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Hello, once more, dear chaps. Let us continue the good adventures of George "Saxton" Hale, Businessman who has found himself in Gensokyo.

Through great trials and tests, George has become friends with a rather modest amount of people from Gensokyo. Friends with the Oni Suika Ibuki and a recent friend with the Curse Goddess Hina Kagiyama, our George has found Aya Shameimaru, the newspaper reporter who has long since been considered an enemy to George. Yet thanks to an epiphany after nearly being killed by Aya, our protagonist, George, has found it in his heart to give Aya a second chance. Now, our story continues with our Protagonist and his companions on the search of George's Fairy Secretary, Ms. Diana, who is still searching for George. Shall George find his secretary before something bad befalls her? Will Ms. Diana be reunited with her boss? And what does George have planned for Aya after Ms. Diana is found? Let's continue on in the adventures of George "Saxton" Hale in the next exciting thread of... On the Business End.

Also, to commemorate the third Thread, I decided to give you a good picture to let us remember the fond memories of George's first moments in Gensokyo!

Update coming in next.

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File 128754454695.jpg - (257.27KB , 590x775 , Disregard-Tengu-Acquire-Infamy.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Let us have the fairy lead us to that giant hole. Perhaps Ms. Diana is still there.

Looking at the fairy, you give her a warm smile. “Well then, fairy, I hope that you remember where that hole is, because I’m letting you take us there. I have great expectations of you.” Giving the fairy some space, the fairy soon began flying, flying in a different direction than the lake. After letting her fly for a bit, you take off into the sky as well, with your companions in tow. Leaving the river and lake behind you, you made sure you had the fairy in your sight, seeing that the fairy was leading you out of the forest and into a relatively treeless area.

Aya soon began flying next to you, still a little confused on why you had asked her for help. “Mister Hale, I continue to question why you’re asking me to help you out. Don’t you think I’ll bolt off and just leave you?”

“Well, you would have done that, already, right? Besides, I am holding your camera.”

“It’s not like that’s the only camera I have: I have others back at my house.”

You give Aya a grin and hold out her camera, keeping a tight grip around it so that she wouldn’t just take it back. “Ah, but this camera is very important to you, correct? I know my technology and I know a good piece of technology when I see it. Something tells me that this is your best camera you have and that it’s nearly impossible to get a camera like this here in Gensoyko, am I correct?” You could see Aya looking worried as you held her camera, confirming your assumptions that Aya was really wanting her camera back. Putting the camera back in your coat, you flew ahead, flying next to the fairy now.

“Hale, I think I see the hole now!” The fairy began pointing out, your eyes following until you saw a large clearing. When the fairy said hole, you thought of something not too huge, even though she said giant, you still weren’t expecting something too big. What you saw was REALLY big. Even from a distance, you could tell that the hole was enormous. You could possibly fit a skyscraper in it.

“Hey Mister, you think Ms. Diana could have gone in there?” You really wish you could say no to Suika, but it was entirely possible that she did go down into the hole, maybe looking for you. You begin wondering what sort of Youkai could inhabit such a giant hole in the ground.

“George, that’s no ordinary hole.” You glance at Hina, who was also flying close to you. “I heard about a research center that was built in Youkai Mountain not too long ago. I think that’s the entrance to the research center.” A research center, huh? Now that’s interesting. You had assumed that Gensokyo wasn’t too modern, though with a few things here and there, and you certainly didn’t expect there to be research of any kind.

“Do you have an idea what is being research there?” Unfortunately, Hina shook her head. Thankfully, your recently acquired ‘companion’ Aya was quick to butt in.

“Ayayaya, I know what’s being research there, Mister Hale.”

“Oh really, Miss Shameimaru, do tell. It would be an interesting tale to hear you reveal to us the purpose of said research facility over yonder.”

“I haven’t been inside the facility, though I would love to report about it, I do know it does technological research, and something about nuclear power.”

Technological research and nuclear power, hu- NUCLEAR POWER? You haven’t seen any guns in Gensokyo and then there’s research on nuclear power? Though you personally didn’t know much about nuclear power, you did have a few plants back in England. Or were those different plants? Were those even plants to begin with? Whatever, all you knew that nuclear power was something big, something advanced, and something that sounds completely out of place in a place where people still live in a small village and didn’t even have paved roads yet.

Arriving at the edge of the hole, you landed at the edge, curiously peering down the hole. You could see a staircase lining the wall, going down, though unfortunately it went so deep that you couldn’t see the bottom of the hole.

“Hey, halt!” Looking up, you could see a young woman float down, wearing a hat similar to Aya’s. She had short white hair, as well as white, long sleeved shirt and black skirt. She was also holding a sword and a shield with maple print on it.

You hear Aya speak out. “Momiji, I didn’t expect you to be here.”

“Miss Shameimaru, do you know this person?” You tilt your head, a bit confused.

“Of course this pathetic excuse for a Tengu knows me. I only wish I didn’t know her.”

Turning to Momiji, you decide to speak up before something bad happened. “Miss Momiji, may I ask, are you guarding this research center?” Momiji began nodding. “Well then, have you seen a certain fairy go down this hole?”

“I’m sorry, but if you’re thinking about going down, I can’t let you do that. This place is only for the Kappa researchers and other authorized personnel.” Kappa researchers huh? You did have a map to Nitori’s place, so maybe you can ask her to help you get down the hole. However, before you reach for your map, you could hear a small explosion in the distance.

“What’s that?” You saw your companions looking around, startled by the explosion. Something must be going on. If there was fighting, then there was an incident. Maybe Ms. Diana was drawn to the fighting. Who knows, maybe the people fighting could even help you find Ms. Diana. Or maybe something along the lines. To be honest, you really didn’t know if it would be a good idea to go down into the research center now. You could be distracted by all the things in there. Yet Ms. Diana MAY be down there, no matter how small the chance is now.

"Let us continue, my dear companions."
[X] We shall investigate the source of this explosion. Perhaps Ms. Diana was attracted to this explosion.
[X] Let us find Nitori. Maybe she'll help us get into the research facility.

Of course, we all know which choice will lead us closer to finding Ms. Diana. And which one will just side-track us and make us forget about Ms. Diana.

I hope that didn't influence your vote.
No. 125823
[X] We shall investigate the source of this explosion. Perhaps Ms. Diana was attracted to this explosion.

We can think up a way to get into the research facility AFTER we find Ms. Diana.
No. 125824
>I hope that didn't influence your vote.
It totally did.
[X] We shall investigate the source of this explosion. Perhaps Ms. Diana was attracted to this explosion.
No. 125826
[X] We shall investigate the source of this explosion. Perhaps Ms. Diana was attracted to this explosion.
No. 125839
No. 125840
[X] We shall investigate the source of this explosion. Perhaps Ms. Diana was attracted to this explosion.

Aya != Going down holes
Diana != Going down holes
No. 125844
Sorry to say that but...
>I hope that didn't influence your vote.
yes it did.

[X] We shall investigate the source of this explosion. Perhaps Ms. Diana was attracted to this explosion.

I wanna have my little fairy baaack.
No. 125861
File 128760431517.jpg - (654.08KB , 1000x1000 , 6f535ee94fcc340a70b8e70125eaa316.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Is the best that you can do, fairy?” The green-haired woman attacking you then began firing off several projectiles, all of them in the shape of snakes, flying towards you quickly. You began flying to avoid the projectiles, trying your best to lose them. However, your fellow fairies began following you as well, staying behind you and were struck by the projectiles instead, causing them to dissipate into nothing.

You were looking for Mister Hale ever since he ran off after that tengu woman, grabbing hold of her leg and disappearing in the distance. Though Mister Hale’s anger terrified you (and you were wishing that Mister Hale would never direct that anger at you), you weren’t going to abandon him, you wanted to give Mister Hale whatever support you can give him. You were quick to go searching for him, and although Miss Reimu didn’t want to help you, Miss Suika did come with you.

During your searching, Miss Suika told you more about Mister Hale and why he was so angry. She said that Aya’s stories about Mister Hale was angering him, even going so far to declare revenge against her. You were afraid that Mister Hale was going to get himself hurt, even as strong as you saw him be, you still wanted to give him your help. Even after Miss Suika went back to the Hakurei Shrine, you continued searching, despite how tired you were. You even went so far as to get your fellow fairies from before and organizing them into a search party, sending fairies all over Gensokyo in search of Mister Hale, and going to Youkai Mountain with a large fairy group, in case you had to fend off a Youkai.

Yet you weren’t facing a normal Youkai, what you were facing was a complete monster.

“Please, Miss, I don’t want to fight you, I’m looking f-” You were quickly cut off with a sudden pain in your shoulder, one of the projectiles striking you cleanly, causing you to lose balance and crash into the ground. Seeing you crash into the ground, several of your fellow fairies began scattering, trying to get away from the green-haired woman. The few that did not flee were quickly cut down by the green haired woman’s stick with paper attached to it. Still recovering from the injury, you began crawling back, but you were soon stopped by a rock. The green haired woman was now standing in front of you, pointing her stick at you.

“My my, it’s rare to see fairies organizing like this. I guess that must make you a rather powerful fairy then.” You see the green-haired woman give you a sinister grin. “Well, I guess I should deal with this problem before it grows out of hand.”

You begin to whimper, petrified with fear. “Pleaes, Miss, why are you doing this? I don’t mean any harm to anyone at all.”

The green-haired woman begins to laugh, her hand starting to glow. “But it’s my job as a Youkai exterminator to deal with powerful Youkai, so no hard feelings, okay? Now stand still, I’ll make this quick and painless.”

You close your eyes, not wanting to see what this woman was planning for you.

Geroge, I’m sorry for letting you down.
[X] We shall investigate the source of this explosion. Perhaps Ms. Diana was attracted to this explosion.

“Wow, look at all the explosions!” You exclaim, adjusting your monocle a bit. Even though you were still far away, you could see the vibrant colors from each explosion, from each bullet. You were still marveling how beautiful these battles were. If you were to import this style of fighting back in England, why it would be the next best thing!

“They’re not that bad, but they’re not good at all.” You turn to Suika, finding her criticism uncalled for. You remark that she’s usually the one who enjoys all the nice things in life. She shrugs. “Well, that doesn’t mean I can’t criticize it.”

Flying closer, you began noticing a small swarm of fairies flying away from the fighting. At first, you were thinking they were going to stop you, considering the last fairies you came across also were stopping you from encountering a powerful Youkai. However, before you could even ready yourself for a fight, the fairies flew past you, not even stopping for a chat.

“Strange, that was very strange. Don’t you agree, Miss Kagiyama?” You glance at Hina, the Curse Goddess giving you a quick nod but nothing more.

“Well I would love to report what’s happening, but I don’t have my camera to take pictures with, Mister Hale.” Aya’s complaints again fall on deaf ears, as your only respond was a scoff, remarking that this would give her excellent training to writing a proper paper without having to use pictures. You saw Aya cross her arms and give you a foul look.

“Whatever. Let’s investigate anyway.” You soon began flying closer, flying down closer to the ground, noticing the explosions dying down. Maybe the fighting was over and you could compliment the fighters for the wonderful display of bullets. Landing several meters away behind one of the combatants, you take your time to examine the person. You could see the combatant was a young woman and was wearing a similar outfit to Reimu, though having more blues and greens and whites, instead of reds. You could also see that the woman had green hair and had a strange hair accessory that reminded you of a snake in her hair.

Aya was quick to start talking. “Oh, it’s Sanae. I guess she must be doing her rounds of Youkai extermination.” So this woman, Sanae, is a Youkai hunter of sorts? That sounds like someone who could really help you find your secretary.

You could see a bright light strike the rock in front of Sanae as you begin approaching her, glancing back at your companions, telling them to wait there.

“Hello, Miss Sanae, I must compliment in the duel you were engaging in earlier. I must say, I quite enjoyed the display of bullets…” Sanae began turning to you, letting you see her frog-shaped hair clip. However, that wasn’t what caught your attention.

“Oh hello there, sir, I was just in the middle of some Youkai extermination.” Sanae gave you a warm smile, but you weren’t focusing on her.

Behind her, slumped back on the rock was a fairy. A fairy wearing a black jacket and tattered red tie. A fairy with short brown hair and with short, thick wings.

Ms. Diana.

“Diana? Diana!” You run up to your secretary, pushing Sanae out of the way.

“Hey, what was that for?” You ignore Sanae’s protests as you fall to your knees next to Ms. Diana, examining her body. You could see her shoulder was wounded and that there was a small hole in her chest.

“Diana, wake up Diana, wake up!” You cradle Ms. Diana in your hands, trying to feel for a pulse, hoping your secretary would wake up. “Please, Diana, wake up, wake up!” You hold Ms. Diana close to your face, tears starting to well up in your eyes. “Please, Ms. Diana… don’t leave me…” You begin crying as you set Diana’s body down, your tears falling on her face.

“So, you knew that fairy?” Sanae’s words pierce through your grief, causing you to turn to her, seeing her looking down at you.

“You… you… did you do this?” Sanae began nodding, not hesitating in the slightest. You stand up and grab Sanae by the shoulders. “Why? WHY?! DID SHE DO ANYTHING TO YOU?!”

“Of course not, it’s just my job! Besides, it’s not like fairies are important.”

If you had heard this when you were first in Gensokyo, you may have agreed with Sanae. But after all the experiences you’ve been through, with all the friends you made, enemies you angered, people who distrusted you, you were a changed man.

“You… you… you Monster!” You push Sanae down, and then you cover your face, screaming out in rage. “She did nothing to you! No normal person could be so nonchalant in killing! Only a complete monster would be so cruel! You murdered my secretary! Damn you, damn you, you harlot!”

“Hey, hey, calm down, mister. You’re really over reacting to all of this. Besides, fairies aren’t that important anyway. They’re just childish creatures anyway.” You hear no fear in Sanae’s voice, no hint of hesitation, nothing but calm, calculating words.

In your grief, you could feel anger burning again. With your tears, your rage continued to grow. Your arms were shaking with fury, all of it waiting to be unleashed, unshackled, to be released. However you fear what would happen if you allowed yourself to be consumed by your rage. It was always in your rage that you caused the most damage.

…fairies aren’t that important anyway…

[X] "No... I cannot allow myself to be consumed by rage. Even if I want to... if I give into rage, I may make this situation worse..." (No Fight)
[X] "This is not rage. This is not fury. This is not bloodlust! This is justice! You harlot, I shall teach you the error in your thinking!" (Fight)

Oh, and if you're confused, the first half of this update is through Ms. Diana's eyes. The second half goes back to George.

Happy voting!
No. 125862
[X] "No... I cannot allow myself to be consumed by rage. Even if I want to... if I give into rage, I may make this situation worse..." (No Fight)

Let's teach something important to Sanae.
Life is important. Even those fairies' lives are important.
No. 125865
[X] "No... I cannot allow myself to be consumed by rage. Even if I want to... if I give into rage, I may make this situation worse..."
No. 125866
[x] Challenge Sanae to a duel. If she wins, you'll do whatever she wants. If she loses, she gives up Youkai hunting for good.
-[x] Give aya his camera back and ask her to make an obituary for Diana (henceforth known as Lady Di) and make an article about the duel if she wants to.
There are more than one way to get even. Making her lose her purpose will hurt her more than losing a limb or two.
No. 125867
[x] >>125862

Yes... and going on the basis of "Fairies respawn" is meta-knowledge.
No. 125869
File 128760940060.jpg - (48.63KB , 483x368 , halolz-dot-com-left4dead2-coach-datass.jpg ) [iqdb]


If you anons were voting out of real consideration of George, then all this voting for not having conflcit with Sanae sounds better. But if you guys are letting meta-knowledge dictate your votes, then... man, you're spoiling this whole thing.

George DOES NOT know that fairies respawn. Come on, are you really thinking of this story through the eyes of George or through the eyes of an anon who has knowledge which George does not have?
No. 125872
[X] "No... I cannot allow myself to be consumed by rage. Even if I want to... if I give into rage, I may make this situation worse..." (No Fight)

Extreme situation, but we just got out of one roaring rampage of revenge. Best not leap into another.
No. 125877
File 128761228974.jpg - (19.30KB , 300x332 , Saxton_Hale_Versus_The_World_by_ZombieDiaries.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] "No... I cannot allow myself to be consumed by rage. Even if I want to... if I give into rage, I may make this situation worse..." (No Fight)

i wanna see a fight
No. 125879
[x] "This is not rage. This is not fury. This is not bloodlust! This is justice! You harlot, I shall teach you the error in your thinking!" (Fight)
No. 125881
God dammit Fell
No. 125884
[X] "This is not rage. This is not fury. This is not bloodlust! This is justice! You harlot, I shall teach you the error in your thinking!" (Fight)

George just saw Ms. Diana get murdered by some heartless bitch and you all want him to settle down? Metaknowledge be damned, this would actually be justified. She needs a real ass kicking no matter what happens. Kill Sanae though? No.
No. 125885
My thoughts exactly.
No. 125886
Anonymous 10/10/20 (Wed) 20:47 No. 125866
[x] Challenge Sanae to a duel. If she wins, you'll do whatever she wants. If she loses, she gives up Youkai hunting for good.
-[x] Give aya his camera back and ask her to make an obituary for Diana (henceforth known as Lady Di) and make an article about the duel if she wants to.'

For a gentleman, he doesn't get into enough fair and square-glove-on-the-face duels.
No. 125887
[X] "This is not rage. This is not fury. This is not bloodlust! This is justice! You harlot, I shall teach you the error in your thinking!" (Fight)
No. 125890
> Challenge Sanae to a duel. If she wins, you'll do whatever she wants. If she loses, she gives up Youkai hunting for good.

Not really a good idea.
Youkai hunting is important for the humans of gensokyo.

Sanae just has to learn the same lesson we just did, that violence should be the last resort.
No. 125891
[X] "No... I cannot allow myself to be consumed by rage. Even if I want to... if I give into rage, I may make this situation worse..." (No Fight)
No. 125901
[X] "This is not rage. This is not fury. This is not bloodlust! This is justice! You harlot, I shall teach you the error in your thinking!" (Fight)

I'm just really really baffled at how people can vote otherwise. Someone important to you is killed or is nearly dead because of the person infront of you and you don't wanna at least beat the crap out of them? Wat.

>>125877 Also this guy says no, yet says he wants to see a fight? Wrong choice you copy pasta'd or....?
No. 125909
[X] "This is not rage. This is no fury. This is not bloodlust! This is justice! You harlot, I shall teach you the error in your thinking!" (Fight)
No. 125927
If a fight is to break out, I'd rather it be done with a clear mind not entirely blinded by rage.
No. 125936
Guess I'll close the voting for now.

At first I thought this was a stalemate, but I guess I counted wrong.

Now while I keep you waiting for this next update, let's talk about the possible problems with harming Sanae and how George could get out of said problems after harming Sanae.

Yeah... Problems.
No. 125946

Great now you're making me feel bad for making Hale beat Sanae up. Makes me wonder why I choose that eventhough it'll bring nothing but more conflict.
No. 125970

Hey you just gotta think about it as if you were Hale yourself. Ms. Diana is just about or already is dead, person responsible is right in front of you, you don't know fairies respawn and BAM. There's some good ol' justification for an ass kickin'.

That and Sanae's been a BAD GIRL!
No. 125972
[X] "This is not rage. This is not fury. This is not bloodlust! This is justice! You harlot, I shall teach you the error in your thinking!" (Fight)

Curse you, Sanae!
No. 125975
Fell has forever left an impression on this site. I am sure you already read The Game, Twitty.
No. 125976

No, I am not familiar with "The Game." May you please explain to me about "The Game" and fell more, and how it relates to this right now?

And sorry guys, this update is going to take a little longer. I'm trying to make sure this fight won't end up like the fight with Meiling and Sakuya.
No. 125978
File 12877705762.jpg - (297.26KB , 1000x1000 , a92229917f221565cffdfbace98375cf.jpg ) [iqdb]
The Game by Fell!eU97cKEiBQ.

You should really read it, it is very good. Especially the action scenes are without are without rival. But that is not the main focus on the story.

More like a fun Hide & Seek Game with punishment for the loser. Only that you are always the one who has to hide.
No. 125980

You just lost the game.

Seriously, though, The Game is a story on this very site authored by Fell. Spoiler-free synopsis: You are a youkai whose life is largely a living hell thanks to Sanae, who is very much not a good girl. Are you a bad enough loli to successfully avoid/confront her? While I don't care too much for the story (I must be a minority), I do have to say the stream-of-consciousness narrative is very well written.

When I posted >>125881, it was out of concern that Fell's Sanae was rubbing off too much on yours.
No. 125981
Seriously. I miss my good girl.
The writer who writes a good Sanae that isn't the berserk youkai killer we see now days is my hero.
No. 125982

I don't even know the story and already it's compared to that too! What is it? First "The Antagonist" in the beginning when MC was an asshole while drunk, then with "An Average Joe" (Though that one is totally justifiable and to be honest I don't mind) and now "The Game."

Sometimes I don't even try to make the story similar to another and people find comparisons. Hot dog! Guess I do have to read it then!
No. 125983
Hey now, I think Sanae just did this out of ignorance.... but for blasting our dear secretary, we must educate her the Mann Co way.
No. 125985
Yes, Lion is everyone's hero.
No. 125991
File 128781506268.gif - (25.55KB , 350x350 , 1269062185644.gif ) [iqdb]
TwittyandStrange: Oh god, I'm finally getting into typing my update.
No. 125992
File 128781819978.jpg - (805.62KB , 1200x1800 , a7006d255bf34d60af626ef9ef1c0057.jpg ) [iqdb]
Despite your attempts to stop, you continue to cry, tears streaming down your cheeks and down to your clothes. You felt horrible, feeling that you betrayed Diana’s trust, being too late to rescue her and letting her die. Though you only knew Diana for a short time, and you nearly threatened to kill her back then, she had grown close to you very quickly. To let her die was not only made you feel horrible, it made you feel like a failure, powerless to do anything to protect those close to you. You said that you would find Diana, and now here she was, dead. And it was entirely your fault.

…fairies aren’t that important anyway…

[X] "This is not rage. This is not fury. This is not bloodlust! This is justice! You harlot, I shall teach you the error in your thinking!"

No. You did not let her die. She was the victim of a murder, a victim of a heartless monster, a heartless monster that was before you, who, in your eyes, murdered for sport. Though you too had your own share of fairy killing, you had a strange realization on how important they were, especially when you took Diana under your wing. Simple-minded creatures, yes, but they were simple-minded creatures with great potential. And this monster destroyed this potential before it had chance to bloom completely. You couldn’t let this injustice go on any further; you must show Sanae the error of her ways.

Wiping the tears from your eyes, you clench your fist, reaching in your coat and pulling out Aya’s camera.

“Miss Shameimaru!” You turn to Aya, showing her the camera.

“You better not do anything to my camera, Mister Hale!” You let Aya’s camera dangle in your hand for a bit before grinning.

“Of course not, Miss Shameimaru, now catch!” Throwing Aya’s camera, you watch Aya dash out, grabbing the camera while it was still in midair. Checking her camera to see if you did anything, Aya gave a sigh of relief before looking at you suspiciously.

“Hey, why are you giving me back my camera all of a sudden?”

“Because, Miss Shameimaru, it would be a shame if you weren’t able to record my fight with this monster.” You then turn to Suika and Hina. “Suika, Miss Kagiyama, please, ensure that Miss Shameimaru records EVERYTHING she can from this fight, I want Gensokyo to know what happens when you mess with not only my secretary, but to fairies in general.”

Suika was quick to protest. “What? Fighting again, Mister? But fighting never got you anywhere! What makes you think this time is different?” You glance at Suika, telling her that you must teach this person, this monster, that fairies too were important and that slaughtering them for such a trivial reasons as a job. “But Mister, there is such a job as Youkai extermination, it’s an important job that…” Seeing that you were no longer listening, Suika crosses her arms, saying how stupid you were for picking a fight with a Sanae.

You didn’t let that bother you, as in your mind, you knew what had to be done; beat Sanae as punishment for killing your secretary. Yet you were not only fighting just for your fallen secretary, but as well for all fairies, especially those who had also fallen victim to this person.

Sanae quickly got up to your feet and pointed her stick at you. “Who the heck do you think you are to think you can beat me, Mister? Back where I’m from, people call me a living god! I create miracles that you can only dream of! How can a normal human like you ever hope to ever compare to me?”

You’ve about heard enough from Sanae. Her boasting only strengthens your resolve to show Sanae how wrong she was. Though the rage in your heart was burning hot, you kept it in check, knowing that if you let it consume you entirely, it would not only destroy what you were fighting for, but it would lead to only more damage.

You stare at Sanae, the green-haired woman being the only focus in your mind right now. “My name is George ‘Saxton’ Hale’,” you begin taking off your coat, letting it fall to the ground. “And back where I’m from, I’m the CEO of one of the most successful businesses in England. I own a company that is worth more than your pathetic life!” You grab the brim of your tower of hats and tug it at, removing your hat and tossing it down. “You killed my secretary! Now suffer the consequences!” Without another word, you began running forward, screaming loudly, with your fists at the ready to strike.

“Guess I have to beat some sense into you then, Mister.” Sanae quickly soon flew into the sky, out of the reach of your fists. “If you’re going to protect the fairies, then I might as well treat you as one then.” You could see Sanae pull out a paper slip from her sleeve and holding it out in front of her. “Esoterica ‘Gray Thaumatury’!” A glowing circle surrounded Sanae as she held her stick in front of her, creating two stars composed of red and blue bullets. The stars then separated into more stars, until Sanae was surrounded by them.

“I’ll give you one last chance, Mister! Give up now and I won’t have to riddle you with danmaku!” Again with her boasting. You tell Sanae to shut her mouth. “Well fine! Just remember that this is your fault!”

The bullets began scattering, sending colorful projectiles everywhere; all of them aimed in your general direction. Seeing the bullets, you could hardly imagine such brightly colored dots could do you any real harm. If you flew straight through the bullets, you could land a clean jab. Then again, Marisa’s spell card also had a bunch of nice, multicolored bullets, and Reimu went around dodging it as if it were some sort of disease. Maybe there was something Reimu didn’t tell you about these bullets, and maybe you too should go around dodging them as well.

Either way, I’m not letting this monster beat me… I’ll make sure she learns her lesson well!

[X] Dodge the bullets and wait for the spell card to end to make your move.
[X] Fly through the bullets and attempt to strike her down now.

Sorry about the delay. I was trying to make sure that this fight won't end in one turn, like the fight between Meiling and Sakuya. This time it will be better and more focused, as well as giving us more options during the fight, rather than just having to pick one option and seeing whether or not it will end well.

I just hope that I don't screw this up, because I really still need to work on my fight scenes.
No. 126000
[X] Dodge the bullets and wait for the spell card to end to make your move.

Oh I'm really starting to hate this Sanae even more now. Consequences be damned, I wanna whoop her ass!

Haven't fought Sanae yet ingame so I don't know her spellcards, so I'm choosing to go on the more cautious path.
No. 126001

I'm sure there's some sort of rule Reimu forgot to mention.
No. 126005
File 128784052127.jpg - (56.67KB , 192x224 , Th10sc069.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Dodge the bullets and wait for the spell card to end to make your move.
Sanae's one of the easiest stage 5 bosses. He should only worry about "Moses's Miracle" (A literal river of danmaku) and "Yasaka's Divine Wind" a toned-down version of Kanako's Mountain of faith (a downwards spiral of dense danmku with random attacks everywhere.
No. 126006
[X] Fly through the bullets and attempt to strike her down now.

We were too paranoid lastly. Let's be courageous from time to time. Besides, those bullets won't kill us.
No. 126011
[X] Dodge the bullets and wait for the spell card to end to make your move.

Wait for the opening and FALCON PAANNCH
No. 126018
I support this.
[X] Dodge the bullets and wait for the spell card to end to make your move.
No. 126061
I support this too.
[X] Dodge the bullets and wait for the spell card to end to make your move.
No. 126064
No. 126065
No. 126066
File 128787798948.png - (78.87KB , 340x321 , No.png ) [iqdb]

What the heck kind of vote is that?

Cabal, is that you? I told you before, I'm not interested in your cookies!

Now to everyone else, I'm gonna start writing on the update now.

Time to keep making sure I don't screw up on this fight.
No. 126067
File 128787831730.png - (25.66KB , 513x628 , hataters.png ) [iqdb]
No. 126075
No. 126096
File 128790110754.jpg - (144.03KB , 600x600 , bf479b2a589284d9826bf6eae0e1a91e.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Dodge the bullets and wait for the spell card to end to make your move.

Though flying through the bullets and punching Sanae as soon as possible would probably have you win, you recalled how Reimu went out of her way dodging Marisa’s spell card. Perhaps there was something more to the multicolored bullets than meets the eye. You even remembered seeing Suika getting hit a few times, and though you saw that she wasn’t terribly injured, the effects were a bit noticeable. And besides, you really can’t teach Sanae a lesson if you knock her out right now. You need to show that you could best her in combat, and you need to best her at her best, not at the start.

Watching the bullets moving closer, you begin taking evasive action, weaving through bullets. If you didn’t take off your coat earlier, it would properly get hit by the sheer amount of projectiles coming at you. You continue to focus on dodging; doing whatever you could do to avoid getting hit. Though there were a few close calls, you manage to keep your cool and avoid getting struck by a stray bullet.

Soon, the bullets began fading away, Sanae giving you a puzzled look. “Is that all you can do? Dodge? I guess you really are like a fairy, completely incompetent at fighting.” Sanae then began firing more bullets, though less in an intricate pattern and more in a simple effort to hit you.

“Come on, Mister, you have to fight back if you want to win!” You glance at Suika, seeing her cheering for you. You almost forgot to dodge, only remembering when a few bullets whizzed past your face.

Suika was right. If you kept dodging, you would never be able to beat Sanae at her own game. All you would show was that you could dodge. Yet if you struck her down, then she would see it as nothing more than revenge and learn nothing from it. You must act with purpose and justice.

Seeing a chance to at least attack, you propel yourself towards Sanae, fist again ready to strike. However, Sanae easily dodged your attack. It seems that if Sanae wasn’t focused on anything, she could easily dodge your attacks. You need to wait until she was focusing on something before you could really start any damage.

Sanae was quick to oblige. “So, you’re pretty good at dodging, huh? Let’s see you dodge when you’re restricted to a smaller space!” Sanae then took another spell card from her sleeve and held it out in front of her. “Sea Opening ‘Moses’ Miracle!’” Two waves of lasers appeared, leaving you in the middle, the lasers oscillating left and right, similar to an ocean wave. Though alone you could easily maneuver through the lasers and get closer to attack Sanae, you saw the green-haired woman shooting knives at you, forcing you to dodge in what little space you had. Misjudging how much space you had, you accidentally brushed into some of the lasers on the side, your arm shooting up in pain.

“Not so easy dodging when you have a small amount of space left, huh? There’s no way you can beat me and my miracles if all you can do is dodge!” You had to admit, Sanae was right as well. Taking better attention of the lasers, you knew that this was prime time to strike. However, if you got too close, you could end up with several knives stuck in your chest. Perhaps sticking to dodging and wearing Sanae down is still a viable option.

“You’re pretty good, Sanae. But I don’t plan to lose.”

[X] Keep dodging. This spell card is too complex to make an attack.
[X] Attack. Use Sanae’s focus against her.

Updates, updates, updates. Always happening during the night.

And oh crap. The original picture I wanted to pick was already used... by Fell... for "The Game." Gosh dang it to heck!
No. 126097
[X] Attack. Use Sanae’s focus against her.

Nothing some sake can't wear off.

Might add somethign creative in the morning, brb sleep
No. 126098
[X] Attack. Use Sanae’s focus againsst her.
That story exhausted 120% of Sanae's 'evil' pictures
No. 126102
[X] Attack. Use Sanae’s focus against her.
No. 126135
[X] Attack. Use Sanae’s focus against her.
(insert long black bar here)
No. 126202

̻̮̻̤ ̴̡̤͔̝̜͙̣̟̞̘̘͍̹̝̳̱͓͇ͦ̽ͫͮ̆͋͊̆̌͑ͣ̏̏̍̾̀C̨̗̣̯̱̅͆̋̐ͦ̔̕͞͡͡
̜̬̟̬!̵̛̲̼͖̠͖̿͌̆̍̔ͮ͊̊̈́̈̒̄̇͆͂͒͆͞ ̤̮̯͔ͭ̒̄̓͗͒̑̔̃ͩ̋͑́͞Z̧̛̪̟̗̜̤̪̙͎̱̝̜̞͎̳̖̼̟̝̀̅ͯ̉͡Ä́͆̌̒̒̚
No. 126211

̻̮̻̤ ̴̡̤͔̝̜͙̣̟̞̘̘͍̹̝̳̱͓͇ͦ̽ͫͮ̆͋͊̆̌͑ͣ̏̏̍̾̀C̨̗̣̯̱̅͆̋̐ͦ̔̕͞͡͡
̜̬̟̬!̵̛̲̼͖̠͖̿͌̆̍̔ͮ͊̊̈́̈̒̄̇͆͂͒͆͞ ̤̮̯͔ͭ̒̄̓͗͒̑̔̃ͩ̋͑́͞Z̧̛̪̟̗̜̤̪̙͎̱̝̜̞͎̳̖̼̟̝̀̅ͯ̉͡Ä́͆̌̒̒̚
No. 126212
[x] .̵̮̝̠̎̈́̕͞ ̬̹̠͈̫͔͕̓ͭͮ̀̆ͪͅZ̩̻͎͓̯̲̓ͥͫͪ̎ą̹͔̖̖̱͍̥̞́̂̀̈ͭ͂̈̂͛l̨̮ͪ̒͌ͦ̊ͧ̊͛͘͜g̪͔̩̑͆̆̏͛͌ͩ̋ớ̢̳̮̫̬̣
͈͔ͨ̽ͧ̔̋.͍̦͇͔̲͓͔̜ͯ͂̆̋́̕ ̡̯͈̺̣̮̙̒͒̀̆ ̴̫̎̂ͪ͛͑̌̉ͯ͢Ḧ̫̤́ͨ̄͜͢͠e̲̯͍͇̫̋ ̮̱̗͍̤͚̬̞̟̾͘͢ẅ̢͙̭̥̜̿̍̀̏͌h̸̦̰ͥͧ̾̃͘o̊̅ͩ̔̾̅͛҉̯̳͢ ͣ̉͋̐͆̈ͪ҉̧̦͎̹͓͚͉̻͘W̛̬̣̅ͧ̒ͣ̌̅͒ͭ͝aͩ͌̿̓̈͆̋҉̤͇͔̘̙̮̖̝͕̕ị̛̱̑͗͌̋ͣ̀͢ţ̞͙̔̉ͮ̚͝s̵̜͓̄͑̍̆ͣ
̈́͌ͧ̈́ ̶͕͖ͧͫ͂̔B̵͔̩ͤ̔̀̄͆̒̽̕e̢̟̲̯̹͙ͩ͒́̊͝h̄͑ͦ̆̒͏̭̜̗̟̕i̢͎̙͔͚̻̜̠͋̓̍ͧ͗͑ͪ͛͜n̴̨̓̑҉͔d̰̮͈̺͑̓͗́͜ ̨͇̤ͤͨ̓͋̕T̑ͭͥ̋̐̾҉̴̛̭h̬̱̰͉ͤ̊̉ẽ͔̤̱͇̱̮͗͂͠ͅ ̖͍̦̯̦̹͕ͬ̒̏͢͞W͓̘̩͙ͥ̑́͂͐a̸͊ͦ̅ͯ́҉͍͓̩͔͎l̗͚̰̬̘̫͎ͥͤ̓ͅl̻̄͆́ͯ̔̈́̾.̣̠̯̝̞͚͚͒ͬ͆̅̈͜͢͢ ̬͇͍̞̫̱̟̒͛͑ͦͤͩ̐̾͟Z͉̝̰̣̩̞̭͌̆́̅̓̑̒͜A̷̡̺͒͗̐̒L͑͌͐ͥ́͞҉̛̪̜̙͔G̿̍̈́̿͒ͭ̍ͮ̍҉̡̞̻̯̩̮̤̰̹O̲̯
No. 126215

No, just no.

[X] Attack. Use Sanae’s focus against her.
No. 126220
[X] Attack. Use Sanae’s focus against her.


So, what?
No. 126234
File 128798105273.jpg - (164.34KB , 800x533 , 450c4bcccf4a6e893fa6bf8231c195b5.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Attack. Use Sanae’s focus against her.

Though you probably could dodge the attack and come out relatively unscathed, if you continued dodging, you wouldn’t be getting anywhere at all with Sanae. You have to attack; making sure your display of might will make her learn something today. Staring at Sanae, you could see she was heavily focused on her spell card, the green-haired woman not even blinking despite how chaotic the situation was. This was the best situation you could ask for. The only situation you could really do something. It was time to strike.

Flying through the knives, you pay extra attention to the laser waves on either side of you. It would take only one screw up to get you caught in one of those waves and horribly mutilated by them. Trying not to think too hard about how painful that would be, you fly on, moving closer and closer to Sanae, seeing that she was still focused on her spell card. I guess it’s a sort of trance she must be under. Must be good, to be in a state where your entire being is focused on a single thing.

Finally, you were near Sanae, the green-haired woman still refusing to move. Though you felt a little bad for attacking a woman, you assured yourself that this was a special case. You told yourself that this attack was to make this woman learn how wrong she was. Focusing with all your might, you retract your arm, your arm shaking in anticipation. Strangely, you felt the need to come up with a name for your attack. Though such a thing would be stupid, the moment felt right to utter a war cry and call out your attack.

“Falcon… PUNCH!”

Sending your arm forward, you scream out with all your might, aiming for Sanae’s gut. Time seemed to slow down, your arm moving slowly as it inched closer and closer to Sanae, in your mind, you could hear a clock ticking down until impact. Until finally…

Your arm makes contact, striking down with, what you think, enough force to utterly pulverize a tree. However, something was wrong; Sanae’s did not budge at all. Looking up, you saw that Sanae’s expression did not change at all. Either your attack did nothing or Sanae was good at acting. This made no sense at all. It would take a miracle for someone to not even feel a bit of pain from such a blow.

Sanae then raised her hands and launched another salvo of knives your way. Being too close, you could only raise up your arms as the knives cut into you, slicing up your sleeves and causing several cuts on your limbs. Instinctively, you strike out again, flailing your arms wildly, hitting Sanae several times. After your flurry of attacks, Sanae stumbled out of her trance, the lasers disappearing.

Sanae was surprised, holding to her arm, “Ach, so you bested that spell card, huh?” Sanae then began smiling again. “Well then, I guess I should beat you before I get behind schedule, huh?” You could see Sanae again reaching for another spell card from her sleeve. How many could she fit in those sleeves? And why were they detached?

You then heard Suika’s cheers again. “Come on, Mister, you can beat this rotten priestess!” Suika’s words made you feel your courage returning to you. You can beat her, you know you can! Whatever she brings up next, you know you can beat it!

“Can you beat the very miracle of the great goddess Yasaka?” You could see that Sanae meant business with this spell card, her eyes burning with determination. Though you didn’t know who Yasaka was or even cared about her, you had a feeling that whatever was coming up was going to really test your skills.

Holding out her spell card in front of her, you could see Sanae grinning. “Great Miracle, ‘Yasaka’s Divine Wind!’” Raising her spell card above her, it began glowing brightly. Then, without warning, a sudden spiral of bullets began to form, spiraling around, expanding further and further, with another spiral forming in the other direction.

Ah bugger. This is going to hurt.

[X] Keep Dodging! There's no way she can keep this up!
[X] Take the offensive! All you need is one clean hit and she's going down!

Alright guys. The next update will be the conclusion of the fight. I'm saying this so that you can decide which action would be the best in beating Sanae at her own game.

Or something like that.

And weird votes aside, this is pretty good.
No. 126235
[X] Focus Dodge
-[X] Flurry of PAWNCHs when she's done

There's no way we can offensive Danmaku with fists.
No. 126253
[X] Keep Dodging! There's no way she can keep this up!

We already tried to FALCON PUNCH her, and it didn't work.

Somehow, I have the feeling that trying once again the same thing would be pretty dumb.
Even for me.
Instead of attacking blindly, let's wait and see for an occasion.
If she's so focused on her spells, she'll be tired pretty quickly (Lame excuse to justify OOC knowledge of Spellcard rules).
No. 126262
[x]Metsu Shoryuken
No. 126297
Who to say it didn't so much work as no shown hitstun?

[X] Take the offensive! All you need is one clean hit and she's going down!
No. 126299
Hey first poster here.
I ADORE this CYOA but before I start praising and bowing down to i have noticed a few things so i'm throwing them out there in non-specific order.

1. Back in thread one when Remillia breaks her Teeth Hale Expected her to be able to it with no problem
Yet... She isn't able to. I mean Hale is the CEO of a Massive Weapons Supply company yet he Can't remember How many
Bodily Augamentations and enhancements he's had? (I mean Assuming the majority of feats that he has achived Wasn't just on MANpower alone sounds somewhat far-fetched to me.
so there is the possibility of Hale trying some of his own medicine.)

2.No other form of outside Interferance yet or mention.
Let Me get this straight SAXTON HALE CEO OF MANN CO. And 6th richest man in the world goes missing and your telling me no one has tried to find him?
keep in mind that unlike most anons who pop into gensokyo will not have help from outside as they are unimportant people.
Hale however is not this unimportant Which can mean only one thing:
NO HALE = NO SUPPLIES FOR THE TF2 GANG (yes that means Sandvitch depression)
There is going to be a mass search For Hale and itl go something like this:

every thread or post there will be a newspaper extract or hint at the situation outside
Eventually The Engineer Will figure out whats what And Build a fUcking Gap Tele

Annoncer gives propositon to BLU And Red And other random mercenraies:
Find hale for X ammount of cash rewards for bringing information about well gensokyo ( although they probably won't know what the name is until later)
TF2 gang ends up in gensokyo
Choas and Lulz ensues
i say choas because no matter how many times keine erases a heavys history hell most likely respawn
Oh and it will most likly not be a regular RED blue i mean theese guys will be geared up with THE BEST Mann co. wepons to offer yes that does mean Golden rench's
and Valve weapons not to mention The sentry dogs and the other things that havn't been realeased.

Meanwhile hale finds out whats going on and gets the blame for starting an incident.
raging reimu.

And just for the lulz a random TF2 meme character is created due to crossing through the border and it becomes an increasingly Large problem for everyone.
(Vagineer for example)

something i found on the tf2 wiki which might affect our soon to be realtionship.
Notable achievements of Saxton Hale include:* Blowing up the moon using an Apple product called the iBlewupthemoon.
(This was later deemed non-canon in the Loose Canon comic) If anything goes wrong this can be used as a threat.

4.back to the whole ablities thing you do need to sort out how exactly powerful hale is because its on the lines of piss-weak yet-piss strong try to come up with an ultimatum for this.

anyway thats about it i look forward to seeing what you have to say keep up the good work!

p.s ingore my horrible spelling I lack microsoft word so i didn't really spellcheck.
No. 126300
Hang on..... Saxton Hale's chest hair is in the shape of Austrailia... but he's now british. ........ nah you wouldn't be that silly right? ...... RIGHT?
No. 126302
[X] Take the offensive! All you need is one clean hit and she's going down!
No. 126303
[x] go offensive cuz if a falcon punch didn't do sqaut then something is fishy namely sanae an offensive would confirm as to whether or not something is protecting her if so then this would give the oppurtunity to figure out how to counter her sheild. oh and heres a write in vote for good measure [X]throw australium at sanae (nothing better than a golden petrified loli miko amirite?)
No. 126305

No. 126307

Well, I see it as another vote for attacking.

So what... that makes it 3 attack and 2 dodge... and 1... reference.

I can work with this.
No. 126308
Never post on this site ever again. Please.
No. 126310
File 128805941387.jpg - (77.02KB , 500x500 , Vagineer_and_Penis_Cupcake_by_lookandsea.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Take the offensive! If we cant FALCON PAWNCH her, maybe we can GIGA DRILL BREAK her?

No. 126311
File 128805963867.gif - (727.74KB , 211x120 , kingkittangigadrillbreaker_display.gif ) [iqdb]
[X] Take the offensive! If we cant FALCON PAWNCH her, maybe we can GIGA DRILL BREAK her?
No. 126320
File 12880756619.jpg - (64.58KB , 650x700 , 5161796.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Take the Offensive! All you need is one clean hit and she’s going down!

Staring at the flurry of bullets, you feel your heart start to sink. How in any possible way could you dodge all this? You could hardly tell the bullets apart, let alone even fathom thinking about weaving through all this. You try to find some humor in the situation, saying how this would probably be an excellent chance to learn how to contort your body a bit. However, such attempts failed, instead now placing your focus on dodging a bit.

Wait, back to the dodging? And then what, you keep dodging until Sanae stops? There’s no way Sanae will have any degree of respect for you if you just keep on dodging her attacks. Maybe she’ll acknowledge your ability to dodge but definitely not have any respect for you. Or for fairies. You need to teach this woman that happens to those who not only mess with you, but mess with anyone associated with you.

Staring at Sanae, you could see that she was in a trance again, probably focusing on her spell card. This was good as you know that she would not at all try to move if you begin attacking her. However, she managed to shrug off a punch to the gut without even flinching. You were uncertain if hitting her would do anything. But damn it, if you don’t do it, then you’ll never get another chance to do it. Focusing all your strength into one single blow, you begin flying towards Sanae, charging straight through the waves and waves of bullets.

You then heard Suika shouting. “Dang it Mister, you’re supposed to dodge the bullets, not charge head first into it!” Suika’s complaints were quick to reach your brain. It took a few direct hits from a few bullets to really make your mind realize that you should do some dodging. Narrowly avoiding getting hit by a large orb of light, the distance between you and Sanae was quickly becoming shorter. With arm outstretched, you close your eyes and ready yourself for impact…

This was it.

It was all or nothing.

You begin counting down in your mind.

5. 4. 3. 2. 1.

And you completely forget about dodging.

Forgetting that Sanae was still in a spell card trance and firing projectiles, at first you feel a light pain before feeling several more bullets hitting you, causing your body to erupt in pain. Screaming out loudly, you lose momentum and even the focus to stay in the air. Your mind feeling weak, you feel helpless as you begin falling back to the ground.

Damn it. How could you be so careless? You thought you would have learned your lesson about blindly rushing ahead in violence. You guess not.

You feel something catch you and gently bring you back to the ground, laying you down. Your vision blurry from the amount of shock your body went through, you let yourself lie there, breathing heavily.

“Darn it Mister, I told you to dodge the bullets, not rush ahead. You should be glad I was here to catch you or else you might have gotten yourself badly hurt there.” You shake your head, letting your vision clear up, seeing Suika standing over you, looking disappointed.

You give her a weak smile. “Well, guess I have a thick skull, huh?” You try to laugh but only end up coughing instead. “Ah, I really should’ve paid more attention earlier.” You look up into the sky, seeing Sanae finishing her spell card trance, the bullets slowly disappearing into nothingness.

Click, Click!

“Ayayayaya, that was wonderful!” You turn your head, seeing Aya taking a few pictures of you. “Mysterious Man defeated by Wind Priestess! It’ll be a sensation.”

You frown and turn to Suika, Suika nodding. Suika then summoned her chain again and latched it on to Aya, dragging her over to you, allowing you to take her camera again.

“Hey! Give that back!” You see Aya struggling again but you only sigh.

“I told you, I don’t like having people take my picture.” You put the camera in your jacket and look back into the sky. You start feeling disappointed in yourself. You failed, you failed in defeat Sanae, and you failed in avenging Diana. “I’m sorry, Diana… I just… wasn’t… strong enough…”

“Mister Hale… I’m sorry too…”

Huh? Turning your head again, you gasp. It can’t be, it just can’t be!

“D- D- D- Diana? Is that you?” You sit up, rubbing your eyes. Standing a few feet next to you, alive and well, was Diana. Though her clothes were a bit tattered, you feel overjoyed in seeing her alive again. “H-How did this happen?”

“I’m sorry, Mister Hale, for making you worry about me. I really was looking for you; I even gathered a group of other fairies to help find you, using some persuasive skills from that book to…” Not letting her finish, you grab Diana and bring her close, hugging her tightly.

“I’m so sorry, Diana! I shouldn’t have run off and let you get killed. If you hate me for what I did, I completely understand, but I promise, I won’t ever run off again without telling you anything.” You continue holding Diana tightly.

Diana was flustered by you suddenly grabbing her, making her blush a bit. “M-M-Mister Hale, I’m not angry at all, why, I’m so happy that you came looking for me, but please, let me explain!” You loosen your grip, letting Diana free herself. “Thank you, Mister Hale. And to explain what happened, well… I revived.”

She revived? Diana sees the confusion on your face and continues with her explanation, saying how fairies never truly stay dead, that they revive quickly back to normal.

Before you could reply, you could hear someone clapping.

“Well, well, well, then Mister, it seems that your fairy is back to normal. I guess that makes you happy, huh?” You turn around, seeing Sanae clapping her hands. You give her an angry look. “My, my, still hostile, even after how badly I beat you? You really should be thankful you’re still alive? Why, if it weren’t for your friend here, you would be-”

Ugh, this woman is annoying!

“Shut up already, damn it.” Taking out Aya’s camera from your jacket, you throw it at Sanae, aiming right between her eyes. Sanae, so focused on lecturing to you, was completely taken by surprise, allowing the camera to strike her cleanly on the forehead.

“Ah! My camera!” Aya continues struggling from her binding as Sanae falls back, knocked out from being hit by the camera. You threw the camera so hard that you could see a few cracks on form.

“Mister Hale! You didn’t have to do that!” You turn to Diana, chuckling a bit to yourself.

“What? She had it coming. Whatever, I’m just so glad that you’re okay.” Smiling, you slowly stand up, Suika and Diana a bit worried that you were overexerting yourself. Telling them that you felt fine, you walk over to Sanae, the priestess still unconscious, and pick up Aya’s camera, placing it in your jacket.

“George, I am glad to see that you’re okay.” You saw Hina walk up next to you, giving you a curtsey. “Seeing that you have attended to your business here, I must ask you to please leave Youkai Mountain.” You then ask Hina about Sanae. “Don’t worry, George, I will make sure no harm befalls her. Now please, go, before some Youkai come to investigate what happened here.”

Thanking Hina one last time, you turn to your companions, and Aya. You then pick up your coat and hat, glad to see that the corsage was still okay.

“Well then, let’s head back to the shrine. I think I’ve had enough shenanigans here for one day.” You begin laughing, putting on your coat and hat in the process.

You could see a look of joy appear on Suika’s face. “Alright, let’s have a party then!” The oni girl then gave a jump for joy, tugging on the chain, causing Aya to nearly lose her balance in the process.

Diana, however, was looking a bit concerned for you. “Shouldn’t you rest? You still got beat pretty badly there.” You had to agree, you still felt a bit sore, and your cuts were still stinging, but thankfully they weren’t bleeding.

“Hey! Don’t I get a say in this? Can’t you let me go?” You turn to Aya, seeing that she was worried too, though you were thinking that she was more worried about herself than about you.

You lean over to Aya and give her a smug look and a single answer.

“No. You’re coming with us. You still have a interview to give me, of course!” You then point out to the sky. “Now let’s go!”

[X] It's party time! It's time to invite everyone to celebrate this momentous occasion! (Excluding Aya.)
[X] Let's call it a day. I could use a good night's rest.

Ms. Diana is alive and all is well again! Though I doubt Sanae learned something today. Oh well, at least we did our best. Good try, Anons, good try.
No. 126327
> Though I doubt Sanae learned something today.

That's okay, she's just a stupid psychopath anyway.
No. 126329
No. 126331
[X] It's party time! It's time to invite everyone to celebrate this momentous occasion! (Excluding Aya.)

I told ya Anon that punching her would lead to an end! That's what you get!
No. 126335
Saxton Hale is australian.
George Hale is british.
The MC is not Saxton Hale.
No. 126339
[X] It's party time! It's time to invite everyone to celebrate this momentous occasion! (Excluding Aya.)
Oh well. He can't win them all.
No. 126353
so apparantly the fact that its GEORGE saxton hale dosn't mean that he IS saxton hale ... facepalm.png
No. 126355
Saxton Hale owner and proprietor of Mann. CO = Australian
The protagonist has been identified repeatedly as English.
No. 126360
And the fact that he actually says hes the Ceo of mann co and is also british did not occur to you because?
No. 126361
He is CEO of Mann Co. But there's numerous indicators that he's either a successor to the company, or an entirely different Mann Co. Meaning he's not the rugged Australian CEO of Mann Co. who can be seen starring in the hit comic series "Saxton Hale's Thrilling Tales" (Available wherever Mann Co. products are sold)
No. 126362
You are silly.
It was Anon who decided that Hale was Saxton. Author never decided it.
No. 126364
File 128810328266.jpg - (136.31KB , 500x709 , 1288063644074.jpg ) [iqdb]

>Saxton Hale's Thrilling Tales

You cannot fathom the bitter tears I wept when I realized this comic didn't actually exist.
No. 126365
File 128810356385.png - (90.81KB , 800x601 , 71111d42c3480ae3992d20e5f111cfae.png ) [iqdb]
It exists in our hearts.
No. 126370
File 128810438829.png - (83.45KB , 214x209 , 12780922246.png ) [iqdb]

Uh-huh, I'm glad you guys are discussing a bit about the story, but let's stay on track okay! And not all of you voted! Is it really that hard to vote?

And here I shall explain so it end all confusion about George "Saxton" Hale.

George "Saxton" Hale IS NOT Saxton Hale.
Yes there are some TF2-related elements, but only A FEW. I'm surprised you guys aren't asking for Plasmids for all the Bioshock references in I put as well.

I let you anons name him George "Saxton" Hale out of how amusing it would be, but not so you can make him into the rugged Australian man who stars in "Saxton's thrilling tales." And this is an entirely different Mann Co. It's the Mann Co. Weapon and Tourism. With lovely trips to Florida and Guam and Hawaii and all other lovely out of the reach places.
Now please, if there are any other questions, just ask ME. I'll do my best to answer it as soon as possible.

Saxton's just a middle name anyway, so he's still George Hale.
No. 126373
File 128810676374.png - (145.11KB , 741x531 , Hale Rage.png ) [iqdb]
yeah those last few post's were by me.
No. 126374
File 128810710352.jpg - (75.42KB , 989x575 , Chen_creed.jpg ) [iqdb]
Ha ha ha ha
No. 126375
File 12881075858.jpg - (320.38KB , 700x986 , Saxton gang.jpg ) [iqdb]
Can our Fake impersonator Hale still keep his powers prestiege and importance? be a shame to let it go to waste.

pic sorta related Just imagine are current party on the head of the girls.
No. 126376
File 12881076925.jpg - (169.24KB , 640x640 , 01_pyro_hat.jpg ) [iqdb]
Hale Picture dump GO!


No. 126377
FFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-*gets punched in the face by Saxton Hale* "Suck it up, pansy!"

Y'know what? I'll just say that George is Saxton Hale's son running a small branch of MANN co. That's reasonable right?
No. 126379
File 128810813224.jpg - (23.04KB , 425x472 , saxtonhale (7).jpg ) [iqdb]
Meh. seems reasonable but then wouldn't that mean that the REAl saxton would be searching for him? in that case 2 hales one australian and one british in gensokyo would equal.....
i got nothing you figure it out.
No. 126381

Gosh dang it to heck already! Just put it out of your mind that George Hale is any way related Saxton Hale. And Mann Co. here is a different Mann Co, a weapon company made back in World War I in England, later added Tourism but kept the Weapons part to honor the proud history of helping Britain stay alive during the war.

And now MANN Co. stands for Muntions And iNNovations Company. Sounds a lot better.

But don't worry, George is still strong. I just thought you guys knew that charging head first into a barrage of danmaku won't bring you to success.
No. 126382
His wife's a Brit (maybe?)
Anyway, if Twitty is reading this,I hope he tries to take a stab at the idea.
No. 126383
Well then, my idea just went down the drain. Meh, whatever.
George is just as awesome as Saxton anyway.
No. 126384
File 128811016213.png - (678.17KB , 1048x1799 , Hale Rage 2.png ) [iqdb]
No. 126386
Source Material? Fer fuck sakes, the concept isn't "Saxton Hale in Gensokyo", nor is it advertised as such. Why are you so solidly latched onto this?
No. 126388
Seriously, get the fuck out of here.
No. 126389
Hehehe. Fucking saved.
No offense to Twitty.
No. 126390
File 128811120781.gif - (2.55KB , 194x159 , trollface.gif ) [iqdb]
Why else?
No. 126392

None taken.

Though honestly, seriously! I'm fine with this as long as you guys VOTE! There's no way I can move on with the story unless I know what you guys want George to do.

The vote stands as so far.
[X] It's party time! It's time to invite everyone to celebrate this momentous occasion! (Excluding Aya.)
[X] Let's call it a day. I could use a good night's rest.

Option 1 (Party) - 2 Vote
Option 2 (Rest) - 0 Votes
Responses after update - 22


Seriously guys. I know some of these are similar people responding to other people, but I know it's more than just two anons arguing.

So... can we just get back to... voting? And maybe discussing, but having the votes in said discussion? All I want is votes to figure out what George should do next, not whether or not George is Saxton.
No. 126394
File 128811155127.png - (0.99MB , 673x803 , Saxton_Hale_poster_by_Fataldose.png ) [iqdb]
Works for me!
[X] It's party time! It's time to invite everyone to celebrate this momentous occasion! (Excluding Aya.) British Non relevant hale needs beer To run! (hes still british right?)
No. 126395

He's always been British and forever will be, no matter how strong he gets. Australias aren't the only people who can be strong.
No. 126396
You are worse than Wiseman.
No. 126397
File 128811215435.png - (69.67KB , 250x211 , 250px-Nope.png ) [iqdb]
Do i Give A monkeys uncle?

No. 126398
[X] It's party time! It's time to invite everyone to celebrate this momentous occasion! (Excluding Aya.)

This is probably something I should know already, but what's the deal with calling people Wiseman?
No. 126399
that was a vote btw.
No. 126400
[X] It's party time! It's time to invite everyone to celebrate this momentous occasion! (Excluding Aya.)
No. 126401
File 128811304791.png - (324.80KB , 741x537 , response.png ) [iqdb]
No. 126402
To be honest you're the only one that seems upset anymore.
You might want to calm down a bit.

[X] It's party time! It's time to invite everyone to celebrate this momentous occasion! (Excluding Aya.)
No. 126403
Meh i'm fine i just love making those.

No Rly. Sigh i'd be on tf2 right now if i wasn't so dam bored and lazy oh well guess i'll wait around a little more for something to happen.
No. 126404
Cool story. I'll tell my aunt about that.
No. 126406
[X] It's party time! It's time to invite everyone to celebrate this momentous occasion! (NOT excluding Aya.)
No. 126413
File 128811614843.jpg - (581.99KB , 1024x768 , oniparty.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] It's party time! It's time to invite everyone to celebrate this momentous occasion! (Excluding Aya.)
No. 126414
Why did this thread become a meme-spewing lulz fest?
No. 126415
because you dissed me.

(nah heck i don't eve know if its you.)
No. 126416
[X] It's party time! It's time to invite everyone to celebrate this momentous occasion! (Including Aya.)
No. 126417
>Random anon
Here is your answer. One of the shitposters from /jp/ must have escaped and lost their way here.
No. 126418
Its funny how moronic you must be to realise that This is the first chan THAT I HAVE posted on so ive never actually posted on 4chan before therefore your accusation is completely wrong.

tl;dr Eat a dick you igonorant moron
No. 126420
>the first chan THAT I HAVE posted
Cool Story bro. Why don't you tell it to someone who might actually believe it.

You are nothing but a nuisance for everyone here, either learn how to behave like a normal human being or get out of here. Your type of person is not wanted here.
No. 126421

That's worse.
No. 126422
File 128812047262.gif - (500.78KB , 248x244 , gtfobaby1.gif ) [iqdb]
Seems pretty obvious to me that even /jp/ don't want you.
I wonder if you're an /b/ escaped mental patient.
No. 126423
hm odd No updates as of yet. well i'll keep waiting.
No. 126424

Did you stop to consider maybe you are the reason.
No. 126425
Its Funny how for the slightest fuck up i make i end up reciveing tenfold in rage and hate. Shutting up would let you butthurt Faggots have your way but relpying as i'm doing now just feeds your constant need to bitch and moan Simply because of a few bad posts I can only imagine the way you treat others IRL for minor mistakes Simply because you find it as a fun pastime. after this post ill just vote'n comment because the lack of Kindness and enthusiasm from people like you really isn't worth my time.

You've got nothing better to do than to make someone feel unwelcome and wish nothing more to provoke and satisfy your drama hungry urges like that of a horny homosexual YOU ARE BAD PEOPLE WHO SHOULD FEEL BAD. And just to show you how much you aren't worth my time i didn't even do A Fail ms paint picture.
No. 126426
No U
you Cancer.

(okay now i'm done.)
No. 126427
File 128812246338.png - (70.17KB , 360x200 , yukkuri.png ) [iqdb]
oh yeah rule 4.

now get back to voting ive said my peace. if your mature enough you should do the the same.
No. 126428
File 128812308579.jpg - (101.80KB , 600x600 , 1286925916492.jpg ) [iqdb]
We got ourselves a maniac here, far from reality and living in his own little world.
Not even /b/ would want you. Seriously, get out of here.
No. 126430
File 128812321882.gif - (136.16KB , 160x116 , party_hard.gif ) [iqdb]
No. 126431
Goddamnit guys, stop shitting up the thread already.
No. 126439

You want thread shitting? Go read the latter GH threads.
No. 126448
Holy shit you are intolerable.
No. 126457
File 128813743915.jpg - (152.22KB , 640x480 , girls-laughing.jpg ) [iqdb]
>And just to show you how much you aren't worth my time i didn't even do A Fail ms paint picture.
No. 126463
[X] It's party time! It's time to invite everyone to celebrate this momentous occasion! (Excluding Aya.)

Oh i dont suppose an admin or mod could clean this thread up? Banning random anon would be nice also....
No. 126471
Stop, fucking, talking. All of you.

"Shutting up would let you butthurt Faggots have your way but relpying as i'm doing now just feeds your constant need to bitch and moan"

Summarization: I'm immature and need the last say. No little fucking stupid memefagging, no stupid fucking pictures, just stop. If you post again then your just prooving my point and making yourself look more of an idiot then you already have. That's for all of you.

tl;dr, don't talk in this thread if your not voting or saying something constructive.
No. 126472
>If you post again then your just prooving
>don't talk in this thread if your not voting
No. 126473
No. 126484
I wake up in the morning turn on my psp an take a look for an update and this is what i see WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE! (not you lucidi us your the only guy who actually wants to end It and move on) l admit i made a bad post but i thought we were past that already. like isa in my last posts its time to shut up im not the problem anymore its that anon with the bold text on his name thats stirring shit up. we need to stop if we want our slice of freshly deposited hell.
No. 126485
And for the record I still like Twitty and his CYOA regardless of the recent revelations the rageguy posts were all fun'n Gaems K?
No. 126490
Man, just shut up You are an eyesore. Your posts make zero sense and are just random useless ramble. You just don't get the clue, do you?
No. 126491

You are fucking annoying. Shut the hell up.
No. 126494
File 128817700586.jpg - (430.23KB , 600x3300 , 128772092034.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 126496
File 128817800369.png - (297.16KB , 467x365 , Fishy Anonymous Can't resist the obvious bai.png ) [iqdb]
I knew it.
I fucking knew you wouldn't back down.

I throw a Steak to a Wolf and i get the whole Pack instead.

this pretty much confirms that any form of conversation with you lot will result in a Man child Tantrum BAWWWWWWWWWing about Much ado nothing. so keep going i dare you. because the more YOU post THE MORE IT shows HOW IGNORANT AND SELFISH YOU ARE.

You didn't even read LUCIDI-FUCKING-US's post did you? You Blind ass cock mongrel.

Picture related.
No. 126499
File 128817841530.png - (291.58KB , 640x480 , 1283729715456.png ) [iqdb]
No. 126501
No. 126504
Please calm down. There's no reason to be so upset.
No. 126506
Well then, let's end this rambling nonsense and proceed with what the thread's all about.

[X] It's party time! It's time to invite everyone to celebrate this momentous occasion! (Excluding Aya.)

also, nuff said. Twitty it's better if you're start updating. Or else other anons will keep on posting shit until this thread gone autosage. Trust me, most anons don't want that to happen.
No. 126507
Please calm down. This story is pretty interesting, and I don't want it to be dropped because of Random Anon.

[X] It's party time! It's time to invite everyone to celebrate this momentous occasion! (Excluding Aya.)
No. 126522
File 128819250311.jpg - (198.44KB , 850x601 , sample-455ca6b62dd932e4e1b1b57cb1f363c2.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] It's party time! It's time to invite everyone to celebrate this momentous occasion! (Excluding Aya.)

“Hey, George, what the hell is going on here?!” Reimu was pulling on her hair, looking completely furious.

You chuckle and take a sip of sake from your flask. “Oh, nothing, Reimu, or Miss Hakurei, correct? It’s just some simple merrymaking!”

“Simple merrymaking, simple merrymaking?! Then how do you explain the army of fairies?!” Reimu then began pointing at the group of fairies that was hanging around the shrine.

As you came back from Youkai Mountain with Ms. Diana, Suika, and Aya, a large posse of fairies came along with you. Though you didn’t question why, they weren’t hostile, so you took no mind to them. To be honest, you were enjoying their company, so you let them stay with you at the shrine, letting them celebrate along with you.

Celebrate, however, was an extremely loose term to describe the events. To be honest, the celebrations composed of the fairies flying around, playing games, drinking sake, and maybe talking with Aya, who was still being bound by Suika and was ordering you to let her go. Of course, you ignored her.

“Don’t worry, Reimu, it’s not like they’re going to hurt anyone. They’re quite a peaceful lot, if I do say so myself.” Though you try your best to persuade Reimu to let the fairies stay, Reimu continues to protest. “Please, Reimu, what’s wrong? Don’t tell me you have something against fairies, now do you?”

Reimu then let out a small sigh. “It’s not that I have something against fairies, it’s that such a large amount of fairies would certainly bring unwanted…”

You then hear a voice ring out. “Hey! I’ve come back to have some fun!”

“…attention…” You could hear Reimu groaning.

Turning towards the voice, you see Marisa land, propping her broom up. She had a big smile on her face as she began looking at all the fairies that were at the shrine.

“So what happened, Reimu? Deciding to turn your shrine into a fairy playhouse?” Marisa began chuckling a bit.

Reimu, however, was still not amused. “No, this jackass here decided to bring a fairy army back from Youkai Mountain. After all the searching I did in the Bamboo Forest, I was hoping to relax for the rest of the day, not having to deal with all these fairies!” Well, Reimu is back to calling you names again. You shrug, deciding that leaving Reimu alone for a bit would be best.

“So, Georgey, you got yourself a fairy army of Youkai Mountain? I guess you’re serious in showing everyone that fairies aren’t just fun creatures, huh?” You shrug, saying that the fairies just followed you back after you found Ms. Diana. Speaking of Ms. Diana, you saw her looking through the Bureaucra-te book, trying her best to get through it despite not knowing how to read. You were thankful there were pictures in the book, though you really had to teach her how to read eventually.

Marisa took a glance at Aya and then turned back to you. “Tell me, what did happen on Youkai Mountain? You look pretty beat up. Don’t tell me you picked a fight with Aya.” Marisa glances back at Aya. “That’s why she’s tied up, right? You beat her up, right?”

“Of course not, Marisa, I am not so ungentlemanly to beat her up, no, instead I fought someone else instead.” Marisa then began asking what happened and why you were so beat up. “Well… let’s just say I’m still not used to this whole spell card duel thing. I can dodge pretty well, but to be honest, it’s downright scary seeing how much bullets one spell card can have.”

You see Marisa grinning a bit. “Well, I guess it can be a bit hard for a first timer, but don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it, Georgey.”

“Thanks, Marisa,that means a lot to me.” You then raise your flask up. “Now please, Marisa, have fun and enjoy the party! Or at least celebrate with the other fairies!” Sipping your flask over your mouth, you realize you were out of sake. Chuckling a bit, you walk over to Suika, who had just finished pouring a small dish of sake for a fairy. Holding your flask out to Suika, the Oni girl did not need to be told that you were out.

“This is your fifth refill, Mister, you sure you can keep up?” Suika’s voice has a hint of concern in it, but you tell her to relax, saying that you were fully capable of holding your drink. Taking a quick sip from your flask, you turn to Aya, walking over to her and sitting next to her. You begin to smile, and seeing you smile, Aya begins worrying. Though she tries to move away, her bindings make it impossible.

“Why are you still holding me hostage? I thought you wanted an interview!” Aya leans further away from you as you start leaning in closer, your smile turning into a grin.

“Of course I want an interview. I’m just keeping you like this so you don’t run off mid-interview! It would be a shame if you weren’t able to finish the interview, Miss Shameimaru.” You chuckle a bit.

“Well then why don’t we have the interview now then? I assure you that I won’t leave, just please, unbind me. This is really starting to get uncomfortable!”

You lean in again, this time much closer, so close that your nose was almost touching Aya’s face. You were grinning very widely and were laughing a bit louder now.

“So you want an interview right now, Miss Shameimaru, during the middle of a celebration?”

[X] Of Course! But you don't need your hands, this is an interview! We use words, not gestures!
[X] Nope.
- [X] Arm-Wrestle Suika again.
- [X] Ask Marisa for the Blanket Back.
- [X] Help Ms. Diana with the Bureaucra-te book.
- [X] Join the fairies and their fun.

I just restored my computer after getting hit with a virus. I'm glad I backed up my computer before hand or this update would have taken forever.

And damn, so much arguments! Can't we leave the CYOA thread for discussion and votes only? If you want to go bickering, take it elsewhere, dang it!
No. 126524
- [X] Join the fairies and their fun.

Finally got our party. Enjoy it instead of talking with that birdbrain.
No. 126527
[X] Of Course! But you don't need your hands, this is an interview! We use words, not gestures!
-[X] Help Ms Diana with Beuracra-te

What an odd way to leave it off. If you just say nope then it'de be like "YOU want an interview? *walks off and parties with fairies*
No. 126528
Was also expecting an cirno
No. 126538
Let me Clarify the votes as perusual. I apologize if I didn't do this earlier as I was rather tired.

[X] An Inteview? Of course! Though why should I unbind you? It's not like you need your hands for an interview! (Interview with Aya)
[X] An Interview now? Nope. (No interview with Aya. Pick an additional option)
- [X] Arm-Wrestle Suika again.
- [X] Ask Marisa for the Blanket Back.
- [X] Help Ms. Diana with the Bureaucra-te book.
- [X] Join the fairies and their fun.

Gosh dang it, need to restore everything on my computer back to what it was...
No. 126561
Change >>126527 to

[X] An Inteview? But of course! I've kept you waiting long enough, and I AM a gentlemanne, *unbind her so she can write* I just didn't want you flying away on me before we had time to talk.

How can you be interviewed if you don't have it written? Is she supposed to fly home and try and remember?

Also it takes respect to gain respect. If we give her some she should return the favor and not slander the fuck out of us.
No. 126566
[X] An Inteview? But of course! I've kept you waiting long enough, and I AM a gentlemanne, *unbind her so she can write* I just didn't want you flying away on me before we had time to talk.

How can you be interviewed if you don't have it written? Is she supposed to fly home and try and remember?

Hm... Lets make the interview as disturbing and scary as possible. I'd love to see aya's face when we tell her about our adventures.
No. 126579
[x] An interview? But of course! I've kept you waiting long enough, and I AM a gentlemanne. *untie and re-tie her so just her arms stick out. Take the fan away too.*
No. 126744
File 128837303946.jpg - (152.18KB , 600x596 , 247656.jpg ) [iqdb]
You continue smiling, taking another sip of sake from your flask. You couldn’t tell if it was because you were drunk or if it was something else but you really find it funny how Aya was acting all afraid of you. You were thinking that she just didn’t have the chance to start a meaningful conversation with you, since most of the times you met her you were out to get her liver. Now that you think about it, you’ve never tried crow liver before.

No, no, no. Stop thinking about liver eating, that’s hardly gentlemanly behavior. Well, thinking about eating the livers of sentient beings, not the actual action of eating liver. Chuckling to yourself you again see how terrified Aya was; you could see her literally shaking.

“W-W-Well then, George? Aren’t you going to let me interview you?” You raise your eyebrow, and then proceed to scratch your chin. To be honest, you really weren’t sure if you had enough trust in Aya that she won’t just bolt off after you let her go. However, just keeping her bound there was entirely ungentlemanly. Besides, it’s been a while since you let someone interview you. What better time to start an interview than now?

You gently pull at Aya’s cheek, smiling widely. “Well, isn’t that cute. I guess I can’t say no. I say you earned one interview. I hope you use it wisely.” You then stood up and begin to stretch out your arms. “But before I tell Suika to unbind you, let me lay down a few ground-rules, so please bear with me for a bit longer.”

You clear up your throat and straighten your coat. “First off, no picture taking during the interview. As I told you before, I don’t like my picture being taken during an interview. You understand?” You saw Aya quickly nod, Aya wanting to get out of her bindings as soon as possible. “Second, your fan; you must let me hold it for the entire interview.”

Aya quickly begun to protest. “Wait, what? But that’s a precious treasure of m-”

You raised your hand for a bit, telling Aya to be quiet and that you were the one talking and laying down the rules. “I’m just going to hold it to ensure that you won’t use it against me, okay? I don’t want a repeat of last time, you nearly killed me there.”

“It wasn’t my fault that you were latched on to me! You should be glad that I didn’t go and just crush you into paste!” There she goes again, complaining and complaining. You were starting to grow tired of listening to Aya.

“Well whatever, that’s in the past now. Well now for the last rule; I get the right to not only look at what you write down but also the right to look over the article before it is published.” As if on cue, Aya being yelling at you.

“What?! Let you see the article before it is properly published?! Impossible! Only I am allowed to see the articles before they’re published! That completely goes against reporting! No, I refuse! You can do whatever you want to me but when you start asking to mess with my newspaper then no! There’s no way that I wilACK!”

Aya began choking, your hand wrapped around her neck. The smile on your face changed into a frown. Lifting Aya up until she was at eye-level with you, you began staring at her with hostility in your eyes.

“I just about had it with you and your complaining, Miss Shameimaru. You should be thankfully that I have not yet decided to snap your neck. As I told you before, I am a changed man, and I have been tolerating you more than I thought I would. However, I am not without limits, Miss Shameimaru. I WILL be allowed to see the article before it is published.”

Aya continued to choke, struggling to speak. “A-a-and if y-you aren’t available?”

“Well, I guess then you won’t be publishing that article, huh?”

“Hey Jackass, what the hell are you doing?” Looking behind, you noticed that nearly all the fairies were looking at you now, with Reimu standing in the middle of the group of fairies, looking angry at you, her arms folded.

“Uh… um… uh…” You let Aya go, dropping her back to the ground. You could hear Aya coughing behind you as you turn to face Reimu. You begin chuckling. “Why, it’s an interview, of course, Reimu! I have decided in the goodness of my heart to allow Miss Shameimaru to interview me!” You then glance at Suika, telling her to unbind Aya. Seeing Suika let go of the chain, the chain disappeared. “Ah, Reimu, may I please ask if I bring Miss Shameimaru inside the shrine for this interview? I don’t want her to be distracted by the festivities out here.”

“Fesitives, inside, why n- you know what, FINE! Go ahead, use the shrine as your own personal space, you’ve already turned the outside into a fairy playground!” Is there nothing that you can do to please Reimu? It’s like whatever you do, she gets angrier at you. Ah, whatever, at least she isn’t attacking you. Yet. Turning to Suika again, you ask her to bring Aya inside the shrine, the Oni standing up and nodding, picking up Aya and taking her inside, Aya still a bit dazed after being choked.

Walking towards the shrine, you stop in front of Ms. Diana, seeing that she was still trying to read her book. You lean down to her and give her a warm smile. “Ms. Diana, I will be going inside for a bit. Can I promise you to make sure these fairies behave themselves while I’m inside?”

Ms. Diana set her book down and turned to look up at you. “Yes, Mister Hale, I won’t let you down.” You chuckle, thanking Ms. Diana before walking inside the shrine, closing the doors behind you. Once inside, you saw Aya sitting on the floor, behind a table, with Suika at another edge of the table. Sitting down across from Aya, you smile, trying to make Aya feel comfortable.

“So, Miss Shameimaru, shall we get this interview started? I wouldn’t want to keep you here too long.” You see Aya suddenly jolt to life, reaching for her notepad and pen.

“Right, right, let’s get started then, George…”

“Hale, George Hale, Miss Shameimaru, of and would you kindly call me by Mister Hale for the duration of this interview? I find it much more professional in such a situation like this.”

“Oh… um okay then, Mister Hale.” You could see Aya starting to write down something in her notepad. “So Mister Hale, I recall you being at the Scarlet Devil Mansion a while ago. How did that go?”

You rest one of your arms on the table. “Well, it was a nice stay, the mistress of the mansion, Miss Scarlet, is quite a nice host. A little strange… but then again, aren’t we all a little strange?”

“Even though she is a vampire?”

“Even if she is a vampire. Why, she even tried to bite my neck to suck up my blood.”

Suika nearly spat out her drink. “She what?! When I get my hand on that bat-winged freak...”

“Oh don’t worry, Suika, it failed completely. Here, I have the proof!” You reach into your coat and pull out Remilia’s fangs to show to both Suika and Aya. Both of them marvel, completely baffled that you broke Remilia’s fangs.

Aya, after writing down more in her notepad, asks another question. “So, how did you break them? Did you punch Remilia in the face?”

You shake your head. “They broke when Remilia tried to bite my neck.”

“They… what?”

“They broke when Remilia tried to bite my neck. How many times do I have to say that? It’s true!”

“Okay… moving on…” You were wondering if Aya questioned whether or not you were telling the truth. She probably thinks you’re lying.

“So then, Mister Hale, you’re from the outside world, correct?” You nod. “What’s it like out there?”

“Well, it’s nothing like this place, of course. The weather is quite pleasant in comparison to the rather… dull weather of the English isles. The people are quite interesting too.” You then reach into your pocket. “Ah, don’t mind me, I just need to wind-up my pocket watch.” Grabbing your pocket watch, you begin to wind it up again, hoping not to let it stop this time.

Aya took a quick glance at the pocket watch and then began asking another question. “That reminds me, do you know how the Gatekeeper and Chief Maid are doing?”

“That’s… a good question. I met the Gatekeeper again back at the Human Village and she seemed to be doing fine… however, the Chief Maid’s case is different… Hrmm, maybe I should have stayed put in the mansion instead of just running around.” You take a sip of sake from your flask.

“I see…” Aya continues writing in her notepad, the questions continuing, some of them about your personal life, and some about your professional life. You always made sure that whatever you said was enough for her to be satisfied, but not enough for her to use against you later, if she was going to go against you again.

“Mhmm, mhmm, mhmm… yes… yes… no… no…”

(Vote 1)
[X] The Interview continues smoothly and ends without incident.
[X] Someone interrupts your interview.

(Vote 2)
Getting tired… The sun’s going to set soon.
[X] Get some rest afterwards.
[X] Stay up and deal with one last task.
-[X] Help Diana
-[X] Go back to Nitori
-[X] Return to the Scarlet Devil Mansion
-[X] Something else… (Write-in)
No. 126745
[X] The Interview continues smoothly and ends without incident.
[X] Get some rest afterwords.

Should be settling down for the day since George has been through a lot, nice and peaceful like too.
No. 126746
[X] The Interview continues smoothly and ends without incident.
[X] Get some rest afterwords.

Finally. George, go POWER-NAPPING. Trust me, after all you've been through, you deserved a peaceful, quiet, undisturbed sleep.
No. 126753
[X] The Interview continues smoothly and ends without incident.
[X] Get some rest afterwords.
No. 126754
[X] The Interview continues smoothly and ends without incident.
[X] Get some rest afterwards.
No. 126759
[X] The Interview continues smoothly and ends without incident.
[X] Get some rest afterwards.

George is now pretty tired, and totally drunk. Any action can result to a cataclysm, so let's avoid it.
No. 126864
[X] The Interview continues smoothly and ends without incident.
[X] Get some rest afterwards.

Would have voted to help Diana, but >>126759 raises a valid point.
No. 126868
[X] The Interview continues smoothly and ends without incident.
[X] Stay u
-[x] See what you can do to help around in the shrine.
No. 126873
File 128847882938.jpg - (117.59KB , 600x847 , a84a3dfe98b872ee265240763eec29f3.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] The interview goes smoothly and ends without incident.

“… and that’s where I learned most of my business trade. And then I bought the whole thing out after graduation. That was a good day.”

“I… I see.” Aya again began writing in her notepad.

You then let out a single yawn and proceed to take a look at your pocket watch. Opening it up, the time said that it was half past six. Looking through the shrine’s paper walls, you could tell it was starting to get dark.

Yawning again, you stretch out your arms, and let out a sigh of content. Looking back at Aya, you take another sip of sake from your flask. “Well then, I guess that will be all the time for interviewing then, Miss Shameimaru. I hope that whatever you heard you will be able to use for the Bunbunmaru.”

You see Aya quickly stand up and thank you, bowing down before getting ready to dart out. However, you raise your hand again, catching Aya’s attention.

“Ah, are we forgetting something?” Aya gives you a confused look, tilting her head a bit. “Your notepad?”

“My notepad, but wh- oh, you want to see it? No way, these are important notes for my eyes only.” You shake your head and stand up. Without any warning, you reach across the table and grab Aya by the collar of her shirt.

“Notepad, please.” You then begin holding out your hand to Aya, the reporter nervously chuckles, handing the notepad to you. Letting go of Aya, you lose your balance and fall into the table, causing it to break it half. Scrambling up to your feet, you look at the table, groaning. “Uh… I’ll fix this later…” Stepping out of the wreckage of the table, you start looking through the notepad. Though most the writing in the notepad was innocent enough, you stop over a certain page.

“Hrmm… Miss Shameimaru? About this one note here…”

“Yes, George? Is there anything wrong about it?”

“Well… it says here that I’m a ‘Tyrant asshole who beats people up for kicks and giggles.’ Care to explain?”

“Oh, that?” You start to see Aya sweating a bit as she lets out a nervous laugh. “That’s… that’s… that’s just a mistake! Just a simple mistake, George!”

“A simple mistake, you say? Well good, that means I get to rip it out.” Without even waiting for Aya to respond, you rip out the page and shred it to several pieces. You then hand the notepad back to Aya, who was looking sad after you ripped out that page. “Oh, come on, Miss Shameimaru, cheer up! Here, since you’ve been such a good sport, you can have your camera back!” You reach into your coat and take out Aya’s camera. Giving Aya a warm smile, you toss the camera over to her, Aya deftly catching it.

“Thank you, George, for giving me this interview with you.” Aya then began to bow before you.

You just stood there and began scratching the back of your head. “Yeah, yeah, now bugger off. And you better not put anything that I will dislike, Miss Shameimaru. I’m not one who gives out second chances like candy.”

Aya then quickly darted out of the shrine, flying out and away as quickly as possible, before she disappeared into the distance. Yawning, you sit back down, taking a look at Suika, who was lying on her side and taking a small sip from her gourd.

“Well then, Suika, wasn’t that a pleasant chat?” You watch Suika chuckle and set her gourd down.

“You know, Mister, you were a bit of jerk there.” Listening to Suika, you let out a boisterous laugh, before you go and lie on your back, looking at the ceiling of the shrine.

“Well, Suika, it’s not like she didn’t deserve it, right? Besides, at least I didn’t go and try to bite her neck off, huh?”

[X] Get some rest

You let out another yawn. “Suika, can you go and tell Reimu that I’m going to sleep in her shrine again? I would like if she knew what I was doing.”

You saw Suika stand up and walk up to you, leaning over you. “What, mister, tired already? There’s still a lot of time to party!”

You shrug. “Eh, well, I’ve had a rough day. I could use a nap. If anything, I’ll wake up later and we can celebrate still. Now run along, Suika, I’m certain Ms. Diana would enjoy your company.”

“Alright then, Mister, but you’re going to be missing out!” You then saw Suika walk out of the shrine, closing the door shut behind her. Yawning, you rest your head on the floor and close your eyes, trying your best to get some sleep.

“Ah… sleep. I wish I had a bed…”

[X] The sleep is peaceful.
- [X] Wake-up later that night.
- [X] Wake-up the next day.
[X] Be interrupted
- [X] A familiar face
- [X] An unfamiliar face
No. 126874
[X] The sleep is peaceful.
- [X] Wake-up later that night.
No. 126875
[X] The sleep is peaceful.
- [X] Wake-up later that night.

Wouldn't have said nap if I knew it was only 6 o'clock :|
No. 126877
File 128848528236.jpg - (414.98KB , 800x1000 , give it baaaaack!.jpg ) [iqdb]
About damn time.
No. 126878

Oh god, why did I not use that picture? DAMN IT! I am raging now!
No. 126883
...you are a very cruel person, Twitty.
No. 126885
[x] Be interrupted
-[x] By an unfamiliar face (rabbit?)
No. 126886
[X] The sleep is peaceful, but you were
[X] Interrupted
- [X] By a familiar face
No. 126890
[X] Be interrupted
- [X] An unfamiliar face
No. 126903
[X] The sleep is peaceful, but you were
[X] Interrupted
- [X] By a familiar face

Is that Mima?!
No. 126905
Familiar faces are getting boring. How about new ones like unfamiliar ones? Gives us a surprise for whoever that is.
No. 126917
File 128854135041.jpg - (78.98KB , 500x333 , broadwayg.jpg ) [iqdb]
Well guys, I'm planning to watch a show at broadway, or somewhere close, today.

Keep the votes in, I'll write the update after I come back.

And yes, I'll try to make it someone interesting if it is an unfamiliar face.
But i'll still try to keep it interesting if you make it a familiar face.

Ugh, whatever. Have fun, guys.
No. 127057
File 128863921833.jpg - (108.14KB , 450x577 , 7512217e9b6fcdf44ee8fb2684bee5d6.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Be Interrupted from your sleep
[X] An Unfamiliar Face

Taking the time to rest, you start feeling better, quickly realizing how exhausted you were. Well, you had every right to be exhausted, after all the insanity you’ve been through this day. You begin to let your mind wander, letting it think of whatever came to mind. At first, all you could think of was how horrible beaten you were by that Sanae girl, and that freaking barrage of magical bullets that were shot at you. Strangely enough, you were thinking the bullets would hurt you more, but it seems they really were more for show than anything else.

After letting your mind ponder about the whole deal with spell cards, you wander back and remember what must be going on back in England. You recall that you were going to London for a business meeting with the CEO of Fontaine Industries. You had high hopes with settling a sort of deal with the business after hearing a lot of success the business had with genetic research and what not. Then again, their claims were pretty far-fetched, and there was no proof that they actually existed. I mean, come on, being able to splice your genes to let you eat more and not get sick? That’ll only make food even more expensive.

You were really glad you took the time to get some rest, feeling much better lying down there and keeping your eyes closed. It was almost as if it was TOO good.


Well, guess that ruins it.

You quickly cover yourself up, curling up into a ball and starting screaming. You were right, the sky was conspiring against you after all and it’s falling down on your now to murder you! Why didn’t you stop mocking the sky when it wouldn’t stop raining? Now it’s after your hide and it’s going to skin you alive and murder you and put your head on a stick and prance around in town and they will call the sky the god slayer and-


You keep screaming. “Ah, the Assassin has breached my final defense and now has come to murder me! No!”


“Please, think this through! You think you have memories, a family, a farm, a plane crash!”


“Was there really a farm? Was that family really your family? DID THAT PLANE REALLY CRASH OR WAS IT HIJACKED?! GAH! DON’T KILL ME PLEASE!”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

You slowly lower your hands over your eyes, seeing that there was a person standing there, looking over you. It was a woman with long, blonde hair and red eyes. What you noticed, besides how… uh… “Well-endowed” she was, was that she had a red horn covered with what appeared to be stars on her forehead.

“Uh… heh…” You nervously chuckle as you slowly stand up, rubbing your back. “Oh… I knew I was going to feel sore later…” Stretching out your sore limbs, you then turn to this horned woman, who was now standing up. You saw how tall she was, why, she was about as tall as you, give or take a few centimeters, but she was still tall. And she was a bit muscular as well. “So… who are you?”

You could see the woman start smiling. “The name’s Yuugi, Yuugi Hoshiguma. I reckon you’re George, right?”

“Yes… how did you know that? Did that stupid tengu ‘s newspaper tell you my name?” You began folding your arms, still a bit angry at how Aya portrayed you as this evil mysterious guy who was going around Gensokyo and messing stuff up. Even though to be honest, there was a little hint of truth in it.

Okay there was a lot of truth into it. But you weren’t evil.

Yuugi then began to laugh. “Of course not. I don’t read any newspaper from the tengu. Suika actually was talking about you when she came by my home. She said you were pretty strong and could hold your drink to boot.”

“Oh really…” You were starting to feel a bit uncomfortable. You were probably thinking Yuugi was an Oni too, and what Suika said about Oni was that they were party animals and enjoyed a good challenge. You had a bad feeling why this one Oni in particular decided to interrupt your rest.

“Of course, she did. She told me how you broke a tree in a single punch and even made it hard for Suika to beat you in arm-wrestling.”

“What else did she tell you?”

“She also said how you went and drank up so much sake from Suika’s gourd that it actually was lighter.” You were glad that Yuugi didn’t say anything about you passing out afterwards… though… if she didn’t know that you passed out, she might want you to replicate that feat.

“So… what brings you here to interrupt my sleep, Miss… Hosiguma, right? Right.”

You could see Yuugi laughing again and leaning in closer. “Why else? I want to see your strength, first-hand. I want us to play a game. I want a challenge! I’ll even put in a bet that if you win, I’ll let you have something special.”

Oh… dear…

You begin to chuckle nervously again. “Eh heh heh… and… if I lose?”

“Well, I’ll take you back with me underground to show you to the other Oni. I bet they’ll love seeing the human with oni-like strength.”

Oh… bugger.

“Um… can we have this game without the bets?”

Yuugi then began to frown. “What? Betting makes it all more exciting! Why? Are you scared that you’ll lose to me?”

Oh… poppycock.

Now what?

[X] “I… Respectfully decline your offer, Miss Hoshiguma. I am in no state as of… today to partake in any challenge.”
[X] “I… I… accept?”
-[X] A Feat of Strength! (Write-in)

So I had to restore my computer again. And "Rain" was an awesome show.

Note: Too much BioShock. GARGH! Whatever.
No. 127058
[X] “I… I… accept?”
-[X] A Feat of Strength! Thumbs fight!
No. 127059
[X] “I… Respectfully decline your offer, Miss Hoshiguma. I am in no state as of… today to partake in any challenge. I have other matters that need tending too, do feel free to stick around or wait a day or two and then we'll see”
No. 127065
[X] “I will accept”
-[X] "Tomorrow"
[x] Go back to sleep
All play and no rest, makes our MC a weakling.
No. 127072
[X] “I… I… accept?”
-[X]Endurance Dance Contest of Death.
No. 127076
-[x]A Feat of Strength! A good ol' fashioned brawl
No. 127082
No. 127099
[X] “I… I… accept?” - [X]Endurance Dance Contest of Death.
No. 127103
No. 127111
[X] “I will accept”
-[X] "Tomorrow"
[x] Go back to sleep

Oh please he needs some sleep. Go bother him tomorrow.
No. 127139
File 128868523364.jpg - (390.11KB , 1600x1200 , sleeping_horse-normal.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] “I will accept”
-[X] "Tomorrow"
[x] Go back to sleep

You look at Yuugi, seeing that she was expecting some sort of answer. Though at first you were thinking of obliging Yuugi’s request for a fight, you realize that you really weren’t up for any strenuous activity for tonight. You were still recovering from getting thrashed by some crazy green-haired priestess girl person who fired a literal sea of danmaku. You deserve some rest, gosh dang it. Friends of friends be damned, you weren’t going to let anyone interrupt your rest.

You raise your finger and roll your head a bit. “Miss Hoshiguma, I have made my decision.”

Hic! You really need to lay off the alcohol.

“Oh, George? Well, are you going to back out?” You could see Yuugi grinning, almost as if she was wanting you to accept.

And accept you will. “Miss Hoshiguma… I… I…” You shake your head a bit. The alcohol must be really hitting you now. “… I will accept your challenge.”

Yuugi began to grin wider. “Really, George? Good! Now come on, let’s go, the night’s young and I want a good challenge!”

You raise your hand. “Tomorrow.”


“I said… Tomorrow.” You fall on your back, letting out a small content sigh.

“Tomorrow?” Yuugi’s was starting to sound confused. “But why not now? I want to challenge you now! Why do I have to wait for tomorrow?” With all the questioning she was spouting, you were starting to find her similar to whiny child. Similar, but not exactly the same.

“I’m tired, that’s the honest truth, Miss Hoshiguma. Do you want to fight me at my weakest? That is hardly fair. By… tomorrow, I’ll be feeling better and we can have that… challenge.” You then wave Yuugi off. “Now run along, Miss Hoshiguma, I’m certain Suika would love your company while I’m getting my rest… Oh, and one more thing…” You sat up, looking at Yuugi with tired eyes. “Do I still get to pick the challenge?”

“Um… yes?”

“Good! For a second there I thought I’d have to contend with rock climbing or rope strangling or tree punching.” You chuckle a bit at the last part before lying down again. “Alright, Miss Hoshiguma, see you in the morning.” You let out a loud yawn and close your eyes…


Reimu’s booming voice cause you to instantly bolt up. Seeing Reimu sliding the door open quickly and then stomping in, pointing her stick at you, you were a bit afraid of why Reimu was angry.

“Um, Reimu… Miss Hakurei! What seems to be the problem?”

“The problem? [b]The problem?![b]” She then points her stick up into the roof. “There’s a HOLE in the roof of my shrine!”

“… And?”

“I want you to fix it. NOW!”

Is there no pleasing this woman at all? You do one thing and she complains about something else, and now she’s complaining about something you didn’t do! You were trying to get some sleep here and now she barges in and orders you to fix something! Certainly if you blame Yuugi on the problem, Reimu will have Yuugi fix it and you can get back to sleeping. However, it’s a hole that needs fixing and if you fix it now, maybe she’ll stop complaining. Then again, you could just stop arguing and go back to sleep. You’re tired as hell and you don’t want to be bothered anymore.

You hold on to Reimu’s shoulders and start shaking your head. “Reimu… Reimu... Reimu…”

[X] “Don’t be mad, I’ll fix the hole in the ceiling…”
- [X] Now
- [X] Tomorrow
[X] “Miss Hoshiguma here is the cause of this problem. You should have her fix it.”
[X] “Shut up, woman, I’m trying to get some sleep.”

I should be going to bed too. But this update needs to be done… Ah… Fairy Posse must be pleasant.

This decision may or may not be important. But I'm too tired right now to thin about this.
No. 127141
[X] “Don’t be mad, I’ll fix the hole in the ceiling…”
-[X] Tomorrow, in the morning.

If she keeps complaining,
[X] “Shut up, woman, I’m trying to get some sleep.”
No. 127149
[X]"Wait, you mean that wasn't there before?"
-[X] Laugh track
No. 127153
[X]"Wait, you mean that wasn't there before?"
-[X] Laugh track

Laugh as mush as you can before being beaten by Reimu and having to fix it NOW.
No. 127159
[X] “Miss Hoshiguma here is the cause of this problem. You should have her fix it.
- [X] Tomorrow
Poor guy. Get some sleep already.
No. 127178
[X] “Miss Hoshiguma here is the cause of this problem. You should have her fix it.
[x] If that doesn't work
-[x] "I'll do it tomorrow (before the challenge)
No. 127188
[X]"Wait, you mean that wasn't there before?"
-[X] Laugh track
[X] “Miss Hoshiguma here is the cause of this problem. You should have her fix it.

Fuck We ain't cleaning up after her mess.
No. 127191
[X]"Wait, you mean that wasn't there before?"
-[X] Laugh track
[X] “Miss Hoshiguma here is the cause of this problem. You should have her fix it."
No. 127196
[X]"Wait, you mean that wasn't there before?"
-[X] Laugh track
[X] “Miss Hoshiguma here is the cause of this problem. You should have her fix it."

This Reimu is way too much of a bitch. Needs to chill the hell out!
No. 127215
[X]"Wait, you mean that wasn't there before?"
-[X] Laugh track
[X] “Miss Hoshiguma here is the cause of this problem. You should have her fix it.


pic related
No. 127229
File 128876781515.png - (314.27KB , 600x800 , df2948a4c8c5dde64c4a61b6f6a83c14.png ) [iqdb]
Holding on to Reimu’s shoulders, you look at her, and then at the ceiling. Then, for no real discernable reason, you begin to laugh. Even though you tried to hold your laughter, you really couldn’t stop yourself. Reimu’s eyes soon began twitching.

“What’s so funny?” You could see Reimu squinting, with a gaze that you swore could kill anything.

After managing to suppress as much of your laughter you can, you then point up to the hole in the ceiling, letting out another stifled laugh.

“That hole in the ceiling?”

“Yes, that hole in the ceiling, you jackass. Are you going to fix it?”

“Fix it?” You laugh again. “Hasn’t that hole always been there?”

Joke Sign [Canned Laughter] - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5uY7T35hUs&feature=related

You then look back Reimu, seeing her eye twitch even more. You couldn’t tell if she was angry or not, or really trying to hold back a laughter. You always took Reimu as one who tried to keep a cold face on just to be imposing, not that it was actually who she was. However, she then put her arms on your shoulder.

“Um… Reimu, what seems to be the matter?”

Instead of answering, Reimu then gave you a hard push, making you fall on the floor. Landing on your back, you let out a short scream, feeling that you might have broken something during the fall. Before you could even start to get up, you saw Reimu pointing her stick at your face, an extremely angry look on her face.

“You know, I’ve just about had it with you! You’re a worse freeloader than that Oni! Not only do you wreck my shrine up but you wreck up other places as well!” You had a bad feeling that pissing off Reimu any further may cause her to reach her breaking point and make her flat out attack out.

You raise your hands in defense, a little scared now. “But it’s not my fault, it’s not my fault!” You then point at Yuugi. “Miss Hoshiguma was the reason why there’s a hole in your ceiling!”

“Hey, don’t make Reimu get mad at me! She already beat me once; I don’t want her beating me again, especially when she’s so mad!” Though it was hard to tell, you could detect a slight slimmer of fear in Yuugi’s voice. If the thought of having to fight an angry Reimu caused this one Oni to be a bit afraid, and you recall from Suika Oni being strong, then you DEFINITELY don’t want to have an angry Reimu beating on you.

“Oh no, you’re not getting out of this one, jackass! You’re going to fix that hole and you’re going to fix it, or I swear to the great gods of the Hakurei shrine that I will beat you up so badly, you won’t be able to walk for a month!” You chuckle nervously, hoping that Reimu wasn’t being serious, but one look at Reimu’s eyes told you that she was VERY serious with her threat.

“Please, Reimu… Miss Hakurei… please, calm down!” You slowly take hold of Reimu’s stick and gently push it aside. If she didn’t have it pointed at you all the time, you would feel a lot better. Standing up, you keep a hold on Reimu’s stick, just keeping it out of your face so that she wouldn’t be so inclined to jab it into one of your eyes. “Miss Hakurei, please, come on, can’t we just… talk this out? We are civilized people of a civilized age! I apologize for any grievances I have given you but can’t we just talk this out?”

You look at Reimu, looking at her eyes, hoping that she was thinking about talking instead of violence.


Well… damn, that just ruins everything.

Reimu quickly began pointing her stick at your face again; forcing you to walk back a bit before you ended up with your back to a wall. Chuckling nervously again, you look at Reimu, seeing her seething with rage.

“Well? Are you going to fix that hole?”

“Uh… Yes!”

You saw Reimu lower her stick, looking completely dumbfounded.

“Wait… you will? You’re not going to run off on some stupid quest for revenge?” You nod. “You won’t go off and break up some homes at the human village?” You nod again. “You’re… not going to get lost?”


“Good! Now that wasn’t so hard!” You see Reimu start to smile.


Reimu’s smile then vanished. “… what?”

You repeat yourself. “Tomorrow.”



“What about tomorrow?”

“I’ll fix the hole!”



“What about fixing the shrine?”

“Tomorrow, Miss Hakurei, tomorrow.”

“Why not now?”

“I’m tired.”

“You’re… tired?” Reimu then began screaming. “GET OUT! GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT!”

Before you could complain, Reimu began pushing out again, pushing you out of the shrine and causing you to trip, making you fall in the middle of the crowd of reveling fairies. Seeing you hit the ground, everyone stopped moving and began looking at you. Even Suika set her gourd down to see what was happening.

“Miss Hakurei, please be reasonable, I’ll fix up the hole and the shrine and anything else you want, please, I’ll do it!” You rise to your knees and plead with Reimu to let you stay.

“This is always your problem! You promise to do something but you always come up with some excuse to not do it!”

“But really, I’m tired! Why won’t you let me sleep? I swear, I’ll do it tomorrow morning!”

“No! Now leave! If you stick around any longer, I’ll kick your ass!”

“Hey!” Suika stood up, looking a bit mad. “Don’t be so mean to George. He’s been through a lot and you’re running him ragged! Come on, calm down and have a drink with us!”

“Calm down, calm down?! This jackass has been causing me more problems than he’s worth! He’s wrecked my shrine, he went and made a mess at the human village, and now he’s made a hole in the ceiling!”

You protest again. “But that’s not my fault!”

“Shut-up!” Reimu’s harsh words really stung deeply. “Now this guy better pack his bags now or I’m kicking his ass until sunrise!”

“But he’s tired! Aren’t you being too mean tonight, Reimu?” You really couldn’t say anything, just sitting down there, watching Suika and Reimu argue.

“Mean? I have every right to be mean to this jackass! And you, don’t talk like you do anything helpful at this shrine as well! You’re nothing more than a freeloading Oni! I might as well kick you out of the shrine as well! All you do is turn my shrine into a freaking party zone nearly every night when I try to get some sleep, wasting up all my food and drinks!”

You then saw Yuugi walk up to Reimu, placing her hand on Reimu’s shoulder. “Hey, don’t insult Suika like that, she’s a helpful Oni.”

“What the hell are you doing here, Yuugi? I didn’t invite you here, now scram!” Reimu then being shooing Yuugi away.

“Fine, Reimu, but I swear, you’re really too uptight. You really should do something about all that pent up stress.” Yuugi then flew over to you. “What? You think I’d forget our competition?”

Standing up, you shrug. “Well I guess I have to leave now. Guess I’ll let Reimu cool down for a bit before I come back, huh?” You then turn towards the steps.

“And don’t forget to take your fairies with you. This isn’t a playground for them!”

“Alright, Miss Hakurei! Good lord, you’re intolerable…” You then whistle to Ms. Diana. “Ms. Diana, come on, let’s go!”

“I’ll be right there, Mister Hale!” Diana soon closed up her book and flew towards you, the rest of the fairies following behind her.

Suika as well stood up and ran after you. “Well if you’re making George leave, then I’ll leave too, Reimu! It’s no fun when you’re mad!”

“Well fine, leave! Good riddance!”

Making your way down the steps of the Hakurei Shrine, you finally find yourself on a stone path leading through the forest, with Ms. Diana, her fairy posse, Suika, and Yuugi.

Suika then walked up next to you. “Sorry to hear that you got kicked out of the shrine, Mister.”

You scratch your head and then shrug. “Eh, what’s done is done… but you didn’t have to leave Reimu for me, Suika. I didn’t want you to leave your home.”

“My home? Heh, I just hang out there a lot, that’s all. It’s not like I’m leaving too much behind anyway.”

Yuugi then walked up next to Suika. “So Suika, does this mean you’ll be coming back to the ancient city?” Letting Suika chat with Yuugi, you move next to Ms. Diana.

“Well then, Ms. Diana, looks like we’re going to be without a base of operations for a bit. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Hmm? I don’t mind, Mister Hale, I’ve lived before without a permanent place to stay, but shouldn’t you be worried about yourself? You do look pretty tired too, Mister Hale, maybe we should find you a place to sleep.”

Ms. Diana was right. It was late at night and you really were starting to get tired. Yawning, you begin looking around; maybe if there was some sort of clearing you could sleep in. Then again, if you sleep in a clearing, you might encounter some… less than savory people. However, there weren’t really many options with where you could go now, what with the human village still distrusting you. If anything, you really were in quite a bind.

“Well, isn’t this just great? Every day just keeps getting better and better…”

[X] Sleep in a clearing, risking the chance of encountering something bad.
[X] Ask one of your companions where you could go, while getting increasingly tired.
- [X] Which companion? [Suika, Yuugi, Ms. Diana]

Without lodgings, without thought, without a course, without options, this is where life starts to make the turn.

Or something philosophical like that.

I don't know if I'm making Reimu too much of a bitch...
No. 127230
Yes. Yes you are.
No. 127242
Meh, it's okay.

[X] Ask one of your companions where you could go, while getting increasingly tired.
- [X] Yuugi
No. 127247
[X] Sleep in a clearing, risking the chance of encountering something bad.
We're travelling with two Deva of the Mountain. Who on god's green Gensokyo (Aside from Reimu) would dare fuck with us?
No. 127250
No. 127251
[X] Ask one of your companions where you could go, while getting increasingly tired.
- [X] Which companion? Yuugi.

Of course not. It's new to see a Reimu who's concerned about her shrine (even if it's a canon trait), and who's able to kick someone out without remorse.
No. 127260
[X] Ask one of your companions where you could go, while getting increasingly tired.
- [X] Which companion? Yuugi.
No. 127446
[X] Ask one of your companions where you could go, while getting increasingly tired.
- [X] Which companion? Suika.

I love this Suika ....


Oh hell yes you are. This Reimu actually makes me livid considering what a bitch she was last update. Considering how damn rude she was and incredibly stubborn with people... Man when she insulted Suika like that it was like I could feel the silence and my heart stop as if I was actually there with them. I loved it! But damn if I was there I would of decked Reimu in the face, I'd get my ass whooped afterwords possibly but it'll be worth it.
No. 127495
[X] Ask one of your companions where you could go, while getting increasingly tired.
- [X] Which companion? Suika.
No. 127496
File 128889515087.png - (98.61KB , 382x350 , Hale Rager.png ) [iqdb]
Reimu you stubborn bitch.
I say we Get back at her by playing a prank of some sort later on.
No. 127719
File 128899002243.gif - (453.61KB , 500x500 , tumblr_kx0vudxfPD1qzt4vjo1_5001.gif ) [iqdb]
[X] Ask one of your companions where you could go, while getting increasingly tired.
- [X] Which companion? Suika.
No. 127721
[X] Ask one of your companions where you could go, while getting increasingly tired.
- [X] Which companion? Suika.
No. 127797
File 128902676875.jpg - (217.41KB , 600x800 , 21808ef0ea5b24a84fd0031c90523984.jpg ) [iqdb]
Though you felt quite safe with your companions, what with two of them being Oni and the rest being a large posse of Fairies, you didn’t feel like having to worry your companions with you being possibly attacked at this late of night. Unfortunately, with Keine probably still mistrusting you and the only other human, Reimu, literally ready to beat you to a pulp should you even look at her, you really had no idea where you could go. There was that one girl, Sanae, but you felt she would be after your hide as well. Though you really didn’t want to impose yourself on one of your companions, your only real options was asking them for a place to stay.

[X] Ask one of your companions where you could go, while getting increasingly tired.

Looking at your companions, you began to deliberate who would probably be the best person to ask. Ms. Diana was instantly considered out of the question, part due to it being unprofessional, and part in that if she had a place to stay, you might not be able to fit there. You don’t want to have another thing you have to fix. You could also ask Yuugi, but then again, you just met her, and it would be extremely rude if you asked her to take you in for a bit.

That leaves you with Suika. You knew her long enough that she probably could find you someplace to stay, but since it was probably your fault that she was also kicked out of the Hakurei Shrine, you felt a bit rude asking Suika for a place to stay after what happened. But, desperate times call for desperate measures, and there is no way you’re going to spend the night in the open.

-[X] Suika

“Suika, let me apologize first for Reimu kicking you out of the shrine as well. You didn’t have to defend me, you know? She honestly had every right to kick me out.” You scratch your head.

“Oh, that’s okay, Mister, it’s not like that’s the only place I live, ya know?” Oh, so she has other places? Well that made you feel a bit better.

You decide to get straight to the point. “Suika… I wish to apologize if I sound rude for asking this but…” You struggle to say the rest of the question. “May you… find me a place to stay? I… really don’t have anywhere to go.”

“Oh, ya don’t need to apologize, Mister, I’ll gladly let you stay at my other places!” Suika then leaned in closer. “But… wouldn’t you like the human village instead? It is pretty close.”

“Yeah… but… they kinda… you know… hate me right now? I actually went there a while back with Yukari and… Keine didn’t want me near the village…” You groan. “Yeah… so that’s not an option right now.”

Yuugi quickly interrupted. “You know Yukari, George? Now that’s really interesting. I wouldn’t expect a human like you to know Yukari.”

Suika then let out a small chuckle. “Well, George isn’t a normal human, ya know, Yuugi?” Suiak then look back at you. “So then, I guess we’re going to have to go somewhere else.”

Yuugi then chipped in an idea. “Hey, I know, Suika, why don’t we bring him with us back underground? He can stay at your old home there.”

“That’s true; he could stay there for a while. But I don’t know how the other Oni would react to him? I mean, sure he’s like an Oni, but they’re not all trusting of humans, you know?”

You quickly stepped in. “Hey, hey, hey, underground sounds fine, but I’d like to know my other options, okay?”

“Oh, okay, Mister, but I’m certain you’d like it underground. It’s actually quite homey. Well, the other place I got in up in Bhava-Agra, though we’d have to go through Youkai Mountain to get there.” Oh, just great. More Youkai Mountain. You thought you’ve had enough of that place for one day. However, if Suika had a place there you could stay, you really shouldn’t complain. At least it would have sunlight. Right?

“Um, Mister Hale?” Looking down to Ms. Diana, you saw that she was starting to look concerned. “Some of the fairies here don’t like going underground. I even don’t like going underground, as I’m afraid of what’s there, but I’m certain that as long as I stick with you, I’ll be fine.”

“Oh, that’s sound nice, Ms. Diana,” You let out a small out, “Yeah… real nice… just give me a moment to think about where to go.”

The night was only getting longer, so you really should think about going somewhere soon. Either go underground, or go to this Bhava-Agra place, while going through Youkai Mountain. Each option both sounded okay, but somehow, they both manage to have problems with you as well. Going underground would be a good place to stay low and rest, though you don’t know how the Oni would react, and some of the fairies in Diana’s posse might even leave you. Then again, having to trek through Youkai Mountain all over again just to get to Bhava-Agra? During the night? Sounds pretty risky as well.

“Ugh, I had too much to drink…”

Choose your Destiny! With pros and cons!

[X] Go Underground.

Pros: - Avoids the Dangers of Youkai Mountain
Cons: - A loss of membership in Diana’s Fairy Posse

[X] Go to Bhava-Agra

Pros: - Fairy Posse stays together
Cons: - Increased Risk of encountering a dangerous Youkai

Enjoy yet another late update, my dear friends.

Ugh... I don't know what's better? The Route following Scarlet Weather Rhapsody or the Route following Subterranean Animism?

Pick your Poison, anons, pick your poison. Or route, if you don't want it to sound harsh.

No. 127800
[x] Brain fart
No. 127804
[X] Go to Bhava-Agra

I'll do anything for this little fairy.
Besides, Tenshi might be interesting to see.
No. 127806
[X] Go to Bhava-Agra

This plan is water-tight.
No. 127837
[X] Go to Bhava-Agra
-[x] NEW OBJECTIVE: Find a new home for the fairy group.
--[x] SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: Find a name for the fairy group
No. 127841
[X] Go to Bhava-Agra
No. 127851
[X] Go to Bhava-Agra

Paradise awaits me.
No. 127964
File 128909569677.jpg - (29.23KB , 800x600 , ABOMB!.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Go to Bhavra-Agra

You really didn’t want to distress Ms. Diana if she didn’t like going underground, it would be selfish. You would also be putting a rift with Diana’s Fairy Posse, and even though the Posse consisted of twenty or some odd fairies, losing any help could be dangerous. Though it could be more dangerous overall, as since you were going through Youkai Mountain, you did have a large group of companions you can rely on. If any Youkai decides to fight you, at least you have people to fall back on.

Turning to Ms. Diana, you give her a quick smile. “Alright then, I wouldn’t dream of having you worry about going underground. We’re going to Bhavra-Agra. Can you gather the posse together now while we make preparations?”

Ms. Diana nodded and began flying around, going to the fairies, informing them of your decision. While Ms. Diana was busy getting the posse together, you took out your pocket watch and opened it, using the light from the moon to gauge what time it was.

Hrmm, a little past Ten PM. No wonder you were still feeling a bit tired. Letting out another yawn, you put your pocket watch away, stowing it away safely in your coat next to your flask. You then glance at Suika, who was still busy talking with Yuugi. Stretching out your muscles, you realized that you were feeling a lot better since earlier. Your skin didn’t feel bruised anymore and your legs felt a lot stronger. Seeing Suika finish talking with Yuugi, you walk up to Suika and inform her of your decision.

“Heh heh, guess you couldn’t resist a place called ‘Bhavra-Agra, huh, Mister?” You shrug, saying that you wouldn’t like it if Ms. Diana was unhappy with the decision. “Guess she doesn’t like going underground, huh? That’s okay, there’s not much down there anyway, just a bunch of Oni and stuff.”

“So, Suika, may you let me climb on your back? I’m feeling a bit too tired to fly right now.” You let out another yawn and take off your hat, shaking it a bit to get some dust off before putting it back on.

Yuugi then gave you a snort. “Having Suika fly you? Huh, why don’t you let me take you instead? I think Suika would rather have getting to Bhavra-Agra on her mind than having to carry you.” Before you knew it, Yuugi quickly picked you up, holding you in her arms as if you were like a child; A very big child with a mustache.

“Miss Yoshiguma, please, put me down!” You felt extremely awkward being held by Yuugi, especially since you were very close to her ample bosom.

“Come on, George, don’t you want to get to know me better?”

“Yes but…”

“Alright then, George. Suika? Lead the way!”

Suika took off into the sky, Yuugi following behind her, lifting off. Looking down, you saw Ms. Diana and her Fairy Posse following closely behind. Well, at least it looks like the Posse is sticking with you for a bit longer.

“So George, Suika told me you’re not from Gensokyo, is that right?” Yuugi’s voice quickly caused you to look up to her.

“Uh, right, that’s right, Miss Yoshiguma. Why’s that?”

“Well, I’d like to know how’d you get here?”

“I… um… crashed my car.”

Yuugi then had a small smile on her face. “Really? That must’ve been something! So George, what’s a car?”

You soon began to explain to Yuugi that a car was similar to carriage, saying that it didn’t need horses to pull it. Yuugi’s interest continued, the Oni asking you about whether or not you were an important person. You replied on how you were a CEO, an important position back where you were from.

“So then, Miss Yoshiguma, since you know a little bit more about me, why don’t I ask a question about you?”

“Okay, go ahead, George.”

“How do you know Suika?”

Yuugi let out a chuckle. “We’re good friends, of course, but we’re also a part of group known as the Devas of the Mountain. There’s actually four of us, with Suika and I as two of them.”

“Really? So who are the other two?”

Yuugi gave you a sly look. “That’s just something you’re going to have to find out later, George.”

Looking out into the distance, you could see Youkai Mountain much better now, Suika a little further ahead. Letting out another yawn, you felt like going to sleep. However, remembering what happened last time at Youkai Mountain, if you were asleep, something bad COULD happen. You were feeling extremely tired but if you stayed awake for a bit longer, until you reached Bhavra-Agra, maybe you could avoid anything dangerous. But if you were extremely tired, you could end up doing something extremely bad.

“Yaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwnnnn…. Mm… tired. I could go for some… coffee right now…”

[X] Get some rest. You can let your companions deal with any issue that comes up.
[X] Stay awake. Your companions could use your help if something bad happens.

Don't worry, the chance for an encounter will be the same for both. I'll roll a dice for it, if anything. It's just some factors will change on how you will be able to respond if there is an encounter.

Not saying there WILL be an encounter, there MIGHT be an encounter.
No. 127969
Obviously being aslee makes it easier for us to face any encounter

[X] Get some rest. You can let your companions deal with any issue that comes up.
No. 127972
[X] Get some rest. You can let your companions deal with any issue that comes up.
No. 127981
[X] Get some rest. You can let your companions deal with any issue that comes up.
No. 127989
[X] Get some rest. You can let your companions deal with any issue that comes up.

Considering we're slung under Yuugi's arm like a sack of potatoes, I imagine the only help we could give would be screaming like a girl as an alert, or acting as an impromptu missile.
No. 128019
[X] Get some rest. You can let your companions deal with any issue that comes up.

If we make it to the Bhava Agra, then Tenshi or any other clestial will argue. We need to be in good shape.
No. 128047
[X] Get some rest. You can let your companions deal with any issue that comes up.
No. 128058
Not really, in SWR's story mode, Suika won a chunk of the area off of Tenshi. And I doubt Tenshi was bright enough to define "No other people" in the conditions of the agreement.
No. 128168
[X] Get some rest. You can let your companions deal with any issue that comes up.
No. 128226
File 128919019227.jpg - (12.42KB , 246x260 , confusion-new.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Get some rest. You can let your companions deal with any issue that comes up.

Yawning, you again stretch out your arms, careful to not get them in Yuugi’s way and then you tap Yuugin on the shoulder.

“Miss Yoshiguma, I’m going to… take a nap right now…” You rub your eyes, seeing Yuugi look at you with disbelief.

“What? Now? While we’re flying?! What if you fall off?” Yuugi’s concern a bit heartwarming, but you paid no attention to it.

“Oh please, are you planning to drop me to my death, Miss Yoshiguma?” You let out a small chuckle, Yuugi still looking a bit uncomfortable with having you falling asleep, but she voiced no more concern. So, letting your head droop, you close your eyes and let yourself fall asleep.

I... I…

Haven’t you decided what has happened so far?

What? What are you talking about?

You’ve gone through a lot in such a short time… span… it’s rather disheartening to see what’ve you’ve become.

Become? I am still the same man I was before. I have no changed at all.

But of course you have! Look at you, with such fanciful creatures. What happened to the harden CEO who cares only for himself? You should have gone underground! Heck, you should’ve asked that Yukari woman to take you back home; this place is hardly suitable for you.

I could have done that?

Of course, if the woman can make portals to different places, maybe she can bring you back home. If she was the one that brought you here, certainly she can take you out of here.

Well, if this place is hardly suitable, then why do I feel like that when I’ve been here that I’ve done so much more than all I have done back in England?

You’ve lost your aggressive nature. It is a shame… you’ve done quite a good deal with it here, why, it served you quite well back at the Scarlet Devil Mansion?

What’s with this mansion thing? I keep hearing I beat the Gateguard and Head Maid by myself, but what really happened?! TELL ME, WHAT HAPPENED!

Why should I tell you when I can simply show you?

No… No… No! There’s no way that can be me! I would never do something so horrible, so sinister!

But it’s true! The Gateguard saw it, the Tengu saw it, and now you see it!

… Who are you!

Who am I? I’m you, of course!

Then… then…

Surprised? I’m a part of your mind.

No… I mean… Then who am I?

… You’re… you.

Me? I’m you?

No, you’re you, I’m you, we’re the same person!

But… that means I’m a clone?

… No, you’re you. HAVEN’T YOU LISTENED TO A SINGLE THING I SAID?! You knocked the living daylights out of that Gateguard and that Head Maid in a single strike to the skull! Now wake up, man! Wake up and see the truth!

No! Lies, lies all of it! I haven’t done anything like this at all! It was all a misunderstanding, a simple miscalculation of my strength! I hold myself back a bit so I don’t hurt people! How could I do that?!

Wake up! Wake up!


“Hey, George, wake up!” You felt Yuugi shaking you, rousing you out of your sleep. Letting out a groan, you look at Yuugi, squinting your eyes.

“Why’d you wake me up? I was having such a… interesting dream. Or was it a nightmare?” You yawn as you begin looking around, seeing that Yuugi wasn’t looking at you but at someone else.

“Oh, he’s awake?”

“I thought we wouldn’t meet the man from earlier.”

It’s those two fairies again, the two who helped you in your search for Diana earlier. Waving hello to them, you ask them what they are doing.

“You’re wondering what we’re doing? Isn’t that strange, a man wanting to know what fairies do.”

“We’re simply doing fairy things, flying around, having fun. We were curious to see as you have such a large group of fairies following you.”

“Yes, a large group of fairies. Fairies rarely follow people in such a large number. Is there something wrong with them?”

You look over Yuugi’s shoulder, seeing that your fairy posse was carefully watching the two fairies that you were talking to. Ms. Diana even approached you and asked you about the fairies, wondering if you knew them.

“Of course he knows us, we met a while back.”

“We did? I thought that was someone else.”

All this rambling was starting to make you tired again. You then tell your companions to ignore the two fairies and continue on. If anything, they might make good additions to your posse, but if they’re just going to ramble on, it’s not like they’re going to be that helpful. They might help you go to sleep, but really, you just want to go to sleep without hearing them talk. Yawning again, Yuugi then flies past the two fairies, the two of them too busy talking with each other to notice you leaving. Following Suika, you saw that she was now flying higher and higher, to where she began going through the clouds.

Yawning again, you close your eyes, hoping this time you can get some actual sleep for once.

I… I… What have I done? This… this can’t be right, it just can’t be… Uh… wait. What’s the noise again?

[X] Is it the sound of laughter?
[X] The sound of shouting?
[X] Or is it a soft whisper?


Sometimes, I see George as being a bit less than mentally sound. Sometimes I think these votes are exactly that useful. But... hey. It's life.
No. 128250
[X] Or is it a soft whisper?
No. 128267
[X] Or is it a soft whisper?
No. 128304
[X] The sound of shouting?

Remniscing of when George was an intern sounds fun. Everyone had to start somewhere.
No. 128398
[X] Is it the sound of laughter?

Embrace the madness. let the Chaos ensue.
No. 128449
[X] The sound of shouting?
I like the question mark on this one.
Also loud people are fun, more often than not.
No. 128514
[x] Laughter
No. 128515
[x] Laughter
No. 128523
[×] laughter
No. 128532
[X] The sound of shouting?
Interesting. Let's see where this option leads.
No. 128646
File 128932724097.jpg - (33.21KB , 458x263 , Self-defense-against-Fresh-Fruit-monty-python-1098.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] The sound of shouting?

George. George. GEORGE!


Daydreaming again, George? Off in your ‘Magical La-la Land’ as usual?

I wasn’t dreaming, I was paying attention, I was listening to your lecture, teacher.

Oh really then? Then would you so kindly stand up and complete this problem here if you were paying attention?

Sure, of course I will, just pass me the chalk and I’ll do it, you’ll see!

No, no, no! That’s wrong, George, that’s completely wrong! If you were paying attention earlier you would know what the right answer was!

I was paying attention, teacher, I was just… not listening!

Not listening? Not listening! Oh, that’s such a good excuse, George, such a good excuse, not listening to the teacher!

What’s wrong with not being able to answer one question like this? How will this help me out in my life? Life isn’t just about solving problems on a board!

You don’t get, George? Problems aren’t just on boards, or books, problems happen all the time! If you don’t solve the problems then things get out of hand!

Well then why don’t I let someone else solve the problem? There are people perfectly capable of solving these problems, right?

That’s the problem with you, George! You either let the problem go or let someone else deal with it! What happens when you can’t let the problem go or can’t rely on others! What about the problems you make? Are you going to let other people clean up after you? Are you going to let the Human Village keep hating you? Are you going to let Sakuya stay in a coma for the rest of her life?!

N- wait, Sakuya? What are you talking about, teacher? How do you know Miss Izayoi?


But… but… I am awake!


“Mister Hale? Mister Hale! Mister Hale, wake up, Mister Hale!”

“Huh?” You slowly open your eyes, your vision blurry as it adjusts to the light. Groaning, you saw Ms. Diana standing next to you, looking a bit worried. “Ms. Diana, what’s wrong?”

“You were squirming around a lot, Mister Hale, I thought something was wrong.” You see Ms. Diana let out a sigh of relief. “I’m just thankful that you’re okay, Mister Hale.”

“Yeah… yeah… I’m doing alright…” Shaking your head a bit, you start looking around, seeing that you were sleeping under a tree. Nearby you saw that Suika and Yuugi were both asleep, probably after partying a lot. Even the rest of the Fairy Posse was asleep. “Ms. Diana… why are you awake? Aren’t you still tired?”

Ms. Diana shook her head. “I slept when we got here, though Suika and Yuugi kept on partying. I think Suika got everyone else drunk.” Well, isn’t that like her, sharing her sake with everyone else. You close your eyes and sigh, thinking about the dream you just had. “Hey, Mister Hale, what’s wrong?”

You keep your eyes close and you rub your head. “I… was just reminiscing about my childhood.”

“Really, Mister Hale? Um… would it be okay if you told me about it?” Ms. Diana’s voice was filled with curiosity yet cautious at the same time.

Opening your eyes and turning your head to Ms. Diana, you give her a small smile. “Of course, Ms. Diana, I’d love to tell you about it.” Sitting up, you tell your secretary to sit down. “Well, when I was a young child, I have to tell you, I was a bit of a slacker.”

“Mister Hale, you were a slacker? I can’t believe that, you’re probably the most active person I’ve met in my life.”

You let out a laugh, “Well, people change over time. What I was remembering when I was younger, I used to not attention in class. My teacher would sometimes call on me to answer these problems and every time I failed to do so he’d yell at me. He threatened to kick me out of class but he knew he couldn’t, my father wouldn’t let him kick me out.”

“You’re father must’ve been a nice man if he did that for you.”

“Heh, it’s not like he let me do nothing. He was expecting me to do something with my life. But he was a nice man… spent a lot of time working but he would always take me out every weekend he could to do something fun.”

“So, how’s your father doing, Mister Hale?”

“… He… passed away.” You look down at the ground, sighing sadly.

“I’m… I’m sorry, Mister Hale.”

“Ah, it’s okay, his last moments were peaceful, and I was at his side when he died…” You then took out your pocket watch, looking at it fondly. “He gave me this before he died. He said it was a valuable family heirloom.” You turn to Ms. Diana and chuckle as you proceed to ruffle Ms. Diana’s brown hair. “I really need to get you a new hat, huh?”

Ms. Diana however, was busy looking at your pocket watch. “Wow, it’s so pretty, and that’s such a nice picture on it.” Ms. Diana then began looking at you again. “So then… what are we going to do?”

“What’s that, Ms. Diana?”

“Well, we’re far away from the rest of Gensokyo now, but you look like you have something planned, Mister Hale.”

“Really? I don’t feel like I have something planned. Really, I’m just not thinking of anything at all.”

“Come on, Mister Hale, you always seem to have a plan, aren’t you going to tell your secretary what you’re thinking of next?”

“Well, Ms. Diana, I guess I have a plan.”

[X] “Why don’t we go looking around? This place looks pretty nice.”
[X] “Let’s wait for everyone else to wake up, I have to duel Yuugi to something, anyway.”
-[X] A game of… [Write-in]
[X] “Ms. Diana, I… I… have a problem to fix and it’s about high time I fixed it.”
-[X] “I… I have to go to the Scarlet Devil Mansion.”
-[X] “I… I have to go to the Human Village.”

I should really start giving you guys options which have more impact, huh? I should cut back on options which don't really mean much in the end. So, enjoy and happy voting, dear friends and readers and anons.
No. 128650

Well, George still has a bar of australium in his coat.
No. 128658

Isn't that what you anons voted for? To turn that bar of australium into a cane-sword? All that's needed is someone to make it. Certainly you anons can think about who can forge it.

And why would you want George to turn someone into gold? Isn't that kinda... you know... evil? And kinda screw George over worse?
No. 128667
[X] “Ms. Diana, I… I… have a problem to fix and it’s about high time I fixed it.”
-[X] “I… I have to go to the Scarlet Devil Mansion.”
--[X] But first, we should look around. It'de be rude to leave un-announced and upon arrival, after all the trouble of getting here.
No. 128670
Anyone have a good idea of what game to play with Yuugi? I think we should get this out of the way since we're rested. THEN we handle the other problems.
No. 128671
[X] “Ms. Diana, I… I… have a problem to fix and it’s about high time I fixed it.”
-[X] “I… I have to go to the Scarlet Devil Mansion.”
--[X] But first, we should look around. It'de be rude to leave un-announced and upon arrival, after all the trouble of getting here.
No. 128681
Well, we've hit the auto-sage mark... again!
You know what that means... NEXT THREAD!