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122931 No. 122931
“Not so fast.” you tell the girl, as the alarm stops, allowing you to speak at a normal volume once again. “I don't mind helping you, but there are some questions I have before that.”

W-what?!” the lab-coat girl practically shrieks. “We don't have time for this! You need to help me up now! Or it's going to be too late for explanations!”

Though you find yourself feeling more than a little suspicious of this girl, you can't help but feel the rising panic in her voice is genuine.

Still, you will not back down.
Something is fishy here, and you want to find out what.

“Okay, okay, I'll help you up...”
“Finally! Get her off of m-”
“...if you answer my questions first.”
“Oh come on!! I said we don't have time for-”
“Then you should let me ask now. The sooner I do and the sooner you answer, the sooner I get the crazy shaking girl off of you.”

The girl makes some strange, frustrated-sounding noises, though whether it's from your refusal to help, or Tenshi's repeated poking her in the chest while going 'beep', you can't quite tell.

Maybe a bit of both?

Taking the glare she is currently sending you way as her way of telling you 'fine, just get on with it', you proceed with your questioning.

“First of all, who are you?”
“Ahn~! Gah! That's not important!”
“Really? Because for all I know, you aren't supposed to be here. How am I to know?”
“How dare-...er, I mean, that is not something you need to question! I can assure you I have every right to be here!”
“I am not lying!”

Though she seems a little shady to you, you find it hard to doubt that she's telling the truth, somehow.
Either she's an exceptionally good liar, or she honestly does believe she is not somewhere she shouldn't be.

“Okay, I'll let that go for now. Next-”
“Geugh! Come on already!”
NEXT, what was that stuff you tried to give us?”
“You mean the stuff you chose to dump down your girlfriend's throat?”
“She's not my- ...I mean, don't try to dodge the question.”
“It's my experiment, of course!”
“You were going to give us experimental drugs without telling us-”
Hey, did I force you to drink any of it? Not a bit. Not a drop. Did you force your girlfriend to?”
“I said she's not my girl-”
“In any case, I did not force anything upon you that you did not choose for yourself. Don't blame me just because she AUGH! Can't you get her to stop touching me there?!
“Sorry, no can do.”

While you don't know what that stuff was the girl tried to give you, you have to admit that she did sort of have a point about not actually forcing you to have any of it.
You'd ask more about what it was, specifically, but don't for fear of it involving a lot of really big words that you would neither understand nor remember for more than a few seconds after hearing them.

“Okay, then...”
“Are you going to help me up already?!”
“Of course I will!”
“After this one last question.”
“...damn it!

[ ] Ask her about the doctor
[ ] Ask her about the other residents
[ ] Ask her about herself
[ ] Ask her out to dinner
[ ] Actually, you're just kidding. You'll help her up now.

No. 122932
[ ] Ask her out to dinner
No. 122933
[x] Actually, you're just kidding. You'll help her up now.

I'm really hoping this Tenshi isn't permanent.
No. 122935
[x] Ask her out to dinner.
-[x] It's more of a formality that you ask, now, but just in case.
No. 122939
[X] Ask Tenshi out for dinner
No. 122945
[Q] Ask her about the doctor

We can ask her out to dinner after this.
No. 122947
[x] Ask her about the doctor
No. 122958
[X] Ask her about the doctor

She is who we came to see, after all.
No. 122959
[x] Ah, what the heck. Join Tenshi in whatever she is doing to the girl.
[x] Tell Medicine to watch carefully because this will be very educational for her.
[x] Ask Koishi for guidance whenever you are not sure what to do next.

It's Go Time
No. 122960
[x] Ask her out to dinner

No. 122961
[X] Ask her about the doctor.

we already asked Tenshi out dinner earlier. She didn't say yes, but considering her current state of mind I rather doubt she'd take it well if we asked it again to someone we don't even know the name of.
No. 122962

Damn horny 14 year olds.

[x] Ask her out to dinner
No. 122965
[x] Ask her out to dinner
No. 122967
[X] Ask her about the doctor.
No. 122968
[X] Ask her about the doctor
I'm curious.
No. 122969
[x] Ask her about the doctor
Why don't you ask Eirin for help. Oh WAIT YOU CAN'T RIGHT HAHA.
Serves you right.
No. 122971
That's not very nice.
No. 122982
[x] Actually, you're just kidding. You never were going to help her anyway.
No. 122987
File 128429720296.jpg - (306.88KB , 600x486 , the jig is up.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Alright, one question lies between you and freedom. Are you ready for it?”
Yes, damn it!”
“Are you sure?”
“Are you really, really sur-”

Oh my, she is getting quite agitated, isn't she?
Clearly, whatever it is that's about to happen has her very worried for some reason.
Most likely, you assume, because it's something bad for her.

Of course, there's the possibility that it might also be bad for you, but since when has anyone ever been harmed by failing to heed the warnings of others?

“Okay, okay, last question for real. What about the Doctor?”
“...huh? What about her?”
“Where is she?”
“What? I told you! She's out on business!”
“And? When will she be back?”

Oh, right about now, I would imagine.” a familiar voice rings out from the open doorway.

Taking your eyes off the girl, who is now struggling against Tenshi in a rather desperate-looking attempt to get her mask back in place, you look up to see none other than the Doctor herself standing in the door.

“Oh! Hi, Doc! I brought back those flowers you wanted!” you say with a smile and wave.

“Among other things, I see.” she replies with a smirk. “I am quite impressed. You certainly do work quickly, don't you?”

You can tell she's pleased with you completing your task in such a timely manner.
Seems kinda odd that she hasn't even looked at the flowers, yet, though.
Not that you can blame her. The sight of the twitching celestial with the unbuttoned top is certainly a more interesting sight than a basket of flowers.

“Setting that aside for the moment, however, I would ask if any of you would happen to be able to explain the current state of my waiting room? Hm~?”
“Oh, you mean all the unconscious rabbits everywhere?”
“Exhausted and severely dehydrated, to be precise. But, yes. That would certainly be something that struck me as unusual and warranting an explanation.”

Moving in perfect unison, everyone in your group not currently under the influence of unknown chemicals points straight at the lab-coat girl.

“She did it.”
She did it.
“She did it~.”
“I thought as much.” the Doctor says, with a sigh.

Placing her hands on her hips, she looks down at the girl pinned to the floor.

“I don't suppose you would care to explain yourself, then?”
“Uh...I did it for science?”

The girl laughs nervously.
The Doctor frowns.

The girl stops laughing.

“Okay, okay! I was made something and wanted to test it out!”
“Do you know what it is you made?”
“...well...no, but-!”
“Then am I correct in assuming that you did not know what it was meant to do, either?”
“If I knew what it did, I wouldn't need to test it out, now would I?”
“And you decided that the most prudent method of discovering what it did was to administer it to he rabbits? To our guests and patients? Without any knowledge of whether or not it was even harmful to them?”
“Oh, please. I at least verified that it wouldn't kill anyone, first! Give me some credit, here.”
“And you verified this how, exactly?”
“I tried it myself, of course!”

For some reason, the Doctor begins rubbing her temples with her hand, as if she felt a nasty headache coming on.

“You...you do realizes the inherent flaws in that, don't you?”
“Oh, as if I couldn't tell if it was killing me or not.”
“It couldn't kill you. It is impossible for it to kill you. That is the point.”
“Well, I'd still know!”

Yeah, it definitely looks like she's got a nasty headache going, now.

“Did you at least inform any of your 'subjects' what they were taking?”
“Of course not!”
“...of course not.”
“I knew it wouldn't kill them, and there shouldn't have been any other lasting harm, so what problem is there in not telling them?”
“Aside from a complete disregard for the concept of informed consent and effectively throwing the very notion of ethics or principles out the window?”
“Oh, sure, when you say it like that, it sounds bad.”

Putting her face into her hands, you think you can hear the Doc faintly mutter 'where did I go wrong?' before resuming her conversation with the girl.

“So, aside from ensuring that much of our rabbit population will be incapacitated for a while, how is your experiment going?”
“How do you think?!”

Taking a moment to look up at Tenshi, who was now staring vacantly into space while quietly giggling to herself, the Doctor's expression brightens considerably, her smirk returning in full force.

“Quite well, I would say.”
“Oh? Am I mistaken? Would you perhaps be requiring my assistance?”
“Is that so~? Because I seem to recall offering my help before, and someone telling me they had no need for it. Who could that have been, I wonder?”
“Eiriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin! Please! I think she's about to throw up!”

Indeed, Tenshi's complexion had suddenly taken on a vaguely greenish hue, and her giggling had been replaced by a sickly, throaty gurgling sound.

“Very well then. Upsy-daisy!”

With remarkable speed and coordination, the Doctor effortlessly hefts the gagging celestial up off of the girl, guides her over to a nearby sink, and somehow manages to rope you into holding her hair back as she begins to heave.

Attempting to tune out the nauseating sounds now coming from Tenshi, you try to focus your attention back on the Doctor, who has now moved back to the girl and is helping her up from the floor.

“While I have plenty of other questions for you, I would be remiss to not inquire about your attire.”
“Your clothes?”
“These? What? I wanted to look authentic!”
“Where did you get them?”
“...your closet?”
“I am quite certain I would recognize my own clothing.”
“...they're old?”
“From the way they fit you, they are clearly not even my size.”
“...they're really, really old, and you put on a lot of weight?”
“I am going to ignore that.”
“What? You have!”
“...and inform you that I do, as a matter of fact, happen to recognize those clothes.”
“O-oh? Uh...you do?”
“Yes. I do. With that knowledge in mind, I will ask you again; where did you get them?
“I, uh...found them.”
“...borrowed them?

At this, the lab-coat girl visibly winces.

“Okay, okay! Fine! I took them!”
“Took them from...?”
“Well...remember that guest we had?”
“Yes, as a matter of fact, I do remember. I was under the impression that she had left.”
“An impression that you had given me.”
“Yeah, about that...”
“She never left Eientei, did she?”
“Not technically, no...”

Annnd the Doc is rubbing her temples again.

“Please tell me you did not do what I think you did.”
“Well, it's not like anyone was going to miss her!”
“That is hardly the point here.”
“Then what is the point, then? I'm just doing what you told me to do!”
No, Princess, I did not tell you to do this. You tell me you wish to find your place in the world, I advise you to just do whatever it is you wanted to do. You tell me you do not know what you want to do, I advise you to make finding something you enjoy doing be the thing you do. You tell me you don't know where to start, I advise you to see what others are doing and learn from them.”
“Right! 'Learn what it's like to walk in their shoes'! And I did that!”
“Yes. You certainly did. However, you were not meant to take those words quite so literally.”
“Oh, now you-”
“'Do not abduct people and attempt to take their place' is not generally something that needs to be explicitly stated, Princess.”
“In any case, is she still on the premises?”
“Of course she is!”
“Okay, okay, I'll go let her out now.”

With a heavy sigh, the girl removes her mask and undoes the ponytail, allowing her hair to fall freely back behind her, as she shuffles towards the door.

“And return her clothes while you are at it.”
“Yes, yes, I know, I know.”
Now, Princess.”

In an instant, the girl is gone from view, as the Doctor turns her gaze towards you.

“How are you doing over there?”
“Mmn...don...don' feel so good...”

Having ceased her heaving, Tenshi leans against the sink for support, periodically shooting brief glares in your direction. Glares that, while fleeting, have a distinctive vibe of 'You did this to me, and I am going to make you pay for it somehow'.

“I really do have to apologize. The Princess means well, usually. She just becomes a little too enthusiastic for her own good from time to time, and...oh? Back already?”

Turning to the returning girl who is apparently some sort of royalty, the Doctor's pleasant smirk once again shifts back into a frown when she notices the slightly panicked expression on the girl's face.

“Eirin! She's gone!”
“What do you mean she is 'gone', Princess?”
“I mean she's not where she was supposed to be! She's gone!”
“I assume that should not be possible for her to accomplish under her own power? Well, this is certainly troublesome...”

For some strange reason, you are reminded of the fact that your fairy companion is nowhere to be seen.

Surely there being two unaccounted for individuals roaming the halls of this place is just a coincidence, right?

[ ] Command Center
[ ] Search Party
[ ] Field Agent
[ ] Dereliction of Duty
No. 122992
[x] Search Party
[x] - "How are you Tenshi? Still feeling like raping me?"

Don't be so angry, Tenshi.
At least, you were honest. That's good.
No. 122995
[Q] Field Agent
No. 122998
>“Well, it's not like anyone was going to miss her!”

[x] Command Center
Splitting up and searching for someone never ends good.
No. 123000
[X] Search Party

Never split the party.
No. 123002
[x] Command Center
No. 123011
[x] Search Party
Time to find that poor, lonely and frightened girl. And that missing rabbit too.
No. 123012
[X] Search Party

Off to search for the fairy! and the other person! Who we have no idea what they look like!

although at this point, it seems that we're just looking for anyone not wearing a full set of clothes...
No. 123014
[x] Command Center

Why is it so hard for us to keep track of our Touhous?

>Kaguya trying to do something with her life (even if it is in all the wrong ways)
I like this.

>exhausted and dehydrated
Oh my.

>Don't be so angry, Tenshi.
Are you fucking serious? Wow, that's extreme reading comprehension failure.

>and the other person! Who we have no idea what they look like!
Well, given what was just said, I think it's safe to say they looked something like what Kaguya was trying to look like.
No. 123015
Having ceased her heaving, Tenshi leans against the sink for support, periodically shooting brief glares in your direction. Glares that, while fleeting, have a distinctive vibe of 'You did this to me, and I am going to make you pay for it somehow'.

She's angry.
No. 123016
>Well, given what was just said, I think it's safe to say they looked something like what Kaguya was trying to look like.

Except that it has been stated outright that Kaguya stole those clothes from the person, so whoever it is currently does not have a set of her own (at least of the labcoat set. she may end up scavenging some more clothes in general)
No. 123017
[X] Command Center

Isn't it sad, Rikako?
No. 123032
>at this point, it seems that we're just looking for anyone not wearing a full set of clothes.
Same ol' same ol'
No. 123036
>Are you fucking serious? Wow, that's extreme reading comprehension failure.

Looks more like a joke to me.

[X] Command Center
No. 123121
Yes. That is exactly the point I was making, which the other person seemed to have missed.

Dammit, I thought Rikako had a braid. Well, then there will indeed be nothing to identify her by, except being naked and panicked.
...Okay, that's probably something.

It sure doesn't look like one. I tend to assume the worst, and am often depressingly right.
No. 123137
File 128444346732.png - (1.05MB , 1240x1753 , would you like a gold star.png ) [iqdb]
“Should we go out and look? Our fairy is missing, too.” you offer the Doctor your assistance.

“Thank you for the offer, but that should not be necessary.” she says, smiling as she pulls out her phone, pushes a button on it, and brings it up to her ear. “Udonge? I am in the office, and we have a slight situation on our hands. No, no, the princess is here. Yes, she's fine. For now.

Though she says it without even looking at her, the princess in the lab-coat flinches at the Doctor's words. It's amazing how she can have such an effect, while sounding so cheerful.

“Do not worry about what that means, Udonge, just pay attention. A couple of our guests have managed to get themselves lost. Do you remember the human female that visited us some time ago? ...no, no, this was the one who wasn't trying to raid the storeroom or blow something up. Yes. Yes, that's the one. No, it would seem she did not. Mm-hm. Yes, I know. I thought that, too, oddly enough.”

The princess flinches again, this time because the Doctor is looking at her.
She doesn't look at her accusingly. She doesn't even look mad. But behind that smile, you can definitely feel something ominous brewing, like a beautifully sunny day that is about to suddenly give way to a terrible storm.

“In any case, both she and a certain fairy are currently wandering around the premises. If you would be so kind as to locate them for me and bring them here, that would be... Ah, wonderful! I shall count on you, then. Oh, by the way, Udonge? That woman...have you ever wondered what she might look like without her clothes on? Hm? Oh, no. No reason~. Just let me know when you find her, okay? I'll be waiting.~”

Snapping the phone shut, the Doctor places it back into her pocket, crosses over to her desk and begins shuffling through some papers.

“Uh, Doc? Is this really okay? I mean, we could at least help look for our fairy. It's no trouble.” you feel compelled to ask.

It just doesn't feel right to at least not offer to help, after all.

“...nng...speak for yourself...” Tenshi mutters, beside you.

“Don't worry, our little Udonge is more than capable of handling this matter. Besides, if anyone else were to get lost within our walls, we would go over our allowed quota for month, and the rabbits were so looking forward to that incentive party we were going to have.” she says, with a chuckle. “But, if you're that worried, why don't we watch and see how things are going? Hm?”

Having pulled her little black controller-thingy from before out of her pockets, she presses a few buttons and within seconds the blinds on the windows close, the lights dim, and once again a bright image is projected on the nearby wall. However, where last time the image was of organs and body parts, you now see a strange arrangement of blocks and lines, with assorted colored dots blinking all over it. It takes a few moments for you to register exactly what it is you are looking at.

“...a map?
“That is basically correct, though it is a little more than that.”
“And those dots are...”

Inside one of the blocks, you see a couple dozen small, red dots, each of them glowing faintly. In another block not to far from it, you six other dots, each of them glowing much more brightly. What really catches your eye, however, is a single red dot in particular, moving across the map.

“I take it by that look of dawning comprehension that you figured it out, yes?” the doctor says, smiling.

“Is that moving dot supposed to be...”
“Udonge? That would be my guess, yes.”
“But, if you have this, why are you having her run around like that?”

At this, the doctor chuckles.

“It does that child some good to do things like this from time to time. She could use the exercise. Besides that, don't you notice anything unusual about the display?”

Something unusual?
Well, you see all the faint little dots that you assume are the rabbits in the waiting room.
You see the dots for yourself, the doctor, the 'princess', Medicine, Tenshi, and the weird girl all in the block representing the clinic.
And, of course, you see the rapidly-moving dot that represents the bunny-girl.

But you don't see any other dots.
Not for the fairy.
Not for the woman.

“They're not on the map.”
“But doesn't that mean they aren't here?”
“Not necessarily. The dots you are seeing right now are actually loosely based upon body heat. Notice how dim the dots of all those unconscious rabbits are in our waiting room, while Udonge's little dot is currently brighter than anything else on the map? Due to the healthy sweat she's surely working up from running through the halls, no doubt. In the case of something without body heat, however, such as an ice-based fairy...”
“They won't show up?”
“Precisely. Normally, we would also be able to also pick up motion, sound, and a number of other variables that would make this whole process much more efficient. Unfortunately, thanks to a certain would-be scientist who will go unnamed at this time, our sensor network isn't quite functioning how it should be.”

You both look over at the dark-haired girl in the lab-coat, who cringes a little.
You almost feel sorry for her. Almost.

“It's nothing to despair over, though. Even in this limited state, we can glean some useful information about the situation.”
“What do you mean?”
“Look again at the map. One of the individuals we are searching for is not appearing on it for some reason. Why is that?”
“Because she doesn't have any body heat?”
“Good! Of course, even negative body heat is still, essentially, body heat. Thus, we should still be able to see it our on our display. Provided, of course, that our sensors were working properly. But I digress...is that the only thing missing from our map?”
“Well, no. The woman you're looking for isn't on here, either.”
“Correct! And, unlike your fairy friend, the woman we are looking for is a human. Thus, assuming she is still alive, she should be appearing on our map, somewhere. Yet, as you noted, she is not. Why might that be?”
“I dunno...something is keeping her temperature down?”

The Doctor smiles at you, in a pleasingly genuine way.

“I suspect something like that might be the case, yes. Even with our system in the state it's in, we should be able to detect at least one of them. That we are picking up neither of them leads me to believe that each of them may be having an effect on the temperature of the other, thus preventing our sensors from detecting either of them. In other words, they are most likely together.”

[ ] Active Time Event
[ ] Quick Time Event
[ ] Advancing Time Event
[ ] Wasting Time Event
No. 123143
[x] Wasting Time Event
[x] T-t-together as in!? *blush* I-I had no idea those two were so close... Maybe we should let them have some alone time
No. 123145
[x] Active Time Event

I miss FF9.

And WUiG.
No. 123147
[x] Quick Time Event

Poor Kaguya. She gonna get killed. Or worse.
No. 123151
[X] Quick Time Event
Press 'X' to ignore the princess' suffering.
No. 123153
[X] Wasting Time Event
No. 123162
>Inside one of the blocks, you see a couple dozen small, red dots, each of them glowing faintly. In another block not to far from it, you six other dots, each of them glowing much more brightly. What really catches your eye, however, is a single red dot in particular, moving across the map.
Suddenly, the screen starts to ping and Alien beeps.

[x] Wasting Time Event
No. 123186
[x] Active Time Event

Because Quicktime is a terrible program.
No. 123188
[x] Hammer Time Event

But no, really,
[x] Quick Time Event
Definitely seems the most interesting and probably has the coolest outcome.
No. 123197
[x] Quick Time Event
No. 123198
[ ] Active Time Event

Because I want to know what's going on.
No. 123200
[X] Quick Time Event

What button will have to be pushed to not die I wonder?
No. 123201
[X] Actively Timed Event
No. 123226
[X] A.C.T.I.V.E. Time Event

No. 123229
File 128453174588.jpg - (62.93KB , 720x640 , wE sEe YoU.jpg ) [iqdb]
The hall seemed endless.

With no end in sight, the path ahead fading into darkness, it was easy to believe that it stretched into infinity.

The case had seemed to have gone cold.
No clues.
No witnesses.

Nothing at all that might help work up a good profile.

But I knew it had to be here, somewhere.

That vital piece of the puzzle that would blow the lid of this entire case.

I just hoped I could find it before the killer struck again...

“I have to say, this case just keeps getting stranger and stranger. A white room. A floor covered with rabbits. A girl dressed in rope. What do you make of it, Zeke?”

Mmmph rrmmpth! Hrmmph!

“Ah yeah. It really is unfortunate, isn't it? It goes to show the state our world is in, these days. I tell you, Ziggy, that's what we're missing in this day and age. Values.”


“That was a great movie, wasn't it, Sam? Not great by normal standards, of course. But it had a certain charm that you just couldn't find in any of the major motion pictures of the day. The lead was especially convincing. What was his name, again? It's right on the tip of my tongue.”

Mmmmmph! Hmmmph...hrmm...

“Boy, that last case really was something, wasn't it? Crazy. To think, the perp would actually hide the pads in her bra. We were lucky to get out of that one in one piece, weren't we, Zed? Maybe next time, you could give me a few tips on how to-...hold on...”

Up ahead, I could make out the shape of someone moving up ahead.

”wHeRe ArE yOu HiDiNg?”

It appears to be looking for something.
Or someone.

It figures it would turn out like this.

Your coffee had warned you about it.

Or was it that jelly stain?

In any case, the message it sent to you was as clean and clear as the brisk autumn air.

It said: 'Your friends are all laughing at you behind your back. Kill them.'

The stains are never wrong about this sort of thing.

“It looks like we're expected at the party, doesn't it? Should I leave the RSVP to you, Lenny?”


I think it's looking for us.
But it won't find us.

Because we're going to hold our breath.

They can't see you if you don't breathe.

It makes perfect sense when you think about it.

”hMm? OH, tHeRe YoU aRe!”

“Don't worry, Jill, it can't see us like this!”

”I...dO sEe YoU...”

“...no you can't.”

”i CaN tOo...”

"Can not.

"cAn ToO."

It might be bluffing.
It might not.

Either way, it's not a chance that we can risk right now.
Right, Jack?

There's only one thing we can do, in such a case...

”mAsTeR? I hAvE lOcAtE-...hEy! CoMe BaCk!”



Wiggle the sticks.
Wiggle the sticks.
You have to wiggle the sticks.
Side to side.
Side to side.
That is how you run.

Look out for the door.
Hit the button the climb it.


Hmm. That wasn't the button.
Too soft for a button.

Back to running.


The buttons don't seem to be working too well, though.

The hall doesn't seem to end.

Have we been here before?

It's hard to tell, isn't it?

Same floors.
Same doors.
Same red-eyed person chasing us.

Except they are in front of us again.

How did that happen, Rick?

”YoU cAnNoT eScApE...”

She looks like she's about to lunge.

What should we do, Sack?

[ ] Press 'A' to Dodge
[ ] Tap 'O' to Parry
[ ] Punch '3' to Hide
[ ] Twirl 'π ' to Change Camera
No. 123230
[x] Press 'A' to Dodge

Best choice, I guess.
No. 123232
[x] Press 'A' to Dodge

As much as I love pi as a ridiculous thing, I don't want this to end just yet.
No. 123234
[x] Press 'A' to Dodge
No. 123235
[x] Twirl 'π ' to Change Camera
No. 123236
[~] Tap 'O' to Parry
No. 123240
File 128454335877.png - (320.54KB , 700x700 , f626bd72644cf9562d07bee4b738258d[1].png ) [iqdb]
[O] Tap 'O' to Parry
Parrying with body-parts is A-OK!
No. 123241
[x] Tap 'O' to Parry
No. 123269
[x] Press 'A' to Dodge
No. 123298
[X] Tap 'O' to Parry

Parry! Feint! Riposte!
No. 123299
[X] Tap 'O' to Parry

I feel kind of bad at how few of the (what I assume were all) references I got from Cirno's various names for Rikako.
No. 123301
File 128462373794.jpg - (31.56KB , 620x349 , hold still there is a spider on you.jpg ) [iqdb]
The killer swings.

I have to act fast.

I'll dodge!

Wait! No!
I'll parry!

I'm not sure what that is, but that's what I'll do!

...or should I dodge?

Oh! I know!
I'll do both!

Hum. But I can't do them at the same time, can I?

How about one then the other then?

Yeah! That'll work?

That'll work.

Or maybe I can do both.

Oh, who cares!

I'll dodge! Then I'll parry!

Or parry, then dodge!

Or should it be parry, then parry?

Maybe dodge then?

”MaStEr? I hAvE tHeM bOtH hEre. No, I dOn'T kNow, ShE jUsT sToPpEd AlL oF a SuDdEn...

That's right.
Be confused at my amazing dodging ability!
Side to side to side to side to side!
Am I going over here?
NO! I'm going over THERE!
Oh, but WAIT! I'm going back HERE again!
You think I go one way, BUT THEN I GO ANOTHER!

”i ThInK sHe'S...dAnCiNg? I dOn'T kNoW! WhaT dO yOu WaNt Me To Do, MaStEr?”

These are the moves that won me that trophy back in the day.
This technique has been passed down from generation to generation!
The greatest technique of the strongest!

The Strongest Technique!


Why does that seem so...

”RiGhT, mAsTeR! I WiLL jUsT gRaB tHeM tHeN...aNd ThE-OoFFfFf!

The killer made a move towards me, but wasn't fast enough.
With my trust golf club in hand, I swing.

I swing hard.

The blow hit her upside the head, like a large bag of bricks.
A large, person-shaped bag. That was made out of a person.
A person in rope.

What a strange design for a golf club, right...what was your name again?

Hm? Wait, what is this?

Someone left a body on the floor!

Two bodies!

No. Just unconscious.


A double K.O.

All the way.

What does this mean?!

Why would the killer leave the victims alive?

”...-ge? Wh-... ..app...n-.d? Ud...ge? Pl.... re...ond.”

The killer had dropped something.
Or the victim did.
Or maybe the killer, disguised as the victim.
Or the victim disguised as the killer.

One of those didn't make sense.

In any case, they dropped something on the floor.

It rang out like a ringing thing.
Except it wasn't ringing, but crackling. With bits of words.

I pick it up to hear it better.

“Udonge? What is your status? Please respond, Udonge.”

A voice from the other side, calling out to me.

Familiar yet strange, all at once.

It calls out for an answer.

[ ] “We come to you now, live from the crime scene.”
[ ] “Uh, everything's under control. Situation normal.”
[ ] “I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. If you're looking for ransom, I can tell you I don't have money.”
[ ] “What's your favorite scary movie?”
[ ] “Go and tell your alien brothers that Ronnie Cordova says they're GAY!
No. 123303
[X] “I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. If you're looking for ransom, I can tell you I don't have money.”

Oh, Cirno, you silly little amnesiac.
No. 123305
>A double K.O.
>All the way.
What does this mean?

[X] “Uh, everything's under control. Situation normal.”
No. 123306
[E] “We come to you now, live from the crime scene.”
No. 123307
[x] “We come to you now, live from the crime scene.”
A true classic line, if there was ever any.
No. 123309
[X] “We come to you now, live from the crime scene.”

Just to throw any doubts that we're megalomaniacal
No. 123310
[x]“We come to you now, live from the crime scene.”
No. 123314
I see nothing wrong with this.
[x] “We come to you now, live from the crime scene.”
No. 123320
[X] “We come to you now, live from the crime scene.”
Me and the boys have been talking.
Sounds good.
No. 123337
[x] “We come to you now, live from the crime scene.”
I love this guy
No. 123350
[x] “Uh, everything's under control. Situation normal.”
Eirin won't suspect a damn thing.
No. 123357
...isn't it a Max Payne quote, though?
No. 123363
File 128468038249.png - (108.43KB , 640x348 , HaredevilHare.png ) [iqdb]
[X] Crumbly Crunchies are the best,
[X] Look delicious on your vest,
[X] Serve them to unwanted guests,
[X] Stuff the mattress with the rest--!
No. 123364
[x] “We come to you now, live from the crime scene.”

>With my trust golf club in hand, I swing.
>The blow hit her upside the head, like a large bag of bricks.
>A large, person-shaped bag. That was made out of a person.
>A person in rope.
>What a strange design for a golf club, right...what was your name again?

Cirno has learned from her 'brother,' it seems.
No. 123381
[ ] “We come to you now, live from the crime scene.”