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People are going to wake up guys.
They're going to wake up, and there will be questions.

Oh, there will be questions.

No. 1159
Dear people: We're borrowing your image board. You should be happy, you now have more traffic and people to interact with. Sincerely, Anon of 4chan.
No. 1174
P.S. We apologize in advance for the bad Alice rp'ers. They're like leeches.

No, actually. No, they're not. Hold on, let me think.

See, there's /jp/, right? /jp/ is like President James A. Garfield, just about the enter the Baltimore and Potomac Railroad station.

And then, suddenly, Charles J. Guiteau appears! Except, it's Charles J. Guiteau's evil twin from an alternate universe! Which would be Charles J. Guiteau's good twin, I guess. He's a little strange in the head like the evil Guiteau, but it's alright, since instead of bullets, his magic happiness gun shoots flowers and rainbows and beautiful prancing unicorns!

The unicorns represent the YWUIG threads. Remember this. This is important.

Everything seems to be going swell, honestly swell. And then, suddenly--Garfield gets scratched. In the back. By a unicorn horn. It's alright, because unicorn horns can't infect people, unless you mean "infect them with joy and bliss". But the doctors don't know that, because the doctors are idiots. The doctors are idiots, and the doctors are fools. They probe President Garfield's wound with dirty, unsterilized fingers and instruments. President Garfield bravely tries to resist, but they strap him down.

All their grimy poking has consequences. Garfield's "wound" becomes infected. Blood poisoning sets in. And the doctors continue to poke, to prod. They continue and the infections continue to spread, and spread, and spread, until--

President James A. Garfield dies.

And they execute the unicorn.
No. 1175
Also the doctors are the Alice rp'ers.
No. 1176
The dere dere one is fine. The yandere one is a faggot.
No. 1178
What about FUiG?
No. 1179
Man, I didn't even know about FUIG before just now. Did those threads have a big presence in /jp/?
No. 1180

Believe this man.
No. 1182
File 120710960846.jpg - (89.90KB , 1009x662 , 1206875410541.jpg ) [iqdb]

NGM's banning was what started the shitstorm on /jp/
No. 1186
I was thinking an exile of the jews metaphore myself, but yours is somehow more apt.
No. 1196
Spring is here~!
No. 1198
spring iz hurrr
this shit is crunk, niggaz
No. 1206
I've been here. where have you been?
No. 1209
Moot will finish his soup eventually. The time will come.
No. 1210

To be honest, I was planning to just sleep through April 1st. Much to my surprise though, it's very hard to sleep all day. And people generally don't let you do so anyways.
No. 1213
Wow. I enjoyed these metaphors more than I should have...
No. 1216
That. Was the greatest metaphor ever.
No. 1217
This is somewhat exciting though, that pioneer spirit is fresh again, like back when /jp/ was newly founded. I was pretty exited about /jp/ at first, but now it's proven to be as rotten as /a/.

It's not like we need another Touhou board though. There's Pooshlmer's of course, but as Keepers of the Wiki they are very protective and isolationist.
No. 1218
It's okay.

Because I did, too.
No. 1221
Well if that wasn't copypasta, it sure as hell is now.

As an aside, the best way to resolve the 4chan situation is probably to make a new board for Japanese related gaming; Touhou, visual novels, dating sims, eroge, mahjong, go, shogi, etc. Basically, the things that show up in /a/, /v/, and /jp/ that technically belong there according to the rules, but are too tangential to feel right there.

Fat chance of them to figure as much out, though.
No. 1278
>Well if that wasn't copypasta, it sure as hell is now.

Erah, seriously? Oh dear.

Well, if you copy-paste it anywh--oh, I get it now! Copy-paste, copypasta. That's clever! That's really very clever!


Well, if you copy-paste it anywhere, would you mind changing "the enter the Baltimore" to "to enter the Baltimore"? I always end up making one fatal mistake whenever I write a lot of words.
No. 1279
All your base are belong to us.
No. 1280
No. 1286
are you still banned Spring?
No. 1323
Wait. Spring is banned?
No. 1329

That`s why it`s so fucking cold!
No. 1343

>you now have more traffic

Not necessarily a good thing.


>The dere dere one is fine.

It's people like you that ruin it all. Role-playing is not fine, if you want to role-play then go to Gaia and do it for fuck sake.
No. 1362

>It's people like you that ruin it all. Role-playing is not fine, if you want to role-play then go to Gaia and do it for fuck sake.

Agreed partially. I hate them too, but the sad thing is, most of /jp/ saw us and them as the same thing. So either we find a way to cut them away from us altogether, or accept and ignore the fact that they will always be a small tumor attached to us.
No. 1391
I don`t intend to roleplay here, and I wouldn`t like it if someone started to roleplay here. I`m only here for YWUIG threads (and pics), and as for the rest, do what you want.
No. 1418

It wasn't bad to start of with. There was always the Alice threads but they are seriously getting old and repetitive now. And quite a lot of idiots have started to join in. And the sad thing is that most people want more or happily accept it. Save that fucking shit for Gaia.
No. 1421
I don't care too much about the stuff one way or another. I'm here for my own reasons and as long as other people don't get in the way of that they can do whatever they please.

It's the people who care too much and bitch about it that got us into this mess. It's life, guys. Don't like something, ignore and deal with it.
No. 1440
I never was banned.
No. 1443

Thanks for having a decent adult attitude about this.
No. 1444

Damn, I was hoping for an interesting story.

No. 1451
i seem to be invisible to everyone. no one even bothered to accuse me of RPing, even when I really deserved it.
No. 1453
File 120715466744.jpg - (59.94KB , 764x600 , 1205089221007.jpg ) [iqdb]

I'm bad at the internets and was perhaps raised in Brooklyn. Am I being mocked?
No. 1454
File 120715477338.jpg - (41.60KB , 480x469 , 1206875456448.jpg ) [iqdb]

Well, you can't really ban a season, can you?
No. 1455
I don't think so. as shocking as it is, I belive that might be a genuine compliment, made over the internet.
No. 1459
Its just bad PR.
No. 1462

Yeah I was being sincere. I sometimes forget that 4chan's attitude of trolling everything immediately isn't how the internet always works, usually it's like that but it's worth protecting the tenuous agreement to be civil that arises in situations like this.
No. 1470

Oh. Well. Thank you, thats the right word, isn't it? I've forgotten a lot of things since 4chan. Like curtosity and basic human interaction.
No. 1498
Spring has arrived motherfuckers!
No. 1807

And spelling.
No. 2329
I regret to say that this place, while slower, is much more palatable than /jp/.

I wish some of the retardation I see on that page is trolling, but it just isn't.
No. 2339
Saying we just added 2000-ish posts to the board in a matter of 2-3 days, I think it's gonna get a lot damn faster here.
No. 2355
it's like how /jp/ turned out better than /a/

maybe image boards need to multiply every so often
No. 2375
>I wish some of the retardation I see on that page is trolling, but it just isn't.

It's the internet, it's not like you'd be completely able to escape it all.
No. 2439

Ya know, the difference between this place and /jp/ is that /jp/ isn`t for touhou only, while this board is.
No. 2444
why, do you suddenly feel the need to spam pictures from VN's, or getting into a flamewar over ww2, or asking where you should go on your fictional trip to japan?
No. 2452

Uh, no. I`m just saying, that for someone who wants Touhou, this board is way better (despite being slow) than /jp/, because THIS board is solely for touhou, while /jp/ is full of random shit. It`s 4chan after all.

But, if you`re a weeaboo faggot (no offense, I`m 20% weeaboo too), then you`ll like /jp/ more, cause it was created for weeaboo faggots to discuss their faggotry there.
No. 2453
after this last week and newfag spring break, I don't think I like any of 4chan anymore.
No. 2454
File 120724291658.jpg - (399.13KB , 1024x768 , 1206140281277.jpg ) [iqdb]

Agreed. I just hope that /jp/ will come back to how it was before the sticky and shitstorms. /a/ has been full of shit for a long time now, /b/ isn`t funny anymore because of the newfaggotry, /v/ mostly rages all the time or discusses TF2 servers... What the fuck happened to my 4chan?

I mean, seriously, somehow it was more entertaining in the past than it is now.
No. 2456
and in my day we walked to 4chan, uphill, in the snow, both ways. And we liked it. None of this namby pamby newfaggotry.
No. 2457
>>Ya know, the difference between this place and /jp/ is that /jp/ isn`t for touhou only, while this board is.

No, the main difference between this place and /jp/ is that /jp's/ mods are useless retards who dodn't do shit half the time and mostly fucked things up the other half.
Here, they actually seem to be attentive, responsive, and genuinely useful.

The fact that this board is entirely for Touhou is just a nice bonus compared to that.
No. 2458
Well i liked YWUIG more on /jp/
More people and more funny comments.
50 percent why i like it is cause of the stupid comments of the people.
And people who arent so full into Touhou came too, while this Touhou only board only the true hard core stays
No. 2462
>And people who arent so full into Touhou came too, while this Touhou only board only the true hard core stays

That`s a good thing IMO. Less trolls and people who just want to fuck the story up.

>and in my day we walked to 4chan, five miles, uphill, in the snow, both ways, with a boner.

Oh god, I love Jeff Dunham.... not.
No. 2474
Jeff Dunham? Is he the original source on that? My grandpa used to joke about that, and I had no idea where he got it from.
No. 2501
File 120724560561.jpg - (24.94KB , 405x465 , 1205159123189.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Jeff Dunham? Is he the original source on that?

Sorry, I have no idea.
No. 2504
Here`s the video where he used that joke:

No. 2774
By the way, what is happening on /jp/ now? I got myself, erm..."forcibly escorted off the premises", so I can't check myself.
No. 2799
Let's see.
The sticky's still there, Flandre is asking what's masturbation to Sakuya, pig-disgusting 3D using computers, naked Rin calling Shirou a beast, an awesome guy, Japan not knowing what's violent crime, people getting assraped by Yukari and Mokou, healthy Youmu, 3D moe, keyboard X gamepad.
Yeah, nothing different.
No. 2801
And someone's spamming Bel-Air in /a/.
Awesome ;_;
No. 2805
so, in short, your not missing much.