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10688 No. 10688
You struggle against the dolls, much more fiercely this time. Alice is concentrating far more intently on Tewi now, who has decided to try to aim for Alice instead of the dolls. The doll’s iron grip still hasn’t lessened though, and you can’t break free of them.
Tewi seems to be faring about as well as you are, now sporting a couple of burns on various parts of her body, she’s moving much slower than she was before. Realizing that she has little chance of winning here, at this juncture, she throws a wide area fire attack in Alice’s general direction.
“I’m sorry!” She calls out as she flees into the bamboo forest. “I’ll come back for you! I swear!”
With that, Tewi’s gone, leaving you alone with Alice. You fall to your knees, the two dolls holding you not preventing this motion, feeling defeated. Your one ally, driven off.
Alice seems quite surprised that she actually managed to drive Tewi off. She smiles to herself and hops down off of the rock out cropping. She walks over to you, picking the camera up off of the rocks.
“Oh. This looks like Aya’s camera. Now how did you come to be in possession of this item? Oh well. No matter.” She hands the camera to one of the dolls and starts to walk off through the bamboo forest, seeming to head back the way you came. Waving her hand, the two dolls holding you pull you up to your feet, and drag you along behind her. You don’t know what to do. You can’t really get at anything you’re carrying, and you can’t speak.

[ ] Attempt to talk to Alice.
[ ] Do nothing.

No. 10692
[ ] Attempt to talk to Alice.
No. 10694
[X] Attempt to talk to Alice.
No. 10696
[x] Attempt to talk to Alice.
Not as planned!
No. 10697
[x] Attempt to talk to Alice.
No. 10698
[x] Breasts

We've still got good fortune from Tewi. We should be able to pull this off.
No. 10699
Shit. Um.

[X] Do nothing.

We can't talk, and I doubt she'd listen to anything we had to say if we could.
No. 10700
the last 2 choices really screwed us up, we picked the wrong ones
we need a wonder
No. 10701
[x] Attempt to talk to Alice.
No. 10702
[X] Attempt to talk to Alice.
No. 10703
[x] Attempt to talk to Alice.
No. 10704
[x] Attempt to talk to Alice.
No. 10705
[ ] Do nothing.

Dammit, people! Think before you vote! There were ALWAYS two dolls holding us. If we couldn't escape then, we still could now!

Chill and wait for Tewi's ambush!
No. 10706
[x] Do nothing.

Talking won't help us do shit with the thing she put over our mouth.
No. 10707
We should´ve picked Wait and fall to the ground before
No. 10708
[ ] Do nothing.

Alright Anon.
Wait for an opportunity.
No. 10709
[x] Do nothing.
No. 10710
It seems we attempt to speak to her.

We need to say something awesome
No. 10711
Damn it Yukari. Can't you at least help out and gap a kitchen sink over Alice's head?
No. 10712

On the other hand, distracting Alice might be exactly what Tewi needs, so who's to call what's a good or bad choice?
No. 10713
>Think before you vote!

This is another point in favor of raising the decision limit. I voted to take Alice's picture earlier, instantly regretted it, but it had already reached more than five by the time I had the thread loaded up again.

We're operating too much on instinct. The situation is in crisis; we need to THINK.
No. 10714
[x] Do nothing.

Too bad we didn't actually know the damn plan until we had already screwed it up.
No. 10715
You make a series of muffled noises. Alice turns slightly and looks at you while walking. You continue to make the muffled noises, getting as loud as you can with the material on your mouth. Alice sighs and stops walking. waving her hand, the one remaining free doll flies over to you and rips the material off of your mouth. Looking quite annoyed Alice addressses you. “Well? What do you have to say that’s so important?”

[ ] Why you do this thing?
[ ] What are you going to do with me?
[ ] Call for Tewi, Cirno, Rumia, Wriggle, anyone who you think might help you.
No. 10716
Hmmmm, if she's seen it's Aya's camera, logically there's no reason for her not to let us have it, right?

Oh ho ho.

Let's play "dedicated journalist"!
No. 10717
Gotta defeat Arisu
No. 10718
we cant move, but we can show her our spirit
No. 10719
[x] Why you do this thing?
Why does everyone have a hard on for me?!
No. 10720
>Talking won't help us do shit with the thing she put over our mouth.

We can still make "I'm trying to talk" noises.
[X] Attempt to talk to Alice.
No. 10721
[X] Why you do this thing?
No. 10722
[ ] Why you do this thing?
Why does she give a crap about the girl who killed her mom?
No. 10723
[ ] Why you do this thing?
No. 10724
Why do you do this thing?
No. 10725
[X] What are you going to do with me?
No. 10726
[x] Why you do this thing?
Can't stay up much longer, gonna try to hang in for one more choice. Don't get us killed again.
No. 10727
[ ] Call for Tewi, Cirno, Rumia, Wriggle, anyone who you think might help you.

No. 10728
[ ]Why you do this thing?
No. 10729
charge ur lazors
fire ur lazors
shoop da whoop
No. 10730
[x] What are you going to do with me?

Seriously, whatcha doin' Alice?
No. 10731
And our heart. And our lungs. And our spleen...
No. 10732
[X] What are you going to do with me?
No. 10734

[x] So I heard you were interested in independent dolls
No. 10735
[x] What are you going to do with me?
No. 10736
Yell out and hope to draw attention from someone who can help us...but put Alice into alert mode.

Keep her talking and distracted long enough for a surprise attack (maybe).

Going with the [x] Why you do this thing? trend here.
No. 10737

We do have a photo of that, don't we?
No. 10738
[x] So I heard you were interested in independent dolls
No. 10740
Any of our 9 buddies would've seen or heard the battle had they been in the area.

We need to pit Alice against Reimu. Ask her why she's helping the person who killed her mother and left her birthplace in flames?

Also, show her the photograph we took of Medicine. She may not know about her.
No. 10741
[X]Why you do this thing?
No. 10742
[ ] Do you like to dance?
No. 10743
wasn't mokou nearby? she could help us ... maybe ...
No. 10744

...delusional groping notwithstanding, we'd be better off waiting for Tewi...
No. 10745
You look at her directly and in a calm level voice you ask her, “WHY YOU DO THIS THING?”
Bad grammar aside, she seems a little taken aback by the sudden outburst. Regaining her composure she looks directly at you and answers you plainly.
“Because Marisa asked me to. She was apparently very worried about any person who could do something like that to Reimu. She also figured, apparently rightly so, that Reimu had greatly exaggerated your prowess in battle. Though it does seem that Reimu got in her fair share of damage.” Alice waves her hand at your bandaged and splinted arm. “Also, whatever you used on Reimu left her severely weakened, and as such, both Patchouli and I were quite interested in whatever sort of miasma came forth and laid Reimu out. There could be many practical usages for something like that. Long story short, we want to study you. When we’re done with you. Hum.. I’ve needed some new eyes for my dolls.” Alice starts walking, and waves for her dolls to drag you along. Oh SHIT. You REALLY don’t want to meet Marissa, Reimu, or Patchouli now. It seems like while they don’t have shoot to kill plans for you, you’re not likely to survive long past any sort of ‘studying’ they do on you. Looking up you think you see a few quick flashes of light.

[ ] Call for help.
[ ] Plead with Alice
[ ] Scream at Alice.
[ ] Wait.
No. 10746
[X] Wait.
only choice
No. 10748
[X] Wait.
No. 10749
[X] Wait.
No. 10750

[x] Wait.

Blue light from Eirin's lasers, or Mokou fire?
I need to know if I'm to pump my arm or not
No. 10751
[x] Wait.
Not much of a choice.
No. 10752
[x] Wait.

Bide your time dammit. Something will come up, we must be ready for it.
No. 10753
Thinking back to INV: Hourai elixer (generic) + Stolen doll = Independent Hourai doll?
No. 10754
[X] Wait.

Methinks the cavalry is on its way.
No. 10755
Wait. Our actions in this battle have only fucked us harder.
No. 10756
[ ] Wait.
No. 10757
[x] Wait.
No. 10758
[x] Wait.
See that light? Time to wait.
No. 10759

[x] Brace for impact
No. 10760
[x] Wait.
Hopefully those are the helpful kind of blue lights.
No. 10761
Yes. But I don't see how this would be any different.
We got fucked over by acting when we should have waited, and for all we know we could get fucked over now by waiting when we should have acted.
No. 10762
[ ] Scream at Alice.

We need to distract her long enough for the MOONINITES, DUPLICATE, REUNITE, AND ANNIHILATE!
No. 10763
If not, we are going to get judged again and travel back in time to save our sorry ass again
No. 10764
Blindly charging into every conflict will not help us. Actually, alerting Ms. Bitch to our backup will not be conducive to their rescue operation.
No. 10765
[X] Party hard.
No. 10766
Okay, seriously. What the fuck is Yukari doing.
She put us in various positions where we could have died, and then when we actually DID die, she said she didn't mean for us to die and helped us un-do our dying and come back.

Our prospects have not improved much.

There had goddamn better be an opportunity for some seriously fucking epic hair-ruffling with our little sister harem by the time this is all over.
No. 10767
We need to stall and slow her down as much as possible so that our allies can save us.
No. 10768
Anonymous is going to be held hostage via Artful Sacrifice. Goddammit, you guys better start advancing unique replies.
No. 10769
[ ] Unleash the power of the dance
No. 10770
[ ] Ask Alice about "that"
No. 10771
[ ] swallow your tongue
No. 10772
[ ] Employ the use of the cyanide capsule implanted in your tooth for just such an occasion
No. 10773
>Okay, seriously. What the fuck is Yukari doing.

Insane hypothesis: This is part of a contrived plot to humble Reimu through this affliction, but with the ultimate intent of restoring her to health.
No. 10774
You decide that antagonizing the girl who currently has you in her grasp would be a bad idea. You fall silent and allow the dolls to drag you along. You begin to wonder about what’s going to happen to you. Alice begins to hum to herself, apparently quite pleased with her progress thus far. It would seem that a girl floating along, and having her prisoner dragged along by floating dolls covers more ground than someone running along following a small rabbit. Looking up again, you see nothing of any real interest. As well, nothing seems to be on either side of you.

[ ] Shout for help.
[ ] Try to reason with Alice.
[ ] Wait just a little bit longer.
No. 10775
Vampire slaying mini-game GET?
No. 10776
[x] so i herd u liek Medicine
No. 10777
This is a HINT, huh.

[ ] Try to reason with Alice.
No. 10778
the 15 minutes in which we died? She had to go potty. She's REALLY sorry about that.
No. 10779
[X] Wait just a little bit longer.

We need a SIGN.
No. 10780
[ ] Wait just a little bit longer.
No. 10781
[X] Try to reason with Alice.
No. 10782
[ ] Try to reason with Alice. Mention Medicine. Why not.
No. 10783
Reimu got one-shotted by a random human with purple gas. She is pretty humbled by now. Let us go back to the 9-Squad and for the love of god let us keep our eyes.
No. 10784
[x] Try to reason with Alice.
No. 10785
[x] Try to reason with Alice.
[x] Why are you helping the girl who murdered your mother?
No. 10786
[x] Try to reason with Alice.
No. 10787
[x] Try to reason with Alice.
No. 10788
[] Wait just a little bit longer....
No. 10789
>[x] Try to reason with Alice.
>[x] Why are you helping the girl who murdered your mother?

Hell, that might work.
No. 10790
[X] Try to reason with Alice.

"I have a picture of an independent doll in that camera you took from me. Now, it is a VERY delicate piece of equipment, so to avoid exposing the film, you're going to have to do EXACTLY as I tell you..."
No. 10791
In the end you could probably buy your freedom at least from Patchouli with the Hourai Elixer--cure her asthma and anemia.
No. 10792
I should think the fourth wall is tattered enough as it is, isn't it?
No. 10793
It'd probably just get her pissed at us. Besides, she isn't really helping Reimu--she and Patchouli have their own agenda.
No. 10794

What 4th wall?
No. 10795
>>[X] Try to reason with Alice.

>>"I have a picture of an independent doll in that camera you took from me. Now, it is a VERY delicate piece of equipment, so to avoid exposing the film, you're going to have to do EXACTLY as I tell you..."

No. 10796

Heheh, subtle bargain?

We might end up exchanging some info on Medicine to Alice, or weasel the camera back into our hands and use it on her.
No. 10797
The one made out of glass--here, you prolly missed it, what with the curtains in front of it and everything.

No. 10798
>she and Patchouli have their own agenda.

They study magic, right? Maybe we can convince them to meet Mima-sama?
No. 10799
Oh, good LORD, what the hell.
You guys are ugly, man. When's the last time you took a shower? Yes, I'm talking to you. You need a haircut! And you--for god's sake, put some clothes on!
Good grief.
No. 10800
No. 10801
You decide to break your silence. You attempt to reason with Alice. You tell her the story about what happened once you came here, and your myriad of misadventures. She seems wholly unimpressed. You attempt to call upon her better nature and let you go. She shakes her head and continues along. You even try something so far out there, you have no idea where it came from. You ask her why she’s helping the girl who killed her mother. Alice stops dead at that. She turns around, glaring at you.
“You know NOTHING of what happened. I think it’s time you shut up again.” She moves to make the doll cover your mouth again, but she’s suddenly distracted by a large beam of light piercing the sky.
Ah. It would seem that we’re almost back to Eientei. She turns on her heels and continues in the direction from which the light came. through the bamboo stalks you can make out the vague outlines of the buildings that make up Eientei.

[ ] shout for help
[ ] You’re almost back to Eientei. Just wait.
No. 10802
No. 10803

[X] "Well hey, at least I don't leak poop"
No. 10804
Oh, we pissed her off now.

[ ] You’re almost back to Eientei. Just wait.
No. 10805
[ ] You’re almost back to Eientei. Just wait.

No. 10806
[x] You’re almost back to Eientei. Just wait.

Fuck it, I'm going to trust in Tewi's good luck powers and pray that when she arrives, a thousand rabbits will descend upon her.
No. 10807
Hmmmmm, touched a nerve. File that one away for later.

[X] You’re almost back to Eientei. Just wait.
No. 10808
[x] You’re almost back to Eientei. Just wait.
No. 10809
[ ] shout for help
No. 10810
[x] You’re almost back to Eientei. Just wait.

It's sad. Anon just met his first friends, only to be torn away from them.
No. 10811

Why not? Seconded.
[x] "Well hey, at least I don't leak poop"
No. 10812
[X] You’re almost back to Eientei. Just wait.
It's all we can do. Prepare for Guinea Pig End.
No. 10813
If have a chance, I say we argue that Eientei and Reimu/Marisa are going to both be going after Alice. Plus we have Yukari backing us. If the SDM's in the battle too, there's going to be some major crap going down. Too much crap for Alice to be "studying" us.

All in all, she would win a fine ally in us if we somehow "escaped" her grasp.
No. 10814

But then she'll just leak poop in the shade.
No. 10815
Alright guys, this next one's the final one for the night. No choice, just text. Choice will come in the thread tomorrow. Consider it like the end of a chapter.
No. 10816
>You ask her why she’s helping the girl who killed her mother. Alice stops dead at that. She turns around, glaring at you.

No. 10817
No. 10818
[x] shout for halp
might as well try screaming instead of waiting
No. 10819
Come on, dude. Just a suit of Terminator, a Thunder Hammer, and a Storm Shield. That's all we need to be awesome. er.
No. 10820
I recommend claiming not to remember this event in the future.

Seriously, pull some odd-mind shit. "What are you talking about? Ara, I said something like that? How mean!

"Ah, sometimes everything goes fuzzy and spotty, and when I wake up it's hours later. That's why I have to get my cleaning done early in the day! Hn? Why do I know about what? I don't understand what you're talking aBLOOD MURDER MEAT MEAT ALL OF IT IS MEAT KILL THE SPARE SLIT THEIR THROATS AND GRIND THEM oh dear, I feel a bit dizzy...What were we talking about a second ago?"
No. 10821
Damn, we've been screwed over so badly in this thread.
No. 10822
I am conflicted. On one hand, this was fucking awesome and I don't want to stop. On the other, I need to "wake up" in 4 hours. Either way, thanks Kira and goodnight.
No. 10823
Turret's? In my Touhou?
No. 10824

I needed to 'wake up' 2 hours ago. It's 10:15am for me and I still haven't slept.

No. 10825

No. 10826

Fuck that noise. Keep them guessing. We're already apparently an anomaly. The more hidden powers and knowledge they think we have, the less likely we are to be swatted outright.
No. 10827
Not so much Tourette's as multiple personality disorder, and one of our personalities is a sadistic bastard who knows more than he logically should.

Another of our personalities is Michael Flatley, but that's less important.
No. 10828
i am away for like 20 minutes and you guys pick the wrong choice again, just fucking wait, help will come
No. 10830

The Alice rage was worth it.
No. 10832
Pushing women's buttons can be fun. If you haven't tried it, you should.
No. 10833
File 120790588092.jpg - (23.43KB , 290x430 , mutsumi.jpg ) [iqdb]
That only really works best when we're female and act like Mutsumi most of the time.

Also, "kill the spare". I don't know what it is about that line, but it's great. Nicely demonic/archaic.
No. 10834
That's the point, see? It's the stupidest thing ever. Which means we're the stupidest thing ever. Which means Obfuscating Stupidity.
Dammit, am I the only one who's ever watched Columbo? Or read Catch-22?
It's one of the Thirty-Six Stratagems, for crying out loud.
No. 10835
Not so much fun when said girl is going to gouge out our eye and put them on one of her creepy little dolls.
No. 10836
It's a throwaway Harry Potter reference, which is sort of embarrassing, for some reason. It does sound rather demonic, doesn't it?
No. 10838
Alice pulls you forth from the bamboo forest onto the outskirts of Eientei. You can tell a fierce battle raged here, the damage is evident everywhere. Bodies of injured or worse rabbits litter the ground. In some places fires still burn. The sight shocks and dismays you. They fought, tooth and nail to buy you time to escape, and here you are, right back where you were trying to get away from. Congratulations. Alice avoids the entrances nearby, most likely because of the fires burning near it, and walks around to the front of the building. Hanging from a tree is a very battered and beaten up Reisen. Tied up by her wrists, her jacket and skirt in tatters, missing a shoe, with burns, cuts, and bruises all over her body. Beneath her lies piles of rabbits, heaped one atop another. You divert your eyes from that horrible sight, but you know it to be one that will haunt you to the end of your days. Walking inside, you see a blood smear on the floor. Alice walks along, following this blood smear, right into a central room in Eientei. There, Kaguya sits, head split open like a cantaloupe, body cut all to pieces, with the smell of charred flesh and hair floating in the air.
Alice ignores all this like it’s nothing, and walks into the center of the room, near Kaguya’s body.
“Marisa! Reimu! I found him!” Alice calls out loudly. Her voice echoes in the empty halls of Eientei. You silently apologize to Kaguya for the troubles you’ve obviously brought upon her house.
Marissa calls out from somewhere in the back. “We’re back here, da~ze.”
Alice walks into the back where Eirin, covered in scrapes cuts and bruises, with a persuasion needle in one of her arms, is treating Reimu. Looking up and seeing you, Eirin’s face falls into a look of complete defeat.
You attempt to apologize to her, but the words catch in your throat.
“Ah. Good. You caught the little shit who did this to me. So tell me, kid, What in the FUCK did you do to me?”
You tell Reimu that you honestly have no idea what you did to her.
You’re shocked by the Shrine maiden’s sudden outburst.
“You shouldn’t shout, it won’t help you recover from this any faster,” Eirin chips in.
“Shut up. Don’t make me have to put another needle in your arm.”
Eirin draws back and resumes treating Reimu’s wounds.
“ C’mon Kiddo, you know what you did to her, just tell us and we can all be on our merry way, da~ze.”
You stress that you have absolutely no idea what you did to Reimu. Whatever happened just seemed to happen of it’s own accord. Marissa laughs at that, then backhands you. Pain blossoms through your head. If the dolls hadn’t been holding you up, you probably would be lying on the ground. She may be a small girl, but her size belays her strength.
“Fine then. If you’re not gonna talk we’ll just have to make you talk. Alice, take him down to the dungeon, and lock him up.”
“Right away, Reimu.”
With that, Alice dragged you from the room, and off towards the dungeons.
No. 10839

Well, Whipping out weeaboo phrases and using them wrong to boot WOULD make us look retarded.
No. 10840
No. 10841
No. 10842
When did they get a dungeon?
No. 10843


Holy shit, that's GRIMANDARK. Guys... Misadventures just got a whole lot more serious.
No. 10844
Nice cliffhanger. We'll get our revenge for this soon. Eventually. Maybe.
No. 10845
Well, yeah.
Anyone who actually says "ara" in real life without a trace of irony should be quartered.
No. 10846
No. 10847
They Reimu and Marisa just went gangsta on Eintei.

Damn son, this shit JUST GOT REAL.
No. 10848
Looks like we need to throw a crazy party at this point.
No. 10849


So much for backup from Eientei. Yukari's a no show, SDM's backing Alice, and the Nineball Squad is out of their league.

We're pretty much out of options, Anon. Nothing less than screwed, really, unless the SDM betrays Alice/Reimu/Marisa or Yukari finally shows.
No. 10850
No. 10851
All right, Anon, no more voting in the first reply. We're going to have to strategize our way out of this mess.
No. 10852
HOLY SHIT, thats epic. Well shit, thats not NICE anymore. this is no VN anymore where you can get the characters to fall in love with YOU!
RAGE. If this doesnt end with you skullraping Reimus and Marisas corpse, then i dont know what
No. 10853
Gentlemen, the time for hair ruffling has long since passed. No more Mr. Nice Anon.

One way or the other, none of them must be allowed to survive.
No. 10854
Also...come to think of it...how the HELL did a sucker-punched Marisa and a weakened Reimu overwhelm Eirin, Kaguya, Reisen, and their bunny horde?

I mean...DAMN.
No. 10855
No. 10856
No. 10857
And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my brothers!
No. 10858
no sleep, continue!
No. 10859
Weakened or not, these are the stars of the series for a REASON. They've fought some of the most powerful beings in existence and come out on top.

They cannot be stopped. You can only hope to slow them down.
No. 10860
You're forgetting one other ally of Reimu's that normally hangs around the shrine that she might be able to recruit.
No. 10861

Agreed. We're outgunned, outmanned, and overpowered. We have no weapons, no items, save for the tiny things we have.

What we have:

Loli squad in reserve; but we don't know when they'll come into play.
The Shitsux password we don't know the use for. For all we know, any possible use is dead.
Tewi. Oh, Emperor, poor Tewi, she's gonna have to see this...
The ghosts maybe. If they can and wish to.
Yukari, maybe.
The Hourai elixer, if we're allowed to keep it.
Any ideas?
No. 10862

Well for Reimu it's a given since she has plot armor.
No. 10863
[X] Kick reason to the curb.
No. 10864

Kaguya will come back to life eventually.
She'll just have to hope she resurrects outside of torture range.
No. 10865
"Those who survive a long time in Gensokyo start to think they're invincible. I bet you do, too, Buddy."
No. 10866
Damn. This cliffhanger is worse than the one at the end of season 3 of Battlestar Galactica, where they get occupied by goddamned cylons.
No. 10867
Man, come to think of it, we are the cause of all of this!
Shit... thats why Reimus acting so crazy and all. all our fault the bunnies DIED. But wtf are we goin to do now, our allies just got mowed down and we cant rely on cirno, rumia and wriggle at all. Against the SDM, Yukari doesnt care about it, Sukia is for Reimu too. We need to escape but thats not gonna work. We hit a bad end?
No. 10868
When backed up against the wall, our hidden power will manifest itself. Shit is only gonna get more epic.
No. 10869
DO NOT GIVE INTO DESPAIR! IT IS BETTER TO DIE FOR THE EMPEROR THAN TO LIVE FOR YOURSELF. LIFE IS THE EMPEROR'S CURRENCY, SPEND IT WISELY! Allow not despair to creep into our hearts, to cast our faith aside and instill doubt and fear! We will withstand the pathetic tortures of the foul enemies of mankind, and smite these Heretics, these abominations, with the true glory of the Emperor of Mankind!
No. 10870
Give the doll we snagged the Elixer and make it do our bidding of retrieving our camera (hopefully still has Medicine's Poison spell still on it), and give R/M/A their daily dose of it!

...or wait until Eirin restores Kaguya, Tewi frees Reisen, and back to my MOONINITES QUAD-GLACIER on the three. The codeword: shitsux!
No. 10871
This makes me want to delete all of my Reimu, Marisa, and Alice pictures.

Fuck them, seriously.
No. 10872

This, totally.

No. 10873

Stop being stupid.
No. 10874
Great. Now we just need one of the Nine-ball Squad to show up to get killed in an noble act of self-sacrifice, allowing us to finally tap into our long-dormant power, get the Ultimate Power-up, and bounce back from the brink of defeat and certain death to kick reason to the curb and put holes in those fucking bitches.
No. 10875
Fuck it. Remove Rumia's amulet and let the world be covered in darkness.
No. 10876
First of all we need to last the torture they gonna do with us, then escape snake style. I think reasoning with them is out of question now. They gone insane it seems. We need to get out of there and find some allies so we can get revenge for the bunnies, they seem to know something
No. 10877

1. Go to jail.
2. Take fake death pill.
3. ??????
4. PROFIT!!!
No. 10878
Ok, I have updated the archives for all your viewing pleasure.

Also jesus christ 116 events in 2 days.

No. 10879
Is Yuyuko on our side, or did nixing our suicide make our meeting with her never happen?
No. 10880
File 120790756323.jpg - (407.75KB , 1000x667 , f3a0f2ab4a73ed46b20f0fddd1a49b91.jpg ) [iqdb]
holy fuck

we just...all we wanted to do was ruffle some hair

how did this happen
No. 10881
From what Yukari said, it's probably our "hidden power" that's CAUSING all this.
No. 10882
File 120790766993.jpg - (308.80KB , 582x456 , 1207194186238.jpg ) [iqdb]
We must summon the fires of nerd rage and reclaim the honor of our fallen allies. FOR THE HORDE!
No. 10883
They're insane.
They're utterly insane.
There's no way to fight against them. They're insane, insane, insane insane insane.

The only solution, of course, is to go insane ourselves.
No. 10884
No more tea drinking at the end. Reimus going postal. Seems like we need to power up and stop that bitch
No. 10885


No. 10886
Yuyuko seemed pretty unreliable. I'd bet she'll back us only if Yukari backs us. But Yukari's a no-show, and since weakened-Reimu + Marisa can wipe out all of Eientei. Yukari, Yuyuko, and Youmu would have to go all-out to save us, but I can't really see that happening....

SDM's an unknown factor. If we're lucky, they might help us covertly...if they think we're valuable enough and can shift the balance of power in their favor. They probably won't oppose Reimu/Marisa explicitly, since they don't want to face the same fate as Eientei.
No. 10887
Thats how Silent Sinner in Blue shouldve been!
No. 10888
Oh, shit.

Guys, I don't want to worry you, but...

Marisa recognized us from Kourindou.
No. 10889
You know, I'd just like to take this time to remind you all that we might have avoided this situation if SOME of us had enough sense to not jump the gun on using the camera on Alice too soon.

There are a number of lessons that should have been learned from this by now. First of all, a weapon is only as useful as your ability to actually use it. Secondly, you don't have to be able to stop a bullet to avoid being shot, you just have to stop the person from pulling the trigger. Most importantly, though, is when you're in a situation where you have only one shot to catch an enemy off-guard, and right off the bat you have a choice to either attack or wait, CHOOSE THE FUCKING "WAIT" OPTION.

Especially if they still clearly have a means of striking back at you nearby.
No. 10890

That's it, guys. Scorched Earth policy. Everyone human here (That isn't us) dies.
No. 10891
>Give the doll we snagged the Elixer and make it do our bidding of retrieving our camera (hopefully still has Medicine's Poison spell still on it), and give R/M/A their daily dose of it!

Fucking A. This is the plan. Also, to alert the 9 squad to our presence.

As much as I'd like to see the red-white waste away, we could tell her the (partial) truth that it's Medicine's neurotoxin, under torture possibly. While Alice or Marisa goes out to fetch the living doll, the 9s storm the place, with Rumia leading us out under the cover of darkness.

Alternatively, Mokou comes across the scene looking for her daily dose of Kaguya beatings and goes ballistic. Keine, discreetly watching Mokou as usual, frees the pitiable human from the torture chamber while Mokou is upstairs knocking heads.
No. 10892
No. 10893

stop that
No. 10894
i am certenly Cirno and the others are hiding outside, but are just too scared to help us atm!
Its not over yet
listen to that guy, lets split em up and escape somehow.
Reimus still weakened. And most of all we got some secret power in us, if we know how to use it, we can beat them maybe and return thing sto normal
No. 10895
File 120790856685.jpg - (136.08KB , 600x800 , 223433060c1e820b8f67bcd3fe70e3ef.jpg ) [iqdb]
Well, only one thing that can help us now.
No. 10896
Shit, inadvertent. Sorry.
No. 10897
Except we didn't know how badly Tewi was being pwned. Our first chance may have been our only chance.
No. 10898
And, we are currently in the hands of some seriously psycho powerhouses who have proven themselves willing to stop at absolutely nothing to find out everything they can about us and what we did to Reimu. If they think there's the slightest chance that Rinnosuke or the Nineballs have anything to say, you can bet they'll be asking. Hopefully, Rinnosuke was canny enough to abandon the store for a while and take them all underground with him.

Seriously, guys. We've got to slow this down and think this through. The carefree days of hair-ruffling are gone away.
No. 10899
So is that all for tonight? Can I go to sleep now?
No. 10900
We need to get 8 choices back, if we can capture alice we may have saved Kaguy and all those Rabbits, lets choose the suicide options and hope for a continue.
No. 10901
Yes. Pleasant dreams.

No. Hope is dead. We've got to see this through.
No. 10902
Why exactly is Reimu so pissed off at us for, anyway? SHE started it. She stopped us in the middle of the night, threatened us, insulted our little sister Wriggle, and shot us in the arm with those damn needles. We somehow did SOMETHING to defend ourselves, and now she's got Marisa, Alice, Patchy, and most likely Suika all ready to fuck up anyone who gets between them and us.

Nevermind if Alice leaks poop, why is Reimu such a bitch?
No. 10903

The Hakurei faction has to move fast, because Kaguya will keep resurrecting while Reimu's condition continues to deteriorate, and there's the increasing prospect of other outside involvement (Mokou, especially). Likely they'll take any lead we threw at them.

The problem is getting through the torture sequence with Alice, knowing she's in a different faction, and might not care about the miko's survival. If we tell her the Medicine toxin alibi, she's likely to kill us and split, as we'd have no further use to her and to prevent Marisa and Reimu from learning it.
No. 10904
No. 10905
>>Except we didn't know how badly Tewi was being pwned. Our first chance may have been our only chance.

Yes, and we blew it by acting BEFORE that chance actually presented itself.
No. 10906

Reimu probably normally sees herself as invincible, and considering the way she trashed Eintei even in her weakened state, that's not far off.

However, this wasting disease she's contracted is something she can't fix with a Yin-Yang Ball or an amulet, and she is afraid for possibly the first time for her own life.

tl;dr: fear leads to anger
No. 10907
anger leads to hate....
No. 10908
This is Bizarro Gensokyo, where Reimu's an aggressive, violent psycho with a similarly crazy Black-White accomplice for backup.
No. 10909
and hate leads to awesome hate sex
No. 10910
Just watch. We're going to get the shit beat out of us, set back to our cell to bleed and suffer until the next round begins, when Yukari will open a gap and drop us a bottle of ketchup. A plastic bottle of ketchup.

God damn it, Yukari.
No. 10911
Well it is our Fault that they all behave like that.
The Higurashi of Touhou. We probably brought a virus in us that drives them mad.
we need to pwm and rape those 3 bitches hard so they get their senses back
No. 10912
Nothing has made me hate those three more than this. Good job, Kira.
No. 10913
Again, remember what Yukari said: attacking a human like that was massively OOC for Reimu. Something about us is disrupting the normal order in Gensokyo.
No. 10914
File 120791028491.png - (162.33KB , 830x1187 , koumakyou_former_part_018.png ) [iqdb]
No. 10915
Chados Reimu is nice caring girl in comparison to Kiras.
No. 10916
...I don't see how gapping in an outsider has any causal connection to Reimu going batshit loco.

...it's funny because it's true.
No. 10917
Being defiant and violent only makes things worse. We must defeat them with KINDNESS.
No. 10918
>>If she really was the one attacking you, and I'm really stressing the if here, it would mean that you're disrupting Gensokyo in some manner by being here.

The question is, WHAT are we doing to disrupt it, and HOW? If Yukari is the one messing with us and our mind, isn't SHE technically the one disrupting things?

All we've done is make friends with a fairy and some relatively weak youkai. ...oh, and that whole "poison the psycho bitch that attacked us, but have no idea how" bit. But she seemed to think we were doing something wrong even before we hit her with our Crazy Purple Knockout Gas.
No. 10919
File 120791070638.jpg - (128.35KB , 500x690 , 1206630391819.jpg ) [iqdb]
Shit just got serious, and I'm feeling like ripping their freaking heads off.
No. 10920
Oh shit. Maybe Reimu ISN'T really trying to kill us.

Maybe Anon is just about to go L5.
No. 10921
Say that again after they gonna torture us tomorrow
Only Kira knows whats going on and probably Yukari a bit. the yama should know it, so if we die we can ask her.
But still, we forgot one person who could help us, Yuka, if we tell her reimus the strongest shes gonna help us
No. 10922
>>But still, we forgot one person who could help us, Yuka, if we tell her reimus the strongest shes gonna help us

Nice idea, but for the fact that we are probably nowhere near where Yuka would be hanging out, nor do we appear to be having the means of getting to her anytime soon.

Unless Yukari starts watching us again (assuming she isn't already, and has stepped away for a power nap), and gaps us out at an opportune moment, or something.
No. 10923
Shit got from ruffling hairs to massacring bunnies and splitting heads open in 1 day. The Tortures gonna rock.
Anons gonna gar up at this rate in no time
No. 10924
I hope we lose an eye.

Then we can wear an eye patch.

And maybe clone ourselves one day.
No. 10925
Yeah, we were helping a Youkai. No, Reimu isn't violent enough normally to attack a sleeping, sentient, passive youkai normally. There is something wrong, I am sure. But what? Maybe some sort of Psionics or magical influence? They are associating wtih the SDM; mayhaps Patchouli or Remilia has a power or spell to manipulate people?