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123717 No. 123717
It was a hot and sunny day.

The sunlight that shears right through the window must have heated the room enough to boil one’s brain. If you were to think so, you would find a reason to what this person in front of you are doing at the moment, other than he happens to be a fan of firearms, or lead bullets, or stacking lead bullets into a miniaturized edifice of an exotic origin. When you shifted your concern instead to the seemingly fragile structure of lead bullets on top of more lead bullets, the man who puts his utmost attention to his architectural project over the hostile sunlight piercing his suited back assures you with his insight of the matter.

“I’m out of matchsticks.”

Indeed, for detective Narumi Shōhei, matchsticks would have been better a scaffolding over the ammunitions of his revolver; and although he questions the mysterious lack of matchsticks in his small office, his mind is more preoccupied with the thoughts of stacked lead bullets set off by the sheer heat of his own frustration. Not only that the temperature of summer is comparable to the bickering of an old wife, the amount of focus needed to ensure the bullets will stand without toppling one another is not the most negotiable with the exposed window behind him. They are two opposing forces of nature, and Narumi Shōhei, striving detective on the Capital of Japan, is the man between a nuclear-fission rock and a lead place.

Your eying a strolling mass of black furs seems to overshadow the failure of this office to elicit the initiative to take a seat from you. Yet, you can still see the determination of the room burning in the heat of summer as the black furs begun to perform what you could not be enticed to do. Its lit green eyes lock themselves onto Narumi’s heap of bullet rounds, as if you could suspect it planning a devious design specially for the now three-story miniature. Eluding the truth to your suspicion, the black cat dives faster than any clue to its intention could follow. It grazes the foreleg of Narumi’s desk, before landing gracefully as the small shockwave it might-deliberately introduced to Narumi’s little piece of art becomes more than enough incentive for it to reduce itself into rubbles unrecognizable from its former, short-lived glory.

The fuse has been lit. The bomb labeled Narumi Shōhei—head detective of Narumi Detective Agency—has exploded faster than you could ever accomplish with a magnifier.

No. 123718
File 128535990540.jpg - (234.96KB , 800x800 , c75fd657850a83d7d1fd3f7469a39a2c.jpg ) [iqdb]
The year is Taisho 21. A non-existent year, by one’s standard.

By another, it’s the late grooming period of industrialization and Western influence for Japan. As you head towards the nearby lamplight, a lady screened from the heat of the vicious sun by her wide parasol passed by your side. Her sense of fashion wouldn’t remind you of the garment worn by serving girls of some local tavern; in fact, it wouldn’t remind you of anything from your native culture.

You can spot several other individuals outfitted with similar taste of estranged elegance—not unlike the blouse and parasol skirting by you, or to tell the truth, the pristine white suit worn by your own boss Narumi. When the influence of outside world has seeped right into your office—permeating as the fragrance you breathe—whether it bothered you is no longer important. Modernization, as they call it, was inevitable; and you had been living in the byproduct of what has been lined up ever since Japan’s feudal era.

Then, if it was divine will for creation to advance, what of those unblessed by its light?

They refuse to be forgotten.

As they lay in the shadows whence they were begotten, they wait. When they sense the moment, they will abandon their calm. It then falls in the hands of the protector to preserve the threatened peace. That person is you, Raidou Kuzunoha the XIVth. You have donned the cape of a Raidou Kuzunoha, and with it the responsibility to safeguard the Capital from them. Demons, forgotten by time yet lurk still in the dark—awaiting a single lapse of vigilance, vigilance that you will maintain with your life.

As soon as you finished buying Narumi his ice creams.


The cat speaks matter-of-factly, and matter-of-factly speaking, the cat did talk.

“The current generation of Raidou Kuzunoha, reduced to the status of an errand boy.”

As always, Gōto the black cat straddles alongside you in your critical task of purchasing ice creams for your now very pissed off detective boss. In-between his lamenting, you gain the urge to remind him of who was it that triggered the explosion in the first place. Although the fallout was as reconcilable as a request for ice creams to ward off the unfriendly temperature, you could not be too fond of being degraded for the antic of a cat.

“Lucky for you it doesn’t look the time to switch occupation yet.”

Call of duty presents itself no common errand boy could resolve. The figure of one of them is visible, and not-oddly, to no one else. Without need of a cue, your hand attaches itself to the handle of your sword.

“Shouldn’t be too hard, eh…”

Enter your name:
[ ] <name>
No. 123719
> Masaru Chiba
No. 123720
File 128536100376.jpg - (20.48KB , 299x434 , tripped.jpg ) [iqdb]
Testing tripcode.

I is tripfag durr hurr. Forgot to put it on mah first two posts.

Anyway, here there be Raidou cross Toho. For the Shin Megami Tensei-impaired anons, Raidou is this:


Hopefully this CYOA will go well.
No. 123721
>Hopefully this CYOA will go well.
Yes. Let's hope this.
I'll vote later. I'm not good with names.
No. 123724
[x] Seijiro Seto
No. 123729
File 12853772667.png - (132.87KB , 189x310 , SetaSojiro.png ) [iqdb]
I like this. Here's hoping you succeed.

[x]Soujiro Seta
No. 123730
Oh hell yes.

No. 123731
This is the only option that isn't a blatant reference to something else, so I'm going with this.

[X] Masaru Chiba

Of course, knowing my luck this is a reference too, just one marginally more obscure.
No. 123732
[x]Soujiro Seta
No. 123733
Hope you have better luck this time.

[X] Seijiro Seto

>actual e-mail in the e-mail field
>stupid b3ta/tvtropes meme
No. 123734
[X] Seijiro Seto
No. 123754
My Aim was to have P4's lead get named after him, he can't be known as Raihou all the time, right?
No. 123765

Actually, he can. Raidou is a name which will be inherited to those who is capable and trained to become a Devil Summoner. The name we are trying to give is the 'true' name for Raidou which is only a few would know. In short, Raidou is the public name for Devil Summoner and the other is real identity which would rarely use in this story, I presume.

[X] Seijiro Seto

Does this take place after DS1?
No. 123776
> Hope you have better luck this time.

Oh lord somebody still remembers me.

I feel awful.

> Does this take place after DS1?

If "Narumi's pristine white suit" is of any indication, this takes place after King Abaddon (DS2), not the first. And just a note, I'll be slowly explaining things from the DS side so people who don't know jack about that series can still follow this CYOA.

Also, Gouto, like in the original DS, will be calling you often with your real name. I'm sure some other characters will too, depending on your choices, or not.

I'll be writing the continuation as soon as I have access to a better keyboard. Right now, every presses of buttons feel like an interrogation torture method of hammering your fingers with a sledgehammer.

Vote is still open for anybody. Seijiro Seto is winning at the moment but it still can change.
No. 123779

Which spelling format are you going to use in this story? Whatever you do choose, I'd appreciate some consistency.

I have no name preference, so
[x] Seijiro Seto
just to get things started.
No. 123783
> Which spelling format are you going to use in this story? Whatever you do choose, I'd appreciate some consistency.

I'll use Gouto from now on, so sorry about that. I forgot Narumi's full name so I copy pasted it out of Wikipedia, which had it as Shōhei while Gouto's name is there as Gōto. I forgot to fix those.

If I use Gōto then I'd need to use Raidō instead of Raidou. IMO, Raidō looks awkward so yeah, Gouto.
No. 123819
File 128553411517.jpg - (19.78KB , 496x261 , phpzVHdLlPM.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Seijiro Seto

“Shouldn’t be too hard, eh Seijiro?”

Seijiro Seto. The rough name is one obscured underneath a characteristic black cap. The body of Seijiro Seto, is one that is draped by a dashing black uniform. One coated by cape that conceals the silvered holstering of strange items by his chest. Seijiro Seto is Raidou Kuzunoha the XIVth, the latest bearer of the torch of Raidou Kuzunoha—undisputed in skills with blades and the revolver on his waist, tested by trials that come with the distinction. Seijiro Seto, is the name buried by obligation of Capital’s security, seldom in light. Seijiro Seto, is you; and you are about to once again prove for the weight of the honor bestowed upon you.

“That is, if you still remember how to swing your sword.”

To your black cat, undisputed was probably a credit too early to present.

No doubt, your sarcastic feline companion remembers very well the good days where you carved through a colossal battleship of soulless wretch that was less Yamato and more Optimus Prime if he were taking a dip in an inexplicable watery pond of time-space rift. His mind is still fresh of your recent triumph against numerous oversized buzzsaw misfortune insects swarming the Capital. Your encounter with the very first of Kyouji Kuzunoha, victory over Geirin Kuzunoha the XVII... you have been involved even with most other houses of Kuzunoha summoner families in your misadventures, and you have never fell short to their prestige. None of this escaped Gouto.

But how long has it been?

Gouto is more than a cat, at this point that much should be clear. But there is a depth of truth farther than the simple fact that he is able to converse. To put Gouto in a role of a guardian would undermine your own purpose—that is wrong. Gouto is not a protector of the protector; he is a pair of eyes, and a stern mouth to top it off. The mouth that voiced doubt from a basal idea that live, engaging incident encourages growth and the maintain of said growth. In its lack, history—impressive or not—can be reduced to obsolesce.

And you…

Unperturbed, no, adjusted as the world around is consumed by abyss of diabolic purple that vanquishes the trace of other humans. You were not simply unnoticing; you were tackling forward as the first crunch of transformation had begun to emerge. There is no confusion for you, there is only your sword that had been drawn in a flash from beneath your fluttering cape, and two rotten fleshes were eviscerated in excellent efficacy. Your revolver was already armed on your left hand when the last lunged unscratched only to receive a bullet shot to the ghastly face. Indeed, those are three living corpses in bloodied traditional garments—zombies, or they were once, as they now have become nothing but the sounds of dissolve within the concluding sheath of your weapons, and the wrap of your cape.

Passersby ceased to disappear; the world reverted from the deserted abyss that it briefly was. There are no longer zombies. There is only you and Gouto, while everybody else are living human beings who remained in their interests, ignorant to what they could not see. Gouto had been observing your combat closely, but you can discern no subtle hint of a mood change on him.

“Not bad, but all blades dull evidently.”

A contrary to what most people would say, supposing they were able to watch your little exhibition. Whether you would faithfully agree or not, Gouto’s eyes are keen. There is nothing in his comment but a sharp truth of an expert watcher, and of a concerned mentor.

“It’s because you haven’t been doing anything significant. Maybe we should visit the shrine’s training place. Grind that sword of yours.

That is, after we wrap up this stupid errand…”
No. 123821
File 128553415958.jpg - (54.39KB , 205x566 , RKvKA-TaeAsakura.jpg ) [iqdb]

Not even Konnou-Ya is safe from complaining customer. …No, if you take into account the Owner’s personality, it might not be such an odd thing after all. The odd is not there, it’s that the Owner would be as careless as to have empty stock goods at the time when customer would require it as to yell so hard. Well, it’s just ice creams that are sold out. You can still carry on with

Wait, what?!

“Marvelous. Just, marvelous.”

Konnou-Ya is a general goods store located just a few minutes’ walk from Narumi Detective Agency. When you can find interesting variety of revolver ammunitions—of all things—for sale, you can already put a safe bet that the Owner was not mumbling an old man’s chatter when he claimed his shop to be a ‘general goods store’. You can be certain to find many other stuffs else in here, ice popsicles not excluded.



Just when you were beginning to channel electricity into the imaginative part of your brain that suggests a correlation between the mysterious disappearance of Narumi’s matchsticks to the sudden running out of ice creams supply, a familiar voice beckons. This energetic voice that paints an intrepid, nosy image in your mind without casting your sight upon the origin is the same one as the yeller from before. This voice you often heard, can only belong to that person.

“Marvelous. Sold ice creams, and Tae Asakura.”

The purple lady with a black bag has the sparkles of excited eyes, like butterflies, or just like Kichou. Kichou Asakura is the penname of Tae Asakura, this woman, as she writes for what is creatively known as Capital Daily. For her, she is a feminist reporter that strives for women’s place in modern Japan. For you, she is a helpful journalist with a good nose for information… and a feminist reporter that strives for women’s place in modern Japan. She was frequently the contact of Narumi Detective Agency, that is, for Narumi and his assistant: You. She partook in most of your investigations despite her acute fear of ghosts, which obviously does not sit much well with your identity as Raidou Kuzunoha the XIVth—ghostbuster of Capital’s (fictional) Taisho era.

To describe the effect of her encountering materialized demons would be a venture into embarrassment, and yet here she still is. Her spirit still shines like a butterfly flapping on the sky. Much less ignoring Gouto’s wry comment and more she could not even hear it better than as a cat’s noises—like any normal humans would—she remains in an expressive stance. You can capture a radiance emitted by this butterfly… but it’s too much like the sonar of an SOS signal.

“It’s a case! The popsicles! They’re all gone!”

“You’ve got to be kidding me…”

You can be sure that Tae hasn’t gone as bizarre as being incapable of reading the return signal broadcasted by your perplexed face. In spite of that, her agitation does not perish. The other broadcast from the feline station has gone unnoticed by Tae due to unidentifiable frequency, as expected, but you can see shame littering the newscaster himself. Between you and him, there is no need for an overtime transmission. The exclamation of “SOLD OUT” is retained in both your and Gouto’s minds, and it appears it should be nailed down in Tae’s too.

“That’s strange. I don’t remember telling that to you.”

“Call it reporter’s intuition, Owner.”


“The lass is right. Mine ice creams were gone this morning when I opened the store.”

This half-bald old man is talking contradiction, but the eyes behind his circular glasses don’t hint any lie or senility. Ruling those out, there is still a matter which Tae asks.

“Then why did you say it was sold out?”

“I don’t want customer feeling awkward or leaving if they know I’ve been robbed so I just tell anybody’s asking for ice creams that I got nothing left.”

“But you’re talking about this to us now, which means…”

“Yeah, I want that Narumi to investigate it for me.”

”From shopping ice creams to investigating ice creams…”

Such a strange turn of event, but wait...

“Why didn’t you just tell Narumi yourself?”
No. 123822
File 128553420656.jpg - (45.44KB , 421x738 , DSRK-DrVictor.jpg ) [iqdb]
Ice creams have been around for as long as 400 BC in Persia, although you can’t quite expect the same kind of ice creams more popularly known worldwide. The now immortalized as what is called a faloodeh would remind the served of cold-frozen spaghetti with rose sauce rather than milk, but either way, ice creams have always been a popular treat especially during summertime, whether it is in Persia, or of course in Japan. This particular Japanese Taisho era of anachronistic timeline events introduced to its denizens five popular tastes of mainstream popsicle ice creams: Strawberry, Blue Hawaiian, Lemon, Melon and Milky.

“I only needed Blue Hawaiian winning stick to complete my set and get the prize!”

One mystery solved: The screaming of prize-unfulfilled reporter lady under the sunny afternoon of Capital in summer. Even compared to the relatively recent release of the treats into Japan, Blue Hawaiian was the latest. Whose bright idea was it to combine the five colors into one grand collecting game to bait impressionable sheep, you never know. What you do know, is an episode concerning it and its four brothers entitled ‘The Case of Missing Ice Creams’ coupled with late report by the victim.

“Because there were customers. I couldn’t leave them alone.”

The second mystery’s answer, why didn’t the victim come himself to the detective, instead opting to wait for the miracle worker in a black uniform. Why, could it not be because the Owner could not bear to leave poor customers craving? Who else, if not for the saintly Owner of Konnou-Ya general store, could possibly fulfill the economic demands of the local needing pedestrians?

Bullshit. It was all for the money.

“Mr. Raidou! Are you really suspecting me of such meager endeavor as stealing popsicles?!”

In the basement of Konnou-Ya lives the strangest of the strange people gathered inside it. Victor is his name, white labsuit is his choice of fashion and being a creepy scientist in love with various forms of researches of demons, is his life. His laboratory is called the Gouma-den, and you entered it in Tae’s suggestion… or more likely a suspicion, only to receive reassurance that there’s no way a man whose ‘eccentricities’ were such as Victor’s would ever have much interest in tasty treats best eaten on sunny days.

You were about to return upstairs when Victor reminds you of Gouma-den’s true function, one that isn’t related with investigation of missing ice creams. That is…

Demoniac Fusion

He asks whether you’re willing to test his latest maintenance of the fusion machine.

* Would you like to try Demon Fusing?

[ ] Yes
[ ] No
No. 123823
File 128553447657.jpg - (31.75KB , 500x348 , shinmegami2.jpg ) [iqdb]
Now before you all start bandwagoning on yes, you have to understand a few things.

First of all, I'm not sure how detailed I would be on the fusion system, so I will reveal stuffs (including Raidou's current demon list and how the fusion HERE works) later when the answer is "Yes". But please, don't expect much. I'm a guy trying to relive the experience of the fun of playing DS, not a game console machine.

Second of all, you guys might want to answer, don't have to be now, whether to retain fusion system when shit actually gets serious. Remember, saying yes would mean your choices'd be governed by the fusion system too instead of just choices, so think carefully.

Third, the demon list MIGHT be different from the one in DS2 due to certain things, so pay attention to the story.
No. 123835
you might want to simplify it then.
No. 123839
> you might want to simplify it then.

Well sure thing, if that's okay with everyone. If it's fine I can even use Victor only as a test practice and then settle for another system/erase fusion entirely 'when we arrive at the real deal'.

Oh fuck I forgot to explain what demon fusion is, just for those who don't know about it.

Basically, as a Devil Summoner, Raidou can capture and summon (durr) demons. Demon fusion is basically the process to fuse two different demons (as Raidou can't capture the same demon twice) to get a new, often more powerful or desirable demon.

Capturing and summoning demons will be done later. For now the fusion is done with demons Raidou already have on his person. What they are will be revealed later as I said should the vote results in "Yes".
No. 123843

> capture and summon (durr) demons
> the process to fuse two different demons to get a new, often more powerful or desirable demon.
> imagining a fusion of Yuka and Yukari, both of which are youkai, which is Japanese for demons

No. 123845
More like "Japanese for assorted magical beasties." But the Raidou games consider a GhOsT CaAaAaAaR!!! a demon, so who knows.
No. 123848
[x] Yes
Sounds good. I'd really like combined spellcards like a 'Seven Colored Master Spark' 'Starbow Break Scarmble' or even a 'Ghostly Phoenix Wings' but I have to wonder... are magicians or vampires considered as demon? We'll have to defeat Touhous to summon them? Or just capture unrelated demons? So many questions...
No. 123876
Related to Touhoues, you all will just have to see how it goes later when we leave Prologue. This fusion only involves demons from DS, not the girls/beasts from Touhou too.

Everything will be clearer soon, right now there's only this.

Though I admit not having thought of getting new Spell Cards via fusion. I, might, include it if we're using fusion for real.
No. 123880

[x] Yes
No. 123888
[X] Yes..

To everything. :P
No. 123893
No. 123910
File 128562971315.png - (103.04KB , 436x239 , FusionMachine.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Yes

A Devil Summoner is far, far more than a fancy decoration on someone’s CV. Then again, you would never write the description on your CV. More accurately, you can’t. The Shrine of Yatagarasu enforces strict code of conduct for its agents, one of which is the line of Raidou Kuzunoha summoners—You. Preserving secrecy is one such code, although that hasn’t stopped a certain few individuals from having taken the knowledge.

Take for example your detective boss Narumi, or the purple lady upstairs who hasn’t had the inclination to come down into this secluded lab filled with the smell of metals and chemicals.

Or this person.

“Excellent Mr. Raidou! I just need a moment to prepare! Please, please wait…”

Victor mumbles incoherently as he retreats to the gigantic set of contraption. You can see the twin cages connected to electrical generator where you will place the demons you are planning to fuse. The quirky man in labcoat runs back and forth between the two cages whilst adjusting several switches which are to you seems rather random and all so bustling by himself.

“It is done! We can now proceed with the procedure.”

A Devil Summoner does as what the name implies, but to summon demons, one must have access to demons. A Devil Summoner harnesses the mystical power to get hold of their allegiances, and as he has them, capable of combining two of the demons into one—often more powerful or desirable than the previous. As such…

“Mr. Raidou, decide which of your demons you will fuse.”

You slip your hand between your cape, and reach out for two of the ‘strange items’ strapped to your chest.

* Select the first demon:

[ ] Mishaguji
[ ] Mezuki
[ ] Moh Shuvuu
[ ] Dormarth
[ ] Tsuchigumo
[ ] Ukobach
[ ] Oboroguruma
[ ] Yoshitsune
[ ] Alraune
[ ] Mokoi
[ ] Gozuki
[ ] Hitokotonushi
[ ] Tam Lin

* Select the second demon:

[ ] Mishaguji
[ ] Mezuki
[ ] Moh Shuvuu
[ ] Dormarth
[ ] Tsuchigumo
[ ] Ukobach
[ ] Oboroguruma
[ ] Yoshitsune
[ ] Alraune
[ ] Mokoi
[ ] Gozuki
[ ] Hitokotonushi
[ ] Tam Lin

You cannot select the same demon twice.
No. 123912
File 128562980091.png - (152.34KB , 382x249 , Victor.png ) [iqdb]
{Gouma-den} http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUjx_luaROk

Let’s begin the first tutorial.

Fusion in Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha is governed by two things: the Orders of participating demons, and their levels. Level is obviously what RPG players gain by accumulating Experience Points, and in Devil Summoner fusion determines which demon you’ll get from a certain Order.

Then how would you determine the Order? First of all we’ll need to be clear on what Order is. Commonly a demon falls into one of the 7 Orders: Fury, Pyro, Frost, Volt, Wind, Skill or Pagan. Order tells us the leaning of a demon; if it is Fury, the demon will tend to be good at Physical combat, whether defensively or offensively. If it is Pyro then the demon has leaning towards Fire and so on. More on that, especially in the actual field practice, will be divulged later.

What is more important at the moment is that the resulting fusion’s Order depends on the Orders of the demons you used in the fusion. Just an example, Pyro + Frost will result in a Wind Order, and then levels of both the Pyro demon and the Frost demon will determine what Wind demon you’ll get. The rest of Order formulas will be left for you anons to discover yourself.

Fusing two demons of the same Order will result in an Element demon. It’s one of the unique kinds of Orders, whether it is in the Devil Summoner or general SMT games, or this CYOA. Fusing an Element into common Order demons will result in another weaker or stronger demon of the same Order. Which is which, again, you must find out yourself.

Fusing an Element with another Element will result in either a higher form of Element demon, or a Spirit demon. We will leave the details of that for later as this part of CYOA only allows one fusion.

This CYOA omits levels and all the other RPG stats from DS, and so resultant demon is calculated by other means. What that is, I won’t tell. DS: Raidou doesn’t tell you how it figured out your fusion in-game either. I’m sure if you guys fuse enough you’ll figure it out eventually.

Raidou has 20 tubes, but among them only 13 contain demons. Choose two between these to begin fusion. Here’s the list of tubes and demons to be used in this fusion:
No. 123913
File 128562982739.jpg - (58.48KB , 600x450 , RaidouMishaguji.jpg ) [iqdb]
Tube #1: Volt Mishaguji

• A god of sexual intercourse worshipped by the ancient sect of Shinto before the Yamato took control, where worship of Mishaguji is then seen only for the undesirable. It has a phallic shape and houses itself under stones or rocks.

No. 123914
File 128562987425.jpg - (539.26KB , 1948x2224 , MezukiSMT.jpg ) [iqdb]
Tube #2: Fury Mezuki

• Alongside Gozuki, Mezuki is the horse-headed guardian of the underworld in Chinese Buddhism, keeping spirits inside until their penance is finished.

No. 123915
File 12856299042.jpg - (55.42KB , 600x450 , RaidouMohShuvuu.jpg ) [iqdb]
Tube #3: Wind Moh Shuvuu

• Amongst Buryatian people Moh Shuvuu is the spirit of a little girl who died without knowing true love. She seduces travelers, only to crack their heads open and suck their brains out. Moh Shuvuu is Buryat for ‘evil bird’.

No. 123916
File 128562992474.jpg - (51.09KB , 363x599 , 363px-Dormarth.jpg ) [iqdb]
Tube #4: Pagan Dormarth

• The dog guarding the afterworld ruled by the disease god Caillech in Celtic lore. Its name literally translates into ‘Death’s Door’.

No. 123917
File 128562995053.jpg - (60.56KB , 600x450 , RaidouTsuchigumo.jpg ) [iqdb]
Tube #5: Volt Tsuchigumo

• A vile god shaped like a spider which was said to have lived in Mt. Katsuragi, originally native of the land before being defeated by the Imperial Court.

No. 123918
File 12856300012.png - (23.93KB , 512x512 , Ukobach.png ) [iqdb]
Tube #6: Pyro Ukobach

• A lesser demon of Hell described in demonology as in charge of fueling Hell’s flame by maintaining the infernal boilers under Beelzebub’s command, the Lord of the Flies. He also torments humans in Hell by throwing burning coals onto them.

No. 123919
File 128563003645.jpg - (58.93KB , 600x450 , RaidouOboroguruma.jpg ) [iqdb]
Tube #7: Volt Oboroguruma

• This monster vehicle was originally the vengeful ghost of a woman who was killed over an ox-carriage, appearing as a huge cart with a woman’s face. It has come to represent the grudging spirits of those who died during disputes of vehicles.

No. 123920
File 128563007676.png - (33.33KB , 512x512 , Yoshitsune.png ) [iqdb]
Tube #8: Fury Yoshitsune

• Minamoto no Yoshitsune was a general of the Genpei War near the end of the Heian era and beginning of the Kamakura era. He was a bold and skillful warrior, said to have trained under the tengu on Mt. Kurama. His childhood name was Ushiwakamaru.

No. 123921
File 128563010036.png - (34.86KB , 512x512 , Alraune.png ) [iqdb]
Tube #9: Frost Alraune

• A Norse spirit born from either blood or semen of men executed by hanging. It takes the form of a beautiful woman and can tell secrets if properly tended.

No. 123922
File 128563013411.png - (14.50KB , 512x512 , Mokoi.png ) [iqdb]
Tube #10: Pagan Mokoi

• Human-like spirit from Murngin mythology that lives in the jungle. Mokoi kidnaps and eats children, and strikes down sorceresses who practice black magic.

No. 123923
File 12856301787.jpg - (482.46KB , 1928x1980 , GozukiSMT.jpg ) [iqdb]
Tube #11: Fury Gozuki

• Alongside Mezuki, Gozuki is the bull-headed guardian of the underworld in Chinese Buddhism, keeping spirits inside until their penance is finished.

No. 123924
File 128563021993.png - (32.74KB , 512x512 , Hitokotonushi.png ) [iqdb]
Tube #12: Wind Hitokotonushi

• A Japanese mountain deification of echoes and god of words, Hitokotonushi is capable of foreseeing god or bad by uttering a single word (hitokoto). It’s mentioned in the Kojiki with the story of an emperor climbing Mt. Katsuragi with his entourage.

No. 123925
File 128563025395.png - (42.34KB , 512x512 , TamLin.png ) [iqdb]
Tube #13: Skill Tam Lin

• A Scottish fairy knight who haunts Carterhaugh Wood in England, he collects either the possession or virginity of women passing through the forest. He was once a human, but was captured as a child by Queen of the fairies and took upon their ways.

No. 123926
Tube #14: N/A
Tube #15: N/A
Tube #16: N/A
Tube #17: N/A
Tube #18: N/A
Tube #19: N/A
Tube #20: N/A

You can try asking me first what demon will come out from your combination vote or go in blind, your choice. I will not give you all possible combinations right off the bat though so if you want them all you’ll have to ask one by one, which is tedious. That’s the point—to discourage it.

P.S.: There ought to be a smarter way to list demons...
No. 123927
[x] Mokoi
[x] Ukobach
No. 123930
[x] Mishaguji
[x] Tam Lin
No. 123931
[x] Mezuki
[x] Gozuki
No. 123932
[X] Oboroguruma
[X] Gozuki

We've got plenty of Fury and Volt. Might as well see what they can make.
No. 123939
[x] Any combination of demons as long as the end result is Lilim.

No. 123945
[x] Any combination of demons as long as the end result is Lilim.
No. 123950
> [x] Any combination of demons as long as the end result is Lilim.

Ukobach + Tam Lin
No. 123952
[x] Ukobach
[x] Tam Lin
No. 124020
Hmm, isn't Mishaguji the curse gods/ Snake things that Kanako/Suwako control? Would that affect us in any way when we meet the Touhous?
No. 124023
[x] Yoshitsune
[x] Mezuki

Physical-based devil for your "press triangle for quick battle" spam goodness.
No. 124024
> Hmm, isn't Mishaguji the curse gods/ Snake things that Kanako/Suwako control? Would that affect us in any way when we meet the Touhous?

Haha oh wow, somebody actually noticed.

The details are still just plans in my head, so you'll just have to see later for yourself.
No. 124053
[x] >>123952
Master LL never went wrong with her.
No. 124118
File 128589665947.png - (220.72KB , 640x480 , 885777.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Ukobach
[x] Tam Lin

The two peculiar metallic cylinders clutched between your fingers were taken amongst the assorted rows of similarly shaped items behind your mantle. They number to about twenty, and counting from the leftmost, the two you drew would be the sixth and the thirteenth. A Devil Summoner is far more than a fancy decoration on someone’s CV; it allows the confining of demons into containers. For you, for Raidou Kuzunoha, this container is the kuda.

The kuda-gitsune are fox familiars with a long abdomen whom fox spirit employers may seal inside small pipes to store and summon them with ease after they perform a contract. The objects you now are thrusting forward can be said to have an analogous idea to the historic practice, although they are by no means restricted to fox familiars. The creatures that spawned from the burst of greenish light as the tubes you hold hatched open—neither of the two is a fox. One of them resembles an imp wielding an oddly-sized spoon that perpetually burns by its bowl.

“What the hell? You want me inside that thing?”

Victor equips the goggles hanging by his neck as he urges the inquiring little imp into one of the cages. When any ordinary man would flinch at the sight of such creature, Victor doesn’t dignify it with any second glance. Tuning his goggles seems to be a higher priority in his mind, while in yours, you note how one of your demon-sealing tubes has now been emptied.

“A fusion I see. Well Ukobach, it was brief but it was nice to be your acquaintance in this body.”

Two, to be exact, have emptied. Both the ones that were on your hand, now returned to their casing. The second creature enters the cage besides the imp’s. This one has the figure of a human, albeit with an unearthly shining complexion. He is adorned with a spear and wears a greet set of armor that would evoke a knight image out of the handsome person. His long white hair brushes slightly as he lowers his head to you, content with his apparent circumstance.

That, is the demon Tam Lin. Despite his appearance, he is a fairy, and in a precise effort to produce a demon of your choice, he will be fused with the hell imp Ukobach.

While some demons hold pride over their forms, most would be happy to abandon theirs to gain even greater powers. Tam Lin and Ukobach know that despite how it seems, this is not the end for them. Upon demons’ diminutive senses of self-identity, fusion only means their souls will carry on as integral parts of a better continuation.

Though, there are times when self-identity has, indeed, grown..

“They do it in a fence like this? That’s so uncool.”

“Not that I’m complaining, but I do question the ethical implications of operating on demons behind bars.”

“That sounds like a complain to me.”

Victor made several adjustments to his machine that you seldom see normally. You assume they’re due to Victor’s earlier maintenance, but nobody but him would know for sure. Victor mostly keeps to himself, and it’d take unusual genius to even follow his rationale.

“Well no, I just believe there may be a need for a figure to voice our opinions.”

“You mean we should install a tyrannical demon overlord to regulate our rights? Because that does sound like what we demons’d do about it.”

“We could try democracy.”

Ukobach gurgles.

“Democracy?! What does a Tam Lin know about democracy!? You stop women on their wayfaring.

And rape them.”

“They weren’t rapes. They were tolls. It was a heavily standardized extraction of fees by degree of authority, not an application of brute force.”

Completely, justified.

“The closest you were to a shred of constitution was some damn fairy Queen who kidnaps children.

That’s like me promoting healthy penitentiary system.

We throw charcoals on the bastards.“

“Your point?”

“You make a pretty sucky spokesperson for democracy.”

Victor raises his goggles to his forehead.

“Are you two quite done?”


The gag concludes with a sigh from Gouto.
No. 124119
File 128589669695.png - (80.25KB , 429x240 , VictorFusion.png ) [iqdb]
Victor pulls down the lever. The lever attached near the twin cages that house your two demons. The gates to their interiors fall with a booming noise, signifying the readied state of the fusion process.

They lift towards the ceiling of the surprisingly large basement of Konnou-Ya.

The two cages reach the upper extremity allowed by its design. They shook, stream of electric charges gather around them, and eventually between them. They pull each other, as if connected by powerful magnetism, and violently affix into a single cage enclosed by sphere of cascading electricity.

It intensifies.

As it drops down, Victor bows, and nimbly welcomes you to behold the result of his operation. From beyond the huddle of dust that cluster, there is no longer the figure Tam Lin or Ukobach.

There’s a female demon. An alluring darkish skin covered by tantalizing clothing that exposes a good portion of her body while at the same time maintains what is nothing but an illusion of constraint. Her bat-like wings stretch apart, as if she had awakened from a deep, beautiful sleep. Her tail delicately sways back and forth as she gazes upon you, with eyes of secretive desires.

A Devil Summoner is far more than a fancy decoration on someone’s CV. With the many demons at his disposal, he can set one of them to follow him on the world as he treads his path, apart from the rest who stay in repose inside his containers. Arguably, it may be more, but a Devil Summoner is advised to only allow one for the purpose of conservation of energy, and stability. You, Raidou Kuzunoha the XIVth, had with you 13 demons. You sacrificed two of them to give birth of your Lilim. You now have 12 demons. You may choose between these who should linger, with you.

* Set who as your field demon?

[ ] Mishaguji
[ ] Mezuki
[ ] Moh Shuvuu
[ ] Dormarth
[ ] Tsuchigumo
[ ] Lilim
[ ] Oboroguruma
[ ] Yoshitsune
[ ] Alraune
[ ] Mokoi
[ ] Gozuki
[ ] Hitokotonushi

You may choose again later, anytime as possible on your story.
No. 124122
File 128589673492.jpg - (229.16KB , 1040x2108 , 540.jpg ) [iqdb]
Tube #6: Pagan Lilim

• They’re the children of Lilith, Adam’s first wife who was cast down from heaven according to Judeo-Christian lore. Like their mother, they visit men in their sleeps and engage in intercourses, draining their essences. They may also attack and kidnap children.

No. 124124
[x] Lilim

some charm wouldn't hurt
No. 124125
File 128589816757.jpg - (7.52KB , 293x250 , Lilim.jpg ) [iqdb]
Congratulations, you made a fucking Lilim, and if all goes well fucking Lilim is precisely what you will accomplish. That is, if I feel like writing pointless sex scene, which depending on how pointless it is the chance of that happening should be around one per a hundred thousands, or maybe two.

Anyway, I really just want to apologize for the slow writing and the seemingly filler-ish end of this update. Not gonna make excuse, but I would just explain what this choice means.

Raidou on DS games can summon one demon to follow him around, even outside battles. The summoned demon can help him with investigations using unique skills of their Orders, and even be sent on their own to do their own field work, for whatever purpose.

When you later enter battle you won't actually have to use the summoned demon on the battle (unless plot says so). You can even change your field demon BETWEEN ANY UPDATES as long as it's possible.

So if today's update's choice is "* Would you like to cook pork or chicken?

[ ] Pork
[ ] Chicken"

You can answer with

[x] Chicken
[x] Switch field demon to Lilim

Or however manner you want it done. That's all for now.
No. 124126
[x] Lilim
No. 124130
[x] Oboroguruma
No. 124152
No. 124278
[X] Lilim
No. 124296
[X] Mishaguji
No. 124610
File 128630992177.jpg - (88.24KB , 487x660 , Shadow.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Lilim

“I’m a Lilim~ It’s a pleasure, Ra~ i~ dou~”

There are a few things to recount from the store you exited. The vixen who toyed with your sensibility with her melodious greetings went unnoticed by Tae and the Owner. There was nothing to be said about Victor to them that he hadn’t testified to the Owner himself. Tae suspected that if it had something to do with your status as a Devil Summoner then Victor wouldn’t tell anybody but you, which was why you came down to that lab of his. That the mad scientist would apply popsicles to whatever he would commit was a pretty brainless speculation but, when you consider the one time a Jack Frost fused itself with a school uniform...

To be fair, this reporter had encountered a good deal that she has plummeted into a state where she would readily belief many things. If you had told her that there was a little happy succubus making funny expressions behind her sanctuary of invisibleness, the lady wearing a brimmed hat would just ask if that would harm her in any way. While the succubus’ tongue-sticking shticks only had as much danger as watching a kitten sleep, you were still rather tempted to inform Tae of the tomfooleries—provided Konnou-Ya’s old man wasn’t there to join in the conversation that would turn to a direction he should never be let inside.

But he was, so were you left with no choice but to not point to anything.

”What on earth were you doing back there?”

“It’s fine right? They couldn’t see me anyway!”

Victor still refers to you as Raidou rather than Kuzunoha as he did formerly. This has gone for quite a while now, and while it caught your attention the first time for the unusualness, it might not have been too weird. After all, Tae had been using first name basis ever since you met her. Granted, the purple dressed lady calls you Raidou instead of Seijiro, but there were never a lot of people who would entitle you with your actual name. Instead, you are Raidou Kuzunoha.

“It was so funny that they didn’t notice anything! I bet they’d be scared if I threw something their way.”

“…Nothing’s going to be thrown anywhere.”

Speaking of purple-dressed, that woman with the parasol from before also wore purple. It is true that purple was an exclusive color worn only by nobles in the past because it was the most difficult color to produce, but as time goes, it gradually loses its eminence. Judging from the lack of others with purple-themed outfits around you, you’re safe to assume the color has yet to regain its popularity behind your back. It was probably a coincidence.
No. 124611
File 128630996850.jpg - (73.97KB , 258x594 , RKvKA-ShouheiNarumi.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Shouldn’t you know already that normal humans can’t see you if you don’t materialize?”

“I do, but I wanted to test it out. Geez, you’re one uptight cat.”

“You should know that one already too.”

You’ve scrutinized the interior of Konnou-Ya to the best of your abilities, but you couldn’t find any hint to the missing ice creams. Again you were left with no other choice. In this one, it seems you will need to discuss it with your superior, as the Owner was expecting. You’ll have to admit, despite how he looks, Narumi is commendable as a detective. He’s lazy, acts like a daff, somewhat irresponsible, forces you to do most of his leg works, doesn’t pay his restaurant debts but… come to think of it, he’s so full of these dubious traits that it’s a mystery how he turned out to be Yatagarasu’s liaison in anything. But, well, he does give good advices! Even though you’ll be the one to tie up the knot anyway…

…The river besides you has clear water that looks so green you can’t see its bottom! …Huh, no, let’s try that again. Or not. There isn’t much to tell about your surroundings that most people can’t imagine: the river, buildings of varied purposes, a bridge to your back, a Jack Frost eating an ice cream by the river bank, soil and dry grass, strolling citize—a what eating a what?
No. 124612
File 128630999992.jpg - (92.74KB , 500x375 , 3164739630_10167906db.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Hee-ho!! I got it! I got it! Look—!”

…It was eating peacefully, until when it was finished, it saw the sign written on the popsicle’s stick. It whirls the stick your way excitedly as it cheers for its victory…

“The Blue Hawaiian winning stick! Hee-hoooo! I won!”

…Now where have you heard that before…

“I won!! I hee won!! Yaaa—hey wait a minute. You’re Raidou.”

“Yes, yes he is.”

Gouto answers with a glaring expression.

“What’re you doing here?”

Toward the innocently-asked question, Lilim simply smiles.

“I think, we’re going to interrogate a Jack Frost about a missing pack of ice creams.”


Hee! You mean me?!”

The three of you nod at the same time.

“I— I don’t know anything about the Frost Five! I hee ho-nest!”

“Frost what now?”

That was really easy for the Jack Frost to blurt out something a truly blameless would never say. You can either laugh or feel pity for the dumb thing, but Gouto seems to be burying the sentiment inside him. Instead the black cat batters the Jack Frost more.

“Ho no! You made me spit it out!”

It was really more it made itself spit it out…

“I… I hee can’t let this go on much longer! I can’t let you all live now that you’ve known the secret! Hee-ho! I’ll silence you! Or die trying!!!


The purple abyss reappears. The darkness that consumes traces of lives, the isolation created by overlapping space fabrics—the Dark Realm. The place of upside down laws of nature; where demons are many, humans are scarce. As if smelling the stench of upcoming bloodshed, four corpses drag their limp bodies closer. The Jack Frost keeps its cool knowing about the approaching zombies. Perhaps it’s all aware that the unintelligent haunts prefer the taste of flesh and blood as opposed to an ice fairy.

They’re all your enemies.

Sigh— Ice creams errand, Blue Hawaiian stick, demons talking democracy… what is wrong with today?

Well anyway, he’s all yours.”

You unsheathe your sword promptly, and—

* Deploy your first demon and set its command:

[ ] Mishaguji
[ ] Mezuki
[ ] Moh Shuvuu
[ ] Dormarth
[ ] Tsuchigumo
[ ] Lilim
[ ] Oboroguruma
[ ] Yoshitsune
[ ] Alraune
[ ] Mokoi
[ ] Gozuki
[ ] Hitokotonushi
[ ] None

[ ] Listen to my orders: (orders)
[ ] Use physical attacks
[ ] Use magic attacks
[ ] Heal / Support me
[ ] Don’t waste MAG
[ ] I leave it to you

* Deploy your second demon and set its command:

[ ] Mishaguji
[ ] Mezuki
[ ] Moh Shuvuu
[ ] Dormarth
[ ] Tsuchigumo
[ ] Lilim
[ ] Oboroguruma
[ ] Yoshitsune
[ ] Alraune
[ ] Mokoi
[ ] Gozuki
[ ] Hitokotonushi
[ ] None

[ ] Listen to my orders: (orders)
[ ] Use physical attacks
[ ] Use magic attacks
[ ] Heal / Support me
[ ] Don’t waste MAG
[ ] I leave it to you
No. 124614
File 128631016191.png - (179.50KB , 433x241 , RaidouStart.png ) [iqdb]
{Battle - Raidou} http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kfjqM7UqbA

Frost Jack Frost

- Resistances -
Physical: N/A
Gun: N/A
Fire: Frail
Ice: Drain
Elec: N/A
Force: N/A
Death: N/A
Mind: N/A

Undead Zombie (x4)

- Resistances -
Physical: Weak
Gun: N/A
Fire: Frail
Ice: N/A
Elec: N/A
Force: Frail
Death: Null
Mind: Null


This tutorial will begin to explain the basics of battles in this CYOA.

Raidou can summon at most two demons at once to aid him in battles, which doesn’t necessarily have to involve the one he already has following him. He can choose to fight by himself, but it’s not recommended as his death will mean game over. Demons can also die if their wounds prove to be too fatal, even the Touhou characters who’ll appear later, but they are in less danger since Raidou can easily switch them out with another, far healthier ones.

Next, let’s talk about Orders and elements. Continuing from the fusion tutorial, each Orders represent the tendencies of demons’ abilities.

There are 9 elements in total: Physical, Gun, Fire, Ice, Elec, Force, Death, Mind and Almighty.

Fury demons tend to be apt at Physical.
In the same vein, Pyro is for Fire.
Frost is for Ice.
Volt is for Electric.
Wind is for Force.
Pagan is for Death, even though most of them are good at Mind too.
Skill demons are widespread between any element, support (such as healing or buff/debuff) or Mind.

In this part of the CYOA, Raidou’s demons’ actual skills and elemental tolerances aren’t shown yet for plot reasons, but you can take a guess from their Orders which demon’ll be most effective to use in this tutorial fight.

Death is rather dangerous as most spells that fall under it can instantly kill/knock-out. Likewise Mind can cause status ailments, while Almighty is a special case since rarely is there any demon that can do even so much as resist it, but neither is there any that’s weak to it.

Raidou himself can attack with his sword for Physical damage, while his revolver can deal many types of damage depending on the bullets you loaded into it but with normal bullets, it will obviously deal Gun damage. Since this part of the CYOA hasn’t allowed free command on Raidou himself, more on Raidou’s weapons will be taught later.

Summoning (including field summoning and on-battle switching) demons cost MAG, which are accumulated on Raidou alone. Any spell/skill Raidou or his demons use will also cost Raidou’s MAG. Think of it as one big MP pool that everybody in your team use. You regain MAG by various means, including defeating demons, and exploiting their weaknesses.

How much MAG Raidou has at the moment isn’t shown yet. As is the case with many other things, you will see it later, for this, because I haven’t actually decided its details yet.
No. 124622
[x] Lilim
[x] Use magic attacks

[x] Gozuki
[x] Use physical attacks
No. 124650
[x] Lilim
[x] Use magic attacks
[x] Gozuki
[x] Use physical attacks
No. 124651
[x] Lilim
[x] Use magic attacks
[x] Gozuki
[x] Use physical attacks
No. 124653
>Purple dressed woman with Parasol

Hi there Yukari.
No. 124817
[x] >>124651
No. 124848
bandwagon yo.
No. 125070
File 128682633388.png - (193.03KB , 482x260 , Summon.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Lilim
[x] Use magical attacks

[x] Gozuki
[x] Use physical attacks

You unsheathe your sword promptly, and reach out for a specific spot. Number 11— you had been numbering them to keep track of which familiar is inside which kuda.

The tubular confinements are as much a part of the Kuzunoha line as the demons they hold. As apprentices, the kuda is one of the first things that are ingrained in their natures, and to the end of the most masterful summoners’ lives, it is as indispensible to them as was their own extremities. Such reflection casts you back to your past as a Kuzunoha trainee, and later the original Kyouji Kuzunoha, whose demon-sealing tubes were bound by the bandages around his body.

“Aww, Raidou... Do I really have to be cruel to the adorable thing?”

It returns you to the figure of Geirin Kuzunoha the XVIIth, who shouldered the weight of his name, his dignity, his entire existence and valiantly flourished it in the splendid waves of his kuda. The old body that refused to yield without arriving at the highest recognition. A man whose ambition far surpassed the clout of his age. A man who gave his all.

As another member of Kuzunoha, your own dignity could not be less than that man.

“Don’t you look down on me hee-ho!!!”

Although... for this particular encounter, to demonstrate such standard of dignity might be a waste that it could be an insult to the deceased Geirin Kuzunoha.

“On the contrary, this is a good opportunity for you two to test yourselves—”

“Hee-ho that’s right! I’m that powerful!”

“—See if you can hack it to little snowballs in less than five seconds.”

“I bet you can’t!—

...Five seconds?”

That’s right, Geirin Kuzunoha the XVIIth has long since passed away. His protégé succeeded his name to be Geirin Kuzunoha the XVIIIth. The stature of a black haired young girl ceased to be simply of a Nagi, as you had ceased to be simply a Seijiro Seto.

“You— You’re making fun of me too! HEE-HOOO!!!”

You point number 11 forward, truly a threat greater than the anger building inside the Jack Frost. Its oppressiveness comes not from the display of its harmless silver shape. It is when it exposes its thick green vein—like a blossoming flower that reveals an otherworldly core—that the tube begins to instigate a newborn perception.

It turns to be the malignant device incomprehensible by common reason.

The surge of green discharged by number 11 portends an oncoming menace. It trails erratically in a whip-like manner, before forming into an outline of anthropoid bull. The blue fury of the underworld is henceforth summoned by the condensed magnetite. Its overbearing presence, a bloodcurdling giant brandishing a viciously large axe, makes it easy to forget that it is but a watchman.

It roars diabolically toward the little fairy, nothing more than a critter in its fierce eyes.

The fire of rage inside the Jack Frost is thoroughly doused under its trembling icy body.

——Following the silence it created, the beast reopens its mouth, and utters a fearsome greeting from hell.

No. 125071
File 128682636476.jpg - (90.62KB , 384x800 , Hematite-Magnetite-t08-25ab.jpg ) [iqdb]
“...And it was just getting cool.”

Magnetite is the most magnetic mineral on earth, and when subscript writing is impossible, its chemical formula can be described as iron(II,III) oxide. While rich in quantity around coastal areas, it can also be found inside living organisms, particularly birds and even human beings. It’s part of one of the theories to explain magnetoception— the ability to detect fluctuations in magnetic fields.

“Huh? Who was— Ghkt!!

Dude! Raidou!

Did you just get this chick?! Hot damn mama! You should’a told me first!!”

But see, in the world of demons and demon summoners, none of that is relevant. What is known as Magnetite among them is not the inverse-spinel structured, habitually octahedron ferrimagnetic crystal that’s often mistaken as ferromagnetic or whatever. It’s instead, a mythic substance of no whatsoever relation. Its sole likeness to the mineral is that it can be found within humans. As a matter of fact, human bodies contain the most spiritual Magnetite compared to other sources.

“Your daddy must be an archer baby cause he just shot a bull’s eye!”

“…My, that was unexpectedly good.”

Magnetite composes demons’ bodies in the physical world, where they can interact directly with mankind. Consequently, Devil Summoners require Magnetite—commonly abbreviated as MAG—in order to as much as corporealize demons. Under a contract, the demons will consume upon summoner’s MAG to actualize the wonders they can bring about.

Their magical prowess.

“Quit it. I won’t even go to the puns, the imagery’s bad enough. Just hit the damn Frost already.”

”Mmm I’m not so sure about that mister kitty… I’m not really good with ice.

What if I caught a cold?”


Under the same contract, demons sealed within confinements that a summoner carries will siphon Magnetite from their master, not to support their materializations, rather as nourishment. Just as humans eat foods, these supernatural entities are provided energies via Magnetite, which when not in steady supply from a summoner, they can gather the same way a human do. They would devour, ideally, a source with the most Magnetite, i.e. human beings.

It is not hopelessly the only method for them, but from the vital need of a devoted Capital protector, it certainly seems to be a popular one. Your very name is a testament to the awful truth.

“Raidou already gave the command. Just use your magic and it’ll all be over shortly. Your stupid cold won’t hit you with ox there in front.”

“Why’re you two fussing about a tiny Jack Fr— woah didn’t see you guys there.”

Allowing a demon to continually manifest, even partially, would mean a constant dispense of a summoner’s Magnetite. Lilim received Magnetite from you as she taunted Tae unnoticeably. The little devil received your Magnetite when you took the step out of Konnou-Ya and she still does right to this moment. This leak of spiritual energy is why having more than one active demon for an uncertain period of time is unwise—any slight carelessness can lead to potential death, as this easily equals allowing multiple leeches to feast on your blood indefinitely.

Meanwhile, with proficient enough technique, in a restrained interval such as of a battle summoning two demons at once is quite possible. You have done this, as alongside Lilim, you have called forth one-half of the pair of underworld’s jailors. It is the blue ox-man Gozuki, who was so preoccupied by the allure of a little devil that he’s late to spot the attacking undead.

He finally notices, though; the fact has somewhat been dampened by his apparent lack of reaction. He looks down and accounts for all the zombies that were attacking him with reckless and hungry abandon. He scratches his chin contemplatively with what seems to you a force that does as much damage on his tough skin as the horde of zombies that were clawing and crunching their rotten flesh against the towering bull.

“Hee… that’s right! I can use the zombies as hee diversion ho!”

“What? These?”

Gozuki grabs his ax with both hands and wields it upon one of the zombies unfortunate enough to immediately catch his interest. The sheer force of the impact did not cleave through the brittle torso. Like a much-anticipated pro-golfer aiming for a beautiful stroke, it instead sent the zombie flying straight upward. Over the sound of bone-crushing blow followed by flapping of garment defying air pressure in a high-speed parabolic launch, the living dead splashes down flawlessly into the nearby river.

“You might want to rethink that plan.”

“Hee… ho…”

The ridiculous spectacle leaves the Jack Frost dumbstruck with its verbal tic.

“How was it? I’m awesome huh?”

“Meh. Raidou can probably do better than that.”


“But it sure looks fun! Let me do that too!”

Depending on how much power was committed into a single physical attack, even a simple chop done by your demon may cost your spiritual energy. This carries a larger significance if one were to remember Gozuki’s absurd smash was nothing close to draining the smallest of your MAG.

Against the reality that sets down more absurd imaginations to be had, you are not mesmerized.

You are familiar with it, as you have gone through further unimaginable by common minds. You are not alarmed by the subtle feeling of a fraction of you escaping as if betraying its original purpose for another. The fire alight above Lilim’s palm, breaching various laws of physics to the point that it almost detaches itself completely from them, is an ordinary happening for Raidou Kuzunoha.

Moreover, for Seijiro Seto.
No. 125072
File 128682638512.png - (27.68KB , 276x380 , fire-heart-thumb.png ) [iqdb]
There was a blaze that sent a zombie on its way to the bottom of the watercourse.

Fire, yes. For a Jack Frost, fire is a natural enemy— the nemesis to a creature whose entire body consists of piles of snow. Fire is a heat source. It would melt snow. It’s only natural.

Even for this living aberration to common sense, it’s natural to loathe fire. A contradictive irony.

The barbaric swing of an executioner’s menace of a weapon continues to tread along with the unleashing of fire, the dreaded enemy. They sure look like they’re having fun. Why would it not be fun for the perpetrators? But for the Jack Frost, it’s nothing short of a horror.

The Jack Frost is terrified.

The unfeeling zombies who no longer exist had it easier.

What runs inside the Jack Frost’s icy mind is to flee. It can’t win; these people are way out of its league. Perhaps the Frost Five may stand a better chance against them, but for this Jack Frost, there is no hope. There is no choice but to run, so it has chosen it.

There was left nothing in its mind but to run.


“Do you think we were a bit too harsh to it?”


The battle’s over, or so you can say that. The last of the enemies had scurried off with its snowy tail behind its back. Gozuki disgruntledly returned into number 11, having failed to make a deep impression upon Lilim. The clue to your case of missing ice creams gone, the world reverts to normal as it was earlier today.


“…Why are you two quiet? Aren’t we going to chase the little Frost?”


There’s… something, looming over whether you felt guilt for the Jack Frost or not, over the puny importance of solving a matter of ice creams. Lilim can only be lost at the apprehending glare both you and Gouto are giving toward a specific site. There is nothing there, only a European-styled building.

But from the within the proverbial detective agency is something that stirred your anxiety.

Something watchful.


You dash straight away toward Narumi Detective Agency.

Whatever it is that’s been eying you it has been doing so since before the dissolution of Dark Realm.

If it has been eying you since before the dissolution of Dark Realm, it would mean one thing.

It’s not an average human.
No. 125073
File 128682642492.jpg - (202.70KB , 715x1000 , f33590fa03e43b249f0390a5ab6e5343.jpg ) [iqdb]
“That took you forever just to get to Konnou-Ya! Where were you?!

Ahh whatever. We have a client here.”

You were not wrong.

“This dame, right here. She needs some help from… you. Just you, apparently?”

“That’s correct.”

This woman…

“…Wait, where’s my ice creams?”

“If he may, detective Narumi, Raidou should take a seat first.

He might have been exhausted.”

Her tone— you can’t be mistaken. She knows you had a little skirmish. This woman was the one watching you from inside this building. She’s not hiding herself, no. From her tone, she meant for you to realize. At this first meeting, this woman is fearlessly gauging Raidou Kuzunoha.

“Nah, never mind that. He’s used to just standing there.”

A golden hair flowing freely that is constricted by nothing. Violet eyes that reflect an abstruse world no ordinary man can unravel. The purple blouse that befits a cultivated noble was with you before. That folded parasol, that dress that will never be a reminiscent of anything from your native culture, they passed by you on your way to Konnou-Ya.

This is her, the person you were recalling as you looked at Tae.

“If you say so.”

The voice that replied was refined. It was a classism saturated by distinct grace, and yet shrouded by intricacy that begets questions.

Who is this woman?

What is this woman?

Why didn’t you notice anything about her before?

“Oh that’s right, I haven’t introduced myself to you yet have I?”

This woman…

“My name is Yukari Yakumo.

Will you hear my request, Raidou Kuzunoha?”

[ ] Let Gouto answer
[ ] Answer yourself: (Answer)
No. 125074
File 128682662591.jpg - (49.68KB , 500x350 , 3514273746_18fe438e5e.jpg ) [iqdb]
Any of you noticed that so far, Raidou NEVER talked? Like, ever?

Well, this is your chance to change that, or to keep him as the mute hero he was in the original game.

If you let Gouto answer for you, then I will take it as letting Raidou stay mute until somebody asks for otherwise. If you answer, then Raidou talks.

But you can also make Raidou answer and still let him be mute, just tell me first when you vote.

Also, no. You cannot refuse Yukari.
No. 125080
[x] Answer yourself: ("Yes, what is your request?")
No. 125081
[ ] Let Gouto answer
No. 125085
[X] Let Gouto answer

by the way, are there any mute protagonists in this site?
No. 125087

There are those whose dialogue is implied, but I don't know if any are truly mute.
No. 125089
[x] Answer yourself: ("Yes, what is your request?")
No. 125091
[X] Let Gouto answer

A mute protagonist is fine. It worked for Freeman.
No. 125095
Just to make it clear, Raidou isn't 'mute' in the original game as he's a silent protagonist.

He technically has dialogues (that players choose), but you don't see him actually say them. It's like Suikoden series', Chrono Cross/Trigger's, any SMT game ever (say, Persona 4)'s, or most WRPGs' main protagonists.

This CYOA has the same basic idea. Raidou did give that order to Lilim and Gozuki, but you didn't see him say it.

Just thought I'd clear this up so nobody gets a wrong idea.
No. 125100
No. 125102
[X] Let Gouto answer
No. 125115
Silent protagonist, ho!
[x] let the kitteh answers.