose. You've already given up on the daughter thing.

“I mean dating my sister.”


With a sigh, Satori gazes up at the ceiling while keeping her third eye on you.

“Do not misunderstand. Urges aside, I am glad to see that someone would show an interest in my sister and wish to get to know her. She has been isolated for so long, to have someone genuinely attempt to reach out to her is wonderful. As you suppose, it may very well be what she needs, and could help aid in her recovery. Unfortunately...” she says, slowly lowering her head to look at you. “Should the relationship take a turn for the worst, the effect on her could be devastating. It has taken her so long to open up even this much. If she were to close herself off again...”

Trailing off, Satori's eyes stare into your own. Her face is impassive, but when she speaks again, her voice tells you all you need to know about how she feels.

I will not allow that to happen to her. I will not allow my sister to go back to the way she was. I will not allow the decades upon decades it is taking for her to open up again to go to waste. I will not allow any obstruction to her recovery or chances at happiness.. None.

Her voice is steady. Her tone, cold and firm. It is a voice fueled by absolute conviction.
As she stares at you, you do not doubt that she means every word, and would do whatever it takes to ensure her sister's well-being and happiness.

“...even if that obstruction is myself.” Satori says softly, a gentle smile appearing on her face.

Wait, what?

“Hm. I am not comfortable with the risks, nor some of your peculiarities, but if this is something my sister wants, I will not interfere. If she is to grow, then she must be allowed to choose what she wants for herself.” Rising from her chair, Satori walks around the table, stopping next to you. “That being said...”

Gently placing a hand on your shoulder, you feel a sudden surge of pain where Satori's hand is resting. It is only after a moment that you realize that her hand is not actually resting on your shoulder, so much as tightly gripping like a steel vice.

Even with the way most youkai are, you still can't but help be impressed when taking into account how Satori's arms look especially small and frail.

“As I said, I will not interfere so long as this is what my sister wants. However, should it come to be that you hurt her and cause her to irreversibly retreat back into herself, I shall personally ensure that your destruction will be as slow and torturous as is physically and psychologically possible. By the time I am finished, death will be seen as a blessing, and your only means of articulating your desire for release will be the incoherent wailing and gnashing that your broken mind feebly strings together in an attempt to form something vaguely resembling words. Do I make myself clear?”

When she puts it like that, it's kinda hard not to.

Say the words.

“Er, um, yes. Yes. Crystal clear. Yes.” you manage to force out from your suddenly dry mouth and throat.

“Excellent.” Satori says, lessening her grip on your now aching shoulder. Lessening, but not completely releasing. Instead, you feel her hand beginning to slowly move along your shoulder, in a gentle, circular motion over the sore area it had created.

Wait, is she rubbing your shoulder?

Hm. Sorry about that, I suppose that was a bit much, wasn't it? I do not wish to scare you off from my sister, but I do take the matter of her well-being seriously. Be mindful, be good to her, and I should hope there will be no such problems.”

With a final, gentle pat, Satori steps away and heads for the door.

“Now then, the others should be arriving shortly, and it would not do for me to greet them in just my bathrobe, would it?” Halfway through the door, she stops and turns back to look at you. “Sorry, again. If it still hurts, you may find some ice in the kitchen, or have a soak in the bath if you like. Otherwise, I expect dinner will be ready soon. Until then, make yourself at home.”

With slight wave, Satori disappears into the hallway, leaving you alone.

So very, very alone.

Just you and your aching shoulder.

[ ] Suffer in silence
[ ] See what's cooking
[ ] Cleanse yourself
[x] Cleanse yourself
That went better than i thought. Koishi route is a go.
He is not one to suffer alone or even think too hard about it. Or anything else.
[x] Cleanse yourself
Her parents are coming. We must get clean.
[x] Laugh
[ ] Cleanse yourself

DRTAnon, you Komeiji sisters are awesome. Very likeable and well written. YOu could have started a Limited Adventure (do we still call them that?) on /underground/.
>“...even if that obstruction is myself.” Satori says softly, a gentle smile appearing on her face.

Damn, that was awesome.

[x] Cleanse yourself
[x] Cleanse yourself
Satori is god-tier sister.
[x] Cleanse yourself

We already have a Limited Adventure in /underground/. It's called Underground Limited Adventure.

Isn't it sad, Glasnost?

Limited Adventure is a story limited to a certain area of Gensokyo. Just because sories now have names and don't use the LA as it's title anymore, doesn't mean they aren LAs.
[x] Cleanse yourself
[x] See what's cooking

Although I worry about him, Utsuho, and the idea of eggs.

Pretty much everything he said. I have grown very fond of Koishi in the last year or so, and was planning to have my own story focus more on her, but I knew that I could never do her justice.

Never believe that what you have done is worthless, or that it amounts to nothing. I am enjoying every bit of it.
[x] Cleanse yourself
[X] Cleanse yourself

[X] Rub it out
-[X] Shoulder
--[X] JUST shoulder.
[X] Cleanse yourself

[X] Rub it out
-[X] Shoulder
--[X] JUST shoulder.

Yeah its probably a good idea to be specific.
[X] Cleanse yourself
[x] Cleanse yourself

Cleanse from what? Dirty though?
Or maybe... He was so scared by Satori that he shitted himself?! Could makes sense.
[x] Cleanse yourself
[x] Cleanse yourself
File 12898983517.jpg - (166.82KB, 400x521 , water not included.jpg) [iqdb]
As you sit, nursing your aching shoulder, you realize something.

You need a bath.

Though your shoulder might certainly benefit from a nice, hot soak, it occurs to you that between the rolling around in flower fields, trekking across the countryside, getting chased by an enraged youkai woman, and nearly getting roasted in a cavern of fire, it is probably safe to say you have worked up quite an aroma over the course of the day.

It also occurs to you that, somehow, you have felt absolutely no need to “relieve yourself” at any point. In light of your alarmingly frequent bouts of unconsciousness, along with the occasional brush with certain death, you find the implications of this somewhat discomforting.

It is only the fact that no one else has made any comment about your smell that gives you some small comfort.

So, yeah. You definitely need that bath.
And a clean pair of pants.

Making your way back to the bathroom is a surprisingly simple affair, requiring you to do little more than retrace the route Satori had taken in leading you to the dining room.

Down this hall...
Take that left...
Wait, no, it was right, wasn't it?
Okay, no, you got this. This is fine.
Oh! See, there's that thing! You remember that thing!
Was that door there before, though?
Ah! There!
Dark hall on the left, not-so-dark hall with red stuff splattered all over the place on the right...

Yes, this is it.
Though the hall is no longer as steamy and foggy as when you first saw it, this is definitely the place.

Keeping alert for any unusual sounds, you slowly make your way down the hall and up to the door. Knocking loudly, you listen carefully for any response from within. After several seconds, you are satisfied that the room is unoccupied, and enter.

Without the veil of steam limiting your vision, you can clearly see the room in its entirety, and what you see is without a doubt a very bathroom-like bathroom. In fact, in terms of rooms with baths in them, this is possibly the most bathroom-ish bathroom you have ever laid eyes upon. That one back at the vampire's mansion? Nothing compared to this.

Though it lacks a toilet, it makes up for it in terms of spaciousness. In addition to the area where you would actually wash yourself and the bath itself, there are also a number of tubs and basins of various sizes; from a pan no deeper than your typical birdbath, to a wooden tub large enough to accommodate an adult tiger.

How you happen to know what size of tub one would need to contain an adult tiger, you are not quite certain, nor are you particularly curious about when or how you acquired such knowledge. For all you know, it is one of the myriad of memories from your childhood that you have, for one reason or another, blocked out from your mind.

You suspect this is also why, to this day, you cannot look upon the history teacher's hat without breaking into a cold sweat.

Shaking your head to return your attentions to the present, you glance around the room and spot various other items that no bathroom should be without. A place for towels and wash clothes, a basket for dirty laundry, a mirror, an assortment of soaps and shampoos, ropes, collars, chains, muzzles, manacles, scented candles, incense burners.

All perfectly normal things that anyone should hope to have in their bathing facilities.

Yep. Totally normal.

[ ] Quick Dip
[ ] Long Soak
- ( ) Reflection Room
- ( ) Margaritaville
- ( ) Marco Polo
- ( ) Bermuda Triangle
[x] Long Soak
- (x) Bermuda Triangle

Let us go boldly where no man has gone before.
[x] Long Soak
- (x) Bermuda Triangle
[x] Long Soak
- (x) Bermuda Triangle
[x] Long Soak
- (x) Reflection room
[x] Long Soak
- (x) Marco Polo

Crazy hijinks in the bath with possibly someone else.
[X] Long Soak
- (X) Marco Polo
Seeing all these Marco Polo votes is making me reconsider. But first, I need some more info.

If Marco Polo wins, will we sail to the coasts of China, if you know what I mean?
Why would you want to go to China? Aren't we in Gensokyo at the moment?
No, not literally sail. I meant, as in, dock in exotic ports if you know what I mean.
We haven't been to China yet, have we?

I think we should visit China, if you know what I mean.
What are you talking about? We visited China in the first thread.

No, no. Visit China.
We visited China. We went to the location China is at.
[x] Long Soak
- (x) Bermuda Triangle
File 128992053338.jpg - (7.75KB, 148x150 , 1183095932337.jpg) [iqdb]

Forgot your Shirou.jpg.
Look, Shirou. Just because your body is made of swords doesn't mean you can go around dictating what did or did not happen!
We visited China and that's all there is to it.
File 128992136728.jpg - (18.64KB, 350x244 , army_hat.jpg) [iqdb]
Guys. Can we get off China for a moment and get back to Koishi?
>ropes, collars, chains
Usual stuff. FOR A BEDROOM! What about a whip?

[x] Long Soak
- (x) Marco Polo
[x] Long Soak
- (x) Bermuda Triangle
Koishi later, coasts of China after later.
[x] Long Soak
-[x]Marco Polo
[x] Long Soak
- (x) Marco Polo
It becomes less sexy when you realize that this bathroom is probably used for bathing large animals, some of whom would probably rather not be bathed.
I was actually thinking Oni when I heard manacles, actually.

[Splosh]Long soak
-[Glub glub]Reflection room
Like Orin?
Not that guy.
I couldn't care less about the sexiness. In fact, I think it would be rather cute if some kind of animal hops in and we play around with it.
By 'cute' you mean 'hilariously weird' right?


>By 'cute' you mean 'lol randum XD' right?

Please no.
x] Long Soak
- (x) Marco Polo
>>[x] Long Soak
>> (x) Bermuda Triangle

>>Let us go boldly where no man has gone before.

Stealing anon's vote for gloriousness.
[x] Long soak
-[x] Marco Polo
You, uh, missed. /youkai/ is to your right.
File 129000023399.jpg - (36.16KB, 420x560 , hot bath.jpg) [iqdb]
Even though you were told dinner would be ready soon, you figure there should be no harm in taking your time in the bath. You never know when you will get another chance to have one like this, and you certainly can't imagine anyone would complain about you not reeking of sweat and dirt and bodily fluids.

So, why not make the most of this while you can?

After setting your clothes in a nearby basket, and doing all the necessary scrubbing and washing, you ease yourself into the hot waters of the bath itself, allowing the warmth to envelope your body.
Within minutes, you feel your every ache and pain fade from your joints and muscles. Even your shoulder doesn't bother you anymore.

It feels nice.

Very nice.

So nice, that you just might fall asleep, if you're not careful.

But you're careful!

Very careful!



- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“Human! Hey! Human!” the doll calls out, looking up and down the street for any sign of her comrade, though after several minutes of searching, she would settle for even finding any of the others that had taken to following them. Even that other human.

Of course, she would never openly admit that.

“Geeze! I take my eyes off him for a minute, and he goes and gets himself lost again! Can you believe it, Su-san?!”

Incapable of actual speech, her companion can do little more than shake her head and shrug. Seemingly displeased at the response of her diminutive compatriot, the larger doll frowns.

“What? What do you mean 'we're not exactly doing any better'? We're not lost! This is, um, recognizance!”

The smaller doll merely cocks her head to one side.
The large doll scowls.

“You know what I meant!”

She had been overjoyed when she had first sensed her “other half” was nearby, so much so that she had broken off from the rest of her group to find her. Huggings were had, greetings were exchanged, but when all was said and done, the reality of the situation finally struck her.

Now, they were both lost.

She doesn't like that.
Not one bit.
Being lost.
Isolated, in an unfamiliar place.

It reminds her too much of the beginning; of times she would much rather not remember, but dares not forget.

Countless seasons passing by as she lay in that field.

Yet, for all the hatred and bitterness she holds for those days, some small part of her knows it was necessary. It is only because of what happened to her that she could become what she is.
Perhaps, with time, she will fully realize this.

“Hey! Human! Hey! Where are you?”

...of course, she could also stand to realize why yelling in the middle of an unfamiliar area is not the wisest course of action.

When told as much, her response is one of exasperation.

“Well, how else are we supposed to find him?” she demands, hands on her hips.

She's getting irritable.
Such behavior would be understandable when separated from her life-long companion, but to have a similar response to separation from a human? Curious, indeed.
Of course, she might also be picking up on habits from the others, as well.
The Celestial, in particular, could prove to be an especially bad influence.
Not that the human is much of a role model, himself...

But, of course, such matters are of little importance at the moment.
They are down here, somewhere, and she needs to find them.
Ideally, without someone else finding her, first.

There is no telling what is living down here.
Unknown numbers of unknown entities of unknown strength.
Unless proven otherwise, all are to be considered enemies.

She knows this.
She must know this.
She is cautious.
She is alert.

“Why hello there, lil' girlie! What're ya doin' down here?”

...just let someone walk right up behind her.

Well, 'stagger' is more like it.

Ah! U-um...” turning to face the newcomer, the young doll can barely crane her neck back far enough to see the large creature's face. “Er, I'm looking for the human!”

The large beast looks confused, but soon breaks out into boisterous laughter.

HAW! That'sa good one! Ain't no humans down 'ere, girlie! 'Tho, if yer down 'ere...”

The creature peers down at her with a strange look of interest in his eyes.
The young one takes a step back, even her meager experience of the world not hindering her ability to sense the obvious.

This creature is dangerous.

“If a little one like yerself got down 'ere, ya must be pretty strong, right? Well, we like us some strong'uns....”

The creature grins.
His breath, no, his entire being reeks of alcohol.
Along with the horns sprouting from his head, there is little mistake as to what this beast is.


Why don't ya show me how strong ya really are?

She takes another step back, uncertain about how to deal with such a creature.
Hardly surprising, since she's never even seen an oni before.

As she often does when in need of guidance, she turns to her small friend for advice.

“This guy's really weird! Su-san, what should I do?”

[ ] Poison! We will escape him!
[ ] Poison! We will interrogate him!
[ ] Poison! We will incapacitate him!
[ ] Poison! We will leave no survivors!
[x] Poison! We will incapacitate him!
She will get some extra hugs and more loving when we find her.
[x] Poison! We will escape him!
[x] Poison! We will interrogate him!
[x] Poison! We will incapacitate him!
[x] Poison! We will leave no survivors!

[x] Poison! We will escape him!

Medicine's poison probably isn't strong enough to subdue an oni if she couldn't keep Alice away. Koishi will eventually find her provided that Koishi is actually doing as Satori asked and not mucking about/watching Anon bathe.
[X]Poison! We will incapacitate him!

[X] Poison! We will escape him!

Though considering how Oni poison themselves nearly every waking hour of every day, it's not all that hard to believe poison might not work well on them.
[x] Poison! We will escape him!
Run Medi run run!
[X]Poison! We will incapacitate him!
[x] Poison! We will incapacitate him!

[X] Poison! We will incapacitate him!
That's why we have to use lots of poison.

[x] Poison! We will incapacitate him!
[x] Poison! We will incapacitate him!

Roll in a few canisters of CN-20.
[X] Poison! We will escape him!
This. Medicine needs to find the MC. Besides aren't oni really resistant to toxins and such?
>Besides aren't oni really resistant to toxins and such?

If they're capable of getting drunk, then they shouldn't be completely resistant to other intoxicants. That's why Medicine should be pumping out as much gas as she can.
[x] Poison! We will incapacitate him!

I don't know all that many actual folktales involving Oni, but a typical one in mythology in general is drugging or poisoning alcohol given to some monster or demon to make them fall asleep or otherwise weaken them.
[x] Poison! We will leave no survivors!
Tide-pisser reporting in.
[x] Poison! We will escape him!

[x] Poison! We will leave no survivors!
[x] Poison! We will escape him!
Good luck trying to poison an Oni. It can work as a distraction, but little else.
Whoops, my bad.

[X] Poison! We will leave no survivors!

[X] Poison! We will escape him!

Let's not try and corrupt Medicine into being a homicidal maniac.
>Let's not try and corrupt Medicine into being a homicidal maniac.

oh u
[X] Poison! We will leave no survivors!

>Let's not try and corrupt Medicine into being a homicidal maniac.

>not try and corrupt Medicine

>corrupt Medicine

Did you say corrupt Medicine?

I'm down with that.
[x] Poison! We will incapacitate him!

Is anybody else just a little bit concerned that nobody else mentioned the blood-soaked hallway or the creepy fetish stuff in the bathroom?

I had expected at least one of you to say something, and tried to do so myself twice, but got 502 errors both times.

Read >>129755 if you wanna have post about the kinky stuff.
It appears that you missed the "homicidal maniac" part, Mr. Illiterate.

Next time, try looking at the words in context, will you?
It appears you missed the wordplay. Next time try to have a better understanding of human interaction, Mr. Autistic.
already a homicidal maniac. No corruption needed.
File 129011848437.jpg - (184.80KB, 800x1136 , sample-b1adb6d6cdd8efa217b21618c4e44d06.jpg) [iqdb]
>kinky stuff.
you all should know that he is not going to write something like that.
eyeball squeezing was the maximum.
File 129012629510.jpg - (59.90KB, 500x500 , it looks nothing like that.jpg) [iqdb]
The beast approaches, unaware of what the doll before him is capable of.
That fool she thinks to herself.

In more ideal circumstances, there would be no question as to how to deal with such a creature; engulf it in poison until it no longer moves. Or breathes.
Unfortunately, the child's current situation does not allow for such a tactic, not if she is to maintain a low profile.

Or, as low a profile one can have when she is strolling down the middle of the street and yelling for anyone nearby to hear.

Her companion will have words with her over that, later, but for now their attentions must be focused squarely in front of them.

The little one speaks, and the larger one listens.

“Huh? Make him stop moving, but that's all? Yeah, of course I can do that, Su-san!”

Her companion is not reassured, but says nothing else.
Restraint is not one of her strong points, but that is not likely to be an issue, here.
It should be fine, even if she goes a little overboard.

HAW HAW! Talkin' ta yerself, girlie? Jus' whaddaya think yer gonna-HRRK!

The cloud surrounds him before he even has a chance to react, his sudden intake of breath only serving to hasten the toxin's invasion of his body.
Eyes widening, he takes one staggering step forward, before falling to his knees.
Hands on the ground.
Head bowed.
Were it not for the ragged sounds of breathing that could be heard, one might almost mistake the creature's posture as one of genuflection, as if it were kneeling in surrender in the face of a superior power.

Truly, a wonderful sight...

Watching the beast carefully for any sign that it still posed a threat, it quickly becomes apparent that it has been disabled. Though the alcohol already present in his body may have contributed, perhaps having some interaction with the poisons, it is still remarkable that the child achieved the desired effect on her first attempt.

“Well, he's not moving now, Su-san. What do we do now?”

A good question. Now that the nuisance has been dealt with, it would not be wise to linger. It is doubtful that anyone would think much of an oni passed out in the middle of the street, but the sight of someone standing over an oni passed out in the middle of the street might raise questions. Especially if that someone is clearly not one of the locals. Troublesome questions. Questions like,

Whoa! Hey! What did you do to him?!

Yes, questions like that.
Troublesome questions from troublesome individuals, like the one who is stagger-running towards oh damn it all.

No time to discuss options, she must attack again. A simple nod is all that is needed, and the child turns to the approaching interloper.

Hey, kid! I'm talking to HNGauck

Another excellent cloud catches this one right in the face, his words cut off by the sputtering and coughing brought on by his now poison-filled lungs. As his system becomes saturated, the coughing stops, his eyes glaze over, and he can do little else but stand there, mouth agape.

But this one does not fall.
Why does this one not fall?


...and now it is talking again.
How is it still talking?!

That...was, like, WHOA. Whoa.

“Um, Su-san? This one is strange...”

There is something wrong about this, and even she can sense it.
Which means there is something very, very wrong, indeed.

Can you, like, do that again?


Again! Do that thing again!

The doll looks to her companion with uncertainty.
This is not how it is supposed to happen.
She wants them to fall down, her poison makes them fall down.
They are not supposed to be still standing, not supposed to be still talking, and not supposed to be asking for seconds.

But if that is what he wants, then far be it from her to let him down.
He wants more? Then, more is what he shall have.

She hits him again, the beast's head once again enveloped in a cloud of toxin, much thicker than the one from before.
Thicker, denser, and much more concentrated.

There is no need to remain here any longer. By the time the cloud dissipates, he will have fallen, and the two dolls will be long gone.
The smaller doll tells the larger as much, and moves to lead her away from this place, not even stopping when the creature once again somehow manages to speak.

Auuughyeeeah! This stuff is great! Hey! Guys! You gotta get out here and try this!

The voice of the beast does not make them stop.
The dozen or so horned heads peering curiously and drunkenly out of the various windows and doorways lining the street, however, are a different matter.

“Um, Su-san? Are we in trouble?”

One by one, the oni begin drunkenly walking out into the street, some to check on the one who called for them, others to snicker and guffaw at the one who was sprawled out on the ground, but most seem more interested in the small, blonde girl who has wandered into their midst.

Had the second one fallen as easily as the first, there might not be any cause for concern. If need be, she would just strike them down, one by one, until none remained standing. But the second one is clearly much more hardy than his fallen friend, and if the others are anything like him...


It is never encouraging to learn the odds are against you, but it is often far less painful to deal with that reality than to remain ignorant of it.

She is surrounded.
Separated from anyone else who might help her.

...but that does not mean she is helpless...

[ ] Total Saturation
[ ] Overdose
[ ] Withdrawal
[ ] Smoke bomb
[ ] Total Saturation
Oni rave? Oni rave.
[x] Total Saturation
I told you man, I told you about them Oni's.
[x] Smoke bomb

[ ] Total Saturation
[x] Total Saturation

I, Garland Medicine, Will knock you all down!
[X]smoke bomb
Drugs are bad! We need an adult!
[x] Total Saturation
The time has come, Medicine. Time to set loose.
[x] Total Saturation

Medicine is now the highlight of all Oni parties.
[x] Smoke bomb
[X] Smoke Bomb
Weed comes to Gensokyo, courtesy of Medicine? Not sure if want.
[x] Smoke bomb
[X] Total Saturation

Are you kidding? The oni finally have another substance to abuse!
File 129014431213.jpg - (29.82KB, 408x545 , medialtrussischbestand.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Total Saturation
The time has come.
File 129014507476.jpg - (98.89KB, 500x1180 , re5-albert-wesker2.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Total Saturation
We have to ensure everyone gets complete. BODILY. SATURATION.
[x] Total Saturation

Dr. Medicine has encountered the final solution to the Oni problem.
[x] Total Saturation, once everything is covered in poison, cover that layer of poison with another one.
File 12901637286.jpg - (29.25KB, 369x297 , total worldwide superabundance.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Total Saturation

We've interviewed our focus groups extensively, and after some modifications, it may be time to bring the new product to market.
[x] Total Saturation

Medicine: turn onis into hippies. Replace 'Narguile'.
[x] Smoke bomb
[x] Withdrawal
Mayday mayday! Mayday!
File 12902543462.jpg - (186.23KB, 803x600 , porcelain is my body and cyanide is my blood.jpg) [iqdb]
Forming a circle, the newcomers close in on the child, their ignorance and inebriation keeping them oblivious to the threat she poses.
The second oni's reaction was unexpected, but not a cause for concern. After all, it is only natural that creatures such as that would not be as weak as your average human, or even your average youkai. That there was any reaction at all, however, is proof that even they are not completely immune. With the right poison in the proper quantities, even they will fall.

She can do this.

Clearly, a direct attack is out of the question. Their current numbers would make attempting to take them down one-by-one a tedious exercise, to say nothing of what might happen if the beasts actually retaliated.

No, it makes no sense to waste time and energy crushing insects one at a time. Not when there are far more efficient methods. Gassing the entire nest, for example.
Or, in this case, a couple city blocks; a radius small enough to not cause the child unnecessary strain, but wide enough to ensure that anyone close enough to be a threat won't be.

She closes her eyes, inhales, and prepares herself.
She can do this.
She can do this.
She is not merely a being of poison.
She is poison.
It swirls and pools within her
Poison gathering.
Pressure building.
Like water against a dam, it begins to surge.

A few of the gathered beasts begin to murmur amongst themselves, but she pays them no mind.

She is ready.

One of the fools reaches out to poke her, and at that very moment...


In seconds, the entire area is engulfed in purple mist.
Filling the air, coating the rock, and soaking into cloth, and wood, and flesh alike.

By the time the creatures begin to realize something has happened, it is already too late for them.
Though they all remain standing, it is clear that the poison has begun to take effect.

The poison is taking effect.

The poison has taken effect.

...and yet, they are all still standing.

“Um, Su-san?”

The young doll calls out to her companion, worry in her voice, but she does not respond.
There is no need.

She sees it, too.

The circle closes in on them.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Clean and refreshed, you step out of the steamy warmth of the bathroom feeling like a new man, or at least a man that has been cleaned and polished enough to try to pass off as 'new' in the hopes that someone could be convinced to pay more for you.

The suckers.

Though you would have liked to have spent a little more time soaking, the sudden arrival of another resident waiting to use the facilities compelled you to finish up and get dressed.
This was, of course, purely a matter of courtesy. That the resident in question happened to be the largest snake you have ever seen in your life was not a factor in your decision. Not at all. You simply did not want to deprive a resident of their ability to use the facilities in their own home. Whether or not that resident looked like they were capable of devouring an adult human never once crossed your mind.

And so, you gladly dried yourself off, deposited your dirty clothes in the nearest hamper, and even found yourself a bathrobe to wear. Warm, soft, and actually somewhat near your size, you couldn't ask for anything better to wear after stepping out of a bath.

If only it was not quite so pink.

Not that you would complain about it, but it really is quite pink.

But damn, is it ever comfortable.

Comfortable...but pink.

[ ] Find Satori, see if she has anything else you could wear.
[ ] Find Utsuho, see if she can help you out.
[ ] Look for something yourself.
[ ] Fuck it. You'll go to dinner like this, and LIKE it!
>The circle closes in on them.
and then they hugged her and promised to help her find her friends. Right?

[x] Fuck it. You'll go to dinner like this, and LIKE it!
[X] Fuck it. You'll go to dinner like this, and LIKE it!

I'm feeling rather comfortable with our masculinity.
[x] Find Satori, see if she has anything else you could wear.
[x] Find Satori, see if she has anything else you could wear.
[x] Fuck it. You'll go to dinner like this, and LIKE it!

Let's dine in ... HELL!
[x] Find Utsuho, see if she can help you out.
[X] Find Utsuho, see if she can help you out.

This is good.
[X] Fuck it. You'll go to dinner like this, and LIKE it!

It's soooooo comfortable
[x] Find Satori, see if she has anything else you could wear.

Tempted to choose the pink clothes, but damn, they are pink.
[x] Fuck it. You'll go to dinner like this, and LIKE it!
[x] Find Satori, see if she has anything else you could wear.
Between the pink motif here and the saturation of skirts on /others/ I can't help but get... suspicious.
Anyway, fuck pink. Black is the new black. Incidentally, it also is the old black.
[x] Fuck it. You'll go to dinner like this, and LIKE it!
[X] Fuck it. You'll go to dinner like this, and LIKE it!

COMFORT ABOVE ALL. Not that screwing Utsuho like a lightbulb is a bad thing.
[x] Fuck it. You'll go to dinner like this, and LIKE it!

Going to dinner in a bathrobe? It's like we already own the damn place.
[x] Fuck it. You'll go to dinner like this, and LIKE it!

It was good enough for the Dude. It's good enough for me.
[x] Fuck it. You'll go to dinner like this, and LIKE it!
This is going to be so awesome
Like a light bulb? You mean once every couple of years?

[+] Fuck it. You'll go to dinner like this, and LIKE it.
[x] Fuck it. You'll go to dinner like this, and LIKE it!

PINK-ness above all.
[X] Find Satori, see if she has anything else you could wear.

Damnit, we did not even ask permission for this thing, for all we know, it could be one of the girls'.
[>] Fuck it. You'll go to dinner like this, and LIKE it!
Flash Gordon was confident enough in his masculinity to go around space fighting evil in a miniskirt.
Truly, a rolemodel for us all.

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