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Greetings, traveller. Going somewhere?

If you are not that hurry, please, have a seat. Could you at least be this old man's company for a while?

Oh, me? I'm just a wandering peddler. I travel to a lot of places.

...Of course! I have many tales to tell you. I can do at least that much. So... which one should I...

Say, have you ever heard of the Gensokyo's most terrible overlord? No? well, let this old man satisfy your thirst with his tales.

Once upon a time, in this Gensokyo. The fearsome overlord rallied his terrible army and marched across the border, invading the peaceful land full of fairies and youkais. His power was far too great that the people of Gensokyo had to unite as one. And after long and gruesome battle, he was sealed. His powers scattered, held by those hands that fed him utter defeat.

But one fateful day, an accident occured. A small, innocent fairies found one of the sealed box. Without knowing, she opened it and released the overlord to this world once more. Filled with vengeance, the terrible overlord forced the fairy as his first underling, and proceed forward with an ultimate goal of destroying the land once more.

He met a young magician. The girl was far too trusting to doubt him, and ended up being tricked. The earthly desires bind the young maiden's heart to his whim, as he toyed her around as he please without her knowing that she fell in love with the evil himself.

As you know, young man, that all happening around us are the whims of god, the terrible overlord met one of his own subordinate. She was a genius. Betrayed him when he was about to fall. Living a normal life as if she never worked for him. But the past came back to haunt her. he forced her to know her true self. The mad Lunarian genius. The insane scientist. And soon, as she realized who she should work for, he gained his tactician back by nothing but mere words.

The dark champion who used to fight alongside him through thick and thin, by the power of those who defeated him, they turned her into a young, innocent girl. The overlord, by pure luck, met her and once again force her to remember him. This time by physical means. Weakened as he is, overlord is still overlord. He defeated her in combat, and unlocked the memories deep inside. The dark queen now resided with him again.

But... every plans always have an unexpected turn. His undercover were tested by the little curious rabbit girl in the lunarians habitat. He manage to get through it unscathed, but that sparked doubt to the genius right hand.

Then, the one who should be the slave tries to be the master. The genius tries to wrestle the power from her own lord. The lord is furious. 'She didn't know her place', he said.

Ooohhh... this old man's throat is getting parched. Can you young lads be helping me with some alcoholic goodness? Just a glass is fine. ...yes. Just tell the barkeep that this old man wants his usual one.

Hm..."You still want to know the rest?

Why don't you see for yourself?
hey there, fellas. It's me.

back again this time since I like this story too much to let it die. I'll state right here that the update will be sporadic as I have to study for my degree (And study my English, too. sht's expensive I tell ya). So the update will come when it comes.
Also, if possible, I'd like you guys to give me pointers along the way as this is my writing practice. I want to know what is my flaws, what i need to improve, and so on. I know my grammar sucks but please bear with it. I'll try to improve along the way.

So... It's good to be back. Let's enjoy the ride together, gentlemen.

PS. you guys wanna vote? or should I just let Wolfie beat Eirin up for her insolence?
I really can't help you with the grammar part (english is my third language) but I'll be following this story closely.
As for the votes, I thought locking her up without excessive violence was the winner? Oh well.

[X] Decline and lock her up for the moment.
-[X] Inform her that she seems to have forgotten her place: A slave. She has yet to fully gain your trust. It's quite arrogant that she even dares to boss you around.
-[X] Inform her that her precious Kaguya wishes for her to stop, in fact that's why you're here. And I doubt she'd even want such a fate happen to her rival.
-[X] As well as the fact she's progressing too fast, everyone's starting to be on guard, and her rapid progress is threatening.
-[X] have some 'fun' with her after tying her up. Then inform her that next time she acts up, Kaguya will have some 'fun', but you'd still treat her as a princess.
-[X] Take a look into her notes on making someone fully controllable yet retaining their intelligence, since you've found the perfect subject: Her. And perhaps Reisen might be persuaded to do the operations.
This plus probably a little slap to at least momentarily calm her down from her insanity. Though the slamming her into the wall part may have been enough to make her listen for a bit.

The only flaws I noticed where grammar and spelling/typos, nothing bad about narrative and informative content (not that I ever notice these if not blatantly obvious). You may want to get a proofreader for the former though.
Looking through the archives (and there's a hole in the archives for this story, fyi), I don't think I'll be reading this. Good to see an apparently good author returning for once, though.
I wonder why do you keep making that warning about the excessive violence? It is because it'll be her face heel's turn point? Or because violence is SUPER EFFECTIVE against this Eirin?
TELL us, you OWE us some hints. (Okay, you don't owe us shit, but don't blame me for trying)
not~ telling~
[X] Decline and lock her up for the moment.
-[X] Inform her that she seems to have forgotten her place: A slave. She has yet to fully gain your trust. It's quite arrogant that she even dares to boss you around.
-[X] Inform her that her precious Kaguya wishes for her to stop, in fact that's why you're here. And I doubt she'd even want such a fate happen to her rival.
-[X] As well as the fact she's progressing too fast, everyone's starting to be on guard, and her rapid progress is threatening.
-[X] have some 'fun' with her after tying her up. Then inform her that next time she acts up, Kaguya will have some 'fun', but you'd still treat her as a princess.
-[X] Take a look into her notes on making someone fully controllable yet retaining their intelligence, since you've found the perfect subject: Her. And perhaps Reisen might be persuaded to do the operations.
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> Gensokyo's most terrible overlord
File 128651521678.jpg - (302.66KB, 512x640 , 94e814b56f94a63f8705f0948ad811a9.jpg) [iqdb]
...No. Killing her would waste everything. It is as she said. She has become a vital part of this operation. Without her, things will get very difficult to continue. You hate to admit it, but spare her is the best choice.

Still, this insolence cannot go unpunished. She forgot her place. She is a slave. Someone who should obey. She get too confident and try to order YOU, the master, around? You have to make that fact reminded. Pain and fear is the most universal language, and it is effective when used at the right time. Such as now.

"Just who do you think you are, ordering me around like that?" You say that, though sound subtle but the hint of anger in your tone is so clear.
"It's not an order. Just a request." She smiled. "A request you should do."
A strong slap. Eirin's face spins to the side from the impact. It leaves a red mark on her cheek, as well as blood flowing down her nostril.
"Get Reisen somewhere else. NOW."
Struck with fear, Eirin press her remote and the operating bed where Reisen is binded sink into the floor along with the scared rabbit girl. With a quiet noise of security mechanism, Reisen is now locked below.

"Let me remind you something, slave."
You raise her up, pinning her on the wall with only one arms. The genius gasp for air as you grab her neck.
"You are not important. With or without you, I can still conquer this place. It's just a matter of time. So why do you think I should keep you around? I could just dispose you here. And then, without you to worry about, I'll just have my way with your lovely princess."
"n-No! *cough!*...you ...can't do that!"
"Don't know, don't care. Why should I listen to you who is going to live her immortal life in endless loop of agony?"

You let her go. The genius Lunarian dropped down, weakened both mentally and physically. She realized that she is dealing with a demon without remorse. Reason cannot be used. Knowledge cannot be used. Her plan backfires. She think he values her, but in reality she's nothing but a disposable tools. No more negotiation advantages left. There's only despair, and the fury of the overlord. With no way to get out of this, she resorts to her last speck of hope.

Begging for mercy.

"Milord! It's just a misunderstanding! I couldn't possibly think to oppose your supremacy! please, have mercy on my soul! It's all for our benefit! Aren't we strive for the same goal?"
Even if she begs for mercy, but you hear it as excuses. She surely tries to wrestle the power away from you, and now she said she did it for your own good? lies and deceit. You are not that stupid. She just trying to get away with this. And no. You won't let her.

But punishment comes later. There's a method called carrot and stick. You used too much stick, now it's the time for a softer approach.

"Look, Eirin dear. You are not supposed to get a second chance. Yet you did. You know why? Because I am generous. I let you work and not just finish you right then and there to let you redeem yourself. But as far as I can see, you are doing it for your own self and not for me. Is that what a good slave should do?"

Eirin shakes her head, eyes brimming with tears. Good.

"Make it fast, but unnoticeable. You know? your princess Kaguya asked me to come here. She was worried. Is that what you want? To make your most important person worry? please, dear. Just change the way you progress not to disturb Kaguya. It's for her, and for me. Subtlety is the best."

"Y-yes... it's for the best." She calms down a bit.

"Still, I just can't let this go. You made a grave mistake for opposing me. So..." You grins. "You know what I want from you."

Eirin halted. She was able to avoid it the last time you were in charge, but it seems she can't this time. She knows the overlord wants her body, and the way to get some forgiveness for him is giving him what he wanted.

"Hurry up. I can change my mind any moment."
You bind both her hand together using magic and pull her up, positioning her face near your member. Eirin is reluctant at first, but she slowly use her mouth to get your stand-ready hyper weapon out of the fabric.


After some 'reconcilation' with Eirin, you manage to subdue her ambition for the time being. When you left her, she was sprawling on her desk, covered with your imperial coating. The way she gasp for air as if she just got past the most fatigue event of her life really make you feel good. After that you release the moonbunny out of her bind and send her straight to Kaguya. She was terrified, but you said you will take care of everything and she should go take care of the princess for the time being. Reisen agreed to let you deal with it and convinced that this is all a nightmare hallucination Eirin used her as a test subject.

Sigh... Loose end. Really hate it.

[ ] Take care of every trouble arises in Eientei.
[ ] Go back to Marisa cottage for now.
[ ] Wander the forest, call for Rumia.
[ ] Something else.
...grah. I'm losing my touch. Long break does dull my writing capability.
I'll try harder next time.
[X] Wander the forest, call for Rumia.

We should see if she has any new intel.
If we're really lucky, maybe we'll even get eaten by a grue.

It's like an atrophied muscle. Just keep using it, and it'll be back up to strength in no time.

Glad to see this story again, by the way.
[x] Wander the forest, call for Rumia.

I is will just be bandwagonsing hurrz durrh
[X] Wander the forest, call for Tew- Rumia.

[x] Take care of every trouble arises in Eientei.

I think we should clear things up so nothing bites us in the ass.
[x] Take care of every trouble arises in Eientei
[x] Take care of every trouble arises in Eientei.
[X] Take care of every trouble arises in Eientei.

Go and comfort Kaguya and Reisen, and weasel further into their good books. Comfort them in the midst of all this trauma, and soon they'll be wrapped around our fingers, and eating out of our hands. And preferably on a steady sperm diet after that.
[x] Take care of every trouble arises in Eientei.
The last time she betrayed us, it was for the sake of Kaguya. Giving her the illusion of control would have been more useful.
She put her safety before our MC's orders and she might do so again.
[X] Take care of every trouble arises in Eientei.

Once we have Eientei under our thumb, we'll be pretty powerful. And we need that it has, right?
You okay kirin?
I'm quite okay, thank you. Just busy with stuffs.
File 128696382279.jpg - (1.01MB, 1416x1000 , a84761a443c1ba893e94f6f4315fb16f.jpg) [iqdb]
You left Eirin where she was, straighten up your garment, and walk out of the secret laboratory. Next destination is Kaguya's room. As expected, Reisen is there with Kaguya, holding the princess' hand.

"I got everything taken care of, Kaguya. It's just that Eirin is overworked and is a little bit... delusional." You pat her shoulder in a friendly manner. "Nothing big is going on, I suppose. Is she usually this wonky? Experimenting with hallucinating drugs and turn her personality backwards like this!"
As you pat Kaguya's shoulder, you let out a laugh to ease up the tense atmosphere.
"Y...yeah. Eirin sometimes become too focused in her experimenting, so that happens. But usually it's not this bad!"
Kaguya lightens up and is laughing along with you. In the corner of your view, you see a worried Reisen. She's about to speak up, but seeing that Kaguya is cured of her worry, she decide to stay quiet.

After a small chit-chat with Kaguya, she feel tired and decide to sleep. Don't want to disturb the lady, you resign from her quarter along with the worried Reisen. The rabbit girl walk alongside you on the endless corridor of Eientei. Finally, after a long silence, she speaks up.

"Mister Wolfgang, I..." She bite her lips. "I think master really do changed."
It's as if she tries to squeeze the words out of her mouth. It's unthinkable for her to say things that would discredit her own mentor, but she just witnessed Eirin's insanity up close and personal. The closest student of hers, even if she doesn't like it, could notice the change.
"It's as if she's no longer sane. Like, she's... doing something behind our back. Something bad. In my drugged state, I saw her injected something into Tewi and put her in some sort of strange mechanism... And she talk about dissecting me and study my corpse...!"
Reisen is shaking. You notice it and take her hand.
"It's very scary, mister Wolfgang! it's like everything was real! I don't know if I am really drugged or she made me think that way! What if I just witnessed the real thing and she did something with my brain?! Master would never say thing like killing me from her mouth!"

Reisen dive into your chest and embrace you. You can't see her face, but from her trembling shoulder and that damp feeling on your chest, you know that she's crying. It's reasonable, to say the least. She was just about to get experimented as a live test subject by her most respected mentor. That's something worth crying about.

Maybe this rabbit girl knows too much, you think while you stay where you are, letting Reisen cry to her heart's content. She might prove to be a liability later.


It's midnight. Only sound accompanying the lone overlord is the sound of wind blowing between the strange-shaped rocks in the zen garden behind Eientei. Its wheezing sound reminds him of the demon's wail. He stand there, waiting for a certain person. She said through her rabbit proxy that she have something to report, and it is something you should hear in person.

There she is, in her usual outfit. Slowly approaching from the shadow. Eirin looks okay, but a bit tired from the activity. She's there with a small box in her hand.

"Are you okay now?" You ask.
"Intense physical activity does make me tired, milord. But I'll recover soon." Eirin answered calmly. "But for the progression of the research, I suggest you to please refrain from doing that."
Like that would stop you. You make the rule, not her. You will do anything you want at anytime you want. But still, you are not a stupid fucktard with his brain in his lower head, not doing it for a short while is alright for the sake of progress. And it's not like you don't have any alternatives, though that one gets boring after continuous use.

"There's an update, milord. I have finished a fine-tuning of Overmind system."
"Overmind system?"
"The name of that machine I put that rabbit in. The center of every rabbits in Eientei. At first, it was just a beta running. Now that I tune it, every rabbit should act more like a living things now. Please don't ask me how, because it will take at least a day to explain."

Eirin then open the small box she carried with her. It's a strange mechanism full of sharp, small legs. It somehow reminds you of an ugly-looking centipede.

"This, here, is the receiver for Overmind's signal. Planting this one the target will make them become one with the Overmind and let you order them as will."
"handy little bugger, isn't it?" You examine the bug. It IS ugly, indeed.
"Not that handy, milord." Eirin explained. "Actually, to put it on someone, I must tune it to match that said person. This one is for Reisen."
"What, you are going to mind-controlled your own disciple?" You ask, genuinely astonished.
"I know you noticed. She knows too much. It saddens me, too, to waste such a fine student. But to keep her silenced, this must be done." Eirin lets out a long sigh. "To think that Reisen would not be able to use her mystic eyes anymore... Sigh."

So this would affect her power as a fighting force. Hell, in fact you never know that Reisen does have any power except being cute and good with sewing. you know she'd make a good housewife, but as a fighter? You don't know.

"Now that I've done my report, I'll take my leave." She kneel, and then leave the scene. leaving you with the 'centipede'.

[ ] Go see Reisen now.
[ ] Leave Eientei for the time being.
---[ ] then (specify).
[ ] Spend the night at Eientei, but not seeing Reisen.

Like usual. My choice is just a general guidelines. You can add a specific action to it as much as you need.
[x] Go see Reisen now.
-[x] Psychological attack: everything she saw was indeed an illusion and she needs to relax and take it easy.
Well, it seems that Eirin is still useful. I won't trust her again tho.

We should find out more about Reisen's ability... it may prove useful... though we might want to do something about what she saw...
she will get mind controlled anyway so what is the point?
I think the choice in question might alter the proceedings.
[X] Go see Reisen now.
-[X] Leave the 'bug' in your room for now, locked up and out of sight. You would like to know more about Reisen. Maybe you'll be able to turn her to your side with taking such drastic measures.
--[X] The 'bug' will be used as a last resort for Reisen.

I have other idea's for who to use those 'bugs' on. Like Reimu for instance.
[X] Go see Reisen now.
-[X] Leave the 'bug' in your room for now, locked up and out of sight. You would like to know more about Reisen. Maybe you'll be able to turn her to your side with taking such drastic measures.
--[X] The 'bug' will be used as a last resort for Reisen.

Damn it, I meant without, not with!
[X] Go see Reisen now.
-[X] Leave the 'bug' in your room for now, locked up and out of sight. You would like to know more about Reisen. Maybe you'll be able to turn her to your side without taking such drastic measures.
--[X] The 'bug' will be used as a last resort for Reisen.

is that all? I'll begin my work if that's final.
To be honest, I really don't know what to add more.. Perhaps after following a few more updates, I can get my groove back. For now, I think it will do. So carry on, kirin. Unless somebody want to add more to the votes.
currently being assigned with troublesome project. gotta deal with that first, then this.
File 128816848193.jpg - (112.21KB, 667x1000 , 36868577ed33d8ba9112e07a273e8a9a.jpg) [iqdb]
After giving it some thoughts, you think that it's the best course of action to see the troubled rabbit girl first. Eirin mentioned something about Reisen's power, and you intend to check it out whether if it's worth the risk of leaving her as she is rather than turn her into a completely obedient pawn. Still, just barging into a girl's room at midnight would be uncouth. It's completely A-okay for an ultra-powerful overlord, but not for a youkai of manners and customs. You need to think of something...

Well then. Better get some souvenirs.


A light knock. it's not loud, but it's rhythmic. Reisen does not have any problems catching that knocking, because she can't sleep yet. There's a lot of things occupying her mind right now. She thought she just hearing things at first, but decide to check it out. When she opens the sliding door, Wolfgang is there.

"Ah. Mr.Wolfgang. Is there anything? It's unusual for anyone to wake me up at this hour."
"My apologies if you are already asleep, dear Reisen." You raise two crystal glasses along with a bottle of liquor you found along the way. "Care for a drink with an insomniac gentleman?"
Being suddenly invited, Reisen hesitates.
"Well, it's... I don't really..."
"It could get your mind off of things that bothers you, at least for a while."
"Why the sudden visit anyway, Mr.Wolfgang? I'm sure princess or master would be delighted to be your company."
"I think you need me the most out of all, Reisen." You smile. "They say telling your worries to someone else would make you feel better."
Reisen pauses for a bit, and after a short while accepts the crystal glass with a small giggle.
"I wonder if this is a part of your manners and customs power, Mr.Wolfgang?"
"Not at all. I'm just doing what a good gentleman would."

You take a while to get a conversation going to the direction you want it to be. At first, Reisen tries not to talk about what worries her and just trying to be a good conversation partner. But as you continue to pry for more, Reisen is starting to crack her lips about that bitter topic. Part of it thanks to alcohol. Kahlua milk got a taste of milk as the name implies, but despite its mild taste it's also strong. The rabbit girl is now resting her body over yours, all red from excessive drinking.

"Yeah. Master Eirin is a good person, mister. She... taught me things, from time to time..."
You just reply whatever. It doesn't matter now. All you need is for her to talk. More info about what she knows and what she doesn't. Getting all the information you could is the objective.
"But... y'know, Wolfgang... even if master can be cruel sometimes, but..." Reisen's eyes are welling up. "...she never tried to kill me. Not like this."
"You think she tried to kill you? Maybe it's because she's too stressed out with her science project and kinda snapped?"
"I got past that... I know what kind of stressed out master could be. But it's still not like this. She's becoming strange... since tewi disappear... since...
...since you came."

Oh boy.

"I think it's not related." You calmly states.
"Mm... maybe. Maybe I'm thinking to much. I'm getting paranoid here, haha..."
Reisen is holding your arm to stay steady, now. She's getting drunk.
"Could you use your power to fix her, somehow?"
time to pry for some more info.
"Oh? No no no, my power are not for that. Actually it's pretty useless for anything but combat."
"What is your power, I wonder?"
"It will be easier if I demonstrate it to you, Wolfgang."
She shifts her body closer to you. A little bit too close for her own good.
"Look into my eyes..."
As you look into her mesmerizing red eyes, there's a flash of red covering your vision. It's not exactly a physical flash, per se. Rather it's like someone paint a color of red in one panel of the movie film running in the player at high speed. Reisen pokes your nose once, giggling, and asks.
"Now look around. Tell me what you can see."

There's hundreds of Reisen. Extending to anything you can see. they are bunching up. Piling up. Drunk and giggling. They are under the table, on the bed, hanging down from ceiling, on the rooftops. There's Reisen EVERYWHERE. In your astonishment, you reach out to the nearest Reisen you can see, and it just went through.

"I can make my target see the thing that is not there. Kinda like mirage, y'see. Actually it can do more, but that's the basics."
"I... see..."
Quite a performance, you have to say. This power is applicable in a lot of situation. You'd hate to lose this nifty little toy if you have to turn her into mindless slave.
"I assume this requires a lot of focus, no?" You asks Reisen.
"Yes. But if you get used to it, it's quite-"
"What if someone break your concentration?"

You pull the real Reisen's body close in one swift motion. Her lips almost touch yours, and her startled breathing tickles your face.


Poof! All the image is gone. Left only an embarrassed rabbit girl illusionist in your arms.

"I see. That was worth it. I got to learn something new."
"..." She doesn't reply and try to avert the gaze.
"Still worried?"
"I am, but it's lessened somehow..." The rabbit girl meekly reply. "...maybe because you look so dependable."
"You can depend on me, Reisen. I'm with you now. I'd do anything to make everyone, including you, happy."
"Can I... leave master Eirin to your care, Mr.Wolfgang? She's dear to me... and I... don't want to doubt her."
"I can't refuse you if you're making that face."

You plant a kiss on her forehead and carry her to her own bed. Reisen is blushing red, but doesn't stop you from doing it.

"Just leave everything to me, Reisen. It will be over before you know it."
You say goodnight and leave the girl be. As you leave to your temporary quarter, a wicked smile formed on your lips.

Yes. Before you know, everything will change into something else entirely, Reisen.


"...This is the report from everywhere else but Eientei, so far."
The stoic maid kneels before her mistress after she reported her finding of the past weeks. The little girl in pink dress sits on her extravagant chair, analyzing the data she just got from the field.
"So Eientei is the last place in the list?"
"Yes mistress Remilia. All of the boxes are secure as of now, and there's no strange occurrence or suspicious activity."
"I really wish this is just me being a worrywart..." Remilia sighs.
The pale girl with purple long hair squeeze her shoulder, tensing up.
"No, Patchouli. I don't blame you. We're not sure if he is back yet, so it could be that we accidentally misplace it somewhere."
"I always expect the worst case possible. Isn't that why we're able to live to this days?" Patchouli say with a stern voice. "Sakuya. Keep up the good work. Please pay a visit to Eientei tomorrow and see if there's anything amiss."
"You will not be disappointed, miss Patchouli, mistress."

Sakuya does a curtsy once, and leave the two be. She left in silence and blend in with the dark corridors of scarlet devil mansion, out of sight.

"Sigh. Sometimes I wish Sakuya could be less serious." Says Remilia.
"This is serious times, Remi."
"You too Patchy. Calm down. We'll get everything wrapped up under our control. This is our mess, and we will silence this ourselves. I won't let anyone butt in and make this public. Not even that gap hag or that bitchy priestess."

[there's more, but my powerlevels are not enough to do it all at once. I'll continue soon.]
waiting evilly~
back now.
will resume writing shortly.
File 128819539073.jpg - (804.33KB, 1200x900 , 789c8aace1b9f33e4400ace006eb2eb4.jpg) [iqdb]
"-Papa bear this is bee nest. Papa bear this is bee nest.-"
"Bee nest this is papa bear. What is it?"
"-Tango is breaching our airspace. Request permission to engage.-"
"Identify tango, bee nest."
"-...Looks like it's a scarlet devil mansion's maid. Yes. Visual confirmation positive. It's Sakuya Izayoi. Permission to engage"-"
"Negative. Let her through. Broadcast all team code 'fog bank'. Papa bear out."
"-Wilco. Bee nest out.-"

Eirin switch off the headset. She just wake up from pile of document, and this is what greets her in the morning. A visit from Sakuya.

Master must be informed. Posthaste.


There is a saying that early bird gets the most worms. You really like this, because getting up early means more time in a day to accomplish your preplanned schedule. After your morning exercise, you try to play around with the overmind system controller, namely the dogtag-like thing Eirin gave you. You just hold it in your hand and try to think of some request. You start with the easy one.

--fetch me tea.--

You don't feel anything. But just only a minute, there's a rabbit girl with a tea set approaching you. After you take it, she left. just like that. You figure out you could use this girl to try out more complex order, and you waste no time.

--turn left sixty degree, run five steps, then go prone.--

That rabbit girl's ear wiggle, and she does your order exactly by the letter. Heh. This is kinda fun.

--Three unit. One line. Now.--

The proned rabbit girl jumps and stand before you. After a short while, two exhausted rabbits come to you and form a single line.

You are about to get them to dance a polka when Eirin approach you.

"Master. I have pressing matter."
"Yes, what is it?"
"One of the major power's agent is coming here to investigate this place. I take it you know the scarlet devil sisters?"
"I do. Go on."
"Sakuya Izayoi, the sister's head maid, is coming here. Our intel led me to believe that Sakuya is visiting all the box holders. She will come here and ask to check the box, for sure. I already order the grunt to cover all trail of our supply and weaponry, but we need your instruction on how to proceed."
"And why didn't you tell me sooner, useless slave?!" Your voice raises up. "I should know this weeks ago!"
"Her pattern is random, and she go out to buy groceries often. When i realize she's coming here, I just understand the message behind those visits. I'll take any kind of punishment later, but for now we have to think of a countermeasure."


That means the major power is suspicious of your awakening, or worse. They might know about it now. Just that they don't know where you are. You can risk going out there and greet her yourself, but it's also possible that this Sakuya is also informed of your appearance. Should you let her go and check the box? argh, maybe she knows how to check the seal's integrity!

Think, Wolfgang, Think! There must be a way out!
Oh right. I forgot choices.

[ ] Go hostile. Ambush her as soon as she arrives. make it end as soon as possible.
[ ] Go greet her yourself and handle any trouble as it happens.
[ ] Let Eirin take control. Observe Sakuya and Eirin from security room.

and main objective.
[ ] terminate/capture/incapacitate Sakuya.
[ ] Try to cover everything and not alert Sakuya's doubt.
[x] Let Eirin take control. Observe Sakuya and Eirin from security room.

and main objective.
[x] Try to cover everything and not alert Sakuya's doubt.

Sakuya disappearing would no doubt provoke a response from Remilia and the others.
I think this would be a good time try one of those bug things.

[X] Have Eirin create one of those 'insects' for Sakuya, she could be used as a good spy.

[X] Let Eirin take control. Observe Sakuya and Eirin from security room.

[X] Try to cover everything and not alert Sakuya's doubt.
[X] Have Eirin create one of those 'insects' for Sakuya, she could be used as a good spy.

[X] Let Eirin take control. Observe Sakuya and Eirin from security room.

[X] Try to cover everything and not alert Sakuya's doubt.
creating bug takes time, and I think you don't have enough in this case.
What about retuning the bug that was intended for Reisen?
That could save a lot of time. But Eirin won't be able to deal with Sakuya for you.

Then let us do so. Besides, if push comes to shove, we can take on Sakuya and temporarily take her out, right?


Wait, we can also have Reisen stall her a bit for time, as Eirin is often busy with this and that. Then we enter, stall with some small talk, then let Eirin have Sakuya do her business.

While this may be a little meta, I do think that Sakuya will be easy to trick (manipulation is still up in the air, at least before the bug goes on her.)

On another note, where's Rumia at the moment?
>On another note, where's Rumia at the moment?

Busy being our spy.
It'd be far better to get her out of the way; trying too much can easily backfire as Sakuya will be on her guard in this case.
Trick her. She hasn't found anything thus far, so she should be mostly off guard/ expecting nothing bad.
File 129238588368.png - (236.36KB, 600x590 , 49d00c6crqey36fx1.png) [iqdb]
Whoa. I thought no one cared about my story since there's so little activity it's disheartening.
but if you wish, I could go with this little votes I have and continue anyway.

your thoughts?

Well, you have something. thre have been writers with even less.

Of course, such writers never made past thread 01.
[X] Have Eirin create one of those 'insects' for Sakuya, she could be used as a good spy.

[X] Let Eirin take control. Observe Sakuya and Eirin from security room.

[X] Try to cover everything and not alert Sakuya's doubt.

There you go, another vote.

This is an interesting story. A story about being evil MUST BE EXPLORED MORE!
Update more and more activity will follow; this is a crowded board with busy stories after all; being slower than Glasnost will only get you buried.
[X] Have Eirin create one of those 'insects' for Sakuya, she could be used as a good spy.

[X] Let Eirin take control. Observe Sakuya and Eirin from security room.

[X] Try to cover everything and not alert Sakuya's doubt.

Everything that this guy said.

Update, and Anon will come.
Indeed. I like this story, but I thought it died after the updates petered out.
kirin, not doing anything makes Anon leave.

However, since it's Christmas break right now, we can wait a little longer.
File 129309941625.jpg - (34.06KB, 450x322 , heart.jpg) [iqdb]
In process of writing after LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG break.
hang on. We're rolling.
File 129310434225.jpg - (28.95KB, 300x300 , royal tea set.jpg) [iqdb]
You decide that the best course of action right now is to NOT show your face to the agent of the Scarlets. She might be informed of your appearance, might have some kind of detector, or in the worst case she might be one of the survivor from the last war. Being cautious and alert is probably the best idea.

"Eirin. Get out there and stay under cover. I'll watch you from security room." you order your servant.
"At once. I assume you know the way to the security room?"
"Just shut up and go."
"...I understand."

Eirin quickly leave the scene. The three rabbits you experimented earlier are still forming a line like you ordered, not moving an inch. With a sigh, you shoo them away. This system Eirin created is powerful indeed. With proper method, you can get something worthwhile out of this.

But that's for later. There's a problem to handle.

Arriving at the main security room Eirin installed, you take a seat. It's a room with some rabbit operatives and crude automaton. They are running back and forth, doing their jobs to maintain security level of your new stronghold. A rabbit girl with an armband approaches you. She's probably the one in charge around here.

"Sir." She salutes like a well-trained military officer. "All camera's online. No security breach. We're under operation fog bank, so most of the personnel will be unarmed."
You nod, and keep your eyes on the biggest monitor, where the rabbit operator put Sakuya on screen.


I arrived at Eientei.

from the sky this place seems normal to me, though I see more lethal traps in the bamboo forest. I wonder if the princess is in bad terms with immortal fire girl again? Probably normal for them.

Soon, I land in the courtyard. The rabbit girls are enjoying their life like usual. From the outside it seems like this place is in the way it should be, but I can't be careless. IF the great evil really has awakened, this all might be an act. Better stay focused. Mistress Remilia and lady Patchouli are both troubled by this.

Eirin is there at the entrance. I approach her and greets her like a good guest would.

"Greetings, Yagokoro Eirin. I'm sorry for a sudden visit. I have no time to inform you first."

That was a lie, of course. I intend to come here without telling them. If they were collaborating with the evil lord, they could set up evil scheme to counter my inspection. It's not like I'm suspecting that Eieintei, one of the most powerful faction here in Gensokyo, would ally themselves with the overlord. But I was told to be cautious. So I will doubt everything unless it's proven.

"It's rare for you to drop by here Sakuya. Anything the matter? Should I call princess Kaguya?"
Eirin Yagokoro, in her usual demeanor, asks me.
"It's nothing big. I can also ask you, miss Yagokoro."
"What is this request that you speak of?"
"I'd like to inspect the----"
"---never mind.
Before we discuss those matters, should we have some tea?"


Oh well. Tea is always relevant to my interests.

"Thank you for your hospitality. I'd take that offer."

Eirin leads me to one of the cozy spot that can see the garden. The room is warm with morning sunlight, and the Japanese-style room emanates the aura of tranquility. It's almost a perfect room for a nap.

"Please sit here while I fetch you some tea. I'll ask Udonge to be your company for the time being."
Shoot. That reminds me. Enveloped by the atmosphere, I almost lose my cautious nature. I must stay vigilant and suspect any movements they made.
"Miss Yagokoro."
"Yes?" the Eientei's head scientist turns back with a puzzled face.
"Let me brew you some tea. I suppose everyone here always drinks Japanese tea, correct? I would like to present the magnificent aroma and wonderful blend of English tea."
"But you are the guest. I can't bother the guest with such trifling matter."
"I'm a maid, miss Yagokoro. It is my duty to perform trifling matters around the house."
Eirin sighs, smiling. "If you say so."

She left me alone in this kitchen. There's some curious eyes of the rabbit girls peering around the corner, but this is normal for this place. The tea set looks fine. No sign of tampering. And if Eirin is the collaborator, she would insist on brewing the tea herself and put something harmful in. By leaving me alone like this, I could say she didn't have any ulterior motives. Maybe this place is normal after all...

No. Must stay cautious. Fight on, me.

I brew perfect Darjeeling tea like usual. When I arrive at the room once again, people are already gathered. Eirin Yagokoro, Reisen Udongein Inaba, and kaguya Houraisan. Only one missing is Tewi.

After exchange some greetings with the newcomer, I pour them tea. For the sake of security, I swap the teacup around (and pretend it's a 'meido-meido-magic-show' by Sakuya-san) then pour the tea. With this, even if one of the cup is coated with poison, it could end up anywhere.

We spend time sipping tea, talking about general topic, and sipping more tea.

"Such a fine weather today..." Says Eirin. She looks sleepy.
"True that. At times like this, I'd just stay still and let the time passes me by."
The moon princess yawns, and begin searching for a better position to lie down. Such a carefree person.
"Yes... somehow the weather makes me want to take a nap..." Reisen is yawning as well.

Is this your imagination or everyone just feel drowsy all of a sudden? It is true that the weather is so nice and the place is just so calm one would want to lie down and bask themselves in the gentle sunlight shining through the window, but...

The tea?

Can't be. I brew this myself. And everyone take a sip from the same pot...

The mission... from mistress... must... complete it....

I hear Reisen breathing so peacefully... resting her head in my lap...

oh well...

There's plenty of time......

For now................

I'd just......................

take a short nap..............................


"You did well, Eirin."
"Thank you master."

Sakuya is sleeping defenselessly before you. She's one cautious maid, you have to admit. such a keen instinct of self-preservation. Thanks to Eirin's quick wit she manage to put a colorless, tasteless sleeping drug inside the tea. It made everyone but Eirin fall asleep, somehow.

"So how did you do that?" You ask, impressed by her performance.
"I can predict that Sakuya will ask to make the tea herself out of her cautiousness or her duty as a maid of the scarlet mansion, so I coat all the cup with my special slow-acting sleeping drug. It's completely undetectable except licking the cup directly, and doing that would put the tester to sleep. The drowsiness is slow but lasting, so it should lessen the suspicion of being spiked since most of those are fast-acting."
"And why aren't you sleepy?"
"Easy. As a creator of this formula, I have my antidote. The slight headache is the side effect I really need to get rid of, though."

Impressive. Eirin manage to capture one of enemy agent without alerting them, and by peaceful means too.

"What would you like to do with her, master?"
"Hm..." you have something in mind but it never hurts to ask your right hand man. "...your thoughts?"
"I can use suggestion-type hypnosis and make her think that she already finish her task then send her home. In my opinion, we should not risk anything that would expose our activity."

you ponder on your choices. You need to think about the future plans, too. Tampering with her body in a noticeable ways or put her six feet under would cause extreme suspicion to your faction, but doing so might be beneficial to your cause in the future.

Hm, what to do?

[ ] Do as Eirin suggested. You need to play it safe for the time being.
[ ] Have Eirin modified the "Bug" and use it on Sakuya.
[ ] Make her disappear forever.
[ ] [metagaming] Stole her watch.
Good to see you again!

MMmhh... choices choices. I forogt how hard they where here.
Some (hopefully) objective thoughts on the possible options, keep in mind the long term consequences everyone.

>>[ ] Do as Eirin suggested. You need to play it safe for the time being.
Short version: we are stalling for time.
Long version: the simple hypnosis is probably our safest bet if we just wanted to stay undetected, as it usually does not count as "true magic" and thus will not alert Patche when she tries to detect magic on her. I have no idea how Remi's vampire hax in terms of some kind of connection with Sakuya work though, but hypnosis is still the least trackable method. Thing is Sakuya may be able to resist it and just play her part, courtesy of some precautions made by Remi or Patche beforehand, or they just rigged her with espionage wards.

>>[ ] Have Eirin modified the "Bug" and use it on Sakuya.
I cannot remember how the bugs worked and am currently too lazy/tired to check, but having Sakuya as a spy would keep us up to date to everything in the SDM, as long as Remi/Patche do not detect it. High risk high return, we would know when they find us and when they plan to attack us, but may as well make them find and attack us, not to say alert the other factions for backup.

>>[ ] Make her disappear forever.
Even more risk and return, depending on your viewpoint. Eliminating Sakuya (and making sure Remi cannot just bite her to unlife) eliminates a big threat from the SDM so that "only" three remain at best(Remi, Patche, Flan, counting Meiling and the Fairies as relatively neglectible). This will provoke an immediate attack though, which we should prepare for immediately as well. Not sure whether Remi will be too blinded by rage to alert others or Patche will simply do so regardless, but the resulting battle SDM vs Eientei is sure to make even the dumbest resident realise something is wrong.

>>[ ] [metagaming] Stole her watch.
Not sure what to think of metagaming, especially labeled one, but personal opinion aside this would power us up while depowering Sakuya herself, eliminating her as a threat (possibly at least) while keeping her alive and Remi's temper under control. The whole SDM would still be alarmed though, alerting others and going to war themselves like above with less rage. Possible boni and/or penalties for metagaming aside we probably are supposed to use our new time hax power to overcome this situation with the least amount of casualties (only on our side) and more impotantly attraction possible.

Not sure what to vote for myself yet, but the bug option seems a safe way for gathering intel as long as the bug itself is not found. Killing and metagaming will throw us right into some wartime action, which I doubt we are strong enough for just yet, since even if we beat the SDM without bigger casualties (few cannon fodder bunnies only) we then have everyone else going for our behinds right after that. And I doubt that we are able to subdue anyone into our service by going into all-out war here, we probably need some sneaking missions to accomplish that. And we will want to get more (wo)manpower, seeing as our only "generals" are Marisa, Eirin, Reisen and Rumia (Kaguya is more of a pacifist host we hide our activities from while Tewi seems completely lost and Cirno is a nineball). Waging an open war with the rest of Gensoukyou is simply not feasible like this.
[x] Have Eirin modified the "Bug" and use it on Sakuya.
[X] Do as Eirin suggested. You need to play it safe for the time being.
And this story remind me why I hate Xavier from Sengoku Rance so much.
[x] Do as Eirin suggested. You need to play it safe for the time being.

Kirin! It's so good to see you back and writing once again! I've always loved your stories!
[x] Do as Eirin suggested. You need to play it safe for the time being.

A successful evil overlord is one that is patient. One that waits. One that learns all he can before going into battle.

Or some sort of crap like that.
[x]Take her watch and kill her
YES. You're back!
File 129313640816.jpg - (44.38KB, 800x453 , sauron1.jpg) [iqdb]
Yeah, like Sauron did.
And why did Sauron lose? Because he got impatient, and had his finger lopped off.
>And why did Sauron lose?
Because he didn`t guard Mount Doom.
I think our Mount Doom will be Marisa, Kaguya or maybe even Cirno.
[x] Do as Eirin suggested. You need to play it safe for the time being.

Not point being hasty or rash.
I would add a subtle "prank" style thing to her mind. That way, we'll have an edge if we need it, but it's not too suspicious even if they detect it.
That was his second screw up; if he didn't make the first screw up in >>132189 then middle earth would have been his.
If you think about it, Lord of the Rings could easily be seen as the story of a munchikin player getting screwed over by his GM.

Think about it. He puts almost all his power into a ring which boosts his power level. Said ring is totally indestructible, with the only place that can unmake it a spot where literally nothing can muster the willpower to destroy it.

On top of that, he takes a bunch of disadvantages that make him utterly unable to talk nicely to people.
[x] Do as Eirin suggested. You need to play it safe for the time being.
Play safe, huh?
I understand that we're not ready, but knowing our Anon, I thought you guys would be more on the aggressive side.
Anyway, writing when I'm able.
> I thought you guys would be more on the aggressive side.

There is a time to be agressive, and a time to be passive.

When the time comes, Anon will deliver.
Yeah, we're playing it like a Sith Lord (who has read the Evil Overlord's List). Aggression will play its part in the fall of the Re... Gensokyo, but only when we have POWER! UNLIMITED POWERRRRRRRR!
>who has read the Evil Overlord's List
He did not.
True, but I imagine being sealed has taught him much.
[x] Do as Eirin suggested. You need to play it safe for the time being.
[x] Make her disappear forever.
Bit on the mad side today. Let's see some action!!
As for the reason why I chose this.

What are we waiting for? Do we have a goal? And a certain point in time we must reach before the world becomes aware of our revival for us to reach that goal? We can take out one of the enemy's fairly strong fighters with a priceless ability now and still have at least half a day with no one knowing we're alive AND at least a full day before they decide to attack us, or let her go and have a few more days at most. I do not believe having more than one day of freedom will change our situation for the better. Sun Tzu once said: "Thus, though we have heard of stupid haste in war, cleverness has never been seen associated with long delays." So why wait?

Really enjoyed the story so far Kirin. I'd make one like it myself if you had not already done so... Thanks for informing me of it.
Besides, either we know they know and have about a day and a half time to prepare for an attack, or don't know they know, do not know when an attack might be coming and have to stay alert indefinetly, which is tiring both for the mind and the body.

And having a day and a half time is the worst case scenario. Other people might come to check on her and we can dispose of them too.
Sakuya disappearing would be a good sign that we're back; they sent Sakuya over on the major suspicion that we're back; they might have prepared an attack already.
Major suspicion? They certainly are suspicious but not in a major way. Major is prepared for an attack and from the way Remilia was speaking, I doubt they already have one prepared. It'd take them some time to figure it out so we WOULD still have at least half a day if they HAD prepared one. About three to four posts in that case (ok new worst case scenario, though still not that bad). On the other hand, half a day to figure it out and half to full day for preparations and travel, the neutral scenario leaves us with quite a bit of time on our hands. Best case would of course be them sending someone to check on Sakuya. All three of these leave us with a handy chunk of time to prepare defenses and think up countermeasures. Also, keep in mind that we probably only gain a few days at most if we let her go now.

No war was ever won by waiting and doing nothing forever and gentlemen, this is war. And we need to man up to win it. If we're the evil overlord, we need to act the part.
Striking first will give us several beneficial factors in the coming battles? Remi will be pissed and you do not make good decisions when you are like that? Guys? We're the bad guy, someone's gonna have to die eventually...

Do note that there is the possibility that Reimu will be alerted, who may then alert Yukari.

It would be an understatement to say that Yukari would be unhappy.
Remilia is trying to keep face.
She doesn't want anyone to know that she accidently released us.

Remila would try to solve things herself.
True. But we should strike at a time of our choosing. We want most of our power back before we are outed. Ideally, we will have all our power back before being outed. An acceptable compromise would be being outed right as we recover the last boxes.

If we get outed before we regain full power, they will hide/protect the boxes like crazy. That's bad(for us).

But Remilia would not inform anyone else.
If Remilia took Sakuya's disapearance as confirmation that we had escaped, rather than inform anyone, she would seek to attack us herself.

Since Patchouli is unlikely to be able to move to Eintei and Flandere is unlikely to take part in an attack, we should (with Eirin, Rumia and Marisa on our side) be able to defeat Remilia.

Without any of the other major players knowing.
To >>132593 and

here. I must say I have considered that option as well and I can no longer avoid it now that it's out in the open. If this had not happened we could have simply metagamed through it without even knowing(I'm a bastard I know). I must also confess, that I did not actually read the first (and second?) run of this story yet, so I do not know the extent of our capabilities or those of Yukari and Reimu compared to ours, though I am pretty sure they are a major threat. If worst comes to worst we may have to fight them, but we will have to eventually anyway, and they will have one less capable fighter on their side. The choice is basically trading some of our time and risk for the life of one of our enemies strongest and knowing the approximate time of their attack. Mind you, the choice should not be taken lightly and both sides should be considered, but without risk, nothing is gained. We do actually have one of the major forces backing us after all.
I do not actually prefer either of the choices but I will stand by my own, simply, because I am trying to make the story as interesting as it can get.
I wouldn't assume as much as if push comes to shove, I'm sure Remilia will use her WMD of a sister and try to pass it off as an incident in the wake of Sakuya's disappearance. As far as evil overlords go, Haste kills more than patience.
Letting out her sister would be the easiest way to guarantee that Reimu/Yukari will notice.

Remilia is proud enough to attempt it by herself (maybe with Patchouli and Meiling)before resorting to Flandere.

This gives us an opportunity to eliminate Remilia
...or convert her.
hence why I said if push came to shove and passing it off as an accident. It's a last resort to cover up her failure. Any kind of attack by Remilia would be noticable due to the force needed to counter back.

You've also forgotten that Wolfgang has yet to fully stabilize the working order at Eientei in wake of Eirin's overeager-ness.
Indeed. We can create another chance once we are fully ready. Just alter in an enjoyable conversation with a chance of Sakuya visiting again in a week or two. Less risk, more benefit.
File 129438422826.jpg - (24.86KB, 342x250 , garden.jpg) [iqdb]
Looking at your current manpower, you think it's best not to mess with the Scarlets for now. If you decide to go into battle right now, it would cause massive loss on both sides and alert the other faction of your existence that should stay hidden.

"Good. Do that." You gesture Eirin to proceed with her initial plan. This way, the maid will be tricked that she has already complete her mission. her body unharmed, her mind not being tampered by any source of traceable magic, and if anyone would figure out a trace of psychologically altered memory, it would be Eirin herself.

"At once, milord." Eirin bows and gesture two grunt rabbits to carry a sleeping Sakuya out.

After the threat has been thwarted, you feel a bit more relaxed. You sit down where the rest is sleeping and pondering about your future plans in this relaxed atmosphere. Kaguya, even if she looks like a spoiled videogames-addicted brat, looks like a true princess in her sleep. Reisen, on the other hand, looks...edible. She's so defenseless. It cause the urge to ravage helpless beings to rise within you. You make a mental note to find a way to do her and not hindering your current plan.

Yeah. Talking about the 'current' plan, you don't really have a short-term goal to aim for.

After shooing the agent of the Scarlets away, you bought yourself a considerable amount of time. You are still undercover. You have agents hidden as a harmless(?) darkness youkai, stupid ice fairy, and a witch. When you think about it, what you really need now is a commander. A champion. Someone who can lead the grunt and charge into the battle and fight head-on with their aces. You have the manpower, but not enough people to lead them. There's some prospect, however. But all of them are either a force of good and/or too unpredictable.

After discussing with the locals, mostly Marisa and Eirin, you know most of the players in this game of power. You start by thinking up a name which could be converted to your side.

Yuuka of the flower field. As far as intel says, she is a strong youkai without ties to any organization. however, she is very possessive of her area and does not have ambition. If you were to recruit her, you don't know what you could trade for her services.

Mima. Marisa's mentor. She's an evil spirit and a powerful mage. Might be a good addition. She's probably easier to talk to with Marisa on your side. But still, she's with Hakurei Miko. This could prove to be fatal if she decide not to join you

Maybe. just maybe. Yuyuko Saigyouji, the netherworld princess, along with her gardener Youmu. They look naive, and with a proper plan you might be able to do something.

Asides from the manpower problems, you think that Eirin is managing this place quite well. Though she may be a bit wonky and over-the-top at first, but she seems to be okay for now. She even manage to help you out of the jam this time. You think you can leave this place in her hands now. But to be on the safe side, you could stay here and strengthening the line of command even further for a few days.

...But staying here would make the witch and/or your dark queen jealous. Siiiigh. Being hot stud is a sin in itself. Gotta share the love.

From all the thinking, it all boils down to one thing.

You have to think bigger.

"Oh well. Time to move."

You stretch your body to clear the stiffness, and----

[ ] stay here and establish order.
[ ] go to---
---[ ] Yuuka's flower field
---[ ] Marisa's shack.
---[ ] Hakurei shrine
---[ ] Hakugyoukurou.
---[ ] somewhere else.
[ ] "Hm, come to think of it I should do this instead..." (Do something else)
[ ] "Oh fuck it. I want to fuck a rabbit girl."
[X] Yuuka's flower field

Hm, the other options are promising but, each one of these people can be considerably dangerous to us if we are turned down, Yuuka however, is not really one for gossip so we wouldn't have such a problem.

the best way of dealing with her would be to destroy some of her flowers, pissing her off then offering to replace them with something greater, we Points towards Youkai mountain
saying "imagine my dear Fraulein, Flowers, Flowers everywhere." if we promise her this, then she'll defiantly convert to our side.
File 129439154860.jpg - (157.96KB, 1204x867 , 34262d2d7f91f2aa0233017f07984e28b9a1c8cf.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] go to---
---[X] Makai
[x] stay here and establish order.
-[x] all while spending some time with Rumia or Marisa.

Eirin was the weak spot last time, some more time wouldn't hurt at best and well needed at worse.

We'd have to be able to deliver on that promise as I'm not sure if Wolfgang could handle her at even full power.
[X] Yuuka's flower field
Let's hope this goes right.
> Hakugyoukurou
> Yuyuko

I know this is meta-knowladge, but Yuyuko is Yukari's best friend. If we go after her, Yukari may be alerted, and she knows what we look like.

[X] stay here and establish order.
-[X] all while spending some time with Rumia or Marisa.

Marisa 'needs' our 'love' inside her, and we need to see what Rumia was up to so far.
Would anyone mind explaining to me, why Eirin is actually on our side? Just asking.

[x] go to
-[x] Yuuka's flower field
(--[x] Take Reisen with you) your thoughts on this?
Something possibly productive with a vote. Afraid we can't mend our relationship with Eirin just yet because of our attitude problem, but the princess should be able to keep her on a leash.

Taking Reisen with us may prove useful because of her abilities and she doubles as a hostage in case something goes wrong. Was thinking of picking Eirin instead, but she has important work to do and people would probably notice if she went missing and nobody knew where she was. On the other hand, taking Reisen with us may hinder us a bit while discussing things with Yuuka, and there's also the risk of her finding out something we do not want her to know, resulting in zombie-pet Reisen.
[x] go to
-[x] Yuuka's flower field
--[x] Take Reisen with you

And pray to fuck that this is not a Yuuka who's good and chummy with Reimu.

Reisen would be good to bring along because she's at least sensible enough to know the area, and know who people are. Her presence in Wolfgang's company shouldn't be too strange, since if he's a guest of Eientei, then Reisen accompanying him would be natural, right?

As for Yuuka, There shouldn't be too many problems with actually keeping the "Flowers. Flowers everywhere." promise to her, unless Wolfgang is the kind of evil warlord who digs the whole scorched-earth aesthetic for his conquered lands. It just depends on how zealous Yuuka is about this stuff, as well as whether or not she'll play ball, not to mention how likely a sudden betrayal from her might or might not be.
We haven't found out about his agenda for ruling Gensokyo (Most folks who want to take over the world don't seem to think that far ahead), and a Betryal from Yuuka would be messy... literally.
File 129449223148.png - (96.92KB, 497x288 , Sinbag yuuka.png) [iqdb]
I Don't see why You guys think Yuuka would betray us, I mean she's seen as one of the most fearsome Youkai in Gensokyo and is avoided and feared by all, she isn't one to socialize except for medicine as they share the same interests. and she doesn't venture out from her flower field unless something is happening. The idea of an evil Overlord bastard like us coming in and offering her a huge ass piece of land in turn for her allegiance to us sounds pretty sound to me and because we are so dam evil/overpowered she may even like us, or consider us family as we are both monsters.
What motivation would she have for helping us though?
If she wanted to hurt people all she has to do is leave the field and go find them, she can't do anything with a larger piece of land that she isn't already doing with her field, and she'd have to take orders, something she probably isn't too keen on.
Why would she possibly want to follow us?
I never said anything about her betraying us...
Yuuka would only join if we come off as inline with her goals... the moment we step out of line is when shit happens.

Yuuka would only help us if it helped her goals.

However unless we took action that was against her goals, she wouldn't attack us either.
I don't think we can offer much that Yuuka wants that she can't get for herself. She'd just refuse, and while it is unlikely that she would spill the beans, this is Gensokyo. It is more likely than probability would indicate.

I would go for Mima if we want to recruit someone, as we have an in via Marisa and she is unlikely to turn us in to the priestess as long as Marisa is on our side even if she doesn't accept our offer.

However, I think we should be consolidating our existing gains before we aim for more. Focus on getting access to the rest of our power and preparing our Lunar army while subtly brainwashing Marisa even further.
Indeed but it seems few people are of that mindset, and those thinking only of expansion are doing so at great peril.
Okay, Yuuka it is?

Maybe? Your call.
File 129480703388.gif - (595.17KB, 816x501 , dba6dca2b68c819b8a53517a35e743a5.gif) [iqdb]
The choice is not quite solid at this point, and there's still discussion between you guys whether to go or not to go.
I think I'll wait until it's more clear.

...AKA more reason for me to slack off.
Well I'd pick someone else but Yuuka had the biggest chance of winning... I doubt the tide's gonna turn at this point though
I still insist on staying and finish solidifying Wolfgang's base here. Better safe than sorry; this goes double for evil overlords.

Same here.

> more reason for me to slack off

It's because of your slacking off that Anon is leaving this story in the dust.

I prefer this as well. Compromise by making a new type of flower thing to recruit Yuuka. Ding.
Well I think we're done voting and discussing things now. You can start any time
I had my updates ready, but the power surge ate it. Along with my PC.

I'll recall what I write and do it over again in my laptop.

PS. Don't trust an old UPS. It will betrays you.
Ho yeah! As long as you're still with us I don't mind
I'm with you all the time, warriors. Just that life is keeping me from writing.
Being a salaryman is hard...
File 129631781759.jpg - (138.62KB, 700x560 , lolibaka_com_125535.jpg) [iqdb]
It's still worth a shot to try to convince Yuuka to your side. Seeing that she remains faction-less since the beginning. That can be translated to two things. Either the denizen of Gensokyo dislikes her, or she just too powerful and unstable for them. It will be easier to recruit her if it's the first, and will be a challenge worthy for someone like you if it's the second.

With that in mind, you leave Eientei to Eirin's care. At the back of your mind, you still feel a little bit insecure to leave anything vital to Eirin, but her recent performance is the proof that she's still loyal to you and your cause. But when you think of it again, nothing seems to be certain for this person. She seems to be working for you out of fear that you might harm Kaguya, but you think the real reason is her sadistic nature. She had to pretend to be a good-natured person for so long since your... temporary retreat. But now that you, the icon for evil deeds, forced her to act, Eirin has someone to blame for all her doings. So it's rather she works for her own desire than being forced by you. You don't know if it's good or bad, but it works for now.

After instructing Eirin about the general management topic, you fly away out of Eientei. It's been a while since you left this place, and it feels like your home now. Leaving the comfort of your well-defended base to some evil genius is a bit unsettling, but it's not like you have any option.

You travel without any rush, and enjoy the spectacular view of the forest below. You can also see Marisa's house. She's talking with another visitor. A... blond-haired person with light blue dress. Probably one of her acquaintance. Who is that? You keep a mental note to ask Marisa about that person later.


At the edge of your vision, you see a sunflower field. It's a huge land with nothing but a sunflower and a small cottage in the middle of it. From the sky, it looks like a golden land with a spot of gray ash in the middle. From the intel, you think that the cottage is Kazami Yuuka's habitat.

Before you approach, you take your time to cast a necessary spell for an encounter with a spellcaster. Some magic-reduction spell, some elemental damage resistance spell, and one charge of "misdirection" for your ring of flash. Some people might call this paranoia or cowardice, but for you, it's called 'precaution'. Only a fool rush in headlong into unknown territory. Preparation is the key to success.

When you are ready, you descend down. But as your altitude decreases, you see Kazami Yuuka, the Youkai of the flower field, standing on the roof of her cottage with the pointy end of her umbrella pointing at you.

It glows with magical energy, and in a blink of an eye a gigantic blue beam is coming your way, and from the look of it you are right in the middle of its path---!

[ ] SOAK
Sorry that it took so long. I'll try to write faster and more regularly next time.

That, or I'll inform you guys first when I have sudden spike in my work activity.
>[ ] PUNCH
...[x] PUNCH
How strong are we? Soaking or punching it would surely impress Yuuka if we just shrug it off like it was nothing.

I assume we're fairly strong at this point, and while I would love to impress Yuuka by punching it or just shrugging it off, that'd be a tad bit too risky.

And now I'm hoping she wasn't there when we were first sealed.

Villian's energy attack defense of choice.
File 129659013757.png - (92.54KB, 1226x533 , Flowers Flowers Everywhere.png) [iqdb]
If we come out unscathed,
[X] "It's extremely rude to fire large death rays at people you know". after the who are you? Crap, say "Well I am a youkai of manners and customs" Yuuka will be like "Wat" then we proceed with my vote in >>132814

Also over 9000 hours in ms paint.

You know, I can actually see us doing exactly what that picture is showing.
I love the mustache.
And I will make it happen.
Expect it soon.
I know, right? It adds to the evil motif.

What are our chances of success capt'n?
Surely you don't expect a writer to answer that kind of question, right?

But for the sake of awesomeness, I'll be a bad GM and tell you right here.
It will succeed.
Sure I don't expect but it does happen from time to time.
Expecting awesome.
We can even have our mad Scientist make a new "Gift" flower species that will slowly brainwash her for us.
Is that really called for?

I mean Yuuka might be loyal.

Trying such a stunt would backfire badly as chances are Yuuka'd be immune to it and it'd piss her off so badly she vaporizes the whole place. No one wants her as an enemy.
We'd make sure it was subtle and very slow acting.

. . . Why would she be immune to it? It's not a brute force attack on her mind. It would be a very subtle subversion of it.
We want as firm a hold on her as we can get.
it's flower related; that's like trying to blast Mokou with fire or trying to out muscle an oni.

And if she asks the flower, it'll certainly reveal the plan. Naive people don't live as long as Yuuka has.
Fair point. We'll save anything like that for later once we regain our full power.
> out muscle an oni

We can relaibly take on the average oni and win flawlessly, thanks to the last time a box was open.
Indeed. We could probably fireblast Mokou too once we regain full power.

Screw that, at full power we could probably out gap hax Yukari in a 3-on-1 fight, with the other two being Chen and Ran.
Don't know if the vote's already decided yet, but if not:




That 'stache is awesome.
File 129701923314.png - (57.59KB, 939x972 , not amused.png) [iqdb]

File 129702025686.png - (323.14KB, 501x547 , Antanon orders you etc.png) [iqdb]
heard you were being a lazy writenigger.
File 129702082192.png - (488.49KB, 778x588 , Everyone\'s getting evil.png) [iqdb]
Until, this nigger updates, everyone's getting beards, top-hats and mustaches!

Wouldn't this have the opposite effect then?
File 129702135421.png - (678.70KB, 800x600 , antaganon.png) [iqdb]


That's more than enough of that, methinks.
File 129706244198.png - (377.05KB, 640x552 , 052afa629448c60130472eabdecb884c1245861621_full.png) [iqdb]
Geez! Alright alright! Evil men are impatient, I see.
I'll get it done ASAP.
File 129706767217.jpg - (294.85KB, 768x1100 , lolibaka_com_106715.jpg) [iqdb]
Back in the days, you used to walk right into an army of magic user and wreck the shit out of them using your bare hands. But since you were weakened, you never have a chance to. This is a good practice run for the bigger battle that is yet to come. If you can't overcome one giant beam of pure magical energy, what would your future be when there's a bunch of magical girls firing squad charging their lasers ready to frag you to hell and back? Without further ado, you tighten your grip and look at the approaching death beam without even batting an eyelids.


Your right hand is glowing with magical dampening spells, ready to counter the assault.


With a timely interception, you plunge your fist right into the beam, shattering it into million threads of light scattering itself everywhere. A large portion of it is deflected to its maker while some of it is redirected to the ground, scorching some of the sunflowers below.

Strangely enough, there's no follow-ups. The barrage ended with only one shot, and Kazami Yuuka stays where she is with a rather amused face. She is unscathed. That umbrella of hers can defend against the deflected beam with ease.

You take your time to check yourself. No damage. Nothing burned to crisp or bended in a strange ways. Guess you still have in you those experience of the good 'ol days. It's always nice to know that even when you are weakened, you can still kick some serious arses.

Summoning back your evil-ey overcoat (That you thrown away before punching the beam in the heat of the moment) back, you now stand in front of Yuuka's habitat, with her looking down at you from above. You think about levitate again and level yourself with her so that you don't feel inferior, but meh. Too much of a bother.

"So you have awakened." Says Yuuka. She's grinning as she twirls her umbrella around.
"That I have. And I shall continue my unfinished business after my long slumber." With a slight nod as a courtesy, you continue. "THE Overlord. Gensokyo's would-be ruler."
"Somehow I doubt that. You think you can overcome those obstacles that impede your plans the last time?"
"Nothing a quick wit and good resolves cannot conquer, my dear."
"Sweet words." She chuckles again. "That asides, what is your business? Why would a weakened overlord come all this way to see me, someone who didn't even participate in the old war? I remember that I have neither grudge nor favor that I owe you."

Yes. Kazami Yuuka did not join forces with the rest of Gensokyo in that conflict that you caused. She refuse every and all offer from local denizen and stay in her place, being passive during all that time.

"Let's say I just want to admire this vast field of sunflowers and the beautiful maiden living among it." You smile, extending your hand to Yuuka. "If you would oblige my request, that is."
Yuuka seems to be stunned by this. She paused for a bit, and laughs.
"Oh my, oh my! I don't know if you are faking it or not, but I am amused!"
The flower Youkai walks off the roof, and descend down with a light step. Her beautiful, mature figure now within your reach.
"Very well. I shall be your company for a while."

You two take a stroll along the path surrounded with sunflowers. Somehow, those strange plantation does not face its front to the sun, but following Yuuka's direction in every step. if you put more focus in, you can even hear an incoherent whisperings. You pay it no mind. Walking along arms in arms, Yuuka let you hold the umbrella for her. That's quite unsuspected, as you think this umbrella is one of her most valuable possessions.

"I know that you are not here for flirting, mister charming." Yuuka is the first to break the silence. "State your business and be done with it. I prefer solitude."

Sigh. An antisocial lass, I see.

"Do you like flowers, Kazami Yuuka?" You asks.
"Of course I do."
"I do, too."
You take this chance to put an arm around Yuuka's shoulder. She look at your attempt with a cold, unemotional eyes, but does nothing to stop you from doing it.
"Are you happy with your current minuscule piece of land you are allowed to roam free? away from the rest of the realms? Where they can be made much more beautiful with nature's wonder? Imagine, Yuuka. Imagine. What if you can even spread the gift of Gaea even further? How wonderful that would be?"

You spread your free arm wide, stretching it as far as her eyes can see.

"Just think about it. Flowers. Everywhere. Everywhere there is a land, there will be flowers. A flowers of your choice."
While Yuuka seems to be pondering something, you seized her hands.
"...All I ask, Yuuka. All I ask is that you help me with some requests when I require your favor. Think of it as a debt that you could claim later. Those requests would be straightforward, simple, and quick."
"...for example?"
"An extermination of some pesky hindrances. An execution of some sorry resistances. An annihilation of some stupid adversaries. Probably along this line."
"I see..." Yuuka smiles. A smile so incompatible with her razor sharp personality she expressed thus far.

"My answer---" Yuuka speaks with the tone of a victor looking down at her defeated foe. "---is no."


"I am happy with my current state. Helping anyone out is an unnecessary burden I will not take. Bigger the field, more happy I would be, yes. But like I said, I am content with what I have. No need to seek more. And on top of that..."

She separates herself from you and took her umbrella back.

"I don't like a man weaker than myself." Says Yuuka as she turns back and starts walking along the path to her house. "For your effort, I promise that I will not lend my powers to your opposing force. If you don't bother me anymore than you already have, that is."


You have never been humiliated like this since the day you were born. She look down on you. Speak as if you are inferior. As if you are weaker than her. Even if she's just a woman. Just a woman with a little bit better firepower than the rest. Acts all high and mighty before you, the overlord that conquers all. The rage rises within you, and it screams to teach her how stupid she is for defying you and your polite request. While you can just march in with your whole crew and beat the hell out of her and make her yours by brute force, you choose to be a polite and civilized man and talk to her. And this is how she treats you? As some random inferior fool?!

But even if your blood is over-saturated with concentrated 120% rage, you still listen to a voice of reason. Reason. Composure. Wits. Those separates you between a good-for-nothing evil overlord wannabes and the successful one.

Must... think...!

[ ] Fuck reason. You will prove her who is the real 'strong' around here.
[ ] Surely you can get something more interesting to lure her..."(specify)
[ ] She is a lost cause. Let's find some other target.
guys, remember DBZ?

Remember what Cell said to Vegeta to let him absorb Android 18?

yeah, that.

I cbf doing a write-in. but we should go with that.
File 129707082539.png - (525.54KB, 1448x1200 , 702d5a7ef1127ecbf1ea5df9c9434be7.png) [iqdb]
also holy heck my thread is labeled as active in the story archive!
I thought mine should be labeled as sporadic, though. as I won't move my lightning horsey ass unless being poked by bearded anon.
[x] She is a lost cause. Let's find some other target.

A bruised ego is a rather light setback for a trip to Yuuka's. We don't want her to lean towards Wolfgang's enemies, and we especially don't want to piss her off as a serious fight would never end well. Even if Wolfgang wins, the massive clash would attract Reimu and Yukari, which basically means game over.

Not to mention more productive things or people we could be doing.
>If you don't bother me anymore than you already have, that is."
[x] She is a lost cause. Let's find some other target.
Okay next!
Since I don't think either of the choices really fit our villain's character,

[X] You will prove her who is the real 'strongest' around here.
-[X] ...But subtlety is the key to this one. Look for a way to bend her will to yours without a direct confrontation.

Obviously brute force is not the best solution, but running away after a slap in the face like that is cowardice. If bribery didn't work this time, it probably won't work again.

We can try to use our existing contacts to turn the rest of Gensokyo - or at least those who matter - against her, putting pressure on her until she throws herself at our feet out of desperation. Marisa has Reimu's ear, and if whispered rumors from Eientei corroborate the subtle insinuations we feed the witch, the Shrine Maiden is sure to come investigating - and from what we know of her methods, she tends to employ a "Shoot first, ask questions later" method.

The important thing is to keep our most powerful and uncompromising enemies isolated from one another, and to subvert as many of the rest as possible. Divide and conquer, as they say.
We should just be happy she won't be joining their side either. From my point of view, that's almost as good as her being on our side. We came here to ask her to join us not to have her join us anyway
File 129709551465.png - (437.58KB, 1218x968 , Wriggles grandad.png) [iqdb]
[X]Fine, my offer is still standing if you ever wish to reconsider. But just remember that the fields and crops during my previous rule succumbed to drought and plague.Of course there's the blotting out of the sun to consider too.I hear these days that flowers need things such as water and sunlight. and also there's the whole army of the undead rising at random intervals to walk the earth thing to consider, and I'm quite sure that I'm standing on top of more than one of your previous avid fans, so I wouldn't be surprised if your plants were suddenly unearthed...

speaking of undead...

[X]Head over to the human village to read up on the archives as to what happened to your necronomicon collection.

[X] Try to discover what happened to the bringer of plague Abbadon. (Wriggles ancestor or sealed wriggle IDK)
>Head over to the human village
that's like declaring his arrival to the whole Gensokyo.
Are you intentionally trying to have her go against us?
Not having Yuuka against us isn't as good as having her on our side, but it's a good thing all the same. A personal slight isn't good reason to throw everything away for a brawl with her. Especially since even if we are capable of winning, we'll draw more attention to ourselves.

[X] "Very well, but allow me to return the favor in kind. For your promise, a promise that neither I, nor any force under my sway shall bring you or that which you hold dear harm."

A nice, graceful way to back out and solidify neutrality between us and her.

[X] Find another target
Indeed, classic overlord weaknesses are: Hastiness, ego, and sloppiness.
[X] "Very well, but allow me to return the favor in kind. For your promise, a promise that neither I, nor any force under my sway shall bring you or that which you hold dear harm."
to my vote
[X] Of course, she was speaking of your current predicament. If you were at full power, then she would be speaking differently. Though seeing as you are not at full power...
-[X] "Very well, but allow me to return the favor in kind. For your promise, a promise that neither I, nor any force under my sway shall bring you or that which you hold dear harm."
[X] Of course, she was speaking of your current predicament. If you were at full power, then she would be speaking differently. Though seeing as you are not at full power...
-[X] "Very well, but allow me to return the favor in kind. For your promise, a promise that neither I, nor any force under my sway shall bring you or that which you hold dear harm."
You guys should better include something like "As long as you tell me beforehand what it is that you hold dear."

We know about the whole flowers deal and can plan/act accordingly, but would randomly blasting Medicine or Wriggle out of our way upset her? What about some random tentacle plants in the Forest of Magic harassing our women girls?

Count me in on this vote with my above amend by the way, sounds best to me.
Poster of >>134364 here.

You know what, you guys have convinced me. Changing to:

[X] Of course, she was speaking of your current predicament. If you were at full power, then she would be speaking differently. Though seeing as you are not at full power...
-[X] "Very well, but allow me to return the favor in kind. For your promise, a promise that neither I, nor any force under my sway shall bring you or that which you hold dear harm."
[X] Find another target.

She'll come around eventually.

As for the rest: As I mentioned earlier, divide and conquer. If we can get our enemies to be suspicious of one another, we'll have a much easier time of it than just confronting them all head on.
I see no reason for saying that. She already said she won't join either side so saying that is redundant. It won't make her think any better of us and it's cliche. A true man does things without words.

Eagerly awaiting update.
To me at least it's sort of a matter of posturing. Representing yourself as an equal in this situation is important, as is respect.
Yeah I think it's best to bid a quick farewell and leave as I think anything longer might bug her... and we don't want that.
[x] Fuck reason. You will prove her who is the real 'strong' around here.
We should come back when we are stronger and kick her ass. Voting this because it's not going to win anyway.
Alright. it's settled.
writing when able.
File 129796641216.jpg - (141.58KB, 1600x1200 , grizzly.jpg) [iqdb]
Once again that reason triumphs over instinct. With fist clenched, you swallow your pride and calm down. No sense getting all worked up; if you just think this through, it’ll go a lot better. Should the rumors be true, whichever side her powers are on will clearly have the advantage. If you can use her as part of your plan, things would be a lot easier. But still, better she choose no side at all than to choose your enemies.

But you need to vent this anger somewhere; it won't disappear by itself! For the time being, you just--


---stomp on the ground. Once. With your full power. Making a crater which resembles that of a small meteor strike, swallowing some of Yuuka's plantation within its blast radius.

"Very well, Kazami Yuuka. I shall leave you… for now." You turn away, hiding your anger deep inside of you. "And I leave you with a promise. A promise that you and your allies will not be disturbed by my minions when the time comes."

Without looking back, you fly away with haste, leaving the sunflower field behind. You didn't see Yuuka's reaction when you left, and you don't bother thinking about it. Her mocking smile still floats around in your mind. Your fist remains clenched. Your anger still swells inside you.

You need to vent.

Soaring above the Forest of Magic, you remember one small scrap of lore you heard from Eirin. Below you is the den of the "One-Eyed Forest God", as the humans named it. A massive father bear that has taken to the taste of blood rather than honey. The villagers that wander into their domain are usually found some days later as nothing more than a mangled corpse. Both the Forest God and his son have earned the fear of the humans in the village, as well as respect.

You descend down to its last known position, landing in a clearing. The trees around you are full of claw marks, as if to intimidate those who dare intrude into their habitation. You pay it no mind; you are here to meet them anyway. Might as well knock on the door to let them know you’re paying them a visit.

The papa bear is resting in his den with his beloved cub when a random tree into the cave's entrance. His battle-hardened instinct kicks in, and he deflects the huge tree with mighty force. Enraged by the disturbance, he emerges… only to see a man in nothing but underwear and a top hat standing before him.

"So you think you are strong, huh?" you ask, walking straight towards the threatening bear.

The forest god is surprised by your lack of fear but does not falter. He swings a mighty blow at you, which you easily swat away. One more follows, and you block it once again, adding insult to the injury by sweeping him off his feet.

"No. No no no. This is not your best shot. Not enough. I need more entertainment. More rage. More anger. This is nothing compare to what I just received."

Before you is a cub of his. In its frightened state, it tries to scare you away by imitating his father's doings. But alas, in your eyes it's nothing but an act to hide away his fear. You grab him up by the head. The cub yelps, crying out to be rescued by his father. The papa bear answers with a booming roar, charging at you as if his life depends on it.


The cub's head is now a leaky piece of meat, crushed by your hand. Its body falls before you, wriggles a bit in its last spasms of life, and moves no more.

The One-Eyed Forest God's only son… his reason to keep on living… killed by a random naked man. The papa bear no longer cares for his own life. From now on, his only objective is to kill this hateful man who took his son's life. With a leap that adds his full weight to the impact, he swing both of his claws at you. The sharp claws shred the air asunder as they travel down. After the sound of the impact fades, you stand there, smiling sadistically. All his claws clatter to the ground, torn out of his paws as they failed to tear through your flesh. Fresh blood spews forth from the bear, and it showers you with delight.


Your fist embeds itself into the bear's face. You hold back your power so as not to kill him too fast, causing the bear to only stagger back in pain. You don't let him take a break, as you follow with a front kick. The bear tries to use its larger frame as an advantage and stay rooted to the ground. It swings it right clawless paw at you, which you take without guarding. You don't want your sparing partner to think that this is too one-sided. Have to make him put up a good fight.

Swing after swing, you let the forest god’s attack sail past you. Its dull strikes make a loud boom as they hit the ground an inch beside you. When he misses, you toss in one or two small jabs to keep him angry.

"I was going easy on you!" you shout as you dodge another strike. "That is because I am superior to you, Kazami Yuuka!"

Obviously the bear is not Kazami Yuuka, but you say that anyway.

"If you would have just shut up and taken the offer like a good girl…!"

You dodge another one, and shove another fist in. The bear staggers, face full of blood.

"Instead you defy me! My goodwill turned against me! Looking down on me!"

A flurry of fists keep on pummeling the poor bear. it tries to fight back, but is overwhelmed by your brutality.

"One day I will make you cry before me! Beg and grovel like a worm on fire, only to ask me for forgiveness!"

You force it against its own cave. Pinned between a rock and a hard fist, the bear's fate is sealed.



The cave cannot withstand your power. It is now nothing but a pile of rubble, along with the remaining shreds of the so-called forest god, the bloody paint turning the rocky debris into an ominous pile of gore. You sigh, satisfied with your efforts.


You enjoy your handiwork only for a short while as you sense a fast-approaching presence. Your keen senses identify her from a distance away, and knowing who she is, you don't bother cleaning yourself.

"Having fun?" she asks.

"Sort of."

You summon your pitch-black trousers again, but purposely leave the top bare to show your finely-tuned muscles. You turn to face her.

"You grow fast, Rumia."

You can't help but smile. Rumia somehow changed from a little girl into a teenager in just in a couple of weeks. It's a nice change, if one might ask. Being a small kid shorter than your waist really does not suit her image.

"I still lack much of what I once had; I’ve been hunting." She shrugs. "Eating all the pesky faeries and mystic beings I can get my hands on. They taste horrible, though. Only good thing is there's no shortage of them."

"If you keep on eating like this, you’ll become a fatty~" you tease.

"Well, let us see, then, shall we. I might become a fatty... or..." Rumia presses her mildly-developed body against you, letting the blood of your prey to her clothes.

"...just maybe I’ll turn myself into a sexy hunter of the dark~?"

You laugh, and lightly bonk her on forehead. "Become one first, then we'll talk."

"Ow! That's mean!"

It was definitely a good idea to get those negative thoughts out of your head with a workout. Yuuka Kazami isn’t a problem; you can come back and deal with her anytime. Preferably when you get your full power back of course. And with your little Rumia besides you now, you are reminded of the fact that even with your little scuffle with the so-called “Forest God”, you haven't really enjoyed yourself much lately. It's getting late now, and the sun is about to sink behind those rocky mountains.

Come to think of it, this place isn’t too far from the human village and the shrine of that Hakurei priestess...

[ ] Have some… "fun". <specify>
[ ] Sharpen your instincts by wandering the forest at night, killing everything that moves.
[ ] Raid the Hakurei shrine; nighttime is perfect for it.
[ ] Scout out the Hakurei shrine; nighttime is perfect for it.
[ ] Gentlemanly take a nighttime stroll at the Hakurei shrine.
[ ] Visit human village <disguise on/off>
[ ] Go someplace else <specify>
[X] Sharpen your instincts by wandering the forest at night, killing everything that moves.


[x] Sharpen your instincts by wandering the forest at night, killing everything that moves.
-[x] Invite Rumia
Not the best idea if people wake up in the morning and suddenly find out that there's nothing living left in the forest but whatever. Bonding tiime~
[x] Sharpen your instincts by wandering the forest at night, killing everything that moves.
-[x] Invite Rumia
[+] Scout out the Hakurei shrine; nighttime is perfect for it.
-[+] Invite Rumia

Sounds like a smarter plan than just killing things pointlessly; Rumia's darkness-hax could be used as a diversion for the shrine residents while you check out the place unperturbed. And you'll still get your bonding time this way.
[X] Scout out the Hakurei shrine; nighttime is perfect for it.
-[X] Invite Rumia.

Seems like a sound course of action. We still need to get a handle on some of the other major players and where their allegiances might lie.
[x] Scout out the Hakurei shrine; nighttime is perfect for it.
-[x] Invite Rumia
[+] Scout out the Hakurei shrine; nighttime is perfect for it.
-[+] Invite Rumia


I see what you did there.
[X] Scout out the Hakurei shrine; nighttime is perfect for it.
-[X] Invite Rumia.
This man speaks wise words. That's why...
>>134871 Changing to
[x] Go to--
--[x] Hakugyoukurou
I don't think we should drag Rumia along if we're going somewhere "public". We don't want to be seen together with her just yet.
[X] Gentlemanly take a nighttime stroll at the Hakurei shrine.

How could you NOT choose this, anon?
I am disappointed.
[x] Gentlemanly take a nighttime stroll at the Hakurei shrine.
Sorry for the delay, guys.
I am currently busy with my work, and the one I'm currently working on should be finished in around three days.
Will get back to you guys soon.
Bump. We miss youu!
Updates where?
File 130116829384.png - (61.07KB, 1226x1099 , Upades where.png) [iqdb]

Forgot my pic.
I'm still clearing up my work at the moment. I think I'll be free again sometimes this week.

sorry for the long disappearance.
File 130348550410.png - (64.53KB, 1218x1042 , Updates.png) [iqdb]
Updates where?
File 130431303615.jpg - (153.22KB, 1000x1086 , 2fe799ebbbc09294db4aad765de1940e.jpg) [iqdb]
"War is all about information and deception."

You know how important this phrase is. After all, you have been waging wars all your life. From the day you were born, you struggle to gain upper hands from the others. You kill. You bribe. You lie. You decieve. You climb over the pile of dead bodies to get this high. Experience tells you how important information, and misinformation, are. Getting accurate data can make or break decisions in a crucial times. When you are right here at the heart of the enemy, why don't take this chance to see how she really is?

Reimu of the Hakurei. Descendant of that loathesome Hakurei shrine maiden.

"So, Rumia." You ask her. "What do you know about Hakurei Reimu?"
"Not much." She scratches her head, irritated. "Except that she's ridiculously strong and ridiculously poor."
"Strong, you say?"
"She took down all the big shots around here. Yukari, Yuyuko, Remilia, blah blah blah. Et cetera. You name someone strong, there's a 99-percent chance that she already whooped their asses."
"I heard that she acts as Gensokyo's Youkai exterminator and problem solver. Is that true?"
"If you count 'break into their turf and shoot them down' as a problem solving method, then yes. She's a problem solver." Rumia grunts. "She even beat me silly when I was in kid's form."
"Hoh? That means you are already a handful even when you're small. As a troublemaker you should be proud."
You ruffle her hair, though she pushes your hand off while turning red.
"The hell are you doing? Get your filthy hands off me."

An embarrassed dark queen is fine, too.


The night is young and the moon is pale, giving only just enough light to barely see things around you. As you approach the Hakurei shrine cautiously, you think back to your preparations[what you have prepared] before coming here. First, you suppress your power. If there is a slight chance that the Hakurei Miko can detect spiritual or magical power from the air, your recon attempt will be ruined. Second, you clear yourself of any blood trace in the nearby river. The Hakurei miko or her companions might have keen smelling sense. And last, you change your current outfit to blend your silhouette with the night sky. It also makes you feel more evil, which is always a plus.

You avoid the road and navigate through the thick woods, floating a bit over the ground to avoid the obligatory 'step on the dry branch' trope. Before long you find the shrine's ground. Someone is there, so you lie in wait along with Rumia and observe.

There's a girl dressed in a rather weird-looking shrine maiden outfit. She's currently drinking tea, enjoying the tranquil night.

"That's Reimu." says Rumia. Her gaze is filled with loathing.

She looks childish and small to you. Shoulder length brown hair with a red-white ribbon, an armpit-exposing outfit, and a long red skirt. You have to say it's not the shrine maiden outfit you remembered. But time has passed, and fashion progresses. Maybe this is 'trendy' nowadays.

And the most important thing is that she has the box hanging around her neck.

Your grip tightens. A Portion of your sealed power lies dangling before your very eyes. With minimal effort, you could jump out there, break this careless miko's neck, and claim the box for your own. But then again, mind over emotion. Careful planning will yield better results. You calm yourself down and decide to observe more, intending not to let any chance slip by.

"Yaaaaaaaawn.... So bored." The miko rolls around. As far as you can tell, she's pretty lazy. "Suika. Can you do something interesting? Fireworks, maybe."

"Don't wanna~" replies a little Oni who is currently hanging upside-down from the roof. "Busy drinking~"

That's Suika. An oni who is unrivaled when it comes to pure physical strength. However her reputation may seems, she looks so weak with that petite body. But then again, you can't judge a book by its cover. You remember one Oni being total nuisance to your army's advance in the last war. You don't know if she's the same one, but you had better not underestimate her.

"Why don't you do me any favor, for a change? I let you crash here without paying anything. At least try to be useful."


Suika flops down from the roof and lands near Reimu. She's rather wobbly from all the alcohol.

"You want me to help? How 'bout you let me be 'one day miko'? that's gotta be fun~"

"Pfft. I don't want to imagine how many destruction you would cause." Reimu rolls around again. "I've got too many problems to fix as it is."

"So why are you hangin' that box around your neck, Reimu? Whazzat?"
"Oh? This? It's nothing important. Family heirloom, sorta. I feel that something's going to happen to it if I leave it alone, so it's best to keep it close. Call it Miko's inituition."

"Miko's hunch, huh? Wonder if it's accurate."

Now there's another addition to the crew. A ghost in mage outfit, decorated with pointy hat and everything. She also sports long green hair and a mischievious smile.

You remember her.

This is Mima, Marisa's mentor. She was there when you struggled to rise to power, and she sided with you. A powerful magic user and a good pawn. But for some reason, when you waged war against Gensokyo's inhabitants back then, she joined the other side. You personally defeated her, but this sly bitch got away before you could pass judgement of betrayal on her. Most of the time, you can't figure out what she's thinking. Because of that, you used her as disposable pawn rather than let her partake in any of your secret plans. Too much risk involved.

As you continue to observe the Miko, you feel Mima's sharp gaze upon your location. Your cautiousness rises by several degrees.

"A hunch, yeah." Reimu throws a piece of rice cracker at Mima, who catches it beautifully with her mouth. "Nothing wrong with staying on the safe side."

"*munchmunch* So you mean something bad *munch* would happen if it's stolen?"

Reimu seems to be thinking whether to tell Mima about it, but in the end she just reply halfheartedly.
"It's always bad when things got stolen. And don't talk while eating, you stupid ghost."

Reimu gets up and carry the tea set inside. Suika follows along.
"It's getting cold so I'm going back inside. Rice crackers are in the kitchen."

"Yeah, whatever."

A while after Reimu and Suika's out of sight, Mima speaks up.

"Hm~ I wonder if I should steal that box from her~?"

You know that she's not speaking to herself, as she's looking at where you are hiding. Alarmed, Rumia extends her claws. You press her shoulder, stopping her from recklessly jumping out.

You decide to let her speak what she wants.

"It's not like I don't know what's in the box. After all, I was there. Thinking about it... would this be a perfect tribute to 'him'"... Oh, he's such a nice fellow. A bit scary sometimes. If I give him this, MAYBE he would let me stay on his good side again?"

Mima floats over to your hiding place. She really does know where you are.

"After tasting peace, I find it rather boring. If anyone could stir things up and make it more chaotic, it would be him. Ahhhh.... if only he could forgive me and let me in again. Ahhhh.... I'd sell anything, including Reimu, for a second chance." She grins. "Just one word from him. Just one word. And everything will change. Forever."

You tense up. She's offering her servitude. For free? This is too good. Too easy. As if it's a trap. But if this is really a trap, isn't it too obvious? Whether you decide to speak up or stay hidden, Mima already know of your existence. The secrecy you've maintained will be lost forever. You have to silence her, one way or another. Having all Gensokyo hunting for your sorry ass while you're not ready will be the outcome if you fail to shut Mima up. There's not much choice between accepting her service once more or erasing her existence completely. Though second choice is more tempting since she has betrayed you once already, doing so in Hakurei miko's turf is not a smart choice at all.

Mima's still loitering around, waiting for 'a whisper in the wind' with a grin like one who holds the upper hand.

[ ] Accept her offer and let her join you.
[ ] Accept her offer, but leave Reimu for now. Too much risk.
[ ] Accept her offer, but when she finishes the job, destroy her.
[ ] Destroy her right now. Traitors get no second chance.
[ ] Pretend to accept her offer, but lure her somewhere else.
[ ] Counter-proposal <specify>
File 130431402475.gif - (203.96KB, 600x600 , lolibaka_com_56110.gif) [iqdb]
Huuuuurk. Finally managed to clear the biggest piece of project (and pass hunter rank 5). Now I have more free time than back then when I have pending work piling up my neck. Expect faster updates this time around.
[X] Counter-proposal
- [X] We want your vote for the Papalc-
Oh wait, wrong situation.

[X] Accept her offer, but when she finishes the job, destroy her.

We cannot allow wild cards the chance to strike against us. It's best they are used for whatever support they can give us now and exterminated once they have served their purpose.
[x] Pretend to accept her offer, but lure her somewhere else.

We can't let her contact anyone else. Lure her away and finish this now.
[x] Accept her offer, but leave Reimu for now. Too much risk.

Keep Mima away from Marisa though, until we can find out more about their relationship
[X] Accept her offer, but when she finishes the job, destroy her.

Glad to see you back, kirin.
[x] Accept her offer, but leave Reimu for now. Too much risk.

I think we should leave an open book or arrange some kind of leash. Let's not forget the other past-traitor in our ranks.
[x] Accept her offer, but leave Reimu for now. Too much risk.
You're backk! Yes!
File 130442105943.jpg - (100.53KB, 608x552 , 8abddbd1915433f1b1f2ecc2809dcf0f1245666710_full.jpg) [iqdb]
Got something else to add, people?

tl:dr; it's still too close to call it. Tiebreaker/write-ins plox.
[x] Accept her offer, but leave Reimu for now. Too much risk.
If she wanted to warn her, she could've done so before. But I don't trust her at fucking all. She'll obviously betray us... but we'll take her down when she 'gives up the box as a gift' if we know that it's gonna be a trap.
[X] Accept her offer, but when she finishes the job, destroy her.
Guess I'll play the devil's advocate.

[x] Don't reveal your presence! Keep hiding and observe her.

>Mima's still loitering around, waiting for 'a whisper in the wind' with a grin like one who holds the upper hand.

For all we know she might just be talking to air, meaning, trying to get us out in the open so she can be 100% sure we're here and she's pretty confident we'd take that offer if we were. If she really wants to join us she'll still want to join us later on in the story anyway. We absolutely cannot have anyone close to Reimu know we're here just yet.
File 130445442048.png - (75.17KB, 1218x972 , Mima O\'vison.png) [iqdb]
>[ ] Accept her offer, but when she finishes the job, destroy her.

Mima Works like that guy from Hakugyokuro LA, she can't reincarnate.
So I'm not very sure whether it is even physically possible to destroy her.
As for taking care of Red-white, well initially when she fades away from reality, she either pulls a Schrödinger's cat, and is everywhere and nowhere, or goes to a Buddhist plane of non-existence and beats you up from that area whilst you run around like a headless chicken wondering where the bullets are coming from.

Either way, to counter this, all we have to do is simply travel to said plain when she pulls that power of hers off, then slap her shit.
Keeping in mind that we have consume her in a fashion that causes her being to live on inside of us, lest we wish for the border to collapse.

I'm more worried about how easy it was for her to detect us.
Has she gotten stronger since our last encounter?
>Mima's still loitering around, waiting for 'a whisper in the wind' with a grin like one who holds the upper hand. For all we know she might just be talking to air
Like talking in an empty room and saying 'I know you're watching me'? That doesn't work in real life. Uh, or in Gensokyo. I think.

Anyway, you still make some valid points. Like the risk of having someone close to Reimu knowing about him.

[x] Don't reveal your presence! Keep hiding and observe her.
Accept her offer, but leave Reimu for now. Too much risk.
>Mima O'Vision.png

I giggled. Seriously. I giggled like a giddy schoolgirl.


Pretending to be a little girl takes priority over writing! Always!
But yeah, I heard ya. Was going to wait a bit until I get something to work on, but this is fine as it is. Working on it as soon as I stop giggling.
File 130480360033.png - (75.92KB, 1222x986 , If she gives away our POSITION we\'re Screwed.png) [iqdb]
Although It does intrigue me how Mima is able to detect us, i mean we leveled up our Sneak to 100 she shouldn't even notice us even if we're in front of her!

If our Position is revealed all will be lost!

Hey, Rumia isn't into that. And I doubt Antaganonist would force her to do that unless he was really really angry at her and wanted to punish her.
>Impying that after xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx years of being sealed and imprisoned she wouldn't be sex starved and as horny as a rabbit.
>Implying that she does not yearn for our HYPER WEAPON.
>Implying that as she hasn't fucked in god knows how long she won't come oceans.
>Implying that when do it she won't do it willingly
>Implying that she won't tsun up when we are about to do it
>Impying that when we do it we won't end up passing out due to fatigue from rage sex.
My body is ready. how about you?
>implying this is /at/
Seriously go make a "SUPAR HONRY RUMAI" sidestory in /at/ if you really oh so wish.

that or writefag could post it here hinthint
Just had an after thought. That mind control bug thing that we have? Why not reconfigure it so we can use it on Mima? That way she won't betray us, and she'll be a useful slave.

Of course, we don't know if those things even work on the dead, such as 'evil spirits'
in proofreading process.
Our next priority is to get a Castle with a bedroom STAT.
Our next priority is to get a Castle with a bedroom STAT.
File 130512567069.jpg - (208.71KB, 1000x1000 , fury.jpg) [iqdb]
No use being all discreet about it. It shouldn't come down to anything physical, but if it's inevitable, you might as well face it like a man.

Before you walk out of the cover, you tell Rumia, "Rumia. If there's anything amiss, cover us with complete darkness. The signal will be a single snap from my fingers." She doesn't reply, but blends in with the shadows and waits for your command.

With that, you leave the comfort of the darkness, and stands before Mima. Your aura is as intimidating as ever, and Mima's grin now becomes an awkward one.

"So… You think your petty offer will give you a chance to redeem yourself, ghost-mage."

You look straight into her eyes; Mima, on the other hand, averts your gaze. Maybe she didn’t expect that [you’d] actually come out, talking to her face-to-face like this. In any case, you keep your voice low. There's still a chance that the two in the shrine might overhear this conversation.

You continue, making your skepticism known. “And you, who used to serve under me, should know that I am capable of taking what you just offered me whenever I wish. Your so-called 'favor' just now is as useless as your current value to me. By thinking that you have any trump card against me is a crime in and of itself. A crime that should be punished severely."

"Not at all, not at all,” she replies apologetically. “I just want you to forgive me, milord. I know how important that box is to you, and I am willing to go through anything to obtain it. A tribute from a loyal subject to her lord—“

"Loyal my ass, you backstabbing bitch!"

You grab Mima by the neck and let her dangle before you. She may be a ghost, but you are a goddamn overlord. Even catching a ghost with your bare hands isn’t outside of your ability.

"In the heat of the fierce battle, Mima, you left. You ran. How could you leave us, the winning side, and join those pesky vermin, tipping the balance of the scales in their favor!" Your betrayal cost me a multitude of servants, not to mention any chance of obtaining certain victory!”

You squeeze Mima's neck even harder. Being a ghost she doesn't need to breathe, but the gesture has clearly set her panicking as her offer has just gone more sour than a vitamin-C-saturated lime.

The traitorous spirit struggles in your grasp, trying desperately to redeem herself. "Milord, I...! I didn't mean to do that, it was, uh... just my curiosity! I mean, it's—“


Your grim interjection stops Mima from speaking any further.

"Curiosity KILLS. Be it a cat, a ghost, or something in between. Especially when that said curiosity cost a certain master his entire campaign." True, you’re exaggerating slightly, but you do that anyway to put even more fear and guilt into Mima's heart.

"Now it's time to repent, mage. Think hard, think well, and give me one last answer. Depending on its quality, I may be persuaded to have a shred of mercy for you."

You give her a long silence to let the meaning of your words sink in. You assume that by now Mima’s long-since given up the hope of tempting you with her little offer. She probably thought it would be an offer you couldn’t refuse, and you'd gleefully jump in and take the bait. And in thinking so, she’s walked right into the execution chamber. You can see hopelessness and resignation in her eyes as she stops struggling and answers you with a shaking, timid voice.

"With... w-with all my heart and soul... I, I apologize for my foolish actions, my lord... This pitiful mage begs you for, for mercy... Spare me, a-and I'll use the chance you've given me for the glory of my eternal ruler..."

When it comes to fear, you are a professional. You can see that Mima genuinely submits her fate to you. In this state, she wouldn't dare to think about [double-crossing] you ever again. She's a lying, backstabbing, treacherous scumbag, but now she knows that, and if she ever does it again, her existence will be no more.

That's good enough, I guess.

You let Mima go. "…Even though I’d much rather have you suffering for all eternity in one of my dungeons… you still have some use. Come. The more time spent here, the less time there is for something more productive."

Relieved, the ghost asks you, "...What about the box, milord—“

"I have my plans. Now shut up and follow me."

That's just 2/5 of the full update. I have many things to write this time. Plus, work is haunting me in every keystroke. So let me deal with it a bit and I'll have the rest up in no time.

Courtesy to Owen for spellchecking/editing awkward words.
Mmmhhhh. Foreshadowing a Kira ending?
Posts like these are why I love this story. This guy is one true Magnificent Bastard.
We can avoid this by being absent to the final showdown
that way, we get lelouch rolo escape ending.
That's my fault. I proofread this update and referenced the changes I made to the text by putting them in brackets. I guess Kirin and I both missed a few stragglers. Don't worry about it.

How's work kirin?
At this moment I'm done with the largest, hardest part of it. Now that's left is a huge pile of document works. But since it's not THAT urgent, I think I can manage to slack off and write another chunk.

I'll try my best.

Are you sure? How long do you think it will take you to deal with the document works? Because if it seem like it will take a long time, do those first.

Real life take priority over a CYOA.
Are things better now?
File 130908536099.jpg - (628.28KB, 714x1000 , e3ca0f75bb0c084fd2858c40eac88e4337aeea4b.jpg) [iqdb]
Yes. I got the whole day to myself tomorrow at the office with steady internet line.
It's either I use it to browse for more Jazztronik music, pretend to be a little girl, or write.

Also, Jazztronik. Shit. Is. Awesome.
File 130917284778.jpg - (174.86KB, 708x1000 , e6738699e0f41880c885d21894e8d7bb2d4391ef.jpg) [iqdb]
As you make your way towards the destination, you use this chance to observe Mima. She looks the same back when you first met her and defeat her in a fair fight in Makai. Long, green hair. Sharp eyes. A robe that conceals her shapely body. A powerful magical energy she kept within. She's good as a front line caster and as an 'entertainment at night' when you need some variety. A versatile all-rounder, to say the least. However, she has yet to prove her loyalty. Until she do, you will not give her any task that has a chance to cause major damage to the plan.

Mima is repenting behind you, with Rumia flying close by ready to strike her down at moment's notice. Oh, my dear Rumia. You are so useful.


As you approach the clearing in the forest of magic where Marisa's house situated, you notice a presence leaving her house and is going airborne. It's a new presence you've never met, so you signal your followers to descend and hide for the time being. Rumia nods, and drag Mima down into the forest below.

Soon, you meet her face-to-face over the sky of Gensokyo.

"...So it's you."

A blond girl with short, wavy hair in a light blue westerner's dress. Her hairstyle reminds you of Marisa, if not for that red hairband on her head. She is holding a book... no. A grimoire of some kind. Her round, blue eyes is now glaring at you, bearing a hint of malice and jealousy. From the appearance, you think you know her.

Alice Margatroid. Doll user.

"Ahh. Greetings to you young lady." Since you assume she didn't know who you are, you put on your facade' of manners and customs Youkai. "What can I, Wolfgang Freiherr von Loewenheim, help you with?"

She point her finger at your face.

"I'm watching you."

And with that, she turns around and left. What the hell?

Soon, your followers gathers. Mima strokes her own chin, thinking.
"Seems like you just made an enemy, Milord."
"And why is that?"
"Alice Magartroid is notorious for her overly-friendly relationship with my stu--" she coughs. "I mean Marisa Kirisame."
"Huh, this is new."
"Yeah. She enjoys female-female relationship. I know she got a hot for Marisa, but never express it out. Only Marisa stays oblivious to this, however."
"So she is a pervert." You sum it up.
"That sounds about right, Milord. A pervert."
"Hmph...Small fry."

In the end, she's just another hurf durf homosexual magician girl. And here you thought someone acquainted to a powerful mage should be any useful. However, you may want to deal with this problem later. To be someone's enemy means the other side will focus on doing nasty things to you, thwarting some of your plans, even.

Rumia leaves you as you enters Marisa's house vicinity. You sense her irritation, but you didn't say anything. She knows that you are using Marisa, and what you do to the mage is nowhere near love. She will understand you and let this minor irritations go.

Marisa runs straight at you and give you a big loving hug, disregarding Mima's presence entirely. It took her a short while to realize that she's not alone with her lover, and the young mage coughs in embarrassment.

"You didn't tell me you have someone with you, Wolf---"

She turns to greet the guest, and immediately goes wide-eyed.

"...Maestro? Why are you here?"

Mima shrugs and give her disciple an answer.
"A lot happened, honey. I'll tell you when the time is right."
"Please let her stay here for the time being, Marisa. She's on our side."

Marisa's face grows serious. She knows the (fake) truth now, and is helping your cause.
"Got it, ze. You have to tell me what happened, kay?"
"Oh. Come to think of it. Where's Cirno?"
"probably doing whatever in somewhereland, ze. It's not like I'm her mom or anything. I don't need to know all her actions."

She got a point.

"Anyway, I'm famished!" You groan. A workout earlier really makes you hungry. "Can we have some of your magical cooking, O beautiful enchantress?"
"eheheh~ You don't have to sweet-talk me to make me cook for you, y'know? Just wait inside. I'll get you something~!"

Marisa happily waltzing back inside the house. Your words earlier does give Mima some serious confusion, as she's looking at you with her 'what the fuck did you do to my disciple?' face.

You answers with 'shut the fuck up and I'll tell you when I need to' face.



Bright moon.

it's refreshing to stand in the moonlight like this. The full, round moon. The only thing as close as the live-giving sun for the denizen of the dark. It reminds you of your own state. Hidden in the dark, working in the shadow. Unable to face the light of the day, since the burn will make your puny powers crumbles before the greater might. You clench your fist. Enemy is out there. And soon. Sooner than they can realize, that you will squeeze this hand around their throat, strangle them out of their life for what they had done to you.

First thing I'll do when I got my power back, I'm going to------------


You rush inside the house and see the source of the scream. Bursting into Marisa' bedroom with a kick to the door. Needless to say the door crumbles into million pieces thanks to your ridiculous power. You look around for Marisa, and yes you found her.

With Rumia on top of her, claws open wide.


"Like hell I'm going to! She will die! DIE!"
Rumia does not heed your command and is still in her berserker's rage. Her eyes glows bright red, and her upgraded body slowly overpowers Marisa's resistance. The claws slowly getting closer to Marisa's throat, cutting her white, fair skin and bleeding out crimson blood.

"Help, Wolf! Help me!" Cries Marisa. She doesn't have her magical equipment, and in this state, casting anything will be very difficult for her since losing focus will spell her own demise for sure.

Rumia grab Marisa's arm and toss her out of two-story's window. Marisa rolls around on the floor helplessly, somehow with her square-thing weapon in hand. Whoa, she's good.

"Rumia! What the fuck are you doing!?"
"then you tell me who's your TRUE mistress! Me, or her!?" She counters you with a question. Oh for fuck's sake. Women's jealousy!" AT TIMES LIKE THIS!? fuck me.
"You've spent too much time with her already! She's just a mere tools for you, right!" A temporary plaything, right!" She does not deserve THAT MUCH CARE from you! Now that I kill her, you will know how weak and worthless she is !!"

Rumia actually has more to say, but is cut short by an interruption from a large rainbow-colored beam as it carve a serious chunk out of Marisa's bedroom along with the second floor's roof.

"You want a piece of me, huh!?" Marisa yells from the ground below. "How 'bout you come 'n get some!"
"Oh ho, bitch! You are ON!" and Rumia jumps down, continuing her fight.


[ ] Let Rumia rough up Marisa. Your dark queen deserves better.
[ ] protect Marisa from Rumia. A knight in shining armor to the rescue.
[ ] I'm not gonna pick a side, hell no. Let it resolves by itself.
[x] I'm not gonna pick a side, hell no. Let it resolve by itself.

Turn around and walks away.
What the fucking fuck. First Eirin, then Mima (before) and now Rumia. This guy has an obedience problem with females... he should give up on Gensokyo and go conquer the YMCA or something.

[x] Get Marisa's equipment and give it to her. Then watch the battle and protect who loses.

Advantage to Marisa because Rumia is the one who disobeyed him. But I don't think he can handle directly opposing neither of them. In case Marisa asks why you didn't help more than that (Or Rumia asks why did you help Marisa) you can go with the 'I wanted to make this a fair fight' line. The fact that you only helped after a side was clearly winning will help reinforce that (fake?) notion.
[x] Let Rumia rough up Marisa. Your dark queen deserves better.
[X] I'm not gonna pick a side, hell no. Let it resolves by itself.
>"Help, Wolf! Help me!" Cries Marisa. She doesn't have her magical equipment, and in this state, casting anything will be very difficult for her since losing focus will spell her own demise for sure.
Just wanted to say that 'letting it solve by itself' will most likely end in Marisa's death as she's no match for Rumia. This wouldn't be a problem except for the existance of Mima. So you get either two not-so-trustworthy allies with good connections to the rest of your enemies or one trustworthy agent that nobody trusts.
File 130920276379.png - (37.54KB, 291x342 , Overlord Profit planning.png) [iqdb]
[x] Let Rumia rough up Marisa. Your dark queen deserves better.

If all goes well, Marisa will die.

And then she will come back as a spirit.

Then we will have TWO Mimas!

One with black wings, and the newest addition with white!

And then We can rinse wash a repeat this cycle for unlimited all powerful goasts.

I see much benefit and profit in this.
[ ] Let Rumia rough up Marisa. Your dark queen deserves better.
And to be honest, the fact that Marisa is a good girl, and that she could turn on us seeing as we lied to her is always a problem, so in death she can be controlled.
[x] Get Marisa's equipment and give it to her. Then watch the battle and protect who loses.

You know if something bad happens to Marisa, Alice will be blaming us and I'm not sure if that's something we can afford as if she's provoked enough, she will pose a huge problem.
PC-98 yes, windows? Nah.

If anything all we need to do is to fuck Marisa so she can see us, or tie hup and do as such infront of her as a way of telling her to fuck off.

She is already yandere from somehow seing us with Marisa and is already plotting against us, so our best option is to cruwh all of her efforts in one fell swoop.
At worst, she may open her grimorie and pull off an american mcgee to fuck us up.
>presuming the two are entirely separate.

Never ceases to amaze me of how ignorant people are about that.
How in god's name did you think i said they were seperate?

I just said windows Alice is weaker because she uses memorised spells amd not ones directly frim the grimorie.
I'm saying if she's provoked enough, she'll unseal it. And even if Wolfgang can deal with her, the whole fact she did so will attract attention he cannot handle.
You forgot he part where it seems likely that she doesn't even posses the key, or sealed it out fear towards it.

I mean, that thing made her an EX-boss, why would you want to seal it unless something bad happened?
[x] Let Rumia rough up Marisa. Your dark queen deserves better.

A dead all-powerfull Marisa is better than a clingly love one.
She doesn't use it mainly out of pride and fear of losing at full power. If she gets angry enough, it will override her prideful streak.

We can't assume that Marisa dying would work out well as we might get nothing but a bunch of heat. Then again such thinking (or lack therefore of) is typical among /th/ anon.
[x] "Please I know how you both feel but if the plan's going to succeed we need every ally we can get! You can sort out your issues once we've won! Until then I'm sure I can keep both of you more then happy... (smirk cheekily)"
-[x] If she persists KO but don't kill her.

We can't afford to lose either of them at this point as their the only fire-power we've got other then Eirin (who we can't trust on her own), Mima (even more untrustworthy) and the rabbits (also known as team cannon fodder).
File 130929804598.jpg - (469.95KB, 800x600 , ee8b03eea7015fa08250876a64af1b41.jpg) [iqdb]
>Marisa dying
>Not convenient

You do realize this is a massive self insert CYOA with a character that practically takes up a chunk of Gensokyo's past, half the characters that are related to him are as thinly tied together as a kingdom hearts plot, uses obscure references to other game titles, uses PC-98 characters full well knowing that their isn't much story given to back their past and character up, uses fan interpretations of characters and has EX-Rumia as a actual character, and you really don't consider it within the realm of possibility that getting Marisa killed or killing her won't result in a cliche, power level gaining moment?

Read this again and ask yourself, whether or not a silly assumed choice won't end up being totally within the realm of possibility thus far, Because this story seems to have a nack for allowing such stereotypes, common conventions and cliches.
Picture related, It's what I hope for.

Remember our aim is to be the greatest dick of all dicks, if we do not NTR for maximum despair and humor, then we may believe and see ourselves as a dick when the reality we are just an asshole.

Remember, a good dick is one that is funny , whereas an asshole is not.

[x] Let Rumia rough up Marisa. Your dark queen deserves better.
Odds are greater still it'd attract trouble Wolfgang cannot handle at the moment. That and the whole matter of Rumia being unsealed.
[x] Pimp slap

This sort of thing is completely unacceptable.
going to call it when I get back. You guys better prepare yourself for the outcome.
Get back from where, Writefagot?

Motherfucking Atlantis?
I'm back from Atlantis.
currently writing at the speed of a crippled snail carrying another crippled snail on its back.
also, new thread soon.
Are you still back from Atlantis? Please post the link to the new thread if I managed to miss it

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