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Crosspostan from /jp/, thought you gentlemen might enjoy.


"Anonymous? Sorry, but I'm closing now. Try to come earlier tomorrow night!"

It was nearly dawn; there weren't any other youkai around, let alone the humans that were the bulk of Mystia's customers.

"That's fine," Anon said. He took down one of the paper lanterns hanging from the corner of the cart, blew out its candle. He took the other lantern, and hopped over the counter with it. "That means we can have some privacy."

"Anony--wait! Employees only beyond this--"

Anonymous kissed her full on the lips. He broke off, just long enough to pull on a cord and cause a covering to slap shut over the opening in the cart's side. Then he was kissing her again. She raised her arms, perhaps to protest, but suddenly she found his fingers twined with hers.

This time, it was Mystia who broke off the kiss. Her eyes were downcast, but her face was a deep red. "Please, Anon, I can't..." Her protests became moans as Anonymous kissed her again, this time on the neck.

He began to kiss her elsewhere, the line of her jaw, her shoulder, the sliver of chest exposed by her kimono. Her only response was to gasp and breathe raggedly. The hands entwined in hers wandered as well, stroking from her wrists to her elbows, running along her sides, across her back, cupping her buttocks.

She didn't even realize he'd undone her obi until he was pulling her kimono open. "Anonymous, please, *please*..."

Anonymous pulled her tight against his chest. She could feel a hardness in his trousers. "Do you want me to stop?"

"I'm, my--"

"Do you want me to stop?"

"No, but--"

Another kiss to silence her. Then he was exploring her bare chest with his hands and his lips. Mystia knew she couldn't simply remain passive, and begun tugging on Anonymous' jacket, pulling it off his shoulders. Briefly she allowed herself to be lost in the ecstacy, desperate to return some fraction of the pleasure he was giving her.

Then one of his hands slipped under her fundoshi, and she froze completely unable even to breathe. Anonymous grasped, and slowly, so slowly, pulled her penis out from under the cloth.

Mystia found tears coming to her eyes. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, I tried to tell you, but--" Anonymous stroked her. She shrieked, and her knees nearly gave out from under her.

Anonymous' hands went to her shoulders, and with the same agonizing slowness he'd used to expose her, laid her down on the ground. She heard rather than saw him unzip his trousers, and felt the same hardness from before, against her own erection. A strong hand clamped around, holding the two together. And then Anonymous' hips began to move, starting a rhythm. Mystia quickly matched the motions, and one of her own hands went down, joining Anonymous' hand in keeping them united.

She didn't know how long they spent like that, or even who came first. She was simply aware, at some point, of the dawn being visible through joins in the wooden walls, of Anonymous lying beside her, and their mingled seed drying on her belly.

"Don't you..."


"Don't you care that I'm not, that I don't have a womb?"

He silenced her with a kiss one last time, and that was all she needed to know.

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Well, I can't say I didn't expect that.
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Eh, a little plain.
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Dicks everywhere
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Chin chin~

This was cute. Also, perfect filename.
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So, how many more times does this joke have to be made before it becomes funny again? I lost count.
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How many times? I'm pretty sure I'm the only person who ever insisted Mystia is secretly a trap.
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So it was you! Man, I've been trying to find that one post that you made somewhere on the boards outlining the reasons for this theory. Only I don't think you used your name, back then.

I'm glad that mystery's been cleared up.

Now either get to writing more trap-Mystia smut, or start writing more plague doctor.
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Needs more cloacae.
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I meant...wait, were you even making a "chin chin" joke here?
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>Now either get to writing more trap-Mystia smut, or start writing more plague doctor.

I'll need some time to warm up, this short is part of that process.


No chin chin jokes here, maybe next time.