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You're still rather full from breakfast earlier this morning, but you can't possibly pass up the chance of some harmless flirting teasing when Remilia is like this. Good fun between friends, no? Besides, she really does look absolutely delicious right now...

"Well, I'm afraid I've already eaten, but..."
At first pretending to lean one arm on the back of your chair as you face her, you stealthily move your hand behind Remilia to gently take hold of the end of one of her wings, and wiggle it back and forth a bit before tapping your fingers along it. The reaction is instantaneous - a light twitching of the wing, followed by a short, suppressed gasp from the vampire, her cheeks quickly gaining some color. Despite this, she mostly manages to retain her composure, still smirking at you in that smug, confident manner of hers, eyes fixated on you with a strange expression in them that you can't quite place. Elbow leaning on the table, she rests her head on her hand, covering her mouth as you continue to rub the leathery skin of the wing membranes between the fingers. Is that what you call them? Bat wings are, essentially, really large hands, right? Remilia's are certainly rather big, despite being usually folded up to a more compact state...
"... I do have a sudden craving for bat wing soup. Perhaps you can oblige me?"

A muffled 'pfft' noise escapes her; you're not quite sure whether your little joke managed to fluster her, or if your playing about with her wing is making her feel ticklish (or otherwise..?). Her cheeks are, by now a firm shade of pink, and her eyes slightly narrowed; still, despite her mouth still being concealed behind her fingers, you notice the corners of her lips rising noticeably. In a motion that seems more reflexive than calculated, her wing jerks itself out of your hand, and Remilia exhales with another soft gasp, fixing you with a strange grin. As she opens her mouth to speak, her voice sounds oddly high-pitched for the first few words or so.
"Is that so..!" A 'craving', you say? Are you implying that you'd like to eat -me-, good sir?" Before you can answer, she places her slender fingertip on your lips, silencing you.
"I'm afraid I'll be the one doing the 'eating' around here, unless you remember your place, my dear boy..." The teasing tone of her voice and that wide smile on her face reassure you that she's merely joking right back at you, her finger slowly, oh so slowly trailing its way down your chin, then your neck, down to the collar of your shirt, and-...

"I'd hate to echo someone else's words like this, but... I'm still here, you know." Reimu's exasperated voice calls out from behind Remilia, prompting the two of you to turn to look at the somewhat annoyed-looking miko.
"I'd tell you two to get a room, but this -is- your mansion..."

"Tsss, what a vulgar mind you have, sweetheart. Nothing more than some joking around between friends; did you really expect me to strip him down and mount him on the table right here and now, or something?"

...That's... not that bad of an image, really, although you'd prefer the two girls to have some restraint in their speech.

"It really wouldn't surprise me, knowing you..." Reimu idly chuckles to herself as Remilia removes her finger from your collar, crossing her arms and pouting.

"I'm insulted! You make me sound like a lady of loose morals... And in my own house, too! Perhaps you are the one without inhibitions here, sweetheart?"

This goes on for a few minutes, with you sitting by Remilia and listening in on the playful insults and accusations being tossed around in a teasing manner, occasionally being targeted, yourself (and responding in kind, provoking laughs from the girls with either your wit or silly mannerisms). You don't mind, though; you've hardly interacted with Reimu at all so far, and Remilia can be rather fun when she's in such a good mood. True to her usual mannerisms, she seems to hold very little reservations in regards to the personal space of those she considers her friends, every so often lightly tugging on your clothing, touching your arm or hand, or even pinching your cheek while making some sort of joke about men being driven by their groins rather than their brains. Your little gambit with the bat wing joke earlier seems to have raised her spirits even higher than they were before - excellent! Now all you need to do is avoid any sort of arbitrary dramatic plot development that would turn her mood upside down from occurring within the next forty-eight hours.

The something crosses your mind. With Remilia distracted by playing around with your hair as a result of some discussion you can't seem to remember right now, you turn your attentions to Reimu.
"So, ah, what's been keeping you busy, Reimu? You mentioned something earlier..."

"Hmm? Oh, just another incident to solve, that's been giving me trouble-... er... Well, you see..." She sends a bit of a frustrated glance in Remilia's direction - you can't see the vampire's expression at this angle, but Reimu simply rolls her eyes and sighs in surrender, before continuing.
"Well. It's kind of my job to investigate whenever weird things happen in Gensokyo. Think of it as a sort of family business, I guess... I'm currently trying to figure out what's causing this strange heat wave, but I've run out of clues."

"Which is exactly why you should just take it easy, Reimu~" Remilia interjects once again, releasing your hair from the grasp of her delicate fingers; a bit of a shame, since you were actually enjoying the feeling. You can really understand why dogs appreciate their masters scratching their heads or behind their ears, now... although you'd like to hope Remilia doesn't think of you as her 'pet'. Not that the thought would be -completely- bad, but you've got to keep focused on what's to come this Sunday. That's right, it'd probably be best to take Sakuya's advice (or was it more of a request?) and leave the revelation for Sunday evening, before you go to sleep... Assuming Remilia doesn't put you into a more -permanent- form of sleep after hearing what you have to say, of course. Swallowing once to calm your nerves, you shake the violent images from your mind, focusing more on the pleasant and jovial Remilia by your side.
"I did tell you to just take a break and spend the weekend at my luxurious mansion, did I not?" Luxurious? There's hardly anything to do... Granted, maybe you could take some initiative and suggest something interesting, later.

Reimu, on the other hand, seems a little skeptical towards the offer.
"...What's the catch?"

"Catch? You wound me, Reimu, sweetheart... Do I need an ulterior motive to want to give my beloved friend the chance to rest and relax from her overwhelming duties?" The concerned and caring tone in her voice could convince even the most paranoud skeptics, if only you didn't know her well enough by now to treat -anything- she says as a potential tease or joke. Reimu's defenses seem to collapse as she responds with a weak smile.

"Fine, fine, but just for this weekend. I can't make a habit of lazing about in your place like this..."

"But all you do at your shrine is laze about anyway, sweetheart~"

"That's not true! I... uh... clean it, sometimes, and... and I'm constantly busy with collecting donations, and-..."

Suddenly, a sadistic glint flashes in Remilia's eyes, her face taking on a predatory appearance, fangs bared and all.

"...What donations?"

Ouch! Low blow, there; Reimu actually looks physically wounded all of a sudden, her mood visibly shattering and shoulders slumping downwards. Remilia immediately hops out of her chair to comfort the poor miko, leaving you sitting there in a confused state.

"I... I do get a donation or two, every once in a while," Reimu manages to sniffle, Remilia helping her out of her seat and putting her arms around her, standing en pointe to make up for their difference in height, patting the depressed shrine maiden on the back with a soft smile.

"I'm sure you do, sweetheart... There, there, lady Remilia will make it all better..." Shooting a wily smile your way, she flutters her wings excitedly once more. Does she really not notice this? Is it like a dog wagging its tail?
"I've got to, ah, go take care of this, my dear. You should go greet the others in the meanwhile! I'm sure they'd be delighted to see you again. And, ah..." Her eyes narrow just a little bit, the smug smirk on her face taking on a more mischievous appearance.
"Perhaps we can continue our little discussion about 'soup' a little later..."

With that, the two girls head off, Remilia leading a quietly sobbing Reimu along to an unknown destination, leaving you baffled at having heard quite possibly the most unusual double entendre, ever. Oh well... Now that you've been excused for the moment, you might as well do something productive... Wait, have you forgotten already? You're here to clear things up with Flandre, not get involved with flirty shenanigans with her sister! Granted, that kind of comes with the territory, but you've got to keep focused. For all you know, Flandre could be crying in her room right now, telling herself that you don't like her as much as she thought you did, or that you're favoring Rumia over her by allowing her to live in your room... Or even worse, maybe she's slowly building up a hate towards -you- by association with the little man-eater. You can't really blame Rumia for this, but you'd rather patch things up with Flandre ASAP - misunderstandings have a nasty habit of mutating and growing in the mind of an uncertain and confused person.

Which is exactly why you're going to stop by the library first of all. Haste is worthless if it precludes caution and planning - while you're kinda-sorta good at coming up with cheesy short speeches on your views of the world, you doubt you could ad-lib anything good enough to reassure Flandre on the spot. You need help, you need advice... and who else would be best to seek such wisdom from than your dear mentor and benefactor? (This is a rhetorical question, Jin.)

Despite the corridors being perfectly illuminated by candlelight, you palm your way along the walls anyway; it makes it somehow easier to sense your location within the twisting, winding depths of the mansion. The walls seem to... breathe beneath your hand, if that makes any sense at all. Well, it kind of does; there have been numerous comparisons of the mansion to a living creature, after all, both in your mental contemplations and the descriptions of others. On the upside, it seems to like you, since you don't get lost. On the contrary, finding the stairs leading up to the massive double doors of the library entrance is a piece of cake for you today, saving you the burden of wearing out your feet before even venturing forth into the depths of the gigantic library itself. The sound of the doors closing behind you sends out an eerie echo, yet you're kind of used to the strange, dark light, and the uniform rows of bookcases stretching out into the distance endlessly.

Inhaling deeply while steeling yourself for the long trek ahead, you take the first step. Let's see... Left at this bookcase, right at the one with all the books in German... No, wait, this is a dead end. Back a few steps... Ah, right, you were supposed to go -that- way at the modern literature bookcase. Out of boredom, you take a passing glance at the titles of some of the books you pass by along your journey, fishing for anything interesting without any real results.
'Recollections of a Furniture Restorer'... 'In Pursuit of Softness'... 'It All Started With a Train Wreck'... 'Immortality Disease - A Theoretical Study'...

...What is all this, and why on earth is it all in the same section? Well, whatever... you're here to see Patchouli, not loan another book. The temptation to call Koakuma and ask her for directions goes as fast as it comes, the memory of your awkward little encounter with her not long ago today still fresh in the back of your mind. Trudging onwards into the depths of the library like several times before, you eventually manage to navigate your way to the center of the maze. You know, if the woman would just teach you how to -fly- or something, you could embrace the wonders of vertical travel, making your life much more simple. In any case, the librarian is sitting in her usual spot, as expected; the one character in whose case it would be odd if she -wasn't- just sitting around and waiting for you to come interact with her. Upon hearing your approach, she raises her violet eyes from the book in her hands, the expression on her face upgrading from 'bitter scowl' to 'only mildly unpleasant'. She must be starting to like you.

"Jin? I was aware Remilia had intended to invite you to the mansion again this weekend, yet I was under the impression this would occur in the afternoon. I am surprised." Her face quickly contorts back into a dark frown.
"I dislike... being surprised. Would you kindly explain this unexpected turn of events?"

"Er, well... It all started when Flandre proposed we go out on a dat-... a little outing this weekend, and..." You proceed to detail the following events to Patchouli, sparing no details, up to the point where Flandre storms out, you comfort Rumia and Rumia flies you to the island.
"...And then I came here, because, well... I want to fix things up with Flandre, but I'm not entirely sure how I should go about it without only making things worse."

Patchouli is merely glaring at you with the kind of expression you would use when looking at an autistic child picking their nose.
"So, to summarize, you put Flandre and Rumia together in the same room. Flandre, whom I have repeatedly warned you about to be unstable and dangerous when provoked, and who seems to be overly fond of you lately. Rumia, who Flandre had most recently seen engaged in the act of strangling you. And you believed this to be a good idea." A moment of silence passes with her eyes fixed upon you, not blinking even once, as the corners of her mouth slowly curl downwards to an impossible degree, and you feeling increasingly uncomfortable just standing there. Not that sitting would be any better with her looking at you like that, mind you. Eventually, she sighs loudly, putting the book aside and rubbing her temples.
"I am far too vexed to even call you an imbecile at the moment. Why do you not consider the consequences of your actions before you undertake them..? You create unnecessary conflict with your reckless behavior, and then come to me for aid."

"S-sorry... You did say I could come to you for advice, but if it's too much-..."

"No, do not misunderstand. I have not withdrawn my statement. I would simply appreciate it if you did not cause trouble simply for the sake of coming to see me. It does not flatter me, it merely interrupts my routine." What routine? All you do is sit around all day and-... Wait, you feel like something in what she just said went right over your head. Subtle hints of a mild, nearly nonexistant smirk fading from her lips in the blink of an eye, she gestures towards a chair over to the side, which you pull up to her desk and sit down in, still a little nervous.
"To be quite honest, I do not know the exact nature of your 'relationship' with the younger sister, so any advice I could give you on the matter would be somewhat limited... Above all, I would encourage you to be honest. Naive as the girl may be, she can pick up subtle signs of lies or half-truths with surprising ease. Be open about your feelings on the matter. However..."


"...If what you say is true, and she was pretending to be in a good mood as she left, then I suspect not heading after her immediately has resulted in her forming a... how should I word this... a shell, around herself. Think about it. Why do you think she did not tell anyone, even her own sister, about what happened this morning? Furthermore, Sakuya has surely informed her of your arrival by now; why do you think she has not come out of her room to greet you?"
She... has a point, there. Maybe Flandre just doesn't want to see you (or anyone else), right now? If this is true, then just barging into her room uninvited might end up making doing more harm than good...
"Patience is a virtue. You are to stay in the mansion for the entire weekend, are you not? When she wants to speak to you, she will find you herself. Do not underestimate a vampire's abilities to track down one human, especially one they are familiar with."

"...Yeah, I know what you mean from experience." She cocks an eyebrow at your response, but pays it no further mind, leaning back in her chair with a light cough. Come to think of it, isn't this the first time you've heard her cough in days? Even so, it's rather mild compares to her hacking and wheezing from when you first met her, or... that one time. Picturing the scene in your mind again, absent-mindedly looking at your hand as you slowly clench your fist, you can't help but shiver for a moment.

"Hm? Is something the matter?" Patchouli eyes you with a curious expression, perplexed by your involuntary shuddering.

"N-no, nothing..."

"I see." Her interest is lost immediately.
"Then, was there anything else..?" Was there? Ah, yes... As long as you're here, you might as well ask about -that- as well, no?

"I'm, ah... I'm curious about... succubi."

"Succubi?" Your unexpected question causes her to open her eyes fully, an unusual sight compared to her usually narrowed eyes, giving her a constantly sleepy appearance. She seems more surprised than anything - ah yes, she doesn't take unexpected things too well, does she?
"Why do you want to know about succubi, all of a sudden..?"

"Well, ah, it's not just succubi in general... I was wondering about Koakuma, you see..."

A moment of silence, with the two of you just looking at one another. Feels awkward, man.

"...Go on."

"Eh?" She's still staring at you, not blinking.
"W-well, ah... Mostly just curiosity, you see, since I don't know her that well at all... I mean, ah, she's your assistant, and I'm your pupil; there's a fair bet that the two of us are going to run into eachother more often as time goes on, no?"

She furrows her brow at you suspiciously for a moment.
"'Run into'?" All you can do is try to keep your cool under that gaze of hers. It's like being stared down by a vulture while you're slowly drowning in a scorching desert.
"Well, what exactly is it that you want to know? I cannot help you if your question is too vague."

"Ah, well... For starters, could you explain to me just what exactly succubi are?"

"Mmm... Succubi are devils. I am sure you already surmised this from Koa's name. I had actually never bothered giving her a proper name, simply calling her 'little devil' as I had not intended to keep her around for long. It stuck, over time."

"Don't devils have names of their own..?"

"Some do." She adjusts her position in her chair a little, before continuing.
"It is something of a status symbol for a devil or demon to have a name of its own, though... They are usually either titles granted to them by others, or appointed to themselves, to signify their power. For a summoned being such as her, however, a name granted by the master is essentially a symbol of ownership, like naming a pet." Makes you think of her little nickname for you... Does she consider you to be her 'pet' as well?

"What else can you tell me about succubi? Do they really, ah... well... you know..?"


"...You know."

"I honestly have no idea what you could possibly be referring to."

She's got to be kidding. Your tongue becomes twisted as you try to think of a way to properly word this, instead choosing to carry over the meaning by poking your left index finger through a circle formed by your right index finger and thumb.
"...and then with the soul-sucking and... well..."

It takes a surprisingly long amount of time for her to realize what you're referring to. As expected she doesn't become flustered or so much as blush lightly or anything, remaining perfectly calm as if you had asked her about the weather.
"Succubi feed off the vitality of men, through vaginal intercourse." Straight, to the point, blunt. As expected of Patchouli Knowledge; not that this makes you feel any less awkward about the question.
"Of course, a succubus bound to a master does not require such a method for obtaining energy, as they have a permanent link to the power of their master. In cases where the succubus is significantly drained, they may have their master's energy transferred to their bodies directly, through a method rather similar to their regular feeding techniques, although there is no health risk involved due to the binding magic, and blah blah blah..."

Don't imagine Patchouli and Koakuma having hot, passionate lesbian sex.

Don't imagine Patchouli and Koakuma having hot, passionate lesbian sex.

Don't imagine Patchouli and Koakuma having hot, passionate lesbian sex.

"...mechanics involved are rather simple. Are you listening?"

"Huh? Oh, y-yes, of course, I was listening the whole time. Very interesting!"

She frowns at you for a moment, before sighing softly.
"Did I answer your question?"

"Y-yes..." Strictly vaginal intercourse is deadly? ...You'll file this information away in the back of your head, just in case. Purely out of a scholarly interest, mind you.
"Um... I was also wondering... Koakuma doesn't seem to talk much, does she?"

"Ah. Yes. She is not allowed to."

"Not allowed to? But why?"

"For the very reasons she is also not allowed to touch male visitors to the mansion. Whereas her touch would already cloud your mind and fill your head with... Well, I am sure you remember whatever it was that you saw when she touched your hand that one time..."
O rly? As if you could forget.
"...her voice would probably send you into a mindless frenzy. Even an adult male is practically helpless against the voice of a succubus; a young man like yourself, driven by your hormones, would likely attempt to rape her the moment she uttered a single word within earshot."


"R-right..." What a way to word it. She's not the type to soften her words, is she?

"Was there anything else?"

"Well..." Ah yes. That, too.
"...Do you have any more advice for me, for when I reveal the truth to Remilia this Sunday evening?"

"Aside from what I have already told you?" She fixes you with a bored look.
"Be polite. Be respectful. Show humility. Appease her senses of superiority over you. Do not make her feel intimidated. Do not make excuses for yourself. Emphasize your continued desire to maintain your friendship with her and her sister. Do I really have to tell you these things? They should be fairly logical..."

"Well, you do know her better than anyone else I could think of..."

"Is that what you think?" For just a moment there, you almost thought you heard a hint of sadness in Patchouli's voice - something entirely new to you.
"I must admit... We have been interacting with one another much less frequently these last few decades. You would most likely receive more accurate information on the inner workings of Remilia's mind from her most trusted servant, Sakuya." Huh. That's somewhat unexpected, really... You had thought Patchouli and Remilia were as close friends as you could get. Granted, you've never seen Remilia in the library, nor do you often see Patchouli out of it.

"...You look as if there is something yet still on your mind."

"Ah, well..." Rather than poke your nose into her personal life, you recall one last topic you wished to ask her about.
"I read the book, again. And..."


"...Something different happened. So far, it's felt as if by -knowing- the words, I was hearing them being spoken aloud in a strange voice, but this time... The voice sounded an awful lot like it was coming from inside my own head, not the book. And it almost felt as if it was, uh... talking to me."

"Talking to you?" She seems surprised, but not completely clueless.
"And what did it say?"

"It... It was talking to me about power. It said that I could not become strong unless I stop holding myself back, and forsake all of my limitations."

"This is true. To gain power, one must gain knowledge - knowledge of how to invoke and control this power within you, and to do so you can not allow yourself to be held back by your normal beliefs or inhibitions."

"I know, I know, but... It sounded different this time, somehow. I started thinking about... potential."


"Yeah... What I could possibly become. If I could be come strong enough to defend myself against youkai like Rumia... Strong enough to prove myself to Remilia and Flandre..." You swallow, the words replaying in your head as if spoken by yourself, a strange, salty taste finding its way into your mouth as if you were about to vomit.
"...Stronger than everyone. Strong enough to not have to fear anything anymore."

"...Hm. I see." She doesn't seem particularly upset over this, at least in comparison to yourself.
"Well. To obtain power, one must seek it. At the moment, you barely have any control over your powers at all. Your aim is terrible, your use of your psychokinetic ability is very limited, mostly to destruction, you probably lack the strength of will and mental energy to conjure more than two or three spellcards before collapsing. I am still amazed that you even managed to complete a duel without killing yourself." Somehow, this doesn't sound like praise.
"Of course, teaching you the basics was easy; we did that in the span of one weekend. Teaching you to -hone- your skills, to discover new possibilities within yourself, to explore your true potential... This takes a lot of time and effort. The results will not be tangible immediately, and only through determination and discipline will you grow in power. That is... assuming you still want power."

"Power..." With great power comes great responsibility. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Several famous phrases such as these fly through your head, alarming you - are you actually afraid of yourself? What you might become? God damn, it's like some sort of bad superhero flick...

"Remember what I have told you. What you have, the ability to destroy a paper bird..." She pulls out a piece of paper from nowhere, folding it into the shape of an origami crane, which proceeds to take flight and orbit your head at a slow pace.
"...is not power. Knowledge is power. To gain more power, you must come to -know- yourself. Are you afraid of discovering your true self?"

"...I don't know."

"I see. The fact that you can admit this is a good sign." She stands up, slowly walking over to you; the crane stops its circular flying pattern, coming to a rest on top of your head as Patchouli stops before you, leaning down and looking you straight in the eyes.
"...Then, shall we continue your training?"

[] Yes.
[] Yes, but not right now.
[] No.

[] You want to become able to fight in a duel on your own, without outside assistance.
[] Utility powers are nice to have. How hard would it be to learn to fly?
[] The power of destruction leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Could you use the power of your will to -create-?
[] Yes, but not right now.
[] The power of destruction leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Could you use the power of your will to -create-"

Jin, the Human God of Destruction or Creation?
{X} Yes.
{X} Utility powers are nice to have. How hard would it be to learn to fly?
The best damned character in this story, duh.

It's only fitting she should be there.
[x] Yes.
[x] The power of destruction leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Could you use the power of your will to -create-?
[x] Yes.
[x] Utility powers are nice to have. How hard would it be to learn to fly?
[x] Yes.
[x] Utility powers are nice to have. How hard would it be to learn to fly?
[x] Yes.
[x] Utility powers are nice to have. How hard would it be to learn to fly?
Not only useful for everyday stuff, but also for spellcard duels. I still can believe he managed to dodge Rumia's spells for so long on foot
The character that we should aim for.

[x] Yes.
[x] The power of destruction leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Could you use the power of your will to -create-?
[x] Yes.
[x] Utility powers are nice to have. How hard would it be to learn to fly?
[X] Yes.
[X] Utility powers are nice to have. How hard would it be to learn to fly?
[X] The power of destruction leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Could you use the power of your will to -create-"

Consider Pathouli recommends to let Flandre seek Jin out rather than the other way around, it's most likely best we follow that advice.

In the mean time lets solve the issue of travel just in case. With the whole deal of power/corruption etcetera, the idea of being able to create things out of dirt sounds interesting.

Maybe an artificial familiar.."
Flan will come to us eventually. Suggest we either do this or find a maid to worry.

- {The power of destruction leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Could you use the power of your will to -create-?}}
>In Pursuit of Softness
Or the one in /forest/ that updates twice a year.
File 125928331678.jpg - (230.53KB, 1567x2094 , softness.jpg) [iqdb]

I thought it referenced Kaleidoscope Midnight.

I know I'll be pursuing that softness next round
I can't delete this, unsurprisingly.

Replace with:

[x] Yes.
[x] Utility powers are nice to have. How hard would it be to learn to fly?
{X} Yes.
{X} Utility powers are nice to have. How hard would it be to learn to fly?

I'd figure being able to fly on his own would be a good start.

But it figures, that leaving Flan would have made things harder. Well too late to say much now. Hopefully no more derailing stunts occur.
>I suspect not heading after her immediately has resulted in her forming a... how should I word this... a shell, around herself.

Called it
[X] Yes.
[X] Utility powers are nice to have. How hard would it be to learn to fly?
[X] Yes.
[X] Utility powers are nice to have. How hard would it be to learn to fly?

Yeah and to think Rumia was expecting us to leave her be. Good thing she's starting to grow on me or else I'd be more upset. But let's just focus on what to do when Flan does come to us.

And I did see Patchy calling Jin an idiot in so many words coming.

But let's not shitstorm over what has been said and done, but focus on reparation of the future. (And at that time there will be enough shitstorming)

But you know what I realized, we should be careful about what we do with Koakuma, since with Jin's luck (and a certain someone's habits), Flan will choose that moment to walk in.
>we should be careful about what we do with Koakuma

We should tell her to piss off.
>I suspect not heading after her immediately has resulted in her forming a... how should I word this... a shell, around herself

I fucking knew it. It's so hard not to rage and rant about everyone who voted for Rumia being fuckers and all right now.
[X] Yes.
[X] Utility powers are nice to have. How hard would it be to learn to fly?
[X] The power of destruction leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Could you use the power of your will to -create-"

I'm sure we have time for both, maybe not all right now, but one today, and the other tomorrow.

What's wrong with comforting your tormentor over the person that tries their hardest to appeal to you?

No need to be rude, but it's quite possible that we won't be having much... fun with Koa this weekend if any. Especially since it sounds as if normal sex would kill Jin (Not sure on this), though it doesn't rule out other sex acts.

But we should avoid hand contact as to keep a clear head.

We shouldn't burn through the whole day, since we should try finding Sakuya and asking her for some advice. That and weren't we planning on giving Meiling some food?
>it doesn't rule out other sex acts.

Why would Jin fuck Koakuma anyway? There is no reason for it.
You did read the part where I said it didnt have to all be done today, right?
Not that I'm actually suggesting we do it, but simply because Koakuma is absolutely delicious.

No, really. At most I'd suggest telling her to write down why she would like to fornicate with us and the steps she'll be taking to ensure she doesn't kill us. And even that just sounds dumb.
You know how Jin invited Koakuma to stop by later tonight to continue their "discussion"?

Who thinks Flandre is going to decide to confront Jin and find them together?

Great, now I'm paranoid.
Then my work here is done.

You're not me.


I warned folks of that in >>105396

Yeah I might have missed a few things due to all the food I ate, and I apologize.

Well as far as why Jin'd have sex with Koakuma? wild oat sowing, but not if it kills him.

And it'll be purely discussion at first; we won't be jumping straight to sex.
[x] Yes, but not right now.
[x] The power of destruction leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Could you use the power of your will to -create-?

If sex with Koakuma happens at all, expect a storm.
Glad you liked my idea, Taisa. do without your arrogant heavy-handedness?
>Whatever would we do without your arrogant heavy-handedness?

Vote for a bitch like Rumia.
[q]Utility powers are nice to have. How hard would it be to learn to fly?
-[u]Offhandedly and with an absent-minded tone, mention that using your powers for destruction bothers you, and that you wonder if you could use them for constructive purposes.

Eh, why the hell not.
Please, don't start.
[x] Yes, but not right now.
[x] Utility powers are nice to have. How hard would it be to learn to fly?
[x] The power of destruction leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Could you use the power of your will to -create-?
So am I, we should really do something.

[X] Yes.
[X] Utility powers are nice to have. How hard would it be to learn to fly?

Here I am, hoping that Jin's natural talent is flying. Of course I'm sure that, in a typical light-hearted comedy fashion, he'll fly like a fucking brick.
>There is no reason for it.
There is always a reason for sex.

>Flirting with Remilia
>Patchouli pulling a Sakuya and intimating that we have a crush on her, while subtly implying that she enjoys the fact

This feels so good, regardless of what else has been said.

[X] Yes.
[X] The power of destruction leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Could you use the power of your will to -create-."

Seems like the perfect direction for Jin to aim in, given his talents for the arts.

Also, all you lot making a big deal about the Flan comments, just cool your jets. You're ignoring the fact that Patchy also implied that Flan would eventually want to seek us out; she's not some helpless little child who will let her one bad impression of Jin overrule her judgment entirely. She's not unstable enough for that either. She's at least mature enough that you can bet that she'll come around to talk with us eventually. Letting her slip away may not have made her too terribly happy, but it's not something that will end our relationship with her; abandoning the shivering, terrified Rumia, however, would not likely have worked out so well for that relationship.

I still maintain that comforting Rumia was the right decision for the long term, even if it gives us a little bit of trouble right now.
[x] Yes.
[x] The power of destruction leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Could you use the power of your will to -create-"

>guess which character is in the OP
The main character, obviously!
>The main character, obviously!
...This is either fucking trippy, or just very stupid.
>abandoning the shivering, terrified Rumia, however, would not likely have worked out so well for that relationship.

>Implying I give a shit about Rumia
Well, it certainly didn't take long for the idiots to start shitting up the thread with their character bias.

Dunno about that since Rumia was expecting us not to bother with her. (she was definitely surprised that Jin choose her over Flandre)

Still we shouldn't rage about what's been done, but be aware of what may come.

And I think flight should come first of all, since it will allow us to travel in safer, easier ways, especially to the mansion.
[x] Yes
[x] Utility powers are nice to have. How hard would it be to learn to fly?
[x] Yes.
[x] The power of destruction leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Could you use the power of your will to -create-?
[X] Yes
[X] Utility powers are nice to have. How hard would it be to learn to fly?
File 125929749131.jpg - (35.63KB, 576x482 , GGG.jpg) [iqdb]
What the hell is wrong with the power of destruction?

[x] Yes.

It's not really Jin's personality to be a great destroyer. And the last thing Flan needs is someone encouraging her destructive tendencies.
At this rate, we're going to have an auto-sage in 4 updates again.
And thats fine.
File 125930708683.jpg - (97.81KB, 720x720 , 1cfe1e32af4b930920053846c527afd3.jpg) [iqdb]

Please stop. Please? No, better yet... Please don't even start, again.
Before anyone pounces me with bias accusations again, I just quoted the most groanworthy post from this category. Too frustrated to fish out whichever post actually started it this time.

Also, just to echo my post in the /words/ thread (because none of you are going to read it anyway)...

>going with Flan would have had the greatest effect as is confirmed by the latest update.

ProTip: Don't take the words of a biased character with the same weight as those of the writefag himself.
No, it's not.
>>'In Pursuit of Softness'
Nobody's story on /forest/.
[X] Yes.
[X] The power of destruction leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Could you use the power of your will to -create-"

It's no fun if you're just letting someone else do it. Kind of like letting a mech go on autopilot while you just sit back and watch instead of participating; if that voice within Jin head/the book had anything to say about it.

Gods can create too.

You know this brings up an interesting question; at least to this anon that is. Should Jin ever reach the point of attaining god-hood or at least demigod-hood, he wouldn't require faith to have strength as some certain others do right?

peach beaing eaten. Delicious peach is delicious

Maybe. Sanae is a human god, does she need faith to exist? If so, then Jin probably will need it too.
I still think the peach is just red herring.
>"Um... I was also wondering... Koakuma doesn't seem to talk much, does she?"
>"Ah. Yes. She is not allowed to."

Koakuma was ordered not to speak, and she carried out that order and did not speak.
She's also forbidden to touch males; it's not explicitly stated, but it's a safe assumption that she's therefore forbidden from directly seducing and trying to have sex with male guests in the mansion. Despite being much more severe than not talking, she didn't obey that.

>"For the very reasons she is also not allowed to touch male visitors to the mansion. Whereas her touch would already cloud your mind and fill your head with... Well, I am sure you remember whatever it was that you saw when she touched your hand that one time..."
She also seemed to be doing a good deal of touching during this time, without any sort of (direct) mindfuck.

I wonder. Could Koakuma know something Patchouli doesn't?
Selective seduction or perhaps a nerfing effect caused by Koukuma's ties with Patchouli in which the latter is probably unaware of?
{X} Yes.
{X} Utility powers are nice to have. How hard would it be to learn to fly?
Or possibly related to the 'mana transfer' Jin did with Patchouli?

You've pointed out one of the reasons I felt relatively safe about voting to have some fun times with the little devil. She certainly doesn't seem to have had the effect on Jin that one would expect. Last time she touched him there was a much more noticeable and dramatic effect on him, and that was just a casual touch; this time she was fondling his junk, and yet he still had the ability to actually think. Something tells me that fun times with her would not be nearly as dangerous as one might first think, especially when you take this little oddity in tandem with the fact that she approached Jin at all; I doubt she would do anything that she knew would harm him, given that he is her master's student.

There's more to the little devil than meets the eye. I think this warrants a little investigation. familiar with the little familiar.

All that aside, if she can touch Jin without sending him into a frenzy of lust now, then we suddenly have a very interesting situation on our hands. We could have Jin hold her, or work with her, or do any number of things with her that she would almost never be able to do with any other man for fear of what might happen. We have a chance to be her friend here, and I'm not sure how many of those she has.
The main point I was trying to make wasn't quite "Hooray, we can have sexy time with Koakuma now!". Something like that I would prefer to have exclusively in a /at/ side story. What I was suggesting was Something has happened to Jin since his last encounter with Koakuma, and she seems to have realized it. My guess is that her actions stem from the orders being "No talking in the mansion" and "No touching any male humans in the mansion" - and that she did not break either order.
>"No touching any male humans in the mansion"

Sorry, felt this needed to be emphasized
So are you trying to say that Jin may no longer be human?
Or maybe Koakuma just -thinks- he isn't.
Nice pun, but Jin shouldn't really do that this night. He has to find her and... er.. explain the circumstances.

Face it: it's by now a fact that Jin will be visited tonight by three ghosts by either Remilia, to get his 'Soup', Flandre, to clear things up or, if karma hates us enough, by both at the same time.

Hell, it isn't entirely impossible that Patches or Sakuya visit him as well.

For all we know he might not be, he's been reading what may be a Book Youkai, had sex with a magician, got bit about twice by a vampire, ate a Celestial's peach.

It'd be more surprising if he remained human during all this.

And this might be a chance to at the very least make friends with Koakuma, since Jin seems to resist her touch easily enough. Though it's hard to tell if he was slightly affected by her aura/touch or just her natural sex appeal.
Koakuma just wants to touch the demon inside Jin.

She needs soul levels.
[χ] Yes, but not right now.
[χ] Utility powers are nice to have. How hard would it be to learn to fly?
Training this early in the day? Considering how easily time goes by during the training sessions, we may end up spending the whole day with just this, and nothing else.
I would think Patchouli would know better than to allow their lessons to go in their usual "we'll stop when you're too exhausted to continue" fashion when it's still so early in the day.

Besides, it's not like there's much else to do at the moment. Remilia is off comforting the poor shrine maiden, Flandre will come to us when she's good and ready, and Meiling is already in hot water for sleeping on the job and so probably doesn't need us to help distract her any further. We could probably try to hunt down Sakuya, be it to ask for her own advice on matter or simply to pester annoy be a nuisance hang out with her. She might actually appreciate having a simple, pleasant conversation that doesn't segue into how Jin broke something, messed something up, or has landed himself into some sort of crisis that he now needs help in defusing.
Update faster nigger, no patience today.
My guess is that they'll stop to eat something.

Next update coming some time in the indefinite future, since through the aid of a very kind soul I've gotten my hands on a PC convert of the PC Engine Castlevania: Rondo of Blood and I intend to play the fuck out of it.

I'll try to squeeze in some writing time, I promise.

I hope not, though similar things have happened in the past (you reading this, Taisa?)

An annoying thing at times since some of the folks who voted to train didn't plan on kissing the rest of their day goodbye.
Provide a link for that wonderful thing and all will be forgiven.
File 125937818146.jpg - (139.52KB, 700x532 , 75c659ebf05e0c617c56293e84fc9762.jpg) [iqdb]
>Next update coming some time in the indefinite future
>Next update coming some time in the indefinite future


>I've gotten my hands on a PC convert of the PC Engine Castlevania: Rondo of Blood and I intend to play the fuck out of it.

...I'll let this slide, just this once. Rondo of Blood is always an acceptable reason to delay.

Also for those of you who haven't played it but want to, http://www.mediafire.com/?yoiwmlwg3yd

Have fun.

Also (again), when you unlock Maria, don't play as her until you've beaten everything as Richter. I though people were joking when they said how much easier the game was when using her.

Because Richter is for men.


Topic whichh went from someone whining about Richter being average to "Richter being super special awesome"
>Gamefaqs message boards

I am disappoint.
File 12593859479.jpg - (25.76KB, 377x275 , hazama_02.jpg) [iqdb]
Am I the only one who sees Reimu being here as a bad thing?

I can just picture her overhearing us make the reveal. That we're perfectly fine with monsters, that we beat Rumia in a duel, that we've been training to increase our powers, etc. Then she'll beat the crap out of us for whatever twisted reason she can find, and make unreasonable demands as the terms for our loss. It may end up destroying the mansion and pissing off the residents, leaving them to ignore dealing with the news and instead focusing on all the damage it caused.

This can only end in sorrow. Maybe we should do this on a weekday.

We're waiting until sunday to do it, She won't be here all day today.

You should double check the small details.
File 125939780277.png - (126.81KB, 500x500 , get out.png) [iqdb]
File 125940078424.png - (41.52KB, 380x288 , 1249452165391.png) [iqdb]
>Fine, fine, but just for this weekend
The weekend includes Sunday, if I'm not mistaken.

Remember how Reimu sensed the presence of a Youkai when she came 'visit' the mansion before? And when she sense again in school? Wasn't Jin also using his swimsuit explding powers during these times?

The training is about exercising his powers and control over them. I'm sure you can do the math from here.
I'd be surprised if she didn't already at least suspect it, considering the flirting involving Remilia's wings.

Although I don't considering that to be so bad. I'm assuming all the freaking out about this is just senseless Reimu hate. Even if we actually are the youkai causing the heat wave (which would require Jin to have come to gensokyo as a youkai, since I'm pretty sure the heat wave was going on at the beginning of the story, if not even before Jin showed up, and certainly before we picked up the book), she's not going to suddenly exterminate us.

I'm not worried about any extermination or anything, since Reimu's Hakurei powers only work on youkai and Jin is still more human than anything else. What I am worried about, is Remilia discovering things through Reimu's investigation.

Also, there is no way Jin could be the culprit behind the heat wave. That's just stupid. He could be the reason for it, though, as the villain this time could be doing this as a protest against humans being actively brought into Gensokyo by the community as a whole.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention that I (>>105538)am a different Anon.
I'd like to point out that, from what canonical evidence there is, 'extermination' is mentioned as a fairly routine thing, implying youkai might just reincarnate not too long after being exterminated anyway.

Still, being exterminated by Reimu is definitely not at the top of Jin's list of Things to Do...
God, with all this talking I thought there was update. I am disappoint.
Canon also says that these days, "extermination" is done in name only and people are almost never killed by youkai. It's backed up by the games, since Sanae went around "exterminating" in UFO and nobody died. Not to mention all the post-fight dialogue all the time in every game.
File 125943591329.jpg - (113.26KB, 500x706 , 1206320469657.jpg) [iqdb]
>>I'd be surprised if she didn't already at least suspect it, considering the flirting involving Remilia's wings.

Hell, I'd be surprised if even Remilia herself didn't suspect the truth about Jin after that. I mean, hell, it's not like she hadn't dropped hints about it before now, like when she gave the tour of her "trophy" room. Or what about the time she nearly splattered Jin's insides over the front of the school because of that joke? Those times on their own might have been enough to give someone an idea that Remilia probably wasn't exactly "normal", but after the way the guy was actually touching her wings?

It's one thing for to not notice her own involuntary wing movements, but if she doesn't have even an inkling of an idea that something is up after the guy was holding them, stroking them, and getting an up-close-and-personal demonstration of just how "realistic" they are (while flirting about them, no less) then she really isn't paying attention.

That, or perhaps she just underestimates Jin's ability to figure things out that much. She certainly thought her half-assed attempt to explain away the fact that Meiling punched someone across the lake like a skipping stone was good enough, at least.
File 125944427262.jpg - (729.09KB, 510x4819 , 1249169844898.jpg) [iqdb]
Yet she still gave Reimu a "look" that made her explain herself and her duties in a normal-as-possible way.

All of these posts about extermination... No death has to be involved. She could still just as easily make duel terms, kick our ass, and fuck up the mansion. She may even go after Patchouli for trying to teach us.

There is no Reimu hate. Whether out of justice or plain bitchiness, she's quick to assume and go after whatever might be the problem. We're no exception.

And while Taisa hasn't given us much of a scene with Reimu in it yet, I'm thinking his is bordering on the more bitchy side.
I thought I was the only one who didn't understand all the apprehension around the reveal, and that Remilia couldn't have already known just how much Jin knows.
She might suspect it, but it's also possible she trusts Jin not to deceive her the way he has been for quite some time now. Add to that the fact that we've revealed it to her friend and her maid while keeping her in the dark, and it's not hard to imagine her being somewhat offended. She's not going to rip our head off or anything, but it might make her think we don't trust/like her or whatever.
>>And while Taisa hasn't given us much of a scene with Reimu in it yet, I'm thinking his is bordering on the more bitchy side.

Really? Because she's seemed nothing but pleasant for the most part, from what I can recall. Sure, she might be a become a bit of a hard-ass while on the job, but when you consider the nature of the people she typically has to deal with as a part of that job, you can hardly blame her for having to play a bit roughly by human standards.

Frankly, with the way even Taisa has described Jin as a "talented slacker" and essentially the male equivalent of Reimu, I would think they'd probably get along quite well if they spent enough time to get to know one another.

They're both generally laid-back, able to casually pal around with inhuman beings who may very well have tried to kill them in the past, and seem perfectly fine with their situation of being puny little mortals surrounded by centuries-old entities who will still be around long after they've died and their bones have crumbled to dust. As similar as they seem to be, they'd either become best buds, or hate each other's guts, but as laid back as they both seem to be I doubt that would be the latter.

>>Add to that the fact that we've revealed it to her friend and her maid while keeping her in the dark, and it's not hard to imagine her being somewhat offended.

But we didn't. Her friend is the one who told Jin the truth in the first place, and her maid had just figured it out on her own. The only one we technically reveled anything to was Eirin when getting treated for our Flan-bites (and considering she's a genius, lying to her would have been pointless since she could have probably figured it out anyway) and Mokou.

Compared to how many people in the class still don't know that we know the truth, the number of people who do know is actually quite small, and the number of people who know because Jin told them as opposed to them figuring it out for themselves is even smaller than that.

Though Remilia might not see it this way, instead focusing on her being deceived, the fact that she is one of the very few people that Jin would have explicitly told about him knowing the truth is hardly an insignificant gesture, especially since it's something he's actually choosing to do. Out of all the people in the class, or in all of Gensokyo for that matter, he's confiding in her, sharing a secret that's pretty much being kept from everyone else.

Sure, she's not the very first one to be brought in on the secret, but the fact still remains that by being told she would have become part of a very small, select few people who are in on it. If there's anyone who would appreciate being part of something that virtually no one else is, it would be someone like Remilia.
File 12594692822.jpg - (31.18KB, 500x376 , 1250613749960.jpg) [iqdb]
Meanwhile at #THP
File 125947107167.jpg - (9.45KB, 251x251 , Turkeydinner.jpg) [iqdb]
Meanwhile, at #THP
She only seems pleasant because she's been rather stoic in almost every scene that includes her. We haven't gotten on her good side or her bad side yet. She's yet to show cheeriness or kindness, but we've seen her wrath when Remilia decided to barge in to have lunch at the shrine. She was also stuffing her face at Remilia's table; whether out of revenge or plain gluttony, it's shameless behavior and part of the usual bitchy personality she's given.

And it's because of her nature of playing hardball, that she's incapable of sitting down and having a rational conversation without beating someone up and illustrating her dominance. If we're "part of the job", we're just another nuisance that needs to be dealt with in the fastest way possible.
File 12595006251.png - (131.21KB, 1024x882 , CVDraculaXRoB_Story.png) [iqdb]
Meanwhile at #THP.

I'll start writing the next one a bit later today.

That's assuming a bit much considering how we have yet to really talk with her much.

Though I'm reminded of how some folks on THP love to hate Reimu.
File 125951519351.jpg - (10.16KB, 166x180 , mogomogo.jpg) [iqdb]
Well, that's one way to interpret her actions so far, I suppose.

On the other hand, I believe we've seen traces of a vaguely tsundere-esque personality. In other words, while she might seem rather harsh on the outside, underneath that she's basically a rather kindhearted person.

She certainly didn't act like a bitch when she and Jin had that little crash on the very first day of school, and while what we saw of her at the shrine made her look somewhat ill-mannered, she nevertheless still agreed to prepare refreshments for the guests who so suddenly barged into her home.

Hell, she even told Jin to come to her if he ever needed help or had any questions. Granted, she followed up with a line about not bothering her pretty much most of the week, but I get the feeling that even despite that she would still give any help she could if it was ever asked of her. Sure, she might grumble and complain, but the fact she still actually doing when she could simply not do it is much more indicative of her nature than anything she actually says.

As for the way she ate in Remilia's home, is it truly gluttonous or bitchy of her if she genuinely that hungry? Looking at how she reacted to Remilia's ribbing about lack of donations, she probably wasn't joking when she said that she could barely feed herself during the visit to the shrine.
Yet, despite that, she still willing prepared food and drink for Remilia and the new kid, and was even willing to go back and make more when she found out Flandre was there, too.

Plus, consider the company she's keeping. We've seen exactly how Remilia can be towards her friends, and so Reimu's own behavior could just be her giving it as good as she gets it, something you pretty much have to be able to do when you're friends with Remi, I think.
Again, this isn't Reimu hate. It's just what I see.

Who takes the time to chew someone out when you're late to class? Someone you don't even know, don't care about; maybe you assume it's the transfer student and brush it off. Maybe you're mentally bitch-slapping him. Who knows?

The thing about tsunderes, is that they'll do everything in their power to make sure you never see their yandere side. Even if they wanted to, it's those surface emotions that run rampant and ruin everything.

She may have been hungry, but that's no way to eat in front of other people. I'm sure Remilia would have let her have all she wanted, no matter how slowly or politely she ate it in.

Lastly, we're a human who is thought to be unaware of what Gensokyo really is. She's just doing her job, and maybe going the extra mile to make a good impression on the foreigner, or just to make sure there's no trouble with Remilia. Of course, the moment she finds out that not only do we know, but that we've also obtained powers, this whole facade drops. We may as well be another youkai to keep in line.
So she goes after Jin, they get into a fight, and she whups his ass like she's done to so many before him, all of whom were much more powerful than he. We've seen how well she gets along with Remilia, and no one seems to hold any animosity towards her regarding that scuffle with Sakuya not too long ago, so I see no reason why she and Jin couldn't become friends after they sort all this out.

Hell, Jin's getting along just fine with Rumia, and she's tried to kill him. I seriously doubt Reimu would go nearly as far as that.

>The thing about tsunderes, is that they'll do everything in their power to make sure you never see their yandere side.

Stop reading shit doujins already, and you just voided your opinion.

Tsundere and Yandere are different things.

Tsundere- someone who acts combative towards people they like and then after some progress occurs, show their softer side.

Yandere- Start out showing their caring side, but can go violent when their relationship is threatened. Mainly two ways: Going after the guy, since she thinks he's cheating. Or the girl in question.
I don't care about the specific meaning. They may as well be hard and soft. From what I remember, no matter how close you get to them, tsunderes will still be violent. Since we're not even close to Reimu, my point still stands.

Also, I haven't read doujins in years. I haven't even seriously watched anime in a while. Unless they've deviated from the same old crap, your definitions on those terms are invalid.

Tsunderes are not all violent, it's just that certain producers like to do that just be 'funny'

And try to watch something other than the same old Harem shit.
>Unless they've deviated from the same old crap, your definitions on those terms are invalid.
No, he's pretty much right.

>From what I remember, no matter how close you get to them, tsunderes will still be violent.
"The bigger the Tsun, the sweeter the Dere". Tsunderes are sweet after they've "warmed up" to the person in question. If they were violent, it typically stops, or at least significantly slows down.

Reimu probably isn't a tsundere anyways.
File 125952861076.jpg - (480.74KB, 1024x768 , Irritation.jpg) [iqdb]
Reimu has poor table manners. This is clearly an indication that she is a giant bitch who will maim Jin at the first opportunity presented to her.

Really? What the fuck is wrong with you people?
It's part of the whole "lazy, rude, gluttonous bitch" personality people have made up for her. If you see one sign, you tend to look for others.
I am always amazed at how fast Taisa's Threads derail.
It is like the Thread start with red, somewhere in the middle it changes to blue and then yellow and in the end people argue that pink is better than black and that orange is a slut.
Guys, stop this useless discussion, nothing good is coming from it. Stop worrying too much.

At this rate, it'll be 2 updates/thread, so I vote that we all just sit quietly until Taisa updates.

But I'm familiar enough with Anonymous to know that this is impossible.
I noticed something, all the threads that had Patchy in the OP image only got about as far as 2 updates before being filled. The last thread, which had Rumia as the OP image, got to 4 updates.

Clearly we need to stop using Patchy as the OP image.
>Clearly we need to stop using Patchy as the OP image.




File 125956365212.jpg - (218.83KB, 535x1000 , 672af8438fe73f21b637b4ceefd042e0.jpg) [iqdb]
>>It is like the Thread start with red, somewhere in the middle it changes to blue and then yellow and in the end people argue that pink is better than black and that orange is a slut.

Well, come on, just look at how well she handles that rod! Her hands didn't get so good and working that long, rigid shaft without lots of practice, you know!
You are absolutely correct. If it has a possibility of fixing the problem, we have to try this cure.

Haven't you realized it yet? We can't stop using Patchy as the OP image! She's the character who would be front-and-center on the GH box art!

You know, the main female lead.
You're right. Using that logic, we'd get twice as many as that by having Flandre as the OP image.

Orange is not a slut. Meiling is.
File 125958450074.jpg - (1.13MB, 1457x1035 , 30e4a3827a3687668554e53aab4665b7.jpg) [iqdb]
>She's the character who would be front-and-center on the GH box art!

You know that Patchy is the one who supports Jin the most out of all of them. She is more than a friend and less than a lover to him. So if one deserves it, it is her.
Besides, this idea is fucking awesome, i would buy it.
GH Visual Novel?
STFU! Pink sucks! Black is the new, err, black!

Don't speak of Kogasa's would be girlfriend that way!
File 125960510011.gif - (2.31KB, 100x100 , what_the_hell.gif) [iqdb]
I thought we were suppose to save post count for the next update...
At this point, I´m just doing it to anger the writefag. He´s the only one I know that´s capable of rage after seeing the amount of people that enjoy his writing and find the story fascinating (Disregarding shitstorms, of course)
File 125960994175.jpg - (572.52KB, 912x1216 , 03f573183ade092d6f8fe49c4f30366a.jpg) [iqdb]
Huh, I forgot to name the thread OP this time. Anyway, we're on thread 22.


"...Yeah, let's do that. Everyone else in the mansion seems to be busy or otherwise occupied anyway, for the moment, so I might as well do something productive with my time."

Patchouli nods in response to your assessment in approval, the paper crane hopping off your head and fluttering its way down to her outstretched palm.
"Very well. Then, let us begin with..." The book appears in her hands all of a sudden, no fancy flash or puff of smoke or anything; she just seems to produce it out of nowhere. Heh... Two weeks ago, you'd have said it's almost like magic. You bet she'd make a ton of money doing children's parties if Gensokyo really does end up merging with the outside world at some point in the future... Then again, maybe not. With her usual facial expression and manner of speaking, she'd be more likely to scare a child than entertain one with her magic.

"Do wake up, would you?"

Oh, right.
"Er, do I really have to? Not that I'm not taking this seriously or anything, but... Well, considering how I reacted to the book the last time I read it, I'd like just a little bit more of a break before doing so again."

She doesn't seem to like what she's hearing; however, all she does is let out a quiet sigh, placing the tome down on her desk with a *thump*, sending some dust flying. Honestly, sitting in this library all day... It's enough to give a person allergies. Can't be good for her health at all, really.
"If this is your stance on the matter, then I suppose attempting to persuade you otherwise would not be productive. Your mind is clouded with uncertainty and self-doubt, questions without answers." Heading over to one of the shelves that surround her desk that are -not- jammed full of books of various shapes and sizes, she rummages about for a moment before pulling out some sort of strange and ornate, pear-shaped container with a thin cork on the top.

"...What's that?"

"Something to help clear your mind and open it up to new possibilities."

"...You mean like that incense stuff we used last time?"

"No. Now, inhale deeply..." She removes the cork, holding the flask closer to you; the fact that she's covering her face with her sleeve worries you just a little bit, though.

"I'm not so sure about this..."

A roll of the eyes and another soft sigh.
"What is the expression... Have I ever turned your wheel incorrectly?"

Oh wow. Well, Patchouli would know best, wouldn't she..? Taking in a deep whiff of the strange substance contained in the flask, you suddenly feel your senses all dulling at once, as if you were suddenly cut off from the world.

...The next, uh, indeterminable amount of time passes in a haze. You feel somehow funny, you see a fantastic kaleidoscope of colors before your eyes whether they're open or closed, you smell something weird, you taste something even weirder, an your thoughts swim about, mixing up with one another, turning upside down or backwards. Everything is just a little bit more amusing. It's pretty much exactly what you'd imagine being stoned would be like. Only one of your senses still functions properly - periodically, you hear Patchouli's calm, monotonous voice speaking to you, echoing and resounding through your mind even though you can't really see her, the swirling colors in front of your face taking on a purple hue when you turn your face towards the voice. Her speech is perfectly articulate, every word taking almost tangible form in your head, reverberating its way through your brain.

She's asking questions, speaking guiding sentences, helping you think, directing your mind along the proper lines to question itself and the reality it knows. How do you know that truth is not a lie? Who decides what is real and what isn't? Why do you find yourself unable to do some things - because you can't, or because you haven't tried? Or because you don't know how? Does this apply to all of humanity? After all, the human race as a whole cannot fly or perform supernatural feats with the power of their will, yet you know this not to be impossible. What is 'impossible', if anything? It goes on and on like this, eventually segueing into something vaguely reminiscent of an advanced philosophy course that nearly goes over your head entirely; it's only through your mind being cleared by whatever it was she made you inhale that you're able to wrap your brain around the concepts and questions.

By the time your vision clears and you can feel your ass against your chair again, it feels like hours have passed; oddly enough, looking at your (fabulous) watch proves that it's actually been only a little over half an hour; your perception of time is going to end up rather badly damaged at this rate. Read the book, time flies. Get drugged by Patchouli, time slows down. Go figure.

"...Why do we haff-..." You take a brief moment to open and close your mouth, and get used to finer motor skills again, still feeling a bit woozy, and yet...
"Why do we have to do this before each training session?"

"To prepare your mind for that which it has been raised to disbelieve as impossible. Regardless of your acceptance of what you see around yourself, your subconscious clings to your old views and beliefs. Whether you know it or not, your mind still clings to the chance that this might all be a dream or delusion. Once you abandon these inhibitions and get to know your -true- self, once you get to -know- your potential... Only then will you be able to -unlock- said potential fully." Sensing your discomfort, she places her hand on your shoulder for a brief moment.
"I understand that you feel insecure and disoriented about this. It is far more difficult to teach such things to a human, no less to a human born and raised on the outside. It is fortunate that your particular mindset is suitable for such a task; your inquisitive nature seems to override your instinct for fear and rejection more often than not. Perhaps, if this attitude does not end up getting you killed..."

"Yeah... I'd rather that doesn't happen. Uh... Say, I was wondering. Could you teach me how to fly? It'd make getting around a lot easier, and..."

"The knowledge that gravity is absolute and that humans cannot fly without machines or other tools is one of the deepest ones engrained within their collective subconscious. Easier said than done; furthermore, it would be difficult for me to teach you such a thing..." As if to illustrate her point, she hovers up into the air, seemingly expending no effort at all, as if she had suddenly become weightless.
"...I am a natural-born Magician youkai. I have been able to fly since I was but a child, it is an inherent trait of my kind. Perhaps it would be better for you to learn such things from a fellow human?" She rubs her chin in thought, pondering your request.
"Perhaps Sakuya... Or maybe..."


The sound of glass hitting the floor and breaking into a million pieces from some distance away interrupts your little conversation, Patchouli glancing in the direction of the disturbance with a strange expression on her face... It seems more frustrated and knowing, rather than surprised. Must cost a fortune to have her windows replaced so often...
Just then, a familiar voice rings out across the library, disturbing the heavy silence that hanged over you up until a moment ago.

"Yo, Patchyyy! I came over to play! Where are ya?"

Now where have you heard that voice before? It's obviously a girl, yet her manner of speaking sounds strangely gruff and masculine; this is, of course, more apparent in Japanese speech than English, with the amount of pronouns and suffixes and whatnot. Sure enough, the culprit soon peeks her head out from between the bookcases, casually strolling over to Patchouli's desk while picking shards of glass out of her black dress, her oversized witch hat, and her long, blonde hair, a wide grin on her face as she twirls a bamboo witch's broom between her fingers with impressive dexterity.

"Marisa. How many times have I told you to either use the door like a normal person, or stay out of my library?" The icy-cold tone in Patchouli's voice that sends chills down your spine is like water off a duck's back to Marisa, who merely chuckles in response, her voice a lot higher, more cheerful and bubbly than what you remember from when she was negotiating her entry with Meiling the other day.

"But the silly gate keeper won't let me in! You should install a skylight for me, or something like that." The blonde intruder certainly seems delighted to be in Patchouli's presence, despite the wizard's thoroughly annoyed appearance; so, these two know each other outside of school, too? Based on their reactions to one another, you can't quite figure out what their relationship could possibly be, though...
And then, she turns her golden eyes towards you, blinking in surprise.
"Oh hey, it's the new guy! Yo, how's it goin'?" She greets you with yet another cheerful grin, before turning back to your mentor.
"But, wait... Weren't we supposed to, y'know, hide our magic from him and stuff? So he doesn't freak out or anything, that sort of thing..." Both of you look up at Patchouli, who seems to have absent-mindedly forgotten to land after her little flight demonstration. She doesn't seem to let this bother her, though. Oh no.

Instead, she points one hand at Marisa, thick vines and roots bursting through the floor to bind her arms and legs, rendering her utterly helpless. Then she decides to descend to the floor, slowly walking over to the bound Marisa.
"Hey, what're you-..!" Come on, Patchy, let me go already, this ain't very funny! I was even about to return a book, and you treat your good friend like this? Feels bad, man..."

"Return a book, you say? Is that a lie? If not, I would have you show me this book, and I will gladly release you..." There's a strange, almost playful malice in Patchouli's voice when she speaks, something you haven't quite heard before... and you're not sure whether you want to hear it any more either. It's -scary-.

"W-well, ya see, I don't exactly have it -with- me at the moment, but... Aww, man-..!" A vine promptly clamps the blonde witch's mouth shut, and Patchouli turns to face you, a dangerous smile on her lips that frightens the bejesus out of you at first.

"Well now. It seems our little intruder here has stumbled upon something she was not meant to see, and our little ruse has been exposed to yet another person. I wonder, what ever are we to do with her?" Glancing over her shoulders, she continues, her voice trailing off as if she were lost in thought.
"Perhaps I ought to simply erase her memories... What do you think, Marisa?"

"Mmph! Mmmf!"

The subtle smirk on Patchouli's face only spreads further and further as Marisa struggles against her bonds in a futile manner...


(Part 1 of 2. Writefag ran out of steam.)
File 125961072795.jpg - (104.66KB, 433x640 , sexymari001.jpg) [iqdb]
Marisa, tied up in vines? Alright, alright. We get it, Patchouli. We need Marisa's help. Time for her to transfer some mana to us.
Marisa would probably make a good friend. A human around the same age that knows magic.
And somewhere behind a bookcase, Alice watches with jealousy and rage.

And she'd know Gensokyo pretty well.
>You know that Patchy is the one who supports Jin the most out of all of them. She is more than a friend and less than a lover to him. So if one deserves it, it is her.

By that logic, she is doomed to never have her route.
Patchy is Rin, but her sex scene was Saber.
We're in the Fate route, guys.
The only good writefag is a healthy writefag.
Take care, Taisa.
>By that logic, she is doomed to never have her route.

Just wait. Let all the Fanboys argue and discuss, meanwhile we will go for a Patchy route.

That's what you think; though the fact is going after Patchy would result in a retread of the SDM branch of things. (Not to mention Sakuya being a prime rival)

And that's not factoring in the other fan favorites (Keine, Youmu perhaps, etc)
Can't we love all Touhous equally? I don't like words such as rival.
File 12596426661.jpg - (68.88KB, 450x600 , 12165835529.jpg) [iqdb]
Keep deluding yourselves, Patchouli fans. Flan is going prevail in the end.
Hey now as much as I'd like to see the Flan route end awesomely, there's no need to be goading others needlessly.
My god, you fuckers never learn do you. Keep shit like this out of the thread. There is a reason that thread on /words/ was made.

Hey buddy, I didn't start it this time.
File 125964957579.jpg - (217.44KB, 700x580 , batwingoptional.jpg) [iqdb]
All of this bickering and arguing over routes and whatnot is getting so tiresome. Why not discuss something more pleasant for everyone involved, for a change?

Like soup. Yes, soup. Warm, delicious, satisfying soup.

Imagine holding that bowl, the warmth seeping through into your hands, and savoring the aroma that comes wafting up into your nostrils.

But wait! Where is your spoon? How can you possibly eat your soup without a spoon?
In a moment of inspiration, the solution comes to you. Your mouth. What need have you for a mere spoon when the greatest tool at your disposal is right upon your very face?

And so you dig in, tipping the bowl to your eager lips, and beginning to softly sip at your meal, the gentle slurping noises almost as enticing as the tantalizing flavors dancing in your mouth. You find yourself unable to hold yourself back for very long, however, and soon you give in to the urge to go all-out, greedily sucking and slurping with no restraint or regard for the mess you're surely making. By the end, you've even begun to use your tongue more, lapping at the steadily-draining brew, working every possible surface to ensure that not even single drop escapes from you.

In the end, full and content, you will wipe away what had dribbled down your chin and lay back in a state of sheer satisfaction with the bowl cradled in your arms.
Well, assuming that this story's interpretation of Marisa's ability to fly isn't "she needs the broom to do it," Marisa may be the best possible choice to teach Jin the art of flying.

But I don't like soup
What the hell did I just read?
I realize that not everyone reads /words/, and so I wanted to link this:


Post 60; I apologize for not directly linking to it, but that script for that page seems a little wonky. More likely, of course, is that I am too incompetent to figure it out.

A simple question to the various Flan supporters, so that I might understand you better. I'd also like to ask that you please refrain from answering in this thread, and instead respond to the /words/ thread, so as to avoid cluttering this thread any further. Thank you kindly.
File 12596913247.png - (19.47KB, 450x450 , fancy marisa.png) [iqdb]
I don't like soup either, but damned if that isn't making me crave a steaming, hot bowl right now.
I am glad that all the fanboys fag up /word/ instead of here.
>all the fanboys

Yeah, about that...well, just wait for the next "which girl should I choose" option.
File 125970769720.png - (760.77KB, 1000x1000 , 21956df557fda96687824d312a4b9f9b.png) [iqdb]
"I do apologize, but I cannot understand what you are saying. What do you think, Jin?" Those violet eyes of hers turn to you next; a dangerous glint in them, impossible to determine to be either playful or serious. Considering how Patchouli's personality as a whole tends to strongly gravitate towards the latter on average, you feel you ought to defuse the situation before she gets carried away... Having someone else's memory wiped - whether this is a real threat or a bluff - is not something you'd want on your conscious.

"Er, I don't think that'll be necessary..."

"Hmm." While that 'Hmm' just now sounded disappointed, the persistent faint smirk on her lips suggests she's only teasing at this point.
"As you wish." A snap of the fingers for dramatic effect, and the vines disentangle themselves from around Marisa, resulting in the young witch falling onto her butt with a -thump-. Rubbing her backside with a mild groan, she sends a pouting frown in Patchouli's direction, the wizard still having something of an amused air around her.

"Owowowow... Man, Patchy, why do ya gotta be so mean? Can't a friend come and visit anymore? Geez..." Marisa stands up and brushes the dust off her dress, leaning on her broom and glancing about for her hat, which you politely hand to her.
"Hey, thanks man! So, whatcha doing? Didn't expect to see ya here and all." As if nothing at all had happened just now, Marisa is once again a beacon of cheerfulness, glancing between you and Patchouli with great interest.

"Yes, well... As you might already have guessed, Jin is not quite as oblivious to Gensokyo's true nature as you were lead to believe. I have been helping him discover his own powers, in order to help him cope with the world he finds himself in, and-..."

"Ooh, powers?" You're not quite sure you like the sudden burst of excitement in Marisa's voice, those golden eyes of her positively gleaming with a nearly hyperactive thrill. Reaching into one of her pockets, she pulls out that strange octagonal block of wood that you saw the other day during her little interaction with Meiling; you're not quite sure this is a good thing, either.
"Awesome, looks like I've found me a new playmate! Come on man, let me see what you can do! Maybe I'll even 'borrow' some of your tricks, if you're good..."


Before you can even say anything, Marisa is interrupted by the impact of a rather heavy-looking book against her head, knocking her hat to the floor yet again as she grimaces and clutches her aching skull.
"Fool." Patchouli places the book back down on her desk, as stoic and calm as ever even after bonking Marisa on the noggin.
"You forget he has been in Gensokyo for merely two weeks. You would vaporize the boy in your eagerness."

"Bah," Marisa protests, "it's alright if it's a duel, isn't it?"

"Regardless, at your... level of power, I would rather not risk his health in such a foolhardy manner. He is not ready for proper duels yet, after all." Don't you get a say in this? Not that you like the idea of being vaporized or anything, but the way Patchouli's talking about you as if you were her pet or something... Not necessarily a bad thought there, but...

"Aww man, how boring... Well then, how about you duel me? Maybe he can watch and learn! We haven't had any fun like that in a while, Patchy!" A wide grin on her face, she continues.
"Besides, you're looking healthier than usual today, ain't ya? Did something nice happen to ya?"

"I suppose so," Patchouli mutters in response without even taking a moment to think, not a change in her voice or appearance other than an annoyed rolling of the eyes. You feel mildly uncomfortable, for some reason.
"But I have neither the mood nor the time right now for a duel. I was just about to resume our training sessions with Jin here."

"Ooh, can I stick around? I could even provide valuable input and whatnot!"

"I would much rather you did no such thing."

"Psh... Also, 'Jin'? I thought your name was... uh... well, you know, something non-Japanese. Are ya sure it wasn't 'Jim' or something?"

You'd rather not have to explain the circumstances around your 'name'.
"Actually, it's a long story, so-..."

"Oh, I gave him a nickname." Thank you, Patchy.
"He seemed to like it, so it stuck." Wait what?

"A nickname?" The witch blinks her golden eyes curiously for a few moments, trading glances between the two of you, before bursting out into a hearty, joyous laughter, slapping her knees.
"Bwahahaha! Ain't that cute? Haha! A nickname? Ohhhh..." Hey, it's not -that- funny...
"Hehee, I wonder what kanji you use to write it with? Could it be 'servant'? Because it looks like Patchy's turning you into her second familiar, hahaha!"

Getting mildly annoyed at the overly amused Marisa by now, you turn to face Patchouli, only to see her staring right back at you. She looks like she's... expecting something? What, -now- you get to answer for yourself? But why now?


Well, if you're stuck with this silly nickname to begin with, you might as well write it in a way that most appeals to you.

[] 人 - Person.
[] 刃 - Blade.
[] 仁 - Benevolence.
[] 任 - Duty.
[] 迅 - Fast.
[] 忍 - Endure.
[] 臣 - Servant.
[] 神 - God.
[x] 仁 - Benevolence.
For a variety of reasons.
One of them being it seems to suit our current personality well. Thought I'd be less vague.
[x] 神 - God.

This is the only choice. It's just laden with potential plot devices.
>[] 人 - Person.
He already is a person.
>[] 刃 - Blade.
Don't want to get violent. He really is not someone who wants to spend his time fighting and getting stronger in order to beat people up. And he really doesn't need the strength to protect someone, all the Touhous he knows can handle it alone.
>[] 仁 - Benevolence.
not really, would fit more to a ruler.
>[] 迅 - Fast.
Doesn't really describe him.
>[] 神 - God.
Yeah, kind of going too far with that.
>[] 臣 - Servant.
Would be an excellent choice, if you aim for someone like Sakuya. Or aim to just serve or please someone. Do we want to do that with Flandre or some other Touhou?
>[] 任 - Duty.
Does he really have a duty to someone or something here? I am not so sure of that. Maybe to Patchy for helping him or the promise to teach Flandre? A duty to Rumia?

[x] 忍 - Endure.
I am going to stick with Endure because he endures various situation ranging from dangerous to bad. And after enduring always comes out on top.
[x] ジン
[x] 神 - God.

"When someone asks if you're a god, you say YES!"
>>[] 迅 - Fast.
>Doesn't really describe him.
Fast learner?
File 125971056740.jpg - (460.16KB, 501x709 , patchy152.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] 臣 - Servant.

I understand that Patchouli had "person" in mind when she named Jin, but as fond as she is of her nickname for him, I think she would appreciate him interpreting the name flexibly.

Either way, I find that I don't mind this. Jin has gone out of his way to help others, and continues to do so. He certainly thinks of himself from time to time, but he tends to put others first, and gives it his all when trying to help them. I doubt choosing the humble answer would offend him, even if Marisa might mock him for it a little.

Also, I would totally love to be Patchouli's pet.

... have I mentioned that I love your Patchy, Taisa?
[x] 忍 - Endure.

Bring on the whole world, we can take it.
File 125971070879.jpg - (125.14KB, 606x800 , kingu.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] 刃 - Blade.
{臣 - Servant.}
[X] ジン

[X] 忍 - Endure.
[X] 神 - God.
[x] 忍 - Endure.

In enduring grow strong.
[X] 臣 - Servant.
[X] 神 - God.

Remember the book guys. We may have a plot growing here.
Who wouldn't?

Still, I'm torn between Servant and Endure. I have no idea which one appeals more to Patchy.
[X] 神 - God.
[X] 神 - God.

Sorry Sanae, we have a new human god now.
Remember what Patchy said - Knowledge is Power. Even if the book insists on Jin becoming a god, it can only offer him so much. Don't overstep yourself.

Besides, "God" is so out of character, and so wildly pretentious...

I don't know, I think Jin was pretty tempted at the possibility.

Yeah, but... look, a name has power, doesn't it? The book offered him godhood, but Patchy raised a really strong point: is that what Jin really wants? Will godhood actually make him happy?

I realize the choice may seem kind of innocuous at the moment, but think about it. We're in Gensokyo, where magic and faith have a strong effect on reality. Patch was actual quite careful when picking her nickname for Jin; she made sure it reflected him. We ought to be respectful here, and pick something that we've actually thought about, something that genuinely reflects where we want to go with this story. I doubt Taisa would be throwing us a completely pointless set of options - so pick well, don't just toss something out.

Plus, the "god" choice just reeks of one of those horrible, boring "go mad with power" story flags.
>We're in Gensokyo, where magic and faith have a strong effect on reality

Then, wouldn't the God choice power Jin the most?

Funny, I have the opposite opinion.

Oh come on, you haven't seen five million "oh, I have so much power, it's taking control of me" plots yet? I'm begging you, man, don't take us down that tired road. Seriously, this is a personal request here.

Granted, I think Taisa would avoid that sort of thing anyway, but still.
[x] 忍 - Endure
[X] 忍 - Endure

Works for me~!
[X] 臣 - Servant.
I don't think that Taisa would make Jin a god and him > everyone, it just isn't his character. I really don't know how much of a role fighting and powerlevels will play in the whole story but i can see him as someone who can fight equally with Sakuya at his best. And that should be plenty enough for this story.
[X] 仁 - Benevolence.

>>desire to do good to others; goodwill; charitableness
>>disposition to do good
>>an act of kindness; a charitable gift
>>the expression of kindness and altruism

Sounds like our guy, to me.

Nah, when the power takes 'control' of it's owner, it's no fun. The guy is just possessed. However, I do like when the person simply use his/her power without a care in the world, and if he goes crazy, no problem with me.
[X] 忍 - Endure

He endures alot for his friends.
[X] KanjiHere - God

May I ask why people are voting for Servant? Endurance I can understand, but Servant?

I meant 'Endure'.
[] 神 - God.

The Messiah is in!
Wow, I didn't know there were so many different kanji that could also mean the same thing.


Sounds like a cliched shonen anime.

See: >>105947

That's my explanation, at least. Servant isn't inherently a weak position to take - look at Sakuya, for example; she's quite satisfied with her lot in life, and is known for being one of the more powerful agents in Gensokyo, yet she is still a maid. The "servant" option denotes something similar to the "benevolence" option, putting others before oneself, but on a more humble track.
It could also signify a sort of connection to Patchouli (as the 'Master'), like Marisa said?
[x] 神 - God.

Jin is a creator. I think it would suit him.

What about free will? The Servants can be powerful, but it lacks a free will. Always to do his master's biddings.

Do consider that not always someone is a Servant due to his choice; from Servant to Slave, there is a thin line.


...what? So, Jin is like...a male koakuma, but with less demonhood and more humanity?

Few people would treat someone that bit them as their little sister (especially since said girl tried killing him twice), even less would befriend and think about romancing a girl that bit them twice.
[] 人 - Person.
This would reflect our humanity, and possibly our desire to remain so.
[] 刃 - Blade.
See this as the standard Train;Power up type thing
[x] 仁 - Benevolence.
We are champion of little girls' happiness. Seriously, we bend over backwards to show kindness and appreciation- certainly more than most High School kids I know of. Our incident with Rumia and Flandre only highlights this. If there was a choice for 'Naive' I would pick it.
[] 任 - Duty.
Determined, steadfast, single-minded. We certainly are determined, but I don't think hard-headed refusal to make exceptions and bend rules really defines us.
[] 迅 - Fast.
I dont know. Quick-witted? Physically fast?
[] 忍 - Endure.
Second best fitting option. We certainly do have a penchant for enduring hardship, though we seem to bring much of it onto ourselves. Does it really define our existence in Gensokyo, though? Honestly not sure, but I feel like benevolence better reflects our actions and internal monologues so far.
[] 神 - God.
Completely out of character for us. Crazy mind powers aside.
Seems I left out my explanation for
臣 - Servant.
While at first glance, the title may fit Jin due to his dedication and possibly his resolve, it certainly does not accurately represent his actions and decisions. We have NOT followed all the rules and expectations of us by a long shot, and much of the story's limited conflict and plot development thus far has been largely a result of Jin's independence, and perhaps curiosity. Not very servant-like qualities.
That's my 2cents.
[B] 忍 - Endure.
[x] 人 - Person.

Its what Patchouli gave us, and I think its suitably humble. Servant just seems too... lowly? Jin should just be Jin.
[X] 神 - God.

This is it. This is the best option.
[x] 仁 - Benevolence.
[X] 忍 - Endure
God might be going too far here. This is a hit in the face of Patchy and makes Jin look haughty.

Not really since it isn't talking about Patchy in partcular but his general existences. She'd find it funny than insulting due to Jin's habits of taking the long hard way as opposed to something shorter and quicker.
Person would just be continuing what we were before.

I see Blade as more of a "Knight in Shining Armor, protect the ones you love!" kind of deal. I don't really see power or malevolence behind it.

As for God it doesn't have to turn into a power-mad rampage. One other anon connected it to being a "creator". We could also become a savior. We've learned to will away our own pain, we could will away other's pain, heal them even. We could become a force for good, not evil.

Besides, if the book could offer us anything close to being a real god, then that means a longer life for us, and much more time to spend with the girl we choose.
>>You find yourself worrying about the prospects of power. Will it distance you from your humanity? Could you begin to take it for granted, beginning to abuse it without even noticing it, if you got more powerful? Or should you continue developing your abilities, so you can protect yourself and your friends, and... loved ones?

>>Why stop there?


>>You remember what Patchouli Knowledge said - humans have nearly unlimited untapped potential. Why settle for basic self-defense capabilities? You could be come a true force to be reckoned with, an powerful being in your own right, cowering before no one, deserving of the respect of others. Your nickname, as it stands, is the word for 'man', 'person'. Human. Right below youkai in the food chain. But 'Jin' can also be written to mean... 'god'.

>>...God, huh. That's awfully ambitious.

>>Ambition is what drives humans to their goals. Was that not what Patchouli Knowledge implied?


"Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it"
See, this is the type of discussion that Taisa wanted, not all that 'arguing' about which girl to go after.

[X] 神 - God.

Come on, how many stories here have you taken control of a god? Zero, that's what. And Jin will only go mad from the power if Anon wants him to go mad.
[x] 神 - God.
[x] 忍 - Endure

hurrrr ima god ololo

What the fuck, people. Come on.

Can you not copy and paste, or something?
[x] 神 - God.
I believe that this is entirely in accordance with Jin's personality.

I wouldn't be so sure about that last point. There have been plenty of indicators in Jin's own monologues that power would corrupt him, and Patchouli implied quite heavily that he would eventually become disinterested in raw power if he continued to develop his abilities.

There really don't seem to be any advantages to choosing the "god" option, just the opportunity to potentially corrupt Jin, and perhaps leave Patchouli thinking him rather foolish for not catching the undertone of her earlier statements.

I hope to hell that Taisa doesn't go down that boring path, of course, but with the tone that sort of lofty ambition has been given in this story, I'm not exactly confident about that...
>hurrrr ima god ololo
>What the fuck, people. Come on.

Choice with the most votes win and God is winning by a few over Endure. It seems people want to go on a power trip and make Jin rule over Gensokyo or something. Let's make the best out of it and hope that it won't ruin the story.

At least I don't want to read it anymore if it becomes like that.
Assuming he doesn't go down the boring/predictable path... What else do you think the choice could possibly imply?
[x] 忍 - Endure

I haven't voted yet, so... Yup.
Just watch as "God" wins, and then absolutely nothing happens because of it.

Well, nothing except for Patchouli refusing to continue training you any further because his judgment was dubious enough as it was without adding megalomania to the mix
[X] 忍 - Endure

Strike one of the votes for "Servant" from the record, and replace it with this. While it isn't what I'd most like to win, it is the best alternative, and it has a far better chance. I'm not going to sit back and let that ridiculous "God" option win. Not only is it arrogant, and rife with potential for negative results, but it just sounds so fucking stupid. Honestly.
{X} 忍 - Endure.
Same here.

[X] 忍 - Endure
Not that I have anything against becoming Patchouli's boy-toy, it's just that this character seems to suit him the best.

[X] 忍 - Endure

"I will endeavor to persevere."
[x] 忍 - Endure.
[x] 忍 - Endure.

feels good man
[X] 忍 - Endure.
[X] 忍 - Endure
>As for God it doesn't have to turn into a power-mad rampage. One other anon connected it to being a "creator". We could also become a savior. We've learned to will away our own pain, we could will away other's pain, heal them even. We could become a force for good, not evil.

C'mon guys, isn't this something worthy to aspire to?

But a human thinking of himself as god is just pure folly.

That and most people that start thinking themselves as god tend to go mad with power/ambition.
[x] 仁 - Benevolence.
No, people who ARE gods tend to go mad with power and ambition.

This is Gensokyo, it works backwards here.
File 125977668179.jpg - (603.75KB, 1500x1800 , 3514f59e286f3d344d46cd3e6ae9fc50.jpg) [iqdb]

>What's the matter? You come to fight a madman, and instead find a god? Do you still refuse to accept my godhood? Keep your God! In fact, now may be a good time to pray to Him! For I beheld Satan as he came down from Heaven!

You must reminded me of this.
True, is Sanae mad because of her godhood?
Even if Jin becomes like this, that would still increase his badass factor.
Not if he manages to get his ass kicked hard by the residents of Gensokyo fighting along side the likes of Reimu...

Just saying...
[x] 人 - Person.
There's also the possibility of not being good or bad, which is usually how these things end up. We get a little taste of each side, and eventually become a neutral party who is more inclined to use their powers to protect the ones they love and telepathically make breakfast in the morning without getting out of bed.

That's more likely of what will happen to Jin. Mastery of powers, so that we may make sandwiches appear out of thin air.

Which is not hard to happen, since Reimu did beat 5 gods, a human god and a demon who had the power of gods. She also happened to defeat someone with power over Life and Death, somethign mostly reserved for the gods. Oh, and she defeated Yukari, the youkai who has a power comparable to the gods, too.

So, you see, being a god doesn't mean being the strongest being in Gensokyo or going crazy with power. It's like any other title.
[x] 神 - God.
>>So, you see, being a god doesn't mean being the strongest being in Gensokyo or going crazy with power. It's like any other title.

It does, however, mean a high likelihood of being in for a major-league Hakurei-brand Yin-Yang orb ass-spanking.

God or not, no one can withstand the power of Reimu's balls.
[X] 忍 - Endure

Sure we can do godlike stuff with our power, but calling ourself one is just too arrogant and frankly, I just can't see Jin ever doing that.
still using "God" is a sign of arrogance.
Guys, this is just how he writes the nickname. It's not an option on what to become.
>It does, however, mean a high likelihood of being in for a major-league Hakurei-brand Yin-Yang orb ass-spanking

Not if you behave properly.
File 125978387645.jpg - (22.16KB, 283x463 , 1202613954103.jpg) [iqdb]
>>Not if you behave properly.
>>implying Reimu needs a logical reason to kick someone's ass
I am not sure. If I were him, I would choose something that suits me. Something that describes my personality or embodies my traits.
What Anon chooses will affect him, more or less.
Well, that's what I believe.
And I thinkt god would suit him, because of his creative abilities.
>creative abilities
Duh, I mean his creativity and drawing skills.
We still have to improve our magics.
Well, if that's the case, then would not Person, Benevolence, and Endure fit him just as well?
His humanity is perhaps the single most defining feature he has in a place filled with super-powerful monsters, his kindness and desire to help others has driven his actions more than his urge for artistry, and he has definitely shown his ability to endure all sorts of hardships, from Rumia's attempts on his life to the rigors of his own training.
True, all variations suit to some aspects of him. I think Endure would suit him rather good. But his creative abilities have followed him through his whole life. The ability to endure he showed, evolved just lately.
His body isn't trained, that's why I think it wouldn't suit him that well. But the fact that he endured and overcame most problems despite his flaws and weaknesses would match to Endure as well.
Now that's some kind of contradiction.
Actually, if not Benevolence, than God does suit Jin the best indeed. Gods are creators. Every god in Gensokyo has the power to create somthing: to crete earth, to create sky, to create curses...

Jin is an artist. But artists too are creators. They create worlds of magic and fantasy, they create feelings and what is most beatiful through their works.

In a sense, artists are gods.

Jin is more of a replicator than a creator.
No he isn't Shirou.
I don't know if >>106117 was trying to imply a connection to Shirou, but I'd say that an artist is much more of a replicator than a real creator. You "create" art, but nothing in the sense of >>106112 (despite him pushing for the exact opposite). Painting a landscape is nothing compared to creating a landscape. I'd say the argument works better the other way, that creators are artists; and then traditional artists are replicators/imitators of that type of art.
>Painting a landscape is nothing compared to creating a landscape

Now you're thinking with god's power. Our traditional artists (from not-gensokyo) create worlds inside them and show them by painting. That's what I meant.

Writers are artists too, in this context. Take Tolkien as an example; the guy created a fantastic world and made books out of it. They first make the art, and then they make the artistic objects.
ITT: musings on the nature of art and other pseudo-philosophical circlejerkery on a board dedicated to wish-fulfilment fanfiction.

not that there is anything wrong with that. the same way there is nothing intrinsically wrong with cafe latte or tea with the pinky raised.

One could say even fanfiction is a form of art!

True, and perhaps the greatest shame in modern THP stories is that we don't take a great look at the world each writer creates. Always Plot, Plot, Plot. This is where Slice of Life stories (such as I,Youkai) shine, since the lack of a overwhelming plot allows us to take a look at the world the writers create.
The only problem I see with this whole "god" thing is not taking into account the perspectives of the people involved.
We might understand "god" to mean one thing, particularly in the context of Gensokyo and people like Kanako, Hina, and so on, but Jin's understanding of the concept might still be deeply rooted in an outsider's mindset of a "god" being an all-knowing, all-powerful being.

The thing is, that's not how all gods work in Gensokyo. A god's power is not something that's gained or developed in an individual on their own, it's given in the form of faith from others. No faith means no power, which means no god-hood, which is the whole reason Kanako and company had moved into Gensokyo in the first place.

Besides that, even if you are a god, that doesn't mean your powers are going to exactly be impressive or glamorous. Hina's a goddess, yet when you get right down to it she's basically little more than a curse sponge. Sure, it's helpful to people (so long as you're not in close physical proximity to her) but she otherwise doesn't really do anything.

Then there's Shizuha, who's sole power as a goddess is to control the changing colors of leaves. Something that, as far as Jin still knows, is little more than a natural biological process in plants.

When thoughts of becoming a god go through Jin's mind, they're along the lines of:
>>Why settle for basic self-defense capabilities? You could be come a true force to be reckoned with, an powerful being in your own right, cowering before no one, deserving of the respect of others.

In short, someone who wields some sort of supreme power, and not at all what most deities in Gensokyo are actually like. If anything, I'd say that there are youkai who would be closer to this image he has than an actual god would be. At the very least, their powers would tend to be a lot cooler.

In this way, for Jin to pick "神 - God" would be to show both the misconceptions that still exist in his mind, as well as some of the misguided aspirations that could lead him to develop a dangerous case of hubris.

Not that this is advocating voting against that option, mind you. If anything, it could be entertaining to see how Patchouli might react, and possibly even work to bring those misconceptions of his crashing down.
Finally, we've had a decent discussion with no shit flying around.

...huh, I wanted to say something more I suddenly forgot it.
Or "I have stolen the hearts of girls everywhere! Surely, I must deserve the title of God, no?"

[x] 心の神 - Jin no Kokoro

I think that's right.

That's still arrogant as hell, and very out of character. He's more surprised than impressed with himself in regards to girls.
Bah, if Jin is to be the god of anything, the only thing I can see befitting of him is a God of Rock.

He still wins the hearts of the ladies, gets to look damn cool up on stage, and has a perfectly good excuse for having throngs of females following him around. After all, just as a god must have followers, a rocker must have his groupies. Being an actual god of Rock could only serve to combine those two concepts, with potentially sexy results.
[+] 仁 - Benevolence.
It really does suit him best. It represents both his greatest virtues and his greatest flaws.
And apparently, this thread has hit autosage.
Why do you assume there would be any arrogance behind it?

Why not sarcasm? Or just because it's cool? Or because it's ironic? Or because it has artistic meaning (as other anonymous have considered)? Or because the protagonist acts on the writer's whim, and the writer is god, therefore the protagonist is god?

Jin acts on what we vote, not so much the writer. (gotta give Taisa credit on that)

And so far he's been of the particularly humble sort, so such a thing would be out of character, even as a joke.
Since a day ago. Taisa slowed down even more, soon he will be at glasnost speed.
Called for 忍 - Endure.

Writing slowly.
>Called for 忍 - Endure.


I demand a recount.

What he said.
Ahem. By my count, conducted by using the "find" function on the browser and counting how many votes there were for each item until I cycled back to the initial post are as follows:

人 - Person. 2 votes
刃 - Blade. 1 votes
仁 - Benevolence. 6 votes
任 - Duty. 0 votes
迅 - Fast. 0 votes
忍 - Endure. 20 votes
臣 - Servant. 4 votes
神 - God. 14 votes
Can I hire you to do this for me from now on?

I meant a recount searching for votespam.
Oh, I don't mind running a quick tally on things if it helps a little, but I wouldn't recommend relying upon it. I can't guarantee being able to do it in a timely manner, being able to get an accurate count when people change their minds without deleting their previous votes or start tweaking things, and I definitely won't be any use in sorting out unique posts from repeats due to user error or intentional vote-spamming.

That last point is especially important, for as displayed by:
as well as others, pretty much any time someone isn't happy about their choice not winning is probably going to compel them to cry "votespam", even though we've already seen at least one case where the only votespam present was for a choice that didn't win anyway.
>That last point is especially important, for as displayed by:
>as well as others, pretty much any time someone isn't happy about their choice not winning is probably going to compel them to cry "votespam", even though we've already seen at least one case where the only votespam present was for a choice that didn't win anyway.

Ironically enough, the votespam in question was from the faction crying for a votespam check in the first place. Not playing favorites here, but guys, seriously...

Also, I was mostly kidding, but the thought is certainly appreciated.

Anyway. Coffee's done, so now I shall resume writing...

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