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113693 No. 113693
"Um... what's she doing?"

"Ah! She's trying to read your mind and your heart! This is why people are scared of her!" Parsee tries to move more behind you, only to shove Kogasa out some. Kogasa retaliates by pushing on Parsee.

"Huh? Is that so. Well then! Let's try this."

Nothing, nada, zip, zilch, zero. Tabula Rasa baby. You're blanking your mind to the best of your ability, thinking of absolutely nothing but an infinite black expanse. A complete void.

"Um..." Satori looks down at her eye, then back at you. "What...?"

Nothingness. you continue to keep your mind as blank as you possibly can. Focusing on... nothing... as... you...

A loud snore escapes your lips, as you jerk start awake.

"I... don't understand.... How can you...." Satori's head tilts to one side, "You seem so at ease... even around someone... someone like me..."

"Eh? Someone like you? I don't get it. I hang out with these two," You jerk a thumb at Parsee and Kogasa in turn, "So why would you magically be so much worse?"

"I don't... know..." A faint smile plays on her face. "You seem... interesting... for a human..."

"Uh... she's smiling. Parsee, why is she smiling?" Kogasa sounds worried.

You smack both of them in the back of the head. "I don't know what your problem is, but be nicer to her, jeeze."

Satori looks unsure as to how to continue, but before she has a chance to suggest anything, a loud crashing noise is heard. Suddenly! STARS! THOUSANDS OF THEM! EVERYWHERE! Oh, and that black and white witch girl.

"YOU!" She points at Satori before seeing you. "AND [u]YOU./[u]! I'm gonna kick both your asses SO HARD!"

<System Message: Satori has been equipped to accessory slot 2. Kogasa to accessory slot 3. You're all going down in flames. Enjoy.>

Uh oh. She seems pissed.

<System Message: F.O.E. Marisa appears!>




     >spell card


     >spell card

-Satori (guest)
     >spell card

No. 113695

why the hell would you

are you seriously going to do this
No. 113696
Iunno. I wanna see what people'll vote for.
No. 113697
EG: Feel free to do a write in if you don't like the choices provided.
No. 113698

A good old-fashion stoning.
No. 113699


>party memebers health <30% use heal item [potions etc]
>if not use skill
>spell card

-Satori (guest)
>Use Mind Read/Analysis to find enemy status weak points(should be used at the beginning)
No. 113701
File 126765013821.jpg - (68.32KB , 400x584 , 400px-OverworkedTDGS-EN-C-1E.jpg ) [iqdb]
PrivateSub (Kira SStory)
>skills (danmaku)
If party memebers' health <30%
>heal (item/magic)
>use skill(spell card)
-Satori (guest)
>Use Mind Read/Analysis to find enemy status weak points
if (request=true) && (Analysis=/= 0)
>Free Will //Suggestion: All Out Attack
goto "Request"
End Sub
No. 113703
Hum, so was this just a bad idea as >>113695
said? Want me to just skip this part and go onto the next?
No. 113705
You believe rewarding people for not wanting to try is a good idea?
No. 113707


>party memebers health <30% use heal item [potions etc]
>if not use skill
>spell card

-Satori (guest)
>If possible, try to request Mind Read/Analysis to find enemy status weak points(should be used at the beginning)

She's a guest, i.e. uncontrollable.

EO much, Kira?
No. 113708
PrivateSub (Kira SStory)
>skills (danmaku)
If party memebers' health <30%
>heal (item/magic)
>use skill(spell card)
-Satori (guest)
>Use Mind Read/Analysis to find enemy status weak points
if (request=true) && (Analysis=/= 0)
>Free Will //Suggestion: All Out Attack
goto "Request"
End Sub

This vote sounds good to me.
No. 113709
Just asking. This is mostly experimenting on my part as well, so a failed experiment is nothing too horribly major. Much like the 'character commentaries' from that post a ways back.

Anyways, has the requsite 3 so going from here.
No. 113710
>failed experiment
Why do you say that, it does not seem that way to me.
No. 113712
I say failed experiment because it was something that was quite difficult to write, and overall, I feel that it detracted from what I was trying to do with the scene.
No. 113722
Don't you usually make things up as you go? You never had some plot or planning, just write and think stuff up update per update.
No. 113723
I do and I don't.

also, update is slightly delayed. I have to finish taking care of dinner and help out the sick housemate. as soon as that's all done, I'll be finishing this up as quickly as I can.
No. 113724
"So yeah," the blonde continues, "Hand over Reimu so I can kick your ass, then I'll deal with your little monster friends when I'm done with that, K? Hurry up."

"Yeeeaaaahhh... I'm gonna go with 'No.' But thanks for askin' so nice, K." You cross your arms and stand there in bold defiance of the witch.

"FfffFFFFF? What? You're refusing ME? You don't understand, you don't get to refuse ME. I'm the mightiest witch in all the lands, bitch! You don't cross me and live to tell about it! MAAAAAAAAASSSSSSTTTTTTTTEEEERRRRR S- OOF"

A doll flies through the air and smacks Marisa in the face before exploding, The girl falls from her perch upon her broom, appearing whole unharmed by the explosion . She crashes into the table with a loud crack. The broom spins wildly out of control in the air, now that it's master is gone.

Parsee shoves you back, putting herself physically between you and the Black White. "Let me handle this."

"Heh, nice shot, ya little jealousy bitch." Marisa regains her feet, spitting out a bit of blood, "But you only get one lucky sh- HOLY SHI-"

With out warning, Parsee's blasted off the same shot that she used in the bar. With a skill and deftness you've never seen before, the witch manages to dodge through the whole barrage.

"My Turn!" Kogasa hops up, standing there on one foot, the umbrella tilted off at a strange angle. "Umbrella Sign! [Parasol Star Symphony]!" She starts swinging her umbrella around wildly, sending off waves of bullets, interspersed with strange little bubbles. Marisa seems to start fighting back in earnest now, popping several of the bubbles with a line of red shots, and firing at Kogasa.

You move to move Kogasa out of the way of the oncoming shots from Marisa only to be stopped by Parsee. "She's fine for now, they're only danmaku shots, and she's more resilient because of the spell card being activated."

She really doesn't seem to be getting hurt very fast, despite the fact that the witch continues to fire shots at her, occasionally changing to a blue and a green shot. Kogasa seems to be more and more hard pressed to keep the barrage up, finally collapsing to the floor. Marisa shouts triumphantly.

"How do you like that! Now! Give me my Reimu back!" She stomps her foot again, and reaches for the small block of wood she pointed at you earlier, only to find it missing. "Huh?"

"Are you... maybe... looking for... this?" Satori, now back by her throne, holds up the octagonal block of wood. A wisp of a smirk plays across her face.

"How..?!" the black white witch's face turns dark. "Give that back. It's *MINE*"

"Oh? I'm only... 'borrowing' it. Something your... friends tell me that you do... frequently." The smirk grows slightly. "I think that I... might hold on to this..."

"NO NO NO! IT'S MINE! MINE MINE MINE! GIVE IT BACK NOW!" Marisa's throwing a temper tantrum on the middle of the table. "GIVE IT! GIVE IT NOW!"


Marisa just seems to be getting more and more pissed.

[ ] Return the stolen goods.
[ ] Taunt.
[ ] Slip out the back.
[ ] Let's get CUH-RAY-ZEE!
No. 113726
[x] Let's get CUH-RAY-ZEE!
No. 113727
[x] Taunt.
No. 113728
[x] Let's get CUH-RAY-ZEE!
No. 113729
[X] Taunt.

No. 113730
[x] Let's get CUH-RAY-ZEE!
No. 113731
[ø] Let's get CUH-RAY-ZEE!
fuck yes.
No. 113732
Crap, now I've gotta find that video/anigif/flash. Well, Things are looking to get a little crazy 'round here then.
No. 113733
[x] Let's get CUH-RAY-ZEE!
No. 113735
All this whining is getting on your nerves. Well then, It's time for some theatrics to shut the spoiled brat up. Sticking your hand up in the air, you catch the broom as it's wild, pilot-less trajectory takes it past you. Grip tight, you fly straight ahead, directing it towards the whining brat. Kogasa and Parsee watch in awe as you fly forward, broom first, directly into Marisa. The shock evident on the young girl's face as the two of you suddenly zoom upwards. She makes a grab for the broom only for you to jerk it away. Marisa begins falling towards the ground again.

You, on the other hand, fly up to the ceiling at great speed. Pushing off ,you mount the broom and drive it back down quickly into Marisa. In a single motion you whip the broom out from under you and send Marisa airborne again, ricocheting off to the side yourself. Landing on one of the stone arches between the stain glass windows, you push off and bounce Marisa higher again. You repeat this process off the opposite wall, continuing it several more times, bouncing Marisa higher and higher. As she nears the ceiling you fly up to her and smash her downwards with the broom. She zooms back down towards the floor. Shoving off the ceiling one final time you shoot down to the floor, landing shortly before Marisa reaches the floor. You drop the broom, and hold out your arms, catching the smaller girl easily. Kicking up a nearby chair, you place her into it. Flipping up a bottle of wine, you crack the cork with the broomstick before flinging the broom up into the air.. A little bit leaks out as the bottle spins in the air. You catch it by the neck and pour it into a wineglass you snatch off the table.

"A-amazing! From such a height!" One of the girls gasps.

The bottle flips back onto the table, wobbling slightly. You bring up Marisa's hand and deftly slide the glass into it. She holds it, still looking dazed from her airborne misadventures.

"Going to be a bit calmer now?" You question the humbled black white.

She nods as way of reply, before taking a drink of the wine.

You ruffle her hair. "Good girl."

Turning back to the on looking trio, you bow deeply, holding out one hand. They clap politely until the broom comes down. You catch it in one swift motion. The trio goes nuts.

"Thank you, thank you. Next show is at 11! Don't forget to tip your servers! Thank you! and Good night!" The broom's bristles push into the ground as you right yourself, leaning on the broom.

"That was SO COOL! You caught her totally off guard!" Kogasa licks her lips, a huge smile dominating her face. "It was tasty!"

"Feh, I wish I could do something like that."

So, now what?

[ ] See how the Shrine Maiden's Doing.
[ ] Next Stage.
[ ] Go see Who Else you can Piss Off.
[ ] Interrogation.
No. 113737
[x] See how the Shrine Maiden's Doing.

We should check on her at least.
No. 113738
[x] See how the Shrine Maiden's Doing.
No. 113739
[Q] See how the Shrine Maiden's Doing.
No. 113740
Bag? check.
Bucket? Check.
Air holes?
Air holes?
Don't tell me you forgot the air holes.

No. 113754
[x] argh
No. 113755
It's just a vote comfirmation, nothing serious.
No. 113757
You know, it's been a while since you let the miko out of the bag. "Hey, Parsee, dump the red white out of the bag, would you?"

"EH?!" A look of horror is plastered on her face. "Now?! With both of them in the same place?"

"I just want to see if she's still alright. Jeeze. I mean it's not like we can't just whack her unconscious again should the need arise."

"A-alright... if you're sure then." Parsee set the bag down and dumped the shrine maiden out onto the floor. She lays there quite still. Thiiiiiiis isn't good.

Hurrying over, you try to find a pulse. The damn bucket keeps getting in the way though. You yank it off of her head. She seems pale, this can't possibly be good. You smack her face a few times and shake her a bit. She seems to be limp. Oh jeeze, You didn't think that would REALLY ki- Oh hey, her eyes just flew open.

Reimu's foot shoots up into the air, directly into your crotch. Your eyes cross, you groan in pain, and you fall to the side, landing hard on the ground. Your hands shoot immediately to cup your now damaged groin.

"Thought you could get the best of ME, eh?!" Reimu quickly got to her feet. "Yukari!"

One of the damaged orbs from before floated into the room. "Hm? AH <3! Reimu! Not so rough~"

Reimu glared down at the orb she had just grabbed. "Oh shut up you pervert! Just give me some gaps!"

"Hm? Alright~"

Parsee, Kogasa, and Satori vanish. All dropped into gaps that appeared beneath their feet. All the while Reimu escapes with Marisa in tow.

Through the tears streaming down your face you glare at the shrine maiden. "Of course you realize, This means war!"

"Yeah yeah, Go tell it to the Yama." And with that she vanishes through the gap.

They took your Parsee. YOUR PARSEE. There will be hell to pay. As soon as you can stand, that is.

<System Message: Parsee, Kogasa, Satori have been captured. Are you a bad enough nut job to save your Sancho?>

[ ] Y
[ ] N

(BTW: You still have your Inventory. Plus a few... presents)
No. 113758
[X] Y

No one takes a Parsee from me and gets away with it.
No. 113760
[x] Y
No. 113761
[x] Y

Damn it, first they stole the bucket from the bucket loli, now this.
No. 113764
[x] Y

It'll be a hell of a time.
No. 113765
[x] Y
No. 113766
[X] Y

I don't really watch many movies, but has anyone else here seen "Man on Fire"? With Denzel Washington?

It was okay.
No. 113771
[x] Y
No. 113774
Alright. Off to bed for now, I might be able to pound one out before I have to leave tomorrow. Tues/thurs are worst days for updates, just because I have to go into the city and then work after that, so I'm out pretty much all day.

anyways, I'll try to get at least one out tomorrow. Friday'll be better. Night.
No. 113777
You had stood there dumbfounded, after having finally regained your feet. There was a bit of lingering pain, but was ignored. You had much more pressing concerns. Namely, your stolen Parsee and Kogasa. Satori too, but that’s mainly because you had talked an extremely irate Rin out of using you to fuel the furnaces of hell. Then out of ripping out your entrails and feasting on them.

The broom you had... Achem... Borrowed from Marisa was also proving quite useful. Once it’s master was out of range, it had promptly hopped up on it’s own, and helped you off the ground. It also appeared to have grown some arms. You debated naming it Sancho for a little while, but no. That name belongs to one and only one person. In the end you named it Bristle, a rather gender neutral name, in lieu of knowing it’s actual gender.

Which brings us up to the now. You were riding Bristle along through the caves at a rather breakneck pace. Rin had assured you that you would have to go to the surface to have any chance at getting your friends back. Reimu and Marisa were surface dwellers, and so was the ‘demon’ that they had called upon, Yukari Yakumo. Rin herself had never been to the surface, so she had no idea what to tell you to expect. Nor even where to be able to find any of these mysterious twerps. She just knew that they had been coming down for several weeks, beating up everyone in their path, then disappearing. Something about ‘incident resolution’ or something equally stupid.

The time for reverie had now passed, as you find yourself bursting forth from an opening in the cave networks. Exploding out of the opening, you’re forced to jerk up hard. The wall of trees in front of you does not seem like the best place in the world to be trying to fly right now. Up, up, up you go, higher and higher, until you can get a decent look at the area around you.

Wherever you are, it seems largely rural. Lots of trees, mountains, and various other natural terrain spread out all around as far as you can see. There appears to be some sort of village, down by a river, a bamboo forest also catches your attention, as it seems to have sprung up in the midst of otherwise normal forests. A mountain in the distance seems to have a rather large shrine on it. All in all, you can’t really make out much from here, maybe if you went higher?

[ ] Mountain Shrine.
[ ] Village.
[ ] Bamboo Forest.
[ ] Regular Forest.
[ ] Go Higher.

(Netbooks are the most amazing inventions known to mankind. I know I'm loving mine right now.)
No. 113778
[X] Go Higher.

Recruiting a Tenshi, who canonically clobbered Reimu at least once. Possibly an Iku for support.
No. 113779
Why not.
[x] Go Higher.
No. 113780
[X] Go Higher.
No. 113793
[X] Pierce the Heavens!
No. 113795
[X] Pierce the Heavens!
No. 113796
[X] Pierce the Heavens!
No. 113800
[X] Pierce the Heavens!
No. 113802
No. 113814
So, up or pierce the heavens. Or would you prefer both?
No. 113815
Ah, what the hell. vote combinan.

Up up and away!

No. 113816
Ah, you just can’t see enough from here. Fine then. You’ll go higher.

A few minutes you’re higher up, but you still can’t quite make out any more details. This is really starting to make you mad. Higer again you find yourself heading.

Now you’re floating among the clouds. Wispy trails everywhere. Partially obscuring your view, and still you’re unable to get a good look at where you’re at.

“Hey! You can’t-”

Some strange woman in a flamenco looking dress. Screw this. You’re going to go as high as you possibly can. Ignoring the woman you give the broom a kick it shoots straight up into the air at break neck speeds. Higher and higher, faster and faster. So fast that you can’t stop when a strange girl wearing a sailor outfit crosses directly into your path.

“Look-” You don’t get to finish as you collide with the girl. The two of you go spinning off in opposite directions. Miraculously you manage to hold on to the broom, saving you from plummeting to the earth below.

The girl you collided with flies through the air before colliding with a rather large boat that’s just floating there, mid air.

You could only wish that was the strangest thing you’ve seen all day.

Pushing off from the boat, the sailor girl flies up to you. “Hey! What do you think is the big idea!? I’m on an important mission here. I’ve gotta find my boat, so if you’d kindly get out of my way...”

You stare over her shoulder at the giant floating boat. Could that possibly be what she’s looking for?

[ ] Ask for an Autograph.
[ ] Point out the boat.
[ ] Play Dodge’em Ghosts
[ ] Screw this. Freaky Fishlady go!
No. 113817
[x] Point out the boat.
No. 113818
[Q] Point out the boat.
No. 113820
[x] Point out the boat.
No. 113821
[x] Point out the boat.
No. 113822
[x] Point out the boat.

Help her and perhaps she'll help us.
No. 113827
[x] Screw this. Freaky Fishlady go!
No. 113841
[x] Point out the boat.
Look behind you.
No. 113842
>(BTW: You still have your Inventory. Plus a few... presents)
WTF, nobody picked "[x] Inventory" yet?

[x] Point out the boat.
[x] Inventory (at the next feasible opportunity)

I'm kind of amused that we have once again not learned to avoid letting black-haired girls out of boxes/buckets in a story that Kira writes.
No. 113854
“So, um, You mean that giant boat, floating back there?” Your finger juts out, pointing at the conspicuous flying ship.

She turns and looks at the boat, silent for a moment before turning back to you. “Oh WOW! That is so amazing! You’re better at finding things than Nazrin!” She leans in close, whispering the next part, “She really is more tiny, tiny than she is clever.” Standing upright... Errr... If standing is the right word to use when one’s flying. Floating back upright, she continues again, “But yeah! That’s absolutely amazing! You knew exactly what I was looking for before I had a chance to describe it! You must be psycho or something!”

“Err... You mean psychic?”

“Yeah! That too! Quick, quick! Tell me what I’m thinking about.” She screws up her face in concentration.

Taking a wild stab in the dark, you venture, “Tacos?”

“HOLY CRAP! THAT’S AMAZING! You have to come help me find the others. That gypsy burkha girl with her pet cloud dog thing, That glam rock tiger reject girl, and then we can crash this ship into the demon realm! And rescue Byakuren! All we have to do is find the magic missile thing that her brother left floating around.”

A strange little UFO thing floats between the two of you. It seems to be cycling between red, blue, and green. You reach out and grab it. “You mean this thing?”

“OH WOW! HOW DO YOU DO THAT?!” This strange girl stands there in awe of your item finding prowess.

“So! Help me!”

[ ] Equivalent exchange.
[ ] Go along with the easily amused.
[ ] Politely decline.
No. 113855
Inventory: Camera 1ea, Film 18ea, Clothing 1ea (equipped), Note (read) 1ea, Hourai Elixir (Generic) 1ea. Blueprints: LHC 1ea., Fluff 2ea, Matches (pack) 2ea, Ball point pen (broken) 1ea. Laptop (dead) 1ea. Board with Nail in it 1ea. Umbrella (eggplant) 1 ea. Green Orb 1ea, Drunk Orb 1ea, Scissors 1ea, Fluff 1ea.
No. 113856
[ ] Equivalent exchange.
No. 113858
File 126775121649.jpg - (4.73KB , 109x104 , hu.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Equivalent exchange.
No. 113859
[x] Equivalent exchange.
No. 113862
[x] Equivalent exchange.
No. 113865
Most of this was what we had by the end of MiG, wasn't it?

[x] Go along with the easily amused.
No. 113867
No. 113875
No. 113876
This is just stuff.
It holds no meaning.
We are a packrat, if you'll pardon the term.

We picked it up here and there and here and there, even if we can't remember where, exactly.
No. 113886
"I propose a... deal, let's call it. Sort of a, you scratch my back, I help you ram your ship into hell, kind of thing." You nod, trying to tell if she's still paying attention.

"Hm. Go on."

"Well. Some gap bitch, the red white, and that black white witch have stolen my Pack Mule, umbrella, and mind reader. You help me get them back, then I'll help you track down what you need. Who knows, we might find your people while searching for mine."

She scratches her chin thoughtfully. "I~~~~~ Dunno. Sounds complicated, and difficult, and hard, and junk. 'sides, I unno who any of those peo... Wait, Umbrella? Eggplant purple, red and blue?"

"Yeah, that sounds like Kogasa."

"Someone took that extra appendage EZModo girl?! Oh that's it! Bitch is gonna eat ANCHOR. Nobody fucks with my crew 'cept me!" A huge anchor materializes in her hand. She swings it around as if it were weightless. So what's the plan, Private first class bitch tits?"


"Look. I don't know you very well, so I don't know what to call you. So that's what I'm gonna call you now, PFC Bitch Tits. Until you give me something better to go on. So. What's the plan."

[ ] Reconnaissance.
[ ] Divide and Conquer.
[ ] Hit 'em in their Home Zip Code.
[ ] Bombing run.
No. 113887
[x] Reconnaissance.

Intel then a plan.
No. 113889
[X] Hit 'em in their Home Zip Code.

Planning and strategy are for pussies.
No. 113890
[x] Divide and Conquer.
They'll pay, oh yes...
No. 113891
[X] Divide and Conquer.

As long as Reimu doesn't use Fantasy Heaven, were good.
No. 113892
Charging in blindly is for Leeroy Jenkins and retards. And last time I checked, you didn't have chicken.
No. 113893
You don't need no chicken when you have GUTS and COURAGE.
No. 113894
[X] Hit 'em in their Home Zip Code.
No. 113897
[x] Divide and Conquer.
No. 113902
even against Reimu the hax miko? The hope then would be catching her by surprise.
No. 113907
[X] Hit 'em in their Home Zip Code.
[x] Use the floating ship as a gunship, surely it has some armaments.

Danger close
No. 113934
Hey, I've got a brilliant idea! Let's split up to search for the monster! That way, Shaggy and Scooby will find it, and tire it out in time for me to come up with a brilliant plan. Plus, I get to ah... 'hang out' with Daphnie. *wink wink*
No. 113936
"Ok, here's the plan, you go search that half, and I'll go search this half. We'll meet up at uh... Say, that giant ship doesn't really move does it?"

"No, I don't think so." The sailor girl looks at it. "Not unless I, The Great Capitan Minamitsu Murasa tell it to.

"Ok, good. We'll meet up here at sunset. Oh, before we take off, what do your people look like?"

"Well, Nazrin's a tiny little grey haired mouse girl, Shou's this tiger girl, wears like, cloths and crap. Ichirin's this nun-looking chick. She's also got that cloud thing that follows her around, Unzan I think. Big, purple. Likes punching things."

"Sounds like this dinosaur I used to hear about..." You joke.

Murasa just looks confused. "What?"

"Never mind. Is that all of them?"

"Yeah. So Who're you looking for?"

"Parsee, she's a blonde with pointy ears, and this robe-looking outfit. Kogasa you already know. There's also this shrine maiden in red and white, and this black and white witch girl. Don't get too close to the last two, they're the kidnappers."

"Gottcha. Beat the everloving shit out of them and get more info! I'm off!" Murasa vanishes in a flash, leaving you calling after her.

"No! Damn it. Oh well. I hope she doesn't get herself hurt." Sighing, you drop down to search your half of this place. A quick sweep over the area gives you a couple places that might be of interest. A western style mansion, a huge gate floating in the sky near where you started, and a huge wood with several houses in it.

[ ] Mansion.
[ ] Gate.
[ ] Forest.
No. 113937
[x] Forest.
No. 113940
[x] Forest.

Slow night is slow.
No. 113942
[x] Forest.
No. 113944
[ø] Forest.
No. 113946
[ ] Forest.
No. 113951
Over the river and through the woods, to grandmother's house we go~
No. 113953
It's certainly the largest area, but covering it should be easy. You doubt they'd be hiding just in the woods in general, so there'd have to be a house, maybe multiple houses, that they might be hiding in. Though, keeping in mind that Murasa's friends were looking for something, they might also be out in the middle of nowhere. And the forest, quite honestly, is the largest 'nowhere' around it seems.

Sweeping down you follow a small trail that leads towards said wood. On the edge, nestled among mounds of junk is a small store. It's certainly something of note, but it doesn't really draw your attention. You'll come back to it later.

Bristle seems to be almost... pulling somewhere. As if it's familiar with the area or something. Relaxing your grip slightly, you let it lead the way. Trees whiz by below. Though it really doesn't seem like much, you can almost feel something emanating from this forest. As if the whole thing was alive, and in some way other than forests are normally 'alive'. The broom suddenly screeches to a halt, nearly throwing you. It seems to be torn about which way to go. From your vantage point you can see two houses, though they're in nearly opposite directions. The further of the two seems to be a strange two story affair, and the closer seems to be a single story, you're guessing on that last part, anyways, as you can only see a tiny bit of a chimney and some smoke issuing forth from it. Bristle is wavering back and forth between the two, so both must be frequent stops. Between the two places, there also seems to be someone preparing food nearby. The smell is quite strong where you're at, and could be coming from a nearby clearing.

[ ] Two is the one for me.
[ ] One flew over the coo coo's nest.
[ ] Clear the way!
No. 113954
Forgive the votes, I felt like being corney. If you wish, translations can be provided, though they should be relatively obvious.
No. 113955
[x] Clear the way!

Maybe it's one of the group.
No. 113956
[x] Alice
No. 113963
[ ] Clear the way!
No. 113966
[x] One flew over the coo coo's nest.
No. 113972
[x] Clear the way!
No. 113973
[x] Clear the way!
No. 113980
Out of the way! Clear a path! Move it! Move it! Go go go!
No. 113988
Your stomach rumbles loudly, clearly making the decision for you. Fighting a bit against bristle, you head down over to the clearing. The clearing seems to be mostly empty, with the only things of note being a rather large stump, and some sort of grilled eel stand. You touch down softly next to this stand and dismount the broom. While there's the lovely scent of something being grilled floating through the air, you don't see anyone manning the stand.

"Hello? Anyone out there?" You call.

A sing-song voice returns your inquiry. "Yes, yes, Just a minute." A purple haired girl of short stature stand up from behind the grill. "Can I help you?"

"Ah, sorry, didn't see you there. That smells wonderful," you point at the grill, "How much for some of that?"

"Oh, I'm sorry, it's not quite ready yet. It'll be almost 20 minutes before it will finish cooking. I've been having problems keeping a fire going under this. So if you'd like to wait, feel free to have a seat." She waves at one of the many stools lined up across the front of her stand.

Shrugging you take a seat, and she disappears behind the grill once more.

A few moments later, a green haired boy walks up wearing a cape, dress shirt, and some sort of poof-y pants, arms loaded down with wood. "Mystia, I got you some more wood for the fire."

"Oh~ Wriggle~ Thank you~" She comes out from behind the grill, taking the load from the boy's arms. "This should be enough for now. Have a seat. It shouldn't be too much longer at this point."

This boy, Wriggle, sits down next to you. He keeps casting sidelong glances at you. It really does seem quite odd.

[ ] Ignore it.
[ ] Can I help you?
[ ] There something on my Face?
[ ] Leave.
No. 113989
[x] Ignore it.
Myschi tiem.
No. 113990
[x] Can I help you?
No. 113993
[ ] Ignore it.
No. 113994
[x] There something on my Face?
No. 113995
[x] Ignore it.
No. 113997
[x] Delicious antenna, you must eat it.
No. 113998
[X] Delicious antenna, you must eat it.

No. 113999
[x] There something on my Face?
No. 114001
[x] Can I help you?
No. 114002
[x] There something on my Face?
No. 114006
Eh, this boy's just strange is all. Pay it no never mind. "So, how's the food coming?"

"Much better now that I got enough wood!" Mystia stands up, wiping sweat from her brow. "Should only be a minute or two more. You want one or two?"

"I'll take two please."

"One for me Mystia." Wriggle leans across the counter and whispers something to Mystia while pointing at you.

"You think? I really doubt it." She leans back from the boy, tending to the grilled eel again. "You might try asking Cirno or Rumia if you're really that concerned about it.

"Mn. Alright. Hey, can you give me that to go? I'm going to go find them an' ask them then." The boy hops down from the stool.

The eel is expertly slipped off the grill and into a small wrapping of newspaper. "There you go. Thanks again for the wood."

The boy waved as he flew away.

Mystia just shook her head and slipped off your two pieces of eel into another newspaper. "That'll be 100 yen."

A quick rummaging through your pocket reveals a myriad of coins. Not all of them native to this place, as far as you can tell. It takes a moment, but you finally find two fifty yen coins. "Here you go. Say, what was all that with that green haired boy?"

"Green haired boy...? Oh! Wriggle! Hah, she's not a boy. Even though she don't look it, she's very much a girl." Mystia laughs again, "Anyhoo, she thought that you looked familiar or something. Like she remembered you from a long time ago or something. Seems she got the hots for you." A wink, an arm nudging motion, and a chuckle accompany that.

"Hm.. Odd." you take a bite of the eel. "Wow! this is really good!"

"Should be. Ol' family recipe." She smiles proudly.

The eel is quite quickly finished. You thank Mystia for the food, removing yourself from the stool, ready to start your search again. That bit about wriggle still bothers you somewhat.

[ ] To the sky!
[ ] Chase off after Wriggle.
[ ] Maybe to that Junk place from earlier?
[ ] That two story house seems most likely.
[ ] Tiny house in the large woods.
No. 114007
[ø] Tiny house in the large woods.
No. 114008
[x] Maybe to that Junk place from earlier?

We might find Nazarin here.
No. 114011
[x] Maybe to that Junk place from earlier?

The Amazing Disappearing Letty Show

>"Anyhoo, she thought that you looked familiar or something. Like she remembered you from a long time ago or something. Seems she got the hots for you."

Wriggle... ;_;
No. 114012
[x] Tiny house in the large woods.

Why not?
No. 114018
[X] Chase off after Wriggle.

No. 114021
[x] That two story house seems most likely.
No. 114026
[x] Chase off after Wriggle.

New goal: antenna chewing.
No. 114027
[X] Chase off after Wriggle.
No. 114028
Alas you're leaving Parsee and Kogasa behind just to chase off after another girl?
No. 114030
[Q] That two story house seems most likely.

Aim for Parsee!
No. 114037
[x] Tiny house in the large woods.
No. 114038
Too bad she's not a chessire cat. You could chase down the smile.
No. 114042
Yeah, you need to chase off after that girl. Before you do, you remember why you were in the area in the first place. “Hey,” you call back to the proprietor of the eel stand, “Have you seeen...” you rattle off the descriptions of Murasa’s friends, the two girls you’re looking for, Parsee, and Kogasa.

“Mn The black white lives around here, but I haven’t seen her lately. I haven’t seen any of the others you were talking ‘bout though. Well, maybe that mouse girl, but not close. She flew over a few days ago.”

“Mn. Alright. Thanks!” You kick off the ground and head off in the direction that green haired girl vanished.

A few minutes of flying reveal nothing. Either this girl is really fast, or the trail has gone cold quickly. Or not. Just ahead you can see her flying along just above the treetops. Well, you think it's her, you can't really tell at this distance. Urging Bristle on, you move to catch up with her.

Turns out, she's much faster than you thought, or she knows you're tracking her. Either way, she stays out of your range, and changes directions semi-frequently. This continues for about 20 minutes before you come out over a large lake, covered in mist. With out a second thought she vanishes into the mist, leaving you floating on the edge. You could follow her in, but there's no way you could easily discern where she's at. If she wanted to ambush you, this would be the perfect place to do it too.

[ ] Give up the chase.
[ ] Press on.
[ ] Wait.
No. 114043
[x] Give up the chase.

No. 114045
[x] Give up the chase.

Don't look at me, I voted for checking out the tiny house.
No. 114046
[x] Wait.
No. 114047
[X] Call out for Wriggle.
No. 114048
Oh ho, Clever one, aincha? Next update gets something special for this~ <3
No. 114049
[x] Give up the chase.

Hey, we have more important things to do than just chasing after thing that might not even be related to our etc.
No. 114051
[X] Call out for Wriggle.

Why not?
No. 114052
File 126794448331.png - (270.86KB , 700x700 , Crouching Guard.png ) [iqdb]
No. 114054
Yeah but tell that to the wriggle fags.

Next thing we know, it'll be snowing!

DAMN IT SCORN! If you bothered updating FLA this wouldn't be happening!
No. 114055
[X] Call out for Wriggle.
No. 114056
[x] Give up the chase.
No. 114058

Hey now, there is a perfectly logical, valid reason for seeking out Wriggle, even if it is basically tapping into meta-knowledge a bit.

Namely, information. Wriggle can talk to bugs. Bugs are pretty much EVERYWHERE. And, unless every single person we're looking for has been dousing themselves in bug repellent, odds are some of these bugs have seen them.

See where I'm going with this?
Wriggle should, theoretically, be able to have eyes and ears all across Gensokyo. Even if she's not directly aware of the whereabouts of anyone we're seeking, she could be quite helpful in tracking them down.
No. 114059
Yes but this reeks of trying to catch Tewi in DoLF, a futile pathetic waste of time. And I think you're the only one thinking like that while the other folks are only thinking "Wriggle~" while somehow forgetting about everything else.
No. 114060
[X] Call out for Wriggle.
No. 114061

I think you're taking a lighthearted, not particularly serious story far too seriously. Lighten up a little.
No. 114062
Exactly what I was going to say, but with far fewer words.

We were told from the very beginning to "have fun and go nuts", and by golly, that's EXACTLY what PFC Bitch-Tits is going to do!
No. 114063
I don't think even Kira wants us to forget the tasks we're currently out to do. But I get the feeling if Reisen was kidnapped that attitudes would be different.
No. 114064
[X] Call out for Wriggle.
No. 114065

If she's imprisoned on the moon in this story too, she will be saved.
No. 114067
[x] Give up the chase.
No. 114068
[X] Call out for Wriggle.
No. 114080
Time for a wriggle surprise!
No. 114081
Well, you're not going to go in after her, waiting would be a waste of time, you don't even know if she'd come back out the way she came in, and this is bugging you enough that you're not going to let it go. That really only leaves you with one option.

"Hey! Uh... Wriggle! Come on out! I just want to talk to you!" Your voice echoes out across the lake and the surrounding woods. However, it seems that nothing's going to happen. Either that or she couldn't hear you, or any one of a number of other things. You wait a few minutes, and try calling a few more times, but nothing happens.

'Oh well', you think to yourself. Just as you nudge Bristle to turn and lead you off, three shapes shoot out of the mist and surround you. Your eyes dart about quickly. The one to your right has a couple of leaves tied around her head, concealing her face and hair. Her icy blue eyes glare out at you from under this mask. To your left, a cloth was wrapped around this one's head, with a shock of green hair sprouting out one side. And directly in front of you, was wearing a helmet of ice, complete with some sort of reflective ice sunglasses, arms crossed, a smirk on what you can see of their face.

"Oh? And who might you be, looking for Comrade Wriggle?" Helmet questions you.

"YEA!" Leaf head.

"I-indeed..." Cloth head.

You stroke your chin in thought, cautious of these three. They have you surrounded and at a disadvantage. "Well, if you must know, I'm-"

A strong wind suddenly blows, swallowing your name.

"Oh ho. So. Why do you seek this 'Wriggle'?"

"Something about her bugs me. She seems... vaguely familiar somehow. Like, maybe I saw her in a dream, long ago, or something..."

Silence passes between the four of you.


"Psst... Wriggle..." Leaf head again, trying to whisper, "What do we do now?"

"I told you not to call me that!" She hissed back, trying to keep her voice down, "When I have the helmet on, I'm 'The Nightbug' remember?"

"OH RIGHT!" Leaf head yells.

"So, um.. yeah... If you haven't seen her about, I'll just be going now then..." You urge Bristle forward, only to be stopped by 'The Nightbug' again.

"Not so fast! Where do you think you're going?!"

"I'm sorry to have bothered you, oh great 'The Nightbug', but I really need to get back to looking for my friends." You go to leave again only to have The Nightbug block your path.


Before she can ask, you describe them.

"Ah! I saw the mouse girl the other day, searching around the lake. I think she was heading towards the junk house." Cloth wrap ventures.

"I think I saw that place earlier. Thanks."

This time when you go to leave, The Nightbug doesn't stop you. She and the other two just float along behind. You wonder if they're following you.

As if they read your mind, The Nightbug calls out. "We're heading there too."
No. 114087
It isn't too hard to find the shop again. As you land, you see your little entourage land behind the building. You really hope that they're not going to cause trouble while you're inside.

A bell chimes as you enter the store. The inside of the store is almost as bad as the outside, with junk piled everywhere, straight up to the ceiling. Absently you wonder if the junk might not be holding up the ceiling.

"Ah! I'll be with you in just a moment. I'm cleaning up a little. It was such a mess in here today."

This is clean? Wow. You'd really hate to see this place when it's dirty. There really does seem to be a little bit of everything in this store. You see computer components, clothes, and is that... a shot gun umbrella? Edging carefully around the umbrella rack with that particular object in it, you almost run into a silver haired gentleman.

"I'm terribly sorry. There's been several fairies sneaking around in my shop and playing pranks today. Also had some tiny little mouse youkai try and steal from my shop again."

"Mouse youkai? Did you happen to catch their name?"

"I believe it was... ah... Naz... something. Nazrin, maybe?"

Ding. Jackpot. "Would you happen to know where she went?"

"Can't say that I do."

"Could you maybe show me what she was trying to steal?"

"Hm? Interested in buying?"

"Maybe, I'm just curious as to what a youkai might try and steal."

The gentleman laughs. "Oh, the younger ones get taken in by just about anything, especially bird youkai. They love shiny things. Though, this is the first time I've ever seen a Mouse youkai interested in anything other than food. By the way, the name's Rinnosuke."

You shake his hand and introduce yourself.

"This is what she'd have been trying to steal." Rinnosuke places a small... lantern looking thing on the counter. It seems to glow with a soft light.

"Interesting. How much are you looking to get for it?"

"Ah... 120,000 yen."

You balk at the figure. "That's... quite a bit."

"It's quite a rare find. Plus, it seems, quite a popular item."

You dig around in your bag looking for more yen. It seems that you only have 1,000 yen on hand. "Well, mayhap we can work out some sort of trade..."

"Oh? Let me see what you have."

You dump the sack out on the table.

"Oh? What's this?" He picks up the laptop. "This is one of those shikigami from the outside! And it's so small! This is amazing!"

"So how about it, the 'shikigami' for the lantern?"

"How can I possibly say no?! This is amazing... but how does it work? Maybe those books I got from Reimu..."

The man seems engrossed by his new toy. You carefully slip the lantern into the bag. As you're getting ready to leave, you see 'The Nightbug' and cohorts sneaking up behind Rinnosuke.

[ ] Warn him.
[ ] Don't warn him.
No. 114088
[x] Warn him.
No. 114089
[X] Don't warn him.

Opportunity to get our laptop back.
No. 114090
[x] Don't warn him.

He should really know better than to lower his guard. And we can use "we were too busy checking out that object"
No. 114091
[x] Don't warn him.

Wonder if he already knows.
No. 114093
[x] Don't warn him.
No. 114103
[X] Don't warn him.

Call for Wriggle, Recieve ⑨ Squad Ninjas?
Kira? I love you, man.
No. 114108
[x] Don't warn him.
No. 114113
Went WAY better than expected.
No. 114131
[X] Don't warn him.
No. 114157
[x] Don't warn him.

Warn what? I didn't see anything.
No. 114179
Not warning for the win. Also, going to be attempting multi thread updates, so there may be some misfires. I'll try to clean up as quickly as I can.
No. 114192
Eh, he's on his own. Not really your problem. Turning to leave you hear the trio jump on him.


The laptop you had just traded flew through the air. Sighing, you jump to catch it. It'd be bad form to have traded something only to have it get busted because other people were screwing around.

"I've told you before! Don't jump on me from behind like this. I don't care if you're ninja or not!"

Leaf head, from her position on Rinnosuke's chest shouts, "BUT IT'S FUN!"

The man sighs, "Do you at least have anything for me today then?"

"Yeah! We found some more of those Bat-or-sees you keep telling us to bring in! Sho'em Dai!"

"Alright..." She digs in her pockets pulling out several batteries of differing size.

Rinnosuke inspects them closely. "Yes. Yes, this is quite good. Here you all go." He gives them each several pieces of candy.

"YAY!" The trio run out past you, sucking on their newly acquired gains.

"You might want this back." You hand the laptop back to Rinnosuke. "Be careful with it. 'Shikigami' from the outside are actually rather fragile. If it had hit the ground it would have broken."

"You're kidding! How can outsiders get anything done with such frail Shikigami?"

"Information is power. These shikigami deal exclusively in information."

"Interesting... It seems I have much to learn. Thank you for your assistance." He takes the laptop back from you.

"I should be on my way. Oh, if that mouse youkai comes back in, tell her that 'Murasa has the lantern'. She'll know what it means."

"Will do."

Well, that's one down, but you're still no closer to finding Parsee or Kogasa... Mystia said that the black white lives somewhere in these woods, so it might be prudent to try and find her house. As you extricate yourself from the mounds of junk that surround the door into Kourindou, you spy the three little ninjas, though, now they're devoid of their masks.


You wave to the three of them before mounting Bristle once again and kicking off. Turning it back towards the woods again, you fly over it again, hoping to maybe find a clue.

<System Message: End Chapter 5, continue to chapter 6?>

[ ] Y
[ ] N
[ ] DVD Menu
[ ] Skip to chapter 7
No. 114193
No. 114194
[X] Y
No. 114197
[X] Y
No. 114202
[x] Y
No. 114204
[x] Do it!
No. 114206
[x] si
No. 114207
[Y] Y
No. 114212
[Q] Affirmative action
No. 114215
[x] Skip to chapter 8
I wonder
Throw the Writefag out of concept.
No. 114233
[X] Y

What happened to the character commentary?
No. 114234

It was an experiment. It failed. It stopped.
No. 114247
Failed hard man. Next chapter comin up. Unless you guys wanna skip to chapter 8.
No. 114250
File 126818179376.jpg - (30.64KB , 400x320 , impossible-house.jpg ) [iqdb]
You find yourself in front of a bizarre, two storied structure. You say structure, because this cannot possibly be a house. Not one that anyone could live in. It's like some sort of bizarre abortion of architecture. And yet, somehow, it stands. Proudly thrusting it's very existence up as an affront to reality. When you looked inside the windows, there was far more space inside than could have been contained by this shack, the second floor juts out, almost entirely unsupported, and you're not even sure how stairs would reach said second floor. When you walk around back of it, the whole thing appears to be upside down. Whoever lives here defies the laws of nature, reality, and existence on a frequent basis, and doesn't seem to much care.

Back to the front of the house again. You vaguely consider knocking on the door again, but disregard it on the basis that if it didn't work the first couple of times, it's not going to work now. The next logical step is to just try the door. Unsurprisingly, it's locked. Fairly obvious now that nobody's home. It might be prudent to check out elsewhere in the forest. Or find some way to break in, since you're fairly certain that this is the black white's house.

[ ] Examine House
[ ] Break in
[ ] Back to the Woods
[ ] Leave the Woods
[ ] Go back and meet up with Murasa
No. 114251
[X] Break in
No. 114253
[x] Examine House
No. 114254
[x] Examine House

Weird place, not sure if this is even Alice's house and if it's Marisa's, I'd have to be impressed with how she built it.
No. 114255
[x] Breaxamine House
No. 114258
[X] Breaxamine House

> Whoever lives here defies the laws of nature, reality, and existence on a frequent basis, and doesn't seem to much care.

I think we found C'thuhlu's biannual summer home.
No. 114261
That or Yukari's.
No. 114262
[Q] Break in

Only one choice her, yep.
No. 114263
[x] Breaxamine House
No. 114264
Breaxamine House

Well. Whatever this means, It uh... won I guess? Update coming uh... soonish? Maybe?
No. 114265

I think it means examine the house and break in.
No. 114266
I think it means break in while examining the house.
Or examine it by breaking it, whatever works.
No. 114271
You guys brought this on yourself.
No. 114274
[x] Dowest.
No. 114275
Well. You're not sure what to do with this. It's all rather confusing. As you stand there pondering how in the fuck you're supposed to do this, something happens. You're not quite sure what as it's odd and involves breaking and examining things. How these two are combined you're not sure but you think you'll call it brexamining it. Yeah. That sounds good.

So hey! You're in the house now. There's piles of junk everywhere, much like Kourindou. However, this place is far messier. It also looks like Lovecraft and Escher went on a drunken raid through architecture, and this is the puked up results left on the floor. There's a pot over a fire, which is on the ceiling. Stairs EVERYWHERE, and you're not quite sure where any of this leads. The door you think that you came in from seems to be missing, and Bristle seems to have been left behind outside. Looking out through a window, it seems the sky is now purple, and raining flaming marshmallows. That's a new one. You'd try to open the window but it seems to be sealed fast. Nothing left to do but explore.

[ ] Dowest.
[ ] Noright.
[ ] Uperpendicular.
[ ] Sideast.
[ ] Examine the whole thing closer.
No. 114276
[x] Uperpendicular.

I like this.

I wonder if all of Marisa's shrooms finally got into the landscape itself or something.
No. 114279
[x] Uperpendicular.

I hope we're finding something. I want my Parsee back.
No. 114283
[x] Breaxamine the whole thing closer.
[x] Uperpendicular.
No. 114284
[x] Uperpendicular.
No. 114287
You shuffle along in an uperpendicular motion. It has taken you some where you were not, but previously are ascended to. windowing in the thing will outside green sky. kettle, nearby burning on fire, you see up in outside. smoke leaves. Around are many things, of which many there are of objects strange. whole in place seems up in the hard to work with the think. upwards towards the side moves over to think in fall.

You are now on a bed. How you arrived in this location is a bizarre and utter mystery to you. The door to the room is closed, and it seems otherwise normal. A black hat hangs on the door. A slight rapping on the door catches your attention.

[ ] Answer.
[ ] Ignore.
No. 114288
[x] Answer.
No. 114289
[X] Ignore.
No. 114290
[X] Burst through the wall/door like the Kool-Aid Man OH YEAH!!!
No. 114291
[X] Answer.
-[X] In an alluring bedroom voice.

We are in bed.

New tactics required for recovery of girls.

Initiating seduction program.
No. 114292
[X] Closet
No. 114293
[x] Answer.
No. 114294
Out of the bed, you float across the floor to the door. Opening it you see the black white.

"You feeling better now?" She looks slightly worried.

You nod your assent.

A sigh of relief escapes her lips, "That's good. Now hurry up. We're dumping this in about five minutes, so everyone needs to be upstairs then." She smiles before vanishing as if she was smoke blown away by a fan. You float out into the hallway, the door closing behind you. The hallway seems to stream off into infinity in both directions, twisting and contorting as it does.

Off into the distance you follow the hallway, not seeming to really go anywhere.

[ ] Keep going.
[ ] Open a door.
No. 114295
[x] Open a door.
No. 114296
File 126820482361.gif - (71.90KB , 365x360 , dontyouforgetaboutme.gif ) [iqdb]
[X] Open a door.

I think we're long over-due for a reunion with a long-forgotten friend.
No. 114298
[x] Open a door.
No. 114299
This is getting you nowhere. A nearby door swings open under your direction. You glide into the dark room. It's pitch black inside. Just as you turn to leave, the door slams shut behind you. Now lost within this room of darkness, you start to worry. Panic almost. It seems just a touch too familiar for your liking. You hear the sound of a spotlight turning on and whirl to face it. IN the small pool of light cast you see a chair. There's... there's something... There on the normal sized chair, sits a single lone banana. Just lying there on the seat. Not moving, with out any indication of how it got there.

You turn to go, only to be stopped by someone calling out to you. The banana is now sitting on the edge of the chair, smoking. It blows a ring into the air.


You blink a few times. The voice doesn't sound familiar, even though you feel like the banana before you should.

"Hold him still!" it shouts, flicking the cigarette away. Jumping up, it begins to wave it's hands over it's head.

"Alright! Do it!"

A strong chill covers your entire body. Your eyes fly open, revealing four faces crowded around your head. Three were the group from the lake and Kourindou, the fourth was grey haired with mouse ea...

"Oh hay... ish naaashrish.." You slur, everything feels funny. tingly even.

"He is alive. Thank goodness. Who would have thought he'd be stupid enough to go around the black white's house when she's making her stupid mushroom blocks?" The green haired boy/girl.

Nazrin shook her head. "I wouldn't have known that either... Well, at least you were able to revive him. That much is good. Now maybe he can tell me why he was looking for me."

Bristle comes flying up lazily. You catch it in your hand and start to be pulled away when the trio grab you and push you back to the ground. Neither you nor the broom fight the gentle pushing. Everything just feels too good right now. Man, you're kinda hungry now too.

[ ] Om Nom Nom
[ ] You hash a preshy fashe.
[ ] What's that, Mr. Banana? Kill them all? Ok.
No. 114300
[X] You hash a preshy fashe.
No. 114301
[x] Om Nom Nom
No. 114303
[ ] You hash a preshy fashe.
No. 114304
[ ] Om Nom Nom
No. 114305
[x] Om Nom Nom
No. 114306
[x] you hash a - Om Nom Nom - fashe

Because i wanna see him try to eat someones face.
No. 114307
[X] You hash a preshy fashe.
No. 114308
[Q] You hash a preshy fashe.

So it wasn't actually an abomination of geometry? Awww.
No. 114309
>What's that, Mr. Banana? Kill them all? Ok.
FFFFFFFFF god damn you.

[x] What's that, Mr. Banana? Kill them all? Ok.
No. 114310
[x] What was that, Mr. Banana? Kill them all? Good idea! Hahaha...
No. 114311
[X] You hash a preshy fashe.

No. 114312
[X] Om Nom Nom
No. 114313
What, you thought you found Yukari's summer cottage with Cthulhu?

No. 114314
Everyone is arguing now. Something about the best way to get 'him' back down. you don't know who this 'him' is but you has broom of flying-ness! You'll get them down. Once again, you and bristle float into the air, this time, however, you're wrapped quite a bit more tightly around it. Woo~ Flying feels good! You giggle drawing the attention of all four of the girls on the ground. Oh, look, they're getting smaller. You're hungry. Urging bristle on you head back to that eel place. You want mo- Oh look at the trees. So pretty.

You fly along, up, down, sideways, backwards, all the while the quartet seems out to find you or catch up to you. Several times you drop back down into the trees only to pop out of them elsewhere. This is FUN! Oh look, it's birdie birdie eel lady-thing. "HI BIRDIE BIRDIE EEL LADY-THING." You all but crash into the ground, rolling up to the stand. "Ish om nom nom nom tieeem"

She looks at you and sighs. "One 'shroom special coming up."

Just sitting there, grinning like an idiot, Bristle helps you awkwardly up onto a stool. It's rather quite difficyult to look at one thing as your head and eyes keep wobbling around randomly. Oh look, you can see time. It's pretty and pink and floating by like a bald headed turtle thing in a stream. Wooooooooo~

A glass is slammed down on the table in front of you. It's as pretty as all the new colours you can see now.

"Drink this." Birdie birdy lady-thing tells you.

It looks tas- OH GOD WHAT THE HELL IS THIS SHIT. You gag as you swallow it, horrifically bitter, Looking down, it seems to have lost some of its colour. Another drink provokes the same response, and a lessening of the colours. Everything doesn't feel nearly as fuzzy now. Your head is also starting to throb.

"Ugh... what was that crap?"

"Got a Little bit o' this and that. It helps the ah... 'after effects' of the black white's 'shrooms. They be rather... nasty." She sighs resting her hands on her hips. "If I known she be makin' her 'shrooms Ida tell you to stay away from her place. Its nasty. But thanks for letting me know. I be telling others."

You finish the concoction and thank her for it. "How much do I owe you?"
"Eh, It's nothing really. Free service for customer." She nods. "Don't you pay it no never mind, k?"

A sincere smile. "Thank you kindly."

The quartet that had been chasing you lands behind you. "There you are!" Nazrin runs up to you. "Made your way here on your own, eh? Did she give you the special drink already?"

"Yes she did," You rub your temples slightly, trying to get this headache to pass, "And as to why I was looking for you Mura..."

A strong wind kicks up as you're trying to talk to Nazrin. Everyone braces against it, as a giant ship comes into view. Standing on the prow is the black white herself.


Danmaku rounds start pouring out of the ship into the forest. The small explosions that they cause are sending leaves everywhere. The trio from earlier have disappeared, and Mystia seems to have boarded up her shop. You grab Nazrin as Bristle swoops up, holding her tightly as the three of you bob and weave between the large shots.

"HEY! YOU'RE THAT GUY FROM EARLIER! GIVE ME BACK MY BROOM!" the witch shakes her fist at you.

Well, shit. Time to get out of he- Gah! Bristle jerks back towards Marisa. "No no, not now, c'mon Bristle."

It hesitates a moment before acquiescing. The two of you shoot off away from the ship, which has stopped firing danmaku rounds into the woods.

[ ] Get away as fast as you can.
[ ] Hide somewhere.
[ ] Go higher than she can.
[ ] Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.
No. 114316
[x] Go higher than she can.
No. 114317
[Q] Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.

Because when in doubt, invoking the elder gods always works.
No. 114318
[x] Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.

Marisa stole Murasa's ship!
No. 114319
[x] Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.

If this doesn't work, nothing will work.
No. 114320
There's a chance, and it's crazy as all hell, but you're going to try it anyway. "How long can you hold your breath?" You call to Nazrin, who's sitting on your lap, face pressed tightly into your chest.

"A... while? Why?"

"I have a plan. Hold on." Whipping Bristle around, you head back towards the ship. The black white witch looks surprised at your course of action and opens fire again. You dodge around the danmaku shots and dive beneath the ship, before shooting out past the front.

Marisa stands on the bow of the ship, shouting orders, and trying to bring you back into range of the cannons. You manage to stay in front of her with help from Bristle, and occasional glances over your shoulders.

"Hold your breath now!" You take a deep breath just before you come into range of Marisa's house. Here's hoping that she's affected by her own mushrooms, which is why she would vacate her house. You zip across the large clearing as quickly as you can. Behind you, the ship slows and eventually comes to a stop directly above the house. Which still looks like an abomination of architecture. Huh. Guess it wasn't just your drug addled mind creating that. Marisa, however is now dancing or writhing on the deck in a very strange fashion. She seems to be chanting something. Something about Cthulhu and fog hatting?

"Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn"

Oh. Oh crap. This can't be good at all. time to leave. And leave at the highest speed you can possibly muster. While the wind is whipping past you, causing your eyes to tear up, Nazrin pats you on the chest. She looks up at you with a 'can I breath now?' look on her face.

"Ah! Sorry!" Your words are mostly lost to the wind. Realizing this, you nod . You feel her exhale against your chest. Slowing the broom's madcap dash, you realize you're quite some distance away now. The great ship is but a mere speck on the horizon at this point, if that's even the ship. You really can't quite tell at this distance. However, you are now half way up a mountain it seems. Nazrin pulls back from your chest.

"So, uh... where are we?" She looks around, seeming to be just as lost as you are.

"I'm not exactly sure. I haven't been in this place very long. Hum. What next?"

"We should probably go find Minamitsu and tell her what happened to the ship." Nazrin doesn't seem to be looking forward to that though.

[ ] Find out where you are.
[ ] Go find Murasa.
[ ] UP.
[ ] Land.
No. 114321
[Q] Find out where you are.
No. 114322
[x] Find out where you are.
No. 114323
[x] Find out where you are.
No. 114324
[x] UP.
Who cares where we are
No. 114330
>"I'm not exactly sure. I haven't been in this place very long. Hum. What next?"

Yeah! It's him!

[x] UP.
No. 114333
[x] UP.


(This works for Tenshi as well as moonies.)
No. 114353
[x] UP.
No. 114354
[x] UP.
No. 114363
So, majority vote(UP) or first to three (Find out where you are)?
No. 114364
Majority vote, naturally.
No. 114365
"We need to go higher." You pull Bristle upwards. "It'll help us get our bearings, I hope."

"If you say so, I guess?"

The two of you head up, it seems that there is a shrine on the mountain. And still you head up, up, up, and you see...

[ ] A huge gate, floating in midair.
[ ] Several people, gathered on the nearby clouds.
[ ] A giant flying ship.
[ ] A dark blur, streaking towards you.
No. 114368
[x] A dark blur, streaking towards you.

Rumia? I don't think she'll be too dangerous, we have Nazarin backing us up and we can always mention knowing Cirno and Co.

What method of voting? Since we all should know before it turns out folks voted for nothing.
No. 114371
[X] A dark blur, streaking towards you.

Surely this is nothing to worry about!
No. 114375
[X] A dark blur, streaking towards you.
No. 114377
A dark blur is streaking towards you, extremely fast to boot. You don't even have a moment to get out of the way as it collides with you and Nazrin, sending the pair of you flying. Somehow you manage to continue holding on to Bristle.

The thing that hits you cries out as it spirals around the air a bit, "Ayayayayayayayayayaya!"

Quite an odd thing for something to shout as it's hurtling towards the ground. It quickly recovers, however, and flies back up to you. "Hey! What's the big idea?! Getting in my way like that is a good way to get yourself killed, you understand me?"

Nazrin floats up and helps you back onto the broom.

"And isn't that Marisa's broom? What are you doing with it, did the little thief finally get something stolen from her for a change? How'd you do it? C'mon give me the scoop!" She pulls out a camera and takes your picture.

You know for a fact that you blinked, and that you had an extremely bewildered look on your face.

"Name's Shameimaru Aya. Reporter extraordinaire, literally nothing happens in Gensokyo with out me knowing about it. Or finding out about it. So spill. What kind of sexual favors did you have to perform on her to get her broom? Did she use you in some bizarre, arcane ritual where she shoves papayas up your ass? Tell me!"


"M-maybe we should go..." Nazrin tries her best to stay hidden behind you.

[ ] Give Aya the 'scoop'.
[ ] Make up something completely unbelievable.
[ ] Flee.
[ ] Show her your camera, but only if she'll show you hers.
No. 114378
[x] Show her your camera, but only if she'll show you hers.

As tempting as it is to give her "the scoop", I'll be damned if we don't get some use out of that goddamn camera.
No. 114379
[x] Give Aya the 'scoop'.
-[x] Ask her about the other comrades of Nazrin and Murasa's.

We give a little, we take a little.
No. 114380
[X] "You want the scoop on the sexual favors I exchanged for Bristle, here? Find us a private little place some time, and I'd be happy to demonstrate."

No. 114382
[x] Show her your camera, but only if she'll show you hers.
No. 114383
We haven't forgotten about

-Saving Parsee, Kogasa and Satori from Reimu
-Finding Murasa's comrades, of which only Shou and Ichirin are left.
--Getting Murasa's ship back.

No. 114384
[x] Show her your camera, but only if she'll show you hers.

P-please don't stare.
No. 114386

We need something to barter with. Like Marisa's corpse.
No. 114387
>We need something to barter with. Like Marisa's chastity.

Fixed that for you.
No. 114389
[x] Give Aya the 'scoop'.
No. 114396
[x] Show her your camera, but only if she'll show you hers.
No. 114397
[x] Show her your camera, but only if she'll show you hers.
No. 114401
[Q] Make up something completely unbelievable.
No. 114406
[X] Give Aya the 'scoop'.
-[X] Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn

We have a potential Eldritch Abomination on our hands here. We should tell Aya that Marisa summoned it.