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113050 No. 113050
Welcome to M?i?G? Or, alternatively, Kira entertains THP for as long as he's conscious. first to 3 votes wins, and no more than 15 minutes will be spent writing after a vote is called. There may be a plot, there may not be a plot. So just have fun and go nuts.

You jerk awake. What strange dreams you've been having lately. Some strange land full of monsters and people and... Where's your room?

You look around. All around you is an expanse of black, a thin layer of haze floating around the foot of your bed. At irregular intervals around your bed are strange openings, dozens of eyes within gazing out at you.

A wooden girl with rabbit ears growing from a shock of black hair drops in from above. It hangs there limply, suspended by almost invisible strings. You stare at it for a few moments. It doesn't seem to be moving.

[ ] Investigate doll.
[ ] Investigate openings.
[ ] Go back to sleep.

No. 113051
[x] Investigate doll.

Oh, this is going to be fun.
No. 113052
[x] Investigate openings.

What's the chance of snow?
No. 113053
WEatherman says there's a 25% chance of snow showers, with occasional blizzards. This weekend's outlook is rain.
No. 113054
[x] Investigate doll.
No. 113055
[x] Investigate doll.

Fuck ye-
>Kira entertains THP for as long as he's conscious

...Aw. I'm assuming this is a tonight only thing, then? Still nice, either way.
No. 113056
As many days as I stick with this. So 1000 posts or the end of the story whichever comes first.

Also, doll wins. writing.
No. 113059
You lean off the side of your bed, tentatively testing the floor with a foot. It seems solid enough. Certain enough, you walk over to the doll, the mist swirling around as you do so. Prodding it does nothing. You hit it a bit harder causing it to swing on the strings, but otherwise no response from the doll. Oh well.

Turning around you start to head back to your bed. Just as you reach it, someone behind you starts laughing. Turning around quickly, you see the doll pulled into an upright position. It's wooden mouth is jerking up and down haltingly.

"Kukuku... Do you... want to play... a game?"

[ ] Yes.

[ ] No.

[ ] Panic.

[ ] You've already lost.
No. 113060
[x] You've already lost.

I can't help myself.
No. 113061
[x] Yes.
No. 113062
[x] You've already lost.
holy jesus fucking christ on a stick.
No. 113063
[x] You've already lost.
No. 113065
Losing won. Or lost? I'm not quite sure how to phrase that.
No. 113067
"I would, you see, but you've already lost the game."

The doll hangs there, staring at you for a moment. You feel that if its face could show expressions, that it would be a look of disbelief.

"What? I don't even..." it jerks around wildly for a moment. "Oh. I see... what you did... there. Ha. Ha. Ha. Fine then. Have it... your way." The doll flies up into the air before disappearing through one of the gaps.

The gaps around you close, only to be replaced by 6 new ones. They float there, side by side, with no indication as to which may be which. . The doll pops out of a one a minute later. "But, you see... It is you... who has already lost." With that, it's gone again, leaving you alone with the gaps. Your bed is now mysteriously missing, and you seem to be dressed in your normal street clothes. When did that happen, you idly wonder.

[ ] Follow the White Rabbit
[ ] Enter a gap. (specify a number)
[ ] Guess her weight, win a prize.
[ ] Go back to bed.
No. 113068
[x] Guess her weight, win a prize.
No. 113069
[x] Follow the White Rabbit
No. 113071
[x] Enter a gap. (2)
I am feeling lucky today. Show me what's behind number 2.
No. 113072
[x] Go back to bed.
No. 113074
[x] Go back to bed.
No. 113075
[X] Enter a gap. (2)
No. 113077
[x] Enter a gap. (2)

I'm usually a 3 man myself, fuck it, let's go.
No. 113078
[X] Go back to bed.
No. 113079
Gapping now, please wait warmly.
No. 113082
Ah fuck this shit. You're not going to follow the stupid rabbit girl, you're not about to investigate the gaps, and you're not going to try and find your bed. So, with this brazen sense of disregard for your general safety, you pick a gap and jump through it.

Jumping may have been a mistake, as you find yourself in midair. You fall a few feet before you splash into the middle of a river. It's a fight to regain the surface of the fast moving river. Breaking through you inhale deeply, looking about the darkened woods. Far above, the nearly full moon illuminates your surroundings. Your surroundings that are moving past at a rather brisk pace. Try as you might, the current is stronger than you can swim against. It quickly whisks you away, bouncing you merrily off of rocks, tree trunks, and whatever else happens to be along the way. As is inevitable for this type of thing, you hear a roaring noise. A quick glance is all you need to identify the waterfall you're currently being rushed towards. Oh the cliché of it all.

Unable to do anything about it, you fly off the edge and into a terrifying freefall.

[ ] Call out for Tewi.
[ ] I believe I can fly.
[ ] Will our intrepid hero be dashed to bits on the jagged rocks below?
[ ] Go back to bed.
No. 113083
>[ ] Call out for Tewi.

Oh, you.

[x] I believe I can fly.
No. 113084
[x] Call out for Tewi.
No. 113085
[ø] I believe I can fly.
No. 113086
[x] Will our intrepid hero be dashed to bits on the jagged rocks below?
God damn you.
No. 113087
[x] Go back to bed.

No. 113088
[X] Call out for Tewi.

Ha ha! Good show old chap.
No. 113090
No. 113091
[X] Go back to bed.
No. 113094
[X] Go back to bed.
No. 113096
Nap time!
No. 113097
Well! This is quite enough of that, thank-you-very-much! You'll not put up with being tossed around in a river, thrown off the edge of a waterfall, and being made to fall down, no sir! You're not going to take this standing up! You'll take it lying down, please.

You sit upright, back in the same black expanse you started this whole strangeness in. Your bed is still conspicuously absent and your clothes are damp. Other than that, this whole mess seems to have been an extended dream. Well, except for the five portals before you.

Wait, weren't there six before? Oh well. The mist about the floor seems somewhat thicker as well now.

[ ] Let's do the time warp again!
[ ] Get the Gap out of here! (pick a number)
[ ] Mayhap some investigation is necessary
No. 113100
[x] Get the Gap out of here! (4)
No. 113102
[x] Mayhap some investigation is necessary
No. 113103
[x] Get the Gap out of here! (4)
No. 113106
[x] Get the Gap out of here! (2)
No. 113107
[x] Get the Gap out of here! (4)
No. 113108
Girls are Gapping now. Please wait warmly.
No. 113109
File 126724547195.jpg - (319.76KB , 800x600 , CAVED.jpg ) [iqdb]
Reckless abandon round two! Or four as the case may be. You spring into action and through the fourth gap. Much less jumping this time. Not that it matters. You roll to a stop on a nice solid surface, though it is nearly pitch black here. There seems to be some sort of low level ambient illumination coming from the walls and ceilings, but it's not nearly enough to see clearly by.

Climbing to your feet, you wonder if it would be a good idea to continue wandering around like this. Somewhere in the distance you hear the sound of dripping water.

[ ] Shout
[ ] Press on
[ ] Inventory
[ ] Wait
No. 113110
[x] Press on
No. 113111
[x] Press on
No. 113112
[Q] Inventory

Always the first step.
No. 113114
We beat your first gap Yukari, your getting soft.

[X] Inventory
No. 113115
[X] Inventory
No. 113117
Inventorying inventories. Please wait warmly while list is compiled.
No. 113118
[x] Press on
No. 113122
Inventory: Camera 1ea, Film 18ea, Clothing 1ea (equipped), Note (read) 1ea, Hourai Doll 1ea, Hourai Elixir (Generic) 1ea. Blueprints: LHC 1ea., Fluff 2ea, Matches (pack) 2ea, Ball point pen (broken) 1ea. Laptop (dead) 1ea. Board with Nail in it 1ea.

Huh. You have no idea how you're carrying all this stuff unless you... oh. Hey. You are wearing a backpack. Wonder why you didn't notice this sooner. Oh well. Not something you really need to worry about, you think.

One of the matches flares to life as you strike it. You gaze at your surroundings in the small pool of light it casts. There seems to be glistening strings of... something all around you. They're slightly sticky to the touch. You carefully stand up and work your way out of them. Good thing you didn't blindly stumble forward or you might have gotten caught up in them.

You are now clear of the strange gossamer strands. The match finally burns down to your fingers. Cursing you toss it away, plunging you once again into darkness. The sound of dripping water continues in the distance. Oddly enough, it seems a bit brighter now. Listening closely, you think you hear someone talking in the distance as well.

[ ] Call out
[ ] Wander around
[ ] Wait for your eyes to adjust further
[ ] Look around for something that people no longer use
No. 113123
[x] Look around for something that people no longer use
No. 113124
[x] Wander around
No. 113125
[O] Look around for something that people no longer use

if you're insane enough, you could find yourself!

No. 113126
[x] Look around for something that people no longer use
No. 113127
Gone looking for myself. If I should return before I get back, please ask me to wait.
No. 113128
File 126724848845.jpg - (480.06KB , 500x900 , green.jpg ) [iqdb]
No sense staying here, you suppose. Striking another match you set off in a direction that seems promising. Who knows, maybe you'll find some old forgotten treasure.

No such luck that. All you found was this old bridge. Rickety as hell to boot. As you're standing there, wondering if it would hold your weight while you crossed it, it seems that someone has snuck up on you.

"Oh? Eying my bridge are you? I won't give it up with out a fight you know."

Turning around, you find yourself face to face with a blonde woman. Pointy ears to boot, freaky. The match, however, decides now is the perfect time to go out. Repeating your newly found ritual, you curse and cast it aside.

Oh wow, that's freaky. All you can see now is the glowing green eyes of this girl, and not much else. Taking a step backwards, the bridge creaks under your weight.

"Planning on crossing? You'll have to pay the toll..."

[ ] Pay Toll
[ ] Play Troll
[ ] Play Toll
[ ] Pay Troll
No. 113129
[x] Play Troll
No. 113130
[x] Play Toll
No. 113131
[X] Pay Troll
No. 113132
Am I going to have to turn this into 'first vote wins' ?
No. 113133
[x] Pay Toll
No. 113134

Already voted, but it's late, where I am. Might be the cause for lack of votes from others.
No. 113135
[x] Play Troll
I was getting me some food for 2 hours or so.
No. 113139
[x] Play Troll
No. 113141
Playing the troll it is! Trolling as a art commence
No. 113142
You step forwards, stopping directly in front of the glowing eyes. Which are now staring directly into your chest. Man, this girl is tiny. "Oh? And what's the toll?"

You can see her eyes wander in the dark. Man, glowing green eyes must give you night vision or something. That would be awesome. Like a cat or something.

"Hm... how about... all that nice stuff you have. I don't ever get to have nice things, so it might be nice to have some for a while. Make everyone else jealous for a change..."

Oh? So she's the jealous type, eh? You may be able to play this to your advantage. "My nice stuff? Please. This stuff is junk. It's you who has the nice bridge. I bet you have a nice boat that goes with it. Ahhh... I'm so jealous of your bridge. It's just too wonderful. Hey. How about this instead. I give you my stuff, and you give me the bridge instead. I could live here forever with it."

"Eh? My bridge is nice?" She sounds slightly flustered. "I don't think it is..."

"Of course it is! It's amazing! Wonderful! Stupendous!" You wave your arms wide. "It's the perfect bridge. I'll take it!"

"Wait! I didn't agree to that!"

"Glad we agree on this!" You take your backpack off and hold it out towards the girl.

"No! I refuse."

"So then, I get to pass for free?"

"I didn't...."

"Well. This is unfortunate. So we're at an impasse then?"

"No, I..."

"Well then, which is it? Are you giving me the bridge or not? Do I have to call in the lawyers?"

"Lawyers? What? I don't even... FINE Do what you want!" She reaches out and snatches the bag. "Take my bridge. see if I care!"

"Excellent. Now, since you're standing near my bridge, you'll have to pay the toll."


"That'll be one bag of stuff."

The girl stands there silently, staring at you.

"Clever... I wish I was that clever. But no, I'm not giving you the stuff back."

"Fine then. You're my guide now."

"Wait! I didn't..."

<System Message. Parsee equipped to Slot: inventory. Congratulations you now have a pack mule.>


"By the way, what's your name?"

"My name it's..."

[ ] Parsee (no change)
[ ] Rename (Insert name)
[ ] Rename (Sancho)
No. 113143
[x] Parsee (no change)

It's good as is.
No. 113145
[O] Parsee (no change)

i do not feel like tapping into my don quixote

No. 113147
[x] Parsee (no change)
No. 113149
a Name is kept.

Kira is going to sleep now, so this will resume in the morning/afternoon tomorrow. I have some things to take care of and I've no idea how long they'll take. Otherwise it'd be a lock for the morning. Night all.
No. 113150
[x] Parsee (no change)
No. 113173
Kira is awake and writing. expecting updates in about 7 minutes.
No. 113174
No. 113175
You and your unwilling companion work your way across the bridge. Your companion, Parsee, is doing most of the leading through the darkness, as you’re as blind as a bat in this. She remains silent as well, despite the many attempts you’ve made at idle conversation. The bridge creaks and groans as you continue to trudge along. Long, long, long. It seems to be taking forever to get across this bridge. Though, it does seem that the longer you’ve spent crossing it, the brighter it’s been getting. Before long, you can start making out the shapes of the bridge as it goes past. And really, you kinda wish that you couldn’t now. Parts of it are missing here and there, the railing seems damaged in quite a few places. All in all, it seems like an extremely rickety bridge. Oh well, at least you managed to con it off of this girl. Maybe you can find some other people to come fix it up.

Somewhere behind you there seems to be a commotion of some sort. Shouting, small explosions and the like. Turning around, you see some lights flying through the air.

“Uh oh” Parsee speaks for the first time since you tricked her “You know, I don‘t envy you right now!” She jumps over the edge of the bridge, leaving you alone to face whatever’s coming.

[ ] Investigate!
[ ] Follow the Leader
[ ] Herp Derp
[ ] Hello! Is there anyone out there?
No. 113176
[x] Follow the Leader
No. 113177
[x] Investigate!
No. 113179
[x] Herp Derp
No. 113180
[x] Investigate!
No. 113181
[x] Investigate!
No. 113183
[x] Follow the Leader
No. 113186
[x] Follow the Leader

Does she still have our stuff?
No. 113188
investigating is in order.
No. 113190
You start off towards the lights and noise. Back across the decrepit bridge you just made it across, past the gossamer strands, and around a corner. Rounding the corner, you almost run into two people. A blonde in a witches outfit, and a black haired girl in a strange bastardization of a shrine maiden’s outfit. A quick glance reveals that these two people are standing over the prone forms of two others. One a green haired girl in a kimono, stuffed into a bucket, and a blonde girl in a poofy brown dress.

Given that these two are now rummaging through the items of the fallen, the witch and shrine maiden seem to be the aggressors in this situation. It may be wise not to draw their attention. Or hey, maybe you could get the drop on them and turn the tables. Who knows!

[ ] Run away!
[ ] Go introduce yourself.
[ ] Keep watching.
[ ] Verbally assassinate.
No. 113191
[T] Go introduce yourself.
No. 113192
[Q] Verbally assassinate.
No. 113193
[x] Go introduce yourself.

Diplomacy for the win.
No. 113194
And yes. she still has your stuff.
No. 113195
[x] Go introduce yourself.
No. 113197
Introductions are in order.
No. 113198
couldn't you answer this sooner in the previous update? ah well...
No. 113199
You slip out from around the corner and stroll up to the two still standing girls. "Hi there! My name is-"

You suddenly find yourself face to face with various orbs, sharp implements, glares, talismans, and a block of wood. Unfriendly types these seem to be.

"Oh wait, It's not another youkai. It's a human." The red white shrugs. "Though, he could be part of the reason I suddenly have a hot spring. Think we should beat him up too?"

The black white girl gives you a once over. "Nah. Doesn't look like he has anything interesting on him anyways. Man! You would not believe the stuff in this bucket! There's a TV in here!" The black white girl had apparently dumped the small green haired girl out of her bucket. Jamming it down around her ears, blonde curls spilling out, she keeps talking. "Woah, There's a bathroom in here too. And a fridge. Sweet!"

"Uh..." You seem to have been forgotten by these two who are now fighting over who gets the bucket.

One of the red white's orbs comes floating over to you. "Oh? Who might you be?" the voice sounds like it's coming from the other end of a bad phone connection. "Ah! I know who you are! You've been playing with my holes, haven't you? Naughty boy!"

You have no response to that.

The black white and red white girls are now staring at you with a strange look on their faces. This could get complicated.

[ ] RUN!
[ ] Explain.
[ ] Call out for Parsee.
[ ] Grand theft miko.
No. 113200
[x] Explain.
No. 113201
[x] Explain.
No. 113202
[X] Grand theft miko.

No. 113203
[x] Grand theft miko.
No. 113204
[x] Grand theft miko.
No. 113205
Penalty not to exceed 25 years in prison. Beware the wrath of Eiki's 'justice stick'.
No. 113206
When in doubt, kidnapping is the obvious choice! You run up, grab the bucket out of the hands of the shocked black white and jam it on the head of the red white. Without missing a beat, you throw the red white up on your shoulder and hightail it out of there. Just as you round the corner, the witch seems to have realized what you just did, shouting after you. The miko seems to come out of her shock as well, as she's started kicking and screaming.

Man, if you had your sack of stuff you could probably tie her up or something. as it stands, you crack the bucket against one of the walls causing the flailing to cease. Oh look there's the bridge again. And your Sanch- you mean your Parsee! Hey, she's got your stuff too!

"Get back here with Reimu, you bastard!"

Well, shit, it seems that the wicked witch of the theft is catching up to you.

"Hey! Hey Sanc- Parsee! Open the sack!"

She has a quizzical look on her face but opens it up anyway. You quickly shove the shrine maiden inside and zip it shut.

"Uh... What did you do now?"

"Now? Now we run!"

"Hey! Give me back Reimu!"

<System Message: Parsee has been moved to the accessory slot. Enjoy your shared jail time.>

"W-wait! I didn't have anything to do with this! WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME?!"

You and Parsee tear across the bridge, the witch in hot pursuit.

You're almost to the end of the bridge and there's a fork in the caves ahead!

[ ] Jump off the bridge
[ ] Left
[ ] Right
[ ] Straight
[ ] Salad fork or dinner fork?
No. 113207
[x] Straight

Obviously the best choice.
No. 113208
[x] Right

Obviously the right choice.
No. 113209
[x] Left

Obviously the left choice.
No. 113210
[x] Salad fork or dinner fork?
Obviously the mystery choice.
No. 113211
[x] Salad fork or dinner fork?
No. 113212
[x] Salad fork or dinner fork?
No. 113213
[x] Salad fork or dinner fork?
No. 113215
Forking forks. I can never tell which one is the eyeball fork, or the salad fork.
No. 113216
As the pair of you are continuing your mad dash, Parsee trips on something. The girl is quickly flattened under the weight of the bag. You turn back and duck down, looking to see what it was she tripped on. Huh. It was an ACTUAL fork in the road at a fork in the road. How bizarre.

Though, luckily, the witch had been pouring all her energy into speed, isn't able to stop. Flying past in a blur, she screams out some obscenities as she vanishes down the tunnel straight ahead. Well, that worked out well.

"Hey. You ok down there?"

"Why is it that I got hurt, and you got off scott free? I envy your luck."

"I'll take that as a yes." You pull Parsee up to her feet and brush her off. "So, uh. Now what?"

"I don't know. I've never actually gotten past one of their attacks unharmed before. This is something totally new for me."


Parsee jumps back in surprise at your outburst.

"Let's go get drunk to celebrate!"


"I will brook no qualms! TO BEER!" You start to walk off down one of the tunnels. A loud scream is heard echoing along it. Deciding that tunnel may not be the best option at the moment, you turn back to Parsee. "Ok, You lead the way. TO BEER!"

She sighs and hangs her head. "Fine, fine, this way."

And the two of you set fail for ADVENTURE!

<System Message: end chapter 1. Continue to Chapter 2?>

[ ] y
[ ] n
[ ] Skip to chapter 3
[ ] DVD menu
No. 113218
[X] Y
No. 113220
[X] Y
No. 113221
[x] y
No. 113222
[Y] X
No. 113225
[x] y
No. 113227
DVD load error 3: Generic disc load error. Please re-insert disc and go fall down a well. Have a nice day.
No. 113229
"Are we there yet?"
"Are we there yet?"
"How about now?"
"Can I take your silence as a 'yes'?"
"Alright, fine. I'll stop. Jeeze Sanch- I mean, Parsee. You seem to be in a foul mood all the time what's up with that?"
"Well, you see, when I was little I-"
"Are we there yet?"

And then you spent much of the rest of the trip running away from those strange bullets she seemed to be able to produce on demand. The pair of you are so engaged in this activity that you don't quite realize that you've run into a town. Well, not until you collide with a tall blonde lady and Parsee skids to a stop behind you. Well, at least it was a soft landing. looking up you see why. It's a lovely set of breasts attached to the very tall blonde lady.

"Heh, whaz this?" the blond lady wobbles a bit, cheeks reddened, alcohol evident on her breath. "Parssee's out runnin with a new guy or sumthin? hehe. Neeeeever though I'd see it."

"Oh. Hi Yuugi."

"Yuugi, was it? We're in need of celebratory alcohol. Judging from your appearance and general smell about you, I'd assume you're the one to ask about such things! So if you'd kindly lead us."

"Oh?" Yuugi cocks an eyebrow, "Celebrating what, exactly?"

"Victory." you state plainly.

"Really now! Congratulations, Parsee. Never thought I'd see the day. C'mon! The drinks are on me!"

Yuugi wraps an arm tightly around your neck and drags you off. Parsee stands there bewildered.

"What just happened?"


Several minutes later, in a nearby bar.

"HOOO! That's got some burn to it! what'd you call it? Sake? Damn this stuff is good."

"Broke out my best stuff! It's not every day that I hear about Parsee getting married!"

Parsee sprays her drink everywhere. "WHAT? MARRIED? I DIDN'T AGREE TO THAT!"

Every eye in the bar is now staring at the petit, rapidly reddening blonde. She sinks back into her seat, trying as hard as she can to disappear.

"Always the shy one she was. So, how'd you win her tiny, twisted, black little heart over?"

[ ] Twoo Wuv.
[ ] Force.
[ ] Amazing gift.
[ ] Play Troll.
[ ] Let the Cat out of the Bag.
No. 113235
[X] Twoo Wuv.
No. 113237
[x] Let the Cat out of the Bag.
No. 113238
[X] Twoo Wuv.
No. 113239
[X] Twoo Wuv.
No. 113241
Mawage. Mawage is wot bwings us togeder tooday. Mawage, that bwessed awangment, that dweam wifin a dweam...
No. 113242
Err, slight delay. I now have to put together an elliptical machine. So I'll let you know as soon as I'm done with that.
No. 113243
[X] Twoo Wuv.
No. 113245
[x] Amazing gift.
No. 113263
[ℤℯ] Twoo Wuv.
No. 113265
"Ah, lessee... I'm going to have to say it was true love that brought us together." You throw your arm around Parsee and pull her close. She squeaks, but otherwise doesn't resist.

Yuugi stares at you for a minute before she bursts out laughing. "Yeah, right. Sure." She wipes a tear away from her eye. "Hoo! That was a good one. I've known this girl for a looooong time, and love has never been an emotion that she's displayed."

"Hey!" The impossible has just happened and Parsee's just turned even MORE red.

Just as Yuugi's about to start ribbing Parsee again, there's a loud explosion. People ran shouting out of the bar.

"Huh? Oh ho, this looks interesting!" Yuugi pushed herself up from the bar. "You two wait here, I wanna see what's goin on!"

Yuugi rushed out of the bar, sending people flying.

That leaves just you, Parsee, and the rather angry looking purple orb alone in the bar.

Wait? Angry purple orb? Uh oh.

[ ] Go see what Yuugi's up to.
[ ] Poke the orb.
[ ] Sweep Parsee up into a room.
[ ] Pool anyone?
No. 113266
[x] Pool anyone?
No. 113268
[x] Pool anyone?
No. 113269
[x] Pool anyone?
No. 113270
Shall we go for a swim?
No. 113271
Oh, I figured it was billiards. I mean, it's a bar, right?
No. 113272
haha I also thought that we'd be playing an absurd game of pool with the purple orb.
No. 113276
"Shall we play a game then?"

Parsee looks up confused. She catches sight of the orb and begins to draw back.

You jerk her back in close and whisper. "Follow my lead." Standing up you turn around and quickly scan the room. "Oh hey! Look! They have a pool table! C'mon. Let's play!"

Heading over to the table, the orb trails you, still somehow managing to look angry.

"O-ok..." Parsee glides up to the table. 'How can he be so confidant?' she whispers to herself.

Picking up the stick, you prepare to make your first shot. Lining it up, you draw back... and swing around, hitting the orb square. It bounces around the room a couple of times before smacking into the balls you had racked just a moment before. Still spinning it flies up into the air coming down into a rather large mug that Yuugi had left behind.

"Sweet. That worked better than I thought!" You flash the V sign at Parsee.

Still somehow spinning, the orb floats up out of the mug.

"Heeeeyyy..." It makes a beeline towards you, up, down, sideways, "Tha wazn nice..."

A different voice from before. Huh.

"An... an... what you do with Reimuuuu?" It pushes up against you. "I waaaan Reimu.."

[ ] Add orb to inventory.
[ ] Hey batter, batter.
[ ] Ah, I have to go see a man about a horse.
[ ] Run screaming into the night.
No. 113277
[x] Hey batter, batter.
No. 113278
[x] Add orb to inventory.
No. 113279
[ ] Add orb to inventory.
No. 113280
[x] Run screaming into the night.
No. 113281
[x] Add orb to inventory.
No. 113282
An orb is added.
No. 113284
No. 113287
"Ah, so you want to see Reimu? K" You grab the orb. "Hey, Parsee, where's the bag?"

"Huh? Oh, it's over there." Parsee points back to where she was sitting before.

Whoop! And into the magic sack of holding goes the orb. Not without complaint though. A couple of times the bag bounces, but the orb stays inside.

"Well that takes care of tha... What's wrong Sanch... I mean Parsee?"

She points behind you. Something tells you that you really don't want to see what's behind you.

[ ] Turn and look.
[ ] Hey, I wonder what Yuugi's up to.
[ ] Nonchalant, nonchalant, play it cool.
No. 113288
[x] Nonchalant, nonchalant, play it cool.
No. 113289
[x] Nonchalant, nonchalant, play it cool.
No. 113290
[x] Hey, I wonder what Yuugi's up to.
No. 113291
[x] Nonchalant, nonchalant, play it cool.
No. 113293
[x] Hey, I wonder what Yuugi's up to.
No. 113294
Playing it cool. Like, coolsville, daddy-o.
No. 113295
"Haha! Did you see that! Nothing but bag."

"But... but..."

"But what? I mean, it's not like there's anything else horrible sneaking up on me, right? So, you know, let's sneak up to one of those empty rooms." You wink at Parsee.

"Eh? Why?" She tilts her head to one side.

You grin, lecherously, "You know..."

"No, I..." A profuse blush rapidly spreads across her cheeks. "EH?!"

"So how about it?" Wink.

"No! No, No, Absolutely Not! No Way!"

"Then... you're gonna have to stop me" An evil laugh escapes your lips.

Aaaaaaaand, there's the bullets again. Moving quickly you jump out of the spray and watch them impale the two orbs that were flying behind you. Two small explosions later, you're kicking at the remains.

"Nice shot."

"I... what? I did that?"

"Yep. Nice work too! Didn't think you had it in you Sanch... Par-"

Your congratulations are cut short as Yuugi flies through the roof of the Bar. "Ooooh, that black white sure packs a punch." She laughs as she stands, brushing herself off. "I haven't had a fight that fun in a while." Looking around, Yuugi screws up her face in concentration. "Whut happened? Her..." Yuugi's eyes fall upon the dozens of shattered bottles behind the bar. "What... What... What... " Yuugi breaks down crying. "Noooooooo~ All that beautiful alcohol.... Gone...." Heavy sobs wrack her frame.

You and Parsee just stand there.

[ ] Maaaaaybe we should leave.
[ ] Console the inconsolable.
[ ] Bippity Boppity Boo.
No. 113296
As an aside. House is such a distraction.
No. 113297
[X] Maaaaaybe we should leave.
No. 113298
[x] Console the inconsolable.
No. 113299
[x] Console the inconsolable.
No. 113300
[x] Maaaaaybe we should leave.
No. 113301
[X] Maaaaaybe we should leave.
No. 113302
[x] Console the inconsolable.
No. 113303
[x] Maaaaaybe we should leave.

God damn, it is good to have you back and writing again.
No. 113306
[x] Console the inconsolable.
>God damn, it is good to have you back and writing again.
Signed. Just really hard for me to check every hour for updates.
No. 113307
[Q] Maaaaaybe we should leave.
No. 113308
[x] Console the inconsolable.
No. 113312
Awkwaaaaaard. Mayhaps it is time that we were in the blowing of this stand of popsicles. Yes?
No. 113313

He has been writing. In fact, the other story he's been writing is far better than this one. Did any of you tasteless fags even read it?
No. 113314
Why not?
No. 113315
Scooping up the bag, you start sliding towards the door. Jerking your head towards the exit, Parsee seems to catch the hint. The two of you leave the sobbing oni to her lamentations.

Now back out on the streets, you hand the bag back to Parsee who slips it on silently.

"So, Been having fun?"

"Err... actually, yes. I'm jealous of your ability to get out of stuff unscathed."

"Unscathed? Did you SEE what happened to all that Alcohol?!"

". . ."

"Heh. I'm just messing with you. c'mon. What's that huge building over there?"

"Err.. You don't want to go there. That's the Palace of Earth Spirits. Something horrible lives there... Well, even more horrible than me, that is."

"Pfft. Like you're horrible."

"I... What?"

"C'mon Sancho! I think I see a windmill!"

You run off towards the Palace, leaving Parsee to just stand there shaking her head.

"Not again..." She sighs. "Hey! Wait for me!"

<System Message: End Chapter 2. Start Chapter 3 tomorrow?>

[ ] Y
[ ] N
[ ] Skip Chapter 3
[ ] DVD menu
No. 113316
Last one tonight guys. I'll pick it up tomorrow sometime after 4pm CST. Also,

No. 113317
[x] Y

I read it, I don't see why magical girl doesn't appeal to Touhou fans since Touhou is basically magic and girls.
No. 113318
[ ] Y
No. 113319
[ ] Y
No. 113320

Yes, I read it, and liked it, but it's currently being updated at somewhere around the speed of Underground LA. I'd rather he updated it, but I happen to like this, as well, so I'm not being a faggot about it.
No. 113323
[x] DVD menu
Pause Game
No. 113332
[><] DVD menu

Alright, I'm curious.
No. 113346
[Q] DVD menu
No. 113347
[T] Y
No. 113349
(This is what would have happened if DVD had won)
>Scene Select
>cast commentaries
>director commentaries
>Comming Attractions
No. 113354
>director commentaries
oh fuck, turn this on for the next updates.
No. 113364
>cast commentaries

Must have.
No. 113365
>Well, even more horrible than me, that is."

>"Pfft. Like you're horrible."

>"I... What?"
No. 113372
[x] Y
No. 113374
Which one do you guys wanna turn on? If you have both on, it'll just be a massive jumble of noise.
No. 113375

Cast Commentary.
No. 113379
Anyone else gonna weigh in, or should I just go with this?
No. 113380
Actually, few quick errands first, then I'll be back and write. (Blue Writefag needs food badly. So it's off to the Grocery.)
No. 113383
No. 113391
Ok, back and writing. This may take a little bit though.
No. 113394
Ok. Character commentary is much harder than I thought it would be.
No. 113396
If you need to you can turn it off.
No. 113397
Yeah, the story's been great without said commentary, so I wouldn't mind if you have to turn it off, Kira.
No. 113399
Yep, if you can't do it leave it out.
No. 113409
Sorry guys, my head just isn't on right tonight. I'll keep trying but no guarantee that I'll get anything out.
No. 113421
>Ok. Character commentary is much harder than I thought it would be.

Disk Read Error
No. 113422
[Parsee: This next scene was really fun to do. I really enjoy working with Anon. His sense of passion and humor always keeps the job fresh and invigorating. Makes each day a joy to come and work with.]

You arrive at what appears to be the edge of the Palace of Earth Spirits' grounds. Appears to be because of the sudden proliferation of chest high walls. Man this would be perfect cover if you were ambushed.

... That should be meaningful.


BgM: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWWIRlTq1Ug
(Loop this~)

Both you and Parsee dive behind the chest high walls in shock.

"Kya- Ha-Ha-Ha!" A teal haired girl floats down from above.

[ Kogasa: Ha ha! I'm finally in the story! Hooray! The entrance took about six months to work out properly. It was such a pain.]
[ Parsee: Kogasa's such an airhead. So difficult to work with her. She can be distracted by the slightest little thing. That's why it took six months to film one scene. She kept getting everything wrong. *Parsee Sighs* But what can you do?]

"What in the hell?"

"Oh. It's just Kogasa. What do you want?"

"Hehe, is that any way to treat me, Parsee? I'm just a little hungry and since I saw you, I figured I might get a light snack out of the deal~ Besides, I have new stuff to sell!"

"Sell? What on earth are you talking about?" You scratch your head. This strange girl with an umbrella doesn't seem to be carrying anything.

"You can use 'shock dollars' to buy things from me! You get them by surprising people! So, done anything shocking today?"

[ Parsee: Kogasa's reaction to this next part is so funny.]

"Well, I slammed a bucket over this shrine maiden's head." You pause, rubbing your chin, "Then threw her into a sack, reduced Yuugi to tears, got some orb drunk, and Parsee shattered the other two."

"Yeah right!" The tongue coming out of the umbrella waggles. "Oh? You think he might be telling the truth? How 'bout some proooooof then?"

"Ok. Hey, Parsee, Open the bag."

Parsee does as instructed. You give the back a whack and a dazed Reimu rolls out of your sack, complete with drunk orb.

"MMMMph! Mmnnnmmn! MMMMMMM!" Reimu starts to squirm. You give her a firm whack on the head with the blunt side of the nail board. She's out like a light once again.

"Hey, gimme a hand loading her back in, wouldja?" You struggle with the unconscious maiden, and the renewed struggling of the drunk orb. It takes a little bit, but the two of you managed to get the bag shut again.

"Whew. Glad that's over. So, Now do you believe us?"

Kogasa just stands there in shock, staring at the pair of you. "But... What... How? ... Bwuh?"

"I think you broke her." Parsee smirks. "For once, I'm glad I'm not her~"

[ Parsee: And really, I was. As an actor, we hadn't told Kogasa what was going to happen in that scene. It was great. I almost died laughing on the first take, but, being the consummate professional that I am, I managed to suppress it. It was one of the few scenes that we only needed one take for. And I don't think it would have worked as well with a second take. hehe ]

"I... I... Well, wow. Thanks for the meal." Kogasa finally returns to her senses.

"Hm?" You look up from your card game with Parsee. "Oh, you're finally conscious again? I thought I'd broken you."

Lying on the ground, feet kicking in the air, Parsee takes her turn. "Have any Twos?"

"Go fish."

Parsee picks a card up from the pile between the two of you. She curses silently.

"Got any threes?"

"Ah! You always know which cards I have! I wish I had your intuition." She hands over a three which you use to complete another pair.

"Um...?" Kogasa looks quite confused. "How long was I out?"

"Eh... Fifteen minutes? Would you say it was about fifteen minutes, sanch... Parsee?"

"Yeah, something like that. Fives?"

"You sunk my battleship!"

"Wrong game."

"Oh. Right." You hand over a five.

"Yay!" Parsee puts down four fives.

You smile. "Congrats!"

"Uh... Hello?" Kogasa looks slightly distressed, "Are you ignoring me?"

[ ] Keep playing.
[ ] Acknowledge Kogasa.
[ ] Shop 'till you Drop.
[ ] Random Acts of Vandalism.
No. 113423
[x] Acknowledge Kogasa.
No. 113424
[ ] Acknowledge Kogasa.
No. 113425
[X] Random Acts of Vandalism.

Ah, I've missed this feeling.
No. 113426
[x] Acknowledge Kogasa
No. 113427
[x] Random Acts of Vandalism.
now that was something i haven't seen before.
No. 113433
[x] Acknowledge Kogasa.

A little umbrella is adorable.
No. 113435
[x] Acknowledge Kogasa.
No. 113436
[x] Acknowledge Kogasa.
No. 113442
Acknowledging the umbrella that was forgotten foreve... for fifteen minutes. A go go.
No. 113444
"Nope. We're almost done with this game. Wanna join in the next?" You point to the ground next to Parsee.

An incredulous look passes over Parsee's face, "And how do you know we're almost done?"

"Do you have any kings?"

"Eh!? . . . Yes..." She hands you the card.

"Gin!" You put down the rest of the cards in your hand.

"Wrong game. Again. But yeah, You win. Bah. Why do you always win?"


"Umm..." Kogasa's folded up the umbrella and is twisting it back and forth in her hands. "You don't mind?"

"Nope! Have a seat." You finish gathering the cards as Parsee hands you her pairs. You start shuffling and nod to the open space next to Parsee.

"Weren't we originally doing something else?"

"You know, I don't remember Sanch.... err... Parsee. I vaguely remember something, but... oh well. couldn't be THAT important, you know?"

And so the three of you play cards for several rounds.


"Hum? Kogasa, I think it's your go." you look over at the heterochromatic girl, and the umbrella hopping excitedly next to her.

"Oh? Sorry. Parsee, do you have any eights?"

"Nope. Go fish."

Kogasa picks up a card from the pile. "Drat."

"Nyaaaa! Don't ignore me!" Someone stamps their foot.

"Did you hear something?"

Kogasa pats her umbrella, stopping it's constant hopping. "I don't think so."

"Me neither." Parsee stops kicking her legs, getting a wicked gleam in her eye. "Hey, you," She points at you, "Have any aces?"

"Noooooooo! You have ruined me!"

"I SAID. DON'T IGNORE ME. NYAAAAA!" A very angry catgirl with red hair and pigtails dashes into the middle of your game, kicking cards everywhere.

"Well! That was rude! You could have just said something." You glare angrily at this invader.

She stares back.

[ ] Interrogate
[ ] Ignore
[ ] Impugn
No. 113446
[X] Ignore

No. 113447
[X] Ignore
No. 113449
[X] Ignore

Cats are like two-year-olds. If you acknowledge them, then you're giving them what they want. That's why you ignore them until they roll over. Then you pet them when they turn docile.
No. 113450
[x] Staring Contest
>She stares back.
Let's see who backs down first.
No. 113456
[x] Staring Contest
I've won a staring contest against a cat before. No the cat did not blink, but it got bored and walked away...
No. 113458
[x] Staring Contest
No. 113459
[x] Staring Contest
No. 113460
[x] Staring Contest
No. 113466
You guys care if I go with staring contest over ignore? Interesting write in is interesting.
No. 113468

I say go for it.
No. 113469
[x] Staring Contest

No. 113472
She continues to stare at you.

"Jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii" You stare back.

She stares at you.


"Why are you-" Parsee begins, only to be cut off by your hand flying up.

The catgirl starts fidgeting a bit, but otherwise continues to keep staring.


"GNYAH! Stop that!" The girl closes her eyes and stomps a foot.

"Haha! I win! High five Sanc- Err. Parsee!" You hold up your hand again.

Parsee stares at you like you're nuts.

"Don't leave me hanging! High five!"

Kogasa holds out her umbrella who's tongue snakes over and slaps the palm of your hand.

"Alright! High five!" You turn your attention back to the annoying girl cat. "So. What do you want, besides being an annoying loser?"

"Wha- But, I'm ... Wait?" She seems quite confused. "No. You didn't win!"

"Of course I did. You blinked."

"You cheated! Who ACTUALLY says 'jii' when they're staring."

"I didn't say a word. That's the noise staring makes. See?" You stare at Parsee. "Jiiiiiiiiii~"

"What? I don't even..." She stomps her foot again. "Fine then! See if I tell you that Satori-syama's inviting you inside! See if I ca..." Realizing that she let the proverbial cat out of the bag, she turns almost as red as her hair. "BAH!"

Wordlessly she departs, jumping over the chest high walls with amazing ease.

"Well that was weird. Anyways, what's next on the itinerary?"

Kogasa tilts her head to one side, the umbrella's tong waggling. "What's that?"

"The plan of what we're going to do and when. Sanch-... Parsee's in charge of it!"

"What?" Parsee looked incredulous, "I have no such thing."

"Sure you do." You pick up a rock and hand it to her. "See? Now you have another one. What's it say."

Parsee just looks at you blankly.

"C'mon. We don't have all day."

[ ] Sight Seeing.
[ ] Guided Tours.
[ ] Gift Shop.
[ ] Concessions.
[ ] Get your hand stamped.
No. 113473
[x] Guided Tours.
No. 113474
[ ] Guided Tours.
No. 113475
[X] Get your hand stamped.

Still visible under a blacklight no matter how many times you wash.
No. 113477
[x] Gift Shop.
No. 113479
[X] Guided Tours.
No. 113480
[X] Get your hand stamped.
No. 113481
[ø] Concessions.
>"GNYAH! Stop that!" The girl closes her eyes and stomps a foot.

No. 113482
Tours offered from 9 am to 5 pm every day, excluding Sunday. Please, no touching of the ancient artifacts.
No. 113483
[x] Guided Tours.
[x] Get your hand stamped.
Hah, we won.
No. 113486
Sorry guys, didn't manage to finish before I had to bail for work. I'll try and get some more up tonight.
No. 113528
"Oh! That's right! You're supposed to show me around this Palace thing. So, lead on Sanch- Parsee!"

Not even mustering the strength to argue, Parsee climbs to her feet and slips on the bag again. "Right. Follow me."

"Ah... What about me?" Kogasa's wringing her umbrella again.

"Sure! Come along. The more the merrier!"


You follow Parsee with Kogasa in tow. Parsee points out various aspects of the Palace of the Earth Spirits as you go.

“This window was made roughly 500 years ago and signifies the original satori who came down from the surface following the pact with the surface youkai. This next one represents the agreements between the myriad tribes, establishing the first Underground kingdom. This next one represents the discovery of the oni, and the brief war that ensued. This last one here depicts everyone getting shitfaced drunk in celebration of discovering that the oni love booze. That’s also, coincidentally, why this last window was never finished. Everyone got shitfaced drunk and decided to use the remaining glass as some of the first recorded danmaku.”

You and Kogasa follow along, oohing and ahhing at appropriate points.

“Now, are there any questions?”

Kogasa hops up and down, waving her arm wildly.

Turning partially away, the blonde tour guide continues, “No? Well then, let’s con-”

“I think Kogasa has a question.”

The brow of the tiny elf-like girl furrows as she turns back to face the two of you. “Yes. Kogasa.” She replies through clenched teeth.

“Well, um... I just, uh, wanted to know what that window with the pink statue was supposed to represent?” Kogasa points.

“What pin...” Parsee turns to look up at the window. A young looking girl with pink hair was leaning out of the window. “Oh. Uh... That represents Satori, the current owner of the Palace of Earth Spirits, and the person who’s likely going to make us come inside now.” She sighs.

“Well then, it would be rude to keep her waiting.”

A door nearby opens, allowing your intrepid band of adventurers entrance to the Yggdrasil labyrinth contained within the Palace.

<System Message: End Chapter 3. Continue to Chapter 4?>

[ ] y
[ ] n
[ ] Skip chapter.
[ ] Skip three chapters.
[ ] DVD Menu.
No. 113529
[ø] y
No. 113530
[x] y
No. 113532
[Q] y
No. 113543
[y] y
No. 113546
[y] y
No. 113549
[x] y
go on.
No. 113562
[x] lalala la lala-la lala-la lalalalalaaaaaaaa
No. 113564
File 126750804978.png - (319.74KB , 640x479 , hahahahaha.png ) [iqdb]
No. 113568
File 126750970097.jpg - (289.64KB , 687x1200 , Satoricula.jpg ) [iqdb]
The whistle you let loose at the grandeur of this place echoes down the empty hallways. Both Parsee and Kogasa are clinging to you. Not that you're complaining, but it does make the progress slow.

Eventually you reach the end of the passage you've been following. It opens out into a very large hall. Down the middle of the hall is a long wooden table. Dozens of stain glass windows line the walls, far above. Light trickles in from them casting the whole room in a cacophony of colours. A light pink table cloth covers the entire length of the table. At the end furthest from you, a single candelabra sits, lit.

"Welcome..." a voice calls from the other room. It's so faint you can barely hear it.


Parsee and Kogasa look at you in abject terror.

"Don't antagonize her!"

"Well I can't hear her. If she wants me to hear her, she should talk louder or come closer."

"Come closer..." Again, barely audible



Your trio shuffles it's way across the room.


As you draw close to the other end of the room, you see the same small girl with pink hair. She's sitting upon a throne of some sort, raised slightly off the floor. A wine glass rests upon her palm, the stem between her fingers, the dark red liquid inside sloshes about as she rolls the glass in her hand.

"There's no need to shout... I can hear you quite clearly..."

"OH. OK."

The girl on the throne sighs, then continues. "Let me ask you a question... What is a man? He-"

"OOOH! I KNOW! I KNOW THIS ONE! LET ME ANSWER IT! LEMEE ANSWER IT!" Waving your hand around like a lunatic, you try to get her to let you answer this.

"Uh... it was meant to be... you know, a rhetorical question... But if you think you kn-"

"A MISERABLE LITTLE PILE OF SECRETS!" A satisfied grin creeps across your face as you nod sagely.



Parsee sighs and shakes her head. "I don't know this person."

"I... I don't even... what?"


Parsee elbows you firmly in the stomach. "Knock it off."


Another threatening motion and a glare from Parsee make you speak normally again.

"Alright. How can you not know this? It's so simple. The whole 'die monster, you don't belong in this world, It was not by my hand I was once again given flesh, I was called forth by humans who wished to pay me tribute. Tribute!?! You steal men's souls, make them your slaves. Bah! What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets, but enough of that. Have at you!' Then you throw your wineglass, and teleport to the floor and start shooting fireballs and negative energy voids. And when we beat up on you enough, you transform into a giant monster and hop around shooting fireballs out of your mouth! Jeeze. Everyone knows that."

". . ."
". . ."
". . ."


The room was silent enough to have heard a proverbial pin drop.

"Oh come ON. You've never heard of that?"



"So... is that what they think of me now...? I am some horrible monster to them...? And... fireballs? Where on earth... did that come from...?" the pink haired girl sets the wineglass down on the edge of her throne.

"Ah! No, no! It's nothing like that, Miss Satori! Really it's not." Parsee steps forward waving her hands, trying to cheer up Satori. "So please, don't do horrible things to our mind! We really don't believe that you do things like that!"

Satori is suddenly on her feet, staring down at your little group. Parsee dives behind you and Kogasa squeezes the arm she's hanging off of more tightly.

"So... Really... Tell me how you feel..." The eye on Satori's chest aims directly at you, and glows faintly. "Reveal your secrets to me..."

[ ] Void
[ ] Penis
[ ] Rick Roll
[ ] 4chan
[ ] (other?) (please specify)
No. 113569
[ ] (other?) (please specify)
No. 113571
[X] >>113564

Alternatively, if that answer is not acceptable:

[X] "You are here."
No. 113572
File 12675115955.jpg - (358.57KB , 643x900 , pepe.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] I'm going to make you soaking wet inside!
[X] I'm going to make you soaking wet inside and out!
[X] Satori! You're so cute! I'm going to lick you and lick you until you melt!
[X] I'm going to make you soaking wet inside and out!
[X] Those tiny little boobies!
[X] If she left her socks on, being naked except for a men's dress shirt would be the best!
[X]Strip her down!
[X] And after that, her bellybutton!
[X] C'mon! Point that cute little ass over here!"
No. 113573
I've always wondered. Wouldn't Satori be used to that kind of thing? I mean, it seems like everyone thinks to do stuff like that as an offensive tactic. The shock value would wear off.
No. 113574
[X] I'm going to make you soaking wet inside!
[X] I'm going to make you soaking wet inside and out!
[X] Satori! You're so cute! I'm going to lick you and lick you until you melt!
[X] I'm going to make you soaking wet inside and out!
[X] Those tiny little boobies!
[X] If she left her socks on, being naked except for a men's dress shirt would be the best!
[X]Strip her down!
[X] And after that, her bellybutton!
[X] C'mon! Point that cute little ass over here!

Oh, Shino, we have so much to learn from you.
No. 113575
Well, consider two crucial points.
First, if such thoughts were to be intentionally used as an offensive tactic against her, she would most likely be fully aware of that fact, and thus would be less likely to be taken off guard right from the get-go. Honest, lust-filled mental ramblings are probably not typically directed at her in a serious fashion, considering how unpopular and feared she is by everyone else.

Secondly, consider WHO is directing those thoughts at her. In the case of Shino's comic, I imagine a large part of the shock is not just in the thoughts themselves, but in the crazed girl wearing nothing but a towel who is charging after her.
No. 113576
[x] Void
No. 113578
[X] Void
No. 113579
[ ] Void
No. 113580
[x] >>113572
Go cracy.
No. 113586
[x] Rick Roll

We're no strangers to looooove~
No. 113587
[x] >>113571

I like this one. Have a man groan-singing be what is constantly looped inside our head.

It would explain so very, very much.
No. 113588
[x] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFBZ_uAbxS0
something along those lines
No. 113589
[T] >>113572
No. 113592
[x] Rick Roll
No. 113593
[Q] Rick Roll
No. 113594
Thank goodness it's first to three.
No. 113595

When Kira is actively writing. If voting happens while he's away then I don't know why he wouldn't go with whatever got the most votes.
No. 113596
It is not groan-singing.
It is Ostrovsky's famous composition "I Am So Happy to Finally Be Back Home", interpreted in the vokaliz style.
No. 113600

Yeah, no way in hell this is gonna win, but shame on you guys for not thinking of it.
No. 113604
No. 113607
Pac-Man would be better.

Wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka
No. 113610
[x] I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was~
To catch them is my real test. To train them is my caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall~
No. 113618
Not bad, Thread 2 is needed.
No. 113653
So, Should I just combine the two then?
No. 113656
Eh, I dunno. Lechery just seems crass and obvious to me. But mostly obvious.
No. 113674
Ok, blame this for my lack of update speed right now. It's just too damn cute.


it's also completely skewed my next update. Please bear with me, it should be more interesting than what I was planning before.
No. 113680
You are excused. But only this time.
No. 113692
up and writing, expect a new thread shortly.