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So, she likes to throw rocks?

Well, you like to throw rocks, too.

“Heeey! Come ooooon! Get up! Get uuuup!” the girl calls out, apparently trying to goad the umbrella woman into retaliating. “Don't tell me you're out with just that little hit! I'm not leaving here until yo-ACK!

With a satisfying clonk, your stony projectile hits the newcomer squarely on the side of her head, sending her hat and sword flying and her falling from her perch, her body hitting the ground with a delightfully dull thud.

“O-owwie...ah, ah! Who did that?!” she yells, wasting no time in getting back on her feet

“Over here!” you helpfully call out, while preparing your next volley.

“Huh? Over th-ow!

Hehehehe. Bulls-eye.

Once again, the girl quickly recovers, and now glares in your direction.
“Hey! What's the big ide-OW!

This is rather fun.
Her increasing anger makes this all the more enjoyable.

“Filthy ground-walker! How dare you strike me! Have you any idea just who you-OW! Stop it!” she shrieks.

“Hmm, no. No, I don't think I will.” you say, hefting another stone in your hand.

“Huh?! But I'm-ouch!” she is once again cut off by yet another rock bouncing off her skull.
By this point, you can't help but wonder if you're even actually hurting her, or if her cries are said more out of reflex than out of any actual feeling of pain.

“Don't care who you are. Don't care what you are. What I do care about is the crime you have committed!” you yell, brandishing some particularly nice rocks in either hand.
Why does a flower field have so many of these, anyway?

“Crime? What crime?! I haven't done anyth-augh!
“Of course you have committed a crime! The proof of it is in that crater, right there!”
“Hey! I was just trying to get her atten-OW!
Idiot! That's not that problem! It's your rock throwing! Your rock throwing!”
“What are you talking abo-ouch!
“It's an abomination! Your rock throwing is an affront to real rock throwing!”
“What?! I hit my target in one sh-gah!
“That's not the point! There is more to rock throwing than hitting your target! There is more to it than brute strength! Your throwing lacks elegance! It lacks sophistication! Any idiot with enough strength can make a large chunk of stone go sailing through the air! True rock throwing is about doing more with less! It is about the means and method as much as it is about the end! There is no reason to resort to such a large stone as the one you used, when a much smaller one could have achieved the same result!”

With all the throwing and yelling and gesturing you're doing, you quickly find yourself working up a sweat. It's worth it, though, as the effect you're having on the girl is clear.

She's confused.

Between being yelled and having her every sentence cut off by a rock to the head, she has quickly forgotten about her anger at you, and can only stare at you in bewilderment, stuttering all the while.

Smiling to yourself, you realize what you must do...

[ ] Push
[ ] Pull
[ ] EXIT
[x] Pull
finishing move
[x] Push
I have no idea what those choices do.
[x] Drink
[x] Pull
[Q] Push

Put on some pressure.
File 12814486092.jpg - (187.57KB, 600x480 , flat tenshi.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Push
[x] Pull
[x] Pull
[X] Pull Yuuka out of the ground, then run for it.
[X] Pull
[x] Push.
Push the Anger Level, just a little, and go into a big explanation about rock throwing.
[x] Push
[X] Push

As an aside:


What you're thinking of is disassociative identity disorder, also known as multiple personality disorder.
[x] Midvale School For The Gifted

[x] Push

Nice to see this anon has an actual talent. Too bad there's not much call for baseball pitchers in Gensokyo.

I think I started out thinking of schizophrenia and then, as you correctly pointed out, ended up talking about DPD. Or maybe I was there all along. But yeah, you're right.
[x] Pull
Tenshi will be our apprentice in rock-throwing. It must be so.
[x] Pull
Perhaps Tenshi could help us find Medi and Cirno.
[x] Pull
[X] Push!

I read the character's lines in a Drill Sergeant's voice.
File 128151950895.jpg - (87.24KB, 500x500 , grrrrrrrrr.jpg) [iqdb]
This is it.
Her defenses have fallen.
Her weak point is exposed.

All that is needed now is one decisive strike, one final push, and this will be over.

But wait!
Why push, when you can pull?

“But then, I'm probably just wasting my time talking to you of such things, aren't I?” you say while shrugging in resignation. “I had thought that, maybe...but, no, forget it...”

Turning away from the girl, you make as if you are walking away from her. Glancing back at her with what you hope looks like disappointment on your face, you slowly shuffle away, allowing yourself to slouch forward a little bit as you do. Although it's mostly due to the strange weight you feel on your shoulders starting to get to you, it also adds somewhat to the effect of your act.

“Huh? H-hey! Wait! What do you mean by that?!” the girl calls out to you, having shaken away some of her confusion.

“Oh, nothing, nothing at all. Just keep on doing what you do, it's fine. Crude and primitive, but if that's the sort of thing you're going for...” you call back, neither stopping nor looking back.

WHAT?! How dare you!” she yells at you.

Ooh, she sounds angry~!
You can imagine the look on her face right now.
Of course, you have to imagine, as you continue to keep your back to her.

“HEY! HEY! I'm talking to you! Don't you dare look down on me! I'll have you know, I-hey! Get back here!” you hear her scream from behind you.

“Yeah, yeah, I can hear you just fine like this.” you call back to her, still keeping yourself moving and facing forward..

“Then get back here! I'm ordering you to get back here! Don't you dare walk away from me
“Hm, no, I think I'll just keep going, thanks. I have more important things to do, places to be, you know...that sort of thing.”
Ouuuuuuuuugh! GET BACK HERE!”

At your repeated refusal to obey, you hear her make all sorts of aggravated noises. They're almost cute, in a strange sort of way. Like a bossy, bratty little motorboat.


A moment later, you feel the earth beneath your feet violently shake as something massive crashes into the ground behind you.
Out of curiosity, you stop and turn around just long enough for the dust to clear away, and see the ridiculously large stone that seems to have fallen right on top of where the umbrella woman had been.

Do you suppose she's okay?

Eh, she's probably fine.

Without a word, or so much as a glance at the girl, you turn away and resume your walking.

“Well? Are you quaking with fear? Ready to apologize and beg for forgiveness? If you're lucky, I just mig-HEY! Don't just walk away!” she cries out, apparently needing a moment to react to your lack of reaction.

And yet, you keep walking, nothing hindering your stride other than the weight on your shoulders and the slightest concern that a very large rock might come plummeting from the sky and crush you into a fine, red paste at any moment.
Uncertain of just how willing she is to make good on her threat, you don't look back at her, but you do listen carefully for any unusual sounds. Sounds like, for example, a large mass of rock falling towards you.

Strangely, though, you don't hear any such sounds.
What you do hear is the sound of boots angrily stomping after you, and quickly getting closer.


She's right behind you, now, isn't she?
Yeah, she probably is.
You keep right on walking, though.
Partly because of the effect it's having on this girl, but now you also just really want to get away from this field.
You're not sure why, but you have a feeling that the umbrella woman is still very much alive, and it would be a very bad idea to be anywhere near here when she finally recovered.

So, walking!
Walking is good!
Walking is very, very good!

“...WELL?!” the girl finally speaks up.

“'Well' what?” you ask, sounding not at all interested in what she has to say.

You're not really sure if you're acting or not.

“That was impressive, right? It scared you, right? It's okay to admit you were wrong and accept your inferiority, I won't rub it in or anything!”
“Why would I do that?”
“W-what?! Because I'm telling you to! You're inferior, so you have to do what I say!”
“I'm pretty sure I don't.”
“Well, you're going to!”
“Nah, I don't think so.”

Suddenly, you hear the girl's footsteps stop. Of course, you don't bother looking back, and simply keep on walking.

“Oh! I get it! Too scared to face me properly? That's it, isn't it? I bet you don't even have the nerve to say what you said again to my face! Do you? Do you?!” she smugly calls out.

Is she seriously trying to taunt you, you wonder?
Trying to play some sort of mind game, perhaps?

Granted, the threat of death from big-ass rocks was something you might have worried about, but this? Yelling and taunting? What are you supposed to be scared of with that? More yelling and taunting?

You have half a mind to just keep going, but you have to wonder...what if you gave her what she wanted?

[ ] Turn around, say it again!
[ ] Turn around, say it again!
[ ] Turn around, say it again!
[ ] Just keep moving, there's nothing to see here.
[x] Just keep moving, there's nothing to see here.
[x] Turn around, say it again!
The 2nd one.
[x ] Turn around, say it again!
[x] Just keep moving, there's nothing to see here.
[x] Turn around, say it again.
No need to be rude. Her throwing lack finesse that's all. We can help with that.
[x] Turn around, say it again!
Is this the option where we turn around and proceed to show her why we are the master of rock throwing?
[x] Just keep moving, there's nothing to see here.
[x] [/b]Turn around, say it again![/b]
[x] [/b]Turn around, say it again![/b]

Delete this post. For some reason it double post my vote.
[X] Just keep moving, there's nothing to see here.
[x] Turn around, say it again!
[x] Turn around, say it again!
[X] Just keep moving, there's nothing to see here.
[x] Turn around, say it again!
[x] Turn around, say it again!

This is... proof of our resolve! Uoooooooooooooooo!
>You have half a mind to just keep going, but you have to wonder...what if you gave her what she wanted?

At this point, my guess is either that she'll get worked up to start tossing keystones at us, or she'll try to to make out with us.

I'm betting more on the former.
[x] Turn around
-[x] open the door
--[x] get on the floor

I'm hoping more for the latter.
[x] Turn 360 degrees, say it again
[Q] Turn around, say it again!

Forgot my vote.
[x] Turn around, say it again!
[x] Turn 360 degrees, say it again
Isn't it sad, Medi and Cirno?
[x] Turn around, say it again!

I love this Tenshi.
Well, yes, there's always hoping... It's just that honestly I'd expect any signs of that happening as the start of a new episode of mindscrew.
as am I
File 128160745081.jpg - (369.38KB, 821x745 , puuuuuuuff.jpg) [iqdb]
The intent behind her taunts was clear as day to you.
She wants you to turn and confront her.

Well, far be it from you to disappoint her, right?

“Alright!” you say, spinning around to face her directly. “You want it again? I'll give it to you again! Your rock throwing is an abomination, a crude facsimile of real rock throwing, suitable only for brutes and morons. An oni could display more skill and finesse than you did back there. An ONI. You rank below an entire group whose most defining traits are skull deformities and chronic alcoholism in terms of effective rock throwing! To hear you boast, you would think you did something impressive, yet all I could see was the work of a rank amateur! A child's scribblings you would attempt to pass off as worthy of being among an entire gallery of masterpieces!”

The girl steps back as you unload on her, apparently not quite expecting you to rant with such force.

“I mean, what were you even trying to do with that? Huh? What purpose did blind-siding that lady with something that big possibly serve?” you question her.

“W-well, I was trying to get her attention, of course!” she lamely responds.

“Attention? Attention?! How the hell is she supposed to be able to pay attention to anything with something that big crushing her head? Even if she recovers quickly, there's going to be a period where she's not going to be registering much of anything beyond 'there is a ROCK crushing my HEAD'! That's it! That's what her attention is focused upon! Maybe when she had enough time to recover, then you might warrant being noticed, but until then you're stuck waiting around for that time to come, and looking like a total moron while you do it! And why? Because of your idiotic and childish choice in rocks and your absolutely pathetic handling of them!”

Somewhere during your tirade, you closed the distance between the two of you, putting yourself right in the girl's face as you continued to verbally assault her.
Your eyes locked on each other, you feel your heart pounding away as your passion for rocks and the throwing of them takes hold.

What started as merely a critique of the girl's own technique quickly evolved into a full-blown rock throwing lecture, covering topics ranging from grip and how to give your projectile the proper amount of spin, to stone selection, to the ideal uses for them depending on their weight and shape. Much to your surprise, she seemed to listen intently to your every word, and by the time you had reached your conclusion even she seemed to be showing signs that you weren't the only one getting excited.

The quickening of her breathing, the slight flush that came over her face, and even the subtle dilation of her pupils. Truly, these were the signs of one who had been awoken to the true joy and passion of rock throwing! Though you are not so naive as to think you had changed her in any significant way just from that much, you still feel as if you had some sort of impact on her.

You don't get to bask in the glow of a job well done for long, however, as you realize that you still had some rather important business to attend to. Things like finding Medi and the fairy, and getting back to the doctor with her 'payment', for example.
Announcing your need to get moving, you briefly consider apologizing for being perhaps a bit too harsh on her at first, but no. She deserved it. Instead, you simply offer her a polite bow, and bid her a good day before turning and walking away.

...after several minutes of aimless wandering, you realize that you have no real idea of where you are, nor the way to go to get to anywhere familiar to you.
Perhaps you should have asked that girl for directions before you walked away from her?
Oh well, too late now, you suppose.

Now it's just you, alone, with the open world ahead of you.
The sun's now higher in the sky, there's a pleasant breeze blowing across your face, and with the lack of any other sounds to drown them out, you can enjoy the rhythm of your footsteps on the grass in peace.

It's actually quite interesting, listening to your own footsteps, sometimes. When it's quiet enough, like right now, you can hear all sorts of things you might not have noticed, otherwise.
The variations in the sound the grass makes when you step on it, depending on how dry it is, for example. Or the neat way you can still hear footsteps after your own feet had stopped moving.

...wait. That's not normal, is it?
You're pretty sure it's not.

You're not hallucinating or something, are you? As a result of getting too much sun right?
Turning your head to look behind you, you see that you really aren't hallucinating or something like that.
No, you're just being followed by that girl for some reason.
And, for some reason, she looks away from you the second she realizes you're looking at her.


Still, you suppose you should give her the benefit of the doubt.
Maybe she just has business somewhere else, and it happens to be the same way you're going?
Of course, that wouldn't explain why she's walking when you suspect she's more than capable of flying.

Well, she must have her reasons, right? Reasons that might not have anything at all to do with you. If she had business with you, at the very least, you would think she wouldn't be staying so far behind you.
Or so you think, as you continue to walk, and she continues to do the same.
You walk, she walks.
You stop, she stops.
You look back at her, she looks away from you.

Okay, yeah. Something seems to be going on here.

[ ] Confront the girl, find out why she's still following you.
[ ] Ignore the girl, it's not like she's harming anything, right?
[x] Ignore the girl, it's not like she's harming anything, right?
[x] Confront the girl, find out why she's still
following you.
[x] Ignore the girl, it's not like she's harming anything, right?
[x] Confront the girl, find out why she's still
following you.
-[x] Offer to train her in the ways of the force proper rock throwing. It's the least you could do for a kindred soul. Her techniques lack finesse, but they could be harnessed, given the proper training.

[Q] Ignore the girl, it's not like she's harming anything, right?

Our powers have earned us another follower.
[x] Confront the girl, find out why she's still following you.
[o] Ignore the girl, it's not like she's harming anything, right?
[x] Ignore the girl, it's not like she's harming anything, right?
[x] Ignore the girl, it's not like she's harming anything, right?
[x]Take Tenshi out to dinner.
[X] Ignore the girl, it's not like she's harming anything, right?
[X] Confront the girl, find out why she's still following you.
File 128165652895.png - (280.43KB, 550x600 , rock girl.png) [iqdb]
Eh, whatever. It's not like she's hurting anything by following behind you, right?
Assuming she doesn't decide to start dropping boulders on you or something, that is.

You try not to think about that, though.
That, or how horribly screwed you would be if you had to try to dodge one of those things.
Running around, scrambling about like a scared little bug, trying desperately to not get crushed.

You would probably be crying while you did it.
Crying and sobbing about how you don't want to die and so on and so forth.

You know, the usual.

You may be able to talk your way out of trouble with sweet, innocent, little girls, but there ain't nobody who can talk their way out of trouble with a rock.

What if, though, the rock was a little girl? Or, rather, the little girl was made out of rocks?
You're not sure what your chances would be in such an encounter.
Could go well.
Could go badly.
Could seem like it's going well, until she tries to hug you, running happily into your arms, only to crush you under her stony weight. Bones breaking, organs rupturing, and all while she is giggling and cuddling you, completely oblivious to the damage she was causing.

Then again, could be benefits.
Your mind goes wild at the thought of having a little rock-girl as an ally, whom you can throw to smite your enemies. Maybe toss her directly at them, or maybe just toss her into the air and let her belly-flop onto whoever she can.

Rock girl falls.
Everyone dies.


As you continue to walk, thinking of the possible applications of a rock-girl/girl-rock when you should really be keeping an eye out for landmarks, you are only vaguely aware of the way the girl follow you has been gradually getting closer to you.

Little by little, bit by bit, the distance between you diminishes, until she is eventually trailing just a couple paces behind.

Well?” she asks, after a couple minutes of silently following behind you.
You swear, you could practically feel her eyes burning holes into the back of your head.

“'Well,' what?” you answer, mildly annoyed at having your thoughts interrupted, especially since you get the feeling the impending conversation is going to a repeat of one you had already.

“Why aren't you saying anything?” she asks.
“Why should I be saying something?”
“Because this is boring! Why aren't you talking?”
“Because I'm thinking.”

...not about anything you probably should be thinking about, of course. But it is still technically thinking.

“Well, you should be talking.” she demands.
“Because this is boring!”
“Well, sorry, but it's not like you have to follo-”
“I'm not following you.”
“...you're not following me.”
“I'm not.”
“So what are you doing, then?”
“I'm...going somewhere!”
“You're going somewhere.”
“Yeah! And you just keep walking around in front of me! It's really annoying, you know!”

Do you believe that?
You're not sure you believe that.
No, you don't believe that.

“So where are you going, then?” you ask her.
“I don't have to tell you.”

You don't bother responding to that, and go back to focusing on your surroundings.
Well, there's that large mountain in the distance, you suppose.
Of course, you can see that from just about anywhere.
Anything else, then?


If only there was a stream, or some trees somewhere nearby...


Maybe you could see what's over this next hill?


...or you could just, you know, find out what the girl wants so she will stop yelling in your ear, already.

“What is it?”
“You don't know where you're going, do you?”
“I know where I'm going, I'm just not sure how to get there from here. That's all”
“Aww, you're lost?”
“...not for long, I'm not.”

Sure enough, just over the hill you finally see something familiar.

The Forest of Magic.
Not an angle you've seen it from before, but there is no mistake about it.

Even though you might be taking the long way to get there, you should have no trouble finding your way back to

[ ] That flower field on the hill. Would they still be there, though?
[ ] The village. Maybe someone in town might know something?
[ ] Eientei. That was where you were all going to return to, after all.
[ ] The doll-maker's house. Well, since you're in the area already...
>Would they still be there, though?
Don't be silly. Everyone knows time freezes once the protagonist moves to a different screen leaves the area.

[X] That flower field on the hill.
[Q] That flower field on the hill. Would they still be there, though?
[x] That flower field on the hill. Would they still be there, though?
Screw Medi and Cirno, Tenshi is the perfect counterpart to the protagonist. I hope we get to keep her.
[x] The doll-maker's house. Well, since you're in the area already...

If we want to keep Tenshi, the hell are we going to the flower field for? The battle that will almost certainly ensue with alien clone Alice would be much better as a way to entertain her.
>Screw Medi and Cirno

That might have been part of the plan, yes.
[x] The doll-maker's house. Well, since you're in the area already...
[x] That flower field on the hill. Would they still be there, though?
Of course they'll still be there. Comrade Medicine would never abandon us.

But it's not alien!
[X] That flower field on the hill. Would they still be there, though?

It'll be interesting to see how she deals with the Suzuran.
[x] The doll-maker's house. Well, since you're in the area already...
[x] The doll-maker's house. Well, since you're in the area already...
[x] That flower field on the hill. Would they still be there, though?

Medicine and Tenshi.

Mix them together and you can kill or repel ANYTHING. Tenshi's celestiality keeps the youkai away, and Medicine's poison kills anything Tenshi doesn't stop.

And if for some reason they're still moving, Cirno freezes them. Well, theoretically. I have no idea how cooperative Private Eye Cirno is.

Worst comes to worst, Koishi The person we've been talking to in our internal monologues The weight on our back will mindfuck them apart.

We are covered.

Mix them together and you get not just a rock-girl, or a girl-rock, you get a poisonous girl/rock-rock/girl. Which can kill anything, yes.
[x] The doll-maker's house. Well, since you're in the area already...
Idiot joined the party.
I rather not go back to Yuka, she might not take being crushed so good.
The flower field on the hill is not Yuuka's turf, but Medicine's.
And who is psychic.
[x] That flower field on the hill. Would they
still be there, though?
[x] That flower field on the hill. Would they
still be there, though?
File 128169568934.jpg - (367.66KB, 992x851 , that is funny to me.jpg) [iqdb]
With your goal locked firmly in your mind, you move with a renewed sense of purpose.
You know what you must do, and you know where you must go.

“Woah, hey! Why are you going so fast all of a sudden? Are you trying to ditch me or something?” the girl says, seemingly annoyed at having to increase her pace yet again to stay close to you.

“If I was trying to ditch you, I would probably be going into the forest, not trying to walk around it.” you inform her

“Then why are you rushing all of a sudden?”
“I know how to get where I'm going now.”
“And just where are you going?”
“I don't have to tell you~.”

Though you would have liked to have delivered that last bit while looking her right in the eye with a big smile on your face, you don't want to break your stride for anything if you can help it.
Though it is, perhaps, a poor substitute for the look that was surely on her face at having her own line thrown back at her, the irritated noises she made behind your back were still quite enjoyable in their own special way.

Still, if she really is planning on following you like this, you suppose it would be preferable for her to not be in a completely bad mood...

“...but if you must know, I'm going to a flower field.”
“Huh? Flowers? But we just left that!”
“No, no, it's a different flower field. Different flowers. A couple friends of mine were there. Before we got separated, that is.”

Are you still there?
you wonder to yourself.

You hope so, if only because it would make finding them that much faster.
Then again, you honestly have to wonder just how things would go if those two were left together.
The mind reels with all the possibilities for the crazy adventures and wacky hijinks a poisonous, human-hating living doll and a delusional, slightly brain-damaged ice fairy could have if they teamed up.

Truly, it would be the sort of things people would tell stories about for generations to come. The stuff of legends, even!
...or, more realistically, the sort of thing a lone nutcase would ramble incoherently about to any poor soul who had the misfortune of being within earshot of him, only to be quickly forgotten about within a week of the unwashed bastard finally getting locked away.

But then, what if it is worse than that?
After all, you know that your little doll friend must have been abandoned long ago by someone.
Thrown away and left to the elements once she had ceased to have any value to her owner.
How, then, would she take your sudden disappearance from the field?
Would she know what happened? Would she know you weren't conscious when it happened?
She wouldn't think that you, too, had abandoned her, would she?
You, perhaps the first human in who knows how long that she had opened up to, for whom she lowered her guard, even!
How deeply would such thing wound her little, poison-filled heart, or what counts for a heart when you're a living doll?

...on the other hand, that could just be you imagining the worst-case scenario needlessly, as you tend to do on occasion.
Maybe Medi and the fairy are just fine, and are patiently waiting for you to return.
Or maybe, not-so-patiently.
Maybe, in your absence, they decide to try to get to know each other a little better. Build some trust and intimacy.
Most likely through physical contact.
The two of them, touching each other.


Maybe it would even have some additional benefits. Perhaps the fairy could build up her resistance to poison that way...


...and, of course, mere skin-on-skin contact would not be nearly enough for such purposes.
No, for the full benefits, they would have to even use their mouths. Just as their hands had done, so, too, would their mouths have to explore...


Your thoughts are once again disrupted by the sharp sound of that girl yelling into your ear.
An effective measure of getting your attention, to be sure, but one you still would rather not have to deal with.
...then again, considering what you've already seen her do, you suppose you should be glad that yelling is all she's done to you so far.

“Yes? What is it this time?” you say, wondering if you'll have to worry about hearing loss if this sort of thing continues.

“How far is this flower place? All this walking is getting boring!”
“Hm, well, it's hard to say. We went there straight from the bamboo forest before, and I think we're still quite a ways from that, so...”
“Why don't you just fly there?”
“I can't fly, that's why.”

At that moment, you wonder if you perhaps said too much, just then.
The girl suddenly breaking into laughter does not help alleviate that feeling.

“AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You really are a puny little ground-walker, aren't you? “
“Thanks. Really. This is helpful to me.”
Awwwwwwwwww, ish da widdle gwound-wawkaw feewing gwumpy now? I sowwy!”
“Seriously. Keep it up. By all means.”
“Oh, don't feel so bad! It's not like you can't do something that just about everyone else here can! Oh wait!”
“I have a rock.”

She seems to quiet down after that.
It's actually kinda funny, when you think about it.
Just from the sheer size of the things you saw her tossing, she must be incredibly strong. Certainly more so than you are. Though it's possible she ceased her mockery simply out of a desire to not irritate you too much, a part of you would like to think the threat of you making another rock impact with her skull was all the deterrent that was needed.

And then, it hits you.
Though neither of your other companions seemed like they could carry you, you were now being followed by someone who almost certainly could.
At least, you would hope/i] you're not heavier than those giant boulders


[ ] High in the sky
[ ] On your own two feet
[x] High in the sky
[x] High in the sky
Let's do this
[x] High in the sky
Fly into the sky, get dropped, get even more crazy.
[x] High in the sky
[Q] High in the sky

This is actually quite the enjoyable Tenshi~
[x] On your own two feet
Fuck that shit. Not going to give Tenshi even an ounce of satisfaction.
[X] On your own two feet

What he said.
[x] On your own two feet
Having a debt with this immature rock-throwing girl is not a good idea.
[X] On your own two feet
[x] On your own two feet
[X] On your own two feet
[x] On your own two feet
[ ] High in the sky
[X] On your own two feet
[x]High on your own two sky
[X] High in the sky
[X] On your own two feet
Tenshi is so Tsundere~
[X] High in the sky
[x] High in the sky
[x] High in the sky
[X] On your own two feet
[x]High in the sky
File 128178023637.jpg - (297.84KB, 482x900 , not a birdplane.jpg) [iqdb]
To walk, or not to walk?

Why is that even a question?

Even moving as fast as you possibly can, you're sure it would still take quite a while to get back to the flower field from here.

By comparison, flying would obviously be much quicker. No stumbling over unfamiliar terrain, no having to take the long way around places because the flora and fauna tend to be touchy-feely and very hungry. Nope, just a straight line towards your goal, with the only hazards being the occasional bug or fairy hitting you in the face.

...then again, in this case it's not so much the act of flying that's the problem, but the person who would actually be doing the flying.
Assuming you could even get her to agree to it in the first place, do you really want to give this girl anything she could legitimately hold over your head?
Probably not, but it might still be worth it, if it gets you where you're going faster...

Hey. Why are you looking at me like that?”

The girl regards you warily, as you realize you have stopped walking and are now turned to face her.

“Well, I was just thinking, maybe this would all go a lot faster if, mayb-”

Well, that was fast.

“You didn't even hear what I was going to say, ye-
No! I know what you're going to say! 'Oh, Miss Tenshi! Please carry this filthy little ground-walking peon through the skies, soiling your hands because I am too weak and pitiful to be able to fly on own! That's it, right? That's what you were going to say, right?

Well, not in those exact words, of course... you think to yourself.
You didn't think she would be too keen on the idea, but you're not ready to give up just yet.
Not when you have another angle to go at this, with...

“Actually, Miss...Tenshi, was it? That was not what I was going to say. I wouldn't suggest something that I knew wouldn't work, anyway.”
“...Oh. Well! Good!”
“Yeah, see, what I was going to say was that, since this was tak-”
Wait, what do you mean it wouldn't work?”

Annnnd she took the bait.

“Well, I mean, it should be obvious, right? Why it wouldn't work.”
“O-of course it's obvious to me! But why do you think it won't work?”
“Well, I mean, just look at you.”
“Just look at...and just what do you think is wrong with me?!”
“Oh! Nothing! Nothing's wrong! It's just, well, you clearly aren't strong enough to handle carrying another person. That's all.”
“I'm not strong enough to...WHAT?!

You didn't think she seemed like the type who could handle criticism well, but even so, wow.

“Hey, it's nothing to be ashamed of. We all have our own strengths and weaknesses, that's all.”
“I am not wea-hey! I know what this is! You're trying to trick me, aren't you?!”

Oh dear, has she figured you out?
What ever will you do?

“Trick you? Why would I bother? I honestly and truly do not believe you could carry another person, that's all.”
Why you-!
“And even if you could, there's no way you wouldn't just drop them, at some point, for whatever reason. Nothing wrong with that, it's just the way things are.”

With a dismissive shrug, you turn back around and start moving again, leaving the girl glaring and stammering at you. You don't go more than a couple steps, however, before finding yourself unable to move.
With a pair of arms wrapped around you, pinning your own to your sides, you would guess that she is now holding you in place. The sensation of her body pressed against your back somewhat confirms this. Of particular note are two smallish yet distinctly-soft bits you can feel, but before you can think too much about them you feel a sudden jolt as the two of you launch into the air.

“Um, Miss-”
“Shut up.”
“I just wanted to-”
Shut. Up.
“It's just that I think the flower field is the other way.”

Aside from some annoyed grumbling, the girl carrying you says nothing as she turns around to fly in the direction you had indicated.

You're not sure if her current state of irritation is the result of her doing something she claimed to not want to do, realizing how she had been sorta-kinda tricked into doing something she didn't want to do, or if that's simply what her personality is like.

In any case, you suppose you're glad she hasn't dropped you yet, be it by accident our out of spite.

As far as you can tell, you're making good time.
Still, you figure you have at least a little bit of time to kill before you reach your stop

[ ] Just be quiet and enjoy the ride
[ ] A little nap wouldn't be so bad, would it?
[ ] Chat with the pilot, make this trip go quicker for the both of you.
- ( ) But what to talk about?
>A little nap wouldn't be so bad, would it?
Can't sleep; Koishi'll eat me.

[X] Chat with the pilot, make this trip go quicker for the both of you.
- (X) "So, uh, what's the deal with this 'ground-walker' stuff?"

Time to learn about celestials.
[x] A little nap wouldn't be so bad, would it?
>two smallish yet distinctly-soft bits you can feel
I am suddenly glad that vote won.
[x] Chat with the pilot, make this trip go quicker for the both of you.
- (x) Ask her what she likes to eat for dinner. Just in case.
[x] Chat with the pilot, make this trip go quicker for the both of you.
- (x) Ask her what she likes to eat for dinner. Just in case.
Keep up the tradition.
[x] Chat with the pilot, make this trip go quicker for the both of you.
- (x) Ask her what she likes to eat for dinner. Just in case.
If she says 'eggs' consider me in love.
[x] Chat with the pilot, make this trip go
quicker for the both of you.
- (x) Ask her what she likes to eat for
dinner. Just in case.
[x] Chat with the pilot, make this trip go quicker for the both of you.
(x) Ask her what she likes to eat for dinner.

If she says "french bread", I'll abduct her, and get married.
Okay, I'm curious; why are you randomly inserting line breaks in your votes?
[x] Chat with the pilot, make this trip go quicker for the both of you.
- (x) Ask her what she likes to eat for dinner. Just in case.
[x] A little nap wouldn't be so bad, would it?

Almost voted to chat, but didn't want to provoke Tenshi any further.
votespammer copied and pasted his own post, obviously

Might possibly be formatting issues when using a mobile device like an iTouch or DS. That and/or someone's just copy pasting the last answer for their own choice also?
[X] Chat with the pilot, make this trip go quicker for the both of you.
- (X) Ask her what she likes to eat for dinner. Just in case.

Did we ask Yuuka to dinner?
File 128186271993.png - (77.10KB, 366x387 , oh look PEACHES again.png) [iqdb]
As you look down upon the land below you, vaguely aware of how completely and utterly screwed you would be if this girl you just met were to suddenly drop you for any reason, you wonder if you should or should not interrupt the quiet grumbling and muttering she seems to be doing, and actually try to talk to her.

“Uh, hey?”

No response.


Still no response.

“Heeeeey Teeeeeeeen-”
WHAT?” the girl snaps at you.

“Well, I was just wondering...um, what's with the whole 'ground-walker' thing?”
Tch. That's what you are, isn't it?”
“Uh, I dunno. Technically? I guess? But, then, what are you supposed to be?”
I am a celestial, of course! You do know what those are, don't you?”
“Um, you live in Heaven? Or something?”

You think you heard about those before.
Humans, ascended to Heaven, typically have achieved either immortality or enlightenment,
But from what you heard, well...

“Just what is that noise supposed to mean?” she asks, apparently having heard your unconscious hmm-ing

“Well, it's just that you don't really seem like what a celestial is supposed to be like, from what I've heard.”
“What was that? I couldn't quite hear you over the wind! Did you say 'Please let me drop like a sack of bricks right now'”
“No, I said that-”
“Because I'm pretty sure that's what it sounds like you're saying!”
“No! No! I didn't say anything!”

Yeah. Definitely not very celestial-like.
Still, best to find something else to talk about, in the off-chance she wasn't simply messing with you.

“So, um...”
“What now?” she says, with an annoyed sigh.

“Er...what do you like to eat?”
“Like, for dinner. What do you like to eat for dinner?”
“We eat peaches.”
“Really? What about breakfa-”
We[/.i] eat [i]peaches
“Ah, what about lu-”
We eat peaches.

Peaches, huh? You may have heard something about that, too.
Or was it something else?
In any case, you can't help but notice she seems to regard the fruit with some irritation, or even hostility.

“You...don't like peaches?”

At this, you feel her grip tighten on you slightly.
Or, more accurately, you think you feel her whole body tense up.

No” the celestial girl says. “I love peaches! I adore peaches! But that's all! We ever! Have!”
“Ack...getting a little tight, here...”
“Do you have any idea what it's like to have the same thing, all day, every day, no matter what?”

You pause for a moment, and think about it. What would it be like to have the same thing over and over and over again?
Well, if that thing were eggs, you know damn well what it would be.

“Totally awesome?”
No! It's boring!
“Well, why don't you just have something else then? Don't celestials like to fish or something?”
Fish?! Of course they like to fish! But do they ever actually eat them? Nooooooo! They throw them back! 'Hey! I just caught this thing I could use as food! Let's not eat it, and have a [b]peach instead!'[/i] It's boring and stupid!”
“Wow...that sounds rough.”
“Don't you dare look down on me!”

It was true, though.
To have just one thing, and only one thing, every single day?
To be able to have nothing else, even if you wanted it?
Well, granted, you wonder if the reason for that is because they aren't supposed to want anything else, in the first place.

It is then that the most horrible realization hits you.
You feel yourself go cold.
Your stomach churns.
It seems completely and utterly inconceivable!
Something so horribly and unspeakably wrong, that you cannot even fathom how it could come to be!

“So, wait...you mean you never have eggs?”
“We. Eat. PEACHES.”
“Have you ever had eggs? Ever?”

Suddenly, her grip loosens. Not to the point that you're in any danger of slipping from her grasp, but still enough to be noticable.

After a moment of silence, she finally answers.
“...I don't know...”

She...doesn't know?
How could she not?
How could anyone be so deprived of eggs that they cannot remember the last time they had them, or if they even ever had them at all?!

To think that...
And yet...

“Uh, h-hey! Are you crying?!”

Indeed, you were.
You were crying.
Crying for the plight of this poor, deprived girl, who does not know the joy that you know.
She may live in Heaven, but it may as well be Hell as far as you're concerned, to deny her the joy of eggs.
Except that even Hell has eggs! Or so you hear, anyway.
Indeed, the egg of a bird from Hell was one of the things you wished to sample before you died!

But that is neither here nor there!
Right now, you are only concerned with this poor girl.
She, who has never known fluffy, eggy bliss.

Though you knew not how long she intended to follow you, you realized in the depths of your heart that what you must do.
One way or another, you would make this right.
You would correct that which somehow had gone so horribly wrong.

This girl would know eggs.
Whether she liked it or not.
Even if you had to have Medi paralyze her and force-feed he like a bird!

She would know eggs.
She WILL know eggs.

Just then, you felt it.
The fires of WILL and CONVICTION flaring up in your heart, their overpowering heat searing away the murky fog of sadness!

“Sorry about that, Miss Tenshi! I was just getting a little emoti-”
“And just when did I say you may address me by my name?!”
“Huh? Oh, sorry, I just thought that-”
“You haven't even introduced yourself, yet you dare address me so familiarly?! You have some nerve!”

...actually, now that you think of it, you guess you haven't told her your name yet, have you?
Wow. She actually kinda-sorta-almost has a semi-legitimate reason to get indignant with you for once! For shame, forgetting your manners!

Of course, it's hard to work in a proper introduction and exchange of names when your first words spoken to someone are punctuated by throwing rocks at their head. But still, she has a point.

“Oh! Sorry about that! Would you like me to tell you my name, then?”
“Psh. Whatever. I don't care!”
“Well then, my name is-*FWUMP*

Suddenly, your words are cut-off and your vision obscured by something smacking into your face. You instinctively shake your head from side to side, but whatever it is seems to have firmly latched onto your head.

[ ] What is it, a fairy? Get it off!
[ ] Oh god, is it a spider?! Get it off!
[ ] Oh no! It's a doll! Get it o-hey, wait a minute!
[ ] Oh no! It's a doll! Get it o-hey, wait a
[8] Oh god, is it a spider?! Get it off!
Get it off get it off get it o-what kind of spiders are at this altitude anyway?!
[x] Oh no! It's a doll! Get it o-hey, wait a minute!
[x] What is it, a fairy? Get it off!
[Q] Oh no! It's a doll! Get it o-hey, wait a minute!

We have to cook a big meal of eggs for everyone. Maybe medicine can eat too, who knows what the big body can do.
[x] Oh no! It's a doll! Get it o-hey, wait a minute!
[x] Oh god, is it a spider?! Get it off!

Beer spider?
I like the way you think.
I wonder if he likes spider eggs as well?

[x] Oh god, is it a spider?! Get it off!
[x] Oh no! It's a doll! Get it o-hey, wait a minute!
[x] Oh no! It's a doll! Get it o-hey, wait a minute!

Red Helling's attack.
[x] Oh no! It's a doll! Get it o-hey, wait a minute!
[X] Oh no! It's a doll! Get it o-hey, wait a minute!
[x] Oh no! It's a doll! Get it o-hey, wait a minute!
[X] Oh no! It's a doll! Get it o-hey, wait a minute!
>nd have a [b]peach instead!
I prefer [a]peaches, but to each their own
[x] Oh no! It's a doll! Get it o-hey, wait a minute!
[x] Oh no! It's a satori! She must have slipped off!~
File 128195291620.png - (1.18MB, 1024x768 , welcome back.png) [iqdb]
Contrary to your usual reaction to something suddenly latching itself onto your face, you somehow manage to not completely freak out and madly claw at whatever it is in an attempt to dislodge it from your face.

Swift action is critical if you are to prevent it from attempting to insert something into your mouth and laying its eggs in your chest cavity, after all.

No, instead you manage to remain as calm, as you assess the situation you are now presented with.

Whatever it is, it's soft, without being too soft.
Grip? Not very strong. Just enough to hold itself to your head without getting blown away.
Apparent lack of claws and/or egg-insertion tubes? Reassuring.
Smell? Pleasantly tingly, slightly flowery, and more than a little familiar.

Oh. It's Su-san!

“Hi, Su-san!” you say to the little doll, who pulls herself away from you just enough to allow you actually see her properly.

“Do you make a habit of naming things that fly into your face or something?” Tenshi asks, sounding both confused yet slightly amused that you're suddenly talking to something that just hit you in the head.

“No, no, this is Su-san! One of my friends I mentioned!” you inform her.
“You're...friends with a doll?” the celestial girl says with the slightest hint of a snort.
“Yes, as a matter of fact, I am.” you simply say, turning your attention back to the little doll in front of you.

“So, Su-san, is everyone alright?”

You can't tell from her expression, because she doesn't really have anything other than the one, but you think she's happy to see you! ...or so you think, until she repeatedly bops you on the head with her little doll hand. It doesn't actually hurt, but message is clear. You did something wrong, and need to be punished..
Her point having been made, she draws back from you and folds her little arms across her chest.
If she weren't floating in mid-air, you would imagine she would also be tapping her little foot on the floor.

She seems to be waiting for something from you.
An apology? An explanation? For what?

Well, there was that whole “falling asleep in one flower field, only to wake up in a completely different flower field” thing, you suppose. You can only imagine what it must have seemed like to the others for you to suddenly not be there.
...of course, you pretty much have to imagine, yourself, since you weren't even awake when it happened.

“Look, I'm sorry if I worried you guys, but I really don't know what happened myself. I just thought I'd have a little nap, and when I woke up I was somewhere else!” you tell her.

In response, she puts her hands on her hips and tilts her head to the side in a manner that you can only guess is meant to represent incredulity.

“I'm serious! I have no idea how it happened! I was having some sort of dream, I think, and the next thing I know I'm surrounded by sunflowers and a scary lady with an umbrella is standing over me!”

With the way she draws her head back, you think she seems almost surprised for some reason, and then comes right up to your face, peers into each of your eyes, and generally moves around as if she were examining you

“Uh, Su-san? I'm okay, really, it's not like anything happ-mmph.”

Suddenly, she's latched onto your face again, arms on each side of your face, and one of her hands gently patting you on the temple. It almost reminds you of the way someone would attempt to comfort another after they had just survived some horrible accident or disaster.
And then, just as quickly as it had begun, her little embrace ends, as she seems to remember that she's supposed to still act like she's mad at you.

Little arms back on her hips, she motions towards the girl carrying you.

“Oh, yeah, her? Long story, but she's kinda following me no-”
“I am not following you!” Tenshi interjects.
“Right, right, whatever you say.”
“I'M NOT.”
“Right, right, anyway...Su-san? Would you mind leading the way?”

With a nod, the little doll turns zips off ahead of you. Though the celestial complains about having to follow a doll, she winds up doing it regardless after a little prodding.
Before long, you find yourself over the flower field on the hill, and as you look down you think you can see someone wandering amidst the sea of flowers, looking around for something.
Pointing her out to your “pilot”, you indicate that you should land there, and you begin your descent as Su-san rushes ahead to meet them.

You descend slowly. Gently. The girl holding you giving every impression of being in complete control Little by little, bit by bit, the ground gets closer, and closer, and closer.

Then it suddenly gets a lot closer a lot faster, as you feel the arms that had been holding you tightly for the duration of your trip suddenly disappear, handing you over to the grip of that horrible bastard known as gravity.
Thankfully, you weren't too far from the ground, so the worst that happens is you have the wind knocked out of you.

“Oops! Did you slip? I'm sorry!” the not-at-all-sorry-sounding celestial says as she lands beside you.

Dusting yourself off as you get back on your feet, you consider saying something to her, but find that thought interrupted at the sound of someone happily calling out to you.

“Human! You're back!” Medicine calls out, running up to you with a basket of flowers in her hands. “I knew it! I knew you wouldn't just run away!”

“Of course I wouldn't run away, Medi!”
You can't help but smile as you reach out and pat her on the head.

“I'm glad! This means you aren't a deserter!”
“...er, a deserter?”
“Yep! Su-san says they're the worst kind of scum, and deserve to die a slow and painful death!”
“Um, is that so?”
“Yeah! And then we're supposed to put their heads on poles or something, to serve as an example to everyone else!”
“That...certainly sounds effective. Good thing I'm no deserter, right?”

For a moment, you imagine the little doll impaling the severed head of some poor bastard on a pole that had been imbedded into the ground. You're not sure if you find that mental image cute or horrifying.

“Yep! It's good to have loyal allies! But...um...”
“What is it, Medi?”
“Well, what happened? Where did you go? And who is that?”

Oh. Yeah. She would be curious about where her human comrade disappeared to, and who the girl he flew back with was, wouldn't she?

[ ] You needed to use the bathroom, got lost, and this girl helped you!
[ ] You got kidnapped! This girl saved you!
[ ] You got kidnapped! This girl did it!
[ ] The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
[ ] ...wait, where's the fairy?
[x] ...wait, where's the fairy?

This reunion is so obscure without our insane-sister fairy. Must find her.
[x] You got kidnapped! This girl saved you!

She can't handle the truth! Cirno is probably somewhere doing the detective work and getting us closer to what we need.
I'd like to vote for that, but didn't we already tell Su-San what happened? Maybe she won't believe us and calls us a liar.
Ah, fuck it.
[x] You got kidnapped! This girl saved you!
[x] The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

>“I'm serious! I have no idea how it happened! I was having some sort of dream, I think, and the next thing I know I'm surrounded by sunflowers and a scary lady with an umbrella is standing over me!”
[x] The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Lying will lead to more lies.
[X] The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
[x] ...wait, where's the fairy?

If we lie, Su-san will be quick in telling her. And she already started to react badly the last time she thought we were lying.
[Q] ...wait, where's the fairy?
[X] The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
[X] The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
[x] ...wait, where's the fairy?
[X] The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
[x] ...wait, where's the fairy?
[X] The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
[X] ...wait, where's the fairy?
[X] The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
[x] ...wait, where's the fairy?
[x] The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
[x] ...wait, where's the fairy?
Keeping four Touhous around at once isn't pushing it to far...right?
Good lord, whatever are you talking about, sir? Oh, yes Su-Chan, right? It's kind of you to count her as a Tohou.
You now want to re-read the Satori's Radio updates. Manually.
[X] The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
[X] ...wait, where's the fairy?
[x] The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
[x] ...wait, where's the fairy?
That is actually a good idea.
File 128203477289.png - (193.29KB, 610x600 , why so short.png) [iqdb]
“Well...” you begin, taking a deep breath before continuing. “I was picking flowers, putting them in the basket, which I see you have, thanks for that by the way, and thought I'd take a little nap, so I did and then I had a dream but I don't really remember much of it except I think there was eggs and running or runny eggs and then I woke up and there were all these sunflowers and this scary lady with an umbrella who was poking me and telling me to do stuff which mostly involved telling her most of what I told you up to this point and then rocks fell but I don't think she died and then this girl showed up and then I threw some rocks at her and then there was some yelling and more rocks and then we flew back here to find you and here you are aaaaaaaaaaaaaaugh-” you manage to say before you feel yourself blacking out from lack of oxygen.

“Oh. Okay, then!” Medicine simply says, smiling.


“Oh, yeah. This is Tenshi. She's a celestial, she's not following me, and she sucks at throwing rocks.
“And, Tenshi? This is Medicine. She's poisonous, so don't touch her unless you like that sort of thing. The little doll over there is Su-san. You saw her already. And that fairy over there is...um...not over there. Medi? Where did the fairy go?”

You scan the area, but don't see the little icy fairy anywhere in sight.

“Huh?” Medicine looks around, confused. “I dunno, she was here a couple minutes ago.”

Oh, great. Your brain-damaged fairy has wandered off into the vast field of poisonous flowers alone. On the bright side, you realize she couldn't have gone too far, so finding her shouldn't pose too great of a problem.


[ ] Look for her alone
[ ] Look for her with Medicine
[ ] Look for her with Tenshi
[ ] Look for her with Su-san
[ ] Look for her with everyone
[ ] Look for her allone


>>Keeping four Touhous around at once isn't pushing it to far...right?

Too far? Or not too far enough?
{X} Look for her with Su-san.

>[ ] Look for her allone
[x] Look for her with Su-san

Tenshi isn't following us, and she obviously won't help us. [/trollface]

Medicine... I'm afraid she might make the things worse.
[x] Look for her allone
[x] Look for her with everyone
We must find her quickly, before she manages to poison herself to death.
[x] Look for her with Su-san
[ ] Look for her allone
[x] Look for her with everyone
Big group
[Q] Look for her with everyone
[x] Look for her allone
Allone in the light
[†] Look for her with Su-san
[X] Look for her with everyone

We just managed to reunite with Medi and Su-san. We don't need to risk having another trip and ending up alone again.
[x] Let her look for you
[X] Look for her with everyone
>Look for her allone.


So, Koishi option..."

[x] Look for her allone.
[X] Look for her allone

[x] Look for her allone
I'm torn between searching "alone" and searching with Tenshi. I like this Tenshi.
[X] Look for her allone
File 12821277052.png - (220.41KB, 566x800 , see this this is my serious face.png) [iqdb]
Figuring it shouldn't be too hard to find the fairy on your own, you tell the others to wait while you look around.

If you were in a forest, or even that other flower field, you could see yourself having trouble finding someone. Taller plants and more densely growing plant life, as well as less light would make finding someone quite difficult. Here, however, there are no such obstacles to your vision. No trees to hide behind. No tall grass or patches of tall sunflowers to hide within. Indeed, there is nothing at all in this field of flowers that prevents you from seeing anything in any direction.

So then, you wonder, why is it that after a couple minutes of walking and looking, you cannot seem to see the little fairy anywhere? You would have seen her if she had been flying away when you first landed, you're sure, as well as any point afterward.

And yet, you saw nothing. No sign, at all, of the little fairy that had supposedly been there just minutes ago.

Could she have left earlier than you had been led to believe? Could Medicine have been mistaken about how long ago she last saw her?
It's possible, you must admit, and yet...it doesn't seem like that's the case.

Somehow, you feel absolutely certain that the fairy is still in this flower field somewhere.
But if that is so, then why can you not see her anywhere?



Your thoughts are interrupted by the sudden sensation of something grabbing you and pulling you to the ground, followed by something cold being held over your mouth.
After the initial feeling of shock subsides, you realize the thing over your mouth is actually a hand. A hand connected to an arm, connected to a body, which belongs to none other than the very fairy you had been looking for, lying flat on her stomach.

Her blue eyes glaring fiercely at you, she uses her free hand to make a silent shhh-ing motion, and then slowly moves her hand away from your mouth

“Uh, what's going on? Why are we on the ground like this?” you ask her, whispering as quietly as you possibly can.

The hunter stalks its prey, waiting in the brush, silently watching for the moment to strike.” she whispers back.

“And, uh...what are we hunting, exactly?
The job seemed simple. Just the sort of thing to get me back on my feet, and back to work. A missing persons case. Standard fare, with a non-standard target. The person in question was my brother, who I haven't seen since the Great War.
“A missing person? You mean me? Because, well, I'm not missing anymore. I'm right here.”

The fairy looks back at you, glaring again.
Yes. Of course you are. Where else would you be?” she simple says, before looking back at some unseen thing in front of her.

“Um. Okay...if you don't mind me asking one more thing...” you cautiously ask.

The fairy just looks at you coldly, but says nothing to actually object.
Figuring that's as close as you can hope to get to a “go ahead, ask away” you go ahead and ask away.

“....well, er...why are you naked?” you finally ask.

She just stares at you, as if you had asked her an incredibly stupid question. Remarkably, she doesn't even have to change her expression to do it.

The hunter moves best when unencumbered by the false skins of society. When the time comes for the kill, they feel it not just in their hands, but the whole of their being.
“Um, what?”
I was starting to chafe,

Is that all?
Well, you suppose there are worse reasons for stripping down in the middle of a field of poisonous flowers.

The only other question that lingers in your mind is just what it is that she's looking at, and why you have to be lying prone on the ground to do it, but you realize the easiest way to get that answer is to simply try to see for yourself what she's looking at.

Giving the black ball in your hand a couple more squeezes to calm your nerves, you sit it down between the two of you.
Just how long had you been squeezing that thing, anyway?
It's hard to say, what with how addictive it is.
The texture is what makes it so appealing, you think.

Focusing all your attention to your front, you gaze intently through the flowers and grass that obscure your vision, trying to figure out just what it is you're supposed to be looking for.

And then, you see it.

A box.

A very familiar-looking box.

This shouldn't be possible.
This shouldn't be here.
And yet, here it is.

Something feels strange. Wrong, even.
Yet you cannot deny what your eyes are seeing.

From the design on the seals covering it, to the bright red surface of the box itself, this is clearly the box you remember. It could be none other.

This bright red box is definitely the box you remember.

...but why is it here?
You were sure that it was lost for good when that bird had taken it.

The naked fairy lying beside you doesn't seem to be offering any answers, nor does your little black squeezy-ball.

It is then that you realize what is going on.
What it is you must do.

What is it?
Or something else entirely?

Whatever it is, it is here, now.
So close.
So very, very close.
So close you can touch it.

And touch it, you must.

With your hand, you must reach out and claim that which you would have!

But wait! Your hand! It is so tiny!
Surely, it cannot hold but one single thing at a time!

To grasp one thing, one must give up on grasping another!
Such is the way of the world, and of hands!


But, no, that is impossible!
To use such a technique...!
It's unthinkable!
It's impossible!
Is it? Or is it?!

[ ] Long and Hard
[ ] Firm yet Supple
[ ] Soft and Squishy
[x] Firm yet Supple
Is best.
[x] Firm yet Supple
[x] Firm yet Supple
[Q] Firm yet Supple

Um. Sure.
[x] Firm yet Supple

[x] Firm yet Supple
[X] Firm yet Supple
[x] Firm yet Supple
[x] Soft and Squishy

Or is it?
[X] Firm yet Supple

The Only option.
Sister gropan games?
File 128220784892.jpg - (211.69KB, 747x476 , insert obvious name here.jpg) [iqdb]
The box!
It is so close!
So close you can smell it!

Yet, you do not reach for it.

It is far too red now, after all.

Planting your hand firmly down beside you, you begin to idly squeeze the thing it lands upon as you ponder whether or not you made the right choice.
To be sure, your hand is now resting on the only thing it can rest upon. It can not be in two places at once, after all.

Looking back at the box, you can only stare longingly as it breaks apart into spiders, melting into the earth.

Damn. There's no way you're getting it now.
Not when it has melted. And is spiders.

If only you had more than one hand with which to grab things.
It would be as if you could grab one thing, and then the other, at the same time.

Alas, while you have the second hand, such a technique as that is still too far beyond your grasp.
To attempt it in your untrained state would only destroy you.
You know this to be true.

Forced to make due with your single-handed grasping, you comfort yourself with more squeezing.
It's firm, yet supple, with a nice amount of give but not so much as to be off-putting.
It's also quite warm. Pleasingly so.

It's a little odd, though.

You don't recall the ball being quite so firm.
No, it was much squishier than that, you're sure.
It also didn't feel quite so warm, you think.

Why is that?

A glance over to your side tells you why.
It's because you're not squeezing the ball.
That makes sense, you suppose. The thing you are squeezing not being something that feels different when you squeeze it.

It is then the next question arises in your mind.

If you are not squeezing the ball...what are you squeezing?

It's not hard to find out.
All you have to do is look over.
Which you do.

Oh. You're just squeezing the fairy's buttocks.

That would explain why it feels the way it does.


You are squeezing your fairy-friend's butt.

You are squeezing your fairy's butt.


This is...!

”This is highly inappropriate behavior for a brother to have towards his sister, don't you think?”

The fairy is looking at you, her cold gaze piercing you.

She's right.
This is inappropriate!
Highly inappropriate!
You should stop!
You really should!
But you can't!
It feels so nice!
So squeezable and warm!

It doesn't feel wrong at all!

Well, okay, it does.
But you don't feel nearly as bad about it as you should!

And you really should, shouldn't you?
After all, did you not say this fairy was like a sister to you?

”Of course, if there's no blood relation there is no problem, is there?”

She had a point, you suppose.

”Unless you go for that sort of thing, of course.”

She has a point there, too. Sort of.

”So, are you gonna stop that, now?” she asks.

You're not sure.

Are you?

[ ] Yes. Squeeze no more.
[ ] No. Squeeze it more.
[ ] Yes. Squeeze that instead.
[ ] No. Squeeze that, too.
[ ] Yes. Squeeze more anyway
And here I thought it was going to be a Koishi.

[ ] No. Squeeze that, too.

Therefore, a Koishi.
I wonder if Koishi just got tired of us squeezing her third eye like a foam stress reliever toy, and made us grab Cirno instead.
[x] Yes. Squeeze that instead.
[ ] Yes. Squeeze no more.
Angry crazy fairy is angry. Don't push your luck. I don't want any NICE BOAT.
[x] No. Squeeze it more.

We're already going to hell, might as well do so at full-speed, all engines running.
[x] No. Squeeze that, too.

Cirno's body is cold but her butt is warm? Something seems off. That is NOT Cirno. Also, is that ball Koishi's third eye or something?
[x] Yes. Squeeze that instead.

According to Reisen in the fighters, as Cirno cools things, she draws in the heat from them. Thus, Cirno herself is warm, even if her surroundings are cold.

So I suppose it's a matter of whether the bunny is right or wrong. And since Reisen is adorable, she's right by default on my scale.
[x] Yes. Squeeze that instead.
I hope it's that round and squishy thing we touched earlier.
[x] Yes. Squeeze that instead.

Koishi is soft and squishy.
[Q] Yes. Squeeze that instead.
[x] Yes. Squeeze that instead.
[x] Yes. Squeeze that instead.
Squeezing is the new rockthrowing?
[x] Yes. Squeeze that instead.
[x] No. Squeeze it more.
This update was much better when I remembered Cirno is currently naked.
[X] Yes. Squeeze that instead.
[X] Yes. Squeeze more anyway
[X] No. Squeeze that, too.

It's mindhax, guys. We're really still squeezing Koishi's eye.
Or, better yet, we're squeezing Koishi's butt.
same thing
[x] Yes. Squeeze that instead.

Well, if it's really Cirno, then we're really groping her buttocks and about to change it to something else. If it's a Koishi mind hax, then we're squeezing her eye and about to grope something else. What could possibly go wrong?
[X] Yes. Squeeze that instead.

Stable, non third person voice? I don't think it's Cirno.


>So squeezable and warm!

Whatever we're currently squeezing, it's NOT Cirno, the little Ice Noir. Not unless she's suddenly gain a relatively human body temp along with her amnesia...
nevermind, I am oblivious to previous conversation in this topic...
[x] Yes. Squeeze more anyway
File 128229391862.png - (272.56KB, 600x600 , DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT.png) [iqdb]
“Ah! Right! Sorry! Sorry about that!” you say as you quickly withdraw your hand.

Really now, what is with you?
Doing such a thing as that! And so shamelessly!

The fairy just continues to stare at you
Really, you're amazed she's remaining so cool about all this.
Most any other girl would scream, or as would be most likely in a place like this, become enraged and attempt to tear you to pieces.

Still, you feel like squeezing something.
It just feels so relaxing, somehow. Like a wonderful way to relieve stress.

Just grabbing something and squeezing, and squeezing, and squeeeezing.

Oh, wait. That's right! You have something perfectly fine foe some good, clean squeezing right here, already!

”Hm. Giving up so quickly? How boring.”

Picking up the black ball, you give it a nice, hearty squeeze.

”How so very borhng.

“Huh? Did you say something?”

”Just your imagination playing tricks, like a dancing monkey dancing for nickels.”

“Oh. Well. Okay then.”

With little else to do at the moment, you begin to look over the ball as you continue to squeeze it.


It's really quite an interesting little thing, isn't it?
It's smooth, yet has a strangely organic texture to it.
From the way it feels, you think it's filled with something, too.


Certainly not air.
Water then, perhaps? Or some other kind of liquid?
But it doesn't slosh, though.

...and what is with this strange slit in the side?

”Mm~. Ahh~.”

Running your finger along it, it definitely seems like it's supposed to open or something, and yet it doesn't.
It doesn't seem to be sewn or otherwise sealed in any physical manner. Not that you can see, at least.

But the strangest thing of all has to be those tubes.
You don't know how else to describe them.
Tubes, sticking out of the ball.
Of course, it's more like they're growing from the ball, seeming to be made of the same material.

Hng~![ Ah-h-h-h-h-h-hh-hh-hhha-a-a~!”

They're pleasantly squishy, too.
But where do they go?
They lead out from the ball, yet don't seem to go back into the ball.
So, of course, they would have to go somewhere, right?

“Hey, 'sis'? What do you make of this thi-AUGH!”

Suddenly, you find yourself laying on your back, arms pinned to the ground by the naked and surprisingly strong fairy that is currently straddling your body.

Something about the way she's looking at you right now is...unsettling.

”Hey~. Do that again~.” she softly says, smiling.

Do what again?

”Hey~. Do that again~.” she says, still smiling.

Her hands slowly slide up your arms, over your shoulders, and come to rest around your neck.

”He-e-ey~. Do that again~.”

And then, she squeezes. Hard.

You cannot speak.

You cannot swallow.

You cannot breathe.

And she's still smiling.

[ ] squeeze
[ ] Squeeze!
[ ] Squeeze!!
[ ] SQUEEZE!!!
[x] squeeze
It'd be impolite to overdo it.
[x] SQUEEZE!!!
[x] SQUEEZE!!!

Guys, let's give her a taste of Heaven and THE BEST squeezing of her entire life.
[x] SQUEEZE!!!

Me love Third Eye job.
[x] Squeeze!
She seemed to be getting off on our squeezing. So we might not want to overdo it, lest we hurt her.

Squeeze war has been declared.
[x] SQUEEZE!!!
[x] SQUEEZE!!!
[X] Squeeze!
True, but doing a half-assed job is not an option when strangled to death.

[x] Squeeze!
[x] SQUEEZE!!!
That may be true, but it's also irrelevant.

I'm thinking Koishi is none too happy about the squeezing, whether it feels good or not. It's sort of like if you walked up to a woman, and shoved your hands into her panties, and began to finger her. Sure, it might theoretically feel good, but all the same, you don't just do that to someone out of the blue.

Admittedly, we can't be blamed too hard, as she's not only hiding her existence from our sight, and we didn't know that her third eye is apparently some sort of erogenous zone for satori (or at least, for her).

All we know is, we're squeezing a ball. Violation being violation, though, I think she's not factoring that into her decision.

Or I could be completely wrong.

[x] SQUEEZE!!!

Have I mentioned that I love interestingly-implemented mindfuck? Because I do, especially when a Koishi is involved.
[x] SQUEEZE!!!
[x] SQUEEZE!!!
Oh no...is it that Koishi? I will be very distressed if it that Koishi.
>>that Koishi

Which one would that be?
That thing we're squeezing, it's not an eye.
File 128236583960.jpg - (42.83KB, 512x384 , 5512052_m.jpg) [iqdb]
You know.
That Koishi.
i was thinking more along the lines of this koishi instead of that koishi.
File 128238584839.jpg - (256.86KB, 750x1059 , goodbye so soon.jpg) [iqdb]
You're pinned to the ground.
A naked fairy with a weird look in her eyes feels like she's choking the life out of you.

Clearly, this is no time to panic.

Or is it?

You have trouble telling, sometimes.
Like now.

”Heeeeeeeeeey~ Doooo thaaaaaaaat agaaaiiiiiiiiiiin~”

What? Do what again?
You didn't do anything!
Well, aside from grope her, that is.

All you were really doing after that, though, was squeeze that funny little tubey-ball thing.
What happened to it, anyway?

Oh. It's still in your hand.

Is she telling you to squeeze it again?

You can't imagine why.


Somehow, her grip seems to keep getting tighter and tighter.
How could a fairy be so strong?
It feels like she's not trying to choke you, so much as pop your head right off.

Unsure of what, if anything, you can possibly do, you opt for doing the only thing you know you can do at this point.


You squeeze the ball in your hands as hard as you possibly can.

You squeeze the fuck out of it.

”Doooo it agaaaaaaaHNNNGG!

The fairy shudders, her hands tensing up along with the rest of her body, before going slack around your neck.
You cough and sputter as you work to get air back into your lungs, but don't get to enjoy it for long before you feel a sharp, stinging sensation across the side of your face.

Looking up, you see the fairy withdrawing her hand, as if she had just slapped you.
Come to think of it, that's probably because that's exactly what she just did.

As you blink away the tears and haze from your vision, you can't help but think she looks far more composed than she was a moment ago. More 'proper'.

For starters, she was no longer naked.

You're not sure how or when she could have done it, but somehow she managed to dress herself in a rather nice outfit, complete with a new hat. A new face, too.

Amazing what a little change in appearance can do for the image you project, isn't it?

She's still smiling with that unsettling look in her eyes, though.

“That was too hard~. Do it again~.” she says, inching her hands back up your arms and towards your neck.

You think it best to do as she says before she tries to choke you again.

You squeeze the ball again.
She shudders again.

You squeeze the ball a little bit more firmly
She seems to be breathing a little more heavily than she was before.

H...har-der” she manages to get out between breaths.

You squeeze a little harder.
She shudders a lot more.

You feel the ball rhythmically pulsing in your grip.

”It...hurts~ It...hu-rts~ It...h...u..r..ts~ .t...h...r..t DON'T STOP

Mildly alarmed that you were possibly causing this girl pain, you had begun to loosen your grip on the ball.
Greatly alarmed at her suddenly yelling at you, however, you reflexively squeeze the thing harder than you had dared squeeze it before.

The girl instantly goes completely rigid, her head cocked to the side at an uncomfortable-looking angle, before silently going completely limp and collapsing on top of you, making no other motion aside from the occasional involuntary twitch.

You can no longer feel anything from the tube-ball.
No rhythmic pulsing.
No twitching, either.

It's as if whatever was working away inside of it just...stopped.

As you attempt to move out from under the girl, wondering what the hell just happened here, you come to the realization that this probably wasn't the fairy, after all.

You also realize she isn't moving.
Frankly, you're not sure she's even breathing.


[ ] ...squeeze?
[ ] Shake
[ ] Shout
[ ] Sob
[ ] Snuggle
[x] CPR
[x] Sob

This choice shows my true feelings right. now.
[ ] ...squeeze?
[ ] Sob
[x] Shake
[x] Sob
[Q] Shake

Oh, damn you, author.
[x] Shout
Giygas will be a fine addition to our party.
[x] Shake
[x] Koishi-saving option

Motherfucking non-auto-erotic asphyxiation!

Please don't rob us of Koishi. ;_;

[X]Squ-squeeze. Squ-squeeze. Squ-squeeze.
Direct heart CPR!
[x] Snuggle
[x] Shake
Of course! There will be time to cry later!
[x] CPR!
-[X]Squ-squeeze. Squ-squeeze. Squ-squeeze.
[x] CPR!
-[X]Squ-squeeze. Squ-squeeze. Squ-squeeze.
File 128241239169.png - (384.46KB, 500x500 , tenshiroute.png) [iqdb]
I have no regrets, this is my only path.
[x] CPR!
-[X]Squ-squeeze. Squ-squeeze. Squ-
[X] CPR!
-[X] Squ-squeeze. Squ-squeeze. Squ-squeeze.

File 128243296180.jpg - (110.47KB, 809x693 , I feel you fading away.jpg) [iqdb]
Wait a minute.
She couldn't be...
...could she?!
No! No!!
You can't let this happen!
You won't let this happen!

Hefting the limp-bodied girl off you, you hold her in one arm while grasping the ball in your opposite hand.

You squeeze the ball.
You squeeze the ball.
You squeeze the ball.
Again and again and again.

...no response.

“No! No! Come on! Don't do this!”


“Come one! Stay with with me!”

Squ-squeeze, squ-squeeze
Squ-squeeze, squ-squeeze
Squ-squeeze, squ-squeeze

“Live, damn it! LIVE!”


“What are you doing?” you hear someone ask from behind you.

“Not now! I'm busy!” you yell back, not willing to turn your attention away from your patient for even a second.

“Hm, that's really rather pointless, if you ask me.”
“Well I didn't ask you!”

Really, what is their problem, saying such things at a time like this!

“Really, you should just give up. She's a goner~!”
“Shut up! I'm going to do this! I won't let this happen!”

She's starting to piss you off.
You won't fail at this!
You can't!

“Why are you trying so hard for, anyway? It's not like you knew her or anything. No attachments whatsoever. No reason for sadness~! No reason for guilt~!””
“I told you, shut up! I don't care! I won't let something like this happen right in front of me!”
“Even if you don't stand to gain anything from it? No money~. No smooch on the cheek~. Not even a handjob~.”

Not even a what?!
Who the hell would be thinking of such things at a time like this?!

“I said I don't care! I'm doing this just because I want to, okay?!”
“Awww~, that's so cute! Somebody's getting snuggle for that~!”

Suddenly, a pair of arms reach around you from behind, and hold you in a tight embrace.
You can feel their body pressing into your back, as well as what you think is their heard nuzzling the back of your neck.

“What the-?! Look, hey, stop that, I'm trying to-”

Unable to take the mystery person's shenanigans any longer, you cease your squeezing and try to turn to get a look at whoever is currently hugging you.

She looks up from her nuzzling, and smiles.


She looks just like the girl currently lying limp and lifeless in your arms.

No. Wait.
She is the girl lying limp and lifeless in your arms.

Except she's not in your arms anymore.

The only thing you're holding now is the ball.

You feel her tighten your grip just a little bit, before she resumes nuzzling you.


[ ] WHO
[ ] WHAT
[ ] HOW
[x] WHAT
[x] HOW

You had me going there, you son of a bitch. ;_;
[x] WHO
[x] WHAT
[x] HOW

[ ] WHAT
[x] WHO
[x] WHAT
[x] HOW
[x] HOW
[x] WHO
[x] WHAT
[x] HOW
[x] WHO
[x] WHAT
[x] HOW
[x] WHO
[x] WHAT
[x] HOW

>You can feel their body pressing into your back, as well as what you think is their heard nuzzling the back of your neck.
> h key is next to b key

Koishi confirmed for beard! Silliness over typoes is always acceptable!
[†] WHO
[†] WHAT
[†] HOW
There might not be an update today/tonight, depending on whether I feel like doing anything between finishing work at midnight, then having to return to work at nine in the morning.

Sleep might be a good idea, I suppose. Probably.

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