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I have lost my train of thought and do not know where to begin.

So I should ask for directions. Should I? When?

Instead I take flight and sing a little song along the way.


A thought! A thought from where I'll start!

And then it's gone...


chin-♪ chin-♪


My brain is addled and needs nudging. As one of the worst writers on this site, I'm going to start something new and experimental and fail miserably at it. But hopefully, my flaming wreckage will inspire somebody else to do something worth reading. Unfortunately, my idea manufacturing plant can only churn out 1,000 ideas a day (99.9% bad). Also, I can probably only try two of them.

Backwards story (CYOA maybe). Start from the ending, work backwords.

MAIL TIME! Your favorite touhous answering their mail!
-bullet one- CYOA could choose who's sending who a letter
-bullet two- Or it chould just be small one shots. Short-short stories.

"Same old story and..."
I write a small story. And add something more (reader suggestion) or entirely rewrite it (different character view or different characters or setting or genre etc..) or add a flashback or a new scene. A story made to grow.

"Painfully Obvious!"
Detective Conan if Cirno and company was Detective Cirno and company. Was it the shady maid? Or maybe Sakuya in the library with the wrench! Another case closed.

Plot Makin' Machine
Insert characters. Push a button. Plot comes out. No details. Just plot.

The Tears and Quiet Game
I go and cry in a corner because I am no longer welcome here.

The Sad Story
All choices go awry as you play this unfortunate protagonist. Happiness is only a set up for a fall. But maybe there is hope?


So replies would be nice... in vote form or in full paragraphs. Maybe inform me that all of these ideas have been done before and by better writers. Or just suggest better ideas entirely.

Your favorite singing sparrow,

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>Backwards story (CYOA maybe). Start from the ending, work backwords.
How do you plan to do that?
No. 103271
How about a guy who travels in his dreams to gensokyo? Not like AoS but like real dreams, where he does things unconscious and mindless.
He wakes up everytime he gets killed or something like that. The goal in his dreams is not to help people, but to do random and senseless bullshit like in real dreams.
Just a suggestion.
No. 103272
Well, first I'd ask what kind of ending people would want. Tragic, Happily ever after, etc... I'd then ask what set of characters to use. (Forest, SDM, Eientei, etc...) Then I'd write a conclusion. The choices thereafter would be cues for what the previous major event in the story would be. And each scene will be written scene by scene in reverse chronological order after that.

Nothing horribly complex, like every sentence or something. And nothing annoying like every word is written sdrawkcab. Just each post.
No. 103273
So FUG/FUiG, except with a flimsy plot exposé? Well, it is a good idea, but I am no good with "just screwing around" being the entire plot.

Maybe it can start that way, but soon, the protagonist finds him/herself drifting off more and more often. Unable to keep up with life in both the dream and the waking world anymore, the protagonist tries hard to find a solution in both worlds (though still skeptical about exactly how real this dream world is). At the crux of the story, the protagonist meets another person just like them... except to him/her, this world is the dream and Gensokyo is real.

From there, the questions, "which world should the protagonist live in?", "which world is more real?", "what is the solution to this dream problem?", and maybe a couple others could make for a satisfying plot where the conclusion is answers and decisions.

Also, this post here is a fair example of "Plot Makin' Machine"
No. 103274
"Same old story and..." sounds pretty neat.
No. 103275
{X} The Tears and Quiet Game.
No. 103277
File 12579529025.jpg - (260.25KB , 1280x960 , toukagettan.jpg ) [iqdb]
>backwards story
Have you ever seen or read one that actually went well?
No. 103279
Sounds good.
[✠] Plot Makin' Machine
No. 103280
Yes. But for the sake of discussion, no.
No. 103281
[x]Plot Makin' Machine
No. 103283
[The Sad Story] X
No. 103284
The Tears and Quiet Game
The Sad Story
No. 103285
[x] The Sad Story
No. 103286
[X] The Sad Story

Crying alone until Hina comes along, and the two live a happy, if unlucky, life together.
No. 103287
[X] The Sad Story

This one makes me laugh.
No. 103292
[x] The Sad Story

Mystia x Hina intrigues me.

No. 103294
{Plot Makin' Machien}
No. 103317
File 12579846141.png - (111.22KB , 600x600 , Mystia1.png ) [iqdb]
Okay, so looks like people want to see a sad story.

Now with which characters/setting?
[ ] Eientei
[ ] Forest
[ ] Border
[ ] Shrine
[ ] SDM
[ ] Youkai
[ ] Underground
[ ] Other

Also, unless an overwhelming majority says otherwise, "Guy dropped into Gensokyo" is the main character.

And would you like a specific touhou for the part as lead female?
No. 103321
[X] Border/Yukari
No. 103322
[x] Forest/Mystia

No. 103323


Why not indeed.

[x] Forest/Mystia
No. 103324
[x] Forest/Mystia
No. 103325
[0] Forest/Mystia
No. 103326
[x] Forest/Mystia
No. 103329
[x] Forest/Yukari

Vote combinin' gaems
No. 103332
[x] Forest/Mystia

Needs more Moeystia.
No. 103339
Actually, that train of thought isn't at all bad.

[x] Forest/Remilia

Lead female doesn't necessarily have to be our target, either. It would be nice just to have one as a best friend, or comrade in adventure.
No. 103343
Did anybody say crazy combinations?
No. 103349
[X] Forest/Mystia

I assume we're naming who we want to play as.

Because I want to play as Mystia.
No. 103368
[x] Forest/Mystia
No. 103369
>Also, unless an overwhelming majority says otherwise, "Guy dropped into Gensokyo" is the main character.

>And would you like a specific touhou for the part as lead female?

I'd prefer Guy as the protagonist and Mystia as the lead female, myself.
No. 103371

But you just chose Mystia as the lead female.
No. 103372
Maybe we can compromise.

Genderswap Mystia from a parallel universe falls into Gensokyo, where he meets his female counterpart?

I'm joking. Don't.

Seriously. Don't.

No. 103373
{X} Forest/Mystia
No. 103385
Looks like Mystia and forest wins this by a landslide.

Alice, Marisa, Mystia, Rumia, Wriggle, and sometimes the lake residents Cirno and Daiyousei.

If there is anyone else who lives in the forest, or can be argued to live "close enough", now is the time to tell me.
No. 103388
I still think some clarification of who was voting for Mystia to be the protagonist, rather than the female lead, might be in order here.
No. 103391
I made it pretty obvious that the question asked for the setting and lead female.

That being said, I do listen to complaints, so if everyone was indeed confused and needs to clarify that you want Mystia as the protagonist and not the lead female, you have until I finish writing the first post to make yourself heard. (approx. 12-24 hours)
No. 103411
ITT reading comprehension.
No. 103412
>>103322 Here

I was voting for Mystia as the main character.
No. 103413
>>103388 speaking.

Naturally, I wanted Mystia as the protagonist.
No. 103414
Can't remember which commentless vote was mine.

I wanted Guy as the protagonist and Mystia as the lead girl.
No. 103415

I wanted Mystia as the main character.
No. 103419
>>103325 Here

Mystia should be the main character.
No. 103420

I wanted Mystia as the lead female.
No. 103421
Excluding Doujin's story, I can't stand having the main character be a Touhou.
No. 103423
Do you have a good reason for this, or are you one of those people who won't read anything that doesn't let you pretend that the hero is you?
No. 103425
>are you one of those people who won't read anything that doesn't let you pretend that the hero is you?

That's not it, and I don't have a good reason. Just a personal thing.
No. 103426
>I don't have a good reason. Just a personal thing.

A personal thing is a reason. Mind telling me what it is?
No. 103429

I just don't like it.

There is no other reason beyond that.
No. 103435
...That's a statement, not a reason.

You might think it's too personal/stupid/childish/etc. a reason to have.
You may just not want to tell us for no other reason than to be a dick.
Whatever the case is, it doesn't matter. If you don't want to say it, then don't. You're obviously under no obligation to tell us what the reason really is.
Hell, you may not even know what the reason is, yourself; it could be that it always just unconsciously rubs you the wrong way.

At least show some common courtesy and be honest. "I just don't like it" isn't a reason for not liking something, anymore than "Because I wanted to" is a reason for doing something.

Sage for having to explain basic reasoning to people who should have learned it years ago.
No. 103436

Keep bitching, it's not going to get you anywhere.
No. 103442
File 125807106935.gif - (128.29KB , 834x1079 , 4730995.gif ) [iqdb]
The three fairies live there, and I think Reimu's shrine is pretty close to it, if not actually in it. And it's bordered by the village (Keine, Rinnosuke, etc.) and the bamboo forest (Mokou, maybe Tewi/Reisen), based on the progression of stages in IN, but they aren't quite "magic forest cast". Although, if we're actually going to be Mystia, I don't know if you'll be able to keep people from making Mokou the target.
No. 103495
Story has started. Check /Forest.