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And then, it disappeared. In a strange color explosion in which everything seemed to burn, fall and get destroyed, but no one got hurt, Yukari observed, calm, without smiling but without frowning, how her creation ended, and the inhabitants of Gensokyo were scattered around the earth.
>> Not an easy life

Once everything was over, standing on one foot on a stop light, Yukari had to make a difficult choice.

Meanwhile, another girl realized…
a)A horn was about to get buried in her stomach.
b)This place looked very familiar…
c)Her hat was lost.

So, girls in the real world. There are like 18 different routes, but we'll start with just this 3, and then see how it goes. I'll try to post daily, if possible. First time, etc etc, wish me luck.

No. 117007

Also that run on sentence, oh boy.
No. 117008
c)Her hat was lost.
No. 117010
a)A horn was about to get buried in her stomach.

This is the most interessing one.
No. 117011
As always, cautious optimism.

[A] A horn was about to get buried in her stomach.
No. 117012
c)Her hat was lost.

Obviously the most dire
No. 117013
[A]A horn was about to get buried in her stomach.

No. 117014
a)A horn was about to get buried in her stomach.

I'd bury my honr in a girl's stomach, if you know what I mean.
No. 117015
c)Her hat was lost.

She'll die if she doesn't find her hat.
No. 117017
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[c] Her hat was lost.
No. 117018

Man, I've just realised I haven't read anything touhou except CYOAs and translated Hdoujins. I miss reading the pure and innocent doujins like I did before.
No. 117019
No. 117020
[ø]Her hat was lost.
No. 117024
c)Her hat was lost.
No. 117026
That swayed my vote.

[x] c)Her hat was lost.
No. 117027
c)Her hat was lost.
No. 117029
(man, I was hoping for the horn one.)Lost hat wins, I will update tonight.
No. 117030
That's a sentiment a lot writers seem to share: anonymous loves throwing curve ball decisions out of nowhere.
No. 117037

Yeah, stupid memes are stupid, but have great influence.
No. 117046
why didn't anyone her horns?
No. 117052
File 127257338566.png - (224.86KB , 470x726 , 90afce6bc2b2d77c22eff1806f5907bb482bb1f7.png ) [iqdb]
Her hat was lost. She looked for it everywhere. Under a bench, inside a trash bin, on top of a public phone, even around a nearby fountain, but it was nowhere to be found.
With her hands on her hips, she looked up, frustrated, and there it was, stuck on top of a telephone pole. It would be easy to take, she just had to…
“Hey, where is my broom?!” She looked up again “Oh well, I’ll just have to…”
She couldn’t fly. Weird.
“It’s really been a while since I flew without the broom huh?”
Looking up, she noticed a nearby tree with branches hanging near her hat. Ok, tree climbing, she could do that!
Despite her claims, she climbed the tree with no little difficulty. “Climbing trees because I can’t fly without a broom, really pathetic, me.” Her hair got stuck on the branches and she was about to fall down twice, but, in the end, she got her hands on the hat and put it on her head proudly.

Still sitting on the branch, she looked around again.
“Wait, where the hell am I?!!”
“All that trouble just to get a silly hat back? I’m really disappointed you know?” Said a voice behind her.

[ ] Turned around and punched the intruder in the face.
[ ] Turned her head to see who it was.
[ ] Answered smugly without turning.
No. 117053
[X] Answered smugly without turning.
No. 117054
[ø] Turned her head to see who it was.
No. 117055
[X] Answered smugly without turning.
No. 117056
[x] Answered smugly without turning.
No. 117057
[x] Answered smugly without turning.
No. 117058
[x] Answered smugly without turning.

shut up, stupid tree
No. 117063
[x] Answered smugly without turning.

A Hat is integral part of me. Afterall, I am a Witch!
No. 117065
[x] Answered smugly without turning.
No. 117075
[x] Answered smugly without turning.

As if she wouldn't
No. 117076
[X] Answered smugly without turning.
No. 117077
Answered smugly wins, I will update tonight.
No. 117078
[x] Answered smugly without turning.
No. 117108
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Marisa answered smugly without turning. “Don’t be disappointed, be afraid. Those who insult the hat insult the witch, you know?”
“Now, really.” Said the voice, calm as ever.
“And, who the hell are you anyway.” She turned around fast.
“Hey, long time no see.”
Marisa frowned. There was no one there.
“Don’t hide, you looser.”
“What are you talking about, silly girl? I’m right in front of you.”
“Show yourself and I’ll beat you until you disappear for real.”
“You mean danmaku? As lively as ever, I see.”
An invisible force hit her hat, dropping it to the ground.
“Hey!” She watched it fall down slowly, frown deepening.
“You really can’t see me, can you Marisa?” The voice’s tone had changed, it was more serious than before.
“You know me?”
“Silly kid.” A weight ruffled her hair.

Suddenly, everything came together.

“Hey, long time no see.”

[ ] Try to hold her hand
[ ] “W-why can’t I see you?!”
[ ] “Why the hell did you drop my hat?”
No. 117110
[x] “W-why can’t I see you?!”
No. 117112
[X] Try to hold her hand
No. 117113
File 127271364084.jpg - (16.20KB , 567x800 , 3eeb401bd54ff8e1b400c8563599f0d5[1].jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] “Why the hell did you drop my hat? That was my hat, you bitch! My goddamn hat!"
No. 117116
[x] “W-why can’t I see you?!”
No. 117118
[X] “Why the hell did you drop my hat?”

Single minded witch...
No. 117120
[X] “W-why can’t I see you?!”
No. 117121
[x] “W-why can’t I see you?!”

Altough I would vote for both this option and the third if we could.
No. 117126
[x] “W-why can’t I see you?!”

I wonder how Gensokyo got undone in the first place.
No. 117131
[x] Try to hold her hand
No. 117153
[x] Try to hug her
[x] “W-why can’t I see you?!”

No. 117155
[ø] Try to hug her
[ø] “W-why can’t I see you?!”
vote changing
No. 117160
[x] Try to hug her
[x] “W-why can’t I see you?!”
No. 117606
File 127377957329.jpg - (383.40KB , 866x873 , 920758e8cdfc306756a52933876a00aaa68f31a1.jpg ) [iqdb]
"W-why can't I see you?"
"Apparently, no one can. Not here."
Both of them looked around.
"Are we really… outside?"
"It seems, we should ask old lady gaps to know for sure." She made hand motions as if she were stretching open a gap, but Marisa was not paying attention to her. Oh, right, invisible. "Or why."
"Oh, I wouldn't call her that to her face."
"He. It would be amusing."

There was silence for a moment.
"It's unusual for you to be so quiet." Mima gave Marisa a light slap on the back. She gasped, startled.
"Don't do that!!" She looked around, as if looking for her. "You know I can't…" She sighed and hung her head. "I haven't seen you in so long and… and now I can´t see you! Great!!" She lifted her arms, frustrated. "And, why anyway? You didn't answer!"
"I'm a ghost Marisa, I'm dead." Marisa turned her head fast, looking at her. Or trying, she was looking a bit too much to the right. "In this place, only humans and what they think is real exist. I'm glad I'm here at all."
"I'm glad you are here too." Marisa gave her a big grin, still looking in the wrong direction. Mima grabbed her cheeks with both hands and moved her head.
“Hmp.” Marisa puffed her cheeks. "By the way, why the hell did you drop my hat?!"
Mima floated away form her and shouted, so she would know she wasn't close anymore.
"To see you struggle getting down!"
"I had to get down anyway!!!" Speaking of it, Marisa looked down… it was actually a pretty tall tree…

[ ] Climb down
[ ] Demand to be carried to the floor
[ ] Jump
No. 117608
[X] Climb down
It's a long way down, but we should humor Mima.
No. 117619
True dat

[x] Climb down
No. 117627
[x] Jump

Maybe we can learn to fly? Or cripple ourselves trying...
No. 117630
A little note from the author.
There are no bad endings, so to speak, so you can be bold without fear!
No. 117633
> There are no bad endings
> You can be bold without fear!


[X] Time skip to after we have taken over the world.
No. 117636
[X] Climb down

I'm not feeling particularly risky today.
No. 117640
Mima can fly AND touch us!
No. 117652

Marisa: Mima, why are you touching me there?
Mima: Because I like you Marisa <3
Marisa: !!!
No. 117942
You boring anon, climbing down wins. I'll post when I can post, real life interferes etc etc.