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Oh! Right! She wants to know why you're here.
As in, here here, and not just sitting in a chair in her dining hall after walking into her bathroom and so on and so forth.

Not that there was much to it.
Pissed off youkai.
Running from youkai.
Take shelter in cave.
Got lost in cave.

Very typical.
Very boring.
Not very interesting at all.

Not nearly as interesting as your hostess.

“Flattery will get you nowhere.”

But it's not flattery.
She is quite cute.
Just like that other girl.

The tube-ball-thing-that-you-thought-was-a-ball-but-was-really-an-eye is, admittedly unsettling, but does make some things make a little more sense.

Or, at least, as much sense as can be made when you're talking about a floating eyeball attached to the body by a strange series of tubes.

“For your information, that 'tube-ball-thing' is my third eye, a vital organ for our kind.”

'Vital organ' she says, huh?
Well, that certainly explains why that girl reacted as she did when you squeezed it.

“You did WHAT?!” the girl exclaims, shock and surprise clear on her face.

You're not sure what the big deal is, though.
She seemed like she wanted it, and even urged you to continue.

...quite forcibly, as you recall, the memory of her hands around your neck making your skin tingle.

“Honestly, that girl. Just what was she-”

And then, of course, there was that part where she started convulsing and seemed like she died..
That was kinda freaky.


But she was okay!
More than okay!
No harm, no foul, right?

As you watch the girl in front you seem to calm down, her three eyes all starting intently at you, you suddenly have an idea!~

A great idea~!

“Would you like one, too?” you ask her, feeling the faintest traces of a smile appearing on your face.

“Huh? One of what?” the girl asks, looking slightly confused.

Not that she should have to guess, though.
After all, you had been just thinking about it!

“You don't mean...”

Oh yes you do!
An eyeball massage~!

“Absolutely not.”

Aww! Come on!
You have magic fingers~!

“I do not care.”

OOOOOOOOH, Mister Eyeball Massage Machine~!

“What the he-...oh.” the girl sighs, as her expression of confusion gives way to weary realization. “Welcome home, sister. I assume this is your doing.”

What is she talking about?
You don't know what she's talking about.
Do you know what she's talking about?
No, I don't know know, either!
I don't know~! I don't know~!

Koishi. I know you're here. Now, please, stop influencing that young man's brain and come out, already.”


”I said STOP.” the girl says firmly, slamming her hands down upon the table.

You can't help but flinch.
This isn't how things should be, is it?
They're sisters, right?
Sisters shouldn't fight!
No they shouldn't~!

The girl sighs, and even her third eye looks suddenly weary.

“I'm sorry for snapping like that, sister. I am glad you are home. Truly, I am.”

If there were a more honest apology, you have yet to hear it.
Indeed, it is a wonderful thing to see people attempting to make amends.
Especially sisters!
So much love and caring between them!
What better way to heal hurt feelings than with a honest, heartfelt apology?
Maybe some hugging to drive the point home.
Perhaps, even a kiss?
And if they were naked, then so much the better.


After all, they are both quite attractive. Very pretty. Very cute.
Just the thought of the two of them, their bodies pressed together, hands caressing and exploring their bodies, while their tongues do some exploring of their own...

“Koishi, that is quite enough.”

“But I'm not doing anything~!”

The girl's third eye narrows, as if it were glaring at you, as the girl herself turns her attention to the familiar-looking girl cuddled up on your lap.

Wait, when did she-

“She's been here for a while, or at least for as long as you have, I suspect.” the open-eyed girl says. “Isn't that right, Koishi?”

“Maaaaaaaaaaybe~.” the girl in your lap says, dreamily.

“You've been following him for most of the day, as well?”


“Is there a particular reason for this?”


“Such as?”

“He touched my special place~!”

You're not sure how you manage to choke on something without actually having anything in your mouth to choke on, yet that's exactly how you suddenly feel.

“Yes. I am aware of that.” the girl says, flatly.

“Can I keep him~?”

“Humans do not make good pets, sister. We have discussed this.”

“Awww! But he's just your siiiiiiiiiize~!”

“That is not important, and please take your hand out of his pants.”

Oh. So that's what that tickling feeling was.
Good thing it wasn't a fungus like you had feared.

“Awwww~!” the girl in your lap says, reluctantly complying with her sister's command to withdraw her hand from exploring the insides of your pants.

As the two sisters continue their back-and-forth, you feel a number of things.
More confusion.
And the nagging feeling that you're forgetting something.

Or a lot of somethings.

[ ] Patient Identification
[ ] Medical History
[ ] Current Symptoms
[ ] Recommended Treatments
[ ] Other Notes
[x] Other Notes
>you're forgetting something
Oh my god. We never took our bath! What will their father say when he arrives, seeing us, dirty and unkempt, with his daughter seating lasciviously on our lap.
[x] Give Koishi an eyeball massage.

At least one person is going to appreciate our awesome skillz.
[x] Other Notes
[x] Medical History

Diagnostic: paranoid schizophrenic. You are insane.
>“Awww! But he's just your siiiiiiiiiize~!”
And so we finally learn Koishi's true goal: to get her sister laid.

[X] Recommended Treatments
>“That is not important, and please take your hand out of his pants.”
>Oh. So that's what that tickling feeling was.
>Good thing it wasn't a fungus like you had feared.

Oh. My. GOD.
[x] Other Notes
[x] Sisters shouldn't behave like this. Make it your mission to bring them together.
[x] Give them an eyeball massage.

Yes, there is only one way to accomplish this. Work your magic fingers and show them love.
[x] Proposal.

Ms. Satori, I would like your sisters hand in marriage.
[x] Medical History
[x] Current Symptoms
[x] Recommended Treatments

What she is, what she does and how to deal with her?
[x] Medical History
[x] Current Symptoms
[x] Recommended Treatments
[x] Proposal
[x] Medical History
[x] Current Symptoms
[x] Recommended Treatments
[X] Recommended Treatments
[x] Parsee option
[x] Medical History

"Doc! Come on, man! Diagnosis?"
Well, yes. Remember back from >>122206:

>Ooh, you look so confused right now! Like a lost little puppy~! Sis might like that. Maybe you should meet her! Have some tea~. Fornicate~. Have some tea~.
Well, we are way past the first step, "ask out to dinner".
We have also been going around to different places together, which is kinda like dating.
We've even given her an eyeball massage.
A proposal is the only logical conclusion to our "relationship".
It is probably more than that. She seems to really like him, doing things like saving his life and following him.
Screwing with his mind and such is probably a form of showing affection.
[x] Medical History
[x] Proposal.
[ ] Recommended Treatments
[x] Sisters shouldn't behave like this. Make it your mission to bring them together.
[x] Give them an eyeball massage.
[x] if koishi turns this into something more NSFW then proceed to go through with it then directly after or after resting [x] Proposal.

[x] Proposal
Changing 128138 to 128137
My influence Grows....
If my write in wins then i will jump for joy. if the update is yet another tease i WILL RAGE HARD. Knowing that our writer is in league with troll lord gaben.
[x] Sisters shouldn't behave like this. Make it your mission to bring them together.
[x] Give them an eyeball massage.
[x] if koishi turns this into something more NSFW then proceed to go through with it then directly after or after resting [x] Proposal.
File 128916700436.jpg - (183.78KB, 800x1600 , fcacaf127d80ad9e8a0e8d2ce9631124.jpg) [iqdb]
Are you the one who took my write in and added the last line?
If yes i have to thank you. I did not want it to be that nsfw but the proposal part is what i was aiming for anyway.

If we ask Satori for her sisters hand we have to think of something funny yet serious. Something like no one screws better with my mind than your sister but it never makes me want to change my controller to port 2.
[x] Patient Identification


Mental breakdown please.
File 128916896436.gif - (54.42KB, 100x100 , 1280818012038.gif) [iqdb]
Medical History: mental breakdowns
Current Symptoms: mental breakdown
Recommended Treatment: <strike>MEDICATION!</strike>
Oh wait. That would be if we were still at Eientei.
Recommended Treatment: break mind
good idea. but the NSFW is happening for it is inevitable. >=D
GTFO noone shall oppose my post!
[x] Sisters shouldn't behave like this. Make it your mission to bring them together.
[x] Give them an eyeball massage.
[x] if koishi turns this into something more NSFW then proceed to go through with it then directly after or after resting [x] Proposal.

Eh. This works.
[x] Sisters shouldn't behave like this. Make it your mission to bring them together.
[x] Give them an eyeball massage.
[x] if koishi turns this into something more NSFW then proceed to go through with it then directly after or after resting [x] Proposal.

Totally yes please.
No. We don't do that kind of stupidity here. Also, capitalization and punctuation are your friends.

>GTFO noone shall oppose my post!
Might you also be these two?
If so, please stop flooding the board with your idiocy. At the very least, use sage when being a raging retard.
[X] Medical History

Something I've been wondering lately. Firstly, does MC still remember his original quest? That of the weird box? Secondly... was there EVER really a box?
[x] Sisters shouldn't behave like this. Make it your mission to bring them together.
[x] Give them an eyeball massage.
[x] if koishi turns this into something more NSFW then proceed to go through with it then directly after or after resting [x] Proposal.
Yes, we have our own special brand of stupidity.
And emoticons, textspeak, or *actions* have no place in it. Please be sure to remember that.
What the fuck happened with THP?
Retards. Retards everywhere. And no one calls them out on it.
Good to see that there are still some people left who care.
Seems like not all the people who came from the old /jp/ left the board yet.
The worst part is that we're fighting a losing battle, and I know it. With new popular stories like A Wizard Is You, and Knight in Gensokyo drawing in the idiots like flys to honey, there is just no stopping them.
Worst thing? I love those stories. I don't know why they're filled with... those
When you say "idiots" do you mean people who make emoticons or whatever when they're told not to, or do you mean they make crappy decisions that very obviously not good?
While nothing wrong with the Story it really draws in many Idiots. But hey, at least they keep to there and don't wander around much.
Most likely both, actually.
Both. It's one thing for an seemingly intelligent person to make a stupid vote, but you can safely ignore it. Maybe he just had an off day, or something.

See this post for a perfect example of some of the retards that need to shape up/get out.
The main perps of drawing in morons are mainly the Joe story and perhaps this. I suspect whatever cross board linking might have brought a crop of newfags that haven't remotely lurked here along enough.

We're dealing with twits who:
-do completely out of place stupid choices
-type/spell like a 10 year old retard
-go about role-playing.

Now if you'll pardon me, I have to go all out couple of tards in Serial ATA's forest story.
>paint the eye cut the lines
Is that an amnesia reference?
[x] Medical History
Okay, enough with the proposal bullshit. Right now, there's something wrong with our character. Our protagonist's life is the main priority here.
[x] Medical History

Hm? So are we going back to the theory that Don't Read This! might be canon here and our protagonist might be a victim of Eirin's vicious revenge on the self-important outsiders who questioned her credentials? Because I think that line of thought might prove fruitful.
C'mon, guys. I don't care what other website you came from or if you're new here, it doesn't take a genius to figure out you should read the older stories and get a feel for the site before you start posting. It's sad to think a couple or so threads ago we didn't have so many idiots shitting up the thread with spelling errors and stupid ass write-ins. This story was never serious to begin with, but this is a bit much.

Sorry for shitting up your beautiful story, dear writefag.
I think somebody posted the wizard story on /tg/, so yeah.
[x] Patient Identification
[x] Medical History
[x] Current Symptoms
[x] Recommended Treatments
[x] Propose.

Why choose just one, WALL ME!
Choosing every option never works very well in this story.
As I recall it saved our lives earlier! It can do so again!
We avoided being blasted to oblivion when we chose all options last time.
As far as I've seen it did more good than bad, like with Okuu.
File 128920033146.png - (317.29KB, 650x663 , the mushroom is not a metaphor.png) [iqdb]
How did this happen?

You don't really know.

The sight you see is a sight you had not yet seen nor will likely ever see again.

The two girls hover over you, completely naked, their nubile young bodies pressed tightly together, nipple to nipple.

Their hands probe and explore the other, forging their way undaunted across their respective territories like Spaniards after committing genocide upon the indigenous population with disease-ridden blankets.

They float down on you and get you in on the action.

Your engorged man-root says 'hello'.

You run your hands over their supple bosoms

And also their boobies.

It it awesome.

“Hey~ that~ feels~ good~” sayts the green haired girl with the big black ball.

“Maybe~ you~ should~ feel~ goo~d t~oo~

She takes hold of your pulsating pocket porpoise.

It twitches eagerly in her soft hands as she goes to work.









By the time she has finished, your penis has been twisted and contorted like a balloon into a three-dimensional representation of Picasso's Tête de Femme en Gris et Rouge

It is horrifying and beautiful.

You fight back tears of great joy and excruciating agony from it all.

And then Mickey Mouse walks in and takes a shit on your chest.

Okay, being serious, now.

Chill out, people.
Seriously. Chill.

This is not the first time we've had issues with certain kinds of people, and I can pretty much guarantee it will not be the last.
It's fine, though, because we will make it through this just as we have made it through the other times this sort of shit has come up.

You see, I could be wrong about this, but I believe one of the best traits of our little flock here is adaptability.

It's why we were able to keep WuiG going despite being forced out of /jp/.
It's why an obscure little site with only a couple boards to begin with was expanded and reshaped into what you see now.

It is also why, regardless of how bad some of these people seem, I would like to believe there might be hope for them, so long as they are willing to try.

To the ones behind posts such as:

>>good idea. but the NSFW is happening for it is inevitable. >=D
>>GTFO noone shall oppose my post!

...as well as anyone like them, please, please, please listen to when I say: STOP THAT.

I don't want to tell anyone how to enjoy themselves, especially not in this, of all stories, but come on. You should know better, and if you do not, you need to learn.

Lurk. If you have to lurk more, or say you're going to lurk more, then you're already not doing it enough.
Sit back. Watch. Learn.
See what people do.
See what they don't do.
See what they tell others to do or not do, or what they are told to do or not do.
Read the stories.
Maybe comment, or even discuss, but ease into it slowly. We're talking baby steps, here.

But lurk.
It really is one of the best things you can do to learn your way around a place, and you can even learn some interesting things.

They might not be things you want to know, and possibly even wish you didn't, but they're still interesting, damn it!

As far as this story goes, again, chill.

If it comes down to a winning vote that either doesn't fit what's happening, or cannot be made to work in any possible way, be it good or bad, I can always ignore it, though I would rather not resort to that if at all possible.

If there is anything useable at all, I will at least make a note of it and possibly try to work it in somewhere down the road, so don't get discouraged.

Now, for the “bad” news: no actual update today.
It's been a very long day, tomorrow probably won't be any better, it's late now, and I need the sleep.

If there are any other concerns, or if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask in the meantime.

Otherwise, see you tomorrow.
My friend, that was awesome.
Anyway, I did like the idea, but the way he worded it and kept on going on about "His presence grows" or some other kind of bullshit, got on my nerves.
>That scene
You were on to something good there, with that pocket porpoise, and the random allegory of the Spaniards. Incredibly arousing. My penis was slowly rising, awaiting the mollusks promised arrival. I was let down.
Pun intended.
Godamint i knew you were going to do that.
oh well can't blame a guy for trying eh?
You had me up to "engorged man-root".

Also, thank you for taking the bull by the horns and saying something about the dumb comments.

...Even if the dumb commenter in question doesn't seem to have gotten the message just yet.
That's the terrible thing about talking about stupid people right in front of them: sometimes they don't realize that they're one of the stupid people. Like that Dilbert cartoon with business tips for bosses, and the last one is "Pretend those comics posted on the walls aren't about you" or something.
It took me a bit to realize that that scene wasn't an actual update, entirely because I could easily imagine Koishi fucking with our minds like that for laughs.

Please forgive me for evoking Godwin's Law here, but Hitler tried to kill all the Jews, and failed. Should we not fault him for that?
When you write a H Scene it will be glorious. If it will be a H Scene with Koishi it will even screw with our minds.

>You see, I could be wrong about this, but I believe one of the best traits of our little flock here is adaptability.
>It's why we were able to keep WuiG going despite being forced out of /jp/.
Your word in god's ear my friend.

To be perfectly blunt about this, you're the kind of idiot that !H8UfLAg.DQ is complaining about.

Wait.... I make 2 bad posts and this is the reaction? dude. uncalled for really. by the way is my write in excluded because of the use of emoticons then? anyway Sorry if i offended you guys with the use of such language. anyhow i don't want to screw up this story like i almost did with On the Business End: Thread 3 so i won't talk unless its voting time.
Your command of the English language is more concerning than any idiotic vote you could possibly make. I will be incredibly blunt here.

You write like a retard.

Your posts lack a level of quality that is widespread across the board, and is indicative that you could care less for our standard of excellence. The standard call here is to say lurk more, and go away, but you clearly missed this critical detail no less than four (4) times.
Can we have less insults being thrown around and pointless arguing and get back to the actual story? Please?

We can when the idiot leaves, apparently.
>Almost screwing up the Business end story

How about you do us a favor and don't vote at all? Or at the very least, stop with the shitty write ins, but I think that's being too goddamn generous.

There's no updates today and at the moment, we have a bit of a retard infestation. So the naturally productive thing is either get him to stop it or drive him back to whatever godforsaken site he came from.
The "naturally productive thing" to do is tell him to stop acting stupid, once, and then ignore him until he does.
Not start at giant shitstorm about it.

But if you ignore it, then they spread. Might as well raise some shit if it gets something done.
The problem is that for the most part it won't. You're asking them to act smarter and be more mature, but by doing this you're not living up to that standard yourself.
Further, the way you're treating them they're far more likely to become insulted more than anything else. All that will create is more problems, as they'll respond to what they perceive to be an attack to their character in the natural way; attacking back.

Look at the threads on the front page at the moment and you see the myriad of angry posts all in response to what amounts to nothing. Yet for all that you've brought no benefit that couldn't have been done with polite requests, helpful advice and actually treating others with some goddamn respect.

!H8UfLAg.DQ 10 I feel understands this much, and I mirror his thoughts on the matter. Chill.
This bit had better be canon, somehow.
>polite requests, helpful advice, respect.
These people deserve none. It shouldn't have to be our fucking job to educate people on how to act on our board. They need to understand that when you travel to a different place other than what you are used too, there will be different rules. That is the quintessential point to lurking.

>attacking back.
One man cannot possibly hold back an army. I do not mean this in the hurrdurr raid style of shit. What I mean is that everyone here should post with a certain measure of intelligence, and when someone consistently does not meet that standard, they should be called on it. Whether you do it politely or not is entirely unto the disposition of the poster doing it.
If asking politely worked, we would have done so, but it's fact that these... people won't listen to that, but respond only to a barrage of harsh words. It's site tradition that if someone posts like shit, they get called out on it.

And are you even aware of the epidemic of stupidity plaguing some stories here, including this one to a minor degree? We must let them know that such shit is not welcome. Ignoring them only gives the idea that is.
Reiji Tabibito.
YAF, temporarily.
krisslanza, also temporarily (though less bitterly so.)

Just because you don't have a name doesn't mean you don't deserve a flood of our ire. Just because you don't write doesn't mean we can allow you to stay. We hate you, and you need to know that.
How about instead of acting like ass-backwards elitist fucknuts, you leave the removing of people to whoever's actually running the site?

If someone needs to be banned, report them. Don't get all INTERNET PATROL and YOU DO NOT DESERVE TO BE HERE BUT I DO at them. You just come off looking like a self-important jackass.
Most of the big-wig mods actively encourage us to police the board.

>ass-backwards elitist fucknuts
You are forgetting our roots. /jp/ at the time of this boards creation, was nothing but ass-backwards elitist fucknuts.
Hey guys, read these:

Especially that first one. If someone's acting stupid or in a way that's looked down upon, don't just whine and yell that "X is shitting up the board". Criticize them and warn them, and if they refuse to learn from their mistakes, report them. Unlike 4chan, the mods here actually care about the site.

It'd also be nice if we could take all the arguments to that thread too. This one doesn't need it.
Wait. It sounds as if you're saying that it is okay to be an ass-backwards elitist fucknut just because /jp/ used to (still is? I've never been there, so I don't know) be that way.

I belive that "police the boards" means "keep an eye out for people who ruin the fun, and report them so the mods can take appropriate action".
Not that you should go "I AM THE LAW!" and try to drive people off the board yourself.
>Exactly. HY was voicing his support of this earlier on IRC. He really wants us to start policing ourselves again since that's the whole damn point of only having mods for CP spam and extreme situations like YAF hijacking decent, live CYOA threads.
>okay to be an ass
Since you are new, your ignorance is understandable. At the time of this boards creation, most of its sole userbase was straight from /jp/. /jp/ at the time was rife with elitists. A good portion of the people with clout here are those very people.

Where this all leads to, is that the majority of the seniority on this board are elitists ass' (myself included), who think it is entirely okay to drive out retarded faggots. And they are right.
And we should probably let this entire subject die. We're starting to beat a long dead horse
You say that like being elitist is somehow a bad thing. Being an "elitist" community keeps stupid people out of that community. I don't see the problem here.
It also means: No new writefag.
Which means : no new ideas.
Which means: no new stories.
Wich means: THP's death.

It doesn't matter if you like it or not, you HAVE to greet a newcomer sometimes. You can't go against the flow. You need Chaos in your Order. Doesn't matter how long you fight, you'll be overrun.
Eh. I can't completely understand how being an ass is okay because it is traditional, but fair enough.

Elitism tends to lead to the old posters cracking down on anyone who is new and hasn't yet picked up on the unwritten rules. Which in turn leads to the board stagnating.

Either way, I can't really say I was agreeing with the people you're complaining about. So I'm just gonna lurk until the next update.

This isn't the first time this site has been overrun by stupidity. A hostile response has fixed the problem in the past and will continue to be an effective solution. Who cares if it drives people off? The people who can't take harsh criticism don't belong here.
It is better to have the Site die that than have it become another Gaia or Fanfiction.net.

We were always proud to self moderate the Site and uphold Standards and Quality for all the people here, it was an unspoken Rule and everyone followed it. When some Idiot came along he got weeded out and thrown out.

Faggotry will not be tolerated here. You may call it Elitism or whatever but it is Quality Control like you see it on every good Site and in Life. People who behave like Idiots and Retards are nowhere wanted.

Speaking of idiots and retards.

Stop capitalizing random words, goddamn.
Dear gods at this rate this thread will hit autosage with only the opening post as an update.

These shitstorms are starting to get worse than Gensokyo High's. God damn.

It may have worked in the past, but that doesn't mean it will always work.

Hatred only begets hatred. It may not backfire now, it may not backfire for another few years, but eventually it will backfire.

Be reasonable. Warn the newfags, first. Criticize them. If they ignore the criticisms, report them. EZMode has made it clear that he can and will ban them if they don't shape up immediately. We shouldn't encourage their behavior, but we shouldn't discourage newcomers who are willing to learn the culture.

And again, please take this to /blue/. This thread wasn't made for idiocy and bitching about the idiocy. It was made for a story that was meant to be enjoyed.
All we ask is that the new posters post at a literacy level exceeding that of a twelve year old's, and to learn the standards of the community they're trying to integrate themselves into.

That honestly isn't much to ask for, is it? I don't see how we're being so "elitist" and "ass-backwards."

Hey, guess what! Everyone here was new once, and if they're still around, that means that they were able to be accepted, despite our so-called elitist standards. And I don't know about you, but I think I'd rather have a few good new writers than a bunch of bad new writers.

Or take it to /words/ or even /gensokyo/. This is not the thread, nor board to discuss this metashit, jesus fuck.
"Gensokyo High"?
What the hell is that?
...There is no way in hell anyone who really wanted an answer would have asked that question like you did. And even if they did, they would have saged.

The only two possibilities are that you are a prick, or a troll. Although being a troll makes you a prick automatically, so yeah.

2/10 because I raged for a few seconds before it hit me this was bullshit.

>Dear gods at this rate this thread will hit autosage with only the opening post as an update.
...Yeah... On that note:

DRT Anon, would you mind just restarting the thread? Don't delete this one, though, because What you said seriously needed to be said.
File 128928996621.jpg - (699.25KB, 1250x750 , japanesebirdcookingmybrain.jpg) [iqdb]
>>DRT Anon, would you mind just restarting the thread? Don't delete this one, though, because What you said seriously needed to be said.

Eh, it's all the same to me, so long as we can get back on track. Keep this thread, delete this thread, make a new one, or continue on with this one like nothing happened.

In fact, let's try this:

[ ] Keep using this thread
[ ] Start new thread, keep this thread
[ ] Start new thread, delete this thread

I am going to start writing now. It will likely take me a couple hours, depending on whether I have any problems or distractions. When I am done writing, whatever course of action is winning, I will go with it. Deal?
[x] Start new thread, keep this thread

I hate this thread, but this is history now. It'll be used as a reminder of what happen when you let newfag bring their shit here.
[x] Start new thread, keep this thread.

[X] Start new thread, keep this thread.

Lengthy and hate-filled arguments are what killed my enjoyment of DEFT and GH.
[X] Start new thread, keep this thread.
There were hate filled arguments in DEFT? Now HLA2 I could somewhat understand with some morons going "FURRY SCUM!"

[x] Start new thread, keep this thread
Now, now, you lot. Try to keep on top of things.

Admittedly in that case the hate was directed at the author, rather than each other. I was also talking more about the second story too.
Sorry for further desecrating your thread. If you see this, know that in the future if you want this sort of thing cut out ask people to stop and if that doesn't work get a mod.

Wiseman, stop stirring shit up yet again. No one except you obsesses about this stuff. It truly is a displeasure to have you as a member of this community and, more so as a reader.

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