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“Not so fast.” you tell the girl, as the alarm stops. “I don't mind helping you, but there are some questions I have before that.”

W-what?!” the lab-coat girl practically shrieks. “We don't have time for this! You need to help me up now! Or it's going to be too late for explanations!”

Though you find yourself feeling more than a little suspicious of this girl, you can't help but feel the rising panic in her voice is genuine.

Still, you will not back down.
Something is fishy here, and you want to find out what.

“Okay, okay, I'll help you up...”
“Finally! Get her off of m-”
“...if you answer my questions first.”
“Oh come on!! I said we don't have time for-”
“Then you should let me ask now. The sooner I do and the sooner you answer, the sooner I get the crazy shaking girl off of you.”

The girl makes some strange, frustrated-sounding noises, though whether it's from your refusal to help, or Tenshi's repeated poking her in the chest while going 'beep', you can't quite tell.

Maybe a bit of both?

Taking the glare she is currently sending you way as her way of telling you 'fine, just get on with it', you proceed with your questioning.

“First of all, who are you?”
“Ahn~! Gah! That's not important!”
“Really? Because for all I know, you aren't supposed to be here. How am I to know?”
“How dare-...er, I mean, that is not something you need to question! I can assure you I have every right to be here!”
“I am not lying!”

Though she seems a little shady to you, you find it hard to doubt that she's telling the truth, somehow.
Either she's an exceptionally good liar, or she honestly does believe she is not somewhere she shouldn't be.

“Okay, I'll let that go for now. Next-”
“Geugh! Come on already!”
NEXT, what was that stuff you tried to give us?”
“You mean the stuff you chose to dump down your girlfriend's throat?”
“She's not my- ...I mean, don't try to dodge the question.”
“It's my experiment, of course!”
“You were going to give us experimental drugs without telling us-”
Hey, did I force you to drink any of it? Not a bit. Not a drop. Did you force your girlfriend to?”
“I said she's not my girl-”
“In any case, I did not force anything upon you that you did not choose for yourself. Don't blame me just because she AUGH! Can't you get her to stop touching me there?!
“Sorry, no can do.”

While you don't know what that stuff was the girl tried to give you, you have to admit that she did sort of have a point about not actually forcing you to have any of it.
You'd ask more about what it was, specifically, but don't for fear of it involving a lot of really big words that you would neither understand nor remember for more than a few seconds after hearing them.

“Okay, then...”
“Are you going to help me up already?!”
“Of course I will!”
“After this one last question.”
“...damn it!

“Alright, one question lies between you and freedom. Are you ready for it?”
Yes, damn it!”
“Are you sure?”
“Are you really, really sur-”

Oh my, she is getting quite agitated, isn't she?
Clearly, whatever it is that's about to happen has her very worried for some reason.
Most likely, you assume, because it's something bad for her.

Of course, there's the possibility that it might also be bad for you, but since when has anyone ever been harmed by failing to heed the warnings of others?

“Okay, okay, last question for real. What about the Doctor?”
“...huh? What about her?”
“Where is she?”
“What? I told you! She's out on business!”
“And? When will she be back?”

Oh, right about now, I would imagine.” a familiar voice rings out from the open doorway.

Taking your eyes off the girl, who is now struggling against Tenshi in a rather desperate-looking attempt to get her mask back in place, you look up to see none other than the Doctor herself standing in the door.

“Oh! Hi, Doc! I brought back those flowers you wanted!” you say with a smile and wave.

“Among other things, I see.” she replies with a smirk. “I am quite impressed. You certainly do work quickly, don't you?”

You can tell she's pleased with you completing your task in such a timely manner.
Seems kinda odd that she hasn't even looked at the flowers, yet, though.
Not that you can blame her. The sight of the twitching celestial with the unbuttoned top is certainly a more interesting sight than a basket of flowers.

“Setting that aside for the moment, however, I would ask if any of you would happen to be able to explain the current state of my waiting room? Hm~?”
“Oh, you mean all the unconscious rabbits everywhere?”
“Exhausted and severely dehydrated, to be precise. But, yes. That would certainly be something that struck me as unusual and warranting an explanation.”

Moving in perfect unison, everyone in your group not currently under the influence of unknown chemicals points straight at the lab-coat girl.

“She did it.”
She did it.
“She did it~.”
“I thought as much.” the Doctor says, with a sigh.

Placing her hands on her hips, she looks down at the girl pinned to the floor.

“I don't suppose you would care to explain yourself, then?”
“Uh...I did it for science?”

The girl laughs nervously.
The Doctor frowns.

The girl stops laughing.

“Okay, okay! I was made something and wanted to test it out!”
“Do you know what it is you made?”
“...well...no, but-!”
“Then am I correct in assuming that you did not know what it was meant to do, either?”
“If I knew what it did, I wouldn't need to test it out, now would I?”
“And you decided that the most prudent method of discovering what it did was to administer it to he rabbits? To our guests and patients? Without any knowledge of whether or not it was even harmful to them?”
“Oh, please. I at least verified that it wouldn't kill anyone, first! Give me some credit, here.”
“And you verified this how, exactly?”
“I tried it myself, of course!”

For some reason, the Doctor begins rubbing her temples with her hand, as if she felt a nasty headache coming on.

“You...you do realizes the inherent flaws in that, don't you?”
“Oh, as if I couldn't tell if it was killing me or not.”
“It couldn't kill you. It is impossible for it to kill you. That is the point.”
“Well, I'd still know!”

Yeah, it definitely looks like she's got a nasty headache going, now.

“Did you at least inform any of your 'subjects' what they were taking?”
“Of course not!”
“...of course not.”
“I knew it wouldn't kill them, and there shouldn't have been any other lasting harm, so what problem is there in not telling them?”
“Aside from a complete disregard for the concept of informed consent and effectively throwing the very notion of ethics or principles out the window?”
“Oh, sure, when you say it like that, it sounds bad.”

Putting her face into her hands, you think you can hear the Doc faintly mutter 'where did I go wrong?' before resuming her conversation with the girl.

“So, aside from ensuring that much of our rabbit population will be incapacitated for a while, how is your experiment going?”
“How do you think?!”

Taking a moment to look up at Tenshi, who was now staring vacantly into space while quietly giggling to herself, the Doctor's expression brightens considerably, her smirk returning in full force.

“Quite well, I would say.”
“Oh? Am I mistaken? Would you perhaps be requiring my assistance?”
“Is that so~? Because I seem to recall offering my help before, and someone telling me they had no need for it. Who could that have been, I wonder?”
“Eiriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin! Please! I think she's about to throw up!”

Indeed, Tenshi's complexion had suddenly taken on a vaguely greenish hue, and her giggling had been replaced by a sickly, throaty gurgling sound.

“Very well then. Upsy-daisy!”

With remarkable speed and coordination, the Doctor effortlessly hefts the gagging celestial up off of the girl, guides her over to a nearby sink, and somehow manages to rope you into holding her hair back as she begins to heave.

Attempting to tune out the nauseating sounds now coming from Tenshi, you try to focus your attention back on the Doctor, who has now moved back to the girl and is helping her up from the floor.

“While I have plenty of other questions for you, I would be remiss to not inquire about your attire.”
“Your clothes?”
“These? What? I wanted to look authentic!”
“Where did you get them?”
“...your closet?”
“I am quite certain I would recognize my own clothing.”
“...they're old?”
“From the way they fit you, they are clearly not even my size.”
“...they're really, really old, and you put on a lot of weight?”
“I am going to ignore that.”
“What? You have!”
“...and inform you that I do, as a matter of fact, happen to recognize those clothes.”
“O-oh? Uh...you do?”
“Yes. I do. With that knowledge in mind, I will ask you again; where did you get them?
“I, uh...found them.”
“...borrowed them?

At this, the lab-coat girl visibly winces.

“Okay, okay! Fine! I took them!”
“Took them from...?”
“Well...remember that guest we had?”
“Yes, as a matter of fact, I do remember. I was under the impression that she had left.”
“An impression that you had given me.”
“Yeah, about that...”
“She never left Eientei, did she?”
“Not technically, no...”

Annnd the Doc is rubbing her temples again.

“Please tell me you did not do what I think you did.”
“Well, it's not like anyone was going to miss her!”
“That is hardly the point here.”
“Then what is the point, then? I'm just doing what you told me to do!”
No, Princess, I did not tell you to do this. You tell me you wish to find your place in the world, I advise you to just do whatever it is you wanted to do. You tell me you do not know what you want to do, I advise you to make finding something you enjoy doing be the thing you do. You tell me you don't know where to start, I advise you to see what others are doing and learn from them.”
“Right! 'Learn what it's like to walk in their shoes'! And I did that!”
“Yes. You certainly did. However, you were not meant to take those words quite so literally.”
“Oh, now you-”
“'Do not abduct people and attempt to take their place' is not generally something that needs to be explicitly stated, Princess.”
“In any case, is she still on the premises?”
“Of course she is!”
“Okay, okay, I'll go let her out now.”

With a heavy sigh, the girl removes her mask and undoes the ponytail, allowing her hair to fall freely back behind her, as she shuffles towards the door.

“And return her clothes while you are at it.”
“Yes, yes, I know, I know.”
Now, Princess.”

In an instant, the girl is gone from view, as the Doctor turns her gaze towards you.

“How are you doing over there?”
“Mmn...don...don' feel so good...”

Having ceased her heaving, Tenshi leans against the sink for support, periodically shooting brief glares in your direction. Glares that, while fleeting, have a distinctive vibe of 'You did this to me, and I am going to make you pay for it somehow'.

“I really do have to apologize. The Princess means well, usually. She just becomes a little too enthusiastic for her own good from time to time, and...oh? Back already?”

Turning to the returning girl who is apparently some sort of royalty, the Doctor's pleasant smirk once again shifts back into a frown when she notices the slightly panicked expression on the girl's face.

“Eirin! She's gone!”
“What do you mean she is 'gone', Princess?”
“I mean she's not where she was supposed to be! She's gone!”
“I assume that should not be possible for her to accomplish under her own power? Well, this is certainly troublesome...”

For some strange reason, you are reminded of the fact that your fairy companion is nowhere to be seen.

Surely there being two unaccounted for individuals roaming the halls of this place is just a coincidence, right?
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“Should we go out and look? Our fairy is missing, too.” you offer the Doctor your assistance.

“Thank you for the offer, but that should not be necessary.” she says, smiling as she pulls out her phone, pushes a button on it, and brings it up to her ear. “Udonge? I am in the office, and we have a slight situation on our hands. No, no, the princess is here. Yes, she's fine. For now.

Though she says it without even looking at her, the princess in the lab-coat flinches at the Doctor's words. It's amazing how she can have such an effect, while sounding so cheerful.

“Do not worry about what that means, Udonge, just pay attention. A couple of our guests have managed to get themselves lost. Do you remember the human female that visited us some time ago? ...no, no, this was the one who wasn't trying to raid the storeroom or blow something up. Yes. Yes, that's the one. No, it would seem she did not. Mm-hm. Yes, I know. I thought that, too, oddly enough.”

The princess flinches again, this time because the Doctor is looking at her.
She doesn't look at her accusingly. She doesn't even look mad. But behind that smile, you can definitely feel something ominous brewing, like a beautifully sunny day that is about to suddenly give way to a terrible storm.

“In any case, both she and a certain fairy are currently wandering around the premises. If you would be so kind as to locate them for me and bring them here, that would be... Ah, wonderful! I shall count on you, then. Oh, by the way, Udonge? That woman...have you ever wondered what she might look like without her clothes on? Hm? Oh, no. No reason~. Just let me know when you find her, okay? I'll be waiting.~”

Snapping the phone shut, the Doctor places it back into her pocket, crosses over to her desk and begins shuffling through some papers.

“Uh, Doc? Is this really okay? I mean, we could at least help look for our fairy. It's no trouble.” you feel compelled to ask.

It just doesn't feel right to at least not offer to help, after all.

“...nng...speak for yourself...” Tenshi mutters, beside you.

“Don't worry, our little Udonge is more than capable of handling this matter. Besides, if anyone else were to get lost within our walls, we would go over our allowed quota for month, and the rabbits were so looking forward to that incentive party we were going to have.” she says, with a chuckle. “But, if you're that worried, why don't we watch and see how things are going? Hm?”

Having pulled her little black controller-thingy from before out of her pockets, she presses a few buttons and within seconds the blinds on the windows close, the lights dim, and once again a bright image is projected on the nearby wall. However, where last time the image was of organs and body parts, you now see a strange arrangement of blocks and lines, with assorted colored dots blinking all over it. It takes a few moments for you to register exactly what it is you are looking at.

“...a map?
“That is basically correct, though it is a little more than that.”
“And those dots are...”

Inside one of the blocks, you see a couple dozen small, red dots, each of them glowing faintly. In another block not to far from it, you six other dots, each of them glowing much more brightly. What really catches your eye, however, is a single red dot in particular, moving across the map.

“I take it by that look of dawning comprehension that you figured it out, yes?” the doctor says, smiling.

“Is that moving dot supposed to be...”
“Udonge? That would be my guess, yes.”
“But, if you have this, why are you having her run around like that?”

At this, the doctor chuckles.

“It does that child some good to do things like this from time to time. She could use the exercise. Besides that, don't you notice anything unusual about the display?”

Something unusual?
Well, you see all the faint little dots that you assume are the rabbits in the waiting room.
You see the dots for yourself, the doctor, the 'princess', Medicine, Tenshi, and the weird girl all in the block representing the clinic.
And, of course, you see the rapidly-moving dot that represents the bunny-girl.

But you don't see any other dots.
Not for the fairy.
Not for the woman.

“They're not on the map.”
“But doesn't that mean they aren't here?”
“Not necessarily. The dots you are seeing right now are actually loosely based upon body heat. Notice how dim the dots of all those unconscious rabbits are in our waiting room, while Udonge's little dot is currently brighter than anything else on the map? Due to the healthy sweat she's surely working up from running through the halls, no doubt. In the case of something without body heat, however, such as an ice-based fairy...”
“They won't show up?”
“Precisely. Normally, we would also be able to also pick up motion, sound, and a number of other variables that would make this whole process much more efficient. Unfortunately, thanks to a certain would-be scientist who will go unnamed at this time, our sensor network isn't quite functioning how it should be.”

You both look over at the dark-haired girl in the lab-coat, who cringes a little.
You almost feel sorry for her. Almost.

“It's nothing to despair over, though. Even in this limited state, we can glean some useful information about the situation.”
“What do you mean?”
“Look again at the map. One of the individuals we are searching for is not appearing on it for some reason. Why is that?”
“Because she doesn't have any body heat?”
“Good! Of course, even negative body heat is still, essentially, body heat. Thus, we should still be able to see it our on our display. Provided, of course, that our sensors were working properly. But I digress...is that the only thing missing from our map?”
“Well, no. The woman you're looking for isn't on here, either.”
“Correct! And, unlike your fairy friend, the woman we are looking for is a human. Thus, assuming she is still alive, she should be appearing on our map, somewhere. Yet, as you noted, she is not. Why might that be?”
“I dunno...something is keeping her temperature down?”

The Doctor smiles at you, in a pleasingly genuine way.

“I suspect something like that might be the case, yes. Even with our system in the state it's in, we should be able to detect at least one of them. That we are picking up neither of them leads me to believe that each of them may be having an effect on the temperature of the other, thus preventing our sensors from detecting either of them. In other words, they are most likely together.”
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The hall seemed endless.

With no end in sight, the path ahead fading into darkness, it was easy to believe that it stretched into infinity.

The case had seemed to have gone cold.
No clues.
No witnesses.

Nothing at all that might help work up a good profile.

But I knew it had to be here, somewhere.

That vital piece of the puzzle that would blow the lid of this entire case.

I just hoped I could find it before the killer struck again...

“I have to say, this case just keeps getting stranger and stranger. A white room. A floor covered with rabbits. A girl dressed in rope. What do you make of it, Zeke?”

Mmmph rrmmpth! Hrmmph!

“Ah yeah. It really is unfortunate, isn't it? It goes to show the state our world is in, these days. I tell you, Ziggy, that's what we're missing in this day and age. Values.”


“That was a great movie, wasn't it, Sam? Not great by normal standards, of course. But it had a certain charm that you just couldn't find in any of the major motion pictures of the day. The lead was especially convincing. What was his name, again? It's right on the tip of my tongue.”

Mmmmmph! Hmmmph...hrmm...

“Boy, that last case really was something, wasn't it? Crazy. To think, the perp would actually hide the pads in her bra. We were lucky to get out of that one in one piece, weren't we, Zed? Maybe next time, you could give me a few tips on how to-...hold on...”

Up ahead, I could make out the shape of someone moving up ahead.

”wHeRe ArE yOu HiDiNg?”

It appears to be looking for something.
Or someone.

It figures it would turn out like this.

Your coffee had warned you about it.

Or was it that jelly stain?

In any case, the message it sent to you was as clean and clear as the brisk autumn air.

It said: 'Your friends are all laughing at you behind your back. Kill them.'

The stains are never wrong about this sort of thing.

“It looks like we're expected at the party, doesn't it? Should I leave the RSVP to you, Lenny?”


I think it's looking for us.
But it won't find us.

Because we're going to hold our breath.

They can't see you if you don't breathe.

It makes perfect sense when you think about it.

”hMm? OH, tHeRe YoU aRe!”

“Don't worry, Jill, it can't see us like this!”

”I...dO sEe YoU...”

“...no you can't.”

”i CaN tOo...”

It might be bluffing.
It might not.

Either way, it's not a chance that we can risk right now.
Right, Jack?

There's only one thing we can do, in such a case...

”mAsTeR? I hAvE lOcAtE-...hEy! CoMe BaCk!”



Wiggle the sticks.
Wiggle the sticks.
You have to wiggle the sticks.
Side to side.
Side to side.
That is how you run.

Look out for the door.
Hit the button the climb it.


Hmm. That wasn't the button.
Too soft for a button.

Back to running.


The buttons don't seem to be working too well, though.

The hall doesn't seem to end.

Have we been here before?

It's hard to tell, isn't it?

Same floors.
Same doors.
Same red-eyed person chasing us.

Except they are in front of us again.

How did that happen, Rick?

”YoU cAnNoT eScApE...”

She looks like she's about to lunge.

What should we do, Sack?

- - - - - - - - -

The killer swings.

I have to act fast.

I'll dodge!

Wait! No!
I'll parry!

I'm not sure what that is, but that's what I'll do!

...or should I dodge?

Oh! I know!
I'll do both!

Hum. But I can't do them at the same time, can I?

How about one then the other then?

Yeah! That'll work?

That'll work.

Or maybe I can do both.

Oh, who cares!

I'll dodge! Then I'll parry!

Or parry, then dodge!

Or should it be parry, then parry?

Maybe dodge then?

”MaStEr? I hAvE tHeM bOtH hEre. No, I dOn'T kNow, ShE jUsT sToPpEd AlL oF a SuDdEn...

That's right.
Be confused at my amazing dodging ability!
Side to side to side to side to side!
Am I going over here?
NO! I'm going over THERE!
Oh, but WAIT! I'm going back HERE again!
You think I go one way, BUT THEN I GO ANOTHER!

”i ThInK sHe'S...dAnCiNg? I dOn'T kNoW! WhaT dO yOu WaNt Me To Do, MaStEr?”

These are the moves that won me that trophy back in the day.
This technique has been passed down from generation to generation!
The greatest technique of the strongest!

The Strongest Technique!


Why does that seem so...

”RiGhT, mAsTeR! I WiLL jUsT gRaB tHeM tHeN...aNd ThE-OoFFfFf!

The killer made a move towards me, but wasn't fast enough.
With my trust golf club in hand, I swing.

I swing hard.

The blow hit her upside the head, like a large bag of bricks.
A large, person-shaped bag. That was made out of a person.
A person in rope.

What a strange design for a golf club, right...what was your name again?

Hm? Wait, what is this?

Someone left a body on the floor!

Two bodies!

No. Just unconscious.


A double K.O.

All the way.

What does this mean?!

Why would the killer leave the victims alive?

”...-ge? Wh-... ..app...n-.d? Ud...ge? Pl.... re...ond.”

The killer had dropped something.
Or the victim did.
Or maybe the killer, disguised as the victim.
Or the victim disguised as the killer.

One of those didn't make sense.

In any case, they dropped something on the floor.

It rang out like a ringing thing.
Except it wasn't ringing, but crackling. With bits of words.

I pick it up to hear it better.

“Udonge? What is your status? Please respond, Udonge.”

A voice from the other side, calling out to me.

Familiar yet strange, all at once.

It calls out for an answer.
File 12847552217.jpg - (639.78KB, 900x900 , pain to the max.jpg) [iqdb]
The device in my hand continued to talk, calling out for a response that would never come.

Not from the one they wanted, anyway.

The Lady of the House was out, and someone has to take the calls.

They took the first shot.

Now, it was my turn to return fire.

“We come to you now, live from the crime scene.”
“Hm? Who might this be?”
“You tell me.”

The voice from the other side goes quiet.
She was stumped, and she kne-

“This is Miss Ice Fairy, isn't it?”
“Yea-...um, NO!”
“Oh, really? Because I am fairly certain that you are.”

Like a man who found his wife in bed with the pool boy because he had come home early for a change, the voice had stumbled in on the truth before I knew what had happened.

She knew.
I knew she knew.
But as long as she didn't know I new she knows, she won't know what I know that she knows.

“Well this is not the fairy, and there isn't anyone else here that is the fairy, so you are wrong on that. So there.”

Back against the wall and out of options, I did the only thing you could do in this situation.

Lie my ass off.

“Oh? Is that so? Well, that is quite a shame, then. I had something very important to tell her, but if she is not around to take the call...”
“Yeah, she is not here, so she can't do that thing you said.”
“Oh, it is such a pity, too. We worked so hard to set this party up, and all...”

Something about the faceless voice caught my attention, like a thing that forces you to look at it instead of whatever it was you were looking at before.

“...what party?”

I smelled something in the air. This dame had an angle.
Maybe one of those really steep ones, that you can't climb up good.
But is really fun to slide down.

I like those angles.

“Why, the big party, of course! Everyone was invited over for candy and cake, and all sorts of other delicious treats. We even...oh, but I should not be saying so much, should I?”
“No, you can keep saying that thing you were saying.”
“Oh, but I really should not. This was meant to be a call to Miss Ice Fairy, after all. As she is not available, however, I should not be discussing this with outside individuals.”
“Why can't you do that thing you just said?”

The voice chuckles like it just heard a funny joke that wasn't really that funny, but enough that you had to make some sort of noise to express how funny it was.

“Because no one else but Miss Ice Fairy is invited, of course! Oh, if only she were around, and I could talk to her properly...”
“...I could...uh...get her.”
“Really? You could? I would appreciate it very much if you would.”
“Okay, I'll go get her now...HEY FAIRY! Yes? THE PHONE WANTS TO TALK TO YOU. I'll be right there! Hello?”

Little did she know, I was a master of disguise.
Both of my voice, and of the other thing.

“Why, hello there Mi-...this is still you, isn't it?”
“What do you mean?”
“The one who isn't Miss Ice Fairy?”
“What? No. That was me. I mean, this is me. I am me.”
“Hmmm, no, I don't think so. I would know if this was her, and I am quite certain that this is not.”
No! It's me! It's really, really me!
“No, sorry, I am afraid it is not. If you cannot put Miss Ice Fairy on the phone, I shall have to disconnect.”
No! No no no! I'll get me! I mean, her! I'll get her! Hold on!

The dame was good, I'll give her that. Seeing through my totally unbeatable voice disguise.
Yeah, she was good, alright. Too bad for her, I was good-er.

I stomp the floor, like a man trying to kill the world's fastest cockroach. Except that I wasn't a man, and I was trying to stomp the world's most invisible cockroach.

I don't know how fast it is.

“Er, um...hello?”
“Oh! Miss Ice Fairy? Is that you?”
“Yes! Yes, it is me!”
“Oh, good. I was so worried, but now that I have you on the line, I can tell you about the party you're invited to.”
“I like parties.”
“I am sure you do. This is an especially fun party, as well, full of all sorts of delicious treats for people who like candy.”
“I like candy!”
“Oh my, you do?”
“Uh-huh! I do!”
“Well then, I think you would really enjoy this party we are having. Would you like to come to the party?”
“Will the candy be there?”
“But of course!”
“I wanna go to the party!”
“Excellent! But first...oh, I am afraid there is one condition to be allowed into the party.”
“A party is just no fun with only a few people, right? The more people the party, the more fun it should be, right?”
“...does it mean less candy?”
“Of course not! It means more candy. More candy for more people.”
“I want more candy.”
“I am sure you do, little one. So, what I need you to do is-”
“.What I need you to do is br-”
“I need you to-”
“...I need you to bring two friends with you.”
“Huh? Friends?”
“Yes, you need to bring two friends with you to the party. So they can have fun at the party, too. That way, more people will have fun.”
“And I get more candy?!”
“...yes. Yes, you will get more candy. Can you find two people to bring with you?”

The voice was asking the million dollar question. And the dollars were now candy.
I look down at the two bodies at my feet.

“...I can do that.”
“Really? Oh, I am so glad! Then please, bring them to the big room with the beds in it. You remember that room, right?”
“Uh-huh! I remember!”
“Good. We will be waiting, then.”

The phone clicks off with a click, which makes sense since its sounds like what it does.

The invitation has been sent, and I was gonna answer.

Good thing I have friends in low places.

Like the floor.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The doctor snaps her phone shut and slides it back into her pocket, before turning to you with a smile.

“My, that went well! Your fairy friend should be here soon, and with any luck it will be with Udonge and our other guest in tow.” she cheerfully announces.

“Really? I mean, that's good news, but what happened? I mean, that girl just stopped all of a sudden. And the fairy took her phone?” you have to ask.

“Oh, I wouldn't trouble myself over the details, if I were you. Suffice to say, though, either that fairy is more formidable than she appears, or our little Udonge is in need of a lot more training than I had thought.”

“So does that mean I can go now?” the princess-in-the-lab-coat hesitantly asks.

No, Princess, you may not. Not until you have properly apologized to our guest and returned anything you may have 'borrowed' from her. After that, you and I shall be having a nice, long chat. Is that clear?”

The girl shudders at the word 'chat', but does nothing else but nod her head.

[ ] Waiting warmly
[ ] Moving coolly
[ ] Dragging slowly
[ ] Sleeping soundly


And now I am going to go hit myself repeatedly.
[X] Dragging slowly

and... I really hate to bring this up, but wasn't Cirno (due to definitelynotresultingfromathrownrock cranial trauma) under the impression that she WASN'T a fairy at all? Or has she remembered that/started believing it anyway/just really wants to go to the party?
>Little did she know, I was a master of disguise.
hahha, that was brilliant once again. Don't mind the delete. Everythings allright.

[x] Waiting warmly. Girls are preparing a surprise party.
[Q] Dragging slowly

Hah. Eirin is pretty damn clever.
[x] Waiting warmly.

It's Kaguya's punishment time.
I look forward to this, ahahahaha.
Oh, no, not my brilliantly witty vote comments!

But seriously, no big deal.

[X] Waiting warmly
[x]Elatedly Erecting Epitome of Everything Ether
[X] Waiting warmly
waiting warmly~
[x] Dragging slowly

Unless this isn't the Rikako option.
[s] Sleeping soundly

Poor little bunny.
[ ] Waiting warmly
File 128489816644.png - (328.79KB, 751x941 , The rest of the candy is in my van.png) [iqdb]
So, nothing to do but sit here and wait, huh?

You watch the dot of the bunny-girl begin to fade away, but not before it starts to slowly move across the map.
You suppose that means the fairy is quite close to her, but...is she dragging her? Along with whoever else is with her?

You're mildly impressed that such a little thing could heave two larger bodies around, but as slow as that dot was moving, it's clear she's not doing it without expending a great deal of effort

Just how fast is she moving right now, anyway?

Before you can reflect too deeply upon the subject of the ground speed of a laden ice-fairy, Medicine tugs on your sleeve to get your attention.

“Hey, Human? Did...did the fairy really beat that rabbit?” she asks, apparently just as dumbfounded by what just happened as you are.

“Well...” you say, scratching your head. “I have no idea what she could have actually done, but, yeah, it sounds like that's what happened. Basically.”

“Wow.” says Medicine.

“Yep. Wow.” you reply.

“If that little runt is so strong, you can have her carry you around from now on.” Tenshi grumbles from a nearby bed.

Having finished her bout of dry heaves, the celestial then proceeded to down glass after glass of water from the tap before finally staggering over and flopping down on the nearest bed.

“Aw, Tenshi. You still mad?”
Go to hell.

Yep. She still mad.

“I don't mean to pry or judge, but are you normally in the habit of consuming unknown substances offered to you by total strangers, young lady?” the doctor asks with a barely-concealed smirk, while idly swirling a flask of green liquid in her hand.

Tenshi doesn't say anything in response, but does shoot a rather nasty look in your general direction.

“Hey, now, don't go blaming me! I just gave you the first drink or two. You're the one who kept downing them after that!” you say, compelled to offer some sort of defense for yourself under her accusatory glare.

“Although this is generally the sort of thing you would be better served inquiring about prior to deciding on whether or not it is a good idea to drink something, it might still interest you to know that you did not take anything that should have any adverse effects. Present condition notwithstanding, of course.” the doctor says.

“I suppose it would be kinda silly to ask now, but just what is that stuff, anyway?” you ask her, just a little sheepishly.

“Oh, don't be ridiculous. 'Silly' would be an understatement.” Ouch. “But, since you asked...”

The doctor sniffs the flask for a moment, before taking a swig from it. Rather than swallowing it right away, though, she seems to swish it around in her mouth for a for a minute before finally gulping it down.

Well, while I cannot be absolutely certain without a proper analysis, I am quite confident that I can identify most of what was used to make this lovely little concoction right now. However, as that would more or less consist entirely of a long list of really big words that would be meaningless to anyone in this room other than myself, I'll spare you the confusion and simply say that it's basically an extremely potent stimulant.”
“What, like coffee?”
“Yes. Like coffee. If you were taking it in by the gallon, and injecting it directly into your bloodstream.”
“Indeed. It is fortunate that neither she nor the rabbits appear to be experiencing anything worse than they are. Possibly due to something else in the mixture, but nothing you need to concern yourself over.”
“Got it. 'Don't worry about the details.'.”

You think you hear a quiet 'Jerk.' from the direction of Tenshi's bed, but it could just have been the wind or something.

A quiet, irate-sounding wind.

Just as you start to wonder how much longer it will take for the fairy to get here, your answer comes in the form of a dull THUMP from the door, immediately followed by a muffled 'OW'

A moment later, the door slides open, revealing your little fairy friend.
Curiously, though, she doesn't immediately enter the room, as you had expected she would. Rather, she slowly crouches down, pauses a moment, and then sloooowly rises back up, leaning forward as she does so. As her feet leave the ground, and she begins to sloooooooooooooowly float into the room, it takes you a moment to realize that her movements look vaguely like she's diving into the room in slow-motion.

Arms outstretched, her thumb and index fingers extended, and making strange 'shoooooooooooooooom' noises all the while, she gradually arcs downward, and after a couple seconds of slow descent, the fairy slides to a stop on the floor. Holding that pose for a couple more seconds, the fairy suddenly hops to her feet and looks around excitedly.

“I'm here! I'm here! Is this the party? Where is the candy? They said there would be candy!” the fairy says, eagerly.

Rising from her seat, the doctor claps her hands together, drawing the fairy's attention to her.

“Right you are, little one. This is indeed the party, however...did you bring two friends along with you, like you were asked?”

“Huh? Of course!” the fairy replies. “...uh...oh! But they told me to tell you that they didn't want any candy or nothin' because they were already so heavy, and so it's okay to just give it to me instead.”

“Oh my! How generous of them to say that.” the doctor smiles, rummaging around in her pockets momentarily, before producing a bright, blue lollipop. “Here we are! I am afraid the rest of the treats are not ready yet, but would you like to have this while you wait?”

The fairy's eyes light up, and she nods at the doctor's offer. Happily taking it from the doctor's hand, she immediately tears the wrapper off and pops it right into her mouth.

Giving the fairy a pat on the head, the doctor looks towards the open door.

“Well then, I suppose I should go have a look at them...”

[ ] Pleasant Dream
[ ] Recurring Nightmare
[ ] False Awakening
[Q] False Awakening

Those things are a total bitch.
[X] Pleasant Dream
[x] Pleasant Dream

Think happy thoughts...
[x] False Awakening
Creepier than hell, yeah.
[Q] False Awakening
Ugh I still have ones where I am late for school, but can't move.
[x] Recurring Nightmare
Nightmares are always best.
[x] Pleasant Dream
[x] Rikako option, dammit
File 128498338438.jpg - (442.92KB, 1450x1225 , BUNNY MUST RUN.jpg) [iqdb]

My head hurts.
Why does it hurt?
I don't know.
It just does.


Did something hit me?
I think something hit me.


Eugh, that noise isn't helping my headache any.
Can't I just sleep in for once?
For once?

I don't think it's asking very much.


Oh, just go away already.
I'm tired, achey, my head hurts, and I just want to sleep in for a few more minutes.
A few more minutes!

...but why does that voice sound so familiar?

It almost sounds like...

Udonge, I must insist you wake up now.”

“Ah! M-master! I'm sorry! I'm sorr-...

“Hehehehe, gotcha~!”

“Wha- Tewi!

The little dark-haired rabbit snickers.

“You should have seen your face! Either I'm getting better at my voices, or you're just getting easier and easier to fool.”

I can't help but grumble. Partly because of my annoyance at her, but also in grudging agreement at what she said.
She really had improved at her impression of Master, lately. It's actually almost scary how well she can imitate her voice.

It's almost pitch-perfect, at this point.

It certainly isn't that I am easy to fool.
Not at all.

Even though she is generally successful at tricking me whenever she tries.
Then again, she's pretty much successful at tricking just about anyone she decides to target.

I just happen to be her favorite, it seems

“Well, this has been fun, but I gotta run! See ya~!”

With a wave, she turns tail and dashes off down the hall.

“What? H-hey! Tewi! Get back here!”

And, of course, I give chase.

I really should know better by now.
This is how it always goes.

She does something.
I go after her.
We run around the halls for a while, until either I collapse from exhaustion, or Master stops us.

Why do I keep falling for this?
I'm sure she only keeps doing it because I keep falling for it.

She claims otherwise, of course.
Says “it's good for you.”
“It builds character.”
“You look like you needed a break, anyway.”

That sort of thing.

Were I only able to believe that.
It would be almost touching to think this was her special little way to help me unwind.
Have some fun.

Mostly, though, it's just annoying.
Especially whenever she calls me while impersonating Master, and sends me running back and forth across the grounds on pointless errands
'Go here. Do that. Come back here. Go back there. Take this, switch it with that.'
And so on, and so on.

Lucky for me, I usually catch on before her orders get too weird.


“I'm serious, Tewi! This isn't funny anymore!” I call out to her.

Even though it looks as if I'm keeping up with her, I know better than to chalk it up to my own ability.
When she wants to, she can make herself disappear faster than a ghost, and when she doesn't want to be found, nothing can help you find her.

No, my own running speed has very little to with closely I'm running behind her, just barely out of grabbing range.

If you're keeping up with Tewi in a footrace, it's because she wants you to keep up with her.

“Really? Because I'm still having plenty of fun on my end!” she calls back.

“Well it's not so fun for me, okay?!”
“Really? Then what's with that smile I see? Hmm~?”
“I'm not smiling! I'm-...”

...I'm smiling.

Why am I smiling?

My head should be hurting.
I should be tired.
I should be cranky!

I absolutely shouldn't be smiling at such an annoying thing as yet another one of Tewi's pranks.

It's a tiring, repetitive exercise that does nothing but waste my time and energy.

...but maybe, just maybe, it is just a little fun, too.

Just a little.

“See? Isn't it better when you're honest with yourself?” the little rabbit says, as she begins to laugh and pull away from me.

I can't help but laugh, myself, for some reason.

Maybe it's pointless to try, but somehow, I feel like I can catch her today.

Yes. I will definitely be able to catch her today

Just you wait, Tewi. I'll show you what it means when I get serious!

This time...

I will definitely...


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The rabbit girl the doctor calls 'Udonge' smiles and quietly giggles in her sleep.
You're not sure, but you could swear you even see her arms and legs moving a little bit, like she were a dog dreaming of chasing squirrels or whatever else it is that dogs chase and dream about chasing.

Except, you know, she's a rabbit.

A dirty, filthy, yet strangely attractive rabbit.

...you don't think you'll ever get used to that.

“Alright, we're finished now.” the doctor announces, stepping out from behind a curtain.

While you had been set to the task of carrying the rabbit-girl in, the doctor tended to the woman the fairy had been dragging around, carrying her in, examining her, and then having the 'princess' assist getting her dressed

Needless to say, you didn't get to see anything, which may have been part of the intent behind having you tasked with dealing with the bunny-girl.

No skin. No lacy undergarments. Just a vague hint in the form of what clothes the 'princess' was no longer wearing.
Most noticeably, of course, being the lab-coat, which had covered much of body.

You'd be thinking more about it, you suppose, were it not for the fact that you're more curious about how the process of getting the clothes off the 'princess' and back onto their owner went by so quickly.

It was as if, in one instant, the clothes simply changed places.


“Well, Doc? How is your guest doing?”
“Aside from a few bumps and bruises, she seems to be fine. Having an unpleasant dream, perhaps, but otherwise there would appear to be nothing else wrong with her.”
“Well, that's good.”

“Indeed it is!” the 'princess' pipes up. “Wonderful news, indeed! I think I shall go inform the rabbits of it, right no-”


“...after I have greeted her properly upon her awakening, and offering her my sincerest apologies, of course! Ha ha...ah...”

The doctor stares at the 'princess' for a couple moments, watching as she sits back down in her chair, before turning back to you.

“She should be waking up soon, at which point we can finally resolve this little mess our Princess has seen fit to cause. However, before that...”
“Hm? Is there a problem?”

The doctor smiles at you reassuringly.

“Oh my, no. Not a problem, exactly. It is simply that she likely has had something of an unpleasant experience during her 'extended visit' here, and so I would like to avoid causing her any additional stress, if possible.”
“Yes, and with that in mind, I would ask if at least some of your group would be willing to go to the waiting room while we sort things out here?”
“Hm? Oh...”

Now that you think about it, waking up to a room full of strangers watching you might not be the most pleasant thing to wake up to.

On the other hand, you are rather curious to see what might happen in here...

Tenshi looks like she could use a little more rest, so you would assume she'd be allowed to stay.

But what will you and the others do?

[ ]
[ ]
[X] Have yourself a real good time cause you feel ali-i-iiive
[X] Turn the world inside out
[X] Float around in ecstasy
[] Eavesdrop Eirin and Kaguya's "discussion".
>Tenshi looks like she could use a little more rest
[x] Put Tenshi to bed.
[x] Read her a good Night story and sing her a lullaby. But only if she behaves like a good girl.
[x] Tuck the bed sheets in.
File 12850176867.jpg - (36.97KB, 600x700 , 8555b8b37ffa97e829dae0cec0f28799.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Put Tenshi to bed.
[x] Read her a good Night story and sing her a lullaby. But only if she behaves like a good girl.
[x] Tuck the bed sheets in.

Hell Yeash!
[x] Put Tenshi to bed.
[x] Read her a good Night story and sing her a lullaby. But only if she behaves like a good girl.
[x] Tuck the bed sheets in.
I'm so in this that I failed my mount check
[x] Put Tenshi to bed.
[x] Read her a good Night story and sing her a lullaby. But only if she behaves like a good girl.
[x] Tuck the bed sheets in.
[x] Put Tenshi to bed.
[x] Read her a good Night story and sing her a lullaby. But only if she behaves like a good girl.
[x] Tuck the bed sheets in.
[x] Put Tenshi to bed.
[x] Read her a good Night story and sing her a lullaby. But only if she behaves like a good girl.
[x] Tuck the bed sheets in.
Changing vote to:
[x] Put Tenshi to bed.
[x] Read her a good Night story and sing her a lullaby. But only if she behaves like a good girl.
[x] Tuck the bed sheets in.
[x] Put Tenshi to bed.
[x] Read her a good Night story and sing her a lullaby. But only if she behaves like a good girl.
[x] Tuck the bed sheets in.
[X] Put Tenshi to bed.
[X] Read her a good Night story and sing her a lullaby. But only if she behaves like a good girl.
[X] Tuck the bed sheets in.

0%? Sounds more like 100%!
[X] Put Tenshi to bed.
[X] Read her a good Night story and sing her a lullaby. But only if she behaves like a good girl.
[X] Tuck the bed sheets in.

So much this, if just for the amount of confusion it will cause for her.
File 128506000341.jpg - (88.01KB, 500x500 , under the weather.jpg) [iqdb]
“Actually...” you quietly say, leaning slightly towards the doctor. “...would it be okay if I hung around to keep an eye on...er...”

“Your 'companion' over there?” she finishes your question for you.

“Er, yeah.”
“Oh, but of course, of course! By all means, please, keep her company. Just don't do anything inappropriate while others are in the room, is all I ask.”
“Sure thing doc-...wait, what?”

The doctor says nothing else, other than to offer you a knowing wink, before heading back behind the curtain.
What that wink is 'knowing' about, you're not really sure.

You vaguely wonder if, perhaps, the doctor was making some sort of assumption about you and your companions. But that's just silly. Right?
Of course it is.

“Say, Medi?”
“Yes, Human? Are we almost ready to go?”

Having stepped over to where the doll has been rather patiently waiting, she looks up at you, expectantly.

“Ah, no. Not just yet. Soon, though. Our new friend needs to rest just a little bit more before we can start moving again.” you tell her, motioning to the celestial on the bed.

“Huh? Is she still coming with us?”
“Somehow, yes, I get that feeling.”
“...I'm not entirely sure even she knows, Medi. But, listen, for right now the doctor wants it a little quieter in here, so could you and Su-san take the fairy and that other girl with you and wait for us in that big room from before?”
“Uh, I guess so. But what are you going to do?”
“Me? I'll stay here with our new friend and keep an eye on her until she's ready to go. When she is, we'll regroup with you in the waiting room, and we can be on our way that much faster. Sound good?”

The little doll-girl looks as if she's pondering over this proposal for a moment, before looking back up at you and nodding her approval.

“Sounds like a good plan to me, Human! We'll be waiting for you, okay?”
“Sure thing, Medi. See you soon.”

That matter now conveniently resolved, you turn your attention to your blue-haired companion on the bed over there.

Shuffling over to her bedside as quietly as you can manage, she still manages to notice you before you get there, and greets you with a cold stare.

What.” she mutters.

“I just thought I'd keep you company while you recovered, is all.” you cheerfully respond, undeterred by her slightly justifiable hostility towards you.

“Well, don't. Don't want your company, don't need your company, so you can jus-hey! Put that back!”

“Shh, keep it down. The doc's busy.” you attempt to quiet her, setting her hat down on the nearby table. “Besides, you shouldn't just leave your hat laying on the bed like that. It might get smashed or something.”

“Don't tell me what to do with my things! ...ah! Hey! What are you-?!”

Her hat taken care of, you have now moved on to fluffing her pillow.

“What? I'm trying to help make you more comfortable, here.” you tell her, honestly.

Regarding you with an expression of either suspicious confusion or confused suspicion, Tenshi looks as if you have just said the most ridiculously unbelievable thing you could have possibly said to her.


“'Why' what?” you ask, pulling her covers up over her.

“Why are you doing this all of a sudden? You're almost being nice to me.”
“What? Is it really so odd or suspicious for someone to suddenly want to do something nice for someone else?”

You suppose she has something of a point. Considering all that's happened in the short time since you met her, something like what you're doing for her now would probably seem a little odd.

“Look, maybe it was wrong for me to do some of the things I've done to you. Maybe I feel a little bad about that. And, maybe I just want to do something to take responsibility for my actions, if only to ease my own conscience, and possibly even show you that I'm not the total bastard you seem to think I am right now.”

A sudden clattering sound from behind the curtain, followed by an unfamiliar voice saying something to the effect of 'do not come near me!' tells you that the doctor's guest is now awake, and likely rather unhappy at waking up to the face of her captor.

[i]Of course,
you think to yourself, being able to hang around to at least hear the fireworks is a nice little bonus.

Tenshi doesn't look entirely convinced of your motives, but doesn't say anything else, not even when she notices your hand coming towards her face.

She does, however, glare at you as your hand brushes a few stray blue strands from her face.

“Now, shush, and rest up.” you say, as you finish tucking her in. “If you're a good girl, I'll even sing you a little lullaby or tell you a bedtime story. Sound good?”

Though you say it only half-jokingly, Tenshi looks almost as if she is seriously considering your offer. Realizing you're looking at her, though, she quickly resumes glaring at you, before turning herself over so she's facing away from you.

For a moment, you wonder if you should interpret that as a refusal of your semi-serious offer, and begin to turn your attention towards trying to listen in on what is being said behind the curtain.

That is, until you faintly hear Tenshi's voice...

Fine. Do whatever you want.”

Barely suppressing the chuckle that's just begging to be let out, you are considerably less successful at keeping a smirk from appearing on your face.

[ ] “Hush, little baby, don't say a word...”
[ ] “Twinkle, Twinkle...”
[ ] “Once upon a time, a long time ago...”
[ ] “Once upon a time, not so long ago...”
[ ] Let her rest, and focus on eavesdropping listening
[x] “Hush, little Tenshi, don't say a word...”
Make it the Touhou version.
[x] “Hush, little Tenshi, don't say a word...”
[x] “Hush, little Tenshi, don't say a word...”
I loved this update. I guess we kind of expected Tenshi to be a jerk so we acted like an ass all the time... I only just noticed.
[X] A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...
[X] A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

Best. Option. Ever.
[X] A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...
[x] “Hush, little Tenshi, don't say a word...”

[X] A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...
{X} A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...
[Q] A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

Best bedtime story ever.
[x] “Hush, little Tenshi, don't say a word...”
[x] Tell her the tales of the Tailypo.
[X] A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

There was really only one option
[x] “Hush, little Tenshi, don't say a word...”
[X] A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...
[X] A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

So, which episode? I'm all for the Vth, it's by far the best of the whole saga.
Wait... are we originally from Gensokyou, or outside? If the former we wouldn't know Star Wars anyway.
File 128510484277.jpg - (19.96KB, 300x244 , 185647498733.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...



Knights of the Old Republic, Female Revan + every hot chick in the galaxy, FINAL DESTINATION!
[X] A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

Awesome write-in must be chosen.
[X] "A long, long, time ago, in a galaxy far away... Naboo was under an attack..."

Better option.
DtRTAnon needs not follow silly rules of logic; if the plot calls for him telling star wars, he'll do so, regardless of if he heard of it or not.
File 128515415171.jpg - (96.04KB, 827x877 , that\'s no moon.jpg) [iqdb]
Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, in a land very, very, very, very far away, there was this boy. He lived with his aunt and uncle on a farm in the middle of nowhere, where they grew sand. Considering they were already living in the desert, they weren't very successful, and the boy constantly whined about wanting to do something greater. He also whined about having to do his chores, about not being able to hang out with his friends, and, well, he pretty much whined about everything. Needless to say, he wasn't very well-liked, and it's a testament to the patience and virtue of his uncle and aunt that they did not seem to abuse him in any fashion.

One day, the boy's family was visited by a giant, magical box, which was the home of a group of monks. The monks specialized in the collection and sale of strange and rare shikigami, which they would find and sell. Of particular interest to the boy's uncle was a golden statue who could walk and talk, and a chirping log, which he purchased from the monks. However, little did they know that their new shikigami held secrets! Secrets that were being sought after by the Dark Invader, and his army of shining white soldiers! Having narrowly escaped the Dark Invader's grasp, he had dispatched his shining white soldiers to seek them out.

The chirping log sensed that his new masters were in danger, and so sought to escape in the night, in the hopes that he might draw away the Dark Invader's forces. The boy and the golden man, however, would not allow him to face this enemy alone! They went after him, but along the way were ambushed by a group of wild beast-men. Though they had human shapes, and covered themselves in dirty rags from head to toe, when they spoke their voices were like the cries of a crazed beast.. The golden man quickly fell, and left on his own, the boy was soon put at a disadvantage. Before the beast-men could land the fatal blow, however, they were scared away by a terrible howl. But it was not a wild creature that had come to hunt! No! It was the wise hermit of the desert! Having found the chirping log, he had managed to find the boy and golden man in time.

The wise hermit took them all back to his home, and there the chirping log finally revealed the secret he had been hiding. He had been transporting the spirit of a priestess whose ship had come under attack by the Dark Invader! Pleading with the hermit to lend them his aid, the hermit realizes that it is not he who is fated to rise to this challenge. It is this boy! The winds of fate had blown him to this point, like the shifting of the sands! Realizing the boy's importance, more than even the boy himself knew, he bestowed upon the young lad a mystical sword with a blade of pure light, and told him that it was his fate to join him on this quest.

The boy, who had dreamed of importance, but knew only of the mediocrity of his current life, quickly went back to whining. How could he possibly be the chosen one?! How could he hope to face the forces of the Dark Invader?! It was impossible! Totally impossible! Running home to cry and weep over his inadequacies, he finds that the Dark Invader's forces have already struck.
His home, burnt and smoking.
His aunt and uncle?
Also burnt and smoking.

The wise hermit tries to console the boy, but he does not need it. Now, he knows that this is his destiny. He agrees to join the hermit on his quest, and together the two head to the nearby village. It is a small, but violent place. There, the hermit introduces the boy to a man and a mighty hair youkai, who can help them find the priestess. Also, he hopes, they will set a good example for the boy and help him not be so much of a whiner.

They don't have long to get acquainted, however, as the Dark Invader's men have already found them. Forced to make a quick getaway, the cool man and the hair youkai use their giant, magical clam shell to help them escape.

However, unknown to them, they are already too late to stop the Dark Invader's plan. Having forced the priestess to reveal her secrets, the Dark Invader takes control of the moon, and turns it into a terrifying weapon. With a great blast of energy, the moon destroys a nearby planet, as the priestess can only sit back and watch!
From a great distance away, even the wise hermit can feel the effects of the destruction!

Realizing how dire the situation had become, they fly their clam shell to where the moon is resting, and infiltrate it. As the hermit seeks to deactivate the moon, the boy and the cool man find and rescue the priestess! Just as they all rush back to their giant clam, though, misfortune strikes!
The Dark Invader has found them! Challenging the hermit to a duel, the two unleash their mystic swords, and clash in a violent burst of light! While the hermit fights with his blade of light, the Dark Invader's sword crackles with blood and fire! Purity and corruption! Life and death! The two opposing forces collide! But the hermit, realizing that the boy has yet to claim his destiny, valiently allows the Dark Invader to strike him down!

The boy is distraught! The crazy hermit, who he had known for only a few hours, yet in that time was nicer to him than anyone else had ever been, if only because he had not been exposed to his whining for long enough to grow tired of! He was dead! Having to be pulled aboard the magic clam, they manage to escape the evil moon, and-...
uh...what's wrong?”

Somewhere along the way, you realize Tenshi had turned her head back to you. Though you don't know for how long she's been doing it, she is currently staring at you.

“Your story is stupid.” she says, bluntly.

“Well, I'm sorry if it doesn't really seem like good bed-time fare. I just wante-”
“Don't care. It's stupid.”

Though you are quite aware that you're not much of a story-teller, you still think she didn't have to be quite so harsh.

“I don't think it was that bad. I certainly wouldn't mind hearing more.”
“Why, thank you. See, Tenshi? At least someone appreci...wait a minute...!”

Turning toward the source of the voice, you see the doctor, the 'princess', and even their 'guest', all sitting in chairs just behind you, each of them looking at least vaguely interested in what you were doing.

“Er, um, how...how long have you three been there?”

The doctor smiles.

“Oh, not too terribly long. Somewhere around, oh, the part where the moon destroys the planet, I believe?” she says.

“Yeah, I am not certain how I feel about that. Why should the moon be used as a weapon for the villain?” remarks the 'princess'.

“I found that to be rather fascinating, really. What technological capacity must they have to convert a moon into a weapon of that magnitude? How would it even be powered, let alone to such a degree that it could destroy an entire planet?” the purple-haired woman in the lab-coat ponders, leaning forward with her chin resting on her hand.

“I, uh, don't really know that.” you confess.

The woman looks slightly disappointed, yet does not otherwise move from her position.

“Oh well, do you at least have any idea of the nature of the power source? At all? Chemical? Thermal? Nuclear? Just don't say 'it's magic'. Please.”
“Well, I don't really know what it is, exactly, but I'm pretty sure it's not run by magic.”

The woman seems to think this over, and while she doesn't look completely satisfied, she doesn't look particularly disappointed by your answer, either.

You wonder why she even asks, but don't get the chance to ask before the room is filled with a strange ringing noise.

With a sigh, the doctor pulls her little black device out, punches a few buttons, waits a moment, and then punches them again, this time quietly muttering something under hear breath.
After a few more button presses, the doctor tucks the device back into her pocket with a look of barely-suppressed exasperation on her face.

“What's wrong, Doc?” you dare to ask.

“Our doorbell is ringing.” the doctor replies.

“Is that...not supposed to happen?”
“Oh, my, no. It certainly is doing what we had intended for it to do. The problem is all the other things that were supposed to happen but have not. There should have been no fewer than three indicators to warn us of any visitors before they even made it to our doorstep, yet not a one of them went off.”
“That sounds bad.”
“It potentially is, yes. But that is not our main problem, at the moment.. My primary concern lies more in current state of my office and waiting room. Having containers of strange, unmarked chemicals and a couple dozen unconscious rabbits strewn about the place is hardly the ideal way to present ourselves to our guests and patients.”
“Want me to help?”

At your offer, the doctor's vaguely frustrated expression fades slightly, and she smiles warmly at you.

“Thank you, but I believe it is only appropriate for this mess to be cleaned up by the one who caused it in the first place. Don't you agree, Princess?”

Turning her head to look directly at the would-be scientist, the 'princess' does not return the doctor's gaze. Instead, she slouches forward, her face disappearing behind the cascade of pitch-black hair.

“...yeah. Yeah, I agree...”

Suddenly, the girl is gone.
No longer in her chair.
No longer even in the room, as far as you can tell.

In an instant, she just went from being there, to not being there.


[ ] Offer to help, anyway. Even if all you can do is just answer the door for her, it's still better than doing nothing.

[ ] Actually, you should probably all get going now, but you can at least let in whoever it is on your way out.

[ ] Forget about it. Just get everyone together and leave, already.
[x] Offer to help, anyway. Even if all you can do is just answer the door for her, it's still better than doing nothing.
We'll leave when Tenshi wakes up. Err, I guess.
[x] Offer to help, anyway. Even if all you can do is just answer the door for her, it's still better than doing nothing.
[x] Offer to help, anyway. Even if all you can do is just answer the door for her, it's still better than doing nothing.
>a mighty hair youkai
Aaaaand that's where I burst out laughing.
[X] Offer to help, anyway. Even if all you can do is just answer the door for her, it's still better than doing nothing.
We are a person who DOES fetch quests. Answering the door? PLOT HOOK!
[x] Offer to help, anyway. Even if all you can do is just answer the door for her, it's still better than doing nothing.

You gotta continue this reinterpretation later.
[x] Offer to help, anyway. Even if all you can do is just answer the door for her, it's still better than doing nothing.

>Dark Invader takes control of the moon, and turns it into a terrifying weapon. With a great blast of energy, the moon destroys a nearby planet, as the priestess can only sit back and watch!

That's no moon...
File 128520593030.gif - (787.07KB, 480x360 , 1204902873192.gif) [iqdb]
You are a shining light of awesome. You do stupid right.
This is easily the best "light" story on THP right now. Hell, possibly ever.

[>] Offer to help, anyway. Even if all you can do is just answer the door for her, it's still better than doing nothing.
[x] Offer to help, anyway. Even if all you can do is just answer the door for her, it's still better than doing nothing.
File 128523901512.jpg - (369.06KB, 424x600 , about damn time.jpg) [iqdb]
Even though the doctor had told you that you did not have to do anything, you were not satisfied with that. You feel it's only right that you offer to do something to help out, however small a gesture it might be.

Besides, it never hurts to help!

But what could you do?
Clearly, you are not to assist in the cleanup of the aftermath of that 'experiment', and the doctor seems more than capable of taking care of her own work in the clinic.

“Hey, Doc? If you like, I could go answer the door for you.”

She ponders your offer for a moment, before smiling and nodding.

“Hm, yes, that would be quite helpful. Very well, I shall accept your offer.”
“Anything in particular I should do?”
“Just letting them in should be sufficient, I would imagine. If they are here for a clinic visit, they should have no trouble finding the waiting room on their own. If it is an emergency, then I trust you are capable enough to find your way back here to get me. Otherwise, I will be out to see them when I have everything here in order.”
“Let them wait in the waiting room unless it's an emergency. Got it. Just one question, though...”
“If they are clearly missing something that they should not be missing, or they have anything liquid coming out of any part of their body in anything greater than a small trickle, it is probably safe to assume it is an emergency.”
“Also, screaming might be an good indicator.”
“Gotcha. I'll get to it, then.”
“Thank you, again, young man.”
“No problem, Doc!”

Rising from your seat, you turn your attention back to the bed-ridden celestial.

“Now, Tenshi, I'm going to go away for a little bit, okay? If you're a good girl while I'm away, maybe I'll finish that story for you!” you tell her, positively beaming.

“...whatever.” she simply says, before turning away from you and pulling the covers up over herself.

Yeah. She's totally looking forward to Part II.

As your mind ponders all the possible things you could tell about, you make your way through the door and out into the hall. Before you get too far away, though, you hear the door slide open once more, followed by a voice calling out to you..

“Hey, wait up!”

Stopping to glance behind you, you see the the purple-haired woman walking towards you.

“Mind if I tag along?” she asks.

“Hm? Sure, why not?” you respond, with a shrug. “The more, the merrier, after all.”

As you begin to move again, the woman quickly catches up, falling into step beside you.

“Thanks. A chance to get some fresh air and stretch my legs is just the thing I need, right now..”
“No problem, miss...uh...”
“Asakura. Rikako Asakura.”
“Nice to meet you, Miss Asakura. I'm Ah, Gensokyo. Land of the Eternal Role-Reversal...

“Something like that, though I would rather not think any further about the matter, right now. Not until I feel like I've regained my bearings, at least.”
“Oh, right. Sorry. I didn't mean to-”
“No, no, it's fine. Curiosity is an admirable trait. I'm just a little disoriented right now, is all. What year is it, by the way?”
“...you mean, what day is it?”
“That would be good to know, too.”
“...wow. You really do need some fresh air, don't you?”
“Like you wouldn't believe.”

Fortunately for the two of you, the front door is already in sight.

Oddly enough, it's back on its frame, but you don't concern yourself with who or what repaired it.
The ringing of the doorbell had ceased a minute or so ago, and you haven't heard anything else of it since then..

You hope that whoever it was simply stopped ringing the doorbell because they knew they had been heard, and were now patiently waiting for someone to open the door, and had not bled to death on the doorstep while waiting for help to arrive.

That would probably not make the doctor happy.
Not one bit.

“Sorry for the wait! Please, come on...uh...”

“Oh my~! Here you are~!”

You can't help but reflexively gulp as you realize just who is standing at the doorway.

That messy green hair, matted down in places by a combination of dirt and dried blood. Her clothing, coming unbuttoned and smeared with dirt. Only the umbrella she was resting her hands upon, and that smile, appear to be completely intact and exactly as you remember them.

That smile.

That horrible, terrifying, yet beautiful smile.

“Hello, again~.”

[ ] Panic
[ ] Don't panic
[ ]

[x] Panic
[^¥^]don't Panic

Remember the hitchhiker's Guide!
>Yeah. She's totally looking forward to Part II.
But first comes part IV.

[x] Put on your best poker face. "You are late"
[x] Tell her everyone is already waiting for her.
[x] Lead her to the Doctor and ask Kaguya to give her a "special treatment".
[x] Don't forget to bring Tenshi a glass of Water on your way back.

Good Girls get presents. And ruffled Hair.
[x] Put on your best poker face. "You are late"
[x] Tell her everyone is already waiting for her.
[x] Lead her to the Doctor and ask Kaguya to give her a "special treatment".
[x] Don't forget to bring Tenshi a glass of Water on your way back.
[x] Put on your best poker face. "You are late"
[x] Tell her everyone is already waiting for her.
[x] Lead her to the Doctor and ask Kaguya to give her a "special treatment".
[x] Don't forget to bring Tenshi a glass of Water on your way back.
When it all fails:
[x] Put on your best poker face. "You are late"
[x] Tell her everyone is already waiting for her.
[x] Lead her to the Doctor and ask Kaguya to give her a "special treatment".
[x] Don't forget to bring Tenshi a glass of Water on your way back.
When it all fails:

But it won't fail, right? Right?
[x] Put on your best poker face. "You are late"
[x] Tell her everyone is already waiting for her.
[x] Lead her to the Doctor and ask Kaguya to give her a "special treatment".
[x] Don't forget to bring Tenshi a glass of Water on your way back.
[Q] Don't panic

Koishi option is best option.

Yuuka isn't a little girl, though.
[X] Poker face. "You are late."
[X] "Everyone is waiting for you!"
[X] Lead her to the Doctor and ask Kaguya to give her a "special treatment".
[X] Don't forget to bring Tenshi a glass of Water on your way back.

[X] Panic when it all falls down.
[x] Put on your best poker face. "You are late"
[x] Tell her everyone is already waiting for her.
[x] Don't forget to bring Tenshi a glass of Water on your way back.

I like the Koishi option as well. But it is Koishi, so that is no surprise.
File 128532582724.jpg - (454.22KB, 600x800 , you\'ve got red on you.jpg) [iqdb]
Okay, okay. Calm down.
Don't panic.
Stay calm.

Gotta look relaxed.
Like nothing at all was wrong.

Right! So!
Situation? You are staring down the extremely scary crazy lady from before.
Your motivation is to not piss yourself in terror.

Recommendation? Poker face, accompanied by copious amounts of bullshit.

She can't read your poker face.
There is no way.

So! Straight face!
Straaaaaight face!
Show no fear!
Show no weakness!

Good! Perfect! Hold that!

“You're late!” you tell the woman in a very matter-of-fact manner.

“I'm late.” the woman replies in an equally matter-of-fact manner, her smile neither shifting nor faltering in the slightest.

Huh. Normally, you would expect someone to look at least a little confused.
The 'make the person think you were expecting them when you clearly were not, and they were expecting you to not expect them' strategy very seldom fails.

Undeterred, you forge ahead!
“That's right! You're very late! Everyone has been waiting for you!” you tell her.

“Everyone has been waiting for me~.” she mimics, adding a slightly sing-song tinge.

Okay, this is clearly not going quite as you would hope it would.
You would expect someone to repeat what you said at that point, but typically it would be done in the form of a question, with a look of puzzlement upon their face.

'They have been waiting for me? Really? How could this be?' they would think to themselves.

Somehow, you do not believe this to be the case with this woman.

Still! You will not admit defeat just yet!

“Er, yes! That's right! They've all been waiting very patiently for you to arrive! And now you're here! So, uh...why don't you come in?” you motion her inside, and even make as if walking away.

“Why don't I come in~?” she says, not moving an inch from where she is standing.

“So, um, yeah! Come on in! We've got drinks and even-”

You flinch.
Damn it!

“...er, yes, Miss?”
“You are aware I am quite partial to plants, yes~?”
“...I am aware of that.”
“Then it might interest you to know that I am also quite familiar with fertilizer.”
“Is...is that so?”
“It is so~. And right now, what you are attempting to shovel upon me I would not deem fit to feed dandelions.”


“Do not worry, though, little one. You are not the one I am here for. Do you know who I am here for~?”
“Er, how would I know that?”
“I know who you are here with~. The doll from the field of poison~, and the fairy from the lake of mist~. But they are not the ones I am here for, either. Do you know who I am here for?

She's toying with you.
Trying to get you to reveal something?
Or does she already know?

In any case, you know full-well who she is referring to.
...so why doesn't she just come out and say it?

Perhaps she doesn't know for certain that girl who clobbered her with those boulders and ran away after you is really here or not?

“Would you like to know how I found you~? It's really quite simple. The flowers told me~.”
“Oh, yes~. They are quite chatty! The sunflower~, the hydrangea~, the azalea~. And so many, many more~. Each an individual, yet part of a greater network. What is seen by the one is passed along, over and over, until it eventually comes back to me~. I know more than you could possibly imagine.”

Note to self: make sure you are out of sight of any form of plant life when going to the bathroom from now on.

“...of course, that's a lie~!”

The woman's smile widens, as one of her hands leaves the handle of her umbrella, index finger extended, and taps the tip of her nose.

“I told you before, didn't I~? You stink. The smell of you, the stench of that doll, and now...”

Closing her eyes, she tilts her head back slightly, and begins to visibly sniff at the air.
After a couple seconds of sniffing, her head lowers, her eyes open, and she once again smiles at you.


Okay, yeah. She definitely knows about Tenshi.

“Ah, yeah, about that...”
I don't care~.
“It's just that-”
Listen to me

In an instant, any and all signs of pleasantness on the woman's face vanishes, leaving only a cold, cruel stare.

“I can overlook what was done to me. But to do harm to the innocent flowers of my field and then run away? I will not.

As much as you might feel that Tenshi, perhaps, has brought this upon herself, you still feel compelled to offer at least some semblance of a defense for the girl.

“Look, Miss, I understand where you're coming from, but it's just...well, she's not really feeling well right now, and needs to-”
I said I don't care.

...well. You tried.

Listen, human. I have business with the celestial, and I will not leave until it is settled. If she cannot be brought to me, I will go to her. Are we clear?

As quickly as it had vanished, the woman's smile returns.

“Excellent~! Don't keep me waiting, now~!”

Making shooing motions with her hand, the woman otherwise makes no other movement, apparently completely serious about not leaving until she gets what she came for.

Offering her a barely-audible 'be right back', you slide the door shut.

Off to your side, you think you hear Rikako say something, but you're not too sure what.

You're not too sure of anything at the moment.

You're sweating.

You're shaking.

You don't want to believe it, but it seems like it might have finally happened.

You are in a situation that you cannot solve through the use of rocks and/or bullshit.

[ ] Pardon me while I panic!
[ ] A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do...
[ ] Eirin! Eirin! Help Me, ERINNNNNN!!
[ ] Goodbye my friend, thanks for your helping hand...
[x] Eirin! Eirin! Help Me, ERINNNNNN!!
Help! Help! I'm being oppressed I need an amnesia dust substitute that is deliverable through blunt force trauma to the head via thrown objects!

...No, I mean for Yuuka, don't throw that at me-
[x] Eirin! Eirin! Help Me, ERINNNNNN!!
>[ ] A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do...
>[ ] Goodbye my friend, thanks for your helping hand...
Which one is the 'betraying tenshi' option and which is the 'resisting and getting bad end'd'?
[X]Eirin! Eirin! Help Me, ERINNNNNN!!
-[X]"There's a crazy green haired flower lady and she won't let me lie to her!"
[x] A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do...

Assuming this is the don't betray Tenshi option
[x] Pardon me while I panic!
No rocks or bullshit? We're fucked.
[Q] Eirin! Eirin! Help Me, ERINNNNNN!!

This is my first instinct.
[x] A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do...
[ ] Eirin! Eirin! Help Me, EIRINNNNNN!!

We can't really choose between Yuuka or Tenshi. So, let's go for a third part.
[ ] Eirin! Eirin! Help Me, ERINNNNNN!!
[x] Eirin! Eirin! Help Me, ERINNNNNN!!
[ ] Eirin! Eirin! Help Me, ERINNNNNN!!
[x] Eirin! Eirin! Help Me, ERINNNNNN!!

Only the Genius of the Moon can save us now!
>You are in a situation that you cannot solve through the use of rocks and/or bullshit.
Only one way out. Turn Yuuka into a little girl.
File 128535252824.jpg - (1.00MB, 1076x906 , youkai moHNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGG.jpg) [iqdb]
You fool! No one could hope to survive moe of that magnitude!
File 128536601577.jpg - (424.55KB, 700x954 , yuuka_youka.jpg) [iqdb]
That's it! We create a little girl clone of Yuuka to set against her! She will be defeated by the moe!
File 128537677514.jpg - (244.88KB, 700x950 , 1285060025069.jpg) [iqdb]
You know guys, that might just work.
File 128539478261.jpg - (410.06KB, 721x954 , bracingforimpact.jpg) [iqdb]
[c] Eirin! Eirin! Help Me, ERINNNNNN!!

Do you have any idea on what you're going to unleash?
File 128541087972.jpg - (710.64KB, 768x1024 , what do you want me to do about it.jpg) [iqdb]
As you hastily return to her office, you find the doctor shuffling through a stack of papers on her desk. Hearing you enter, she looks up from her work, and upon seeing what you can only imagine is a rather serious look on your face, sighs.

“Oh dear. I take it this is an emergency case, then?”
“Um...kind of.”
“What do you mean?”

You explain to the doctor certain key events of your little flower-picking trip; your encounter with the scary flower lady, what Tenshi did to the scary flower lady when you first met her, how the scary flower lady is now on the doctor's doorstep, and is quite adamantly insisting seeing the celestial. What she intends to actually do with your peach-wearing associate, you're not entirely certain, but you have a feeling it won't be anything gentle.

The doctor listens, occasionally asking for clarification here and there, but otherwise allowing you to to talk without interruption.

Once it is clear you are finished, she appears to quietly ponder something, before clearing her throat to speak.

“I see. That does, indeed, sound like a rather serious problem. I must ask, however, why I or anyone else here should involve ourselves in this matter?”
“...I'm sorry?”

Did she just ask you why she should help you?
The doctor?

“Correct me if I am mistaken, but your companion was the one who instigated this conflict, did she not?”
“Well, yeah...”
“And, having taken your companion's actions as a personal slight, the flower youkai is now seeking retribution. In short, this is a personal conflict between those two, correct?”
“Yes, but-!”
And, as such, is it not to be expected that an attempt be made to have this matter settled by those two, before deciding that outside intervention is necessary?”

She did have a point.
Tenshi did pretty much bring this upon herself.
For all you know, she might even deserve whatever the scary flower lady might do to her.

Then again, you could always use a little good karma in your favor, even if it means helping someone else avoid their own.

“Besides that...” the doctor continues to speak. “We must also take into consideration just who is involved in this matter. That woman, in particular, is not one to be trifled with. If she holds a grudge against someone, it is generally prudent to not get between her and whoever invoked her wrath.”

In other words, stay out of her way, if you know what's good for you.

“Now, now, don't go flashing those puppy eyes just yet. I did not say I would not assist you and your companion. I would not, however, wish to involve myself or anyone else here too deeply without a compelling reason to do so.”

“Fair enough.” you say, with a nod.

“Hey. Yoo-hoo. Over here.” Rikako calls out from the doorway, hand raised. “Forgetting someone, already?”

“Miss Asakura, you'd be willing to help us?” you ask, honestly surprised.

“Sure. It's not like I have anything better to do right now, anyway.” the lab-coat-clad woman shrugs. “Besides, a little creative problem-solving might do me some good.”

So, it looks like you can count on the doctor to offer at least a small amount of help, but possibly more if you can give her a good reason to do so.

Then again, this woman you met just minutes ago is also willing to help you out. How, you have no idea, but something is almost always better than nothing, right?

Suddenly, you find yourself feeling much better about this situation.
In fact, your own mind is beginning to work out a couple ideas of your own as to how to get out of this situation.
You find inspiration coming to you from unexpected things, assorted objects, scattered about this very room.

...of course, you could always just let Tenshi lie in the bed she made for herself. That, too, is certainly an option.

Scanning the room, you see almost limitless possibilities before you. They all have their merits and risks, but you know you don't have the time to ponder them all.
A couple minutes is all you have, if that.
But a couple minutes is all you need.

Finally reaching a decision, your eyes settle upon the solution to your troubles...

[ ] Eirin It's not much, but it will have to do...
[ ] Rikako Stand back! She's going to try SCIENCE!
[ ] Tenshi You called down the thunder, now reap the whirlwind.
[ ] A half-empty flask Or is it half-full?
[ ] A book on the shelf Wait, what is this doing here?
[ ] The map on the wall Sometimes 'in' is 'out'...
[x] A half-empty flask Or is it half-full?
[x] Rikako Stand back! She's going to try SCIENCE!
SCIENCE! is always a fun option.
[X]Wait, where did Koishi go?
[x] A book on the shelf Wait, what is this doing here?
[ ] Tenshi You called down the thunder, now reap the whirlwind.

Celestial launch detected.
[x] Rikako Stand back! She's going to try SCIENCE!

Rikako option.
File 128542109610.jpg - (876.12KB, 1095x900 , 141d613df22db61fb6cd85bee3c1de79.jpg) [iqdb]
[c] Rikako Stand back! She's going to try SCIENCE!

Because SCIENCE! rules.

Also, I don't remember seeing Rikako in any other LAs, so I'm happy to see her here.
[x] Tenshi You called down the thunder, now reap the whirlwind.
After our rock-training montage, Tenshi has this shit in the bag. She can take her.
[x] Rikako Stand back! She's going to try SCIENCE!
[ ] A book on the shelf Wait, what is this doing here?
[x] Tenshi You called down the thunder, now reap the whirlwind.

Watch out, she's about to overload her aggression inhibitors.
[x] Rikako Stand back! She's going to try SCIENCE!
[ ] Rikako Stand back! She's going to try SCIENCE!
[x] Rikako Stand back! She's going to try SCIENCE!
Damn double post (can't delete either)

It's starting to look like a triple post, though
[x] Tenshi You called down the thunder, now reap the whirlwind.

There is Tenshi in this option. Therefore, it is the best one.
File 128550173363.jpg - (70.59KB, 700x700 , she blinded me with.jpg) [iqdb]
You decide to accept Rikako's offer to help.

“Great!” the purple-haired woman smiles, rubbing her hands together. “Let's get started, then! Oh, but first...Miss Yagokoro?”

“Yes, Miss Asakura, you may make use of my facilities for your purposes. I assume you would also like to call in that favor now, as well?” the doctor replies, leaning back in her chair.

“You got it!” Rikako grins, scribbling something down on a small notepad. After a couple seconds of writing, she nods in satisfaction, rips the page out, and hands it to the doctor. “I decided I would like a few things from your storeroom, if possible. Nothing too fancy, and certainly nothing irreplaceable or one-of-a-kind.”

“Hmm, yes. Most of these should be no problem to part with.” the doctor says, slightly nodding her head as she reviews the list, seemingly finding nothing objectionable.

Nothing, that is, until she reaches what you assume to be the last item of the list.

It's faint, barely noticeable, but it's definitely there on the doctor's face.
Surprise. Disbelief. Uncertainty.

“Please tell me you are not serious about wanting this.”
“Oh, I'm serious, alright.”

The doctor stares at the woman. The woman stares right back, smiling.
Seconds pass before the silence is broken.

“...absolutely not. I will allow you everything else you have requested, but not this.”
“Come on! Please? Just one is all I'm asking for. One! It's not like you don't have enough to spare.”
“Miss Rikako, one is one too many. Need I remind you of precisely what this is capable of?”
“I don't want it for what it does, Miss Yagokoro, I want it for what makes it do what it does.”

Unconvinced by the woman's words, the doctor once again silently stares at her.
Seeming to sense this, the woman sighs.

:”Okay, look, if you're that worried, can't you just give me a dud or something? It doesn't need to be fully-functional if I'm going to take it all apart, anyway.”
“Is there nothing else at all you could ask for?”
“Nothing else that would interest me or be of any use in this situation, no.”

The doctor looks back at the list on her desk, mulling over the woman's request. After a moment, she seems to reach a decision, and cautiously rises from her seat.

“...very well, then. I will allow this, just this once, but only because it is you requesting it.”

The woman's face lights up at the doctor's words, as the silver-haired woman picks up the list from her desk, shakes her head a little as she looks it over one more time, and begins to head to the door.

“Hey, doc, you want me to help?” you manage to offer, just as she is about to step out into the hall.

Turning back, the doctor smiles a little at you.

“Thank you for the offer, but I believe I can manage this well enough on my own. In the event I do require assistance, I can get either the princess or Udonge to lend me a hand. Besides, I am certain there are other matters more demanding of your attention than helping to carry a couple boxes.”

Though a small part of you is bothered by once again having your offer to help refused, you realize that the doctor is right. You have more important matters to attend to right now.

Matters like figuring out just what the hell you're going to do now.

“So!” Rikako begins, turning back to you as the doctor disappears out the door. “While we're waiting for the supplies, let's decide what we're going to do with them, shall we?”

Though she doesn't particularly look or sound any different than she did a couple minutes ago, you can't help but think that something is different about this woman.
You can't help but think she's almost glowing with barely-contained excitement, the kind which you normally would see from a child who just found out they their pick of whatever they want from the candy shop.

“Er...don't you already have some idea of what you're going to do?”
“Of course I do! But this isn't all about me, now is it?”
“I...guess not?”
“Of course not! So come on! What what do you think we should do? Make something for a direct attack? A diversion to keep her occupied while we slip away from another exit?”
“Well, I dunno...”
“Don't worry about how it will be done. If there isn't a way, we'll find one! And if we can't, we'll just do something else! That is the beauty and versatility of science!”

So, she wants you to just throw out ideas?
Well, if that's what she wants, that's what she'll get...

[ ] (What would you like science to do for you, today?)
File 128550477561.jpg - (276.43KB, 669x900 , 0126055da3950a246f482559f2fcd213.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] If it is her strength that she so proud of, then it will that strength that will be her doom. We will use everything she has and turn it against her.

It would need more but can't think of anything at the moment.

What would Mac Gyver do in this situation? Build a 100 meter Reisen Bot with laser beams for eyes and rockets under the skirt out of a tin can and an old pc?
[x] I want a rock. The best rock science can create. And then...I shall throw it.

Let's play to our strengths.
[x] Strong people are strong because they focus on their strengths. I like to throw things. A lot. What'd you suggest?
[x] Strong people are strong because they focus on their strengths. I like to throw things. A lot. What'd you suggest?
[>] Strong people are strong because they focus on their strengths. I like to throw things. A lot. What'd you suggest?

The gods gave me a gift. I throw well. I throw very well.
[x] I want a rock. The best rock science can create. And then...I shall throw it.
[#] Strong people are strong because they focus on their strengths. I like to throw things. A lot. What'd you suggest?
[x] Build a Tenshibuchet.

She was in Shadow Over Gensokyo.
[X] "I throw rocks, and I bullshit. I need to play to those strengths."
[X] "And since I can't bullshit, well, I think that narrows it down."

Duke moment?
File 12855855173.jpg - (26.12KB, 512x384 , DUN NAH NAH NAH NAAAAH.jpg) [iqdb]
Hmm...what would way to use this “science” thing to your advantage?

“I suppose...” you finally decide, after some thought. “If we were talking about something for me to use in solving a problem, I'd probably go for something that played to my strengths.”

“Hm. Yes, that is quite sensible.” Rikako nods. “And just what are your strengths, if I may ask?”

“Well, I'd like to think I'm good at diplomacy. Whenever a problem comes along, I like to try to talk my way out of it, first.”
“And that works for you?”
“I guess so. I've found that I can be quite persuasive with certain types of people.”
“Oh? What types?”

Don't say 'little girls' don't say 'little girls' don't say 'little girls' don't say 'little girls' don't say 'little girls'

“...ah, you know. The usual type.”

Rikako stares at you, pondering something.
It kinda makes you uncomfortable.

“Er, is something wrong?”
“Hm? Oh, no! I was just thinking that woman seemed anything but 'usual'. It's no wonder you're having trouble with her, if you're not used to dealing her type.”
“Uh, right! Yeah, I can't say I've ever had to deal with anyone like her before.”

Not that you think she would be much different, let alone any easier to deal with even if she were a little girl. you think to yourself.

“So! Negotiation can't work all the time, even with the most seemingly reasonable people. Do you have something to fall back on if that happens?”
“Oh? Yes, of course! My fallback happens to be my other specialty!”
“You certainly sound confident enough. What do you do?”
“I throw rocks at them.”

Rikako blinks blinks a few times, uncertain that she just heard you say what she thinks you said.

“You...throw rocks at them.”
“Yep. I throw rocks at them.”
“Rocks. You throw rocks at them.”
“Sometimes they're big rocks.”

Removing her glasses with one hand, Rikako uses her other to vigorously rub her eyes, blinking a few times after she's finished, and then slides the frames back onto her face.

“Okaaaay, let me see if I have this right. When faced with a problem, you first try to talk your way out of it, and if that doesn't work you throw rocks at them?”
“Yep, that's it.”
“Are these magic rocks, or...”
“No, I just use whatever I find laying on the ground, usually.”
Rock rocks, then. Ordinary, everyday, rocks.”
“No magic.”
“No magic.”
“None at all?”
“I can't even fly.”
“...and you're still alive how?”
“I wonder that myself every day.”

All things considered, you suppose it really is remarkable that you've lasted as long as you have without something or someone killing you, eating you, or both.

“Well, the bad news is, I probably can't do anything to make you a more effective negotiator, and rocks don't really lend themselves well to upgrades. The good news is, this information still gives me something to work with.”

Notepad and pen back in hand, Rikako begins furiously scribbling notes, equations, and even the occasional crude schematic, rapidly filling page after page.

“Let's see now...can't do much to improve a rock, but the means of delivery? Absolutely! A catapult, slingshot, or a launcher of some kind, perhaps. Increases velocity, accuracy, and damage potential while decreasing fatigue on the arm. Could also be adapted for use with something other than rocks. Probably not a good idea to rely on just stones to get you by, anyway. You can't count on there always being on nearby, and their weight can limit how many you can carry with you. So let's forget about rocks for a moment. Even without a device aiding you, you can throw...I'm thinking grenades might be something to look into. Versatility is a big plus, since you can't count on one thing working the same way in every possible situation. Speaking of which...”

Her pen stops moving, as she looks up at you.

“We must also consider exactly who or what we're dealing with. I am correct in assuming she is a youkai, right?”
“Yeah. Pretty sure on that.”
“Thought so. Strong magical presence and general demeanor suggest she's probably fairly old, and thus extremely powerful. That narrows our options considerably. Physical damage is likely irrelevant to her, and a direct confrontation would be suicidal at best. Your best option in this situation would probably be to either confuse or distract her and make your escape before she comes to her senses, or incapacitate her in some other fashion.”
“Er, how?”

Rikako smirks at this.

“That's the trick, isn't it? Fortunately for us, it's not too different from how you would go about incapacitating a human, in some respects. Sensory overload. Poisoning. That sort of thing. It takes more to accomplish it, but it is possible.”
“What about making her smaller?”

You almost can't believe you're even suggesting this, and yet you are.
Funny how that works, huh?

“Yeah, smaller! Like shrinking her. Or making her turn into a kid or something. If she's smaller, she shouldn't be as powerful, right?”
“I'm not sure it works that way.”
“Then again...if Yagokoro delivers what I asked for...hm...maybe...possibly...”
“What? You think you could actually make it work?”
“I didn't say that. But, yes. I am saying that.”

Part of you feels good to hear that your idea wasn't dismissed out-of-hand as being too crazy to work.
The rest of you is more concerned about just what the hell this lady asked for. More than that, just what kind of stuff are they keeping in this place?

Before you can get yourself to worried about it, though, Rikako hands you her open notepad.

“What's this fo-woah.”

Woah, indeed. Scrawled all over the page in incredibly tiny handwriting are countless notes and equations, most of which you have absolutely zero chance of deciphering. Which is to say, all of them. You cannot hope to understand any of the things that woman has written down here.
Frankly, you're not sure this is even supposed to mean anything.

Luckily for you, though, there are pictures! Pictures that, as rough and crude as they may be, you actually can tell what they mean.

You like pictures.

“Well? What do you think?” Rikako asks, expectantly.

“Well, I think I like...”

[ ] The shoot-y thing
[ ] The throw-y thing
[ ] The flash-y thing
[ ] The cloudy thing
[ ] The question-mark-y thing
[ ] The shrink-y thing
[ ] The tube-y thing
[ ] The _________-y thing
[x] The shrink-y thing
[x] The shrink-y thing
Oh god. If we manage to turn Yuuka into a little girl, we can deploy our special brand of negotiation on her. If we play our cards right, we might even get her to join our side.
[x] The question-mark-y thing
[Q] The shrink-y thing

>Don't say 'little girls' don't say 'little girls' don't say 'little girls' don't say 'little girls' don't say 'little girls'
Oh god i laughed.
>“...and you're still alive how?”
Luck, heaps of luck. Gods smile and protecting hand is upon him like the Eye of Sauron.
>“Yeah, smaller! Like shrinking her. Or making her turn into a kid or something.
Yes, this. Make it happen. Everything is possible with Science!

[x] The shrink-y thing
Make her small, then make her join our Side. She can bug Tenshi and ride on her shoulders.
[c] The shrink-y thing
[x] The shrink-y thing

Honestly, what did you expected from Anon?
No, you fools! Tiny Yuuka would be faster, negating her only weakness! WE TREAD THE PATH TO DESTRUCTION.
File 128561285592.jpg - (155.81KB, 850x850 , cirno and minis.jpg) [iqdb]

Actually, she's more likely to either be the same speed or slower. At least when it comes to flying. Aside from lessened wind resistance there's no reason for her to speed up. Regular running speed would be reduced due to the length of her legs. Her flight, being magically-provided, means that her size has no direct correlation with her potential velocity.

Then again, it might end up being that all her yokai power would then be compressed into a smaller container, making her like a miniature rocket. Which could have its own problems for her if she isn't used to stopping or turning at higher speeds.

50/50 chance.
File 128561366894.png - (134.63KB, 293x293 , zarame.png) [iqdb]
Now I can't help but think of something like this as a potential outcome of shrinking Yuuka...
[x] The shrink-y thing

It must youthacise her, make her as unto a child once more!
[x] The shrink-y thing

Oh god, I can't believe we're doing this.
[x] The shrink-y thing
[x] The throw-y thing

I like rocks.
[x] The shrink-y thing
We shall die the way we lived.
File 128567084856.png - (264.91KB, 469x489 , batteries and kitty moon doctor not included.png) [iqdb]
“So! See anything you li-”
“Shrinky thing!”
“...that was rather fast. Are you sure you don't wan-”
Shrinky thing!
“Any preference for how-”
“...okay then. Shrinking, it is.”

This is a good idea. you think to yourself.
Truly, when a problem comes along, you must shrink it.
That scary lady won't even know what hit her!
And what hit her, will make her teensy!

Never before have you been more certain that there was absolutely nothing that could possibly go wrong with a plan than you are with this one, right now.

She will be small!
So small!
It is funny to you, how small she will be.

“My, you certainly seem excited.” the doctor says, as she carries a large box through the door. “I would inquire as to why, but I suspect it would be best for me to maintain some semblance of plausible deniability, in this case.”

“Awww. You sure you don't want in on this? We're going to have some fun, here!” Rikako smirks.

“Tempting.” the doctor smirks back. “But I am afraid I must decline. I prefer to treat patients, not create them. Here you are, by the way.”

Nudging a few objects aside to clear some space, the doctor sets the box on her desk, as Rikako's expression changes into something you can only describe as childlike glee.
Peering into it, you see a variety of objects that you cannot even begin to guess the name of, let alone what they're used for.

“Everything you asked for is there, that included, sans detonator. The components are still potentially volatile, however, so do try to handle them carefully. As for you...”

You look up from the box when you realize the doctor is addressing you.

“I don't suppose you would reconsider this course of action? It's not too late to change your mind.”
“...about what? Doing what we're going to do about the crazy flower lady on your porch?”
“Actually, I was thinking more along the lines of you doing more to lower your cholesterol intake. Or wearing those shoes with those pants. But since you mention it, yes, I am wondering if you wouldn't reconsider doing whatever it is you intend to do regarding the notoriously powerful youkai woman at my front door.”
“You're not even considering it, are you?”

[ ] No.
[ ] Nope.
[ ] Nuh-uh.
[ ] YeaNOPE
[x] No.
Make her small.
[x] YeaNOPE
Sorry, but that's how it is.
[x] YeaNOPE
Man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.
[x] Nope.
Full speed ahead!
[Q] Nope.
[>] YeaNOPE
No regrets, only path etc., UNLIMITED LITTLE GIRL WORKS.
[x] YeaNOPE
[x] Nope.

I love little girls, they makes me feels so GOOOD!
I love little girls, they makes me feels so hard bad!
[x] YeaNOPE
[X] Nein, HerrFrau Doktor.
>Actually, I was thinking more along the lines of you doing more to lower your cholesterol intake.
Always a doctor!
>Or wearing those shoes with those pants.
And always a lady too~

[X] "Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil."
[X] "That is to say, nope."

Also, >[ ] The flash-y thing
Combine GRENATA!! and FLASHBANG! and what do you get..."
File 12857583894.png - (148.86KB, 1024x1024 , laugh damn you.png) [iqdb]
As if you would do such a thing!
Backing down now is not an option!

Out there, there is a woman.
A scary woman.
A very scary woman.

A very scary woman who is about to find her view of the world expanded.
Because it will seem bigger.
Because she will be smaller.

It's all relative.
To her, anyway.

“Sorry, Doc, but we're doing this thing, one way or another.” you shake your head.

It's not as if you don't appreciate her concern, but there is no way you are passing up an opportunity such as this.
As you would expect, though, she does not look particularly pleased by this.

“I see. That is unfortunate, but I will not attempt to stop you. I will, however, make one request of you.”
“Sure Doc, name it.”
“Try not to blow anything up, please. I cannot treat patients without a place to treat them, any more than I could treat you if there is not even enough left of you to treat.”
Don't get blown up, don't get anything else blown up either. Got it.”
“Miss Asakura?”

Already busy at work disassembling something, Rikako simply waves her free hand in a way you cannot tell if it's meant to be reassuring or dismissive.

“Yeah, yeah, don't worry. It's not as if any of us would be alive long enough to realize something went wrong, anyway. ...most of us, anyway.”

The doctor folds her arms across her chest, looking rather unamused.
Apparently sensing this, Rikako ceases her work long enough to look up at the doctor.

“What? I'm kidding! Kidding! Seriously, we'll all be fine. Well, okay, not all of us, but...you get my point.”

Although she looks unconvinced, the doctor says little more than a quiet 'good luck' before bidding the two of you farewell and disappearing down the hall.

Once again free to work in silence, Rikako resumes her work while you look on.
Working with a remarkable combination of speed and precision, she swiftly disassembles a variety of unknown devices, sorts their parts, and within minutes has already begun to assemble the shrinky thing.

“Wow. How are you able to do this all so quickly?” you feel compelled to ask.

“What, cobbling together something from all these lovely little doodads? It's not that hard when you already know what you're dealing with, and what you want to do with it. There isn't exactly much else to do when you're bound and gagged in some featureless room for what feels like an eternity, after all.”
“You spent all that time thinking about stuff you were going to build using random stuff from the doctor's storage room?”
“Pretty much, aside from the 'random' part. I had my eye on some of this stuff since Yagokoro gave me that tour way back. Besides, it beats going insane from boredom. Then again...”

Rikako gently sets down the pieces she was currently working on to look at you.

“...maybe I already am insane. Maybe you're placing your trust in a walking, talking, cliché of a megalomaniacal psychotic and this device I am working on is actually going to be my personal doomsday weapon, with which I will use to subjugate everyone in the land. Mwa ha ha ha ha!...ah...ha...”

As the purple-haired woman looks at you, you wonder if you aren't meant to laugh along with her or something.
Judging by the way her expression falls after a couple seconds of silence, you suspect that was the case.

“...ah, eh. I guess I'm just not cut out for comedy. Oh well! Back to work!”

With that, she cheerfully resumes her assembly of what you can only hope is meant to be the shrinky thing.
Not wanting to disturb her work, you watch her in silence. As the minutes go by, you begin to wonder if the scary lady might not start getting impatient, but before you can even think to ask Rikako about how much longer it will take, she speaks up with a question of her own.

“So, why are you doing this, anyway?”
“Huh? What do you mean?”

Though she does not stop her work completely this time, she still slows down a bit as she looks up at you.

“I mean this, of course. Not that I'm not enjoying myself, but Yagokoro sounded like she had a point. It doesn't sound as if this youkai has anything against you, so why stick your neck out on account of whoever was foolish enough to provoke her in the first place?””

“Well, you see...”

[ ] I owe that fool
[ ] That fool owes me
[ ] I was bored
[ ] It's the right thing to do
[ ] Hell, I don't know
[x] It's the right thing to do
[X] I was bored
[ ] It's the right thing to do
[x] It's the right thing to do
What was the name of this CYOA again?
[x] It's the right thing to do
Cause that fool is our friend.
[x] Hell, I don't know.
[x] I want to take her to a dinner and get into her pants.
[B====D] It's the right thing to do to get in her pants
[x] It's the right thing to do
[x] She is my apprentice in the Way of th Thrown Stone. And the master must look out for his apprentice.
[Rocky & Bullwinkle] She is my apprentice in the Way of the Thrown Stone. And the master must look out for his apprentice.

We still have to nurture her potential.
[x] She is my apprentice in the Way of the Thrown Stone. And the master must look out for his apprentice.

I like this choice. We should make it official as soon as possible. Some kind of rock-based initiation trial...
[]She is my apprentice in the Way of the Thrown Stone. And the master must look out for his apprentice.
[x] She is my apprentice in the Way of the Thrown Stone. And the master must look out for his apprentice.
[x] She is my apprentice in the Way of the Thrown Stone. And the master must look out for his apprentice.
>>124008 here

Changing to [x] She is my apprentice in the Way of the Thrown Stone. And the master must look out for his apprentice.
[x] She is my apprentice in the Way of the Thrown Stone. And the master must look out for his apprentice.
Much she has to learn.
[x] She is my apprentice in the Way of the Thrown Stone. And the master must look out for his apprentice.

...Also, this means she owes us, now.
File 12858358432.jpg - (46.89KB, 562x561 , why is my forehead so huge goddamn.jpg) [iqdb]
“Because!” you declare with absolute conviction. “It is the right thing to do! Though we have known each other for barely the amount of time a thrown rock is airborne, we already share a bond more solid than granite! We both walk along the gently arcing patch of the Thrown Stone, she and I! Though she handles the rock as if her hands were made of ham, and true mastery is as distant as the shores of the Sanzu. I see great potential within! That is why I have taken her on as my apprentice, and that is why I do this thing now! Is it not expected for a master to watch over his pupil, like the mother bird watching over her nest?”

Having completely stopped all work about halfway into your explanation, Rikako can only stare at you in bewildered silence. Realizing you have stopped talking, however, her expression gradually shifts to one of dawning comprehension, followed by a strange grin.


Huh? 'Awwww'? What is with the 'awwww'? Why is she saying 'awwwww'!"

“Sounds to me as like someone's trying to impress a lady-friend..” says the Purple-Haired One, apparently catching on to your confusion at her response.

“H-huh?! What? No! No no no no! I'm just trying to hel-”

Relax, I'm just teasing.” Rikako says, smiling, as her hands resume their work. “...though your reaction certainly is interesting, especially if we take other observed behaviors into consideration. Unless, of course, you have a habit telling people stories at their bedside. Either way, it's not as if it would be the first time someone decided to do something irrational and dangerous on account of hormones.”

Ha! As if your resolve were so weak as to be bested by mere hormones!
Though you might suffer the occasional moment of weakness, you know there would be no chance of survival in this land if you gave into your every carnal urge or chased after everything that looked remotely like an attractive female.

When there is a very good chance that female is older than you by a couple hundred years and hungers for human flesh, you know better than to try to rush things.

“So, aside from yourself and the girl who provoked the youkai, who else is a part of this little group you seem to be running with? I thought I heard her mention something about a fairy and a doll?” Rikako asks, mercifully changing the subject.

“Oh, that's right. You wouldn't have seen them yet, have you? Well, let's see...there's the ice fairy. I kind of roped her into helping me out with a couple problems I had, and she's just stuck around since then. Unfortunately, for reasons completely beyond my control, she hurt her head and now can't remember who she is.”
“Hmm. Odd thing to happen to a fairy.”
“Yeah, the doc thought that, too. We're hoping that she'll just get better with time. Anyway, after her would be Medicine.”
“That would be the doll?”
“Yep. She's a living doll who controls poison and wants to win freedom and independence for all dolls. I think she's actually pretty nice once you get past the whole 'hates humans with a passion and probably wants them to die' thing. Kinda cute, too.”
“She hates humans, yet she's hanging around with one?”
“Yep. If she asks, tell her you want to join her cause. Maybe even add in that you hate humans, too, if it will help. She seems to like it when others agree with her.”
“Oh yeah, you might notice another girl, too. Don't quite know who she is or where she came from, she was just there all of a sudden. And then not there all of a sudden. ...and then there again. Basically, if you think you see something odd, or someone is talking to themselves, it's probably due to her. ...unless you're looking at the ice fairy. She just does stuff like that every now and then.”
“Interesting. Oh, it's finished, by the way.”

Holding it up for you to see, the device in Rikako's hands does indeed look very much like a completed shirnky-thing. Granted, you have no real basis for comparison, but if you were asked to imagine what a completed shrinky-thing device looked like, it would probably look something like that.

“It looks good.” you say, nodding your head in approval.

If by 'good' you mean 'totally awesome' because it certainly is that..

All round and tube-y looking with lots of little blinky things.
Truly, it looks just as a device haphazardly cobbled together from assorted bits and pieces of cannibalized alien technology should.

“It's operation is quite simple, you just have to press the activation switch and then throw it at your target.. Though direct contact is preferred for optimal results, I estimate it should still be effective as long as the target is within a three to four meter radius of the device.”
“That's...not very far. What happens if she dodges it or gets away in time?”
“Assuming you aren't depending on her just being extremely slow? Well, this would be why you might want to have some sort of strategy in mind before you use this thing. Even if it works without a hitch, you're still going to have just one shot before she decides to retaliate.”

You had forgotten about that.
Wanting to shrink the youkai woman is all well and good, but having a device that lets you do it won't do you any good if you can't even hit her with it

You suppose the matter of what happens after you use it might be something to consider, too.
Frantically running away from a barrage of glowing balls of concentrated pain is not the most ideal circumstance for coming up with ideas to make a clean getaway.
...even if it is a good motivator.

Damn it. What are you going to do?
What can you do?

Meet her at the front door?
Sneak out the back door?
Divert her attention and strike from a different angle?
Or just have everyone face her head-on and then run like hell?

[ ]
[x] Activate shrinky thing and hug her with it
[x] Activate shrinky thing and hug her with it
File 128584352871.jpg - (39.86KB, 500x371 , e2m10_07_small.jpg) [iqdb]
>“Yep. She's a living doll who controls poison and wants to win freedom and independence for all dolls. I think she's actually pretty nice once you get past the whole 'hates humans with a passion and probably wants them to die' thing. Kinda cute, too.”
He certainly has a way with words.
>“Assuming you aren't depending on her just being extremely slow?

Good thing this is Yuka then

[x] Activate shrinky thing and hug her with it
[x] Invite her into the house, and chuck it at her back when she moves past you.
Hug her? Are you all insane?
Read this thread and the 5 before it.

Now ask again
... I can't think any other way than the hugh thing. Goddamn.
[x] Activate shrinky thing and hug her with it
File 12858852162.jpg - (19.19KB, 300x290 , Its a horse!.jpg) [iqdb]
[x]Activate and offer the blinky thing as a gift to Yuuka as a peace-offering.

I can~

Of course considering Yuuka saw through our earlier talky-skills this horse is equally likely to get us killed.
>as a peace-offering

Won't work, she doesn't want peace.

[x]Activate and give the shrinky thing to Yuuka as a compensation for the wait. When the the thing makes a funny sound (activates), Tenshi will show up for the fight.
Fuck let's go with
[x] Activate shrinky thing and hug her with it
A hero's sacrifice.
Watch her just take a step back while we hold it out to her like an idiot and get shrunk
Hope she has a thing for little boys then?
And the result of us hugging her is likely to be better, or..."

Well, we'll find out soon enough.
File 128593011316.png - (690.53KB, 850x725 , time to die.png) [iqdb]
You have a plan.
It is not a good plan.
Not very well thought-out in the least.
But at this point, it's the best you've got.

On the other side of that door is the enemy.
You are going to take her out.
Not in the “to dinner” sense, either. The other kind.

Standing before the door that lies between you and the Enemy, you look upon your gathered forces.

“Okay, does everyone know what their role is?” you ask of them.

A resounding “No” is their reply.

You should have expected this, considering you had not actually told them much of anything besides that you were leaving now, and to meet you at the door.
In your defense, though, it was more efficient to hold off on explanations until everyone was gathered to hear it at the same time .

“Okay, for those who don't know, we have a slight problem. While I am not naming any names, a certain flower youkai from a certain flower field who was attacked by a certain someone in our group Tenshi has found her way here to confront that certain Tenshi someone, and is quite insistent that she gets what she wants. While I cannot identify this Tenshi individual, I will say that if you want to blame Tenshi someone, then you might want to blame Tenshi.”

“Fortunately, we are not ones to let a comrade face their troubles alone! Thanks to the brilliant assistance of Miss Asakura, we have a means of fighting back against the flower lady. A brilliant device that will absolutely crush our enemies! Best of all, it will work without any problems whatsoever.”
“You do remember that it hasn't even been tested, right? As confident as I am in my abilities, I can't guarantee that-”
Without any problems whatsoever.

Really now, there is a time for doubt, and this is not it!

No. The only thing that should be on your minds is success! Victory! And maybe what you might want to do about lunch, however late in the day it may be.

“Now, you may be wondering just what it is you are going to do. What you are going to do is leave here, victorious. Right after I have done the thing that I am going to do. Failing that, we will all still be leaving this place, but doing so while moving a lot faster. Just remember, whatever happens, stick together.”

“But, Human, what are you going to do?”

“Simple, Medi. I'm going to do this!

Device in-hand, you turn around, open the door, and dash out to meet the flower woman. Closing the distance between the two of you in barely a second, you wrap your arms around the woman's torso, holding yourself against her firm-yet-pleasantly-squeezable body as tightly as possible.

It is with some surprise that you managed to get so close to her without her seeming to react in any way.
Could it be that you're faster than you realized? That she is just that slow? Or could it be that...

“You know, I could hear every word you said on the other side of that door~.”

...she knows exactly what you are doing, and is actually choosing not to do anything to you.

Looking down at you with a smile that does more to kick your body into “fight or flight” mode than any glare of threatening gesture you've ever seen before,

But you do not waver! Not now!

“Would you like to know why I have not done anything yet, human? Even though I already know what you're doing? Hmm~? Call it a gift. One chance~. One free shot~. And then...”

The monster speaks, smiling down at you all the while as you continue to hold her body tightly.
That, and push the button on the device you are currently holding behind her back.


For the briefest of moments, you think you feel the monster-woman's body tense up

“Hm? Just what is th-”

The device in your hand detonates.

Suddenly, you no longer feel the flower youkai in your arms.
You no longer even feel the ground beneath your feet.

You feel hot.

Your ears ring, your head throbs, and your every nerve feels like it's be set on fire.

As your consciousness fades, you are vaguely aware of a strange, unsettling sound cutting through the ringing and throbbing inside your head.


And then, everything fades to...

[ ] White
[ ] Black
[ ]
[ ] Red
[ ] Green
[ ] Blue
[x] Blue
[x] Green
[# ] Green

Uh-oh. Should have expected something like this.
File 128593830869.jpg - (228.95KB, 850x1200 , b3c20cade3a1793cb06f8bbe37daccfe.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] White
The first thing you see. They are white.
White lace.

Eirin would totally have lacy panties.
I can't help but think the colors refer to the girls' panties. Though, there seems to be one extra color.

Also, wouldn't that mean the MC has shrinked along Yuuka?

[ ]

Wel, when in doubt in this story, pick the wierdest option.
Then you would pick the girl who has none.
[x] White
[X] Red

Just because my favorite color.
[x] Green
Its a good thing that our plan worked out absolutely perfectly, and that Yuuka will be a little girl when we wake up. Yep.
More like we will end up small and spend the rest of the time running away from Touhous who want to play big sister...

Here's to waking up as a little girl.

Embrace the void.

I'm okay with this.
[Q] Green

Haha. If we both shrink, this become golden.
[x] Green

Hm. A number of 'pick a colour' votes have popped up recently. Hivemind?
It's not even golden! IT'S PLATINUM!
[x] White
[x] Blue
If indeed we got shrunk too, we must ride around on Medi's shoulder.
It's always been a bit fashionable when the author can't make up his mind on what to do so he gives out a series of random seeming colors/numbers so Anon helps him make up his mind.
File 128600171436.png - (288.84KB, 1100x998 , i see a bunny.png) [iqdb]

Fluffy Fluffy Fluffy Fluffy

Bunny Bunny Bunny Bunny

Pet Pet Pet Pet

Want to take them home~!

Just one should be fine, right?

They wouldn't miss just one, right?

I could hide it in my hat.

Or not.

But sis might not like that.

Stealing is bad.

Loss of property.
Loss of security.
Violation of property of privacy of violation of violation of violate violate violate violate VIOLATE VIOLATE VIOLATE VIOLATE STRIP THEM DOWN AND GO TO TOWN GOING DOWN TO DOWNTOWN.

Take them down?

Take them down.

Take them home~!

Would I like that?
I think I would like that.

Show them my home~.
Show them my room~
Show them sister in the bath~.
Show them on the doll where the man touched you~.

Touch the doll where the man touched you?

Doll touch man touch doll touch wall touch touch rub rub grope fondle squeeze pull rip tear smash smash SMASH BURN KILL OH LOOK BUNNIES

So cute-cute fluffy-fluffy I wonder what they taste like?

Should I check?

Maybe? Maybe?

What's back here?
Ooh, a door~!

Doors are so fun.
Shut the door~!
Shut out the world~!

Like the eyes of the home, if the home didn't have windows~.

What's out heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere~"

Oh! It's the lady from the field!
Hi~! Hi~! Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~!
I am waving at you~!
Waving waving waving~!

You don't wave back, though.
They never wave back.

But that's okay~! You can't wave at what you can't see!

Why are you here, though~"
Why are you staying here~"
There's nothing back here, but the back door.
Why don't you wait at the front?

Do you like the rear entry more than the front~"

I guess you do, you're smiling so much~!

It's good to be so happy and carefree, right~"

I'd love to stay and watch you watch the door except that I wouldn't because this is actually getting kinda boring and why aren't you doing anything do something do something do something do something okay I love you buh-bye~!

I hope something interesting happens soon~!
Waiting is so booooooriiiiiiiiing~
Boring boring boring boring
Boing boing boing boing

At least I've got bunnies~!
But they're kinda boring, too.
They're just laying around.

Lazy little bunnies!
Why don't you get a job!

Kids these days just don't know the value of-
Ooh~! Where are they going?
I wonder~ I wonder~!

Sneaky sneaky sneaky sneaky following the leader~.
Following the follower following the leader~.

Who is that?
Who is that~?

Smells like human.
Smells old, though.

Dusty, musty, old-old-old~.

Where did you come from~"
Where did you go~"
Where did you come from, Girl Who Smells Old~"

Sure doesn't move like she's old, though.
Must investigate further~!

Front door! Front door? Front door~!
Let's see what's behind door number one!
Oh, it's the lady from the fields~!


Did she get bored waiting in the back?
I know I did.
But did she?
She smells a little different~.

Is she feeling a little...less than fresh~"

Oh, the human is going away.
And the human is, too.

Ooh, but maybe something fun is going to happen soon?
Oooooh, I can't wait~!

[ ] Arts & Crafts
[ ] Group Therapy
[ ] Solitary Confinement
[ ] Ride the Lightning
[ ] Stare into the Face of Madness
[x] Ride the Lightning
Maybe it's just because of Tepes' most recent short, but this Koishi really reminds me of GLaDOS's curiosity core.

[X] Group Therapy
Fun fact: if everyone in your group therapy session except you dies under mysterious circumstances, you win the secret grand prize. It's true.
If GLaDOS' curiosity core were a raving homicidal maniac with dissociative personality disorder and paranoid schizophrenia.

So, basically, she's like GLaDOS without most of the snark.
[x] Group Therapy
This is getting more interesting...
[x] Stare into the Face of Madness
I am just too curious.
[x] Koishi option (unless all are Koishi, in which case: "[x] Most amusing option")

This most recent post made me think of The Game.
>okay I love you buh-bye~!

[X]Most amusing option
[ ] Group Therapy

[X] Ride the Bomb
[X] Ride the Lightning
>>Koishi option

risks in such a vote, as what I might find amusing won't necessarily be quite as amusing to anyone else.

Pillow. That is all.
Old but human... Mokou?
I mean, it could also be Kaguya, Lunarians are a subspecies of human after all, but...

"Most amusing option that does not make readers unhappy."

Somehow I knew you were going to make that distinction.
File 128609880871.png - (396.67KB, 300x450 , oh hello there.png) [iqdb]

So many doors here~!
Hiding secrets secret secret shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~

What's that?

“..as if any of us would be alive long enough to realize something went wrong, anyway. ...most of us, anyway.”


“What? I'm kidding! Kidding! Seriously, we'll all be fine. Well, okay, not all of us, but...you get my point.”

“...well, good luck...”

Oooh, the starry-lady!
She smells like moondust!
Walky walky
Swishy swishy
Sway-y sway-y

She must not have been invited to help the humans.
Are they working on something?
I think they're working on something.
But I won't peek~!
Nope nope nope~!
It must be a surprise~!
That's why I OOH I WANNA PEEK THOUGH I WANNA I WANNA but no I won't~!

Surprises should be surprising!
Is that why the lady is out at the back when she's at the front?
They know she's there but they don't know she's there but she does she know they don't know about her because they already know about the her that they know about~"

But I know.
Hmm~, should I say something?
Tell someone~"
Tell an adult~"

Naaaaaaaah~! Surprises for everybody~!

Sneaky sneaky
Creaky creaky
Sneaking through the halls~

How long will it be, though?
Naaaah, he would be walking really funny.
Then again...maybe I should check that, too~.
Did I already?
I dunno~!
But that comes later~
This comes now~
The fantastical blood-soaked love-coated surprise party massacre~!
I wanna see it~!
Where do I see it~"
Hello door~
Hello porch~
Hello lady who is gonna get surprised~!
I know about the party but you don't because you are invited and I'm not which makes me sad except I wouldn't have been invited anyway and you can't see me anyway unless I let you but I won't because then I can grope you and you won't even notice~.


Okay I love you but not as much as the other one of you, since she was the first you and you never forget your first buh-bye~!

Floaty floaty
Flying flying
Up up up up up
It's like flying in the sky~
Because that's exactly what it is~
Going up and looking down~
They all look like ants from here~
Oh, they are ants!
Must go higher!
High high hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiFISHY!
A fish~
A fish~
A fishyOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwhyareyouherewhywhywhywhy

Silly fishy swimming in the clouds~
At least wear something more appropriate!
Like a swimsuit! Or nothing!
But oh those frills are so frilly and flappy and I think I want to touNNGH!

That hurt!
That hurt!
I wanna do it agaiZZZZNGHT!

Ahhhhhhyeah....that's the stuff...

You're a funny little fishy!
My hair is all frizzy now!
I hope you're happOH I CAN'T STAY MAD AT YOU come here huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuZGHURGRKTAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAaaaaaaaaaa

“Hm? I seem to be discharging all of a sudden. A change in the atmosphere, perhaps?”
“Oh? There is someone here? Have you come to see me? How unusual.”
Oh, you have not come to see me?”
“Well then. Have you any business here?”
“Understood. If there is nothing else, I shall bid you good day.”
“You do have some other business, then?”
“...I am sorry, but I have other matters to attend to. Please do not complicate my task any further.”
“And please cease attempting to touch me so carelessly. It is dangerous.”
“Don't wanna~!”
“Listen, child, this is no place for you to be. I have a task I must complete, and-”
“Ooh~! Whatcha doin'?”
“I hardly think that is of any concern to-”
“Tell me tell me tell me tell me tell me~!”
“...very well then. I am searching for someone.”
“I know someone~!”
“I am sure that you do. However-”
“Does she smell funny~?”
“What? No, she-”
“No, not at al-”
No, she-...wait a minute...that girl, did she-”
“Blue hair red eye kneel before me insolent worms and lick my boots I order you to do it I'll cut you with my swor-”
“Yes! Yes! That is who I seek! You have seen her?!”

Fading fading faaade awwaaaaaaaay~

“What?! No! I implore you! Tell me where you have seen her!”









Oh! I almost missed the start!
I see the lady!

Ooh! I see the human!
Is that the surprise?
I think that's the surprise~!
What does it do, though?

Awwwwwwww! He's giving her a hug!
Maybe that's the surprise?
No no no! Lower! Lower!
Aw! Come on! Take a squeeze!

Hm? The thingy is all flashy and beepy and-

“Hm? Just what is th-”

Oooh! Fireworks!
Silly human! You don't hold them!
Human flying~
Lady falling~
And here comes the other human peachy stinky chilly flying running gasping grabbing screaming screaming OOH there's the other lady!

Do they see her?
I don't think they see her.

AH! Now they see her!
They see her on the ground, they see her on the roof, they see her on the ground, they see her on the roof~

Dawning comprehension
Human holding human holding doll holding human fairy holding peachy flying running flying screaming yelling lady flying screaming lady screaming what happened what happened what happened what did you do what did you do what did you do to me what did you do come back come back come back COME BACK HERE NOW

Not quite a blood-soaked siesta, but I guess this is fine, too~!


Hm? The human doesn't look like he's enjoying himself, though.
Not that one. The other one.
He's gone all floppy-doppy-dangly-doo
How did that feel when the thingy blew up?
Hey~. Heeeeeee~y


Hey huuuumaaaaaaaan~
Poke poke poke~
Come on~


There's no point to having a party if you're going to sleep through it, you know~!
Come on~
Come on~!
If you do, I'll give you something niiiiice~!
Would you like that?
Come on, already!
You're being boring I don't like you being boring stop being boring~!


Ooh, she's really mad~
Don't you wanna see this~"
Don't you wanna see other stuff~"
I could show you my house~!
Show you my room~!
My sister in the baaaath~!
Me in the bath~"


Come on, wake up~
You're missing the best part~!
What about all the other stuff?
You can't do stuff like this like that~!
So, up and at 'em~!
Wake up, buttercup~!

Just...wake up~.



I...I don't know if I like this very much.

[ ] Direct Intervention
[ ] Enabling
[ ] Exit Counseling
[ ] Learned Helplessness
[x] Direct Intervention
[ ] Direct Intervention
Oh shit, Yuuka clone.
... Man, we got played.

[x] Direct Intervention
[ ] Enabling
[x] Direct Intervention
>I...I don't know if I like this very much.
[x] Direct intervention.
[x] Direct intervention.
[x] Learned Helplessness
I knew we should have thrown it at her.
[x] Direct Intervention

This story is yet another reason why I love Koishi.
[X] Direct Intervention

Koishi kicking ass and taking names snuggling with reckless abandon?
[X] Direct Intervention
File 12861878514.png - (316.14KB, 570x570 , HUUUUGS FOR EVERYBODY.png) [iqdb]
No no no no no
This is not a good thing
Not a good thing at all

I don't like not-good things
Good things are good
All happy fluffy fluffy lovey bloody fun fun good time

Is doing something good?
Not good?
Not doing not good?
Doing good not doing what doing is not doing?





Helping is


Angry lady is angry
Very angry

Anger angry grrrr shoot stab rip tear maim hurt

Hurting is bad
Pain is bad

Not good not good no no no

Helping to hurts to help to hurt pain no bad bad no hurt no no no no no nonononono

Chaser chasing
Runners running
Wondering where they are going
Knowing going slowly slowing




Gonna stall
Gonna fall
Lady catch and then the fun begins for her not them not-fun for not-her

Gonna happen
Gonna happen
Unless it not-happens

Don't wanna hurt
Don't wanna don't wanna but gotta don't wanna



Lady is chasing
Chasing is problem
Lady is problem
Not-chasing is not-problem
Then lady not-problem
Since lady not-chasing
So make chasing lady not-chase so lady not-problem~

Ideas are fuuuuuuuuuuun~!

But where oh where do they go I know I know I know yes yes there
There is good
Very good~!

But they're not going there!
That's no good!
They should go there!
Need to go there!
Why aren't you going?!

Ooooh yeah, they don't know, do they?

But I know~!

Whisper whisper the secrets of the times or at least the time that is now and not later not yesterday tomorrow any other day but this go left right straight ahead a little more then straight on till morning but if it takes that long you went too far and crossed the line like an arrow straight on going going go go go go hurry hurry almost almost good good but not good enough look out for that tree and that one no no that one that was close how do you do that doesn't that fire burn your clothes or hair or are you like but oh sorry keep going going good good left left right right down up down up dodge the laser dodge weave faster faster faster NOT FAST ENOUGH GO FASTER NOW NOW NOW

Angry lady is still angry still coming coming coming going not gonna make it not at all like this

So close
So far
Almost almost just a little more
But not enough

Even though I helped a little kinda sorta
Not enough not enough not enough not enough what to do what to do I don't know but I do don't I of course I do but do I want to it might hurt I think I don't like hurt but no hurt will hurt no matter what don't wanna don't wanna go back back before but can't not won't don't no no no but-

“She's getting closer!”
“Damn it! My fuel is almost-”
“Human! Look! There-”
“I see it! But-”
“-the finish line almost in sight, the final da-
“Oh, will you shut up already?!”

...will this be a good thing?
Good things are good, right?
Happy happy all around?
Snuggles for everybody?

But mostly for me~

These ones are mine!
You can't have any~!

Well, okaaaaaaaaay, maybe just a liiiiiiiiittle~!

Sharing is caring, right~"

Oh~? Oh~!
Lookie lookie~!
I see one~!
I see one~!
Someone who needs one~!
Maybe two~
Three or four~!

Time for-


Thank you, ma'am~

“What in the-?! LET GO OF ME!

Falling falling wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~!
What nice cushions you have~!
The better to break a fall with, my dear~!
Falling falling landing slamming rolling rolling you're not on the bottom very often are you?
Does it hurt~"
Did it hurt when we slammed into the ground because I slammed into you to make you slam into something else~"
Want mamma kiss it better~?

“Eugh! Get OFF of me!”

That's not nice!

I don't think I wanna play with you no more!
You're less squishy, too!
Why did you get less squishy?!
STOP THAT OKAY buh-byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~

“Wha-?! HEY!

Now wheeeeeeeeeeeeeere did they gooooooooooooooooooooo~"
Theeeeeeeeeeeeeeere they weeeeeeeeeeeeeeent~!

Human went down the hole~!
Dolly went down the hooole~!
Chilly went down the hoooooole~!
Peachy went down the hoooooooooooooole~!

But the lady can't come~!
She's not invited!
Nope nope!
Not in my hole, she isn't~!

Neener neener neeeOWOWOWWIEouch...

...helping kinda hurts.

[ ] Parlor
[ ] Boiler room
Koishi here to save the day.

[x] Boiler room
[ ] Parlor

Huzzah Koishi! Yay Yamame!
[x] Boiler room
[x] Boiler room

Can someone interpret Koishitalk for me? I have no idea what was going on in the first half, although she seemed to be trying to guide Mokou somewhere.

...Also we will need to keep in mind that

1) we have now made an enemy out of Yuuka (whereas before she was willing to let us go so long as we turned over Tenshi to her)

2) Yuuka knows where we are so long as there are plants nearby. And like the Terminator, she will not stop and cannot be stopped.

Worse, smashy-presses and iron foundries will merely delay the inevitable.
[x] Parlor
Time to find a river of lava then. Underground, here we go!
File 128620928626.jpg - (835.83KB, 1002x1417 , 6b9bd5813842ba2da107acd67230b3f2.jpg) [iqdb]
Neener neener neeeOWOWOWWIEouch...
Pic related.

[X] Parlor
What >>124482 said.
>Yuuka knows where we are so long as there are plants nearby.

That's okay, there are only fungi underground.
Autosage, needs new thread.
Alrighty. Flipped a coin, vote called, new thread whenever the update is ready.

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