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124575 No. 124575
Gently swaying~


So calm~
So relaxing~


How long has it been since you've had such a nice rest?
Hell if you know, but you're not going to let this go to waste.

“Hey. Human?”

Through the dreamy bliss-filled haze in your mind, you think you hear a familiar voice from just below you.
Who it belongs to, however, you don't really care.
Now is sleepy-time.

So cozy~

“Oh? Trying to go back to sleep? Sorry, but it's time to wake up, now!”

Another voice...one that isn't familiar at all. From above, this time.
Once again, whoever it is, you do not care. They are nothing more than yet another obstacle between you and the peaceful rest you so crave.

Lovely, wonderful sleep.

“Down you go, lazy bones~!”

A slight tugging, followed by an audible snip is the only warning you have before you feel your bedding fall away from beneath you, leaving you in gravity's loving grasp on your brief journey to the cold, hard ground below.

Any chance of being able to go back to sleep now completely and thoroughly destroyed, you open your eyes, sit yourself up, and try to take in your surroundings.
Or, at least, what little of them you can see.

Rock floor.
Rock walls.
Rock ceiling.

Either you have died and awoken in some sort of Rock Heaven, or you're in a cave.
Judging by the humidity, slight chill to the air, and the total lack of various nubile maidens dancing and juggling and filling the air with songs and the melodious sound of rocks hitting each other, you're going to have to go with the cave theory.

One day, though.
One day.

“Human! You're not broken!”

That familiar voice again.
Coming from that familiar-looking doll-girl.
The sweet yet stinging smell that fills your nostrils as she hugs you is also quite familiar.

The smell, that is.
The hugging, on the other hand, is considerably less familiar.

“Hi, Medi!” you greet your little friend, deciding to just roll with it.

“You see? He's fine!” another vaguely-familiar voice calls out from the opposite wall. Looking over, you see Rikako sitting against some rocks some distance away.
"Can I get up now? My legs are falling asleep, here.” she asks, with a slight tinge of discomfort in her voice.

Loosening her hold on you slightly, Medicine turns away to face the woman in the slightly-singed lab-coat.

“No, human, you can't.” the little doll sharply replies.

Unable to fully see her face from this angle, you can only imagine the sort of glare Medicine must be shooting at the poor woman. From her tone of voice, you would place it somewhere in the neighborhood of the 'attempting to make your head burst into flames through sheer will-power' variety of glares. Though, in Medi's case you would probably replace fire with poisoning and/or choking to death on your own vomit.

“Now, now. That's no way to treat a friend, is it?”

That unfamiliar voice again.
Glancing around, you don't see who it could belong to, and the way it echoes off the walls does little to help you locate the source.

“That human is not my friend!” Medicine shouts, indignantly.

Is she looking up?
You don't see anything up there, though.
Just darkness and...cobwebs?
Do caves have cobwebs?

“Oh? No? Then you wouldn't mind if I have her stay for dinner?” the voice says, with a hint of amusement.

“Of course not!”
“Do I get any say in this?”
Silence, human!”

A quiet chuckle echoes through the chamber.
Where the hell is it coming from?!

“Having trouble finding me? You were so close a moment ago!”

Really? You were close?
Were you looking too high?
Not high enough?

“Oh? Getting warmer!”

But there's nothing there!
Just rocks and webs and webs and rocks.
And darkness.

“So close! Just look, there! Right there, in front of your nose!”

In front of you?
In front of your nose?
But there's nothing there but empty space and OH SHIT WHERE DID SHE COME FROM

The upside-down face that just dropped down mere inches from your own smiles.

“Hello, there!”

[ ] Ahh!
[ ] “Hi.”

No. 124577
[x] “Hi.”
No. 124578
[X] Ahh!
[X] “Hi.”
No. 124579
[x] “Hi.”
[X] Ahh!
No. 124586
[X] Ahh!
[X] “Hi.”
No. 124587
[X] Ahh!
[X] “Hi.”
No. 124592

Let's panic. It's good to panic once in a while.
No. 124596
In this order

[X] "Hi."
[X] "Who might you be?"
No. 124600
[x] “Hi.”
[X] Ahh!
In THIS order.
No. 124627
Oh god, did Tenshi make it out okay?
No. 124632
>Human went down the hole~!
>Dolly went down the hooole~!
>Chilly went down the hoooooole~!
>Peachy went down the hoooooooooooooole~!
She's fine.
No. 124637
[X] "Hi."
[X] "Who might you be?"

Yup, this one will do just fine.
No. 124644
[x] "Hi."
[x] "Who might you be?"

...But what about Koishi? ;_;
No. 124649
She is a Ghost. She will be fine.
No. 124656
No, she's not.
...right? Koishi didn't die when I wasn't looking, right?
No. 124657
[X] "Hi."
[X] "Who might you be?"
No. 124659
[X] "Hi."
No. 124682
File 128635043784.jpg - (788.64KB , 1238x900 , I promise not to kill you.jpg ) [iqdb]
There is a lady hanging in front of your face.

Upside-down in front of your face.

Hanging upside-down in front of your face.

Right in front of your face.

Naturally, you do the only reasonable thing anyone could do in such a situation.

Like a girl.
Like a little, little girl.


Your cries echoing through the cave, the lady in front of you winces at the noise emitting from your mouth.

Only as you finally go quite do you realize the error you had made.
This lady has greeted you! Said 'hello' to you! And your response is to scream in her face?
How rude!

“...er...um...Hi.” you managed to say, sheepishly.

“That was certainly an interes-”

Oh crap. You did it again.

“...are you finished?”
“Yeah. Sorry. Who might you be, by the way?”

Suddenly, you feel hands on either side of your head, gently moving it around as the woman seems to examine you.

“..you didn't hit anything on that little fall, did you?” the woman asks as she peers into your eyes.

“Oh, don't mind him. I'm beginning to suspect that's just how he is.” Rikako's voice calls out from somewhere beyond the upside-down woman currently filling your field of vision. There's something in the way she says is that makes you wonder if she isn't just a little irritated for some reason. You suppose the way she was sitting did look just a little uncomfortable...

“Oh, really? Huh.” the woman rotates to look behind her, swaying slightly as she does. “Oh, coming down, by the way.”

A simple “Huh?” is all you manage to get out as the woman zips upward, flips in mid-air, and gracefully lands on her feet in front of you, finally allowing you to get a good look at her.
As impressed as you are by her show of agility, you're more amazed at how much that dress she's wearing makes her look like an upside-down light bulb.

Or would it be a right-side-up light bulb?

In any case, her dress is very bulb-like in shape.
You'd almost say it was kinda funny-looking, until you think you see it twitch, as if something beneath it were moving.

Suddenly, you don't find it so funny for some reason.

“Anyway, to answer your question...” the woman says, turning her attention back to you. “I am Yamame Kurodani, and this is my parlor. Welcome~!”

Taking a rather theatrical bow, Yamame looks up you, smiling like a person who just told a joke and was waiting for you to laugh along with them. What that joke could be, however, you really had no

“I'm a spider.”


[ ] Obligatory Exposition Option
[ ] Mandatory Recurring Joke Option
[ ] Thinly-veiled Reference Option
[ ] Frustratingly Cryptic Reference Option
[ ] Blatantly Stalling Filler Option
No. 124683
[X] Obligatory Exposition Option
[X] Mandatory Recurring Joke Option
[X] Thinly-veiled Reference Option
[X] Frustratingly Cryptic Reference Option
[X] Blatantly Stalling Filler Option

Wall me.
No. 124686
[X] Obligatory Exposition Option
[X] Mandatory Recurring Joke Option
[X] Thinly-veiled Reference Option
[X] Frustratingly Cryptic Reference Option
[X] Blatantly Stalling Filler Option
No. 124688
>Human went down the hole~!
>Dolly went down the hooole~!
>Chilly went down the hoooooole~!
>Peachy went down the hoooooooooooooole~!

Ye Goddesses, I haven't heard anything like this in AGES!
...What's it from, again? I know something from CN...

[X] All the missiles options
No. 124689
Tiny Toons
No. 124692
[x] Koishi option
[x] Whatever is left among >>124683

It's your fault for writing such a fun character, you know. Although I'm suspecting I'll like Yamame, too (which is not hard to do).

>In any case, her dress is very bulb-like in shape.
>You'd almost say it was kinda funny-looking, until you think you see it twitch, as if something beneath it were moving.
I see you've read that doujin, too.

>“I am Yamame Kurodani, and this is my parlor. Welcome~!”
At least it's not her beautiful killing chamber.

Right, that was it. I kept wanting to say Animaniacs, but I was almost certain that wasn't it. Also,
It was on Fox back then, not CN.
No. 124697
[x] Obligatory Exposition Option
No. 124704
[x] Obligatory Exposition Option
[x] Mandatory Recurring Joke Option
[x] Thinly-veiled Reference Option
[x] Frustratingly Cryptic Reference Option
[x] Blatantly Stalling Filler Option

Oh wow
No. 124707
[x] Mandatory Recurring Joke Option
No. 124708
[x] Koishi option
No. 124716
[Q] Mandatory Recurring Joke Option

Of course!

We have to ask her out to dinner!
No. 124720
[x] Mandatory Recurring Joke Option
No. 124722
[x] Mandatory Recurring Joke Option

ask her.
No. 124725
[x] Mandatory Recurring Joke Option

Come on be nice to your writefags.
No. 124726
[x] Mandatory Recurring Joke Option

Hur hur hur. Spiderwoman?
No. 124727
File 12863795584.jpg - (611.41KB , 1125x1600 , 011_6e1ra.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 124730
[ ] Thinly-veiled Reference Option
No. 124735
I really fucking loved that doujin.
No. 124738
Got a link/name?
No. 124740
No. 124743
there's a download link in one of the /at/ doujin threads.
No. 124749
File 128641996961.jpg - (146.32KB , 500x500 , 3202489dde0368a9036a2e3d54315a7f.jpg ) [iqdb]

>"Holy shit, busty Yamame with real spider legs, fuck yes-"


>translated by CGRascal

>incomprehensible English

>my face


[x] Obligatory Exposition Option
[x] Mandatory Recurring Joke Option
[x] Thinly-veiled Reference Option
[x] Frustratingly Cryptic Reference Option
[x] Blatantly Stalling Filler Option

Less is not more. Except when it is. But this time, it isn't. I think.
No. 124766
one way or another someone will look into getting that translated by a more competent party.
No. 124768
>linking e-hentai.org
You fail at helping forever.
No. 124791
[x] Mandatory Recurring Joke Option
No. 124792
Exhentai is so much better.
No. 124834
File 128651590180.png - (263.19KB , 360x768 , a beer is fine too.png ) [iqdb]
You take a moment to properly take in your surroundings, and reflect upon your situation.
Of the questions that spring up in your mind as a result, one in particular stands out from the rest.

A simple question, with a possibly not-so-simple answer.

“Say, Miss Kurodani...”
“Just 'Yamame' is fine, dear.”
“Okay, Yamame, then. I was wondering something.”
“Would you like to have dinner with me?”

The spider-woman smiles at you.

“Are you offering, young man?” she says, stepping towards you. To your surprise, the bulbous shape of her dress seems to accentuate her movements rather than conceal them, the swaying motion it makes reminding you vaguely of a large bell.
Now standing over you, she bends over, bringing her face more level with your own.
You look into her eyes.
She looks into yours.

...and at the edges of your vision, you think you see her dress shift again.

“It has been a while since I've had such a nice catch fall into my lap like this, I suppose.” Yamame says, softly, with a glint in her eye that you could only describe as 'predatory'. “But you should know I can have a rather large appetite. Do you think you would be able to satisfy me~?”

The way Yamame is looking at you right now, you almost expect her to start licking her lips. What else she might do, however, you can only guess, as she abruptly pulls back. The reason becomes apparent moments later, as your vision is suddenly tinted a faint purplish color, and a flowery smell tingles your nostrils.

Hey. No eating the human, lady.” Medicine almost growls at the spider-woman, her hold on you tightening slightly.

“Oh? But he is the one who offered, little one.” Yamame replies, still smiling, apparently taking nearly getting a face full of poison in stride. “Who knows? He might even enjoy it~.”

No!” says the little doll-girl, holding you tightly.

With a soft chuckle, the glint in Yamame's eyes quickly fades as her smile widens.
And her dress shifts again.

“Relax, little one. I'm not going to eat him.” says the spider-lady, holding her hands up

“...you're not?” Medicine warily asks, apparently not completely convinced by Yamame's gesture of surrender.

“Oh my, no! I don't even eat humans!” says the spider to the doll. “...not anymore, anyway. The flavor is nice, but they're too soft, too messy. I like to drink my food more than chew it, and all that meat flopping around just gets in the way.”

“Uh, Yamame? I think we get it.” you attempt to interject, mildly nauseated.

“...and don't get me started about the rotting! Eugh One wrong move, something ruptures, and the next thing I know my webbing is soaked with rancid human goo. I've had to throw entire batches out because of that, and even then the smell lingers like you wouldn't believe.”

Just behind the spider-woman, you think you see Rikako sniffing at the air, just before you realize you're doing the same thing.

“No, no, these days if it can't leave a nice, tidy, dry husk behind when I'm finished, I just don't bother. Easier to handle, keeps freshness in when you seal it back up just right, and cleanup is a breeze.”

“Oh.” Medicine says after several moments of just silently staring at Yamame.

Apparently put at ease by the spider-woman's casual explanation of the pros and cons of devouring people, Medicine relaxes her embrace as both the purplish haze and the flowery tingle quickly fade.

“Still, I do appreciate the offer, young man. But is that really what you should be asking about right now? Hm~?”

True, dining with a lady should probably be the least of your concerns at the moment. However hungry you might be.

“Well, I guess 'what the hell happened' would be the other thing I wanted to know. Yeah.”

“Funny, that's what I'd like to know.” Rikako speaks up from her spot across what you could loosely call a 'room'. “What the hell were you doing back there?!”

Watch it, human.” Medicine hisses, once again glaring at Rikako.

“Now, now, children! No fighting in the parlor!” Yamame steps in. “I'm sure there's plenty you all need to sort out, but it would probably help if you bring your friend up to speed first, don't you think? He did just wake up, after all.”

The doll and woman say nothing as they stare each other down, but eventually Rikako relents with a sigh.

“You're right, I''m sorry, Miss Kurodani.” Rikako shifts uncomfortably in her spot before looking back to you. “For starters, what's the last thing you remember?”

The last thing you remember?
“Hmm...I was holding on to the flower lady, and the thingy flashed, and I think that's about where everything gets fuzzy for me.”

“Yeah. We'll get back to that in a bit.” she says rather flatly, adjusting her glasses slightly. “After you did your...thing, all hell broke loose. You were sent flying, either by the blast or the youkai throwing you off, the youkai started screaming,and for lack of any other sort of plan our choices boiled down to either sticking around or running away. Naturally, we all opted for the one that didn't entail standing around waiting to be slaughtered by an enraged youkai.”

Yeah. You probably would have gone with the 'get the fuck outta there' option, too. You think.

“I managed to grab you before you hit the ground, your little dolly latched on as well, and as if we needed any more reason to get out of there, that youkai's twin showed up.”
“Twin? I didn't know she had a sister.”
“Most likely, she doesn't. My guess is that she copied herself, and was using it to keep an eye on a different part of the building. Probably in case someone tried to sneak out the back door.”
“Ooh. Sneaky! Sneaky!”
“...yeah. In any case, we all managed to flee, she gave chase, and somehow we found our way into these caves. Not sure how we did it, though. It's almost like we were being guided.”
“You think the flower-lady drove us in here?”
“I had considered that, but it doesn't feel like it. This was something else. It felt subtle. Like whispering, pulling...squeezing...”
“Ah, er, never mind.”

It's hard to tell from the light, but you think her face got just a little bit redder for a moment.

“In any case, once we had entered the caves, the youkai stopped.”
“What do you mean 'stopped'.”
“I mean she stopped. Literally, one second she's flying towards us at full-speed, and the next she's just standing there. It was so sudden, I almost wondered if we hadn't passed through a barrier without realizing it As it turns out, though, she really did just stop.”
“How come?”

“She had to.” Yamame says, idly running her fingers along a series of threads nearby. “Or at least, she probably thought she had to. ...hm...nothing yet...”

“It's due to some sort of agreement between the youkai living underground and the youkai living on the surface.” Rikako continues. “As Miss Kurodani explained to me, these caves are home to a variety of youkai who, for one reason or another, are simply not welcome on the surface. In exchange for agreeing to stay underground, the youkai of the surface agreed to leave them alone. Apparently, this means not even entering the caves in which they live.”

“Technically, I don't believe there would be any trouble until they tried to cross the bridge, but since they generally didn't want to get involved with any of us, anyway, they probably thought it was easier to ban entering the caves entirely.” you hear Yamame's voice come from somewhere above, apparently still examining her various threads. “Of course, that seems to have loosened a bit, recently, but I wouldn't be surprised if some of the older ones still prefer to avoid us. Old habits, and all. Ah! I think I got one~!”

Not wanting to linger on the thought of just what it was Yamame had, you steer the conversation towards another matter.

“Okay, so we're in the caves, the flower-lady won't come after us even if she probably technically could if she wanted to. ...where is everybody else, though?”

Indeed, as your eyes adjusted to the dim light, you realized that neither Tenshi nor the fairy were anywhere to be found.

“Near as I can tell?” Rikako says, once again shifting in an attempt to find some sort of comfortable position where she's sitting. “They probably wound up going down a branching tunnel somewhere along the way. We didn't realize the youkai was going to stop right at the entrance, so we all just kept moving until we noticed she wasn't shooting or yelling at us anymore. By the time we noticed that, we also realized we were a couple heads short. I left you with the doll and tried to retrace our steps to look for them, of course. That's when I saw that woman still standing at the entrance.”

“So they're lost?” you ask the obvious.

“About as much as we were before Miss Kurodani found us, I would imagine.” Rikako shrugs. “Technically, she found you, and I returned to find her finding you.”

“She left us, Human.” Medicine says, glaring at Rikako as she continues to hold you.

“Oh for the love of- I was looking for your friends you nutty little automaton!
“I am NOT an auto-ma-what-a-thong!”

“You see this? This is what I've had to deal with while you were out of it.” Rikako gestures to the little doll-girl beside you, angrily glaring at her as small plumes of purplish smoke waft up from her head. “I tried to explain to her what happened, what that thing you had was, how you going to use it on the big scary lady, and how I made it for you, and somehow I'm the bad guy! Next thing I know, I'm being forced to sit on some jagged rocks because if I go anywhere else that purple shit starts coming out of her head!”

“Of course you're bad! That thing is why the flower lady got angry at us! That's why the human got hurt and we lost our fairy! And that other person, too!” Medicine shouts back at the woman, purple smoke indeed wafting up from her head.

“I told you! Most of that was his idea!”
“Don't blame the human for your own crimes, human!”

“Actually, Medi, she's right.” you say, patting the little doll-girl on the head. “I asked her to help us deal with the flower-lady, I asked her to make the thing she made, and I am the one who used it and made it go off, which made the flower-lady mad at all of us.”

“Really, Human?” she says, looking up to you.

“Yeah, Medi. Really. This whole mess is mostly my fault.” you tell her, honestly.

She seems to consider this for a moment, as the amount of purple emanating from her decreases to virtually nothing, before suddenly smiling at you.

“Oh well, that's okay! You're just a human, after all!”
“Uh...thanks, Medi. So, could you stop being mad at Miss Asakura?”

Though her smile is still there, you can't help but notice the reappearance of purple stuff fuming from her.

“That thing didn't do what it was supposed to do, right, Human?”

What it was supposed to do?
That's right, it was supposed to shrink that flower-lady. Make her smaller or something similar, right?

“I don't know...did it work?”

“You were out cold, and I was a little preoccupied with carrying you while running for my life. Not exactly the most ideal conditions to observe whether or not an untested invention worked or not.” Rikako says, adjusting her glasses again. “As for when I saw her again at the entrance, I couldn't get a good look at her with the light behind her, and I certainly wasn't going to ask her if she was feeling any smaller all of a sudden.”

“...so you don't know if it worked or not?”

At this, the woman in the slightly-singed lab-coat deflates. “No. No, I don't.”

“You see, Human?” Medicine says, finally releasing you. “That thing was a tool, but it didn't do what it was supposed to. If a tool can't do what it's supposed to, it must be because it's bad. But a tool can't choose to work or not work. So if a tool doesn't work, doesn't do what it's supposed to, it must be because of how it was made. That tool didn't do what it was supposed to because of how that human made it!”

“But, Medi, what about the person using the tool? It could just as easily be because I used it wrong.” you offer, trying to at least shift some blame off the poor woman who was now holding her head in her hands, muttering to herself.

Medicine, however, simply shakes her head.
“It doesn't matter. If it was made wrong, it wouldn't work even if you used it right, Human.”

Damn. She actually seems to have a point, there.
Sometimes, no matter what you do, things just won't work, do they?
Even if you want it to, even if you need it to, sometimes it just will not happen.

Not that it means you should stop trying, though...

[ ] Investigation! Uncover the truth, no matter the cost!
[ ] Search and Rescue! Into the abyss...
No. 124838
[X] Search and Rescue! Into the abyss...

Gotta find our friends.
No. 124839
[x] Search and Rescue! Into the abyss...

Find your party, and try to discover what happened to Yuuka.
No. 124840
[X] Search and Rescue! Into the abyss...
No. 124841
[X] Search and Rescue! Into the abyss...
No. 124846
[X] Search and Rescue! Into the abyss...

And we'd just had one of these today already!

I suspect this may become a trend...
No. 124850
[x] Ruffle Medicine's hair.
[x] Search and Rescue! Into the abyss...
Cirno is ALWAYS lost.
And somehow we need to hug and be nice to Medi more. She is a good girl/doll.
No. 124856
[X] Search and Rescue! Into the abyss...
[X] Find Nuclear Birdbrain
[X] Recruit Nuclear Birdbrain
[X] Avoid mind reading woman
No. 124862
Well, Koishi saved our asses. Not like he's going to find out about that anytime soon.
Ah, such is the life of the thankless heroes...

[x] Ruffle Medicine's hair.
[x] Search and Rescue! Into the abyss!
No. 124865
[Q] Search and Rescue! Into the abyss...
No. 124867
[x] Ruffle Medicine's hair.
[x] Search and Rescue! Into the abyss!
No. 124869
[x] Ruffle Medicine's hair.
[x] Search and Rescue! Into the abyss!
No. 124881
They both blow tremendous amounts of ass.
No. 124883
[x] Investigation! Uncover the truth, no matter the cost!

Live a little. And in doing so, possibly die.
No. 124905
File 128662965437.jpg - (470.62KB , 1180x1550 , I'm NOT sorry I took the money HA HA.jpg ) [iqdb]
While you feel more than a little disappointed at not knowing for certain what effect, if any, the supposedly-shrinky-thingy had on the flower-lady, finding your missing companions comes first.

Somehow, you doubt you've seen the last of that woman, anyway.

Getting to your feet, you stretch your limbs, dust yourself off, and check yourself over.
No scratches, cuts, tears, bruises, or bite marks that you can see, though the spot on your back that hit the ground might be a different story. Still, nothing you would worry about.

Satisfied that you were good to go, you move to rally the troops until you notice Rikako still hunched over and muttering something to herself. Though you can't make out most of it, from the few bits and pieces you do manage to catch, you suppose she's running over everything she had done to figure out why her device had not worked as she had intended it to.

You attempt to get her attention, but receive no response.
You try again, and again get nothing but more scientific mutterings.

Whether Medicine's words were just that harsh, or merely the final straw on an already heavy burden, it would seem the poor science-woman has fallen into something of a downward spiral.
Normally, you would just allow someone in such a state to sort it out at their own pace, but you really need her thinking in the here and now, not obsessing over the past.

“Medi? I think you were a little harsh on Miss Asakura.” you say quietly to the little doll-girl.

Looking back up at you, she cocks her head to the side a little in confusion.
“I didn't say anything that wasn't true, Human.”

“Well, uh...” you stammer for a little bit, aware that she was technically correct, but equally aware how counter-productive it would be to openly state as much. “That's not the point, Medi! You should still apologize to her.”

“Huh? Why?”
“Because she's clearly rather unhappy right now.”
“So, it would be a nice thing to do to try to make her not be unhappy.”
“Why should I? She's the one who made the thing wrong!”
“Yes, she made it, but it's not like she wanted it to not work. It just didn't. Besides...”
“Besides, what?”
“Shouldn't you know how it feels to have something not work how you wanted it to?”
“What do you-...”

Medicine's expression quickly shifts from confusion, to realization, and then sadness as she remembers the events of the previous day, when you first met her in the doll-maker's house, and her failed attempt to bring all of the doll-maker's dolls to life.


Though you realize it is something of a painful memory for her, you can't help but feel strangely nostalgic about it.
Had it really only been just a day since you found her in that poison-filled place, crying in the bathroom? You could swear much more time had passed than that. A couple months, at least.
Then again, between your near-constant level of activity, broken up only by rather alarmingly-frequent bouts of unconsciousness you seem to be experiencing lately, it's no wonder your sense of time is screwed up.

“H-hey, uh, human-lady?”

Medicine's voice breaks you out of your little mental detour, placing your thoughts firmly back on-track as the little doll-girl cautiously makes her way over to the still-muttering Rikako.

“I'm, um, sorry your thingy didn't work like you wanted it to. You still did pretty good, for a human, I guess. So, um, cheer up? And don't worr-”
“Ow! OW!
“Huh? Oh! Oops! Um, sorry?”

Though she was clearly not comfortable about apologizing, let alone to a member of the species she supposedly loathes with every fiber of highly-toxic being, you can't help but think she was doing rather well.
...that is, until her awkward attempt to pat the muttering woman on the head, in which she seemingly forgot that physical contact with her has side-effects. Burning, swelling, a nasty rash, and that's when she's not trying to poison you!

Oh well, at least it snapped Rikako out of her muttering-funk.
Now focused more on rubbing her head where Medicine had touched her while looking just a tad annoyed. Walking over to join them, you put your hand on Medicine's head and give her hair a gentle ruffling.

“That'll do, Medi. You did well.” you tell your little friend as your run your hand through her toxic blonde hair, the combination of her poison and the feeling of the hair itself tickling and tingling your hands in a surprisingly pleasant manner. “You okay now, Miss Asakura?”

“Hm? Oh, yes. Yes, sorry. I am fine, now.”
“You sure?”
“Well, being able to get off these damn rocks would be nice, too.”
“Oh, right. Medi?”

“Mm?” the suddenly relaxed-looking Medicine says, as you continue to stroke and ruffle her hair.

“Medi, Miss Asakura is going to be coming with us and helping us out, so we all need to try to get along, okay? That means no poisoning her, no threatening to poison her, or anything else like that, okay?”

“...mmm...h'okay...” Medicine finally says after a couple moments.

“Good girl.” you nod, quickening the pace of your ruffling to show your approval.

“...still don' like her, though...” she adds.

“Fair enough.” Rikako says, getting to her feet and brushing herself off. “I never really had much luck with children, anyway.”

“I'm not a-...mmmmmm...”

“Let's not start arguing now, okay?” you say, cutting Medicine's retort short by rubbing her scalp.
Or, at least, what counts as a scalp on a doll's head.

You're actually kinda surprised it even worked.
Rikako seems to be, as well, judging by how she is very slightly shaking her head in what you assume to be disbelief.

“...just how do you...never mind. What are we going to do now?” she asks.

“Well, we can't just leave the others wandering around down here, so I guess the thing to do is go and try to find them.”

“Oh? Leaving so soon?” Yamame says, walking back into her 'parlor' holding a strange bundle under one arm.

“Yeah, I'm afraid so. We have to find our friends, and...uh...”

Did it just move?
You think it just moved.
Don't look at it don't look at it don't look at it don't look at it...

“Hmm, yes. These caves are not exactly a good place to be wandering around aimlessly.” the spider-woman muses. “I have to ask, though, do you know how you will go about looking for them?”

Oh, um...

[ ] You figured you would just keep walking until you found them, or someone else. All tunnels lead somewhere, right?
[ ] You would wander around aimlessly while occasionally shouting 'Marco!' and then listening for a response.
[ ] Now that she mentions it, a guide might be helpful...
[ ] Hell if you know, you're just making this shit up as you go along.
No. 124906
>...just how do you...never mind.
It's our special ability.

[X] Now that she mentions it, a guide might be helpful...
No. 124907
[x] You would wander around aimlessly while occasionally shouting 'Marco!' and then listening for a response.
This MC is truly the MC to end all MCs
No. 124911
[x] Now that she mentions it, a guide might be helpful...
Or at least some directions.
No. 124912
[ ] You would wander around aimlessly while occasionally shouting 'Jones!' and then listening for a response.

Alien reference.
No. 124913
[X] Now that she mentions it, a guide might be helpful...
No. 124923
[X] Hell if you know, you're just making this shit up as you go along.

Somebody's gotta be honest.
No. 124930
[x] You figured you would just keep walking until you found them, or someone else. All tunnels lead somewhere, right?
No. 124934
[x] You would wander around aimlessly while occasionally shouting 'Marco!' and then listening for a response.
I do not trust her, she will betray us.
No. 124936
[x] Hell if you know, you're just making this shit up as you go along.
No. 124947
[x] Hell if you know, you're just making this shit up as you go along.
No. 124951
[x] Hell if you know, you're just making this shit up as you go along.
No. 124952
Three identicals copypasta? That's "strange".
No. 124980
File 128668439485.jpg - (258.87KB , 1000x1000 , squeeeeeeze.jpg ) [iqdb]
Nothing tonight on account of desperately needing sleep. This is also the reason for the previous non-update, and will likely be the reason for any future non-updates.

Updates should resume at the normal time tomorrow, give or take a couple hours.

In the meantime, while I feel a little silly asking this seven threads in, I'm curious about how this is going for you. Any questions? Concerns? Hopes/dreams/desires that I may or may not try to crush?
No. 124981
You're the best writer in the site. How's that for critique?
Fine, I'll elaborate: as you've proven time and time again, you're quite good at detecting and lampshading cliches and anon's expectations and either crushing or fulfilling them in no particular order. This CYOA is, as we asked, another 'You wake up in Gensokyo' but... it does that so well that I can't really complain about anything.
No. 124984
File 128668782931.jpg - (92.05KB , 816x645 , 1fd624d3f2d0bc23c5f4115dc25d736c.jpg ) [iqdb]
I have two writers who I read religiously on this site. You and Lion. He does the heavy, you do the light. Regular updates, high quality, willingness to adjust/ignore anon's more retarded votes... These are all qualities that make you one of the best on this site. Also, you're not a troll or an asshole, which by itself puts you over some of the old guard.
No. 124985
You are doing great.
Just keep on the course that you are now. If you think that you need to change your style or writing, it is good as it is.
No. 124986
You perked up my interest in this site again.

I haven't voted much yet though, and it's a bit difficult to pick up where I left off at the stories I've read before leaving.
No. 124987
Last few updates have seemed slow, like you're running out of steam, so I'm expecting you to drop the story within three threads.

Beyond that? You're writing one of the three stories on the site that I'm reading, and I read this story religiously.
No. 124988
No. 124994
File 128670102221.jpg - (399.61KB , 900x650 , 12100450.jpg ) [iqdb]
If you played Dungeon Keeper 2, you may recognize the Maiden.

About the story? Well, sometimes, it's hard to understand what's going on (especially when it's Koishi's POV), but it's still pretty interesting. Not my favorite story in this website, but still a "good" story. Even if the lack of plot sadden me, the MC's reaction to everything are hilarious.

No. 125000
>the MC's reaction to everything are hilarious.
This is what it comes down to. When you start reading a new update you come with the thought: What kind of crazy thoughts or things does the guy do now. How will he react to that and this. It's like Mr Bean. But he is not mean.
No. 125012
Not mean?
He crushed Cirno's head against... everything! He threw rock to Tenko! He used some shaddy-shrinking-thingy on Yuuka! He tried to kill himself, to avoid Sakuya's tea time! He almost killed me 3 times, by laughing!
This guy is a (soon-to-be) murderer!
No. 125026
>>Last few updates have seemed slow, like you're running out of steam, so I'm expecting you to drop the story within three threads.

If you mean in terms of pacing, I do worry about going either too fast or too slow. I don't want to rush anything, but I also don't like feeling as if I'm lingering in one spot too long.

My schedule is also a factor, unfortunately. More work means less idle time to plan and brainstorm, and the more tired I am the harder it is to just improvise something.

As for the matter of dropping it, I don't there's much to worry about, so long as I have any say in the matter. I hate stopping in the middle of something, and I generally don't intentionally drop something unless I've basically lost practically all interest in it.

Frankly, even if this story starts dragging a bit, I don't see that becoming an issue. I'm still having fun with this, and if I ever start getting bored, I'll just find a way to make it fun again.

>>sometimes, it's hard to understand what's going on (especially when it's Koishi's POV)

If it helps any, some of those times are probably intentional.
Well, okay, a few.
A couple.

...okay, I got nothin'. Sorry.

As for all the other, praise-y stuff, thank you.
Though I would say some of it is a bit much 'best in the site'? Yeeeah, no. No, I am not. I am still glad to know I'm doing something right. My own judgment only works so well.
So, again, thanks.

Now then, back to business.
Hopefully, I will have something in the next couple of hours.
No. 125036
File 128678986683.jpg - (231.14KB , 1072x1754 , gotta screen my phone calls.jpg ) [iqdb]
'Do you know how you will go about looking for them'?

Is she asking you if you have a plan?

You think she's asking if you have a plan.

You are talking about wandering into the depths of an unfamiliar cave system of unknown size in an attempt to find your missing companions, and hopefully find a way back out to the surface again. To even of undertaking such a task without knowing exactly what you are going to do in advance, let alone actually doing it would be ridiculous. Suicidal, even!

Of course you don't have one!

“Nope!” you inform Yamame in an inappropriately-cheerful manner. “I figured I would just wing it and see what happens.”

“Are...are you sure that's wise?” she responds with a mix of concern and disbelief. “The underground isn't exactly very safe for humans, you know.”

Something underneath her dress visibly twitches.

“Maybe not.” you admit, while trying not to stare. “But right now, the surface isn't exactly very safe for us, either..”

“...not that lack of planning had anything to do with that.” you think you hear someone who vaguely sounds like Rikako mutter, but you assume is really just a trick of the wind.

“Still, a guide of some sort would be quite helpful...” you admit.

After all, it's always nice to have help, and it wouldn't do any good to go looking for your lost companions if you wind up getting lost yourself, right?
It certainly isn't at all the case that you think you feel yourself developing some sort of compulsion for collecting companions, however temporary they may be. Certainly not. Least of all companions who also happen to be cute and/or attractive females. Certainly not.

Not to say you would object if this does turn into a trend for you.

“Hmmmmmm...” Yamame peers at you, her free hand on her chin. “Just what could you be thinking of?”

Her dress twitches again.

“Oh, not much.” you say. “Some directions, information, or maybe even someone to lead us to where we need to go. That sort of thing.”

“Mmhm. And what are you offering?” the spider-lady asks, setting her web-wrapped package on top of a nearby rock..


“I think she's talking about compensation in exchange for helping.” Rikako clarifies.

“The young lady's got it~.” Yamame smiles, turning back to you. Her dress shifts slightly. “I believe you humans are familiar with the exchange of goods and services, right? It's not much different down here.”

As she continues to speak, she begins to slowly walk towards you.
Her dress continues to shift and twitch occasionally, but what stands out to you more now is how irregular her gait is. She doesn't quite hobble, exactly, but it clearly isn't normal.

“It's simple enough, really. Do something nice for someone, they do something nice for you. Supposedly...”

At that last part, she suddenly stops, as if suddenly being reminded of something from long ago, and for the briefest of moments you see sadness in her eyes. As quickly as it appears, however, it's gone, replaced by a warm glimmer.

“So~, if someone were to do something nice for you, what nice things might you be able to offer them in return~?”

She's close now.
Right in front of you.
So close, she could touch you.
Or you could touch her.

“Hmmmmmm~?” Yamame quietly says, her gaze locked with your own.

Yet, at the very edge of your vision, you see it.
Movement, where there should be no movment.
Not when she's standing still, right in front of you.
Why hasn't anyone said anything?
Have they not noticed it?
Has Yamame even noticed it?
She doesn't seem to be aware of it at all.
She just keeps staring at you, as if-

Oh. Right. She's probably waiting for you to respond, right?

“Um, well, I suppose I could probabmmph” you attempt to answer, before you find yourself cut-off by the sensation of Yamame's index finger gently pressing against your lips.

“Don't say 'take her out to dinner'.” she says, with a playful smile. “You probably say that to all the girls.”

Damn it!

[ ] Take her out to breakfast? Lunch? Brunch?
[ ] Throw rocks at something for her?
[ ] Something else entirely that involves neither food nor throwing things? (specify)
[ ] Change the subject to something else.
No. 125037
[x] You could take her above grounds. Show her around and let her meet different people.
[x] Tell her the food up there is better and you are sure you could find something that would satisfy her... taste.
No. 125038
[ ] Any little girls you need pacified?
[X] Throw rocks at something for her?

Gotta market your strengths.
No. 125041
[X] Throw rocks at something for her?
No. 125051
[x] Convincing someone to do something?
[x] Throw rocks at something ?
We are good at two things: pacifying little girls. And throwing rocks at everything.
No. 125052
[X] Throw rocks at something for her?
No. 125061
[x] Convincing someone to do something?
[x] Throw rocks at something ?

Let's throw rocks and pacify little girls. And I'm all out of little girls.
No. 125062
[x] You could take her above grounds. Show her around and let her meet different people.
[x] Tell her the food up there is better and you are sure you could find something that would satisfy her... taste.

Let's romance the spider girl.
No. 125063
[x] You could take her above grounds. Show her around and let her meet different people.
[x] Tell her the food up there is better and you are sure you could find something that would satisfy her... taste.
No. 125067
[x] You could take her above grounds. Show her around and let her meet different people.
[x] Tell her the food up there is better and you are sure you could find something that would satisfy her... taste.

Ah Yamame, I wish we really had something to offer you.
No. 125069
[X] Throw rocks at something for her?
No. 125077
[x] Convincing someone to do something?
[x] Throw rocks at something ?
No. 125099
[x] Convince someone to throw rocks at something
-[x] Could such a potent combination of your skills possibly work?! It's madness I tell you! Madness!
-[x] Lose yourself in an inner debate about the theoretical possibilities of such a dangerous mixture occurring and the adverse side-effects it would have upon the very foundation of reality and the universe as you know it

[x] Oh, right, you were just asked something, weren't you?
-[x] Is there anything in particular she would like you to do for her? Errands, maybe?





No. 125103
File 128687715538.jpg - (598.96KB , 828x800 , IT'S DANGEROUS TO GO ALONE.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Well...” you finally respond, after some thought. “If someone were to do something 'nice' for me, I suppose I would repay them with an offer to take them up to the surface. Take them around to see the sights, meet new people, and maybe even sample the food up there. I'm not sure what there is to eat underground, but it can't possibly beat the surface in terms of variety. ...er, if they were interested in that sort of thing, of course.”

“Hmm, that does sound nice.” Yamame smiles softly at you. “Unfortunately, I'm afraid there aren't many down here who would be interested in such an offer.”

“Uh...they wouldn't? I mean, I know what you said about this 'agreement' or whatever, but if it's loosened up recently then there shouldn't be a problem, right?”

Though she remains smiling, you see sadness in her eyes as she slowly shakes her head.

“It's not quite that simple, I'm afraid. It's not just a matter of whether or not they agreed to remain underground, but why they agreed to it in the first place. Whether they came to be here because the surface rejected them, or because they rejected the surface, these caves have become their home and sanctuary. 'Paradise', some even called it.”

“So, what you're saying is that pretty much anyone down here has no interest in going to the surface.” you ask.

“...or, even if they were interested, they might not exactly be welcome up there.” Rikako chimes in.

“Yes, that's pretty much it.” Yamame nods. “The rare few who would choose to visit the surface pretty much do so already, while everyone else is content to remain below.”

“What about you, Yamame?” you feel compelled to ask.

“Me?” the spider-lady blinks. “Well, I suppose I wouldn't be opposed to such an offer. I don't really have anything against the surface or anyone living there. How they they feel about me, on the other hand...well, that's a different story.”

Is she saying people on the surface didn't like her? That they rejected her, and forced her to live down here? You can't imagine how anyone could have a problem with her! Unless they had a serious case of arachnophobia or something, you suppose, but come on! She doesn't seem at all bad, let alone enough for someone to hate her!

You tell her as much, and are pleased to see her face brighten up slightly in response.

“Thanks, that's sweet of you to say., but it's not like they feel how they do for no reason at all. Oh, but this isn't what we should be discussing, is it? You have friends to find, and need help in finding them, right?”
“Oh, uh, right! Right! Are you willing to help us, Yamame?”
“Maaaaaaybe just a bit~.”
“Just a bit?”

With a soft chuckle, Yamame steps away from you.

“These caves can be confusing, what with all the branching paths and side-tunnels, but if you walk long enough, you'll find they all pretty much lead to the bridge. From there, you can get to the Ancient City and just about everything else beyond it.” she explains. “If your companions are in these tunnels, and assuming they aren't stuck somewhere, my guess would be that you'll find them at one of those places.”

“And even if they aren't, we should be able to find someone who might have seen them, right?”

Yamame nods. “Yes, I should think so. There is, however, a bit of a problem...”

“What kind of problem?” you ask, as Yamame begins carefully walking around her 'parlor', looking up at the ceiling for some reason.

“The bridge.” she replies, while continuing to scan the ceiling for something. “To go any further underground, you have to cross it. The trick is, in order to cross it, you first must deal with the overseer of the bridge She can be...difficult, when she wants to be, and she almost always wants to be.”

“Judging from your tone, I assume you don't get along very well?” Rikako asks her.

“Not usually, no.” Yamame answers, her eyes now locked on a specific patch of darkness on the ceiling, positioned just over the entrance to chamber.

Just as you're about to ask what she's looking at, the spider-woman half-jumps, half-flies upwards, disappearing into the darkness above you. Sounds of a brief struggle can be heard, ending with a panicked squeak and Yamame triumphantly shouting 'GOTCHA!'. Moments later, she descends, landing gently on the floor in front of you, holding a bucket in her hands. Aside from a glance of something green, you can't quite see what's inside of it.

“I might not accompany you to the bridge, but this little one is more than capable of guiding you there and beyond, if need be.” she says, proudly offering the bucket to you. “She's a bit on the shy side, but knows this place as well as anyone. Go on, then! Take her!”

Looking from Yamame's smiling face, down to the bucket, you see green hair and a pair of eyes staring at you.
That is, until whatever it is realizes you're looking at it, and it retreats into the bucket with a panicked 'eeeeeep!'.


[ ] Take the bucket
[ ] Don't take the bucket.
No. 125105
[x] Take the bucket
Kinda shy for a guide, but with style.
No. 125106
[x] Take the bucket
No. 125107
File 128687975831.jpg - (408.85KB , 1240x1750 , a0667959c7f905a7b75689b55d8ab078.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Take the bucket

No. 125108
[ ] Take the bucket
No. 125112
[x] Cautiously take the bucket
No. 125113
[X] Take the bucket
- Hug it to your chest
No. 125116

No. 125117
[Q] Take the bucket

It's like KFC, only better!
No. 125118
[x] Take the bucket

I has a bucket.
Nooo! They are stealing mah bucket!
No. 125119
[x] Take the bucket
[x] We has formed bucket committee
No. 125142

I'm reminded of that Christmas picture of Kisume hoping in a KFC bucket with a bag of presents
No. 125143
[x] Take the bucket
No. 125144
File 128692034865.jpg - (27.63KB , 300x350 , oscar-the-grouch.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Take the bucket
No. 125148
[x] Take the bucket
[x] Ruffle Hair.
No. 125153
[x] Take the bucket
[x] Is that a little girl in the bucket?
No. 125154
>>[ ] Kick the bucket
No one made this (bad) joke yet?

[X] Take the bucket
No. 125176
File 128695480297.jpg - (344.07KB , 700x700 , Port-A-Loli.jpg ) [iqdb]
Taking hold of the metal handle, you accept the bucket with very little hesitation. Noticing the surprising amount of heft it has, you bring it closer so that you can look inside.

There's a girl inside.

A little girl. Inside the bucket.

You now have in your possession a little girl in a bucket.

You smile at the little girl in the bucket. The little girl squeaks in response, curling herself up in an attempt to hide her face.

You think you feel something move inside your chest.

“Wow. She's small.” Rikako says, as she peers into the bucket as well.

“I thought only dolls and fairies were that little!” Medicine remarks, as she also looks inside.

“Well, she's neither of those.” says the spider-lady, with a smile. “What she is, is a little pain in my neck with a bad habit of scaring away perfectly good prey. Isn't that right, Kisume?”

A small whimper rises from the depths of the bucket.

“You don't need to worry about doing anything to pay her back, either, since she'll be doing this as a favor to me.” Yamame continues smiling, seemingly deriving some sort of amusement from the little bucket girl's situation.

“Are you sure? Is this really okay?” Even though you accepted the bucket, you're not sure how you feel about this.

Yamame nods. “I would have been set for months with with some of the catches she drove off. Trust me, helping you out would hardly be the worst thing I could think of to have her do for me.”

From the faint vibration in the handle, you think the little bucket-girl just shuddered for some reason.

“So, um, what do we do with her?”
Truth be told, while you do appreciate having a little girl in such a convenient and portable size, you're not sure how useful she would be in finding your friends.

“Oh, just about anything you can get her to do, I suppose.” Yamame shrugs. “As you might have noticed, she's not much of a talker, but if you get lost or turned around, she can at least point you in the right direction.”

A little-girl-in-a-bucket compass? Hey, you won't complain.
Granted, it's not nearly as impressive as your invention of the ice-fairy raft, but given the low chances of encountering any large bodies of water down here, you suppose you shouldn't hold any potential inability to be used as a flotation device against her.

“Well, I guess we should get going, then.” you announce, realizing that time is quite possibly slipping away from you. “Thanks for your help, Yamame.”

“Anytime~!” Yamame waves, as her dress twitches. “...ah! Oh, wait! One more thing before you go!”

“Hm?” you turn to look back at your hostess.

“You might want to do something about your friend, the doll, before you get to the bridge. The one guarding it might not have a problem with a couple humans trying to cross, depending on her mood, but bringing along a youkai from the surface is just asking for her to give you trouble.” Yamame says, gesturing to Medicine.

“Huh? Why?! There's nothing wrong with me!” Medicine huffs, indignantly.

“Oh, of course not, dear.”Yamame smiles reassuringly. “However, just your smell might be all the excuse she needs, to say nothing of what-...er, little one? What can you do?”

“I can control poison!” Medicine says proudly.

“You control poison.” Yamame repeats.

“Yep!” the little doll-girl beams.

“Huh.” Yamame finally says after a few moments of silent thought. “I'm not sure if that will make her more likely to give you trouble, or less. Still, either way, you might want to have some sort of plan or cover story in mind. Just in case.”

“Well, thanks, Yamame. We'll figure something out.” you wave to the spider-lady, as your companions also say their goodbyes.

As you are just about to walk through the opening Rikako indicated as being the one that seems to lead deeper into the caves, you pause, feeling as if you had one last thing you wanted to say to the nice spider-lady before you left.

[ ] Thank her once again for the lovely present.
[ ] Let her know that your offer is still open.
[ ] Okay, seriously now, what is with her dress?

[ ] On second thought, never mind.
No. 125179
[ ] Thank her once again for the lovely present.
[ ] Let her know that your offer is still open.
[ ] Okay, seriously now, what is with her dress?
No. 125180
[x] Thank her once again for the lovely present.
[x] Let her know that your offer is still open. (Only if it's taking her out to dinner)
[x] Okay, seriously now, what is with her dress?

Doesn't sounds like a Bad Idea.
No. 125181
[x] Thank her once again for the lovely present.
[x] Let her know that your offer is still open.

>A little-girl-in-a-bucket compass
Oh god, it is perfect.
No. 125190
[x] Okay, seriously now, what is with her dress?
I smiled at his reaction the little-girl-in-a-bucket
No. 125195
[ ] Thank her once again for the lovely present.
[ ] Let her know that your offer is still open.
[ ] Okay, seriously now, what is with her dress?
No. 125212
[x] Thank her once again for the lovely present.
[x] Let her know that your offer is still open.

I'd rather not have a face full of giant spider, thanks.
No. 125216
[X] Thank her once again for the lovely present.
[X] Let her know that your offer is still open.

Mind your manners, lads. One does not simply come out and ask a lady what lies beneath her skirts!
No. 125217
File 128699256056.jpg - (112.87KB , 620x700 , 1270718463900.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Thank her once again for the lovely present.
[x] Let her know that your offer is still open.

Don't be rude.

Also, loli compass.
No. 125232
Hey, don't knock it until you try it.

[X] Thank her once again for the lovely present.
[X] Let her know that your offer is still open.
[X] Okay, seriously now, what is with her dress?
No. 125242
[ ] Thank her once again for the lovely present.
[ ] Let her know that your offer is still open.
[ ] Okay, seriously now, what is with her dress?
[x] In the bucket is a little girl. Why has she not yet been pacified?
No. 125244
[x] Thank her once again for the lovely present.
[x] Okay, seriously now, what is with her dress?
[x] Let her know that your offer is still open.

I switched these around, so as not to make it look like we regret offering to take her out, nor that we'd suddenly be scared of her.

That'd be just hurtful.
No. 125248
[x] In the bucket is a little girl. Why has she not yet been pacified?
[x] Thank her once again for the lovely present.
[x] Okay, seriously now, what is with her dress?
[x] Let her know that your offer is still open.
No. 125264
[X] Thank her once again for the lovely present.
[X] Okay, seriously now, what is with her dress?
[X] Let her know that your offer is still open.
[X] Ruffle the hair of the girl-in-a-bucket.

We MUST overthrow the previous Rufflan ruler and become the new one!
No. 125265
File 128705445259.jpg - (329.22KB , 666x800 , I made this with my.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Say, Yamame? One more thing...” you call out to the spider-lady.

“Yes?” she smiles at you.

“Thanks again for for the present!” you return her smile, holding the bucket-with-a-girl-inside up in the air. “It's lovely!”

“I'm glad you like it! I felt a little bad about the presentation, though.”
“Don't be silly! It's fine!”
“Oh, but I could have at least wrapped it for you, first.”

From inside the bucket, you hear quite whimpering.
You suppose you should feel bad about teasing the little bucket-girl like this, but you don't.
This place is teeming with little girls who would gladly tear you limb from limb if given the chance. Like hell you're going to let a chance to have some fun like this pass you by!

For all you know, five minutes from now you'll once again be running for your life. But now?
Now, it's your turn to be at the top of the food chain!

“I dunno, Yamame. Don't you think wrapping would be a bit much? “
“Of course not! If anything, it would be another little thing for you to remember me by.”
“As if I would need some wrapping paper to remember you!”
“Aw, that's so sweet of you to say! But, you know, I wouldn't have used paper...”

Yamame simply smiles and watches as the implications of what she just said sinks in.

You're not quite sure what your face must look like as you turn to leave, but judging by her amused chuckle, it's probably what she was aiming for.

Once again, you move to leave, and once again you stop.
Though you're not sure if you should ask it or not, there is one thing you are dying to know!

“One more thing!” you announce, spinning on the spot to face the spider-lady again. “What's with your dress?”

“Hm? My dress?” Yamame asks, her amusement giving way to mild confusion. “What about it?”

“Well, it's just...you know...”
“Yeah. Wait, no, I mean-”
“Oh, I know. It's probably a little strange-looking, but I'm quite fond of it. I think it suits me.”
“It suits you really well, actually, but that's not what I was- There! That!”

You just saw her dress twitch again.
You're sure you saw it!
It's one thing if the others didn't notice, but for the woman herself to not?
Sure, you suppose it's not unthinkable for her to be unaware of it, if she were used to it...

Mmmmm, it's warm and sticky~.

“What is, Yamame?”
“What is what?”

Wait...that wasn't Yamame's voice just now.
It came from her, yet it wasn't her.
It sounded younger, and slightly muffled, almost as if....

No. No, it couldn't be...
Could it?

No, no way. You are clearly just imagining things.
Yes. Just imagining things.

“Uh, never mind, Yamame. Thanks again for everything.”
“No problem~!”

Paying no mind to the continued twitching and shifting of Yamame's dress, you turn away and one again and-

”One more thing!” you loudly declare as you spin around back towards Yamame.

“You're going to make yourself dizzy if you keep doing that.” says the smiling spider.

“Don't worry, this is the last one, for real this time.” you assure her. “I just wanted to let you know that my offer still stands.”

“Your offer?” Yamame blinks. “You mean...”

“Yep! Just say the word, and we'll do it.”

You can't help but smile as you think you see

the slightest hint of red appears on her cheeks

“Huh...I didn't think you were really serious about that. I don't know, though...”

“It's okay, you don't need to decide now. I've still got business down here, after all. ...probably some up on the surface, too.”

Yamame chuckles. “Yes, you certainly seem to be good at keeping yourself busy. In that case, I'll think things over while you take care of your 'business'. Swing back this way when you're finished, and maybe I'll have made up my mind.”

“Sounds good, Yamame. See you later, then!”

“Take care~!” she waves to you one last time, as you finally turn and exit her little 'parlor', bucket in tow.

Regrouping with Medicine and Rikako, both of whom had been waiting very patiently for you just outside, you make your deeper into the the cave...

[ ] Chatting
[ ] Plotting
[ ] Mumbling
[ ] Grumbling
[ ] Rambling
No. 125266
[x] Plotting
No. 125272
[Q] Plotting
No. 125273
[x] Plotting
So? What's under her dress? Lord Voldemort?
No. 125276
[X] Plotting

Captured victim.
No. 125282
Koishi, I'd guess.
No. 125283
Spider legs.
No. 125284
[x] Plotting
No. 125290
File 128708585683.png - (97.16KB , 362x400 , Uncle.png ) [iqdb]
[X] Plotting

You should've used this as your image.
No. 125293
[x] Rambling

Have fun Koishi!
No. 125313
[ ] Chatting
Piss against the tide!
No. 125327
[x] Plotting
No. 125441
File 128722634362.jpg - (458.62KB , 717x1000 , long way down.jpg ) [iqdb]

They're not coming out, are they?
Not yet, at least.
Hoping I will go away if only they wait long enough?
Perhaps attempting to escape via a different exit?
Or do they have something else in mind?

Not that it matters, of course.
You can run, little ones, but you cannot hide forever.
Not here, not there, not anywhere~
So, by all means, skitter about in the dark like the little insects you are
You can escape me no more than you can escape accountability for what you hav-ungh!


I...am very...very irritated.

You ruin my peaceful day.
You ruin my flowers.
You strike like an angry wasp, only to flee like a frightened cockroach.
And now, this.

Bad enough that I must deal with that particular pest, but you, little human?
Not even your kind is as foolish as you have been. Have you forgotten your place in the world?
I really can't overlook this, can I?
A lesson must be learned, and justice must be served.

Don't worry, though, little one. I probably won't kill you.
Even if I might actually get some sort of satisfaction out of it.
Oh, no. No, no, no.

I believe I have a much better idea of what to do with you...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Suddenly, and for no apparent reason, you feel a chill run down your spine.
Maybe the temperature and dampness is starting to get to you?

Sudden chills aside, your journey into the caves is going rather smoothly, you think. Your wonderful little-girl-in-a-bucket guidance system, while just a tad skittish, otherwise manages to perform her duties well. You ask her which way to go at any given time, and she points it out.

It was really your own fault that, upon attempting to give her an appreciative pat on the head, she became alarmed and lashed out at you in self-defense. A perfectly understandable thing to do, really, though you can't help but think that attempting to set you on fire was perhaps a bit overkill.

Needless to say, you did not attempt to pet her again.

As you continued to move deeper and deeper, you realize with some surprise that it's a lot easier to see down here than you would have expected. Granted, you don't really have any prior experience with caves or their exploration, but you don't think it's exactly unreasonable to expect a place so far from any sort of natural light source to be, well, dark. Not that you don't appreciate being able to see where you're going, but it still strikes you as a little odd.

What really bothers you about it, though, is the way it seems to be gradually changing color. Little by little, the natural earthy tones of the cave tunnel has gradually taken on a strange, greenish hue, and it seemed to only get stronger as you continued to walk.

Something about it makes you uneasy, but you suspect it's also a sign that you're getting close.
You have no real basis for this suspicion It's a vibe thing.
Hunches can mislead you, but vibes?
Always trust the vibes.

“So...” you begin, but are stopped by Rikako's raised hand.

“Please, no more 'I Spy', okay?” she pleads, wearily.

“What? It's a fun game to pass the time!” you protest.

It's true. Of all the time-wasters to employ on trips, nothing beats a good old game of 'I Spy.”
So many things to see! So many things to choose!
What could it be? What could it be?!
The possibilities are endless!

“Not when all there is to 'spy' is darkness and rock.” she retorts. “Even when limited to questions with 'yes or no' answers, it doesn't take much to figure out the correct answer when there are only two possibilities.”

“Well, I think it's a fun game, Human.” Medicine happily chimes in, her enjoyment made all the more impressive given that she was the only one to actually lose a round.

Then again, there's also the chance she's simply saying it to contradict Rikako, judging by the way she just stuck her tongue out at her.

“Thanks, Medi. But, no, I'm not talking about that.” you say, as you give the little doll-girl a pat on the head with your free hand. “I'm wondering how we're going to handle this 'bridge guard' business.”

“You mean you're not just going to rush them and get them in a hug? Because that worked so well last time.”

Sure, you kinda deserved that, but still.

“No, Miss Asakura. Believe it or not, I actually would be quite happy to not needlessly piss off yet another person who could tear me apart with their bare hands today.” you assure her.

Tomorrow, on the other hand, you make no guarantees.

“Well. Good!” Rikako says, looking slightly relieved, if not entirely convinced. “I've actually been pondering this issue myself.”

“Oh? Come up with anything?” you ask, hopefully. Though you do have confidence in your problem-solving skills, you are becoming vaguely aware that your solutions to problems other than ones you can either bullshit or bludgeon your way through are rather hit-or-miss.

Not that you'll change the way you do things on account of that, of course.

“Possibly.” the woman answers. “From what we've been told, the main problem we might have is if this 'guardian' takes exception to your little friend.”

“Oh, I don't know if I could call her a 'friend' yet. We only just met, and all, and then there was that thing she did with the fi-”

“I meant the one not in the bucket.” she quickly cuts you off.


“I knew that.” you blatantly lie.

“Of course you did.” Rikako says with barely-concealed sarcasm. “As I was saying, though, if the doll is going to be the guard's main problem, then we need to figure out something to do with the doll so she isn't a problem.”

Though Medicine seems to take some offense at being called a problem, you have to concede that Rikako has a point.

“So, what do you propose?”

“Well, assuming the guard has no problem with us, the simplest solution would be to just leave her behind...” Rikako says, pausing briefly to glance at the little doll-girl who was currently holding your sleeve and glaring daggers at her before continuing. “...but since that is clearly not an option, we're left with trying to somehow get her to be allowed passage.”

“What, like negotiate?”

“Something like that, yes. Depending on how open to reason this individual is, that might be all we need to do. Otherwise, some form of deception might be required. If the problem is that the doll is a youkai from the surface, then perhaps we could attempt to pass her off as something other than a youkai.” she explains. “To be more precise, we could try to pass her off as a human, or as just an ordinary doll. Admittedly, the former seems less likely, since the smell would probably give her away., but I don't think it's completely impossible.”

Medicine frowns at this, seemingly not pleased with the notion of pretending to be one of 'the enemy'.

“And the latter?”

“Passing her off as a doll? Simple, just have her act like a doll.” Rikako says with a shrug. “Have her play dead, basically. Don't move, don't speak, try to tone down the smell if at all possible.”

...and now Medicine both frowning and glaring at the woman in the lab-coat, at which the woman sighs.

“Okay, fine, if she absolutely has to be able to move or speak, maybe we could spin it as her being a ventriloquism puppet or something. ...will you stop glaring at me like that? I'm trying to help you, here.”


While she is understandably not happy about it, you can't help but think Rikako's ideas might actually work if you can pull them off correctly. But what to choose?

[ ] Operation: Boring Diplomacy
[ ] Operation: Little Sister
[ ] Operation: Daddy's Girl
[ ] Operation: Puppet Master
No. 125442
>“What? It's a fun game to pass the time!” you protest.
>Tomorrow, on the other hand, you make no guarantees.
oh god, he is just priceless.

[x] Operation: Little Sister
I don't know which too choose. But yeah, my own little sister!
No. 125443
[X] Operation: Airborne Dragon
No. 125447
[x] Operation: Daddy's Girl

Let's try the stupider and funnier thing available.
No. 125449
[x] Operation: Little Sister

She's pretty much our little sister already, right?
No. 125450
[X] Operation: Airborne Dragon
No. 125451
[x] Operation: Daddy's Girl
No. 125455
[x] Operation: Little Sister
No. 125456
[x] Operation: Daddy's Girl

And maybe Rikako can act as the mommy.
No. 125458
He's not a Big Daddy, if you see what I mean.
No. 125460
[x] Operation: Run up and hug the bridge troll
No. 125462
[x] Operation: Run up and hug the bridge troll

this way she won't be so jealous of us.
No. 125465
[X] Operation: Run up and hug the bridge troll.

Sounds fun.
No. 125466
[X] Operation: Run up and hug the bridge troll.
No. 125468
Changing to
[x] Operation: Run up and hug the bridge trol
No. 125471
[x] Operation: Little Sister

Rampant stupidity in write-ins only works out well when the author wants the protagonist to survive, too.
No. 125472
[x] >>125466

This is such an suicidally stupid choice...

No. 125473
Yeah, besides the MC has already stated that he wouldn't do anymore hug attacks. Atleast for now.

>“No, Miss Asakura. Believe it or not, I actually would be quite happy to not needlessly piss off yet another person who could tear me apart with their bare hands today.”
No. 125474
[X] Operation: Little Sister

Oi, oi.

Use yer 'eads.
No. 125478
We've befriended Medicine and Cirno via insanely stupid stuff and by any logic, we should have been dead 10 times over yet we're alive and well.
No. 125481
[X] Operation: Little Sister
No. 125485
[x] Operation: Puppet Master
No. 125491
File 128727666196.jpg - (543.06KB , 700x875 , your new best friend.jpg ) [iqdb]
>>We've befriended Medicine and Cirno via insanely stupid stuff

A doll you can trick into not killing you by pretending you hate humans and a fairy who wasn't exactly known for her intelligence even before she was clobbered in the head with a rock probably aren't the best examples to use in making your case.

Not to say the "run-n-hug" option is bad, or will horribly backfire and result in yet another pissed-off Touhou chasing you seriously, it won't, but you would do well to keep in mind that certain things work better on certain types than they would on others.
No. 125501
[X] Operation: Daddy's Girl
No. 125508
[X] Operation: Little Sister

No. 125512
[x] Operation: Little Sister
No. 125513
File 128730074750.jpg - (106.16KB , 1064x864 , What the hell she is standing RIGHT THERE man.jpg ) [iqdb]
“I don't think I like this, Human.” Medicine says, scowling.

“Come on, Medi, it's not going to be so bad. You just have to keep up the act until we're clear of the bridge, and you're done!” you tell her “Would you rather we went with the puppet act, instead? Because we still can, you know~!”

“No way! Forget it! No!” the little doll-girl says, with a stamp of her foot.

You knew she wouldn't take to such a suggestion with much enthusiasm, to say the least, but you were still just a little disappointed that she didn't seem interested in even giving it a chance.
It probably would have been fun, pretending to be a ventriloquist and puppet. Telling jokes, having her sing while you drank a glass of water, what's not to like?

Of course, in order to sell the illusion, you would have had to hold her all the while. One arm supporting her, the other resting on her back to give the impression of manipulating the non-existent mechanisms responsible for controlling her face. Naturally, you would have to actually move your hand, so as to maintain the illusion that you were controlling her.

Truly, it would have been an entertaining ruse, or so you would like to believe. That it would entail holding a girl in your arms as you run your fingers along her back would not have been a factor. Not at all.
It would, however, probably have been a happy little bonus.

Then again, the little sister act might not be so bad, either...

“Well, that's settled, then. Until we cross that bridge, Medi, you and I are brother and sister., okay?”

Seeming to realize the futility of resistance, Medicine merely grumbles her consent to the plan, which you reward with a gentle pat on the head.

“That's my good little sis!”

“You know...” Rikako says, looking more than a little amused by this scene. “Maybe she should also call you oni-OW!

With speed you didn't know she was even capable of, Medicine spins around and lands a nasty kick to Rikako's shins.

“Did you hear something, Brother?” Medicine says as she turns back to you, a look of total innocence on her face. “I think I heard something~.”

Come to think of it, you think you do, too.
Well, something other than the quiet cursing that Rikako is doing, that is. Namely, not-so-quiet cursing, echoing from somewhere just up ahead.

Judging by Rikako's sudden silence, you're pretty sure she hears it, too.

A quick glance down at your bucket-girl-compass tells you that you're still going the right way. Nodding to the others, your little group cautiously makes its way forward.

Within moments, you finally spot the bridge ahead.. As you get closer, you can see it stretching over what appears to be a great pit.
What you don't see, however, is the source of the mutterings and cursing that has grown more audible as you approach the bridge

Muttering and cursing that, all of a sudden, stops.

Almost immediately, the three of you freeze in place. You don't move. You don't speak. You don't even breathe

After a several uncomfortable seconds, the sounds of cursing and muttering resumes.

Feeling it's safe to at least resume breathing, you exhale as quietly as you can, and begin to scan your surroundings in an attempt to locate the source of the voice. Unfortunately, the way it echoes makes getting a fix on the source difficult.

Goddamn acoustics.

Shrugs from Rikako and Medicine tell you they are faring no better

Though it's not loud enough to be able to make out exactly what is being said, you can at least tell that the speaker is very close by.

Now, if only you could actually see them...

Still, this might not be such a bad thing, you suppose.
If you can't see them, they probably can't see you, and from the way they are carrying on, it seems as if they might not even be aware of your presence yet...

[ ] Tip-toe down to the basement...
[ ] We can make it if we run...
[ ] Hello? Is there anybody in here?
No. 125514
[X] Hello? Is there anybody in here?
No. 125515
[x] Hello? Is there anybody in here?
>it seems as if they might not even be aware of your presence yet...
Then we should let them know!
No. 125516
[ ] Hello? Is there anybody in here?
No. 125521
[x] Hello? Is there anybody in here?

I wanna see the ventriloquist act!
No. 125522
[x] Hello? Is there anybody in here?
No. 125524
>Hello? Is there anybody in here?
Have you people never seen any horror movies? This is certain death.

[X] We can make it if we run...
This one gives us at least a 50/50 shot.
No. 125527
[x] Hello? Is there anybody in here?
No. 125538
[x] Stroll on in like you own the place
No. 125543
[x] Stroll on in like you own the place
No. 125553
We've also befriended Tenshi by throwing rocks at her.

[x] >>125527
No. 125555
"Befriended" isn't quite the word for it.

[x] Hello? Is there anybody in here?
No. 125556
[x] Hello? Is there anybody in here?
No. 125633
File 128738799367.jpg - (397.69KB , 1000x1540 , come on I want you to do it come on hit me HIT ME.jpg ) [iqdb]
You actually make the effort to work out something vaguely resembling a plan or strategy, for once, and now that you are in a position to possibly try to put it into action, you're going to just throw it out the window?

Like hell you will!

Sure, in the event it doesn't work, you're pretty much going to have to throw it out the window anyway, but that's beside the point!
It's the principle of the thing, damn it!

Taking a few bold steps towards the bridge, you stop just short of actually setting foot upon the bridge itself, and listen.

Though you still cannot understand most of the strange mutterings you hear, you now think you can at least make out a few words here and there. Nothing too interesting, though. Some cursing and swearing. What you suppose is meant to be a wish for someone's untimely death. Also, a surprising number of 'bitches', 'whores', 'bastards', and so on. Over and over.

Somehow, you get the feeling that whoever this person is, they're not in a very good mood.

So, of course you try to call them out.

“Hello?” you cautiously call out.

The muttering stops.

Figuring the unseen mutterer heard you, and is now carefully listening for anything else, as is the natural reaction when someone thinks they heard something. Not wanting to leave them disappointed, you are quick to follow-up.

“...is there anybody here?”

Truly, a classic. Of course there's someone here. You know there's someone here. They probably even know you know. But just because you already know the answer is no reason to not ask the question!

You think you hear a quiet 'goddamn it' come from somewhere nearby, but still can't quite place where.

“Um, hello? Miss?” you call out in no particular direction.

Go away.” comes the reply, also from no particular direction.

Well, at least it's a response.

“Er...excuse me? I just was w-”
Go away.
“-ondering who I had to tal-”
Go away.
“-k to about cro-”
Go away.
“-ssing this bri-”
““Go away, go away, go away, go away, go away, go away, go away, go away, go away, go away, go away...

Though you can't help but feel a little snubbed by unseen speaker's refusal to hear you out, her steady stream of 'go away' manages to have at least some benefit to you.
Specifically, it allows you to quietly move about in an attempt to seek out her location. To your amazement, it only takes you to twenty-fifth 'go away' to narrow it down to a spot several paces to the left of the bridge.

Carefully leaning over, you peer down into the pit, and are greeted by the sight of blonde hair and green eyes. Angry, angry green eyes, glaring up at you.

Realizing she has been found out, the girl ceases her mantra in favor of silently glowering at you.

“Uh, hi.” you hesitantly greet her, uncertain whether or not you should wave as well.

After a few moments of uncomfortable, silent glaring, the girl rolls her eyes and lets out an exasperated sigh.

“Ugh, fine. Let's get this over with...” she says, suddenly rising up from the pit. “Halt. Who goes there. Beyond this bridge lies the entrance to the blah blah blah, turn back, yadda yadda...”

Suddenly speaking in a dull monotone, the young lady floats away from you, drifting over the bridge briefly before setting down on one of the railings.

“Oh. How I do so envy you and your blah-de-blah. I am so jealous. So very, very jealous.” she continues to drone on. “So jealous I am, that I will stop you and blah blah blah, jealous, jealous, blabbity-blah. Jealousy.”

Striking a pose you think you recognize, but can't quite remember where, the young woman holds her arms out wide, and looks at you expectantly.

Well?! Come on, already! Shoot me! Hit me! Do whatever the hell it is you people are doing now!” she practically yells, her voice echoing off the walls. “I'll make it easy for you! I won't even shoot back! It's not like it would make any difference if I did, anyway, right? As if anything I even do matters, anymore! So, come on! Do it! Do it!

[ ] Do it.
[ ] Don't do it.
[ ] Do what?
[ ] Do something else.
No. 125635
“I'll make it easy for you! I won't even shoot back! It's not like it would make any difference if I did, anyway, right? As if anything I even do matters, anymore! So, come on! Do it! Do it!”

[x] Give her a Hug.
She needs it bad. Then ask her to join your group.
No. 125637
[x] Ask her out to dinner.

It's never failed us yet!
No. 125638
[x] Do what?
Alternatively, hugging also works.
No. 125639
[x] Give her a Hug.
[x] Ask her out to dinner.

Why not both? I feel so bad for her. It's so bad that she gives us a 'free shot' and won't fight back. And I agree with anon about hug.
No. 125640
[x] Give her a Hug.
No. 125644
[x] Give her a Hug.
[x] Ask her out to dinner.

Perfect. This is absolutely perfect.
No. 125646
[x] Give her a Hug.
[x] Ask her out to dinner.
No. 125648
[x] Give her a Hug.
[x] Ask her out to dinner.
No. 125650
[x] Give her a Hug.
No. 125651
[x] Do what?
No. 125652

TO be fair, if you're referring to the whole "Giving her a hug" in relation to
>“No, Miss Asakura. Believe it or not, I actually would be quite happy to not needlessly piss off yet another person who could tear me apart with their bare hands today.”

He just said he wouldn't piss anyone off with it.

Parsee looks like she needs this.

[x] Give her a Hug.
[x] Ask her out to dinner.
No. 125655
This logic is flawless.

[x] Give her a Hug.
[x] Ask her out to dinner.
No. 125656
[Q] Ask her out to dinner.
No. 125662
[X] Give her a Hug.
[X] Ask her out to dinner.
[X] Find her lost Sanity Core
No. 125663
I would recommend the hug be metaphorical. At least, at first.
No. 125664
[x] >>125655

Yep it's not so much pissing her off as it is cheering her up. That and Parsee's pretty damn attractive in her own right.
No. 125670
[x] Give her a Hug.
[x] Ask her out to dinner.
No. 125680
File 128743764255.png - (838.62KB , 960x960 , c8afca8ce60c97fc54d4f2b8e2554ce5.png ) [iqdb]
No fuckin' kidding.
No. 125684
[x] Give her a Hug.
[x] Ask her out to dinner.
No. 125687
Just curious here. You know, say, what if we were the ever meet someone like Rinnosuke, would we ask him out to dinner? I don't wanna have a combo breaker if we ever do meet him, but well, ya know, I'd rather not want him to avoid us like the plague.
No. 125692

He doesn't fall into the dinner category.
The chain of decisions lead to a dinner proposal:
Is it female? (Y/N)
Does it eat? (Y/N)
No. 125693
Honestly? We don't know that yet.
In fact, doing such a thing simply due to bloody-minded tradition is somewhat in character.
No. 125725
File 128748003172.jpg - (514.53KB , 562x1000 , does this shit always happen.jpg ) [iqdb]
'Do it', she says?
She says you should do 'it'?
Which, of course, means to do 'that'?

Oh, you don't know if you should do 'that'.
You had said you wouldn't, after all.
You had not planned on it, either.

Then again, plans do change.

“Hey! Hey! Just because you have time to waste gawking doesn't mean we all do, you know!” the young woman continues to shout, hopping down from her perch and waving her hand in your face.. “Do whatever the hell you're going to do, and get this over wha-hey! What the hell do think you're doing?!”

What you're doing?
Why, what she told you to do, of course!
She said to do 'it'!
So 'it' is what you're doing!

'It' in this case meaning to walk up to her and wrap her up in the biggest damn hug you can manage.

“Gah! Stop it! Let go of me!” she protests, squirming against you in a vain attempt to break free of your embrace.

“Nope. Not gonna do it!” you inform the struggling young lady. “You look like you need a hug, and I am giving it to you!”

“Nngh! I don't! Need! Shit!” she growls, still squirming against you in an attempt to shake you off. Though she is putting up a fairly good resistance for a girl of her build, you're thankful that she doesn't seem to be anywhere near the 'can literally tear you to pieces with her bare hands' level of strength the flower-lady was.

“Oh, but I disagree! I think you need a hug very much!” you inform her

“What I need is -ungh- you to let me go goddamn it!”

Though her shouting hurts your ears a little bit, you do not relent.

“Nope, not happening~! Though, since we're here, how about dinner?”

“I said-....what?”

Apparently uncertain that she heard you correctly, the young woman stops struggling against you, leans back as much as she can, and looks at you in confusion.

“Dinner.” you repeat. “How about I take you out to dinner, sometime?”

The young woman in your arms continues to stare at you in disbelief for a couple seconds, before squeezing her eyes shut and muttering to herself.

Goddamn it, not another one...

'Another one'? Has someone asked her out to dinner already?

“Of course. Of course it would have to be another one, wouldn't it?” she continues muttering to herself, while shaking her head a little. “Nobody normal would be crazy enough to come this way these days, anyway, so of course the only ones who do come down here are crazy!”

Like she's one to talk about 'crazy', muttering to herself like that.

“So, tell me, did someone send you here? Is that it?” she asks, once again glaring at you. “Is someone out there actually sending you lunatics down to fuck with me? Is that really it?!”

“What? No!”

“Oh, so it's just me, then. Great. I'm the problem. So, what is it, then? My scent? Is there some odor to me that's drawing in the STOP SNIFFING ME!

“Aw, but you don't smell weird or anything. Actually, I think you-”

Shut up! I don't care! Let me go!”

“How come? Don't you like hugs?”

No! Now let go of me!”

“But you're not struggling anymore.”




Though the more rational parts of your mind question the wisdom of continuing to hug an increasingly-agitated youkai woman who is not happy about your continuing to hug her, you do not relent. It is clear to you that she is in dire need of this, as well as quite a few other things. If only she weren't quite so resistant.

But then, you have an idea...

[ ] Let her go.
[ ] ...but only if she agrees to have dinner with you.
[ ] ...but only if she agrees to (insert condition here).
[ ] Don't let her go.
[ ] ...and have Medicine and Rikako go on ahead without you.
[ ] ...and attempt to take her with you across the bridge.
No. 125728
File 128748547149.jpg - (146.77KB , 850x960 , 4464c2f5ee906fe0c9c394ee9ee7d2bb.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Don't let her go.
- [x] have Medicine and Rikako hug her as well.
- [x] ...and attempt to take her with you across the bridge.

Group Hugging time.
I know. Medicine, poison etc but maybe there is a way.
No. 125730
[X] Don't let her go.
-[X] ...and have Medicine and Rikako go on ahead without you.
--[X] Ask about her troubles
No. 125731
>...and attempt to take her with you across the bridge.
Tempting, but we already have four in our party. We'd have to send Rikako to stay at the inn.

[X] Let her go.
[X] ...but only if she agrees to have dinner with you.
No. 125739
[X] Don't let her go.
-[X] ...and have Medicine and Rikako go on ahead without you.
--[X] Ask about her troubles
[X] Then let her go
-[X] ...and take her with you across the bridge.
-[X] and dinner too.
No. 125740
I like it!

[x] Group hug!

As long as Medicine is only touching clothing it should be fine.
No. 125741
[x] Let her go
-[x] ...but only if she agrees to let everyone pass the bridge.
Quite obvious, really.
No. 125748
[x] Don't let her go.
[x] ...and have Medicine and Rikako go on ahead without you.

All aboard the maniac train.
No. 125752
>We'd have to send Rikako to stay at the inn.

That sounds like a reason to bring Parsee along, to me.

[x] Don't let her go.
- [x] have Medicine and Rikako hug her as well.
- [x] ...and attempt to take her with you across the bridge.
No. 125759
[x] Don't let her go.
- [x] have Medicine and Rikako hug her as well.
- [x] ...and attempt to take her with you across the bridge.
No. 125760
[x] Don't let her go.
- [x] have Medicine and Rikako hug her as well.
- [x] ...and attempt to take her with you across the bridge.
No. 125763
[%] >>125728

No. 125780
[X] Don't let her go.
-[X] ...and have Medicine and Rikako go on ahead without you.
--[X] Ask about her troubles.

So, Parsee isn't jealous, just fed up with everyone thinking she is?
No. 125785
Considering how Yaname talked about her, it's plausible. Calling her a jealous freak is the best way to actually piss her off.
No. 125789
File 128752585727.jpg - (281.64KB , 800x600 , and I'm like fuck you and fuck her too.jpg ) [iqdb]
Clearly, the amount of hug you can provide simply isn't doing the job!
So what can you do?

Why, use more hug, of course!

“Hey, Medi! Miss Asakura!” you call back to your companions, who have been watching you in stunned silence up to this point. “Come on over here! Get in on this!”


Turning your head to get a better look behind you, you can see that the woman and the doll-girl seem to be uncertain that they heard you say what they think you just said.

“I'm saying you should get over here and get in on this action! Let's get a group-hug going, here!”

Seemingly less than enthused at the notion that her personal space is about to be further violated, you feel the girl in your arms tense up considerably, while still making a few token struggles in an attempt to break free.

“Well? What are you guys waiting for? This girl's not gonna hug herself, you know!”


Medicine looks uncertain about the idea, taking a few hesitant steps towards you, and then stopping.
Rikako, on the other hand, seems much less doubtful about her feelings on the issue.

“You can not be serious.”

“I don't know why you would think I'm not.” you state, plainly.

Rikako just looks at you, utterly dumbfounded.

“Wha-...we...ugh, you're unbelievable” she says, looking about as irritated as she sounds. “You've been chased into a cave by an angry youkai, two of your friends have gone missing-”

“Three friends.” you correct her, not wanting to leave little Su-san out.

“...three friends gone missing, and so far as I can tell you seem more interested in trying to pick up women! I would think, given the circumstances, that you should have slightly more pressing matters to worry about and...what are you smiling at?”

“What? I'm not smiling.”

“Not you.” Rikako says, folding her arms across her chest. “Her.

Turning back to look at the girl in your arms, you see that she is looking straight at Rikako and is, indeed, smiling.
You think you even see her ears twitching a little bit.

“Do my senses deceive me~? Could this be jealousy I see before me?” the bridge-girl says, her demeanor suddenly the complete opposite of what it was before.

Rather than resisting your embrace, she now seems to almost be relishing it.
“Jealousy?” Rikako scoffs, raising an eyebrow. “Jealousy is based upon fear of loss. What loss is there in-”

Envy, then? Ooh, that's even better!” the bridge-girl coos, as you feel her arms wrap around your back. “Does this bother you? Does it? Hmmm~?”

“What? No, it-”

This, then?” the bridge-girl continues, pressing herself against you a little more, as her hand slights ever-so-slightly down your back.

“This is absurd.”

“Oh, you might say that, but I know~. He hasn't done this with you, has he?” the bridge-girl is positively beaming now, her ears happily twitching, as she turns her gaze back to you. “Have you, darling~?”

“Um, well...” you stammer. You hadn't really thought about it, but you think she might be right. You haven't hugged Rikako, not even once! For that matter, you don't recall ever asking her out to dinner, either. She, who had done so much to help you since her release from the princess's captivity, and you have yet to even offer her so much as a sandwich or omelet as thanks!

“Miss Asakura...” you say, turning your head back towards her. “...do you, maybe, want...”

“Don't.” the purple-haired woman holds her hand up, cutting you off. “Just...just don't.

“I'm sorry! Really! I didn't realize-”

“Can we just get moving, please?”

“Well, okay...” you sigh, feeling perhaps just a little bit bad, as you turn your attention back to woman currently slowly sliding her hands up and down your back. “So, um, Miss...?”

“Parsee.” the woman says, glancing at you before turning her gaze back to the woman behind you. “Just 'Parsee' is fine~.”

“Uh, okay, Parsee. We're trying to find some friends, and think they went deeper into the cave. Is there any chance we could be allowed to cross your bridge?”

“Mmmm, I don't know...” Parsee says. “It's quite dangerous for humans down there. I wouldn't want to see any of you get hurt...unless...”


Unless you had someone to accompany you. Guide you, as it were...”

“Well, we already have the bucket-girl for that.”

“Oh, but she couldn't help you like someone else could. Like I could...”

“Really? You'd help us?”

From behind you, you think you hear Rikako scoff again.
Parsee simply smiles.

“Well, normally I wouldn't, but for you? Why not~?”

“Wow, great! You hear that, guys?” you turn back to your friends. “She said she's going to help us!”

“Um, okay.”

Releasing Parsee from your embrace, she lets you go with some apparent reluctance, and your group begins to make its way across the bridge.

About halfway across, Rikako picks up her pace, and takes up a position walking at the front of your party.


“Hm? Yes~?”

“...could you please stop squeezing my ass?”

[ ] The Scenic Route
[ ] Fast-Travel
[ ] Running Silent
[ ] Rest Area
No. 125792
“...could you please stop squeezing my ass?”


[x] The Scenic Route
No. 125794
This is rapidly becoming the best harem ever.
No. 125803
[X] The Scenic Route

No. 125804
[x] The Scenic Route
See rocks and what else there is while getting molested by Parsee on the way.
No. 125805
[X] Rest Area

I gotta pee.
No. 125806
[X] The Scenic Route

I love Parsee.
No. 125808
[ ] Fast-Travel

This is probably the kind of Parsee I wanted to write.
You son of a bitch, I see what you did there with the Parsee-centric update and the wording of those options. Well played, and point made.
No. 125809
[x] The Scenic Route

I notice that this one actually has 'route' on it.

Only path, no regrets, etc.
No. 125812
[x] The Scenic Route
No. 125813
[X] The Scenic Route

So, what, Parsee is behind the MC, squeezing his ass?
No. 125815
reaching around behind him, squeezing his ass.
No. 125816
[x] Rest Area
No. 125820
File 128754306711.jpg - (28.51KB , 500x375 , archeryelling.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] The Scenic Route

No. 125827
>> I see what you did there with the Parsee-centric update and the wording of those options. Well played, and point made

I'm not quite sure I follow.
No. 125841
[x] Skipping to your doom
[x] Fast-Travel
No. 125843
File 128758019014.jpg - (64.00KB , 480x520 , demotivational-posters-in-soviet-russia.jpg ) [iqdb]
I enjoy coming on THP, just to read moar "Do the Right Thing" update!

[x] The Scenic Route
No. 125853
This is the best Parsee ever.

[x] The Scenic Route
No. 125863
Time with Yamame and now Parsee?
I'm a bit Obvious Joke Goes Here.
[x] The Scenic Route
No. 125913
File 128765632066.jpg - (831.89KB , 1000x1414 , come follow follow follow follow follow follow me.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Are you sure this is the right way, Parsee?”

“Hm~? Why, of course I'm sure! Why do you ask?”

“It's just that some of these rock formations look a little familiar...”

“Of course they look the same to you, silly!” your guide says with a giggle. “The differences in these tunnels are very subtle. Only someone who is intimately familiar with them would be able to tell them apart from each other.”

“Oh? Well, I guess that makes sense...”

“Of course it does~. We'll be wanting to take the next right, by the way~.”

Seemingly true to her word, Parsee had taken on the role of navigator for your little group, calling out directions whenever your path split. Though you questioned the necessity of her looping her arms around your own, she assured you that it was purely a safety precaution

”It simply wouldn't do to have someone accidentally take a wrong turn and get separated, would it~?” she had said.

You found it hard to argue with her reasoning, though you're still sure what her occasionally rubbing your arm or resting her head on your shoulder is supposed to help.

“Oh, wait.” Parsee says softly in your ear, pulling you back a bit just as you come to the split in the tunnel. “Did I say right? I meant left. Go that way~”

“Left? Uh, okay. Uh, hey! Miss Asakura! Hey!”

Hey! Human lady! We're s'posed to go left now!” Medicine, tightly holding your other arm as she floats beside you, calls out.

Already making her way down the tunnel, Rikako stops and turns to look back at you, a look of mild annoyance clearly visible on her face even from this distance. Turning around, she briskly walks back to rejoin you.

“Oh, I am so sorry about that!” Parsee exclaims, as Rikako passes in front of the three of you. “You know, darling, it might help if she didn't walk so far ahead of the rest of us, don't you think?”

“Uh, Miss Asakura? Do you think you'd like to-”

“No, thank you.” Rikako replies, not even looking back as she resumes walking several paces ahead of you. “I'm fine.”

This arrangement had been going on for a little while, now. Parsee on one arm, Medicine on the other, and Rikako leading the way, or at least until you suddenly had to change direction for one reason or another.
While you can't deny that her lead on the rest of you was a contributing factor, you couldn't help but find it just a little odd how these sudden direction changes seemed to have a habit of happening only after Rikako had already begun to head down whatever path you had originally been told to take.
Not that you would dare to suggest your guide was doing it deliberately, but it still seems more than a little strange.

“So, uh, Parsee? Is this okay?” you ask, in an attempt to drum up some sort of conversation to dispel the strangely negative vibe you think you feel brewing.

“Mmm? Is what okay?”

“Well, this. Helping us, I mean.” you clarify. “Not that I don't appreciate it, but isn't guarding that bridge your job?”

“Oh. That.” she replies, the smile she had been wearing for some time now suddenly fading. “It's something like a job for me, I guess. Not like it matters much anymore, anyway...”

For a moment, you feel a slight pain not unlike fingernails digging into cloth and flesh, but just as quickly as it comes, it goes.

“Oh! But you don't really want to hear about that, now do you~?” Parsee says, smile returning as she once again leans her head upon your shoulder. “I would much rather hear more about what brings you here, anyway~. Looking for someone, wasn't it?”

“Oh, yeah! I was meaning to ask you about that, actually. Have you seen two girls with blue hair and a little doll, by any chance?”

At the words 'blue hair' you feel Parsee tense up considerably, tightening her grip on your arm.

“...I may have seen them, yes.” she finally says after a few moments. “Friends of yours, are they?”

“Well, I don't really know if I could call them friends, so much as...um...Parsee? Is something wrong?”

“Oh, no~. Everything is fine~” she says, snuggling up against you a little more. “Reunions are such a wonderfully beautiful thing, it just makes me so happy to have a hand in one, is all~.”

“Yeah, I guess they kinda are, aren't they?”

“Oh, yes~. They're even better when there's a surprise waiting for them, aren't they~?”

“Er, yes. Yes, I suppose so.”

Strange, though, since you don't even have anything in the way of a gift or present to surprise anyone with.

...are you expected to stop by a gift shop or something?
Are there even shops at wherever you're going?

Come to think of it, just where are you going, anyway?

It occurs to you that you have more than a few questions, and with no end to these tunnels in sight, you're probably right in assuming you have plenty of time to kill until you reach your destination, whatever it may be.

[ ] Ask Parsee!
- [ ] About Food
- [ ] About Lodging
- [ ] About Entertainment
- [ ] About Tourist Spots
- [ ] About __________

[ ] Ask _________
- [ ] About ___________
No. 125915
She killed them and hid their bodies!
[x] Ask Parsee!
- [x] About Love
No. 125921
[Q] Ask Parsee!
- [Q] About Tourist Spots
No. 125923
[x] Ask Parsee!
- [x] About Love
-- [x] And why she still won't stop groping your ass
No. 125924
[x] Ask Parsee!
- [x] About Love
- [X] About Tourist Spots
No. 125925
[x] Ask Parsee!
-[x] About Tourist Spots
-[x] About Love
-- [x] And why she still won't stop groping your ass

[x] Rikako
- [x] Could I have a hug?
No. 125931
[x] Ask Parsee!
-[x] About Tourist Spots
-[x] About Love
-- [x] And why she still won't stop groping your ass

So are we ever going to focus on a character, or just keep picking up Touhous?
No. 125933
MC is like a living Tohno Shiki. Of course he's going to pick up more Touhous.
No. 125939
[x] Ask Parsee!
-[x] About Tourist Spots
-[x] About Love
-- [x] And why she still won't stop groping your ass
No. 125940
>MC is like a living Tohno Shiki.

As opposed to a dead Tohno Shiki?
No. 125944
Considering over the course of a few of the routes and the prologue he dies twice and still rapes the maids in the end?
Yes. As opposed to the dead Tohno Shiki.
No. 125949
Wait, two girls with blue hair?
Tenshi and who else?
No. 125950
Tenshi and Bernkastel.
No. 125951
I think we've found our romantic interest.
No. 125952

>Tenshi and who else
>who else

Isn't it sad, Cirno?
No. 125955
[x] Ask Parsee!
-[x] About Tourist Spots
-[x] About Love
-- [x] And why she still won't stop groping your ass
No. 125956
[x] >>125925
No. 125967
>>I think we've found our romantic interest.

I am simultaneously curious yet worried about why you would say that.
No. 125990
[X] Ask Parsee!
-[X] About Tourist Spots
-[X] About Love
-- [X] And why she still won't stop groping your ass
-- [X] "Hey Parsse, what's 'sex'?"