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Oh, hai. Welcome to our Russian touhou-conference: touhouchan@conference.jabber.ru
You can play and with us and make some trolling. Yes, we like to feed trolls. Especially our dear foreign internet /b/rothers.
But if you are also looking for interesting conversations - you are on right way to join us!

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Jesus Christ, is /gensokyo/ really that hard to find, people? This is like the third misplaced thread in a week.
No. 116187
/gensokyo/ = general discussion
/th/ = general

I guess for some it is unfortunately; worse yet wait till they ask where's /others/ and when they look at the section listing they see the tab for others that leads to /blue/, /coriander/, and the recently made /rs/
No. 116192
they fucked up the board names anyway. /th/ was going to be the general touhou board and /gensokyo/ was supposed to be the general story board.
No. 116195

Oh my. We just want some people for our conference. Is it too hard to join us?
No. 116197

Oh my. We just want people to pay attention to board etiquette. Is it too hard to humor us?
No. 116200
I like you, you have a good taste.