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12685 No. 12685
Previously on Misadventures in Gensokyo:
ZOMG GRIM AND DARK. Plus, Eientei is awesome and backing you up.
Inventory: Camera 1ea, Film 18ea, Clothing 1ea (equipped), Note (read) 1ea, Hourai Doll 1ea, Hourai Elixir (Generic) 1ea.
Alright guys, first things first. Pick one.

[ ] 1
[ ] 2

No. 12687
[ ] 1
No. 12688
[ ] 2
Because 1 is the one is the loneliest number
No. 12689
[X] 2

No. 12690
No. 12692
[x] 7

Fuck you and your conformity.
No. 12693
[x] 1
No. 12694
[X] 1

No. 12695
I think that actually means we've already read the note, not that he's pointing to it and saying "READ THIS"!

However, I notice the spellcard and button are gone. Never did find out where that button came from, either.
No. 12696
Two can be as bad as one, remember.
It's the loneliest number since the number one.
No. 12698
Ah, Damnit I knew I missed something. You still have the card and the button.
No. 12699
[X] Thumb
No. 12700
[X] 1
No. 12701
[X] 1
No. 12702
[X] Thumb
No. 12703
[X] 1
Wow. I picked a good time to get up.
No. 12704
[X] ⑨
No. 12705
We should probably ask someone a bit more knowledgeable about this stuff, like Reisen, about some of the things in our inventory.
No. 12706
>Pick one.

Well, I'm nothing if not obedient.
[X] 1
No. 12707
But one is the loneliest number that you'll ever do.
Yes, one is the loneliest number that you'll ever do.
No. 12708
[X] 1
No. 12710
So what won yesterday?
No. 12711
>We should probably ask someone a bit more knowledgeable about this stuff, like Reisen, about some of the things in our inventory.

This is a good idea. I agree
No. 12712
File 120804035681.jpg - (56.11KB , 471x563 , 6dd04b57.jpg ) [iqdb]
I do hope that image choice is not some sort of foreshadowing...

In any case, counter-balanced with cutebaka bein' all cute.
No. 12713
We are going for the Moriya Shrine with a bloodthirsty Shrine Maiden in our back. Only glad Kaguya and Eirin are going to sacrifce themselves to buy us enough time
No. 12714
Last post didn't have anything to pick from. Kira finally won.
No. 12715
Kira always wins.
No. 12716
[X] Look at the Film
No. 12717
There's been times when he lost to us. Like when we found that loophole on rules and started making our own choices.
No. 12718
You overexpose the film.

You don't feel any better.
No. 12719
Hang on. Once we get to the mountain, we can ask Aya about it.
No. 12720
[x] Ask Reisen about the card and button.
No. 12722
File 120804085458.jpg - (101.72KB , 561x800 , 1162347457520.jpg ) [iqdb]
Sorry it took so long, I was looking for a picture, and didn't find it. Closest one I have at the moment.
You suddenly find yourself tumbling headlong through the darkness. There seems to be a great many things around you, but you cannot see any of them, only hear them. A constant buzzing like the sound of many people talking. Falling for what seems an eternity. Eventually your descent into darkness slows, and you stop spinning. You feel as if you’ve come to rest in some sort of chair, but the darkness prevents you from checking. The sound of the buzzing dies away, leaving you in a pitch-black silence.

A voice comes out of the darkness.

“Is this the real life?
Is this just fantasy?
Caught in a land slide,
No escape from reality.”

A spotlight comes down from somewhere above, shining on the person who’s singing, and apparently on a stage. She’s wearing a big floppy hat, and a black dress. Blonde hair cascades down her back in waves. Music picks up, and the person begins singing again.

“Open your eyes, look up to the skies and see,
I’m just a poor boy, I need no sympathy,
Because I’m easy come, easy go, little high, little low,
Any way the wind blows, doesn’t really matter, to me”

Suddenly a strong wind blows up, and you feel yourself falling again. If you see this damn darkness one more time….

You now find yourself on the top of a hill, overlooking a vast field. Below you, two huge armies clash. They push each other back and forth, in the ebb and flow that is war. You vaguely note that this conflict may be about you, but something else has your attention. Something far more pressing. Lifting your gaze from the two armies, you see it. That emmence body of water. The Lake. It is the true evil here, the sleeping dragon of Gensokyo. Everything that is happening, indeed everything that has ever gone wrong, this is where it came from. It’s evil has eminated throughout the world, and cumulated back from whence it came.
Pushing off from the ground, you find yourself airborne. You press forward, as fast as you can. You know you must challenge your foe, and this battle is one that must be faced alone. Touching down on the shores of The Lake, you call it out, the evil being, by it’s ancient and mostly forgotten name. You mentally thank the elder being who told you it’s name. Her help was invaluable in identifying this evil, her knowledge vast and unsurpassed.
The surface of The Lake begins to glow as it rises, it’s ancient slumber disturbed, from it’s bed. The Lake rises rapidly into the air, and you push off the ground, once again, to confront it. The higher The Lake rises, the more intense the glow becomes, the shape of The Lake changing and shrinking. The form that it’s beginning to take is humanoid. The glow climaxes and the light shoots away, revealing the true form of your lake.
You gasp. Nothing that magician had told you prepared you for this. This, this was impossible, this cannot be the true form of The Lake, but deep down, deep inside you, you knew. You had always known, you just had refused to accept this. The form and appearance of The Lake? You saw it every time you looked in the mirror, nay at any reflective surface. The Lake was you.

You jerk awake from the… Dream? It all seemed so real though. You shake your head, trying to clear your clouded mind. Looking around the wagon, You see Reisin is still asleep, leaning against Cirno, who’s also asleep. Cirno’s wrapped in a blanket, more to keep anyone else around her from getting cold than to keep her warm. Reisen is also draped in a blanket. Up front, Mokou is driving the wagon with wriggle sitting next to her. Rumia is sitting in the back of the wagon, happily munching away on a couple of sticks of jerky. Tewi was out of the wagon, running ahead checking to make sure that the way was clear. You stretch your arms above your head. Sleeping in a wagon is never really a good idea, but there’s not really much choice at the moment. You look up at Youkai mountain, looming ever closer.

[ ] Wake Reisen.
[ ] Wake Cirno.
[ ] Talk to Wriggle.
[ ] Talk to Mokou.
[ ] Relax silently.
No. 12723

Me too. Let's try to be more informed guys, last thread we could've asked for other people's opinions on where to go but we jumped straight in. When time allows it, I move we always choose to act after exhausting all possible questions.

That's what nearly killed us.

But two can be as bad as one, it's the loneliest number since the number one.

[ ] 2
No. 12724
No. 12725
[X] Wake Reisen.
No. 12726
[ ] Talk to Wriggle.
No. 12727

[x] Talk to Wriggle.

No. 12728
[ ] Relax silently.

Now we wait.
No. 12729
[x] Talk to Mokou.
No. 12730
Wriggle is the best option.
No. 12732
[X] Talk to Wriggle.
I'd talk to Mokou but... I just can't take that accent from her.
No. 12733
[x] Talk to Wriggle.

figure out what's been going on while you were captured.
No. 12734
[x] Talk to Wriggle.

Also, we seem to be tripping balls again
No. 12735
[x]Talk to Wriggle
No. 12736
So is our arm still fucked up, or did Eirin drug it to healthiness or something?
No. 12737
>So is our arm still fucked up, or did Eirin drug it to healthiness or something?

I'm assuming it's still fucked up.
No. 12738
[x] Talk to Wriggle.
No. 12739

Did you have this pre written or did you really write it in 20 minuets?
No. 12740
[x] Talk to Wriggle.
No. 12741

It's in a splint.
No. 12742
[ ] Talk to Wriggle.
No. 12743
He writes like the motherfucking fist of the north star jesus christ
No. 12744
[ ] Talk to Wriggle.

also what the status on our arm?
No. 12745
[X] Talk to Mokou.
It all makes sense now. The WUIG Lake is our future self. Thats why we died so many times by its hand
No. 12746
>When time allows it, I move we always choose to act after exhausting all possible questions.

LISTEN TO THIS MAN. Please, please, PLEASE stop voting so damn fast.
No. 12747
[X] Talk to Wriggle.
So we're the ultimate evil, eh?
No. 12748
No. 12749

No. 12750

We are WUIG anon's reincarnation, we must defeat the lake to recover the missing portion of our soul and seal the lake's evil for good. Reimu is haunted by maddening visions sent to her by the lake. But like The Nameless one from Planescape Torment we cannot die.
No. 12752
So, wake up, Mr. Anon. Wake up and smell the ashes.
No. 12753
Also, we have an IRC channel now:

#MiG at Rizon. Follow the link below if you already have a client.

No. 12754
Ah, sorry guys, missed some stuff for dinner. 7 minutes, etc.
No. 12755
Allright, dont get laked
No. 12756
It's cool man, I was wondering if I should watch an episode of anime or not. I will now.
No. 12758
well looks like we're talking to wriggle.
No. 12759
No. 12760
Well, Mokou's kinda unintelligible and it's probably not a good idea to wake up the heavily wounded person early.
No. 12761
Has anyone noticed that since the event of MiG, the board has really settled down and seen an increase in activity? Less "I WANT GM NAOOOOOOO!" threads and so on.

Thanks Kira, this is pretty much what /th/ needed.
No. 12762
Well i dont know about GM anymore, but Kira is doing an awesome job. GM probably needs some rest after those 3 or 4 weeks
No. 12763
Every time I see Kira's name, I get Etna Boogie stuck in my head.
No. 12764
Kira is godly

only annoying thing is its making me want to become a writefag and I have little place to do it
No. 12765
Yes, Kira is really good, I'm glad, and I enjoy reading these. Gives time off for some people.
No. 12766
Same, I wanna jump on the band wagon. But I don't want the board to flood with imitators so I'll hold off.
No. 12767
File 120804473887.jpg - (26.24KB , 640x454 , 1165943256737.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 12768
No. 12769
I see what you did there
No. 12770
>>Gensokyo Man!!L3MGOyMGOz
No. 12771
Why hello there captain obvious.
No. 12772
I was clearly posting it for those who didn't notice.
No. 12773
File 120804505178.jpg - (182.75KB , 431x469 , 1207346295496.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 12774
...you lost me
No. 12775

If you didn't notice you don't deserve to.
No. 12778
probably redundant, but

next time, i'll just call it a sitrep :P (lol, /k/ommando)
No. 12779

Please refrain from doing this in the future.
No. 12780
Oh, hey, guys, for anyone who didn't notice:

>Inventory: Camera 1ea, Film 18ea, Clothing 1ea (equipped), Note (read) 1ea, Hourai Doll 1ea, Hourai Elixir (Generic) 1ea.

>Film 18ea

No. 12782
What is that ea thing? I don't get it.....
No. 12783
No. 12785
We started with 20 and only took one picture, right?

Oh shi
No. 12786
Appologies on the length of time this took to post but, it was delicious dinner, I had to eat.
You turn towards the front of the wagon and address Wriggle. She turns around and smiles at you.
“Good morning sleepy head. We were starting to think you’d never wake up at the rate you’re going.”
You give a noncommittal answer. Looking around, you don’t seem to be in the bamboo forest anymore. You pose the question of your location to Wriggle.
“Oh, while you and Reisen were still asleep, we ran into a passing cabbage merchant. Mokou almost wrecked his wagon, thinking it was someone who might have been attacking, so we gave him quite a scare.”
Wriggle giggles.
Moku pipes in something which causes Wriggle to giggle. “Yeah, that was funny.”
God DAMN it, you CANNOT understand a word that girl says. Wriggle seems to catch onto this and fills you in on what happened.
“Aparently, Kaguya caught Mokou about two to three weeks ago and crushed her head under a large rock. It apparently took her about a week to get the rock off of her head, and it hasn’t quite completely healed at this point.”
Two little ladybugs fly up to wriggle and flit around for a moment before flying off again. “Oh no. Quickly quickly! Hand me the canvas!”
You hand wriggle the canvas and she ties it down, before crawling under it. “Marisa’s flying over the area” she whispers, easing resin into a lying position on the bed of the wagon. “We need to stay down, and not give her any reason to stop and check us out.”

The wagon rolls on for some time like this before the wagon begins to slow.

“Hey, Mokou, Whatcha doing Da~ze?”

Oh shit. It’s Marisa, What do you do?

[ ] Remain silent.
[ ] Wake Reisen
[ ] Wake Cirno
[ ] Peek out from under the canvas.
No. 12787
[X] Remain silent.

STEALTH. We need a cardboard box.
No. 12788
[x] Breasts
No. 12789
[ ] Peek out from under the canvas.
Very small opening please, tiny. Just enough for an eye.
No. 12790
[x] Remain silent.
No. 12791
[X] Wake Reisen
No. 12792
[X] Remain silent.

Can't risk anyone waking up and making noise before they realize the danger.
No. 12793
[x] Remain silent.

No. 12794
[x] Remain silent.

Discretion is the best choice.
No. 12795

[x] Remain silent
No. 12796
[x] Remain silent.

Don't be retarded anon.
No. 12797
[ ] Remain silent.
No. 12798
[X] Remain silent.
No. 12799
[ ] Remain silent.

Peeking out is a seriously, seriously bad idea.
She'll notice. I know you think she won't notice, but she'll notice.
No. 12800

[ ] Remain silent and prepare camera
No. 12801
[X] Wake Reisen
We need to take out one of Reimus goons, nows a good chance. Counterattack, we are in the Majority.
No. 12802
[X] Remain silent.

Time to channel our inner Solid Snake.
No. 12803
Your trip is showing.
No. 12804
[ ] Remain silent.

Cirno is going to blow our cover if we wake her.
No. 12805
Waking someone is a bad idea, first she's injured second she may make a noise.

Stop being boring guys, look out the canvas.

[ ] Peek out from under the canvas.

Also, weren't we carrying Reisen on our back? When did we fall asleep?
No. 12806
[X] Remain silent.

Just stay quiet, and let Mokou do all the talking.

...okay, that sounded better in my head.
No. 12807

Marisa doesn't report back. Reimu checks out the area she was looking for us, figures out we're going up youkai mountain to the moriya shrine. Reisen gets strung up again.
No. 12808
No. 12809

But I wanted a detailed description of Reisen's supple breasts pressed into our back......
No. 12810
Actually, if you could manage it QUIETLY, wouldn't it be a good idea to wake Reisen?

If Marisa insists on checking under the canvas, the jig is up. But, assuming Reisen can still manage to use her powers, she could possibly make Marisa hallucinate that we're nothing more than a bunch of cabbages or something.
No. 12811
Well we should at least take her Prisoner. Maybe we can reason with her or at least get some informations out of her
No. 12812
...see, THIS is why we shouldn't vote so damn fast. By the time somebody comes up with a decent plan like this, our course is already set. Slow the fuck down, already.
No. 12813
[x] Remain silent

do dammit
No. 12814
Marisa is already insane, it won't affect her!
No. 12815

While it's not a bad plan, I wouldn't want to risk it for the reasons >>12807 said.

It's better they don't find a trace of us for the moment, they'll have to stretch themselves thinner and thinner the longer we're gone. Unless we give them an indication where we are.

Think of it like an RTS, you've seen an enemy scout on the very edge of your sight. If you kill it they know A) your general position is in that region and B) which units you currently field. All in exchange for a scout.
No. 12816

Can it be interrogation rape tiem?
No. 12817
But a hallucination wouldn't need to knock her out or anything.
It'd be like a visual Jedi mind trick.

But then again, as noted, Marisa's already kinda nuts. If the moon doesn't phase her, neither would Reisen.
No. 12819
Its banana Time
No. 12820

We need to have these conversation before the voting.
No. 12821
No. 12822
It's peanut butter jelly time...

...Is now playing manually in your head.
No. 12823
In Imperishable Night the only thing Reisen's eyes seemed to do to Marisa was disorient her for a second. It's not worth the risk of her making a noise when she wakes up.
No. 12825
We should at least Peek but noooooo you fags want to cower with the women.

Don't you know that the protagonist always takes a peek when the patrol comes around? And he doesn't get caught, sometimes valuable info is learned.
No. 12826

We can hear everything they're saying. We're behind a canvas not a brick wall.
No. 12827
You are not thinking heroically enough
No. 12828
Thank you. we don't need to blow our cover, we can learn just as much without blowing it.
No. 12829
"Discretion is the better part of valor" ring any bells?
No. 12830
True GAR has a burning heart and a cool head.

Now is the time for the second.
No. 12831
It's just peeking out from under the canvas for godsake, we're not yelling out naked with a yell of "SURPRISE COCKFAGS!" and doing another rumba
No. 12832

There's nothing to see though. It's just Marisa talking to Mokou.
No. 12834
Why is no one curious? Admittedly there's no great reason to look, but there's not much danger in looking either.
No. 12836

what do we do?
No. 12837
You decide it would be prudent to remain silent, and thus, do so. Wriggle scoots in closer to you, obviously frightened at the possibility of being discovered. You put your arm around her and hug her slightly, really with out even thinking about it. She stiffens slightly, then seems to relax.

Mokou tells Marisa what she’s doing.
“Eh? I can’t understand a damn thing you’re saying Da~Ze.”
Mokou talks much slower this time, trying to speak as clearly as possible.
“Bah. Whatever. Who on earth rides a cart out here. Don’t you sell yakitori or something? Why do you even have a cart like this?”
Mokou gives a noncommittal answer.
“AAAAAAAAAHHH! I can’t understand you! It’s really annoying, really. Feh. I think you’re lying da~ze. Suika said that she saw you running around with some people. Now, what’s in the back of the wagon Da~ze?”

[ ] Remain silent.
[ ] Wake Reisen.
[ ] Wake Cirno.
[ ] Peek out from under the canopy.
No. 12838
All she has to do is mumble incoherently until Marisa gets bored and leaves.
No. 12839

What the hell? Was it deleted?

No. 12841
[x] Remain silent.
No. 12842
[x] Wake Reisen.

Now we're screwed if we stay quiet
No. 12843
We should wake Reisen quietly so we can be prepared.

[X] Wake Reisen
No. 12844
[X] Remain silent.
No. 12846
That's what I was thinking last post, but now, it seems she might just skip trying to understand Mokou and check out what's inside the wagon anyway. Tricky.
No. 12847
Peeking is now a bad idea, we have missed our chance. If we had looked before we'd know where marisa is in relation to the cart.

Waking Reisen quietly isn't a bad idea.
So is staying quiet.
No. 12848
[x] Remain silent.
No. 12849
If we fight marisa at this juncture, it's an excellent opportunity to take her picture.
No. 12850
[X] Wake Reisen

She's gonna check in the back if she thinks we're here. Might as well be ready.
No. 12851
Sorry, noticed that I forgot to fix some things. People really need to stop distracting me while I'm tyring to write.
No. 12852
>>12841 >>12842 >>12843 >>12844 >>12845 >>12848
...you don't listen too good, do you?
No. 12853
Here's a thought, assuming Reisen's powers do work on Marisa even a little bit. Can we get her to make Marisa see nothing in the cart?
No. 12854
[X] Ready camera
No. 12855
[X] Wake Reisen.
No. 12856
[x] Wake Reisen.

But wake her quietly, and make sure she keeps quiet.
No. 12857
[ ] Wake Reisen.
No. 12858
Being discovered might not be a complete disadvantage. Sure, they'd know where we are, but they'd also know Mokou helped us. If they think Mokou is against them, then that helps us.
No. 12859
[x]Wake Reisen
No. 12860
[x] Remain silent.
We're boned.
No. 12861
if we wake reisen we need to be damn sure she won't make any noise waking up, and that it won't wake cirno up as well.

ie. hand over mouth and other hand stabilizing her and stopping her from moving enough to wake cirno up, or maybe get wriggle to do one or the other
No. 12862
Apparently no one knows how to discuss anything.

[ ] Wake Reisen.

as quietly as possible, cover her mouth but do it gently
No. 12863

It's better that they don't know either where we are or who supports us. They can't make plans against us that way.
No. 12864
No. 12865
[X] Flash Kick.
No. 12866
"If I determine the enemy's disposition of forces while I have no perceptible form, I can concentrate my forces while the enemy is fragmented. The pinnacle of military deployment approaches the formless: if it is formless, then even the deepest spy cannot discern it nor the wise make plans against it."
-- Sun Tzu, "The Art of War",

Thank you Alpha Centuri for teaching me this!
No. 12867
Alright, consider the options time.

If we remain silent, we don't instantly give ourselves away, but it might not do a whole lot of good unless Mokou can get rid of Marisa somehow.

Waking Reisen would only really be of any use if we could do it silently, and even then only if she could actually do something. She's in no condition to fight, so unless she can use her powers there's not a whole lot she can do to help.

Wake Cirno: Yeaaaah. Right.
The only reason I could think of TO wake her is to ensure that she remains quiet. If she woke up on her own, chances are she wouldn't have enough sense to remain silent, and would likely give us away.

Peeking out of the canopy? We already know who is out there. We can hear what is being said perfectly. There is, as far as I know, no additional benefit to SEEING Marisa, and even worse, there's the chance she would notice someone peeking out. With Anon's luck, the second we lifted the canopy up, we'd find ourselves looking her right in the eyes.
No. 12868
also, how can marisa think that mokou is lying if she can't even tell what the hell mokou is saying
No. 12869
I didn't say it was the best outcome, obviously remaining hidden helps us more than increased odds of Mokou joining us. Just that it might not bone us completely.
No. 12870
Well, how often WOULD you see an immortal owner of a yakitori stand driving a cart that clearly isn't hers?
No. 12871
If we had looked at her in the first post we'd know her position, that's useful. But now it's too dangerous.
No. 12872

based on this:

[x] Remain silent.

also keep in mind, tewi is out there somewhere
No. 12873
Marisa is chaotic fucking nuts, she thinks what she wants to think.
No. 12874
Wouldn't you be able to tell her general position just from her voice?
No. 12875
Don't forget Tewi is still out there, and we still have a spell card and the camera if it comes to that.

Try to remember everything we have at our disposal before coming to a decision.

No. 12876
Tewi is hopefully watching from a distance, and will only step in if shit hits the fan. The cameras good if we can angle it well enough to hit only Marisa. We don't know how to use the spell card, and even if we did we don't know what it does. For all we know it'll shoot at everyone behind us.
No. 12877
Counter balance the spell card.
No. 12878

CQC won't help us if we run into any crabs.
No. 12879
As long as its a giant crab and not a regular one we'll be fine. I've received special instructions on how to inflict massive damage.
No. 12880
Dude. Crabs. Weak points.

Massive damage.
No. 12881
Did we ever figure out what that button was for?
No. 12882
we'll ask later when marisa is gone
No. 12883
Distracting stop. Distracting kira stop!
You think that it might be prudent to wake Reisen now. Touching Wriggles shoulder, you point at Reisen with your head. She seems to understand what you’re going to try and do. Moving as silently as you can around Wriggle, you slide across the bed to Reisin. moving to put your hand over her mouth to keep her quiet when she wakes up, she touches your arm, indicating that she was already awake, just keeping her eyes closed.

“Eh? What was that Da~Ze?”
You hear a hand hit the canopy. Marisa’s hand appears beneath the canopy.

[ ] Prepare to jump Marisa
[ ] Remain silent
[ ] Ready Camera
[ ] Panic.
No. 12884
Or we can ask NOW.
"Hey Reisen! Hey! Psst! Reisen! Hey, what's this button do? Don't mind the voices, that's just Mokou trying to keep Marisa from finding us in here. So, anyway, what about this button?"
No. 12885
No. 12886
[ ] Ready camera
No. 12887
[ ] Remain silent
[ ] Ready Camera

We should stay quiet as long as possible. These kinds of moments have a habit of having something come and distract the person about to look in, causing them to leave.

In the event that we're NOT that lucky, though, IT'S KODAK TIME, BITCH.
No. 12888
[x] Remain silent
No. 12889

Holy shit what do we do?

DO NOT POST 9001 answers yet!
No. 12890
[X] Prepare to jump Marisa

She isn't physically strong, jump the bitch.
No. 12891
[ ] Remain silent
[ ] Ready Camera
No. 12894
[X] Prepare to jump Marisa
No. 12895
[X] Prepare to jump Marisa
No. 12896
Kira said it hurt when she hit us earlier, shes probobly stronger than she looks
No. 12897
[X] Remain silent

As tricky a situation as we are in, I still don't think we should compromise our position if we can avoid it. I would suggest readying the camera, but that would involve more movement and possibly revealing ourselves, and we don't know if the thing actually works on humans. Not to mention its fantastically horrid success rate.
No. 12898
[x] Remain silent
[x] Ready Camera

No movement if possible. Letting Reisen do her thing.
No. 12899
[X] Prepare to jump Marisa

We can snapshot her once she's down.
No. 12900
[X] Prepare to jump Marisa
No. 12901
[X] Remain silent and arm camera
Marisa: NO, ANON, NO
No. 12902
[x] Remain silent
[x] Ready Camera

If it comes, we'll only get one shot.
No. 12903
[X] Prepare to jump Marisa.
CQC time...
No. 12904
[x] Ready Camera
No. 12905
[ ] Remain silent
[ ] Ready Camera

what are we gonna do if we jump marisa? She'll master sparku us before we even get to her. Plus she's stronger than she looks, since we got smacked pretty hard by her.
No. 12906
[x] Remain silent
[x] Ready Camera

No. 12907
Prepare to jump Marisa: She's stronger than she looks in this story, remember. If she slapped Anon hard enough to floor him, I wouldn't dismiss her physical ability. For all we know, she could instantly change to Cho Marisa in times of danger.

Remain silent: Hope that something will suddenly dissuade Marisa from looking in, or otherwise direct her attention elsewhere. Might not be the best course of action if you need to be ready to react, though.

Ready Camera: Does it make any noise to do so? If so, I would hold back on trying it, as it might unnecessarily give us away. Keep your options open, though.

No. 12908
[x] Remain silent
[x] Ready Camera
No. 12909
No. 12911
>Not to mention its fantastically horrid success rate.
We only really used it once, and it worked fine then. The other failure was totally our fault.
No. 12912
>>Panic: NO. BAD ANON. BAD.

it's sounds like such a good idea now.....
No. 12913
[x] Remain silent
[x] Ready Camera

No. 12914
[x] Ready Camera

Remain silent while doing so. This is assuming the flash is pre-charged, which it should be.
No. 12915
Also, we have an IRC channel now:

#MiG at Rizon. Follow the link below if you already have a client.


Get on IRC, faggots.
No. 12916

I am ashamed to admit this but, while I have IRC I don't know how to use it.
No. 12917
Just enter this irc://irc.rizon.net/MiG/ into your address bar and hope for the best.
No. 12918
1. Copy address.
2. Open in browser.
3. IRC opens on its own and takes you there.
4. ?????
5. GOOD END!!!
No. 12919
File 120805085029.jpg - (112.04KB , 1024x768 , lolwut.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 12920
Address bar of browser.
No. 12921
Thanks connecting
No. 12922

oh wow
No. 12923
/server irc.rizon.net 6667
/join #MiG
No. 12924
File 120805107724.jpg - (107.63KB , 1024x768 , baer.jpg ) [iqdb]
Is this right? I am on a network that does block some applications such as web cams...
No. 12925
[x] Ready Camera and wait for the fatal frame to come up.
No. 12927
I dunno, never had that happen.
No. 12929
...I have to ask: what did you think would happen, then?
No. 12930
Check the box in the upper left corner. Go to delete.
No. 12931
Delete is at the bottom of the page, fyi.
No. 12932

bottom of the page, one of those servers should connect
No. 12933
You remain silent and stare at that hand. It’s so close to pulling back the canopy.
“HEY THERE BLACK WHITE!” That voice! Tewi!
Marisa’s hand whips out from the canopy. “You. What are you doing here you damn little rabbit?”
“I wonder, I wonder. What are you doing here, black white black white?”
“That’s none of your business you silly rabbit Da~ze”
“Oh really now? It looks like you’re harassing innocent people, like usual.” You can HEAR the sneer on Tewi’s face at that one.
“It would look like that to a money grubbing little rabbit who doesn’t know her place Da~Ze.”
“Oh? What’s that black white? Your pads are slipping?”
Marisa sputters with rage.
“Coming over here are you? Or are you gonna use your little charm?”
Marisa’s back is probably turned now, this could be your chance. Make a move?

[ ] Jump marissa
[ ] Take a picture
[ ] Wait and see what happens.
[ ] Try to slip out the back of the wagon.
[ ] Wait, what’s Rumia doing?
No. 12934
I don't think it's going to work, a lot of things that require communication with a server don't work on this network. Online games for example.

Fucking University.
No. 12935
Discuss before voting.
No. 12936
>>Marisa’s back is probably turned now, this could be your chance. Make a move?

No. 12937
[x] Wait, what’s Rumia doing?

stealing a kiss from Cirno while she's asleep, I bet
No. 12938
[x] Wait, what’s Rumia doing?
No. 12939
[X] Wait, what’s Rumia doing?
No. 12940
[x] Wait, what’s Rumia doing?
No. 12941
[X] Wait, what’s Rumia doing?

Cant hurt, just remain silent while doing it.
No. 12942
[X] cop a feel.
No. 12943
[ ] Wait, what’s Rumia doing?
No. 12944

For the love of god don't let Rumia be doing anything retarded. On the one hand if we choose that it may lock her into a course of action that kills us all, on the other if we don't it may happen before we can stop it.
No. 12945
[x] Wait, what’s Rumia doing?
No. 12946
[X] Wait, what’s Rumia doing?

Normally I would suggest staying quiet, but the phrasing of this option is extremely worrisome. It should be fine if we just act calmly and silently; shouldn't take more than a quick glance to see if she's alright.
No. 12947
Five minuets and this many people want to stare at Rumia? God I wish people would slow down.

I'm hoping for an answer like "she's sleeping lol".
No. 12948
[x]Yank off Rumia's ribbon.
No. 12949
Jump Marissa: Her back is most likely turned towards us. If we are going to do anything, this might be the most opportune moment. However, there's a chance she could turn back, or go after Tewi. Either way, remember that we haven't had the best of luck at jumping right into things.

Take a picture: We don't even truly know how to use whatever power the camera has yet. At most, we would make a sound, and Marisa would know we were there. Probably not the best choice right now.

Wait and see what happens: The suspense might be killing us, but it might be best to trust in Tewi. She's doing alright keeping her distracted, it appears.

Try to slip out the back of the wagon: Risky, but might be the only way to avoid detection AND engaging in a fight we might not win. Or it could horribly blow up in our face, with us now out and exposed.

Wait, what’s Rumia doing? What I wonder, What I wonder? I don't know, I don't know!
No. 12950
>>[x]Yank off Rumia
No. 12951
Does anyone else think that Tewi made a distraction so that we could take a picture, and we just fucked up that oppertunity?
No. 12952
"shes sleeping lol. Meanwhile, while you were distracted, Marisa's started singing 'Stuck in the Middle with You'.

Great going, Anon."
No. 12953
Twei doesn't know about the camera's power. In fact I doubt it's usefulness really.
No. 12954
No, I think she's simply diverting Marisa's attention away from the wagon.
Mokou clearly wasn't getting the job done, and so the little bunny is clearly trying to provoke Marisa into giving chase.
No. 12955

Hey, wait, what IS Rumia doing? Otherwise, let Tewi take care of it. She's really good at manipulating Marisa, as we've seen.
No. 12956
No. 12957
Regardless of our choice, the best thing as of now is that Cirno is still asleep.
No. 12958
Shes also real good at expecting us to know her plans without telling us them first.
No. 12959
She tells us. We're just too busy spacing out and fighting back the voices to pay attention.
No. 12960
She may be a bit more careful this time. Let's just hope Rumia was doing SOMETHING.
No. 12961
How the hell would we jump Marisa when we don't even know where she is outside the wagon? And slipping out would probably make noise, we're in a damn forest.

The only option is doing nothing, and we might as well glance over at Rumia while we wait.
No. 12962
I miss the banana ;__;
No. 12963
Speaking of Rumia, I realize that time is a factor here, but wouldn't it have been best to move at night, when we could have Rumia put a little darkness bubble around us to blend in and hide if need be?
We wouldn't be able to use it much while on the move, obviously, but if we had to suddenly stop it might help conceal us.
No. 12964
No. 12965

Unless you're deaf, you should have a good idea where she is.
No. 12966
What if Moku or Twei are standing between us and Masrisa? Or any other barrier? Looking was the right answer two posts ago.
No. 12967
Marisa was about the pull back the canvas. In other words, she is/was RIGHT NEXT TO THE CART.

How the hell would Tewi or Mokou get between her and us?
No. 12968
Suddenly it occurs to you, you’ve forgotten all about Rumia in this situation. Glancing to the back of the wagon, you see Rumia, leaning back against the back of the wagon, looking like she’s about to cry. Oh shit. You try to move down to her, but before you can reach her, she breaks out wailing.
“Eh?! So you were hiding something Mokou!”
“Shit! HUMAN, RUN!”
A laser blasts over head, just barely missing everyone in the wagon bed before arcing up. Glancing at where Marisa is, You see that Mokou apparently leaped into the laser blast to knock Marisa’s aim off. She apparently lost her arm in the process though.
You jump to your feet, Wriggle rushes back and grabs Rumia, who’s still sobbing. You quickly pull Reisen up to her feet, and sweep her up into your arms. You jump off the bed of the wagon and run off into the nearby woods. Wriggle veers off into the woods, and you quickly loose sight of her. Coming into a clearing, you slow your pace, Reisin seems quite shaken up by your quick departure, and is holding onto your arms quite tightly.

[ ] Keep running.
[ ] Rest here.
[ ] Am I forgetting something?
[ ] Call out for Wriggle.
No. 12969
[ ] Am I forgetting something?

We must save Twei.
No. 12970
[x] Am I forgetting something?
A little something that begins with a C and ends in O.
No. 12971
>>You quickly pull Reisen up to her feet, and sweep her up into your arms

We're awesome.
No. 12972
[] Are we forgetting something?

No. 12973
[x] Call out for Wriggle.
No. 12974
[ ] Am I forgetting something?

Cirno has been left behind.
No. 12975
Okay, quick everybody! Vote for the first thing that pops into your head without any regard for reasoning or alternate courses of action!

And for Suwako's sake, don't stop and discuss anything! Daylight's burning, we've got to MOVE MOVE MOVE!
No. 12976
[ ] Am I forgetting something?
[ ] Call out for Wriggle.

No. 12977
[X] Call out for Wriggle.
No. 12978
[X] Am I forgetting something?
Damn It! Go back and either help Mokou or grab Cirno.
No. 12979

No. 12980
File 120805358061.gif - (17.63KB , 490x425 , 1177179878842.gif ) [iqdb]
[X] Am I forgetting something?

Something? Or someONE?
No. 12981
Well this time saving private Cirno seems to be a good idea
No. 12982
[ ] Am I forgetting something?
No. 12983
No touhou left behind-mind.
No. 12984
[ ] Am I forgetting something?
No. 12985
[ ] Am I forgetting something?
No. 12986

[X] Am I forgetting something?

No. 12987
File 120805367992.jpg - (110.45KB , 600x613 , 1200552672994.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Am I forgetting something?
No. 12989
[ ] Keep running.

What the hell can we do about Cirno? Our hands are full with Reisen and we're enemy no.1 for Marisa.
No. 12990

It's like a goddamn retard and a shiny red button labeled BAD END
No. 12991


Get out.
No. 12993
Cirno's sacrifice is regrettable, but shall not be in vain.

That is what we shall repeat to ourselves as Reisen gives us consolatory sex.
No. 12994
We just need to use our light saber and deflect the incoming laser bolts...

oh wait
No. 12995
You know those horror films, right, when the protagonist is alone in a forest or castle or something, and he's all nervous and looking around himself because something is chasing him, and then he turns around once more and suddenly RAR IT'S RIGHT THERRRRRRE and he screamed and then we cut to his dead body?

[ ] Ready camera
No. 12996
File 120805394420.jpg - (53.90KB , 640x480 , redbtn1.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 12997
We have a camera that can nullify danmaku. Close enough.
No. 12998

The shutter may be faster than a speeding Master Spark, but is our finger?
No. 12999
[x] Am I forgetting something?

We need to go back and get Cirno.

Or whats left of her.
No. 13000
Normally I would be irritated by choosing everything so quickly, but my fandom for Star Gate SG-1 has instilled in me the idea that you don't leave people behind, ever. Even when it's patently stupid to be double back for them.

My more realist half is shrieking bloody murder at the thought of attempting to save Cirno at this point in time, though.
No. 13001
I'm getting an image in my head, right? Of Marisa, doing terrible terrible things to the people who got left behind. Because she's insane. And she's doing terrible things and rubbing it in and doing terrible things and gloating and then suddenly--

"Smile for the birdie, bitch."

Drops Mokou's head, spins around--too late--

No. 13002
All Anon does is troll the internet and play video games.
We have a mighty fast trigger finger.
No. 13003
Shes going to be occupied fighting. Even on easy modo cirno takes a few minutes to bring down.
No. 13004
File 120805441242.jpg - (185.83KB , 506x350 , e6340aa4a2fff9ceec7c79030de59871.jpg ) [iqdb]
If we lose Cirno we've failed our primary mission: form the 9-Team and have epic ruffle parties.

Nothing left to do but BAD END and reload.
No. 13005

I can pull the fucking trigger so fast on COD4 people say I modded my controller.

Not even kidding here.
No. 13006
To be fair though, 90% of the goddamn players on COD4 are convinced everyone else is cheating somehow.
No. 13007
OH. MAI. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH. CIRNO. How could you forget Cirno! You put Reisen down, and tell her to wait here. As you turn to go back into the woods Reisen interjects.
“Do you even know the way back”
You stop. You don’t. You don’t even have the slightest clue. You were running like mad in a general direction into the woods. You turn to Reisin and begin sputtering something about needing to find Cirno, Tewi, and Mokou. Resin shakes her head, eyes tearing.
“I know you want to go back for them, but we can’t right now. We can’t, you can’t. Can’t you see? Going back there would be suicide. Suicide! We have to escape while we can!” Tears stream down her cheeks.
You yell at her, something about doesn’t she care? Why would she not want to go rescue them.
Reisen sobs quietly before answering in a very quiet voice. “I want to go back for them too, but. . . if we die here and now? It’s all for naught. Everything everyone has done for us. . . It becomes meaningless. I want to go back so badly, BUT WE CAN’T WE CAN’T MAKE EVERYONE’S SACRIFICES BE IN VAIN!” She screams that last part at you, the tears flowing freely.
You’re taken aback by this. You need to decide what to do.

[ ] Ignore Reisen, Go back for Cirno and the others.
[ ] Calm down.
[ ] Listen to Reisen.
No. 13008
True but Mokou just got her arm blown off. Marisa isn't playing danmaku her. She's not holding back.
No. 13009
>>We have a mighty fast trigger finger.

Yeah, we saw just how fast it was when we took that snapshot of Alice before she could react and use her dolls.

No. 13010
[ ] Ignore Reisen, Go back for Cirno and the others.
No. 13011
[ ] Listen to Reisen.
No. 13012
[X] Ignore Reisen, Go back for Cirno and the others.
No. 13013
[ ] Listen to Reisen.
No. 13014
[X] Calm down.


Lol, ok you got me there.
No. 13015
[ ] Listen to Reisen.
No. 13016
[ ] Listen to Reisen.

This woman knows what she's talking about.
No. 13017
[X] Ignore Reisen, Go back for Cirno and the others.
We cant die, we are goin to gar up!
No. 13018

Shit, I'm stumped.
No. 13020
Only two things work for Anon.
GAR and Sweetness.

Rescuing Cirno and the others? I think that covers both of 'em.

[X] Ignore Reisen, Go back for Cirno and the others.
No. 13021
[ ] Ignore Reisen, Go back for Cirno and the others.
No. 13022
[x] Listen to Reisen.
No. 13023
[X] Calm down.

For once in your life, Anon, think.
No. 13024
[x] calm down

No. 13025
[X] Calm down.
[X] Listen to Reisen.

If she can take down Mokou, we don't stand a chance in hell against Marisa, camera or not. Reisen is in no condition to defend herself, let alone anyone else. As is, we've got to keep her safe.
No. 13026
>>[x] Listen to Reisen

It's a fucking pun, anon. Listen to reason.
No. 13027
[x] Ignore Reisen, Go back for Cirno and the others.

No. 13028
[x] Listen to Reisen.
No. 13029

Thanks for the bad end, faggots.
No. 13030
I really wish you guys would slow the fuck down.
[X] Ignore Reisen, Go back for Cirno and the others.

But don't do it like "fuck you reisen" be all heroic and GAR.

"I understand Reisen, but you see, I HAVE to go. Please, don't worry about me. Stay here and hide, I'll be back soon."
Sun light shining through the trees and our manliness evident
No. 13031
[ ] Listen to Reisen.
No. 13032
[ ] Calm down.
Cool heads guys
No. 13033
I know we would rick our life to rescue Cirno, but can we risk Reisen's life as well?
No. 13034
[x] Calm down.
No. 13035
[X] Calm down.

First order of business is ALWAYS to get yourself into a rational state.
No. 13036
Not saving Cirno will be the bad end.
No. 13037
Why is Anon so preoccupied with trying to be "heroic" and "GAR' when those are two of the things we seem to NOT be?
No. 13038
[ ] Calm down.

Should I spell it weird in accordance with my trip?
No. 13039
[X] Calm down.
Cool your head and listen for the sound of pew pew.
No. 13040
Kick Reason (not Reisen) to the Curb.

We've got to save Cirno!
No. 13041
Brace for impact.

No. 13042
Ugh, at this point can't we bump up the vote requirements? We've obviously got enough people glued to their F5, and too many dumbasses that want to get us killed just throwing out the first random thought that comes to their mind.

Or maybe we can just ignore any votes that don't have a useful reason attached to the choice? "lol lets be GAR" doesn't count. Maybe having people actually spend a few seconds to type something will keep the morons out of the way long enough to quit screwing things up. (unlikely)

Well, useless bitching aside, going with [x]Listen to Reisen, even though the damage is done now.
No. 13043
People, people, people.

1) Shirou was a fucking idiot.
2) He was a fucking sword.



No. 13044
Looks like anon used let his hot-bloodedness take over and didn't think it through with a cool head. Looks like we're screwed and might get a reset, so I'm going to go get some food.
No. 13045
[X] Listen to Reisen.
No. 13046
Ignore Reisen Confirm?
[ ] yes
[ ] no
No. 13047
Cirno is an immortal fairy. She may be slightly hurt emotionally, but fine otherwise.
No. 13048
I agree in general, but come on. If we don't save Cirno then what have we got? Not materially but spiritually? Her loss impacts us far more than just loosing a party member, she's leader of the (9)s. Will Rumia and Wriggle trust us anymore if we don't try? We saved Wriggle, we have to at least TRY to save Cirno.
No. 13049
[X] No
No. 13050
[ ] yes
No. 13051
[ ] no
No. 13052
[X] yes
No. 13053
[X] NO
No. 13054
[x] No, no, no, no, a thousand times NO.
No. 13055
[x] NO.
No. 13056
[X] yes
No. 13057
[X] NO
No. 13058
[ ] no

We're no good dead.
No. 13059
I want to BAD END and go back to Tewi talking to Marisa, slide out from under the canvas and get a rank A++ panty shot. That's the best option I see here.
No. 13060
[x] Listen to Reisen.
No. 13061
[X] no
No. 13062
[ ] yes
No. 13063
[ ] no
No. 13064
[X] NO
No. 13065

I'm in agreement with this. We've obviously got more people than we originally did, and we ought to jack the voting requirements up accordingly - maybe to seven, or eight.

Also, what is up with you guys trying to play hero? Has it not become apparent to you yet that rushing in without thinking will lead to us getting our ass kicked. We're not strong enough to be Big Damn Heroes, our forte is a combination of fortune and surprise. We tend to do better when we actually can get the jump on someone.
No. 13066
[ ] no
No. 13067

[ ] Calm down. []Yes

All right no rushing in, but I don't agree with her either
No. 13068

[x] no
No. 13069
Second, people make stupid choices too fast. Bump up the requirements.
No. 13070
>>13052 >>13056
Christ, how dumb are you?
No. 13071
Also, [X] no.
No. 13072
[X] No.
No. 13073
Sorry that's supposed to be []no
No. 13074
[ ] no
No. 13075
[x] no
Cirno can just regenerate, she's a fairy
Tewi can defend herself just fine
Mokou is immortal
No. 13076
[x] NO
No. 13078
Ignore reisen choice confirmed No.
Raising vote limit, new vote- First to 7.
Retreving previous choice.

[ ] Ignore Reisen, Go back for Cirno and the others.
[ ] Calm down.
[ ] Listen to Reisen.
No. 13079
>Cirno can just regenerate, she's a fairy
How the fuck did we forget about this
No. 13080

Wriggle would've regenerated, do you think we should've dropped her back then?
No. 13081
[X] Calm down.
No. 13082
[ ] Listen to Reisen.
No. 13083
[ ] Calm down.
No. 13084
[x] Calm down.
No. 13085
[ ] Calm down.

Cool heads prevail
No. 13086
Not a fairy, if I recall correct.
No. 13087
>>Ignore reisen choice confirmed


nearly shat bricks before I saw the no
No. 13088
[ ] Calm down.
No. 13089
[ ] Calm down.
No. 13090
[X] Calm down.
Let us think first
No. 13091
[X] Calm down.
No. 13092
Wriggle isn't the strongest. Cirno might actaully take offence to us thinking she needs our help.
No. 13093
I normally enjoy picking the suicidal options, but now we are in a completely different situation. We've got members of our group to worry about and we can't endanger them anymore.

Cirno, Tewi, and Mokou may be getting attacked right now but they can handle themselves. Rumia and Reisen are currently incapable of fending for themselves. The real GAR option is to stick with your friends and lead them on.

Learn to think anons.
No. 13094
[X] Calm down.
No. 13095
Oh yeah, also, if you guys bad end this time, you may be a little shocked at what happens.
No. 13096
[ ] Calm down.

Go back or not, we need to calm the fuck down.
No. 13097
[X] Calm down.
No. 13098
[ ] Calm down.

No. 13099

Awww shit
No. 13100

My point is that we shouldn't abandon Cirno. We don't have to rush in like a faggot but I really don't want to leave her. If we can get Wriggle and Rumia back with us we can form a plan.
Maybe we can get Rumia to cover us and get Cirno out of there, or use wriggle to scout the area with bugs?

Remember death isn't the only possibility, what if they're captured and tortured? Reimu finds out where we going for one thing.
No. 13101

I'm going to go ahead and guess that you mean the bad kind of surprised?
No. 13102


Now I'm curious.
No. 13103

Calm the fuck down. Regroup ASAP and recover our personnel. No. Touhou. Left. Behind.
No. 13104
Which is why we should calm down and review our options.
No. 13105

And sleep during the day time when we're more visible? Time is of the essence and considering Wriggle and Mokou are wide awake while you and others are sleeping, your team has been moving night and day while shift-sleeping.
No. 13106
Reimu would probably have a good idea where we're going anyway. With flight she can cover a lot of ground, and it's not like with our direction we could be going anyplace besides Youkai Mountain.
No. 13107
[ ]NO
No. 13108
If you think running towards the nearest enemy, screaming "Justice will prevail!" is a good idea, listen close.


You know what we're in? We're in Neon Genesis Evangelion. We're in Gilgamesh. We're in fucking Narutaru and Now And Then, Here And There. We're Bokurano, except we can't even DEFEAT anything before we die.

This is a crapsack world. Villains here don't kick the dog, or even shoot the dog. They RAPE the dog. Got it?
No. 13109
If we abandon Cirno, we'll be devastated.
I can imagine us sitting there in Moriya, staring off into space, wondering why everyone bothered risk themselves for you.
Especially Cirno, who you now have no idea as to whether she's alive or not. And as you realize that you left her to possibly die for your own, and a few others, sake, the tears will form in your eyes.
Reisen will try to cheer you up.
You'll go into a Simon-like depression and not do anything until you meet someone new and mildly GAR, or find Cirno again.

tl;dr Cirno = Kamina, Anonymous turns into a hobo
No. 13110
I want to run towards the enemy while yelling, "STOP RIGHT THERE, CRIMINAL SCUM!"
No. 13111

Nice use of troupes.
No. 13112
Point remains can you deal with the capture and torture of Cirno, Moku and Twei. Don't you know how BBEGs work? We loose a friend to them and sooner or later they bargain Cirno's life for ours.
No. 13113
Thank you.
No. 13114

Cirno will resurrect.
The others might be our problem.
No. 13115

Fairies can't die and Cirno is the strongest.
No. 13116
File 120805617921.jpg - (44.27KB , 673x365 , 120771613917(2).jpg ) [iqdb]
You take a deep breath, and focus for a moment. What Reisen is saying is reasonable, but really, How would you feel if you left Cirno behind? You may not want anyone to get hurt, but leaving Cirno behind just leaves a bad taste in your mouth. However, if you go running off with out any sort of plan, you’re going to get killed the second you clear the forest, and never hear it coming. You sigh. You apologize to Reisen for making her cry.
She sniffles “I know that you want to save them but. . . but. . .” She hiccups.
You hang your head. You’re now much calmer than you were before, but your mind is still in turmoil. Do you go back for Cirno? Do you just continue to run away? Do you maybe have something that you could use against Marisa, should you go back?

[ ] Make a plan.
[ ] Escape with Reisen
[ ] Ignore Reisen and go back for Cirno.
No. 13117
[ ] Make a plan.
No. 13118

I will make the point a third time. If they are captured then it doesn't matter if they can regenerate because they can be tortured over and over in lieu of death.
No. 13119
[x] Make a plan.
No. 13120
[ ] Make a plan.
No. 13121

[X] Make a plan.
No. 13122

[x] make a plan.
No. 13123
[ ] Make a plan.
No. 13124
[x] Make a plan.

finally a reasonable option
No. 13125
[ ] Make a plan.
Leaving Cirno is a bad end.
No. 13126

[ ] Make a plan.
No. 13127

[ ] Make a plan.

Death to any other answer
No. 13128
Is the picture trying to tell us something?

Perhaps Cirno can pull this off...

Or, maybe it means Cirno is going to die.
No. 13129
[ ] Make a plan.

For the love of Odin.
No. 13130
No. 13131
[X] Escape with Reisen.

Marisa cannot take on Mokou, Cirno, and Tewi at the same time, not even with master spark.
No. 13132
And what's the point of torture? It just wastes their time, and makes us pissed so they'll never get anything from us.
No. 13133
[x] Make a plan.

But running in and screaming "I NEVER HAD A PLAN IN THE FIRST PLACE!" would be cool, just a little bit.
No. 13134
[X] Make a plan.

Running away and abandoning your comrades is no way to play.

But, abandoning an injured girl (injured while defending YOU, no less) is nothing short of inexcusable.

It's time for a plan, Anon.
No. 13135
I doubt we have anything that can do much against marisa, and she'll likely be coming for us shortly, but we should try making a plan anyway. the more of us we have together the better off we are

on the other hand having everyone together sure didn't seem to help much just a moment ago
No. 13136

This is more like those old adventure games where you always died a lot. This is Gensokyo Quest or something.
No. 13137
[X] Make a plan

You all make your way back to the edge of the forest, hide in the brush and scout. Determine the position of Marisa and have Rumia darken the area, get your camera ready and point it at Marisa.


She's blind, now grab Cirno, Tewi, and Mokou and get the fuck out.
No. 13138

also, hug reisen for great justice
No. 13139
[x] Make a plan.
Where's the A-Team when you need them?
No. 13140
[ ] Make a plan.

No. 13141
You aren't thinking tactically.

If they have even one of our people captured they know we will waste time and resources getting them back. They can also apply pressure on us by torturing that person or threatening them with death. Even if these things won't fulfill their goals immediately it does if it effects our behavior.

You've already seen what happened when anon realized Cirno was gone, decreased judgment and so on. We're going to fall into trap after trap so long as they have any leverage against us.
No. 13142

This, but take a swig of the elixir first.
No. 13143
[x] Make a plan.
No. 13144
For all you lily-livered motherfuckers considering leaving people behind because they can't be killed, I have just 3 words:

Mai-chan's Daily Life.
No. 13145
Good idea, but only a little. Just enough to ensure short term survival.
No. 13146
File 120805693089.gif - (2.81KB , 277x209 , GenM.gif ) [iqdb]
I say we seek out the only man who can aid us in this situation...
No. 13147
That argument undermines itself. If we know they intend to apply torture as psychological warfare against us, we simply have to not let it distract us, thus eliminating the point of the torture.

It's a gamble. If we're cool-headed any they apply torture, they gain nothing and lose time, while we gain nothing but have a guilty conscience. If we're cool-headed and they don't apply torture, we gain nothing and lose nothing, and they gain nothing but don't lose time.

So really, the only reason to torture is to make us "feel bad" later. It's not tactically in their interests.
No. 13148
Um... Anonymous preparing to throw a biscotti into the ocean? I don't get it.
No. 13149
[ ] Make a plan

Reisen doesn't give a damn about the others. She is working under orders to protect Eientei's investment and is using emotional manipulation to keep us safe. A soldier doesn't get hysterical just from this.

The "surprising" bad end is probably her eye h4xing us into lunacy.
No. 13150

You're playing this too much as a game, you're the kind of character that no one chooses as their favorite in anime or video games because he's a boring shit.

Who cares about winning you faggot, what makes a good STORY would be a better consideration.
No. 13151

Get out.
No. 13152
Actually, putting us through hell seems to be a core concept in their battle plan. And if it isn't, well, they've sure had me fooled so far.
No. 13153
That GM, eh repel yanderes and doesn't afraid of anything (except for lake).
He can probably take time out of sexing Keine & China to help us save Cirno.
No. 13154
It's just Marisa. We've got her outnumbered here. We just need to regroup our squad and give Mokou a hand.
No. 13155
Learn to draw.

Ha-HA! Two can play at this game!
No. 13156
Heh. Anon doing his best to win against Reimu DOES make a good story in my opinion. And that's what my argument is about, though you can point out actual flaws, if you like.

If you just want to choose whatever option you think feels "AWESOME!!", and think that makes a good story, you go ahead and do that.
No. 13157
Boy, I'm sure glad that once we get through this, we won't have to worry about any unforeseen complications in our plan to get the Moriya Shrine to help us! Yep! It's going to be clear skies and smooth sailing from here on out!
No. 13158
File 120805771127.jpg - (318.98KB , 758x1000 , thiswillprobablyhappen.jpg ) [iqdb]
Yep, nothing is going to stop us now! Nothing at all!

Nothing at all!

No. 13159
Kira, could you include a "[ ] use item" option in every choice? I think a lot of posters forget we have an inventory with things eminently usable like a spellcard, a potion that makes us invicible, a possible explosive doll, and the button (whatever it is). This would replace the camera option of course.
No. 13161
Listen to that Man.
No one gets left behind. Who the fucks leaves Cirno behind?
We may be no Shirou, but we just cant fucking leave them all for death and tortue.
No. 13162
I'm not advocating "AWESOME" play here, just that dissecting the story so dispassionately doesn't make anon a compelling character. It's important that we remain distinctly different to Reimu in the way we act. Otherwise we're doing the "right" thing anymore, we'll be playing on their level and that's a whole different game.

Remember we came to ruffle hair, not fight a battle considering the "acceptable losses"
No. 13163
Your sarcasm wounds me.
No. 13164
I think items are supposed to have specific plot uses rather than random adventure game rubbing.
No. 13165
It doesn't make us invincible.
It makes it so that we don't die when we are killed. Temporarily.
No. 13167

stupid h4xy miko
No. 13168
Ok guys, that's it. Rock falls, Everyone dies. Roll up new characters.
No. 13170

It's a YUIG reference

lurk more
No. 13171

No. 13172
What is going on?
No. 13173
I wish to be the little girl.
No. 13176
You best be trolling.
No. 13178

Shit. So much for the plan.
No. 13179

Ork ninja.
No. 13182
No. 13183

excuz me, but WTF r u doin?
No. 13184

Chaotic Neutral Drow Ranger.
Give me a sec to think up a name.
No. 13186
Fuck you, Ender. You can't give up. You have to keep playing the game.
No. 13187
Double Black Mage.
No. 13188
It was a reference to your lack of artistic talents. Grow a sense of humor.

I wanna be an elf! Can I be an elf?
No. 13191
>Ok guys, that's it. Rock falls, Everyone dies. Roll up new characters.

wait, what?
No. 13195
Fuckin' hell.
Way to piss of the DM, guys.

Chaotic Neutral human thief, let's do this.
No. 13198

Classic DM escape route.
No. 13199
Inquisitor w/ Bolt Pistol, Anointed Weapon, Icon of the Just, Power Armour, and a psychic Hood. Powers are Hammerhand and Word of the Emperor.
No. 13203
...I think we may have fucked up.
No. 13205
No. 13206
I wanna be a black guy.
No. 13207
Imma be a human kensei, 'cos dats da weaboo choice
No. 13208
Ah, I see. It must be our different goals, and sense of probabilities then. Ever since what happened at Eientei, I've moved from "ruffle hair" to focusing on "do what is required to stop Reimu". I mean, would you have ran away from Eientei the first time if you thought Reisen, Eirin, and Kaguya MIGHT be tortured? Would you instead go back and face Reimu? Or would you have done what they wanted you to do which was, y'know, run away?
No. 13212
File 12080590293.jpg - (79.70KB , 292x302 , why.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 13215

Oh, I forgot. His backstory is that he's an outcast among his kind for displaying a sense of justice and now walks the surface fighting evil. He dual-wields two magical swords.
No. 13219
No fuck up. Kira hit a creative wall and wants a fresh start.
No. 13222

Don't be dense, even a warped mind can see the odds stacked against it.

The two situations don't compare, one has no chance of success. But we aren't in a critical position here.
No. 13228
Rogue/Barbarian. Whats our starting level?
No. 13232
So what, things were spiraling out of control with no obvious resolution that would make sense?
No. 13235

Make a plan didn't have to mean go back and save Cirno. We are stuck in the woods, we need to figure out what to do.
No. 13237
So what are we throwing this whole story out the window?
No. 13238
Different senses of power too, then.
Before: Reimu & Marisa vs Kaguya, Reisen, and Eirin.
Now: Marisa vs Mokou (already injured), Tewi, and Cirno. Possible reinforcements in Wriggle and Rumia--if they turn back. Possible reinforcements in Reisen (injured), and us.

To sum up, if Mokou, Tewi, and Cirno can't handle Marisa themselves, I don't see us tipping the scales.
No. 13241
No. 13244
But that's what we do, tip the scale. Otherwise half of gensokyo would've be trying to kill us.
No. 13248
Yes, I just got back from dinner and I'm curious as to what happened to cause this shitstorm.
No. 13253

I imagine it's just a joke.
It's pretty lame to just drop the story right there.
No. 13255

Story? What story?

I liked MIG better when it was delirium, portals, and Letty in an icebox.
No. 13262

That is a story.
No. 13264

Rainbow 6 unit squadleader.

also, the fuck happened while I was out?
No. 13271

Rocks fell, everyone died.
No. 13279
More like Rainbow 9 amirite?
No. 13281
Kira hit a wall of sleepy ness and has to be up shit ass early for work. Friend made the title screen, so I thought it'd be funny.
No. 13284
So are we really starting over or just done for today?
No. 13285
Go to sleep then. MiG is too good to fuck up due to being tired.
No. 13287

So, no starting over right?
No. 13293
Starting over was a joke thing 'cause someone made me a title screen. I need sleep is all. g'night folks.
No. 13295
You scared me.
No. 13296
It's cool.

If rocks really have fallen I'll kill you as you sleep.

Have a good night's rest.
No. 13297

Figured as much. Night Kira, get yourself rested up for tomorrow.
No. 13300
I actually want the restart. I liked your early stuff better.
No. 13302
File 120806107982.jpg - (97.09KB , 704x800 , ff7-barret.jpg ) [iqdb]
Ain't no getting off this train fool!
No. 13303
When this is all said and done, I'm totally open to starting again, and going down a different path.
No. 13305
File 120806123487.jpg - (69.13KB , 704x800 , ff7-barret.jpg ) [iqdb]
Bitch do not make me repeat mah' self.
No. 13310
Fuck yes, we need a Restart
No. 13311

As much fun as this is, I... wouldn't be opposed to a restart. Or maybe a new game once this one has finished.
No. 13313
No we don't. I'd rather see how this all plays out before restarting.
No. 13319
No. 13323
Thirded. With all these mysterious hints about Anon, I want to find out for sure what he REALLY is, and what's going on. I want to know how much of an element of truth is in that Lake Dragon dream.

That said, I would adore an eventual restart to the light-hearted beginning. Or, at the very least, some sort of light-hearted epilogue chapters (if we're not dead or otherwise disposed of).
No. 13332
I feel like we've been getting pieces of an overall story there from the beginning. Like when Anon first found The Lake, he was compelled to attack it. Obviously a gag from the WUIG mishaps, but for the sake of this story it could be like he's fighting against his true self, some evil lurking within.

Then there's the fact that drinking water seems to heal him, and that whole dream sequence about The Lake. It seems to be leading to Anon actually being the spirit of The Lake, or maybe something sealed in it.

...Gah! I'm getting too into this one. The whole thing almost makes me feel like going into writefag mode and build an ending off of that dream sequence. Now if only I could write...
No. 13333
There was some guy on irc, going on about how everyone was a symbol of some key part of life, or something like that.
No. 13338
The current situation creates too much conflict between the people, we need a clear RESTART.
The faggotry that is going on at this Moment is pissing people off, and i dont know if Kira is so happy about this all
No. 13346
That just means people are getting into it, and that some of the options and situations are pretty serious. Unless situations are never serious and decisions never major, or unless people don't care about the story, then of course there will be arguing. People just have to learn how to control their RAGE and BLAME responses to keep the thread from being filled with shit.
No. 13353
And you believe that this could be managed here?
Well good luck there
No. 13355
If we restart it'll just be the same drama all over again. People will still make choices right off the bat. Even though we know who and where to go to get started we'd be back to complaining about pointless shit once we get back into unknown waters.
No. 13357
So, what do we plan on doing once (or if) we make it to the shrine? Suwako surely doesn't like us and Cirno so I doubt she'd be willing to allow us to stay.
No. 13358
Ahaha, no, I'm not naive enough to expect people with that type of self-control. I was just saying, that's what'll be needed to avoid shit in any serious story where people care about the options.
No. 13359
Yeah i know if we restart its the whole thing over again. Its just that i dont know whats going on.
With GM people did behave, we had serious discussions, and all was happy and sunshine. Can we not have this with MiG
No. 13360
Operation RUN, HIDE, and STALL:
1. Try and get Kanako on our side.
2a. Get Kanako to use her goddess powers to hide us somewhere.
2b. Get Kanako to use her goddess authority to force youkai worshippers to hide us somewhere.
3. Run and hide until Yukari's finished preparing...whatever it is she's preparing...and contacts us.
4. ????
5. Victory
6. Hair ruffling
No. 13361
It's probably because this story is Lunatic Mode, and the extra pressure puts us on edge. Some of the options had a real finality and "you're screwed if you don't get this right" feeling to them (e.g. running through the bamboo forest; Eientei dungeon).

It's fun, as long as we don't crack under pressure and start going after each other.
No. 13362
I see. Well, Suwako seems to be the type to listen to reason so that might not be so hard (genuflect like a motherfucker). Hopefully the Tengu will take us since they're pretty hax. We can give Aya back her camera (for all the good it did us) to get in good with her and we'd probably make for a bitchin' story. Headline: Crazy outsider ruffles hair and fights Miko! More on page six.
No. 13363
That's if we can even make it to the shrine now. The group is scattered, we have an injured Reisen to look after and the damn gestapo knows we were on the road to youkai mountain. I doubt we can make it to the shrine on our own so we'll need to ask the tengu/kappas for help.

Hopefully everyone got away safely. Though I can see Reimu using Rumia or Cirno as a hostage.
No. 13381
The problem lies in Kira's options, there's no clear correct path and so we can't make unified decisions. A lot of the choices lately have divided the group which is causing in fighting. Before we could always generally agree that hair ruffling is good and if anon went left down the hall instead of right you didn't really mind not getting the option you wanted.

Now however it's like we're making life or death choices every post. I think Kira should perhaps let us take a break from the high drama and give us some more relaxed choices to make.
No. 13383
Now isn't the best time for relaxing. All we have to do is avoid the flying tank looking for us, get Reisen up to the shrine and hope everyone is ok. I guess we could ask kira to give us a break once we're there. Hell if you'd been through all this shit in a single day you'd expect at least a chance to relax.

No. 13386


One of the best ideas I have heard in a while
No. 13387


Well obviously we need to resolve the current situation.

SO let's ask the big questions right now:

1) Do we go save Cirno, Moku and Twei? Or do we leave them for now and hope to find them later?
No. 13388
I say we save them. we need them all for the group bath scene. Also, we are not going to leave our little sisters in trouble. whe'll go in there, and save them, even if it would cost our life. It's manly time once again
No. 13389
I agree that we need to save them, there were some who said "She's a fairy it'll be fine, she'll reincarnate".

But that's not in the spirit of this anon.
No. 13391
Letting everyone get sparked is unacceptable. It's easy to get Marisa if we just stick to the bushes and jump her from behind if she's bothering to take prisoners.

From there we just shout WHY YOU DO THIS? to her face till she either tells us she doesn't care if what she's doing is wrong or she sees Reimu as the bitch she is.

Try asking about Mima too.
No. 13393

Oh and if she's only after us just get out of there with Reisen and hope everyone makes it to the shrine.

As long as everyone avoids being caught from then on everything should be fine. Hell they might be there at the shrine waiting for us by the time we make it up.
No. 13396
Don't think that Marisa is inclined to talk, Alice maybe but not Marisa.

We should just hit and run. Grab the fairy and get out of there.

So in terms of tactics what should we do? I reckon finding Rumia and Wriggle would help a lot.
No. 13397
Alice sees us not even as a human, we arent even dust on the wall for her. She wont listen to us nor care what happens to us. The only thing we can do is provoke her and hope that she snaps. Then we can hope that either she kills us or betrays Reimu. Its a close call, but may be worth trying.
No. 13399
Trying to successfully hide in bushes AND get close enough to jump Marisa may be expecting too much. It depends on whether Kira's willing to cut us some slack, giving us dense enough bushes to hide in AND having Marisa get close enough without noticing us and blasting us first.

...maybe we should ask if Reisen knows what that card we have is? If we're absurdly lucky, it'll be useful.

Other than that...well, I guess the camera is the default option. We can use it from a reasonable distance, and if we're lucky it'll hit Marisa hard enough to give us time to run.
No. 13402
How much time do you think we have to plan and act with? How can the situation change?