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118649 No. 118649
You wake up on a road near a forest. Up the road leads to a large staircase going up a large hill, while down the road leads over another, smaller hill and into the unknown. You're a little disoriented and you don't know how you got to this place. You find a piece of paper in your hand and upon examination discover a small message left in ornate handwriting.

"You have 24 hours."

Suddenly, A watch appears on your wrist. It has a slitted darkened eyeball motif on a purple band. The time is currently 12:00 PM. What do you do?

[] Follow the path to the Unknown,
[] Follow the path to the Equally Unknown but it involves stairs.
[] Enter the forest.
[] Fourth option (Write in)

No. 118650
[x] Follow the path to the Unknown,
The not-so obvious choice
No. 118651
[x] Follow the path to the Unknown,

Yay! More back to the roots!
No. 118652
[ø] Status
[ø] Follow the path to the Unknown
No. 118653
[x] Look for a lake.

No. 118654
You decide to head down the path away from the stairs. It looks less traveled anyway, and if Robert Frost taught you anything, it is that taking it will make all the difference. The trip is pretty uneventful but it's scenic as you at one point pass a very large and misty lake, with what seems to be an outline of a large mansion at the other end.

You eventually arrive at a small village at the end of a large bamboo forest. The people are wearing old Japanese style clothes and most don't seem to be terribly surprised by your appearance. A woman wearing a ridiculous hat walks out of one of the larger buildings and spots you. She's walking towards you. You take a glance at your watch. It says 12:12 What do you do?

[] Turn around and leave without a word.
[] Walk towards her and greet her.
[] Third option (write in)


Pretty Ok. Thanks for asking.
No. 118657
[x] Walk towards her and greet her.

No. 118658
[x] Gentleman option.
No. 118660
[x] Gentleman option.
No. 118661
File 127592364645.jpg - (29.14KB , 277x400 , jackbauer.jpg ) [iqdb]
>"You have 24 hours."
>You're a little disoriented and you don't know how you got to this place.

[x] Knock her out and torture her to get informations.

There is Gap Youkai to stop before she can blow up Gensokyo. Are you Man enough to stop the Terrorists?
No. 118662
[x] Run up, steal her ridiculous hat, put it on your head, and run away.
No. 118671
[x] Turn around and leave without a word.
No. 118672
[X] Take her home~
No. 118677
Oh and

[x] Inventory
No. 118682
[x] Gentleman option.
No. 118683
[x] Gentleman option.
No. 118688
Righto gents. Updates tomorrow but there's shit going down so expect delays. Gentlemen option called.

I like it, I like it a lot.
No. 118689
>Pretty Ok. Thanks for asking.
No. 118693
[x] Gentleman option.
[x] Sweep her off her feet and carry her back into the building she came from.
[x] "Can I has the guns nao?"
No. 118702
[x] Gentleman option.
[x] Run up, steal her ridiculous hat, put it on your head, and run away.

Yeah I know votes already called. I still wanna steal that damn hat though, that and Suwako's.
No. 118721
It's the sister version of SHOES! known as HATS!
No. 118728
Oh I say! The hat of which is upon this strange blue haired lady's head is of an impeccable quality! The sheer splendor of the form, The subtle blending of colours, You do wish you had a hat of such sort. But alas, your cranium remains very much uncapped. Oh Cruel fate! why dost thou do this to you!

Still, you keep your complexion. After all, a woman should be shown the deepest respect at all times. You walk up to her and introduce yourself with a bow. She meets your bow and introduces herself as Keine Kamishirasawa. You hope to whatever Gods you worship that not everyone has such a drawn out name. She invites you to tea, You accept with haste, you were getting rather parched.

During the tea break, she discovers your predicament and gives you a five minute gist of the land you're in, A land known as Gensokyo. She tells you some basic survival tips and things about dealing with youkai. You find the whole thing rather wonderful as well as educational. You have killed 20 minutes here. What do you do?

[]Stay and chat (about what?)
[]Third option [Always going to be write in]


Some pocket lint, the message and a watch. You're wearing a shirt and jeans as well.
No. 118729
[x] Show Keine the watch and message.
No. 118730

>she discovers your predicament.

No need.
No. 118731

Oh. I read that as her finding out that we are new in Gensokyo. Anyway, changing to:

-[x] Follow the path to the Equally Unknown but it involves stairs.
No. 118733
[x] You are running out of time. Better hurry up.
-[x] Ask her for the way to the Youkai Mountain.

Make friends with the Kappa.
No. 118734
[x]Stay and chat
-[x] How one might obtain a fine hat like she's wearing.
No. 118762
[x]Stay and chat
-[x] How one might obtain a fine hat like she's wearing.
No. 118766
[x] You are running out of time. Better hurry up.
-[x] Ask her for the way to the Youkai Mountain.

An Aya is fine too.
No. 118773
[x] Stay and chat
-[x] How one might obtain a fine hat like she's wearing.
No. 118779
[x] Stay and chat

Drinking tea while the clock runs down?

No. 118814
Jesus Christ. For a second there you thought like an incredibly dapper person. It almost reminded you of somebody you met at a party once. You think Cassy Malls was his name but you don't think that's quite right. You decide to put it out of your mind.

Screw the timer, Tea can come first regardless of any restrictions you tell the school teacher. She smiles and leaves to make some more tea, leaving you to wait for a short while. As you wait, you formulate a question that has been bugging you for some time. As she returns you compliment her on her hat and ask where she got it. She mentions a professional hat-smith works in the village and provides the majority of hats for the population of Gensokyo. She invites you to go with her after tea. You....

It's after your second round of tea. It's 12:45
Did you agree to see the hat shop?

[] I agreed to see the hat shop.
[] I didn't agree to see the hat shop.
[] Third option.
No. 118815
[x] I agreed to see the hat shop.

Headgear is necessary for survival in Gensokyo.
No. 118816
[x] I agreed to see the hat shop.
No. 118821
[] I agreed to see the hat shop.
-[] Take note of anything of interest on your way to the hat maker.

Need more plot device.
No. 118826
[x] Time is precious. And you just don't have any second to waste.
- [x] Destination: Youkai Mountain. Get there as fast as possible.
No. 118827
[R] I agreed to pillage the hat shop.

Let slip the hats of war!
No. 118832
[x] I agreed to see the hat shop.
-[x] Take note of anything of interest on your way to the hat maker.

No. 118834
[x] Time is precious. And you just don't have any second to waste.
- [x] Destination: Youkai Mountain. Get there as fast as possible.
No. 118835
[x] I agreed to see the hat shop.
No. 118836
Hat-smith. I now see someone using a giant hammer to forge hats...

Which might actually explain Keine's, now that I think of it.
No. 118847
[x] I agreed to see the hat shop.
[x] If they ask for payment, offer to trade in my underwear for their best hat.
No. 118851
The school teacher accompanies you to see the Hat-Smith. On your way there, you decide to take a look at your surroundings. Down the path where you came there seems to be a very short girl in a blue dress chatting with a green haired boy of some sort. Closer to the village you see a strong looking female figure in a dark cloak trying to haggle something from a local butchery. She looks in you and Keine's direction and gives a short wave. The butcher also looks in your direction as Keine waves back and a look of surprise appears on his face. It seems that bargaining with him has become much easier for the woman in the cloak.

You eventually arrive at a small building, the smell of various fabrics emanates from inside. Keine knocks on the door and a short gruff looking man comes out. He greets Keine and asks if she needs her hat fixed again. She laughs a bit and then tells him that you would like a hat. He invites you inside.

Going through the house, you step through into a small outside area bordering the bamboo forest. You are taken aback at the sheer amount of hats here. With caps and tophats and bonnets oh my. He asks which one takes your fancy.

There is a near nonexistent rustle behind a thicket of bamboo. The time is 12:55.

[] Choose a hat!
[] You'll fly solo on this one.
[] Third option.
No. 118853
[x] Ask him (or Keine) the history of hats in Gensokyo
No. 118854
[x] Choose a hat!

No. 118855
[X] Choose a hat!

I'll take twenty!
No. 118856
Are you going to specify a hat or...
No. 118857
File 127617209969.jpg - (29.25KB , 576x432 , beard-cap.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Choose a hat!

This one.
No. 118858
[x] You spot a musketeer hat. How fancy.
No. 118860
File 127618253283.jpg - (26.21KB , 400x400 , 3335353532.jpg ) [iqdb]
Let's show Suwako what a real hat is like.
No. 118861
This... thing... has my vote
No. 118862
File 127618575582.jpg - (71.36KB , 960x656 , hat.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 118867
File 127618946938.jpg - (16.66KB , 320x434 , sailor-hat-red-army.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Choose a hat!
In Soviet Russia hat chooses you.
No. 118873

[x] This hat was made for me.
No. 118874
File 127621648296.jpg - (122.18KB , 564x800 , my_new_hat.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 118875
Are you suggesting that we wear Akyu as a hat?
No. 118877
"It rubs the lotion on its skin, or else it gets the hose again."
No. 118878

Well, maybe a shoulder ride or something.

It's a very solid plan with no possible negative repercussions whatsoever.
No. 118879
Alternatively, we can ask Yukari to gap her boobs on top of our head.
No. 118880
File 127621882139.jpg - (14.03KB , 150x155 , tf2-heavy.jpg ) [iqdb]
Yes! I like this Akyu hat!
No. 118887
File 127622341154.jpg - (314.62KB , 1024x819 , Ningenwallpapers-Midori-no-Hibi-1-1.jpg ) [iqdb]

Why settle for less when you could have more?
No. 118888

So you want her to gap multiple pairs of boobs on top of our head? Sounds like a plan.
No. 118897
[x] Flesh headphones
No. 118903
[x] Choose a hat!
-[x] A Fedora, preferably one that smells of tombs and snakes.
No. 118905
[x] Choose a hat!
- Suwako's Hat.

You cannot resist.
No. 118915
You ask if you can get a pair of boobs resting on your noggin. The Hat-smith likes your style but says that that is an impossible action. The boob-smith resides in another, shadyer part of town and that he'd really not get into it that much.

You then ask if you could get one of the children of the village to sit on your head. The Hat-smith remarks that you are a "strange one" to Keine and Keine herself remarks that it would quite odd and would be an impossible endeavor to do so. You feel somewhat depressed at this change of events.

You begin listing hats from a list you somehow had prepared earlier. Of the list in question he had the following hats:
A knitted bearded woolen head cosy.
A knit frog hat.
A soviet red army sailor hat.
A Fedora with a musky scent.
And a metal pot.

When you mentioned a hat with googley eyes, tears streamed down the Hat-smiths face. A small rustle is heard in the thicket. He tells you a short tale of his magnum opus and how it was stolen from him many moons ago. You cry a tear for the short man.

The clock strikes One. Time is quick, events in life, quicker.

[]Choose a hat! (from the list or a new selection. First vote gets it as long as it's somewhat reasonable.)
[] Fly solo
[] Third option.
No. 118917
File 127630113256.jpg - (70.91KB , 407x405 , 1276085074789.jpg ) [iqdb]
>You then ask if you could get one of the children of the village to sit on your head. The Hat-smith remarks that you are a "strange one" to Keine and Keine herself remarks that it would quite odd and would be an impossible endeavor to do so.
My fucking face.

[X] Third option.
Hat-Smith obviously knows the science of hats... but not the art.
No. 118918
[x]A Fedora with a musky scent.
No. 118919
File 127630153511.jpg - (414.70KB , 650x650 , Mysterious_Step_2.jpg ) [iqdb]

We like, use tape or glue or rope to bind her to our head. Then we use step two. Then, since we'll tire out faster with the load on our head, we use Keine as our mount.
No. 118921
[x] And a metal pot.
Do it.
No. 118923
[X] A knit frog hat

No. 118924
[X] A knit frog hat

I don't care if another option won. Must get frog hat.
No. 118925

This picture explains so much about Touhou. I am enlightened.
No. 118929
[x] And a metal pot.
No. 118938
File 12763463294.png - (67.77KB , 178x204 , kasrkin.png ) [iqdb]
[x] A soviet red army sailor hat.

Not that bad actually, but I prefer the sailor hat.
No. 118952
You take the stylish fedora and put it on. The Hat-smith brings you a mirror and holy shit you look like motherfucking Indiana Jones in this hat. Jesus Christ superstar that is styling. The Keine and the Hat-smith agree that it does quite suit you and that you can keep it at no cost. Interestingly, the small man tells you that he did not make that Hat but rather he found it on the ground. Usually when an object foreign to the land appears, it's the result of a grand piece of work that has fallen and degraded over time and when the final blow is done, a symbol of it's greatness passes over to Gensokyo. He says that it arrived nearly a month and two years ago. Sometime in late-ish May.

Suddenly, a bunny eared girl hops out of the thicket wielding a knife. She cries out a battlecry featuring an acronym: "ERR". The Hat-smith grabs a hat at random and pushes a button on it. A telescopic pole shoots out of one side while a sharp axe-head sticks out of the adjacent side. He grabs the pole and brings the hat down on the rabbit and the result is far too gory for words to describe. You're lucky you digest tea quickly for you'd most likely vomit it back up.

When the commotion dies down, you ask the Hat-smith why did this happen. He replies that someone is out to kill you. Rabbit assassins don't go after everybody unless they're wanted for something. And if not for his trusty hattle-axe, you would have been very seriously wounded. You make a mental note to watch out for yourself in the future. Keine says that you can crash at her place. You thank her and straighten your hat.

It's ten past one. Time seems to be going extraordinarily slowly for you. What do you do?

[] Wait out the day at Keine's
[] Go find some answers. (Specify where)
[] Third option (it means write in, YAF)
No. 118955
[x] Head back to Keine's for the moment
-[x] Inquire on who else might have rabbit assassins after them or if anything unusual happened recently before today.

Either someone's framing Kaguya or rumors about her sending assasins are true.

I got the reference of what happened two years ago in May.
No. 118957
[x] Head back to Keine's for the moment
-[x] Inquire about a lighter.
No. 118958
[x] Head back to Keine's for the moment
-[x] Inquire on who else might have rabbit assassins after them or if anything unusual happened recently before today.
No. 118961
[just] Head back to Keine's for the moment
-[one] Inquire on who else might have rabbit assassins after them or if anything unusual happened recently before today.

Hattle-axe? I like your style.
No. 118962
[X] Jesus fucking christ, just look at the time. You wasted enough time already.
-[x] Get to the Youkai Mountain as fast as possible.
No. 118963
That update goddamn.

[x] Wait out the day at Keine's. All 24 precious hours.

Want to see what happens.

You're trying your hardest, aren't you?
No. 118964
File 127639548689.jpg - (573.33KB , 1000x1568 , d5903f2044c966f2f1ad19418fce1493.jpg ) [iqdb]
Yes. Need to reach my goddess.
No. 118965
>Sometime in late-ish May.
Did they find a blue skull too?

[x] Head back to Keine's for the moment
-[x] Inquire on who else might have rabbit assassins after them or if anything unusual happened recently before today
No. 118969
Or a Lead-lined Fridge?
No. 118979
First the kappa, then Aya, then Hina...

All targeting systems are off.
No. 119076
No. 119082
You head back to Keine's place for a cup of tea and a sit down. You need to find out who might be attacking you and why. On your way there Keine points out the school where she teaches. It is a tall building and there are no kids there at the moment. You proceed to the house without incident.

Keine leaves to heat up the pot for some tea. You think over very throughly who might be doing this and why. What is the ERR? Why do they want to kill you? Did something happen before you arrived? So many questions, so little answers. You reckon you'll ask Keine when she comes back.

The school teacher arrives with some tea and offers you a cup. You gladly accept and take a small sip of the delicious brew. You ask Keine some of the questions on your mind. Keine replies that she doesn't know who this ERR are or why they're out to get you. She says that she doesn't want you to get hurt and there is a 5% chance of you surviving the day outside. But she also tells you that you must have a purpose here as you would have never arrived otherwise.

It's seventeen past one. Choose your next action!

[] Wait it out at Keine's
[] Explore, find solutions.
[] Third option.
No. 119083
[x] Wait it out at Keine's.
[x] Play a rousing game of Mahjong.
No. 119084
[x] "If I only had a small child on my head to absorb attacks warn me of danger."
[x] Explore, find solutions.
[x] Something else I'll vote in later.
No. 119086
File 127670716267.jpg - (93.53KB , 675x518 , 1271582056221.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Third option.
Row, row, fight the power. I kid.
[X] Explore, find solutions.
[X] See if you can find a decent enough tot to put on your head.
[X] Failing that, draw Keine into a conversation. Preferably about wearable children I mean hats. Or ninjas. Or your arrival in this land and related plot devices.

>"Do you have a purpose, Hatanon?"
>"Are you still wearing clothes, miss Keine?"
>"Um, yes?.."
>"Then the answer is affirmatory."
No. 119087
[x] Ask her if there are any ninjas for hire.
No. 119108
[x] Ask her if there are any ninjas for hire.
-[x] Specifically Tengu ones, you've read somewhere those are really good.
No. 119114
[x] Youkai mountain.

It is calling for you.
No. 119115
Such a pedo option yet you're not continuing the Akyu story....
No. 119120
>finding something pedo about wearing a child as a hat
>excessive moralfaggotry at it's finest
No. 119121
I'm pretty sure it's endorsed by both the Pope and Buddha, so it must be okay.
No. 119122
Are you talking about pedophilia or fancy hats?
No. 119124
File 127675014832.jpg - (126.05KB , 561x370 , the_more_you_know2.jpg ) [iqdb]
Child-wearing, I mean. The Mitre the Pope wears serves as a mini-pulpit for the child, who may serve as a back-up Pope for a few hours in case the bigger one dies.
No. 119125
Of course, the back-up has a back-up of his own, and more back-ups all the way down. Fractal Popeitude, you see.
No. 119127
File 127675160097.jpg - (94.34KB , 640x480 , vuvuzela.jpg ) [iqdb]
Finally, they are all equipped with these.
No. 119131
Why do we need a kid for a hat? We already got an awesome one, and kids aren't of much use than being cute. And if one gets killed, we'd caved.

Want an example of excessive moralfagging? Two letters: GH Nuff said.
No. 119156
>Why do we need a kid for a hat?

Why not?
No. 119157
It'd ruin our Indy Hat.
No. 119158
True words
No. 119161
File 127679460272.jpg - (38.89KB , 704x396 , 933.jpg ) [iqdb]
Then let's have the kid wear our Indy hat. I fail to see the problem here.
No. 119226
You ask if you can get a little girl to sit on your head so she can see any oncoming dangers. Keine is quite shocked and appalled at the thought of it and tells you that no people in the village would ever condone such a thing and the one person who might, this Akyu girl she told you about nearly an hour ago, is far too important to anything as dangerous as that. You bow your head in shame.

You then ask if there are any ninja services around. She says that, while there are many Ara~-military organizations such as the bunny assassins, maid murderers or the ghost samurai, there are no ninjas -especially Tengu ones- because that would be silly. You re-align your hat with annoyance.

The time slowly ticks away as you plan your next move. It's 1:20.

[] Wait it out at Keine's
[] Explore, find solutions. (where?)
[] Third option.
No. 119229
[x] Explore, find solutions. (where?)
-[x] Find those stairs where you woke up.
No. 119231
File 127688151220.jpg - (7.12KB , 200x196 , 1263466075296.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Ara~-military organizations

[☄] Wait it out at Keine's
No. 119243
[x] Suggest Keine that the 24 hours is the limit for an unknown time bomb and need to be dealt quickly.
[x] Ask for emergency meeting among Gensokyoan.
No. 119253
[x] Explore.
-[x] Youkai Mountain.
No. 119261
[x] Explore
- [x] Join up with the ghost samurai Ara-military organization.
No. 119263
[x] Mutter to yourself. "Are you implying that equipment gets damaged here? Weird."
[x] Explore, find solutions.
--[x] "Are there a place where there's a bunch of easily disposed of mooks that I can grind for XP?"
No. 119407
File 127705324677.jpg - (72.19KB , 463x534 , mgs4_box_up.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Find your clone brother who has taken over the body of a Gensokyoan.
[X] Dismantle all of the Military orgs he's managed to control.
[X] Stop his elaborate plan to destroy Gensokyo.
No. 119549
You decide to go out and find some answers but you haven't decided where. Do you go up the mountain or up the stairs? Try to join the Ghost Samurai or beat up random Youkai to find their weaknesses? So many choices, So little time. Literally.

After deciding, you wave farewell to the lovely school teacher who thinks that this is a bad idea. You head off in the direction of adventure and the truth.

It is 1:24, Where do you go?

[]The mountain
[]The staircase
[]Somewhere to beat up Youkai.
[]To visit the Ghost Samurai
[]Fifth Option (specify)


An Ara~-Military organization is a parody of a Paramilitary organization which is a private army of sorts.
No. 119550
That's me by the way
No. 119557
[]Somewhere to beat up Youkai.
No. 119560
[x]To visit the Ghost Samurai
No. 119576
[x]The mountain
No. 119580
[x]The mountain
No. 119582
What's the point of aiming for a route? The story'll end before you'd make much progress.
No. 119589
File 12772833613.jpg - (99.88KB , 433x329 , raziel my right hand my sword.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X]The mountain
Deep within the mountain range, my prey awaited - Yukari Yakumo - the Gap Youkai, deceiver and eternal gamester, using defenceless humans as her pawns. It was time for her to answer some questions... and I hoped - for her sake - to find her in a forthcoming mood.

Also, 'paramilitary' doesn't mean 'private army'. It's an organisation with a structure and purpose similar to a military force, but with its members being essentially civilians with no higher status or privileges. Police, border protection and insurgents would be good examples of paramilitary organisations. Still, the 'Ara~' bit boggles my mind. What the hell, mate.
No. 119596
[x] To visit the Ghost Samurai
[x] To learn the way of the warrior
No. 119769
You set off out of the gate of the village and in the direction of the Mountain. Who knows what kind of kooky, high altitude adventures await! You eventually arrive at the base and you begin scaling. It's hard work as there are some unnatural winds blowing. You don't mind it all that much as you continue to go up the mountain. You have had to hold onto your hat on more than one occasion though.

Up ahead you see a group of men in white robes with blue trims. Their steely eyes do not pay any attention to you as they get closer. Suddenly, You are tackled and you fly as well as your assailant into a nearby bush. For a second there you felt the soft embrace of smallish breasts coupled with the unfamiliar sting of something metal pressed into your side. You are about to shout in protest but the offending girl puts her hand over your mouth and tells you to keep quiet. The group of men pass by without a glance in your direction.

After this is all done, you pick up your hat as the person who attacked you introduces herself as Nitori Kawashiro. She's a teenage looking girl with a teal blue shirt with a slightly darker skirt. She has a key that had pressed into you earlier and her hair is a darker variety of sky blue that has been arranged into twin tails with a green cap on her head.

She tells you of the group that passed by. They're apparently known as the Shrine cult and despite the name, does not work for the shrine. Technically they do but it is not by the choice of the current denizens of the shrine. They are ruthless and will go through any means to bolster the shrines power. You find this quite disconcerting.

It's now 1:39. What do you do?

[]Write in.

Going on holiday, be back in ten days.
No. 119773
[x] Thank her for saving your life.
[x] Ask if they'd go so far as to hire rabbit assassins
[x] Ask if there's any resistance against them.
No. 119775
>Their steely eyes do not pay any attention to you as they get closer.
"Excuse me, which way to the Shaolin temple?"

[X] Kiss both her hands in thanks for saving your life.
[X] Inquire about the leader of the Shrine.
[X] Fix that bloody hat, it's sitting on your head sideways.
No. 119875
[X] Kiss both her hands in thanks for saving your life.
[X] Inquire about the leader of the Shrine.
[X] Fix that bloody hat, it's sitting on your head sideways.
No. 119876
[X] Kiss both her hands in thanks for saving your life.
[X] Inquire about the leader of the Shrine.
[X] Fix that bloody hat, it's sitting on your head sideways.
No. 119877
[x] Thank her for saving your life.
[x] Ask if they'd go so far as to hire rabbit assassins
[x] Ask if there's any resistance against them.
No. 120181
You fall to your knees and begin kissing the fair maidens hands. Oh how grateful you are! She gets incredibly flustered and a large red blush appears on her face. She says that it wasn't a big deal and that they weren't after you but they might have if they got a good look at you. You ask why and she gives you a newspaper titled "BunbunMaru" The front page article shows a picture of a shrine and how a man had recently murdered it's inhabitant, a woman known as "Reimu" A bounty has been put on the murderers head by "Yukari" One of the women that Kiene told you about. This is a troubling development as the suspected perpetrator is most likely yourself.

You stand up, Kneeling while reading is a major kill on the legs. You ask why she hadn't turned you in. She says that she reckons that Reimu isn't dead as that would destroy all of Gensokyo, and seeing as it isn't destroyed, then Reimu must be alive. You ask if Reimu is the leader of the shrine that the cultists are about, She tells you no, and that the shrine at the top of the hill is the one that the cultists are being fanatic about. It's lead by a green haired girl called Sanae and there is a pair of well known gods up there as well. The cultists are looking for the murderer so they can claim the bounty and further the power of the shrine.

Nitori recommends visiting a local seer who has been seeing a lot of prophecies recently. As seers do.

You fix your hat and take a look at your watch. It's 1:46. What do you do?

[] Off to see the seer.
[] Seer? I 'ardly even know 'er!
[] Third option.
No. 120183
[x] Off to see the seer.
No. 120189
[x] Off to see the seer.

How suspicious... I smell a Moriya shrine conspiracy.
No. 120197
[X] Well, off to visit your mother the Seer! Or Seeress, hopefully.

Oh, and in before this is all a giant Xanatos Gambit by Reimu.
Bloody shrine maidens, I wouldn't trust them as far as I could throw them.
I say we make that our next move.
No. 120385
You agree that you should go see the Seer and Nitori decides to lead you there. The trip is mildly uneventful until you reach the Kappa village wherein many of the inhabitants decided to run off and hide. You found this curious but you decided not to pursue the thought. Eventually, you reach a smallish hut near the far end of town. You have a small bout of Deja-vù.

You enter the hut with Nitori. There is a medium built man with very little hair. You get the feeling that you've seen him somewhere before. He certainly doesn't look like a kappa. Nitori tells you the man's name, Phil. Suddenly, He bursts into song!

I must have dreamed a thousand dreams.


They call me by a million screams!


But I can hear the marching feet.


They're moving, into the street


Now did you read the news today?
They say the danger's gone away!
But I can see the fire's still alight
And burning, Into the night.


After the entirety of the song goes through. You follow behind Nitori as she leaves the abode. She tells you that that was nothing and that he was singing of knowing a person called Jesus earlier. You sigh and are about to disregard all of this wasted time when you realize that you left your hat in the hut. You go back in to retrieve it. You find it lying on a table and you retrieve it for your hatless head. Phil tells you to interpret the song which unsettles you and makes you hurry out the building.

It's 1:55. You are standing outside the hut of the "seer" with Nitori in the far end of the Kappa village. Your hat is well aligned and you have no idea what to do.

[] Attempt to climb further up the mountain
[] Chill with Nitori for a bit [suggest something]
[] Third option


That's one heck of a nurse

No. 120386
[x]Go back for an encore.
Holy shit son, who doesn't like Phil Collins.
No. 120389
[x] Attempt to climb further up the mountain
Do it.
No. 120416
[] Chill with Nitori for a bit
[] Have sex with her No. Fondle her breasts No! Find some ceiling and play some chess Oh bloody hell, no!

[X] Attempt to climb further up the mountain.
[X] Sing a song of praise to Phil M.F. Collins
There we go.
No. 120419
[x] Chill with Nitori for a bit
-[x] "So this is where he disappeared to"
No. 120534
[X] Attempt to climb further up the mountain.
No. 120933
You proceed to climb further up the mountain,. Nitori wants to travel with you so you don't get hurt. She tells you that her house is just up ahead and she'd like for you to stop there for a while. You tell her that you really want to go and see more of the mountain. She compromises and tells you to wait at a nearby fork in the road for a bit so she can get some gadgets from her workshop. You agree for at least this much. As you walk down the road, the ground starts to rumble. You shrug it off and say that it probably has nothing to do with you.

You reach the fork in the road the Kappa was talking about. You turn around and take in the view. There is a large lake with the village you were at with Keine as well as the mansion you saw earlier. To the right of the village there is a large bamboo forest, You are sure glad you didn't get lost over there, you might haveve had to call for help and it would have been very embarrassing. You look to the left of the vista and you see what you assume is the Hakurei Shrine. It is surrounded by a bright yellow line which you guess is police tape. You also notice that something is off about the shrine but you can't put your finger on it.

You hear footsteps behind you and you quickly turn around. Another troop of cultists is heading your way. You quickly jump into a bush, you briefly wonder why the bush is always the best hiding place but that's a question for when you aren't being pursued. You look down the road and see Nitori heading towards the road towards the crossroad, she sees you hiding in the bush and runs up to meet you but she is confronted by the amassment of cultists. One of them asks her if she's seen you. She replies with a no. He pulls down his hood showing a pale white bald head with a scar running down his cheek like a cheesy Bond villain and he tells her to stop lying, and that she was spotted with him earlier on. She says that she doesn't know what they're talking about.

Suddenly, he grabs her by the waist and heaves her over his shoulders. The other cultists tie her up, gag her and blindfold her. Nitori's hat falls off and reveals a totally normal set of hair. They quickly run off up the path before you can follow suit. She manages to drop a small metallic device before disappearing off. You are rather flabbergasted by this occurrence.

It is 2:00. Things have happened. How will you approach them?

-[]Freak out
-[]Call out for help (from who?)
-[]Third option (write in)
[] Don't panic
-[]Return to Kappa village to get help.
-[]Follow the other road at the fork.
-[] Sixth option (write in)

Retrieve hat y/n?

Retrieve device y/n?
No. 120950
[x]Call out for help from Tewi.
No. 120951
-[Ⓔ]Freak out
-[Ⓥ] Follow the bloody cultists

>Retrieve hat y/n?
More Hats = More Power. Of course we should retrieve the hat.
>Retrieve device y/n?
Retrieve Plot Device, yes. How could we not?
No. 120952
Pick up that Hat.

Pick up that device.

[x] Don't panic
- [x] Kill them all.
- Alternatively, you could go down the other fork in the road.
No. 120957
-[x]Freak out
No. 120960
[x]Retrieve hat
[x]Retrieve device
[x]Don hat over hat
[x]Pose cause shit just got real
Are we a bad enough dude to rescue the kappa?
No. 122320
You take the hat and put it under your fedora, You probably look pretty silly right now but you disregard looks for functionality right now. You also pick up the device. It seems to be a capsule with a small button on it. You curiously push the button and it starts to shake. You quickly throw it to the ground as who knows what might happen with it? It explodes with a large puff of smoke. When the smoke dissipates, a large backpack is placed where the capsule once was. It's brown with a large button on it. You hurriedly put the backpack on your back and speed off to rescue Nitori. You are feeling particularly fast today.

After a few minutes of stealthy chasing, you eventually come to an exceedingly narrow bridge, One could more equate it to a board rather than a bridge. On the other side is a cave where they are taking the Kappa. There is a large shrine on top of a ridge above the cave.

It's 2:06.

[]Write in.
No. 122321
[x]Visit the shrine
-[x] Petition help from the residents.
I don't think we can do this alone. It's a shrine maidens job to help the locals, and prevent injustices. Surely they will be willing to lend aid.
No. 122325
[x]Search the backpack

There could be anything in there. Even something to help us rescue Nitori.
No. 122847
Vote you bastards.
No. 122848
[x] you bastards
No. 122849
[x]Visit the shrine
No. 122850
[x] you bastards.
No. 122851
[x]Search the backpack