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Early morning in Gensokyo, late in the year. A light snow covers the ground, and a lone figure flies above the trees towards the mountains. You don't have any way of knowing this, however, as you are asleep. Until a knock comes to your door. You're just going to pretend you didn't hear it. You can feel the cold outside of your warm bed, and it's too early for you anyway.

“Hey,” a voice calls out from outside, “wake up in there!” She sounds fairly expectant, like she believes you'll answer the door. Naïve. Another knock. “Come on sleepyhead! You can't spend all day laying around!” That's what she thinks! Just you watch, you'll prove her wrong! You hear your door rattle open, and a few footsteps entering your home. Rats. You duck your head under the covers and ball up before she reaches your room. The footfalls stop outside your door, and you hear it open as well, followed by a quiet giggle.

“Oh my, I wonder where Reimu went,” the girl says, slowly walking towards you.

“She's not here,” you respond lazily, “I'm a kanashibari youkai waiting for her to get back.”

“I see...” the girl replies, then you feel the covers lifted away. You reflexively ball up even more due to the cold and only being in a loose top and your bloomers.

“What's got you out so early anyway, Sanae?” you ask. She sighs softly.

“It's a holy day,” she says, folding up your blankets as you sit up, scratching your side. “I thought that we should give our thanks to the Gods together.” You groan a little in response. Despite being a shrine maiden yourself, you're hardly the most servile person to deities. With your regular visitors being friends and acquaintances, actual worshipers are few, and you don't exactly keep up on your duties as necessary due to it.

“Okay,” you answer, still feeling groggy from sleeping. “Get out of my room.”

A few minutes later, you join Sanae in your main room, having gotten dressed properly. Sanae's taken the liberty to prepare some of your tea for herself under the guise of sharing it. You take a cup anyway, not saying anything about her helping herself to your foodstuffs. You're not sure if she remembers your last visit to her home, so you're not about to complain when she's got the perfect excuse for mooching.

“So, holy day,” you say after a healthy sip of tea.

“It's Christmas Eve,” Sanae says matter-of-factly, “the birth of Jesus.”

“I didn't know you were Christian,” you retort, grinning over the lip of your cup.

“I pay service to many Gods, even ones that aren't mine,” she responds, “it's a big celebration in the outside world. Lots of food and family, and gifts. Everyone shares in good cheer and generosity.”

“Well, I'd take two of those three things,” you state, getting a soft glare from Sanae.

“Well, if you've been a good girl, Santa Claus will bring you something,” Sanae says with a smile.

“Who?” you ask. Sanae blinks.

“You've never heard of Santa Claus?” she babbles, sounding completely confused.

“It's part of some festival on the outside, right? Of course I wouldn't have heard of it,” you say flatly, taking another drink from your tea. Sanae prepares what you're sure is a long winded explanation when you're interrupted by another knock at your door. “Hold that thought,” you say, setting down your cup and heading off for the door, leaving Sanae at the table. You slide the door open and find yourself staring at the chest of a large man, in two ways. He's a good two heads taller than you, and rather hefty looking. His manner of dress catches your attention first, a red and white outfit. You look up at his face, shrouded in white hair and beard. Looks like a westerner, from the outside? You don't know any hermits around here, but... Does he even speak Japanese?

“Sorry to bother you, young lady,” he says, in perfect Japanese no less, “but I seem to be... lost.” Behind you, Sanae gasps audibly. You dismiss it as nothing though, she probably just burned herself or something.

“Are you?” you ask, not really sure what to say to him. “You can see pretty much anywhere important from here, if you walk in that direction, I'm sure you can get there within the day.”

“It's not that,” he says, sounding apologetic, “rather, it seems that I don't know where I am, or how to leave, if I even could.”

“Reimu!” Sanae calls to you. You look over your shoulder at her, and see her frantically waving her finger at the door. “That's him! That's Santa Claus!” You look back at the old man. Even though his mouth is hidden behind facial hair, you can see the smile in his eyes. Okay.

“So you're Santa Claus?” you ask, indifferent to the truth.

“That I am,” he admits with a nod, “and I'm sure you realize why I'm in a bit of a fix.”

“Not really,” you say, scratching your head. You can see the disbelief in his eyes for a moment, followed by a brief cough. Sanae comes up behind you and pushes you aside.

“I'm sorry, Santa, she doesn't know about Christmas,” Sanae babbles, “she's lived in this place her entire life, and it's been isolated from outside influences for so long and... I can't believe you're actually real!” The rotund man at your door gives a rather hearty laugh.

“That's part of the magic, m'dear,” he says happily, speaking right past you now, seemingly happy to talk to someone that 'believes' in him. Actually, on the topic of 'belief'...

“There are stories about you on the outside, right?” you ask, pushing yourself back into the picture.

“That's right. Jolly old Saint Nick,” the man says proudly. “The Spirit of Christmas that brings toys to all good girls and boys!”

“And that's all there are? Stories?” you ask, further pushing your question. “No real proof?” His merriment seems to soften a little.

“Well, no. The stories give people hope though. If it were to be proven that I'm real, well, it wouldn't be very magical, would it?” he poses in return, answering your question perfectly.

“Well, sorry to break it to you, Nick, but this world is the place magical beings go when there is no longer any belief in them,” you state. You can see the shock in Sanae's face next to you, and the utter confusion in the mans, that slowly turns to dread.

“I'm sorry, what was that?” the man says, sounding a little upset now.

“You said it yourself. All that exist of you are stories and hope. No magical being can exist in the outside world without enough faith in their existence. To put it plainly, no one believes in Santa Claus anymore,” you say again, expanding on the thought. Now the dread in his face is apparent.

“Oh dear...” he manages to say, taking a step away from the door. “I never would have imagined, this is true?”

“Sadly so,” you say, looking back at the table. Your tea is getting cold. “Look, come in for a little bit.”

You return to your table, Sanae and Santa in tow. Both look rather upset. Santa likely over the revelation of his situation, and Sanae because... well, you're not sure. Probably because the thought never occurred to her?

“I'm sorry, Santa,” Sanae says quietly as you sip your tea.

“It's alright, young lady,” he says solemnly to her before looking at you. “Is there nothing that can be done?”

“Well, not all hope is lost,” you say, content to be back in the slightly warmer house than in the open door to the cold air, “I can send you back outside, and you could find a way to make people believe in you. Someone with your kind of reputation, if you can genuinely prove yourself, you'll be guaranteed belief the world over.” The man instantly brightens.

“That's marvelous!” he exclaims with a voice that seems to shake your house. “I need to get back as soon as possible!”

“I can begin the ceremony in a few hours,” you say, setting down your cup again, “I should be ready to send you back by tomorrow morning.” Suddenly, despair again.

“No, no! Unacceptable!” he exclaims in reverse of his previous position. “I must be back sooner, before nightfall tonight! Is there no other way?”

“No,” you say, but even though you said that the possibility comes to mind. One you quickly dismiss, you don't want to ask Yukari for help, she'd never leave you alon-

“Ah!” Sanae squeals suddenly. “Yukari! Reimu! She can send him back easily.” Great.

“I don't want to ask her,” you whine, picking up your tea again, “she always finds a way to be a big nuisance about asking her any small favour, and she'll hang it over our heads for the next few years every time we talk to her.”

“Reimu!” Sanae whines now, “This is for Christmas!”

“I'm sure you can miss one,” you say casually, sipping your tea. You expected a response by now, but you see that both Sanae and Santa are now glaring at you.

“Miss, I have been alive a very, very long time,” Santa begins, speaking with a very serious tone that kind of throws you off. “I have, without fail, brought presents to the homes of every good child on the Earth every year, for nearly my entire life. You are asking me to give up my reason for being, my sole purpose for existing, simply because you cannot be bothered to seek aid? You are letting down every deserving child in the world if you do not get me out of this place today.”

Silence hangs for another few seconds before being broken by the soft sounds of tea being sipped.

“But if you suddenly stop delivering, everyone will realize that you really did exist after all,” you say calmly, which serves as both a surprise and another point of rage.

“Miss, I-”

“It's Reimu,” you say, cutting Santa off. “Call me Reimu, please, it's getting annoying to be addressed as 'young lady' or 'miss'.”

“Reimu, I don't know if you truly understand how important it is that I be returned to the real world, but know this. If I do not make it in time, I'll-”

“Do nothing I can't stop and be trapped in Gensokyo forever,” you cut him off again. “Look, I get that you've got something important to do, but being angry and threatening isn't going to get you helped any faster,” you state, which seems to calm him down a bit. “Did I ever say I wouldn't help you?”

“But you said-”

“It was just a suggestion,” you say, shrugging. “I didn't realize how much it really meant to you, but now I see it's truly an urgent matter.” You set down your empty cup, sighing into it. “I was kind of hoping today would be a quiet day, but here I am woken up early and caught up in some crazy situation already.”

“So you will speak to this woman you mentioned? Yukari?” Santa says, having returned to his more pleasant disposition.

“I'll have to, I suppose,” you groan, leaning back on your palms. “Is this it though? I just have to send you back?”

“That would do wonderfully,” the old man says happily. You stand up from the table and walk over to a small closet, pulling out some warmer clothes to put on for your journey outside.

“It's going to be a long walk,” you say, pulling down a scarf.

“Is it far?” Sanae asks. She's never gone to visit Yukari before, that's right.

“Well, not by air, but unless Santa here can fly,” you say, gesturing to the fat man. Then he starts floating.

“Not a problem,” Santa says with a laugh.

“You can fly too?” you ask, a little surprised.

“Do you really think I make the trip around the world on foot?” he asks with an amused tone.


Something I was suddenly struck with the inspiration for at 5 am. This isn't done yet, I'm thinking it'll turn into either several walls to tell the overall story over a few installments, since I don't know if I'll be able to get the votes to progress over the next day/two I intend to run this.

In before 'update your other shit, faggot'More like in before no one cares.;_;

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You could just write it as a regular story. Not everything here has to be a CYOA.
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Reimu and Sanae have 2 thumbs on their hands. Now you cannot unsee it.
As for the story, I think it will be fine as a normal story instead of a CYOA, as well.
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This can work, and Gensou coil can wait while you write this.
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>This can work, and Gensou coil can wait while you write this
>Gensoul Coil can wait.

True. FotLS, however, can't.

Update it, I want more Tewi goodness.
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Update your other-err, I mean, nice story.

And, yeah, normal story is fine too.
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>“You've never heard of Santa Claus?” she babbles, sounding completely confused.
Man, now I'm thinking of that one... well, it wasn't really a song; maybe more of a sketch... about these two inner-city guys talking and one of them has to explain who Santa Claus is and what he does, and has this funny-sounding voice thing going on.
I can't remember what that's called or who made it, though.
But yeah. This made me think of that.

Keep writing it.
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The scene you find yourself in is oddly familiar to you, enough to leave a bad taste in your mouth as you knock on the door of the house Yukari lives out of in the village of Mayohiga. For some place that's supposed to be impossible to find, it's remarkably easy in reality.

“Hello in there,” you call out through the door, not having gotten an answer already. You don't wait nearly as long as Sanae did for you though, pulling open the door just in time to see Chen step back in surprise.

“Hello Reimu,” she says happily, dropping her hands to her stomach. “Ran and Yukari are busy right now, so I had to answer the door,” she explains, looking up at the tall man in red and white next to you. “Is this your grandpa?”

“What? No, Chen,” you sigh, stepping into the house, “this is a new arrival from outside. We're trying to get him back out there so he can prove he exists to everyone.” Chen blinks in confusion, before tipping her head to one side.

“Huh. Anyway come this way, we've got a new guest ourselves,” Chen says, turning and bounding away down a hall. You follow after her, and Santa falls in step with Sanae taking up the rear. It's a short walk down a hall to another room, from which you can hear voices. Chen pulls the door open and slides in. “Reimu, Sanae and guest are here!” she announces, drawing attention from everyone in the room. Yukari and Ran, of course, and a face you don't recognize. A horned girl, strange horns at that, they're more like antlers you reason. Short wavy pink hair, light pink camisole shirt, and a pale blue skirt with a ring of hearts wrapping around it. She stands up suddenly at the sight of you.

“Santa!?” the unusual girl exclaims in surprise before a wide smile crosses her face, “you're here too! Santa!” The girl floats over the two blondes in front of her and makes a beeline straight for Santa, plowing into him and wrapping her arms around his waist. Well, not really, but still. “I was so worried I was here all alone when I woke up! I found myself like this all of a sudden and I was so confused at first but then I found Comet and she told me everyone else was here and they were the same but they all went in different directions and I didn't know where you were and I was afraid I'd never see you again and-”

“Whoa, whoa!” Santa exclaims, cutting into the girls rant and pushing her back gently. “I'm sorry, who are you?”

“I'm Cupid, Santa!” she exclaims. Sanae gasps again, and Santa looks completely confused.

“Cupid. As in-”

“Number Six in your line up,” she says, nuzzling her face into his stomach. “I'm just glad you're here, you can get us all out of this.”

“It seems an explanation is in order,” Yukari says, having walked over to greet your party during the commotion. Santa looks up at her then is immediately struck with a look of recognition.

“You! Are you Yukari?” he asks. Yukari smiles, and you've got an annoyed feeling creeping up your spine.

“My my Kris, you haven't forgotten about me already, have you?” Yukari addresses the fat man, who responds with a hearty laugh.

“Of course not, Madam,” he responds, extending his hands. Yukari offers up one of hers, and he grasps it in both of his and gives it a friendly shake, “fancy running into you here though, I always wondered where you'd disappeared to.”

“I needed some quiet time,” Yukari replys with a smile as Santa releases her hand.

“Yukari!? How do you know Santa?” Sanae questions. Yukari's smile takes on a strange property.

“Oh, now that's an ancient tale,” she says, looking back at the man, “we go back a long, long time. Almost as long as both of our lives in fact.” You suddenly see Santa in a whole new light. If he's as old as this old woman, then he's definitely a very powerful being. To exist as long as he did in the outside world with that much power though, he really must have had a lot of people truly placing their faith in him.

“It's because of her that Christmas can be what it is today,” Santa says proudly, patting a bag looped through his belt, “this handy little bag allows me to give gifts without having to carry the load, I can simply pull out whatever the child's heart desires most.”

“I see,” you say, looking back at Yukari. She seems awfully proud of herself. “So, Yukari, I have a favour to ask.”

“Send Santa back to the outside world and save Christmas, yes?” she asks, her smile already looming over you. What irritating teeth she has.

“Yes, please,” you say, looking over at Santa.

“That's no good, I'm afraid,” he says solemnly.

“Aw geez, what now,” you fret, tossing your arms up.

“If you'd have listened to the reindeer, Reimu, you'd understand,” Yukari says gently taking the pink haired girl by the shoulder and pulling her back from Santa. “Santa's sleigh is carried by several magical reindeer that fly it around the world. They, along with Santa, have all appeared here. Due to being magically infused animals however, their transformation was rather sudden for them, and no doubt they're playing around with their new bodies and powers.”

“So they've become youkai,” you groan, bringing one of your hands to your forehead, “perfect, great. So now we've got a youkai hunt going on. Why did they even become youkai?”

“I'm surprised they weren't already,” Yukari states, tilting her head slightly. “They're very long lived animals with immense magical and spiritual power. Their transformation isn't that surprising to me.”

“Youkai hunting,” Sanae repeats, “but they're Santa's reindeer, right? They shouldn't be too hard to find or capture.”

“Don't underestimate them, Sanae,” Yukari says, “we are talking about creatures in service to an ancient and powerful holy figure. It would be like that mouse and cat under that Buddhist priestess from not too long ago.”

“So you are a holy man?” you ask, looking up at the tall man.

“Did you think 'Saint' Nicholas was just a title?” he asks with a beardy grin.

“Right, okay,” you fuss, accepting your role in the situation. “So how many of these reindeer are there?”

“There are 9 all together, though we have Cupid here, so that only leaves 8 more,” Santa says, patting the reindeer girl on the head.

“I know where Comet is!” Cupid exclaims suddenly, “or at least I think I do! There's a town with a lot of people, and I was around there when I met Comet again. I ran away from there to find the others when I heard we were all there, but I got lost instead and ended up here where these ladies took me in and gave me cookies and- Oh! Cookies! Santa!” This girl is quite energetic is seems, scurrying away to the seats they once occupied and picking up a few cookies before making her way back and handing them up to Santa. “Here! Try them!”

“Well don't mind if I do,” he says, taking a few and popping them into his mouth one by one.

“Can't you just wave your fan and solve all this mess, Yukari?” you ask, knowing full well that she won't for some reason only she can understand.

“Oh my no,” Yukari says, just as predicted, “what about all the readers? That would be a rather poor cop out,” she says. Once again, a reason only she understands. You sigh in exasperation, and you find a white cuffed hand offering you a cookie.

“Here,” Santa says, waving it in front of your face. You take it and bite it in half. Even though it's just a cookie, you do feel a little better at least. Pretty tasty as well, even without chocolate in it.

“Alright, I suppose I'll figure this out on my own,” you say, turning to leave. Sanae runs in front of you.

“I'm going with you!” Sanae states, obviously wanting to do her part for her hero.

“I can send Chen along with you,” Yukari claims from behind you.

“What, you don't want to do this yourself?” you ask, a little annoyed already.

“Of course not! It's cold outside, only a fool would be out there flying around in a wild goose chase,” she says casually, raising your irritation to a new level, “I was hoping to go back to sleep actually, and have a nice, quiet, peaceful day with no interruptions.” Oh for the love of-

“Don't make me shoot you in your own home,” you grumble before leaving the room in a fit, your party grown by one and tailed by Yukari's laughter.

Back outside, the lot of you are afloat above the land Yukari's house sits on. Cupid at Santa's side, and Chen with you and Sanae.

“So what are you going to do?” Sanae asks of Santa.

“Cupid said there was a village of people here,” he says, “I was thinking of going there and waiting, and I could bring a bit of celebration to the people.”

“You know, proving yourself to the people here won't help you in the outside,” you say. Santa furrows his brows a bit.

“I'm doing it in the spirit of Christmas,” he says, “to bring happiness to people.”

“Alright, just wanted to make sure you weren't getting the wrong idea,” you say, turning away again and flying in the direction of the village. You soon see something else that you wish you didn't, a black and white girl heading in your direction. “Ah man,” you groan.

“Hey! Reimu!” Marisa calls out to you as she approaches. When she gets closer, you can see she's looking past you, you figure she's looking at Santa. “Whoa, it's that... uh...”

“Santa Claus!” Sanae blurts happily, still obviously happy to be at the mans side.

“No kidding, huh? You the real thing or some imitation Santa?” Marisa asks, now completely putting you out of mind while flying backwards in front of your group.

“Would an imitation Santa be flying?” he asks. Marisa blinks, then gains a slightly embarrassed smile.

“I suppose you're right. So hey, you going to be bringing me a gift tonight?” she asks, once again only thinking about herself.

“I'm afraid I don't know you, or the people of this land,” he admits, sounding a little sad at the fact.

“Ah, that's okay, but hey. I've been a good girl, okay? Other people's opinions tend to be a little exaggerated when it comes to me, but I'm totally straight. Polite to everyone, always say my 'please' and 'thank you'-”

“How do you know about Santa anyway?” you ask, both annoyed and confused by Marisa's behaviour.

“I read about him in a book once. Kourin found it one day and let me read it,” she says.

“You sure you didn't just read it in his store to avoid having to pay for it?” you ask, knowing full well how she works. In response you get an annoyed look in return.

“Hey, I was a kid back then, young and pure and innocent. Kind of like how I still am, by the way,” she once again returns to her bragging, directed at Santa.

“I'll be all too glad to give you a gift once I'm ready to leave,” he says, “right now though, I need to have my reindeer gathered together so I can take them with me when I leave.” Marisa suddenly looks shocked.

“Oh right! If you're here, what about Christmas for everyone else?” she asks, sounding genuinely worried. “Hey, Reimu! Did you know about this?”

“No Marisa, I'm only flying around with a fat red man and a youkai reindeer for laughs,” you quip. Marisa clicks her tongue.

“You really need to look into these things a little more. I can't believe you had a problem like this on your hands and didn't even realize it!” Marisa states, much to your dumbfounded surprise.

“Marisa, I...” you stop, trailing off. It's no use to explain to her if she missed the obvious sarcasm. “I'm sorry, I should probably pay much more attention to the problems that find themselves falling into my lap.”

“You should!” Marisa exclaims, turning herself around to face the same direction as everyone else, and floats over to your side. “You're lucky I came around then, now with my help we can get to the bottom of this incident.” She used the word, this is an incident is it? Fine, than it's an incident.

“I don't need your help, you always just fly off on your own and take your own route anyway,” you say, “in the end we all arrive at the same conclusion anyway, so what's the sense of working together?”

“Then we'll have a competition!” Marisa states, which instantly induces a headache.

“Oh no,” you start, hoping to cut off Marisa's train of thought. “I don't want to make a game of this.”

“Whoever rounds up all the reindeer and returns them gets a gift from Santa himself!” Marisa continues, ignoring you entirely.

“Marisa, I don't think-”

“A gift of one's desires is good motivation,” Santa says thoughtfully, “why, I think it's a great idea.”

“I- wha-” you babble. Santa's buying into it? Marisa pumps her arm in victory.

“Yes! Yes!” Marisa cheers excitedly, before sticking out her tongue at you. “Santa agrees with me! Take that!”

“You're such a child, Marisa,” you mutter.

“Stay young at heart and you'll be young forever,” Marisa says happily, “not all of us have an old crone living in our heart, Reimu.” You grumble a bit more until an idea comes to you. A gift of one's true desire is perfect motivation alright, which is why more people need to know. At the very least, it'll speed up the process to have more people looking, and anything that could throw a wrench into Marisa's greedy plan is worth the hassle.

“Marisa, Chen, Sanae, you bring Cupid to the village, I'm taking Santa to meet some people,” you say. Marisa and Sanae exchange confused looks, but before either can say anything, you grab Santa's shoulder and break out of formation and drag him away with you, speeding up as you do so. You leave the group behind in cries of confusion. None of them seem to be following you at least, which is good. Now then, a particular house awaits a very special guest.
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I'm loving this, can't wait to know what the other youkai reindeer look like.
No. 108636
I can't wait to see what they all look like chained up to the sleigh.
No. 108643
A few minutes of flying later and you see the destination, a large red house on the edge of a lake. Against the backdrop of white, it really stands out, more than usual. Even on a cold day like this, you can see a red and green woman by the gate. Might as well go in as normal this time, actually. You swoop down towards the gate.

“Ah, good morning Reimu!” Meiling calls out to you as you get closer to the gate, then she looks past you and her eyes widen.

“Good morning Meil-”

“Is that Santa!?” Meiling asks excitedly. Nice.

“Yes, yes it is. We're here to see Remilia,” you say, taking a step towards the gate. Meiling hurriedly opens the gate, sweeping aside the snow that's gathered around it. There's been snow on the ground for a week now, no fresh snowfall since, and just now is the first time the gate has been opened? Are you really the only one that takes the gate, or does Remilia get no visitors at all? You push the large man ahead of you through the gate, and as you start to follow, Meiling steps through and closes the gate, leaving you outside the walls. “Wha- hey! Meiling!”

“Sorry!” she calls out, walking away with Santa, “Remilia isn't allowing unexpected guests today.”

“But there's one right there!” you shout, gesturing towards the man she's leading away. This is unbelievable, you simply float over the gate and land. Meiling looks back at you, then stops.

“Keep going Mr. Santa, I'll hold her off!” Meiling exclaims, seeming prepared to stake her life on keeping you away. Of course, not that you're intimidated as you walk right past her and resume pushing the now completely confused old man towards the house.

“Just ignore her, her brain freezes in the winter because she sleeps with her mouth open,” you grumble.

“Hey! Wait, Reimu I'm serious! I'll get in trouble!” Meiling whines, following after you, apparently having given up the whole serious gate guard routine.

“I'm sure it couldn't be that bad,” Santa says, trying to reassure Meiling. It works better than you'd have thought.

“If Santa says it'll be okay, then I'm sure I'll be okay,” she says cheerily as you reach the door. Before you even knock, the door swings inwards. Sakuya greets you at the door, looking first at Meiling, then at you and Santa.

“Can I help you?” she asks.

“I come spreading Christmas cheer,” you claim, despite your frown of annoyance. You step inside the doorframe and enter the building, and Sakuya doesn't make a move to stop you. You wave Santa in, and Meiling starts to follow when the door suddenly closes instantly and is followed by a hard thud from the outside.

“Did Meiling tell you that Remilia is not allowing unannounced guests?” Sakuya asks, walking away down the hall. You start after her, and make sure Santa is following along behind you. You hear the door open and close again as you walk away, and a few hurried footsteps catching up.

“I heard, yes, but this is a special occasion,” you say, looking over at the large man walking alongside you. “After all, Santa Claus has arrived in Gensokyo, and is having a little difficulty. It seems a sort of contest is brewing up, whoever can find and gather his newly-transformed-youkai reindeer and bring them all together so he can leave gets their heart's desire. I thought it might be something Remilia would be interested in hearing,” you explain, but the realization of the situation suddenly hits you. “Hey, for someone that said Remilia isn't taking guests, you sure aren't making an effort to turn us away.”

“Hmm...” Sakuya hums thoughtfully, but doesn't say anything. A few minutes of silence follow as you follow her through the mansion to a large and nicely decorated dining room with a large table surrounded by many chairs, at one end of which is a chair larger than the others, with finely engraved details and a heavily cushioned back, embroidered with a large R. Gee, you wonder whose chair that is. “Please have a seat, the Mistress will be in for tea momentarily,” Sakuya says, gesturing towards the table. You take the invitation first, sitting down on one of the sides in front of a bank of windows, the seat nearest to the large R marked chair. Santa sits at the seat across from you, and Meiling takes the one next to him. Sakuya vanishes from sight, and you're left alone in the room.

“This place brings back some nostalgia,” Santa says, once again managing to give you a sinking feeling.

“Don't tell me, another old friend of yours?” you ask.

“Oh, no, but that doesn't mean I didn't know them,” he says, looking around the dining room. “The Scarlet family, I've visited them every year for a very, very long time. It seems much larger than I remember.”

“So you brought them gifts?” you ask, to which you get a nod.

“That I did. Remilia and Flandre were the two youngest daughters, correct?” he asks. Meiling responds with a nod.

“You know the sisters?” Meiling asks, sounding a little surprised.

“They were human children once,” he says with a sigh, “but then...”

“They weren't born vampires?” you ask, a little surprised. You really didn't know that.

“Of course not,” Santa says with a slight chuckle, “they were human born children, and such nice little girls.” You find yourself needing to restrain your urge to laugh. You have a hard time imagining anyone using the term 'nice' to describe Remilia, ever. You don't get a chance to make a remark on the matter though, as a large door behind Remilia's chair swings open, revealing the girl herself, and her sister Flandre, along with Sakuya.

“Good day,” Remilia says with an agitated tone. “I heard you let yourselves into my home despite warnings otherwise,” she says confidently, walking a few steps through the door.

“It's cold outside, I'm not going to just stand around in the snow and wait for you,” you say, nodding towards Meiling, “besides, she didn't really stop us at the gate and your maid there,” turning your nod towards Sakuya now, “lead us in without a fight and told us to wait in here.”

“Don't try to pin the blame on my servants!” Remilia exclaims loudly, crossing her arms. “You've a lot of nerve to ignore my servants like that and do as you please.”

“Okay,” you say, avoiding the point, “I brought Santa here to meet you, but he seems to know you and your sister already.” Remilia and Flandre's eyes turn to the old man sitting at their table. Remilia doesn't seem fazed, but you can see a sparkle of wonder in Flandre's face.

“Sis, it's Santa!” Flandre says quietly, but not quietly enough to avoid being heard.

“Please, Flandre, Santa isn't real, it's just an old man in a costume, watch,” Remilia states, taking a few more steps towards the table. “Old man, tell me, are you really Santa?”

“That I am, Remilia. It's my pleasure to meet you in person for once, rather than simply leaving a gift for you in the dead of night,” Santa says. Remilia's mouth twitches a bit.

“Then, why haven't you come to deliver presents to my sister and I for so long?” she asks next. Santa's expression grows sad.

“It's because you're vampires, my dear. I don't deliver to... undead,” Santa says, flubbing a bit at the end as if he's uncomfortable with the term. Remilia issues a loud, brief huff of laughter.

“I'm still a human girl!” she states, her bat wings fluttering excitedly behind her proving otherwise. “That's simply an excuse because I've been gifted with eternal life.”

“But we are dead,” Flandre says, which makes Remilia glare back at her.

“Time to truly prove yourself, old man,” Remilia continues, raising her head in a cocky manner. “What did you give me for my tenth Christmas?”

“An exquisitely crafted silver tea set, which you still used up to 10 years ago when your home disappeared from it's grounds. For your sister Flandre, I brought a French made porcelain doll, which as well survived up until your disappearance,” Santa states calmly. Flandre is overcome with a complete sense of surprise, and even Remilia's mouth has fallen open a tiny amount, which she quickly recovers from.

“Well, it would seem you might be the genuine article,” Remilia says proudly, not willing to admit defeat.

“I still have that doll!” Flandre exclaims, “I do! I've kept it safe for so long!”

“That's great to hear,” Santa says, sounding relieved. From how much he knew about them, you can be sure that he knows about Flandre's tendency to break things.

“In any case,” Remilia takes charge again, clearing her throat. “I suppose I'll accept that you are the real Santa Claus, and I'll overlook this gross violation of my personal privacy. Sakuya, some tea for me and my guests, please,” Remilia demands, striding towards the table finally.

And taking a seat directly on Santa's leg. Santa seems surprised, Meiling is surprised, and you know you're ready to die laughing. Even Sakuya has a light smile at the sight.

“Ah! Remi, no fair!” Flandre whines, running up to her sister. “I want to sit on Santa's lap!”

“Don't be a fool, Flandre! I'm not sitting on his lap because I want to,” Remilia claims past a faint pink in her cheeks, “he just happens to be sitting in my seat, and I'm not going to lose my spot just because he's rude and doesn't know how to respect other people's property.” Everyone in the room save Remilia looks at the large R marked chair in unison, then back to Remilia, whose blush has only grown since.

“I believe you might be mistaken, Miss,” Sakuya says as she places a silver cup and saucer down in front of Remilia before moving on to the others. Santa chuckles lightly at the sight of it, and suddenly Remilia seems a lot more self conscious about drinking tea. Flandre scowls, then jumps up into Remilia's veritable throne, an action that gets her another quick glare. “I'm not mistaken, I do prefer this seat over the others, because it allows me a nice view of my garden.”

“The curtains are closed,” you state the obvious.

“So it seems,” Remilia says quickly. “Sakuya! Open the curtains.” Wordlessly, Sakuya complies, heading to the nearest window and drawing the curtains back, revealing not much more but a snow covered yard.

“Also there's snow everywhere, so your garden wouldn't be growing,” you continue with a smile, which only serves to push Remilia closer to the breaking point.

“It's still a wonderful view!” Remilia retorts after a sip of her tea. “I happen to love snow.”

“You're such a liar Remi,” Flandre complains, clearly sulking. “You're a bad girl, you don't deserve to sit on Santa's lap!”

“Quiet, Flandre!” Remilia retorts, placing her tea down. “For the last time, I want to sit here! It has nothing to do with Santa.”

“Remilia,” Santa finally speaks up, placing a hand on the girls shoulder, “why don't you let your sister have a seat too?” Remilia's blush hits critical limit, but she manages to hold her composure against all odds.

“F-fine, since you're the one saying so,” Remilia says, voice quivering a little as she slides off his lap and back onto the ground, “you owe me for so many years, though. Don't think I'll let you off easily.” Flandre quickly vacates Remilia's seat and takes her spot on Santa's lap with a smile and a giggle.

“I always believed in you, Santa Claus,” Flandre says, craning her head back to look up at him. He pats her head with a smile and she giggles again, taking a quick moment to stick her tongue out at Remilia. Now it's Remilia's turn to scowl.

“You know,” you say, leaning across the table a bit to whisper to Remilia. “It would be a lot easier to admit you want to sit in Santa's lap-”

“Be quiet, Reimu!” Remilia hisses, still red in the face. You chuckle to yourself as you withdraw to drink some tea. You finish yours quickly due to the size difference between the cup you typically use and the ones used by Remilia. “I heard there was something about a competition of some sort?” Remilia goes on to ask. The doors start to open again, and Patchouli pokes her head in.

“What's all the commotion I've been hearing?” Patchouli asks, looking through the room.

“Remilia and Flandre were fighting over who gets to sit in Santa's lap,” you answer, to which Patchouli's 'surprised' blink is her reaction on her otherwise expressionless face.

“Santa? As in Santa Claus?” she asks, pushing her way through the door, then setting eyes on the large man in red and white. “Oh, so it seems he is real after all.”

“It would seem so,” Remilia says with a sigh and another annoyed glance at her sister. “I was about to hear about a competition that's been decided.” All eyes turn back to you again.

“Right, okay,” you start, clearing your throat. “Short version of it is, Santa's stuck in Gensokyo and has to leave before nightfall. His reindeer are lost here as well, and they've become youkai. We need to corral them all and get them all together so they can be sent back to the outside world for Christmas. Whoever succeeds gets their hearts desire.”

“Sounds intriguing,” Patchouli says, having turned her attention back to a book sometime during your explanation. “I wonder who will win...”

“My hearts desire,” Remilia says, looking at her empty cup. “I suppose this couldn't be too bad,” she continues, having mostly recovered from her rampant blushing, “for the spirit of Christmas, of course.”

“You just want gifts!” Flandre retorts as she hops down off Santa's lap and turns back to him. “Don't worry Santa! I'll get all your reindeer back!” That proposition seems to have Santa a little concerned, but Remilia quickly steps up.

“You're not going alone Flandre,” Remilia says, then looks over at Meiling, acknowledging her for the first time. “Meiling, you go with Flandre and keep an eye on her.”

“Sure thing, Miss!” Meiling exclaims, leaving her seat and walking over to a slightly annoyed looking Flandre.

“I'll fetch Koakuma and head out as well,” Patchouli says, closing her book. Remilia looks over at her.

“Are you sure?” Remilia asks. “Are you well enough?”

“I'm well, thank you,” Patchouli says, “even if I weren't, this is a rare chance to study magical creatures from the outside. I might have something to learn from the magic in these animals.”

“Very well then,” Remilia says, turning to her maid. “Sakuya, you're coming with me,” Remilia says, walking away from the table. Sakuya wordlessly follows after her. This leaves you and Santa as the last ones in the dining room. You leave your seat, walking around the table.

“Sorry if they bothered you any,” you say, apologizing a little for the treatment he was subject to.

“No worries, Reimu,” Santa says, chuckling slightly. “Even despite their condition, they're still the good girls I once remember.” You can see the smile in his eyes again, and you find yourself smiling as well.

“Well, let's get going. I'm sure the lot of them will be out and about in a few minutes, we should get back to the village and figure out what to do from there. I think there's still a few more people that should hear about this,” you say as the two of you leave the dining room. You easily find your way back to the front doors, and pushing them open, two red and white figures fly off into the morning sky once again.


I HNNNNGGGHH'd a bit writing this. I don't know if it'll have the same effect for all of you.

In before someone points out that a silver tea set wouldn't possibly survive in usable condition for 500 years or something.
No. 108644

That whole scene was pure joy, especially with Remilia desperately hiding the fact she wants to sit in Santa's lap.
No. 108647
I laughed hard at Remilia but, I died several times during that post.

>An exquisitely crafted silver tea set
A vampire drinking from a silver cup? Intriguing.
No. 108648
and I HNNNNNNNNGHed reading it. awesome
No. 108653

Unless Remilia has a specific weakness to silver, I don't count silver as a weakness of vampires in Gensokyo.

Actually, where did the idea of silver as a weakness come from?
No. 108658
>I HNNNNGGGHH'd a bit writing this. I don't know if it'll have the same effect for all of you.
Yes, it had. I'm going to die, in Christmas, thanks to you.

That belief seems to be a confusion with Werewolves, since it was their original only natural weakness (at least since the publication of 'Beast of Gévaudan')
As of why it was chosen as a weaknesses for them... I suppose it was due to their germicidal effects, which were second to none at that time. Isn't the Werewolf and Vampire condition considered a disease?
No. 108659

I believe it came out with people confusing the folktales of the werewolf and lumping them in with stories involving vampires. Also supposedly silver weaponry are blessed thus ingraining the belief of silver being effective against vampires even more.

Most modern fiction describes werewolves as vulnerable to silver weapons and highly resistant to other attacks. This feature does not appear in stories about werewolves before the 19th century. (The claim that the Beast of Gévaudan, an 18th century wolf or wolf-like creature, was shot by a silver bullet appears to have been introduced by novelists retelling the story from 1935 onwards and not in earlier versions

So yeah Remilia is not actually weakened or harmed at all by silver itself. A weaponm that is blessed or strengthen by faith or magic, in the case of Gensokyo's residents however, is another matter.
No. 108660
hurry bro, you have have less than 24 hours to finish the story
No. 108661
This story makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and i don't even celebrate christmass.
No. 108664

I'm not sure where it originated, but it seems to have been more common at one point than it is now. I've seen speculation that the traditional vampiric lack of a reflection is actually derived from a silver weakness - silver was often a key element in the making of mirrors in ye olden days.

It could be similar to how iron is simply a common weakness for various magical beings; silver may well have been simply a catch-all weakness for the undead.
No. 108670
>This thread.
The generic "let's meet Santa and save Christmas!" special in my Touhou? It's more likely than you think!

This has been so packed with d'awwwwwwws and HNNNGGGHHHs that I'm still trying to pry the silly grin off my face. Yukari giving Santa his gap-bag, Sanae's and Meiling's starry-eyed awe for the big man, and reminiscence of little pre-vampire Scarlets, all grown up and now sitting on his lap, all add up to this story being pure joy. I am loving you so hard right now EZMode. Don't you dare drop this, even if it takes through January to finish.

Also, since this seems an appropriate thread for it, and I doubt I'll be back on to say it between now and the 26th:

[x] Merry Christmas! To everyone on the boards!
No. 108671
The village is in quite a buzz by the time you arrive with Santa. Following the crowd to the focal point, you find Chen standing around looking worried while Cupid and another unfamiliar horned youkai in front of a large, red sled looking contraption. Looks like another reindeer was found already, in any case, and this big thing must be Santa's as well, since the two reindeer are sitting on it. The new girl must have been loitering around the village in that case. Shoulder length dirty blonde hair, loose white half-shirt with puffy sleeves over a red leotard, and red and white baggy breeches over the legs. You fly over the crowd with Santa, and a few people in the crowd see you and point you out, and a cheer arises from the crowd, and Cupid once again spots the two of you and flies up to meet you.

“Santa! We found another one!” she cheers, circling the large man.

“I can see that,” he says as the lot of you land, “which of my reindeer are you?”

“Dancer, Mr. Claus,” the girl replies with a slight bow, “I wouldn't expect you to recognize me like this.” Santa nods in acceptance, then rubs the girls head, she smiles at the gesture.

“Excuse me,” a voice rises out of the crowd, and you look back to see a strange box floating through the mass of people. Oh no, it's just Keine's hat. “Pardon me!” she seems to have some trouble getting through the crowd, but with some effort she does break the inner circle and enter the clearing that has formed around the dragon statue, the landmark near where all this is happening.

“Hello Keine,” you say with a slight nod.

“Good morning Reimu!” she says, sounding a little tired, “I'm surprised to see you in town so early, and with someone like this no less.” You smile a bit, for once someone is actually acknowledging your presence over that of Santa.

“Well, I've got a duty to solve problems, right? I think this would count,” you state proudly.

“Would you mind too terribly if I talk to him for a while?” Keine asks, looking over at Santa.

“You want to sit in his lap too?” you muse, smirking all the while.

“Wha- No!” Keine fumes, blushing slightly. She must have thought of it after all. “I mean, he's such an ancient figure from the outside, he must be an amazing source of history, and I can hear about it from someone that lived through it, rather than just in the occasional book.”

“Ah, about work then,” you say. It makes sense, though you do suspect that's not the whole reason she wants to talk to him. “Well, he's probably going to be hanging around town from now on, so you can talk to him as much as you like, but...”

“But...?” Keine repeats with a curious tone.

“The reindeer girls here have been talking about him, haven't they?” you ask, looking around at the crowd.

“They were telling stories about him, yes, but I didn't think that he'd be here too,” she says.

“Well, all the reindeer are here, it seems, and whoever brings them all back gets their hearts desire,” you say quietly, spreading the word to Keine. Her eyes light up at the sound of that, guess she's not above greed either.

“That sounds quite tempting,” Keine says, looking out over the crowd. “This is open to anyone?”

“Of course,” you say, patting her on the shoulder, “you can join the fun too.”

“It wouldn't be proper of me to abandon the town for my own goals, but... really anything I want?” Keine asks, seemingly in conflict over it all.

“Well, he probably can't pull history out of his bag,” you say with a grin. Keine smiles back.

“I suppose it wouldn't hurt to just take a quick look around the outskirts of the forest,” Keine reasons, stepping away, “I'm going to talk with Santa for a bit first though. I'll see you later Reimu.”

“Sure thing,” you say as Keine hurries off. You look around a bit more at the people surrounding the area, looking to see if there's anyone else you recognize in the crowd. You notice a rather unique pair of ears sticking out above the crowd, and a particularly haggard looking rabbit trying to see through the sea of people. Soon enough, Reisen too breaks from the surrounding wall of people.

“Ugh,” she groans as she gets free, “too many people all gathered up like this,” she complains.

“Good to see you too Reisen,” you greet her normally.

“What's all this commotion Reimu? Something happening?” she asks. Right, Reisen's from the moon originally, she probably doesn't know a thing about Christmas or Santa.

“You could say that, it's another incident,” you say, half-turning to look back at the small group of people gathered. “That big man in red is Santa Claus. He's some important man in the outside world, and he needs to be out of Gensokyo by nightfall so he can deliver gifts to all the children of the world. He has a team of reindeer that pull him around, but they've all become youkai and scattered. Whoever collects them gets whatever they desire most,” you explain the situation. Reisen scratches one of her ears, looking contemplative.

“He travels around the world in one night?” she asks, sounding confused. “That isn't even possible by Lunarian technology, and all to give gifts?”

“I don't really know either,” you sigh, shrugging, “but it's what he says, and a few people seem to support it. He seems to be backed by Yukari as well, which is a frightening thought if I think about it.” Reisen blinks in surprise.

“That is a bit unusual,” Reisen says, looking at the man past you, “you think he could be up to trouble?” You chuckle a bit.

“Come on Reisen, even I'm not that trigger happy,” you say, “he seems to be the genuine thing. He's backed by magic, so I don't really doubt his word. He's been doing this for a very long time as well.” Reisen still seems a little confused by the whole idea, but doesn't press on the topic anymore.

“Still, what about that cat?” Reisen says, looking towards the group again. You're confused at first, thinking she means Chen, but then you notice a fairly large black and red cat crouching inside the dragon statue, looking down at Santa.

“That's another thing altogether,” you say, walking over to the statue. The cat doesn't notice you until it's too late, and you grab her by the scruff of the neck and lift her up despite her protesting yowls. A flash of light radiates from the cat, and you drop it. Rin transforms into her youkai body on impact.

“Ehehe, hi Reimu,” Rin says, looking up from her seat on the snowy ground.

“What are you up to out here?” you ask, crossing your arms and trying to look like you mean business.

“I wanted to play above ground, what, is that a crime?” she complains, standing and brushing off the snow that's sticking to her.

“Just behave yourself,” you say, taking a step back.

“Hey, wait,” Rin takes a few steps forward. “What is all this anyway? What's going on?” And great, Rin doesn't know either. You're already tired of repeating yourself though.

“Ask Chen, she'll tell you, that other cat there,” you brush her off, putting the load on Chen. Rin looks back at Chen, then to you.

“Alright,” she says, turning and bounding off. You look back at Reisen.

“What about you?” you ask.

“Eh? Me? Nothing?” Reisen replies in a confused manner.

“You're not going to do anything about this?” you continue questioning.

“Well... I'll keep an eye out,” Reisen says, looking back at Santa's group, “I don't really think I could be given what I want most...”

“Spread the word then,” you say. “Tell others. The faster this gets done, the better.”

“I guess I could do that,” Reisen says thoughtfully, “I should get going anyway, I'm out of medicine for the day.”

“Alright then,” you say, taking a step away, “see you around.”

“Goodbye,” Reisen says, flying off over the crowd. As you see her leaving, more people catch your attention in the air. Sanae, returning with Kanako, Suwako and even Aya. Why not bring the entire mountain? The group greets you as they descend, but Kanako seems the most anxious of the lot of them.

“That's him, right?” Kanako asks, being among one of the few so far that have ignored one red-white in favour of another. “The real Santa?”

“Sanae said it was, didn't she?” Suwako says, looking up at Kanako.

“I need to talk to him,” Kanako says, sounding eager, her eyes are practically shining. Without hesitation, she rushes off ahead to meet the man, leaving a sighing Suwako and smiling Sanae behind.

“It's nice to see Kanako being so youthful,” Sanae sighs.

“You mean acting like a kid, right? I thought that was my game,” Suwako sighs, crossing her arms. “Is she really a goddess? I can't tell.”

“So you brought everyone down, because...?” you ask, looking at Sanae. She smiles a bit.

“Well, I know Kanako wanted to meet him after I mentioned him being here. She said she wanted to learn his secrets about acquiring faith,” Sanae explains, and you sigh.

“I'm here on business!” Aya chips in, waving her notebook. “Something like this has got to be in the news, and I might even get a new camera out of it.” Aya's put her position out in the open so quickly.

“So everyone knows about the offer made, right?” you ask in general, not directing towards anyone in particular.

“Yep,” Suwako says simply, “I thought it would be fun to get out and stretch my legs a bit too, meet him myself as well, but Kanako is all about getting the kind of belief he gets.” You can't help but smirk.

“He wouldn't be here right now if he really did get that kind of belief she wants,” you state. Suwako mirrors your smirk.

“Well, I couldn't exactly tell her that part, it would crush her spirit,” Suwako says.

“Have you gone looking for any more reindeer?” Sanae asks you. You shake your head in response. “Then, shall we go together?”

“I suppose we could,” you say, looking at Aya and then Suwako.

“I'm going to stay with Kanako,” Suwako says, “a big kid like her, I feel like a mother all over again.”

“I'm going to try to get an interview, then get back to the mountain,” Aya says.

“Everyone seems to have their plans, then,” you say. You're glad things are turning out like this. While technically you only wanted to foil Marisa's greed at first by spreading the word, seeing so many people pitch in help to the situation is a nice thing. Namely, you won't have to work as hard. Now, so long as no one else tries to get in your way...

“Reimu?” Sanae breaks your train of thought.

“Ah, yes?” you ask.

“Should we get going? We shouldn't waste time,” she says. You nod in approval. You really don't have the time to waste if you want to get this over with.

Choose order
[] Sanae & Reimu
[] Kanako & Suwako
[] Aya & Momizi
[] Chen & Orin
[] Keine & Mokou
[] Reisen & Tewi
[] Flandre & Meiling
[] Patchouli & Koakuma
[] Remilia & Sakuya
[] Marisa & Alice
([] ??? & ???)



It's when I get comments like this that I really enjoy writing the most. I like to see people enjoying my work, I'm glad you like it!

Now, I'm presenting the only choice in this story now, the order you want to see the pairs individual scenes. There are 10 choices, and 7 reindeer left to find, so not everyone will meet one. The 11th choice is not a write in, but an optional extra scene.

Three votes is all that's needed, though I will continue to write scenes and post them if no consensus is reached. This is solely to decide the order if there's a preferred one, otherwise they'll be in an order of my choosing.
No. 108674
[x] Sanae & Reimu
[x] Kanako & Suwako
[x] Aya & Momizi
[x] Chen & Orin
[x] Keine & Mokou
[x] Reisen & Tewi
([x] ??? & ???)
[x] Flandre & Meiling
[x] Patchouli & Koakuma
[x] Remilia & Sakuya
[x] Marisa & Alice
No. 108677
[-] >>108674
Not exactly how I'd sort them, but not different enough to raise objections. Consider this vote 2.
No. 108678
That Mystery choice has me curious.

([x] ??? & ???)
[x] Sanae & Reimu
[x] Kanako & Suwako
[x] Aya & Momizi
[x] Chen & Orin
[x] Keine & Mokou
[x] Reisen & Tewi
[x] Flandre & Meiling
[x] Patchouli & Koakuma
[x] Remilia & Sakuya
[x] Marisa & Alice

Pretty much the same as the other vote, with one difference.
No. 108679
[x] Suika
[x] Sanae & Reimu
[x] Keine & Mokou
[x] Remilia & Sakuya
[x] Kanako & Suwako
[x] Aya & Momizi
[x] Chen & Orin
[x] Reisen & Tewi
([x] ??? & ???)
[x] Marisa & Alice
[x] Flandre & Meiling
[x] Patchouli & Koakuma
No. 108682
for Kanako, Aya, and Keine, is that going to be more about their meeting with Santa or what they do afterwards?
No. 108683

Their actions afterwards.

Going to try to write one more update for tonight, have the rest done tomorrow probably. Tired as hell, especially after getting back from dealing with my family.
No. 108685
[x] Flandre & Meiling
[x] Reisen & Tewi
[x] Keine & Mokou
[x] Patchouli & Koakuma
[x] ??? & ???
[x] Sanae & Reimu
[x] Aya & Momizi
[x] Chen & Orin
[x] Kanako & Suwako
[x] Remilia & Sakuya
[x] Marisa & Alice

I'd rather leave Reimu until the halfway point, and Marisa & Alice should be a good note to end on. Also, spacing out the SDM crew segments.
No. 108731
I start a story, say I'm going to do a lot of writing, and then get forced into two days of family visiting with another two days to go.

Fucking holidays man, this is worse than usual.
No. 108739

I once tried to get around stuff like that by performing an arcane ritual to shed my mortal shell and become a pure ebon construct of all of humanities' rage and hatred.

So, instead of meeting with a few blood relations, I am now directly related to everyone that was, is, will, and could've. Also I am now allergic to holiday decorations and trimmings.

So the moral of the story is : Do not become an ebon construct of all of humanities' rages and hatreds just so you'll get a little bit of time off. It never works.
No. 108806
[x] Sanae & Reimu

In your effort to not waste time, Sanae and yourself took off flying before you even really decided where to go or where to start looking, leading to a lot of aimless drifting around that eventually brings you along the open fields outside of the human village.

“Let's take a break for now,” Sanae says, floating towards the ground. You agree silently, taking her lead and drifting downwards. Sanae brushes some snow off the top of a fence that lines a section of a road you know lies underneath the snow, and takes a seat on top. She even brushes off some for you, saving you the effort. “Hah... I wish we had some hot springs around,” Sanae idly complains.

“Well, if you feel like warming up, there's a geyser up in the mountains,” you say, recalling the location where the water spouts were first seen back when that business was happening underground.

“Ah, that might be a bit too hot,” Sanae says, stretching her legs out, “I don't want to boil alive, after all.”

“Then you can miracle up some hot springs somewhere,” you say, to which Sanae laughs a bit.

“I think Suwako might be better at doing that than I am,” she admits, “it's her domain after all. My hot spring wouldn't be right, it would end up cooling down and freezing over.”

“It would serve us well for now though,” you say, shivering slightly as a cold wind blows across the area. Sanae sighs.

“It's times like this that I wish I was still outside the border,” Sanae mutters, “it was so... convenient, even though my life was so hectic.”

“Do you miss it that much?” you ask. Sanae seems a little unsure of how to answer.

“I do, and then I don't,” she answers after a few moments of silence. “I miss the conveniences, all the things that made life a little bit easier. I miss television too, to be honest.”

“That so?” you say to keep her talking. You've heard about televisions before, and you still don't really understand how watching people on a screen is supposed to be entertaining.

“My life is better now that I'm here, though, I'm not 'Sanae the Living God' anymore,” Sanae says with a smile, “I'm just Sanae, for the first time ever.”

“That's right, I'd almost forgotten you were revered in the outside world,” you say, which gets a giggle from Sanae.

“See what I mean? No one thinks about my power here because everyone is so powerful on their own, not the case in the outside,” Sanae says while toying with her hair, “they worshiped me as a God because I could make their dreams come true, and I would always be asked to make someone's life just a little better. I always worked hard during the Christmas season too.”

“Granting miracles?” you press.

“Overtly and covertly,” Sanae responds, “people would ask for various things that would make them happier on the outside, but inside they'd still be tormented by their worries and grief.”

“During Christmas? Isn't it supposed to be a happy time?” you ask, now a little interested. Sanae has a small frown, looking a little bothered.

“It's supposed to, yes, but depression is at an all time high during the holiday season, and suicide rates climb as well,” Sanae says, “I find myself more focused on creating miracles to improve people's lives to cheer them up. That's why I can admire someone like Santa Claus,” Sanae smiles a bit again, “he and I aren't too different.”

“Except for the volume of work done,” you state.

“Well, yeah. I might be a miracle worker, but I'd need several myself to circumnavigate the globe, granting everyone's desires,” Sanae says with a laugh. “Santa Claus is someone people look up to with hope, someone they can put their faith in to improve their lives. It was the same way for me, except my existence was public, and I worked more than just one day a year.”

“What a slacker!” you exclaim. “He only works one day a year?”

“Well, yeah, he's Santa Claus, Reimu,” Sanae states, a little confused, “he doesn't exactly do anything else.”

“I sure wish I could only work one day out of a whole year and have everyone love me,” you complain, smirking slightly.

“Santa can get away with it though, because he's magical!” Sanae says, trying to defend her hero. You, however, just give her an amused grin while she stews over what she just said. She seems to have realized the problem.

“Everyone is magical in Gensokyo, Sanae,” you say, which causes Sanae to laugh.

“You're right, you're right. I just never thought I'd actually have to compare Santa's existence to that of a world filled with magical creatures and flying shrine maidens,” Sanae says. This time you have a bit of a laugh yourself.

“It's alright,” you say, floating off the fence, “I've warmed up a bit now,” you state.

“Yeah, me too,” Sanae says, lifting off as well.

“Shall we get going again?” you ask, and Sanae nods. “Now, how about a plan?” you then ask.

“I say we check the edges of the forests, see if we find anyone wandering around,” Sanae says, “then if we don't, we check in at the village, see how progress is going, and then head back out again.”

“Sounds like an okay plan,” you say, looking over the field of snow towards the edge of the forest of magic. “Let's get a move on then.” The two of you fly off after that to enact your plan.

It takes several minutes to reach the forest, and another few to reach the far edge where it ascends onto a mountain, and then begin your sweep. The usual weird appearance of the forest of magic is only amplified by the snow, with many of it's native plants still growing strong despite the layer of snow covering everything, made possible by the strong magic that lives in everything in these woods. The magical glow of the forest, filtered through snow and ice, creates a bizarre rainbow like pattern across the trees and ground as far as you can see into the forest. For a place that's usually so dark and gloomy, it seems so vibrant now. Perhaps the forest could benefit from a permanent layer of snow.

Your flight continues along slowly, with Sanae following behind you a little, just in case someone or something happens out of your line of sight. The precaution turns out to be unneeded after a while, when you spot someone ahead in the trees.

“I see someone,” you say, looking back at Sanae. She nods and moves up to your side, and the two of you move faster to close in on the figure. Your search pays off when you notice the odd horns on this person, looks like you caught another reindeer.

“Hey!” Sanae calls out, catching the persons attention as they leave the tree line. As you get closer, you realize it's a male this time, dressed in a white shirt with a red vest and black pants. He's got slick red hair, and of all things, a glowing red nose.

“You sniff something weird in the forest?” you ask when you get closer. The guy reaches to his face in confusion, then stops.

“Oh, wait, you mean my nose? No, it's supposed to be like that,” he says.

“Wait! You're Rudolph, aren't you?” Sanae blurts, passing by you. The reindeer looks surprised.

“You know my name?” he asks. Well, that just confirms it then.

“We're trying to find all of the reindeer,” you say, reaching Sanae's side. “Santa's here and he needs you all back so you can go home.” 'Rudolph' looks a little upset at this.

“Why's he want to go back? It's so cool here,” he says, looking back at the forest, “so many interesting places, and the people seem just as unique. Besides,” he pauses, looking down at himself, “we've become like this, I want to see what it's like to be a human.”

“You might look like one, but you're not human,” you state, “it's just common here for magical animals to become human-like.”

“All the more reason to stay!” Rudolph declares.

“Is the story true?” Sanae asks out of the blue, confusing both you and the reindeer.

“Story?” Rudolph asks.

“About how Santa got you on his team,” Sanae says, sounding a little sad. Rudolph seems proud though.

“It's a little exaggerated, but it's mostly true,” he says, beaming. His mood is ruined in an instant when Sanae's gohei smacks down across his head. “Ah! Ow! Hey!”

“I can't believe you!” Sanae exclaims, angrily now. “Santa believes in your ability to guide his sleigh and depends on you, and this is how you repay him? Desertion?”

“It's not like that!” Rudolph whines, “I just wanted to play around a bit!”

“We don't have time for reindeer games!” Sanae retorts, flying forward and grabbing for Rudolph, though he moves away before he's grabbed.

“Wait, wait,” he says, trying to calm Sanae down, “I'll go back if I have to, you don't need to force it,” he says, sounding a little sad. “Maybe I'll have time yet to play around a little before we leave.”

“That might be the case,” you say, “we do still have to find all the reindeer. So far we only have two others, so depending on how long it all takes...”

“I see,” Rudolph says, rubbing his chin, “I suppose that would probably be enough time.”

“Alright then,” you say, flying towards the village slightly, “let's go.” Rudolph floats after you, and Sanae flanks him from the other side, probably to try to make sure he doesn't try to run. She still looks a little upset, but seems glad enough that the situation is resolved. “I have to say, I'm a little surprised,” you say after a short while.

“Why's that?” Rudolph asks.

“Usually when something strange is going on and I go out to investigate, I end up having to shoot my way through a bunch of troublemakers to reach the mastermind and then beat them,” you say. Rudolph looks a little disturbed by this.

“That sounds dangerous,” he says, concerned, but you just shake your head.

“Not at all, really, I just give them a bunch of these,” you say, pausing for a moment before firing a blast of light from your hand into the ground, kicking up a plume of snow, “and they give up eventually.”

“Wha-!?” Rudolph floats away from the burst of snow in surprise. “What was that!?”

“Huh? You didn't know about danmaku?” you ask, only just realizing that he's probably never heard of it before.

“Dan-what?” he asks, confused.

“Not important right now,” you say, waving him down. “I'll tell you more when we reach the village, maybe even teach you a little.”

“Now I want to stay even more!” Rudolph whines, coming down to join you and Sanae again.

“Maybe you'll get a Christmas miracle,” you say. With the reindeer back with you, the three of you make your way towards the village.


Holy shit, I get time to write? Yesterday was a laugh. "We'll only be there for two hours!" Six hours later... At the very least, I don't think all the people that were supposed to come today will be coming because lolfamily drama. Gee, I wonder if it has anything to do with having everyone together for several fucking days straight when each person individually is barely capable of handling themselves, let alone others.

And yet I'm forced to visit and deal with people that can't stand each other because 'they're family'. Fuck family.
No. 108809
Rudolf the male reindeer? This is going to be interesting considering how some of the others are female. I can see things getting interesting around here.

But I wonder if once they leave if they'd be stuck in animal form again or being able to change (like Orin can from cat to human form)

Nice story so far.
No. 108815
Meh, it's more like giving people you hate a fourth or fifth chance.
No. 108841
Yes, Rudolf the reindeer, Sanae's friend Honshuu, and Erin, the doctor from Eientei.


No. 108843
I love this story. Keep up the good work.

Dear lord.
No. 108848

Oh look, you again. Are you going to once again make excuses about how remembering six letters is beyond anyone without eidetic memory?
No. 108849

... I think you guys missed the joke. Read what that guy said a second time. Slowly.
No. 108851

...Shit, you're right. I blame the late hour.
No. 108896
I don't get it.
No. 109040
[x] Kanako & Suwako

“Kanako, it won't work the same way!” Suwako complains, flying alongside her old friend.

“Of course it will!” Kanako gasps, not willing to let go of the idea that had been forming in her head.

“If you start sneaking gifts into people's homes in the dead of the night, people will just think it was Santa,” Suwako remarks, causing Kanako a bit of a hassle.

“Well, I suppose I'll just have to mark it in some way, let them all know it was me,” she states.

“More often than not, if people believe you're behind it, they'll think you have ulterior motives,” Suwako sighs.

“What!? When have I ever had such a reason?” Kanako asks, clearly not thinking about her own past in Gensokyo. The amount of trouble she's caused, either directly or indirectly, was the greatest of all. While the youkai of the mountain had accepted her as a deity, the rest of Gensokyo typically viewed her as another rambunctious type, and her name was slowly coming to a level of notoriety once only claimed by Yukari, as a label for unusual circumstances.

“Kanako, please,” Suwako groans, “look, if you really want to expand your faith, just let me help you out-”

“No way!” Kanako butts in, waving her arm at Suwako. “You've done enough for me already, I want to do this with my own powers.”

“At least let me do the planning,” Suwako continues.

“What are you saying? You don't think I can do this alone?” Kanako asks, putting on an air of slight offense.

“Yes, I am,” Suwako replies bluntly, “you can't just run off and start giving people gifts as a method of bringing in faith, it simply won't work the way you intend it to.”

“Why not?” Kanako asks, sounding genuinely annoyed now.

“You want to bring in more faith as a deity, something that elevates your status as a god. If you start flying around giving people presents with no ulterior motive, then you'll get the same status as Santa himself,” Suwako explains.

“And what's so bad about that?” Kanako asks.

“It's something people take for granted,” Suwako states, “how often do you hear of people offering prayers to Santa? Putting their faith in him?”

“Uh...” Kanako whimpers, starting to catch on.

“People want to believe in him, yes, but they don't think of him like a deity. He's a mythical figure, one that they simply look up to for a little holiday spirit, and in the end he pulls through and gives them a gift, regardless of what they believe,” Suwako says. Kanako drops her head in defeat as they arrive at the shrine gate.

“So it won't work after all,” Kanako mutters, landing at the gate in a sulk.

“Not the way you have it planned,” Suwako says, floating down but not landing, “your idea can still work-”

“Ah ha!” Kanako blurts, reverting straight to her cock-sure attitude, “but you said it wouldn't!”

“Not if you wanted to pretend to be Santa,” Suwako smirks, “but it will if you pretend to be a Goddess.”

“How rude!” Kanako says, bending to get some snow and tossing a loosely packed chunk of it at Suwako. It misses Suwako by a wide margin. “I am a Goddess, you know.”

“Of course,” Suwako says smugly, “which is why I was the one doing all the work from behind the scenes?” Kanako only laughs in response, not having much else to come back with.

“So what should I do?” Kanako asks.

“First, you need to take more trips down to the human village, and then simply work your powers for their benefit,” Suwako explains, “fulfill requests for them, help them out with problems, grant them good luck, and ask for nothing in return.”

“Wha-!? Wait, won't they just take advantage of me?” Kanako asks.

“Some will, yes,” Suwako replies “it's just how people can be sometimes, asking things of the higher powers only when it's convenient for them and paying no respects otherwise. You should be able to tell the difference between a genuine believer and someone just looking for an easy way out.” Kanako looks worried again.

“This sounds kind of like what we were doing with Sanae,” Kanako mutters, which gets her an amused look from Suwako.

“No, really? And look how well it worked with her,” Suwako says, grinning, “of course, she's also got moe appeal, and being a descendant of mine was certainly a help.” Kanako furrows her brow at the last bits.

“Well excuse me for not having children,” Kanako complains in a huff.

“There's just not the same kind of appeal in an old wo-”

“Aah!” Kanako shouts, cutting Suwako off. “Is that all I have to do for this to work, or are you just going to keep making fun of me?”

“Old maid,” Suwako blurts, and a strong wind kicks up from Kanako, causing a flurry to storm through the area. When the brief storm clears, Suwako brushes the gathered snow off her hat with a laugh. “Alright, alright,” she says, straightening her hair with her hands.

“So?” Kanako asks, hoping to get a final answer on her previous question.

“We could always dress you up to improve your ima-” Suwako starts again with a smile, only to be cut off by another snowball.

“I'll go inside and plan, I know enough for this to work now anyway,” Kanako says, kicking through the snow on the way to the shrine. Suwako floats around Kanako and keeps pace along side of her.

“By the way, did you think to keep an eye out on the way back?” Suwako asks, and Kanako only looks at her in confusion.

“For what? I didn't know I was supposed to be looking for something,” Kanako states in confusion, which causes Suwako to sigh again.

“Santa's reindeer,” Suwako flatly replies, “they're lost in Gensokyo?”

“Oh! I forgot!” Kanako exclaims, looking back down the path away from the shrine. “Should we go back and look?”

“Good thing I made sure to look along the way, then,” Suwako says, following Kanako's eyes. “I didn't see anything unusual along the way, and I didn't feel any unfamiliar energies.” Kanako seems appeased, a bit too easily maybe.

“I trust in your abilities, if you didn't notice any, then maybe there are none here,” Kanako says, turning back to the shrine.

“Well, let's hurry up and get inside then, we can continue our little discussion on how you're going to win faith through the power of gifting miracles,” Suwako says, shivering a little. This time, Kanako is the one grinning.

“What's wrong Suwako? You cold out here?” Kanako asks smugly.

“I can't help it, my body is smaller than yours,” she replies, rubbing her legs in midair. “This outfit isn't very warm up here in the mountains either.”

“You're such a child,” Kanako retorts with a laugh.

“At least my young body still has some moisture to freeze you dried up old ha-”

“Hey!” Kanako cuts her off, then they both start laughing, calling each other names all the way into the shrine.


Finally back to writing now, going to get most of the scenes done tonight.
No. 109043
[x] Aya & Momizi

The reporter tengu made her way up the mountain after a successful interview, the first of it's kind with the legendary gift bringer of the outside world, Santa Claus. She was the last to leave thanks to her work, but she didn't mind. For once, she had genuinely exciting news to print rather than rehashing stories most of Gensokyo likely don't typically know about or even care to know.

Swooping down to her home-slash-office hidden among the trees on the mountain, Aya rushes inside, hastily discarding her winter coat and accessories in the hallway along the way to her study. She sits at her desk, dropping her notebook on the surface and opening it to the page she used during the interview. With all the material still fresh in her mind, she sets to work immediately, writing the first draft of her planned cover story article.

Despite making good progress in the beginning, she starts to slow down after a few minutes of writing. The words don't come along as easily as they should, and despite her own excitement over the subject, she can't seem to get any of her ideas out. Sitting back with a sigh, she drops her pen on the desk and stretches.

“I probably need to calm down,” Aya mutters to herself, staring at her ceiling. She slides from her seat and heads out of the room, on her way to prepare some tea. Several minutes later, one hot pot of tea is ready. As she starts to claim a cup from her cupboard, there is a knock at her door. Setting the tea business aside for now, she heads to the door and finds Momizi outside.

“Hello,” she says, trying not to look cold.

“Hello Momizi,” Aya says with a smile, looking the girl over, “you okay out there?”

“Fine! Perfectly fine!” Momizi replies, suppressing a shiver. Aya easily sees through her tough presentation.

“You know, I just made a pot of tea...” Aya says, intentionally leaving the end of her sentence open. Momizi's ears perk up immediately.

“Oh? Well, I suppose I could come in for a cup,” Momizi decides on her own, dropping the act as she hustles through the door shivering, shaking snow off her tail. She quickly kicks off her shoes and discards her own limited snow gear, barely enough to keep one warm, but the standard issue for the Mountain Watch. Scant second later, the two girls are back in the kitchen, enjoying hot cups of tea. Momizi's tail wags slowly in the meantime, an action she tries to hide by leaning back against things.

“So, you getting off your shift just now?” Aya asks, to which Momizi nods.

“Yeah, I finally got a call to come back in, I've been on special duty for the last couple hours,” Momizi sighs, “I was already cold then, I was absolutely freezing until I came here.”

“And what if I wasn't home?” Aya asks over her tea. Momizi blinks in surprise, as if the idea hadn't occurred to her.

“Well, I suppose I would freeze to death huddled on your doorstep,” Momizi answers with a grin, which Aya returns.

“That wouldn't do, having you just sitting there on my porch. If you're going to freeze to death, try to do so in a statuesque pose so I could have something to put in my yard for the rest of the winter,” Aya jokes.

“I'll bring a bucket of water with me the next time then,” Momizi adds onto the joke, stopping to drink some tea. “Why wouldn't you be home, though?”

“News story down in the village,” Aya says, walking out of the kitchen towards her office and waving for Momizi to follow. She leads the dog-eared girl to her office, and over to her desk, where she motions to the page containing the article so far. “A popular magical figure of the outside world is in Gensokyo on accident, so I went to get an interview from him. It's both a very insightful look into magic in the outside world and a bit of research into the existence of legendary figures as well.”

“Wow, that sounds pretty exciting,” Momizi says with clear surprise, “and it's not made up?”

“Not by me, at least,” Aya says, sipping her tea, “I'm only reporting what I've heard straight from the source himself, though I have no real reason to doubt him anyway.”

“That's pretty incredible, real news about the outside world and magic? That's better than the local gossip,” Momizi says off-handedly.

“Tell me about it,” Aya sighs, but perks back up again, “Santa Claus and his magical reindeer, lost in Gensokyo.”

“Reindeer?” Momizi asks.

“Ah, you see, the man, Santa, travels around the world in a sleigh driven by 9 magical reindeer that can fly. It seems they've all landed here in Gensokyo, and his reindeer have become youkai and run off, leaving him sort of stranded,” Aya explains.

“What do the reindeer look like?” Momizi asks, taking on a thoughtful look.

“I don't really know, all I got was a description of how they looked before they transformed, now they'd look like a typical youkai, but they have strange horns that give them away,” Aya says. Momizi's eyes widen.

“You know, I'm not sure about this, but the reason I was out on special duty after the end of my regular shift was because someone caught a strange youkai wandering around the mountain, and they said that there were others out there too. I was out looking for any youkai with unusual horns,” Momizi says, having made the connection. Aya is surprised now too.

“Is the captured one still in custody?” Aya asks

“Maybe,” Momizi says, sipping at her tea, “we could go check, but I heard it was really fast and hard to catch, it might have been able to escape.”

“I hope not,” Aya says, setting down her cup on her desk and heading towards the door.

“Aya, wait, where are you going?” Momizi says, following after her.

“I need to see that youkai, see if it is one of Santa's reindeer,” Aya says, gathering her winter clothes off the hallway where she dropped them.

“Is it that important?” Momizi asks, taking larger drinks from her tea. She's also carrying Aya's cup, which she eventually takes and quickly starts to finish.

“He needs them back before nightfall, or else there'll be problems. Anyone that brings back his reindeer gets a reward as well, whatever they want as a gift,” Aya states, and Momizi's tail starts to wag again.

“Anything?” Momizi asks, obviously already running through ideas in her head.

“Leave the thinking for later, we've got to go now,” Aya says, finishing her tea. Momizi gulps down the last of hers, and the two leave the empty cups on a table near the door back to outside as they leave. Together, they fly straight to the guard post where the captive was brought, finding higher than usual security detail.

“Hello Momizi, Aya,” one of the guards greets the two girls as they drop down by the door.

“You have a prisoner here that was caught on the mountain?” Aya asks. The guard nods.

“She's tried to escape twice so far, fast little bugger,” the guard says, smiling slightly, “she'd give you a run for your money, Aya.”

“Oh really,” Aya says, smiling as well, getting excited again. As much as she loves good news stories, she loves a challenge as well. Combining both? “I need to meet this girl.”

“Alright,” the guard says, readying her own sword and turning to the door. The guard on the opposite side readies herself as well as they open the door and call inside announcing the arrival of Aya and Momizi, only to be met with a blur as a figure bolts past them, nearly colliding with the two girls outside. Aya catches a brief glimpse of multi-branched horns in the brief moment of near contact before the girl bolts away and soars into the air, with Aya leaving after her not more than a second later. The course rapidly changes from open air to the tree line as the girl realizes she's being chased, leading to a high speed chase through the trees, two figures bobbing and weaving through the obstacle course at speeds impossible to humans.

The trees start to thin and the two girls ascend into the air, with the horned one once again taking the lead. She stops in midair, then quickly turns and streaks back towards the trees. The short time she's stopped and facing her gives Aya enough time to snap a picture of the girl before giving chase again back towards the trees. The horned girl dives back into the trees, but Aya stays above the canopy while she looks at the details caught in the viewscreen of her camera. Very short, almost boyish green hair, a tight fitting teal top with a pair of white stripes crossing the left breast from the side to the center, and a tight, dark red pair of pants. Tucking her camera back away, Aya dives into the trees and finds herself nearly within arms reach of her, a fact which seems to surprise the runaway, who makes an effort to ram into Aya. An effort which fails when Aya latches onto the girls arm and flies above her, grabbing her by the shoulders.

“Hey, stop!” Aya shouts, trying to stop the horned girl without having to use force. The girl doesn't respond other than to try to shake Aya off, she instead she hooks her arms under her shoulders and changes her own flight direction, causing the both of them to violently jerk to a stop. One of Aya's arms slips, and the horned girl starts to break free again.

“Let go!” she shouts, grabbing Aya's remaining arm. Aya in turns grabs hers, and the deadlock has returned.

“Just hold on a second, I want to talk to you!” Aya exclaims. “You're one of Santa's reindeer?” The girls eyes widen at that, she must be if that's her reaction.

“You know about Santa, then?” the girl asks.

“Yeah,” Aya replies, intending to say more, but getting cut off by the reindeer's outburst.

“If you knew, then why did you have me captured and holed up?” the girl complains, releasing her grip on Aya's arms somewhat.

“No, I know, but the others don't,” Aya explains, “I talked to him in the village, I'm a reporter.”

“Santa's here too?” she asks, sounding surprised.

“Yes, he is, and he's been looking for you and the others,” Aya says.

“Hey!” Momizi calls out, flying over the area and looking for any sign of Aya and the runaway.

“Down here!” Aya calls out, and a few seconds later, the white wolf descends. The reindeer looks visibly nervous at the sight of her.

“Oh, you caught her,” Momizi smiles as she lands and takes a step towards the two, which causes the captured reindeer to step away.

“Uh...” Aya looks at the reindeer.

“Wolf,” the reindeer says, looking at Momizi. Momizi is confused for a second, before the realization hits her.

“Oh! Oh, no, don't worry,” Momizi says reassuringly, “I don't hunt other youkai for food.” This doesn't seem to calm the reindeer any, but she doesn't make any attempts to escape.

“Anyway,” Aya starts again, calling the reindeer's attention away from Momizi, “your name?”

“Dasher,” the girl replies, “I'm the fastest one on the team.”

“I've seen that,” Aya replies with a smile, “that was a great chase we had there.” Dasher smiles a bit as well.

“It's crazy, I've never been this small since I was a calf, I can move between things so much better, it's exhilarating,” Dasher says excitedly.

“How's this sound then,” Aya starts, letting go of the reindeer. “We've got to get you back down the mountain and to the village to Santa, but to just fly there normally would be a bore, so...”

“A race then?” Dasher finishes the idea.

“I don't know if I can keep up,” Momizi laughs, “I suppose I can try.”

“Let's go then,” Aya says, and the three girls all take off within the same second. Momizi falls behind slightly in comparison to Aya and Dasher, but doesn't get entirely left behind. The three of them take their race down the mountain, passing through the woods, over the waterfall and down the river until they hit the foot of the mountain, and continue along on their journey through another, thicker forest. After a few minutes of dodging trees, Dasher flies out above the trees, with Aya and Momizi behind her, the three of them laughing.

“That's too much for me,” Dasher says, looking down at the thick forest, “I almost crashed one too many times there, I'm still not used to this body.”

“It's always like that so soon after the transformation,” Aya says with a smile, “I'd like to see how good you get once you've developed more.”

“That would be nice,” Dasher says, smiling back, “for now though, let's just race back in the open air.”

“Sounds good,” Aya says in response as the three fly towards the village in the distance.
No. 109056

Too bad, if Kanako didn't dress in such a old maidish fashion, she'd get her share of male attention.
No. 109067
The current checklist:
[x] Dasher
[x] Dancer
[ ] Prancer
[ ] Vixen
[ ] Comet
[x] Cupid
[ ] Donner
[ ] Blitzen
[x] Rudolph
No. 109083
>[ ] Prancer
In before gay reindeer.
No. 109094
I was thinking the same thing myself. And would Vixen have any fox-like qualities?
No. 109105
Do not want. But really, as long as Donner is not a cannibal, I'll be fine.
No. 109208
[x] Chen & Orin

“You're a cat too?” Chen asks as the two girls meet again in an alley outside of the crowd of people gathered at the statue plaza.

“Sure am!” Orin replies, flicking her two tails behind her. “I think we're different species though.”

“Huh? There are other species of cats?” Chen questions, to which Orin smiles.

“Of course! I could be a housecat, or a tiger, or even a lion!” Rin states. Chen has a somewhat confused look on her face. “You're a nekomata, correct?” Orin asks, even though she knows the answer. Chen nods predictably. “I'm a Kasha, you see.” Chen's face is blank, much to Rin's annoyance. “You never heard of Kasha.”

“No,” Chen shakes her head, “I don't really know a lot about youkai. I've been Ran's shikigami for a long time, I only know what she's taught me.”

“And she didn't teach you anything about other kinds of youkai?” Orin asks, finding it a little hard to believe someone would care for someone and not teach them this kind of thing. Chen looks sad that she doesn't know.

“Sorry,” Chen apologizes, bowing her head a little.

“It's okay,” Orin sighs, jumping up onto a roof from the alley. Chen jumps up after a moment of hesitation, and the two walk along the snow covered rooftops. Rather, they take a few steps until Chen slips and slides off the roof with a cry and a thud. Another sigh, and Rin jumps down after her. “Are you really a cat?”

“I hate cold weather,” Chen grumbles, swatting snow off her clothes and tails, “it's all slippery and cold, and snow everywhere, ugh.”

“You know, it's worse in the underground where I come from,” Orin says, getting quite a reaction from Chen.

“Snow!? Underground?” Chen asks, amazed from the sound of it.

“Yeah, you wouldn't think it's possible because, well, underground, y'know,” Orin says.

“How does it even snow underground?” Chen asks, still in awe of the discovery. Rin freezes up at the realization that she actually doesn't know either. She's never really stopped to think about it before.

“Uh, hahaha... it's complicated,” Rin lies, waving the question off before walking along again. Chen seemingly accepts that explanation, tagging along with Rin.

“So you live underground?” Chen asks.

“Yep,” Rin answers, nodding slightly. “It's a pretty nice place, way different from up here.” Chen simply waits in silence, expecting Orin to continue. “You see, the only village below ground is full of youkai, kind of like the human village here.”

“Oh?” Chen gasps in surprise. “Do humans come to the youkai village to play?” Rin giggles slightly, preparing to answer negatively when she recalls something.

“Actually, that has been happening,” she says, partially to herself. Human visitors had been increasing. First Reimu and Marisa, then a few other locals curious or lost, then that one guy Yuugi brought down for a job.

“You think I could go down there too?” Chen asks. Rin is quick to reply.

“I don't think so. The underground is off limits to youkai that don't already live there, unless on special business,” Rin states, which seems to annoy Chen.

“Why's that?” Chen asks angrily.

“It's to keep the peace. It's kind of a prison, even though it's a village, it's also a prison. Built from the remnants of the old hell, and a place that youkai that are too dangerous or their powers too troublesome to live above ground are banished,” Rin explains, which rapidly changes Chen's attitude. “Of course, not everyone down there is bad. The ones that were born underground aren't quite as bad, but they're trapped all the same. The oni look out for everyone and keep the peace on top of it all. If youkai were able to come and go as they please, it would irritate a lot of the ones that have been living there for hundreds of years, and then there'd be a lot of problems.”

“That's still not fair,” Chen says, still a bit upset, “I want to see the underground. Maybe I'll ask Yukari to just gap me there.” Rin's tails stiffen instantly.

“Yukari?” Rin repeats, which confuses Chen, who only nods. “You, uh... know her well?”

“She's my Master's Master,” Chen says. Rin blinks a few times in surprise.

“Wait, 'Master's Master'?” Rin asks.

“I'm a shikigami to Master Ran, she's a kyuubi. Ran is Yukari's shikigami,” Chen says. After a few seconds, Rin starts to smile. “Huh? What's up?”

“If you have Yukari backing you, then you don't have any worries,” Rin says, patting Chen on the shoulder, “just tell her you want to go underground, I'm sure you'll be fine.” Chen brightens at that news.

“I can't wait to visit!” Chen cheers. Rin allows her a few seconds to expend energy, she really is a childish kind.

“Anyway, Chen,” Rin says after Chen settles down a little. Chen looks up at her expectantly. “You have any particular plans right now?”

“Huh? Wasn't there those animals Santa was looking for?” Chen asks, only now thinking on the matter that has passed. Rin's tails flick around behind her.

“I don't know if I want to bother with that,” Rin says, “reindeer aren't really my thing.” The two catgirls continue along the alley, eventually exiting onto a street.

“Your thing?” Chen repeats for clarification.

“Ever heard of a cat chasing a reindeer?” Rin asks, Chen shakes her head.

“All the cats I talk to spend all their time sleeping in the sun or chasing mice,” Chen says.

“Exactly,” Rin says, stepping in front of the younger cat. “So with all the mice huddled away in their holes, I'm going to go find a place to nap,” Rin says, turning away to leave.

“Well, there is one mouse around,” Chen says, catching Rin's attention.

“You don't say?” she asks, smiling widely.

No more than a few minutes pass before the pair of cats are crouched in trees over looking a road into the village.

“So she lives around here?” Rin asks, looking over at Chen, who is looking down at the road.

“Yeah, her and her friends settled in not too long ago,” Chen says, looking further down the path. “I think I see her coming.” Rin tenses up, lowering herself into a position on the branch she sits on to allow her to pounce down quickly. Chen gets into position as well. A few seconds later, a girl walks beneath the tree the two cats are poised in. With her round ears and long tail, there's no doubt about the mouse's nature. She stops for a second as she walks past, looking around the area. Taking the opening, Rin makes her move, leaping down from the tree.

One quick flash of black and Rin crashes to the ground, holding her head and rolling around in the snow.

“Owowowowowow!” she cries, rubbing the sore spot on the top of her head.

“Nazrin!” Chen calls, dropping down from the tree and nearly meeting the same fate as she mouse girl brings back one of her dowsing rods, holding it like a sword.

“Chen? What's going on here!?” Nazrin asks, a bit bewildered.

“Sorry! I was telling Rin about a mouse that lived around here and she wanted to play,” Chen explains. Nazrin looks down at the girl she downed, who is now sitting in the snow, packing a bit of the cold substance onto her head.

“You know I don't like being 'hunted',” Nazrin complains, dropping the dowsing rod to her side and scolding Chen, “now I've hurt her.”

“Chen! You never told me she'd have a weapon!” Rin complains as well. Before the two fronted attack, Chen recoils a bit.

“Sorry...” Chen says quietly, dropping her head, “I didn't really think about this. Sorry both of you,” Chen apologizes. Nazrin and Rin exchange looks, then both look back to Chen.

“Well, no harm done,” Nazrin says, bumping shoulders with Chen.

“Hey! What about my head!?” Rin complains, getting to her feet.

“No harm done!” Nazrin repeats, waving the dowsing rod around absently. “I was just on my way into town to pick up some tea and a few things, we've run out back at home serving a guest.”

“A guest?” Chen asks, sounding a little surprised. “Not a follower?”

“No, apparently she found herself here today, alongside her friends. She seemed really confused about a lot of things, but Byakuren and the others treated her to some breakfast, and that's when they realized we were out of a lot of things,” Nazrin says, causing the cats to look at each other for a moment.

“Is she still there?” the two of them ask in near unison.

“Maybe?” Nazrin says, starting to get a little curious about the two girls behaviour.

“Let's go back, this is important,” Orin says, throwing one arm around Nazrin's shoulders, “lead the way!”

“Chen?” Nazrin says, looking over at the other cat. Chen just tilts her head.

“Can we please go back, we need to find this girl,” Chen says. With a sigh, Nazrin submits herself to the two cats and leads them back to the temple. In the tense minutes that follow, not a word is said until they reach the temple grounds. Nazrin takes the two up to a building and lets them in. The women of the teple are sitting around, talking and drinking tea. Shou looks over at Nazrin and her charges.

“Oh, Nazrin, back already?” she asks.

“Sorry Shou, I haven't made it to the village yet. Just bringing some cats I ran into along the way here. Said they wanted to try to meet the guest we had,” Nazrin explains.

“You just missed her,” Byakuren says, sounding a bit apologetic herself, “she left not too long ago, saying she had to find the others and get back home.”

“Really?” Chen asks, sounding disappointed.

“We missed her?” Orin asks, sounding annoyed.

“Oh no, are the two of you friends of hers?” Byakuren asks.

“No, it's just... complicated,” Orin says, rubbing the sore spot on her head. Shou sees the action and glares at Nazrin.

“Nazrin, did you hit her with one of your rods?” Shou asks of the mouse, who instantly straightens up.

“Huh!? How can you even tell?” she asks in surprise and confusion.

“I remember Chen was the same way hen she first came around here after you hit her for trying to hunt you,” Shou says, moving away from the table to get a closer look at Rin. As she gets closer, Rin is struck with a realization.

“Hey, you're a cat too?” she asks, and Shou simply grins.

“I'm a tiger, in fact,” she replies.

“A cat is a cat,” Ichirin says, looking over the group.

“Why not join us for tea at least?” Shou offers. Chen gladly accepts, but Rin is a little hesitant.

“I kind of want to try to find that girl that left here,” Rin mentions.

“She left in a bit of a hurry. I doubt she's anywhere near here anymore,” Byakuren says, “you likely wouldn't have much luck chasing her.” At that, Rin deflates slightly.

“Yeah, I suppose. I think I need to sit down for a little bit anyway,” Rin says as she's lead over to the table with the rest of the group. Nazrin leaves for the village again as the tea is shared with the two newcomers. The fact they missed the reindeer quickly leaves the minds of the two cats as they find themselves in the company of Byakuren's temple group.


I've really got to get my writing back on track and stop being so fucking lazy. It's been how long since I've updated any of my normal stories?

Sometimes I wonder how I still have readers given how shit my track record of updating has become.
No. 109214
>that one guy Yuugi brought down for a job.

Ha, I got that reference (it's your story in /others/)

And it's a cute little scene.

I still read your stories (well most of them, I think I'll read FoLS after it finishes)
No. 109217

I originally intended to implement those two as one of the character pairs, but I decided not to in favor of the mystery choice.
No. 109231
I still read your stuff, except for Gensou Coil, but that's because I never really got into Dennou Coil. Yours seems better though, so I might pick it up sooner or later.

>I think I'll read FoLS after it finishes
I think you're going to be waiting a long time.
No. 109239
I must say, the image of Nazrin whacking Rin over the head with a dowsing rod made my day.

When you do get around to updating regularly again, you'll definitely have readers. Myself included.
No. 109322

Gensou Coil is somewhat based on Dennou Coil, but it's not exactly required to watch to get the story. Though, those that have seen the show would have an easier time understanding certain things and be more likely to pick up on certain things story-wise.

Otherwise though, I see it more as an AU-Touhou high school slice of life kind of thing, especially given the current events.
No. 109326
[x] Keine & Mokou

Keine was busy at home, writing down everything she had learned on the first piece of paper she could find. While she had a genuine interest in Santa Claus as a person, her conversations with him turned towards the most natural of subjects, history. It was a fascinating conversation for her, through brief and mostly rushed due to the growing line of people that had gathered behind her looking for an audience with him, she hung on his every word. Not only had he been alive for many events in history and seen them in passing as an observer, but he also had more in depth knowledge of these events the world over, many of which Keine had only heard small details about in whatever materials she could gather that came in from the outside world. With this new knowledge she had, there was no way she could let it go undocumented.

She writes quickly, committing memory to paper before it has a chance to fade. A brief thought passes through her mind, bringing a smile to her face. It was like when she met Mokou, another survivor of Earth's long history, and someone that had personally seen a great many events unfold. They were similar in that sense, and with Mokou on her mind, Keine decides to pay her long lived friend a visit after she's done with her records. Keine finishes rather quickly, filling just under twenty pages with information and notes, written as a transcript of a conversation rather than a straight factual analysis of history, she'd always have time to go over it again later, but for now it was done. Her only regret is that she would soon lose this incredible source of history, once he leaves Gensokyo.

However, she cannot wait to tell Mokou about everything that's happened today already, even though it's barely even noon. Having not even removed her winter clothes, Keine simply slips her shoes back on when she prepares to leave again, taking a moment to pack up some onigiri she had made earlier, and intended to have for lunch. With everything together, Keine flies off towards the bamboo forest. She's familiar enough with the area to navigate her way to a small house built in the thickest part of the forest, a place not many would be able to find even by accident. She lands at the door, knocking quickly. A few thumps and a shuffle later and the door creaks open.

“Mmn, Keine? Wha're you doin' so early,” Mokou mumbles, rubbing sleep from her eyes, dressed in only a long white shirt.

“Still sleeping Mokou?” Keine asks, smiling at her friend gently.

“Not anymore, a'least,” Mokou replies, stifling a yawn, “come to visit?”

“Of course,” Keine says, holding up the small bundle she's carrying, “got some breakfast for you too.” Mokou eyes the budle, then reaches out to take it, opening the door for Keine.

“Come in then,” Mokou says, stepping back and letting the woman in. By the time Keine's gotten her shoes and coat off, Mokou's already finished eating one of the rice balls. “So wha-”

“You'll never believe it!” Keine interrupts, practically bursting at the seams with excitement. “Santa Claus landed in Gensokyo, and he's in the human village!” Mokou just gives Keine a strange stare.

“I thought I was the one that was still asleep,” Mokou says, finishing off her first ball, “you sure it's not just some loon from the outside?”

“He's the real thing, Mokou!” Keine ecstatically bursts, “he can fly, and he's got so much knowledge about history and the outside, it's- ah~” Keine breaks to daydream again, to which Mokou just smirks, flopping herself down onto a bed situated in the corner of the small, two room building. Even Mokou is remembering the time when they first met, she was much the same then too.

“You sure his stories were right on, though?” Mokou asks, still doubting the tale she's heard.

“Well, even if he's not the real Santa, it doesn't change the fact he's a historian. I checked a few of his facts when I got home and they're genuine, so I don't think I have any reason to distrust him,” Keine says, taking up one of the riceballs for herself as Mokou grabs a second.

“Hmm, well, I suppose if you think he checks out then he can't be too far off,” Mokou says, laying back. “Still I have to hand it to the man, he's got a good heart.”

“How do you mean?” Keine asks, unsure what Mokou is getting at. Mokou doesn't answer for a few seconds.

“Someone like him, like me, has seen a lot of things in this world, good and bad. To be able to dedicate himself to a cause benefiting humanity even after the many atrocious events of the past commit by entire nations of people, it takes a lot of dedication, or blindness. I don't see how anyone other than a saint could possibly hold fondness for humanity after all they've done to each other over such petty concerns,” Mokou lectures, taking a few bites of her snack. “Wars, crimes, genocide, all commit for ridiculous reasons, an endless spiral of destruction due to pride and greed. Greed he very well help feed through his own actions of selflessly bringing gifts to children.”

“Mokou, come on now,” Keine complains, sitting on the bed next to the girl, “you said it himself, no one but a saint could believe in the good of humanity, right? Well, isn't that why he's Saint Nick?”

“Eh,” Mokou grunts, biting off another mouthful of rice. “I have to admire his dedication, if nothing else, but personally, I don't get how he could continue to do what he does.”

“Well...” Keine starts, pausing to collect her thoughts, “maybe it's a two way system...”

“Two way whatnow?” Mokou asks.

“People believe in Santa to give themselves hope, right? An icon of faith for the season, belief in the goodness of humanity, the generous spirit of help that gives to others. Perhaps he in turn believes in the goodness of humanity, the same spirit he embodies, and despite all the horrible actions of the past, he can see the good nature present in people and puts his own faith into his gifts, encouraging people to be that much better to each other,” Keine replies. Once again, Mokou doesn't answer, until a soft laugh escapes her.

“I've got to give you credit at least, being able to put even the smallest glimmer of hope in the bleakest outlook,” Mokou says, once more swallowing down the last of her rice, “I don't know how you do it, but I think you might have restored a little bit of my own faith in humanity.” Keine smiles down at Mokou, who grins back at her friend. “It'll pass soon though, I'm sure of it.”

“Oh come on,” Keine says, gently nudging Mokou's side with her hand, “you know you're not that cold-hearted, you're a good person yourself, helping out people lost in the forest.”

“Only because I don't want their bodies stinking up my yard,” Mokou replies, folding her hands beneath her head. “It's easier to take a living body out of the forest as well, and no one will speak bad about you if they see you carrying someone that's still alive.” Mokou sits up, then slides off her bed, rummaging a pair of pants up off the ground.

“Oh, do you have something you needed to do today?” Keine asks, watching Mokou.

“You said Santa is in the village, right? I thought it might be nice to visit, talk to the big guy myself,” she replies, slipping the pants on over the shirt and slipping the attached suspenders over her shoulders. Keine smiles as she stands from the edge of Mokou's bed.

“That's good, because I still had a few questions I wanted to ask, and with both of you there, you could corroborate details!” Keine states, getting a laugh from Mokou.

“Well, we're not going to learn any history sitting around here, now are we?” Mokou jokes, kicking on some shoes near the door.

“Don't you have a coat or something?” Keine asks as her friend prepares to leave in nothing but her regular clothes. Mokou blinks in momentary confusion.

“I'll be fine, Keine,” she states, stepping outside as Keine gets her own stuff ready, Mokou is visibly radiating heat, “I have internal heating.”

“Right, right,” Keine says, stepping out after her friend, and closing the door. Mokou takes the lead as Keine follows. They don't get very far before Mokou spots something, or rather, someone, fussing with some bamboo.

“What's this,” Mokou says, changing course towards the person in the distance. The closer they get, the sooner the two realize the person seems to be caught, a pair of unusually branches horns had been hooked by bamboo, and the person in question, a girl, was struggling to free herself from the thick tangle. “Need some help?” Mokou asks, causing the girl to jump in surprise, and then cry in shock.

“Help! I'm stuck in whatever this stuff is and, ugh,” the girl complains, trying to blindly fight off the crossed bamboo that have gotten her trapped by the head. Mokou drifts over and simply solves the situation, freeing the girl, who promptly straightens up and holds her head straight.

“A youkai?” Keine says, looking over the girl. Long white skirt with red stripes down the sides, light blue top marked with snowflake patterns, and shoulder length wavy dark blonde hair.

“A reindeer youkai, at that,” Mokou says, also looking the girl over.

“Thank you,” the girls says, moving slowly and keeping her eyes on the wood around her, trying not to get her horns tangled again.

“A reindeer?” Keine repeats. “Ah! I forgot!”

“Huh?” the girl blinks in confusion.

“What's this?” Mokou asks, looking at Keine.

“Santa's reindeer are lost here too, it slipped my mind,” Keine says.

“Wait, Santa?” the girl picks up on the word, “you know him?”

“You're one of his, aren't you?” Keine asks, to which the girl nods, then jumps back when her horns rake some bamboo.

“Prancer. I got lost in here with Vixen after we met up. We found some huge house, but it kind of creeped us out,” she admits, which makes Mokou grin, “this whole place creeps us out. We wanted to find some way out of here, but I got stuck, and Vixen tried to go back to that house for help and, well, she's not back yet.”

“I see,” Keine says, looking at Mokou. “Think we can find her?”

“Maybe, it depends. The way it looked like you were going though, you'd have been wandering deeper into the bamboo,” Mokou says, looking around, “if your friend hasn't come back, she could be trapped somewhere else right now just like you were.” This idea seems to cause Prancer to sink a bit.

“We need to find her!” the reindeer shouts, only to be stopped.

“We need to get you back, first,” Keine says, “Mokou and I will come back and look for her once we get you out.” Prancer looks a bit conflicted, not wanting to leave her friend behind, but with every move she makes that causes her antlers to clash with some of the bamboo, she looks like she appreciates the idea.

“I don't like it, but I want to get out of here, I can't stand this tight situation,” Prancer complains, swatting aside some bamboo scratching against one of her antlers in annoyance.

“Let's go up then, and we'll take you towards the village,” Mokou says, floating up towards the sky. Prancer lifts off after her, and Keine does so as well. After fighting through the canopy, they're in the clear and Prancer sighs in relief.

“I've never been so annoyed by wood,” she complains, rubbing as much of her horns as she can reach.

“Having horns like that must be a nuisance,” Keine says, idly recalling her own pair she gains during her transformation on the full moon.

“I'd never have thought so until today,” Prancer whines, “I think I could get them trimmed down.”

“We ready to go?” Mokou asks, looking between the other two.

“The sooner we get her there, the sooner we can get back and look for this Vixen,” Keine says, “my questions for Santa can wait, I suppose.”

“Let's not waste time then,” Mokou says, and the group of three make their way over the bamboo towards the village.
No. 109328
Speaking of Gensou Coil, I had been wanting to read the whole thing one of these days, but it seems that the first thread isn't archived. I wonder if it will someday.
No. 109332

Yeah, and I noticed that about a few threads in /th/ stories at how they kinda feel between the cracks at the moment, but I'm sure they'll get filled, since there's usually someone doing the archiving.
No. 109333

Well, I keep copies of the files for the threads. If you want, I can throw the first three threads on a box.net account.
No. 109335
Sure, that'd be great.
No. 109337

http://www.box.net/shared/zaobtacbjk - First
http://www.box.net/shared/6tzkxdan8d - Second
http://www.box.net/shared/bx4ii6yr69 - Third
No. 109349
Good man
No. 109720
[x] Reisen & Tewi

Reisen flew back into the bamboo forest, navigating her way along the path towards Eientei. Even though it was covered in snow, she was familiar enough with the surroundings and various other minor details in the trees to know which direction she was going. After several minutes, she touches down on the ground as she enters a particularly thick part of the wooded area. She'd had one too many accidents flying into bamboo trying to navigate the area in the past. Of course, this presented a new danger, one she was also quite familiar with.

Each step she took, she swept her eyes along the ground in front of her, looking for anything unusual in the snow. Displaced mounds, a disturbed surface, anything that might give away a hint of the presence of the bamboo forest's only predator. A predator who is naturally better at laying traps than her friend's ability to detect them, given by the split second triggering of a trap, looping Reisen's feet and pulling her upside down as a smaller bamboo tree snaps upright, trailing one screaming rabbit girl. The least she could do is hold her skirt down as best as she could, coming to a swinging stop.

“Tewi!” Reisen screams angrily, swiveling her head around to spot the girl. Laughter erupts from nearby, as Tewi floats into view.

“Who wears a skirt in the winter?” Tewi asks offhandedly, smiling at her capture.

“Let me down!” Reisen demands. Tewi just chuckles and floats past her, and a few seconds later, Reisen falls from the tree with a brief gasp, stopping herself midair before she hits the snow.

“I wonder if you're ever going to stop falling for my traps,” Tewi says, continuing her smiling.

“Why do you even lay them? Just to mess with me?” Reisen asks, flustered. Tewi shrugs.

“You answered your own question,” Tewi says, “besides, you react to them so well. It's like you're naturally drawn to them.” Reisen narrows her eyes at Tewi, but doesn't say anything. “What's taken you so long to come back anyway?”

“Hm? Oh, there was something going on at the village,” Reisen says starting to make her way back towards Eientei.

“Something?” Tewi asks for clarification.

“Some guy from the outside. Santa Claus? I've never heard of him, apparently some kind of powerful magic human or something,” Reisen recites, not really that interested in the subject. Tewi, however, lights up.

“Wait, you said Santa Claus?” Tewi says, flying in front of Reisen. “Why didn't you say so sooner? I want to go meet him.”

“You know about him?” Reisen asks, to which Tewi gives her a disbelieving look.

“Really, you want to live on Earth, but you don't know anything about it's mythology? Hmph,” Tewi shakes her head. “Someone important like that is a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet.”

“You can go on your own then,” Reisen says, drifting around the smaller rabbit.

“But if you come with me, you could pose as my mom, and I could con him into giving me presents!” Tewi states, admitting her grand plan. Reisen doesn't even give a reaction to the idea, she's become used to it.

“Have fun on your own,” Reisen says.

“How about-” Tewi is abruptly cut off by an unfamiliar scream from somewhere nearby, confusing both the girls, expressed by their crossed gazes.

“This one of your tricks?” Reisen instinctively asks Tewi, who is genuinely able to shake her head. The two of them fly towards the direction the sound came from. It doesn't take them long to find the origin, a strange horned girl hung by her leg from another bamboo tree. Reisen tosses Tewi an annoyed glare, only to get a confused look in return. Reisen is the first to fly forward, setting down in the snow to walk towards the anchor point the leg trap is connected to.

She promptly falls victim to a pit trap. The hanging girl bursts out laughing, and not long after Tewi joins in as well, much to the annoyance of Reisen as she clambers out of the hole.

“Oh wow!” Tewi exclaims as the horned girl rights herself, floating through the air with the rope still wrapped around her leg. “I was about to say, I didn't even remember setting a trap out here.”

“What the hell is going on here!?” Reisen asks, very irritated at having fallen into a second trap so easily, and so soon.

“Sorry,” the girl apologizes, not sounding sincere in the slightest, “I found that pit when I was wandering around and I thought that whoever was out here might have set it to catch me, so I tried turning it against them.”

“Well, it failed,” Tewi says, “if there's a trap out here, I'm the one that set it.”

“So it was you?” the girl asks, freeing herself from the rope and tossing it aside. “You do this often?” Tewi chuckles.

“You have no idea,” she admits. “I have to say though, finding a reindeer in the bamboo.”

“Reindeer?” Reisen interjects, looking at the horned girl. Mid back length black hair, tight fitting sleeveless grey top, and baggy dark red pants with a stripe of white spots down the side of one leg. The girl looks a little surprised.

“You can tell what I am even though I look like this now?” she asks, looking down at herself.

“I'm pretty familiar with Earth animals,” Tewi says with a smirk, “even if they're a youkai, I can tell what they are.”

“Say, you wouldn't happen to be from the outside world, would you?” Reisen asks, starting to put the situation together. The reindeer nods.

“I am, the names Vixen,” she says, saluting the two rabbits. Tewi chuckles.

“It's a fitting name for someone who outfoxed a trap of mine and used it for their own purposes,” Tewi muses. Vixen seems to accept the praise, which only annoys Reisen more.

“I can tell that you two would end up being very disastrous to my health,” Reisen grumbles, “though this might be a long shot, you wouldn't happen to be one of Santa's reindeer, would you?”

“Yeah, that's right,” she says with a nod.

“Oh! I never even thought of that!” Tewi says as realization hits her. “Wait, are all of the other reindeer here too?”

“They should be,” Vixen says with a slight smile, “Prancer ran off a short while ago to try to find a way out of here. Of course, I realized that we could just fly up, so I wasn't really in that much of a hurry.”

“You'd be surprised how many people don't think of that,” Tewi says, eying Reisen, who starts to gain a bit of red in her cheeks.

“Cut me a break, I'd just arrived here then!” Reisen complains as her blush deepens. “In any case, we need to bring you to the village, Santa's looking for you.”

“Oh really?” Vixen says, looking a little sad suddenly, her eyes falling on Tewi. “I wanted to have some fun around here first.”

“We'll see if we can't work out a deal with the big man,” Tewi says, patting her own chest. “Working out a deal where the reindeer can come play when they're not on duty.” Vixen grins at the sound of that. Tewi grins too. Reisen groans.

“Can we go, I don't want to let you two continue plotting against me in these woods,” Reisen whines, to which both girls giggle with a hint of malice before floating into the air ahead of Reisen. Together, the lot of them head back towards the village.


Updatan a Christmas story in the middle of Janurary. Feels dumb, man. At least I'm going to finish this shit, if not tonight, then by tomorrow for fucking sure.

Originally planned on making Vixen physically attractive, having a nice figure etc. playing up the 'Vixen' in that way, but then someone ruined it by saying 'Fox like qualities' and being the malleable faggot I am instantly conceived the wily trickster 'fox-like' Vixen you get now.
No. 109721
([x] ??? & ???)

In the early dawn, preceding the events of the day to come...

“Over here, over here!” a voice calls from the receding trees. The fog is heavy in the area, even with the lake mostly frozen over from the winter. A young looking girl in a simple blue dress with white details at the hem bounces up to the lakes edge, fluttering her icicle wings behind her. “Hurry Letty!”

“There's no rush, Cirno,” Letty says as she follows suit, walking calmly towards the lake, “I still have plenty of time.”

“You always say that, but then it's all 'I'm sorry I have to go',” Cirno complains, folding her arms over her chest, “and then I have to wait all year for you to come back.” Letty just continues smiling in response. Cirno is indeed still young, and impatience is a natural thing for her. As Letty nears the bank, Cirno leaps out onto the ice and starts to slide away. Letty soon follows, abandoning her slow pace as she skates off towards Cirno. The fairy starts with a laugh, avoiding Letty as their game of Ice Tag gets under way. Both girls are deft on the ice, skating and sliding expertly around and away from each other. With a quick swipe as she passes, Letty tags Cirno, who changes her momentum almost instantly with the aid of flight, setting off after the winter spirit

After several minutes of chasing, weaving and dodging, Cirno manages a tap on Letty's elbow and takes off again, only to be distracted by someone in the distance, allowing Letty to easily clap a hand on her shoulder. Letty realizes something is wrong from her easy victory, and looks in the direction Cirno is. Together, they both see the same thing, a girl standing at the lakes edge, watching the two of them.

“Who is that?” Cirno asks, looking up over her shoulder at the taller girl.

“I don't know, let's go meet her,” Letty says, sliding past Cirno and towards the figure. As the two approach, they notice the unusual horns on her head.

“Hello,” Letty starts as she approaches, “how are you?”

“I'm fine,” the girl replies politely, “I was just watching the two of you skate out there, it looked fun.”

“It's a lot of fun!” Cirno exclaims, sliding into Letty and wrapping her arms around her waist. “Letty's the only person that can keep up with me on the ice.” Letty briefly examines the girl. While she's not a regular native of Gensokyo, she does know her fair share of the locals, and this girl doesn't seem to have a place in her memory. Dirty blonde hair, wearing some small, loose white shirt over a tight red body suit of some kind, along with loose pants. The girl seems a little embarrassed at the attention.

“There's something about you,” Letty says, nodding to the girl, “you have a very winter kind of feel to you, but you're a youkai? A reindeer, isn't it?”

“Yes, I'm a reindeer,” the girl says, with a bit of a nod.

“Reindeer?” Cirno asks, looking up at the horned girl, “I've never seen one before.” The reindeer smiles slightly, looking between Cirno and Letty.

“We're winter spirits as well,” Letty says, reaching a hand down to Cirno's head, “this is Cirno, a fairy of ice. She can create cold and snow at any time. I'm Letty Whiterock, I'm a spirit of winter myself, with the ability to manipulate the cold.”

“She goes away when spring comes and leaves me alone for the rest of the year,” Cirno sulks, but Letty runs her fingers through her hair and it immediately cheers her up.

“I'm tied to the season, unfortunately,” Letty says, “as part of my nature, I hibernate the rest of the year.”

“I kind of know what that's like,” the reindeer girl says, looking away in slight embarrassment, “I suppose I could say I'm seasonal too, only leaving my home once a year, for a night. Spending the rest of my time resting and waiting for the next year.”

“Does Letty go to where you live?” Cirno asks, seeming curious.

“Well, I don't know. It's always snowing where I live, and everything is frozen. I think that a winter spirit would be able to come and go, but I don't really know, since... well... I never met any before,” the girl admits sheepishly.

“I'm curious, dear,” Letty says, looking to part herself, “what did you say your name was?”

“Ah, sorry! I didn't introduce myself!” the reindeer apologizes. “My name's Dancer.”

“That's a funny name,” Cirno states flatly.

“And so are the other eight here as well?” Letty asks with a grin, the question giving the girl a visible start.

“The others!? Wait, how did you know?” Dancer asks, confused and surprised.

“I put the clues together,” Letty says with a smile, “a reindeer with seasonal appearance that lives in snow and ice for the rest of the year? It could only really be one of Santa's reindeer, the name proves it.”

“I didn't think anyone here knew about those legends,” Dancer admits, blushing slightly, “I don't really know where I am.”

“This is Gensokyo,” Letty responds easily, “it's a world hidden away from the 'outside' world that doesn't believe in magic. This is where all the magical creatures of the world end up once humanity stops believing in them.” At first, Dancer seems interested in hearing the story, but as Letty continues, her expression grows more and more upset.

“Stops believing...” Dancer repeats, “so... we're here because...”

“No one in the outside world believe in Santa Claus, or his reindeer,” Letty finishes, taking an apologetic tone for being the one to have to explain the situation as it seems. Dancer is visibly upset.

“That's so sad, how could they not believe?” Dancer asks herself, looking down at the ground, “after how long we've been around.”

“It's sad, but it's an almost inescapable fate,” Letty says, “the outside doesn't believe in magic. They've turned to technology and science. Belief is the source of power for all magical beings, without it they fade away.”

“But...” Dancer starts to speak, but stops, visibly slumping, “what about all the children?”

“You need to give them reason to believe,” Letty replies, “you can't just sit around and hope that legends and fairy tales sustain you forever.” Dancer seems just as sullen as before. “I'm sure though, that you'll have a second chance.” Dancer looks up.

“Why's that?” she asks, a hint of hope in her otherwise sad voice.

“If you're here, then it means that all the others are, and Santa too. All it would take is a simple demonstration to show you exist,” Letty says, and some light returns to Dancer's face.

“That would work?” she asks, sounding hopeful.

“I'm sure it will,” Letty says.

“But... if we're all here, I haven't seen anyone else,” Dancer says, sinking back into melancholy, “this place is unfamiliar to me, and pretty big, how will I find everyone?”

“You won't have to,” Letty comforts the girl, “there are a few nice girls here in Gensokyo that specialize in problem solving. I'm sure once they catch the scent of trouble, they'll solve it in no time and you'll be off.”

“Really?” Dancer asks, more hope returning.

“Absolutely,” Letty says, smiling, “Santa isn't the only one in red and white that brings happiness.”

“That's great! I thought for sure it was all over for us!” Dancer squeals happily, “I'd be glad to help this person, where could I find them?”

“You don't need to find her,” Letty chuckles, “she'll find you. If you want to help, then all you need to do is be easy to find.”

“Then, what should I do? Fly around yelling? Make some kind of sign?” Dancer asks, running through ideas.

“You could go to the human village,” Letty states, “your unique appearance would draw attention, very easily.”

“I see, you're right!” Dancer says, smiling at Letty. “Thank you for your help. Oh, wait! Where is the village?”

“If you head in that direction,” Letty gestures in the general direction of the village from memory, “you should see it fairly easily.”

“Thank you, thank you!” Dancer says, retreating into the air. “I won't forget your help!” Letty waves the girl off as she flies over the trees, disappearing from sight through the mist.

“What a strange girl,” Cirno says, breaking her silence.

“A strange girl with an important job,” Letty says, looking down at Cirno, “you've never heard about Santa Claus, have you?” The fairy shakes her head. “Well then, let me tell you his story...”


The mystery choice is Letty and Cirno. Probably not a surprise. I decided to reuse Dancer, since she was somewhat unaccounted for, just kind of turning up around the village.

I toyed with the idea of implying that Letty is/was 'Mrs. Claus' but self-vetoed the idea in the end because I thought it was kind of silly.
No. 109778
>Updatan a Christmas story in the middle of Janurary. Feels dumb, man. At least I'm going to finish this shit, if not tonight, then by tomorrow for fucking sure.

>even if it takes through January to finish.

Called it and still don't think it matters, so long as you stick to it. Timely or not this story has been downright fun to read and you should feel good for writing it.
No. 109818
Nice update
No. 109842
>I toyed with the idea of implying that Letty is/was 'Mrs. Claus' but self-vetoed the idea in the end because I thought it was kind of silly.

Now I'm actually interested in seeing how this would turn out. Oh well.
No. 109876
[x] Flandre & Meiling

“It's so cold!” Flandre whines, rubbing her arms in an attempt to warm up, stopping by a tree to try to get out of the wind.

“I told you you should have gotten a coat or something, Flan,” Meiling says gently, trying not to agitate the girl anymore.

“You should have grabbed it for me then!” Flandre complains, looking around the area. She clings to her scarf, which aside from the longer skirt, are her only defenses from the cold wind that blows through the eastern mountains.

“Here,” Meiling says, shrugging off her own shawl and handing it over to Flandre. The young vampire quickly snatches it and wraps it around her shoulders with a relieved sigh.

“It's nice and warm too,” Flandre says, her teeth no longer chattering as much, “but now you'll be cold.” Meiling simply pounds a fist to her chest proudly.

“I can take it! I'm always outside, guarding the gate no matter the weather,” she boasts. “I'm used to being in miserable conditions!”

“You stated it so plainly,” Flandre says in observation, “Remilia would be upset to hear you talking like that.” Meiling shies back a bit, but still recovers and puts on a strong front.

“In any case, we're out here now, and we'll find ourselves more reindeer. Then we can bring them all back to Santa and get our presents!” Meiling cheers, which riles up Flandre as well.

“We'll show Remilia how strong the underdogs are!” Flandre backs Meiling.

“You're grouping yourself with me...” Meiling mutters off handedly.

“I wonder what I should ask for,” Flandre thinks out loud, pulling the shawl up a little more, “it's been so long since I've thought about Santa, hmm... Maybe another doll?”

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity though, a present directly from Santa? Whatever your heart desires?” Meiling recalls, a hint of greed in her voice. “I'll ask him for a guard house!”

“I don't know if he could do that...” Flandre responds, “though... if he could, I wonder if he could build me another house, so I don't have to live in the basement anymore!”

“Oooh, good idea!” Meiling declares. “Then you could take me on as your door guard, protecting it from the inside!”

“You sure seem eager to abandon your post,” Flandre quips, to which Meiling has no response but a nervous laugh and a smile. “Obviously you have low morale, and are tired of your working arrangements...”

“Miss Flandre, I was only-”

“Perhaps a change of career to door guard would be just the thing for you!” Flandre states, cutting off Meiling's apology and dumbfounding the redhead.

“Oh! Oh, I get it!” Meiling says with relief.

“Still, it's unusual for you to be complaining about your job,” Flandre says, looking around, “I feel sorry for you, actually.” Meiling manages a short confused sound at this revelation.


“I mean, you're standing outside all day protecting the gate from intruders, right? But all the people Remi wants to keep out can just fly over the wall,” Flandre says, “something like a gate guard is actually pretty useless when everyone can fly.”

“Tell me about it,” Meiling sighs, slumping against the tree next to Flandre, “but still, I'm grateful to your sister for giving me a place to stay, which is why I do it without question, even if I don't think it's necessary. I'd rather be inside helping Sakuya, or Patchouli, or even playing with you and Remilia.”

“Really?” Flandre asks, looking over at the woman next to her. Meiling returns a warm smile.

“I love you girls, even if I am just your useless gate guard,” Meiling says happily. Flandre smiles as well, and leans against the woman.

“I'm still cold,” Flandre complains.

“Yeah, I'm freezing too,” Meiling joins in.

“By the way, Meiling?” Flandre starts. Meiling responds with an inquisitive hum. “What's a reindeer even look like?”

“... I don't even know,” Meiling admits, laughing slightly. “I was hoping it would be obvious, and we'd notice one right away.”

“Do you think we'd know it if we see it?” Flandre asks, rubbing her arms again underneath the shawl.

“Well, all I know is that they have these weird horns, so I guess as long as we see something like that, we have a shot,” Meiling says, racking her brain for any information. A few seconds pass, then a few minutes of silence. Both girls have taken to looking over the surrounding area for any sign of movement that they could chase after. Meiling quietly drops off to sleep as Flandre continues watching in the opposite direction. Minutes pass, and a rustle in some bushes in the distance catches Flandre's attention. She moves from the tree and watches intently as a girl with horns emerges from the brush, stumbling over herself slightly and cursing the vegetation.

“Meiling! I think I see a reindeer!” Flandre says quietly, looking back at the sleeping guard and only now noticing she's out like a light. “Meiling!” Flandre hisses, batting the red-heads shoulder. She wakes with a start.

“Ah, what!? Sorry! I fell asleep, what-”

“I see a reindeer!” Flandre exclaims quietly, gesturing to the figure now floating along above the snow, ascending the mountain.

“What!?” Meiling nearly shouts, quickly throttling her volume. The sound seems to spook the girl on the path though, who starts looking around.

“She's going to run away!” Flandre states before bolting from their concealed position. As she descends on the girl, she gives an energetic cry before tackling the horned girl into the snow. Meiling starts after her, unable to stop the young vampire, and reaches the two girls. Seems a combination of hitting her head on a rock concealed in the snow along with the surprise attack has stunned Flandre's target, and while the latter is proud of her achievement, Meiling wears a look of amusement and slight worry.

“Ah-ha, Flandre...” Meiling says, looking down at Flandre's pinned quarry. She does indeed have weird horns, after all.

“Hmm? What's wrong Meiling?” Flandre asks, confused, “I caught a reindeer! Look, horns!”

“Sorry Flan, but that's not a reindeer,” Meiling says, kneeling next to the two. “You caught an oni.”

“Eeh?” Flandre whines, looking down at the pinned girl who is starting to come around from the blow to the head, compounding with whatever state of drunkenness she's in.

“Th' hell,” Suika mutters, looking between Flandre and Meiling, “wha's goin' on?”

“Sorry, mistaken identity,” Meiling says as Flandre lifts herself off the downed oni and steps aside.

“I'm bored and cold, Meiling, I'm going to go home and get my coat after all,” Flandre states, shedding the shawl and handing it back to Meiling.

“Should we go to the town afterwards and visit Santa anyway?” Meiling offers an idea, to which Flandre nods in agreement. The two then fly off into the sky, leaving the dazed and confused oni behind in the snow.


You could say this scene is the reason this story exists at all. When I first got the idea for this story, this scene, along with Remilia and Flandre fighting over sitting in Santa's lap, were the first two ideas I had for it.

I think I'm going to withhold stating my plans for completing work from now on. A particular Murphy seems to have specific interest in meddling with my affairs.
No. 109877

I think Gensokyo is lucky that things ended peacefully, since a fight between Suika and Flandre could be quite destructive.
No. 110283
[x] Patchouli & Koakuma

Patchouli had collected her servant Koakuma before setting out, and tasked her with carrying several objects Patchouli deemed necessary. While she did have the goal of capturing a reindeer, she set out with the primary motive of research rather than capture and release. With her magic ability, it wasn't too hard for her to alter a simple cantrip that would lead her directly to the nearest reindeer youkai.

“There,” Patchouli says, pointing ahead of herself towards a figure moving in the distance against the treeline. She stood out from a distance, shoulder length curly blonde hair, dull yellow top over black leotards, and a yellow skirt to match, with black trim on all.

“She looks very... bright,” Koakuma muses as the two of them close in.

“You there!” Patchouli calls towards the reindeer as she approaches, causing the girl to jump a little in surprise.

“Are you talking to me?” the horned girl asks as she turns towards the two approaching figures.

“Do you see anyone else around?” Patchouli asks as she closes in, already fetching something out of the satchel her partner is carrying.

“I guess not...” the reindeer says, looking around, “but I wonder, have you seen the others?”

“Not yet,” Patchouli says, withdrawing a circular device from the bag. “Restrain,” she says, releasing the object. It instantly flies towards the reindeer and opens, latching itself around her waist and one wrist, leaving only one arm free to move.

“Wha- Hey, wait!” she complains, flailing her free arm. Patchouli clicks her tongue and waves her hand. The device stretches out a bit, and the yellow reindeer's hand is forced into the band against her will, where the device tightens once more. “What are you doing?”

“I can't have you disrupting my studies,” Patchouli says, rather matter of factly, withdrawing a book and a length of tape from the satchel as well.

“Oh, let me do that,” Koakuma says, gingerly taking the roll of tape from Patchouli.

“Fine then, take the measurements,” Patchouli says, flipping open her book, “let's see... where was that again...” In the mean time, Koakuma floats over to the captive reindeer and unfurls the length of measuring tape with a suitable devilish grin.

“Now just hold still,” Koakuma says, slipping past the girl and slowly wrapping the tape around her chest, to start. The process is slowed somewhat my Koakuma's 'clumsy' movements, hands wandering where they needn't be, and generally unsubtly taking advantage of the girl's restraints for her own pleasure.

“Please stop touching me!” the reindeer whines, causing Patchouli to look up from her book momentarily and frown.

“Koakuma, please stop molesting the captive, you'll skew the data,” Patchouli chides Koakuma, the latter of whom gives a playful pout.

“I haven't played with Miss Patchouli in such a long time, I'm feeling so repressed,” Koakuma whines, though the look on Patchouli's face shows she's not having any part of it.

“My enchantment should suffice for your craving for pleasure, you're just being greedy,” Patchouli states, which gets a slight chuckle from Koakuma as she runs a finger down the captive reindeer's spine.

“I'd say that's natural for me...” Koakuma says, sliding her hand farther down off the girl's back, down to her-

“Quit it!” the girl shrieks, floating away from Koakuma. In the instant of surprise, the prisoner attempts to make an escape, but Koakuma is quickly on it, grabbing her around the waist.

“Now look at what your shamelessness has done,” Patchouli groans, flying up to the two girls, the reindeer attempting to fight the devil off of her body. With a wave of her hand, the two girls start glowing, and rapidly drop to the ground with a unified cry of surprise, kicking up a cloud of snow on landing. Patchouli descends after them, stopping above the surface of the snow. “The measurements aren't necessary, so forget about taking them. Koakuma, my boots, please,” Patchouli orders. The red-headed devil quickly digs through the satchel, retrieving a pair of small boots, then skips over to Patchouli, rapidly swapping her current shoes with the heavier boots. Once complete, Patchouli drops into the snow as well and shuffles over to the crash landing sight, where the reindeer has managed to get herself into a sitting position.

“Please let me go!” the reindeer whines, on the verge of tears.

“Tell me your name,” Patchouli says, looking back to her book.

“Why are you doing this!?” the girl continues whining.

“Tell me your name, so I know what to address you by,” Patchouli repeats with clarification, not looking up from the page she's on. A few seconds pass as the captured reindeer struggles against the bonds that hold her before giving up again.

“Donner,” she says weakly, dropping back into the snow.

“Very well then, Donner,” Patchouli says, finally looking up from the book as she turns the page, “I'm interested in your capacity as a youkai. Being that you're a magical animal from the outside world, I find your existence fascinating. I wish to measure this, so I can try to have a better understanding about what kind of magic might still exist in the outside, as it may lead me to having a deeper understanding of magic as a whole, and possibly discover some forms of magic that do not naturally exist in Gensokyo. I hope to find some kind of fragment of knowledge within you that could unlock a higher level of learning, and-”

“Outside? Magic? Gensokyo?” Donner repeats, not really keeping up with Patchouli's quick speaking. “Can you repeat that please? I'm not that good at this language...” Patchouli sighs.

“You are magical. I want to find out how magical. It might make me more magical,” Patchouli repeats, dumbing down her intent.

“Do you really have to do all this?” Donner asks, looking down at the magical bind that traps her.

“I had to be sure that you would be co-operative and not try to fight back,” Patchouli states rather plainly. Silence falls for several seconds.

“Couldn't you have... just asked?” Donner says. A few more seconds of silence.

“I never thought of that...” Patchouli eventually says, returning to her book once more, though this time she was doing so to cover the light redness in her cheeks. Koakuma giggles slightly, sidling up to her master.

“You're such a scatterbrain,” she jokes, playing with Patchouli's hair.

“Quiet you! I didn't hear you suggesting anything,” Patchouli complains, shaking her hair free from Koa's hands. “Anyway, Donner, would you agree to submit yourself to my study?”

“Uh... I suppose I don't have a choice now,” Donner sighs.

“Right, I suppose not then,” Patchouli says, taking a step forward. “Please sit still.” In the moment before Donner could even have time to react to do anything, Patchouli raises a hand and a beam of light leaves her finger, entering Donner's chest. A wave of light rushes over her body from the point of impact, and she shivers in it's wake.

“That felt strange,” Donner complains, though Patchouli seems deep in concentration.

“I see,” she mumbles to herself, materializing a quill pen from nowhere and jotting something down in the book, writing in the margins to take down information she's receiving. While Patchouli is distracted, Koakuma slinks over to Donner and kneels next to her, giving her a once over with her eyes. “Koakuma, you lay one hand on that girl right now and I'll chain you to the wall in the basement, without your sustaining enchantment.” Koakuma withers instantly, falling back with a pout.

“Such a bully,” Koakuma mutters, and Patchouli snaps her book shut and wriggles a finger at Donner. The band around her wrists and waist comes undone and flies back to Patchouli.

“Analysis complete. There was a bit of unusual magic at work, but it's too weak for me to do anything conclusive with,” she sighs, “I suppose it might have been a bit of a dream to find some kind of key from just a single creature,” Patchouli pauses, looking at Koakuma, who has taken to sulking in the snow, drawing vaguely obscene things on the surface with her tail. “As for you...” Koakuma looks over at Patchouli, then sulks a bit.

“Sorry, Miss Patchouli,” Koakuma apologizes, sounding more upset herself than Patchouli does.

“I suppose I owe you an apology, I've neglected your... needs,” she says, blushing slightly. Koakuma looks up with a hopeful gleam in her eye. “When we get back, I'll see to tending to you personally.” Koakuma brightens considerably, bounding up from the snow.

“My, are you sure you're feeling well enough?” Koakuma says, brushing snow off her skirt.

“I'll be fine,” Patchouli says, blushing a little harder, “b-besides, I'm sure you'll be doing most of it.” Koakuma only responds with a seductive giggle, weakly floating back towards her master.

“Then shall we go back now?” she asks, returning to play with Patchouli's hair, only to get shaken off again.

“We have to return her first,” Patchouli motions towards Donner, “I was hoping to have some time to study the others as well. Perhaps I could get some good data from the group rather than individually.” The revelation seems to agitate Koakuma, who hastily slings the satchel over her shoulder.

“Then we should get moving and gather data quickly and efficiently,” she says, sounding much more dedicated to the research process for some reason.

“Yes, let's,” Patchouli says, taking the lead towards the human village, with the other two girls on her heels.


Is anyone even still reading this so long after the season's ended?

Also, writing this gave me an idea for something. Naturally, this is a bad thing, because it means there's one more thing on top of the list of many other things I want to write that I don't have the time/skill/sanity to. Sigh. I wonder if I could start contracting out ideas of mine to undiscovered writefags eager to write but lacking in ideas.
No. 110286

I still read it, and why not put these ideas in a notebook for later use when you do finish a story? Though I think a problem with newbie write fags isn't ideas, but skill. And if a skilled but idealess writer does appear, he or she will have a pic of various ideas, since there's a few folks who have interesting ideas but not the skill to execute them with.
No. 110292

I do keep all the ideas that I have, and I don't necessarily have to keep a notepad on hand to keep them around. I can remember ideas I have for stories and things I want to write for a very, very long time, which is both a blessing and a curse. It's good, because it means I can take long breaks without needing to worry about forgetting anything crucial, but it's also a pain because I will always be able to think 'gee, why am I not using this idea yet!' a year or two down the line.

It can get to the point where the overflow of unused ideas drags me down and I have to start writing them down just to get them off my mind. Sometimes though, I can sneak them into other things I write to satisfy myself. Still, if I started a new story for each idea I had that I wanted to write, I'd have something like 15 different stories. What's worse is that lately I've been considering starting a fourth anyway, but it would strictly be a case of 'update whenever I feel like it' story that would get like one update every couple of weeks.GEE KIND OF LIKE HOW MY CURRENT UPDATE SCHEDULE IS LOOKING HUH
No. 110304
I'm still reading it!
No. 110308
Updated checklist. Only two left!
[x] Dasher
[x] Dancer
[x] Prancer
[x] Vixen
[ ] Comet
[x] Cupid
[x] Donner
[ ] Blitzen
[x] Rudolph
No. 110315
Im still reading, stories like this are always enjoyable.
No. 110327
Don't stop. ;_;

If the reindeer exceeded fifty I'd still want you to continue writing this. My Christmas cheer extends all year~
No. 110344
[x] Remilia & Sakuya

“Have you thought of what you will ask Santa for when you return?” Sakuya asks, looking aside at her mistress.

“I haven't thought about it yet,” Remilia replies, “I don't particularly care.”

“Oh? You seemed awfully keen to sit in his lap and complain about the past, though,” Sakuya muses, earning a sharp glance from Remilia.

“Like I said, I was just-”

“Remilia, please,” Sakuya cuts her off with a small grin, “there's nothing to be embarrassed about. You can admit it, at least to me. I'm your Sakuya, remember.” Remilia turns her eyes away under the auspices of searching the distance.

“I wonder where the reindeer are hiding,” Remilia idly mutters, changing the subject away from her embarrassment.

“I wouldn't imagine they'd be too familiar with the area, so they couldn't hide too well,” Sakuya says thoughtfully, looking to the distance. “Though, they are magical too, aren't they?”

“I wonder if we could flush them out,” Remilia says, looking back at Sakuya and raising a hand. A red spark jumps to life in her palm.

“You're risking hurting them like that, and besides, you'd just anger a lot of other youkai,” Sakuya states. Remilia doesn't seem fazed.

“So I'll just shoot them all down if they get in my way,” Remilia retorts.

“And if you do that, Santa won't give you a present no matter how many reindeer you bring back,” Sakuya responds, and the spark instantly fades as the realization comes to Remilia.

“Hmm, I suppose it would be too troublesome to do something like that,” Remilia says, once again playing defensive in admitting her situation. The two of them fly for some time, around the forests and plains surrounding the mansion, finally ending up at the river that flows into the Misty Lake to rest around noon.

“I imagine that there must be very few around if we're taking so long to find even one,” Sakuya says as she touches down in the snow.

“I've forgotten how tiring flying can be,” Remilia sighs as she lands as well, adjusting her grip on her parasol and stretching her wings slightly.

“We might need a new plan if we want to find one of the reindeer,” Sakuya says.

“What else can we do but look?” Remilia asks, then sighs. “I thought it would be easier than this, but we're running out of time.” Sakuya replies with a light giggle.

“I wouldn't be worried about something silly like time, Remi,” Sakuya says, tapping her chin. Remilia looks confused at first, but after a few seconds it sinks in.

“Of course! I had completely forgotten!” Remilia gasps, “If you freeze the day, we can take as long as we'd like in searching.” Sakuya smiles, taking a little bow as well, then pulls a pocketwatch out of a pocket on her apron, then stops.

“Huh, actually, I think we might not need this after all,” Sakuya says with a smile, pointing past Remilia, down the river. Following her finger, Remilia sees a girl down the way with two large branching horns. Wavy blonde hair reaching her neck, a pale yellow dress shirt and dark grey shorts. She's kneeling by the river, scooping water to her mouth for a drink.

“We got one!” Remilia cheers, flying ahead first to reach the girl. The action catches her attention, and she looks towards Remilia, then takes flight. “Hey! Wait!” Sakuya catches up to Remilia as the two chase the reindeer into the sky through the trees. Once they pass through the foliage, an arc of lightning streaks past the two pursuers, causing them to scatter slightly.

“What-” Sakuya starts in response to the attack.

“Stay away from me,” the reindeer shouts down, holding her hands towards Remilia and Sakuya. Electricity crackles around her hands, “I won't think twice about frying either of you.”

“Who do you think you're threatening!?” Remilia shouts back, igniting the spark already formed in her hand. The red blaze forms into a long spear of energy, which Remilia quickly throws towards the offending reindeer, who easily dodges the single attack. Another bolt streaks past Remilia, striking the trees below.

“I didn't think that the reindeer would have discovered any powers,” Sakuya says quietly, trying to keep their aggressor from overhearing.

“I don't know what this world is or what's happened to me and the others, but so long as I have this power, I'm not going to let any of the monsters that live here hurt any of us,” the reindeer shouts down at the two, bringing her hands together and forming a ball of energy that slowly grows larger. In a blink, Sakuya vanishes and reappears behind the reindeer, hooking her arms under the reindeer's and pulling them back. The gathered energy disperses as she's restrained.

“Calm down, please, you're going to hurt someone,” Sakuya says calmly, but the girl isn't having any of that. A powerful electrical charge passes through her, shocking Sakuya and causing her to release the reindeer, who flies back with a smirk.

“I've realized, Blitzen is more than just a name for me. Lightning is my strength as well now,” the reindeer claims, pointing a finger towards Sakuya. The threat is useless, however, as once again Sakuya blinks between positions, this time appearing beside Blitzen.

“If you'll listen to me, you'll realize you have no reason to attack us,” Sakuya says as the startled deer floats back, “we're not here to hurt you, we're here to help you.”

“What do you mean?” Blitzen asks, still on edge and ready to attack, despite Sakuya's otherwise non-threatening actions.

“You're lost, aren't you? Looking for the other reindeer that have ended up here?” Sakuya asks, though she doesn't intend to receive an answer. “We have the same goal, there are many others out there looking for the others. I'm sure everyone is gathered already, and they're all waiting for you.” Blitzen's aggressiveness fades slightly, lowering her hands.

“How can I be sure this isn't some kind of trick? I've seen monsters here already that take the form of girls, how do I know you're not trying to trap me?” Blitzen asks, Sakuya only giggles in response.

“My mistress Remilia is a vampire, so she would have no interest in the blood of an animal,” Sakuya states, gesturing towards the young vampire floating nearby, watching the events with an annoyed expression. “And I personally find reindeer unappealing. I actually prefer fish,” Sakuya finishes with a smile. Though still a little wary, Blitzen floats closer to Sakuya.

“So, you're really going to help?” she asks, and Sakuya nods.

“It's a personal request from Santa himself,” Sakuya says, which startles Blitzen.

“He's here!? You should have said something!” Blitzen complains, flying away a short distance then stopping. “Uh... where do I go to find him?”

“Just follow us,” Sakuya says, flying past the girl and then changing direction. Remilia flies up next to Sakuya as Blitzen follows behind the two of them. Remilia floats in close to Sakuya.

“You could have taken her down in one move, why did you waste so much time with talking?” Remilia asks in a hushed tone. Sakuya smiles slightly, not making eye contact with Remilia.

“Santa doesn't give presents to naughty girls, right?” Sakuya says. It takes Remilia a few seconds to realize the implications, then a smug grin crosses her face.

“Oh, and how rich to have you toying with me over my actions,” Remilia muses.

“Knowing Santa's real, it's brought back so many memories of my childhood. I'm sure he remembers me as well, I'd hate to tarnish his memories,” Sakuya says, looking back at the reindeer following them. She doesn't seem to be hearing them.

“You're surprisingly soft at times, Sakuya,” Remilia says with a quiet giggle as the three of them head towards the human village.
No. 110402
I for one am still reading and enjoying this, and I'm sure there are at least a few who do the same and simply haven't bothered to post. After all there isn't a whole lot to discuss here. It's a well-crafted, fun story, and several people have already said as much. At this point I wouldn't expect much in the way of feedback until the story's conclusion.
No. 110420
Still reading it!
No. 110545
I didn't mention it before, but I really liked the characterization of Momizi in >>109043. She isn't a total moeblob (but the tail-wagging is cute!), and she has more of a sense of humor than Youmu would probably display in the same situation.
No. 111436
[x] Marisa & Alice

“So let me get this straight,” Alice says through a crack in her door, hidden behind several chains that secure the door to the doorframe, “you want me to go with you, and fly around all day looking for reindeer, so you can get a present from a magical fat man that only leaves his house one day a year?”

“Yes, exactly!” Marisa chimes, clapping her hands together. “I knew you'd get it!” Alice's door clicks shut unceremoniously, and several subsequent clicks denote the closing of several heavy bolts to further secure the door. Undeterred, Marisa places her hand against the door. The clicks repeat themselves, followed shortly afterwards by a few rattling sounds. A rush of thumps from inside the house rush towards the door to save the locks from Marisa's magical unlocking, but it's too late, and she pushes the door open just in time to have Alice collide with the interior, forcing the witch back again.

“What part of 'Go away' do you not understand, you insufferable thief!” Alice whines from the other side of the door.

“I didn't hear anything,” Marisa replies with a grin, leaning against the door with all her weight. Of course, Alice being a youkai gives her the natural edge in strength, even though she's still not used to actually putting forth more than a human amount of effort in something so simple. Using the tiny space given, Marisa slides towards the gap between doorframe and door. “You know, they say that if a cat can squeeze their head through an opening, the rest of it's body can follow.”

“Figures that a cat burglar would know something trivial like that,” Alice groans as Marisa starts to slide into the building through the opening. Finally admitting defeat, Alice releases the door and Marisa stumbles forward slightly with a wide smile on her face while Alice wraps herself in a sheet draped over her shoulders.

“You're that cold in here?” Marisa asks, looking over the other blonde. Alice blushes slightly.

“I'm not properly dressed,” Alice replies, tightening the blanket more.

“Oh? Well that's no good,” Marisa states, closing the door, “hurry up and get dressed so we can go.”

“You're set on making me go with you that much, aren't you?” Alice asks with an exasperated sigh.

“I'd thought it'd be nice to get you outside,” Marisa says with a grin, walking towards Alice, who retreats in kind. “You need some sunlight every once in a while.”

“I'll be fine,” Alice retorts, taking several more steps towards an open door further into the house, “I'm a youkai, I don't wither as easily as a human.”

“Your heart needs it,” Marisa claims, “besides, it's for a good cause!”

“Oh yeah? Like what?” Alice questions the witch.

“Think of all the sad children in the outside world! This man generously gives presents to all deserving girls and boys the world over, bringing them hope and cheer and spreading goodwill!” Marisa declares enthusiastically. Alice stops her backpedaling, and actually smiles a bit.

“That's... actually rather surprising, Marisa,” Alice says, “I suppose I didn't think of it like that.”

“And if we help him, we get a present as a way of saying thanks! We're heroes and we get rewarded!” Marisa continues. Alice furrows her brows a bit, a little more impressed by the virtuous reasoning for doing this rather than the material, but to consider it a reward for a good deed... well...

“Alright, I'll get dressed,” Alice sighs, turning back to her room, “now please wait outside.” Marisa gives a wide smile and then hurries back outside, closing the door behind her. A few seconds later, she's joined by Alice, dressed for the cold and carrying both her grimoire and Shanghai, the latter of which jitters to life and floats from Alice's hand as she leaves the house.

“Let's go!” Marisa shouts, flying off into the air ahead of Alice, who struggles to catch up.

They fly aimlessly around the forest of magic, skirting the edges, before going deeper in and flying by landmarks and other areas where it would make sense to find someone, at least someone lost in this forest. A few passes by common areas reveals nothing, and the two witches eventually double back, making a pass by some other places.

“We haven't seen anything yet...” Alice complains, shivering slightly, “and this cold is piercing my jacket.”

“I think it feels nice,” Marisa says, not showing a single hint of feeling the cold.

“You wouldn't have enchanted yourself with a cold ward, have you?” Alice asks, sounding a little suspicious. Marisa chuckles for a response.

“It's simpler then that, actually. I knocked over a pile of junk in my house the other day and broke a window. My entire house is freezing cold, so I've just gotten used to it,” Marisa explains.

“Hey, that's not good for you!” Alice states. “You shouldn't just 'get used' to the cold, you're just a human, you could get sick.”

“I'm not 'just' a human,” Marisa says, patting her hand on her chest, “I'm Marisa Kirisame! The Fantastic Witch of the Woods! A little cold won't kill me!”

“You should still be careful, you know, it's foolish to assume you're invincible just because you can use magic,” Alice comments.

“Well, I am also warded against cold too,” Marisa admits, getting her an exasperated sigh from Alice.

As they fly along, a bolt of light flies up into the air, catching both girls attention.

“Hey, that was danmaku, wasn't it?” Alice says, looking down to where the shot would have come from. Another shot follows, and several more. Gradually the individual lights begin to take shapes...

“Oh ho! Someone else shooting around stars?” Marisa exclaims, tightening her grip on her broom. “This should be interesting, I wonder if they're trying to surpass me!”

“Marisa, wai-” Alice tries to stop her companion, but Marisa races off ahead before she can get much out, and once again leaves Alice to catch up. Once she arrives, she finds Marisa floating near a strange girl. Orange hair tied back into a ponytail, long sleeved puffy white shirt with frilled cuffs, and a knee length skirt with a laced hem. On top of it all, a pair of strange horns grew from her head. Behind the girl were three familiar, mischievous fairies.

“I see,” Marisa says as Alice gets close enough to overhear them. “Teaching her danmaku?”

“She needs to know the spellcard rules if she's going to be staying here,” Sunny Milk declares, floating alongside the horned girl. “It's important information!”

“Sorry to say, but she won't be here long enough to need it,” Marisa states as Alice takes position at her side. “We need to take her away.”

“I'm not going anywhere,” the reindeer says combatively, “I've got an important task.”

“We have an important task as well,” Alice says, getting the gist of the situation, “which is why we have to take you.” The reindeer moves back slightly, looking between the two witches.

“Then, why don't we settle this with an exchange,” the reindeer says with a grin, “spellcards, of course.” Alice looks at Marisa, who is grinning in return, though more out of amusement than anything.

“Okay, I accept your challenge,” Marisa states, floating into the air.

“You're going to be easy on her, right Marisa?” Alice asks, a little concerned.

“More or less,” Marisa replies ambiguously as the reindeer takes to the air after her.

“She's doomed,” Star Sapphire mutters as the two fly into the sky.

“Poor girl,” Luna Child follows in turn. The two combatants rise above the forest, stopping high overhead.

“I'll let you have the first go,” Marisa says, gesturing to the reindeer, “I want to see how strong you are.” The girl wastes no time in producing a magical card from her sleeve, and with a snap of her wrist, the card flashes and erupts into a ball of light. The reindeer girl brings her hands forward into the light, and a rain of energy flies outwards towards Marisa, forming into stars along the way. While a dense barrage, it provides little challenge to Marisa, who is both used to heavy fire, and is able to take advantage of the girl's inexperience to simply escape the cone of fire after several seconds, withdrawing her own card from beneath her hat. As the reindeer's barrage fades away, she looks around frantically for Marisa, catching sight of her just in time to see Marisa's card burst into a ball of light that rapidly grows to consume Marisa and her broom. A second later, and the huge energy burst surges forward with Marisa at the center, and blasts past the defensive reindeer, easily knocking her from the air with the blazing streak of energy. Alice arrives to catch the falling girl, and the fairies flying along behind her.

“Never had a chance,” Star cackles.

“You alright?” Alice asks, ignoring the fairies.

“Ugh, maybe I should have just surrendered,” the reindeer mutters. Marisa flies up to the group, having dispersed all the energy from her attack already.

“How was that? Like a comet, eh?” Marisa asks.

“Huh?” the reindeer replies, surprised at something.

“Huh?” Marisa returns, out of confusion rather than surprise. “Did I say something strange?”

“No, I just though you said my name,” the girl says, now getting confused herself.

“Uh...? I don't see how...” Marisa says, thinking back to what she just said. “What is your name?”

“Comet,” she responds, and Marisa nods in understanding.

“Oh, I get it now,” she says, then starts to grin. “Well, since I beat you, you're coming with me.”

“I suppose...” Comet sighs, “I had hoped to be able to go home...”

“Well, looks like our goals are the same,” Alice says, surprising the reindeer again.

“Huh!? Wait, you're not going to take me away and eat me?” Comet asks. Alice and Marisa exchange looks.

“No, we're bringing you back to Santa!” Marisa exclaims. A few seconds of silence proceed.

“Why didn't you just say so!” Comet shouts angrily, regaining enough strength to struggle against Alice. “This was all just a misunderstanding! Geez!”

“Ah, I suppose I forgot to mention that part,” Marisa jokes, winking at Comet. Alice releases the girl and she floats into the air.

“All this over a lack of communication...” Comet complains, flying away from the group.

“Hey, Comet? Village is this way,” Marisa calls after the girl. She stops, turns quickly, and flies back towards Marisa and Alice, red faced and silent. Marisa takes the lead, while the two follow behind her on her path back to the village.


Oh yeah, this.

Finishing a Christmas story in February. Next time I get an idea for a seasonal/holiday themed story, I'll finish writing it first, then post it up on/after the relevant day.

So if I'm going to get that Valentine's idea out of my head, I should start tomorrow.

Anyway, finishing up another Gensou Coil update, then writing the conclusion for this and finally ending it.
No. 111442
You look over the crowd that has gathered. Most of the villagers that had grouped up when you first arrived had dissipated through the day, but now they're starting to return as more and more girls show up trailing reindeer. The crowd grows with each pair returning with a different reindeer, and even a few without. The last group arrives, with the gathered reindeer, along with Santa, all welcoming the returning group. A number of the searchers are also taking the time to bask in the attention, with cries from the crowd calling out praises for all. You turn away from the crowd and head over to Santa.

“Well, we got everyone back, I think, what now?” you ask

“Now it's my turn,” Yukari says from behind you. You turn quickly to see the blonde woman emerging from a hole in the air, followed closely by Ran. “I'll send everyone back through to the other side of the border.”

“Thank you, Miss,” Santa says, smiling through his beard at the woman, “ah, but first, I must reward all the hard workers!” The word acts like a magnet for all the lingering girls that sought out the reindeer, and all at once they begin to crowd close to the man and his sleigh. With a laugh, he takes up his bag and opens it. He proceeds to hand out gifts to everyone in turn. A number of them aren't very surprising; a thick history book for Keine, an elegant white parasol for Remilia, a high-end sewing kit for Alice, and so forth. Then begins some rather unusual gifts. A golden ball covered in holes with straps connected to two sides for Koakuma, a shovel for Tewi, a bag of some sort of leaves for Rin... things you don't really understand, but consider you'd rather not. In the end, everyone receives something they are happy with, except you. You figure it'd be bad form to complain, but you wait for everyone to be sufficiently distracted showing off their gifts to each other before approaching Santa.

“Hey, I didn't get anything?” you ask, mixed between disappointment and annoyance. You can see Santa's smile through his thick beard.

“Not every gift can be given from my bag, Reimu,” he says before breaking into a laugh. You're still annoyed, but now you're also curious. You decide to leave it at that, since you don't want to make a scene interrogating Santa, of all people. You float away from the man and his sleigh as the reindeer group around and climb up. With a nod, Yukari opens a gap in the air, and it descends over Santa and his sleigh. A cheer from the crowd rings out as the gap starts to close, and you feel a sense of pride in completing this task. Everyone slowly descends back into chatter and laughing before dispersing, the crowd of villagers first, then the youkai and others begin to trail away on their own to enjoy the rest of the day with their new gifts. You're the last one left to leave, and you fly back to your shrine empty handed. A sense of disappointment sets in for a moment over not having gotten anything. You quickly push it out of your mind however. That's just being materialistic, you're more than content with the praise and knowledge that you've done something good. The rest of your day passes uneventfully, and you drift off to sleep as the night sets in.


“Reimu?” a voice calls out from outside your door. “Wake up, Reimu!” She sounds fairly expectant, like she believes you'll wake up just because you were told to. Naïve. A knock comes on your door next. “Come on, you can't spend all day laying around!” the voice cries. That's what she thinks! You'll show her a thing or two about sleeping in! You hear your door rattle open, and a few footsteps entering your room. Damn, no respect around here. You bury your face into your pillow as the footsteps get closer.

“Get up!” the girl calls from next to your bed.

“Reimu's not in right now,” you respond sleepily, “please leave a message after the snore.”

“Hey Reimu, it's Marisa,” the girl replies, then you feel the covers lifted away. “I'm standing next to your bed looking at you in your underwear. Just thought I'd let you know. Call me back.” You reflexively ball up even more due to the cold and only being in a loose top and your bloomers, as well as being ogled by a black and white witch.

“Why are you here so early, Marisa?” you ask. She chuckles slightly.

“Something you should see,” she says, prodding your back with her foot. “Get up.” You groan and roll over, and Marisa drops your blanket in a heap and leaves the room. You take a few minutes to get dressed at least, and shuffle out into the hall where Marisa is waiting with a smile.

“This better be good,” you groan as Marisa hops off ahead of you and heads to the doors to outside. You don't want to deal with the cold so early, so you turn back around. Several footsteps later and Marisa takes you by the shoulders and turns you back around yet again.

“Trust me, it's worth it,” she says, leading you towards the door despite your, admittedly weak, efforts to struggle. Once you're at the door, all resistance fades away at the sight. A large number of people, villagers and youkai alike, are gathered at your shrine.

“I... what...” you mumble, confused and surprised all at once.

“Seems you've returned a lot of faith in the villagers belief in you and your shrine, helping out a legendary holy man. They've all come to pay their respects at the Hakurei Shrine, so it's no good for the Hakurei Shrine Maiden to sleep through it all.” You blink several times, as if it would all vanish, but it's quite persistent in staying.

“... Oh, I'm not even properly prepared for all this! Marisa, help me get everything ready!” you cry, hurrying back inside, and Marisa joins you with a laugh. It's a bit of a hectic rush, but you manage to get back out to your worshipers, who once again celebrate your actions of the previous day. In the spirit of the holiday as well, a number of them have brought gifts for you as well on their own, many of which from the celebrants come and gone piled up on a table set up near the shrine, manned by Sanae, of all people. In the end, Santa was right, there really are some gifts that can't be given from a bag. The Hakurei Shrine had it's record number of worshipers that Christmas, and the peace that came to Gensokyo lasted through the winter.


And done. More than a month behind schedule, technically, but yeah.
No. 111463
Awesome story, glad you finished it.
No. 111464
Thanks for the story!
No. 111466
thanks for the story, now get cracking on that valentine's one!
i liked it.
No. 111470
Awwww, what a nice story.
The ending was specially sweet. GJ!
No. 111501
This was a good story and you should feel good for having written it.
No. 111535
Awesome story, EZMode.