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Suddenly the answer becomes clear, you’re sitting on it. Standing up quickly, you jam the legs of the legs of the bench into the bars. You lean back on the bench, and watch in awe as the door rises up, and then falls off its hinges. The water muffles the sound as the door falls down to the ground, resulting in a large splash.
You slosh out of the cell, the water up to mid calf, cheering your small victory to yourself silently. Taking stock of your current situation, you have two choices, you can either attempt to go through the person on the other side of the door, or you could attempt to find the other two cells.
The voice on the other side of the door begins pounding while shouting, and is quickly joined by several other smaller poundings. Interspersed with what sounds like loud booms. Above, the scuffle seems to be dying down.
Ignoring the dungeon entrance, you run over to the other wall, and begin running your hands over it, hoping to find another loose brick or maybe some hidden latch. Your hand passes over a rough spot on the wall. Upon closer examination, it seems to be a small hole, just the right size for a key to fit in. You jam the key in the hole and twist. There’s a loud clunk, followed by a grinding noise. The wall in front of you starts to slide open as the water rushes in. You slide in as quickly as you can, grabbing the key out of the wall. Removing the key seems to make the door start to close.
The voice on the other side of the dungeon door is joined by another one. Just as the wall slides shut, you hear the door being blasted open. There’s a pair of sloshing sounds as the pair of people rush into the room.
The voices first sound surprised, then angry. You hear sloshing noises as the pair apparently turn and leave.
Silence falls.
The section of the dungeon that you now find yourself in is even more poorly lit than the first half, but it at least seems to be more dry. You’ve managed to avoid your captors for the moment, but you don’t know how long you’ll be able to continue to do so. Looking around the room, it looks quite similar to the previous room, just with out a door. You assume that the other wall must open in a similar way to the first room, and search the wall. However, you fail to find a keyhole, press mechanism, loose rock, or any other manner to open the far wall. Going back to the wall you came through, you fail to find a keyhole. It seems that, at least at current, you’re trapped in the middle room.
Walking into the cell, you search the back wall, looking for a loose rock on the other side. You find it in almost the exact same place as it was on the other side. Pulling it out, the wall in front of you slides up into the ceiling. You fall backwards in shock. Calming yourself, you’re greeted by a solid steel door. There is no handle on the door, and there’s no window. You have a feeling that this door, much like the door into the dungeon, is most likely impossibly solid, and impossible to knock down. Running your hand over the door, it seems to be impossibly smooth, and cool to the touch.
Above you somewhere there seems to be a fight starting up, as you can hear several people yelling.
You run your hand along the frame of the door and suddenly, a keypad appears on the door. Remembering the note, you type in ‘s-h-I-t-s-u-x’ which, you hope, is the password to this door.
The keypad turns red before disappearing. The torches in the room all suddenly go out, plunging you into complete darkness. A slight wooshing sound comes from in front of you.

[ ] Panic.
[ ] Feel around in the darkness.
[ ] Stride boldly through the door.
[ ] Scream.
[X] Stride boldly through the door.
[X] Stride boldly through the door.
>The voice on the other side of the door begins pounding while shouting, and is quickly joined by several other smaller poundings.

Alice, I'm betting, since we don't hear any other voices.
[X] Stride boldly through the door.

There's no turning back, now.
[X] Stride boldly through the door.
[ ] Stride boldly through the door.

He wants us to pick this, so we shall.
That, or Suika.

But then, if it was here, that door would probably already have been reduced to splinters.
[X] Stride boldly through the door.
Hey! It worked!
[ ]Stride boldly through the door.
[X] Stride boldly through the door.

To all you bench-doubters: HA.

[X] Stride boldly through the door.

No other way now but forward. Excelsior!
[X] Feel around in the darkness.

Take care, anon, it could be DOOR TO LEDGE, LOL, or something.A
[] Hydrologically power bench cannon FIRE!

I will not be denied!
Amazing, we made it out. Thank you, Tewi.

It's too late but.... (I don't want to fall into a pit!)

[x] Feel around in the darkness.
Leading us all this way, giving us the password, just to throw us off a cliff for teh lulz?

...actually, I could almost see Kaguya doing that. But I doubt it.
You stride boldly through the door, which slides shut behind you. You seem to be in a long hallway, the floor below you clanking as you walk. You seem to be on some sort of… Catwalk? Looking around you see nothing but darkness, ahead of you, you see a slight glimmer of light. Heading towards it, you come across another door, with a window. Looking inside you see a flickering light, and a figure sitting in there. The catwalk continues off around this object, which seems to be some sort of sphere.

[ ] Knock on door.
[ ] attempt to open door.
[ ] walk around to the right.
[ ] walk around to the left.
Well, gee, that was..autopilotical.

I'm a bit disappointed we didn't get to argue over whether to stick the key in the hole, or stick our finger in the hole, or examine the wall, or try to go back, or look for something to knock the door down with, or...

I don't think we have to be TOO cautious here. This is clearly exactly what Kaguya had intended for us by giving us that note.

Still would like to know just how the fuck she would have had this level of foresight, but for all we knew a lot could have happened in the times we were either unconscious or being entertained by Mr. Banana's crazy jokes.

Either way, we giving that girl the most erotic hair-ruffling she's ever received in her immortal, undying life when this is all over. She deserves at least that much.
[ ] Knock on door.

We must visit our new friend.
[ ] Knock on door.

Must be polite.
[ ] walk around to the left.
Hmmm. So, Anon, what's the figure in the sphere? I can't think of any character that would be there.
[ ] Knock on door.
We really need to talk to that person
[X] Knock on door.
[X] Knock on door.

[X] Knock on door.

why does this remind me of HL2EP1?
>Either way, we giving that girl the most erotic hair-ruffling she's ever received in her immortal, undying life when this is all over. She deserves at least that much.

Amen to that, brother.

[X] Knock on door.
[x] Knock on door.
I bet its Mokou, who else could it possible be
Oh, holy shit, it's ZUN isn't it.
And he will be dressed like Colonel Sanders.


I dunno. Kaguya has Mokou locked in some secret dungeon sphere? I mean, I guess it's possible....

But if that's the case, I doubt "knocking" is going to be very useful. Ah well. Pick first, think/discuss (bitch) later. Par for course.
[X] Knock on door.
Might as well be polite.
ZUN died of alcohol poisoning. With him dead, Gensokyo began to spiral into chaos.

Anon, are you ready to make the ultimate sacrifice? This will be your new home for the rest of your life.
I know its random, but did anyone else think "its a rocket ship! WE HAVE NEET OFF!" when reading about the door and catwalk?
[] Hydrologically powered bench cannon FIRE!

Something like that.
Well our situation has not improved much, upstairs was some fighting, dunno whats going on at the moment anyway.
Where the fuck are we anyway
Nope. Lets bust out of this hellhole with style!
>Remembering the note, you type in ‘s-h-I-t-s-u-x’ which, you hope, is the password to this door.
The keypad turns red before disappearing.

I hope this shit wasn't case sensitive.
This was... anti-climatic.
I'm thinking less "rocket ship" and more "emergency escape pod".

It will be fired from the ass of a giant Big Boy statue Kaguya keeps in Eintei's back yard.
Im still waiting for the part when Anons going to become GAR and kill the whole insane bunch.

majuscule I? wrong pass
Maybe if you're a faggot it is.
A rocket ship? ...a Lunarian vessel with flight capacity is certainly what we need to get us out of here and buy us some time. Though, if we're lucky, these passages will put us far enough away that we'll still be okay.
He wanted the Torture guro path
Hey, the door opened. What more do you want?

For waiting over an hour, yes.
File 120796149585.jpg - (111.03KB, 400x405 , 35c0129.jpg) [iqdb]
D-don't even joke about that!!
Why else would she have it?
You knock on the door quite loudly. The figure puts it’s hand up waving at you in a gesture you can’t quite identify. They turn away from their device and walk back to the door, fiddling with it for a minute. You hear the sound of several metal things sliding against each other, and then the door opens.
“Took you long enough. Were the tips not direct enough for you?”
You take a step back in shock! This girl who’s standing here before you, The long black hair, the kimono, she was the corpse that was lying in the middle of the first room that Alice had dragged you into.
You stammer out a questioning of how she’s alive.
“Look, You don’t live as long as I have with out picking up at least Some tricks.” Kaguya giggles slightly.
“Now hurry up, and get in here. You’re late as it is.”

[ ] Go inside
[ ] continue asking questions
[ ] . . .
[ ] Run away.
[ ] Go inside
[x] Go inside

At least this is straight-forward and safe.
A scuffle up above happened...

If that was our little sister squad, and any of them got hurt...

There will be no force in the universe that stops us from claiming harsh vengeance.
[x] Go inside
[X] Go inside

Then ruffle that gorgeous little NEET's hair like there's no tomorrow.
[ ] Go inside
[X] Go inside
Delicious NEET, must eat
[X] Go inside

Kaguya, I love you so much right now.
[ ] Go inside

Then ask if she likes mudkips/tell her to do a barrel roll/[insert meme here].

That has to be intentional. I see us heading down an inexorable Bad End.
[x] Go inside

[x] Go inside.

Also, thanks Kirakishou for making this thing for anonymous and others to enjoy.
[x] Go inside
File 120796179779.jpg - (298.08KB, 740x1035 , a5c9c3b4928c8a442578915cd89dc0f4.jpg) [iqdb]
Am I the only one filled with an overwhelming desire to bang her now?
>Also, thanks Kirakishou for making this thing for anonymous and others to enjoy.

Seconded. Epic shit is EPIC.
[x] Go inside
NEET! Fuck Yes!

Kaguya here is surprisingly moe
[]Ruffle NEET ([x] Go inside.)
we need a Hug or ruffle option and tell her we are glad that she did not die
>“Look, You don’t live as long as I have with out picking up at least Some tricks.”

By tricks she means the Hourai Elixer, she has died plenty of times.
File 120796194563.jpg - (152.62KB, 459x650 , 1202058077347.jpg) [iqdb]
We are always filled with an overwhelming desire to bang her. Its the norm.
Later, when we've got time to ruffle her properly.

Don't get like that, you're starting to look like replies on mirror moon's forums.

Thank him by playing, perhaps an occasional "This shit is AWESOME", not by sucking his cock.

I seem to have read that wrong

>>we need a Hug or ruffle option and tell her we are glad that she did not die

I second hugging.
Ruffling is too soon for a fine lady of her caliber.


I bet she'd purr like a kitty when we do it.

Seems a little late for that, I hate to say.


You're right.
How precisely does one "ruffle the heavens?"
NEET hair is not for ruffling. It is for stroking, or gently caressing. She is a princess. A delicious NEET princess.
The same way one pierces the heavens.
Just with less thrusting and more movement of the wrist.
It does not matter, we need to touch that silky, long wonderful smelling hair
If we become her personal man-bitch, we can brush and stroke it while she surfs the internet.
I'm pretty sure it involves ruffling that which cannot be ruffled, viewing that which is invisible, and also combat against some manner of ubiquitous power.
I wouldn't complain about this. We should come back after we complete our quest and offer ourselves to the NEET princess.
In general:

Long hair is not ruffled.

You don't brush hair that fine. You comb it.
So, who said our ruffling has to be limited to head-hair?
Do not get in the ship anonymous. If you do you will know what it truly means to be my enemy.
>>Who said we were talking about the hair on her head?

See: >>12188
>>Long hair is not ruffled.
It's amazing how no one remembers the mortal danger we were just in, all thanks to some NEET hair.
I am slightly disturbed.

I still want to bite your face off.
oh wait
We will not ruffle NEET hair. We will stroke it.
Imma gonna stuff you like a turkey on thanksgiving. No forgiving

Well, what can you honestly expect?
We'll be reminded soon enough. Moments of peace like this haven't been coming too often of late, and don't seem too numerous on the horizon either; best to enjoy it while we can.
Anon has a lot of experience stroking things.
I'm still brooding over how we must overthrow Reimu & Co after giving them a severe beatdown. NEET takes backseat to my plans of righteous vengeance. Lay waste to MY Eientei, will they?
File 120796276652.png - (172.53KB, 640x368 , shirou.png) [iqdb]
You mean like stroking cats?
This is that part in Metal Slug 3 where you and the Nazis join forces against the Aliens, and run & gun turns into v-scrolling shmup.

Meaning that this shit just turned from awesome into berserker.
The NEET and us are now allies against a common foe. We must band together to strike down the enemy, and afterwards we shall retire to her bed-chambers for rufflings, sexings, and posting on the internets.
Good grief.
My hope is that the device that Kaguya is using function similar to Xedilian from Shivering Isles (http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Shivering:Baiting_the_Trap).
Vengeance will be ours.

Yes, we will stroke her pussy.

If you know what I mean.

That would be awesome. Give reimu the same shit the orc got.
That reminds me...doesn't Eientei supposedly have some Lunarian weapons stored away somewhere?
File 120796311329.png - (272.35KB, 640x368 , shirou.png) [iqdb]
Ya lost me.
I think I kept a local laundromat in business thanks to a Metal Slug 3 machine. So many quarters, gone forever.

Fuck. Still had reimu in the name field.
Kaguyas going to show us our Gundam now so we can get revenge on those bitches
You step into the sphere behind Kaguya. The door slams shut behind you, and apparently locks again.
“Good. Now that you’re here, I can fire this thing up.” Kaguya runs her hands over what appears to be a keyboard in front of her, and a myriad of screens spring to life in across the top half of the sphere. The screens show the interior of the mansion from every conceivable angle.
Your eyes go wide. Kaguya reaches over to a microphone and speaks clearly into it.
“Eirin. Plan Tasukette. GO.”
You see Eirin on one screen look up into the monitor and nod. Reimu, Marisa, and Alice are gathered together in the room where ‘Kaguya’s’ body had been. Reimu was looking like she was feeling better, and Alice was nursing a bloody nose. Marisa and Reimu seemed to be arguing Vehemently. On another screen, You see a small girl with red hair and horns coming out of her head running down a hall. You try to follow Eirin but she seems to have disappeared from the monitors. Suddenly, a voice comes from your side.
“Everyone but the hostiles have been evacuated from the interrior of the mansion, mistress.”
Kaguya’s face lit up with a devilish grin. “Good job Eirin. Now it’s time to play some games.”
Kaguya waves her hands over the keyboard again and the design changes into what looks like a yolk for a plane. you wonder if this sphere is gonna fly out of here or something. Your question is answered quickly when the sphere announces in a computerized voice. “AUTO CANNON MODE, ACTIVATED.”
This voice must have been repeated through the mansion, as the three girls stop arguing, and start looking around. Suddenly several bullets shoot between the arguing pair and Alice. The three scatter. Marisa grabs her broom, Reimu suddenly has a hand full of needles, and Alice is quickly calling a myriad of dolls forth.
The battle is intense and rages for quite some time, but in the face of the superior firepower of Eientei, the three are driven back to the entrance.
Reimu shakes her fist at the mansion. “God damn it Kaguya, this means war. I’ll find a way to make you die when I kill you.” a few more shots zoom past Reimu, “But I’m going to torture you first. Make you feel all the pain and humilation that I’ve felt.” And with that, the three of them take off into the air, fleeing away from Eientei.
Kaguya sighs and slumps down in her seat. “That was something I never hoped that I’d have to do.” She shakes her head and brushes her hair out of her eyes. Turning around to face you, she smiles a warm smile at you. “I hope you appreciate what I’ve done for you. I’ve just pissed off the single most powerful being in Gensoko. I expect a return on my investment.” Kaguya then turns to Eirin, “Gather up all the rabbits and cut Reisen down, I’ll be up with our investment soon enough.”

Several hours later.

You and Kaguya walk up from the sphere, only once Suika had been successfully lead out into the bamboo forest and left quite lost.
The two of you are talking quite animatedly, debating which anime of the new season was the best. Yeah, the best way to diffuse a stressful situation is to relax and ignore it in as much as you can. As you walk into the room, you hear a familiar voice.
You know that voice.
“Ah! It’s the human!” Wriggle cries out.
It’s Cirno, Rumia and Wriggle!
The three of them charge forward and tackle you. Kaguya walks over to Eirin, pokes her in the side and points at the three girls on top of you. Reisin, on a set of crutches looks over, and Tewi looks quite proud.
They all laugh at how happy the three little ones are to see “the human”.

[ ] Limit break.
[ ] Hug your little sisters.
[ ] Tell the little ones how glad you are to see them.
[ ] All of the above, like the fist of the motherfucking north star.

Gone, but not wasted.
[X] Limit break.
No mere Ruffle is sufficient here.
[ ] All of the above, like the fist of the motherfucking north star.
[ ] All of the above, like the fist of the motherfucking north star.
[ ] All of the above, like the fist of the motherfucking north star.

[X] All of the above, like the fist of the motherfucking north star.


Fuck yes. Not enough slaughtering though.
[ ] All of the above, like the fist of the motherfucking north star.

[ ] All of the above, like the fist of the motherfucking north star.
>“Eirin. Plan Tasukette. GO.”

I was listening to Tasukete Eirin just now, how appropriate.

[ ] All of the above, like the fist of the motherfucking north star.
[x] All of the above, like the fist of the motherfucking north star.

[X] All of the above, like the fist of the motherfucking north star.

God. Fucking. Damn.
I am so hard for Kaguya right now, but first thing's fucking first.

[ ] All of the above, like the fist of the motherfucking north star.
[ ] All of the above, like the fist of the motherfucking north star.
[ ] All of the above, like the fist of the motherfucking north star.
[ ] All of the above, like the fist of the motherfucking north star.
[ ] All of the above, like the fist of the motherfucking north star.
[ ] All of the above, like the fist of the motherfucking north star.
[ ] All of the above, like the fist of the motherfucking north star.
Everything sort of turned out all right.

Everything sort of turned out all right. Everything sort of turned out all right. Everything sort of turned out all right.

But that's impossible.

Because Anon is Anon. And there's no way things ended that well for him.

It's impossible.

It's impossible it's impossible impossible impossible impossibleimpossibleimpossibleimpossible
[ ] All of the above, like the fist of the motherfucking north star.
[ ] Thank EVERYONE. Then ask WTF is going on, and what the plan of action might be.

It's meeting time. Time for those 30 minute codec conversations.
I want to stroke Kaguya's long, luxurious NEET hair.

[ ] All of the above, like the fist of the motherfucking north star.

Theres no way Kira could fuck us over with this option! Not possible way!
[x] All of the above, like the fist of the motherfucking north star.

was feeling meh about the developments until this
'cause this was only the midboss battle. You still haven't reached the level boss yet. =D
[ ] All of the above, like the fist of the motherfucking north star.
[x] Reality Marble.
[x] Hug your little sisters.
[x] Tell the little ones how glad you are to see them.
[x] All of the above, like the fist of the motherfucking north star.

Not once on the above, but TWICE EACH.

Limit break? No.. No Omniruffle here. REALITY MARBLE.

[X] All of the above, like the fist of the motherfucking north star.

You're getting to know us maybe a little too well, Kira.
>>[ ] All of the above, like the fist of the motherfucking north star.

There's not much point asking if one of the options is this!

Anyway I'm gonna go 2 bed after the next post, so plz make it nice!
Wait..........where's our camera?

We're not out of the woods yet.
As mad as Reimu may have been before, that's NOTHING compared to how pissed off she is at us now.

We're in for one wild night.

Some where in Eientei I suspect
File 120796379350.jpg - (78.28KB, 641x868 , hokuto_kenshiro01.jpg) [iqdb]
You are already ruffled.
Reimu is not done for. She said she will be back, last time she came with Alice and Marisa, this time shes going to bring the true powerful beings. Smells like SDM attack.
Well we are safe for now, but pretty much screwed
It's gonna be a long night.
It's gonna be a fun night.

Wait..... So Reimu is team rocket?
So much for sleeping, I guess. Well, not like I have work or school or anything tomorrow, so... yeah. Bring it on.
Bring it, i have time
Daaaamn, so Eientei had autocannons setup throughout the building? I mean...daaaamn. Never saw that coming.

...still at a loss on plans. We need to get info from the Eientei people to see what Reimu & Co's alliance status is. I want to know who else besides the SDM is backing them.
Interesting lines. Quotation from the final stage fight of EoSD....

Kaguya probably has something planned, she is not going to stumble into this mess without a plan
First, we have an epic hair-ruffling love-fest, then thanks and hugs to the bunnies, Eirin, and Kaguya, and then we get to strategizing.

It's okay.

It's really a coma dream.
We gonna have an orgy with all those bunnies
And who else is left that we can rally to our cause. Reimu has to have pissed people off, and now is the time to act, when there is justification to containing the Counter-Guardian of Gensokyo.
I suppose we've yet to find Mokou's stance on all this. And we'll probably find out sooner that we hoped.
File 120796442173.jpg - (229.61KB, 800x1200 , normal_wriggle_vs_sdm_001.jpg) [iqdb]
Wriggle can kick the shit out of the SDM, Marisa and Alice, and the Netherworld at the same time.

Well, at least according to that one guy.
File 120796444016.jpg - (34.23KB, 400x400 , 1203715166221.jpg) [iqdb]

Thats really all I can say.
>>First, we have an epic hair-ruffling love-fest, then thanks and hugs to the bunnies, Eirin, and Kaguya, and then we get to sexing.

I'm giving the odds of 1 to 10 that Kira will forget what the hell he was striving for and start up the school days story line again for shits and giggles.
File 120796452562.jpg - (12.28KB, 300x300 , 8.jpg) [iqdb]
Kaguya can have this, many years of lurking in the intrawebs in one hardrive
If this is going to full-scale war we might want to get Moriya Shrine on our side. I know we pissed off Suwako, but she isn't exactly in charge of shit there.
That would be quite alright, too.

The manliest man!
I think we need to get in touch with Yuyuko again.
If Yukari is technically more on our side than Reimu's, then Yuyu is our ally as well.

Also, any and all other youkai we can think of to rally to our cause.

Mokou would be nice, but I have a hard time believing she would join up with the side her worst enemy was on.

Isn't that the cave cricket from Haruhi?
This event has shown Gensokyo just how much Reimu and the rest have changed, and just how far they will go to archive what they want. Lines will be drawn between those who would bow down to her power and those who would resist it. Eientei is the Fort Sumter of Gensokyo. The Great Civil War of Gensokyo has begun.
File 12079647441.jpg - (47.13KB, 520x520 , CRAAAAAAAAZY.jpg) [iqdb]
Pretend I typed achieve and pretend I don't use in spell check.
Kaguys probably knows what she is doing. If it comes to the worst, Yukari is hopefully helping us, and we promised to come back to Yuyuko, maybe theres some help too.

Meeting Keine should be high priority, as to prevent Mokou from becoming an enemy.
I think present circumstances will go a long way towards overriding us accidentally having stepped on a frog. Plus, even on a good day, Moriya and Hakurei aren't exactly on the best of terms. This is a course of action definitely worth considering.
I'm sure we've been told to avoid Keine as well as the Human Village
I'm guessing the great event that's going to happen is the civil war over anon... despite the fact that it was partially started to get anon and stop whatever would come

Keine lives in the human village, and considering how frequently Reimu goes through there, it's a place we're better off avoiding.
Too dangerous. Reimu frequents the human villages. We can't afford to face her with only the 9 squad to back us up.
I'd give her a hardrive.

If you know what I mean.
We still don't know why we're here, right? Why Yukari saved us so many times and why Kaguya decided we were worth fighting Reimu?


Seriously, folks. If SDM were backing Reimu, you would have heard Sakuya's name dropped.
She's a far more deadly person, and a hell of a lot more likely to venture outside than Patchy, who is asthmatic and anemic.

So yeah. No SDM yet.
Let's stop this rumor.

Also, so goddamn happy.
Because Cirno is with Anon, and Cirno is the strongest
Yeah, we don't know why Kaguya thinks we're valuable enough to fight Reimu over. (We should probably ask).

And didn't Yukari only save us once, after we'd already died? Don't want to give her too much credit, or she'll lord it over us.

Still, she'd be in the bamboo forest during the full moon, or we could get Rinnosuke or one of our 9s to set up a meeting somewhere outside the village.

We need a neutral party to fill us in on what's really been happening.
You hug the girls tightly to you. You can’t BELIEVE how much you missed them. After squeezing them tightly a strange sensation comes over you. Your eyes loose focus for a moment, and words flow through your head in a seeming unending stream. When your eyes focus, you understand. You focus for a moment, then simultaneously, ruffle all 3 girls hair, at the same time. Cirno closes her eyes and smiles. Rumia still seems somewhat shocked by you touching her, but allows you to ruffle smiling as well. Wriggle turns bright red again, but smiles. She fidgets with her hands again, seemingly unused to this activity.

Kaguya walks up next to you and coughs in a manner that says, ‘yes you’re happy to see them but we have other matters to which we must attend.’

The four of you stand up, and turn to face Kaguya.

“Alright, my little investment, You can’t stay here. Reimu will most likely be looking for you, and this will be the first place that she’ll come. So you can’t stay here. You’ll need to go somewhere else. She’ll most likely go to the Scarlet Devil Mansion first in order to recruit assistance, given that Marisa could easily persuade Patchouli, and from there the rest of them could be forcibly convinced by Reimu. I’m going to suggest that you flee to the Moryia shrine, or Hakugyokurou to hide for the time being. I’d recommend Hakuguokurou for you to go hide at, given that Yukari is obviously on your side.” Kaguya glances up at some unperceivable thing before turning back to you. “I don’t know enough about the Moryia shrine to honestly suggest it, But given that they seem to be a wild card in all this, much like you, It may be worth the trip. Given the time you have though, I don’t think you’ll be able to go to both and make it to the other.”
Kaguya sighs, obviously not used to talking this much. She waves to Eirin, and sits down.
Eirin turns to Reisen and Tewi, “Alright, and the two of you are going with them.”
Reisen opens her mouth to protest but is cut off by Eirin, “No buts. You’re going with him. There’s no way you can stay here with Reimu on her way back in your condition. You need to get away from here, and recover. Besides. He,” gesturing in your direction, “Needs all the help he can get.” Eirin kneels down next to Tewi. “I need you to go with him too.”
Tewi humps and turns up her nose. “I swore to him that I’d be back, and while I did find these three and keep them safe, I didn’t make it back in time to save him. So I still owe him. Of course I’m going to go with him.” Eirin smiles and pats Tewi’s head. Tewi turns bright red at this and slaps at Eirin’s hands.
“Keep your hands off me woman!”
Eirin chuckles to herself.

Kaguya, who’s voice seems to have recovered pipes up. “Alright, Where are you going to go?”

[ ] Moriya Shrine
[ ] Hakugyokurou
[ ] Ask what she and Eirin are going to do.
[ ] Find somewhere else to go.
[ ] Hakugyokurou

We promised Yuyuko we would return.
True, but Patchy's in tight with Remi, and when Remi says frog, SDM jumps. Maybe they're not moving now, but it's not an unfair assumption that they will soon, and it's a damn certainty they won't be coming down on our side either way.
[X] Ask what she and Eirin are going to do.

Surely we have enough time to find out that much.
[ ] Ask what she and Eirin are going to do.
dont be FAGGOTS
we cant let them sacrifices themselves for us!
[x] Hakugyokurou
[ ] Moriya Shrine

[X] Hakugyokurou
This is the right choice.
[X] Ask what she and Eirin are going to do.

We have enough time to ask and still decide where we're going. Besides, knowing may be half the battle.
[x] Ask what she and Eirin are going to do.

[x] Moriya Shrine

[X] Hakugyokurou

yuyuko told us to visit, or she'd be upset. Granted, this was in another time line, but the dead don't follow normal conventions. And after we saved ourselves, we had a feeling we should go there.
[ ] Ask what she and Eirin are going to do.
No, the thought of going there filled you with a strange fear.
[X] Moriya Shrine

Going back to Yuyuko would be bad, we are endangering the group by bringing them there. Yuyuko is going to eat them.
[ ] Hakugyokurou

Ghost blowjob, WOOOOOOO!
[X] Ask what she and Eirin are going to do.
[ ] Ask what she and Eirin are going to do.
[ ] Hakugyokurou

Maybe we can get Yukari to gap us to the Moriyas from there. If we're lucky. She might still be laid out from spending her power on that time warp.
[ ] Hakugyokurou
And then
[ ] Ask what she and Eirin are going to do
before we go.
[X] Hakugyokurou
[X] Ask what she and Eirin are going to do.
Anon keeps his promises. Also, if we go to Hakugyokurou, we NEED to warn the group about the food of the underworld.
I'm also worried about NEET and Nurse, what are they going to do?
We shall make sure that they are safe first, then we choose where to go
>Tewi humps and turns up her nose.

>Tewi humps

[x] Hakugyokurou
[x] Ask what she and Eirin are going to do
Yuyuko told us to return to her or face consequences.

Possibly consequences like losing one of our 9s. Permanently.
[ ] Hakugyokurou
Taking Reisen's injury into consideration, which needs time in a safe location to heal, Yukari's ability to gap us anywhere instantly (Including the Moriya shrine for later), and their current like for us, I'd say this option.

However, I am a bit worried that no matter what we choose, Moriya is in trouble. I'm not worried about being able to be at both places at once; if we make it to Hakugyokurou, we can just gap to Moriya; I'm worried that we'll not make it before they are crushed into submission by Reimu. We'll be able to make a much better evacuation with Yukari, anyways, so...
[X] Moriya Shrine is fine too.
If we go to the Moriya Shrine will Cirno fight Suwako again?
[x] Hakugyokurou
[x] Ask what she and Eirin are going to do.
We've already established that Yukari and Yuyuko are basically in our corner (for now), so theirs is the best place to seek refuge at first.

A trip to Moriya Shrine would involve going through Tengu territory, and the possibility of a confrontation with Aya about her lost camera.
That, and Suwako probably still doesn't like us or Cirno. Of course, what she thinks doesn't matter if we can get Kanako on our side.

For now, the best course seems to be to hide out at Hakugyokurou, set up a base of operations there, and see about the possibility of getting in touch with the Moriya Shrine from there.

The more Final and EX-Stage bosses we can get on our side, the better.
>After squeezing them tightly a strange sensation comes over you. Your eyes loose focus for a moment, and words flow through your head in a seeming unending stream. When your eyes focus, you understand.

H4x level +1
Yuyuko is going to eat Cirno, Rumia, and Wriggle.
Also, if it's safe, we need to go to kourindou. As we've seen, Anon is a wild card in battle, sometimes besting even Reimu and sometimes getting fucked up by dolls. We need weapons or at least the jetpack.
You are wrong, if we have already Yuyuko and Yukari as allies we need to seek out more allies, and we all know that the Moriya shrine is in fighting for faith with Reimu. we need to do that in secret so that its our trump card
It looks like asking the Mooninites about their plans has won for now, so let's take this time to hammer out exactly where it is we're going to go from here.

Hakugyokurou is already somewhat on our side, although Yuyuko has proven she can be... um, flighty. Another plus is that it's probably the least accessible of the two choices. And we did promise.

Moriya may or may not join. They don't like Hakurei Shrine anyway, but may not feel any desire to stick their necks out for us. But if they do join, well, not one but two goddesses, a shrine maiden almost on par with Reimu herself, the fastest being in Gensokyo and her army of tengu... that'd be a hell of a powerhouse for the good guys.

We can only make it to one or the other, Anon. Choose wisely.
Yukari isn't at Hakugyokurou. She may show up eventually, but she's really quite busy attending to a variety of matters. (eg. ran and chen are working thier ASSES off) She's not forgetting about you, and I think someone else already noticed that fact.
Instead of answering Kaguya’s question, you ask one of your own.

She smiles slyly at you. “That’s really none of your concern. But if you must know, Eirin and I will be preparing a little. . . surprise for Reimu.”
Eirin chimes in, “Oh yes, I almost forgot. I do believe this is yours.”
Eirin hands over the camera. YES! You got the useless piece of technology that’s only managed to save your butt once back! Huzzah!

Kaguya stretches. “Alright, For real this time, make up your mind.”

[ ] Ask Kaguya where she thinks you should go.
[ ] Ask Eirin where she thinks you should go.
[ ] Ask Reisen where she thinks you should go.
[ ] Moriya Shrine.
[ ] Hakugyokurou.

But Rinnosuke's on her's and Marisa's shit list now, so that may not be the best idea.
[x] Moriya Shrine


Also, how does one ruffle three girls' hair simultaneously, without greatly disturbing the on lookers?
[ ] Moriya Shrine.
[ ] Hakugyokurou.

Voted for it before.

Time hax.

[x] Hakugyokurou.

"I made a promise."
Damn, Yukari isn't at Hakugyokurou? ...Yuyuko and Youmu alone may be of little help. I'm more inclined towards Moriya shrine, now.
[X] Hakugyokurou.

We promised Yuyu.
[X] Moriya Shrine.
[X] Hakugyokurou.

[ ] Moriya Shrine
Yukari is sort of on our 'side', and Yuyuko's her friend, so we might have her support already(Especially if she remembers the old time line). We need more allies, so Moriya just makes sense.
[ ] Moriya Shrine.
[X] Hakugyokurou.
I'm tempted to say [ ] Hakugyokurou.
But I am curious to hear what Eirin and Reisen have to say on the matter. Eirin's a genius, and since she's stuck with us for now we should let Reisen have some say in the matter.
[X] Moriya Shrine.

I don't think we can pass up an opportunity like this.
File 120796653824.gif - (475.96KB, 180x100 , 120716796240.gif) [iqdb]
[X] Hakugyokurou.
But deliberate for a little bit about the choice while sweating and have Cirno say ZAWA ZAWA.
That'd be super dandy.
[X] Hakugyokurou.
[x] Moriya Shrine.
[x] Moriya Shrine.

I say we go to the Moriyas. Youkai Mountain is a big place...lets hope we can pick up some unexpected allies. Maybe we can even entrust some of our troops to the care of the Kappa or Tengu or something.

We can send a scout.
We also might have the Prismriver's support as well.
That said
[X] Hakugyokurou.
[x] Moriya Shrine.

can bribe aya with camera
changing vote to [ ] Hakugyokurou.
[X] Hakugyokurou.

Delicious Youmu hair ruffling.

Yukari's not there?

I still think Ghost-Land. We can; and need to; talk to the Judge. Imagine an army of Ghosts on our side.

On the other hand, Imagine a god on our side.

[ ] Ask Reisen where she thinks we should go.

She's the shrewdest.
[X] Moriya Shrine.

As much as I'd like to recuperate for a spell, I think it would be pertinent to recruit new allies. We might be able to win over Aya and thus get some sway in Tengu society if we encounter her, especially if we show her that we've (somehow) taken care of her camera until we could find her again. It would be quite a boon if we could sway the Moriya family and the rest of the mountain, as well.
I count Moriya the victor, by a hair's breadth. It is still five votes, right?
We got along well with them before, so the Prismrivers will likely climb on-board if we go to Hakugyokurou.
One of the first five changed their vote to Hakugyokurou, apparently.
[x] Moriya Shrine.
We already have support from Hakugyokurou. We need to gather our allies before Reimu strikes again.
I think the best Option would be to hide where Yukari is.
No one expect her knows that Place, and Reimu can not reach there, can there possible a safer place?
Except that was a different timeline

[X] Hakugyokurou.
>But if they do join, well, not one but two goddesses.

Suwako tried to kill us and she is also on good terms with Kanako.

Why would we go to Moriya Shrine?
Cirno + frogs = no
Lets go over this

Potential allies: Yuyuko, Youmu, Random Ghosts
Potential nearby allies: Prismrivers

Moriya Shrine:
Potental allies: Sanae, Kanako, Suwako, Youkai worshipers
Potental nearby allies: Nitori, Aya, Momizi

I think Moriya looks better, honestly.
It's possible if we head to the Youkai Mountain, we can either earn Aya's friendship by giving back her camera, or possibly even learning how to properly use it ourselves. She'd make a powerful ally on her own, but if we could also get the other Tengu to help as well, we would have some serious power backing us.

The Moriya Shrine, however, is risky. One of the three there already don't like us, and without a VERY strong argument for just why it would be worthwhile for them to align themselves with us, I can't imagine Kanako would give the go-ahead to pick sides.

Of course, Kaguya sees some benefit in helping us, even if we don't know what it is, yet...

(And you had better believe we're going to make sure she gets a return on her "investment", if you know what I mean.)
[X] Moriya Shrine

I think we can promise Aya the motherfucking scoop of a lifetime.
Let's start with documenting the aftermath of Reimu's attack on Eientei.

That's not going to look good at all.
[x] Moriya Shrine

Fight armpits with armpits.
Ergh. as much as I don't want to, I'm gonna have to call for a re-vote. New rule: No more vote changing. Think before you vote.

[ ] Ask Kaguya where she thinks you should go.
[ ] Ask Eirin where she thinks you should go.
[ ] Ask Reisen where she thinks you should go.
[ ] Moriya Shrine.
[ ] Hakugyokurou.
File 120796707275.jpg - (238.72KB, 522x750 , 1204765472442.jpg) [iqdb]
I would like to point out that Aya is around Moriya Shrine, and that Alice knows we had her camera. So they may go try to recruit her to "fight the thief who stole her camera." If we go to the shrine we could find her and return the camera before she is recruited, or at least find out how it works. There is a chance we might run into one of our new enemies while we are there though.

[X] Moriya Shrine. Its more interesting.

[X] Hakugyokurou.
[X] Moriya Shrine.
[ ] Moriya Shrine.

Also, autosage
[x] Ask Eirin where she thinks you should go.
[x] Ask Reisen where she thinks you should go.

well, hey, if we can't decide
[x] Hakugyokurou.
[X] Moriya Shrine.

Again. For reals.
Remember when Yuyuko told us to come back sometime?

I don't think that was meant to be a suggestion.
[X] Moriya Shrine.

and I probably should have included the Tengu in >>12357
[X] Moriya Shrine.

They're a wild card at the moment, so we should find out what side they're on, roughly.
[ ] Moriya Shrine.
[X] Moriya Shrine. Also gives a chance for Kira to make some interesting personalities.
[ ] Ask Reisen where she thinks you should go.
>Youkai worshipers

And let's face it, gathering youkai to his side is what anon does best.

Also, I feel a bit of pity for Suika, lost in the forest. I wonder if she'd be up to siding with us if we promise her the party of all parties.
[ ] Hakugyokurou.
[X] Hakugyokurou.
[X] Moriya Shrine.
[X] Moriya Shrine.
As dangerous as it is, we need to recruit them before Reimu does.

[x] Hakugyokurou

A promise.
[X] Moriya Shrine.
Again FROG!
Of course she wants us to come back. We tasted good.
[X] Ask Eirin where she thinks you should go.

File 120796726714.jpg - (49.82KB, 300x300 , 12071923276.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Hakugyokurou.
I'd like to go to the Moriya shrine, but we (meaning Cirno, and there's no way we're leaving her behind) haven't exactly have the best of relationships with a certain deity over there, so let's ask the NEET, shall we?

[x] Ask Kaguya where she thinks you should go.
She has no way of knowing that so long as she doesn't kiss us.
[X] Ask Reisen where she thinks you should go.
We'll eventually get there. Hopefully while still alive.
Counter this by telling her that there's a picture of an automatic doll on there, but only Aya has the means to develop the pictures, so she'll have to let us by if she wants to see it.
[] Moriya.
>[X] Hakugyokurou.
>But deliberate for a little bit about the choice while sweating and have Cirno say ZAWA ZAWA.
That'd be super dandy.

[X] Hakugyokurou.
Having Cirno say zawa zawa would be HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG
I go for whichever option gets Yuka in our party the fastest.

We need some goddamn Youkai Moe.
She could just take it from our cold, lifeless corpse.
This is no time to hide at Hakugyokurou.
We have to go toward the offense, and recruit our army to crush Reimu and her allies.
then we can go back to Hakugyokurou once we have them on our side
[X] Moriya Shrine

I really do think that, although risky, this is the best route. We ought to try and recruit them before Reimu gets the chance to.
File 120796750787.jpg - (260.17KB, 600x750 , 1203231343986.jpg) [iqdb]
Too bad we didn't take a picture of Komachi when we had the chance. Its a picture to die for, and Aya would have loved to have it. I'm sure it would have survived the time paradox.
>and Alice was nursing a bloody nose
It occurs to me that after this, Alice may very well have switched to neutral. I doubt she'd go against Marisa, but we might not have to deal with her again.
So I suppose our band of 9s has become a full-fledged posse now that we have mid-level youkai.

- Cirno
- Rumia
- Wriggle
- Tewi
- Eirin

But should we all be moving in one group?
Just to remind you all, Suwako's hat still wants to eat us.
One question for the ones rallying for the Shrine: What reason, exactly, would they have to help us?

Reimu has beaten them all before, and with the allies she has behind her they could easily turn them against us through sheer force.

So, what could we possibly offer them to make it worth the risk of possible annihilation?
The hat wants to consume everything in existence, so thats not surprising.

I assume it was Reimu who did the punching, which then caused the argument between Reimu and Marisa.
File 120796774554.png - (229.63KB, 425x278 , King.png) [iqdb]
So I'm guessing the shrine won? Oh joy.

[X] Hakugyokurou.
There's your reason: Reimu's beaten them before. And with the forces WE already have on OUR side, they stand a very good chance of getting some payback.
If at all possible, we should drop off some of the injured--and Cirno--with friendlies that we make at Youkai Mountain. Hopefully they'll have a safehaven Reimu doesn't know about, and Youkai Mountain's a big enough place that she won't be able to search it for them.

...now I have to ponder how to persuade the Tengu, Kappa, and Moriyas to help us....
They couldn't best Reimu, and we seem to be able to do that while doing a silly dance at the same time.
No rival shrine, so they have a monopoly on Gensokyo's faith? Revenge?

Point is, we can always flee to Hakugyokurou as a backup (hopefully).
[ ] Moriya Shrine.
A penis?
The hair rufflings of a life time?
A chance to punch that Red-White in the face, a goal most likely shared by most of Gensokyo?
A chance for revenge, against a heretic against their faith and a chance to increase their influence. They aren't the Cult of the Emperor; they don't exactly have a large following like the Hakurei shrine around here.
We should take a group picture before we go. not a hax picture but a regular one of the gang before we split up.

Tengu ought to be easier than you'd think. We might be able to swing Aya by returning camera, or even just showing her that we've taken care of it. On top of that, if she sides with us, she's got a great angle on the biggest scoop, from a previously unseen perspective. Since she's high-ranking in the PR department, I'm sure she can help swing the other Tengu.
I like this. Moriya Shrine relies on Youkai worshippers, right? What else would boost their worship if not some major payback against the oppressive, youkai-hating Hakurei Shrine Maiden? Tell them that they don't need to help us out explicitly yet (they could even pretend to be our enemy and strike from within)...but that Reimu is weakened and things could payoff big if they help us when it's crunch time.
We could use our promise of teaching her mechanical skills to get Nitori on our side.

Reimu has beaten them at danmaku. They're still gods and the only thing that truly affects them is the faith of their followers. Their spiritual cachet is very high in youkai mountain among the wild youkai and the civilized tengu and kappa, and they seek to expand their worshipper-base to the human village.

Essentially, we would have to convince Moriya they can get both more youkai and human followers by supporting us. Hell, Cirno might be able to get them fairy followers.
I like the way you think, Spring.
File 120796822575.jpg - (22.32KB, 510x382 , 1206828226795.jpg) [iqdb]
Looks like MoF won. Lets get our asses over there and win over some tengu and a shrine.
Better not, that is going to get sad once the battles are over, how many of them will still be alive
You're assuming that anon has some mechanical skills.

Actually what the fuck can we do? I wonder if we have a degree in anything.
Degree in Taxidermy.

We can work a DVD player, computers and the microwave.

Yes. Memorialize our fellowship.
File 120796852630.jpg - (46.77KB, 450x414 , 1206719880496.jpg) [iqdb]
Anon is an engineer. No seriously. There have been enough threads in /a/ and /jp/ to confirm that a large population of us are some sort of engineer.
We had the LHC plans at one point.
I don't know if we stole them, or if they we rightfully ours, but the fact that we had them probably means we were going to do something with them, before we got gap'd.
I can't wait to mount Reimu's head on a wall.

Engineering! Affirmative! I got the plans right here!
You are now listening to Hell March v2. Manually.
If you'd ever played TH03, you'd know that the level of scientific knowledge required to impress most Gensokyoans is surprisingly low.

Masters Degree in Wikipedia
True, a even a high school education would put you miles ahead of most people.
File 120796902550.jpg - (287.52KB, 1024x768 , 1204121711975.jpg) [iqdb]
You guys know what this means, right?
File 120796932118.jpg - (90.91KB, 576x768 , 51325c5be2f023b221498a31b957b457.jpg) [iqdb]
Kanako wants followers
The youkai are the majority in Gensokyo
Therefore, if we want to get Kanako to like us, we need to not only promise her more followers, but be able to deliver.

Considering we already have a couple of youkai who can attest that we are not only on their side, but even protected them against that big, mean Hakurei shrine maiden, we should be able to rally a good deal of support from the youkai in due course.

Naturally, as the Shrine that we claim support for, and are supported by, the youkai should be all-too happy to join up with the OTHER shrine in Gensokyo, and Kanako will find herself with more followers than she could hope for.

Nothing rallies the masses together like a good, old-fashioned bloody revolution.
File 120796946696.jpg - (242.83KB, 1156x893 , EVEyuka.jpg) [iqdb]
Meanwhile, in a Faraway Galaxy. Yuka Kazami. Obtaining the powers of ENGINEERING.
This. The only reason humans are considered a threat to youkai in Gensokyo is because youkai have never been able to unite.
I liked pirating hapless miners in lowsec space. Corp warfare on the other hand, was boring as sin. Fucking gatecamps last forever.
Can I actually get anywhere without paying for the shit with real monies?
Wait. Wasn't this shit free a while ago?
I like this. The tengu--if I'm not mistaken--and most of Youkai Mountain are aligned with the Moriyas. Reimu, while not opposed to strong-arming youkai to get her way, may not be willing to go up against those odds.

If, say, the tengu just took care of some of squad and hid them away, Reimu may not want to face the Moriyas and all of tengu society to get to them. Aya just has to help us out a little bit, and she gets an exclusive with one of the largest stories in Gensokyo...us.

Some of the other tengu might not like being used this way, but if they dislike Reimu enough, and if Aya has enough clout, they could make a good safehaven.
Just pay for teh first two-three months. 30$ or somethin'. Then comfortly pay isks for the game time. ~160mil for 1 month.
You should get on the irc channel and give me your steam/aim/msn/whatever info in a PM.
..Redneck Mokou?
File 120797050929.jpg - (574.38KB, 660x913 , 120723986210.jpg) [iqdb]
You deliberate on the options for a while, before telling Kaguya that you’re going to attempt to head for the Moryia Shrine. She nods, and waves at some of the nearby rabbits, who run off.
“We’ll make sure that you’re well provisioned for the journey. If we could, we’d offer you transport, but it would seem that most of our transport is currently damaged or otherwise unavailable. Ah, It’s almost time. I should be heading back.” With that Kaguya turns and walks off, leaving you, Eirin, and the rest of the girls alone. The door to Eientei, which was already hanging by a loose thread is suddenly knocked to the ground by the appearance of a girl with long white hair, hands jammed in her pockets.
“Ahm heeah laikh yeh ahsk’d, sah, wheh’s these fholks yeh need meh ta gaide?” You can barely understand a word Mokou says.
Eirin waves her hand in the general direction of the group of 6. “All of them, if you don’t mind.”
Mokou sighs, “Ah dun whant ts do this bhat, wif Raahmoo lahk this. . .”
You REALLY can’t understand a single word she says, but Eirin and just about everyone else seem to be able to understand her perfectly, so you say nothing.
Eirin and Mokou talk for a few more minutes before Mokou turns to your little group. She points at you and says, “Ah needs yah tah carry tha injuad miss thare.”
You look blankly back at you before Wriggle nudges you and says “She wants you to carry Reisen.”
You look over at Reisen, her cheeks are slightly red. “It’s alright, I’d just slow you down otherwise, so I’m ok with that.”
You kneel down and Reisen hobbles over to you. She wraps her arms around your neck, and sits in your cupped hands. Wriggle takes the crutches and holds on to them. The sight is slightly comic, as the crutches are taller than Wriggle. You stand up, taking care not to hit Reisen’s injured leg while you stand up. She’s surprisingly light. The rabbits return and offer backpacks filled with stuff to Rumia and Tewi.
“Ahl raht, yah ahl readah ta go?”
The group seems quite ready to go.
“Ahl raht than, Lehts gah.”
And with that, your group of seven walks out the doors of Eientei, for what may be the last time.
We could use our promise of teaching her mechanical skills to get Nitori on our side.
Is this scottish or southern?
... Did we go insane again?
File 12079707649.png - (129.51KB, 335x331 , 1173496228741.png) [iqdb]
Okay, seriously. What the fuck?
>Mokou sighs, “Ah dun whant ts do this bhat, wif Raahmoo lahk this. . .”
Hmm! More confirmation that Reimu's crazy violent behavior is unnatural. I suppose Marisa's affected too....and maybe Alice.

haha holy shit, its starting to get awesome again.
fuck yes lord of the rings
We just might. We haven't eaten for a while, again, and that seems to be a trigger.
So, will we be going through the Mines of Moria next?
So i guess we are going to get a visit from our yellow friend, the banana.
Or post your EVE name so I can add you when I install it. Going to get the trial.
>>The rabbits return and offer backpacks filled with stuff to Rumia and Tewi.

Please tell me we're not letting Rumia carry the food.

No options, and it seems like a natural stopping point; am I correct in assuming you're done for the night?
File 120797106697.jpg - (27.99KB, 450x286 , g.jpg) [iqdb]
So, Mokou is the plucky comic relief, then?
Whatever is letting us break the language barrier and understand japanese doesn't work on Mokou's ancient dialect?
That, or we're dealing with a wall of text so large, one post can't contain it, and he's not done writing it all.

But, yeah, otherwise this has a feeling of a "to be continued" spot.

Reimu is definitely acting oddly, and I'd say Marisa is too; as much of an ass as Marisa can be, vicious backhands the moment someone helpless claims ignorance on something, followed by a general agreement to torture them, isn't really normal for her.

Alice really is just cold, though, going by the games. Although she was roughed up when we saw her on the monitor at Eientei; I get the feeling that our nasty little question about her mother, combined with Reimu and Marisa's odd behavoir and willingness to resort to torture, may have been enough to make her find their scheme distasteful. She's cold, but even she has some sympathy for humans.
Hes going with Chapters.
That was Chapter 3, in which shit hits the fan
Posts here can contain around 9,000 characters. Go look at the copypasta thread.
Yuka Kazami. Became a non-trial not so long ago. 33 playable days left. Drake and 40 mil isk. Agentrunning 2 lvl missions. Hooray.
I'm a fag, I didn't even look at the picture.
Ah yeah, sorry guys, forgot to say that I'm on my way out to bed. Work shit ass early. ~.~ I should be back around 4 or 5ish, EST.
P.S. Kirakishou is done for the day.
G'night Kira.
File 120797155853.jpg - (700.04KB, 1200x1500 , c3c871193fe63edf4c0efd947532a3a6.jpg) [iqdb]
Does anyone have any idea what we're going to do in the event that Reimu, in an insane rage, decides to employ The Nuke?
Rest well, man.
Take a picture.
Awesome threads.
Tomorrow then
File 120797170861.gif - (9.53KB, 200x200 , 1202939478533.gif) [iqdb]
Mokou baby, tell me whats wrong. Is your jaw broken and so you can't speak properly? Are you on drugs? You are a tart badass, not a hillbilly. I'm....worried about you.

Well at least we know that Mokou (and therefor Keine) are on our side. Lets go stir up some chaos.

I was kinda hoping we would fly though...
The Nuke is not hers to deploy at will. And as has been pointed out before, Remilia has not been confirmed among her ranks.
I was thinking more the Shrines of Moriya

ba dum chhh
File 120797184740.jpg - (21.31KB, 335x331 , Mokouh.jpg) [iqdb]
>>Remilia has not been confirmed among her ranks.

Unconfirmed, yes, but likely to happen if Kaguya is to be believed.

And she doesn't have to be able to command her at will, so much as just set her loose and point her in our general direction.

Christ, she sounds like she's channeling the spirit of a black slave.
Oh, I know what this reminds me of.

Remember that short non-branching visual novel, you know, with the vampire, and the cat, and the translator cut out the sex scene, and what the hell ending is that supposed to be?

You know what I'm talking about?
I actually know exactly what you're talking about.

She killed the cat. She totally did.
Mokou's just had dentist work done.
File 12079735466.jpg - (12.37KB, 250x250 , 4fcf8a7107395a2d7836a6885114afc2.jpg) [iqdb]
She did? Man, I can't remember, and now that I've switched computers I can't even replay it, since that one got taken down from the al|together site after the creator something something I dunno.

I can't even find any pictures of the game, other than this.
File 120797427844.jpg - (379.41KB, 1200x1600 , that one VN.jpg) [iqdb]
>visual novel, you know, with the vampire, and the cat

am i doin it rite
>short non-branching
So, does anyone have any clue where the hell any of this is going?

I mean, it all started out fairly silly and innocuous. We tried to beat up a lake, for crying out loud.
Then the hallucinations and mind-fuckery began.
And now, well, we've got the main heroines of the games gone batshit loco and we're now looking to start a full-scale revolution.

I mean, why was Yukari yanking us around like that? Why is Reimu more of a bitch than usual? What the hell are we doing that's getting everyone so worked up? Why do we have bouts of schizophrenic delusions and hallucinations any time we get hungry? And why the fuck is Mokou talking like that?

I mean, seriously now. Is this really where all of this is going? Are we seriously going to be Anon of the Rebellion, and send all of Gensokyo's youkai off into an epic battle to get the sand out of Reimu's vagina? Or are we getting set up to have this all turn out that this is all a dream, that the school life scenario is the "real" story, and everything that has happened to us is the result of a coma dream brought on due to severe brain trauma from Mokou beating the shit out of us?


'Where is this going?' It's probably heading for a confrontation with Reimu, and/or whatever's causing her to be batshit loco. Our main goal will probably be to remove whatever the heck is causing her craziness, and/or the neutralization of Reimu. Kira mentioned Yukari was busy and not at Hakugyokurou...so she probably has her hands full setting things up to deal with Reimu, her craziness, and whatever might be causing that.

...what I want to know is what the heck Anon is. With his unusual powers, I keep getting Witsuarunemitea vibes from him.
>the school life scenario is the "real" story, and everything that has happened to us is the result of a coma dream brought on due to severe brain trauma from Mokou beating the shit out of us

"So...you don't remember how you got here, huh..."

She comes to visit me the next day, too.

I'm secretly glad.
After I'd assured my family that I was alright, they'd stopped visiting as often.
My father still comes about twice a week, sometimes bringing my sisters with him, but most of the time, I am alone.
It's hard, spending so much time by myself in this empty hospital room.

Smiling up at Mokou, I answer her question.
"It's true. I don't remember anything at all."

That isn't exactly true, though.

I still have a few memories from before my accident.

A feeling of falling. Darkness. Happy laughter.
A nurse. Water around my ankles.

Too short, too unclear to be understood.
Are they real memories at all? Or are they just pieces from that strange dream?

For now, though, they're unimportant, and I sweep those thoughts away.

"In fact," I continue, "I don't remember my own name. I mean--I know what my name is, but it doesn't feel as if it's mine..."

Mokou looks down at me curiously. "You remembered my name, though," she said.

"Well...Not exactly."
I pause. Even in my head, what I'm about to say sounds embarrassing.
"I had a weird dream while I was unconscious. You were in it, or a person that seemed a lot like you, and that person's name was Mokou. So, when you came to visit me the first time, I called you Mokou."

It was my mistake. She's not her, of course.

But...she acts like her.
There are a few things different. She's wearing a normal school uniform instead of those strange clothes and she doesn't have an accent, but other than that--

Mokou narrows her eyes, but her expression is more contemplative than angry. "In other words, you don't actually remember anything about me."

"That's not true. I--"
No, what she's saying is correct.
This Mokou--the real Mokou--probably isn't immortal.
She probably can't use magic, either.
"Huh, I guess you're right."

"In other words," Mokou points out, smirking, "I might not actually be your friend at all. I could have lied when I told you that, and you wouldn't ever know the difference."
For some reason, even though she's smiling, she looks a bit nervous while she says this.
I can't blame her. That feeling, that everything you know might be wrong--it's definitely not a pleasant one.

But I shake my head.

"I...I don't think so."
I take a deep breath.
"In my dream...you were...a nice person."
I feel strange. Like something is squeezing my chest.
"In that dream...I really...liked you."

What am I saying?
I can't seem to understand the words coming out of my mouth.
I can hear my heartbeat in my ears.

"So...so, I think the Mokou in real life...is a nice person, too."

I look up at Mokou.
She doesn't meet my eyes.
I feel like I'm going to start shaking.
Why is that?

A minute goes by.
Then another.


I barely catch the whisper.


"You...stupid idiot. Trusting some dream-version of me like that--that's unbelievably stupid..."

She turns to face me.
The things she's saying are really mean.
But, I don't mind at all.

Because, just like the Mokou from my dream, this Mokou is smiling.

I smile, too.
"Is that so? I guess you might be right..."

"W--well, maybe not, right? After all, it was your own brain telling you all that stuff, so maybe it's your subconscious telling you something, right?"

"Heh, maybe you're right, Mokou."

"Of course I'm right."

And, even though the dream is over,
I feel as if the adventure is only beginning.
File 120798477958.png - (280.84KB, 477x359 , HANGYAKU.png) [iqdb]
>we're now looking to start a full-scale revolution
Trust our Ruffling powers?
I'm confused on the timing here. Is Kira coming back in an hour or 12 hours? "4 or 5" is a bit vague to us insomniac Amerikkans
So, Who's for dropping the same innuendo with this anesthitized jaw Mokou first chance we get?
You know, Mokou's dialect here reminds me of the way Sumiyoshi "talks"...
File 120798874726.jpg - (5.31KB, 121x150 , Sumiyoshi.jpg) [iqdb]
Mind you, this Sumiyoshi, not the one Reimu's channeling to fly Remilia's rocket.
Unfortunately, I'm more concerned about being hunted by a crazed and violent Reimu who will mercilessly crush anyone who helps us. Protecting our little troop and payback for what happened at Eientei takes priority for me.

...it's a damn shame though. I was really looking forward to re-enacting that delusion scenario with Mokou, but then Gensokyo went crazy-violent on us.
4 or 5 pm EST. Just here for a little bit before work.
Who said you wouldn't get the chance?
GM is that you?
Gensokyo's always been out to kill you. You just avoided most of the worse stuff early on.
So Reimu is not insane or acting strange, it is how she is, i see.
So the Gensokyo you thought up is not like Zuns, its mean, evil and everythings out to kill the other, torture murder and death are on a daily basis. And Reimu think shes god and has to be the polic and everyone who does not do what she wants is gonna be killed or worse, does not matter if human or Youkai.
Well only one thing to do. Crush her and become the new Order
just ruffle her hair to lift the curse
Never said that. It's just you're an unprotected human wandering around in a land where most things EAT humans.
I can see it... all Alicefags in the world can see it... Reimu finally snaps and goes berserk on Alice elsewhere. We find her bleeding, treat her, then goes all thet cliche "But I'm your enemy, why did you save me?"...
Oh, I can see it...
So, what's our plans for Moryia Shrine?

Beg for forgiveness from Suwako and plead to Kanako to help us.
I see, so basical being a human in Gensokyo SUCKS.
You cant protect yourself, you cant wander around and you can only be in the village.
So the only way you can survive and walk around is to have some kind of powers. Makes more sense now, but it still leaves it open why Reimus acting so agressive, same with Alice and Marisa
Maybe we have an uncontrollable ability to spread madness, and it affects only a few people? Something like the moment we stepped to gensokyo we unleashed a massive wave of madness, and it affected only a few pwople?
Hmmm, well we are not sure yet if Reimu is normal or gone insane. I really dont know. Maybe its just the way she is.
But it seems Reimu and her goons are way more evil then any Youkai around. Somethings wrong here, they are the good guys!
We should've gone to SDM before Reimu and convince Remilia to our side. But Youkai Mountain is very fine too.
Aside from Moriya Shrine's denizens, good potential allies include:
Curse Goddess
Science Kappa
Reporter Tengu(& Fox-tails)

If we could somehow combine the effects of Hina Mainyu's curse absorbing ability with Tewi's aura of luckiness, we may be capable of wielding Washizu-level luck.
Something I noticed, is that the only two characters who seem to be acting uncharacteristically evil so far have been about the only two pure-blooded humans with any power to mention; meanwhile, all of our allies are youkai (or half-breeds), Lunarian, and now Mokou, whose humanity is diluted (perhaps not the best word, but I'm tired) by both the Hourai Elixir and the power of the phoenix. Alice and Patchouli are playing along with Reimu because they want to find out what the deal is with us; cold, and definitely not friendly, but not truly batshit.

tl;dr - we make other humans crazy in the coconut. Avoid them. Sadly, for safety's sake, this does include Keine.
Go to the SDM? Sounds like a very, very bad idea to me. Alice and Patchouli were both interested in studying us, and since Alice was teamed with Reimu and Marisa, this implies that the SDM is not opposed to goals that coincide with Reimu's. It also implies that at least one member of the SDM is more inclined to see us as an expendable experimental specimen rather than a person to ally with or help. All this are issues that Moriya Shrine does not have (with Suwako being a potential exception).

Now, there's a possibility that Remi would overrule Patchy. But does Remilia have enough reason to overrule Patchy? I.E. Can we give Remi a powerful reason to think there's more to gain from us living, than from turning us over to Patchy for experimentation? I think not.

Moriya Shrine...there's a slight problem with Suwako, who apparently cares little for human lives and would feed us to her hat. But--if we take Cirno out of the equation--Suwako doesn't have any particular reason to kill us. That means we have a clean slate for negotiating with the Moriyas.

Points in our favor with the Moriyas?
1. Helping us is detrimental to their rival shrine.
2. If it becomes known that they, for instance, had a hand in a plan that thwarted/defeated the crazy Hakurei shrine maiden, their prestige would go up. More prestige = more worshippers for their shrine. Therefore, they should help us as much as possible--covertly, if necessary--and back us up with all their firepower if/when we have to make a final stand against Reimu.

Only reason Anon wants to hit up SDM is an attempt to add Flandre as a prestigious ruffle-trophy.
File 120801055960.jpg - (162.78KB, 400x565 , 1201825771328.jpg) [iqdb]
Just one problem with the Moriya strategy: If there's something that's actually CAUSING Reimu and Marisa to act the way they are, then wouldn't it also possibly be effecting Sanae?

What if by going there, the only thing we'll gain is having TWO psycho-bitch armpit mikos pissed off and wanting us dead?

Still...the craziness seems to consist in amplified violent and aggressive tendencies. If she's crazy, then just have to take care not to give her ANY reason to go off on us. Maybe she'll go off on Reimu & Co instead.

Heck, if Sanae's crazy, the Moriya deities might have more reason to help us out. We just have to persuade them that we, too, want to stop the madness; therefore, helping us is the same as helping Sanae, their shrine maiden.
I doubt we are having some weird effect on peoples mental condition. Marisa was with us in kourin's shop yet she didn't pay any attention to us but she did notice us to the point she remembered our face when Alice dragged us to Reimu. Through all that she never once acted hostile to us directly.
>>Through all that she never once acted hostile to us directly.

Except for back-handing us, and being one of the ones who wanted to "study" us.

Pft anon getting hit by women is nothing out of the ordinary. As for the study, hey we're just some guy from the outside world. The only reason we would have to be in Gensokyo is to be some youkai's dinner. Cutting us up and learning something is a better use of our body in her mind.

Or the whole testing thing might not involve physical mutilation. After all they're studying something that has magical properties.

This anon had a point. Plus, Alice threatening to use our eyes as eyes fir a doll was probably some joke, since human eyes would obviously rot away quickly.
Now that I think about it...why did Reimu say we interrupted her sleep in the first place? I can't recall causing any trouble or meeting anyone that would get us reported to the Hakurei shrine maiden. But Reimu blamed us, and was unusually violent and aggressive from the beginning.

...if anyone is the focal point for madness, it seems to be Reimu. She was the first one that demonstrated abnormal behavior. Marisa only became unusually hostile after she joined up with Reimu.

Yukari probably told her about us to liven things up. She was the one who dumped us in the sunflower field after all.

It didn't help our meeting with her that we were screaming our heads off. That's bound to piss anyone who's sleeping soundly off. And going for the hostile move and trying to use the camera on her as well as charging her ass sure as fuck eliminated any chance of us ever getting a chance to talk things out.
Something is totaly off here. Reimu acts like a total berserker, and kills and tortures everything that has not her opinion. I mean she couldve just asked us what we were doing. But she attacked us and fucked up our hand for protecting Wriggle. She was about to kill us, it was only self defending. Alice is totaly fucked up, she wouldve made a perfect Torture Master. I dont think she was joking about studying us and taking our eyes.
They are supposed to be the Heros, the good guys, but they act even worse then the Gestapo. Reimus the fucking Hitler of Gensokyo
File 120801543497.jpg - (37.92KB, 512x512 , 079.jpg) [iqdb]
And this is different than normal because..."
File 120801781343.jpg - (44.19KB, 512x512 , slow king.jpg) [iqdb]
I see your slowpoke and raise you a slowking.
So I wake up and this has happened?

Fucking awesome! Wish we had asked Reisen or one of the others were to go really, but having my beloved moon rabbit perched on my back is more than good enough. I'll protect you Reisen, don't worry!

Also, redneck retard Moku? BRILLIANT! I dislike her so this makes it all better.

Anyway, here's things in my eyes:

1) Moryia Shrine seems like a bad idea to me, I dunno why but I think our power may effect Faith rather than just humans. Because Reimu's power is faith based she can't touch us and because most humans follow her Shrine they feel some kind of distrust or something of us, how do we know Moryia Shrine's followers and maiden won't react to us in the same way? Maybe Anon is destined to introduce Atheism to Gensokyo?

2) It's too late now, but I reckon we should've gone to the Forest of Magic. Seems crazy, no? But it's a safe haven for those who don't want to be found, we have protection against Youkai and could probably raise some followers there. But most importantly Alice and Marisa live there, we could've raided Marisa's home for clues or visited Alice to try and convince her to defect. Reimu would've never predicted this kind of move and we could've struck deep into the enemy force.

3) SDM, that enigma. I raised in the previous thread that Remillia may have her own interest in us, if only because of our value to the other players in Gensokyo. She seems tactical like that, I am not certain but I think that Patchy has been asked to "retrieve" us so Remillia can meet us. This may not mean she will help us, she may talk to us and decide that she stands to gain more by letting Reimu have us. Also, to test the whole "we drive humans nuts" theory we'll need to meet sakuya.

And that's the news.

There's a difference. Sanae isn't godmode wtfhax, Reimu is.

But Sakuya is already crazy.

Also, if we go to the Moriya Shrine, that kappa girl might try to take Rumia's glasses so she can take them apart and put them back together.

And so Rumia gains the power of SCIENCE?
Only with lazers in the lenses.

Wait, lazer Rumia? ALL IS LOST
That would be awesome.
>I think our power may effect Faith rather than just humans

Maybe, but Reimu was unaffected until she did something stupid by letting us hit/posion her. She put those needles though our arm just prior to that with no problem.

The way I see it, as long as Sanae doesn't start shooting us the second we meet, she'll be fine.

>>"Shut up. It's your fault that I'm out here at this time of night. What exactly is it that you think you're doing. Especially with that." The figure motions to Wriggle.
>>"You're making quite a mess of things here. Really, what do you think you're doing."

>>"SHUT UP ALREADY." the voice screams at you. Coming closer. "Go ahead. Just give me a reason. You've already interrupted my sleep tonight, and one less human around her wouldn't really bother anyone. Just dump that thing on the ground and come along like a good little boy. We'll get rid of that thing soon enough."

Our first encounter with Red White. Something was already wrong when she went looking for us.

It seems our mere presence in Gensokyo has disturbed at least Reimu. I'd attribute that to some sort of boarder disruption but Yukari doesn't seem to think we're an adverse element. I think faith may suffer under our presence or something.

To be honest I think we're possessed or something.
Nah, Reimu is just being a bitch.
At first i thought too that Reimu has gone insane or something thanks to us, but thats not the case.
Its just how Reimu is. It may be that Kira made her extremly agressive and bitchy. But Marisa and Alice are the same too. The MiG world is not so nice like the WUIG or ZUNs. Torture, murdering, human eating, power struggle between Youkais and the Major Houses, Death at every Corner for comman Humans. And in the Middle is Reimu, who acts like the judge and jury of everything and whoever goes against her, is going to get killed or even worse. Thats how Silent Sinner in Blue shouldve been! More realistic
Anyone know what time zone Kira lives in? Is he US eastern like GM?

Perhaps this is how the Youkai of Gensokyo see the world? While Reimu lives a life of complacency and casual cruelty, the Youkai live harsh brutal existences on the edge of civilization.

Reimu represents a corrupt and stagnant form of religious Law, while the Youkai such as Cirno, Rumia and Wriggle represent innocence, freedom and the struggle for survival.

Crap this stuff is really open to interpretation!

Eientei is a center of medical advancedment but through methods frowned upon by others like the Houri Elixir, they threat Reimu's peace by destablising the balance between human and Youkai by extending natural life spans.

Moryia Shrine represents an alternative moral authority and threatens Reimu's peace by weakening her position as the dominant religion.

Hakugyokurou probably doesn't oppose or ally with Reimu very much so I'm not sure what to make of them.

There's more factions to consider, I'd love to here some other interpretations.

But this revelation has made me resolute, our only loyalty lies with the (9) gang. They are the only innocents in this story as far as I can tell, they're persecuted on almost every front and treated as nothing more than animals. We can make as many temporary alliances as we want, but we don't work FOR them we work WITH them.
Following that line, the SDM would be a neighboring totalitarian, atheistic regime (following a cult of personality) that threatens the established order simply by being independent and unbowed (also by not caring for the religious law, though this is hand-in-hand with being independent). Their territory is limited, and an attempt to expand their control was thwarted in TH06.
Don't forget to count Eientei as our allies as well. They fought and died to pretect us and that image has been burning into our brain.

GMT -6
If my calculations are correct, Kira should be back in an hour

Sanae is technically a demigod. Her divine blood is potent enough to perform miracles, so it's unlikely she'll be affected more than the other demihumans we've encountered (Lunarians, Reisen, Mokou). Plus, she's an outsider, like Anonymous, which may make her immune.

Reimu's power comes from her inherited position as Hakurei shrine maiden, and the little amount of spiritual power she has developed on her own (i.e., flying). There's no positive evidence she's not a pureblood human.
>They are the only innocents in this story as far as I can tell, they're persecuted on almost every front and treated as nothing more than animals.

Well, they do eat people. Except Cirno.
By the way, what do you guys think? Do we get any H-scenes in MiG?

I certainly hope so.
MiG doesn't need H-Scenes, and I don't think they'd fit the mood of the story.
>But Sakuya is already crazy.

That's how Marisa explained away her immunity to the true moon, but she too has been affected.

Although Sakuya also claims this, her immunity may be from being a Lunarian.
Eientei are using us for their own purposes, that's why I've sworn alligence to the (9) sqaud. They may have taken time to warm to us, but they accept us without asking for anything in return. It's a bond of love, we love them and they love us. They aren't trying to change the world and we don't mean to, they don't care that we have mysterious powers they just care that we treat them much nicer than any other human they know.


That's animal survival instinct, they eat because they have need. Not because the human is interfering with their grand plans.
But...but you can always get in the "mood", right?

I can actually picture it happening, one of our little sisters wanting to get a bit "closer" to uss, or then just some other Touhou. Well, maybe more after all the action and insanity we are going trough at the moment.
Well probably the Youkai are not Human and dont act like them, so Reimu has to act like them too in order to compete with them in the Struggle to keep the Order in Gensokyo.
Her means dont matter anymore, as long as it justifies the Order in a whole. Seems like she would kill any Humand and Youkai regardless that threaten that Order.

Regardless, we are in a bad Situation now, we only have Cirno, Rumia, Wriggle, Tewi and Reisen with us. Mokou is no going to help us, she is just a Guide nothing more. On top of that some are hurt and beside Tewi and Reisen we have no means defend ourselves. We all know Reimu is going to hunt us down. Hellbend to kill and torture us. Shes proabbly going to follow us till the end of the World and will mow down everyone and anyone who helps or is involved with us. Hiding is out of Question, that is why it is uselsss to go to Hakugyokurou. We need to get more forces first, then go there. Make Moriya our trump card so that Reimu doesnt know it. Its goin to be WAR
And if we get captured by Reimu, she may rape us, because she's gone batshit, but that seems quite unlikely, for if she captures uss, we can kiss our asses goodbye
The only H-Scenes we get is when Reimu or one of the other bitches are going to torture and probably grow a dick and rape us like no tomorrow
>I think faith may suffer under our presence or something.

Youkai also require faith (usually in the form of fear from humans) to exist, and there has been observable weakening in their powers: Rumia not being able to darken our campfire, Yukari's decreasing ability to gap us, Alice's magic strands being cut, Cirno not causing frostbite on touch. Low-level youkai like the Prismrivers, Rumia, and Wriggle have been uncharacteristically docile, while high-level youkai are interested but equivocal (Yukari's occasional benevolence and regular surveillance, Yuyuko eating us).

Do not start with that alignment shit.
Fuck, we're slowly killing everyone around us.
>Gensokyo's always been out to kill you. You just avoided most of the worse stuff early on.

So now we hit the Jackpot and gone straight for the worst possible
File 120803210526.jpg - (357.56KB, 654x917 , Medwhat.jpg) [iqdb]
At some point we should probably try to find Medicine again to determine if she had anything to do with the poison that hit Reimu. She'd probably be a bit more friendly now that we're basically the enemy of humanity.

Good point baleeting.

Youkai require faith? I haven't heard that before, got anything to back that up?
I think one reason people think Youkai and other supernatural stuff left the outside world is because people stopped believing in them or whatever.

I don't think this applies here. Most of Gensokyo still believes, and I bet anon did too the second he started seeing flying girls shooting lasers.
There's a point.

Let me present this from another angle.

Know much 40k fluff? Have you heard of Nulls and Pariahs? Not the necron ones, I hate the goddamn mary sue bots.

Basically all life has a psychic presence which exists on the immatrium (the warp), the only race not like this are the Tau but I don't know much more than that.

However there are some humans that are born with no psychic presence at all, nulls. Demons don't see them because they have no presence in the warp and pyskers hate them for reasons they don't understand. Nulls are entirely immune to psychic powers, both good like healing and bad like lighting bolts.

Powerful nulls are called pariahs and are like psychic black holes, psychic powers literally get sucked in and negated. A pariah's presence is painful to a psychic.

Maybe this anon is a Null and the Youkai are like the Tau?
The H scene shoulda happened when Yuyuko ate us. For some, that probably WAS the H scene.
Gods require faith, like Kanako and co. I don't remember youkai in general needing it.

Oh, so Abnett didn't make up untouchables. I was wondering about that.

Two problems with this I see are: First, youkai having less psychic presence than humans is just absurd. They're more like demons--things FROM the warp. Second, really not convinced that Anon is having any effect like this at all. It might be vaguely related to what's actually going on, but only just.

Well i'm not suggesting an analogous relation, but there does seem to be a similar effect happening no?

That's where I got the faith idea from, Reimu is directly effected by whatever we are and the Faithful of her shrine have been weary or cold towards us. On the other hand atheists like the region's Youkai and Eientei, though I don't know if they are atheists to be honest, have been friendly towards us.

We need to find some humans to test various theories on.

Also sub note: Keine should be fine around us as Rinnosuke was, half Youkai seems to be fine.
>Powerful nulls are called pariahs
Wrong, pariahs are human nulls who the necrons have gotten hold of and mechanized up.

Tau have a psychic presence, its just weak. Weak enough that demons don't care about their worship because your average human is worth 100 times more and theres a trillion times more of them in the 40k universe.

The Youkai are nothing like the Tau, because certain deities, like the Moriya shrine, greatly value their worship.
Maybe anon is just resistant to spritual powers.
Is it? I don't see it.

Reimu's friends are hating on us because Reimu's hating on us, and that's as simple as it gets. Reimu is being aggressively hostile to the point of attacking people harboring us, and that gets them involved. Cue WW1.

Reason for harboring us: Yukari.
>On the other hand atheists like the region's Youkai and Eientei

Many youkai ARE gods of some sort. I'd imagine there are very few if any youkai atheists.

Necrons retconed the Paraiahs, I really hate them and that's why I ignored them. Paraiahs existed in fluff before the Necrons and you can even play as a human paraiah sub type in the role playing game of 40k.

The necrons are the biggest mistake in 40k ever.

So that seems to put faith out of the equation.

I guess it's to do with the boarder then, what ever we've done has seriously effected the boarder between gensokyo and the real world. Yukari doesn't see this as a problem but Reimu does, enough to threaten the current power balance to get to us.
I'm pretty sure Yukari really loves that damn border. I remember reading that she helped create it, and convinced a lot of youkai that Gensokyo was a good idea. If we were in any way threating it's continued existence Yukari would kill us in the blink of an eye.

Exactly, she knows everything is fine but Reimu doesn't.

I guess it all boils down to, what the fuck is Yukari up to?
Guys, Reimu didn't attack us for threatening the border. We've spoken to her. She hates us now for having been able to hurt her. And she attacked us originally because we were running around with Wriggle. There may be other factors driving her crazy, but she doesn't know about them. Hating us for threatening the border is something she'd know about.

She was looking for us before we picked up Wriggle.


Read the quote, she didn't expect us to be with wriggle.
By the way, how long untill the mentioned time that Kira said he/she would be back?

So, we need a Daemonhammer? Or do we need a Psychic Stake?
We need Katana wytch blades and a Shuriken Pistol held side ways.
>“Ah. Good. You caught the little shit who did this to me. So tell me, kid, What in the FUCK did you do to me?”
>You tell Reimu that you honestly have no idea what you did to her.
>You’re shocked by the Shrine maiden’s sudden outburst.

She said nothing about the border when we talked to her earlier. If we were fucking it up I think she would have mentioned it.
It's just a theory, we don't know why she considers us a problem. Before we attacked her that is.

Maybe we raped her in her sleep and don't remember, now she's pregnant.

The power of love.
Dunno, he should be back since 3 hours on my count. But give me a rest, he put up as much text in the last 2 or 3 days as GM in 3 or so weeks.
He is working like a madman
yup. I haven't seen such a hard worker in a while. Dude/girl has earned my respects all right
>But give him a rest, he put up as much text in the last 2 or 3 days as GM in 3 or so weeks.
He is working like a madman.

Though I suppose, you rang would be a more appropriate response, otherwise it seems like I'm saying that other person was me.

Kira watches, like a crazy stalker man. ALWAYS WATCHING.
Kira is the stalker
No Kira YOU are the stalker. Then Kira was in jail.
also, new thread.

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